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Title : Sadness Is Without Limit
Author : Blessed
Email : Stargazer_4eva13⊕
Category : AU,M/L mainly Liz POV
Rating : PG13
Disclaimer: Nope...don't own a thing. If I did season 2 woulda been a hell lot different!!! And the title is from
William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.
Summary : Liz fell in love with a guy called Jack, he died. Her parents send her off to live with her Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy. Will Max be the one to make Liz believe in love?

Ok......I am a very insecure 14 year old kid ok and this is my first fanfic. Yes the prolougue is very short. Any kinda FB would be cool...ok..onto the story... *big*


I sit alone on my balcony wrapped up warm in my blanket. The wind whips my hair lightly. A single tear cascades down my face. The single tear is the first of many. My heart aches for him. For his touch, to hear his voice, to feel his arms around me.

I raise my head solemnly to look up at the stars. They comfort me, the too know the loneliness. He loved to stargaze. He told me that if he ever felt lonely then he would look up into the stars. That each star was so full of possibility: every star millions of miles away from one another. It made him realise how loved he really was.
As I lose my thoughts, hopes, dreams and emotions in the abyss of the stars and the night: I think of him and how I’ll never love again.

Good, bad, total crap??? Lemme know!!!

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Part 1:

So lately, I've been wonderin
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

And maybe, I'll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
Well I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Runaway with my heart
Runaway with my hope
Runaway with my love

I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart and your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go

The Calling - wherever you will go

It's been a few weeks since Jack died. I didn't go to his funeral. It would have been too painful.

A drunk driver ran him over. The police haven't found him or her. It was hit and run.

Jack. I miss him so much. He was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love. His smile was purely amazing. Every time he smiled it made me weak to my knees. Only I will never see his smile again. I will never see him again.

Every place I go I am reminded of him. Every place I go I am pointed at and talked about. It's painful to have to live your life as the-girl-whose-boyfriend-died.

A fresh set of tears run down my face. How can I live with out him? Will I ever laugh or smile and have it reach my eyes? I am certain I'll never love again.

"Liz?" My mom's voice stirs me from my thoughts.


" you remember Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy?"

"Uh..yeah...they live in Roswell right?"

"Yeah..... so um....your father and I think that maybe you should
stay with them for a while."

"What you mean for the summer?"

"No sweetie.... you’ve been so depressed and we want you to stay in Roswell til you finish high school."

“What’s Roswell gotta do with my so called depression?”

“It’s a new beginning sweetie. I know how hurt you get when someone sees you and immediately begins to talk about you. You put on a brave face but I know how much you hurt. Your eyes reflect it. I don’t want you to have to go through that.”

“New beginning?”

“Yeah…. you can make a new start…make some new memories, maybe even start to forget the old ones.”

“You really think Roswell will be good for me?”

“Lizzie… it’s your choice. But the option’s there if you want to take it. Just think about it ok sweetie?”

“Thanks mom.”

She smiles at me slightly and leaves my room. Can I really bare being stared and gawked at til I leave for university? To be the hot topic of conversation? The answer is simple, no. I can’t take it. I can’t take the pity stares, the silent whispers, the pang in my heart as I come so close to entering the graveyard but run away at the last moment. Maybe I’m making this decision while I’m high on emotions but my instinct is saying, “Rowell, New Mexico here I come.”

Okay I know it's moving a little fast but I really wanna get Liz into Roswell and write up some dreamer action!!

TBC?? Once again thank you for the fb. *happy*

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Thanks for the FB. I'm gonna try and update as much as possible cuz' I just hate it when authors take months to write another part.
Oh case you're wondering Max, Michael and Isabel are humans in this. There's no whore I mean Tess.

Anyway...I hope this part is ok...

Part 2 (Liz POV)

I'm not scared about moving to a new state, trying to make new friends, being the new girl in school or having to work in Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy's cafe (The Crashdown....cheesey huh?) in the apparently fashion disaster uniforms. No, what I'm really scared of is saying goodbye.

Not to LA....but to my sister Ashley. She's the only real friend I have. Ashley's been so great about everything, she has totally supported me.

The door's creeking.....Ashley walks into my room and sits down on my bed next to me. She smiles at me. I return the smile.

"Hey Liz."

"Hey Ash."

"So uh...Roswell huh?"


"All packed?"

"Yeah.....god..this is so crazy."

"Moving to Roswell?"

" know I have to wear a star trekesque uniform?"

"No way!!!"

"Uh huh.....since I'm gonna be living with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy it's like written or something that I've gotta work for them."

"Liz Parker dealing with masses, serving the public, working long shifts for minimum pay. Who would have thought?"

I shake my head lightly, "Crazy"

"Good luck with that babe."

I sigh dramatically, "Thank you."

"So leaving tommorow huh?"



"A little."

"Just a little?"

"Yes....just a little."

We both sit in a comfortable silence. She's the only one that I can feel close to so that we can totally feel comfortable with one another just sitting in silence. I never had that with Jack. Jack. heart is aching for him. He didn't deserve to die. He was too young.

Ashley starts to tuck her hair behind her ears nervously. We both do that, it's like a joint weird habit or something. Finally I speak up,

"I'm gonna miss you sis. I'm not gonna see you for months."

"There's this really great thing that you know can connect you to ANY part of the world."

That's typical Ashley humor. Playing along I reply sarcastically, "Really?"

"'s called the internet." Nodding playfully she turns serious, "Seriously Liz, babe, I'm a phonecall away. Anytime you feel lonely, angry at the world, sad, me. I will always be here for you no matter what. Your my sister and I love you."

"I love you to Ash. I'm gonna call you every day."

"No your not."


"Liz, I don't want you to call me every day. I want you to make friends, honey. That's not gonna happen if your talking to your sister all day, every day."

I nod in understanding. I know she's right. Ashley is always full of wise words and advice. That's one of the great things about her.

"You're the best you know that?"

"Yeah of course...but keep going it's good for the ego."

I giggle slightly.

"So you'll come and visit me?"

"You know it."

"And you'll bring mom and dad?"



We hug just like we have so many times. Ashley starts to weep softly into my hair. I move myself closer to her. I try to remember this moment. To remember the warmth of having my big sister hug me. Only this time it could be one of the last.

Meanwhile in Roswell:

Maria Deluca was excited in fact she was more than just excited, she was thrilled. She ran up to her friends jumping slightly.

"Oh my god!!! Guys, Jeff and Nancy's niece is gonna be coming to Roswell!!!!!!", she squealed.

"They have a niece?", Alex asked.

"Well yeah, anyway she comes from LA. Can you believe it LA???" Maria's eyes turned as big as saucers. "LA" she thought "The city of dreams, the city of--"

"So she's like a problem child?", Michael said interuppting Maria's thoughts.

"What? No, she's like a straight A student or something. Harvard bound apparently. She sounds kinda like a dork. You know....she might be the perfect girl for Max."

"No Maria!!", Alex, Michael and Isabel shouted together.

"Maria, do you remember when you set me up with Linsey Baker last year?"

"Hey! How was I supposed to know that she wanted a three way tih you and Brad Taylor??", Maria shouted back at Alex.

The whole of the Crashdown custmoers turned and stared at her shocked. Blushing Maria quietened down her voice,

"Besides the point. Max has never gone out with a girl. Ever. Don't you wonder that maybe his like batting for the other team?"

"Maria, Max isn't gay. You know what his like wanting to find his dream girl who ever that's gonna be."

"Ok Iz....but a little puch in the right direction isn't such a bad idea is it???"

