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Title- What Wasn’t Suppose To Happen
Author- Ashley
Rating- ranges from PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer- I do not have anything to do with Roswell. I am just a faithful fan writing fan fiction.
Spoilers- End Of The World if you haven’t seen it.
Summary- What if Liz didn’t pretend to sleep with Kyle, but someone else? Would there be any consequences?
Category- Max and Liz
Author’s Note- Ok, this is a first for me. I mean, writing NC-17, so please go easy on me with this. Also, there are some direct quotes from the episode.
Dedication- This is for two people. They are two extremely talented writers. They are Phaedra and Celeste. Thanks for all the conversations and help. Phae- thanks for trying to take me up on my offer; I understand how things can be. And thanks for being my beta! Celeste- thanks for being there. You really are a great friend. I hope you like my gift to you both.

What Wasn’t Suppose To Happen
Part 1

“What gets me is that...that Madame Vivian bitch was right. Granted, Michael is the world's worst boyfriend. I know that. You know that,” there was a pause, “America knows that. But when I caught them together...that look of guilt on his face...I've never felt so awful, Liz,” Maria told her best friend.

That is when Liz got an idea. She could do the same thing, but only Max would be on the receiving end. How, no who would she get to help her? Kyle? No, he most likely didn’t want to be involved with all this alien stuff. Michael? No, he has been through enough already, and besides it was Michael. Alex? No, he would most likely freak out about the idea, and being with Alex would be just too weird.

Who did that leave then, Future Max? No, that would be to weird in its self, Liz thought to herself. And besides, if she were to ask him, she would most likely want to go through with the whole thing.

“Maria, I am so sorry. I can’t believe he would do something like that to you,” Liz said still thinking about her own plan.

“Ok, I think we need a change of subject,” Maria suggested. “Guess who came to see me here last night?”

As Liz thought about what Maria was saying and what happened last night, only one name came to her, “Max,” she whispered.


Ok, so how was Liz going to tell him? She came up with this plan to trick Max and to make him not love her anymore. But was it really going to work?

Liz kept coming back to the question plaguing her, how was she going to ask him? She didn’t think he would want to go through with it. But this was Max she was talking about. He would do anything to help her.

When Liz came into her room, she saw Max lying on her bed. He looked tired. She didn’t know if this was the right time to ask him.

“Liz,” he said, he didn’t even have to open his eyes to know it was she.

“Um, I have something to ask you,” she said. “This is kinda awkward though.”

“Why don’t you just ask, and I will tell you my answer.”

Max sat up on her bed now. He didn’t know what she was going to ask, but he felt that it was something not to be taken lightly.

“Um...uh, when you told me earlier about you and my Max coming into contact, would that mean that you can’t even be in the same room? Or does that mean you can’t make eye contact or what?”

OK, Liz, you are on a roll. Just wait for his answer then ask another, she thought to herself.

“Well, I am not too sure myself. But from what Serina has made me come to believe that Max and me, well we just can’t make eye contact. We can’t really, you know what, I am not too sure myself. She just said that we couldn’t come into contact with each other. Why?”

“Well, I was talking with Maria. She told me a few things that Michael had done. It...It got me thinking. You see, what she told me Michael had done was...”


Max was alone thinking about what Liz had said. This could be a good thing, but it also could be bad. How did she think he could do this? Didn’t she know that if he were to do this he would really want to go through with the plan?

While Max was thinking, he didn’t hear Liz come into the room. “Max?” she asked. There was an unspoken question that they both knew, and couldn’t hide from.

“Liz, I don’t know. If I do this, I would have to actually go through with it. I can’t just pretend. If you can’t understand or won’t, just get someone else who will.”

Liz knew that would be his answer. And she was actually ready for it too, “Max, I understand what you mean. And I think, no, I know that I am ready. I want you to do this with me.”

Max was scared. This was worse then before. This time it was actually his future self, not the Max that Liz actually knew. Not the Max that Liz would want to do this with, but the Max that she was going to. And both of them knew that this time, there might be consequences to pay.

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Part 2

Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night that everything would change. Liz would change, and Max would change. Both Max’s at that too. This was just something that had to be done.

Liz didn’t know why, but she knew this was right. She had lied when she told Max that she wasn’t ready. Truth be told, she was. She was just to shock at how soon in her life her dream would come true, that is why she lied.

While Liz was getting ready in her bathroom, Max was pacing in the bedroom. How could he do this to her? What if something happens? All these what-ifs were plaguing him. He just didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Liz are you sure that you want to do this?” Max asked after knocking on her bathroom door.

Liz didn’t answer; she was too nervous. Sure, she wanted this, and with Max. But this wasn’t the Max that she wanted to share this with. She was happy that it was at least a Max that she knew; that she shared some memories with, and is going to make new ones with.

“Max, I am sure that I want this. Don’t worry, and please don’t ask again. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Everything is going to be ok.”


Ten minutes had past since they last said a word to each other. They don’t know what to say; this situation is too awkward for the both of them.

Liz was still in her bathroom thinking did she really want to do this? Did she want to manipulate this Max to hurt her Max?

Liz then decided to come out; she had to face her fears about intimacy, and to get everything over with. The quicker time went the better. She wanted to savor the moment also, to cherish it in here memories. This was going to be her first time making love, who wouldn’t want to cherish that? But the other side of her didn’t want to do this. She was going to be making love to Max, but it wasn’t her Max! She just wished she could share this with him, and not this future Max. The ironic thing is that she is going to be pushing her Max away for good, and the Max she will be making love to will never exist.

When she came out, she saw Max; he was just lying on her bed. They both had the same look of nervousness on their faces. He looks just as nervous as I do, she thought to herself. She then looked away for a moment, but when she did look at him again, her fears and pain went away. He always had that effect on her. He always, no matter what he did, could cheer her up.

As Liz came closer to Max, she became less nervous. For some reason, this was all starting to feel natural to her. She just thought that it was part of human nature. When she was completely calm, Max got up from where he was lying, and slowly made his way towards her. He had wanted to kiss her ever since he saw her in her room when he arrived. Seeing her at 17 again was too much for him to handle.

Liz felt the same way towards Max. She wasn’t sure, but seeing an older version of him, well it was too much to take in. The way he looked maturer, the way his longer hair cascaded around the sides of his face. It was just something she couldn’t resist.

