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Title: Two Squared
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInsanity⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…


Part 24

“What do you mean, you have no idea? Hello? Were you or were you not just groping my sister?” Michael was asking Max who was still holding really tight to Liz. She had a stunned look on her face and what Michael was asking wasn’t even registering to her.

“Michael. Look, I’m sorry for what happened I shouldn’t have let myself get so lost in the moment, but it’s not like we were having sex or anything.” Max shuffled Liz behind him in a way of protecting her from her brother’s wrath.

“You probably would have if we didn’t walk in and try and stop you two.”

Liz had heard enough. “Michael. That’s enough. No more. If you continue to yell at Max for what we were doing, you can just leave now. You hear me? No more!” She was now standing between the two men in her life, a stiff finger poking in the chest of her brother. “God you’re acting like I was a child. I’m not a child Michael. You’re not mom or dad. I can make my own decisions and if you don’t like it… well, it doesn’t really matter what you like.” She grabbed Max’s hand and hollered back behind her for Isabel “Come on Isabel.” Liz led the way to her room. She was frustrated with her brother and she didn’t like how he was treating Max.

Michael began to follow. He wasn’t about to let the two of them behind closed doors so soon after what he had witnessed. Liz must have felt that he was following and she turned and stated. “Michael. If you can’t be nice to him, you might as well not even try to follow.” Michael stopped in his tracks and looked at his sister. He knew what would happen if he didn’t let this go. She would be mad at him forever and she was the only person left in his life that he didn’t want to lose.

“I hear you.” He bowed his head in defeat. He loved his sister too much and it finally dawned on him why this was bothering him so much. She was slowly replacing him and he was soon to be faced with the fact that he had no one.

Liz read the body language of her brother and let loose of Max’s hand, “Come on.” Michael looked up and saw his sister’s expression. She was holding her hand out to him as a sign of peace. “If you promise to keep cool you can come too.” He smiled. He pushed his early thought of being alone behind; he knew his sister would never desert him. That was completely ridiculous.

Michael joined the group and just happened to be beside Max when he asked, “Is she always like that?”

“No, not really, but I’ve really pissed her off. She must really like you, man.” Max looked around and noticed that the girls had gone off to the direction of the bathroom. It was just him and Michael and the need to get the air cleared while it was just the two of them.

“Michael, I don’t think it’s a matter of really liking me, but what you walked in on was something different.” Max didn’t know how to bring the subject up. “We had no control over what we were doing. It’s like… It’s like we were two different people.”

“Yeah, right. I’m a guy too Max and I know all the lines to get out of trouble. Just know this. I’m not happy about seeing what I saw when I walked in, you better keep your feelings in check or you are going to deal with me. Got it?” He waited for a reply from Max and when it didn’t come he continued, “Good.”

The boys had come to an agreement and were sitting on the floor when the girls walked in. “So… what’s the plan?” The boys looked up at the girls and waited. They would have to follow their queue since neither one of them were any good on the dream plane.

The two girls looked at each other and then back at the boys. “We were thinking that we should lay on the bed and Isabel would take us all into the dream plane.” Isabel shook her head in agreement with Liz. “That is it unless you two have something better in mind?”

“No. I’ve never been there.” Michael looked at Max to see if he had any better ideas.

“Sounds good to me. The dream plane has always been Isabel’s best ability. Where do you want us? Do we need to be connected in anyway?”

“I think if you are here and I’m here.” Isabel sat down on the bed to show where she was going to be. “Liz is here and then Michael on the other side.” Everyone took their spots where Isabel had directed them. “Everyone join hands and relax. I’ll go in and locate dad and then I will pull you guys in afterwards. OK?”

Everyone settled in and Isabel took it that everyone was in agreement. She lay back on the pillow and closed her eyes. It was late and would be easy to get on the plane. She said a silent prayer hoping that her dad wasn’t working late and still up.

After a few moments she was there. The iridescent bubbles of varying shapes and colors floated all around her. One that she had seen quit a bit floated over to her as if it were drawn to her. “Not right now Alex. I’ll see you later.” The bubble didn’t leave so she pushed it away and it instantly came floating back to her. She played with it and rolled it around in her hands as if she were rubbing a glass ball. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. It’s just that I’ve got things I’ve got to do right now.” She gave the iridescent orange bubble a light kiss and sent it back on its way.

“Now where’s dad?” She looked around and her eyes finally landed on the two familiar bubbles that had always tempted her. There huddling next to each other as if they couldn’t get enough of each other during the day were her parent’s bubbles. She had been in her mom’s dream only once and she swore to herself that she would never invade their dreams again. Her mom didn’t sleep well for a whole month afterwards.

She closed her eyes and called to them and they floated towards her. Once they were next to her she reached for the connection to Max, Liz and Michael. The three were instantly on the dream plane in front of Isabel and were a little disorientated from the leap.

“Wow.” Michael mumbled since he had never actually been on the dream plane. He started walking around and was instantly bombarded by a glittering, sapphire blue bubble that bounced from here to there. “What’s going on?” He looked to Isabel for an answer.

“That’s Maria’s dream orb. Alex’s tends to come to me the minute I enter it. Maria must like you a lot and must want to dream about you. Most dream orbs have a tendency to float to the ones that they care about. Mom and dad’s are always next to each other’s. The Sheriff and Amy Deluca’s are always next to each other. It’s kind of cool how they sort of just float to who ever they like.”

Maria’s orb continued to dance around Michael and he turned with it so he would always be looking at it. It rubbed his face and he was surprised that it wasn’t sticky or anything like what a bubble would feel like. “How do I get it to go away so we can concentrate on what we are here to do?”

“Just whisper to it and tell it what you want it to do. It’s not going to hurt you and whatever you say to it’s not going to hurt its feelings. She’s dreaming.”

Michael looked at the orb. “Can I touch it?” Isabel nodded her head. “It’s not going to burst or anything like that?” Isabel shook her head no. “Because that would really be just my luck busting the dream bubble of the only girl that I could see myself with and she would end up not being able to dream anymore.” Michael didn’t pay any attention to the others who were giggling at him. He gently whispered to the bubble and sent her on her way. The bubble floated to an orange one and the two just danced away. He returned to the others.

“Whose bubble is that orange one?” Yeah, you could say that he was feeling a little jealous.

“It’s Alex, no matter where one is the other isn’t too far away.” Isabel looked on and her facial expression took on a look of distance. She envied Maria Deluca for her friendship with Alex Whitman, she has never been able to have any real close friends. She has leaned on her brother her entire life to be the one constant

Getting back to business Isabel shook her head and looked at the task at hand. What was waiting for her in her dad’s dream orb. She pushed all her anxiety away and walked to where her parent’s orbs were resting. Picking up the one that was her father’s she began expanding it so that she could see what was inside. The bigger it got the more translucent it became. The group gathered around and began to do the same thing. They all peered in to take a look.

“What do we do now?” Everyone looked at Michael who had taken a step back. “What?”

“We step in.” Isabel said. “Everyone stay in the background and when it’s clear I will call you to the front.”

“Wait. We haven’t really discussed what we are going to try and do. How are we going to ask him if he knows if we are aliens or not?” Max has asked his sister.

“Liz is going to be the one to make contact with him. I will change the scenery to his office and then Liz will walk in showing him the contents of what her parents had left. Including the letter that they had left stating that they could trust the Evans’ as well as the orb.” Isabel looked around to everyone making eye contact to make sure everyone knew what the plan was.

Isabel stepped in reaching out for Liz who in turned grabbed onto Max who had grabbed Michael. Once inside the dream switched from a beach scene to the office that Liz and Michael had both been to in Clovis. Liz knocked on the door and took a deep breath.

“Come in.” Mr. Evans said. “Well hello Miss Parker. What do I owe this visit for?” He was smiling as if nothing was wrong. The look in his eye spoke to Liz but she just didn’t know what to expect.

“Well…” She began and then stopped and turned around. Not being able to see the others didn’t make it any easier on her. “I was wondering if you could help me with something that my parents had left us in their safe deposit box.” Liz handed out the letter to him so he could take it.

Mr. Evans took the paper and began reading it.

My Children,
If you are reading this then I guess something has happened to your father and me. I know that we weren’t your biological parents but that didn’t mean that we didn’t love you like our own. We would have given anything to have you be ours forever, but the two of you are special and can never belong to anyone but to the ones that you give your hearts to. We know that now and I hope you understand why we never told you that we knew. Your father and I were afraid that you would leave us if you knew that we knew the truth about you two.

Michael our hearts will always be with you and I hope that one day you will let them in. Liz I am counting on you to help your brother learn to trust others, help him love himself first and then maybe, just maybe he will love another. Your father and I went back to where we found you. Michael went straight for the orb and tried to hide it. He hid it under his bed and I suppose he just forgot about it so I brought it in here for it to be safe. I am unsure what it is but I’m sure it is from your origins. I also have a book in my desk at the house it also has the same emblem on it. I was unable to read anything because all of the pages are blank. I will assume that once it is in your hands that it will all become perfectly clear.

As always we will be with you and if there ever comes a time that you are in trouble go see Phillip Evans in Roswell. It’s hard to explain why I think you can trust him. Maybe it’s the fact that the Evans also adopted their children. I guess what I am saying is that there are at least four of you. The Evans have the other set. There were many a night that your father and I argued about getting the four of you together. It’s sad to say that we were afraid. I know I was scared to introduce you to them in fear that you would know that they were your real family and that you no longer needed us. Please forgive us and know that everything we did was because we thought it would be safer for the two of you, our two children of the stars.

Be careful and remember we love you.

All our love
Your Parents

When he was done reading the letter he looked up at her. “I guess you are here to find out what we know.”


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Title: Two Squared
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInsanity⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…


Part 25

When he was done reading the letter he looked up at her. "I guess you are here to find out what we know." Liz shook her head yes.

"Why would my mother tell us to come to you if we are in trouble?" Liz watched Mr. Evans adjust in his seat. He looked uncomfortable. "Do I scare you?" Liz asked him.

"No, are you trying to scare me?" He asked.

"No." Liz shifted in her seat. "You just look like you are uncomfortable with me being here."

"I'm just trying to understand what is happening. Is this a dream?"


"So you aren't really here?" He was getting confused.

"I am and I'm not.” Shifting in her chair once again she continued. “Look Mr. Evans that's irrelevant. The important thing is that I need to know who I can trust and who I can't trust. I loved my parents and I hope that their judgement of you is correct. I'm taking a leap of faith in you by doing this."

"I don't mean to interrupt you but is Max and Isabel like you?" His eyes were looking straight at her. She couldn't hold his gaze.

"I don't know." Liz looked away because she was uncomfortable lying to the man. She was asking him for her trust and she was lying to him. “I’m not here to discuss Max and Isabel.” She met Mr. Evans gaze and then continued. “You don't know what it is like knowing that you are different and that any mistake that is made could lead you to a government lab for research purposes. Mr. Evans I’m asking you, do you have or have you seen anything like my mother has described in the letter?” Liz waited for his answer.

“Have you found the book?" He asked as he stood from his desk evading her question.


"Is it still blank?" He began to pace.

"Yes. I was unable to do anything with it. Mr. Evans why would my mother tell us to come to you if we were in trouble?" She asked again.

"I don't know. Are you in trouble?" He said.

"No.” It was another lie but Mr. Evans and his kids didn’t need to know.

“Is Max and Isabel in any danger by associating with you?” He was concerned for his children it was a reasonable question.

“I wouldn’t think so…” Liz shook her head the questions were going in the wrong direction. At this pace Max and Isabel would be barred from seeing them. Liz decided to change the line of questions by the one that she asked next. “Is it true that you and your wife adopted Max and Isabel?"

"Yes." He stopped in mid stride and looked at Liz. His expression took on the look as if he were no longer in the office. "Diane and I were driving home after doing some stargazing. It was a beautiful night. Warm. The stars were bright and it was amazing what we could see. Everything was right with the world." He began to pace as he remembered that night. "We were giggling because we had received some good news. We had been approved to begin adoption of a child so we had gone to celebrate. Diane was finally going to have a child. She wanted one more than any woman I had ever known." A smile crossed his face. "Anyway, we were just about to get on the highway when two kids ran across the road. They were naked and they looked scared. We stopped and Diane immediately wrapped them up in the blanket we had had in the back seat. She was so worried."

He sat back down in his chair. "They didn't say anything. The first thing we thought was that they had been abused and were left out there to die. Who would leave two kids out in the desert to die? So we took them home with us. We called the authorities to find out what needed to be done when we got home. Diane had to hold both children on her lap for neither one would let go of the other." Phillip was silent for a beat and then he continued. "The authorities wanted to take them to the orphanage in case someone came to claim them but Max and Isabel wouldn't let them take them. They clung to Diane and cried whenever anyone tried to take them away from her. It was hard the first week. I convinced the authorities to let them stay with us while they looked for their parents. No one claimed them and they became ours. We adopted them.”

He shifted in his chair and then continued. “Diane worked so hard with them. When we first found them they knew nothing, Diane had to teach them the most basic tasks, speaking, using a bathroom, eating utensils.” Phillip slowly shook his head in remembrance before continuing, “It was like they had been born the day we found them. Diane would take them to the park, to the library, and just spend most of her time helping them, getting to know them. Isabel was the first one to become independent. She began to act more and more like the rest of the children that she saw, but Max just withdrew. He would cry and cry at night. There were some nights that he would just scream."

Liz interrupted him. "What was he screaming about?"

"I can't really remember; something about Charlie? No Charisse. Yeah, Charisse. That was the only word that he spoke for the first month. We asked everyone if they had heard of it and we came up empty." He noticed that Liz's eyes had begun to tear some. "What's wrong? Do you know Charisse?"

"Umm..." Liz thought to herself about how much she should reveal to Mr. Evans. She shook her head no. "It's just I know what they were going through. I remember going through the same exact thing. Sorry. Is there anymore?"

"Not really." He said.

"So Max and Isabel aren't connected to us?"

"Not that I'm aware of. We had tests done and nothing showed up out of the normal." Phillip sat there for a moment remembering the conversation that he had had with his wife just after reading the will that the Parker's had left. He suspected that his kids were different and this conversation with Liz proved that they were different as well.

Liz stood up and held out her hand to Mr. Evans. "I'd like to thank you for talking to me." She smiled as he shook her hand. "Can I come see you again if I have anymore questions?"

"Yes. I'm here for you as well as your brother. I want to remind you that my offer for you to come to Roswell still stands. I think Max and Isabel would like that."

"Thank you. I don’t know if we will but we'll think about it." Liz turned and left the office. Phillip sat back down in his chair as Liz left and wondered if Liz Parker had really told him all that she knew. She seemed to holding back and he had to make the kids know that they could trust him. He didn’t know why, but something told him that it was very important that they come live in Roswell and be close to Max and Isabel.


“Honey, wake up?” Phillip leaned over his wife so that he could tell her what had happened.

“What is it Phillip?”

“I was right. The Parker girl just visited my dream. I was right about them.”

“What are you talking about?” Diane sat up and rubbed her eyes as she shifted to look at her husband who had gotten out of bed. He was now pacing the room a sign that she had grown accustomed to. He was thinking really hard and didn’t want to loose his train of thought.

“She must have the power to invade peoples dreams.” He continued.

“Phillip you’re talking nonsense. Are you listening to yourself?” Diane left the room to head for the kitchen. She was going to make a pot of coffee and hope that it would bring some sense to her husband as well. He followed and sat down at the kitchen table.


Liz walked through the office door and was once again on the dream plane with the others. They knew that the meeting was over and had left the dream orb before Liz had left. They had heard it all. Liz made a straight line to Max’s waiting arms. She nuzzled her head deep into his embrace and just breathed in his warm scent. He held her tight not knowing what she needed. He wouldn’t let her go until he knew that she was ready.

“Liz what’s wrong?” Michael was worried. He had seen and heard it all but didn’t know what had affected his sister so much.

“Hang on Michael. She’ll let us know when she is ready.” Max whispered over her head and then tightened his embrace on her. She was shaking and Max was beginning to get worried about what was going on with her as well.

“Look!” Isabel directed everyone’s attention to the two orbs that had now disappeared from the plane. “They’re awake.” She looked back to her brother with worry in her eyes. “What have we done, Max?”

“I handled it wrong. It’s my fault.” Liz said as she removed herself from the security of Max’s arms. “He doesn’t know anything and if he does he’s hiding it really well. All I’ve done is made him more confused than what he already was.”

“Liz, it’s not your fault. It’s ours.” Max looked at his sister who nodded in agreement. “We weren’t strong enough to face him. We didn’t want to see him deny us once he knew the truth about us.”

“Isabel can you get us out of here please?” Liz asked because she wanted to get away from everything that she had just heard.

The group slowly came back from the dream plane. The girls sitting up on the bed and the boys getting up from the position that they held on the floor.

“Liz you’re crying?” Max asked as he looked on to the angel that had captured his heart in such a short time.

Liz immediately got up and ran for the bathroom that was just down the hall. Isabel slapped her brother for being so insensitive. “Ouch. What did I do?” Isabel didn’t say a word but just followed Liz to the bathroom.

“Liz. Are you ok?” Isabel had a feeling what it was but didn’t want to intrude.

“I’ll be ok. Just give me a minute, please.” Liz was busy running cold water over her hands and then placing her cold hands to her face. She always found that running water soothed her emotions while the cold water relaxed her some.

Isabel returned to the room that she had left to find that the two boys were now gone. She turned around and went into the living room. She continued on to the kitchen and found that Michael had his head in the refrigerator while Max was going through the cabinets. “Is she ok?” Max asked while shutting the cabinet door that he was raiding.

“I think so.”

“What’s wrong?” Max asked his sister.

“I don’t know. Do you know, Michael?” Isabel asked.

“No.” He left the room and went in search of his sister. He found that she was still in the bathroom and the water was still running. “Liz. It’s ok. You didn’t know.” He had realized what was wrong with her only seconds after asking her what was wrong the first time. She had had the same experience when she had come out of her pod. She would wake up in a cold sweat at night screaming for Zan. Michael didn’t know what to think of it at the beginning but by the time he had decided to be worried about it the nightmares had ended and Liz never spoke of Zan again. He continued to talk to the closed door in hopes of comforting his sister. “They had left and we had been separated. We were only kids.”

Michael heard the water turn off and then heard his sister slide down next to the door. Her head was resting on the opposite side as his. “I should have known.” She said. “I’m so confused Michael. I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not sure I even had any idea who I really was before. Everything has changed and yet everything is the same. What if I screwed things up with Mr. Evans and Max and Isabel end up hating me for what I have done to their family?”

“Liz stop talking like that. Max and Isabel won’t hate you for what happens. It’s not your fault. They were part of it. They wanted answers too.” Michael looked up and saw Max standing just down the hallway asking with silent pleas if he could try to talk to her. Michael stood up and motioned for Max to take his spot.

“It’s not really that, Michael. It’s what Mr. Evans said about Max. He cried for Charisse for the first month.” Liz continued not knowing that the two outside the bathroom door had changed places. Max had placed his hand on the door trying to make her realize that he was there. “I’m upset that he wasn’t calling my name. God, Michael, I’m jealous of a name that I have no idea what it means or who it is and I can’t help but feel that that is who he is meant to be with. Michael, remember, I used to scream for Zan at night? What if we’re both destined to be with someone else?” Liz took a deep breath expecting Michael to say something to reassure her but was surprised when it was Max.

“I make my own destiny Liz and it doesn’t matter who I had cried for when I was little but who I dream about when I go to bed at night.” Max stood up and waited for his words to sink in. He waited for her to open the door. She hadn’t yet so he continued. “Since the first day that I spoke to you on the phone the feeling of emptiness has been gone and been filled with you. There’s not a second that goes by out of every minute that I don’t think of you.” The door unlocked but didn’t open so Max continued. “What happened in the living room earlier tonight only proved that we were meant to be together. Liz, there’s some type of link between us that’s stronger than brother-sister. The orb showed that. Don’t you feel it? Don’t shut us out, don’t shut me out. Please, don’t try and deal with this on your own. I know you’ve had to do that in the past but I’m here now and I will be here in the future. I’m never leaving you again. ” The door swung open and Liz came bounding out and landed in Max’s open arms. Their lips locked in a kiss that sealed Max’s promise to be there and to never leave.

Once again the connection flared between them and this time the images were of Max’s childhood.

Diane wrapping the soft southwestern blanket around the two of them.

People trying to take them away from each other and the two children crying while clinging to Diane Evans.

Diane coming to Max with a ceramic toy house that doubled as a night light and telling him that this is his home now and he was safe with them. But whenever he got homesick and wanted to remember his old home all he had to do was turn on the light. Whoever he was calling for would be there waiting for him. Max quit crying and hugged her for the first time. Pulling away from the woman that was crying.

Max turning on the light for the first time and seeing a small figure waiting for him in the window. A sense of knowing that she would always be waiting for him as well as a sense of peace overwhelmed him.

Max sneaking out of the Evan’s household in search of something that was left behind in the desert.

Finding the orb and going back home. Trying to show Isabel that he had found it but she didn’t want to know anything about it. She was happy to be were she was and she just wanted to be normal.

Max putting the orb in the toy house that his new mom had given him that night. Knowing that it would be his only way of finding the one that he seeked.

They pulled away in unison. The knowledge that they had learned from the flashes being so important. “Liz…” Max trailed off.

“Go.” She knew that he had to but sensed that he didn’t want to leave her.

“It can wait. It’s been hidden all this time, what’s one more day going to do?” He reached for her and pulled her into his embrace.

“What can wait?” Michael had rounded the corner to see how Max was doing with Liz. He was surprised that he had gotten her out of the bathroom so soon.

Liz pulled away when she heard her brother’s question. She had turned a little red in the face to be caught in such an intimate position with Max for the second time that night. “Um…” she looked up at Max looking for assistance. Telling him that it was his call about what to tell the others.

“We had a flash.” He said.

“A flash? What the hell do you mean a flash? What’s a flash?” Michael was coming closer to the two of them and Max and Liz took a step back. Neither wanting a repeat of the earlier confrontation.

Liz, while stepping in front of Max to be a buffer between him and her brother tried to explain, “It’s a connection kind of thing. When we are close, depending on our emotions, it just opens up and we see things.” That sounded good, innocent, she thought to herself. Max wrapped a protective arm around her waist letting Liz lean her back on him for support.

“What do you mean, you see things? What kind of things?” Looking directly at Liz, Michael continued, “This doesn’t sound like something new. You’ve had these before and didn’t tell me, right?”

Liz looked up at Max then back at her brother, “We think they’re from our past. They’re memories that we didn’t know we had. A, uh, sub-conscious thing.” Liz tried to explain.

Michael seemed to digest what Liz told him then asked, “So, what did you two see? What can wait?” Michael waited a beat then looked at Liz and continued, “And don’t think you’re off the hook. I want to know why you didn’t tell me. You’ve known this guy, what, two days and already you’re keeping secrets together?”

“Calm down Michael. Yeah, I didn’t tell you. I could just see it now. If I would have told you, your paranoia would have had you bouncing off the walls. You would have kept us as far apart as possible.’ Liz looked pleadingly at Michael and continued, “Michael, sometimes you just have to trust someone. I trust Max. I don’t know why but it just feels right. I trust him. Please, if we’re going to learn anything about our past, we need Max and Isabel.”

Michael appeared to think about what Liz just said and replied, “Okay, what did you two see? What can wait?” Leave it to Michael to be direct and to the point. No beating around the bush with him.

“I know where the other orb is.” Max said plain and simple.


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Title: Two Squared
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 1 -- Michael and Liz's parents were killed.
Part 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Evans knew Michael and Liz's adoptive parents, the Parkers.
Part 3 -- There is certain stipulations in the will. Either stay in Clovis or move to Roswell...
Part 4 -- nothing much happens just filler.
Part 5 -- Max and Isabel at the Crashdown and we find out that Alex and Isabel have a crush on each other...
Part 6 -- Mr. Evans suspects something about the Parker kids as well as his own...
Part 7 -- Liz finds a book with a weird emblem on the front cover and has the first dream sequence in the story.
Part 8 -- Someone breaks into the Parker's house looking for something.
Part 9 -- Max and Liz talk on the phone and they decide to meat in Roswell...
Part 10 -- Max and Liz finally meet and they have a flash.
Part 11 -- Liz gets to meet Alex and Maria at the Crashdown and her and Max have a wonderful conversation...
Part 12 -- Michael finds out that Liz is no longer in Clovis. He hops on his bike and heads to Roswell. He has a run in with Maria DeLuca.
Part 13 – Liz wrapped an angry Michael around her little finger, and was able to convince him to go to dinner with the group of new friends.
Part 14 – So every one of the aliens ordered the exact same thing… MMMM… What are the humans going to think about that?
Part 15 – The song used in this part is Linkin Park’s Papercut
Part 16 – Max and Liz connect on the dream plane.
Part 17 – Michael and Liz go to the bank and Max and Isabel run into an intruder at the Parker house.
Part 18 – Michael divulges that the reason he isn’t really comfortable around Max and Isabel is because they left them in the pod chamber and never came back
Part 19 – The Evans’ kids get permission to stay with the Parker kids
Part 20 – Alex and Maria show up out of nowhere at the Parker residence.
Part 21 – Maria enjoys a slice of pizza alien style. Max and Liz finally kiss. Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria play twister
Part 22 – Special Thank you to True Blue Healer for this part… She broke me out of my huge writer’s block. Michael and Isabel save Alex and Maria because she ran out of gas. And yes they left Max and Liz at home alone.
Part 23 – Michael and Isabel walk in on Max and Liz using their ‘alone’ time…
Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Will Max leave Liz tonight to go search for the orb or will he stay in Clovis… What is Isabel going to say? And what are Mr. and Mrs. Evans discussing back home in Roswell? Read to find out.


Part 26

“You know where it is?” No one had noticed that Isabel had entered the hallway. “Where is it Max?” She said.

“It’s at home.” He told her.

“How long have you had it?” She asked him.

“I’ve had it since we were young.” He told everyone. Seeing that his sister was going to get mad at that fact. “But I didn’t remember that I had it. I hid it.”

“How is it that you know this now?” Isabel was the last one that had entered the conversation and Max knew that he had to handle her in a completely different matter than they had handled Michael.

Walking over to where his sister was standing he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t have all the information but there is some force that is taking control of Liz and me. When I’m close to her things just happen.”

“That force is what happens when you have a boy who likes a girl. All boys go through that, its called hormones.” She was smiling up at him.

“No Isabel. This is more than human hormones. This is an alien force. I was able to remember where the other orb was by kissing Liz. We got a flash, some sort of memory from the past. I don’t know if that is her strongest power, the power to help people remember, or if it’s a combination of us both being together.”

Isabel stood there trying to digest what Max had just explained to her before asking, “So are we going home to get it now or what?” Isabel pulled away from her brother so she could see everyone’s expression.

Max let out a relieved breath at Isabel’s ready acceptance that Liz and he had some sort of special connection and told her, “I don’t think so… It’s waited this long it can wait for one more night. All it’s going to do if we go home now is alarm mom and dad even further. I think we should leave tomorrow as we had planned.” Max turned away from the group and walked into the living room. He sat down on the couch and waited for the others to follow.

“Max, what if it’s important? I feel that there is a reason why we are getting the images that we are getting. The sequence. The timing. There has to be a reason for it all.” Liz sat down in a chair that faced the couch that Max was now sitting in.

Michael walked further into the room and then sat down on the arm of the chair that his sister was sitting in. “I think Max is right. If they go home in the middle of the night their parents are going to get suspicious and what possible excuse could they give them for coming home in the middle of the night? I think they should wait til morning and leave like it was originally planned.” Everyone turned to see what Isabel was going to say.

When she sat in a huff on the couch next to her brother she said, “I agree. We should leave tomorrow. Even if mom and dad know about you, they still don’t know about us.” She sunk even further into the couch.

Liz stood up and began pacing. “Ok, so you go home tomorrow. You get the orb and then what do we do?” She stopped and looked at the others. “Should we go to Roswell too?” She asked Michael as she pinned him with her gaze. “Should we stay here and then have Max and Isabel come back?” She now looked at the two on the couch. “What are you going to say to your dad when you get home? Sorry dad, we were just playing around in your dreams? He’s going to ask questions. What if he forbids the two of you from seeing us.”

