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Title: Hold On Tight
Category: M/L
Rating Nc-17 I am thinking by the second part
Disclaimer: Yeah I dont own anything.
Summary: When Max met Liz was it sugar and sweet or hot and spicy.

Hope you like the banner I made all by myself!!!


Part 1

I met Max at a party, that my friend Maria was throwing. I never waned to go but Maria forced me using her sly tactics that she some how can use to manipulate people to do things. Well, I can remember just like it was yesterday.

~~ I walked into the party with a smile on my face. I wasn't going to act like I didn't want to be here because I knew that Maria would someone make me meet one her friends and I really didn't want to meet them. I found Maria on the dance floor with her boyfriend the artist, Michael Guerin. He is very talented and he is one of the most famous painters in the New York City today.

Maria finally looked up to where I was standing and I gave her a smile that says I am the happiest person in the world right now. She smiles back at me, hopefully not planning something in that devious head of hers. You gotta watch out when your around Maria, you never know what she is thinking.

I see her whisper something in Michaels ear and run over to me. I open my arms for a hug and she almost jumped into them.

"Hey Maria." I say cheerifully knowing that if she thinks I am happy then she will leave me alone.

"Hey Chica" she says back to me just as happy. "I am so glad you came. For a while I didn't think you were going to come and then I knew I would have to go and get you off your lazy ass and get you here. But now I dont have to do that."

Oh yeah one more thing you should know about Maria is that she could talk forever. Sometimes it takes a while to finally get her to quiet down. Thank god right now isn't one of these times.

"So Liz I want you to meet this guy. I told him all about you and I know that you will love him. Plus he is soo Hot!!" Maria says to me.

I hate meeting new people that Maria sets me up with. I never relate to them in anyway.

"Maria, I dont know if I really want to meet any one right now. I mean I am happy being single. I could do a lot of things you know." I say hopefully she'll get the point that I don't want to meet him.

"Come on Liz!! Please!!" She says with a puppy dog look on her face. " I promise that you will love him."

I see her frown and I can't stand it when she looks at me like that. I really don't want to meet him. He will probably be really weird and have a fetish for feet or something but I cant stand the look on her face. All I know is that if he is some kind of weirdo Maria is going to have to pay me back big time.

"Fine Maria I will talk to him, okay."

"Yeah, I know you will love him. I promise this time." Maria says jumping up and down with happiness.

"So where is this guy." I ask a little curious.

"He's over there by the bar. The one with the brown hair and eyes."

I look over to the bar and for a minute I dont see anyone until my eyes land on this one guy. He is so hot. I can't help staring. He has these brown eyes that I feel as if they go n together and he has the looks of a greek god. He is amazing.

"Chica come on let me introduce you to." Maria says and I anxiously follow wanting to know more about him.

I trail behind Maria nervously but anxiously. I pray to the Gods that he wont by some murderer, physco, or just anything that could turn me agaisnt him. I realy want this one to work out and believe me I have these butterflies in my stomache that makes even more nervous. I haven't felt this way in a long time.

We finally arrive and Maria taps the dark haired stranger on the back.

"Max I would like you to meet Liz Parker." Maria says and he looks at me. Please like me I think. Please.

When his eyes meet mine I see him smile and I smile back.

"And Liz this is Max Evans. I hope you guys like each other. I have to get back to my boyfriend before he gets nervous because I have been gone so long." I know tha she is lying to get us alone but I am sorta glad. I want to be alone with him.

"So hey Liz, I heard so much at about you.." He starts saying and I finish.

"From Maria, right."

"Yeah." He says and Oh God his eyes are amazing. "So, I am glad I finallky got to meet you. You are just as beautiful as Maria says you were." I blush at his statement.

"Thank you." I start. "Your not to bad yourself."

"So Max you wanna go somewhere." I can't beleve I actually said that. He probably things I am some slut now or someting. I have never been this foward before but he's different from anyone I ever met before.

"Yeah I would like that." He says and I am suprised. I look up at him and se him smile at me.

"Really!?" I half yell in question, suprised.

"Yeah, I know the perfect place we could go." He says and I know that I could trust him.

He holds out his hand for mine and I place my hand in his and smile at him. Then we all but ran out of the party. I look at Maria and I see her mouth agape suprised that we are leaving together.

"So Mr. Evans where are we going?" I say as we leave in his car. I can leave mine here because I know Maria won't mind.

"It's a suprise Ms. Parker." He says as he pulls away from the curb.

"But I don't like suprises. Tell me Max please or I might just hurt you or somehting worse." I say trying to joke around.

"Oh really Liz and what that would that worse be." He says smirking at me with that sexy smile.

I undo my seatbelt and I can see the question in his eyes. I climb over to him and kiss him full on the lips sideways as to not block his view on the road.

I feel the car swerve to the side and then back on the road. I sit back in my seat with a stunned Max driving on.

Then I saw a smile form on his face and starts to talk, "Liz you don't think you could do that and get away with it now, can you Liz"

"I think I already did." I say wanting to kiss him again beacuse he has the softest lips and he can kiss so good and he didn't even try that time because I caught him by suprise.

I feel the car pull of the the side of the road.

"What are you doing?" I ask Max with curiosty.

"I am getting my revenge." He says in a husky voice. He pulls off his seat belt and leans over to me.

I looked at his eyes and I swear it looked as if he was going to eat me. The hunger I saw was overwhelming. His eyes were almost black and when I saw this I jumped on his lap and my lips landed on his fiercly and with so much hunger.

My legs strattled his waist as best and they could in the car while my hands landed on the back of his head pulling his mouth closer to mine.

I know he was shocked for a moment but then I felt his hands come up to my head stroking my hair and holding me closer.

I felt his tounge run across mine and I couldn't help but think that his tounge felt so good. I needed to feel it in my mouth so I opened my mouth for him. I felt his tounge go into my mouth and find mine instantly. Our tounges dueled in passion together just like my body wanted to do with his.

When I thought that I knew I had to stop it. Well, at least a little. Slowly I stopped the kiss and pulled away but I laid my forehead agaisnt his for a second. I looked at him and saw his eyes were still closed trying to get his mind to clear out and his lips were swollen and had my lip gloss on them. I wanteed to attack him again but I knew I would have to wait.

I slid off his lap and back into my seat. I saw his eyes open and said, "So what happened to your revenge?" I had to say. I saw him look over at me with passion and hunger in his eyes still.

At that moment I knew that I wanted him just as badly as he wanted me.

"Liz, You will get it soon enough, you will get it soon enough." He said before he pulled away form th curb.

"I'll be waiting Mr. Evans" I had to smile at him because he had a frustrated look on his face. I knew he was trying to concentrate on the road.

"Well don't worry Parker cause when it happens its going to be hard and unbelievable." He said and a smirk appeared on his face.

Oh Im hopping for it Max Evans, I thought.

TBC?? You like it.. If soo feedback will be good.. and will mae me right faster and get to the good parts. The next part will prob be nc-17 if you guys want it to be!!

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Wow guys I didnt think that I would actually get that much feedback. so because of all of you kind people you get the next part of this story.

