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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter One – End of the World – Revisited

Tess was worried. Nothing she did made Max look at her the way he looked at Liz. She picked up a photograph of Max and stared at it intently.
“There has got to be something I can do,” she said to her empty bedroom. “Something that will turn him away from her, to me.”
But no matter how hard she thought she couldn’t come up with anything severe enough to make Max fall out of love with Liz.
“She’s such a noble, stupid bitch,” she said. “She never screws up, never does anything wrong. She would do anything for Max.”

She took the picture that was in her hand, and hurled it across the room, watching with satisfaction as the glass shattered into a thousand miniscule pieces. With a sigh, she used her powers to reassemble the bits of glass. She picked up the picture and started to lean over to place it on her nightstand when an idea came to her. The picture fell, unnoticed, out of her hands, shattering once again, as she conceived of the perfect plan to drive a permanent wedge between Max and Liz.

Liz sat in her room, writing in her journal, when a tapping at the window caught her attention. She smiled, and went to the window to open it and Let Max into her room. She covered her mouth to contain the scream that threatened to spill out. It was Max, but it wasn’t. His hair was so much longer, and pulled back from his face. But it was his eyes that frightened her the most. They were so hard, so dark and uncaring.
“Liz, it’s me, its Max,” said the strange apparition before her.
“Max? No, I don’t understand, but you’re not Max,” said Liz.
“I am, it’s me, I came from the future. There are things I have to tell you.”
“No, you’re not from the future, you are some sort of shape shifting alien, but you aren’t Max.”
“If I were a shape shifter, there is no way I could tell the future. In about ten seconds, I am going to show up outside your window, serenading you.”

Much to her amazement, several seconds later, Max appeared on the street below her window, along with a mariachi band and began to serenade her in Spanish. A bouquet of roses flew from his hand up to her window, changing from red to white in mid-air. Liz, with the help of her father, quickly got rid of Max, and turned to the other Max.
“Okay, maybe you are telling the truth, why are you here?”
“I can’t tell you much Liz. This is strictly a limited knowledge thing. The more you know, the more danger you could be in.”
Liz didn’t say anything for a minute, opened her mouth to speak, stopped and then started again.
“Max, don’t you have anything else to say to me? I mean, you come in here, supposedly from the future, tell me you can’t tell me anything else, and I’m just supposed to follow your lead blindly?”

Future Max looked taken aback for a moment, while he paused to regroup and formulate his thoughts.
“No, Liz, that’s not it, exactly. There are things I can tell you, but I may not be able to answer your all your questions. But I can tell you this. Fourteen years in the future, our enemies attack Earth, and we are totally overtaken. I need you to help me change the future. Will you help me?” he asked, holding his hand out to her.
“I don’t know Max, wouldn’t it just make more sense to go get you, I mean, the other you, the younger you, and explain it all to him?”
“NO!” shouted Future Max. “Nobody, especially my younger self can know that I am here. It could put this whole mission in jeopardy.”
Liz took a step back, shocked by his vehemence, and waited for him to continue. Future Max explained about their growing closer and closer, inseparable, allowing nothing to come between them, how badly he treated Tess.
“It eventually drove her out of town, Liz,” he said. “And when she left, we began to fall apart. Michael, Tess, Isabelle and me, we all have different powers. We complimented each other. When Tess left, we weren’t as strong. You have to make me fall out of love with you Liz, it’s the only way.”

I can’t. I can’t do that. Isn’t there some other way?
“Don’t you think if there was, I’d do it? You’re not the only one who loses if you do this Liz. If you can convince Max that you don’t love him any longer, the man I am, my reality ceases to exist. That means Michael and Isabelle will still have a chance to live!”
“What?” cried Liz.
“Twenty five minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms as he died. Isabelle died two weeks before that. If you can convince him to fall out of love with you, and turn to Tess, it will erase all of that.”
Liz hung her head in her hands, her body trembling as she struggled to hold back the tears.
“Is there anything else you can tell me, Max? Anything at all?”
“No, I’ve told you too much already, Liz. I can’t tell you anything else.”

“Max, do you remember the night, you and I went to dinner with Isabelle, Alex, Michael and Maria?” asked Liz.
“What?” asked Max, started by the apparent change of subject.
“You know, the night we used your parent’s membership at the country club. We got all dressed up. I wore that red dress. You know, the one you love so much.”
“That’s right,” said Max. “You looked so beautiful. I love it when you wear red.”
“Right,” said Liz, smiling. “Anyhow, that night, the six of us vowed that we would do whatever it took to keep each other safe. I guess this is the kind of thing that falls into the category of keeping each other safe. Okay,” she said, sitting up. “I’ll do it, I’ll help you. I love Max, the other Max, but he risked everything to save me. I can do the same for him.” Liz stood, and walked away from future Max, missing the feral grin that spread across his face.

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jeremiah originally wrote:
A new story! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see what you have in store for our favorite couple!

me either lol - this started out as a one part deal, and halfway through part one, it morphed into an epic wanna be. Well, knowing me, we can pretty much guarentee a happy ending lol
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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Two – A Plan Set in Motion

Liz walked down the halls of West Roswell High, and ignored the shouts that filled the air. She stopped at her locker and changed books. She looked around carefully, to make sure she was unobserved. Once she was certain nobody was watching her, she pulled a sheaf of papers from a folder and slipped them into a notebook.
“Liz, great, there you are,” said Maria breathlessly. “I lost my English notebook. Did I leave it in your locker?”
“Here it is Maria,” said Liz, shoving it at her. “You left it at my house. I found your homework in it; your essay on Czechoslovakia had a few mistakes in it. You may want to reread it before you hand it in.” She stared intently at Maria and then down at the folder.
“Oh,” said Maria, “The Czechoslovakian essay. Thanks girlfriend, I would have been so screwed if I didn’t turn that in. I was in total freak mode when I couldn’t find it.”
“Well, it’s all found, so why don’t you go proof read it again, I circled your mistakes in green.”
“Thanks again, Liz,” said Maria, as she hugged her friend. “I’ll see you at lunch, okay?”
“Yeah, maybe,” said Liz, distractedly. “Look, I’ve got to go, I don’t want to be late for class.

Liz took off down the hall before Maria could say anything. Maria held onto the notebook tightly, and made her way to the library. She found an empty table in the back of the room, and opened the notebook and pulled out her essay and began to read whatever had Liz so upset.


I don’t care if you read this, but you have to get it to Max as soon as possible. Something really weird happened last night, and he needs to know about it right away.


Maria flipped through the rest of the papers, skimming them quickly. Her face grew white as she read what Liz had written. Slamming the notebook shut, she stood up and walked quickly out of the library. She pulled the hall pass that Isabelle had made for her, courtesy of her powers, just in case she got stopped. She walked swiftly down the hall peering in the different classrooms, looking for Max Evans. When she finally located him, she stood outside the classroom door, gesturing frantically, trying to get his attention. After about five minutes of alien aerobics, Max managed to escape out into the hallway.

“Maria,” he said. “What’s wrong?
“A lot is wrong,” she answered. “Liz was in total weird mode, and gave me this to give to you. Max, you need to read this right away. I think we are in serious trouble,” she babbled.
“Maria, calm down. What did it say?”
“What do you mean, what did it say? Are you implying that I would read a personal note from Liz to you?” she asked indignantly.
“Okay, okay, I read it, but it’s way to weird for me to try and explain. You need to read it for yourself.”
“Come on,” he said, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her down the hallway.
“Where are we going?”
“To the eraser room.”
“Wait a second Max. You may be a space boy, but you aren’t MY Space Boy!”

Max said nothing, but turned and glared at Maria, who quickly shut up and followed Max upstairs and down the hall to the eraser room. Once they were inside, Max used his powers to lock the door behind them.
“Okay, before I start reading, is Liz alright?” he asked Maria.
“Physically, she’s okay, but emotionally, she’s a basket case,” said Maria.
“Tell me everything that happened!” he demanded.
“Well, there isn’t much to tell, I was missing my English notebook. I was looking all over the place for it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I saw Liz, so I stopped to ask her about it. Luckily for me she had it. Wait a second,” said Maria, with a frown. “How did she get my notebook? I’m sure it was in my locker. Max, she broke into my locker!”
“Maria, focus here, would you?” asked Max.
“Oh, right, sorry. Well anyhow, Liz was going on about proof reading my English essay on Czechoslovakia, and telling me I needed to read it right away.”

“Maria, you’re losing it again. What does Czechoslovakia have to do with anything?” asked Max in exasperation.
“Everything, nitwit,” she said, slapping his shoulder. “Czechoslovakian was what we call you when we are talking about you and Michael and Isabelle when we are in public,” said Maria, proudly.
“You call us Czechoslovakian?” asked Max weakly. “I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it was your idea.”
“Yeah, how’d you know?” asked Maria. “Anyhow, I skimmed through my so called essay, and went into panic mode and found you right away.”
“Thanks Maria,” said Max. “You are a good friend.”

Max unfolded the papers Maria had given him and began to read. After several minutes, he put them down and looked at Maria.
“What does it mean, Max?”
“I’m not sure yet, but we need to get everyone together. Maria can you get a hold of Michael and the others and tell them we’ll meet tonight. Damn, where can we meet?”
“How about in the back room of my mom’s store? She’s closing early tonight, anyhow. Inventory starts tomorrow. Just how I wanted to spend my Saturday, counting little alien antenna toppers.”
“Maria, you’re doing it again…don’t you have any cedar oil to sniff or something,” groused Max. I really need you to focus right now.”
“Sorry,” said Maria, fumbling in her pocket for a vial of cedar oil.
“Fine, now tell everyone we’ll meet at your mom’s store around 6:00.”
“Let’s see, I’ll tell Michael next period,” planned Maria. “I can tell Alex at lunch, he can get in touch with Isabelle.” She looked at Max to see if he agreed with her plans. When he nodded she continued. “Tess is going to be the hardest person for me to get a hold of. I don’t have any classes with her. I suppose Isabelle….”
“NO!” shouted Max. “Not Tess. We have to keep Tess out of this, but we can’t let her know something is up. This has to be a secret!”

Maria backed away from Max, shocked by the anger in his voice.
“Okay Max, if you say so.”
“Maria, just how well did you read what Liz wrote?”
“Not very,” she admitted. “I just skimmed it briefly, and then came to find you. There was something about an alien who looked like you coming from the future, and Michael and Isabelle dying. As soon as I saw that, I came looking for you.”
“It’s bad, Maria, really bad. I have to find Liz. We are so screwed right now.”

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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Three - A Meeting of the Minds

Max waited outside Liz’s advanced English class unit the bell rang. When she walked out the door, Max grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in the opposite direction.
“We need to talk, Liz,” he whispered. “Are you alright?”
“Relax Max, I’m fine.”
“How long did he stay?”
“All night, which is why I didn’t call you and tell you about him.”
“God, it kills me to think that you could have been in danger.”
“Look Max, I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” said Liz, yanking her arm free.
“I know Liz. It’s just that we don’t know what we’re up against yet. I’m can’t help it if I’m worried.”
“I know,” said Liz, slightly mollified. “So what’s the plan?”
“The plan is, we have no plan, but we are meeting at Maria’s mother’s store tonight to come up with one.”
“Okay, but I have to work after school, so I may be a little bit late.”
“I’ll have Michael bring you over. I don’t want you walking around alone until we know what we’re up against.”
Liz started to protest, but changed her mind. She knew Max was right, even though she didn’t like it very much.

