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Title: Keep it Coming
Author: AllAboutEyesS09/ rather be known as Jess though, thanks.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters in this fiction, do not belong to me.
Summary: Read and find out.

She was so lucky to have gotten away for a little. Alex and Maria envied her. Maria said that Michael, who is one of the human/ alien hybrids, wont even look at her. She feels used and abused, and thrown away carelessly by him. Of course Liz also knew that Maria was in love with Michael, and Michael had no idea how to feel, in Liz’s opinion of course. The aliens put a big dent in the humans lives, without knowing they had done it. Especially Liz’s. It was the last week she would be spending with her friends and family in Florida, and somewhere inside she was battling whether she wanted to go back, or stay. Either way she was going back, against her will or not, she had to. Her parents still had yet another year to tell her what to do and how to do it.
She had met a ton of great and amazing people in Florida, she had been living day by day, with no fear, and it was like breathing in fresh air for once. But strangely she missed the Roswell air, the air of danger and the not so normal. Mostly she missed that air that flowed between her and Max, the connection that was electrifying yet so comforting. All summer she had tried to put their relationship behind her and consider it the past, but she couldn’t. It would always toss and turn in the back of her mind, but she had to pretend it wasn’t there, for her and Max’s sake. HE was destined to be with Tess. They were one. For some reason Liz knew from deep inside of her that if they were sent together they were meant to stay together, it was critical, like a pair of Siamese twins. If one dies, so will the other. If one shall collapse so will their sibling, their other half. And that’s the way it goes, whether she despised it or not.

“ Hey Liz!” Someone shouted up at her window. Liz stopped writing in her journal and quickly got up from her chair and rushed over to the window, and looked down to see Ben, two stories down below waving up at her, with his blue jeep in the front, with Freddy, Michele, Chad, and Zoe, waving up at her. She smiled at the sight of her friends and they waved to her yelling for her to hurry up and get going.

Once she got downstairs, she held her beach bag in one arm, while in the other she held her shoes, and her keys. Just when she was about to walk out the door she heard her aunt call out to her and say have a nice day. Liz greeted her with the same advice. And rushed out of the door. She and Ben ran to the jeep and didn’t even take time to open the door, just jumping inside.


Later on that night Liz and her friends decided to go to the local hang out called the Ground Zero. It was all in the basement of the building. Decorated in neon lights, stop signs, traffic lights and so many street signs, names and so many other unthinkable things that could even be considered as decorations. Ben and Freddy played in the band called BHB. The name was came up with out of thin air, absolutely no thought put into it. It just came at the moment.

Leave me Behind
Leave me no sign
Maybe a little lost in time
I wish e never did what we did that night.
So lonely
Face the with Bravery
Keep a straight face
Keep it a even Pace
And keep it strong
I may be wrong

Ben continued to sing, as he played the guitar, and Freddy played back up. He smiled with every word as his lips moved with each word, memorized and branded in his head. The music wasn’t depressing, it was very down to earth and lively, something perfect for the beach life.

Its all a mystery
Feeling a little crazy
I’m thinking this may not be me!!!!

He screamed the last to completely losing it, and making the crowd cheer even louder. Liz laughed as he started to go completely losing himself in the music. She envied her cousin, he was so free, so normal, he was so lucky he wasn’t her, or he would be fighting inner demons every minute of the day. Liz was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a couple of girls talking about the guitar player, who was Freddy. He had a very small amount of brown hair on his head, with a slight goatee. And some very long side burns. To Liz he wasn’t cute at all. But the girls next to her were obviously drooling. To bad. Freddy was gay.

“ Hey Liz!” Cheryl said coming up her beach blond hair crimped and pulled back into a hair tie. She sat down and breathed deeply, she had been dancing up a frenzy out on the dance floor. “ You should dance Liz!” she said as she smiled widely at Liz. Liz shook her head though and said no. “ Oh come on, it’s not like your doing any sinning.” she laughed.

Then suddenly Liz’s cell phone rang rather loudly, and Liz jumped just as Cheryl did and grabbed the phone.

“ Hello?” she said as she continued to laugh. Then she heard a slight hesitation at the other end. And then she heard the voice she had been fearing to hear all summer.

“ Liz?”

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Title: Keep it Coming
Author: AllAboutEyesS09/ rather be known as Jess though, thanks.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters in this fiction, do not belong to me.
Summary: Read and find out.

Part two

“ Umm...Max?” Liz asked as she silently cried to herself in her head, hating the fact, that she was falling more in love with him just by hearing his voice.

“ Yeah, it’s me....” he said as he silently drifted off, then he took a deep breath that was even noticeable while on the phone, “ I just needed to hear your voice.”

Liz could feel his grin as she spoke to him, rather listened to him over the phone. She got up silently and proceeded outside, where the music wasn’t so loud. She then looked at the sky, seeing how bright the stars were right now.

“ Liz, where are you?” he asked silently, in an awkward tone. “ I mean Maria wouldn’t tell me, I and I was just wondering, you know cause, you know, you left like you did.”

Liz inhaled deeply all of a sudden remembering the tears she had cried for two days straight after leaving Max on that fateful rock on that fateful day. The pain ripped through her barley healed hear, ripping it even more than it had been already. She could feel the tears silently blossom behind her eyes, feeling the love in his voice at the same time. Just wanting to get on the earliest flight, and go to Roswell and fling herself into his arms and beg him to kiss her senseless. But she couldn’t do that. He didn’t belong to her. And she didn’t belong to him.