Max Pov

Part 2

Oh god. Liz is unbelieveable and beautiful. I want her so bad ever since I saw her at Maria's party. The way her smile just lit up her face the way her chocolate brown eyes look into my eyes and the way her lips feel on mine. I feel my body heat up and when I said that the revenge will be hot and unbelievable. I meant it.

I know I have this cocky grin on my face as I look at Liz and I can she her smile back. I know that she probably see's the hunger in my eyes. She licks her lips and my foot pushes down on the gas harder making the car go faster.

At first I was trying to decide where I would take Liz but looking at her right now I knew exactly where I should go. I zoom down the road and spot my destination. My apartment. I stop the car in the parking lot near my room.

I look over at Liz and see a curious look on her face.

"Where are we Maz?" I look at her and she that beautiful smile on her face. I know she knows where we are and I know that she wants whatever I am going to give her.

"My apartment" I state. "You wanna come up."

Before I could look at her I hear the door of the car slam closed and I hear her yell, "Oh yeah!!"

She runs up to the front door and I saw her waiting anxiously for me to open the door. I know that she wants me as bad as I want her. Even though I want to take her and fuck her right here I know that I have to tease her, I have to pay her back.

I slowly get out of the car and walk as slowly as possible to front door of my apartment.

"Please Max" I hear her beg me to open the door.

"Just wait" I tell her trying to stop myself from grabbing her and kissing her or just ripping open the door so I could take her but I dont.

I take out my key ring and try the first key. That one doesn't work. I see her squirming around knowing that she was dying inside with hunger. I try the next key. Nope that one doesn't work.

"Max, please stop. I know you know what key it is" I look at her face and see that her eyes are almost completly black as mine are now too. I feel my penis jump anticipating what was going to happen next.

I put the right key in the hole next knowing I couldn't stop anymore. I open the door and Liz walks in abd I follow after her.

"So this is your apartment, huh?" She says knowing she doesn't want to seem to foward but I stop that and make the first move..

I grab her around her waist and kiss her fiercly. "Yeah" I says in between kisses. I lift her up and carry her into my bedroom . "and this is my room" I say.

I put Liz down and I know that she could feel my hard on on her stomache. It was aching to get lose and be buried deep within her.

"Enough talking Max, take me now" She says as she tore my shirt off of me.

Her mouth found my hard nipple and startes to bite and lick them sensually. I goaned out loud. Then she went to the other nipple while her hands went doen the my tight pants and undid them, and pulling them off my body being careful of my hard on that was waiting for her.

Her mouth left my nipples and she started kissing my chest and went downwards toward my hard cock but she stopped at the belly button. I groaned wanting her to touch me but she never did. Her tounge stopped at my belly button and went in and out of it.

I groaned " Liz!!" Who ever thought that could feel so good.

Her hands next went to the waistband of my boxers and she stuck her hand in them grabbing my dick and stroking it fiercly back and fourth . My hips bucked agianst her hand. Oh God thats feels so good. No, it feels amazing. I knew that I was about to cum any second so I told her to stop.

"Liz you have to stop, Liz or I'll never make it." reluctanly for both her and me she stopped and stood up and looked into my eyes which made me moan all over again.


Max's body is just wow! When I ripped off his shirt his nipples looked so inviting and god his cock is huge. I had to feel it and I loved making him squirm afte what he did to me outside but thats all over now.

Max took my mouth as his prisoner again. His hands went to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. I moaned when his lips left mine for that split second. As soon as the shirt was off, our lips gravitated back to one aother again.

The next thing I knew he had me in his arms and placed me on the bed. His lips left mine and went doen to my nipples that were hard for him.

His tounge licked my breast from underneath bringing it upward to my nipple. "Max" I groaned. His other hand was on the other nipple pinching and squeezing in the most breathtaking way possible.

My core was burning up wanting him to touch me there next. He looked up at me and growled when he looked in to my eyes and when I said "Max please touch me!"

He went down my body to my skirt. He pulled it off of me to see that I had no panties on I could hear him moan. His finger ran acorss my leg to my thigh and the then found there way my wet core. He parted my lips with his fingers and started to rub my clit.

"Max" I moaned while my hips bucked up and my back arched foward. He looked up at me and smiled. "Please Max! OH god! Pp..please Max" I stuttered from the pleasure he was giving me.

"Liz, baby tell me what you want. Liz tell me what you want me to do to you." He said teasingly.

"Max I want you to fuck me hard." I said with so much hunger in my voice. I looked at him again as he pulled of his boxer and saw his hard cock being placed at my entrance.

"Max I want to feel you in me. God Max NOW!' practically yelled at him and the next thing I felt was in cock inside ofme, filling me up. I heard him moan as he went in. He stayed still for a moment and then started to pound inside of me. Slow at first but then he got quicker and quicker.

"Harder Max. Faster. Faster!!" I yelled at him.


I could feel her walls tightened around my cock harder and harder each time my cock went inside of her. I moaned knowing that I was going to cum soon.

I could hear her telling me to go faster and harder and all I could think was that her wish was my command.


Liz Pov

I could feel me walls tightening around him and I knew that my orgasim was going to come soon. I could feel my hips buck up everytime he pounded into me helping him get deeper.

I felt him pound into me and I felt my orgasim rip lose.



I felt her almost there. I pounded into her one last time knowing that I would orgasim too. I heard myself and Liz start screaming at the same time when we started to cum and our orgasims came.

"OH MY GOD!! MMAAAXXX!! I heard from Liz.

While Myself I screamed, "OHH FUCKKK!!!! LIIZZZZZZ!!!"

After that I collapsed on the bed right next to her breathing heavily and thinking that that was the most amazing night of my life.

Tbc??... thankks for feedback again .Tell me if you like this part and want me to continue. I would be happy to continue if you want me too...
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Again thanks for the feedback!!! I luv You all!!
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HEY ALL YOU GUYS!!! wAZ UP??!? Are you ready for the next part!! Well here it is, Oh and thanks for all of your fedback. I really love it and I hope you like the banner I made for the story. Okay so without further interuption here is Part 3.

PArt 3

Liz Pov

That was the most invigorating and unbelievable thing that has every happened to me. His body is laying right next to me with sweat rolling down his well built body. He looks unbelievable sexy as he is lying down with his eyes closed resting.

I look at his face and see him smile at me and his eyes open and look into mine.

"So how was that Ms. Parker?" he asked with a cocky grin knowing that was the best sex I have every had before in my life.

He made me feel things that I never thought I could feel before just by looking in my eyes.

"Max, lets just say I think that I may try and get in trouble with you a lot" I said to him smiling when he started to laugh with his deep masculine voice.

"Oh really Liz. Well you better make sure you stay in shape cause I will have to just punish you everytime." He said seriously looking into my eyes.

"Oh I'm hoping for it." I say.

"So Max, Can I use your bathroom and take a quick shower." I ask hopefully cause I am so sweaty. I dont want to leave his arms but I am pretty sure I am looking very unpresentable at the moment.

"Why would you wanna do that Liz? You look so sexy right now" he says truthfully.

"Please Max I am so sweaty"

"Okay, Fine but only on one condition" he said.