When Max was just a step away from her, he knew what to do, and did it. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. At first it was slow and tender, he didn’t want to do anything to alarm her. Then when she tried to deepen the kiss, he was more then willing to go along with her. When Max had to make the kiss to come up for air, they both could hear each other whimper at the loss of contact.

“Liz,” Max started but still needed to catch his breath, “do you feel the connection starting?” Liz nodded her head.

As they continued to kiss, the connection grew stronger. They could feel what each other were feeling. They could tell what each other were thinking. It was just something special that they would share forever.

As they kissed, he led her to the bed. When there, he never broke the kiss to lay her onto the bed. He was so gentle, she didn’t even realize that he laid her on the bed. A few moments later, Liz started to undress Max. She started with his shirt. She was trying to find the kipper but with no such luck. Max was getting restless so her helped her. “Thanks,” she whispered against his lips. Now Max started to undress Liz. He pulled the soft fabric out from under her jeans and started to lift it above her head. She lifted her arms to help.

Max then started to lean back to marvel in her beauty, he remember when he was 17, they way she made him feel. It has been so long since he was 17, and was with her. He wanted to remember this moment for as long as he could.

Seeing Liz like this again brought up many memories. When he first made love to her to the last time before he left. Many changes have happened, but he still loved her. Her body has, and always fit into his, they have always matched up perfectly, at no matter what.

Nothing will ever make him never stop loving her completely; there will always be something there that he will love about her.

When his hand came up to cup one of her breasts, Liz was startled. She didn’t let that stop him from doing what he was doing. When they leaned back into each other for another long, passionate kiss, she moaned into his lips as he kneaded her breast with his palm.


Max surprisingly wasn’t nervous. He was going to go see Liz and try and get her to go to that concert with him. If that did not work though, he did have plan b, and it was sitting in his back pocket. Sure, he loved plan b, but that wasn’t what he was there to do.

As Max got into his jeep, he was finally getting nervous. Why now, he asked himself mentally. This is the night that would hopefully lead into many other great nights. Nights of being with Liz, doing things together to show how much they loved each other.

Max just pulled up in front of the Crashdown, and just sat there.


“Max!” Liz moaned his name again. Both she and Max were now completely undress. They still had not taken that final step towards ecstasy, but they were almost there. All they needed to wait for was Liz to be ready.

Liz could not keep her hands off of Max. There was just too much to him that she wanted to feel, too much of him that she wanted to experience. She just wished she had more time to do everything she wanted to do.

“I...I am Max,” she said through rugged breathing.


Great, now the nervousness comes, Max thought to himself as he sat in his Jeep. That is all he needed now, he just needed not to feel nervous. He just wished that he could go up there and at least talk to her. Try and get her to go the concert as best as he could.

Max got out of the Jeep, and started to walk into the Crashdown. Wait, he thought to himself as he turned to go to her balcony. Max decided to climb her ladder, he thought that it would be more romantic. That was Max alright, he always wanted to be romantic.

As Max started to climb the ladder he thought that he heard a noise coming from Liz’s room, but he just shrugged it off. Must be her computer, he thought. When he got to the top, he took the tickets out of his pocket and started to walk towards her window.

Once he got there, he thought he was seeing things. It couldn’t be, he thought. Max was looking at Liz alright, but with another person. From Max’s view, it looked like they were having sex. All he could see was a man moving between Liz’s legs. That is when he heard Liz moan. That is when he knew for sure that they were having sex.

As Liz looked at Max, he expression changed from passion to hurt. That is how she knew Max was at her window. She crooked her head and saw him. He was standing there, two tickets in his hand with a look of utter hurt on his face. But then they locked eyes and she could see hurt and also betrayal in his eyes. She has never felt so horrible in her life.

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Part 3

Max could not believe his eyes; he had to get out of there as soon as he could. He was about to turn around, but just then he locked eyes with her. In those split seconds his heart was shattered into a million tiny pieces unable to be put back together again.


Soon after Max left the balcony, everything slowed down. Future Max just felt awful and so did Liz. Max because he had the memories of that night. They weird thing, the memories were times by two; he had the part where he was making love to Liz, then there was the part where he was watching himself make love with Liz. Liz was awful because she just put Max through something that would put a wedge between them forever. She didn’t think that there would ever be a way for them to be together again, at least not in this lifetime.

Liz and Max were now on her balcony talking, “Don't you realize what you are to me...and you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.” She started to cry more after the last word was spoken.

Max could only just sit there, he didn’t like seeing her like this, but he didn’t know what he could do. All he could think about was his younger self-seeing Liz was he. Max was so hurt about it but he knew it was for a good reason.

“So Max and...Tess are going to be together now?” Liz asked wiping her tears away.

“ I don't know. I don't know anything now. This is a different world.”

“I'm gonna be alone.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. From now on, the future is to be determined. It's what I've always said to you, Liz. We create our own destiny,” Max was trying his best to cheer he up and praying that it would work.

Liz got an idea, “Could you dance with me?”

“What?” he asked confused.

“I wanna have my wedding dance,” she said as calmly as possible, she did not want to cry again.

Max nodded and stood up. As he stuck his hand out to her, she was already moving hers to his. Once he took her hand, they stood like that for a moment, then he moved them over to the clear spot on her balcony.

While dancing, they both imagined that they were listening to I Shall Believe. That song meant so much to both of them, to Max it was his song that he shared with Liz. For Liz though, it was that with that song, she held onto hope, hope that will one day let Max be with her again. That once the war is over, they might be able to be together and live a fairy-tale romance like the felt they both deserved.


Once Max left the balcony, he didn’t even get into his Jeep. There were to many memories with Liz in that Jeep he didn’t want to remember them now. So, what he did was walk, he went where his feet led him. He didn’t care where he went.

Once he looked up from his feet, he saw that he was in the park. He just found the closest bench and sat. Before he knew what to even think about, Tess had come up to him and started to talk, “Max?”

It was an unspoken agreement so he looked up. In his eyes she could see hurt and pain, she also thought that she saw betrayal. “Do you want me to leave?”

“No,” he said with no emotion put into his voice.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” he said as the same way before. Then Tess took her hand and placed it on his shoulder and he looked up at her.


