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Title: untitled
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Max thinking 'bout Liz
Summary: Max remembers Liz. Somber fic.
Disclaimer: I own nada
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She always sat at the back.
She always sat in the corner. In the dark corner.
Her head was always down.
Her back always arched.
Her face was a picture of pain.
Her eyes always held loneliness.
She had no friends.
She had no reason.
She had no life ; we took that away from her.
Her hair was dark. Her eyes were dark. Her clothes were dark. Her demeanour was dark.
Her face was pale.
She didn’t smile; it was as if she had forgotten how to.
She used to be so pretty. So full of hope; now she has no hope; now she’s hopeless. Now she isn’t pretty. Her eyes used to hold happiness now their just bleak, void. They contain the pain her heart encases.
We didn’t see it. We didn’t realise what was happening. We could have stopped it. We could have cared. We didn’t.

She used to have friends.
She used to be happy.
She used to giggle.
She used to smile.
She used to cry. Now, now nothing.

We used to be her friends. Some how somewhere along the line we weren’t friends anymore. One day she had friends, the next she didn’t.
How it happened I don’t know it just did.
She used to sit at the front.
After what we did to her. She didn’t.
We didn’t notice.
Notice how each lesson, she would sit further & further to the back. Further & further away.
She made bright corners dark.
She used to be a girl. A happy carefree girl.
She became a name.
An insignificant name on a paper.
The teachers didn’t care, all she was, was a tick, a line. Just another student. We could have stopped it.

Instead we just stopped
stopped caring
stopped worrying
stopped caring
stopped seeing.
Just stopped.

He hurt her. We hurt her. We hurt her emotionally
We only noticed to call her names freak it just slipped off the tongue. Couldn’t help it.
He made her do it. We never knew. She hid it well. We saw it; we didn’t care.

We hurt her. Everyone hurt her.
She hurt her. He drove her to the blade. We told her to pick it up. He made her. We made her. Together we made her slash her wrists.
We could have stopped calling her names.
We could have noticed the cuts.
We could have made him stop.
We could have stopped her from doing it. We didn’t.

Together we hurt her.
Together we made her cry.
Together we made her want to escape.
We all had a part to play.
Together we made her do it.
We could have saved her.

Together we put her in the ground.
Individually we said goodbye.



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thanx Ripley, yeah my english teacher said to try & make the reader figure out what's happening (with her dad) any chance of an update on Trouble With A Capital L?

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I mean, max & them lot picked on her like verbally abused her & her dad phisically abused her

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becca, sorry thats the end, coz Liz is like dead & I kinda cant build on that *big*

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please read my fanfic, I need to know if its any good *tongue*

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