"Oh and what would that be?"

"If you let me join you"

"It would be my pleasure" I said and jumped out of the bed started to run to the shower.

I heard him too jump out of bed and run after me. I could just imagaine his naked body running towards mine. I then felt hands wrap around my waist and lips attack mine.

"MmmM Liz do you know how good you taste." he says with so much passion in his voice.

"Not as good as you taste" I reply because I know that it is true. I never kissed anyone before and wanted to kiss them forever. I am addicted to Max Evans.

I watch as Max pulled away from me and walked into the bathroom. I stood there for a minute watching his tight ass as he went into the bathroom. I stood there ust thinking about touching and holding his ass as he plunged deep within my core.

A couple of minutes later I was broken out of my day dreaming when I heard a voice call for me from inside the bathrrom.

"Are you coming Liz?"

I walked into the bathroom to see Max in the shower as the water hit his well defined muscles and his lower body. I climb in the shower next to him and smile up at him.

"You know Max I always fantasised about having sex in a shower." I say to him hopping that he will full fill one of many fantasizes right now.

"Oh really Liz I think I might just have to help you with that one." He says has his mouth hits mine and his tounge plunged into my mouth exploring it and going as deep as he can.

I felt his cock grow bigger agaisnt my stomache as he became more and more aroused with each kiss.Hhis mouth left mine and went down to my neck sucking and nibiling playfully.

Then I wrapped my legs around his body as he slammed my body agaisnt the wall of the shower. He continued with my neck as I moaned out his name. "Max!" He stopped his assault on my neck and let me down.

"Max can I do something for you?" I asked with huskiness in my voice and hunger for him in my eyes.

"Yes, of course Liz always" He said and I smiled pleased.

I lowered myself doen to my knees and smiled up at him. I saw his eyes get darker finally realizing what I was going to do to him.

"Liz you don't have to do this." he says hoping that he didn't think I was doing this to him just because I felt like it was my responsibility.

"Max I really want to do this. From the first time you kissed me I wanted to this. Please don't stop me." I said truthfully. I really wanted to. I wanted to feel his cock and hips thrust agaisnt my mouth as he screamed out my name and cumed into my mouth. I want to taste him.

I dont wait for him to answer I put mouth around his cock and suck gently at first on the tip. Then I would pull him in a little farther each time sucking a little harder. Finally I took him completly in my mouth bring my mouth back and forth on his hard but yet soft cock.

I felt his hips thrust agaisnt my mouth and pulled out. I looked up at him. He had his eyes closed letting the desire over take fullfill him. Then I ran my tounge underneath his dick. I heard him moan and groan my name. I smiled happy that I could pleasure this unbelivable man.

Again I took him fully in my mouth and sucked back and fourth. My hand came up to his one of his balls and gently squeezed and played with it.

Then I heard him yell my name.

"Liz FUCK I am Going to cum!!" I continued what I was doing while he screamed and his hips thrusting a little faster in my mouth. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. In my head I pleaded and wished for him to cum.

Finally he screamed my name one last time and cursed as hips plunged deep in my mouth and he came. I took him all greedily trying to get every last drop. I milked him dry and licked my lips when I finally finished.

I looked up at his face pleased that I was able to pleasure him completly.

I got up off my knees and went to his ear and whispered,"MmM MAx you tasted so good and oh yeah that was another one of my fantasies. Thank you." I heard him groan

I turned off the shower because the water was becoming cold and climbed out. I grabbed a towel and told Max that I will meet him in bed. Before I could leave though I heard him whisper to himself.

"Liz Parker is going to be the death of me." I smiled pleased at myself.


"Liz Parker is going to be the death of me" I whispered to myself.

That was... well I don't know what it was but no girl has every done that like she did it. She made me stop and breathe afterwatds. She made me scream her name louder then any one has every made me have to.

Once I pulled my self together I climbed out of the shower and dried myself off with a towel and walked to my bedroom.

When I finally made it to my room I never expected to see what I saw. I saw a naked Liz Parker curled up on my bed asleep with a smile on her face.

I climbed into bed next to her and drapped my arm of her waist and laid down right next to her.

"Good night my beautiful angel" I whispered before I fell asleep thinking that I am going to need my energy for tomorrow.

TBC??! if you like I will continue. Sry if there was alot of spelling mistakes

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Hey guys I love your feedback so much. I hope you guys uderstand how much I relaly love it ause you know I do. Thanks again. Oh and in advance sorry for spelling mistakes, if there is any!! =)

Part 4


I woke up the next morning feeling wonderful and rested. I turned over to find the most beautiful sight in the world. It was Max curled up naked sleeping right next to me.

"To wake or no to wake that is the question"I whispered to myself. Of course I decided to wake the beautiful sex God that was sleeping right next to me. I mean who wouldn't wake someone who could make you feel things you thought you would never feel during your life.

I went over to him and kissed his neck and then brought my lips up to his and kissed him softly. I felt him move around slightly and he moaned my name. What a beautiful sound I thought, it was like music to my ears.

"Max wake up" I whispered in his ear to wake him up.

"MmMm Liz. Don't stop" He said with passion in his voice still sleeping.

All I could think about was that Max Evans was having a sex dream about me. I wonder what kind of sex dream I thought wonering if it was kinky or not.

I went down to his ear and whispered/moaned in his ear "Maaxxx, thats feels so good" thinking that he may continue his dream.

"Baby...Im so hard for you!" I jumped up when he said this shocked well not really shocked just happy that he was really thinking about me in that way.

When I jumped though I shook the bed causing Max to wake-up from his dream. I looked at his flushed face and smiled down at him. He looked back up at me and a full-blown smile crossed his face.

"Liz, how long were you a wake." He said suprised that I awoke before he did.

"Umm.. long enough." I said thinking about his dreams and wondering if he thought of me as girlfriend material or just a good fuck.

"You should have woke me sooner then." he replied looking at me with love in his eyes, or something that resembled love in his beautiful brown eyes.

"You looked so hapy lying there. I didn't want to disturb you." I said truthfully.

We sat there for a couple of minutes just staring at one another. I could never get bored looking into his eyes. I saw his eyes wander down to my lips and I knew that he was going to kiss me again. He brought his head down to mine and our lips fused together. But when our lips touched this time I felt something that I didn't feel before. I felt a spark. I was amazing. it was a tingling sensation that traveled from my lips throughout my body. When his lips left mine it was gone and I felt lonely without it and his lips.

"So Max, do you think that later you could drive me to Maria's to get my car." I asked not because I wanted to leave Max but because I know that Maria is probably going to want to know what happened to me and Max after we left.

"Yeah sure Liz. I have to go talk to Michael anyway." He said as he got up from the bed allowing me to see his whole body nude as he stretched. "We could leave in 5 minutes after we get dressed." Then he finally realized that I didn't have any clothes to wear unless I wanted to wear my dirty ones.

"I think that I have some clothes from my sister from when she visits if you want to wear that." He said looking at me.

"Yeah, that would be fine. I don't feel like wearing my ones from yesterday" I said glad that I woldn't have to wear my dirty clothes.