Liz was actually having fun. Fun, the word seems so foreign to her as of late. She has had no time for it, at least with working for the Congresswoman, and doing alien related things, especially the past few days. Trying to get Max to fall out of love with her was one of the hardest things she had to do in her life.

Maria, Alex, and Liz were hanging out at Maria’s place. They were listening to music and talking. Liz was happy, she was going regular teen-age things. Hanging with friends, talking, listening to music, who wouldn’t love that?

“So Liz, there are rumors at school,” Alex started.

“Yeah, you are right Alex, I heard them too,” Maria chimed in.

Liz was confused, what kind of rumors? Who were they about? What were they about? “Oh?”

“Yeah, you haven’t heard them? None of them?” Alex asked.

Liz just nodded her head no.

“Chica, you got to be kidding, they are about you! You really haven’t heard any of them?”

Liz was getting nervous, what were these rumors about? “Um, what have people been saying?” she asked, you could hear the nervousness in her voice.

“They are saying that you slept with Kyle Valenti.”


Liz didn’t know what to think. Why would someone say something like that? Who even started it? Kyle might have, but he didn’t even have anything to do with what happened that night. Liz was so confused that she couldn’t even think logically about this.

Liz had to go somewhere and think better. She needed some place quieter, more reserved. She was already in her room, but the Crashdown was so busy, she could hear the noise in her room. The only place she could think of was the park. There was this one spot where she knew no one would be. The spot was on the out skirts of the park where the old park started.

When Liz got there, memories came flooding back to her. She remembered how she would come here with her parents when she was little and she would play with her friends.

She went and sat down on the edge of the sandbox. She instantly remembered when she was six. Maria, Alex and she were all making a sandcastle. They were almost done when a little boy came over and stepped on it. Low and behold, that would be the first time that they all would meet Michael Guerin.


Two days have passed since Max saw Liz and that other guy making love, or having sex, he didn’t quite know, would not stop plaguing his thoughts. He still couldn’t think about it without wanting to break down and cry. No matter what he did, he would think about it. All he could see when he closed his eyes to help think, was her are her moaning someone else’s name. He didn’t even know who the other guy was.

Max had kept mostly to himself these past two days. All he did was eat, sleep and think. And when he was thinking, it was about Liz. He still couldn’t get over it. He didn’t think that he ever would.

How could she do something like that to me? One side of him asked. Well, it wasn’t like she was expecting you to come that night! “Shut up, no one was talking to you!” he said to the other half of reasoning.

“Max are you ok?” Isabel stopped walking to ask him. While she was walking down the hall to go to the kitchen she over heard Max talking to himself.

“What? Oh, yeah, I am fine. Why?”

“I could have sworn I thought I heard you talking to yourself. I could have been wrong though,” she said then continued on her way.

“God, man, get yourself together now! You don’t want people to think you are going crazy,” Max continued to talk to himself.

He finally decided to get out of the house. He needed to go somewhere where no one would find him for a few hours so he could think about this with more clarity. I know where I can go, the old park, he thought to himself.

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Part 4

Max walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen. Before he left, he wanted to get something to drink, so he went to the fridge and got a bottle of Cherry Coke. He wasn’t thinking and was going to drink his soda without Tobasco. What are you doing man? he asked himself quietly, why didn’t you use Tobasco?

After Max put the Tobasco into his soda, he went out the kitchen door to his Jeep. When he got there, he sat for a few moments. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go to the park after all. Max got a feeling that something wasn’t right. No, I am still going, I don’t care, he thought to himself.


While Liz was reminiscing, she moved from the sandbox over to a swing and sat down. She started to slightly swing back and worth. She didn’t want to do much because she didn’t want to loose her concentration on thinking.

Liz was remembering how Maria and she used to always come here. They would always come and want to swing. Liz’s parents would always push them because they would whine until they got their way. Then they would only be on the swings for five minutes and get off. It would always make Jeff and Nancy to get alittle angry; but they would always get over it.


Max got to the park about ten minutes later. He didn’t care that he was speeding either. When he stepped out of his car, he saw a figure sitting on a swing and immediately knew who it was; Liz.

Why is she here? he asked himself mentally. Was there something wrong?

Liz didn’t hear anyone come up to her. If she did, she would have turned around already. She didn’t even hear the jeep. When she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned head around.


“Isabel?” Diane Evans called to her daughter.

“Yeah, Mom?” Isabel asked walking into the living room where her mother was.

Diane was getting worried. She has been sensing worry, and distraught from her son lately. She wanted to know if Isabel knew anything.

“Isabel, have you noticed anything different about your brother lately?”

Sure, she has noticed things. She just took it as another one of those ‘No-Liz’ moods. Lately he had been trying to get back with her, but she kept saying no. She didn’t know why though, but she knew it had to do with Tess and ‘destiny’.

“To tell you the truth Mom, yeah. I just think that he is a little down because he misses Liz,” she told her mother truthfully.

Diane thought about it for a minute about her son. She really was worried about him but did not know what to do. “Thanks, Isabel, I think that may have helped me alittle,” Diane said as she walked out of Iz’s room to go to the kitchen.


Liz didn’t know that to do, when she turned around, she saw Max. He was standing over her just staring. Liz could tell that he looked as if he were going to cry. She didn’t want him to though; she knew that she hurt him, but not until now she didn’t know how much.

“Max?” Liz asked. “What are you doing here?”

Max just stood there looking at Liz. He didn’t know what he was going to do if anything. He just wished that she didn’t hurt him so much. Now, just to look at here, he wants to cry.

“I...I just came here to thing, and then I saw that you were here,” he said to her in a monotone voice because he didn’t want to show any emotion. He really just didn’t want to show his emotion to her because he knew that if he did, he was going to cry.

“Well, I was just about to leave so you don’t have to go,” Liz said starting to get up.

“No that is ok, you don’t have to go, I am the one who interrupted you, so I will go.”

“Max,” Liz started then hesitated. Max just turned around towards his Jeep and kept walking. Liz started to tear up when he never turned around.

While Max was walking, he could hear her start to cry he turned around. “Liz, just tell me this,” he started to ask with tears in his eyes, “why did you do it?”

Liz was speechless, she never thought he would ask her that right now. “Max, I can’t tell you,” she whispered but he never heard her.

Thinking that Liz didn’t say anything, he turned around again and went to his Jeep..