Sighing Isabel replied, "Maria your version of a little push is telling someone exactly what to do, when, where and how."

"Not true....ok it is. But come on don't you guys wanna see Max happy??"

"Yeah...but it's his descision what he does Maria."

"Ok fine, no match making. you guys have any idea what you are depriving me of??"

"Embarasing Max and LA girl to an oblivion?" Isabel asked smirking.

Maria sighed defeated. She knew how miserable Max was. He was always so closed off and quiet. He didn't have a reason to be as gloomy as he was. He had great parents, a great sister, great circle of friends, practically all of the female population of West Roswell High after him and he was captain of the basketball team.

But yet when he smiled it never reached his eyes. Could LA girl be the one to pull Max out of his depressive state?

So whaddaya think? Please lemme know!!
I'm undecided about you want stone wall or a nice Michael?? Lemme know!!!
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Hey, so my updates might be a little slow cuz' I've got another fanfic on the go :D, but I will update at least once a week or every 4/5 days depending on school work :(.

And just so ya know I've pretty much got most of the parts sorted out just need finishing touchs!!

Dreamn Girl- Hey I’m glad you’ve found my fic!! Oh and I haven’t had the chance to thank you yet for reading my other newbie fic, so thank you for reading that one and this one!!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl- Hey, your fic is really cool, I love it! Ah yea..I know usually Liz wouldn’t wanna move and I originally planned for her to be pissed off with it but I thought I’d go for a different approach to it. Ah yes Maria will definitely be intervening. Thanks for reading!!

Roswellluver – Yep….. Maria is very “matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match”, thank you for reading!! And thanks for checking out my other fic!!

Part 3

So this is it, my life in LA. It's over. I'm at the airport now; my mom and Ashley are both openly bawling their eyes out. My dad is insisting that "he has something in his eye". I give them all a small smile, wow... leaving LA god... this is so crazy. LA to Roswell?? And as crazy and impulsive as it is it's what I need.

"Dad it's ok to cry."

"I'm not crying. There's just uh, something in my eye."

"Uh huh."

"Oh Lizzie....we're going to miss you so much honey."

"I'll miss you all too mom."

"Promise you'll call weekly at the least?"

"I promise."

"It's not too late to change you mind Liz."

And I consider it. I consider going home. But back home is just not what I need. I need normalcy. I need to be me, not just a weepy girl whose boyfriend got killed.

"Ash, I'm going to Roswell."

"It was worth a shot though right?"


"Sweetie, be good for Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy, ok?"

"I will dad."

"Call us when you get there?"

"You know I will."

My mom pulls me into her embrace. God I'm gonna miss her. She's always thinking of me. What's best for me. What's gonna make me happy. I love her so much.

"Goodbye Lizzie."

"Goodbye mom."

"Come here Lizzie."

My father hugs me tightly. He's not an expressive man so I guess seeing his little girl leaving home is kinda hard on him. He doesn't tell me but I already know that he loves me.

"Bye daddy."

"Goodbye Lizzie."


Ashley is gripping onto me hard. Wow oxygen's gonna be a problem here. My soul sister, my chica, my true friend, my role model. There are so many things that Ashley is to me.

"Come and visit me Ash."

"I will.... and Liz?"


She pauses hesitantly. Then looking me straight in the eye says, "Be happy."

So this is it....leaving LA. Will I ever come back? Maybe. I've said my goodbyes. The only thing left to do is get on that plane. Watch out Roswell, New Mexico Liz Parker's coming to town!

Meanwhile in Roswell.....

Jeff Parker was stressed. The Crashdown was over flooded with tourists. Each one of them demanding a story on the 1947 crash from the waitresses.

"Crap, crap, crap!!! Why are there so many damn tourists???? It's not even July!!! Crap, crap, crap!!! Oh god!! Liz's coming in a few hours!!!! Crap, crap, crap!!"

"Pleases god send me a miracle," Jeff thought hopefully, "Come on!!! I go to church every.......ok not the point!!! Come on. I'll go more--"

Max Evans walked through the Crashdown doors. He squeezed between the tourists gawking at the murals on the walls. Jeff Parker came running up to him rapidly.

“Max, Max, Max……thank god you’re here!! Could you do me and Nancy the biggest favour?”


“Ok thank you, my niece is coming in from LA in a few hours. Could you go to Albuquerque and pick her up from the airport?”

“Oh LA girl?”


“Yeah..that’s what Maria calls her. LA girl.”

“Um…. sure….ok lemme go find a picture of Liz……or as you’re calling her LA girl.” Fumbling through the many items placed behind the counter he finally found one.

“Ok this is Liz, the one to the far right.”

Woah, she’s beautiful Max thought. He didn’t notice Jeff calling his name and poking him lightly. Max was to entrapped with Liz’s exquisiteness. Her long, dark brown silky looking hair cascaded perfectly past her shoulders. Her dark chocolate eyes shone brightly filled with love, joy, hope. Her eyes expressed everything she was feeling when the photo had been taken. She was perfect.



“I’ve been calling your name for like 5 minutes.”

“Uh sorry, I must of spaced out.”

“She’s a looker huh?”

“Wha…uh..yeah..I wasn’t staring…uh…”

“Ok Max whatever you say… so can you go pick up Liz now? She’s due in a couple of hours. And she’s a very impatient girl”

“Yeah sure.”

“Thanks for doing this Max.”

“It’s no problem Mr. Parker.”

Quickly Max left the Crashdown.

"Woah....she is so beautiful." Max thought with a dreamy smile placed firmly on his face. What's she like? Why did she move? Is her interior even more beautiful then her exterior? Could that even be possible? All Max knew was that he was going to get to know every inch and inner thought of Liz Parker.

So how was that??? Ok next part Max and LIz are finally gonna meet!!! Thank you guys so much for leaving me fb!!!
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frenchkiss70 - Hey, it's cool to have a newbie reader!! Yep....Max is so gone

So anyways...on with part 4

Part 4

Ugh...that plane journey was SO bad! The guy who was sitting next to me kept on making un-necessary sexist comments to the airhostesses. Asshole. So I "accidentally" spilled hot coffee on him. Oh god....the guy sitting in front of me has not heard of the oh-so-great invention called a shower. And the food? Oh god it was sick! How the hell can they call that food? Sick, sick, sick. Ok so I have my luggage now after waiting for like ever. I tell ya' you'd be surprised how stressy people get while getting their luggage. Crazy. this is all really happening. Me in Roswell. Wow this is so weird. But it's for the best. It's what I need.

K' Uncle Jeff? Aunt Nancy? You guys here? Oh god...what if they forgot? Crap. I'm gonna be stuck here for like ages. Crap. Turning around I look for them. Maybe I just can't see them or something. And then something catches my eye. Or more like someone. stomach's rumbling. Maybe I shouldn't have had that plane food. Back to the guy.....his hair is dark and curves at the nape of his neck, his built not in a wrestler kinda way but he defiantly works out. Wow......he's defiantly a hotty. No bad're not meant to think that ok? Your boyfriend got killed and your thinking about how hot that guy is? What's wrong with you? God I loved him and I'm thinking about some guy that I don't even know?

Ok this guy is looking at me. Um...ok? Wait, he's coming towards me. I look around seeing if there is anyone behind me. Nope no one. Just me. He finally reaches me and smiles. His hand is extending out towards me. I don't know why because my logical mind is telling me to tell this guy to get the hell away from me. But something else tells me to take his hand. And I do.

“Hi I’m Max Evans.”

“Hey I’m Liz Parker.”