I watched as he got changed into some tight fitting blue jeans and a white tee shirt that fit his body just right. I think I could watch him forever.

"I'll be right back" He said as he left the room to get some clothes for me.

While he was gone I looked around his room for the first time. It was perfect just like him. He had pictres of his family everywhere. Also, he had computer which was on top of a desk that he had in his room. The whole room screamed Max Evans and god did it smell good, just like him.

"Here Liz this is what I could find." He said as he entered the room again. He held up what looked like a pair of jeans and a blue tank top.

"That looks perfect Max." I put on the clothes in front of him and they were perfect fit somehow. "See Max perfect." I said spining around in a circle showing him.


I have to admit Isabel, my sisters, clothes did fit her perfectly. The way the jeans hugged her legs and the shirt layed agaisnt her slim stomache was just perfect.

"So Liz you ready to go." I said even though I didn't want her to have to leave my room or bed. I wanted her to stay here and be mine forever but I know that that's not possible.

"Yeah Max I'm ready." She said. as she started to walk out the front door of my apartement and to my car.

I walked over to her and brought my head down to hers and kissed her lips and I felt that amazing spark again just like this morning. When I pulled my head away from hers I layed my forehead and agaisnt hers.

"Liz, I really like you and I know that we just met but I know that what we did last night wasn't wrong. In fact I am postive that it wasn't wrong it felt like the most right thing in the whole world. I never felt like that before." I started and pulled my head away from hers and looked into her eyes as I continued. "When I first saw you at that party I felt a spark just like I feel when I kiss you and I wondered if you feel it too?"

"Yes Max I do. It's amazing, I have to agree." She sad to me with a wide smile on her face.

"Good. I know that I want to be with you. I want you to know that I didn't sleep with you just to never see you again. I want to be with you. I want to love you. I want us to be happy together." I said telling her everything that was inside my heart. "Liz I think that I may be falling in love with you. I know that it may seem crazy because we just met but I know..."

Before I could finish her lips were on mine. When she pulled away I heard the most amazing thing in the world.

"Max I already fell." She said. At first I didn't undersand what she was saying but the next thing she said made me smile with happiness..

"I love you Max" and my heart skipped a beat.

"You know what Liz I love you too." I relpied and gave her a short kiss on the lips. "We better go now so we can take care of Maria and get your car back." I said trying to joke and I was again filled with love when I heard her beautiful laugh.

"We better watch out when we get in there, shes going to be firing questions left and right." she said still laughing.

"Yeah, but at least we will be able to face her together now." I said silently adding, "forever"

TBC..???? Ill try and have some nookie in the next one. I just thuought that we needed alittle of the sweet stuff in there. Also I'll try and mae the parts longer. Hoped you liked this part. Oh and the next part will be with Maria and Michaels reacion to everything that happened for all of you that love those parts!! And I wont let you wait too long

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hey guys again!?? Lol Waz up.. I wrote another part for you guys.. T parts in one day.. lucky u guys!! Well thanks for feedback again. and without any more wait part 5

Oh it might get confusing at one part but it goes back and fourth between michael and max's convo to maria and liz's just to let u know.



After are long talk I was so happy and excited. I found out that Max Evans loved me. I thought that it would be impossible for that to happen, but it wasnt, he did.

We are now in the car driving down to Maria's house to face her and I know that she will have thousands and thusands of questions for us to answer. I am lucky now though cause I will have Max at my side hleping me to beat her. I will always have Max now.

Max stopped the car when we got to Maria's house. I was happy to see that my car was sitting there on the side of the road the way I left it.

I watched as Mx got out of the car and walked over to my side of th car. I watchd him the whole time. He came to my door and opened it. Then he held out his hand for mine.

"Are you ready, to face the animal?" he said joking around.

"Now that I have you, yes." I said grabbing his hand.

We walked to the door hand in hand. I looked through one of the windows while we were walking only to see Maria watching us. I smiled knowing that Maria was probably waiting there for us all night.

"Max we have a watcher" I whispered in his ear and I nodded my head to the window.

He moved his head so he could see and I heard him laugh when he saw Maria jumping up and down probably from seeing us together.

We finally got to the door and before I could ring the doorbell the door flew open.

"LIZ!! Oh My God! We Gotta talk right now." she yelled with a huge smile on her face.

I laughed as she grabbed my hand. I looked back at Max and gave him a look that said I will be fine and he nodded back at me telling me that he understood.

Maria pulled me into the living room to talk and that was pretty scary thing because when Maria started to talk she never stopped.

"So Liz what happened last night?" she asked really excited like a little girl who just got a candy bar.

"Maria I don't think I should tell you. It's sorta personal." I said not really wanting her to know but I know that she would squeeze it out of me.

"Liz come on you have to tell me. I mean I set you to up and didn't I tell you that you two would hit it of." She started."I mean I set you up and then like five minutes later you two are going through the door together. You have to tell me Liz I am your best friend."

"Okay Maria I'l tell you just take a deep breathe and calm down." I said laughing.

I watched as she took a deep breathe and relaxed on the couch.

"Okay so tell me everything." She stated.

"Michael I am not going to tell you everything" I said to Michael. I swear he could be just as bad as Maria.

"Come on Maxwell I mean we have been friends for like forever. You can't hold out on me." He said anxiously. "If you don't tell me I'll pull a Maria on you."

Uh oh I better tell him I dont want that happening. I can't picture Michael acting like Maria and me living through it.

"Okay yeah so I was going to take her to that new cafe in town but things changed." I started.
"Then I sorta jumped him the car" I said to her knowing that she would love that little bit of information.

"You attacked him the car. I didn't know you had it in you girl. Good going!" Maria said smiling happy with the news so far.


"So then I took her back to her my apartment, so you know I could umm... get my.. uhh revenge." I said feeling my self blush.

"You took her back to you apartment!!" Michael said. "Way to go"

"So you got laid chica. Good for you." Maria said. "So was it good."
"It was amazing Michael. The best I have ever had." I said thinking back to last night.

"Maxwell, well it probably was, seeing that you only slept with like two other girls before." He said grinning at me.

"It was different Michael"
"Maria it was the best and after, well before we came here he said he loved me and I told him I loved him too" I said smiling. "You know what Maria I really meant it and I know he does too."

"I'm happy that your happy Liz." Maria said and I know she was jus thinking that she did a good job setting us up and I have to admit that she did, once and for all.

I heard a males voice and then I heard Max's laughter. My smile reached my eyes when I heard his voice. I know Maria was looking at me with a smile on her face too.

"Go to him chica. I'll see you later." She sad letting me go to my sex god.

"Thank you Maria for everything. I love you." I said wanting to run to Max.

"I love you to chica." She said and let me go.

I almost ran into the kitchen but I paused in the doorway. I watched as Max interacted with Michael sitting there. I watched as a smile lit up his face and the way his hands moved when he talked. I could get used to this I thought as I watched them.

Then as if Max felt me he looked up to the door way and smiled at me. I watched as he whispered something to Michael and then he got out of his seat and walked over to me like a lion finding its mate.

"Are you ready to go." He asked me and I watched as his eyes grew darker.