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Part 5

“Lord, please no. This can’t be happening to me. Not right now, please, not right now,” Liz said aloud sitting on the edge of her bathtub.

“Lizzie?” Jeff Parker asked knocking on the door a few minutes later. “Are you in there?”

“Yeah, Dad. I will be out in a minute,” Liz said while trying as quickly as possible to hide everything, but she ended up just tossing everything into the back of the tub. After which, she opened the door and closed it hurriedly. She didn’t want anything to happen, not now, not ever.

Liz than proceeded to site of her bed. As soon as she sat down, she got a flash. * Future Max telling her that he loved her while making love to her. * That was not expected. she thought to herself.

Jeff Parker looked into his daughter’s eyes before he started to say what he was going to say. He didn't know what he saw, but he saw something in here eyes. He felt like he has seen that same look before, but he doesn’t know how. “Well, are you sure you are going to be OK while your Mom and me are away?” he asked talking about Nancy and his annual trip to Albuquerque for their anniversary.

“Yes, Dad, I will be alright here by myself. I am 17 and I think that I can fend for myself.”


It has been just a little over a month since that day she and Future Max made love. Everything that night accomplished has still been following the main plan, Max not loving her. The only think that wasn’t supposed to happen, was this. And what was she going to do? She couldn’t tell anyone, especially not Max. He would think that she was crazy, just like everyone else.

Liz just prayed that the damn test was wrong. It has to be wrong, she thought. If the test wasn’t wrong, she was pregnant with a child who was fathered by a man that doesn’t exist anymore. “In a way though, he does exist,” she said than with out thinking, put her hand to her stomach. “Oh, my God, I am pregnant with an alien child,” she said before falling back on her bed.


Some time later when Liz woke up, she saw a blurry Maria standing over her. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I called an no one answered. Than I called around, no one knew where you were. I even called Max that is how worried I was. Than, I came here and Agnes said you were up here,” she said in one breath.

“OK,’ Liz started confused, “but you still didn’t answer me.”

“Oh, right. The question? What was it again?” Maria asked dumbfounded.

“I asked, and I quote, ‘what are you doing here?’”.

“Oh, well, I, um, right. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out somewhere?” Maria asked. “There is this new club over in Hondo and I just though that we could go.”

Liz thought about it for a few minutes. She finally decided to go because, she needed to have some fun. It seemed like it had been forever since she did anything that a normal teenager would do. Besides, she thought, this would get her mind off he ‘supposed pregnancy’.

“Sure, I guess that I can go.”

“Great, just let me go use the bathroom and than, I can help you pick something out. And then, we can go to my house and get ready.”

As soon as Liz registered what Maria said about going into the bathroom, she started to panic. “Please, don’t let her find it,” she whispered to herself.

Maria came out a few minutes later holding a box, “Um, Liz, what is this?”


“So, Max, what are we up to tonight?” Michael Guerin asked his best friend.

“I don’t know. I was just thinking about staying home to do, you know, stuff.”

In the past month, Max has become more of a loner than he ever was. This also made him become more depressed, which in turn, made his parents more worried, so they sent him to his shrink even more than before.

Even though Tess has been around a lot to try and comfort Max, nothing really progressed. Everytime that she was around, Max would end up thinking about that night and want to cry.

To Max, that night would not go away. No matter what he did, that night would replay itself. Whenever he closed his eyes, when ever he saw Liz, whenever he heard a Gomez song. He did not want to replay that night anymore.


“Um…what does it look like Maria?” Liz asked back. She really didn’t know what else to say. What was she going to tell Maria? Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you. This Future Max came and I had sex with him and now I’m pregnant.’ Liz didn’t think that would work.

“Liz what’s wrong?” Maria asked after seeing the tears start in her best friend’s eyes.

After sniffling, Liz said, “it’s a long story.”

“Why don’t you just start at the beginning.”


“A few weeks ago, my life changed. Max came and talked to me. But the strange thing was, it wasn’t the Max that we know. This Max came from the future, from the year 2014, if I remember right,” Liz paused for a moment. A tear started to form in her eye right before she started again. “He told me that he needed help. He asked me, and I quote, ‘I need you to help me, fall out of love, with you.’”

“Liz, oh my God, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Maria, you gotta wait, there’s more. So I didn’t everything I could to make him not love me. I told him I didn’t want to die for him, I told him that I didn’t want to go to the Gomez concert with him. I didn’t all this stuff and he still wouldn’t let up.

“Then, I talked to you. You told me about Michael being at Courtney’s. That gave me an idea. I talked it over with this Future Max, and he agreed. My God Maria, I slept with that Max, and no looked what happened. I’m pregnant!” Liz said than fainted again onto her bed.


When Maria could finally get Liz to wake up, 10 minutes have passed. “Chica, you scared me. Why do you keep doing that?” Maria asked about the fainting.

“Doing what?” Liz asked dumbfounded.

“You keep fainting whenever you say that you are pregnant. That’s what.”

Liz just stared at her with teary eyes. “I don’t know what to do Maria. I don’t even know what I want to do either. I am just so scared.”

After a few minutes of Maria trying to calm and soothe Liz, they just sat on the bed quietly.

“Maria, I just thought of something. Max…Future Max, he said that if our plan succeeded that he would no longer be. If that is true, how can I be pregnant? Does he still exist? You know, like in another dimension or something?”

“I don’t know Liz. He might. I know about you though, but I am not a science freak here.”


Max had just about come into the kitchen when he heard the familiar voices, Tess and Iz. I don’t want to go in there, he thought to himself. He didn’t have anything against Iz, she was his sister, but ever since that night last month with her, she keeps hanging around more, and has been saying ‘destiny’ even more. He just thinks that she took advantage of his sorrow and to dig her claws into him even more.

“Max!” Tess called. “How are you?” she said right after getting out of her seat to hug him.

‘Get of me!’ he wanted to scream. But he didn’t, he didn’t want to make a scene, so he just hugged her back and answered her question.

“You know, I think that I am just going to go out. I just need to think about something things. Bye Iz…Tess.”


As Maria came out of the Crashdown, she could see Max’s jeep coming down the road and got an idea. When the jeep got closer she went into the road some to get Max’s attention.

“Hey Maria,” he said when he stopped.

“Max,” she started, “where are you going?”

“Um, nowhere really. Just wanted to get out of the house. Tess is there and she has been more annoying than usual. Why?”

