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Title: Mouth 1/?
Author: Jasper711
Email: Jasper7132⊕
Disclaimer: Don’t own “Roswell”. The song, “Mouth” belongs to Bush. No infringement intended on the all male revue, “Chippendales”. *wink*
Category: M/L, AU, PWP, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Liz experiences her first ladies night out.
Author’s Note: Okay, before everyone stones me for starting another fic, this won’t be more than five parts. (I promise.) I was just feeling a little inspired to write some PWP after catching a chippendales show last night. LOL. But in advance, I haven’t written smut in awhile so I may be a little rusty.

Part 1


Gripping the cool bottle of her Smirnoff Ice, Liz looked around at the other women milling about the small club, giggling and talking like they weren’t here to watch men strip their clothes off and gyrate to provocative songs. Turning her eyes down, she shook her head. She couldn’t believe that she, Liz Parker was here about to indulge in something so deprived. How she had let Maria drag her into this, she’d never know.

“Earth to Liz!”

Maria nudged her best friend in the ribs, trying to gain her attention. She loved her friend, but sometimes they seemed like they came from two different planets. Liz was the epitome of the perfect, girl next door. She on the other hand was the classic screw up. She and Liz had been friends since childhood. It was a mystery how they had stayed best friends for so long considering the huge differences in their personalities.

Liz looked up, her eyes growing wide as she saw a lady walk by who was older than her mother. Hissing into her friends ear, Liz squeezed Maria’s hand tightly.

“Did you see how old she was?” Liz was a little stunned to see the varying ages of women who had come to see scantily clad men dance for their unadulterated pleasure.

Laughing, Maria put her arm around Liz’s shoulders.

“Chica, women need loving at any age,” she winked.

Liz choked on her drink before giving her friend a stern look. She was still a little more than pissed that she had been dragged from her dorm room kicking and screaming.

“Maria, people can hear you!”

“Babe, look around you. This place is a circus. I guarantee you, by the time they cut the lights and play that music, you’re going to be whooping and hollering with the best of us.” She shrugged her shoulders before waving Isabel and the rest of their girlfriends to the seats they had saved. “Besides, this is what ladies night is all about. You can act as crazy as you want and return to your normal prudish self the next day.”

Crossing her arms defiantly over her chest, Liz frowned. “I am not a prude!”

With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, Maria pulled a wad of dollar bills from her purse, stuffing a hefty amount in Liz’s bra. “Then prove it,” she challenged.

Before Liz could utter a word, the lights died down, a billow of smoke covering the stage as a tune with heart shattering bass filled their ears until they thought they were ready to burst.

“Woohoo! Take it off!”

Liz’s head turned to look at Isabel on the other side, stunned to see her normally calm and collected friend catcalling for the men. She wondered if the men felt humiliated at all with women making such lewd suggestions and waving money over their heads.

But all thought was gone from Liz’s mind when she heard Maria’s excited screech.

“OMIGOD! Here they come. They’re coming from the back.”

Quickly turning in her seat, Liz felt her breath catch in her throat as she laid eyes on the most amazingly handsome man, walking past her in a trench coat. She settled more comfortably in her seat as she continued to watch him, telling herself that she was just here for moral support on the girls’ behalf. Besides, maybe it was time to let the men feel like a piece of meat. What was it they said about turnabout being fair play?

“Ladies, please put your hands together for the men of Chippendales!”

Dancing next to her, Maria waved her arms around in the air.

“Yeah, baby! Break me off a piece of that!”

The raucous around her didn’t faze Liz. She was far more entranced with the handsome creature that had just walked past her a few minutes ago. She watched his graceful moves, his body moving to the beat as if he were born to dance. She was riveted to his lithe form, unable to tear her eyes away. From what she could see, he wasn’t the average beefcake. He was cut, but he wasn’t an abundance of muscle. He was taller than all of the other dancers, his dark head of hair separating him from the bleached blonde Fabios dancing around.

Feeling her heart racing inside her chest, Liz took a quick swig of her drink as she heard the teasing sound of zippers being pulled down. The men’s trench coats were lying on the side of the stage, forgotten. The men let the women feast on their tightly packed abs, even flexing their pecs much to the delight of the more innocent women.