“He won’t do that. He offered to still help you. He still wanted you two to come and live in Roswell. He’s not going to turn his back on you or on us.” Max stood up and started to approach Liz. She backed up from him.

“You don’t know that Max. That’s what you are assuming but you can’t guarantee that he won’t look at us differently in the real world. That’s the beauty of the dream plane. We expect things to happen that are unreal but once it’s realized in the waking world it’s entirely different. When the two of you leave here tomorrow we need to be prepared to face the fact that we may not be able to see each other. You might have to be prepared to sneak behind their backs. You have to be prepared for the normal life that you have been living to be turned upside down.” Tears were rolling down Liz’s cheek.

“Liz don’t cry.” Max made another attempt to comfort her but she pulled away again.

“You don’t understand. By knowing us we have completely ruined your life. By us being together nothing is going to be normal ever again. It wasn’t fair to you for me to pull the two of you into this. It wasn’t fair.”

“Liz you didn’t pull us in. I came on my own free will. We are here because we want to be here. Nothing that happens now is your fault. It’s ours and ours alone. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Max closed the distance between the two of them and as if Michael and Isabel didn’t exist he embraced her into a kiss. When the kiss broke he gently rubbed the tears away from her cheek with his thumbs as his hands held her face to continue eye contact. “What do you want to do Liz? Just walk away? Forget that we ever existed? I won’t let you do this. I won’t.”

Michael cleared his throat to bring their existence back into the equation between Max and Liz. “She’s got a point. I would have to agree with her. We don’t know what’s going to happen when you two do go back. We need to have a plan in case your parents decide to lock you up and throw away the key.”

“They’re not going to do that.” Isabel spoke up. A hint of hesitation in her voice. Looking at Max. “They won’t do that will they?”

“No. They won’t do that. We have to make them understand.” Max replied, but his tone of voice was as sure as he wanted it to be.

“Max this is like my worst nightmare. Them finding out and then rejecting us. I don’t know what I would do if that happens.” Isabel said with a tremor in her voice. Max looked at Isabel and could see the fear in her eyes.

Max walked over and squatted down in front of Isabel and took her hands in his, “It’s not going to happen, Isabel. It’s not going to happen. We have to believe in them like we want them to believe in us. It’s a two way street and we have to meet in the middle.” Releasing Isabel’s hands he stood up before continuing, “I don’t know about the rest of you but I think I’m tired about worrying about this. What’s going to happen is going to happen and staying up all night worrying about it won’t help.”

“You’re right.” Isabel took a deep breath and stood up. “You’re right Max. All this worrying is going to be for nothing. They are our parents and they love us no matter what. Mom has always said that. You’re right.” Isabel had to say it one more time to make herself believe it because deep down there was a part of her that didn’t and that was the part that had her worried.

Everyone stood up and headed to their separate rooms for the night. “See you guys in the morning.” Max called out as he entered Michael’s room. He paused in the doorway to take one final look at Liz. “Goodnight Liz.”

“Night Max. See you in the morning.” She smiled and walked into her room. She had shut the door and didn’t her what Max was about to say.

“Not unless I see you in our dreams.” He walked in and got situated in Michael’s room.

“Goodnight Max.” Isabel said as she stood in the doorway.

“Night Iz. See you in the morning.” She smiled and then left.

“Night Michael.”

“Yeah. See ya in the morning.” He said as he came out of the bathroom.

The group was finally all in bed and they will have a big day ahead of them tomorrow.


Phillip and Diane Evans had settled back down to bed about two o’clock. Both of them were tossing and turning, sleep just wouldn’t seem to come. All of a sudden, about an hour after returning to bed they heard a noise coming from down the hall in direction of the kids’ rooms. “Honey… I think the kids are home.” Just as Diane had said that they heard a crash. Phillip bolted up out of bed and proceeded down the hall. He reached the door to Max’s room just in time to see a dark figure jump through the window.

“Stop!” He yelled but who ever it was paused for just a moment before disappearing into the darkness of night.

“Who was it?” Diane asked as she came up behind her husband.

“I don’t know.” Phillip and Diane took in the disaster that they had been made of their son’s room. Drawers had been ripped out of the dresser and their contents strewn across the room, the closet had been ransacked, and Phillip saw what had woke them up. Max’s prized microscope was lying on the floor where in had obviously fell from the closet shelf. It appeared that whoever it was had either found what they were looking for and stopped at the closet or heard Phillip coming down the hall. “Did they get into Isabel’s too?”

“I don’t know. I’ll go check.” Diane left her husband in Max’s room. As she left he began to pick through the mess until he found the phone and dialed the sheriff’s station.

“Yes, this is Phillip Evans, I would like to report a burglary.” He answered the dispatcher’s questions and then hung up the phone and went in search of his wife.

As Phillip entered his daughter’s room Diane turned to him and said, “Well, nothing appears to have been disturbed, lipstick still arrange alphabetically by shade and her closet still has the clothes arranged light to dark. It looks like whoever it was must have gone to Max’s room first.”

As they walked back to Max’s room Diane asked, “Do you think we should call and tell the kids to come home and see if they can make a list of what is gone?”

“I think it would be best. The sheriff will be here in about ten minutes; in the meantime the dispatcher said that they would have their patrol cars searching the neighborhood for anyone that looks suspicious.

“Well let me go call the kids and get some more coffee on for everyone. It’s going to be a long night.”

Diane punched the numbers into the phone that Max had written down on the refrigerator. The phone rang and rang and just when Diane thought that nobody would pick up at the other end, Liz finally answered.

“Hello.” She said, still half asleep.



“This is Diane Evans, Max and Isabel’s mom. Can I talk to them?”

On hearing who was calling Liz snapped fully awake, “Yeah, sure. Let me get them.” Liz rolled over and gently nudged Isabel. “Isabel… it’s your mom.” Isabel rolled over but didn’t get up. “Isabel!” Liz said a little louder.

“What! I’m trying to sleep.” She said groggily.

“It’s your mom.” Liz had gotten out of bed and was waiting for Isabel to take the call.

“Ok.” She sat up and took the phone from Liz.

“I’m going to go get Max.” Liz left Isabel to go wake up Max. Just as she opened up her door she was face to face with Max.

“Who’s calling so early, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s your mom. She’s on the phone.” Max squeezed by Liz and went to stand beside his sister.

“Are you two ok?” Isabel asked.

“Yes. At first your father and I thought it was the two of you but then we heard a crashing sound and knew that it wasn’t. We’re going to need the two of you to come home tonight. Well this morning. The sheriff is going to want to have a list of anything that could be missing.” Diane told her daughter.

“Who was it? Did you guys get a good look at who ever did all of this?” Isabel asked.

Max sat down next to his sister and began to jab at her. “What’s wrong?” He asked. She turned her back as she continued to listen to her mom. “Isabel, what’s going on?”

Isabel turned back around and covered the mouthpiece. “Someone broke into our house and mom and dad want us to come home now. We’re going to have to fill out a report.” Max immediately got up and left the girls’ room. He squeezed back by Liz who was still standing in the doorway watching everything.

“Max. What’s wrong? Where are you going?” Liz asked as she followed him.

He entered Michael’s room and flipped on the light. “Hello. I’m trying to sleep. What’s the big idea of turning on the light? Michael said as he pulled the pillow over his head until the light was turned off again.

“Sorry Michael.” Max said as he flipped the light back off. “Our place has been robbed and Isabel and I have to go home now to file a report.

Michael sat up and asked, “Do you think it has something to do with us?”

“I’m not sure but I wouldn’t dismiss that just yet. Let us go home and see what’s gone and then I’ll let you know.” Max began pulling on his jeans and went searching for his shirt. Michael had gotten out of bed and was standing in the hall with Liz.

“What do you think?” He asked her.

“If you want to know the truth I think it has everything to do with us.” Liz said as she slid down the wall of the hallway.

“Why?” Michael asked doing the same thing.

“They stopped the person that was doing the exact same thing to our house. The guy drove off but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t look at Max and Isabel’s plates on the jeep. He could have easily found out where they live and then decide to look for what ever he wanted here over there."” Liz looked at her brother.

Michael shook his head. As if it was choreographed Max and Isabel both exited their assigned rooms fully dressed and ready to go. Isabel’s face was etched with fear while Max’s was just lightly laced with concern.

“Ready?” He asked her.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” She said. Michael and Liz stood up and followed the Evans out into the living room.

“Do you want us to come with you?” Liz asked.

“No. I don’t think so… Don’t want to give the police anything to question. We’ll call you when we get there.” Max closed the distance between Liz and him and then took her into his arms and kissed her. Pulling back he reached up and cupped her face in his hands forcing her to look him in the eyes, “It’s going to be ok. None of this is your fault. Push those thoughts out of your mind. You hear me Liz?” Liz shook her head as she rolled her lips into her mouth and then began to bite on the lower one. Max kissed her forehead and then turned to leave.

She knew that he was trying to comfort her but she couldn’t help but believe that this was only happening to them because of her. They had a perfectly normal life in Roswell and then she had to go drag them into hers. A life that had dead parents and alien artifacts. It wasn’t fair to them.

As Max turned to leave he knew that he wasn’t getting through to her. That she was still blaming herself for everything that was happening to them. He wanted to stay and try to convince her otherwise but there just wasn’t time.

Michael opened the door and waited for Max and Isabel to leave he circled his arms around Liz’s shoulders as they both waved at the departing jeep. Liz lowered her head onto his shoulder while Michael squeezed her just a little bit more. “Come on… Let’s try and get some sleep. We’ve had a rough day and an exciting night.” Michael pulled his sister back into the house.

Liz veered away from him and headed for the kitchen. She opened up the cabinet for some of her mom’s flavored coffee. She needed comforting and right now this was the best thing that was available. There were many times that she would wake up in the middle of the night to find her mom sitting at the bar nursing a cup full. They would stay up together and talk about things while the two of them sipped the coffee. Scooping the coffee into the cup she pour the water into the cup and then held her hand over it to warm it to just the right temperature. “Liz this isn’t our fault.” Michael said as he sat down beside her.

“I know Michael, I keep telling myself that, but I just can’t help but think that it is. I know deep down that if they wouldn’t have come by today this wouldn’t be happening to them right now. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. First mom and dad, now Max and Isabel. Everyone that comes near us…..”

“Liz. Quit! You have no right to be thinking like this. THIS – IS – NOT – YOUR – FAULT!” Michael stressed each word with force. He knew where her line of thought was going and he couldn’t see her do it. Not now… when she’s finally found someone that could make her happy.

“Michael. Not now. Don’t yell at me. I’m just thinking. There’s nothing wrong with thinking.”

“No there isn’t. But I know you and I’m not going to let you push them away just when we found them again. There’s a reason we were sent together. You of all people should know that. Things happen for a reason. We just have to look for the reason why the things are happening to us now. You’re not going to protect them if you decide to walk away. And besides walking away is my job not yours.

“Michael you have never walked away from anything. You have always been there for me.”

“If you only knew. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. We’ll work this out.” He kissed the top of her head and then got to his feet and started for his room. “I’m going to get some sleep. Don’t stay up all morning. Who knows what we are going to have to do tomorrow. Oh, don’t forget that we still have to find a job so we don’t go into the foster care system.” He rounded the corner and left Liz by herself to bounce her thoughts back and forth for awhile.

As Michael disappeared from sight Liz got up and grabbed another cup, she added coffee and water but decided to wait until he returned before heating it. Liz knew he would get back up in a little while to make sure that she went back to bed.

As Liz slowly sipped her coffee, she continued thinking, ‘Michael had mentioned looking for a job, but where? Here or in Roswell? Michael said that we shouldn’t push Max and Isabel away, does that mean that he thinks we should be together?’


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Title: Two Squared
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 1 -- Michael and Liz's parents were killed.
Part 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Evans knew Michael and Liz's adoptive parents, the Parkers.
Part 3 -- There is certain stipulations in the will. Either stay in Clovis or move to Roswell...
Part 4 -- nothing much happens just filler.
Part 5 -- Max and Isabel at the Crashdown and we find out that Alex and Isabel have a crush on each other...
Part 6 -- Mr. Evans suspects something about the Parker kids as well as his own...
Part 7 -- Liz finds a book with a weird emblem on the front cover and has the first dream sequence in the story.
Part 8 -- Someone breaks into the Parker's house looking for something.
Part 9 -- Max and Liz talk on the phone and they decide to meat in Roswell...
Part 10 -- Max and Liz finally meet and they have a flash.
Part 11 -- Liz gets to meet Alex and Maria at the Crashdown and her and Max have a wonderful conversation...
Part 12 -- Michael finds out that Liz is no longer in Clovis. He hops on his bike and heads to Roswell. He has a run in with Maria DeLuca.
Part 13 – Liz wrapped an angry Michael around her little finger, and was able to convince him to go to dinner with the group of new friends.
Part 14 – So every one of the aliens ordered the exact same thing… MMMM… What are the humans going to think about that?
Part 15 – The song used in this part is Linkin Park’s Papercut
Part 16 – Max and Liz connect on the dream plane.
Part 17 – Michael and Liz go to the bank and Max and Isabel run into an intruder at the Parker house.
Part 18 – Michael divulges that the reason he isn’t really comfortable around Max and Isabel is because they left them in the pod chamber and never came back
Part 19 – The Evans’ kids get permission to stay with the Parker kids
Part 20 – Alex and Maria show up out of nowhere at the Parker residence.
Part 21 – Maria enjoys a slice of pizza alien style. Max and Liz finally kiss. Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria play twister
Part 22 – Special Thank you to True Blue Healer for this part… She broke me out of my huge writer’s block. Michael and Isabel save Alex and Maria because she ran out of gas. And yes they left Max and Liz at home alone.
Part 23 – Michael and Isabel walk in on Max and Liz using their ‘alone’ time…
Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because there house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – Will the orb be there when Max and Isabel reach home or will it be gone. Is Liz and Michael going to go to Roswell? Read and find out.


Part 27

Liz was sipping on her cup of coffee when she leaned over and warmed the one that she had gotten ready earlier. She couldn’t help but smile with anticipation as she warmed up the extra cup. He actually had taken a lot longer to come back out than she expected him to. Michael strolled into the kitchen his hair standing straight up and his feet dragging the floor. “What took you so long?” She asked.

“I don’t know what made me think that I was going to be able to sleep. Get ready let’s go.” Michael grabbed the cup of coffee and started to sip on it. As he sipped he couldn’t help but see how happy his sister was. He brought the cup down and a grin was on his face. “What? Quit smiling like that and go get ready… We have a lot of ground to make up.” He turned to go back to his room.

Liz hopped off the stool and jumped up and down. “Thank you, thank you.” She had grabbed Michael around the neck and kissed him on his cheek. “Thanks Michael.”

“Hey! Watch the coffee.” He held the cup as far away as he could so she wouldn’t bump his arm and cause him to spill it. “You’re welcome. We have to stick together. We’re all we have now.” Liz unwrapped herself from her brother and then bounded down the hall to the bathroom. Michael still had a smile on his face from her actions. She had known that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. She knew. Shaking his head in disbelief he walked down the hall to his room, and shut the door and got ready.

Slipping into the bathroom she started the shower. Stepping into the stream of hot water her muscles began to relax. She washed her hair and body quickly and stepped out. It wasn’t as long as she expected it to take. She stepped out and began to towel off. Drying the mirror in front of her she looked at the girl in the mirror. No, that was wrong, that had been one change that had happened since her parent's death. She was no longer a girl; she was a woman. There was no one to make decisions for her and Michael anymore.

After dressing she went back out to sit at the kitchen counter to wait for Michael but was shocked to see him holding the door open. “Come on. I won’t be able to take any more of your sulking if I have to wait.” Seeing that his sister wasn’t budging from the spot that she stood in the living room Michael let go of the door and tromped over and grabbed her by the arm. “I know you want to go. So let’s go. Besides I didn’t really get a good look at Roswell the last time I was there. Maybe we do need a change of scenery.”

Liz not believing what she was hearing from her brother just stared at him with a corny smile on her face. “Ok. Who are you and what have you done with my brother?” She said jokingly.

“HAHA.” He said. “Good one. I’ll have to remember that one. Are you going to give me a hard time all the way to Roswell or will we be able to talk about some other things?”

“I’ll be good.” Liz leaned up onto her tiptoes and kissed Michael on the cheek. “Thanks Michael. You’re the best.”

“I wouldn’t go that far… I’m just the brother who loves his sister.” He smiled at her as they climbed into the truck.


Max’s eyes were getting really heavy with sleep. He wishes now that they had gone to bed much earlier; but then again none of them had expected this to happen. ‘Who had broken in and what did they want?’ The same question had been racing through his mind for the entire trip home.

Isabel sensing what was on Max’s mind asked, “Do you think it’s the same guy that broke into Michael and Liz’s house?”

“Yeah. I do. It too much of a coincidence for it to be anybody else.” He said as he rubbed at his eyes once more.

“Do you think they were after the orb?” Isabel was finally voicing her own questions that had been running through her mind.

“Maybe. I don’t know. It’s too soon to tell. We’ll know soon enough.” Max concentrated on his driving for a moment before adding, “I really don’t’ want to think about that right now. If someone is after the orb then that means that they know about us. That they know more about us than we do.“ Max turned the corner and went down Main Street. The town was absolutely deserted. Most everyone was still in bed with the exception of the Crashdown, Amy Deluca was getting ready for the morning breakfast crowd.

Driving the speed limit was driving both Max and Isabel insane. It was like dragging out the inevitable. Isabel was out of the jeep before Max had the chance to come to a complete stop. Opening the door she ran in. “Mom… Dad… we’re home.” She called out.

“We’re in here honey.” Diane had called in from the kitchen. She stood up and her daughter embraced her.

“I was so worried. Are you guys ok? I mean really ok?” Isabel pulled herself out of her mother’s arms and looked at her. She looked ok. Well with the exception of the dark circles under her eyes but Isabel imagined that everyone would have those.

Diane, noticing her son standing in the doorway of the kitchen, sidestepped her daughter and immediately went to him. His room had been the only one that had any damage and she only hoped that everything could be replaced. “Hi, honey. I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks mom. How bad is it?” He wanted to go in search of the orb but he didn’t want to draw any attention to it.

“I don’t know. You’re the only one that will be able to answer that question. You want to go look?” She wrapped her arm around his waist and then turned him in the direction of his room.

“Don’t worry about the microscope. Your father and I have already discussed replacing it. If there is anything else that’s missing that can be replaced just let us know.” Max knew that she was trying to comfort him but she wasn’t really helping anything. Standing in front of the closed bedroom door Max took a deep breath as he reached for the knob.

Turning it slowly and then pushing it forward he entered his room. The first site that hit him was everything had been opened. All the drawers to his dresser were wide open, their contents strewn all over the place. Isabel gasped and Max turned around to see who it was. He hadn’t realized that she had followed him.

Max walked slowly into his room. Accidentally stepping on something and hearing it snap beneath the weight of his step. He backed up and looked down. It was a picture frame that held a picture of him and Isabel on their one vacation to the Florida Keys. He bent down and picked it up and then set it down on the nightstand and then continued forward into his room. “Who would have done this Max?” His mom asked.

“I don’t know mom. I have no idea.” Max walked further into his room not able to comprehend what had occurred here just hours before.

“I’ll need to have a complete list of everything that was damaged and or missing.” Max turned around to see who had said that and noticed the sheriff holding his hat in his hands.

“Sure, sheriff.” Max tried to act casual but had a feeling that he wasn’t doing a good job of it.

“Do you have any idea who would have done this or why they would only search your room and not anyone else’s?” The sheriff had walked in further and sat down at the computer chair that had been shoved away from the desk.

“No sir. I don’t know. I have no idea.” Max shook his head and continued to look around the room.

“I think I can answer that for you sheriff.” Phillip Evans pushed his way through the crowd that consisted of his wife and daughter. “Who ever did this left the room because he had knocked down the microscope and when it hit the floor it made a big crash and had alerted myself and Diane. I think the intruder didn’t have a chance to move to any other room because he had woken us up.”

“I see. Sounds reasonable.” The sheriff got up from the chair. “I don’t think you should touch anything else in here. I’m going to have a crew come in and dust the place for prints. It sounds like it was rookies that did this and if they made this much noise now they may have made more a time before and might have gotten caught a time or two before.”

“When will my son be able to go through and make a list of everything that is broken or missing?” Phillip asked.

“Sometime this afternoon.” The sheriff began to shoo everyone out of the room and then put up the police tape over the door. “Please stay out of this room until further notice. Someone from my department will be here shortly.”

“Wait. Can’t I even go in and get a change of clothes?” Max asked.

“No. I would advise against that at this point in time. Surely your mom has some laundry that hasn’t been put away that you could wear for the meantime.” The sheriff looked to Mrs. Evans for help in the matter of keeping everyone out of the room until further noticed.

“Come on Max. I think I have something that you can wear in the laundry room. The sheriff is right. If we want to catch who did this then we need to wait until they are through with the room. I’m just concerned if you have any clothes to wear to work today or not.” Diane had already started walking to the laundry room and had left everyone else standing outside Max’s room in the hallway. She needed to keep herself busy so she wouldn’t freak out in front of the kids.

Max began to follow her. “Mom don’t worry about work. I’ll call Brody and see if I can get the day off.” Max was now in the kitchen with his dad and sister in-tow. The sheriff was standing in the entryway to the front door.

“Call me if you need anything Phillip.” He put his hat back on his head and walked out the door.


“So what’s the plan when we get there?” Liz asked as she looked at her brother.

“What? I don’t have the plan you’re the one that needs to come up with a plan. I’m just taking you where you wanted to go. Some how we need to contact Max and Isabel and see what is missing. If the break-in was alien related or just dumb luck.”

“Dumb luck?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. Some ordinary Joe wanting to score some cash and just happened to pick the wrong house.”

“I don’t know. I feel like it has something to do with the first one. It has something to do with who we are.” Liz shifted nervously in her seat and pressed her head against the window. It was still cool because the sun had yet to rise.

The cab of the truck was quiet for almost the rest of the trip. The radio played and Michael sang a few bars here and there. Liz didn’t mind because she knew that was his way of staying awake.

The minute they hit Roswell Liz sat up to take in the scenery. Just like Michael the last time she was here she hadn’t really paid that much attention. Which was sad because Max was the one that had given her a tour of the city. She smiled to herself when she remembered that day. “Which way do I go now?” Michael asked. He had never been to the Evans house.

“Umm. Turn right here and then at the stop sign take a left and the house should be on the right hand side.” Once the truck made the left at the stop sign Michael continued driving by. The Evans’ house was crawling with cops. There were three cop cars in the front yard. Michael kept on driving not wanting to bring any attention to them. “Where are you going?” Liz asked.

“I don’t want to stop while the cops are there.”

“Why? We have nothing to hide.” She said.

“I know. It’s just. Well just because. You know, friends arriving at the crack of dawn, wouldn’t that seem a bit strange? Let’s go to the Crashdown for breakfast maybe we can call them from there.” Michael made the lap around the block and headed back to Main Street. They were the first car to pull into the parking spaces located just out front of the Crashdown’s front door.

“You just want to see Maria.” Liz joked.

“No I don’t.” He said back to his sister. “I’m hungry and we have to wait for the cops to leave Max and Isabel’s house, so we might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Michael opened the door for Liz and she walked under his arm. “Sure. Whatever you say.” The bell above the door signaled that they had arrived and the owner and manager, Amy Deluca, instantly greeted them.

“Welcome to the Crashdown. Feel free to sit anywhere. I’ll be with the two of you in just a moment.” She smiled some more and then went through a swinging door. “Maria, I need you to grab the two customers that just came in. I’ll get the grill hot. I don’t know what I’m going to do with Jose being gone.”

“Don’t people ever eat at home anymore? What ever happened to sleeping in during the summer break?” Maria pushed through the door and stopped in mid-stride. “I don’t believe it.” She continued to the two that were waiting for her. “What? Can’t get enough of me Parker?” Maria said to Michael. Michael had sat with his back to the door so he would be able to see everything that went on in the restaurant.

“In your dreams blondie. We’re here to see Max and Isabel.” He said while his face turned a few shades redder.

“Well they’re not here. It’s just mom and me. Jose and Lucia had a family emergency in Mexico and we have to find their temporary replacements like pronto. Do you know how hard it is to find good help around here? Especially help that doesn’t mind the uniform and tourists.” Michael cleared his throat and gave Maria a bored look making her realize that she had been babbling. “ Oh, sorry, do you know what you want to eat or do you want me to come back later.” After all she was their waitress and had to keep any and all business that she could. She couldn’t believe that she had just gone on and on about her problems. She felt like such a dork.

“Umm. I’ll have a cup of coffee and he’ll have a cherry coke if you don’t mind Maria. We’ve had a really long night and we need all the caffeine that we can get.” Liz hated the thought that she was trying to shut her friend up but the less she said the less her head would hurt and Michael wasn’t helping matters at all. Maria left to get their drink orders. “God Michael, can’t you ever be nice to anyone? What’s the idea making her so upset?”

“She just rubs me the wrong way and besides I didn’t ask her to tell us her problems she did that all on her own.” He said.

“Yeah, right. That’s not what you were saying when her dream orb was hovering around you. Don’t think you are fooling me. I know you and I know you like her. So can the bull shit.” Michael looked at Liz like she had grown a third eye.

“What’s up with you?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She said as she rubbed her temples. “Nothing. I’m just tired. Tired and worried.” Liz laid her head down on the table. “I need caffeine and I need it now.”

“Well sorry it took so long.” Liz sat straight up and looked at Maria.

“Oh, Maria. I didn’t mean anything by that. I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way.” Liz sunk deeper into the booth just wanting to disappear completely.

“It’s ok, Liz. I understand. When I get my break maybe we can sit down and talk about things.” Liz nodded her head. “Here’s your menu I’ll be right back to take your order.” Maria turned around to show a few more customers to their table.

“I’m going to go call Max and see what he knows. I’ll be back in a minute.” Liz stood up from the booth and walked over to the pay phone by the bathroom. Michael didn’t say a word because he was too busy ogling Maria from a distance. Liz smiled and punched in the numbers to the Evans’ household. Its funny how she can remember it from heart after only dialing it once before.

“Hello.” Max’s mom answered the phone.

“Hi, is Max available?” Liz asked in a shy voice. Noticing the tone of her own voice Liz thought, ‘How embarrassing.’

“Yes he is, may I ask who is calling?” She is so nice. I bet she really loves her children.

“Umm. Yeah, this is Liz Parker. I was just calling to make sure that everything was ok.”

“Oh, how sweet of you. Hang on let me go get him.” She puts the phone down on the counter and Liz hears the muffled voices that are in the background.

“Liz?” Max picks up the phone.

“Yeah, I was just calling to see if you made it home ok or not. I wasn’t sure if you had called or not.” Liz just wanted to hang up the phone and go to him. Go to him now and comfort him.

“No I didn’t. I’m sorry. I should have called but I forgot with everything going on. Liz, what’s wrong? Why wouldn’t you know that I hadn’t called? Where are you?” Liz could hear the growing concern in his voice.

“I’m ok Max. It’s just that I couldn’t stay at home with everything that was going on. Michael and I are here at the Crashdown. We wanted to come by and see you guys but when we tried there were police all over. We thought that we should wait until everyone had left before we came by. How bad is it?” Liz could hear his sigh of relief come from him when he heard that she was ok.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” He asked.

“Yes, Max. I’m fine. Just tired that’s all but aren’t we all? It’s not like we got a whole lot of sleep last night. Now tell me, how bad is everything?” It was now Max’s turn to hear Liz’s concern come across the phone.

“I don’t know. I was only able to step in my room for a short time. Then the sheriff came in and taped everything up for the forensics team to come in. They’ve only been here a little over twenty minutes now.”

“So you still don’t know if its there or not. You still don’t know if it was a fluke or if it was because of us.”