“Do you think we can talk?” Her answer was a nod so she rounded the Jeep and got into the passenger side.

Quiet filled the Jeep as Max drove along the desert rode. He really wanted to know what Maria wanted to talk about. But whatever it was, he had to wait until she was ready.

“You should go to her,” Maria’s voice broke the silence.

“Go to who?” Max asked even though he knew. He wanted to go to her; to hold her in his arms and kiss her like it would be his last. He wanted her to feel the love that he felt for her, the love that was still inside him now even though he felt betrayed.

“Liz, you should go to her. She doesn’t know it, but she needs you and you need her.” She knew she was right. She always was when it came down to Max and Liz. Ever since the day Liz was shot and Maria told her that Max was looking at her, she knew she would never be wrong about them.

“Why?” Maria thought about his question. Thought like she hasn’t thought before. But when she came to her answer, she knew she had to tell him.

“Max, you have to promise, whatever I tell you know, I tell you in confidence. You cannot tell Liz that you know and you cannot tell her I told you. She would kill me before I could blink an eye.” Max nodded his agreement. “Max, about a month ago, life changed for Liz. And believe me, it will never be the same…again. A future you came back to warn her th-“ Max was about to protest, “no, don’t say anything, not until I am done.” He just nodded.

“Well, this future you told Liz that he needed her help to make you, your present self, fall out of love with Liz. She knew it was going to be hard, but she did it…because she loved you so much. That is why she came to you, told you that she would not die for you, that she couldn’t see you, and well, you know the rest. You wouldn't give up, and she knew she had to take drastic measures. Do you remember that night when you were going to take her to go see Gomez?” ‘How could he not? he thought to himself.’ “Well, guess who was with her that night?” Max turned pale, he knew where this was heading. “That’s right Max, it was your future self. Liz always said that she wasn’t ready, that she wanted to wait. But, she knew she was ready, and she did what she thought was best.”

“Maria, are you trying to say that…say that…that Liz is…is…”

“Max, Liz is pregnant.”

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Part 6

Max was in shock. He didn’t know what to say, let alone think. Liz was pregnant, and it was with his child. Well, techniquely yes, but no at the same time. The child will be like Max because he his future self was the-

“How can she be pregnant? Wouldn’t everything of my future self cease to exist? He doesn’t exist anymore, so…he has to exist though. Sure, I might know the facts, but if Liz is pregnant that would have to mean he either exists somewhere or he still exists because something is going to happen to make it so that he will still exist,” Max babbled on. “Maria, why did my future self come back? Why couldn’t I keep loving her?”

Maria answered the best way she knew how to, “I don’t know.”


Liz was in her room thinking to herself about what she was going to do. She didn’t even think about it before that something would happen. If everything went right, Max’s future self wouldn’t exist and she wouldn’t be pregnant.

What am I going to do? I can’t just go tell my parents, they will kill me. I can’t tell Max because he most likely won’t believe me. I told Maria…oh, God I told Maria. I shouldn’t have done that; I know she is going to tell Max.

Why did I have to tell Maria? Why? It must be something with hormones. Hormones, ah, whore and moans in the same word, doesn’t that just describe me right there?

Why am I pregnant? she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. Max should not even exist anymore. They both know that it worked. Liz knew because she saw the look of pain slicing through him as they made love. He can’t exist. But what if the child was conceived before he left? He had to have been. There is not other way. I refuse to believe that he exists other than in my memories. But what if he does exists? Is that why I am pregnant now? Is there some other way that he could exist? In a different realm or dimension? I should know this; I am the one that love science. It fits right in with it. And Max said that I would meet this Serena person, she might be able to help me.

Why can’t I have a normal life?


“Um, hi Mr. Parker, is um…is Liz there?” Max asked into the phone.

“Sure, Max, give me a minute please,” Jeff, said before he placed the phone down.

When Jeff got to his daughter’s room, he thought he heard her crying. “Liz are you ok?” He asked after he knocked. “Can I come in?” he waited for her to answer and then went it. “What’s the matter honey?” he asked sitting down next to her on her bed to hold her.

“Dad, I’m pregnant,” she said before she could even think about what she said.

Jeff just sat there in shock. Why? Why did this happen to his little girl? His only daughter let alone child. But she wasn’t even having sex! No, he refused to believe it. There was no way that his Lizzy could be pregnant. “No,” he whispered into her hair. “No, I refuse to believe it.”

“Daddy,” she never called him daddy anymore. Not unless she was in trouble.

In a flash Jeff got of from the bed and went back to the living room where he left the phone. “Listen you son-of-a-bitch, if you EVER lay one finger on my daughter again, so help me God I am going to kill you. And believe me, I am tempted to do that right now!”

Max heard the phone slam on the other end, and was dumb-founded. What was that about? Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, he knew. Jeff Parker knew that Liz was pregnant. All he could to was stare into the phone. His life as he knew it was over.

Before he knew what he was doing, Max called Liz’s cell phone. He knew he should have done that before, but he didn’t think to at the time. He didn’t even think that Liz was going to tell Jeff. Hell, she didn’t even know that he knew she was pregnant.

“Liz, please answer the phone,” he said while listening to the ringing on the other end.

“I thought I told you to stay away Max,” was all he heard before the phone disconnected on the other side.


“Liz, just tell me why?”

‘I can’t mom. I just can’t. Why can’t you just take what I give and live with it.’ Was what Liz wanted to say. “Because I wanted to, that’s why!”

“Don’t take that tone with your mother young lady,” Jeff said trying to hold back the anger. “If you were having sex, you should of at least used something!”

“Daddy, please-“

“Don’t ‘Daddy’ me, Liz. You know better. What were you thinking? I could kill him you know for doing this! And believe me, the thought has crossed my mine more than once.”

“Dad, please you are making this more difficult than what it really is! I am pregnant and scared and I want Max. He doesn’t even know! He has the right to know!” Liz yelled at her dad before she ran to her door to leave.

“Liz, if you leave this house tonight, so help me God, you are not going to be allowed in here ever again!” Jeff finished right as he heard the door slam shut.


“Liz! Chica, are you alright?” Maria asked as Liz ran right into her coming down the steps.

“Maria, I need a place to stay. My dad pretty much just kicked me out of the house,” the tears and sniffles made it hard to understand, but Maria knew what she said.

