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R/ maybe NC-17
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Picks up in the middle of Liz yelling at Max during Ch-ch-changes.
Ok, Max made a big mistake, but other things were happening and this is just
something I had stuck in my head. I had to get it out. It might suck, but hey!

Part 1

“Every single time you mention your son, I am reminded of what you did to
me. How you were unfaithful. How could you not know that?” Liz fumed.
She ached, from everything within her. Her body, her head, her heart. She
wasn’t thinking clearly though, it was all the past hurt and insecurities
coming to surface.

“Liz-” He reached out to her, feeling the pain shoot threw her arm when he
touched her.

“Stop! You are doing this! You always hurt me!” Liz screamed.

Max felt it, rising inside of him. Everything he had been wanting to scream
for a while yet. He was so scared of hurting Liz, but he had to get it out.

“SHUT UP!” He screamed louder than he though possible.

“I hurt you! I fucking hurt you?” He didn’t know where it was coming from,
but it had started and he could not stop it now. He knew he had no right to
say the things he knew were on the tip of his tongue, but while they were
laying their feeling out in the open, he figured, what the Hell! It was his turn.

Liz jumped back. She had never heard Max yell at her like that before. Her
eyes went wide with fear. She looked into his once gentle eyes, and saw
green currents running through them. Before either of them new it, not only
was Liz covered in green electric currents, Max had them running all
throughout his body.

“Yes Max! You fucking hurt me!” She screamed. With each yell, the
electricity she felt running through her veins, gained in strength. It was
becoming unbearable.

“You slept with that murdering tramp! You conceived a son with her! And
worse, you remind me of it every god damned day!” The tears were
streaming down her face, she didn’t know if they were from thinking of her
love’s betrayal, or the pain in her body. It was mounting, she could feel it,
ready to explode. But she had to hold on, show Max she wasn’t going to give

“And what the Hell type of person would be if I didn’t! Could you honestly
say that you could ever look at me straight face if I gave up on him. He
doesn’t deserve to die Liz! No matter how bad I fucked up, or who ever his
Mother is, he doesn’t deserve to die! And if you honestly want me to stop
looking for him, and let him be all alone with someone who has committed
MURDER then I will do it, but I will never forgive you. Hate me! Hate me
for god’s sake. I know I deserve it! I am the biggest fuck up known to earth-”
A maniacal grin appeared on his face. “No! Known to the fucking universe! I
cant do a god damned thing right. I have no idea if anything I do is for the
good of everybody, and why should I? I am no different from the rest
everybody. I didn’t ask for everyone to look to me for the answers.” Max
knew he was getting off track, but it was coming out like a waterfall, and he
couldnt stop it now. Three years of pain and confusion were rushing upon him.
And he could feel it, the pain ripping threw the very pores of his body. He
feel like he could combust at any moment. He was shaking with the energy.

At that moment, Max knew what Liz had been going through. The pain was
excruciating. He didn’t know how much more he could handle. But he
needed to get it all out.

Liz watched him, humming with pulsating electricity. She needed to fall, to
pass out, to die. Anything to get rid of the pain. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“Well then what do you want me to feel sorry for you! Hell no! You could
have asked for help, instead you turned to Tess!” She didn’t know why she
kept coming back to murderer of her best friend, but it seemed like that was
where the root of every problem was.

“Yes! I turned to Tess. But where else was I supposed to turn. You keep
saying how I was the unfaithful one! How was I to know that you were
faithful. I saw you in BED with Kyle. I begged! I pleaded with you to tell me
the answer, the truth. It was all I clung to for months, that everything I had
seen with my own to eyes was a lie. But you pushed me away. Is that what
you wanted! Cause it sure fucking felt that way! I wanted more than anything
to ask you for help, but I was afraid.” The shuddering in his body was to the
point he could barely keep his eyes open. The currents felt like fire, burning
him from the inside out. And with everything word spoken, they intensified.

“You were afraid!” She scoffed. Liz could only hope for death now. It was
burning to bad for her to survive, and she knew it. What Max was saying
made her want to die in itself. He was right though. She pushed him to Tess,
and she had succeeded. If she had only known the price then.

“I gave up everything for you! EVERYTHING! The least you could have
done, was ask me for help. You know what, I did push you toward Tess. And
I guess it worked. You guys fucked! Was it good Max? Cause I god damned
hope so, the world deepened on it!”

“What are you talking about.”

“I am talking about whatever made you feel that Tess was the best way! I did
make you go to Tess, but you asked me too! You fucking asked me too!” Liz
finally felt her weight collapse on itself. She didn’t know what was going on,
but it felt like a thousand knives were trying to make their way out of her

Max felt it as well, the unbearable burning. He clenched his hands trying to
suppress the pain. He felt like exploding. And he knew he was going to at
any second. He couldn’t stand it, the fire burning within his soul. Thats when
he felt it.