“Liz. Don’t. If it is because of that then it’s just as much because of us as it would have been if it was you. So don’t be blaming yourself. There’s nothing any of us could have done about it. If anything it’s more our fault than anything. You tried to get us to come home sooner. We should have listened to you. Do you hear me?”

“Yes. Thanks Max. It means a lot to me to hear you say that.”

“Good. Just remember that for the next time you start blaming yourself.”

“I will.”

“Great!” Liz heard Michael yell behind him. “You did this on purpose!” He yelled some more.

“Umm Max. I’ve gotta go. Michael is getting ready to kill Maria and I have to go save her.” Liz could hear Max chuckle and it made her heart yearn for him even more.

“Ok… We’ll come by as soon as we can. You don’t mind hanging out there for a little while longer do you?”

“No. We’ll be here, that’s if Michael doesn’t get arrested first.”

“Ok. Bye.”

“Bye.” Liz hung up the phone and took rather large steps to get back to the booth so that she wouldn’t have to run.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’ going on here?” Liz asked while placing herself in between her brother and Maria.

“I asked for pancakes and bacon and I got some kind of runny slop with burnt strips of rubber.”

“Hey. Watch it buddy. You’re talking about my mother and I never said that she was the world’s greatest cook. She’s a wonder with finances and can organize the crap out of things but she can’t cook worth a hoot. I’m sorry. Let me get you some more.”

“No way. I wouldn’t touch any food that comes out of that kitchen with a ten-foot pole let alone eat it. I can cook better than that with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back.” Michael bragged like he knew what he was saying.

“Yeah. And I have ocean front property to sell you in Kansas, Toto.” Maria began to walk off when Michael got up and marched back to the back. “Excuse me you can’t go back there. Employees only.” Maria chased after him leaving Liz standing in a nearly full restaurant.

“Excuse me Mrs. Deluca but I’m about to show your daughter that I don’t say things that I can’t back up.” Michael took an apron off the rack and tied it on. Amy was smiling from ear to ear.

Maria moved between Michael and the grill and held her hands up blocking him. “No. You cannot do this Michael. You aren’t an employee and if you get hurt it could ruin my mother. No! You hear me. No!”

Michael looked at Amy for help. “She’s technically right. I can’t have a patron back here. If my insurance company finds out they’ll shut me down like it happened yesterday.”

“Well I guess the only way I can prove to Maria that I can cook is for you to hire me. What do you say, Mrs. Deluca? How about you let me show her she’s wrong.” There must have been something in Michael’s face because Amy just smiled even bigger and started to shake her head yes.

Maria saw her mother nod her head and exploded, “Mom!! You don’t even know this jerk! How can you just hire him like that?”

“Maria, I don’t have much choice, do I? We need a cook.” Seeing Maria was still mad, she continued, “Maria, I would like you to meet our new cook, Michael. Michael this is Maria and if you so much as hurt my daughter you will be unemployed so fast that you won’t know what hit you. You understand me?” She said as she prepared to walk out of the kitchen.

“Yes, ma’am.” He looked at Maria. “Now if you don’t mind. I don’t like waitresses in my kitchen.” Michael shooed Maria out with a wound up towel and Maria scooted out trying to avoid it.

Maria, being Maria couldn’t let him have the last word, “Ok… We’ll see if you have the job by the end of the shift.” Maria walked out to the front and nearly had a heart attack. The place was swamped and Liz was trying her best to keep everyone happy. Maria was actually a little surprised because Liz was actually doing a pretty good job of it.

“Maria. Help. Please.” Liz couldn’t even get more than one word out without being interrupted. Maria started going from table to table and in the middle of it she tossed Liz an order pad and told her, “You handle the booths, I’ll get the tables and the counter.”

Liz looked at the order pad as if she had never seen one before, “What am I supposed to do with this? I have no idea what’s on the menu.”

“Neither does your brother but that’s not stopping him from cooking now is it? Chop – chop - chica… The crowd is only going to get worse before it gets any better.”

Maria and Liz were doing pretty good and the crowd had died down. It was now nine in the morning and both girls were sitting in a booth when Liz’s cell phone rang. Jumping up from where she had been sitting and running to the counter to where she had stashed Michael and her stuff she reached her phone.




“It’s gone.” Liz looked at Michael fear streaking her face.


I hope everyone enjoys this part...

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Thanks to everyone that left feedback... Although there are quite a few of you that read and left with no word... You guys can do better than that... Let me know what you think even if you don't like what I write. It can only help me deliver something better... Anyway... On with the answers for those of you who left feedback.


Will the orb be safe? What will having two orbs do?

I’m not saying just yet… We now know that Max can’t find the toy house but does that mean that the burglar took it or is it just misplaced somewhere… Stay tuned.

I'm wondering; do the Evanses realize that Max and Isabelle are 'different'?
I think they have some kind of idea that they are…

Divide and conquer. Why are the four of them splitting up?
Let’s just say Liz is feeling very protective of the Evans and she doesn’t wasn’t want to jeopardize the others if she doesn’t have to… Hang in there… She’ll get the idea pretty soon that they are better off together than apart.


Great part, but still so many questions????
Join the club… I’m even having questions… hehe!
Glad the parents are safe, but is the orb safe.......
It’s safe for the time being but I’m not saying who has it just yet… [:evil]
Will they move to Roswell or should I ask when....
I think when is better. When I first mapped it out they (Parkers) were moving sometime before the holidays… Now… I think it’s going to be a lot sooner… [:wink]
Will the Parents find out or does Diane know...
If they don’t know already they’ll be in the know soon…
Who is the creep that keeps breaking in and what exactly is he/she looking for...
Ummm… very good question… I threw him in earlier in the story and haven’t really figured him out but he sure is a pesky one isn’t he. Leave the kids alone already. Uh?


So someone, presumable the same person who broke into Liz and Michael's house, broke into Max's room. Hmmm. Perhaps Liz should have made them act on the feelings that she was getting that they needed to get the orb tonight. Did the intruder get the orb or did Max have it hidden enough? Have they even thought about the fact that the intruder probably broke in looking for the orb, or even them? AH!
Its been said amongst other authors that I chat with that you are too good at knowing what’s going to happen next… Its just too funny how you always know what I’m going to be doing next… lol… Anyway about the orb. They will still be looking for it for awhile… That’s all I’m saying.

I hope Liz doesn't continue to blame herself. It's not her fault. It's no one's fault. It is simply who they are that tends to bring them trouble.
That’s not going to happen any time soon… Its really hard to say why she is doing it but I think it has something to do with everything that is happening to them since they are in the Evans’ life…

I hope the Evans don't doing anything bad. I really do think that they have the kids' best interests in mind. They know already that their kids are special, so are they ever going to figure out anything more?
Eventually the Evans will know more but right now you don’t have to worry about them not being there for their kids… For all the kids.
Will Max and Isabel ever spill the beans?
In a round-about-way they will…

And what do they think about the whole break in? Did they notice that it was only Max's room and no other room in the house?
We now know that they have explained the break in off… But don’t worry they will get to the bottom of it sometime soon.

And I am going to take a wild stab in the dark here and guess that not much, if anything, is missing. My guess is that the intruder was on a mission...
All I can say is LOL!!! You’ll have to wait and see.

I need to know if the orb is still going to be there. And then, when they have the orbs together, what exactly is going to happen? Are they going to get a message revealing who they really are? Or does it have something else to tell them? Or is it going to tell anything at all? Maybe it has some completely different purpose... Hmmmmmm...
Girl has anyone ever told you that you are filled full of questions? Well you are but I am loving it… 1). The orb is missing. 2). You’re on the right track… [:wink] 3). It might have a different purpose all together but I’m not revealing it to anyone just yet.

Thanks for rambling. At least I know you liked the story…


Could it be ?? Are they finally going to move to Roswell? Please, please, Please come back, and post more.
It looks like they will be making that move sometime in the future. LOL

AJK001 & Rollergal & roswellluver & Strawberry Shortcake

Thanks for leaving feedback… I had over three hundred views and only 8 replies… Makes me wonder if I’m doing anything worth doing… Thanks again I know I can count on y’ll…

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Be safe.

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posted on 24-Dec-2001 8:30:57 PM by Bordersinsanity
And why do I have this sneaky suspision that Charisse is Liz?
Yes... Charisse is Liz...
And is there no Ava and/or Tess in this story?
NO TESS or AVA not in this one...
And since like everyone else I'm suffering from Alex withdrawal syndrom are Isabel and Alex going to get together?
Of course this is strictly CC M/L -- M/M -- A/I.

Thanks for the questions... and thanks for the feedback... Hope you and your family are having a Happy Holiday.
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Title: Two Squared
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 1 -- Michael and Liz's parents were killed.
Part 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Evans knew Michael and Liz's adoptive parents, the Parkers.
Part 3 -- There is certain stipulations in the will. Either stay in Clovis or move to Roswell...
Part 4 -- nothing much happens just filler.
Part 5 -- Max and Isabel at the Crashdown and we find out that Alex and Isabel have a crush on each other...
Part 6 -- Mr. Evans suspects something about the Parker kids as well as his own...
Part 7 -- Liz finds a book with a weird emblem on the front cover and has the first dream sequence in the story.
Part 8 -- Someone breaks into the Parker's house looking for something.
Part 9 -- Max and Liz talk on the phone and they decide to meat in Roswell...
Part 10 -- Max and Liz finally meet and they have a flash.
Part 11 -- Liz gets to meet Alex and Maria at the Crashdown and her and Max have a wonderful conversation...
Part 12 -- Michael finds out that Liz is no longer in Clovis. He hops on his bike and heads to Roswell. He has a run in with Maria DeLuca.
Part 13 – Liz wrapped an angry Michael around her little finger, and was able to convince him to go to dinner with the group of new friends.
Part 14 – So every one of the aliens ordered the exact same thing… MMMM… What are the humans going to think about that?
Part 15 – The song used in this part is Linkin Park’s Papercut
Part 16 – Max and Liz connect on the dream plane.
Part 17 – Michael and Liz go to the bank and Max and Isabel run into an intruder at the Parker house.
Part 18 – Michael divulges that the reason he isn’t really comfortable around Max and Isabel is because they left them in the pod chamber and never came back
Part 19 – The Evans’ kids get permission to stay with the Parker kids
Part 20 – Alex and Maria show up out of nowhere at the Parker residence.
Part 21 – Maria enjoys a slice of pizza alien style. Max and Liz finally kiss. Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria play twister
Part 22 – Special Thank you to True Blue Healer for this part… She broke me out of my huge writer’s block. Michael and Isabel save Alex and Maria because she ran out of gas. And yes they left Max and Liz at home alone.
Part 23 – Michael and Isabel walk in on Max and Liz using their ‘alone’ time…
Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because there house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Will Michael and Liz make it through the day? Will they continue to stay in Roswell? Read and find out.


Part 28

Liz didn’t move from where she was standing, a shocked expression on her face. “Liz are you ok?” Maria asked quickly. Liz didn’t reply to her friend. Her fears were too busy running through her mind for her to concentrate on anything else. “Liz.” Maria tried again. She moved closer and started to reach for Liz when a hand firmly gripped her arm. “Ow.” Maria said as she tried to shake off Michael's hand.

“Don’t touch her.” Michael said as he released her. “Liz. What’s wrong?” Michael slowly pulled the phone out of her hands and then put it to his ear.

“Liz. Liz.” Max was calling to her.

“Hey, it’s me. What’s going on?” Michael asked.

“Is she ok?” Max’s concern was evident to Michael.

“Yeah, just stunned. What did you say to her?” He asked.

“Its gone Michael. I don’t know what we are going to do now.” Michael could feel the fear rolling off his sister. He knew that he had to get things under control. He had to get Liz out of the train of thought that she was in. Knowing her, when she heard that the orb was gone her mind began blaming herself and searching for ways of extricating them from Max and Isabel’s lives. They couldn’t do that any more than she could stop breathing.

“The sheriff and his deputies all left, so when are you guys coming over?” Max asked. Not wanting to listen to the silence anymore.

“Um. We have a problem. We can’t leave just yet.” Michael didn’t know why he was feeling like he couldn’t just come out and tell Max why, but for some reason he thought that it should come from Liz.

“Why? Where are you guys?” Max was beginning to get antsy. Something was going on and they didn’t want him to know about it. “Michael.”

“Uh, well, we have to finish our shifts at the Crashdown.” There he said it. Did it make things any easier? No, not really.

“What? How did that happen?” Max chuckling a little. Images of Michael working at the Crashdown with Maria were a little on the funny side. ‘God, I wish I was there when Mrs. DeLuca hired Michael. Maria must have went nuts.’ Max thought.

“Don’t even ask. Our shift ends at three. If you want to come by before lunch and take our break with us that would be good.” Michael waited for a reply but not for long. “Look, I’ve got to go. The place is really busy. Everything is fine here but we need to talk.”

“Ok. I’ll see if we can get away.” Max hung up and went to search for mom. He didn’t have too far to hunt for her because she walked in and met him in the kitchen. Max looked at her. “Mom I think Iz and I are going to the Crashdown for breakfast. We haven’t eaten anything since last night’s pizza.”

“Why didn’t you guys ask me to make you something to eat? I could have done it. I guess I wasn’t thinking this morning.” Diane looked upset, but Max knew that she wasn’t upset with them but more with herself.

“It’s ok mom, you don’t have to bother. Why don’t you get some rest, you didn’t have a lot of sleep last night and we just need some time away from this mess. I promise, when I get back I’ll work on the list for the sheriff.” She smiled showing her approval and Max left in search of his sister. He was surprised to see Alex with her in the living room.

“Hey Alex. What are you doing here?” Max asked as he sat down on the couch.

“Um. I was just on my way to the Crashdown when I went by your house and saw all the cop cars. I tried to keep on going but I couldn’t do it. I just had to know if you guys were ok.” Alex shifted in his chair when he finished his story.

“That’s cool. I was just on my way out to ask Isabel if she wanted to go to the Crashdown for breakfast. We haven’t had anything to eat since last night.” Max looked at his sister expectantly but could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t want to go. “Come on Iz, I know you are tired but you will never guess who is working at the Crash today.” Max’s smile grew bigger.

“Who?” Isabel perked up.

“Michael and Liz.” Max said grinning from ear to ear

“What? That’s crazy. Why would Michael and Liz be working at the Crash?” Isabel couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I don’t know but I’m not going to miss the show.” Alex stood up and grabbed Isabel’s hand pulling her to her feet and out the door they went. Max followed after them. Alex led Isabel to his car, well actually his mom’s car. He had gotten up early and had taken her to work so he could have it. He opened the door for Isabel and waited for her to get in before he shut the door for her. He ran around to the driver’s side and got in.

Max couldn’t help but smile at how well Alex treated his sister. He only hoped that Isabel would continue to let him do these things for her. Max started the jeep and pushed in the clutch easing it into reverse and backed out of the drive. On the drive over to the Crash, Max wondered what this new development meant. Michael and Liz having a job in Roswell? Had they decided to move here? Not even five minutes later they were all parked in front of the almost empty restaurant.

He jumped out of the jeep and waited for Alex and Isabel while he held the door open for them. They said their thanks as they passed through and then Max followed after them. The minute he entered the restaurant he could feel Liz’s presence. His eye was drawn to her. She was standing behind the counter trying to keep herself busy. He knew that she knew he was there. Just like he knew she was there before he saw her. She looked up and smiled but something in her eyes made Max nervous.

They didn’t wait for anyone to seat them, the three of them just drifted to one of the empty booths. Amy dropped menus down on the table and tousled Alex’s hair. “Hey Alex. What brings you in this morning?”

“Hi, Mrs. Deluca. The usual I guess. I couldn’t stand to be away from Maria for too long. You know how it is.” He replied as he tried to straighten out his messed up hair. Amy shook her head in acknowledgement. The two of them had been inseparable for as long as she could remember.

“Max… Isabel… It’s nice to see you two here this morning. What brings you here?”

“We’re here to talk to Michael and Liz.” Max supplied.

“Oh, well let me go tell them that they can take their break.” She smiled and then disappeared into the back room. “Michael?”

“In here Mrs. Deluca.” Michael called back from the walk-in refrigerator.

“Oh, there you are. Max and Isabel are here. Why don’t you go ahead and take your break I can take care of the grill for you.” She smiled. ‘Definitely a nice young man, and boy did he rub Maria the wrong way.’ She smiled to herself.

“Thanks.” Michael took off his apron and threw it on the table and went out to where Max and Isabel were waiting. Michael stood in front of the table eyeing Alex, hoping that he would get the message to leave.

Alex finally looked up at Michael and noticing the evil eye said, “Um. Excuse me. I have to go talk to Maria for a minute.” Alex slid out of the booth and Michael took his spot next to Isabel.

“Michael that was rude.” Isabel spat out adjusting herself in her seat as she said it.

“What? I know Max wants to sit by Liz so that left me sitting here.” He said in his defense.

“Well you could have grabbed a chair and sat in it.” She told him.

“Oh, excuse me. I didn’t know you wanted your little geeky boyfriend to hear what we are going to be discussing. Let me go get him so you can tell him all our little secrets.” Michael pretended to stand up but was pleased with Isabel’s reaction. She grabbed his arm and forced him to stay seated.

“Enough.” Max said. He looked over at Liz wondering if she was going to come over or not. He then shifted his attention to Michael. “Is Liz going to take a break?

“Yeah, she’s taking it really hard.” Michael got up to get his sister. “Liz come sit with us. I can guarantee you that this is not your fault and they won’t blame it on you.” Michael reached for her arm but Liz stood her ground.

“I can’t Michael.” She looked up pleadingly. “I can’t. They may not blame me but I do. I do and I can’t look them in the eye because of it.”

Michael was having a real hard time looking at his sister without her playing the guilt trip with him. “You’re being ridiculous. Come sit down. We need to talk to them.” Michael continued to look at Liz and seeing that she wasn’t moving tried, “Liz, we didn’t drive all the way from Clovis to work at the Crash and go home.” Seeing that it looked like Liz was weakening, Michael played his trump card, “Max isn’t going to be able to function if you continue to ignore him.”

Liz smiled she knew he was right. The minute Max walked in she could feel his eyes on her. Liz decided to let Michael lead her to the table but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to sit beside Max. They had to get this thing straightened out and they wouldn’t accomplish anything if they were to sit beside each other.

She sat down next to Isabel and was instantly hit with the feeling of Max’s disappointment. She glanced down to the table and began making small circles with her finger. Michael stood there for a moment and then got the hint that his sister wasn’t moving from where she had sat down.

Max willed her to look at him so she would be able to see that he felt that none of this was her fault, but she didn’t. “Liz.” Max so wanted her to look at him, but she still kept her head down. “Liz, please.”

“Can I get you guys anything to eat?” Maria interrupted.

Liz taking a deep breath looked up at the blonde, relief showing in her face. “Um I’m ok. Maria. Thanks.” Liz smiled a small smile. Wanting to take the attention away from her and get it on something else she asked, “How about you guys?”

Michael leaned forward and warned everyone, “I wouldn’t eat anything until I get back from break if you know what I mean.” Maria slapped him hard on the arm.

“I can’t believe you said that.” Maria said sternly.

“What? It’s the truth your mom even said so herself when she hired me. So just go do your job.” Michael then made a dismissive gesture with his hand before continuing, “Shoo, leave us alone.” Maria looked like she was about to explode but surprised everyone by turning on her heels and walking over to where Alex was sitting at the counter.

“What, they kicked you out too?” He asked as she sat down on the stool beside him.

“I don’t know but they sure did get attached really quick. Do you know that the Evans’ never make friends and the minute the Parkers walk into their lives they are like connected at the hip. I don’t get it Alex.”

“Neither do I. Last night Isabel was giving me this vibe that I could have sworn meant something and the minute she’s in the same room with them its like I don’t even exist. Looks like it’s just me and you kid.” Alex swung an arm around her shoulder and brought her in for a hug.

Alex glanced back at the four teens in the booth, “But maybe you’re right. All of a sudden they seem to be really close. Do you think there’s any thing going on between Michael and Isabel?”

“What, Isabel Evans and that jerk? No way. Look at him. When was the last time he ever used a comb? Ms “Perfect in every way Evans” dating that fashion disaster? Not in this lifetime Alex. The only way Isabel would be interested is if she saw it as a challenge, you know, bringing fashion to the totally clueless.”

“Boy, you only just met the guy and he’s already gotten under your skin.” Alex made a show of looking back at Michael before continuing, “I’m impressed.” Glancing back at the menu, Alex asked Maria, “How about the breakfast special, eggs over easy, OJ instead of the coffee.”

Maria looked back at Alex, “I’d wait until Michael is off break. Otherwise my mother will try to cook it for you.”

Alex cringed a little, remembering Amy’s tries at cooking in the past, “God, your mother’s back there? Thanks for the warning. I think I’ll just wait.”


“So are you guys going to tell us how you ended up working here or are you going to keep us in the dark?” Isabel was trying to get them talking the silence was killing her.

“It’s all his fault.” Liz volunteered while indicating Michael.

“My fault? The woman can’t cook and I was starving. I’m surprised that Maria’s been able to survive her cooking for as long as she has.” Michael said on his behalf.

“Tell them the whole story Michael.” Liz was rubbing it in on him.

Michael told the story of what happened this morning and by the time they were done everyone was laughing. Michael and Liz’s break was over and the restaurant began to get busy again. Amy had found a uniform for Liz and when she came out of the bathroom and walked over to the booth Max’s jaw dropped.

“Don’t even say a word.” She warned him while giving him what she hoped was a nasty look. She walked over to Maria because she felt that she needed to say something to her. The way Michael had dismissed Maria and Alex earlier was wrong and she wanted to smooth things over with them. They needed all the friends that they could get right about now. It was too much of a risk to have people questioning their every move. “Hey Maria. I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just that we aren’t used to having so many people around us at one time. I’m sorry if Michael hurt your feelings. Believe me, he doesn’t really mean to say the things he says most of the time.”

“Whatever.” Maria just walked off and left Liz standing near the counter.

“I would give her her space.” Alex said. Liz turning her attention to him sat down beside him. “Her pride is wounded right now. Somehow, your brother knows how to push all of her buttons and she just needs to cool off. Give her time.”

“Thanks Alex. I think that’s the best advice for all of us. We all need time to adjust. Look I got to go to work. Can I get you anything before I leave?”

“No. I’m good. Maria took my order.”

Liz sensing that Alex wanted to ask something else offered an answer. “I think Isabel and Max wouldn’t mind if you join them now.”

“Thanks Liz.”

“No problem. Oh, and Alex, I’m sorry about Michael, he’s really a nice guy once he gets to know you.” Alex just shrugged and walked over to the booth. Liz busied herself with a few customers that were sitting at the counter while Maria made another attempt to take Max and Isabel’s order. Now that Michael was manning the grill they felt that it was a pretty good chance of getting something good to eat.


The lunch crowd came and went and by the time three o’clock rolled around Liz’s feet were killing her. “I don’t know how you do it Maria. My feet and legs are killing me.” She said as she put her feet up on the couch in the employees lounge.

“Years of practice, chica.” Maria said with a grin.

The swinging door that separated the kitchen from the lounge swung open and Michael strolled through sitting down in a beaten up club chair. Just as he sat down and had adjusted himself Amy Deluca walked in from the dining area. “Good. I’m glad you all are here. I would like to extend the offer to the two of you to continue working here. Michael you were absolutely amazing in the kitchen today. You couldn’t have handled it any better than Jose would have. Liz. Well, with practice I think you and Maria could really work the floor and keep everyone satisfied. What do you kids say?”

Michael and Liz just looked at each other. Each knowing what the other was thinking. Michael was thinking that it could be a good move for them. It would be a chance to be around others like them. While Liz was thinking that it would only jeopardize Max and Isabel’s safety. Liz squirmed on the couch trying really hard not to disappoint anyone, when a thought entered her mind. “Um… Mrs. Deluca… I don’t think we can accept the offer to continue employment here. You see we live in Clovis and the commute it self wouldn’t be feasible.”

Maria interrupted Liz. “Mom what about the apartment upstairs? They can live there until they find another place to live.” Maria’s expression was filled with hope. This was her one chance to finally have a girlfriend that she could talk to. Not ragging on Alex he was a pretty good girlfriend but he was a boy. She needed girl-to-girl talk. And although she had only met her a few days ago, there was something about Liz that just made her trust her. Like she knew her all her life and could be a great friend. Even if she did have that loser brother of hers.

Liz looked to Michael for help. “What could it hurt Liz? Mr. Evans said that we had to find jobs. ” He asked. His eyes were saying so much more. Liz tried a pleading look but Michael refused to see it. “Come on. Let’s try it for the remainder of the summer if you don’t like it then we can move back to Clovis. No harm, no foul.”

“Please, please, please.” Maria was on her knees holding Liz’s hand begging for her to say yes.

“I see there is no point in me arguing is there?” Liz looked over at Michael before letting out a sigh and answering, “Ok. Just through the summer.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Maria was jumping up and down and had Liz standing up in a matter of seconds. “Come on, I’ll show you which room is the coolest. You’re going to love it. Mom and I used to live here but then she got the idea that I needed a real home so we moved out a few years back. We don’t rent it out because we don’t trust anyone to live here with the restaurant.” Maria led Liz to the door and opened it up and hauled her into the apartment.

It was dusty but Liz could see the possibilities. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Maria said as she pulled her friend down the hallway. “This used to be my room.” The door swung open to a room that was about fifteen by fifteen. As they walked in Maria pointed to the left and said, “You have your own full bath. You won’t have to share with… Well you won’t have to share.” As they kept walking into the room Maria continued talking and pointed to the window that opened up onto some sort of balcony. “This is my favorite.” Maria ran to the window and tried to pry it open. “It must be stuck because it hasn’t been open in so long.” Liz walked over to help her and in an instant the window opened up.

“I used to come out her all the time. Boy I forgot all the good times I had out here. Tommy Wilson…” Maria faded off into a memory with a smile on her face. “You should have seen my mom. She was furious.”

Maria sat down in a lawn chair that was left behind and she pulled Liz down to sit beside her. “What’s buggin’ you chica?” She asked.

“Nothing.” Liz said, as she felt a little uncomfortable about the closeness between the two of them. They sat in silence for a little while.

“I can tell something is bothering you. What did Max and Isabel want to talk about? I thought they were staying the night at your house last night?”

“They were, until around two this morning their mom called and said that their house had been broken into and that they might want to come home.”

“Wow. I had no idea. Does the sheriff know who did it?” Maria asked as she sat up in the chair.

“I don’t think so.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine what it would be like to know that all of your personal belongings have been gone through and that there is nothing private anymore.”

“What makes you say that?” Liz asked defensively. She needed to know what Maria was leading to.

“Nothing. I just assumed that who ever broke in was looking for something, and I assumed that they took what they wanted. Liz what’s bothering you? You haven’t been acting the same as you did yesterday. Talk to me. That’s what friends are for.”

“I know Maria. Its just that I haven’t ever really had any close girlfriends before and I’ve always relied on my mom…”

“But now you can’t. I know. I can relate. When my dad left, I had this void, but everything happens for a reason. Don’t look at you loosing your parents but look at it like you have gained four fabulous friends. Well at least two. I can’t really vouch for the Evans. I’ve never seen them take to newcomers like they have taken to you and your brother. It won’t make the pain go away, but at least it might help knowing you have others around that care for you.”


“Yeah. We are all her for you babe and if you ever need me I’m a phone call away. What do you say we go to my house and change and then come back here and start cleaning up your new home?”

“Maria I don’t want you to get your hopes up. We may not stay that long.”

“Yeah, yeah. I hear ya, but you’re here for the summer right?”

“Yeah. At least the rest of the summer.” Liz smiled and that must have given Maria the impulse to hug her for she wrapped her arms around Liz and gave her a big hug. “Thanks Maria.”

“Anytime. Now what’s the deal with that brother of yours…” The two girls walked back through the window and headed back down stairs.


I know not a very exciting part but hey things are happening... Hang in there. I promise we'll see some action sometime soon. Let me know what you guys thought about everything... Thanks in advance for the fabulous feedback... I love it... OH.. Hope everyone had a Great Happy New Year!!!