The breath whooshed out of her lungs when the raven haired hottie caught her eye, a naughty grin spreading over his handsome face as he deftly popped the button on his leather pants. Puckering his lips in what looked a kiss, her hottie turned around before bending at the waist and pulling down his pants to reveal his thong clad ass.

Liz was sure that her mouth was hanging down with drool pooling around her.

Maria chanced a look at Liz, a triumphant smile crossing her face.

“Having fun yet, chica?”

Shushing her, Liz stood up to get a better view.

Maria chuckled to herself. “I guess that answers that question.”


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AN: Just to let you guys know, this is a real routine from the Chippendales show. I haven’t exaggerated anything, so just be warned that this isn’t your run of the mill strip tease. Also, no disrespect to Chippendales. I’m not stealing it, merely borrowing.

AJK001: Is Max going to be in this? Well, let’s just say that he’s been giving Liz an eyeful from the beginning. *wink*

Scottie: LOL. Tell me about. I’m still blushing from the night before. They were right when they said that there is one Chippendale for every woman’s fancy. LOL.

Sophia: PWP = Porn without plot. *happy*

Eccentric One: Don’t feel like an idiot. PWP just stands for porn without plot. I guess PWP is just a nicer way of putting it. LOL

Part 2


After the men’s first dance routine, the MC came to center stage grinning a million dollar smile.

“How did you like that, ladies?”

As expected, the women cheered louder than thousands of fans at a sports event. Oddly enough, Liz couldn’t help but think of this as some sort of sick sport. As much as her mind wanted to mull over all of the ironies of her situation, other parts of her body were more interested in where her hottie had gone off to. She had seen them run off the stage towards the back where the dressing rooms were and her eyes couldn’t help but follow.

“Can I hear you ladies say, Chippendales?”

Liz was startled when every woman around her chorused “Chippendales” as if their lives depended on it. She was only half listening to what was going on around her. She was more concerned about when he was going to return to the stage, preferably to the center. She turned to sit back down when the lights dimmed again.

“Chica, there’s the eye candy that was giving you a toothache earlier.” Maria nodded to the dark headed Adonis that was making her weak in the knees.

Reaching out to hold onto the seat in front of her, Liz took a deep breath, trying to steel herself as she watched him on the side of the stage dressed in a suit. She had no idea a man could look so beautiful. And that’s just what he was. She only prayed that she would have enough strength to keep standing throughout the performance.

You gave me this

A small gasp escaped Liz’s lips as she recognized the sultry sound of Gavin Rosdale’s voice filter from the loud speakers. She didn’t know if she would still be standing by the end of this number. With the combination of Gavin’s voice and her mystery man dancing to the sexy words, she would no doubt lose control.

made me give

Captivated by his sudden movement on stage, Liz was focused on his every move as he sat on the chair provided for him. Her eyes were glued on him, watching as he loosened his tie, haphazardly throwing it to the side.

your silver grin

With an inaudible sigh, he fell back against the chair, his head lolling backwards as he let the words penetrate through his sculpted body. Liz was sure that she could make out the outline of his well defined muscles through his dress shirt. His chestnut colored nipples were a stark contrast to his crisp white shirt.

still sticking it in

He sat back up, his eyes searching through the crowd as if looking for someone.

you have soul machine

Liz froze when his eyes landed on her, his smile turning feral. He gave her a slight nod as if to let her in on the fact that he was aware of her eyes undressing him when he had only just removed his tie.

soul machine

He stood back up, making a circle around the chair before enticingly removing his jacket. He hooked his finger under the collar of his suit jacket, his long strides taking him to the huge monitor they had placed on the stage that was just off to the side.

Caressing the straight edges of the monitor, he stopped in front of it before swaying his hips seductively.

the longest kiss

Dropping down to his knees, he placed his palms on the screen, pressing his face forward to nuzzle it.

peeling furniture days

Liz inched forward, not wanting to miss a minute of his performance. He had taken her to another world, where it was only he and her. She wasn’t even aware of the other people in the stuffy little club. All she could see was this man. It was like he was performing just for her.

drift madly to you

Standing back up, he turned to the audience, his hands reaching for his shirt buttons ever so slowly. When the women started screaming like crazy, he looked up at them with a shy smile. But he wasn’t really seeing them. Out of the corner of his eye, his attention was focused on the long haired angel sitting in the crowd.