“Yeah I know. So I guess you’re wondering where your uncle and aunt are?”

“Yeah I am.”

“Well they had a crisis at the Crashdown so they sent me to pick you up.” Crisis at the Crashdown? What? Did they run out of ketchup?

“Oh ok, thanks.”

“It’s not a problem. Here let me help you with your luggage.”

“Oh no, it’s ok I’ve got it.”

“No really I insist.” He picks up my luggage easily. Oh his muscle---NO. BAD LIZ.

“Oh ok, thank you.”

“You’ve gotta stop thanking me.”

“Right, sorry.” I am such a dork.

“It’s ok, I’ll show you to my jeep.” Jeep??

“Than…. Uh….. You lived in Roswell all your life?” We walk towards his jeep. Is this even allowed on the roads?

“ Yep, born and raised.”

“So Roswell’s a nice place?”

“Yeah it’s great. Small but good.” Ok...I really hate this. Y'know when you have to do the whole small talk thing. It's so awkward.

“Oh k’, so Max what grade you in?”

“I’m starting junior year after the summer.”

“Me to.”

“So maybe I could show you around or something.” Ho---a nice enough guy as a tour guide...can't get better then that can ya?

“Yeah, that’d be cool.”

“So LA to Roswell, huh?”

“Yeah I know it’s kinda crazy.”

“Most people would give anything to live in LA.” Typical townie.

“Yeah well I’m not like most people.”

“Right, so uh let’s get to know each other a little better.” Let's get to know each other a little better? What does he mean exactly by that?

“Yeah sure.”

“So what bands do you like?”

“Dave Matthews, lifehouse, the calling, save ferris, sensefield, cold play.”

“Yeah they’re great bands.”

“So how bout you?”

“All those and counting crows.” Counting crows? Who are they?

“Great minds think alike, so favorite TV programme?”

“I’m not so big on TV actually.” WHAT? HE DOESN'T WATCH TV???!!!!!

“Really? I could not live with out TV. I couldn’t go with out my weekly does of “Dawson’s Creek”.

“You watch “Dawson’s Creek”? You will love my sister.”


“She’s the biggest fan of “Dawson’s Creek”. She’s in love or something with Josh Jackson.” Finally someone who thinks Josh is better then James!!! I can’t believe Ash prefers James. Poor misguided child.

“The girl has taste, so what’s her name?”


“That’s a pretty name.”

“So you have any siblings?”

“Yeah my sister Ashley is one year older then me.” I smile fondly. God I already miss her.

“So is she gonna be moving to Roswell as well?” Crap....think of an excuse.

“No, she’s got too much going on in LA.”

“Oh, so favorite book?” Good he changed the subject. I really don't wanna have to tell people about Jack.

“Anything by Steinbeck.”

“Yeah he writes so amazingly.”

“So are the Crashdown uniforms really star trekesque?”

“Yep they are.”

“Oh god.”

“They’re pretty cool though. The Crashdown is like the biggest teen hangout in town.”

“So good money huh?”


“Advertising the endless pros of the Crashdown. Is it good money?”

“Very funny.”

“I try.”

So that's pretty much how we spent the car journey to Roswell. Just talking. And weirdly enough it felt good. I don't know why it did. But talking to Max just felt...right.
Huh. Maybe it was the pane food. Yeah the plane food is making me feel weird things That makes sense.

"So welcome to the Crashdown."'s kinda cheesy. There's like this massive alien spaceship thing on the neon flashing sign. Weird. Roswell really loves the alien thing.

"Not like LA."

"Nah....Roswell's kinda alien obsessed."

"I figured."

"So you wanna go inside?"


I walk in looking curiously around the Crashdown. It has alien murals all around the walls. Oh my god. The star trekesque uniforms. Oh they are worse then I imagined. Those poor, poor girls. There's a blonde girl practically running up to me. Ok. That's weird. Right so now this girl is right in front of me and is dragging me by my arm to a booth full of other teenagers. Ok do I know her? Or did I know her when I was younger or something?

“Hey so you must be Liz right? I’m Maria Deluca. Fabulous singer of The Whits. Don’t diss my aromatherapy addiction, cause you will be sorry. You already know Max obviously, this is Alex Whitman my best friend, an honary girlfriend and founder of The Whits, to his right is Isabel Evans, Max’s twin sister, fashion and make up expert and the Elle McPherson of school and that over there hogging all my fries, get off them now!! Is Michael Guerin. Aloof and boarish artist. So welcome to Roswell.”

Wow.....Maria said that all in one breath. Can people do that? “Uh thanks.”
“She’s not always like this.”
“Uh yeah k’. Your Alex right?”
"Yeah, it's nice to meet you Liz."
"It's nice to meet you to Alex."
"So sit down."

I slide into the booth slowly looking around the people surrounding me. Alex seems warm and inviting. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's sorta cute in the dorky kinda way. Isabel really does look like an Elle McPherson. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, tall. This girl is beautiful. Michael looks kinda spacey or something. His got this don't-screw-with-me vibe. Weird. Max is a really nice guy. He's really passionate about everything it's really refreshing to meet someone like that. Oh and Maria. The girl reminds me of Ash so much. Maria's hair is long and slightly curly. You kinda wanna ping her hair. Maria's beautiful to but not in the obvious striking way. More in the unique kinda way. I can defiantly see myself being friends with this girl.

“So you wanna get a burger or something?”

“God yes!!” Was that loud?

“The aeroplane food that bad?”

"Yeah it tasted of pure crap."

"Yeah plane food just does not count as food." I smile slightly at Isabel's comment. She smiles at me warmly.

Before I can say something to her I see my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy.

"Hey, I'll be right back."

Walking over to my Uncle and Aunt I catch them smiling at me so brightly.

“Oh Lizzie, when we last saw you, you were a little girl. Now look at you! You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“Thanks Aunt Nancy.”

“I’m sorry about Jack sweetie.” Well I guess they would want to know why I would suddenly move to Roswell.

“Thank you.”

"Well Liz it looks like you've met Maria."

"Yeah she's kinda....different."

"Oh don't worry you'll get used to her."

"Yeah....oh I was meant to phone mom and dad."

"Oh it's ok we'll phone them. Why don't you just get back to Maria?"

"Ok, thanks."

"It's not a problem Liz. Oh and we moved your luggage from the middle of the Crash."

"Oh I am so sorry about that. Maria just kinda dragged me..."

"It's ok Liz. Why don't you get back to them ok?"

"K I'll see you guys later?"


Well at least they seem nice enough. So my life in Roswell is just beginning. And hopefully with Maria it won't be to boring.

Ok did that part suck? Cuz' I thought it was a little weak. Anyways lemme know!!! And chack out my other fic National Singles Awareness Day- A Dreamer Valentines Story!!!!
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Roswellluver- Thank you for reading!!!
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Anais Nin- Newbie reader!!! Yay!! Hehe…. Publishing books…..I think not. Oh yeah your fic is great!! I love the innocent Liz. German huh? My friends are gonna be heading over to Germany in a few months actually. Thanks for reading!!
Tebibehr- Newbie reader! Yeah I’m so accident prone as well……like I spilt half my lunch on myself yesterday at school….the shame….anyway…..thank you for reading this and National Singles Awareness Day!!!

Ok and to the person who rated this....THANK YOU!!!

Part 5

RING!! RING!! RING!!! Since when do I set up an alarm clock? RING!! RING!! RING!!! Damn clock!! Ok.....I slammed the clock and it's still ringing? What are you? Evil clock from satan? RING!! RING!! RING!!! Y'know for a clock it sounds more like a telephone.....RING!! RING!! RING!!! Wait.....that is a telephone. Duh.