“ It’s not really relevant Max, is it?” she asked as she unconsciously licked her lips, feeling a tear cascade down her face.

“ Yeah actually it is. I’ve been worried Liz. I mean, everything.....I really wish I was face to face with you right now to talk about.......everything. But I obviously can’t.” he said as she could feel his heart drop to his stomach. How could she feel that? Oh, that's because that was her hear dropping to her stomach.

“ Max..” Liz started as she once again going to push him away, hoping and fearing at the same time he would run to his wife's arms. God, how she hated the sound of that. All summer she had tried to forget that, but now as she was so close to actually forgetting he called.

“ No Liz.. I can feel you trying to push me away. I don’t know how, but, I feel it. And I’m not going to let you. You don’t understand Liz. I never did before either, but now I do. That day I healed you, everything was decided for us. Your mine, and I’m yours. It’s never going to change Liz. It’s fate.” Max explained over the phone.

Normally Liz would be touched and awed by that type of a thing. But now she wasn’t. She was infuriated, and at the same time so depressed. She just wanted to stop everything right then and there, make the whole world stand still, so she would never have to feel the need to catch up. But in the end she was the one standing still.

“ You know what Max? Screw Fate. Because it’s royally screwing you over. Your Destiny is Tess. And Max I’m sorry, I am so sorry. But were over, We are OVER! Do you not get it? There is no other way. I’ve made my decision. Now it’s time you made yours.” she said as she cried freely, knowing he could hear her over the phone, her voice cracking with so much emotion.

“ I have. And all I can say is one thing Liz. Your mine. You’ll never escape me.” he said. Being angered and outraged, Liz took her cell phone and checked it at the brick wall across from her, falling to the curb, as her purse dangled from her arm, the tears coming freely, and without fear. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and looked up.

“ Hey.” she whispered. Her tears still falling.

Jake took a seat next to her, his dark hair falling over his face covering his bright green eyes. He looked to her a wiped the tear from her face. He smiled gently as she rested her head on his shoulder. He looked to the brick way, seeing her cell phone, now laying in 30 pieces on the ground.

He smiled freely and laughed, “ I don’t think that can be fixed.” She nodded her head and lightly chuckled. He looked down at her and asked, “ Was that him?” She nodded once again feeling the tears urging to take control. Not they already hadn’t. “ I’m sorry. About everything your going through you don’t deserve it.” she nodded again as she silently rested on his shoulder, “ Want to go home.” She looked at him and said “ Please.”


“ Max, how could you call her?” Maria snapped as she walked into the back room of the crash down, where Max sat the phone still lying in his hand, trying to believe whether or not he just called Liz, and said that she was his and she would never escape him. Why had he been so hostile.

Maria walked over to him grabbed the phone out of his hands and whacked it onto his head extremely hard. Michael laughed as he watched Maria beating on Max, at least he wasn’t getting them now. Maria and him had cleared things up over the summer. He had to admit being with her was sometimes very frustrating and overwhelming in a good and a bad way. But now he felt a change in him. He was smiling and laughing. She did that, she was the one whole made him almost human. Now he understood what his brother Maxwell always meant.
Maria and him though, had already been to all the levels of their relationship, sex, love and understanding. Sure they argued a lot, immensely. But that was another way of saying I love you for them. He remembered the first time she and him had sex, it was amazing. But of course after entering that state of mind, he didn’t come out. So all of the lecturing Max was receiving from Maria right now, was oblivious to him.

“ Do you have any idea how un stable she is right now? She needs this time from you Max, she need’s to grow. Being with you, isn't going to give her that right.” Maria said as she hit him again and again on the head with the phone. He finally grabbed it from her and clonked her on the head with it.

“ I f you haven’t noticed Maria, I am a crazed man in love.” he said as he snaked a hand through his hair. Now shorter than it had been last year. He was more built if possible. And his clothing had changed dramatically. HE was now wearing a pair of loose black pants, that were baggy as hell on his muscular thighs, and he was wearing a black beater. To tell the truth, Max was looking even hotter than he did the year before. Even Maria thought so.

“ Yeah I did notice that. Max please, not only does Liz need to grow, but you do to. Go on date some girls. Liz dates guys I'm sure.” Maria told him as she sat across from him. Seeing the pain flash across his face, she almost regretted her words, but she knew what she was talking about. “ I’m serious Max. Your a hot hunk of a guy, use it! Tons of girls in Roswell want you, so let a few have you.”

“ I can’t Maria. All I want is Liz, she is the only thing I have ever wanted. Being with her is like breathing. And without her I just can't live.” Max explained as he leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees.

“ Well your going to have to get over that. Liz is going to be back in a few days Max, and she may not be the same.” Maria said sadly. She hadn’t talked to Liz all summer. Only once and that was the day after she had left. So one question rose to her mind, “ Does she sound the same?”

Max nodded as he smiled freely. “ She sound’s just like she did when she left.”

“ Okay. Well anyways, I want you to get your ass out there, and find your self a date for tonight, Max. And I’m serious. Your only seventeen. You need to be able to live your life before you actually decide every moment of it. Now GO!” Maria lectured. And Max did as she said. Even though he wasn’t happy with it, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? please.