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Title: Two Squared Part 29
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 1 -- Michael and Liz's parents were killed.
Part 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Evans knew Michael and Liz's adoptive parents, the Parkers.
Part 3 -- There is certain stipulations in the will. Either stay in Clovis or move to Roswell...
Part 4 -- nothing much happens just filler.
Part 5 -- Max and Isabel at the Crashdown and we find out that Alex and Isabel have a crush on each other...
Part 6 -- Mr. Evans suspects something about the Parker kids as well as his own...
Part 7 -- Liz finds a book with a weird emblem on the front cover and has the first dream sequence in the story.
Part 8 -- Someone breaks into the Parker's house looking for something.
Part 9 -- Max and Liz talk on the phone and they decide to meat in Roswell...
Part 10 -- Max and Liz finally meet and they have a flash.
Part 11 -- Liz gets to meet Alex and Maria at the Crashdown and her and Max have a wonderful conversation...
Part 12 -- Michael finds out that Liz is no longer in Clovis. He hops on his bike and heads to Roswell. He has a run in with Maria DeLuca.
Part 13 – Liz wrapped an angry Michael around her little finger, and was able to convince him to go to dinner with the group of new friends.
Part 14 – So every one of the aliens ordered the exact same thing… MMMM… What are the humans going to think about that?
Part 15 – The song used in this part is Linkin Park’s Papercut
Part 16 – Max and Liz connect on the dream plane.
Part 17 – Michael and Liz go to the bank and Max and Isabel run into an intruder at the Parker house.
Part 18 – Michael divulges that the reason he isn’t really comfortable around Max and Isabel is because they left them in the pod chamber and never came back
Part 19 – The Evans’ kids get permission to stay with the Parker kids
Part 20 – Alex and Maria show up out of nowhere at the Parker residence.
Part 21 – Maria enjoys a slice of pizza alien style. Max and Liz finally kiss. Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria play twister
Part 22 – Special Thank you to True Blue Healer for this part… She broke me out of my huge writer’s block. Michael and Isabel save Alex and Maria because she ran out of gas. And yes they left Max and Liz at home alone.
Part 23 – Michael and Isabel walk in on Max and Liz using their ‘alone’ time…
Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because there house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – ok… both of them have jobs and have agreed to stay in Roswell now here comes the fun part. As most of us have experienced the joys of moving we now get to see how everyone else does it… Hope you like… I will try and get the next part out sooner. Thanks to Bob for keeping me on track…

Part 29

Max’s head wasn’t in this at all. He wanted to be with the others. If it hadn’t been for Maria practically shoving him out of the Crashdown, after he had finished eating, he would still be sitting in the booth watching Liz float from table to table. He needed to make a mental note to get her back for keeping them away from each other. A mischievous grin began to form as a plan of attack surfaced. Maria Deluca was in for a rude awakening.

His mom hadn’t done anything to his room. She thought it would be better if he did it so he would be able to make an accurate list of what was damaged and what was missing. The first thing on Max’s list was the toy house. He was sure that he had placed it in his closet a few years back but after tearing the remaining remnants out of the closet he found that it wasn’t there. The microscope, of course, was on the list as damaged. After about an hour of picking up and listing it as damaged he realized that who ever came in came in for the orb and that was it.

“Great. If Liz didn’t have enough to worry about this is going to really upset her.” Max didn’t know how he was going to explain it to her, that out of everything that they could have been after the orb was the only thing missing. He had contemplated about adding a few other things to the list just so she wouldn’t think that his room was robbed just because of who they were but decided against it. He would wait until they were a little bit more moved in at the apartment before he actually told anyone what was missing.

Max took the list and headed for the sheriff’s station. His mom and dad needed him to pick up a copy of the police report for insurance purposes as well as make a copy of the list. He hopped into his jeep and headed down Main Street. Thoughts of everything that had happened today were going through his mind. It was hard for him to imagine that he had been up since almost three o’clock this morning. He parked in front of the station and went inside. The shades were pulled down on the doors because of the sun shining in. It was a scorcher of a day and he knew it was only going to get hotter. He ran up the stairs to the second floor and waited for the officer on duty to give him the required paperwork. With that done he headed home and gave his parents what they wanted.

“I’m going to go help Michael and Alex pick up some stuff in Clovis.” He said as he opened up the front door.

His dad stopped him halfway out, “They decided to move here?” he asked.

“Yeah. They came into town to see if everything was ok and Amy Deluca ended up making them work for her. They’re going to see how it works out for the remainder of the summer, but at least they’re staying in town to give it a chance.” Max’s dad noticed the look that his son was wearing. Max was happy that they were going to be staying. That was easy to see. It had been a long time since his son had shown any interest in a girl. The Parker’s knew what they were doing when they pulled him into the will.

“Ok, I imagine that’s where Isabel is then. You guys be careful and if you need any help make sure to call me. Your mother and I will be here all day. We took the day off.”

“Thanks dad. We’ll probably be late since we are getting such a late start to begin with, but I will keep you guys in mind.” Max ran out the door. Glancing at his watch it was three fifteen. Hopefully the guys hadn’t left yet.


Liz slipped back into the clothes that she had put on this morning. Granted they weren’t really clothes that she wanted to clean in but it was the only thing she had. Liz thought that out of all of them Maria was the most excited about them moving to Roswell. She had told Michael that her mom was the one that could organize like hell but Liz had a deep suspicion that Maria herself was pretty good at it too, if she wanted it bad enough.

It was a good thing that Maria sent Max back to his house after lunch. Liz wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on learning the ropes of waitressing. Max had things to do, she had things to do... and neither one of them would get anything done if they were in each other’s presence. The routine of the day had kept her from thinking about what Max was doing and now that she was changing he returned to her thoughts. She knew what would be missing. She didn’t have to wait for his return. Liz stood up. Gave herself the once over and walked out of the bathroom. Pushing a piece of hair behind her ear she went over to the booth where the gang had rallied.

By three thirty Maria had dispatched the boys, Max, Michael and Alex, to go to Clovis to pick up enough furniture and other necessities to make the apartment comfortable. The girls, Maria, Liz, and Isabel stayed behind to start cleaning. Alex had tried to get out of going to Clovis by ranting about sexual discrimination, and why couldn’t the girls help move furniture. Maria shut him up quickly with threats of having him clean the bathrooms in the apartment.

The hardest part was getting all the cleaning supplies to the apartment. Hauling the vacuum and the buckets up the stairs wasn’t an easy task. Liz could only imagine Michael and Alex trying to haul the couch and TV up them. If they didn’t break a single thing in this move it would be a miracle.

“Well, where should we start?” Liz asked them.

“Well…” Maria started by looking around. “If you’re asking me I think we should start with the vacuuming. Who wants to do that?”

“I’ll do it. You guys worked today. At least I could do that.” Isabel volunteered.

“Good. Liz, you do the windows. I’ll start with the bathrooms and then we can meet in the kitchen.” Maria clapped her hands and then picked up the bucket, mop and some cleaning supplies. Isabel went for the vacuum and discovered that she needed to get an extension cord. The electricity had yet to be turned on.

“Uh, guys… I think someone better work on calling the utilities before we get too involved in our cleaning.” Isabel was holding up the end of the cord to emphasize the fact that they had no electricity.

“Liz. Go downstairs and use the phone in my mom’s office. You’ll find all the numbers that you need on the cork board.”

“Thanks Maria.” Liz started out the door when she remembered that she needed her purse. She walked back in and grabbed it off the kitchen counter. “Things are actually beginning to feel right.” She said to herself as she traveled down the stairs.


As they entered the town of Clovis Michael asked Max where they should go first, “Do you want to eat something first or go get the truck?”

“What? We only ate a few hours ago. Let’s get the truck first. We can eat after we load it up.” Turning to look at Alex in the back seat, “is that all right with you, Alex?”

“Yeah, no problem. Where are we getting a truck?” Alex replied as he looked at the town around him.

“I know a place on the other side of town. He carries a whole line of trucks. I know his son so maybe he’ll give us a good price.” Michael replied.

Michael drove through town and pulled up to the front of a gas station at the edge of town. There was a small Ryder sign in the window and they could see four trucks in back of the building.

Michael got out of the Toyota pickup and leaned back in, “I’ll go rent the truck. I should be out in a minute.”

Michael walked into the station and looked around, he saw his friend Kevin behind the counter looking bored. He perked up when he saw Michael, “Hey, Michael, what brings you in here?”

“Hey, Kevin. I need to rent a truck. Liz and I will be staying in Roswell over the summer and we have to take furniture and a few other things with us.” Michael explained.

“Okay, great. Which one do you want?” Kevin asked.

“The biggest one you have… I don’t want to be going back and forth.”

“Well.” Kevin began punching in buttons on the computer. “How’s the eighteen footer sound? It should hold a few beds, a couch and a lot of other stuff.” Kevin explained as he reached under the counter for the rental forms.

He handed them to Michael and they shot the breeze as Michael filled out the forms. After Michael was done, Kevin took them into the back to have his father check the forms and ask if Michael could get a lower rate. When his father saw that Michael was only eighteen, he got up from behind his desk and went to talk to him. “Hi, Michael. I’m really sorry, but Rider requires that any one renting one of its trucks has to be twenty-one or older.”

Michael shook his head and thought for a moment. Then it came to him, “I’ll be right back. My friend Max is in the truck. He’s twenty-one and his father is supposed to look after us. I’ll get him to sign. Will that be okay?”

“As long as he’s twenty-one, it will be fine.”

Michael walked up to the truck and leaned in to the window next to Max, “Can you come with me for a minute?” Michael looked at Alex while Max got out of the truck. “It’s only going to take us a minute. They need a co-signer. Why don’t you climb out of the back seat and stretch, you have to be cramped in there.” Michael opened up the door for him and as soon as Alex stepped out Max and him returned to the office.

As Michael and Max walked back towards the station Michael told Max, “I ran in to a little problem. They won’t rent a truck to anyone under twenty-one. So you’ll have to do it.”

“What? I’m not twenty-one either Michael. How am I supposed to rent the truck?”

Michael looked at Max like he had grown a third eye. “Max, don’t tell me that you’ve never gone partying at night? You know, to some dance clubs?”

Max just looked at Michael and shook his head no, “I never have. Like I said I’m not twenty-one.”

Michael shook his head, “You and my sister are so made for each other. Give me your driver’s license.”

“What? Why?” Max asked as he dug the license out of his wallet.

Michael took the license and waved his hand over it. As he handed it back to Max he said, “Congratulations, you’re now twenty-one.” He turned and started to walk into the station. “I’ll pay for the truck, you have to sign the rental agreement.”

“You are going to change this back when we are done. Right Michael?” Max stopped waiting for him to acknowledge him.

“Come on Maxwell, live a little. If you want me to, I will but you know… You could do it yourself. It’s not like you’re incapable of doing it.” Michael jogged back to where his new friend and brother was standing and grabbed him by the arm. Michael was already considering them as family in the short amount of time they had spent together.

Max showed his license to the attendant. The whole time he was afraid that he would get caught. All the worrying was for nothing. Max signed the papers and was handed the keys. No questions asked. The two walked out. Max went to go pick up the truck while Michael went to go tell Alex to follow them.

Alex hopped into the truck and waited for the big Rider Truck to lead the way. This was the first time Alex had felt like he belonged. At first it was hard for him to get comfortable but after awhile two hours in the back of a pick up with two other guys you begin to let the barriers down. He realized now that that was what it was this morning when Michael acted so rudely. That was his barrier. These guys weren’t that bad after all. He just hoped that he wasn’t seeing something that wasn’t there.

Michael backed the truck up to the house. Max hopped out and opened up the back to meet the garage door. When Michael opened up the door the two friends’ mouths dropped open.

“Is this all yours?” Alex asked while he walked between the two vehicles. Once was a 1965 cherry apple red ford mustang convertible and the other was a 1996 Honda dirt bike, Michael’s pride and joy. “Well, the car was my dad’s the bike is mine. I imagine now that they are gone its ours. Liz and I haven’t brought ourselves to come in here since their accident.” Michael continued walking, he grabbed the bike and rolled it out of the way so they could have a clear path to the truck. After a bit of rearranging the guys were ready to tackle the big stuff.

“Lets get the easy stuff first… Alex you grab the coffee tables as well as the end tables. Max and I are going to start with the couch and chairs. We’ll work our way back to the bedrooms.” Michael was taking after Maria. He was visualizing how everything was going to work. If they could get Alex occupied Michael could use some alien voodoo to make the furniture a lot lighter. They just had to make sure that Alex didn’t pick them up. It would totally blow the story.

Three hours later the living room furniture, the kitchen dining room set, the two bedrooms as well as the bathroom was all loaded into the truck. The last few items were taken out of the kitchen. “Don’t grab anymore. Liz and I will come back in the truck and get the food and that later in the week. This should get us by. I don’t want to spend all night here if I don’t have to… Besides the girls are probably beginning to wonder where we are. Surely they are done with the apartment.”

“How about we go get something to eat on the way out of town.” Alex suggested. It was amazing how much Max and Michael had gotten done. They hardly broke a sweat moving all the big stuff. In fact, he was sweating more making all the trips just carrying all the lightweight stuff. Maybe it was just his imagination.

The boys ate and were on their way back to Roswell by 7:00, if everything went to plan they should arrive by 9:00. Michael had called his sister and everything was going as planned. However, there was one hitch. They wouldn’t have any electricity or gas until tomorrow. She assured him that it would be ok, after all Amy had been nice enough to let them string an extension cord from downstairs. They could survive until then. The only problem was bathing. “We’ll talk about that when we get there. See you in a few.”

“Michael…” Liz was hesitant. “Please be nice.”

“Hey, I am. Don’t you trust me? I am your own flesh and blood, Liz.”

“I know and that’s the reason I don’t trust you. We’ve been too much on our own. Working with Maria and Isabel today I realized that this is the first time that I have spent this much time with anyone other than you. Its scary and I know how I’m feeling and I know you. You only have a little bit longer to be in their company. Please, please, please… don’t ruin it.”

“I hear you. Quit worrying. Everything is under control.” Michael pushed the button on his cell phone to end the call. “She’s worried.” He said when he looked over to Max and saw concern on his face.

“I know. I can feel it.” Max didn’t realize what he had said. What was going on? How was it possible for him to know what Liz was feeling?

Michael looked at him in wonderment. “What do you mean, you can feel it? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Look… I don’t know. I think it’s like a premonition or something like that. I don’t know for a fact that she’s worried it’s more of a feeling being passed on to me.” Max adjusted himself in the seat of the big truck. “Quit eyeing me like that.” He said as he leaned his head to rest against the window. ‘Great. Just great.’ He thought to himself, ‘Everything had been going good up until then. Why didn’t he just suggest that he ride in the pick up with Alex?’ Then it hit him. He wanted to be close to Michael in case he heard from Liz.

The remainder of the trip was traveled in silence. When they pulled up the alley behind the Crashdown it was none too soon. Michael hopped out at the same time as Max did and they met in the back. “Make sure no one picks up anything heavy except us. I don’t want anyone knowing what I did to the furniture. Got it?” He asked while crawling into the back.

“Yeah, I got it.” Michael shoved the couch out and Max grabbed hold of it.

As Michael and Max carried the couch into the living room Max asked Michael where he wanted it. Michael selected a spot directly in front of the TV and they both dropped their ends. Max looked around to make sure nobody was looking and waved his hand over the couch returning it to its original weight.

Before they were able to move away from the couch Maria and Alex walked out of the kitchen and Maria asked, “What’s the couch doing there? That’s not where it belongs.”

Michael looked at her with a questioning look before replying, “What do you mean? That’s where all couches belong, right in front of the TV. The cable hook-up is on that wall so the couch faces that wall.”

“God, you’re such a guy. Max, Alex, show him where it’s supposed to be. Come on, pick it up and move it over here.” Maria answered indicating a spot across the room. Alex and Max picked the now heavy couch up and moved it to where Maria indicated, “Okay, now just turn it around. Almost, over another foot. There, isn’t that better?” Maria smiled and turned to Michael.

“NO, no, all wrong. Grab the other end Maxwell.” Michael grabbed an end and started to return it to its original position. “How the heck am I supposed to lay down and watch a hockey game from across the room? This is where it belongs.” And with that Michael and Max put the couch down.

“If you had any inkling about interior design you would know that the couch is the conversational center point of the room. You know when friends come to visit? Oh, I forgot, you don’t have any friends.” Maria stormed at Michael.

“DeLuca, forget about it. The couch stays.” Michael stormed back.

Hearing the argument from the other end of the apartment, Liz raced in to try to settle the argument. “What’s wrong? Why are you arguing?” Liz said as she stepped between Michael and Maria. Looking at Michael she continued, “I thought I told you to be nice!”

Michael glared down at his mad sister, “I was being nice. It’s her fault!” Michael replied indicating Maria.

Liz looked between the two antagonists and asked, “Okay, one at a time, what’s the problem?”

Both Michael and Maria started to talk at once, each of them trying to convince Liz that they were in the right. “Hold it, hold it. I said one at a time.” Turning to Maria she said, “You first.”

“This jerk…” Maria started off before Liz saw Michael’s face start to flush and she stopped Maria, “Whoa, be nice. Okay, start again.” As Maria took a breath to restart her rant she looked at Liz’s upraised eyebrow and quietly continued, “Well, I think the couch should go in the center of the room over there. You know, so that when guests visit.” At the word visit, Maria glared at Michael, “You can sit and have a nice conversation, without distractions. That’s where my mom had the couch.”

“Okay, that sounds reasonable. What’s wrong with that Michael?” Liz turned back to Michael to listen to his response.

“Uh, well, I wanted to use the couch to watch TV.” Michael replied.

As he finished Maria started in again, “Isn’t that the dumbest?” Again, before she could get going Liz stopped her with a look and a raised hand.

Liz turned back to Michael and asked, “Did you bring Dad’s recliner Michael? I don’t see it up here.”

“Yeah, of course I brought it. It’s down in the truck. We were going to get it next but Miss Buttinsky started messing with the arrangement. We could be done already if she….” Michael again was brought to a halt in mid-rant by a look and a raised hand from his sister.

Ignoring Michael’s outburst Liz said, “Why don’t you and Max go get it. I have an idea.”

As Michael and Max disappeared through the front door Liz turned to Maria and Alex, “Come on, let’s move it where you suggested Maria.”

Maria and Liz grabbed one end of the couch while a complaining Alex struggled alone with the other end. They had just finished adjusting the position to Liz’s satisfaction when Max and Michael appeared with the recliner. Liz guided them to a position in front of the TV. “Okay, you can put it here.”

Throughout the argument Max had just stood to the side and marveled at how Liz just naturally took control of the situation. From Maria and Michael being at each other’s throats, she had them calmed down and actually speaking civilly to each other. It was another thing that amazed him about Liz.

By 1:30 the apartment was settled and it was time for the friends to split up. Michael and Maria had had only two more blow-ups. One took place while putting the stuff away in the kitchen. They had to argue over the best place to store the silverware. Then they argued over which shelf the large towels should be on in the linen closet. Liz finally got tired of the arguments and made sure that they were given jobs at opposite ends of the apartment.

Alex agreed to give Maria a ride home and Max and Isabel also left. Before leaving Max told Liz to stop over at their house in the morning for breakfast and to clean up.

Liz and Michael didn’t bother bathing they just slept on top of the bedding. All in all the group of friends had pulled together nicely and to Liz’s amazement nothing was broken.


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Look for Part 30 tomorrow... Just putting the finishing touches on it...

Thought I would just let you guys know...

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This is for all those DREAMERS at HEART!!! Hope you like it if you do I want to hear about it. Thanks *big*

Title: Two Squared Part 30
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
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Part 1 -- Michael and Liz's parents were killed.
Part 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Evans knew Michael and Liz's adoptive parents, the Parkers.
Part 3 -- There is certain stipulations in the will. Either stay in Clovis or move to Roswell...
Part 4 -- nothing much happens just filler.
Part 5 -- Max and Isabel at the Crashdown and we find out that Alex and Isabel have a crush on each other...
Part 6 -- Mr. Evans suspects something about the Parker kids as well as his own...
Part 7 -- Liz finds a book with a weird emblem on the front cover and has the first dream sequence in the story.
Part 8 -- Someone breaks into the Parker's house looking for something.
Part 9 -- Max and Liz talk on the phone and they decide to meat in Roswell...
Part 10 -- Max and Liz finally meet and they have a flash.
Part 11 -- Liz gets to meet Alex and Maria at the Crashdown and her and Max have a wonderful conversation...
Part 12 -- Michael finds out that Liz is no longer in Clovis. He hops on his bike and heads to Roswell. He has a run in with Maria DeLuca.
Part 13 – Liz wrapped an angry Michael around her little finger, and was able to convince him to go to dinner with the group of new friends.
Part 14 – So every one of the aliens ordered the exact same thing… MMMM… What are the humans going to think about that?
Part 15 – The song used in this part is Linkin Park’s Papercut
Part 16 – Max and Liz connect on the dream plane.
Part 17 – Michael and Liz go to the bank and Max and Isabel run into an intruder at the Parker house.
Part 18 – Michael divulges that the reason he isn’t really comfortable around Max and Isabel is because they left them in the pod chamber and never came back
Part 19 – The Evans’ kids get permission to stay with the Parker kids
Part 20 – Alex and Maria show up out of nowhere at the Parker residence.
Part 21 – Maria enjoys a slice of pizza alien style. Max and Liz finally kiss. Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria play twister
Part 22 – Special Thank you to True Blue Healer for this part… She broke me out of my huge writer’s block. Michael and Isabel save Alex and Maria because she ran out of gas. And yes they left Max and Liz at home alone.
Part 23 – Michael and Isabel walk in on Max and Liz using their ‘alone’ time…
Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Just a dreamer part that I couldn’t resist writing. [Grins big] Hope you all like it.

Part 30

Liz tossed and turned. She had been laying in bed for over an hour and sleep had yet to consume her. Getting up, she went to the open window. That was her problem it was too hot for her. Even though it was nighttime, the temperature had to still be in the nineties. Crawling through the window like she had done earlier with Maria she sat down in the old lawn chair that had been left.

This is what she was missing, being able to look up to the stars. She had done it a lot while she lived in Clovis but hadn’t thought about doing it now. Taking a few deep breaths she closed her eyes and began to relax. She wondered if Michael was able to fall asleep or not. She began let her mind reach out to his. She was only able to brush against the edges of his, meaning that he was asleep. He was probably dreaming of Maria. Liz began to giggle at the two of them arguing over the placement of the couch. It was a good thing she had stepped in otherwise the two of them would have killed each other. She knew what was going on between them; she had a knack of knowing what her brother was thinking. He liked Maria and it was only a matter of days in combination with their close proximity before Maria Deluca would win over his heart. The arguing and fighting would still be there but there would also be love.

Liz drew her mind back from him and looked one more time up to the dark July sky. What was she thinking when she agreed to move here for the rest of the summer. She couldn’t believe that Michael’s opinion of moving had changed so drastically. One day he is saying no. The next he’s practically packing her bags for her. Taking another deep breath and relaxing further she couldn’t help that she had the need to reach for Max.

Doing it like she did her brother she closed her eyes and envisioned Max in his bed. Searching for him there, she was shocked to realize that he wasn’t there. Broadening her search for him she tried to remember the streets of Roswell. Going down street after street she had yet to find him. She started to panic and was beginning to withdrawal from her search for him when at the edges of her mind she felt him. He was close. Little butterflies began to flutter in the pit of her stomach. ‘Why had he come to her?’

She got up and looked over the wall to the alley below. Sure enough, there was Max sitting down by the ladder. “Max?” She called quietly out to him. No answer. She threw one leg over the wall and proceeded to descend the rungs. When she finally reached the ground she squatted down so that she could be eye level with him.

“Max.” She said again while gently rubbing the side of his face.

He leaned into her touch and began to smile. “Hey.” He said as his eyes slowly opened and he took a deep breath to realize that she was actually there.

“What are you doing down here? You’ve had a long day and I thought you would have gone home to go to sleep.” Liz knew before he answered why he was here. He had been worried about her. “You don’t have to worry about me Max. I’m ok.”

He looked up at her with a strange look on his face. “Do you always know what I’m going to say?”

“No. I just had this feeling… call it woman’s intuition.” She stood up and held out her hand to him. “I can tell that you aren’t going to go home. You might as well come up and get comfortable and you might as well tell me that I was right about the orb. It’s gone and that was the only thing that was gone.” She pulled him towards the ladder as she began to climb them. She felt his arms go around her waist to make sure that she didn’t fall. Once she was up out of his reach he began to follow after her.

“How did you know I was out here Liz?” He asked as he crawled over the ledge.

She smiled slightly as her face began to flush with embarrassment. “You could say I was just making sure that you were ok. When I realized that you weren’t at home I began to panic. I scanned the streets of Roswell looking for you when I realized you were right here all along.” She stepped halfway through the window and held her hand out to him one more time. She asked him to come into her room silently.

He stepped forward and embraced her outstretched hand and smiled as they made contact. He had the briefest of wonderment on how he had survived almost eleven years without knowing this angel in front of him. He squeezed her hand and then stepped through the window into her room. “I was having trouble sleeping and thought that it was because of the heat.” She said.

“I was feeling bad because I was keeping things from you. I don’t want to ever have to keep anything from you Liz.” Max sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. “You’re right. The orb is the only thing gone. Who ever broke in last night knew what they were going after and knew exactly where to find it.” He looked up to see what she was thinking.

“We’ll find it Max. I always believe things happen for a reason. Who ever has it knows something about us and when we find your orb we will be able to find him as well and hopefully we will be able to get some answers.” Liz sat down beside him.

“I hope you are right. I’m really glad you guys are here.” Max said.

Just as Max was about to lean in and kiss Liz the door burst open and Michael pushed his way in. “What in the hell?” He said out loud. “Don’t you know it’s almost 3:30 in the morning? Can’t you two stay away from each other for one night?”

“Michael what are you doing?” Liz asked as she stood up to distance herself from Max. She knew what Michael was doing but that didn’t mean she had to like it. She was drawn to be with Max there had to be something that they didn’t know about themselves that made them gravitate to each other.

“What am I doing? I’m not the one that has someone in their room and I’m not the one in… in… in…. For gods sake put on your robe.”

Liz looked down at herself and finally realized that she was only wearing a pair of men’s boxers and a tank top. Everything was covered but it wasn’t appropriate attire to be receiving guests in the middle of the night unless she had plans on doing something else. Liz shook her head to get the dirty thoughts out of her mind. She walked over to the bathroom and grabbed her robe. She really didn’t want to put it on because she was already too hot. “It’s hot in here Michael and I had a hard time sleeping.”

“Sure that explains your attire Liz but that doesn’t explain what he is doing here.” Michael pointed his finger at Max.

“Michael. Please… not right now. I’ve had enough of your over protection for today. I’m a big girl.” Liz tilted her head at her brother.

Michael reached further into the room and grabbed his sister by the arm. “Excuse us.” He said to Max. Max just smiled and waited. He knew and he could understand Michael’s actions. He had a sister of his own and, well even though she had never had a boy in her room, he had acted like Michael once or twice when Isabel’s date came to pick her up. Michael was just being a real good brother and even though he had single handedly thwarted all of Max’s attempts to be close to Liz he understood and respected him for it. He would do the same thing if she were his sister.

“Liz, I know you are a big girl but you have to admit that when the two of you are alone you loose all the self-control that you have. There is something alien between the two of you and I’m only looking out for you. Don’t hate me because I interrupt the two of you all the time. Just think about it ok. I would really hate for you to be in a relationship with someone that you don’t even know and then be stuck. Ok?” Michael was holding her by the shoulders as he talked to her. He wanted to make sure that he got his point across to her.

“I know Michael and I appreciate everything that you are doing for me. I know the reason why you decided to move here to. You did it for me. You did it so I could be close to the others.” Michael started to protest but Liz continued anyway. “And you’re right about there being something alien between Max and I but if we don’t get to the bottom of it then it will forever run our lives. As far as being stuck with him I don’t think that that would be too bad.” Liz grinned wide and then leaned up and kissed her brother on the cheek. “I promise to be careful if you promise to quit babysitting me. Deal?”