“I’ve got to get to class, but instead of Michael, why don’t I have Kyle bring me to Maria’s,” said Liz.
“Oh, shit,” said Max.
“Let me guess, you forgot to include Kyle in all of this,” said Liz.
“I did, but not for the reasons you think,” explained Max. “Can you fill him in on everything and get him to bring you to Maria’s?”
“Yeah, I’ll tell him.”
“Liz, if he can’t bring you to Maria’s, call one of us. I don’t want you walking around alone.”
“Yes father,” said Liz, standing on tiptoe to kiss him passionately.
Max tightened his grasp and pulled Liz to him. The two kissed passionately for several minutes.
“Don’t you have an elsewhere to be, Mr. Evans? Like my class, perhaps?” said a voice behind him. Pulling away from Liz, Max turned around to see his Physics teacher standing behind him with a smile on his face. “I can understand why you may find your current endeavor to be far more entertaining, however, I do insist that you find your way to my classroom, now!”
“Uh, yes sir,” said Max.
“Miss Parker, do you have some place you need to be as well?” asked the teacher.
“Ah, yes, right, I was just leaving,” said Liz. “I’ll see you tonight, Max?”
“Okay, remember, don’t walk over there alone.”
“Mr. Evans, I mean now,” said the Physics teacher who was already halfway down the hall. “If she loves you know, one forty-five minute Physics class won’t destroy it.”
“Bye,” said Liz, as she turned and stated walking in the opposite direction.

“Tell me again why I’m driving you to Maria’s?”asked Kyle. “I mean you obviously have to perfectly good, and lovely if I might add, legs to walk on?”
“It’s complicated,” said Liz, but Max doesn’t want me to be alone until we figure out what’s going on.”
“And what is going on?” asked Kyle.
“I’m not really sure myself, but last night, I had a visitor,” began Liz.
“Please Liz,” interrupted Kyle. “Spare me the nocturnal wooings of you and Max Evans.”
“Kyle, don’t be such a jerk,” laughed Liz. “This is important. Last night, Max showed up at my window, but it wasn’t the Max Evans we know. He said he came from the future, and that it was up to me to make this Max, our Max, fall out of love with me. The survival of the Earth depended upon it.”
“Oh please,” said Kyle. “What is this, some really bad sci fi television show or something?
“Kyle, shut up, this is serious,” said Liz, still laughing. “It’s true, there was someone who looked like Max, and sounded like Max in my room last night. He looked older, his hair had some gray in it, and it was much longer. He said he came from fourteen years in the future.”

Kyle pulled the red mustang over to the side of the road. “I can’t drive and pay attention to you,” he said. “And this sounds like something I really need pay attention to.”
“Yeah, you do,” said Liz. “Anyhow, this Future Max told me that when he and I grew, um, closer and, ah, cemented our relationship, it kind of drove Tess over the edge, and she left town.”
“Well, I’m not seeing how that could be such a loss, I mean the chic is hot, but she’s kind of whacked,” said Kyle.
“Well, according to Future Max, it was a big deal. Apparently the four of them, Max, Michael, Isabelle and Tess, compliment each other. When Tess left, they weren’t a complete unit any longer. Anyhow, I guess some other aliens attacked, and because Tess wasn’t with them, they weren’t as strong, and both Isabelle and Michael died. He said he came back to convince me to make our Max fall out of love with me. If I could do that, it would change the future.”

“Wow,” said Kyle. “And you believed him?”
“Part of me did, but part of me didn’t, so I decided to test him,” said Liz.
“Test him? Test him how? I’m guessing essay, because those multiple guess tests are just too easy,” said Kyle.
“Will you be serious, for just once,” said Liz, slapping him lightly on the arm. “Do you remember the night all of us went out to eat at that really fancy restaurant? It was such a special night, and I knew Max wouldn’t forget any detail of it.”
“And Future Max did?” said Kyle slowly.
“Not forgot, more like never knew. He agreed with me that we went to the country club that his parents belong to.”
“But his parents only joined the country club last spring, right before Tess,” he stopped. “Right before Tess showed up,” he continued with a grim smile on his face.

“Right,” said Liz. “And he said he remembered that I wore that red dress that he loved so much. Kyle, I don’t own a red dress. And he didn’t know that you were there either. And the big give away was that he remembered how we all vowed to keep each other safe no matter what.”
“And that night, the only thing we vowed was to not discuss anything like that.”
“Exactly,” said Liz. “So I’m pretty sure he’s not who he says he is. I know who I think he is, but I’m not sure how. He stuck around all last night, so I couldn’t call Max, but I got word to him today.”
“Hence the summit tonight,” said Kyle, starting the car and easing it back onto the road. “Well, I agree with what you said, I don’t think that Future Max was our Max, and I also agree with Max. Until we know what we’re up against, I don’t want you left alone.”
“Great,” said Liz under her breath. “In less than twenty four hours, I get another father and a big brother.”

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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Four – Plans, Plans and More Plans

Kyle and Liz arrived at Maria’s mother’s shop, and Kyle came around to the passenger side of the car, helped Liz out, and escorted her inside, his hand firmly on her back.
“Oh God,” said Maria, opening the door to let them in. “You told him, didn’t you?”
“What gave it away,” said Liz, rolling her eyes.
“Because he’s hovering over you the same way Max, Michael and Alex want to. Girlfriend, when I start complaining about Michael’s lack of boyfriend skills, remind me of this day. I am so glad that you got a visit from Future Max, instead of me getting a visit from a Future Michael.”

The two girls laughed, and Kyle scowled at them as they walked into the storage part of the store. After everyone got settled with snacks and drinks, Max quickly reviewed everything they knew, and the group began to toss ideas back and forth.
“What if you just knock him out the next time he shows up?” asked Michael.
“That’s my boyfriend, the master of stealth,” said Maria.
“Michael, get serious,” said Isabelle. Can you honestly see tiny little Liz knocking someone the size of Max unconscious?”
“She’s right,” said Liz. “I don’t know if I’d have the strength to do that.”
“No, she can’t,” said Kyle, “But we can. We can take turns sleeping on Liz’s bathroom floor. That way whoever it is won’t see us, but we can be there to protect Liz. Michael or I could probably take the first night,” Kyle added.
“Why you or Michael?” asked Max, jealously.
“Think Max, use that kingly brain of yours. Michael doesn’t have any parents to answer to. I have my dad, but he’s already in on the secret. You and Alex need time to come up with a cover story.”

“Excuse me,” said Liz. “But did anybody thing about clearing this plan with ME?.”
“Well, do you have a better plan?” Maria asked in a reasonable voice.
“Well, there you go then.”
“Okay, I’ll take the first shift,” said Michael. “I’m supposed to close at the CrashDown tonight, so it will be easiest for me to slip upstairs.”
“Fine,” said Alex. “Now that we have that settled, does anybody have any theories about who is behind all of this?
“Tess,” said Maria and Liz at the same time.”
“Tess,” said Michael.
“Tess,” said Kyle.
“Yeah, me too,” said Alex. “Max, Isabelle, what about you?”
“I don’t know,” said Isabelle. “I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that it could be Tess. I mean, she is supposed to be my,” she paused.
“She was supposed to be your friend,” continued Liz. “Another girl who know exactly what you’ve been going through all these years.”
“Exactly,” said Isabelle. “But I have to admit, I think it’s her as well. Max, what about you?”
“I’m not sure. I guess I just don’t want to believe that she’d betray us that way.”
“Well believe it Maxwell,” said Michael. “Because it looks like she is.”

“Okay, now that we’ve got the who, let’s move onto the how,” said Kyle, looking at his friends. They all responded by looking at him blankly.
“Well, that was helpful,” said Alex.
“Can any of you change your appearance in such a drastic way?” asked Liz.
“No,” said Max. “But she has been learning how to use her powers all her life. Damn! If we only knew what was in that book we found last year. I know I should be able to read our language, but I can’t. It’s like it’s right there, on the edge of my memory, but then it slips away again.”

“Would you be willing to let me have a look at it?” asked Alex. “Maybe I can work some sort of program up on the computer to help us.”
At Max’s skeptical look, he continued. “Come on Max, it’s worth a shot.”
“He’s right Max, said Isabelle. “He can’t do any worse than we have.”
“Fine,” said Max. “When we leave here, Alex, come back to my house and I’ll show you what we have.
“Well, I have to stay here and start inventory,” said Maria. “Does anybody want to help?” she added hopefully.
“I’ll help,” said Isabelle, unexpectedly. “What?” she said to the stunned room. “It’s better than the time I helped her wait tables.”
“Fine,” said Max, a bit resentful at having everybody else making decisions. “Alex, can you give me a ride back to my house, so I can leave the Jeep with Isabelle? And would you mind if we dropped Liz home too?”

“It’s okay Max,” said Liz. “Kyle can give me a ride home. It won’t look as if I’m trying to convince you to fall out of love with me if you drive me home. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing, remember?”
“Well, yeah, but,”
“No buts Maxwell,” said Michael. “Liz is right. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you and Alex took a swing by the CrashDown and caught them.”
“I suppose,” said Max, ungratefully.
“Kyle,” said Alex quickly, hoping to head off anymore potential problems. What’s your game plan for tonight?”
“Nothing big,” said Kyle, casually. “Drop Liz off, swing home, and then stick to Tess, like glue if I have to.”
“Do you think that’s wise, Kyle?” asked Max.
“No, but do we have a choice? We all think she’s behind this, this just seems like the best way to find out for sure.”
“I don’t like it,” said Max.
“That’s okay, since I don’t recall asking if you did,” snapped Kyle.

“Look, as much as I’m enjoying the testosterone fest,” said Maria, stepping between them. “It’s got to stop, now! You two need to chill out. Max, Kyle is right, we need to know what the witch is up too.”
Kyle looked at Max and smirked.
“And Kyle, Max is right, it’s too dangerous for you to stick close to her,” Maria continued as Max smirked right back at Kyle. “Oh God! Will you two cut it out before you resort to sticking your tongues out at each other.”
“Maria’s right, you two are acting about as mature as kindergarteners. We don’t have time for that crap. I have an idea anyhow. Kyle, instead of sticking to her, why don’t you tail her.”
“Tail her?” Kyle asked incredulously. “Who do you think I am? My father?”
“Alright, I’ll do it, but if I’m going to play stakeout, I need to swing by the store and pick up some Ho Ho’s first.”

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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

I Spy, With My Little Eye

Kyle drove Liz back to the CrashDown, followed by Michael, on his motorcycle.
“I feel like a part of a presidential motorcade,” Liz groused.
“Stop your bitching, Liz. For some reason, Tess, or whoever it is, has targeted you. We have to keep you safe until we know what’s going on.”
“I’m sorry,” said Liz. “I’m being a real jerk. The thing is, if this were happening to Maria, or Isabelle, I’d be the same way towards them.”
Kyle parked the car, and the two walked towards the alien themed restaurant owned by Liz’s parents. They walked through the door to be greeted by her very harried father.
“Lizzie!” shouted Geoff Parker, over the din of the very crowded restaurant. “Agnes went home sick, can you fill in for her?”
“Uh, sure Dad, just give me a minute to run upstairs and change,” she said to her father, as she surveyed the crowded room. “Kyle, why don’t you come upstairs too, and I can give you those chemistry notes.”

Kyle and Liz ran up the stairs to the Parker’s apartment. Kyle checked the room, and the rooftop before Liz went in to change. As she dressed, Liz shouted through the door. “Did you see her down there?”
“Yeah,” said Kyle. “Sitting in that corner booth.”
“How about if you stay here and watch her. I’ll tell dad I was supposed to tutor you tonight, and that’s why you’re hanging around.”
“It sounds good,” said Kyle. “But do I really have to study chemistry?”
“Well, it might help, come finals time,” laughed Liz as they walked down the stairs to the restaurant.