This was his regular routine and he had gone through with ease every night since the tour started.

pollute my heart drain

But tonight was different. For the first time since he had started this demeaning job, he had actually seen someone in the crowd that had caught his fancy. Usually, they attracted an older crowd, if not bachelorettes looking to cash in on their last hours of freedom.

you have broken at me

But seeing the gorgeous angel in the crowd, he found himself a little nervous. His palms were actually sweating, something that had never happened to him before.

broken me

Feeling her doe eyes on his every movement, he felt as though he had to make it special for her. To make her enjoy every minute she was here for before she returned to her life.

all your mental armor drags me down

He wanted to be the outrageous story she would tell her future children of her crazy days when she was younger. He wanted to be the one to make her blush when she thought back to this night in the future.

nothing hurts like your mouth

With that, he looked back up at her with a slow smile, his large hands prying apart his white shirt, not at all caring that he was tearing the buttons off. He didn’t a shit where they landed. In fact, he reveled in the fact that they were broken. He knew for a fact that the ladies loved it when he did it. But tonight, this routine was going out to the special lady in the third row. The one who was making his skin quiver just with a look.

your loaded smiles

Swaying his hips to the electric guitar, he let the shirt fall from his shoulders, down to the ground with a soft thud. He turned his back to the audience, grinding his hips in the air to let them enjoy his muscular butt. He had to bite back a laugh when he heard someone yell out, “OMIGOD, that is the fattest ass I’ve ever seen!”

pretty just desserts

Turning back around, a devilish grin overcame his handsome features as he closed his eyes, letting his palm rest against his chest before dragging it tantalizing slow over his smooth skin. His breath hitched in his throat when he did his usual crowd pleaser trick by sticking his hand down his trousers.

wish it all for you

“Oh Shit!” Liz exclaimed rather loudly as she watched his hand disappear inside his pants. Was it hot in here or was it just her? She fanned herself with her free hand, her other hand bringing the cool glass of her drink against her skin. She bit her lip in anticipation as she tilted her head to the side, quietly pondering what exactly his hand was doing inside his pants. Surely he wasn’t doing what everyone was hoping he was doing. Was he?

so much it never hurts

Licking his lips, he slowly removed his hand from his pants, much to the disappointment of the ladies in the house. But to make up for the tease, he grabbed his crotch over his pants to garner a loud cry from the women.

you have soul machine

Bringing his hands up to his head, he shook it from side to side, his body moving easily to the rhythm of the song. Doing a quick pirouette, he lay his palms flat on the monitor, quickly going down on it.

stone at me

His head did a quick turn, looking at the women all standing up to watch everything he was doing.

all your mental armor drags me down

He gave them a half-smile as he jumped to sit on the monitor with his legs spread. Lifting his left leg first, he pulled off his shoe, followed shortly by his sock. Repeating the task on his right leg, he pulled himself to stand up on the monitor, his hands sliding down to rest low on his hips as he gyrated to an imaginary girl. In his mind, it was the beautiful girl from the third row.

we can't breathe when you come around

Moving at a snail’s pace, he placed his hands on the button of his pants, his head unexpectedly popping up at the roar from the crowd. He had to wipe the goofy smile from his lips at the pleasant surprise. If the women thought they were getting a show now, they had no idea what was going to hit them next.

all your mental armor drags me down

Turning around so that his back was to the audience, he began peeling off his pants. He stood with his body bent in half for half a second to let the women get an eyeful of his backside before pulling himself upright. He looked over his shoulder with a sly look before lying down on the monitor with his knees pulled up.

nothing hurts like your mouth mouth

Liz’s eyes bugged out of her head as she scrutinized the tighty whities of her hottie, hoping to catch more than a glimpse of what was hidden beneath the flimsy piece of cotton. She was barely breathing as it was. She could only imagine what he planned to do next.


Shutting his eyes tight, he let his eyes close and just let it come to him. He forgot about the cheering coming from the seats below him, his mind filled with images of what the angel in the crowd would like after he pulled off this next stunt. Would she be disgusted? Or would she be aroused?