"Yes Max" I mumbled breathlessly watching him always makes me want him and I am going to have him but this time its going to be in my apartment.

We literally ran out he door to our sepreate cars.

"Max!" I yelled out to him. "Just follow me."

I saw him nod at me and off we went in our seperate cars to my apartment.

I went as fast as possible looking back a couple of times to make sure Max was still following which he was. Finally we arrived at my apartment and we slammed on our brakes and ran out of the car.

I ran to the door to find Max standing there. I found the right key in my purse and stuck it in the lock and turned it. I opened the door and threw my purse on the table near the door.

I turned around to face Max but before I could say anything his mouth was on mine attacking it. His tounge sliped into my mouth and I again felt that wonderful spark.

His tounge played with mine teasingly. I moaned at him and I felt him smile agaisnt my mouth.

"Maxx!! I want you." I almost yelled out from the feelng deep within me.

I went over to him and pulled off his shirt and ran my hands over his nipples, pleased when he moaned out my name. I looked up at his eyes to see them closed with pleasure.

Then I went to to his pants and unbuttoned them. I saw that oh so familiar bulge wanting to be free. I ran my hands across it through the jeans and felt it twitch and Max's hip thrust foward.

"You like that Max?" I asked wanting to please him.

"Oh God! Yes Liz" I heard him say in a deep husky voice.

I went back to the zipper and pulled it down. His panst and boxers followed afterwards. I took a step backwards to look at my man in all of his glory. Beautiful I thought to myself.

I looked back at his face and saw him smiling that cocky grin at me again.

"Someone looks a little over dressed over here." He said and walked over to me.

He pulled my shirt over my head to find that I didn't wear a bra. His hands made it to my breast and my back arched with pleasure as he genlty squeezed them.

He let go of my breasts and went down to my pants and pulled them off too. It was him turn to stare now and I looked down embarrased.

"Liz don't look like that. Your beautiful."

"Max take me now." I said not being able to take it any more.

"Your wish is my command." He said and lifted me up agaisnt the wall.

"Max Now!!" I yelled at him.

He stuck his cock into me and slowly plunged into me each time deeper.

He was going to slow I thought.

"Max, Harder"

"Like this baby?" he said as he moved a little faster.

"No Max!! " I yelled in frustration I wanted him to pound into me.

"Like this Max" I told him as I pushed my hips up agaist hi cock faster and faster.

I heard him moan out my name as I pushed my hips at his cock. "God Lizz!!" I heard him yell.

He finally started to pound into me hard not being able to control himself.. It felt so good. I felt my core start to burn and I knew my orgasim was coming.

"GOD LIZ!!! I am going to cum!" He yelled out my name over and over.

"Me too MAX!! ME too!!" I yelled back.

Then finally after he plunged into me one last time. I screamed out his name in pleasure as I climaxed and hit my orgasim.

"FUCK MAX!!1" I yelled at him as I cumed.

Not soon later though I heard him yell "LIZZ!! BABBYYY!!" As he too cumed into me with so much force then I again screamed out again in orgasim.

After that was all over Max brung us down to the floor covered in sweat.



"We never made it to the bedroom."

"I know"

"But that was great."

"I agree."

"You want to know something Max."


"That was another one of my fantasies" I said before I fell asleep in Max's strong arms.

Tbc??? Two parts in one day. Lucky u guys. How'd you like that nookie. I know no te best but I was getting tired. I'll make it better next time.

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HEY GUYS 3 PARTS IN ONE NIGHT. LUCKY YOU!! Thanks for feedback again!!!!!!!!!!!! Some answers will be answered in the next part that you have!!

PArt 6


I woke up on the floor curled up around my beautiful Liz in a apartment which wasn't my own. When I looked around I finally realized that it was Liz's. It was what I imagined it would be like.

I grabbed Liz off the floor gently not wanting to wake her up and carried her around the apartment looking for her room. When I finally found it I layed her down on her bed and then went back and got my boxers on the floor and put them on.

I checked on Liz once before I went into the kitchen. I decided that I would make her dinner before she woke up.

What could I make that wouldn't burn down the house, I thought to myself smiling. I opened the refrigerator and saw that it was packed unlike mine.

After about ten minutes I decided to just order chinese food from Chung Lee's around the corner. It would be better then me making something totally disgusting and having Liz hate it.

I called the resturant and ordered sesame chicken, white rice, pork lo mein, and wanton soup.

Around twenty minutes later I ran to the door to wait for the deliever boy because I didn't want Liz to wake up from the sound of the door bell. Not soon after he came and I payed the bill.

I layed all the food out on the table and put out two candles in the center of the table and dimed the lights down. Perfect I thought to myself when I finish everything.

Next I walked into Liz's room and climbed on the bed. I gently shook Liz and whispered in her ear.

"Wake up Liz, baby." I whispered in her ear not wanting to shake her awake.

"Five more minutes mom." She says still half asleep.

"You know Liz a lot can happen in five minutes." I say to her seductively.

I watch her stretch awake when she opens her eyes and looks at me with a huge smile.

"MmM something smells food." She says with the most adorable face.

"Yeah I ordered chinese. I was going to make you something but I thought that I might burn down the house or something." I say to her feeling so comfortable around her.

I hear her laugh and I smile loving the sound of it. I wish that she would laugh all the time.

"Okay sleepy head, now get up and put something on and come into the kitchen so we can eat." I tell her.

"Okay master." She says automatically.

I love being woken up Max. Its amazing to open your eyes and stare into the eyes of your lover.

I get up out of bed reluctantly and put on my favorite satin robe and walked into the kitchen.

I look into the room suprised to see the candles and everything done already.

"Max this is beautiful." I tell him because well it really is.

"Well theres only the best for you. Oh and if you are good I have a delicious desert for you and me later." He tells me. I wonder what it could be I think to myself. I dont try to ask him because I know he wont tell me.

I watch as he pulls out my seat for me. I sit down and watch him go to his seat.

"I hope you like this food. I wasn't sure." he says unsure of himself.

"No I love it." I say taking a huge bit of my chicken. "MmMmmm" I moan showing how much I really like it.

"Liz please don't do that. Oh I might just have to take you right here on the table." I hear him say.

"Is that a threat or a promise Mr. Evans." I say with a grin on my face.

"Thats a promise Liz, definitly a promise but thats for another night."

I feel my cheeks burn up with passion from hearing his words. I could just picture Max and I having sex on my kitchen table.

We finally finish eating a half an hour later and I start to wonder about desert.

"So Max have I been a good girl. Do I get to have desert?" I ask this puppy dog look on my face begging him to say yes.

Liz looks so cute with that lok on her face and I know that she is definitely getting what I want to give her.

"Yeah Liz you have been a good girl." I say wondering if she will lie what I have planned for her.

"Yay!" I hear her yell like a little girl and I just smile at her childish tactics.

"Why don't you go to your bedroom and we'll have desert in there, okay?" I ask her.

"Okay Max."

I watch as she runs off to her rom and I look in her refrgerator and get what I need. Hmm... whipcream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries perfect. I take these things and bring them into her room.