"Liz!! Are you up yet? Maria's on the phone!!"

"Coming!" Oh god....I feel like crap. I look like crap. Stumbling out of bed I reach over to the phone.

"Hello?" Woah my voice sounds croaky.

"Hey chica!! What are you doing today? Don't answer that cuz' you Liz Parker are spending the day with me and Isabel!!" Why oh why is this girl so damn perky in the morning???

"Um....ok....when do you wanna meet?" Later please let it be later. I wanna go back to bed.

"'s half an hour?" Dammit. Bye bye sleep.

"Can you make it forty five minutes? I need to wash my hair and shower and I haven't finished un packing yet."

"Yeah....oh...Max works opposite the Crash so he can just drive you over ok?"

"Maria I don't want Max to have to go out of his way for me."

"He won't mind."

"He'll be late for work."

"It'll take like five minutes ok? He won't mind."

"Ok.....I better go ok? I'll see ya later."

"Ok later chica!!!"

So Max is gonna pick me up.....not that it's a big deal or anything. So why do I get butterflies in my stomach even thinking about him? Um.....I haven't eaten....yeah....not butterfles.....just a hungry stomach. Yep. Ok.....hauling ass to the shower.

Maria POV
Evans Household.....

"Hey Max can you go pick up Liz and bring her over?" The perfect plan.....Max and Liz are SO cute together!!! Max was like staring at her yesterday!!! Too cute!!!

"Yeah k' how come your not gonna?" Excuse.....excuse.....ooooohhhh......

"Oh me and Iz have some girl talk to do."

"Girl talk?" You asked for it Max.

"Oh yeah...tampons--" He he.....tampons scare guys. They're womens secret weapon!!!

"Don't finish that sentence. Hearing Iz complain about PMS and tampons is enough for me ok?"

" go!!! Liz is waiting for you!!!" Oh how adorable!! Max is like running outta the door!!! Oh they will be SO SO cute together!!! And Max obviously likes Liz. And Liz obviously likes Max....she just doesn't know it yet.

"Maria.....are you trying to set him up with Liz?" Ok, how the hell did Iz find out my plan?

"What are you talking about?" dumb.

"Maria how long have we been friends for?" Where's she going with this?

"Um...a pretty damn long time."

"'ve got your "I-have-a-plan-and-nothing-is-going-to-stop-me" face on." Crap.

"I have a face for that?" Really do I? I should really work on a lying face.


"Don't you wanna see Max be happy?" Guilt trip!! Yeah baby!!!

"Of course I do. But honestly Liz doesn't seem too interested." Stupid, stupid girl. Of COURSE she's interested.....she just doesn't know it yet.

"Sure she is. Hey, why don't we have a girls night tonight?" guys in videos......chocolate......

"Yeah sounds good. How bout' here?"

"Yeah k'."

Liz is TOTALLY in to Max......she just needs to open her pretty eyes and see the guy right in front of her.


Where the hell are my jeans???? Which god damn suitcase did I put them in??? Great this is just great. I am running around my room in a pair of underwear clutching a t shirt and with wet hair. Great. Could this get any worse?

"Liz! Max is here!! I'm just gonna send him in ok?" Crap, crap, crap......

"I'm stil---"

Too late. Max has now enterred my bedroom where I am standing in my freaking underwear. Just my underwear. Oh and the worse thing? It's Victoria's Secret underwear. OK why does Max look as though his gonna faint? His eyes look all weird. Why are they like practically bulging outta their sockets?

"You ok Max?"

"Y-y-yeah." Stuttering? Weird.

"Could you gimme like ten minutes and I'll be ready ok?"

"Y-y-yeah." Hhhhhmmm......maybe he like naturally stutters when he's nervous or something. Yeah.

Where the hell are my jeans????


Oh my freakin' god. I saw Liz in her underwear. UNDERWEAR. AS IN WHAT YOU WEAR UNDER YOUR CLOTHES. Now that was a sight. Seriously Liz looked so cute looking around her room frantically for her clothes. God she has the hottest body it's so--

"Hey I'm ready. Sorry I wsn't ready. I kinda got side tracked looking for my jeans." Get your mind outta the gutter Evans.

"It's ok."

"Great. So you driving me over to Maria's house or what?"

"Actually it's my house."

"Your house?"

"Yeah Maria and Iz are there."

"Oh k' cool. Let's go."

Ok cool......

"So uh how's Roswell?"

"It's pretty cool. Alienish but cool."

"Yeah the alien hing is kinda lame. Like half the peple don't believe in aliens anyway."

"Do you?" Do I what? Do I wanna kiss you right here right now? Do I wanna ravish you in--

"You know belive in aliens?"

"Uh I don't know." Great answer Evans.

“I do, I mean wouldn’t it be really sad if we were just the only living species in this universe?” Wow....I never thought of it that way.

"Yeah it would......I guess thinking that you're alone in the world is kinda scary."

"Yeah....but sometimes that's what you are y'know? Alone. In the end you're alone." She sounds kinda sad. Why would Liz feel alone? She comes from a good family, has a great sister. Why would she feel alone?

"You're never alone. Even when you think that you are, you're not."

"Yeah well I think we're all alone eventually." Has Liz had like some kinda bad experience or something?

"You know people in your world are just like stars."

"How so?"

" the day they're not their. They're a million of miles away. But you know that they are out there. And when night time comes, they're there. Shining in the night."

"So even if your friends aren't always physically with you they are still with you like in your heart?"


"Yeah.....I guess they are." And the most beautiful thing happens. She smiles.

Dammit....we're already here.

"Welcome to casa de Evans." Oh that was cheesy.

"Thanks for the ride Max."

"It's ok."

"Maybe we can hang out some time?"

HELL YES!!!!! "Uh yeah sure, I'll see ya later Liz."

"Bye Max."

Liz Parker may feel alone. But she won't ever be cuz' I'll be right here watching her.

How was that? Do you guys prefer just Liz POV or diffeent POVS? Lemme know!!

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Anais Nin- Yep it’s a bitch to type in my screen name J. Yeah your fic…..yeah I guess I probably shouldn’t be reading it….but it’s too good to miss!! I LOVE the Melinda Metz books….they are freakin’ good!! Thanks for reading!
Roswellluver- Max Evans taxi service…..has a certain ring to it doesn’t it? Thanks for reading!
FreeFall- Newbie reader!! Welcome to my Max and Liz abyss and thanks for reading!!!
frenchkiss70- Yeah…I think everyone’s clocks in the morning are from Satan. Ah yeah you just gotta love Maria. Thanks for reading!!

I hope you guys had a great Valentines Day!!!

Part 6


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN IT WASN'T A BIG DEAL???" Oh god make it stop!!!

"Maria, Max saw Liz in her underwear......she seems ok with it, why aren't you?" Oh thank you Isabel. God bless you.

"HE SAW YOU IN YOUR FREAKIN UNDERWEAR THAT'S WHY!!!" Ooooowwww my ears!!!! How can one tiny person shout so damn loud?

"Maria it was an accident ok? I wasn't ready and my Aunt sent Max into my room. He saw me in my underwear, no big." It isn't's not like there's much to see. I'm pretty much flat chested so y'kow it's not like he got a good view or anything.

"Ok.....but what underwear were you wearing?" EXCUSE ME?

"MARIA!!!" Ok I now love Isabel.