“Liz…” Michael started to argue but seeing the determined look in his sister’s eye realized that there was no way that he was going to talk her out of it. “Ok. Deal. Just be careful.”

“I will. Now, go back to bed and dream of Maria.” She smiled.

“You don’t mean dreams, you mean nightmares? You want me to have nightmares? There is no way that I would ever dream of that girl. I don’t even like her. She rubs me the wrong way. You saw us today. We were at each other throats the whole time.”

“Yeah. I saw you. Goodnight Michael.” She opened up the door and made sure to shut it behind her. Her brother was left in the hallway to stare.

“I should be going home.” Max said as she walked in. He was already standing by the window. If he didn’t leave there wouldn’t be much left of his control later. He was glad that Michael had interrupted them. His control had begun to falter as he sat in close proximity of her in her pajamas. He hadn’t even realized that that was what she was wearing. To be brutally honest it didn’t matter what she wore. She drew him to her like a moth to the flame. He was hers and all she had to do was curl a finger for him to come and he would be there instantly.

“You don’t have to. He just wanted to make sure to remind me to be careful. He’s right. There’s something between us that’s pulling the two of us together. It’s so hard to ignore.” Liz crossed the distance between the two of them. She was looking into his eyes. “I don’t know about you Max but if we don’t figure this out soon its going to drive me crazy. I have feelings for you that I shouldn’t have and I’ve had them ever since our first touch.” She searched his face to see if she was being to direct with her feelings. Seeing no protest she continued. She wrapped her arms around his neck and in doing so the tie to her robe loosened and it fell open. “Max. I want you to stay with me tonight. I want to get to the bottom of this.” She kissed him on the lips. He responded immediately.

His hands reached into her open robe and grabbed her small waist. He pulled her closer to him so the kiss would deepen. The minute their lips made contact images began racing between them. It was like they were sharing every experience that they had in this lifetime. Liz began to back away forcing Max to follow. Neither one of them knew what was going on but the feeling that they were experiencing was beyond words.

Liz’s calves hit the edge of the bed and she sat down. Still kissing Max he was forced to lean over her. One knee and then the other climbed up onto the bed. Every nerve ending was on fire. They were begging to be in contact with her. “Liz.” Max tried to break away but was only met with more kisses. Her tongue danced over his lips and down his jaw. She wanted to taste him. She wanted all of him. The call of their bond was begging to be heard and there was no denying it any longer. She was determined to find the answers to what was happening to them. She wanted to know everything and the only way that was possible was for her to be one with him.

Liz extended her mind to his and she was instantly rewarded with their joining. ”This is the way we are meant to be. We have always been one. Being here with you now has only made me realize how incomplete my life was without you.”

“Liz – I know I feel the same way as you but this isn’t us. This is something else.”
Max tried to pull away. She had no idea what she was doing to him. The feel of her body and mind was absolutely drowning him. Everything inside of him was telling him to stay and to do what they wanted to do. But a small voice that had been buried deep down was telling him to be careful. There is a lifetime ahead of them to experience the full joys of being together as one. They needed to find out who they were before they could go any farther. “Liz. Please. You have to stop.”

His words fell on deaf ears. The pull of having him near her was so strong. She ran her hands up under his t-shirt and felt his hard, sensuous chest. He was hot and everywhere she touched him she burned. The feeling was breath taking and she only wanted more. Max tried again to break the contact between the two of them. He couldn’t let her go any farther for fear that she would hate him after it was all said and done.

“Zan, please I need you.” She called out to him. “It’s been so long since we’ve been together and you will be leaving again before we realize it.”

“Liz. It’s me, Max.” Max didn’t know what she was talking about. She pulled her robe off of her body so all she was wearing was her so-called pajamas. He knew that there wasn’t anything special about them but on Liz they were absolutely sexy. It was hard to try and keep his composure when Liz’s hands were everywhere. Still no response from her.

She pulled at the hem of his shirt and tried to pull it off of him. She was on a mission and had the strength to do almost anything she wanted to do. “Zan, I need you to make love to me. I want to make love to you. I want to make you forget about this war that we are in. Tonight is about us and no one else so quit fighting me and make love to me.” Again she kissed him forcefully and once their lips made contact Max was bombarded with the images that she had been living.

They were in their room. Stonewalls lined with tapestries of landscapes. Charisse’s touch. White satin covered the bed and deep blue pillows were scattered haphazardly. She had made this their haven of peace and tranquility in a world filled with terror and grief. He gave up the hope of fighting her urges. She knew what buttons to push and he let her.

They made love like they had never before. They were bonded together as one. She gave herself completely to him and in return he gave her him. They were the hopes of their people. They were the chance of bringing peace to a world that only knew chaos. He fought beside her brother from the first day they became men and from the first moment he saw her he knew she was the one. His mother used to say that the soul never dies but waits to be reborn again. Each soul was made up of two different parts and when joined to be complete they would forever be bound to one another.

That is what he had with Charisse. His soul had found the other half in her. She was so small and fragile but had a heart and the strength of the fiercest warrior. They complimented one another and only made them stronger.

When they were done making love they laid in bed talking about the future. How one day he would defeat Khivar and free his world and his people from slavery. She believed in him and knew that one day that would be.

They had been through this before because their soul was as old as time. They had loved each other over an eternity and they would continue to love each other for all of time. There was comfort in knowing this. No matter what happened to the other it wouldn’t be long before they would be together once again.

Patience was the key and they had had more than one lifetime to learn it.

When the dawn of a new day was beginning to seep into the window of their suite they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Content with the presence of one another and exhausted by the love making that they had done all night they fell asleep.

Max stirred on the bed as the sunlight filtered in from the window. He had never dreamed like that before. He had seen his previous life as well as his wife. He had loved her his entire life and knew for a fact that he wouldn’t be able to live life without her.

The bed shifted and reality finally hit him. He wasn’t at home in his bed he was at Liz’s and was in her bed. Fear raced through his mind on what had happened. He didn’t want to look at her for fear of finding out that they had made love. Their relationship was too young to be having sex. There was so much that he wanted to know about her. He wanted to know her favorite color.

“Green.” She said.

He wanted to know her favorite ice cream flavor.

“Vanilla.” She answered his unvoiced questioned.

He wanted to know how she knew everything he was thinking.

“We are connected. Like the dream. Our souls are the two parts of a whole. We were meant to be together.” She said with amusement in her voice.

Max worked up enough courage to finally look at her. She looked so beautiful with the sun shining in on her. Her hair sparkled in the light and shimmered with red highlights. The smile on her face topped it off and made him the happiest man on earth.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are in the morning?” He gently pushed a piece of hair behind her ear so that he could be able to see all of her face. This was the best morning of his life. “If I die right now I would die the happiest man in the world. You complete me Liz Parker and I’m amazed at how much I love you for only knowing you for such a short period of time.”

“We’ve know each other for eternity. Can’t you feel it?” She was now sitting up. Her elbows were propping her up and her chin was in her hands. A smiled played across her face.

Max cupped the side of her face in his hand and gently ran his thumb up and down her cheek. She leaned into his touch marveling at how wonderful it felt. “I know our souls have known each other for eternity but what about the people we are? Surely we’ve changed over the time. I want to get to know you for you. Not what you were.”

“Me too. We have a lifetime of getting to know each other let’s not waste it on the little things.”

“There isn’t anything that is considered little, Liz. Everything is important.” He leaned in and began to kiss her. The hum that was constantly there now began to vibrate louder. The intensity shocked him and he pulled away. “Is this the way it’s always going to be from here on out?”

“I hope so because I think I would be lost without it.” A door outside the room shut rather loudly signaling that Michael was now awake. “Oh my gosh. He’s so going to kill me.”

“You? He’s going to kill me.” Liz practically pushed him out of bed and threw his shirt at him. Max sighed with relief knowing that they hadn’t had sex yet.

“Quit whining and get going. I’ll see you in an hour.” Liz leaned up and kissed him as Max stepped through the window.

“Ok… I’ll see you then.” He turned and practically jumped over the ledge. Liz took a deep breath at his reckless way of getting down the rooftop. Just as he disappeared her bedroom door opened.

“God Michael, you scared me.” She yelled.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were up yet or not.” He smiled because he knew that Max had just left. He could tell because Liz’s eyes sparkled like he had never seen before.

“Yeah, I’m up… Give me a few minutes and I’ll have my bag packed.” After all they were going over to the Evans’ to take a shower and eat breakfast.

“Ok. I’ll meet you downstairs then.” He shut the door and then opened it up again. “You should have had Max wait. We could have taken him home.” Liz knew it. She picked up the closest thing to her and pitched it at him.

“Out!” Michael shut the door and laughed all the way down the hallway.


Max pushed his window open and tried to quietly sneak back in. The minute he leaned over he saw a slippered foot begin to tap. Great. Isabel had caught him. “What do you think you are doing?” She asked.

“Um… Just making sure I would be able to get out in case there is a fire.” Hopefully that would get her off his case.

“Max. If you were practicing the fire drill shouldn’t you be going out the window instead of in?” She smiled at him. She could tell that he was happy and having him try and lie his way out of this was even better. She could forever hold this against him to get her way.

“Don’t even think about it, Isabel.” He said with a grin.

“What? I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

“Yeah. You are planning on holding this over my head. I know you.” He finished climbing in and then stood up. “I got to go take a shower before they get here. Michael doesn’t know that I was there last night.”

“I bet you a twenty he knows Max. Siblings always know what the other is doing. There’s no use trying to hide the fact unless you plan on walking around with your head in a brown paper bag all day because that smile is really bright.”

Max sidestepped her and went to the bathroom. He was almost undressed when he realized that he didn’t have any clothes to put on. He dashed back to his room and grabbed a pair of khaki shorts and t-shirt along with the necessary undergarments. He began whistling and was just about to get in the shower when the doorbell rang. “Isabel can you get that?” He called out.

“Sure, lover boy. I got the door. You just get in the shower. Breakfast will be ready in an hour.


Sorry it took me so long to get this up. Hope you guys feel it’s worth the wait… Enjoy. Hope to see a lot of feedback.

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Title: Two Squared Part 31
Author: Borders
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Rating: PG
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…
Dedication: Well I would have to dedicate it to SciFiNut111. If it weren’t for his constant e-mails asking me how I was coming along I wouldn’t have gotten this far, believe me he’s paid the price for all of it too. *happy* And for Rookie who loves Max and Liz and just wants to see them happy! *angel* Don't we all...



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – How is breakfast going to go? Read and find out.


Part 31

“Hey guys. Max isn’t quite ready and I’m surprised to see you here so soon.” Isabel eyed Liz and winked at her. She didn’t know how much Michael knew about last night but she wasn’t about to be the one to spill the beans to him.

“Well, when all you have to do is get your shoes on it doesn’t take long to get ready.” Liz was trying to keep from showing embarrassment; Isabel knew that she had been with her brother the entire night, by detouring the conversation slightly. Isabel couldn’t help but smile. Liz’s expression mirrored her brother’s; she would have to ask what it was all about later. Surely they hadn’t done anything too drastic.

“Liz if you want to, you can put your stuff in my room and then that way when Max is out of the shower you can go in next.” Isabel led the way. The two girls left the room leaving a nervous Michael all alone in the living room.

Not knowing what to do he began looking around. The Evans’ living room looked much like the one that they had in Clovis. Their parents were just as happy as his were to display goofy pictures of the kids. Michael moved from one to the other and by the time he had made his way all the way around, Max greeted him. His hair was still wet from the shower.

“Hey.” Max said as he walked into the living room.

“Hey. Look I just want you to know that I know and I won’t say anything about last night to Isabel.”

Max waved Michael off. “Don’t worry about it, she knows already. She caught me coming back in this morning. I guess she’s right when she said that siblings know what the other is doing.” Max grinned remembering how his sister acted not thirty minutes ago. “Come on, let’s go into the kitchen and get you something to eat.” Max clapped the back of Michael’s shoulder and led him into the kitchen. “I just want you to know that Liz and I…”

“Look it’s none of my business but I will let you know this. If you break my sister’s heart I will hurt you. It doesn’t matter that we are friends or anything now. The only thing that matters is that she is happy and from what I’ve seen of her this morning, I would have to say you make her happy. So just make sure she stays that way.”

“I don’t think I will have a problem with those terms. So what do you feel like eating?” Max stood in front of the kitchen cabinets waiting for Michael to request anything.

“I think I better wait until Liz gets done with her shower. I’ll let her decide. It doesn’t matter to me. Food is food as long as it is cooked properly.” Michael sat down at the kitchen table and the silence between Max and Michael was almost too much to bear.

Max sat down beside him. “So… what do you like to do?” He asked.

“What do you mean? Sports?” Max nodded his head. “I don’t play any. I like dirt bike racing. I basically blew my shot to win any money this year because I missed the big race because of my parent’s death but there’s always next year. How about you? What do you like to do?”

“To be honest. I don’t know. I try not to be out in the open. I’ve spent most my life trying to blend in because I’m so different. Isabel has cheerleading and we’ve argued about that from the very beginning but I don’t do anything. I would like to go out for football or basketball but…” Max let the sentence hang left unfinished.

“So, what does everyone have planned for today?” Isabel said as she breezed in to the kitchen and sat down beside her brother at her normal spot at the table. She placed her chin in her hand and looked between the two of them, waiting for one of them to answer.

“I have to be at work by ten this morning. I’m working the afternoon and then I’m off.” Michael was leaning back in the chair.

“I think Liz wanted to go back to Clovis and get a few more things from the house.” Max smiled even more just thinking of spending the entire day with his newfound girlfriend.

Michael’s chair came crashing down to the floor. All four legs were now making contact. “Can’t you guys wait until I’m off work to go?”

“Michael, don’t be ridiculous. By the time you get off work and we ride to Clovis, it will be dark. Liz and I can make a quick run to Clovis without a lot of people. Besides I have to take the truck back today anyways. If it’s not back by noon we’ll have to pay for another day.” Max knew what they were doing. They may not have made a big deal of him and Liz spending the night together last night but they sure didn’t want to give them any more chances of going any farther.

“Isabel what are you doing today?” Michael asked with hope that she would understand what he was getting at.

“Ummm. Actually I have plans today. The cheerleading squad is getting together to pick out this year’s uniforms and if I’m not there to decide what they all want to wear next season, they are going to have us dressed in something really outdated or tacky.” Michael stood up and grabbed Isabel by the arm.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” He smiled at Max as he pulled her over to the corner. “What are you doing? Don’t you know what will happen if they are together … alone. You know how they feel about each other. If they didn’t do anything last night then its only a matter of time before the deed is done and there is no way that I’m going to let that happen.” Michael whispered while glancing over his shoulder at Max.

“NO way am I dropping my meeting, Michael. No way.” Isabel stood firm, crossing her arms in front of herself. “If I let Pam Troy or Casey Everett pick our uniforms we’ll look like… well, we won’t look good. Those two girls are color blind and have absolutely no sense of style.”

Liz walked in at just that moment. “What’s going on?” She asked Max while glancing at Michael and Isabel arguing in the corner.

“They don’t want us to go to Clovis alone.” Max chuckled while keeping his attention on the drama unfolding in the corner. “Michael is trying to convince Isabel to skip her cheerleader’s meeting, the last time she did they picked a sneaker that had a sole that clashed with the color of their uniforms. Isabel almost quit over it.”

Liz glanced over to Michael and Isabel, her lips clenched in a tight line. “Come on.” Liz grabbed Max by the arm and they left running out of the house.

“What are you doing Liz? The argument was just getting to the good stage.” Max was laughing. He couldn’t believe that they left their siblings in the kitchen arguing with each other. “I wonder how long it will take them to find out that we left them there?” He called out to her.

“If I know Michael, and I do, they will be at it for at least another ten minutes. It will give us a chance to stop by the Crashdown get some breakfast and then be on our way to Clovis before they can even catch up with us. I love my brother to death but I want to get to know you more.” She hopped into the Toyota and Max got in on the passenger side and they were off.

They parked the truck in the alley behind the UFO Center so if and when Michael came searching for them they wouldn’t be seen. It would give them some added time. Walking into the Crashdown hand in hand they were greeted by Maria. “Well, well, well look at the two of you… Looking kind of chummy. Take a seat anywhere. Oh, Max you might want to take a look at nine o’clock, your parents are here this morning.” She pointed to her left and sidestepped them to help a customer at the register.

Max looked over to where Maria had pointed. “Come on Max. Introduce me to your parents. When I said I wanted to get to know you I mean this kind of stuff too.” She smiled at him and squeezed his hand for reassurance.

“Liz… are you sure? I mean. I’ve never met anyone that would enjoy meeting anyone’s parents.” Max hesitated for just a moment and then he heard her in his head.

’Max you must have forgotten already… You are so silly. There’s nothing that you can do that will make me not love you. Getting to know you, the you that you are now, is what is important to me. Nothing is going to scare me away. Now get a move on before they think something is wrong. She placed her hand to the side of his face. “Anyway, I already met your father and I think its time you introduced your girlfriend to your mother now don’t you?”

“So, you are my girlfriend?” He kissed her on the forehead and smiled the biggest smile that his parents had ever seen. “Come on, I think you’ll like her.”


“Phillip look…” Diane’s mouth was hanging wide open. There in the entryway was her son and a small petite girl that she had never seen before. “Who is Max with?”

Phillip turned in the booth so he could see what his wife was talking about. ‘Max with a girl? Couldn’t be.’ When his eyes fell upon the two teens he smiled to himself. “That’s the Parker girl.” He said to his wife. He had a feeling that the two of them would hit it off.

“Really. When did they meet?” Diane had no idea that Max was so close to a girl. Her first instinct was that Max was taking things too fast. He was already holding her hand. And wait. He kissed her. “Phillip?”

“Honey, don’t worry.” Phillip waved at the two as they made their way over to the booth.

“Mom… Dad… I would like you to meet Liz Parker. Liz this is my mom, Diane and you already know my dad, Phillip.” Max was nervous. He knew that he had no reason to be this nervous but this was the first time he had ever had a girl meet his parents. And besides Liz wasn’t the average, normal girl that most guys brought home, she was… well she was Liz but his parents didn’t know that.

“Hi, Liz, nice to see you again. What brings you to Roswell besides my son.” Phillip couldn’t help but give the two of them a little ribbing about their budding relationship.

“Hi, Mr. Evans. Well…” She didn’t know why she was feeling so uncomfortable around Max’s parents. Well except the little fact that she had dream walked Mr. Evans just a couple of nights ago. “I guess you can say Michael and I are seeing if Roswell is the place for us or not. We’ve decided to live here for the remainder of the summer to try things out. You will be happy to know that we have established a residence already as well as found jobs.” Liz gave a big smile. She really wanted to impress Max’s parents but she also knew that she didn’t have to. Their relationship was rock solid and wouldn’t be knocked off balance just because his parents didn’t approve.

“Really? That sounds great.” He smiled with approval.

“Sit.” Diane finally joined the conversation. “Join us for breakfast.”

Max suddenly remember that Jose was off. “Have you seen Mrs. DeLuca lately?”

“I think she’s in the back why?” Phillip answered as Max and Liz took a seat with the Evans’

“Well if she’s cooking Liz and I aren’t staying. We were on our way to Clovis to pick up some more of their stuff and thought that we would grab something to eat before we got on the road.” Max answered his mother’s question.

Liz marveled in the way that he was so relaxed with his parents. ’They love you so much and I think our relationship has blown your mother away. Liz sent to Max. He shifted his gaze from his mother to his right and focused on Liz. He knew what she was talking about. His mother was a little off this morning and he would have to chalk that up to Liz’s presence.

Diane couldn’t help but be amazed at the depth of the relationship her son had with this girl. How could Phillip sit there and not do something? Then it hit her. Max has never been interested in a girl before and here her son sits across from her and is totally smitten with the girl beside her. Diane smiled. Her baby was finally growing up. “So Liz you said that you and your brother… Michael?” Liz nodded to let Diane know that she had gotten the name correct. “had gotten a place to stay as well as a job. Where are you guys staying?”

“Well… Mrs. DeLuca is renting the upstairs apartment to us and she has actually given us jobs here at the Crashdown.” Liz pushed her hair behind her ear and began to fiddle with her hands, which was her first sign of nervousness. Max leaned over and grasped her hands in his. He sent a soothing thought her way that didn’t go unnoticed by his parents.

“Well that’s nice of her isn’t it Phillip.” Diane was trying to bring her husband back into the conversation. He had mysteriously dazed off into his own world. His eyes locked on the two pair of hands intertwined with each other. When didn’t respond as quick as Diane wanted she poked him in the ribs to get him going again.

“Hmmm… Oh, yeah. I’m sorry I seemed to have been off in La-La land. Where is your sister, Max?”

“Well, we left her and Michael at home. They were arguing and we didn’t want to sit there and listen to it.” Max wasn’t really thinking for he had basically given his parents reason to question their actions.

“What are they arguing about?” Diane asked in concern.

“They didn’t want us to go to Clovis by ourselves. Michael has to work and Isabel has a cheerleading meeting to go to.” Liz offered an explanation.

Max instantly thought of something and decided to add his two cents in. “They didn’t want us doing all the work by ourselves and we couldn’t really wait for them because the rental truck has to be back by noon. Michael has to be at work by ten and Isabel’s meeting is at the Mall at noon.”

“And they are still arguing?” Phillip asked with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

“Oh crap.” Liz said under her breath as she looked out the window at the front of the Crashdown. She could see Max’s jeep pulling into a parking spot. Leaning towards Max, she whispered, “The argument didn’t last as long as I thought it would. There’s Michael and Isabel.”

Liz grabbed Max’s arm and started to tug him out of the booth. “Thank you for your offer to join you for breakfast Mr. And Mrs. Evans but we have to leave for Clovis now if we want to get the truck back by noon.”

“Oh, it was our pleasure Liz.” Noticing the possessive way that Liz was holding on to Max’s arm Diane realized that she had to get to know this girl better. “Why don’t you and your brother come to dinner tonight? It’s movie night so we’ll only be having pizza.”

“That would be great, we’ll be there. Michael has to work until six, so will seven o’clock be okay?” Liz kept edging towards the back of the Crashdown while talking to Mrs. Evans.

Pushing through the door to the back room Liz ran into Maria. “Hey… watch it you two. Where’s the fire?” Maria asked.

“Oh, Maria. Do you think you can stall my brother for a while? Max and I need a head start? We have the truck parked out back of the UFO Center and they may not have seen it, so it’s hard to say if they know we are here or not but Max and I need some time to get away from them. They feel the need to hover.”

Maria gave a nod. She knew what the other was talking about. Max and Liz had just started dating and by the little time that’s she’s known Michael she could understand why Liz would want a way out from underneath his strict supervision. ”My pleasure” Maria said with an evil grin on her face she would actually like this task that she has been asked to do. “How much time do you need?”

“Maria, don’t enjoy this too much. I want to live in Roswell for the summer. Okay?” Liz responded.

“Oh, me? I’ll just stall him a little, nothing that will get his blood pressure too high. I promise.” Maria innocently replied, still with an evil glint in her eye.

Liz hugged Maria. She was taken aback by her sudden action “Thanks Maria. I owe you one.”

“No you don’t this one’s on me. It gives me great pleasure to get under your brother’s skin. And besides he makes it so easy too.”

Max pulled Liz out the back door while he called back a thanks to Maria.

Just as Max and Liz exited through the rear door, Michael and Isabel came through the front. Looking around the restaurant, Michael’s eyes came to rest on Maria who had just walked through the swinging door. Walking up to her he barked out, “Were they here?

Even though she felt like snapping back at his rude attitude, Maria put her most innocent expression on her face before ignoring Michael and greeting Isabel, “Hi, Is, how are you doing this morning?”

Michael took an exasperated breath before continuing, “Maria, were Max and Liz here?” He pleaded with his eyes for her not to give him the run around this early in the morning. He really needed to make sure that Max and Liz didn’t leave by themselves. Something had happened last night and he couldn’t shake the feeling. He couldn’t help that the blonde cheerleading bimbo of a sister was no help but he prayed that Maria would be.

Maria seemed to notice him for the first time, “Why would Liz be here? She’s off today? You’re her brother. You should know that.” Maria turned her attention back to Isabel, “Would you like a booth for yourself, or do you want to sit with your parents.”

“Oh, they’re here?” Isabel responded while looking around. Spotting her parents, she grabbed Michael’s arm and pulled him over to sit with her parents.

Phillip and Diane enjoyed the show that Maria and Michael had put on. It was actually quite comical. Isabel grabbing Michael by the sleeve was the norm. That’s how she treated her own brother. Both of their worries about their daughter’s relationship with the other Parker sibling was instantly put to rest when they saw that action. “Mom… Dad… I would like you to meet Michael Parker. Liz’s brother.”

“Hi Michael.” They said in unison.

“By any chance you haven’t seen Max and Liz this morning have you?” Just as he finished his question Michael looked out of the front window of the Crashdown. The big rental truck, closely followed by the Toyota, was slowly driving in front of the Crashdown window on its way out of town. Max and Liz both were waving out their windows, big grins on their faces.

Michael swung around and was in search of Maria. “Maria!” The minute he was fully facing the opposite direction he was face to face with Maria.

“You bellowed?” She just couldn’t help it; this was just too easy.

“You lied to us. To me.”

“I did no such thing.” She stated firmly.

“Yes you did.” He insisted.

“No… No I didn’t”

“Yes… Yes you did. You told me Liz wasn’t here.” Isabel knew this was going to take a few minutes so she gave her father a kiss on the cheek before sliding into the seat across from her parents.

“Hey daddy.”

“Are they always this way?” Diane asked her daughter, her attention on the two combatants.

“They’ve been this way from the very first moment they set eyes on each other. It’s really kind of funny to sit back and watch them go at each other. We all thought they were going to kill each other last night over the furniture arrangement but Liz was able to make peace without either one of them realizing that she had extinguished their fire.” Isabel continued rambling about the past few days while Maria and Michael argued.

“Besides you can’t go with Max and Liz to Clovis you are on the schedule to work today. They are big kids and don’t need you chaperoning them twenty-four – seven.” Maria turned around after saying her bit and left Michael standing in the middle of the restaurant with every single customer’s eyes focused on him. The Evans began to laugh so he lowered his head in defeat and flopped down beside Isabel.

“Please tell me that Mrs. DeLuca isn’t cooking. If she is it tops my day off. It can’t get any worse than it already is.” They all began to laugh when Amy came running out of the kitchen. Behind her you could see flames from the grill were about three feet into the air.

“Michael… Michael… Thank god you are here… I need help.”


Max walked out of the rental office and got into the Toyota. “I didn’t realize that they charge you extra if you take the truck one-way. Should we have taken it back to Clovis?”

“No, this is fine. I wasn’t looking forward to a two and a half hour ride alone.”

Max smiled at Liz, “But you wouldn’t have been alone.” He sent her.

“I know, but every now and then I like to see who I’m talking to.” Liz replied while squeezing Max’s hand. Reaching for her key she started the engine in the Toyota and started to pull out into traffic. “Do you want to wait until we get to Clovis to have breakfast or stop along the way?”

“Why don’t we stop at a Krispy Krème and pick up some coffee and donuts. We can stop off of route 70 and have a picnic breakfast.” Max suggested.

Liz glanced over to Max, “Good idea. Then we can discuss burglaries, and missing orbs, and keeping secrets from each other.”

Max glanced over at Liz as she concentrated on her driving. She may be small and look fragile, but being in her presence the last few days had shown Max just how strong and determined she could be. It wouldn’t do any good to try to protect her. It would just get her mad and she’d already shown that she could handle anything that came her way.

Liz glanced over towards Max, “You better believe it.” She said as if reading his thoughts.


Well I know it took me longer than expected but hey… Hope you guys liked it. Let me know what you think.

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Raychell75 -- So, can you give us a hint if something will happen between Max and Liz in Clovis????
HEHE! I'm not saying but Michael seems to think that there is some possibility that something will happen. Remember that the orb and the book are still in Clovis....