When I walk in the room I see Liz sitting in her bed waiting for me. I watch her as she looks at the contents in my hand curiously and then looks at me with curiousity in her eyes.

"Max, what are you planning to do with that." She asks me with wonder in her eye.

"Something that will drive you crazy." I reply simply.

I see her move around a little bit on the bed. I climb over to her and place everything down on the bed. I climb behind Liz and take off her robe.

Then I took a hankerchief I found earlier and placed it around her eyes,

"Max what are you doing?" She asked again.

"Shh.. Liz lie down. Don't think just feel." I answered..

I watched as she lied down on her back and awaited for what would happen next. I took the one of the freshly washed strawberries and put a little whip cream on it.

"Liz open your mouth a little." I asked her and she did what I told her.

I placed the strawberries at her lips and watched as she took a bit of the strawberry.

She moaned from the taste. That sound made me as hard as a rock. I looked at her face and saw that she had juice and whipcream around her mouth from the fruit. Her tounge was about to leave her mouth to clean it but I stopped her.

"Liz don't. Let me." I watched her head nod up and down.

I brung my mouth down to hers and let my tounge sneak out and clean off all the juice and whipcream that didn't make it in her mouth. After I cleaned it I kissed her lips.

Next I took the can of whipped cream and squirted around each one of her hard nipples, that were just waiting for my touch.

When I put the creame on her, her back arched from the coldness of the cream. I heard her moan when my mouth went down the first nipple on her body and I sucked on it and lapped up all of the wipcream gently nibbling along the way.

Her back arched and she started to yell out my name. I smiled loving making her feel so much pleasure.

Oh God! This feels so good. After that one nipple I thought I was going to die but his mouth found the other one. When his lips made contact my back arched upwards again and I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my throat again.

When I felt that he was done I asked him, "Max can I take this off I want to try."

"Of course." My hand went in back of my head and untied the hankerchief and looked at Max knowing my eyes must be almost black.

I crawled over to him and pushed him down on his back. I took the chocolate syrup that he brung in and squirted it on one of his nipples and on his happy trail.

"Max you better be happy that I love chocolate and you." I said smiling while his eyes got darker.

I brung my mouth down fiercly onto hi nipple and started to suck hard on his nipple. His moans told me that it wasn't hurting him. I nibbled on it making sure that I completly cleaned it off.

When I brought my head up from his nipples and I kissed his mouth.

"Mmm..." I moaned inside his mouth.

I pulled away and then went down to his trail. I licked my way down getting all the chocolate on the way down.

When I got to his belly button I circled it with my tounge and every now then I allowed my tounge to go in out and out making his body jerk upwards.

Suddenly I stopped and I brought my face up to Max and asked him something I thought I would never ask a man.

"Max" I whispered. "I wanna watch you please yourself. I want to wath your jerk off."

I saw his eyes grown big when I asked him this.

"Are you sure Liz?" He asked me.

"Yes Max, Please." I begged him. I wanted to watch him bring himself over the edge.

"Liz if you want me to then I will."

I watched him climb off the bed and look over to me. I watched as his hand went to his hard cock and started to stroke it back and fourth.

I saw his motions becoming quicker and I got aroused. I layed down on the bed watching Max and brung my hand down to my core. I started to rub my clit back and fourth, pleasing myself.

I looked at him looking at me pleasing myself and his eyes grew big and dark. His motion became faster as did mine.

His hips started to jerk foward a little and he placed his hand on the wall keeping himself balanced.

I placed my finger into my core and went in and out. I started to shake violently as my orgasim hit me and I screamed out Max's name.

"Oh God Maxx!!" I screamed when my orgasim ended I saw Max about to cum.

Then he too started to shake and his orgaism over took him and he too came everywhere, not that I cared about the mess that would be there after. I watched him take deep breaths afterwards.

I walked over to him and held him close while he sat on the floor.

"Max that was amazing." I said to him. Watching him please himself was something that I only could imagine in my dreams.

"No Liz, you touching yourself. Oh God! now that was amazing." He said smiling up at me.

"Come on Max lets go to bed and we'll talk in the morning."

We both climbed into bed with one another and curled up together sleeping peacefully.

tbc...?? I dont know if that came out right I hope it did. So 3 parts in one day you aguys are rally lucky I wonder if that wil ever happen again.. lets hope soo!! wonder what will happen next...???

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oh thank you soo much!! I wastsure if I was ging to write that thid part becuase well its 3 pats in 1 DAy!! U know but I did it for all of you!!!!!!!!!1
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I should have the next part out by tomorrow night.. and if ur lucky there will be alot of nookie in it for u guys~~ YAY!!! lol

So look for the new part tomorrow!!! *big*
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Hey are all you guys doing? I told you I would give you a part today so here it is another part. I hope all you guys like it!! It has some more nookie just like you guys like.Sry that its soo short.. the next one will be longer.

Part 7


You can't understand what it feels like to wake up in Liz's beautiful arms after a night of hot passionate sex. It is amazing. She suprised me last night when she asked me to jerk off in front of her but I would do anything for her.

I was a little uncomfortable at first but when I saw her pleasuring herself on her bed, I bursted up in passion and I couldn't contol what I did to my body. Just the sight of her on the bed made me lose my conrtol.

After we woke up together we took a shower together washing and pleasuring each oher completley. After our shower I made breafast for Liz and I.

I watched her as she ate her food. I loved the look of happiness on her face when she took a bite of it for the first time. Shes the only person I know that could make me want her so badly just be watching her eat food. Her desire for it was amazing.

We were sitting at the table when a horrible thought suddenly popped into my head.

"Liz?" I asked her with a little bit of fear in my vioce.

"What is it Max?" She asked startled by the sound of my voice. I hated to scare her.

"Liz we didn't use protection any time that we had sex." I told her a little suprised that she didn't look worried.

"Don't worry Max." She said with a slight smile on her face. "I am on birth control."

I was so relieved, not that having a baby with Liz would be bad, but it was just frightening to think that it would happen so soon. I mean I just met Liz. I looked over at her and saw her smile at me.

Oh God I want her I thought to myself. I think it was time for that promise I made last night to become a reality. I smiled at the thought of last night.

I lifted myself out my chair and moved over to Liz in one swift motion.

I saw her head turn upwards to look at me. "Liz I think its time to make that promise from last night happen." I said to her hopping she would remember what I was talking about.

I saw her eyes turn darker and she lifted herself out of chair and she jumped into my arms. She put her legs around my waist and started to kiss my lips hard.

I took my hands and in one swift motion I cleared the table off. I layed her down on it and stared down at her.

"Liz, lets hope this table holds." I aske her with a wild grin on my face.

"Oh it better." She replied playfully her voice filled with a passion that I hope I will only hear from now on..

I brought my hands down to her robe and untied it looking at her the whole time.

I looked up and down her body when I finally got it off completely. I watched her blush from my tactics.

"Liz you are so beautiful." I told her.

She looked up at me answered with so much need in her voice. "Please Max take me."

I smiled at her loving the way her voice begged my to fuck her. My cock grew for her. I felt her hand go to the waist of my boxers and pull them down as far as she could in that postion.