"What? If it was like granny pants it would be better then if you were wearing Victoria's Secret." Yeah she's right actually. But....granny pants?

"Um....granny pants?" I give her a questionning look.

"They're very.....comfortable." Maria shifts from foot to foot. He he, who ever knew Maria would wear granny pants?

"But anyways.....what were you wearing?" Maria wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"Maria that is way too personal. Would you like it if I came up to you and said "Hey Maria, what underwear are you wearing today?" I think not." You can see why Maria and Isabel are friends. They kinda balance each other out. Maria's kinda crazy, perky and well nosey. Isabel's more relaxed and calm.

"Liz?" Huh? Oh right yeah that's me.

"I am not gonna tell you what underwear I was wearing Maria." Nuh uh, no way, heck no. Underwear is a no-go area.

"Ok fine......Iz...when does Max get off work?" Hhhhmm Max...he is a seriously sweet guy. He is definitely honary girlfriend material.

"Um....six? Why?"

"Oh I was thinkin' we could have a movie night with the guys before our girls night."

"Aaaawww you wanna see your Mikeypoo tonight?" Mikeypoo? What kinda sick ass nickname is that?

"What? No I'm so not interested in him. Heck no." Maria looks totally freaked out. Her eyes turn playful, "And what about you Iz? Don't you wanna see I-Worship-The-Ground-You-Walk-On Whitman?" Um....Alex?

"Me and Alex? That's just crazy Maria."

"Drop Mikeypoo and I'll drop -Worship-The-Ground-You-Walk-On Whitman k'?" does Isabel secretly like Alex? But like doesn't wanna admit to it? Hhhmm...

"Maria this is meant to be a chica night ok? No boys allowed."

"Yeah guys wanna do makeovers?" A flash of fear passes Isabel's face.

"Um...let's start with Liz." Isabel looks at me and shakes her head up and down eagerly.

"Ok....Liz hold still ok?" What are you gonna do--OH MY GOD!!!! GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!


God....five more minutes. I look impatiently up at the clock. Move faster. Come on......

"Max?" I whip my head around. God not another tourist. Why would they know my name then? Oh god not another Stacy. I can't deal with another Stacy. She spent all year following me and stalking me. God that was creepy.

Oh cool it's Alex.

"Hey Alex."

"Hey y'know the Whits are gonna be singing for UFOnics."

Not again. Ok since Isabel taped me singing in the shower and taped it on her Dictaphone. Iz played it to Alex, Maria and Michael cuz' I made some comment on her PMSing or something. So Alex thinks that I sing good or whatever and he's been trying to get me to sing since.

"Yeah and?" I know what's coming.....

"Well y'know maybe you could--"

"Sing? Don't think so Alex. Sorry."

"Oh come on'e a great singer!!!" Ok he's not taking the hint to drop it.

"Yeah well Alex I don't wanna sing all right? Would you mind dropping it?"

"Yeah whatever, I've gotta go. See ya Max." He walks to the exit.

"Bye Alex."

Alex is a good guy but if he thinks that I'm gonna sing then he has gotta be crazy.


All I can feel is pain......take a little advice ok? DON'T WAX YOUR LEGS EVER!!! DON'T LET ALL THE MARIAS IN THE WORLD TALK YOU INTO WAXING YOUR LEGS. IT IS PAINFUL!!!! EXCRUCIATINGLY SO!!! Ok you got that? Good.

"Ok just one more strip all right?" Yeah easy for you to say. You’re not the one who can't feel her legs.

"OK here we go." OOOOOOWWWW SON OF A.....HOY CRAP!!!!! Oh god I thought Maria's shouting was painful!!!

"And we are done!!! Nice smooth legs." Nice and smooth legs my ass!!!

"Liz...are you ok?"

"In....pain....a lot..of...pain." Oooohhh my legs!!!

"You want me to thwap Maria over the head?"

I laugh at Isabel's comment, "Nah...I'll do it myself later." No really I will. I can't believe I let her convince me that wax is not painful.

Maria scrambles to her feet, "Ok.....I'm gonna go get a soda. You guys want?"

"No thanks Maria." I think she means well....but I'm in pain so therefore I am slightly pissed at her.

"No thanks Ria." Maria walks out of the bathroom.



"I'll warn you now....never let Maria talk you into waxing, face masks, mooning people, flashing people, slapping the school bitch--"

"She's talked you into all of those?" Gulp.

"Yeah....mooning someone while they're driving is dangerous apparently. Just don't let Maria talk you into anything that you're not comfortable in. She does mean well...but sometimes she doesn't think too practically."

"Yeah but Maria's still great."

"Yeah I know. But she can be a little....persuasive....don't give into that side ok?" She's making it sound as though Maria's like evil or something.

"Um yeah?"

"Ok cool." Ok....what the heck was Isabel talking abut? Just the waxing I hope. Cuz I am NOT going to moon someone. Nuh mother would kill me....even though she's in L.A. L.A....I guess I don't miss it....just the people there who mean the world to me. Mom, dad and Ashley.

" bout we go in your bedroom Iz? It's less cold."

" come you don't have a soda?"

"Oh yeah you're all out."

"Right.....ok. Yeah sure let's go. Come on Liz." I follow them into Isabel's room. Wow...very grown up. The bed has a silk duvet and pillow. Everything in here is dark red.

"Iz loves red."

"I figured." Wow....I look at a photograph of Isabel, Maria, Max, Michael and Alex. They have their arms thrown over one another’s shoulders. It was taken at least two years ago. Picking it up I inspect the photo more carefully.cMax...his smiling but it doesn't reach his eyes. His smile is saying "Yeah I'm happy" but his eyes say "Get me out of here." Does his smile never reach his eyes?

"Aaaahhh.....that was taken after the first day of Junior High. Great day." Isabel takes the photo from my hands and places it back to it's original place.

"Yeah...Max doesn't look happy though." Oh god. Did I just blurt that out?

"What do you mean? He's smiling." Maria tells me confused.

"Well yeah he's smiling but it just doesn't reach his eyes that's all."

" uh whaddaya think of Max?” Max? Yeah he seems like a nice guy.

“Yeah he seems nice.”

“Just nice?”

“Well I don’t really know him.”

“But you could get to know him.” Ok...

“Yeah….I hope I get to know all of you.”

“Yeah me too…… so uh Max is single yanno. Not seeing anyone. At all. Totally single. On the market.” And that's gotta do with me how?

“That’s great for him.”

“Yeah…so uh..would you like, go out with him?”


“Yeah.” I'm not ready. After Jack....I can't ever love someone the way I loved him. Even if I did date someone it wouldn’t be fair to them cuz' I'd be thinking about someone else the whole time.

“Oh uh, I uh, I’m not really “on the market” right now. I mean Max seems nice but I’m not really interested yanno?”

“Got someone waiting back home?”

“Something like that.”

“Long distance relationships are just disastrous.” Yeah....between life and death.

“Oh well… uh… it’s sorta complicated. But I’m not really with anyone, and I’m not really not with anyone.” Yeah ok not a good way of explaining it but it's the only way I know how to.

“Ok I’m confused.”

“It’s really complex.”

“You wanna talk about it?” I can't

“Not really, no.”

“Uh… if you do wanna talk about it then you can talk to me or Iz, ok?”


I'm not ready to be with someone else. I don't know if I can be with anyone else. It would be way too complicated and I don't think any guy is worthwhile for that.

Ok how was that? Lemme know!!