That's all I'm saying for now... *tongue* Thanks for the feedback...

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I don't know how many more hints you want... everything you need to know is there... LOL! Just hang in there for the next part and thanks for the feedback... *wink*
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Wow! I can't believe all the new feedbackers that have cropped up... I'm one little happy author. Thanks for all of you that have left me feedback it means a lot to me. Now on to Part 32!

Title: Two Squared Part 32
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…
Dedication: as always SciFiNut111 without you I’d still be at part 18… LOL! Thanks for all your help and all of your encouragement.



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss they see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – Breakfast? What breakfast? Between Michael arguing with Isabel and Maria how could anyone fit breakfast in. Thank goodness Liz had the foresight to make sure that her and Max wouldn’t be swallowed into the Michael fight fest.
Part 32 – Will Liz and Max be able to make it to Clovis without any detours and if they do will they be able to survive the pull of the orb? Read and find out.


Part 32

Liz pulled over to the rest area that was about a half hour outside of Roswell. “This looks like as good as place as any. What do you think?” She turned to look at Max.

“Any place is fine.” He hopped out of the truck and grabbed breakfast. “I don’t suppose you have any tabasco sauce in the truck?”

Liz thought about it and then opened the glove box open. There, sat an empty bottle. “Michael! I’m going to kill him.” She rummaged through the rest and was only able to come up with a few ketchup packets. She closed her hand around them and proceeded to change the molecular combination of the ketchup so she would have tabasco. It never hurt to be alien. Before crawling out of the truck she grabbed the southwest blanket that she kept in the extended part of the truck. “Here’s a blanket so we can sit on it and I wasn’t able to find the real tabasco so I improvised a little. Hope it tastes ok.” She tossed Max the packets and then flung the blanket out so it would lay flat on the ground.

“I’m sure it’s just fine. Anything is better than nothing.” Max sat down only after Liz was seated and looked like she was comfortable. He sat for just a brief moment. Liz took a bite out of her donut to expose the crème filling. She then pour the contents of the packet inside the donut and then took the stirry straw that came with the coffee she mixed the concoction together. He smiled at her. He had never seen anyone eat a donut like that before. He took his chocolate glazed and basically laced the donut with his own packet being careful not to use too much because unlike Liz he had another donut yet to eat.

“Oh, this is so good.” She said as she licked some filling off her finger.

“I’ve never seen anyone eat a donut like that. Are the crème filled ones really that good?”

“Here try.” Liz dipped her finger in the filling and held it out for Max to try. He hesitated for just one moment and then throwing all caution to the wind he sucked every bit of filling off her finger. They both blushed. With her face as red as a beet she continued on with the conversation. “We don’t have a Krispy Kreme in Clovis yet.”

“Well I would have to say that was the best tasting filling I’ve ever had.” Max couldn’t help it. Liz was already so red from her carefree action that one more little jab at her wouldn’t hurt. Besides, Max wasn’t lying to her. That was absolutely the best; of course, it probably had a lot to do with being so intimate with the woman that sat across from him.


“What? It’s the truth. I’ve never eaten a donut like that and I would have to say that if you are game that’s the way I would like to eat my next one too. Maybe tomorrow we can try this again?” He smiled. It was hard to explain how he felt about her. On one hand he felt as comfortable as ever, like they had known each other forever and then on the other, he was a little uncomfortable because his other hand was moving way to fast for him. He wanted to take things slow and he wanted to make sure that everything he did and everything he said was perfect because the woman sitting across from him deserved that much.

“Well, since you’re saying the truth I guess it’s time for me to fess up. I too thought that was the best way for you to eat a donut.” Liz looked down a little embarrassed to face him and she took a chance and looked up at him with her eyes only. Max was smiling from ear to ear.

They ate the rest of their breakfast in an awkward silence. Max stood up and took all the trash and walked it to the trash bin. Liz was just finishing up with her coffee when he sat down beside her. “I had twice as much as you and I got done first.”

“Well if you wouldn’t have swallowed everything in one bite you would still be eating right now.” Liz elbowed him in the rib and by doing so he had fallen off balance.

“Hey…” He sat up and leaned towards her she backed up out of his reach and Max landed beside her, his chest to the ground. Liz began to laugh. “You think that’s funny uh… Just wait.” He crawled quickly to get her in his arms and then began to tickle her.

“Max! Max! Stop. If you don’t stop you’re going to make me pee my pants.”

“Sure… Sounds like a likely excuse. You’ve been giving me a hard time all morning. Now that I have you all to myself I’m going to make you suffer just as much as I have.” He was giggling with her as he said everything that he had to say.

“Max… Please… No more tickling, I give, I give…” She had tried her hardest to get away from his tickling fingers and by doing all the struggling she had only succeeded in laying on her back. Max looked down into her sparkling brown eyes and leaned in for a kiss. It was a slight one at first and he was given the go ahead by Liz when she wrapped her arms around his neck. His kiss deepened and she let it. She opened her mouth to allow the entry of his tongue.

Max couldn’t believe how fabulous she tasted. The bits of crème mixed in with the spicy sauce that she had created made the taste buds on his tongue sing in harmony. They finally broke the kiss when a car passed by the rest area honking their horn and a boy’s voice hollering out the window saying “Get a room.”

Liz looked up at Max and smiled. He stood up and held his hand out for her so he could help her up. She bent down and picked up the blanket and began to fold it. “Could you take this to the truck for me? I need to go to the restroom before we get back on the road.” She held out the blanket to him and when he reached to take it he was careful not to touch her. Liz noticed it and when he passed her to go to the truck she grabbed his arm and he paused. Seeing the look in his eye she leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. “Thanks Max… Thanks for having breakfast with me.”

He smiled at her and said, “If it were up to me I would have breakfast with you every morning of my life Liz Parker. There’s no need to thank me. I love being with you.” He hurried up and turned so she wouldn’t see the redness that was beginning to rise in his face.

Liz let him go and then began to run her happy little run that was a cross between a skip and a jog. She has had the best two days of her life. Having him this close to her made her realize that she wasn’t living these past eleven years at all; she was just going through the motions. Hurrying up in the restroom she tried her best to smooth her hair down but the mirrors in there was absolutely worthless. Stainless steel highly polished did not constitute as being a real mirror. She did the best she could with what she had and she left.

She didn’t have far to walk for Max had gotten into the driver’s seat and had pulled the truck up to the entrance of the woman’s bathroom. Opening the passenger side door she hopped in. “Thanks.”

“Sure.” He pulled out and merged onto the old highway that led to Clovis.

“So what do you want to talk about first?” He asked.

“Well… I’ve been thinking about who could have taken the orb. It has to be the one that ransacked our house earlier. Like you said he could have seen the tag on the Jeep and found out your home address. I wonder…” Liz let her thought trail off. She was tossing the possibility of maybe the man hanging around and getting Maria’s tag as well.

“That could be an idea…” He turned to Liz and realized that she hadn’t said anything to him by looking at the expression on her face. “Sorry. I’m not used to being this connected to anyone. Isabel and I have always been close but this is so much more intense.”

“I know. We really need to work on this link, find a way to block the things that we want to keep private. Not that I have anything that I want to hide from you.” She added on in a rush. “It’s just that there might come a day that I want to surprise you with something and what fun would it be if you already know about it.” She had hated that for a brief moment Max thought that she didn’t enjoy the connection that they now shared after last night. It simply wasn’t true she loved that he would always be there no matter what; no matter how far apart they were he was always going to be there.

“I know, Liz. I understand.” He tried to comfort her the only way he knew how. He sent pleasant thoughts of all the positive ways they could use this connection that they now shared.

They rode along in silence for a few minutes before Liz said anything to Max, “I’ve been thinking about something and I was just wondering if you have you been wondering about this connection that the four of us seem to have? It seems like I have a connection to Michael and you seem to be connected to Isabel and we have this connection to each other. I originally thought that we all had some type of connection, but Michael and Isabel don’t feel anything towards each other, I don’t sense Isabel and you don’t sense Michael. Do you understand what I’m getting at?”

“I never really gave it any thought. It just is.” Max thought for a moment before continuing, “Now that you mention it though, it seems like we’re in pairs for some reason. Isabel and I are brother and sister and you and Michael are brother and then there’s the connection that you and I have because we were married in our previous life. Do you think that there is something that Michael and Isabel should be sharing? There’s just too much missing. I wish we knew a bit more about our past. It would probably explain a lot.”

“Yeah, Max, that’s why we have to figure out how to use the orbs. They seem to be a key to everything.” Liz turned to Max, “We have to figure out who took your Orb Max. We need answers.”

She smiled at him. “Now, do you think that we should stake-out Maria’s house in the event that the unknown man decides to break in there as well. It seems awfully convenient that he was at our house and then at yours.”

“It doesn’t matter how convenient it seems the other orb is still missing. Hopefully the sheriff will find something out about the fingerprints that were picked up off my stuff.”

“Yeah, maybe.” She looked out the window. How much her life had changed in less than a week. Just last week she had stayed up all night talking to her mom about her senior year. She wanted to try and get a head start on college and her mother had sat with her through the night making lists of the pros and cons of doing so. How was she to know that both her dad and her mom would be in a fatal car accident that same day?

Max felt her overwhelming sadness for the loss of her parents he let her be but he did extend his hand for her to take some comfort in. He shared every single one of her emotions over the past five days. It’s hard to believe the complexity of it all and it was hard to believe that it was only five days and not and entire lifetime. In all reality, they had experienced a whole lifetime by experiencing their past life as husband and wife on their home planet Antar just last night.

After almost a half hour of deliberation Liz sat up and leaned closer to Max. Tilting her head so that it rested on his shoulder was comforting. It was hard to explain the pull that he had over her. Even though they were holding hands she had the building sense that she needed more. The simple contact between them wasn’t enough and she needed more. Looking up at his profile she studied him closely. She wondered if he felt the pull of her as much as she did him.

Picking up on her thoughts he bent over and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I feel it too.”

“What do you think it is?” She asked still looking up at him.

“It’s hard to say. Maybe if we can spend a little more time together like we did last night we might be able to get a lot more information about our past.” Max knew it sounded logical but the more he thought about it the more the little voice at the back of his mind told him to be careful of how much intimate contact he had with her. He only had so much control. He glanced back down at her to see if she had picked up on his hesitation. She hadn’t she had her eyes closed and was still leaning up against his arm. Her hand firmly gripping his bicep while the other was wrapped around his arm and was holding his hand. If the pickup hadn’t been a standard transmission he was sure that she would be sitting right next to him as close as possible.

The rest of the drive to Clovis was as comfortable as if they were an old married couple the silence was peaceful and the music on the radio was entertaining. Just being in the company of each other was enough and when they pulled into the driveway of the Parker house Liz sat up immediately. There was a car in the drive that she didn’t recognize. “I wonder who that is?” She asked as Max turned the engine off and she opened the door to exit the vehicle.


“Will you get off my case? I’m not even supposed to be here right now and if your mother had the clue to not even attempt to try and run the grill the ceiling wouldn’t need replacing right now and I could be upstairs sleeping before my shift.” Michael was busy at the grill flipping pancakes for the morning breakfast crowd. After Amy came running out of the kitchen with what had to be five-foot flames rolling off the grill, Michael gave in and went to work early and he had been regretting it ever since.

“Hey! Don’t take it out on me when it’s my mother that you are really angry at. Acting this way isn’t going to get you to Clovis any sooner, besides mom said that she would let you off early so just deal with it and get my order out already.”

Michael flew around and leaned his head out the order window. “Listen blondie how many times do I have to tell you not to talk to me through this damn window? Now if you want your order out then I suggest you cut the chat. Your voice is getting on my ever-living last nerve. Now scram.”

“Humph.” Maria turned on her heel and went to fill coffee cups that had gone down. Isabel stayed sitting in the booth that her parents had occupied and when they had finished their wonderful breakfast made by no other than Michael they left with their compliments to the chef. Michael couldn’t help but don a smile on his face. He actually like working behind the grill it came easy to him and it gave him extra time to think about other things. “Michael! I told you no onions in this omelet and what do you go and do? You put onions in the omelet.” Like fingernails on a blackboard, that’s what it was. Her voice was like fingernails on a blackboard. Well he could think about other things when her yap wasn’t open.

“Maria!” Just as he was showing signs of blowing a gasket Isabel stepped in.

“Maria, I got it let me help. Ok.” She gave her a small smile and then walked through the door that led to the kitchen. “Michael what has gotten into you this morning? I haven’t seen you this agitated before. Granted I haven’t known you for that long but still. What’s up?”

“Its… its… its her. I can’t even concentrate on anything when I hear her voice. All I asked was that she not come to the window every five minutes looking for one of her orders. I’ll get them to her when I get them to her. But does she listen to me? NO! I can’t take it any longer Isabel I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for this yesterday. I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to be around her constantly.”

“Oh, I get it. Now I know what this is all about.” Isabel was shaking her head up and down as she pondered the real reason Maria was getting on his nerves.

“What? No you don’t. You have no idea what this is all about.” Michael was shaking his head. He turned his attention back to the grill; he flipped everything that needed flipped and then went to the refrigerator to grab the omelet mix. He had to remake the ‘Western Space Crater’ but this time he had to cut the onions. He knew that the order didn’t say ‘no onions’ and that was the reason he was letting her get to him. How was he supposed to make the food the right way when she didn’t take the order down right in the first place?

“She’s not writing her orders right. Look here.” Michael took his copy of the order. “Where does it say no onion? It doesn’t, does it? This is what I have to deal with. I don’t know if I can take it anymore. Keep her out of this window or so help Isabel she’s not going to like what I do.”

“Ok, Michael I’ll keep her out of the window just please don’t do anything drastic. It’s not just you that has to live with the consequences.” Isabel walked out of the kitchen to let him think about what she said. She knew that she had hit the nail on the head when she brought the rest of them in on his problem. She could only think that Max and Liz owed her big time for this, lord only knows what those two are doing. If only their mom and dad knew what was going on between the two of them. They wouldn’t have let them go to Clovis without someone else tagging along.

Isabel hung around the diner for a while longer, trying to play the Liz role and referee the Michael Maria Saturday afternoon fight card. She had just rang the bell on round twenty-seven when Alex came wondering in to the diner. Isabel waved Alex over to sit at the counter with her.

“Hey, Alex, you really have to see this. Michael has Maria on the run. She’s made mistakes on almost half her orders and you know she doesn’t normally make mistakes.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty good about getting her orders right. I wonder what the deal is?”

“You have to be kidding me. Right? The deal is, is that Michael is the one behind the grill. If it were Jose it wouldn’t be that big a deal. He’s been behind the grill since we were eight. No… she likes him and it’s pissing him off because he likes her too. What we have to do is get the two of them together.”

“What did you have in mind?” Alex let his smile widen with the building anticipation.

“I was thinking. Today is Wednesday what if we all go out on Friday night and then we all go off and leave them to themselves.”

Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Isabel Evans was asking him out on a date. This couldn’t be, could it? “Uh… where did you want to go?”

“I was thinking of going to The Attic. You know a little bit of dancing and a whole lot of fun. We can go out to eat first and then we can go dancing.”

“Umm. Isabel what if Michael doesn’t dance?”

“Oh, shoot. I hadn’t thought about that. Well… Let me think this out for just a minute.” She concentrated on playing the scenario out in her mind when she heard Michael yell Maria’s name. She had totally forgotten about them. Crap.

Hopping up off the stool she ran to the window. “Michael! You have to quit yelling every time. This is a public place and the customer’s don’t want to hear the two of you fighting. What is it this time?”

“Nothing. You know what I quit!” Michael took the apron off and threw it down on the counter.

“What?” Maria asked as she scurried through the door to meet him in the employee lounge. “You can’t quit. I’m sorry Michael. It won’t happen again. My mom is depending on you and if you quit we won’t survive. What can I do to make you stay? I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” The corners to Michael’s face curled up into a devious grin.

“Anything. You name it, you got it.”

“Good. Well since it’s raining outside and the only vehicle I have is my bike you are going to take me to Clovis so I can check up on Max and Liz.”

“What? No way. They deserve to have some time to themselves. No… I’m not going to do it.”

Alex decided to pipe in. “Umm, Maria. You just said not five seconds ago that you would do anything if he wouldn’t walk out on your mom like that. After all it is your fault.”

“Shush, Alex. Whose side are you on anyway? We are best friends and best friends always take each other’s side. ALWAYS!

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I’ve seen your orders and I would have to say that half of them have been wrong.”

“Oh, I see it… Just because he’s a man you want to stick to his side. Gee thanks, Alex, with you as my friend who needs enemies. Isabel…”

“Don’t look at me, Maria. I think you and Michael are going on a little fieldtrip when your shift is over.” Isabel turned with a broad smile on her face and Alex quickly followed suit. “Oh, Maria… You’re on your own. I have to go to my meeting. You guys be good I would hate to tell your family that you guys killed each other.”

“Alex! Aren’t you going to stay?”

“Oh, sure. Now I’m your friend. You’re on your own DeLuca. Have fun and… oh, drive safely.” As he went out the door he turned around and waved good-bye to her.

“Alex!” Maria sat down in a huff on the stool by the counter. “Lord, please help me.” She said as she looked up to the ceiling.

“No amount of praying is going to help. Get up off your tush and get to taking care of the customer’s I want to leave at two o’clock sharp so you better be ready.” Michael went back to the kitchen and put his apron back on.


“I can’t believe I’m driving you to Clovis. Liz is going to kill me if we don’t kill each other first.”

“God do you have to run your mouth non-stop? Can’t you be quiet for five minutes.”

“Look when I’m nervous I talk and you make me nervous.”

“I do? Why? I’m just a normal guy just like Alex. There’s nothing different between the two of us.”

“Oh yes there is. I’ve known Alex my whole life. We’ve had slumber parties together until we hit puberty. There isn’t anything that Alex doesn’t know about me. Alex is my girlfriend. You… You… are a guy…” she let the sentence hang but then she added, “a very cute guy to boot.” But it wasn’t meant for him to hear it.

“What was that?” He asked her.

“Nothing. I didn’t say anything. Nope this is me… being quiet.” She pretended to button her lips shut and throw away the key.

“You like me that’s why you spent so much time at the window today.” Maria continued to be quiet. “Come on tell me. What is it that you like? It has to be the hair. All the girls like it.”

“Ha!” She clamped her hand over her mouth.

“What? My hair is very in style. Spill what don’t you like about my hair?” He waited for her to say something and when she didn’t he continued. “I bet you can’t be quiet for five minutes. You’ll break. I’ve seen it before. All I have to do is keep on talking and you’ll crumble just like the Great Wall.”

“So how about those Diamond Back? Do you watch baseball?” He looked at her still Maria held her silence. He noticed that her head was bopping to the song on the radio. It finally registered. She was ignoring him by listening to the radio. He leaned forward and hit the power button to shut it off. Michael then began to count as the silence engulfed the little maroon jetta. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5..’

“I can’t stand it. I can’t stand the silence.”

“I knew you would break… Keep it up blondie and you will forever be in debt to me.” Michael began to chuckle. “So tell me what you think is cute about me.”

“I don’t think you are cute. I never said that. What I said is that your foot is in a boot.” Maria had been trying to think what she could say to cover up her slip of the tongue. That was the best she could do. ‘All she could do is pray that she could last what…’ She looked at the clock and a groan escaped her lips. “Another hour and forty-five minutes. UGH!”

“Come on Maria I heard you and there is no denying what you said. We have a long ride ahead of us we might as well make the most of it. How about we play question and answer. I’ll ask you a question and you answer and then you ask me a question and I’ll answer. You have three times to pass if you don’t want to answer. What do you say? Are you game?”


“Cool. My turn.”

“I don’t think so spikey. You already used your turn.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did. You asked me if I wanted to play. I said yes so it’s my turn.”

Michael raised his hands to the roof and said out loud, “Why me, why me?” Taking a big breath and then letting it out, he twisted his neck and it cracked several times.”

“Why do people do that?” She asked and then it registered that she had just asked a question. “That doesn’t count. That’s not what I wanted to ask.”

“Ha! Too late babe. And the answer to your question is I don’t know.”

‘Please let me get through this without revealing anything incriminating.’ Is the only thing that she could think of. “I have a rule to your game. No asking of personal questions.”

“What? There are no rules. Questions are questions…”

Maria interrupted his sentence, “And you just asked yours.” She began to laugh and Michael couldn’t help but notice the little dance she did in her seat.

“If you don’t mind keep both hands on the wheel while you’re driving. I don’t want to be road kill anytime soon.”

Just before Maria turned her head back to the road she saw Michael jerk upright in his seat, a worried look on his face. Before she could ask what the problems was Michael started to talk, “Maria you have to speed up. Liz is scared. She may be in trouble.”

Maria was going to ask how he knew, but seeing the worried look on his face she just sped up and turned her concentration back to the road.


Well. I know... I'm dragging my feet a lot lately but I haven't forgotten you guys... I've seem to have lost the directions to the end of this story and with some serious help from SciFiNut111 I think I just might be on the right track... Don't worry it's not ending anytime soon... There is still a lot of ground to cover... *happy*
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Title: Two Squared Part 33
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…
Dedication: As always this goes to SciFiNut111 without you you know where I would be… Thanks so much for being there.



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss they see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – Breakfast? What breakfast? Between Michael arguing with Isabel and Maria how could anyone fit breakfast in. Thank goodness Liz had the foresight to make sure that her and Max wouldn’t be swallowed into the Michael fight fest.
Part 32 – Max and Liz Make it to Clovis only to find a strange vehicle in the drive. Michael cons Maria into taking him to follow them and he gets a feeling from Liz that scares him.
Part 33 – What’s going on to make Michael feel scared for Liz? Will him and Maria make it in time to help them? Read and find out.


Part 33

Isabel was leaving the mall after her meeting and was flagged down by Alex. She pulled over to see what he wanted. “Hey Alex. What’s up?”

“Hey, I was wondering if you could drop me off at home. My mom needed the car and I’m stuck here.” He raised his eyebrows up and down and then added, “please…”

“Sure hop in.” It was hard for Isabel to turn him down. She had to admit she liked him hanging around.

“How did your meeting go?”

“Pretty good. We spent most of the time trying to talk Pam out of this one type of uniform. She wanted to get these ones that were like bicycle shorts with tank tops instead of the more traditional sweater and skirt uniform. I finally had to tell her if she thinks that is what makes her sexy then she has another thing coming because the only thing a uniform like that will accomplish is making her ass look bigger. So needless to say we didn’t agree on anything but that’s par for the course. We have a few more weeks anyway. If push comes to shove we could always wear last year’s uniforms for the first game.”

“Yeah, I liked those.”

“Really? I don’t ever remember seeing you at any of the games.”

“Well, I was there. Maybe you weren’t looking very hard.”

“I will this year.”

“Isabel Evans… I do declare… I don’t think anyone has ever seen this side of you before. I’m flattered.”

“If you tell anyone Alex…”

Holding his hands up in a defensive manner he said, “Hey. Not me. My lips are sealed. You can look for me all you want. I was just saying… what would the in-crowd say if you start talking about me?”

“I’ll deal with it when it happens. So…” Just as she was beginning to continue she felt dizzy and had to pull over.

“Isabel are you ok?” Alex asked reaching over and touching her arm.

“Um… yeah. Something’s wrong. Max is in trouble.” She looked at Alex with wide frightened eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“What am I going to do?” Isabel started to panic.

“Ok. Let’s call him and find out.”

“I can’t he doesn’t have a cell phone. He’s in Clovis with Liz. Oh, god. What’s Liz’s cell phone number? Why didn’t I get her number? I don’t even know their home number.” She turned to look at Alex, her cell phone in her hands. Isabel was pleading for him to have an answer.

“Give me your phone. I’ll call Maria and see if she has Michael with her. He would know his sister’s phone number. Ok?”

“Yeah.” She handed over her phone and waited. Hoping that Michael would have some good news. Maybe he was already in Clovis and Max and Liz were doing something that he didn’t like and Michael caught them. Yeah, that sounded good. Isabel kept talking to herself while Alex dialed Maria’s number.


“Maria, it’s Alex. Um by any chance is Michael with you?”

“Alex, I don’t know what to do. Michael isn’t talking. He said that something happened to Liz and that we need to hurry and get to Clovis. What am I going to do?”

“Ok. Calm down. I need you to get him to tell you Liz’s cell phone number. We need to call them and find out what’s going on, because whatever it is its happening to Max too.”

“Max? How do you know?”

“Isabel has this feeling. It doesn’t matter just put Michael on the phone.” As soon as Alex told her to put Michael on the phone Isabel took the phone from him.

“Michael… Michael…”

“No, its Maria. Hang on.” She took the phone from her ear and hit Michael on the shoulder. “Hey… Michael. Isabel is on the phone. Something’s wrong with Max.” Maria’s comment woke Michael from his daze.


“Michael, what are we going to do? I don’t know how to contact them. Please tell me you’re in Clovis. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“We’re about forty-five minutes out. I’m not going to get there in time.”

Isabel could hear that Michael was getting scared. She was scared too. “Michael, give me Liz’s phone number. I’ll call them. It’s going to be ok. You hear me? They’re going to be ok.” She was shaking her head up and down trying to convince herself just as much that they are going to be ok. “We’re on our way, Michael. I’m coming.” Michael gave her the number and she immediately called Liz. There was no answer. “Shit, she’s not answering.” Tossing the phone to Alex she said, “Call Maria back tell them that they’re not answering. Tell Michael to keep on trying. Tell him to try their home phone as well. We have to get a hold of them.” She put the jeep in drive and sped off.

Alex didn’t realize that the jeep was able to go that fast and he didn’t comment. He did what she asked.


“Will you pull over? Your driving is killing me. I need to drive.” Michael couldn’t wait for her to pull the car over fast enough. He had the door open before the car even came to a stop. What was he going to do if he lost her? Liz was in trouble and he was stuck out on this damn deserted highway in a car that doesn’t travel over sixty miles per hour. He knew she shouldn’t have gone to Clovis without him.

By the time the car was stopped Michael was waiting by the driver’s side door. Maria opened it up and didn’t say a word. The expression on Michael’s face was enough for her. Something was seriously wrong with his sister. It was just way too strange that he knew it. They must be really, really close. She ran around to the passenger’s side of the car and just barely shut the door before he had the car rolling again. Dust rolled behind the car and they were once again off.

“Michael, make sure you don’t go over sixty-five. The car won’t take it.” Maria told Michael.

“We’ll just see, we have to get to Clovis as soon as possible.”

Handing her the phone Michael said, “Keep calling Liz.” Maria shook her head up and down and did as he said. After like the hundredth try at calling Liz’s cell phone, Maria sighed and tossed her phone on the dashboard. “Still no answer. I wonder why she isn’t answering?”

Michael glanced at Maria and snapped, “Don’t stop trying. We have to contact them to find out what’s going on.”

“Michael, We’ve been trying for the last half hour. If Liz were going to answer the phone she would have already. Anyway, how do you know anything is wrong? How did Isabel know anything is wrong? Max and Liz are in Clovis together, why should anything happen to them?”

“I just know, okay? I just know.” Michael responded.

“That’s not good enough. You’ve been really freaking. It’s like you know something is wrong. What...”

Just then there was a loud bang and the Jetta swerved towards the side of the road.

“Damn-it! Can anything go right today??” Michael swore.

“See, I told you not to drive too fast. Jetta’s aren’t supposed to go ninety down the highway. Especially old Jettas.” Maria snapped at Michael.

Michael eased the car to the side of the road and got out to survey the damage. Walking around the car he saw that a rear tire had blown. He banged on the trunk of the car and gave the flat tire a few good kicks to vent his frustration. Maria joined him by the side of the car, snapping, “Don’t put a dent in my mother’s car. I know you’re mad but it isn’t the car’s fault.”

Michael stopped, took a deep breath and slowly let it out before turning to Maria. “Can you get me the key to the trunk so that I can get the spare?” He hissed through gritted teeth.

When Maria didn’t immediately move to get the keys he turned his head towards her. Maria had a sheepish look on her face, “Umm, well. Uh, the spare isn’t any good.” She informed Michael.