I brought my head down to hers and kissed her lips and worked on down to her neck. I sucked and nibbled on it trying to leave mark so everyone would know she was mine. I heard her moan when I was finished.

I brought my mouth down her to hers stomache while my hands went exploring her breast. I loved to watch the pleasure on her voice as I touched her.

I felt the table wobble underneath us when Liz struggeled to stay in conrtol.

"Max please now!" She yelled at me thrusting her hips up trying to get to my cock.

I placed my cock at her entrance inside of her and moved as qiuckly as I possibly could. I felt her legs wrap around make waist making me go as deep as I could inside of her body everytime I plunged into her core.

Our bodies moved back and fourth on the table shaking it, even though we couldn't feel it. We were too wrapped up in the pleasure we were giving one another.

When my orgasim finally came I came into her body frighteningly fast causing her to shudder with pleasure..

"Lizz!! I love you!1" I yelled as I came into her magnificent body.

"Max! I love you too!! Forever!!" I heard her yell back at me when her orgasim came and our bodies slumped togehter down onto the table.

I laid on top her for a couple of minutes trying to pull myself together.

"Max that was wonderful." I heard Liz whisper into my ear. "You have to make me alot more promises." She said.

"Oh dont worry Liz there will plenty of time for that later." I whispered back praying that I would be able to survive from all the fucking that has been going on lately and all that will come in the future.

Later that day

Liz Pov

Im Liz Parker and I fell in love with the greatest, nicest, sexiest man in the whole world.

When I touch him I got shivers up and down my spine.

When I kiss him I feel this spark that goes through out my whole body and pleasures me.

Then when he fucks me I feel complete. It is the best feeling in the world the way his cock fills my depths and my unbelievable orgasims that his body gives me from it.

My life started two days ago when Max Evans walked into my life. I wasn't living, breathing, and I didn't even know what the word love ment until he walked into my life. I didn't know that it could be so fulfilling do wonderful

I know that he is forever.

After I finished I walked over to my dresser and hid my journal in the bottom drawer hoping that know one will ever find it.

I climbed into my bed and rolled over on my stomache and smelled my pillow. It smelled like Max. I smiled at that. He smelt so good. I feel asleep peacefully in the best mood ever, wishing for tomorrow to come so I could see my Max again.

Tbc!? U like. YES? NO? You want me to coninue? If so I will I have some ideas for te future for Max and Liz. lol.. Well thanks for the feedback and ill be waiting for some more soon!! SEE yous later!!

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Sry I didn't write anyting yesterday.. I had a doctors appointment!! but there will be a part toda for all of you.. I think that Max ad Liz might have a trip to the carnival *big* I wonder wats going to happned there... lol

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Part 8

Max Pov

I thought Liz and I would finally do something fun together, you know, so our relationship wouldn't be just sex sex and oh yeah more sex. I decided to take Liz out somewhere. Someplace we would both enjoy, so I took her to a carnival that just happend to be in town at the time.

So here we are walking around. We rode a couple of rides when all of a sudden Liz's eyes lit up.

"Max can we go on the ferris wheel. Please Max." She asked pleadingly.

"I don't know Liz. I don't know if I really want to. I think I am feeling alittle hungry." I said jokingly, knowing that I will be going on the ride no matter what I thought. Liz could make me do anything.

"Please!" She begged me pouting her lips in the most sexual way anyone could.

I finally caved in and she started to jump up and down with happiness.

"Thank you Max. Thank You." She said with the biggest smile on her face as she grabbed my hand and pulled me on line for the ride.

I watched her eyes light up as she stared at the ferris wheel going round and round. I felt as if we were little children again, so excited about the littlest things.

Finally it was our turn to get on he ride. I got onto the seat first and held out my hand for Liz's as she too came in and sat right next me.

"Max, I am so excited." She exclaimed.

Finally after everyone was seated the ferris wheel started going. Liz was amazed at the things around her and I have to admit that the view was pretty cool. We were having so much together when all of a sudden the ride just stopped and we were on top.

"Umm... Max what happened?" Liz asked me expecting me to know the answer.

"I don't know Liz."

A couple of minutes later we finally found out.

"Im sorry ladies and gentlemen we are having technical difficulties. We will have everthing working as soon as possible."

I looked at Liz and her face had a expression of worry on it. "Liz don't worry." I told her sincerly. "Everything will be fine."

"But Max what happens if hey can't fix it.. we are all the way on top. What happens if it falls? Or we get hungy? Or.." I stopped her ranting by placing my mouth over hers.

When she finally calmed down I told her everything was fine and she rested on my lap.

We were still sitting there two hours later and it was dark out. The view was beautiful though. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the starts were shining so clearly. It was a picture perfect moment, the stars were out and I had Liz in my arms.

"Im so bored Max" Liz said as she looked up at me.

A grin formed on my face when an idea formed in my head.

"I know something we could do." I told her with a sly grin on my face, raising my eyebrows up and down.

"Max! No we can't do that." She said almost yelling in shcok. "Everyone would see us."

"No they would Liz. There all below us."

"Then they would hear us." She said still looking at me with wide eyes.

"Then you will just have to keep quiet." I said to her.

"But Max.." She started but I cut her off with another intimate kiss.

My tounge went inside the dephts of her amazing mouth, exploring everwhere. I heard her moan when we pulled away from one another. When I finally looked in her eyes I saw her hunger and I smiled at her.

Liz Pov

When Max asked me to do this. Like five hundred million reasons why we shouldn't popped into my head. but when he kissed me all of them disappeared, plus I thought it would be pretty exciting and exhilarating.

I watched as he smiled at me. My hands went down to his pants and unzipped them pulling them down to his knees with his boxers. I looked down at him and saw his erection waiting for me. I couldn't help but think that my man is beautful and big.

I looked into his dark eyes and smiled at him.

"Mr. Evans you seem to like this. Dont you?" I said glancing at his cock knwing that he likd how kinky this was.

"Only because your here." He replied.

He went to my jeans and took them of my body. His hand went to my core and felt the heat radiating off of it.

I felt a moan forming in the back of my throat because of the way he was touching me. He saw my head and body arch and brought his lips down to mine as I moaned muffling the sound.

He pulled his hand away and again I moaned from the loss of his touch. "Max now " I said. "Please" I whispered to him.

I climbed on top his erection and slid him inside of me. I rode him slowly not wanting to shake the seat area we were in too fast. That would cause too many people to start looking around trying to find the cause of the problem and I didn't want anyone to know what we were doing up here.

I heard him groan. I knew he wanted to go faster. I wanted to feel him pound into me too but I thought it was for the best that we didn't.

His hands traveled down to my waist and pulled me up and down on his body quicker. I started to moan out his name. Each time getting louder.

He brought his lips to mine again while he helped me ride him, to muffle the moans of his name that I wanted to scream out. At this moment I didn't care who saw or heard us. All I felt was the pleasure that he was causing deep insde of me.

With one last plunged I felt his orgasm coming with mine. I continued to kiss him as he plunged into me when our orgasims came together. I felt him cum into me and we each moaned each other names into the others throat muffling our cries of pleasure.

When we finally calmed down I brought my head up and looked up at Max.