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liz_maria- Aaaw thanks!! Glad ya like it! Thanks for reading!
Anais Nin- Uh, my author name is Blessed cuz’ I was listening to that song my Christina Aguilera at the time I wrote Sadness Is Without Limit. And I guess that I do feel blessed by everything in my life. Naw I don’t think it’s silly, everything is different in different languages and it’s kinda confusing.
Ah Liz is just in pure denial…..thanks for reading!
frenchkiss70- Well I hear that wax is a painful thing so yeah maybe……
How long could anyone last with resisting a Greek God? Thanks for reading!
Roswellluver- He he..after that friends ep when Monica and Phoebe waxed I have stayed WAY clear from wax. Thanks for reading!

Onto the new part…

Part 7

Oh god… head……I don’t remember drinking… I drink? There’s a first time for everything right? Ok…..empty ice cream buckets, candy wrappers, empty popcorn bags…..oh god….junk food nausea. How much did I eat? Groaning I turn to face Isabel. Ooohhh she is looking rough! Crap! If she looks rough how the hell am I gonna look?

“Liz? Maria? Do you guys feel sick??” Hell yes!! My head!! My god damn head!

“Yeah…..Isabel?” Oh god…..I’m gonna be sick…….

“Uh huh?” Isabel looks at me….oh god…..her hair is sticking in a million directions.

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Um….there’s a bathroom joining me and Max’s room…you can use that.” Isabel flops back down and pulls her blanket closer to her.

“Thanks.” I run to the bathroom and slam the door behind me. Toilet? Toilet? Where’s the damn toi-- bingo. Hurrying over to the toilet I hold my puke. Ooohhh eeeww holding puke in is so disgusting…..

“Liz? You ok?” What? Swiftly I turn my head…..oh crap! Turned so damn quickly I fell over….ow. Oh eeeww, that was so not good…oh god the grossness….I just puked on someone’s feet…..who was it? Slowly I look up. Ok those are definitely male legs….pretty hot as well……BARE chest…..HOT. This guy is ONLY in boxers!! Looking up more eagerly I discover who it is. Max. Hot body there Evans!!

“God I am so sorry for puking on you.” Oh god this so embarrassing.

“It’s ok…are you ok?” Max helps me up off of the floor. I didn’t get puke in my hair did I? Cuz’ I bet it’s a bitch to get out.

“Um….my head is killing me.” It’s like there’s a party in my head and everyone’s invited but me.

“Yeah?” He looks at me concerned. Max has really pretty eyes. Can guys eyes be pretty? Is that weird to say a guys eyes are pretty?

“Yeah….I should really clear this up….you don’t want puke on your bathroom floor do ya?”
Oh eeeww, it’s so gross.

“No it’s ok, I’ll clear it up later.” This guy is way too sweet.
“Really Max it’s fine. Just tell me whe—“

“No….it’s my bathroom so I’ll clean it up.”

“Ok thanks.” I look down to see if I’ve puked on myself…..nope no puke….any puke in my hair? Nope. Ok now I am suddenly aware of how little I am wearing. A tank top and a pair of underwear. Why does this always happen with Max? I guess Max notices it to since his ears have gone red.

“Um….I’m just gonna clean myself up.” I walk over to the sink and start to run the tap.

“Yeah k’. I’ll just uh…” Max points to his room and leaves.

Oh god….Max was in his boxers!!! Wait…why do I care? I don’t. Nope. Not at all. Nuh uh. Nada. I don’t care. At all.

The door’s knocking….doors don’t knock on their own.

“Liz? You ok chica?”


“Yeah it’s me. Hold on Liz, me and Iz are coming in.” I should warn them right?

“Hold your nose.” Hold your nose? Does that make sense? Does puke smell?

“What? Oh did you do a number 2? Yeah? Ok I guess I’ll be staying this side of the door.”
Number 2? What’s a----oh!!! A number 2!!! Duh!!

“No Maria I have not crapped. I’ve puked.”

“OH MY GOD!!! MY FLOOR!! MOVE MARIA!!!” Crap……Isabel’s a neat freak isn’t she? The door bursts open.

“Oooohhh eeeewwwww how much did you eat Liz?” Maria scrunches her face up and waves her hand in front of her nose.

“I don’t know.”

“Ok this isn’t too bad… least this isn’t a carpet floor. I’m gonna go get a mop ok?” Isabel looks more like a kid whose candy’s has been stolen. How can a floor mean so much to someone?

“No it’s ok. Max said that he was gonna clean it up.” Maria and Isabel give me a curious look. What? What?

“Max said that he was gonna clean it up? Ok first of all Max never does house work. Ever. And secondly, how did Max know about your pukey condition before us?” Isabel raises an eyebrow.

“I puked on Max.” Maria bursts out laughing while Isabel does that smiling-about-to-laugh thing.

“You……puked……on……Max!!!” Maria stifled her laughs as she said that sentence. Ok…I guess it’s kinda funny…..

“Ok….if Max is gonna clean this up, you guys wanna get breakfast?”

Very great start in Roswell. Max has seen me in my underwear twice and once a puked on him. That’s just freaking fantastic.

Mmmmmmmmm………pancakes………god I love the Crashdown food. Ok so the uniforms are fashion no-no’s and the place looks pretty cheesy but the food is great! Mmmmm pancakes. And I am over my junk food nausea! Yay for me!

“Hey Parker.” Huh?’s Alex. Um….ok…..Whitman right? And he owns a band? See what the pancakes have done to me! They have dissolved my brain into nothingness!
“Hey Whitman.”

“That’s a lot of syrup on those pancakes.” I have a major sweet tooth.

“Yeah, you want?” I push my plate towards him.

“No thanks.” Alex has band doesn’t he? Maybe I should ask. Being a groupie of a band would be kinda cool.

“So you have a band right?” His face lights up and he smiles.

“Yeah…The Whits.” Whits?? What kinda name is that?

“What do you guys play?” Ok just look interested and nod your head appropriately.

“Uh…..our own stuff and we do covers.”


“Yeah, you should watch us play sometime.”


“Why don’t you come to our band practice tonight?” Band practice?

“Yeah that’d be cool. So where’s it at?” It’s not like I have anything else to do.

“My house, eight pm.”

“Uh, Alex? I don’t know where your house is.”

“How bout’ I pick you up?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Great! Hey maybe you can convince Max to sing.” Max what?

“Max sings?”

“Yeah, Iz heard him singing in the shower once and she recorded him on her Dictaphone to use as blackmail. And of course Max didn’t find out. So when Iz happened to be going through her uh, time of the month, max made some stupid comment or something. Anyways, Iz played the tape to me, Maria and Michael and Maxis a really great singer.”

“But he doesn’t sing?”

“Nah the guy’s too shy.”


“Yeah, it’s a real shame y’know? Cuz’ he really is a great singer but way too shy to sing. So um, maybe you could try and encourage him or something?”

“Yeah and why would he listen to me?”

“I dunno, he doesn’t listen to me, Iz, Maria or Michael. So y’know maybe he’ll listen to you.”

“I sincerely doubt that.”

“Well could you at least try? For the sake of the Whits?” Oh god not puppy eyes. Damn it. Puppy eyes always work. Well on brown eyes anyway.

“Yeah ok…I’ve only known him like for a day Alex. He’s not gonna listen to me.”

“Yeah well just try yeah?”

“K’….so is Max gonna be at practice?”

“Yeah, Maria drags him along with Michael and Isabel too.”

“Moral support?”

Alex starts to get up “Something like that yeah. Well I gotta go. So I will see you tonight?”

“Yeah….what time?”

“It begins at eight so…how bout’ I pick you up at seven thirty?”