Taking a deep breath, he let his doubts drain away, knowing that he had no other choice but to let the show go on. After all, this was part of the job.

your mouth mouth mouth

Raising his hips from the monitor, he stuck his hand inside his briefs, cupping his genitalia.

your mouth mouth mouth

When a collective gasp was heard from the ladies, he ground his hips in the air, all the while pretending to fondle himself.

we've been missing long before

Groaning to herself with sexual frustration, Liz stood up on her seat, needing to see everything that was happening. She wasn’t sure if she had died and gone to heaven or died and gone to hell. She didn’t know what was worse. Watching her mystery man having his way with himself on stage, knowing that she could never do anything about it, or having her mystery man enacting out a fantasy of hers in front of many horny women.

never found our way home

Pulling his hand out from his briefs, he gave his cock a quick squeeze, continuing his torturous dance.

we've been missing long before

He thrust his hips in the air with such force that he caused the monitor to rock beneath him. But that was nothing compared to his final move, proven to stun the ladies into silence.

where we'll find our way

Slipping his hand back inside his cotton briefs, he made sure to cup the essentials before using his other hand to grab the edge of the thin material. Circling his hips one last time in the air, he drove his hips up high, making sure the women could all see what he was about to do.

He waited until they were at their loudest before pulling out the last of his tricks. With his hips in the air, he ripped the white briefs to shreds, stunning the women as they caught a glimpse of his naked ass.

With that, the lights died out, a towel thrown at him as they prepared the stage for the next act.

Liz sat back down on her seat, unable to keep herself from shaking. Dear God, she was really was going to die before the night was over.


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AN: Once again, I’ve taken another routine from the Chippendale show. No infringement intended. Again, there are no exaggerations, this is really what they do. LOL.

Eccentric One: LOL. I went to their show the other night. I was actually supposed to see them in Vegas from my twenty first b’day last September, but we didn’t get around to it. So when they came to my area, my friends dragged me to see them. LOL. Not that I’m complaining. Those boys really do know how to put on a good show. *wink*

Part 3


“Are we having fun yet, ladies?” The MC held his hand up in the air, waiting for the roar of the crowd. He had to say that he enjoyed coming to the smaller towns. There were more first time show goers and they were always the most entertaining for the boys on the show.

“Yeah, baby! Give us some more!”

The MC laughed good naturedly. “I’m glad. Now, I have to say that we’re all enjoying ourselves in the city of Roswell. But right now, its time for the part of the show where you receive special attention from your very own, personal Chippendale.” He clapped his hands together. “The men will be in the audience in a few minutes and if you find one you like, hold a five dollar bill high above your head and he’ll come to you.” A mischievous grin lit up his face. “And for those of you who came with a more bashful cutie, if you see one that she fancies, wave a ten dollar bill high over her head and he’ll come.”

The music tore through the speakers loudly, making the women in the club go all sorts of crazy.

“And don’t forget, we’re having a special treat for you ladies tonight since we can’t do this at the casinos.” He pulled up three chairs on the stage. “Three lucky ladies can have a seat right here and enjoy some undivided attention from the men of Chippendales.” Just as the music was getting louder, he held up his hands up in the air. “And remember our rule about no touching and fondling of the men.” He grinned a cocky smile. “If you get the urge to reach out and touch one of the men,” he paused slightly to let the women go wild. “And I guarantee you, you will. Please sit on your hands and do those crazy things to yourself.” A loud squeal was heard from the crowd at his suggestion. “I promise that the guys will not hesitate to come when they know what you’re doing.” He waited for applause before leaving the stage.

Maria watched Liz, noticing how quiet and reserved she had become since her hottie had disappeared. “Everything okay, babe?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I think I’m getting tired, Maria. I just want to go home now.” Liz couldn’t admit that she had lost interest in the whole thing after her mystery man had disappeared. After his routine, he had not returned to the stage even though she was wishing and hoping that he would. Looking down at her watch, she wasn’t sure he was coming back.

“Uh uh. There is no way you’re leaving now, chica.” Maria pulled Liz to the side, leaving her in the company of Isabel and the other girls. “Stay for a little while longer.” She gave Liz her sad puppy face, knowing that her best friend could never resist it. “And I promise if you’re not having fun, we’ll leave.”