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mpls muse originally wrote:
I absolutely love this fic! Had you posted it before a long time ago? Anyway - please hurry back with more. This is such a great premise for a story. If only TPTB were as creative with their storylines...


yeah, I did. BUT I was only at like part 3 when I last posted. and thanks

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Part 7

As soon as Maria heard what Liz said, they went over to the couch in the break room to sit down.

“What do you mean, your dad threw you out?” Maria asked as if she didn’t understand what Liz was telling her.

“What I told you Maria, my dad threw me out of the house,” she said through sniffles and tears. “I accidentally blurted out that I was pregnant, and all this stuff happened and he said that if I left the house that I wasn’t ever allowed back again.”

Maria didn’t know what to think. She never knew Jeff Parker to ever be that harsh let alone so harsh to his daughter, his pride and joy. “Liz, you can stay for awhile, but then my mom is going to ask questions and she will have to find out.”

“I know Maria, I know,” she said before laying her head on her friend’s shoulder for comfort.

“Liz, there’s something I should tell you,” she said stroking her friend’s hair.

The tone in Maria’s voice made her notice that something was up. “Tell me, today can’t get any worse then what it is.”

“Max knows.”

Liz just looked at her best friend. She didn’t know what her facial expression looked liked, but she knew it must look dumbfounded.

After the initial shock she just blew up, “What do you mean Max knows? You didn’t tell him did you? God, Maria, I told you in hope of you not telling anyone especially Max!”


Max didn’t know what to do. Should he try and call again or should he go over there? Neither would have been a good idea, but he had to do something. Without thinking, he went to his Jeep and started driving. Before he realized what he was doing, we was heading to the Crashdown.

As he entered through the back door as he usually did when he didn’t want to be seen, he heard Liz yelling at Maria. Why is she yelling at Maria? He stayed in the shadows before so no one would see him.

“Liz, he needed to know. He deserves to know. Even if it isn’t his child, I mean his present selves-child. Liz he- Max?” she said as she saw him standing behind a shelf.

“Yes Maria, it’s me,” he said then turned to Liz. “I think we need to talk.”

“Yes, we do. Maria, we will finish this later.”

Maria nodded and when outside into the café to wait for her friend.

Max stood where he was and Liz still sat on the couch. After a few tense minutes of silence, she padded the cushion next to her as an invitation for Max to come and sit. He took the invitation and started to walk towards her. Before he could get to her though, Jeff Parker came down the steps and saw them together.

“What the hell to you think you are doing here? Either of you? Max leave and Liz, you know that you are not welcomed here anymore,” he said as he stared at Max. Max could tell that Jeff was trying to intimidate him and Liz but it wasn’t going to work. Not today, and surely not ever.

“Mr. Parker, please, be reasonable. I understand why you don’t want me here, but she is your daughter. Can’t you show compassion in her time of need? Can’t you tell that she is scared and what she wants most right now is someone to be with her to comfort her?”

“Max you have no right to talk to me about this. Liz knew that if she walked out she wasn’t going to be allowed back. It was her choice, not mine. Now, if you both would be so kindly as to leave, I have work that needs to be done.”

Liz couldn’t believe what was going on around her. Her life as she knew it was falling apart. Her parents disowned her and Max was here standing up to her father. She was pregnant and scared just like Max told her father, and she did need someone to comfort her also.

She still didn’t know what she would do. Would she go with Maria? Or, could she go with Max? Would she let her go with him, or turn her away like her father?

“No,” Max said breaking Liz’s train of thought. “Not before I get an answer from you. I just want you to answer me one question, and then I will leave. Is that ok?” Jeff nodded. “Why are you disowning Liz even though this is what happened to you and Mrs. Parker when you were younger?”

“Get out now,” he said through clenched teeth. “Get out now before I call the police. Get out and take my daughter with you. I don’t want to see either one of you again!”

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Part 8a

Liz was still in shock. Why did Max ask her father that? And why did her father blow up like that.

“No,” Max said. “We, well, at least I am not leaving until you answer me. You said you would and I want that answer, and I want it now.”

Jeff still stood on the last step from when he came down the stairs. He didn’t know what to say. How in God’s name did Max find out? No one knew, not his parents, not even Liz. “What do you expect me to say Max? Just because of something that happened to me and Nancy in the past is happening again, and to our daughter no less, what do you expect me to do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe help her in her time of need. Sure, I can do all that I can, but what she really needs is her family to show support, to be her crutch and to let her know that they love her unconditionally. From what you are doing, don’t you see, she is scared and she doesn’t feel loved. Just look at her, Jeff,” he motioned to Liz. “She is on the brink of tears, again out of who knows how many times. Can’t you just show her that you love her?”

Jeff looked at her, his only daughter with tears in his eyes. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, Max was right. He did need to show Liz the support that Nancy and his parent’s didn’t give them. He needed to help his daughter through this. “Liz…” he said opening his arms to her for her to come.

And she did go to her father. As she hugged her father she looked over to Max and mouthed thank you. He nodded and slipped out the back door unnoticed.


Seven months later, Liz was walking around the Crashdown with a huge tray in her arms, still waiting tables. People thought that she was crazy for still wanting to wait tables when she was eight months pregnant, but there didn’t seem to be anything anyone could do about it, not even her parents. She wanted to do it because she loved her work; she just wanted to do it.

“Liz, baby, you can’t keep going on like this. You are going to have to stop sooner or later and I prefer the sooner than later,” Max said wrapping his arms around Liz’s protruding stomach from her back after she went into the break room.

“Max, we have talked about this before, I want to work. I need something to do then sit around the house all day eating banana ice cream with pickles and tobasco.” Even though it did sound tempting because whenever she got off of work, her feet and ankles would always be so swollen.

“Then do something else. The baby is due in less then a month and we still aren’t done shopping for her. We could go shopping. Want to go shopping Liz?” He asked gently rubbing her stomach. “I am sure that I can get someone to cover for you. Maria isn’t working today right? I am sure she would love to work for you today. She, even more then me it seems, would love for you to stop working.”

“Max,” she said with a whiney voice while turning around in his arms. When she got all the way around, she just stared into his amber eyes. She couldn’t believe how supportive he has been through this whole ordeal. This person that she was looking at was her savior, and for more than saving her that day when she was shot. He stood up for her against her father when he wanted to throw her out. Protected her from all the ridicule she got for being a pregnant teenager in such a small town. Even kept Tess out of her hair from time to time. “Thank you,” she whispered to his neck.