“Yeah that’s good.”

“Later Parker.”

“Bye Whitman.” Hhhmm…this is kinda cool….the growing friendships. And they’re all really great people. Maybe, just maybe I could tell them about Ja----wait, wait let’s not go there. WAY too much heartbreak and ache there.

“Liz!” Someone say my name? Ok…..looking casually around the room I see Isabel and Max coming towards me. Oh god….is Isabel gonna screw at me for puking on her bathroom floor?

“Hey Isabel, Max.” I smile nervously at Isabel. Please god don’t let her kill me.

“Liz, you can call me Iz y’know.” Huh?


“Iz is my nickname.” Is is??? I look at Isabel confused.

“Is is?” What the hell is Is is?

“Uh, Isabel’s nickname is Iz.” Ok there was a lot of emphasise on the last Iz. Oh!! Duh!!! Her nickname is IZ!!! I totally get it now!! Duh!!!

“Oh god I am so sorry, that junk food and now pancakes,” I gesture towards my plate, ”Have totally screwed my brain over.”

“It’s ok. So what are you doing today?” Max shoves his hands in his pockets…that’s such a cute habit…..what? No….no…I so did not say that. I so did not say I think that a habit of Max’s is cute. Nope. Nuh uh.

“Oh well I have unpacking to do and I’m going to Alex’s band practice.” God the unpacking….

“Cool…you need any help unpacking?” Heh…..Isabel helping me to unpack? She’s a bit of a uh, neat freak. Seriously….she must be the only teenager with no clothes on her floor.

“No I’m good….actually I better go now cuz’ these pancakes are gonna make me si--” Do not mention puke, sick or anything related to it. That was too embarrassing. “—fat. I’ll see ya guys later.”

Walk away. Good. I push the “Staff Only” door and rush to my room. Wahoo!! Unpacking!! You know I’m being sarcastic right? Good.

So Max sings? I did not know that. I am so gonna beg Isabel to play that tape to me. I bet he has a great voice amongst other things……what? Don’t look at me like that! I mean his….personality. Yep. Uh huh. Nothin’ else….not his HOT bod----ok….let’s not go there, k’? k’? I’m just gonna go into my corner and hide now.


Not again. I come to band practice to be moral support not this.

“Come on!! Please????” Maria is begging me to sing with The Whits……

“Maria….begging is so….feeble.”

“Well it’s how much I want you to sing with The Whits. Please?” Sorry Ria’ but puppy eyes don’t work with green eyes.

“How bout…..NO. and that IS my final answer.” No way in hell am I gonna sing. Nope. Why do I even come to these band practices? Oh yeah, Maria drags me, Michael and Iz along. Michael eats all the food, Iz reads her Cosmo and I get bugged to sing. It’s a nice little cycle we have going on.

“Ok, where’s Alex?”

“Someone say my name?”

“Hey Alex, y’know this is your garage. You should be here when we come.”

“Sorry I was picking up Parker.” Liz is here? Is she ok after this morning? Do I look ok? Self-consciously I run my hand through my hair.

“Look Alex!! Look!!! Max is all nervous!!!” How the hell does Maria pick up on those things? Does she have a radar?

“Why’s Max nervous?” Alex looks at me cluelessly and shrugs his shoulders. I am not nervous….

“Duh! Cuz’ he has a thing for Liz and she’s here!! But not here. Where is my chica?” Yeah, where is Liz?

“Huh? Oh Liz went to get soda.”

“Hey Alex, you have a great kitchen.” There she is. My dream girl. She is beautiful, stunning, exquisite, striking….every complimentary word in the dictionary.

“Max buddy, stop staring.” What? I am not staring.

“I’m not staring Maria.” Ok so I can only see Liz and I can’t redirect my eyes anywhere else. That doesn’t mean I am staring.

“Only you would say that Parker.” She rolls her eyes playfully at Alex’s comment.
“Whatever Whitman. So are you guys gonna play or what? I wanna hear you sing Maria!” She looks so psyched up, so excited….kinda like a kid in a candy store.

“Yeah, what we playin’?” Maria asks Alex. She loves to sing. Has a real passion for it.

“Lifehouse.” Yeah!! Lifehouse!! They rock!!

“Really? I love them!! What are you guys playing of them?”

“Well Liz….how bout’ Hanging by a moment? Is that good with everyone? Sorry Ria’ you can sing another time k’?”

“K’.” Why is Maria cool about this? Usually she would be beyond pissed.

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
I'm closer to where I started
Chasing after you

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held onto
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

Forgetting all I’m lacking
Completely and complete
I’ll take your invitation
You take all of me

Now.. I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held onto
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
I don't know what I’m diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

There’s nothing left to lose
Nothing left to find
There is nothing in the world that can change my mind
There is nothing else
There is nothing else..

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
Closer where I Started
Chasing after you

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held onto
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
I don't know what I’m diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

Just hanging by a moment
Hanging by a moment..
Hanging by a moment...
Hanging by a moment here with you..

Lifehouse Hanging by a moment

“Alex, as much as I love you. And you know how much I luv ya babe. That was not good.”

“I know, I know….my voice isn’t deep enough…..”

“But gee….whose voice would be PERFECT for this song?? Let me think……” Oh crap. Maria’s looking at me. Damn Isabel and her dictaphone.

“How bout’….Max’s!!!” Not obvious Maria. Really.

“No.” Yep say it firmly.

“Aaaww come on Max!!! Sing for me? Please?” Damn it. They have Liz on their side. Oh god…she’s pouting….

“Uh uh….” Ok I have lost the ability to speak. That pout--

“Please? Please?” Oh god….she’s pouting even more if that’s possible….

“Maybe.” Dammit!! You’re meanna say NO!!! How can Liz make me change my mind with a pout?

“Maybe? So uh do I have to do something?”

Ok gotta get out of this, “Yep.”

“And that something would be?” She raises her eyebrow intriguingly.

“Make aliens land and I’ll sing.” Ha! Got the strength back!

“Aaaww…just teasin’ me huh?” She shoves me teasingly. Sparks run through my veins. Wow. That made me feel….queasy. Queasy? Why would I feel queasy?


“Have I got a little, even a miniature fraction of persuading you?” Not puppy eyes. Not puppy eyes. Dammit she’s using puppy eyes. Be strong.

“No.” Stayin’ stong.

“We’ll see.” Ok…is it me or is Liz looking mock evil? “I will make you sing Mr. Evans. Mwuh ha ha mwuh ha ha!!!”

Isabel shakes he head, “You’re so crazy Liz.”

“’I’m not crazy Iz……I’m special.” She nods her head trying to convince everyone she’s not as crazy as she seems.

“They all say that don’t they?” Alex looks at Liz smirking.

“Shut up Whitman.”

“Make me Parker.” Alex’s smirk becomes wider.

“Bring it on scrawny ass!!” Liz takes a step back and gestures with her hands. Ok……that’s weird.

Alex’s smirk is now non-existent, “Or maybe not.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Liz smiles proudly. Her smile.’s this beautiful thing……wow….this one actually reaches her eyes. As cheesy as it sounds her smile would be nothing with out her eyes sparkling with it.

“You need guts Whitless.” Ah….Alex’s fourth grade nickname.

“Michael!!! You spoke!!! You actually blessed us all with your voice!!!” Alex raises a hand over his mouth in mock shock. Hey that rhymes!!! Whaddaya know! I’m a poet and I don’t know it!! Should I shut up now? Yeah I think I’m gonna.

“Funny Whitless funny.”