“You know, you’re evil, right?” Liz shook her head in disgust that her friend would use the sad puppy face, knowing that she could never say no to it. She heaved a heavy sigh. “Fine, but only for a little while. I really am getting tired.”

Nodding, Maria crossed her finger over her heart. But deep down inside, she had a feeling that they were the ones that were going to close the joint down. After the stunt she was going to pull, Liz was either going to hate her, or love her. She was hoping for the latter. She whispered in Liz’s ear.

“I’ll be right back. I need to get a drink. Do you want something?”

Liz just shook her head, waving off her friend.

Maria ran away happily, but instead of heading to the bar, she ran to the side of the stage where the MC was. Giving him a ribald grin, holding out her hand to shake his, meanwhile, willing herself not to run it through his spiky hair. “I’m Maria.”

The MC grinned at her, shaking her hand. “Michael.” He cocked his head to the side, not at all hiding the fact that he was checking her out. “Enjoying the show?”

Shrugging her shoulders casually, Maria bit her lip. “I’d enjoy it a lot more if you got in on the act.”

He held up his hands laughingly. “I’m just the MC.” He nodded his head towards the dressing rooms in the back. “I don’t dance.”

“Why not?” Maria rest her hand on his shoulder, turning up her charm. “You certainly have the body for it.”

Michael felt himself smile. He had never been more flattered. But doing what the other guys did, just wasn’t his thing. He had no problem getting the crowd hyped up, but acting sexy was just not something he could pull off.

“I’m a white guy that has no rhythm,” he yelled.

She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. “I’m sure you have rhythm doing the horizontal foxtrot.”

When he choked on his own breath, Maria felt it was time to do what she set out to do.

“Listen, I have a friend with me, but she’s a little shy.”

He smiled a knowing smile. “A first timer?”

“Yeah. The thing is, she’s got her eye on one of the dancers, but she’s so shy she’d never wave money over her head.”

Michael crossed his arms over his chest. “That’s why I said that the friends could do it for them.”

Maria shook her head. “As petite as my friend is, she’d probably drop kick me into next week,” she laughed. Her eyes turned to the stage where the seats were waiting.

Catching on to where she was going, Michael pointed to the middle chair. “You want her on stage.”

Maria giggled like a school girl. “Yup, any way that I could arrange that?” she whispered seductively.

Michael folded his arms over his chest. “Depends.”

“Depends on what?”

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “If you’ll give me your phone number.”

Pulling out a dollar bill from her bra, Maria pulled out a pen and quickly wrote her name and number on the back. She gave him a peck on the cheek before stuffing the bill into his pants.

Michael was speechless for a second, feeling flustered with the way she was looking at him. “Which guy was it?”

“Dark haired hottie with the fat ass.”

Michael laughed. “There’s a couple of guys that could pass for that description.”

“Fine, the one that had his own little segment. The one that danced to that Bush song.”

“Mouth?” Michael’s eyebrows quirked up, a little surprised but at the same time, not so much. Most of the women preferred beefcakes like Kyle, especially when he did his Sheriff routine. But if Maria’s friend is as shy as she was saying, then he wasn’t at all surprised that she had fallen for Max. He was usually the favorite and was the star of the show. He was the only one who had a solo performance, he was so good.

“Yeah. What’s his name?”

“Max.” Michael smiled, knowing he could pull some strings because Max was his friend. “Sure, no problem. Just bring your friend over here in a few minutes and I’ll have it set up.”

Maria kissed him on the cheek again. “Thanks.” She turned to walk away but not before turning around to give him a flirtatious look. “Don’t forget to call.”


Returning to Liz, Maria resembled the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland, her smile was so big.

“I thought you said you were getting a drink?”

Maria quickly fibbed. “I got a little side tracked.” She tipped her head in the direction of Michael. “I was trying to coerce him into giving me a lap dance.”

“Maria,” Liz laughed. “I think he’s just the host. I don’t think he’s part of the show.”

Maria’s eyes dragged down his body, shaking her head in disappointment. “Too bad, because he can star in my shows any day.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” Liz wondered aloud. She couldn’t tell if Maria was hammered or just acting like her usual self.