Kyle watched from a few feet away. He heard both of their harsh words, and
tried not to listen. This wasn’t for anyone one else but them. He was about to
revert his eyes, when he saw the same green energy running through Liz, start
running through Max. It was subtle at first, but the more he yelled, the
brighter it got. They gravitated together as they screamed. The green energy
formed a ball around either one of them. As they got closer, their energy
touched, and combined. Soon, both Liz and Max were almost full
encompassed in one large angry looking crackling ball of energy.

Kyle watched in awe. Knowing that something this strange could only come
from Max and Liz. The thought to separate them had crossed his mind, but
the closer he got to them, the hotter it became. As their energies touched, it
had become blinding. He shielded his eyes with his hand, trying to block the
harsh light.

From inside the ball, Max and Liz were struggling. Neither of them could
handle it anymore. Their realized they were now only inches away from each
other. Max looked into Liz’s eyes, seeing the pain and terror in them. No
matter what he either of the said, he couldn’t stand to see the pain in her eyes.

He started struggling to raise a hand to her face.

Liz couldn’t stand it, knowing the end was near. If there was one wish she
had though, it was for Max to be there with her.

She felt the tearing through her soul.

“Max,” She whispered.

Max finally touched her cheek just as she breathed his name.

Then the bottom dropped out.

Kyle watched as Max touched Liz’s cheek. The energy reached a high point,
became to bright for him to bear, then exploded loudly. The impact sent him
flying several feet.

He landed with a thud at least thirty yards away. He rolled over and coughed.
He strained to sit up when it hit him. MAX AND LIZ! He forced his abused
muscles to stand and run back to the spot he had been standing. From the
spot where Max and Liz were, to where he hand landed, there was nothing.
The windows of the SUV had exploded, and there wasn’t a plant in his view.
It looked like a small bomb had gone off.

He looked to Max and Liz, and inhaled sharply.

Ok, thats the first part, tell me if you want more. I know nothing was really
resolved, but that wasnt my intention, they just needed to lay everything on
the table.

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! It is awesome. The new part should be out in about 3 hours, but I do have homework, so if it isnt, well then it will be 4 hours*wink* Haha, see you soon!
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Ok, just so you guys know, I do not intend for this to be a dark heavy fic. A little bit of angst I guess. But here is the new part, tell me what you think!

Part 2

“What the hell!”

Kyle looked at Max and Liz. Everything around them was completely
demolished. There were even burn marks surounding them.

But in the middle of all the mess, were Max and Liz. They were laying on the
ground. Max had his arms wrapped tightly around Liz’s waist, and her arms
were around his neck. They were both perfectly fine, expept they appeared to
be passed out, or knocked unconscious as Kyle guessed.

It was remarkable. Neither of them looked like they had been in the middle of
an explosion. Everything down to Liz’s sweater were perfectly fine. They
were just lying in the middle of the desert, looking peaceful.

Kyle ran over to them, and tugged on Max’s shoulders.

“Hey, Max, wake up.”

He didn’t move, so Kyle tried Liz.

“Liz.” He tapped her cheek. She didn’t move either.

“Liz!” He tapped a bit harder.

“What the Hell!” He repeated. Then he remembered he had water in the car.
He walked to the back, and since there were now no windows to open, pulled
out two of the water bottles.

He walked back over, and kneeled next to Max.

He dumped the entire bottle on his head.

Max didn’t even twitch.

He uncapped the second water bottle, and unceremoniously let it fall on Liz.
It had the same affect, nothing.

“OK guys, fine then. Let’s get you separated.” Kyle went to unwrap Liz’s
arms around from Max’s neck.

As soon as she pulled on her hand, there was a small burst of green light and
a shock that sent him flying a few feet.

“Shit!” He sat up, and wrung out his hand. The shock had hurt pretty bad.
“You have so got to be kidding me!” He picked up a handful of dirt with his
good hand, and threw it at them.

“Only you Evans! Only you could pull a stunt like this.” He decided to head
back, and see what the others thought of this.

He looked at the sleeping pair, trying to figure out the best way to get them
into the car without separating them. He finally decided just to grab both of
them at the same time, and drag them to the back seat.

“You owe me for this big time when you guys wake up.” He grunted as she
shoved them from the desert floor, into the SUV.


Max woke up, and groggily opened his eyes. He saw Liz’s sleeping face,
thought about how beautiful she was. He realized that he had his arms
wrapped tightly around her waist, and her arms were around his neck.

Liz’s eyes opened around the same time. She looked into his amber eyes, and
almost drown in their depths.

Then they both remembered their earlier.....conversation. They leaped out of
each other’s arms quickly, and faced away from each other, both struggling
to sit up.

It was then Max noticed where they were.

They seemed to be on a beach, only it was anything but a normal beach. They
were sitting on what had to be the sand. It was deep purple, and much finer
than either of them were used to. Its texture was more like granulated sugar,
only thinner than even that.

And when Max turned to look further down, he saw a swirling green mist
that he thought was maybe the water.

“Where the hell are we?” Liz asked. She clearly sounded confused.

“How should I know?” He responded curtly. He couldn’t forget what she had
said, or what he had said for that matter. He wasn’t prepared to civil to her
just yet.

“Your the alien here arrant you?” Liz scoffed.