Liz walked over to the register where her father was working and found out what tables she should cover. She grabbed a pitcher of water and explained to her father that Kyle was supposed to be tutored by her that night. “Do you mind if I set him up in that back booth, Dad?” she asked. “That way I can help him during the lulls?”
“No problem, Lizzie,” said her father. “I’m sorry to cut into your date like that.
“Dad, it’s not a date,” said Liz, blushing a little.
“I know, I know, your seeing Max Evans.”
Liz looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Tess approaching the counter. She took a deep breath and took the plunge. “Actually, Dad, I don’t think I’ll be seeing Max much longer. I don’t want to get too serious at my age.” She turned quickly and moved to a nearby table to fill the water glasses, but not before she caught a glimpse of the slow smile forming on Tess’s face.

Kyle sat in the back booth, pretending to study, but instead, watching Tess return to her seat. He jumped a little, when a plate full of food was placed on his table, nudging his notes out of the way.
“I know why you’re here,” said Geoff.
“Y-you do?” stammered Kyle.
“Yes, I do,” said Geoff in a rather imperious tone. “Liz told me she was cooling things down with Max. I think it’s great that you are being a friend and trying to keep her mind off of everything.”
“Yeah, well, Liz is a good friend,” said Kyle. “Besides, I can use all the help I can get in chemistry.”
“Enjoy the food,” said Geoff. “Liz will be over when it slows down.’
Kyle watched as Liz’s father made his way back over to the register, and slumped down in his seat. He slipped his cell phone out of his pocket and punched Max’s number into it.
“Hey,” he said when Max answered. “Tess is at the CrashDown, so I stayed here. Liz came up with a great cover story about helping me study.”
Is Liz okay? Max asked.
“Yeah, she’s fine,” Kyle said. “She told her dad that she was trying to cool things off with you, though.”
What! Max, yelled through the cell phone.
“Relax Evans. Tess came up behind her while she was talking to her father. I think Liz knew she was there, that’s why she did it.”
What’s Tess doing now?
“Looking very much like Sylvester after he just ate Tweety Bird. Hang on a second, here comes Liz.” He passed the phone to Liz and said in a loud voice that it was Maria on the phone.

“Maria?” Liz said into the phone.
Liz, it’s me, said Max. Kyle told me what you told your dad about us cooling things off. Are you sure Tess heard you?
“Judging from the expression on her face, I’d say yes.”
Good thinking Liz. Listen, Alex and I are still going over things, so I’m not going to stop in there tonight. You be safe, and keep Michael or Kyle close to you at all times. And Liz, I love you.
“Yeah, me too,” said Liz, a goofy grin on her face. “Bye.” She disconnected the call and handed the phone back to Kyle.
“My shift’s almost over, if you want to head out,” she said.
“Maybe I’ll go see if Tess needs a ride home,” he said. “Not that she’ll accept, but it might give me a chance to see what she has planned.
“Be careful, Kyle,” said Liz.

Kyle walked across the restaurant floor and slid into the seat across from Tess.
“Hey, Tess.”
“Hey Kyle,” said the blond girl. “What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”
“Uh, yeah, because drinking a cola takes a lot of effort,” said Kyle.
“Did you want something Buddha Boy, or are you just here to make my life miserable?”
“Actually, I’m just about to head home, and I thought I’d do the polite thing and see if you wanted a ride.”
“Now why would I want a ride with you,” she said coolly. “I do have my own car you know.”
“Just being neighborly,” he said. “And try to be quiet when you come in tonight. “I gave up my bedroom for you, but I don’t have to give up my sleep too.”
“Goodbye Kyle.”

Kyle made his way to the door, motioning to Liz to join him. She walked up to him, and he reached out and pulled her a little bit closer.
“Make this look semi convincing, will you?” he whispered. “Not too passionate, just like I’m giving you a nice friendly supportive comforting hug.”
“You jerk,” Liz giggled. “Is she watching?”
“Oh yeah, she’s practically climbing over the booth trying not to miss anything.
“Great, lets make sure she sees this.” Liz stood on tiptoe and pressed a gentle kiss on Kyle’s cheek. “Kyle, be careful out there, don’t let her see you.”
“I’ll be alright Liz, you watch out too. Keep Michael close. Well, not too close, or Maria will totally freak,” he said as he opened the door and stepped out in to the cool New Mexico night.

Liz drew all the curtains in her room, isolating it from the outside world until Michael was completely settled. She quickly changed, opened the curtains, and sat down to write in her journal. Fifteen minutes later, she heard a soft rapping at her window. She unlatched it and slid it open, and Future Max slipped into the room.
“How did it go, did you make any headway convincing him today?” he asked urgently.
“A little, but it’s so hard,” said Liz. “You better move away from the window, in case he comes by tonight and tries to convince me not to break up with him.”
“Liz, you have to do more than break up with him,” said Future Max. “You have to make him hate you. He has to totally despise you.”
“How will we know if it works?” asked Liz.
“If you make Max fall out of love with you, it will change the future I belong to. In essence, I will cease to exist. But I’m willing to make that sacrifice.”

“What was our life like together?” asked Liz wistfully.
“You know I can’t tell you that,” said Future Max.
“Why not. If that future isn’t going to exist anyhow, why not tell me about it.”
“We eloped when we were 19,” said Future Max.
“But that’s so young.”
“That’s what I said, but you said that Romeo and Juliet were younger than we were. So we drove to Vegas and got married in an Elvis chapel.”
“So we didn’t even have a real wedding?”
“Oh it was a great wedding.” “You called everyone and they met us at some sleazy bar in Phoenix. We danced all night. At the end of the night, I shall Believe came on and we danced once more. After that, it was always our song.”

Liz glanced at the clock next to her bed, it read 1:57, she wanted this thing, this apparition out of her room.
“I’ll think of something. I gave you my word, and I meant it. But you have to get out of here before my parents come upstairs.”
“Alright,” said Future Max. “I’ll be back tomorrow night, you can tell me what you came up with. Liz, I know this is hard. It’s hard for me to. I’ll never love anyone like I love you, but Earth is depending on us.” He paused at the window. “Thank you Liz,” he whispered as he climbed out. Liz waited a few moments to make sure he was gone; the she shut the windows and closed the curtains once again.

“Michael, come on out, he’s gone.”
“What do you mean, he’s gone. He was never here, was he?
“What are you talking about Michael? I just talked to him? Didn’t you hear us?”
“Us? No, I didn’t hear an us, I heard a you, talking to yourself, but that’s about it. I looked out the door and everything, but Liz, you were in the room by yourself.”
“Michael, he was here, I swear it!” said Liz, trembling “He told me about our wedding and everything. Oh God, am I losing my mind?”
“Liz, relax, your not losing your mind. Something is going on, and I have no clue what it is, but you are not losing your mind.”

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I just wanted to add a mini author's note of Thanks to Moonie who was considerate enough to bmail me with a potential HUGE gaff. The gang is aware of Tess's ability to mindwarp from the White Room, but my story is giving the impression that they don't know she can do this.

It's all part of a plan, but thanks again Moonie for the heads up on it, and thanks to everyone for the feedback *happy*

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This was written in response to the Departure Debacle contest/challenge at Majik’s World of Fan Fic. My submission is just for fun, since I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it all better lol.

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Six – Come Together, Right Now

Michael sat up all night, watching over Liz, but nothing else happened. He woke her as the sun began to rise over the horizon.
“Liz, I need to get downstairs, I’m supposed to work the morning shift today. Do you want me to call Kyle, or Alex to come over here and hang with you?”
“No Michael,” said Liz, wiping the sleep from her eyes and pushing her sleep-tousled hair from her face. “We don’t know how long Kyle was up, watching Tess, and Max and Alex were working on the book last night. Let them sleep.”
“I’m not leaving you alone Liz, we can’t take any chances.”

Liz sighed, raised her arms above her head and stretched. “Fine, I’ll get dressed and meet you downstairs and help you open, will that work?”
“Okay,” said Michael, settling down on the bed.
“Michael, what are you doing?”
“Waiting for you to get ready,” said Michael.
“Oh, God!” said Liz in exasperation. She jumped off the bed, grabbed some clean clothes from her dresser and stormed into the bathroom. She emerged several minutes later, scraping her wet hair into a ponytail. “The next time you use my bathroom, pick up your soggy towels and put the lid down,” she growled.
“I see someone is not a morning person,” said Michael.
“Shut up, I’ll meet you downstairs. Go put the coffee on.”

Michael climbed down off of the fire escape leading to Liz’s room and walked around to the front of the café, to find Alex, Max and Kyle standing outside the door, waiting for the café to open. Michael jogged down the short stretch of sidewalk to where the other’s stood.
“Glad to see I have such a following for my cooking,” he joked.
“Oh yeah, like that’s it,” said Alex. “Can Liz come down and cook for us? I so want to keep the lining of my stomach intact.”
“Loser,” said Michael, cuffing him lightly as he made his way to the door. “Why are you guys here, anyhow?”
“We need to have a meeting of the minds,” said Kyle.
“Don’t you mean a meeting of the mindless,” quipped Liz as she walked into the restaurant.

Max, Kyle and Alex sat down in a booth, while Michael went into the kitchen to get the grill heated. Liz quickly made some coffee and grabbed the first cup for herself. Filling three other cups, she brought them over to the table. She waited until the guys had their first sips before asking, “So why are you here, really? You all can’t have Liz sitting duty, can you?”
“Liz, what time did Tess leave here last night?” asked Max.
“I’m not sure,” she said. “Shortly after Kyle did, I think. Why?”
“Michael!” Max yelled across the still empty restaurant. “Did you see Tess leave last night?”
“Yeah, she took off right after Kyle left. Why?”

Max looked around and motioned to Michael to abandon the grill and join them at the table. Max waited until Michael joined them before telling them what happened.
“When Kyle left here, he called Alex and me on his cell, and we took turns talking to him, while he watched the CrashDown. After about two hours, he figured he missed her, so he drove home.”
“I talked to Max, all the way home, because I was tired, and didn’t want to fall asleep while I was driving,” continued Kyle. “When I got home, it was about 12:50, Dad was just going to bed, but he asked me if I knew where Tess was. Now this is where it really gets weird. I went to bed, but I never disconnected my call to Max.”

Liz looked at her three friends. “Is there a point to this?” she asked, because as entertaining as it is, I’m just not in the mood for a bedtime story so early in the morning.”
“It gets much more interesting Liz,” said Alex. “Like Kyle said, he forgot to hang up the call. Max’s phone was just sitting on the desk, when I heard Kyle’s voice again. I figured he was just talking in his sleep,”
“So of course, you picked up the phone to eavesdrop,” said Liz, laughing.
“Well, yeah,” said Alex. “Wouldn’t you? Anyhow, I heard Kyle asking somebody where they had been for so long. Then I heard Tess’s voice saying she’d left right after him, and that they talked in the parking lot. Then she told him that she went over and helped Maria and Isabelle with the inventory at Maria’s mom’s store.”
“What!” said Liz? “No way! Kyle, did she leave with you?”

“I don’t know, Liz,” said Kyle, clearly upset. “I remember everything she said, so clearly, yet, Max and Alex said I spoke to them for a few hours on my cell. And Alex said he heard all that stuff on the cell. I don’t know what to think.”
“Wait a second, said Liz, her finger’s drumming absently on the side of her coffee cup. “I feel like I’m remembering something. Damn, why can’t I remember? Wait a second!” she yelled and ran out of the restaurant and flew up the stairs leading to her family’s apartment.
“Hi Mom, Hi Dad!” they heard her call. “Yeah, Michael’s got the grill going, and it’s pretty dead down there, so why don’t you hang up here. I’ll shout when we get busy.” There was silence for a few minutes, followed by the uncommon sound of Liz Parker thundering down a flight of stairs.