“Not enough.” She grabbed Liz by the hand, pulling her in the direction of the stage. “Come get something with me.”


Michael was speaking to Max privately, telling him the deal he had just made. Max didn’t sound too pleased, but he had no other choice. The show motto was, every woman was to go home satisfied and Michael used that against him. He made eye contact with Maria and he knew that both parties would be pleased. Maria’s friend had that wide eyed innocent look. One that Max would surely fall for.

Slapping Max on the shoulder, Michael returned to the stage. “Ladies, I think it’s about that time that we have three special women join us on stage.”

As Michael’s voice penetrated her ears, Maria pushed and shoved Liz to the stage as fast as she could.

“Maria, what the hell are you doing?”

Before Liz could figure out what Maria was up to, she found herself on stage being seated in the middle. Her eyes grew wide, her dark hair flying around her face as she shook her head vehemently.

“No. No way. I’m not doing this.”

Michael sat Liz down. “Relax and enjoy.” With that, he beckoned the dancers on stage, making sure to point Max in Liz’s direction.

Max had a generic smile on his face, the same one he used on every woman he had had to perform for in every city. But that smile froze on his lips, slowly draining from his face when he realized who it was he was going to perform for. Dear Lord, how the hell was he going to keep this on the professional level?

Walking up to her in his costume, he noticed the heated flare in her rigid stance. She was stiff, looking utterly pissed, making him hard beneath his scrub pants. Damn she looked hot when she was all angry and bothered.

Once he was behind her, he placed his hand lightly on her shoulder, startling her. She looked up at him with venom in her eyes, getting ready to stand up.

When she would have stormed off the stage, he pressed her down in the chair softly, but firmly. He pulled the hospital mask away from his face, letting her see who he was.

“Please don’t go.” He nodded to the crowd pretending he gave a damn. “I’ll be out of a job if the boss sees that you aren’t happy with my services.”

Liz felt herself melt against the chair, a sappy smile forming on her lips. She had been pissed that Maria had tricked her into going up on stage, but seeing that her mystery man was the one going to be providing her with a lap dance, she didn’t really want to complain.

Max grinned down at her, throwing away the surgeon’s cap on his head. The music was blaring in the background, the screams of two hundred women ringing in his ears. He bent down on his knees behind her, his huge arms wrapping around her shoulders as he whispered in her ear.

“I’ll be gentle.”

Liz’s breathing bordered on dyspnea. How could she tell him she wanted just the opposite of what he was promising? Now that she had him in her grasp, she wanted to throw caution to the wind. She wanted to do every crazy thing she never had the guts to even imagine before.

Max saw the play of emotions on her face, his playful side getting the better of him.

“Unless of course you want me to pull out all the stops?”

Opening and closing her mouth, Liz found herself unable to utter any words. She wanted to tell him to act as shamelessly as he could, but how could she do that without sounding completely desperate?

As if reading her mind, Max continued caressing the soft skin of her arms as he danced seductively behind her. “You know, put on a good show for your friends in the audience.”

Liz felt her eyes wanting to drift shut at his deep husky voice. He could tell her just about anything right now and she would agree with a snap of his fingers.

The music continued and Max did his usual moves, but unlike his usual routine, this time, he was putting feeling into it. He wanted her to have the time of her life and forget about the guy she had left at home. That is if she did have one. But of course she would. Someone as gorgeous as her would definitely not be single, so he was going to make the most of the time he had with her.

Brushing her long hair to the side, he cupped her long elegant neck with his large palm, whispering in her ear as he nuzzled the soft skin. “Tell me if I’m going too far.”

Liz could only nod stiffly, her throat incapable of speech as he placed a tender kiss right behind the sensitive area of her ear. A shudder ran through her body that she had to sit on her hands for fear of being unable to control her actions. That MC sure wasn’t kidding when he said that you’d want to touch them back. She was so lost in the sensation that she hadn’t even noticed that the dancers were dressed in scrubs. She was only aware of the fact when her mystery man moved to stand in front of her, his strong thighs straddling her lap.