“Thats up for a little bit of debate now, isn’t it?” They still hadnt turned to
face each other. Max sat up and dusted off his pants.

“Do you know how we got here?” Max asked her.

“No, all I remember is the ball thing exploding.”

“Do you think this place is real?”

“How the hell should I know?”

Max started walking toward where the sand met the water.

“Where are you going?” Liz sat up and jogged to catch up with him.

“Why should you care. Maybe that water isn’t really water at all, and I when
I touch it, which I intend to do, I will die. Would that make you happy?” Max
smirked at her.

“Stop talking like that.” Liz grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

“Dont touch me, remember I hurt you.” Max didn’t mean to sound so cruel,
but right now he was too scared to try and be nice to Liz. To scared of where
they were, and what else he might do to Liz if he tried to comfort her like he
was dieing to do.

“Your right, maybe you will. I dont know what I was thinking. Walk down to
the crap out there.” She pointed at the green substance. “Maybe it will
swallow you.” Liz wanted him to hold her, and tell her it would all be alright,
but she wasn’t going to give into him yet again.

“Maybe.” He turned and started walking again. He took a few steps before he
realized she wasn’t following him. He turned once again to see her standing
with her arms wrapped around her waist, looking very scared.

It was all he could do not to run up to her and gather her up into his arms.
“Are you coming?”

Liz put on a brave face. “Yes.” She choked out.

“OK then, lets go.”

“Tell me again why we arrant just staying right where we were.”

“Because, we weren’t getting anywhere staying there.”

“Well, no shit shirlock, thats it why it is called staying there.

“You know what, then go back there. I just dont see how it is going to help
us.” He kept walking.

“Fine.” She followed him.

Together they walked to where the water met the sand.

Max looked at it trying to figure out what it was. It was not liquid, diffidently
not like regular water. But it wasn’t quite like vapor either, to thin. It was just
like a flowing swirling mist.

“What the hell is this?” Liz dipped her hand into it, watching it flow from her
palm back to the sand.

“I have no idea.” Max turned his eyes upward.

“But that scares me a little bit more.”

Where’s earth sky was blue, they were looking into something red. Not to
dark, almost soft looking. There was also a sun, but it was the same as
earth’s. They figured it was just another star.

“This place is so...” Liz trailed off.

“Beautiful?” Max whispered in awe.

“I was looking for colorful, but beautiful works too.”

“I dont know what this is, but it seems familiar.” Max laid down on the sand,
trying to remember.

“I dont know if you believe me, but it seems familiar to me as well.” Liz sat
next to him, talking softly.

“What are you talking about?” Max questioned her.

“I dont know, I just feel like I know this.”

“Thats how I feel.” Max decided to swallow his pride.

“Liz, this in no way makes up for what I did to you, but t]I want to apologize,
for everything. I said some horrible things that I didn’t mean. I hope you can
forgive me.” Max stated sincerely.

“Your not the only one. I didn’t mean what I said either. It wasn’t your fault
that everything was happening. I was just so angry.” Liz made a brave
attempt to grab his hand.

Max entwined their fingers and looked into her eyes. “Liz you dont need to
apologize for anything. I deserved everything you said, and so much more.”

“No, Max-” Liz was cut off as their surroundings changed.

Everything shimmered away as they went from the beach, to a warm looking

There was gray stones, and huge vaulting windows. Max looked at Liz

“Now I know this isn’t real.” Max whispered.

“I have no idea what to think.” Liz grabbed his hand, trying to stop shaking.
She wanted to wake up, but at the same time, she never wanted to wake up. It
seemed as if this place there was nothing that could get in her and Max’s
way. Maybe they could be happy here.

They both snapped their heads away from each other, at the sound of hushed

They looked over to see four people, two of them were standing, and the other
two were sitting on the bed. They were all huddled around something, but
Max and Liz couldn’t see what.

Liz could see that the two standing were male and female. She thought the
two sitting down were of opposite gender as well, but she couldn’t get a good

“Max, do you think we will get in trouble for being here?” She whispered.

“I dont know.” He decided to be brave.

“Um, excuse me.” Max took a step toward the bed.

The scene seemed to go on uninterrupted.

“OK this is weird.” Max tested in a slightly louder voice.

“Max, I dont think they can here us.” Liz guessed.

“I guess not.” Max stepped back, and grabbed Liz’s hand.

“I want to go home.” Liz tucked her head into his arm.

He ran a reassuring hand up her arm. “So do I.”

Just then, the two people stepped away from in front of the other two.

All Liz noticed was two small bundles, wrapped tightly. She couldn’t even
quite see what was in them, but she immediately felt connected.

Max, on the other hand, looked right at the two people.

“Liz!” He breathed shakily.

“Oh, Max look at that.” She pointed toward the bundles.

Max shifted her arms slightly up more.

“Look at that.” Max fixed her gaze at the two people sitting on her bed.

“Oh my god. Max its.......”


Ok, tell me what you think! Did it suck, was it ok? I need to know! Ok, I know I said I would get it out earlier, but that darn RL just got in the way. Anyway, night guys.

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