“For what?”

“For being you. For sticking by me when you first found out the truth, at least from me.”

“How could I not? This is my child too Liz. What I still don’t understand is how she could exist?”

Liz thought about that too, in fact, all the time. The Max from the future vanished when they were dancing, so Liz guessed that had to do something with the present Max being with Tess. She didn’t know, and she didn’t want to know, ever. But still, how was this wonderful life inside of her being able to grow even though her father doesn’t exist?

“I have thought about that. And the only conclusion that I can make is that, since we are still together, he still exists. Does that make sense?” He nodded so she went on to answer his other question, “Max, I don’t know about shopping. I have work and this is Maria’s only day off and I want her to enjoy it.”

Arrogance has plagued Liz ever since she became pregnant. They all guessed that it was a side effect of the pregnancy. Max knew that she wanted to go shopping; she just didn’t know it yet. “Liz, you have to go. Bring some fun into your life right now before the baby is born and have to devote all your time to her. Come on, I will buy you whatever your heart desires.”


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well, ok. so I got what I wanted to type done and here you go. of there are any grammer errors or misspelled words, sorry. and I know it is short, but there will be a part 8C and it will be longer then both of the first 2 parts.

Part 8b

"Max you know that you can be a pain in the ass when you try to sweet talk me?" Liz asked him even though she was sure she knew the answer. Ever since that day seven months ago, Max seemed to always be hovering over her like a hawk over his prey. He always said, he just wanted to make sure she was safe and that no weird side effects were happening. Really, the only one that they could see what that she was always craving tobasco.

Max thought he was doing the right thing by watching over her. She was now his responsibility no matter what happened. She was the mother of his child and mother of the future heir of the throne of Antar, if they ever made it back. But even if they didn’t, he would always be content here with Liz and their child, and hopefully one day, children, by his side.

He couldn’t get over the thought that he was going to be a father. It never really got to him before Liz started to show a couple of months back. Sure, he knew that she was pregnant, but it just seemed more real when you can actually see the changes in her body.

Even though he is the father of this baby, he will always envy his future self by bringing this on Liz. But it is quite strange to envy yourself. Sure, he loved what was happening, but they were both still young and considered children by law, and still in school. They had futures ahead of them, and now they had to put them on hold for awhile because they are going to have to raise a child.

"Liz, you have to go. Come one, I promise Maria would love to work for you today. You need to have some fun." He was almost on his knees begging now.

Liz smiled. How could she not love this person, this alien? He was the best thing to ever happen to her in her life. Even through all the FBI investigations, Sherriff Valenti’s investigation, shootings, and Tess, he still loved her, and she him.

"Fine," she said. "And only because I know that you will not stop bugging me until I give in to you."

"Great, you go get changed, and I will call Maria.


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Part 8C

Liz could her Max on his cell phone talking to Maria and started to think to herself. Yeah, she is agreeing all right, that is why I bet she is yelling at you Max. But you are right, I do need some sort of break, even for a day, even if I won’t admit it to anyone other then myself. She placed her hand over her protruding stomach. I can’t wait for you to get here Little One. You are going to be the joy of my life, I just know that you are. You have to be, why else would you be here? Even though I thought that I wouldn’t have you until later in life, I will give you all the love now that I wouldn’t have given you then.

“Maria, you have to do this. Can you not tell me that you don’t think that Liz needs a break?” he was silent. “Maria, please? I promised I would take her shopping for the baby and she actually agreed. I need to take her. Please, just will you do this for me?”

If she were actually in the room, I bet he would be on his knees begging her like he is over the phone now.

“Thank you so much,” she could hear the smile in his voice. “Yes I know how much I owe you for this. Thanks again, Maria. I will see you soon.”

After he ended the call, Liz could hear him coming up the steps. She was walking into the living room from the kitchen with a turkey, cheese, onion and tobasco sandwich in her hand.

That was how Max found her when he came in the door that connected to the steps, walking into the living room with her sandwich in her hand. God, she is beautiful. “What do you have there?” he asked nodded towards the sandwich.

“A sandwich,” she said right after taking a bite.

“I know that silly, but what kind?”

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out.” She would bet anything in the world that she had the biggest smile on her face right now.

When she saw Max come towards her, she thought that he was going to take the sandwich from her, so he held it out for him. But, what she didn’t think he was going to do was what he did; he kissed her. Not just a simple kiss, but a kiss. The kind of kiss that you only read about in romance novels when the characters were in between one of their many opportune moments of love making. Kisses where not only were you expected to accept it, but also to gives back as much as you were giving.

Liz sighed and whimpered when Max pulled back. “Hmm…onion and tobasco. Now that is a great combination.

“You idiot,” she hit him, but not too hard. “All that just so you could see what kind of sandwich I was eating. I held you out the sandwich, but NOO, you had to kiss me.”

Max just laughed. There was just so much about this woman in front of him that he loved. And most of all, she was having his child.

“You know you are beautiful, don’t you?”

“If you think I am beautiful now, you must have lost your mind,” she said walking away from him and sat on the couch. “Look at me, I am as big as an elephant.”

“No, you are still my beautiful Liz.” He sat down next to her on the couch and started to rub her tense shoulders. “Why are you so tense? We are going to go out, to shop for the baby. It will be fun.”

Liz didn’t know why she was tense. As soon as she sat down, a strange sensation washed over her. She didn’t know why it happened, but it did.

As soon as Max’s hands moved from her shoulders to his side so he could stand up, Liz groaned. She didn’t want him to stop, at least not yet. “So, where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t we just go to the mall and look around? I think it would be best. Besides, we don’t know what we want yet so it would be better.”

Max nodded his head in agreement.


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Part 9

“Max, lets go in here!” A rambunctious Liz said. Since they got to the mall, she was dragging him to every baby store imaginable. It was still a wonder that he could still carry anything with his arms full with bags.

“Liz, how about this. You go in there, and look around, I am gonna go to the Jeep and put these bags in there. There are just too many now for me to carry myself,” he replied trying to catch hold of a slipping back.

“Ok, I will stay here until you get back. But if you want, I can go and help you.”