"Was that as good for you as it was for me?" He asked with a huge grin of pleasure on his face.

"It was better." I said smiling happily as I pulled up my pants and sat next to him.

Finally about a minute later we felt the ride move and we were quickly back on the ground.

"We are so sorry for the inconvience." The manger said with a smile on his face as we exited the ride.

"That was okay... we had more fun then you think." Max replied with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Yeah, sir. It's okay." I said adding in my two cents.

I grabbed onto Max's hand as we passed the manager which had a shocked yet understanding smile on his face.

I couldn't help but wonder if her noticed any part of the ferris wheel moving or muffled yells of passion in the night sky. I couldn't stop the smile that formed on my face from this thought. I knew this would always be one of the best nights of my life.

TBC?!?.. Did u guys like. I hope soo.. I Hope it wasnt too short. I will try to make up for it.. but tell me if you like it or not.. oh and if you have any ideas for the next part!! or anything you would like to happen or would like to read.!! *big*

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Did Someone ask for mirrors.. Well their getting mirrors llol!!

Part 9


Who would think that I Liz Parker would have sex in a carnival? I know that if I told Maria she wouldn’t believe me unless I had poof and theirs no way I could prove that to her. Well there is but I wouldn’t do that.

So Max and after the whole Ferris wheel disaster/pleasure ride we decided to not go on any more rides. We looked around the carnival not really sure until Max pointed out a fun house. I have always loved the fun house.

“Come on Max, let’s go!” I said as I pulled him to the entrance. It was deserted there. I wondered why but stopped pleased that we could go in by our selves.

“Okay Liz calm down or who knows what happened.” Max said to me as we walked to through the first room.

The room was slanted a certain way making it hard to walk through. I grabbed Max’s hand and he pulled me along across the room laughing the whole time.

Next was the room with the maze of mirrors. I always hated this room because I was always afraid I would never be able to find my way out.

“Max I hate this one.” I told him voicing my fears. He looked over at me and smiled. Uh oh that’s not good. Max is forming a plan inside that devious head of his.

“Don’t worry Liz I will help you.” He said with that sly smile on his face which answered my thoughts. I followed him though.

It felt as if we walked forever when Max suddenly stopped. I looked around and we were in a dead end. We were surrounded by mirrors.

“Max why did we stop.” I asked a little bit worried about what was going through that head of his. Even though it was a very hot head.

“Liz, did you ever dream of what it would be liked to be pleasured in a room full of mirrors. To be able to watch your lover pleasing you.” He asked his voice deep with passion.

“Umm. May… Maybe” I stuttered knowing that he was going to attack any moment. I stared at him. His eyes lowered and darkened because the passion was taking over his body .

I think he looks so sexy when that happens to him. I love to see him this way. I feel that throbbing n my core when he walks over to me looking as if he was going to what me whole.

“Max I don’t know if we should do this.” I started knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stop him or myself. “I mean anyone could come in and see us.” I said as he attacked my neck with open kisses.

I heard him moan and I lost all my control. I ripped his mouth away from my neck and attacked them with my own. I plunged my tongue into his mouth searching and massaging everything that I found. I felt the deep moan coming from the back of my throat as passion erupted inside of me.

When I moaned my lips tore away from his my head falling backwards. “We better do this fast.” I heard Max said as he worked his way down to my pants. His hands gently working its way down.

I watched him as he lowered to his knees and his hands made it to my jeans. He unbuttoned them slowly making me squirm around thinking about what he was going to do to me. Next he took my zipper and pulled it down while he laid kisses on my lower stomach. His tongue going in and out of my belly button making me moan once again.

I didn’t even realize that he had my pants and panties off by the time I looked down. I wondered what he was doing when he stopped all of his movements. I looked down and saw his staring at my hot wet core with the hunger in his eyes. I saw him lick his lips ready to attack.

I waited for it to come. I waited for the pleasure that would he would give me. I feel his hand work its way up my leg to my thigh. His finger goes to my wet core and goes directly to my clit. He starts to rub it back fourth making my knees wobble from the pleasure. Next I feel his finger find my core and dip inside of me.

I open my eyes and look into the mirror across from me. I see Max on his knees his finger playing around my core dipping and out at times. I see my face next full of pleasure, my check red from the pleasure, I look as if I am about to scream out Max’s name any moment, I want to feel him but I know he will wait.

I look down at him again to see him looking at me in thought.

“Come down here Liz” I hear him say. I wonder why. “Lay down here,” he says commanding me. I’m not complaining.

“Why Max?” I have to ask.

“I don’t want you to get hurt when I give you so much pleasure your knees turn weak.” He says easily looking at my wet throbbing core again.

When I heard him say that a moan escaped my lips again. I watch as his hand goes down to my core and his tongue comes out and rubs my clit. My hips thrust upwards at his mouth from the contact. I feel him smile and laugh a little, the vibrations causing me to moan out his name,

“Max Oh God! That feels so good. Don’t stop!” I yell to him his name echoing throughout the room.

I look around me and all I could see was myself in the mirrors with Max at my core licking and fucking me with his tongue. The sight is unbelievable. Whoever thought that watching your self getting pleasured could be so sexy, I thought to myself.

I feel Max’s tongue dip into my core and my hips thrust again and I yell his name, “MAX!”

I know he knows I love that feeling from my reaction so it dips in again lapping up all the juices he could get. His finger comes up to my clit and tarts to rub it again causing me to thrust my hips uncontrollably as my orgasm overtakes my body.

“MAx!! Ohh Fuckk!!” I scream throughout the room watching my self go through my orgasm in the mirrors all around me.

I feel myself cum so strongly from the orgasm that my hips trust up on last time. I feel Max’s tongue still working at my core. Trying to get every last drop of my cum. He’s attacking it fiercely making sure he gets it all.

When he finishes I see hi head rise up to mine. He takes his fingers and licks them.

“MmMm” He moans and my eyes close knowing where those fingers were just five minutes ago,

After about ten minutes I finally get up, my legs weak and pull up my jeans and pants with a huge smile on my face.

“Whoever thought a carnival could be so orgasmic.” I said to Max as he watched me get dressed.
“I did Liz.” He said to me. I always will wonder where does thoughts of Max’s came from They always seem far fetched but they are always pleasing in the end.

“Well let’s hope we have a lot more of you little ideas Max” I said to him meaning it. I love our little adventures even though they all consist of sexual contact.

“Don’t worry this little head of mine can think of many more exciting places for a sexual expeditions.” He said smiling and laughing with deep voice. How sexy that voice is it just makes me want to eat him all up.


Max Pov

I only have one thing to say to all of you. That was the most intriguing and exciting place that I have ever pleased a women and I am happy that it was Liz.

And Oh yeah Liz is just MmMmMmM good! They should make her in a can.

Okay maybe that was two things but oh well!!

Tbc!!?? You guys like.. Do u have ne more idea.. I am open to any and will try and write them for you!! Oh and thanks for feedback.. Its always welcomed around here.

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Hmmm.. the library.. I'd have to think about that well not really.. I already have an idea for it.. now all I have to do is write it sometime!! Lol!
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