“I found it,” she said, excitedly.
“What?” said Michael. “What did you find? Don’t tell me you lost your journal again?”
“No, but I did find something in it. Do you remember last spring when Pierce caught Max, and took him to the White Room?” She waited while the others nodded. “Well, how did we get him out?” she demanded.
“Well, we managed to sneak into the facility,” began Michael, and Nesedo taught me how to manipulate my fingerprint to resemble some other agent, so we could get in.”
“Right,” said Liz. “Go on, then what happened?”
“I – we, uh, I’m not sure. It all happened so fast, it’s all kind of a blur.”

“Right, I can’t remember either, and I bet you, neither can anybody else,” said Liz. But when Max and I hid in that old delivery van, I wrote down everything on some paper I found. Max told me about Isabelle dreamwalking him, and how she told him that Nesedo was coming. To get Pierce alone and agree to go along with whatever he wanted. Then Max told me what Pierce wanted; he wanted the orbs to work. Max told him he’d do it. And all of a sudden, they worked. I had hypothesized that Tess made Pierce think the orbs worked. When we got home, and everything settled down, I remembered about the scraps of paper. When I read them over, most of it seemed like a dream, but I transferred them to my journal anyhow.”

“I don’t get it,” said Kyle. “What does this have to do with anything?”
“No, wait,” said Max, drumming his fingers on the table. “I think she’s on to something. I swear, I remember Tess telling me how she made Pierce think that the orbs worked. But it seems like a dream.”
“Just suppose,” said Alex, “That Tess does have the ability to make people think they are seeing things that aren’t there, or just messing with their minds in general.”
“Right,” said Michael, picking up the thread. “If she can make people think something, why can’t she make people forget something too?”

The teens looked at each other, a growing sense of horror showing on all their faces as they realized the extent of Tess’s deception. They had their who, now they had their how. Now they needed to find out just how far Tess was willing to go to continue her deception.

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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Hell Hath No Fury

“Okay, so everybody knows what their doing?” said Max, looking around the booth.
“Yeah,” said Kyle. “I think I’m okay with my part in this.”
“Great Kyle,” said Max. “Do me a favor, just don’t get too into your role. Alex, what about you?”
“Yeah, I think it’s going to work Max. We made a lot of progress last night. I’ll work on it some more this afternoon.”
Michael?” Max looked at his second in command.
“I’m on it. I’ll hide up in Liz’s room again tonight, just in case we’re wrong, and Future Max is real.”

“Great,” said Max. “Liz, you know what you have to do, right?”
“Yeah, I all set,” she said, playing nervously with her hair.
“What about Maria?” asked Alex.
“We’ll fill Maria and Isabelle in on everything as soon as possible,” said Max.
“It’s not going to be pretty,” said Michael.
“You’re right,” agreed Max.
“When she finds out what Tess did, she’s going to go ballistic. She’s going to want to destroy her right away.”
“Guys,” said Kyle. “Don’t you think you’re underestimating Isabelle? She’ll handle this. She’s not going to overreact like that.”
“Isabelle?” said Michael with a laugh. “We’re not talking about Isabelle, we’re talking about Maria.

“Morning Chica,” said Maria. “Sorry I’m late, but counting those stupid alien autopsy kits took forever. “But you are never going to believe who showed up to help us”
“Tess,” said Liz, wiping down the counter of the empty restaurant.
“Yeah,” said Maria, her voice dejected. “How’d you know?”
“She wasn’t really there,” said Liz.
“Yeah she was,” said Maria, her confusion showing on her face.
“No, she wasn’t Maria.”
“Trust me Liz, she was there. In fact, if I didn’t hate the bitch so much, I might even be glad she showed up to help.”
“Maria, do you remember when you wanted me to tell you about Max. I made you promise not to freak out.”
“Liz, what does this have to do with anything?”
“Well, do you remember?”
“Yeah, of course I remember,” she said, giving Liz a look that said D’uh as clearly as if she had said it.
“And what did you do when I told you?” asked Liz.
“I, well, I freaked out,” Maria mumbled.
“What’s that Maria, I couldn’t hear you?”
Maria looked up at Michael, who was leaning through the pick-up window, clearly enjoying the exchange. “I freaked out,” she said clearly. “I ran screaming into the street, okay!”

“Okay, now that we have that out in the open, I want you to promise me that when I tell you this, you will remain perfectly calm. No running, no screaming, no killing. Do I have your promise?”
“Liz, girlfriend, you are seriously losing it. What could you possibly tell me that compares with that?”
“Promise me, Maria,” said Liz, insistently.
OK, fine, I promise. Now tell me what’s going on?”
“Tess has the ability to modify our memories. We knew this at one time, and she erased it from our memories. She made me believe that I saw Future Max, and to cover her tracks, she made you and Isabelle believe that she helped you do inventory last night,” said Liz in one big rush.
Maria took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. “Okay, so what you are telling me is that stupid bitch has basically been messing with our minds the entire time we have known her?”
“Well, yeah,” said Liz. “Maria, you’re taking this really well. I’m really impressed. Maria? Wait! Where are you going? Michael, stop her!”

Maria crossed the floor of the café, storm towards the door. “That stupid lying little tramp. I’m going to kill her. I am going to take my hands, and wrap them around her scrawny neck and squeeze the life out of her!” she raged. “Michael Guerin, let me go. I’m going to kill her!” she screamed at Michael, who had rushed to the door and was restraining her.
“Maria, listen to me,” said Liz. “You have got to calm down. We’re going to stop her, but this isn’t the way. Do you hear me Maria?”
Maria stopped struggling, and began to relax. As she did, Michael relaxed his grip and Maria broke free and started for the door again.”
“Maria! Will you chill?” yelled Liz.
“Okay, Okay,” said Maria. “I promise, I’m fine now. Liz, explain everything to me again, very slowly. I want to make sure I understand everything.”

In between waiting tables in the now busy café, Liz and Michael filled Maria in on what had occurred in Liz’s bedroom the night before, and on Kyle’s experiences as well.
“Man Liz, I’m sorry,” said Maria. “Here I am ranting and raving over nothing, you’re the one who has to deal with all this crap. I can’t believe she would do something like that. Why?”
“I don’t know Maria,” said Liz as she grabbed an order off of the counter. “I mean, I love Max, and I’d do anything for him, but what she’s doing is just unexplainable.”
“Well, she’s not going to get away with it,” said Maria. “What do you need me to do?”
“Stay calm,” deadpanned Michael.
“Shut up, Michael. I’m serious.”
“So am I Maria. The last thing we need is for you to go off half-cocked.”
“Michael, look at me, I’m calm. I’m the epitome of calm,” said Maria, balancing a tray of glasses on one hand to show how steady she was. She looked up and saw Tess stroll into the restaurant, and the tray and glasses went crashing to the floor.”

“Oh sure,” laughed Liz. “Real calm, Maria. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Liz pulled out her order pad and walked over to the booth occupied only by Tess.
“Hi Tess,” she said. “Do you want to order now, or are you waiting for someone?”
“ Now please,” said Tess, politely. “There isn’t anything edible at the Valenti’s, and I’m starving.” Liz smiled and wrote down the girl’s order, marveling at her ability to project such a sweet and innocent persona.”
“That will just be a few minutes,” said Liz. “Did you want your drink now, or with your meal?”
“Oh, now,” said Tess, looking around the café. “What’s wrong with Maria? She looks like she’s a wreck?”
“Oh, I think she counted one to many alien antenna toppers. She told me how you stopped by to help her last night. That was really thoughtful of you Tess.” She turned to go put in Tess’s order, but not before she caught the look of smug satisfaction that shown in Tess’s eyes.

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moonieADT originally wrote:
and the plot thickens....

Kyle better be careful or Max will kick his ass.
Are Max and Liz at odds with each other? They don't seem to be close at affection....just curious

more soon please

To answer this, because I am having a hard time conveying it, Max and Liz are not at odds with each other. Liz is just having a hard time with everything. Meeting a Max from the future, and being told their love basically destroys the world. Even though she realizes that it is all untrue, a small part of her is still doing the whole what if game.

Thanks for all the great reviews everyone. This part was far shorter than I had anticipated, but I was really tired. I started a new job and it's majorly stressful already *wink*. I'm hoping to write another part tonight.

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Sorry bout the no update last night....RLS screamed my name in a very loud and insistant voice.


Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Eight - Set Up

“Are you okay, Liz?” Kyle asked.
“I’ll be fine, now will you hurry up and get undressed,” she shouted through the bathroom door.
“You think I’m going to be jealous of Kyle?” Future Max.
“Yes, now will you turn around, I need to get undressed. She reached to unbutton her shirt; paused, made sure the shower curtain was completely closed, and then finished removing her top. She wrapped a towel around her, slipped her pants off and opened the bathroom door.
“Stay out of sight,” she whispered, and stepped into the bathroom. She climbed into bed with Kyle, and adjusted the covers so that they hid the towel from view.

Kyle and Liz talked softly while they waited. Several minutes later, they heard a scraping noise and Max Evans appeared in the window of Liz’s bedroom. He took one look at the couple, dropped the Gomez concert tickets he had been holding, and disappeared from view.
“Max!” Liz cried softly, but he was gone. She buried her face in Kyle’s shoulder and wept.
“Liz,” Kyle began. “Liz, are you alright?”
“Get out Kyle,” said Liz. “We did what we set out to do. Max Evans will never look at me again. Now just get your clothes on and get out of my house. I can’t even look at you right now,” she said bitterly. Kyle quickly threw his clothes on and exited Liz’s room via the balcony.

As soon as he was gone, the bathroom door opened and Future Max stepped into the bedroom. “I have fought a thousand battles, but watching you do that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”
“I hurt him,” said Liz. “I could have very well destroyed him.”
“You didn’t, he’s strong, but what you did, you are stronger. He’ll survive; we’ll all survive because of your strength Liz Parker. Maybe this is for the best.”
“What do you mean?” Liz said through her tears. “How could something so painful be for the best?”
“You and Kyle, maybe you and he will have a chance now.”
“How can you say that? There will never be anyone who can take the place of Max Evans in my heart. Dance with me,” said Liz suddenly.
“Dance with me. I want to have my wedding dance. I deserve to have it.”

The two stepped out through the window onto the rooftop. Liz stepped into Future Max’s arms and the two began to dance to the music from Liz’s cd player under the starry night sky. After several minutes, Liz realized she was dancing alone. She lowered her arms, and wiped the tears from her eyes. She waited several minutes, surveying the streets below. She climbed back into her room and opened the bathroom door. “You can come out now,” she said. The shower curtain slid open and Michael Guerin stepped out of the bathtub.
“You really ought to do something about that unsightly soap scum, Liz,” he said.
“Shut up, Michael. “Even though it was all an act, that was the hardest thing I have ever done.”
“Did it work?”
“Yeah, Max showed up right on cue. It was perfect. Wait, what was that?” Liz asked, her face worried.

Michael grabbed Liz, and threw her into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. He stood in her room, in front of the door, with his arm raised.
“Wait. Don’t shoot, it’s me,” said Kyle, sticking his head back in the window.
“Jesus, Valenti,” said Michael. “I could have killed you.”
“Well, thanks for not doing that,” said Kyle. “I think it really would have bugged my Dad if I had died again. Where’s Liz?”
“Oh shit,” said Michael. He threw open the bathroom door. “Liz, you can come out, it’s only Kyle.”
“Ow!” said Liz. “I banged my head on the sink when you threw me in here, Michael.
“Sorry,” said Michael, unrepentantly. “But I wasn’t sure who it was, and Max wanted me to protect you at all costs.”
“Protect, Michael, not maim. There is a difference you know,” said Liz, rubbing the swelling bump on her head gingerly.