“What?” Michael snapped. “Who the heck drives without a spare tire? And through a desert no less. Are you crazy?”

“I have a spare, it just doesn’t have any air. I had a flat last week, and I’ve been meaning to get the tire fixed, but I’ve been busy, and we usually don’t drive out of town. And …”

“Okay, okay. I get the picture. Now just get me the keys and I’ll look to see what the spare looks like.”

Maria grabbed the keys out of the ignition and handed them to Michael. As he inserted the key in the lock and started to open the trunk, he told Maria to go open the hood of the car.

“Why Michael, the spare is in the trunk.”

“Uh, the jack is under the hood.” Michael responded.

“No, it’s in the trunk with the spare.”

“Uh, open the hood to cool the engine down.” Michael wanted Maria away from the trunk.

Maria just gave Michael a strange look and went to do as he asked.

Michael quickly reached for the spare and ‘fixed’ it. “Maria? The spare looks fine. I guess your mother had it fixed and didn’t tell you.”

“What? My mother told me I had to get it fixed.” Maria responded while coming to the back of the car just as Michael pulled the ‘fixed’ spare out of the trunk.

“Want to grab the jack?” He said as he rolled the tire to the side of the road.

Maria came around the side of the car carrying the jack and lug wrench. As she started to put the jack under the car Michael stopped her, “Here, I’ll do that.”

“No, Michael, I can get it. I’ve done this before.”

“No, I’ll get it. Just let me have the jack.”

“God, you’re such a Neanderthal. Here take the thing.” Maria snapped while pushing the jack into Michael’s hand.

Michael took the jack triumphantly, set it under the car and turned to Maria expectantly. Maria stood there fuming until she realized that Michael needed the wrench in her hand. Maria handed him the tool and then placed her hands on her hips and glared at Michael. ‘God, she looks beautiful when she’s mad. Heck, she looks beautiful when she isn’t.’ Michael thought. ‘Where did that come from? Beautiful? Maria? I hate the girl.’

Michael took the lug wrench from Maria and bent down to start jacking up the car. As he started to jack the car up, Maria started to make comments, “Shouldn’t you be turning it all the way? Why do you keep taking the wrench off? If you do it this way…”

Michael took all he could and then turned to Maria, “I’ve jacked a car up before. I know how to do it.” He snapped before turning back to the car. He was so furious. His anger was rising with every pump of the jack. Not paying any attention to what he was really doing he didn’t see that he had sat the jack on a rock. As the car raised Maria again started to get in the way. “Michael, you should really do it this way.” She said as she reached down for the jack handle. Maria started to pull the handle and Maria and Michael both started to fight for possession, Maria pulling one way and Michael the other. As they fought the jack began to wobble. With a couple more tugs Maria lost her footing and slid into the jack causing it to give way.

As if everything was moving in slow motion Michael watched the car come down off the jack towards Maria’s leg. “Watch Out!” He yelled at Maria.

Unable to react fast enough Maria felt the weight of the car descend on her ankle and foot. She felt a searing pain shoot through her leg as she collapsed on the ground. Michael was instantly by her. “Maria… Maria… oh my god! Maria.” Maria looked at Michael. He was as white as a sheet.

“Michael…” She was getting lightheaded. Her leg felt like it was on fire and she didn’t know how badly her leg was injured. Michael looked at where Maria’s leg disappeared under the car and saw a growing pool of blood. Michael realized that car must have severed an artery in Maria’s leg.

Michael glanced back up into Maria’s face and saw her eyes flutter close. Panicking for a minute, Michael placed his hand under the car and lifted it enough to pull Maria’s foot from under it.

As her foot came out from under the car he saw that there was a terrible gash across her ankle and the bone actually protruded out of the skin. Not thinking of any thing else to do Michael clamped his hand over the gash. He was torn in two directions. ’What was he going to do?’ “It’s going to be ok, Maria… hang on. I’m going to call for help. He tried to make a move but Maria collapsed in his arms. “Maria!”

Not wanting to take any more chances at losing her, Michael made a fateful decision. He reached up and cradled Maria’s head in his hand while gently calling to her, “Maria, you have to open your eyes for me. I need you to look at me. Please Maria, look at me.”

Maria rolled her head so that she could look at him. “Michael, it’s getting cold. I can’t feel my foot, what’s wrong…”

“Maria, just keep your eyes open.” Michael’s hand began to glow and a gentle warmth began to flow through Maria’s ankle. Tearing a piece of fabric from his shirt he tied it around her ankle where she had been injured. “You’re going to be ok. It was just a bad cut. Keep this tied around it and we’ll take a look at it when we get to Clovis.” Michael had repaired it just enough to stop the bleeding and mend the broken bone. He minimized the severity of it just enough to keep her from asking questions. At least he hoped he did.

Michael checked what he had done and then went to sit next to Maria, resting her head in his lap. They sat there for a while, both thinking about what had just happened. Maria was in a daze. Her ankle and foot had been very painful but now it felt a lot better. She looked up into Michael’s eyes and was shocked to see the ‘concern’ in them. ’Was this the same guy that she couldn’t stand? The guy she thought hated her?’ “Are you feeling better now?” He asked.

Still in a daze, all Maria could do was nod her head. She began to sit up and as soon as Michael knew Maria was ok he went back to changing the tire. “Just great.”


“Well when the jack slipped out from under the car it bent the wheel some. I can’t get the lug nuts off. The threads are stripped.” Hitting the wheel he said, “Damn it! Damn it!” He looked over at where Maria was sitting. She was still pale and she was just staring at the pool of blood under the car.

Fear ran through him. ’Would she know what he did to her?’

Maria finally mumbled, “Is that my blood? Was I hurt that bad? The car was on my….” She then turned her head to look at Michael.

Michael cursed to himself for not remembering to clean up the blood but tried to make light of the pool of blood, “No, you weren’t hurt too bad. It looks a lot worse than it was.” Trying to change the subject Michael continued, “Isabel and Alex will be here in a little over an hour. Are you going to be ok?”

No answer from Maria.

“Maria… are you going to be ok?” He walked over to where she was and squatted down so he was eye level with her. “Maria… are you ok?” He reached out to touch her and she scurried away from him. “Hey. I’m not going to hurt you.” He walked forward closer to her. With ever step he took she scooted farther back. Feelings of fear and pain shot through Michael. Fear that Maria knew his secret, and pain that she now feared to be touched by him. “Ok… Ok… I’m not going to come any closer. We’ll just sit here and wait for Isabel and Alex to come by.”

He sat down and just looked down the road in the direction that Isabel and Alex would be coming from. Bored to death after only a few moments he began to pick up rocks and began tossing them. One after the other he tossed them, aiming for ants that were heading for some unknown destination.

“Who are you?” She asked.

Michael turned to look at her. “What do you mean? I know the car didn’t fall on your head. My name is Michael Parker. My sister is Liz. We met last Sunday. Maria…”

“I know that’s what you want people to think. I guess what I’m asking is… what are you?”


“Isabel you have to calm down. Max is going to be ok and if you continue to drive like this we aren’t going to make it. You need to slow down.”

“Alex there is no way I’m slowing down. Something is wrong and don’t ask me how I know. I just know. Max and I have always had this kind of connection.”

“I’ve read where twins have that kind of connection. It must be really cool. Have you ever tried to communicate?” Alex said trying to ease her somewhat.

Isabel let out a sigh as Alex continued talking. She didn’t know why she was worried about what he thought of her. Well… actually she did. She liked him a lot and she didn’t know how he would react if he knew who, or should she say what, she was. She shook the thought from her mind. If it were up to her he wouldn’t know.

“Hey, I think that’s Maria’s car.” Alex leaned forward in the jeep and began to concentrate on the vehicle that was sitting on the side of the road.

“You’re right. If I knew that they hadn’t reached Clovis yet I would have driven faster.” She fumed.

Pulling over behind the Jetta, Alex jumped out. “Hey guys what happened?”

“Flat tire.” Michael said as he greeted his two friends. He turned to look at Maria. She was still pale and even though he had tried to talk around her questions he didn’t think she took it. She didn’t say anything more after she asked.

“Maria! What happened to you?” Alex jogged to her side and bent down beside her. She stared right through him. “Maria?”

“She’s been hurt.” Seeing that Alex was starting to get alarmed Michael continued, “Don’t worry though. It’s just a small wound. I took care of it.”

Hearing his comment Maria finally made a sound. “Yeah, you can say that.” She stood up and limped straight to the jeep and crawled into the back seat. “Are you guys coming or what? Max and Liz need your help.”

Alex joined Maria in the back seat. Alex tried to start a conversation with Maria but she just stared towards Isabel and Michael. Michael and Isabel stood and looked at each other. “How bad was it?” She asked him.

“It was bad.” He started to walk to the jeep. He didn’t want to go any further with her.

Isabel grabbed his arm and made him wait. “Does she know?”

“I don’t know. Everything happened pretty fast. She’s acting pretty freaked, but…I just don’t know.”

“Michael, what do you mean ‘you don’t know’? This is bad. We can’t have anybody find out about us. Who knows what would happen if they did.”

“Look,” he said forcefully. “I don’t know what kind of person you are but I wasn’t about to let her die because that’s exactly what would have happened if I didn’t do anything. I’ll deal with her if she asks. She doesn’t know anything about you or Max. She might lump Liz into it with me but we will deal. We don’t have to answer to any one and if we have to we can disappear.”

Isabel nodded her head at what Michael was saying, “You’re right. You had to help her. I’m sorry I got mad.” Thinking a bit longer, Isabel continued, “So, what do we do now? We can’t take them to Clovis. Who knows what is going to happen when we get there.”

“Well, we can’t leave them here. We’ll have to bring them with us and hope nothing too strange is going on.” With that Michael turned away from her and hopped into the driver’s seat of the jeep. “Are you coming or staying?”

Isabel walked and climbed into the jeep. “Let’s go.”


I know… You guys are still wondering what the heck is going on in Clovis… Be patient I promise Max and Liz will make an appearance in Part 34… You know the drill leave me feedback. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks again for all your support.

edited to add a comment between Alex and Isabel about the uniforms... Just had to add that in there... *wink*

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Who's is this mysterious person? Is it maybe you know her!!! That thing that pretty much all of ythe dreamer world hates! Gerbil Face! Okay okay I'll wait like the rest but post soon!

As stated in the summary Tess doesn't even exist... But I guess I no longer post the summary so for those of you that have been reading it from the start and have forgotten this little tidbit... That's the best thing to this fic. For all those that are wondering what the heck is happening in Clovis... hang in there. It will be in the next part... I had to get all our favorite couples together before it happens. So... Thanks for all the great feedback.

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Lookey what I found... Yep... and it didn't take me as long as all the rest. I know you guys are waiting to find out what the heck is going on... Hope you like it. There is just one unexpected appearance. Sorry had to be done. Read and find out!

Title: Two Squared Part 34
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss they see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – Breakfast? What breakfast? Between Michael arguing with Isabel and Maria how could anyone fit breakfast in. Thank goodness Liz had the foresight to make sure that her and Max wouldn’t be swallowed into the Michael fight fest.
Part 32 – Max and Liz Make it to Clovis only to find a strange vehicle in the drive. Michael cons Maria into taking him to follow them and he gets a feeling from Liz that scares him.
Part 33 – On their way to follow Max and Liz, Michael and Maria run into some problems.
Part 34 – What’s going on in Clovis? Read and find out.


Note: I lied. Tess makes a brief appearance in this part. *wink*

Part 34

Max grabbed Liz’s arm. “Wait. Let’s think about this. We can’t just walk in there. Don’t get out.” Max put the truck in neutral so it would roll down the drive and into the street. He didn’t want to bring any more attention to their arrival. Once they were on the street he started the truck and began to go around the block.

“What are we going to do?” Liz asked.

“We need to be able to see if there is anyone inside. Any suggestions?”

“Umm. We can go to the neighbor’s house behind ours and climb over the fence and go in the back way. I’ve known them forever they won’t mind.” Coming around to that part of the neighborhood now Liz pointed at a house. “Look they aren’t even home. Now would be a good time to do it.”

Max looked at Liz and nodded his head. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked. “You better knock on the door just in case they are here.” He suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’d hate to be halfway over the fence and have them come out and say ‘what the hell are you kids doing’.” She smiled as they both went to the front door.

Waiting for someone to answer and realizing that Liz’s assumptions were correct they headed for the backyard. “They don’t have a dog? Do they?”

“Yeah, they do. Michael calls it an ankle-biter. It’s one of those loud and yappy dogs. A Chihuahua I think. It’s a female named Tess. I really hate that dog and won’t miss hearing it yappy and barking all the time.” Liz responded.

Seeing the look on Max’s face she giggled. “Are you afraid of dogs, Max?”

“No… just wanted to be prepared for it just incase.”

“You don’t have to worry, Mrs. Johnson takes the thing everywhere and never leaves it home alone. I think she thinks it was a Mayan Princess that was reincarnated or something. Come on.” Liz went to climb over the fence first but Max held her back.

“Let me go first.” Liz stepped back off the board and waited for him to go over. “Ok, come on.”

Liz stepped back up onto the board and hiked her legs over the fence. She instantly felt Max’s hands go to her waist for support and he gently lowered her to the ground. “Thanks.” He took her hand and they began to walk to the back of the house.

“Stay behind me. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Max, I can protect myself. I’ve been doing it way before I met you.”

“Just stay behind me. Please.” He grabbed her by both arms. “Please,” and then hugged her. She shook her head ‘yes’. Max covered his hand and the lock clicked. Taking another glimpse of Liz, Max put his finger to his lips to signal her to be quiet before entering. Slowly the two entered the room. Liz could feel Max’s energy begin to power up. She followed suit as they entered.

So far everything looked normal. “Maybe we are over reacting. Maybe someone had car trouble and just ended up using our driveway for the night.” Max looked over his shoulder and then put his finger to his mouth again for Liz to be quiet. She shook her head again and continued to follow him deeper into the house. “Max head to my room. The book and the orb are still there. Michael didn’t get them the night when you guys moved our stuff.”

Max shook his head up and down. They eased their way down the hall and slipped into Liz’s room. Shutting the door behind them Max told Liz, “Get them and I’ll wait here just incase someone is in the house.” Liz didn’t answer she went straight to where the items were hidden. Waving her hand over the floorboards she reached in and grabbed what they had come to Clovis for. “Ok, I’ve got them. Let’s go.” Standing up and turning towards Max she saw him stiffen and place his ear to the closed door.

“Max, what’s wrong?” Liz asked.

“I thought there was a noise coming from inside the front room.” Max opened the door and looked to see if it was clear. Seeing that no one was in the hallway they started to creep back down the hall.

“Stay here a minute while I check ahead.” Max whispered to Liz.

“No! I’m staying with you.”

“Liz. You promised.”

“No, I didn’t. You go I go. Together we are stronger.”

Max realized that there was no way he was going to get her to stay behind and continue without her. He wrapped his arm around her and held her behind him. “Ok, just stay behind me.” They began to walk slowly, they hugging the walls as they headed for the living room. Peaking around the corner he couldn’t see anyone. “No ones there.” He whispered. They turned and started to walk back through the house towards the kitchen. Still not seeing anything they relaxed a little. “No ones here.” Liz said as she stepped from behind Max. He reached for the back door knob and just before he turned it to exit the light in the kitchen snapped on, and a deep voice said, "I've been waiting for you."


As the miles passed, Alex began to wonder just what had happened between Michael and Maria. As long as he had known Maria, Alex had never known her to go more than two or three minutes without talking and now it had been more than forty-five minutes.

Alex had glanced over at Maria a few times and it was always the same, her eyes just stared through the front windshield. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, whispering so that he wouldn’t be heard by those in the front, he asked, “Maria? What’s wrong?”

He waited for a response, but none came. He tried a little louder, “Maria? Are you okay?” When he still didn’t get a response, he nudged her and asked again, “Are you okay? You’ve never been this quiet.”

Finally, Maria seemed to come awake. It was like she was released from a trance, “Hmm, what did you say Alex?”

“I asked if everything was okay? I actually heard the sounds of silence for a whole forty-five minutes. That’s a unique experience when I’m with you.” Something was definitely going on. Maria didn’t even bite on it. “Maria? I’m beyond worry now. You didn’t even come back with anything. Tell me what happened. You’re scaring me.”

She turned in the seat making sure not to bang her leg on anything. She leaned in closer because she didn’t want Michael to hear what she is about to say. “Ok… we were like driving and killing time by playing a game when out of the blue Michael freaks. He says Liz is in trouble. I look at him and say what.”

“Yeah, Isabel did the exact same thing. Weird. Totally weird.”

“Well anyway. He tells me to stop the car because I’m not driving fast enough for him and seeing that there is no way that I can argue with him I pull over. The man is like fricking paranoid and he gets into the driver’s seat and we take off. Well after about a million times of trying to reach Liz I give up and he looks at me like I’m some kind of freak that I did that. You know if the girl didn’t answer after the first ten times what makes him think that she’s going to answer when I call again.” Alex knew exactly where she was coming from and he wasn’t going to interrupt her because whatever had freaked her out is somewhere in this story of hers.

“I tell him not to go over sixty-five because my jetta just doesn’t go that fast and what does he do? He’s doing ninety. Ninety Alex. Did you hear me? I tell him sixty-five and he does ninety, HE has a serious hearing problem. I don’t know if there was something in the road or what but the rear tire blew out and we pulled over. He went to the trunk and my spare is flat. Remember the flat I got last week? Well I still hadn’t gotten the tire fixed. I’m preparing myself for his venom to start spewing when he tells me to go lift the hood to the car. I ask him why and you know what he says?” Alex shrugged his shoulders. “He said that the jack is under the hood.” Maria scoffs. “What kind of lunatic thinks that a car jack is under the hood with the engine. Well, anyway we argue about the location of the jack and I pull it out of the trunk. Well get this. The tire… you know the one that I didn’t get fixed?” Alex shakes his head up and down to signal that he knew what she was talking about. They had been doing this for years if there was anyone on this planet that knew how Maria thought it was Alex. He knew she was just trying to calm herself down because whatever had happened had scared the holy shit out of her.

“It’s fixed. He said something about my mom fixing it but I know for a fact that she didn’t do it. She refuses to do things that are my responsibility.”

“Well maybe she wanted to do something nice for you.” Alex suggested.

Maria shook her head no. “No. My mother doesn’t do those kinds of things. You know, parenting 101? Teach the kid responsibility? No… not possible.”

“So is that the reason you are so spaced or is there more?”

“There’s more. Well, we get the,” she does the quote things with her hands and continues, “amazingly ‘fixed’ spare tire and the jack that wasn’t under the hood but in the trunk and he starts to jack the car up. Well you know me. I tell him that he’s doing it wrong. All wrong in fact and I go to try and show him how to do it because after all it’s my car. And he’s trying to be all masculine and manly and won’t let me help, and that’s when it happens. The jack slips and the car falls onto my leg.”

“Ouch. How did you manage to get out from under it?”

“I’m glad you asked. Here’s the kicker… he lifts the car.”

“No way…”

“Yes way. I’m telling you he lifts the car.”

“Well I’ve heard that this ninety year old grandmother once lifted a car off her grandson. They say the human body is capable of doing amazing things. Maybe. You know, adrenaline rush because someone you care about is hurt?” Alex leans in closer to Maria like he’s getting ready to say something enlightening. “Maybe, he loves you.”

Maria’s eyes flew wide open. “No, No! There is no way! NO absolutely not. We fight constantly. No!”

“Aah, the lady doth protest too much!” Alex leaned back and began to laugh as Maria tried to silence him with a death glare.

Michael turned around and in the process bumped Maria’s leg that was propped up between the two front seats. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry Maria.”

Not realizing what was the big deal it didn’t register until she saw Michael cradling her ‘injured’ leg. “What? Oh, it’s ok Michael it doesn’t really hurt any more.”

“What are you guys laughing so hard about?”

“Nothing.” She said quickly. “Nothing you can go back to your own conversation. I’m talking to my girlfriend here.” Maria waved her hand for him to shoo already.

Michael turned around wearily and Maria grabbed Alex to pull him close again and continued. “Where was I? Oh, No! Anyway he pulls me out from under the car and he starts to look at my leg. Whatever he sees has him really freaking. I’m fading in and out of consciousness and he puts his hand under my head and tells me I have to look into his eyes. Did you ever notice how his eyes sort of crinkle at the corners when he’s… Oh, where was I, Oh yeah. He tells me to look at him and all of a sudden I start getting these flashes. You know like these pictures flashing through my brain.”

“You know that can be explained too. People who are in life threatening situations often see their life flash in front of their eyes just before they pass. It’s a known fact.” Alex shook his head up and down.

“No, Alex. They weren’t flashes of my life.” Maria said while pointing to herself. “They were flashes of his life.” She continued while pointing her thumb at Michael. She waited for what she had said to sink in. When she saw the reaction from Alex that she expected she said, “Yeah, weird uh. Tell me Alex what are you thinking?”

“Nothing. What else has you spooked?”

“Well anyway after he bandaged my leg up and I had seen all those flashes I was going over what had happened and noticed that there was a lot of blood under the car. I mean A LOT!”

“So?” Alex didn’t understand what the big deal was.

“I lost a lot of blood and if there was that much damage then shouldn’t I still be bleeding? Even in the movies when I person gets hurt and they wrap their injury up, it still bleeds. Do you see anything wrong with me?”


“Look Alex. The piece of t-shirt that is wrapped around my leg doesn’t have a spec of blood on it. Its like the blood quit flowing.”

Alex looked at the bandage that was on her leg. She was right there was no blood. “I guess that is weird.”

“I’m glad you think so. Alex. Will you do me a favor?”

“Sure anything.”

“Will you look at my leg for me. Tell me what you see.”

“No. No. You know I’ll pass out if I see blood. No. Especially since Isabel’s here. I don’t want her to see what a sissy lala I am. No. You want to see, you look. Not me. Nope. Not going to do it.” Alex was shaking his head no the whole time.

“Great. Fine. You are the biggest sissy I know.” Maria huffed and pulled her leg back into the back seat with her. Taking a deep breath she says, “Here goes nothing.” She counted to three and then ripped off the bandage that Michael had put on it. “OH! MY! GOD!” She screamed. Turning around to see what all the fuss was about Michael turned white as a sheet. “Stop the car!” She yelled.

“What?” Michael asked.

“I said stop the fricking car, Michael.”

Michael glanced at Isabel who shrugged. “Nice one.” Was all she said.

Michael pulled the jeep over as requested. “Whatever it is Maria can’t it wait? We are almost to Max and Liz. I don’t think you’re going to die anytime soon.”

“No, I don’t think I will either.” Maria snapped as she fumbled with her seat belt. “Everyone get out of the car.” Maria climbed out of the jeep and immediately pulled Alex and Isabel away from Michael. “What did you do to my leg?”

“Maria… Come on this can wait. Please.” Michael started rubbing his eyebrow to beat the band as he begged for her to be silent.

“No… Tell me Michael.” She put her hands on her hips and waited.

Michael looked like a deer caught in a set of headlights. He glanced over to the three teens standing in the desert, Alex looked bewildered, Maria looked totally pissed off and when he looked at Isabel she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “We don’t have time for this Michael.”

“God, all right!” He marched over to her and grabbed her by the arm. “You want to know? Fine! But just you. Come on.”


Max swirled around immediately he threw his shield up to protect Liz while she threw her hand up ready to add to the shield if necessary. They saw a middle aged man with graying brown hair and medium build sitting on a kitchen countertop behind them. The man held his hands up to show that he meant no harm.

“Who are you?” Max asked.

“What are you doing here?” Liz asked as well.

The man jumped down from his perch and walked closer to Max and Liz. “I heard about your adoptive parent’s death. I came for you.” He said to Liz. “I came to take you to the others but I see that you’ve already found them.” He dropped down to his knee and bowed his head. “I’m here to protect you your highness. You can lower your shield I mean you no harm.” The man looked up and Max slowly dropped his shield. As the shield dissolved, Liz slowly went towards the stranger.

“Liz.” Max called after her. He still didn’t trust the man and didn’t want Liz getting closer to him until he explained more about himself.

“It’s ok, Max. I recognize him from our past.” She held her hand out to help him up from his kneeling position. “Kevin?”

“Yes, your highness.” He stood up and was instantly wrapped into her arms.

“Liz! What are you doing?”

“Max this is Kevin.” Liz replied while she stepped back to Max’s side. Seeing that Max still had no idea who Kevin was she elaborated. “Kevin was my protector while you and Rath were out to war. Max, he was a personal friend of yours, you went to Antarian War College together.”

“You have no idea how happy it makes me feel to see the two of you back together again. “ Kevin said to Liz, “This is what was planned to happen.”

“What plans? What do you mean together again? We just met a week ago.” Max needed some answers and Kevin seemed to know a lot about them.

“I see you haven’t unlocked your orb.” Kevin said to Max.

“It’s gone. I’ve lost it. Well, I mean, I didn’t lose it, someone stole it two nights ago.” Max walked over and held his hand out to shake the man’s hand. “You’ve come to help Liz?”

“I’ve come to bring the four of you together. It’s time that you learn everything and I was sent to help you do just that.” Kevin responded to Max. “Where are the other two, Rath and Vilondra?”

“Who’s Rath and Vilondra? There are two others, but they’re named Michael and Isabel. And they’re still in Roswell.” Liz supplied. “How are you going to help us?”

“Well since all you have is the one orb, I will show you how to tap into it to retrieve everything that you have put into it. Then I can help Max find his.”

“You mean I can locate the other one?” Max asked.

“Yes, they are tuned into your essence.”

“Max, that would explain how you found yours so long ago.” He looked at Liz and took her hand.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready. I’ve been waiting my whole life to find out everything. I want to know.”

“Will I be able to see it as well?” Max asked. He had already seen a part of it that one night Michael and Isabel had caught them making out on the living room floor.

“If she wishes you to she can share them with you through your connection. All she has to do is touch you.” Kevin supplied.

“Do all of us have an orb?” Liz asked.

“No, just the two of you. They are for you. The orbs contain replays of your past life.”

“What about the book?” Liz wondered out loud.

“The book?” Kevin didn’t have any idea what book she was talking about. Liz held the book for him to see. “The queens?” Liz shook her head yes.

“It’s blank. I can’t read it.” She said sadly.

He smiled, “Yes you can. Once we travel back through your replays it will come to you.”

“What will the replays show us?” Max asked.

“The orbs are designed to show you what you felt was important for you to remember.”

“You mean we knew this was going to happen?” Liz asked with a stunned look on her face.

“Not really. Not the way it happened, but everyone creates an orb to pass on to their children. We never realized that your orbs would be passed on to yourselves.”

“Children? Um… Did we have children?” Liz asked quietly.

“Come on. Sit down the both of you. Let me show you how the orb works and all your questions will hopefully be answered.” Kevin led them to the middle of the room and motioned for them to sit down. “You’ll need to be relaxed. Just a word to the wise, it’s important that you don’t let yourself become a part of the replay. There is a tendency for the person that is reliving the replays to act out the actions in this lifetime.” Seeing the two in front of him start to turn red he knew that it had already happened. “I see you know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes. Um. A few nights ago, we were just sitting on the couch and one thing led to the other and before we knew it.”

Liz interrupted Max. She didn’t want him telling Kevin what Michael and Isabel had witnessed first hand. “Let’s just say. We know how it can happen.” She looked at Max and jabbed him in the ribs.

“Ok… Liz do you want Max to see your orb with you or do you want to experience by yourself first and then show him?”

Liz hadn’t thought of it that way before. “I can visit the replays more than once?”

“Yes, this is yours and you can replay them however many times you want.” Kevin assured her.

She looked at Max and he immediately understood. “It’s not that I don’t trust you but…”

“I understand. You don’t have to explain. You go. I’ll be waiting here when you return.” He reached over to grab her and pulled her into his embrace.

“You’re not upset?”

“No.” He released her and settled her in between his legs. His arms were still wrapped around her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I have a lifetime to know all of you. These are your private thoughts and memories. You deserve to know what they are alone. I’ll be right here if you want to share them with me. I’m not going anywhere.”