Her jaw dropped on its own volition, but she could care less. Her eyes were riveted to his crotch, wondering what he was wearing underneath them this time. Already she had seen him in a thong that could pass as dental floss, and tighty whities that left little to her wild imagination. And much to her delight she had caught a glimpse of his sweet ass, but unfortunately he covered what she wanted to see most.

Licking her lips, she hoped to give them some moisture as she watched the way he gyrated his hips easily in her face. From her vantage point, this man was seriously packing some armor in his pants. She had to curl her hands into fists so she wouldn’t grab him.

Max grinned down at her, loving how her eyes were trained on his crotch. She looked like she was enjoying herself so he readied himself to do one of the crowd favorites. Pulling the stethoscope from around his neck, put the earpieces on her cute ears.

He tipped her chin up, giving her a naughty smile before placing the end of the stethoscope on his crotch. He thrust his hips forward, dancing harder than he ever had before.

Liz could barely contain herself. Now this was a new way to use a stethoscope, she thought absently. She had to say that whoever created these moves was a genius. She could feel herself getting moist and he was doing nothing more than dancing for her.

Max took the stethoscope from her and put it around his neck. He stepped away from her and faced the crowd. He grabbed one of her legs and put it between his, making sure to grind her soft leg between his, grinding it against the hardness in pants.

Liz’s whole body was trembling with what he was doing. She felt like she was on the verge of orgasm with what he was doing.

After a good minute of rubbing, Max stopped what he was doing, afraid he would cream in his pants if he let his play go on a second longer. He turned to face her once again, his hand starting at her chin, then sliding down her neck, brushing quickly over her quivering breast.

He pulled his hand away quickly, then reached for hers, bringing it to touch the skin of his abs underneath his scrub top. He heard her hiss out a breath, bringing a tight smile to his lips. He didn’t know how much longer he could pull this off without completely losing it in front of a couple hundred people.

Liz was sure was dead. That’s what it was. God was playing a cruel trick on her. But before she could continue with her self depreciating thoughts, he brought her hand down unexpectedly over his pants to touch his humongous bulge. Holy crap, he was even bigger than she had originally thought.

Just as things were getting good, she heard commotion around her, and felt herself being pulled up and escorted off the stage. A pout came over her lips as her mystery man held her hand, leading her down the steps.

“I’m Max.”

She looked up to the sound of his voice, not at all bothered that he was introducing himself.

“I’m Liz.”

His smile made her faint, weakening her knees even more. Damn, he was fucking gorgeous. She couldn’t help herself as she said the words out loud without even thinking.

“You’re beautiful,” she blurted out.

He was stunned for a second with what she had said. During his career as a Chippendale, no woman had ever referred to him as beautiful. They had always just thought of him as another piece of ass. He cupped her cheek, whispering in her ear.

“No, you’re the beautiful one.” Taking his chances, he kissed her neck then disappeared to the dressing rooms to have a costume change.

Sauntering over to her best friend, Maria smiled evilly. “Ready to go home?”

Liz gave her a death glare.

“Hell no!”


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Part 4


Liz waited in her seat, not so patiently after her lap dance. Max had disappeared inside the dressing rooms and had yet to make a reappearance. She was beginning to think that she was going to self combust any second. If she was sexually frustrated before, she was on the verge of hunting him down and having her way with him, not at all caring who was watching. She had no idea what had gotten into her, but she couldn’t stop it from happening. It was like a virus spreading through her system, tainting her blood until she thought she was ready to tear off her own skin.

Another number had passed and she hadn’t paid any attention. The other guys on stage had nothing on Max. She was waiting for the minute he would make his rounds amongst the women just as the other dancers had done. Looking around her, an evil glare plastered itself on her lips thinking about other women throwing themselves at him, slipping money in his skimpy underwear.

Shaking her head, she vowed to herself that she wouldn’t let any of these vultures anywhere near her Max. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was being possessive over a guy she didn’t know. All she knew was, her blood was boiling at the thought that any other woman here would touch him in inappropriate places.

Upon hearing a shrill sound coming from the front, Liz watched as all of the guys came out and performed personal dances for anyone who held up a dollar bill. Her face fell when she didn’t see Max amongst the guys. She wondered if he was going to mingle with the rest of them, or if his night was over already.