Liz ran downstairs to grab some tonics, and some ice for her head. She signaled Maria to come upstairs when her shift was done and climbed the stairs back up to her family’s apartment. Liz carefully held the cloth filled with ice up to her head. “Michael, the next time you go to save me, please don’t,” she said. “And don’t say sorry, because I know your not. But thank you.”
“Your welcome. Now, onto more pressing business. Do you think she bought it?”
“Yeah, I’m positive. Future Max said all this stuff about how strong I was, and how maybe this was all for the best. And how maybe Kyle and I could have a future together.”
“Well she certainly is trying to tie up all her loose ends,” said Kyle, bitterly.
“What do you mean?” asked Liz.
“Tess and I were, uh, well we had contemplated reaching a certain stage of enlightenment together,” said Kyle. “I guess she just wants to make sure I’m not going to try and mess things up between her and Max.”

“Kyle,” what happened when you left?” asked Michael.
“I slipped into the CrashDown and checked with Maria. She said Tess she saw Tess get into her car over by the UFO Museum. I looked out and she was still there, sitting in her car, so I made a big show of getting in my car and driving away. I circled around the block and came back around just as she was pulling away. I followed her to the park, where she found Max. When I left, the two of them were sitting on a bench.”
“That works,” said Liz. “The image of Future Max disappeared about ten minutes after you left. I guess she wasn’t powerful enough to make her mind warp thing work from a distance.” Liz stopped talking to answer the phone in her room, which had begun to ring. Beyond hello, she didn’t say anything at all. When the call had ended, she hung up the phone and turned to Kyle and Michael.
“That was Alex,” she said. “He and Isabelle made a major breakthrough on the book. They think they have it decoded.”

“Well, what are we sitting here for?” demanded Michael. “Let’s get over there.”
“We can’t, Michael. We’re supposed to wait here for Maria, and Max is supposed to call us here, and let us know if it’s safe to get together. For all we know, he’s still with Tess,” said Liz. “Alex said he and Isabelle will be over as soon as they can. But Alex did say that we needed to put on some platinum. He didn’t explain why, he just said to do it as soon as possible.”
“Platinum?” asked Kyle. “Like isn’t that the stuff they make nuclear bombs from?”
“That’s plutonium, Kyle,” explained Liz. “Maybe you really should have read my chemistry notes the other night.”
“Platinum, plutonium, it doesn’t matter. Where are we going to get it?”
“As much as I hate to agree with Kyle,” said Michael. “He’s right. That stuff is expensive.”
“When my Grandma Claudia died, she left me all her jewelry,” said Liz. Her wedding set was platinum, and so was my grandfather’s wedding ring. We can use that for now. She got up and went to her jewelry box and removed three rings. She slipped her gave Kyle and Michael a wedding band each, and slipped her grandmother’s engagement ring on her finger. As she did, she felt the blood rush from her head, and she collapsed on the floor at Michael’s feet.

“Liz! Liz, wake up,” she heard a voice say from a distance. “Wake up Liz. Can you hear me?” Kyle’s voice faded in and out, as she struggled to regain consciousness. She felt as if she were swimming upward, through inky black water. Struggling, she broke the surface and opened her eyes. Michael and Kyle were leaning over her, with concerned looks on their faces.
“Liz, what is it, what happened?” asked Kyle.
“I remember,” she said softly. “I remember everything she did.”

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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Nine – The Destiny Book

“Max, are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” asked Tess.
“No, Tess, really, I just want to be alone,” Max replied.
“Max, I just can’t leave you alone when you are like this,” Tess said, solicitously. “Why don’t I just sit here with you, and if you decide you want to talk, I’ll be here to listen.”
“You’re a good friend, Tess.” The two sat silently for several minutes, looking at the sky. Max reached over and picked up Tess’s hand and held it tightly.
“Have you ever believed in something so much, only to have it ripped away?” he asked her.
“What do you mean?”
“Like when you were little, and believed in Santa Claus. Didn’t it just destroy you when you found out he wasn’t real?”
“Max,” said Tess. “I grew up with a shape shifting alien taking care of me. Santa Claus was not a part of my life.”

“Okay, bad example,” said Max, a sad smile on his face. “Have you ever had a friend who really let you down?”
“Max, you, Isabelle and Michael are the first real friends that I have ever had. But I don’t think that you could do anything that would ever hurt me.” She looked at Max, and wrinkled her face up a little bit.
“No, Tess, you are right,” said Max. “There isn’t anything that you could do that would ever upset me.” Max released Tess’s hand and put his arm around Tess’s shoulder and pulled her to him tightly.
“Don’t worry Max, everything will be okay,” said Tess.

“Where is he?” asked Isabelle. “Why hasn’t he shown up yet?”
“Maybe he couldn’t get away from Tess,” said Alex. “I mean, maybe he’s playing it up to really make it work good.”
“And maybe that evil beast is messing with his mind,” said Liz. “We have to do something.”
“I’ll go,” said Michael. “Kyle, you said they were in the park?”
“Yeah, the one off of Wilson St.”
“What are you going to say?” asked Maria.
“I don’t know,” said Michael, climbing out the window, but I’ll think of something.”
“Wait,” said Liz, slipping the ring off of her finger. “Give him this as soon as you get him away from Tess.”
“Don’t worry Liz,” said Michael. “I’ll bring him back.”

Michael drove down the dark streets of Roswell. He turned down onto Wilson St. As he approached the park, he saw Max’s Jeep and Tess’s car in the parking lot of the playground. He pulled in, and parked his bike and started walking through park, looking for Max and Tess. Wandering down a path, he found them seated close together on a park bench.
“Hey, Max, Tess,” he said sitting down next to Max.
“Uh, Michael,” said Max. “Tess and I were kind of talking.”
“Yeah, look, I’m sorry to interrupt, but your parents called my place looking for you. Your mom said something was up and she needed you home.”
“Oh Max,” said Tess. “Do you want me to go with you?”
“No Tess,” said Max, giving her a loving look. “I’ll walk you to your car. You go on home. We’ll get together tomorrow. Thanks for everything. Talking with you really helped a lot.”

The two walked Tess back to her car and watched as she drove away.
“Michael, what exactly did my mother say?”
“In a second, Maxwell. Here, I want to give you this,” Michael said, holding out the ring.
“Michael, I don’t know what to say,” joked Max. “This is all so sudden.”
“Max, do me a favor, shut up, sit down, and slip this on your finger.”
“All right, but I’m telling you, I’m saving myself for the wedding night,” said Max as he sat down on a nearby bench. He slipped the ring on his finger, and grabbed his head.
“Oh my God!” he shouted. “What the hell did she do to me?”
“I’ll explain later,” said Michael. “Come on, let’s get your Jeep home. Slip around the back of your house and go through the neighbor’s yard in case Tess is watching. I’ll be waiting for you around the block.”

Max climbed on the back of Max’s bike, and the two sped off down the street towards Liz’s apartment. They scaled the fire escape and climbed through the window into Liz’s bedroom where the rest of the group was assembled.
“Oh good, pizza,” said Max. “I’m starved all of a sudden.”
“Yeah, we know, we all were,” said Alex. “Apparently one of the side effects of breaking Tess’s mind warp is an insatiable hunger.”
“What happened, how did you figure it out, and more importantly, why did Michael give me a diamond ring?” asked Max.
“Well, first, everything went according to the plan,” said Kyle. “Right after you took off out of here, Tess followed you, and the vision of Future Max disappeared.”

“Wait,” interrupted Max. “Liz, what happened to your face? Did Tess do that somehow?”
“Oh, that,” said Liz, gingerly touching the bruise on her face. “No, Tess didn’t do this, Michael did.”
“He was trying to protect me. He heard someone climbing up the fire escape, and he shoved me into the bathroom. I fell and hit my face on the sink.”
“Was it Tess?”
“No,” said Michael. “I saved her from Kyle.”
Max reached a hand out to Liz, and the two walked across the room to her bathroom. Inside, Max shut the door. He put his hand on her face and healed the bruise. As he did, he saw flashes of Liz’s time with Future Max, and felt the pain she felt at deceiving him, even though it wasn’t a real deception.
“He was right you know,” Max said.
“Who was right?” asked Liz.
“Future Max, when he said you were strong. You are strong Liz Parker. You are probably the strongest woman I have ever known. I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life.” He kissed her gently. “You have done so much to protect us. I owe you my life.”

“Hey, you two, either get a room, or get out here!” shouted Michael. With a sigh, Max and Liz ended their kiss, and went back into Liz’s bedroom.
“So what do we have?” asked Max. “And why did everything Tess did come rushing back to me when Michael put this ring on my hand?”
“The band of the ring is made of platinum,” said Alex. “Platinum somehow blocks the signals she sends out when she is trying to mind warp us. Actually, what it does is makes us aware of what she is doing. The first time you put it on, you get this incredible blast of memories back. It’s really powerful.
“And you know this how?” asked Max.
“The Destiny Book,” said Isabelle. “Alex decoded it.”
“Alex,” said Max. “That’s excellent man. What else did you find out?”
“Everything,” said Alex. “I know everything about you that you could possibly want to know.”

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I really wasn't trying to be evil, I promise. I have no clue what the book says yet. I'm open to suggestions
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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Ten – Destiny Revealed

“You four, are capable of far more than we imagined,” said Alex. “The more you use your powers, the more they grow and develop. It’s amazing. And you should know, that holographic image of your mother you saw, well it was a fake.”
“What!” cried Isabelle. Seeing that image of her mother gave her comfort. It was something for her to hold onto in the dark lonely night.
“Well, the image was real, that’s what she looked like,” said Alex, reaching across to take Isabelle’s hand in a gesture of silent comfort. “But everything she said, was implanted in our minds by Tess. Reach back in your mind to that time, and you will hear what your mother really had to say.”

Isabelle thought back to that time in the pod chamber, where her mother told them of their lives on their home planet, and of the great war, and how their essence was cloned and mixed with human DNA and sent to Earth. She thought harder, and she could hear her mother’s voice, but the words shifted and changed, until their meaning became clear.

I am taking this form because it is familiar to you. Our world is in the midst of a great civil war. You, my son Zan, were destined to rule our world, but you were murdered, as were your sister, Vilondra, and your closest friend and second in command, Rath, and his sister, Ava. The four of you were inseparable on Antar. You grew up together and were the best of friends, and I consider you all my children.
Your essence was mixed with human DNA to make it stronger, to ensure that you could survive on Earth. It is my hope as your Mother that you will survive, to someday find your way back to us, but if that never happens, I take great joy in knowing that my children were given the chance to live again.
But beware my children, you were betrayed by someone close to our family, be cautious, for the evil may follow you. When your essence was merged with the human DNA, two sets were created. Our enemies were able to tamper with one of the sets, and they then mixed the two sets together. We were unable to tell which four were the ones we had chosen to send to Earth. Rather than take the risk of destroying the wrong set, we sent both to Earth.
Each set was sent with two protectors to watch over them. Listen to your protectors, for they will be able to teach you about our world. Let them guide you, my children. They will help you, and are there to do your bidding. Do not grieve for a world you do not know, my children. If you find your way back to Antar, you will be welcomed with open arms, but if you remain on Earth, know that all I want for you is to live long and healthy lives.
The time will come when you fall in love. Any children you may have will have your gifts and abilities. Guide your children well, as I would have guided you if I only had the chance. I love you.

Isabelle opened her eyes and saw everyone staring at each other with varying looks of shock and amazement on their faces.
“There was no destiny, was there?” asked Liz, bitterly. “You weren’t destined to be with Tess, she was your childhood playmate, not your betrothed.”
“She’s my sister,” said Michael. “She knew how badly I wanted family, and she kept it from me. Why would she do that?”
“Who knows why she’s done anything?” asked Max. “But at least we know she’s doing it. Alex, what else did the book say?”