Max shook his head and her then followed with a nod to signal her to go into the store. He knew he would be alright if he went by himself.

When he got to the Jeep he saw a familiar car parked next to him and a head of blonde hair in the drivers seat. He tried to ignore her as long as possible, but he knew it wasn’t gonna be long before she got out of her car and started to talk to him.

“So, Max, how’s the tramp?” The words came flooding to his hears as she stepped out of her car.

“Tess, don’t talk about her like that. She isn’t a tramp.”

“Max, we are meant to be together. We always have been. Why don’t you want to understand that?” Tess asked, her voice a slightly bit higher than normal.

She knew what she wanted. She wanted Max to be with her always. She didn’t really care how. But if no one believe her or not, one day she would be with Max. Tess really didn’t care what came of Liz or the child she was carrying.

“Max for all you know, that child might not be yours,” said Tess with a smirk on her face like she knew something was going on with Liz that no one else knew about.

Max tried to ignore her, but he knew it wasn’t going to work. He started to take deep breaths in and letting them out slowing before he would confront her about what she just said. He knew that if he didn’t, he would blow up in her face, and that was just something that he did not want to do.

After a few moments Max replied, “Tess, Liz is pregnant with my child. You can choose not to believe that, but that is the truth. I’ll say it again if you didn’t understand the first time, the child growing inside Liz’s womb is mine.” He was going to say more but he felt the sudden urge to go to Liz. He knew something was wrong. He didn’t know how, but he could sense that she was in pain.


Max! Liz thought over and over. “This can’t be happening. Not now, please not now,” she whispered to herself over and over as she tried to make her way to the store opening. She needed to get to Max.

“Not now,” she whispered to herself. Max, please get here soon, I need you so bad. It hurts so badly. Why don’t it stop hurting. Please Max, get here soon.

Liz made it to the bench outside the store when Max got to her. “Liz, are you all right. I was at the Jeep and I felt that you are in pain. Is it the baby?”

“Max, my water broke,” Liz said through varied breaths.

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Part 10

Max didn’t know what to do. Liz had just said that her water broke. He knew he should take her to the hospital. Whenever she went to the doctor an ultrasound, the baby looked perfectly normal, but could he trust that? Should he risk himself as well as everyone in the group? He needed to know what she wanted, “Liz, do you want to go to the hospital?”

Liz didn’t even want to think about why he asked that question. Of course she wanted to go to the hospital. She was about to have a baby, why wouldn’t she want to go. To answer him, she just nodded her head.

“Liz, we have to make it to the Jeep. Do you think you can make it on your own? Should I call an ambulance?” Max didn’t know what to do. For the first time in his life, he didn’t know what was the right thing to do, and there was no way he could act on impulse, something might happen to the baby.

If there is a God, please help Liz. Please just help her to get through this and make sure everything will be ok. Please! Max thought to himself as he awaited Liz’s answer. A moment later he looked at her face and saw her eyes roll back into her head like she was going to pass out. “Max, it hurts so much,” she whispered before she passed out.


“Max, we got here as fast as we could,” Diane Evans said with Phillip, and the Parkers in toe behind her. “How is she?”

A smiling, teary-eyed Max went over to hug his mother. “Mom, I have a daughter,” he said as he backed out of the embrace. “Liz, is fine, she still hasn’t woken up though. The doctors said that she should wake up soon though.”

After his daughter was born, and he got to hold her, he tried to make a connection with the baby. He was surprised when it worked, he didn’t think a baby would be able to make a connection. He hadn’t even when he was younger. During the connection, he saw his child’s memories. He could see what Liz went through before she had told him. He saw what it was like for her to deceive him just trying to save him. He felt a warmth sweep over him, and at that point, he knew it was love. He knew that his love for Liz deepened, more than he thought was possible. And he knew that he would always love this child, no matter what happened.

“Have you named her yet?” Nancy Parker asked. She gave Max a hug after Diane and once she did, she knew he would take care of Liz and the baby no matter what would come in the future. She could feel the love in him and felt relieved that her daughter had found someone as wonderful as Max.

“No, I was going to wait for Liz to wake up. I want her to be there when we do. It wouldn’t be right I named her with out consulting her first.”

During the time that she was pregnant, Liz and Max never went over names for the baby. They knew it would be a girl, but whenever they tried to think of names, they came up blank. They felt that the first time they saw her, they would know what to name her.

“Can we see the both of them?” Nancy asked another question.


“Max!” Liz said loudly as she woke up. Where am I? What happened? All I remember is being at the mall and my water breaking. Liz looked around the room and noticed that she was in a hospital room. How did I get here? Sitting up in her bed, she said that there was a plastic see-through bassinet, which held a baby near the chair that sat a sleeping Max.

Max stirred in his sleep as Liz watched him sleep. Apparently he had not heard her when she called out his name. After watching him for a few more minutes, she let her eyes move to the tiny baby in the bassinet. She went to get up to get the baby, but she realized her arm was connected to an IV and couldn’t. “Max,” she said hopefully loud enough for him to hear. When he didn’t wake up, she called again, “Max.”

“Uh, what? What?” He asked in frenzy. When he realized it was Liz who had woken him, he calmed down. He just stared at her for a moment. Anyone watching would see the love for her in his eyes at that moment. After Liz looked at the baby, only did he know why he had woken her. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Liz nodded.

“Do you think you can bring her over to me?” She asked still looking at the baby. Max did as she asked. When he started to wheel the bassinet over near the bed, the sleeping baby woke up. Max let a smile cross his lip that went all the way up to sparkle in his eyes. I love you, my daughter. He thought to himself.

“Max, I think she needs to be fed.” Max looked at Liz the moment he heard the words escape from her lips. After a moment Liz felt his gaze drop to her breast and felt a blush creep up to her face from her neck. Sensing Liz’s embarrassment, he let her know that if she wanted him to leave, he would. She shook her head no and said it would be ok.

After Liz got the baby situated and starting to breast feed, Max asked her a question. “What do you think we should name her?” Liz didn’t answer yet, so he let her know his ideas, “I was thinking about Marie Anne. I don’t know though. She just looks like a Marie to me.”

“I think that is beautiful. Marie Anne Evans,” Liz said letting the name roll of her tongue.

“Thank you,” Max said. Liz looked puzzled so he explained. “For the Evans part. Thank you. You didn’t have to do that.”


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