All of a sudden, Liz froze, her spine tingling as she felt someone behind her. She knew without a doubt who it was without having to look at their face. Quickly grabbing a handful of one dollar bills from her bra, she turned around quickly before anyone else laid claim to him.

A knowing grin sheepishly made it’s way on Max’s lips, lighting up his whole face. He was hoping to walk in Liz’s general direction, wishing and praying that she would request a dance from him. Seeing her waving her money over her head made him all sorts of giddy, knowing for a fact that she hadn’t asked any of the other guys for a dance.

Feeling the beat of the music, he pulled her towards him, his hands resting on her hips as if he had done it a million times before. Her eyes were boring into his and he felt like he was looking into her soul. With a sly smile, he wedged his thigh between her silken legs, his breath whooshing out of his body unexpectedly at the delectable feeling it caused.

She was wearing a skirt and was wearing no nylons underneath. He gulped when her warm skin torched the skin of his hard thigh as he pumped his leg up and down, coming into contact with her heat.

A gasp escaped her lips, making him breath heavier than he already was. He swayed his hips, bringing hers towards him so that even a breath of air couldn’t pass between them. Unable to resist, his hand reached forward to touch her long, luxurious hair, his hand cupping the back of her head possessively as he pulled her towards him.

Liz was lost in his eyes, letting him do as he pleased with her pliable body. She felt like jello, just a jiggling mass. Looking at him, she was floored by how beautiful his eyes were. They were brown, but not quite. There were bright flecks of gold in them, making his eyes look like they were made from amber.

The music had taken on a faster beat, causing Max to move his thigh faster between her legs. Liz let out a choked breath, feeling the first tingling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she should be embarrassed that he was feeling the wetness of her desire, but she didn’t care. Unashamed, she wedged his thigh deeper between hers, unabashedly riding him like the stallion that he was.

A breathy moan tumbled from her open mouth, beads of sweat forming on her aching body. She was so turned on that her nipples had puckered against her bra, pushing all the way to the surface until they were visible against her blouse. She was so hot that she just wanted to rip her clothes off, in turn, tearing off Max’s little black boxer briefs. He was so well endowed from front to back that the skimpy piece of material looked painted on. Her mouth was watering as she eyed his happy trail, wondering what it would be like to run her tongue down its path.

“Mmm,” she whispered unexpectedly as his hands gripped her delicate hips, guiding her into a torturous rhythm. If he wasn’t careful, she was going to fall apart in his arms.

Letting go of her right hip, his left hand brushed away the hair resting on her shoulder, his lips hovering just above her quivering skin. He wrapped his right arm all the way around her waist so that his hardened cock was pushing insistently against her soft belly, her wet heat sliding effortlessly over his smooth thigh.

“Ungh....” Liz was lost in her own sexual frenzy. All she needed were a few more good rubs and she would be in heaven. She didn’t care if anyone else saw. She was so pent up with sexual frustration that she was unaware of what she was doing.

Reaching for his shoulders, she rubbed herself shamelessly over his leg, all the while coming into contact with his stiff cock. She was so close, her senses overloaded. Anything could trigger what she so coveted.

As if sensing she was on the verge, Max bent his head all the way down to place a seductive kiss on her shoulder with an open mouth. That was all it took for her body to spasm in his arms, her femininity throbbing wetly against his leg. She was limp in his arms and it was all he could do to keep from shooting out his own load.

Hearing his name being called over the loud speaker for the one minute call before the last performance, he quickly turned Liz around to help her in her seat. He gave her a soft smile before turning to leave. But when he would have left, he felt her hand tugging firmly on his arm.

He stopped in front of her, waiting to see what it was she wanted, when she unexpectedly drew her hand up, brushing provocatively against his cock before teasingly pulling at his underwear to slip in a wad of dollar bills. Holding her flat palm against his rippled abs, he whispered softly in her ear.

“That one was on the house.”

Eyeing the glistening wetness on his ripped thigh, she couldn’t help but agree with him literally. But she shook her head, stuffing the money deeper into his underwear.

“It’s for a job well done.”

Knowing that he probably wouldn’t win an argument against her, he smiled.

“Dances are only a dollar, though.”

She winked at him before he was whisked away by Michael. “I’m expecting nine more dances just like that one.”