“It lists all the powers you had on Antar, including Tess’s mind warping ability. But apparently, that power was often used for evil purposes on Antar, so they developed a way to block it.
“The platinum,” said Kyle.
“Right,” said Alex. “Hey, I’m hungry, is there any more pizza left?” Maria passed him a slice of pepperoni, and he continued his dissertation. “The book teaches you how to develop your powers, but basically, I think the things you can do are endless. Once you tap into your powers, I mean really tap into them, they will grow exponentionally.

“What else?” asked Michael.
“Well, you know how your powers always go all freaky when you are upset?” asked Alex. “Apparently it happens on your planet to a lot of people. Your powers are centered in your brains. You basically are using parts of the brain that we don’t use. But even though they are centered in your brains, they are emotion driven. Once you learn to control your emotions, you can control your powers.”

“I’m sorry,” said Maria. “But Michael controls his emotions. Half the time you can’t even tell he has any.”
“There’s a difference between controlling, and containing,” said Alex. “It’s kind of like the stuff Kyle does with his meditating. It brings him into focus. There are exercises in the book to help with that.”
“Really,” said Kyle. “I wouldn’t mind giving those a try.”
“You are more right than you know,” said Alex. “Max healed both you and Liz. When he did, he sent a burst of power into your bodies that accelerated the development in your brains. There is a huge chance that you will start to develop powers as well.”
“There is just so much to absorb,” said Liz. “I don’t even know what to think about first.”

“Well, I think the first thing we need to think about is Tess, and why she is doing what she’s doing,” said Michael.
“Michael’s right,” said Max. “She obviously has her own agenda. We need to find out what it is.”
“But how?” asked Isabelle.
“We should go along with her,” said Liz. “She thinks she broke Max and I up, and she thinks Max has turned to her. Let’s play along. If what Alex says is true, we can tell when she tries to mess with our minds. We can play along for now. That way she won’t get suspicious.”
“It should work,” said Max. “Is everybody agreed?” The group looked at one another and one by one they nodded.

“The first thing we have to do is get some more platinum,” said Isabelle. “And that costs money.”
“Well, I don’t like doing it, but we can change some money to buy what we need,” said Max. “Alex, what you did, it was great. I can’t believe you figured out the book. How did you do it?”
“Well, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard either,” said Alex. “I took what we did the other night and fed it all into my computer. I went back out to the reservation with Isabelle, and we searched the cave and we found some more symbols, so we copied them down and put them into the computer. Then I scanned the images in the book in as well. Isabelle helped me write a program to assign a numeric value to each symbol, and from there, we assigned a letter value.”
“Never mind,” said Max, holding up his hand and laughing. “It worked, obviously. When you can figure out a way to translate everything you just said into English, then you can tell me.”

One by one, the group climbed out the window, until only Max and Liz were left in her room. Max slipped the ring belonging to Liz’s grandmother off his hand and knelt down on one knee in front of Liz. He took her hand in his and looked up into her beautiful eyes.
“Liz Parker. You are my world, my life. If I do have a destiny, it is you. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather spend the rest of my life with. Liz, will you marry me?” he asked as he slid her grandmother’s engagement ring onto her hand.

“Oh Max,” Liz said softly. There isn’t anyone else I would rather spend the rest of my life with. You gave me back my life, and let me look into your soul. We belong together.” Max stood up and wrapped her in his embrace and the two kissed passionately. Pulling away, Liz walked over to her bed and grabbed a comforter off of it. Taking Max by the hand, she led him out through the window and onto the rooftop. They spread the blanket on the ground, and knelt down on it.
“Are you sure?” asked Max.
“More sure than I have ever been in my life Max,” Liz whispered. They lay down on the blanket and cemented their love under the star filled sky.

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ccrswll originally wrote:
Awwwww! That was beautiful. I'm sorry for calling you evil.

Go Alex, I'm so glad that he translated the book and now they know the truth. But you would think that they would have considered that Tess may be one of the ones tampered with by their enemy.

More please. I love this story

Don't forget, as liz said there was an awful lot to absorb. They will be going over everything again and again, and this could be one of the things they are looking at *happy*

Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

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apology time.....I fully inteded to post a part tonight, but it just never got written :( RLS, work and a karate lesson got in my way. If I get it finished tonight, I will post it, but if I don't, it will get posted tomorrow asap. I promise

~Tracie~ who waxed on when she should have waxed off
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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Eleven – The Day After

The sun peeked over the horizon, lighting the city of Roswell with a dusty pink glow. Liz sighed and snuggled into her bed, allowing her body to relax underneath the warm covers. Slowly the fact that her mattress was rock hard penetrated her sleep-fogged brain.
“Max, move over, the bed isn’t very comfortable,” she mumbled. A few seconds later she sat upright, knocking the covers from both herself and Max.
“Max, Max, wake up,” she whispered urgently. “Max, come on, it’s morning. You can’t be here!”
“Shit,” said Max, coming awake. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep like that.”
“I know, me either, but you have to get out of here before anybody realizes where you are,” Liz whispered, urgently.

Max pressed a quick kiss to her lips and swung over the side of the roof and climbed back down to the street. Liz quickly climbed back into her room and crawled under her covers. There was a soft knock on her door, and her mother stuck her head in.
“Liz, are you awake?”
“Hunh? Oh, yeah Mom, what’s up?” asked Liz, feigning sleepiness.
“Nothing Sweetie, I know it’s your day off, but I was wondering if you could come down and help me set up for breakfast? Agnes called in sick again, and Maria can’t do it all by herself.”
“Oh, sure Mom,” said Liz. “Just give me five minutes to shower, and I’ll be right down.”
“Thanks Liz,” said Nancy. She reached down and took Liz’s hand in hers. “You are a such a good daughter. Liz, what’s this?” she asked looking at the ring on Liz’s hand.
“Oh, uh, I was missing Grandma Claudia a lot last night, so I was just going through her stuff. I guess I forgot to take it off.”
“Oh Liz,” said Nancy, pressing Liz’s hand to her cheek. “I know you miss your grandmother. We all do, she was a wonderful, vibrant woman. But she wouldn’t want you to spend your life mourning her.”
“I know,” said Liz. “It was just a one time thing.”
“Okay Sweetie. Don’t forget to put the ring away before you come downstairs. It’s old, and very valuable.”

Liz waited until her mother was out the door, and jumped out of bed. Rummaging through her jewelry box, she found a silver chain. She put the ring on the chain and fastened it around her neck. She showered quickly and put on her uniform and ran down the stairs. She passed through the kitchen where Michael was frying rashers of bacon on the grill.
“What’s up with Maria?” she asked.
“She and Isabelle are going on a platinum shopping spree when the jewelry store opens,” he said softly. “She’ll be as soon as she can, with stuff for all of us.”
“Great,” said Liz. “I just got busted for wearing my Grandma’s ring.”
“Yeah, Maria figured you wouldn’t want to wear that on an everyday basis. Shit, what’s she doing here?”
Liz turned around and saw Tess sitting down at the counter.

“Hi Tess,” she said, walking over to the counter. “Um, we’re not quite ready to serve yet. I guess we all slept in.”
“That’s ok, Liz,” she said. “I don’t mind waiting. Is there any juice or something I can have while I wait?”
“Sure, hang on,” said Liz. She poured Tess some juice and placed the glass on the counter in front of her.
“On second thought,” said Tess. “I think I want some bacon and eggs, right away.” As she spoke, her face scrunched up. Liz looked at her, and smiled. “Sure thing Tess. That will be just a second.”

Liz slipped back into the kitchen and passed the order to Michael. “It worked,” she whispered. “She’s trying to mind warp me into serving her bacon and eggs before the grill was ready.”
“Well, we can’t disappoint the little bitch now can we,” said Michael passing his hand over the bacon. He quickly added two eggs to the grill and used his powers to cook them. He placed everything on a plate and handed it to Liz.
“Here you go,” said Liz. “Fresh off the grill. Sorry you had to wait.”
The bell over the door rang as the door opened and Max Evans stepped inside. Liz started to move forward to greet him, but quickly stopped herself, remembering that they were not supposed to be together any more.

“Liz,” he said brusquely, nodding in her direction. He pushed past Liz and sat on the stool next to Tess. “Morning,” he said, smiling at her. “Hi Max,” Tess practically simpered. “I had a great time last night.”
“Yeah, me too,” said Max. “At least some parts of it were more enjoyable than others,” he added, looking at Liz.
“Max, you really should just forget about her,” said Tess, her face contorting slightly.
“Forget about who?” asked Max with a smile. “I already have, Tess. I started forgetting about Liz the first day I met you. I’ve always felt drawn to you, but I tried fighting it for a long time, but you were right all along. We belong together. Michael!”
“What Max,” said Michael, his disgust at Max’s behavior evident on his face.
“Tell Maria,” he began.
“I’m not your freaking messenger service,” snapped Michael. “Tell her yourself.”
“Fine,” ground out Max. He grabbed Tess by the arm and escorted her out the door of the CrashDown.

“Hang on,” he said to Tess as they walked to his Jeep. “I left my keys inside. I’ll be right back.” He turned and jogged back into the CrashDown.
“Liz, are you alright,” he whispered as he made a show of looking for his keys.
“Yeah,” she whispered. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Tell Michael. We all need to meet tonight at the UFO Center. I’ll come up with some really lame reason, but it’s really to give us a chance to interact together with Tess and see if she’s on to us.”
“Okay, look, you better go, she’s watching through the window.” She knelt down and pretended to pick up Max’s keys and hand them to him.
“Max, did you mean it, last night I mean?” she asked, referring to his proposal
“With all my heart. Did you?”
“You are my heart,” Liz replied.

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I am really sorry for the delay. I was having a hard time trying to write the Dupe-Speak. It's bad, I know it's bad, and I apologize *wink*

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Twelve – Are They Live, or Are the Memorex?

Alex rushed into the UFO Center and started to run down the stairs. He stopped turned and looked back to see Michael, Isabelle and Tess dressed in what could only be Halloween costumes.
“Hey guys,” he said in between laughs. “Nobody told me we needed costumes for today. “Are we going undercover or something?”
“Yo!” said Rath. Alex looked past the oddly dressed threesome through the large plate glass window that looked down onto the main floor of the UFO Center. There he saw Max, Liz, and Maria, along with Isabelle, Michael and Tess. He stammered for a second, and then took off at a run down the stairs.
“You guys!” he shouted. “You aren’t going to believe what I just saw!”
“You’re late, Alex,” began Max, but he stopped, speechless at the sight of the three others following Alex down the stairs.

“Oh my God,” Maria whispered to Michael. “I knew they existed, and I figured you’d find them sometime, but not like this.” Michael took Maria’s hand in his and squeezed it tightly.
“Don’t say anything,” he whispered.
“Who are you?” asked Max.
“D’uh, we’re you,” said the Michael look alike.
“I don’t get this?” said Isabelle.
“Hey, chill,” said the Isabelle clone. “Don’t get all freaky on us. We’re like the same as you, ya know?”
“There were eight pods,” said Michael softly, remembering back to his meeting with Hal Carver several weeks before. Hal had been involved with the crash in 1947, and in essence, was responsible for the survival of the four podsters.

“So you know about that, huh?” asked the Michael doppelganger.
“All we knew is that there were eight pods originally. We didn’t know what happened to the other four,” said Max.
“New York,” said the copy of Michael.
“Yeah, the Big Apple, New York, the place where it’s at!” said the Isabelle clone.
“But there are three of you,” said Liz.
“Yeah, we had our fourth, but we lost him.”
“His name was Zan,” said the Tess look alike, finally speaking.
“I’m Max. What happened to Zan? How did you lose him?
“It was stupid,” said the Michael clone. “I mean the dude had like these powers ya know, and he died in a street accident. Yo! I’m Rath.”
“Lonnie,” said the Isabelle clone.
“Ava,” added the Tess look alike.