Liz leaned back and tilted her head up. “Thanks.” He leaned over and kissed her. Liz then looked over to Kevin, “Ok, Kevin tell me what I need to do.”


Let me know what you thought. Anyone like the Tess in this fic? I sure do! Sorry to disappoint anyone that is expecting more of her. IT'S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ! ! This went pretty quick I'm on a roll so maybe, just maybe I'll get another part up by the weekend if not sooner.

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Title: Two Squared Part 35
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss they see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – Breakfast? What breakfast? Between Michael arguing with Isabel and Maria how could anyone fit breakfast in. Thank goodness Liz had the foresight to make sure that her and Max wouldn’t be swallowed into the Michael fight fest.
Part 32 – Max and Liz Make it to Clovis only to find a strange vehicle in the drive. Michael cons Maria into taking him to follow them and he gets a feeling from Liz that scares him.
Part 33 – On their way to follow Max and Liz, Michael and Maria run into some problems.
Part 34 – We meet Kevin who has come to help the four. Maria can’t accept the simple things in life and has to charge in headfirst
Part 35 – Will Michael be able to pacify Maria long enough to get to Clovis and save Max and Liz from whatever has them so scared? What will Liz find in her replays? Read and find out!


Part 35

Alex and Isabel watched Michael drag Maria away from the jeep. They were a good ten yards away from the other two before they stopped. “I don’t believe this.” Isabel says as she rolls her eyes and walked away from Alex so she could lean against the jeep. “Why me?” She throws her hands up to the sky as if she was asking a higher power for help. “I feel like leaving the two of them here and driving on.”

“Welcome to my world. Maria and I have been best friends forever and she’s been like this her whole life. Whatever it is; is important to her and from what I got from the back seat we all might want to be a little leery of Michael Parker. There’s something strange going on with him.” Alex had followed Isabel and was leaning against the jeep next to her. He crossed his arms while he watched Maria put her hands on her hips and he noticed the foot to her injured leg tapped the ground.

“Maria you are wasting my time. Max and Liz are in trouble and we have to get to Clovis.” Michael said in exasperation. “What is so important that it can’t wait?”

“Michael I want to know. Who are you?” She could see the wheels working behind his warped mind begin to spin. “You can come up with any story you want but I’m telling you now, I won’t buy it. I want the truth.”

“How do you know I’m not going to tell you the truth?” He asked surprisingly.

“I can tell. You have no intention of telling me the truth.” She yelled back at him.

Isabel and Alex both were able to hear that one; and they both flinched as they heard her anger. Isabel started to go over the possibilities. One, they could tell them both what was going on and they could watch them run from them like the freaks that they are. Or two, they can give them some line of crap that Michael has the capability to heal like its been known in some places all over the world. Neither option sounded very good to Isabel. All she wanted to do was run away from the situation herself. Shaking her head to get her attention back onto Michael and Maria she waited for the girl to explode and start running. It was only a matter of time. She knew that it was inevitable for anyone to have a normal reaction to their special situation.

“Do you believe in Aliens?” Alex asked, his eyes not leaving the two in the desert.

Isabel’s head snapped around and she looked at him as if she were a deer stuck in headlights. “What?” She asked.

“Do you think there are aliens here on earth?” Alex asked again as he turned his head to look at her.

“What made you think of that?” She inquired hesitantly.

“Just trying to make conversation. I’m trying to give them some privacy. I don’t want to eavesdrop on them anymore. Maria’s my best friend. This all amounts to that she actually likes him.” Alex let out a low chuckle.

“You think?” Isabel asked while relaxing a little as well as sidestepping the question that Alex asked earlier.

“Oh, yeah… the girl is gone. I’ve never seen it this bad before. Remember Paulie Stevens? Well she followed him around all during freshman year and she never acted this bad.” Alex said with a twinkle in his eye. He couldn’t help himself he was lost in his own moment. Here he was, Alexander Charles Whitman, standing on the side of the road having a conversation with Isabel Evans.

They both turned their attention back to the desert.

‘Well, here goes nothing.’ He thought, “My band has a gig on Friday night and I was wondering if you would want to come?” He inhaled deeply and held it until he heard her answer.

“Where at?” She asked. Turning back to Alex, she noticed that he was beginning to turn red. He hadn’t answered her yet. “Alex, where is it at?” Still no answer. “Alex… breathe.” She said while poking him in the side.

He let out his breath in a rush and began to breathe normally. “What was that all about?” She asked a little worried about who she was starting to hang out with.

“I don’t know if you know it or not but that was like the biggest step I’ve ever taken with a girl before.” He smiled shyly and looked up at her for the first time in about two minutes. He had been avoided eye contact for fear that he would be turned into an ice sculpture by those glacial eyes that most every single young man who ever attempted to ask her out on a date had experienced. But all Alex could see right now was warmth and a little glint of mirth.

Michael stared back at Maria. His gazed traveled from her flashing green eyes and settled on her rich red lips. He knew he was in serious trouble. Maria was too smart not to realize that something ‘otherworldly’ had happened back there, but all he could concentrate on was how it would feel to kiss her. ’Just what would her lips taste like? How would it feel to hold her in his arms?’

Michael was snapped out of his thoughts, “Well? Let’s hear it! Let’s hear you story.”

Maria waited for Michael to start talking. She watched as his face broke into a lopsided grin. ’God did he look sexy.’ It was the last thing she thought of before Michael grabbed her.

“ARGH!” They heard Maria scream. They both turned their attention to the two who were standing out in the middle of the desert. Maria’s arms were flapping up and down as she turned to head back to the jeep. She was pissed.

Alex and Isabel headed their separate ways. Isabel went to Michael and Alex went to Maria. “What the hell happened?” She spat out.

“I kissed her.” He said.

“Why did you kiss her?” Isabel couldn’t even begin to act like she understood his logic. There was no way that they were the same species, no matter what Max said.

“That’s all she wanted anyway. The girl likes me. I knew I didn’t have to tell her the truth, she wouldn’t believe it in the first place so I kissed her. It made her mad. And now she’s off the subject of her leg. We’re good to go.” They turned and headed for the jeep. Alex and Maria were already sitting in the back seat, heads together talking.

Isabel glanced at Michael as he got into the jeep, “Nice Michael. I can see all five fingers where she slapped you. Your whole cheek is red.”

“The things I’m forced to do for us all Isabel. It’s worth it if our secret is safe.” Michael whispered to Isabel as he thought, ‘It was definitely worth the slap to feel those lips. And had it been his imagination? Or had he heard her moan as he felt her melt into him just before she pushed him away and belted him.’

“You all buckled in sweetums?” He asked Maria as he reached for the ignition.

“Don’t call me that. I’m not your sweetums.” She snapped.

“Ok, whatever you say sweetheart.” He couldn’t help but laugh as she attempted to take a swing at him and miss as her seatbelt brought her up short. She was already buckled into the seat and it was easy for Michael to duck and make her miss. “Now if you don’t mind I think we’ve wasted enough time on this. Is everyone ready to get to Clovis now or is there another unscheduled stop that we will be making. Tell me now or forever hold your peace.”

“When did you become a comedian, Michael?” Isabel asked as they buckled their seatbelts.

“I have many layers Isabel. Many layers.” He winked at her as he started the jeep and once again they were off.


Liz continued to get herself comfortable. She leaned back into Max as he cradled her in between his legs. She had her reservations about finding out everything about the past and wondered if it would damage the present? Max could feel her uncertainty that was traveling through her thoughts so he gave her a reassuring squeeze. “Everything will be all right.” He whispered in her ear.

“Are you ready?” Kevin asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Liz replied.

“All you need to do is concentrate on the orb while you hold it. In the future after you get used to using it you can activate it without touching it but for now I want you to hold it.” He instructed.

“Ok.” Liz took hold of her orb and began to concentrate on it as instructed. “Do I have to think about anything in particular?”

“No, I don’t think so. Each user is able to lock their orb. If you did put a lock on it then you are the only one that will have the key. Just relax and concentrate.”

Liz nodded her head and began to concentrate again on the smooth surface of the black orb. She wondered what the symbol on it represented. She wondered what her life back then was. There were so many unanswered questions that she was hoping to find out that before she knew it she was transported back into the very first replay.

* * * * *

A 14 year-old Zan walked into his mother’s office. He normally wasn’t allowed in the working section of the palace, his mother and father, the king and queen they thought he was too rowdy for their guests. As he entered he thought that his mother was alone in the room. “Good afternoon, Mother. I hear that you wanted to see me?”

“You were supposed to be here a half hour ago Zan.” His mother chided quietly.

“I’m sorry. I was busy in the stables. Father bought a new horse and I just had to see him.” Zan tried to explain.

“Whatever. I called you here to tell you that I’ve found you a tutor. You’re doing terrible in your studies and it won’t do for a future king.” The Queen replied while brushing his excuses aside.

As he came around the chair he noticed that it was occupied. As he saw who it was he couldn’t stop what came out of his mouth, “Ah, crap Charisse. What are you doing here?” Whipping his head to his mother, “Sorry, that just slipped out. Sorry.”

The Queens eyes narrowed at her son. “Zan, I’d like you to meet your new tutor.”

“Mother, this is Rath’s sister. She’s younger than us, how is she supposed to help me with my studies?”

“Well Zan, more shame on you. She’s younger than you but she’s a grade level above you. Hopefully she’ll teach you something.”

Zan’s face and ears were burning in embarrassment when he noticed the smug look on Charisse’s face. Trying to wipe the expression off of her face Zan said, “What happened to you Charisse? You have a dress on today. What happened to the blue jeans and tee shirt? Oh, and did you actually brush your hair?”

Zan was rewarded with a flash of anger in her eyes.

* * * * *

“Inertia is a simple concept Zan.” Charisse was trying to explain to Zan. It was a beautiful June night and finals were a week away.

Just then Zan’s best friend Rath walked into the room. “Hey, what are you doing here? It’s a beautiful night. Why are you wasting it here? Let’s go for a ride.”

“Great, I’ll be right there.” Zan replied as he started to get to his feet.

Charisse grabbed his arm before he could move too far, “Zan, we’re not done studying.”

“Come on, let’s go. It will be a lot of fun.” He pulled on her arm to show that he wanted her to follow them.

“No. We’re supposed to be studying.” She resisted.

“What, are you afraid to go on a ride at night?” Zan teased.

“What??? I could ride you into the ground in any conditions. Rain, snow, night-time you name the course.” She hopped up and ran out the door Zan following her.

The night had been absolutely wonderful. Rath wasn’t lying when he said that it was a beautiful night out. The ride was almost over when Zan had fallen off his horse in the middle of a jump and had landed in a pool of mud. Charisse had jumped off her horse to see if he was ok. “Are you alright?” She asked with concern running across her face.

“Yes, I’m fine. Hand me your hand and help me up.” He said.

She leaned over and held her hand out for him to take it. Just before he took her hand Charisse saw the mischievous look on his face. Unable to withdraw her hand in time she found herself lying on her back in the same pool of mud as Zan. “Oh, Zan! I’m going to get you!” She rolled over and the two of them began to wrestle. Rath had returned sometime during the struggle, he stood on the outskirts of all the action and began laughing.

Charisse stopped her wrestling when she heard her brother laugh. Both her and Zan looked at each other and as if they were connected in someway they both chased after him and pulled him in with them. “That will teach you dear brother to laugh at us next time.” She said.

They continued to play in the mud until it was too dark to see. The moons had begun to set and all of them had an early morning. Charisse didn’t want the night to end and traveled back to the palace in silence.

Zan and Charisse were sneaking back in to Zan’s room. Charisse needed to get the books she had left when they went for their ride. Both were still covered from head to foot in mud, and dirt. Rath had stayed behind to put the horses up.

As Zan turned to shut his door, the lights in his room came on. “And what, pray tell, were you studying that got you covered in mud?”

The Queen couldn’t help but notice the way that Zan moved protectively in front of Charisse. She would definitely have to keep an eye on these two. Maybe it was time to find her a husband.

“We went riding.” He said and then he continued when he saw that his mother was beginning to scold them. “And before you start yelling at me. Charisse had nothing to do with it. It was all my fault. So can she just leave?” Zan was pushing Charisse to the door not even waiting for his mother’s approval.

She left the room with a push from Zan. She couldn’t help but smile to herself. This was a side that she hadn’t seen from him before.

* * * * *

Vilondra and Charisse snuck into the Dining Hall. This was the first state dinner that Vilondra and Charisse were allowed to attend. The guests were close friends of the King and Queen.

The two girls searched the place cards until they came to the one they wanted. Charisse carefully slipped the water filled pad out of the bag she had hidden it in and while Vilondra stood lookout she placed it on her targets chair.

“That should get him back for pulling me into the mud and getting me caught by your mother.” Charisse said as she passed Vilondra and walked into the hall.

The reception had been a success. The teenagers had huddled in the corner making comments on the various court retainers and generally trying to keep out of the Queens line of sight. Finally the gong sounded for dinner. The guests all paraded into the richly appointed dining room. The silver candelabra were gleaming from the hundreds of candles that were being used to light the room. The guests all made there way to their seats and as Zan sat down he felt a gush of cool liquid soak his pants. He restrained himself from jumping back up, not wanting to cause a scene as he scanned the room for the culprit. His eyes came to rest on a pair of deep brown eyes that were merrily twinkling with restrained mirth, and as he continued to look at their owner, she mouthed the word “Gotcha.”

* * * * *

There was a knock on her door. “Charisse?” Zan peeked in a stricken look in his eyes. Charisse immediately grew concerned for him.

“Zan what’s wrong? Are you ok? Is it Vilondra?” She went to him as he walked into her room. He quietly shut the door. She could see that whatever it was it made him sad. “Are you ok?” She once again asked.

He took hold of her hand and walked her over to the window seat. “You’re scaring me, Zan. Say something please.” She begged for him to tell her what was wrong.

He squatted down in front of her and took hold of her hands. She could see the tears begin to form in his eyes. “It’s your father. He was hurt in battle and while being treated in the medical center Khivar’s rebels bombed it. I’m so sorry Charisse. I didn’t want you to hear from anyone else. I’m here for you. Vilondra said that she would tell Rath. Mother says that you both can stay here in the palace for as long as you want. You’re family, I’ll be here for you. I can’t imagine what you must be going through I don’t know what I can do.”

Charisse began to shake her head no. The news that was being told to her was finally beginning to set in. She had to get away. “No, he’s alive. I know he’s still alive. He told me that we wouldn’t have to worry about him. After mother died he promised that he would be careful. He promised.” Tears began running down her cheeks. Zan swept her into him and began to rock her while he tried to soothe her.

“You’re not alone, Charisse. I promise you that I will always be here for you.” She looked up at him as he said it. She could see his pain as well as his commitment to her. He cupped her face with his hands and wiped her tears away with his thumbs. “You’re not alone. I will never let you be alone.” He bent down and without thinking she met him halfway and they shared their first kiss.

* * * * *

This was the saddest day of her life. Her father’s funeral was today and as promised Zan stayed by her side during the whole ceremony. Since her father had been a general, she had been forced to endure all of the many rituals required for a man of his status. The laying in state in the palace rotunda, the funeral procession, and finally, the ancient ritual of a funeral pyre. He held onto her hand for support as they watched her father’s body go up in flames. It was customary for their dead to be cremated. Rath was on the other side and he too held her hand. Charisse refused to shed anymore tears. She had to be strong. When the ceremony ended they went back to her room. “Thank you, Zan for helping me today. You can go now. I don’t want to be a burden. I won’t make your family disappointed for opening your home to my brother and me. We are grateful for your hospitality.” She shut the door and slid down to the floor.

She could still feel that Zan was waiting by the door but she couldn’t monopolize his time anymore. After all him and Rath would be going off to start training. The rebellion was rising and the king had passed a law that all men age sixteen and above that hadn’t had any formal combat training begin. They would be leaving this weekend. She would then be all alone. She couldn’t continue to rely on him. He had things that he needed to do. Eventually she felt him leave her alone with her grief.

She sat there against the door for what seemed like forever when a tap on the door startled her. “Charisse… can I come in?” Zan asked.

She stood up and opened the door. “Zan…” She wanted to ask him why he was there. She was hoping that he was there for her but she couldn’t keep on hoping that things between them would change. The kiss that they had shared was because he felt sorry for her, nothing more. She had kept on telling herself that for the past three days. He just had pity for her loss and he was just trying to comfort her like the good friend he was.

“I had to see that you were ok. You didn’t come down for a meal all day and I was worried about you. I brought you some soup.” His eyes spoke volumes but Charisse chose not to read them.

“I’m not really hungry, Zan. But thank you. You know you don’t have to look after me. I can manage. You have a life of your own and you don’t need to be waiting on me. What would people think when they find out that the prince of Antar is waiting hand and foot on an orphaned commoner?”

“Charisse, you are no more a commoner than I am. Your father was my father’s second in command. No one would see you as any lesser just because he is gone. When I take my father’s place your brother will take is rightful spot next to me. Our families are interwoven and nothing will break us apart.” He had taken her hands as he spoke. The contact between them was so comforting that Charisse found herself getting lost in the fantasy that Zan was beginning to weave for her.

She pulled away when he had quit speaking. “You have a heart of gold Zan and one day you will make some special woman very happy. You don’t need to be wasting your time here comforting me. I can take care of myself. After all your mother has already begun to search for an appropriate suitor for me.”

Zan’s eyes widen with shock. “What! That can’t be.” He stormed out of the room and did not return.

* * * * *

Charisse was riding her horse. She hadn’t seen Rath or Zan for the past week and had assumed that they had left for training already. She thought that her brother would come around before he had left and felt a little sad that he hadn’t. He was all she had left. Riding along the trail that they used to ride all the time when they were kids; she came upon a spot that had flowers strewn all about. Getting off her horse and looking around she didn’t see anyone. Leaning over and picking up one of the many flowers she smelled it and closed her eyes. ‘Who had gone through all this trouble to make a special place and then leave it unattended for anyone to happen upon.’ She wondered to herself.

Taking a good look around once again she finally was assured that there was no one here. Whoever had done this was gone. She could sit and relax for a bit. If they came back she would leave and apologize for intruding. Just as she had settled herself into a comfortable position she heard the hooves of an approaching horse. Not being able to get up soon enough she was surprised to see Zan enter the clearing. He hadn’t left after all.

“Charisse! What are you doing here?” He asked.

She knew immediately why she hadn’t seen him in the past week. He must have found a girlfriend and didn’t want to tell her. “Zan! I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to intrude. Let me get out of your way before your friend shows up and I ruin your surprise. I’m sorry.” Charisse got up and immediately was on top of her horse and was galloping away. She thought that her heart was incapable of feeling anymore grief but she was wrong. She was so very wrong. The thoughts running rampantly through her mind had kept her from realizing that Zan was following her and he was calling her name.

“Charisse! Wait!” His horse raced to catch up with hers and before she realized what was going on he had jumped from his to hers and was trying to slow it down. When the horse stopped he began to speak to her. “I’ve been looking for you all morning. I wanted to ask you to come for a ride with me. Rath and I leave for training tomorrow and I wanted to talk to you before I left. You didn’t disturb anything. You could never do anything wrong. Don’t you know that?”

“I haven’t seen you all week. I thought the two of you had left already. I was just a little surprised to see you. I was right though you did that back in the woods didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did do that back there.” He smiled at her. “I wanted you to see it.” He turned her horse around and began to ride back to the special place that he had made earlier. “I’ve been gathering flowers all night in hopes that I would be able to catch you before you left on your morning ride. There’s so much that has been happening all week. I had a lot to do and mother didn’t make it very easy for me. I had to visit father too. He’s still away so I had to get a transport to take me to him. There’s a party tonight and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind attending it with me.” They had arrived and Zan had hopped off. He outstretched his arms for Charisse to jump down into them. When she did their eyes met.

“You want me to go to a party with you?” She asked not really understanding why. His eyes were sparkling as if they were on fire.

“Well, yeah. I wanted to ask you something else too.” He turned and took hold of her hand and led her to the spot where she had been sitting before. He leaned over and moved a rock. She couldn’t really see what he was doing because he was being so secretive. He bent down on one knee and then looked up to her. His gazed locked with hers and she could see him hesitate.

“Zan? What’s wrong? You know if there is something that I can do for you I will do it.” She leaned forward to set her hand on his forearm. She could feel him trembling. “What’s got you so scared?” She asked.

“This is the hardest thing that I have had to do. Talking to my mother was easy. My father was a little bit more difficult but you…” Zan tried a lopsided smile as he continued, “I don’t know what I would do if I lose you.”

“Zan, you will never loose me. I’ll be here whenever you need me. That’s what friends are for.” She had to put that in there. She didn’t want to be jumping to conclusions. There was a party tonight something that Zan himself had set up. He wanted her there but she had no idea what it was for. “Zan?” She had noticed that he had bowed his head down. She bent down and was on her knees to. She reached for his face and tilted it up so that she could she his eyes. “Tell me what’s got you so mixed up. You’re confusing me. I could tell something has gotten you so happy beyond madness yet there is something that is concerning you. Something that is making you hesitate. Whatever it is, we’re best friends you know you can tell me.”


I know I’m coming up short this part is far from done but if I continue it will be way too long to post so I’m giving you what I have now and will try and get another part sometime this weekend. Hope you like. You know the drill make sure to let me know what you think!

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Here you guys go! I'm sure you've been glued to your seats for this one! Let me know what you think. It's a little bit longer than most and it's still going to spill over into the next part so once again I'll be leaving you with another cliffhanger... [evil] I know. But, hey, at least I warned you before you got started. You'll just have to be a little bit more patient. I have to tell a whole other lifetime. You expect it to be done all in ten pages... I'm telling you it can't be done! Enjoy!

Title: Two Squared Part 36
Author: Borders
E-mail: BordersInSaNiTy⊕
Rating: R (Sexual Content)
Category: the whole gang
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! Just wish I did…



Part 24 – The gang is given a tour of the Dream Plane by Isabel and Michael realizes that he may have more feelings for Maria than he thought he did.
Part 25 – Liz confronts Mr. Evans in the Dream Plane… Max comforts Liz and in an intense kiss they see where the other orb is located.
Part 26 – Max and Isabel get called back to Roswell because their house has been broken into during the night.
Part 27 – The orb is gone and Michael and Liz help out at the Crashdown
Part 28 – Michael and Liz make it through the day at the Crashdown… And our newly employed by Amy Deluca
Part 29 – Max, Michael and Alex were able to move the furniture and necessities to Roswell without a hitch… We find out that Max is becoming aware of Liz’s feelings at great distances.
Part 30 – Max and Liz find out part of their past life while witnessing a love scene between Zan and Charisse. Max barely escapes Liz’s room before her brother storms in.
Part 31 – Breakfast? What breakfast? Between Michael arguing with Isabel and Maria how could anyone fit breakfast in. Thank goodness Liz had the foresight to make sure that her and Max wouldn’t be swallowed into the Michael fight fest.
Part 32 – Max and Liz Make it to Clovis only to find a strange vehicle in the drive. Michael cons Maria into taking him to follow them and he gets a feeling from Liz that scares him.
Part 33 – On their way to follow Max and Liz, Michael and Maria run into some problems.
Part 34 – We meet Kevin who has come to help the four. Maria can’t accept the simple things in life and has to charge in headfirst
Part 35 – Michael was able to pacify Maria with, surprise, surprise, their first kiss. Liz begins to play the first of many, many replays.
Part 36 – What is yet to come with Liz’s replays? Will she remember to not get drawn into them like Kevin reminded her to? And for Pete’s sake will the others ever get to Clovis? Read and find out!


Part 36

They hadn’t been on the road for fifteen minutes when Isabel spoke. “Damn it!”

Hearing the curse caused Michael’s head to snap around. “What’s wrong?” He noticed that Isabel was sitting in the seat with her legs crossed looking very uncomfortable.

“Um, a double mocha latte’ with whipped cream at the mall.” Isabel answered.

“What? What’s wrong with that?”

Isabel looked at Michael sheepishly, “I have to pee.”

Michael let out a groan before snapping, “No way! We’re not stopping any more. The next stop is Clovis.” He shook his head for emphasis before asking, “Why didn’t you go while we were stopped back there? You had the whole desert.”

“Oh, yeah, right. The whole desert. Uh, there’s a little thing about plumbing? I’m a girl, Michael. Remember? I can’t just walk behind a cactus and go.” Isabel replied sarcastically. “And besides there was a lot of traffic on the highway. I’d be too embarrassed. You’ll just have to stop at the next gas station.”

Michael pounded the wheel in frustration. “Okay! One more stop. But this is the last one. Damn it!” And Michael pounded the wheel for emphasis.

“Uh, Michael… I don’t like this layer.”


Liz seemed to slump over as the replay began. Max looked at Kevin and asked, “Is this normal?”

“Yeah, pretty normal. She might react to some things differently than others but as long as she doesn’t forget that these are past memories she should be ok.” Wanting to continue the conversation with the man that sat in front of him Kevin continued. “How long have you and her been together?”

“I met her Sunday.” Max said with a smile. “I knew almost immediately that we were meant to be together.” He was beginning to get embarrassed.

“I would imagine you would. The two of you were so in love that I really found it hard to believe that you didn’t find each other sooner. You said you lost your orb?”

“No, I didn’t loose it someone took it Monday night. Could there be anyone else that knows about us? I mean knows who we are?”

“Yes, there is that possibility. Why do you ask?” Kevin was beginning to worry. There should be no reason why someone was hunting for them. They had lived relatively quiet lives.

“Someone broke into Liz’s house Sunday and then again Monday as if they were searching for something. Isabel and I walked in on the guy on Monday and then Monday night my room was broken into. Someone is out there that knows something. That’s the reason Liz and Michael moved to Roswell, so all of us can be closer together. I don’t want to take the chance of something happening to her and me not being able to get to her in time. I would die before that happens.”

* * * * *

A gentle breeze blew through the glade stirring up the sweet smell of the roses strewn across the grass. A few strands of hair were blown across Charisse’s face and into her mouth and she absent-mindedly reached up and pushed them behind her ear. Something big was about to happen. She could feel the waves of nervous energy rolling off of Zan.

He smiled, noticing the nervous gesture; the fire in his eyes sparkled like they were before. “You’ve always been there. I never realized how much I had counted on you being there from day to day. When your mother passed away and you and Rath came to live at the palace I wasn’t too happy. I thought that my life would change and it did but it changed for the better. All the times we got in trouble and all the times Rath cursed me for letting you come along. I remember them all. All the times that we’ve shared and when you told me that mother had already started her search for your suitor I freaked.” Charisse was looking at him with confusion.

“Is that what’s got you all worried? You shouldn’t be, I trust your mother’s judgement Zan. You don’t have to protect me anymore. I’m nearly seventeen and am getting passed the average age of betrothal.” Once again she laid her hands on his arm to comfort him. “The Queen has been like a second mother to me and I know that she only has my best interests at heart.”

He grabbed hold of it and squeezed tightly. “I’m aware of that, Charisse. There was so much that I was taking for granted and you were one of those things. The death of your father made me realize that if anything had happened to you that the grief that I would suffer would be beyond compare. I had to visit my mother, I had to see if what you had said was true. And if it was, I had to stop it.”

“Zan! How could you?” She began to stand up but he gripped her hand tightly. She stood there looking down at him. His eyes were the only thing that she noticed.

“Charisse. Look at me. I’m down on bended knee. I’m telling you how I feel about you and I’m telling you that I cannot stand to think of living my life without you. I went to mother to stop your betrothal. She sent me to my father and made me talk to him myself. Since you have no parents my father has taken guardianship of you and I asked him to let me take you as my bride.” He slipped the ring onto her finger and looked up at her. “Charisse daughter of Rathiom will you honor me by saying yes to being my bride?”

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “But… But your duties? Your betrothal is supposed to seal an alliance with….” Zan quieted her protests by placing his fingers over her mouth.

“Charisse, I talked to my father and he realizes that I would be useless to my people without you by my side. He’s approved our being together. So, will you be my bride?”

She immediately dropped down to