“I’m Isabelle, and that’s Tess,” said the Isabelle.
“And that’s Michael, and this is Liz, Maria and Alex, they’re our friends.”
“Yo, look, I need to talk with you. Somethin’s up. Somethin that’s gonna effect us all,” said Rath to Max. Max nodded and led Rath into another area of the UFO Center.
“So, what’s up?” asked Max
“Yeah, see, there’s this thing cookin, and we got the 4-1-1 on it,” said Rath. “We got a message from some dude’s from the home world, and they wanna hook up with the Royal Four.”
“The home world?” asked Max. “You mean where we came from originally?”
“Yeah, see these dudes want to hook up and talk about chillin. Zan was gonna represent us. That’s why we need you.”
“Well, I’ll need to talk to the others,” said Max. He motions to Rath and they walk back into the main part of the UFO Center.

“So, there were two sets of us?” asked Isabelle.
“Yeah, like they screwed up and didn’t get one of the sets quite right, so they made another set. But things in the home world were so screwed up that they sent both sets to Earth. It was a whadda ya call it, a worst-case scenario thing,” explained Lonnie.
“So what? You guys were the defective ones, right?” asked Michael.
“Ah, no!” said Rath. “That would be you four. You are like way to human to exist in the home world. But hey, no hard feelins, huh?”
“Were the four of you together from the time you came out of your pods?” asked Max.
“Yeah, man, we were tight. We were together from the beginning. Me and Zan, we were like brothers. Zan, he was the MAN, ya know what I mean?” said Rath. Max nodded, and turned to look at the others. Isabelle and Lonnie were sequestered on the staircase talking, while the others talked with Ava.

“Okay, well, we obviously have a lot to discuss,” said Max. “Do you guys have a place to stay?” he asked the New York contingent.
“Yo! What? You sayin we can’t crash at your crib?” Lonnie asked Max from across the room. “Don’t worry, it’s cool. I’m guessing your crib is way to Mayberry for us anyhow. We got us a place to stay, no sweat. There’s a no-tell motel outside of town. We’ll crash there.”
“Fine,” said Max, a bit abruptly. “We’ll meet up tomorrow morning and let you know what we’ve decided.
“Do us all a favor, leave them here,” said Rath, pointing at Alex, Maria and Liz. “We don’t need them screwin with us.”
“We’ll see you tomorrow,” said Max firmly, herding them towards the stairs.

Max followed them up the stairs and made sure they left the UFO Center. Once they were out of site, he went back downstairs to find his friends staring at one another silently.
“What do we do now, Max?” asked Tess, finally breaking the silence.
“Damn it, I don’t know,” said Max, turning on her in rage. “Why does everybody expect me to have all the answers?” Liz kicked him surreptitiously, and he quickly wiped the look of annoyance off his face. He reached over and took Tess’s hand in his.
“I’m sorry Tess,” he said. “It’s just seeing them really confused me. To see another you, and Isabelle and Michael, well it was a bit unnerving. And then to find out that the other me died, well it really made me question my mortality.”
“That’s okay, Max,” said Tess, smiling sweetly. “You’re right. It was really strange. And I know that you’ll come up with a solution.”

“What I think is that we should all get the hell out of here before Brody shows up,” said Michael. “We should all just back off and give Max some space to think about this,” he continued. “He’ll tell us his decision when he’s ready.” Michael looked around the room and saw his friends staring at him with varying degrees of shock and amazement at his pronouncement. “What?” he said. “I can’t think logically once in a while?” he asked.
“Well, yeah, I guess you can,” said Maria. “But you picked now?”
“Yeah, well it seemed like a good time,” said Michael. “Max is looking a bit freaked. Why don’t you guys head out? I want to talk to Max alone for a minute? Liz, can you tell your dad I’m running late, and I’ll be in as quick as I can?
“Yeah, sure Michael,” said Liz, as she and Maria and Alex headed for the stairs.
“Come on Tess, I’ll drive you home,” said Isabelle, and they followed the others up the stairs and out of the UFO Center.

“You’re entitled to think logically?” Max asked sardonically, once they were alone.
“It was weak, I know, but it was all I could come up with,” said Michael.
“No wonder we lost the war,” Max quipped. “What do you think?”
“I don’t trust them,” said Michael.
“No, me either,” agreed Max. “Can you get everyone to meet out at the quarry tomorrow morning? Just after sunrise?”
“Yeah,” said Michael. “But by everyone, I’m assuming you don’t mean Tess.
“No, definitely not Tess,” said Max. “The six of us can figure everything out tomorrow, and then we can tell her what we think she needs to know.”
“Sounds good,” said Michael. “I have to get out of here and get to work if I want to keep my job.”
“Tell Liz I’ll call her later,” said Max.
“Sure thing,” said Michael bounding up the stairs. Halfway up, he stopped and turned back and looked at his friend.
“Hey, Max!” he said.
“Word! You are the Man!” he said,” he said raiding his fist.
“Shut up, Michael,” Max laughed as he watched his friend leave the building.

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This is short, I know, I apologize...I couldn't resist the cliffhangr ending *wink*

Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Thirteen – On the Edge

Max pulled into the quarry, relieved to notice that everybody else was waiting for him. He quickly pulled Bob the Jeep in next to Michael’s motorcycle and killed the ignition. Climbing out, he walked over to where the others were standing.
“I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. “Tess decided to surprise me and show up for breakfast. She tried playing her little mind games on me, but luckily, the phone rang, and I was able to tell her something important had come up.”
“Who was on the phone?” asked Isabelle.
“Me,” said Max with a grin. “I used my cell to call the house.”
“Well, aren’t you just the clever king,” said Kyle. “Let’s get to the important stuff. Did you remember to bring the donuts?”

Max grinned and walked backed over to the Jeep and pulled out two boxes of donuts from the local donut shop. “I know they’re not Krispy Kreme’s,” he said. “But it was the best I could do.” The others laughed and dug into the donuts and hot coffee that Max had brought with him and sat in silence and watched the sun rise over the rim of the quarry. When the sun finally broke over the tallest sandstone outcropping Max began to speak.
“Tess tried to convince me to ally myself with Rath and Lonnie,” he said. “She wants us to go to New York with them and attend the summit.”
“All of us go to New York?” asked Isabelle. “How does she expect us to pull that off?”
“Not all of us Isabelle, just her and me, along with those three freaks.”

“Max, I don’t like it,” said Liz. “You being alone with them, and with her, well it just scares me.”
“Liz is right Max,” said Michael. “I want to go with you.”
“You can’t Michael. I need you here to keep everybody safe.”
“What, and you’re saying Alex and I can’t manage that?” snapped Kyle.
“Kyle, against any human, I know you’d do anything to protect them, Alex too. But you know that our enemies aren’t just human. If Michael and Isabelle stay here, you guys will have a fighting chance if something does happen.”
“Do you think anything is going to happen Max?” asked Alex.
“No, not really, but we should all be on our guard. I think it’s a little strange the way the three of them just showed up out of the blue like that,” said Max.
“Okay, then, we’ll watch our backs,” said Alex. “Have any of you gotten any signals from Ava that she is trying to mess with our minds?”

Liz stood up and walked a short distance away from the others. She stood on the edge of the cliff that overlooked deep ravine filled with water. “Ava isn’t like them,” she said finally. “She’s different somehow. I can’t explain it, but she’s different.”
“Are you saying we should trust her?” Maria asked, her voice incredulous.
“No, not trust her, but I talked to her the other day, and I got the impression that she didn’t want you to go back to New York with them. In fact, I got the impression SHE didn’t want to go back to New York either.”
“Maybe we can use this,” said Max. “But first we need to decide about New York.”
“I don’t want you to go,” said Liz, her voice trembling a little.
“I agree with Liz,” said Maria
“Me too,” Alex and Isabelle said simultaneously.

“Wait a second,” said Max firmly. “You guys aren’t thinking clearly.”
“Watch it Max!” snapped Maria. “I’m thinking as clearly as you, maybe more.”
“Okay, bad choice of words. You are thinking emotionally, not logically. Emotionally, II don’t want to go, but logically, I know it’s the right thing to do. Now step back and think about it logically.”
Liz caught her lower lip between her teeth for a moment and said, “Max is right. If they have a way to make contact with your home, you owe it to yourselves to find out everything you can.”
“Maria?” asked Max. She said nothing, but nodded.
“Yeah, I see what your saying, we need to search our inner selves to find the truth deep within us.”
“Kyle, spare me the Buddha crap. How do you vote?”
“Go, and can you get me a Yankee’s cap while you’re there?”
“I’ll see what I can do,” said Max, with a smile. “Alex, what do you think?”
“I say go.”
“Michael and Isabelle, that leaves you. What do you think?”
“I don’t like it Max, but I don’t see where you have any choice,” said Isabelle.
“Do it,” added Michael. “It seems like our best chance to get information.

“Okay then, I’ll tell them yes,” said Max. “Now about Ava, what should we do with her?”
“Max, wait,” said Liz. “Promise me something. No matter what, don’t tell them about the granalith. It’s too important. Don’t let them know about it.”
“I won’t Liz, I promise,” said Max, startled by her vehemence.
“I mean it Max,” said Liz looking at him intently and backing up as she spoke. “They can’t know about it.”
“Okay Liz, I promise,” said Max. “I won’t say LIZ!” Max looked in horror as Liz stumbled and slipped over the edge of the cliff they were standing on.

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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Fourteen –Future Max Comes Back

“Liz!” shouted Max, holding out hand in the direction where Liz had disappeared over the cliff. Michael rushed past him and threw himself on the ground, hanging over the edge of the cliff.
“I can almost reach her,” he gasped. “Max, keep it up! Kyle, Alex, get over here and help me.” Kyle and Alex rushed to Michael’s side and looked over the edge of the cliff. Without another word, they grabbed Michael’s legs and lowered him further over the edge.
“Okay, I’ve got her,” he grunted. “Pull me back, slowly.” Kyle and Alex backed away slowly from the edge of the cliff, dragging Michael with them. Inch by inch the eased back and Liz slowly came back into view. Michael gave one final tug and Liz landed firmly on solid ground.
“Liz!” cried Maria, breaking free from Isabelle’s grasp. “Oh my God, Liz, what happened?”

Liz sat on the ground, gasping for breath, her face deathly white. She tried to speak, but couldn’t form the words. Instead, she sat on the ground, shaking uncontrollably.
“Max?” asked Michael, his voice filled with awe. “How did you do that?”
“Do what?” asked Isabelle.
“There was like this force field kind of thing, it caught Liz,” said Kyle. “Max you saved her life, again.” Max didn’t say anything, and knelt down on the ground and took Liz into his arms. He pushed her hair off her face and held her tightly.
“Liz, can you talk to us now?” he asked. “What happened?”
“F-Future Max,” she whispered. “He was here, talking to me. It was him.”
“But how, how could he appear. I thought he was supposed to disappear once you convinced me not to love you anymore. And how is Tess doing this to you? Aren’t you wearing your ring?”
“My mother reminded me to put it away last night. I didn’t want to make her suspicious, so I put it away. I forgot to put it back on before I left this morning,” Liz said.

“Do you think this means she’s on to us?” questioned Isabelle.
“We’ll worry about that later,” said Max, firmly. “Liz, what did Future Max have to say?”
“He said that he was just an image that was programmed to come back from the future to remind me how important it was to stay away from you,” she said. “He said he programmed the image to come back even before he came back to see me. He said it was important for me to remember that the lives of everyone he loved depended on me keeping you away from me, and keeping him a secret. He told me again how important the granolith was and that I should keep it a secret. I just couldn’t seem to separate him from you, and that’s why I kept backing away, and the next thing I realized, I was falling. Max, how did you stop me?”

“I’m not sure,” Max admitted. “It’s sort of something I’ve been working on. Tess is really big on talking about our past lives on Antar, and according to her, Zan could make this kind of protective force field. Up to now, I haven’t been able to do it very well. I didn’t think about it, I just reacted, and it worked.”
“God, it was amazing,” said Michael. “Like some giant green glowing spider web. I wonder what else we are capable of?”
“I’m sure there are more answers in the book,” said Alex helpfully. “There are still some parts of it that I haven’t translated.”
“Can you get on it right away?” asked Max.
“Yeah, as soon as we get back to town. But what are we going to do about Tess? I mean do you think she knows we are out here, or was this just some random warp she did on Liz?”

“It doesn’t matter either way,” said Max. “We need to do damage control. Did any of you get any feeling she was trying to warp any of you?” They all shook their heads and Max continued, “I didn’t, so I’m guessing she just targeted Liz. Let’s head back to town and I’ll hook up with her and try to spin this to our advantage. I’ll take her with me to meet Rath and the others so we can plan our exit.”

The group started towards their cars and prepared to head back to Roswell. Max reached out and held Liz back. Once the others were out of earshot, Max fished into his pocket and pulled out a ring. He took Liz’s right hand in his, and slipped it on her finger and kissed her. “I want you to wear this, all the time, Liz. Don’t ever take it off. It’s for your protection. The band is made of solid platinum. Liz looked down at the ring, and the hand it was on and tried not to frown. She remembered the promises she and Max had made to each other.
“Thanks Max,” she said softly, her heart breaking a little.
“And this,” he said slipping a necklace with a platinum floating heart with a diamond in it’s center around her neck, “Is because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to get you an engagement ring, but I didn’t think your parents would react very well.”
“You’re probably right,” said Liz, beaming at him. “It’s beautiful,” she said, looking down at the heart. “I love it, and I love you.”

Max pulled the Jeep up to the curb where Tess stood waiting for him. He killed the ignition and waited while she climbed in.
“Sorry I took so long,” he said grumpily. “Remember that phone call I got this morning when you were at my house. Well, it turns out, it was Liz, trying to pull a fast one on us. She got everyone together for an emergency meeting to try and convince me not to go to New York with you.”
“Oh Max,” said Tess. “Why does she hate me so much? I never did anything to her. She was the one who hurt you so badly.”
“Forget her,” said Max. “She’s nothing to me anymore. A fact I made sure she realized once and for all. Now come on, lets go meet the others and tell them we’ll go to New York with them.”

Max started the Jeep and he and Tess drove off to meet with Rath, Lonnie and Ava. Over breakfast, Max and Tess told them they’d return to New York with them.
“Righteous,” said Rath. “Man you will love kicken it in New York. It’s got this Mayberry berg beaten hands down!”
“Ya, and like there’s a million things to do. It is so far away from this nowheresville that you’re livin in now, you may never wanna come back,” added Lonnie.
“So, we’ll leave tonight then?” asked Max.
“Yeah, we need to jam. The summit meets on Thursday,” said Rath.
“Great,” said Max, trying to act excited. “If we drive straight thru, we may get there in time for Tess and I to see some of the tourist type things.”
“How cornball,” muttered Lonnie under her breath. “Yeah,” she said with false enthusiasm. “You’se two will love doin that.”
“Pick us up at my place,” said Max. “A little after seven tonight. We’ll be waiting.” He stood up, and through down enough money to cover the bill, pulled Tess up by the hand and walked out.

“Max, wait!” Tess cried. “We can’t just leave them like that. We need to make plans.”
“We did,” said Max. “They’ll pick us up around seven, and we’ll go to New York.”
“No Max,” said Tess, wrinkling her nose slightly. “We need to stay and talk with them and make some concrete plans.”
“You’re right Tess,” said Max abruptly. “I guess they just got to me with their Mayberry cornball routine. Tell you what, why don’t you go in there and set everything up. I’ll wait out here.”
“No Max, I really think you should come inside too,” Tess said.
“Alright,” said Max, “But just give me a second, they really do annoy me.”

Tess smiled at Max and stood on tiptoe to press a kiss on his lips. Max smiled and watched as she walked back into the restaurant. Max watched through the plate glass window as Tess talked with Rath and Lonnie, her hands moving as she gestured towards the window. Even from where he stood outside, Max could see the malicious glitter in her eyes as she talked. After several minutes Ava stood up and walked outside.
“Hey,” said Ave as she walked out the door.
“Hey,” Max replied.
“She’s going to betray you. You do know that don’t you?”
“No she won’t,” said Max. “Tess loves me.”
“No she doesn’t, she just wants you, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get you. But,” she added speculatively, looking at him, “You already know what she can do, don’t you?”

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Disclaimer: You know the drill…the characters aren’t mine. A lot of stuff in the beginning is taken from End of the World. God knows THAT’S not mine. Anything that makes sense and makes it all better, now that’s mine. Seriously, Roswell and all characters belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox etc. I’m just borrowing them.

Rating: PG-13 – possibly to R

Love Changes Everything

Chapter Fifteen – New York State of Mind

Max threw his backpack into the waiting car. He reached over and took Tess’s bag from her hand and threw it in after his.
“Get in already, we ain’t got all day,” shouted Rath. “I wanna get the hell out of this freaky berg and back to the real world. Tess climbed in the car, and Max hung back, waiting for Ava.
“There’s no room,” she said.
“What! What you talking about bitch? There’s plenty of room!” Rath shouted. “Now get in the freakin car and let’s get the hell out of here!”
“No, I’m not goin’,” Ava said, firmly.
“Don’t give me none of your crap,” said Rath, climbing out of the car and coming around to the passenger side. “I said we’re leaving, now get in the car and let’s get the hell out of this stinkin Mayberry, piece of shit, town!”
“Cool it Rath,” Ava said, calmly. “I said I’m not goin, and I’m not. You don’t need me, you never did.”
“Forget her Rath,” said Lonnie from the car. “If she wants to stay, let her stay. We got what we need.”

Ava watched as Rath stormed back to the driver’s side of the car and got in. Max quickly climbed in the backseat, while Rath revved the engine. The tires squealed and the car peeled off down the street. Ava waited until the car was out of site and turned on her heel and walked back toward the center of town. She had walked only about two blocks when a car pulled up beside her.
“Ava!” a voice shouted from the car. She peered into the car and saw Kyle Valenti sitting in the driver’s seat.
“Hey,” she said
“Hey back,” said Kyle. “Max told me to be on the lookout for you tonight. We have a place set up for you to stay tonight. Come on, get in.” Ava looked at Kyle distrustfully, but finally gave in and climbed into the car wearily.

“Thanks,” she said, leaning her head back against the headrest. “I was beat. That took a lot out of me.”
“Are you alright?” asked Kyle, immediately solicitous. “Do you want me to take you someplace and get you something to eat? Some pizza or something?”
“Rath is wrong about a lotta stuff,” laughed Ava. “But the pizza in New York isn’t one of them. N’ah, just take me to wherever you’re takin me.” Kyle looked over at the alien hybrid, with her sleek blond bob emphasizing her delicate features. His gaze missed nothing, from the ring, piercing her eyebrow, to the three-inch high heels totally unsuitable to walking more than three feet.
“You know,” he said. “It’s not that I don’t think you have a really unique fashion sense, but you’re going to need to blend in a little bit more if you want to fit in here.”
“Yeah, well, who says I’m staying is this stupid Podunk little town anyhow?” Ava railed. “What’s so freaking great about Roswell anyhow? It’s nothing but dirt and dust!”

Kyle pulled his car away from the curb with Ava ranted and railed against everything Roswell. After several miles, he realized there was silence in the car. He looked over at Ava and realized that she was crying.
“Hey, come on, I didn’t mean anything by it,” he said. “Really, you look great, it’s just that what you’re wearing isn’t typical of Roswell. If you’re going to stay, I just want to try and help you fit in.”
“I’m not her you know,” said Ava. “I’m not Tess. I’m just me, Ava, and I can’t be her for you.”
“I don’t want you to be her, I want you to be yourself, but I want you to be happy here too, and the people here can be mean. If you look different, or act different, they can make your life miserable. It’s kind of like you have a New York state of mind. You need to switch gears and get a Roswell state of mind instead.” Kyle took his eyes off the road again and glanced at Ava. “Your still crying,” he said. “Why?”
“Because this is the first time someone has ever cared about me, that’s why,” answered Ava as she turned her head and looked out the window.

Kyle and Ava finished the rest of their ride in silence. He pulled into the alley behind the CrashDown and climbed out of the car. Jogging around to the passenger side, he opened the door for Ava and waited until she climbed out. The two walked into the back of the restaurant, and through the kitchen to the main part of the café. Liz and Alex bussed tables, while Michael and Maria cleaned the grill. Isabelle sat over by the register, checking receipts. Ava took one look at the alien themed café and burst into laughter. The gang stared, amazed to here such a cheerful musical sound coming from someone who so closely resembled Tess.
“Hi Ava,” said Liz. “I’m Liz, and this is Alex.”
“I know,” said Ava. “That’s Isabelle, and that’s Michael and Maria. Max filled me in on everyone when we talked.”
“Well, we’re all glad you decided to stay with us,” said Isabelle, from across the restaurant.
“I’m glad to, but it’s kinda scary. They were my family ya know. Leavin them was hard, even though I never really felt like I belonged with them.”

Liz looked at her intently, thinking back to the message they had seen from Max and Isabelle’s mother. Not he message Tess had wanted them to see, but the real one that was revealed to them after they started wearing the platinum.
“Go on Ava,” she encouraged. “What do you mean?”
“Well, it’s like, some of the things they’ve done, and like the way they think, well, I just couldn’t be like that. They didn’t mind scammin people, or stealin, or whatever. If they saw something they wanted, they just took it. I knew it was wrong, but I wasn’t strong enough to go against them. I was afraid if I did, they’d just,” she paused.
“They’d just what, Ava?” prompted Liz.
“Do to me what they did to Zan,” she burst out.

“What do you mean?” asked Michael. “What did they do to Zan?”
“It was the summit,” said Ava, after much coaxing. “We’ve been contacted before about the summit, but Zan decided it wasn’t a good idea for us to go. He turned em down. Rath and Lonnie were pissed at him, but nuthin they said could get him to change his mind. Rath and Lonnie decided that if they couldn’t change his mind, they’d,” she paused again, and lowered her head, cradling it in her hands.
“Come on Ava,” said Liz, soothingly, rubbing Ava’s back. “You have to tell us. You loved Zan, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” she said, nodding. “But he never loved me. Not the way Max loves you.”
“That’s right,” said Liz. “Max loves me. He risked everything for me, to heal me. I would have died. Now, if you know something important, you have to tell me, so that I can save him.”
“They killed him. Lonnie held me back and covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream, and Rath, he shoved him in front of that truck. Then he used his powers to speed the truck up, and it killed him. It killed my Zan!”

Ava cried inconsolably, while the others digested her news.
“We have to tell Max,” said Isabelle. “We have to warn him.”
“I’ll call him,” said Liz, grabbing a phone. She punched the numbers for Max’s cell phone in and waited. “It’s ringing,” she said. As the phone rang, she became aware of a ringing sound in the café. She looked around and tried to identify the source of the sound. Michael crossed the café to the booth where Max frequently sat. He slid his hand down behind the cushion and pulled out a ringing cell phone. Liz slowly hung up the phone and disconnected the call, and the cell phone stopped ringing.
“Now what?” she said.