Oh god….a verbal fight. Very mature. Wow…Liz is right in front of me. When did she get there? She looks at me smiling enchantingly. Be cool Evans. Don’t turn to jello. Ok my heart is beating like twice as fast.

“So Max? What’s a girl gotta do to get you to sing to her?” Oooohh!! She just battered her eyelashes!! How can someone look so innocent and hot at the same time?

“A lot.”

“Oh? So you’ll like never sing for me?” She looks up at me cutely. God…did I mention that Liz is beautiful? Yeah? Well I’m gonna say it anyway. She is beautiful.

“Uh, maybe on your birthday.” Girls like guys doing special stuff on their birthday right? Don’t they? Maybe I should get some advice of Iz.

“What if it was today?” It is not today. Her birthday is months away. And in case you’re wondering how I know; Liz and I talked on the way back from Albuquerque. Most of it was kinda irrelevant but just hearing her voice is enough for me.

“But it’s not.”

“Oh? When is it?” She gazes at me questioning.

“10th March.”

“Wow, you actually remembered? I told you that the first time we met.” Yeah….I remember everything you tell me.

“I uh…” I’m totally obsessed with you, “I have a good memory.”

“I’ll bet. So will you?”

“Huh?” Will I what?

“Sing for me? On my birthday?”


“Maybe yes or maybe no?” Doesn’t give up does she?

“How bout’ just maybe.”

“I’m not gonna get much else out of you am I?”

“Only in your dreams.”

“I’ll be counting on that.” I’ll be counting on that??? What does that mean??? She’ll be counting on what? God Liz drives me crazy in the nicest way possible. What do they call it?? Lo—I’ve known her for like a day. I can’t already be in---can I?


“Flirting with Max hhhmmm?? Huh? Not interested huh?” What? Flirting? Me? No.


“You Liz were flirting with Max.” Mari smiles happily. No freakin’ way.

“I was not flirting.”

“Iz….you my babe are the pro with flirting. Was Liz flirting?”

“Hell yeah. Liz, it was a pretty disturbing sight to see I gotta tell ya’. Seeing my brother actually into a girl…..weird.” Iz shudders.

“Why? Did you think Max was gay?”

“Ye---no, no of course not. He just doesn’t show a lot of interest in the opposite sex that’s all.”

“It’s true.” Right.

“Ok…..gotta do with me how?”

“Have you got anything in there?” Maria taps my head. Oooww…..she needs to cut her nails. Like pronto.

“Maria. Don’t tap my head.”

“It’s kinda hollow in there.”

“Misplaced brain anyone? No? Ah well.” I shrug.

“Back to the subject. Max is SO into you Liz.” Ugh….

“Iz, you have gotta be crazy ok? Max is not into me at all ok? We are friends. That’s it.” Just friends.

“That’s what you think.”

“Guys….don’t gang up on me? Please? I have no one on my side against you guys.” I pout and give them my best puppy eyes.

“Sorry Liz….we’re just tellin’ ya the truth.”

“Or a lot of bull.” Hah! Gimme a comeback for that!

He he….Maria looks pissed. “Um…uh……ugh….that’s not fair! Iz? Can you think of a comeback for that?”



“One for Parker, none for Deluca or Evans.”

“That’s how you wanna play huh? Get her Iz!!” No, no…..back away….right now….crap… Aaahhh!! They’ve pulled me onto the floor!!! Damn it there’s two of them and one of me!!!
No!!! They’re tickling me!!! Get off!!!

“Stop!! Guys!! Stop!!!!” I say in between laughs.

“Say……Ria what we gonna make Liz say?” Iz looks at Maria….oh I do not like Maria’s look on her face.

“I want Max Evans.” I am so not saying that.

“No---aaahhh!! Ok fine. I want Max Evans.” Damn the tickle monsters.

“Say it like you mean it.” What? Say it like I mean it? What the heck?

“Wha----aaahhh----ok I want Max Evans ok? I want him bad!!! Let go of me now?” Oh god… lungs…they’re killing me.

“Yeah, let’s get off her.” Thank you!!! Yay!! They’re off of me!!!

“Evans one, Deluca one, Parker one. All even.”

Max Evans? No way. Not a possibility. What I’ve gotta concentrate on is how I am going to get Max to sing….

Ok FB please? :::insert puppy eyes and pouting:::

Whoops....forgot to add the actual SONG

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frenchkiss70 - Yeah…Liz is kinda flirting without actually realising what she’s doing….shirtless Max….ok excuse me while I wipe my drool…mmmmm……ok! Anyways!! Thank you for reading!

Clueless- Aaaw thanks! Thank you for reading!

Roswellluver – He he..the throwing up….not a pretty sight I tell ya’…thank you for reading!

LizZiEsTaR- Stalker buddy? Cool!! I want one!!! Thank you for reading!

Ok it's a short part but I'm kinda working on something else right now so...yeah

Part 8
Maria POV

Ok…I need a plan….Evans-and-Parker-forever……kinda catchy hhhmmm??? Ok so Liz is like in total denial BUT…..come on!!! Last night there were sparks ok!!! Flying off of them!!! They could have had their own fireworks show!! And then after them I need to hook Alex and Isabel up. Is a matchmakers work never done?

“Maria, what you’re planning. Just stop k?” What? How does Alex always know??? Is he telepathic? Play dumb.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Oh! You are so good girl! I would SO rock as an actress!! Hollywood here I come baby!!

“Maria you have the….what does Isabel call it? Um…."I-have-a-plan-and-nothing-is-going-to-stop-me" face. Yeah! That’s it!” Bye bye Hollywood….hello Obvious Ville.

“How does EVERYONE know about that face?” Seriously! Iz knows the face! Alex knows the face! Max knows the face! Michael knows the face! Liz is soon to knowing the face! Heck even my old algebra knew the face!

“You Maria have never heard f this oh-so-great thing called subtlety.” What? That is SO not true!!! Moi? Not subtle? Nah.

“What? I know subtlety? My freakin middle name is subtlety! I am Maria Subtlety Deluca.” Has a nice ring to it hhhmmm?

“Hey guys! What’s up?” CRAP!!! It’s Liz!!! Ok….be subtle!!!

“NOTHING!” That was…ok fine! Who am I kidding? I cannot be subtle if my damn life counted on it! I have admitted my problem ok? Are ya happy now? Are you?

“Ok….you guys wanna catch a movie tonight? Isabel just called me; her, Michael and Max are going. So do you guys wanna go?” Movies!!!! Yay!!! Maybe a scary one!! Then I could curl up to Mich---what!! Where did THAT come from? You’re not gonna tell anyone are you? ARE YOU? You scared!!! You damn well should be!!! Tell a soul and I will--

“Yeah, sure that’d be great.” Oooohh Alex answered that WAY too quickly!!! Alex and Isabel sittin’ in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-g, first comes lurve, then comes marr---

Liz raises an eyebrow, “Anything to see your Isabel right Alex?” Oh! I am so proud of you chica!!!

“What? I like….movies.” Alex states lamely. Ha. Please… not subtle? How bout’ you Whitman?

“Or you like Isabel.” Lizzie..hun….I am just so proud.

“Liz…don’t gang up on me. How bout’ you and Evans hhmm?” Alex playfully shoves Liz. Ooohh…she’s giving him a glare!! Watch out Alex!! Liz’s glares are KILLA!!

“Please…me and Max? Friends, just friends. Platonic….whatever you wanna call it.” Oh please!! EVERYONE knows when you say “Just Friends” it means I want more, he wants more, we’re just too chicken shit to admit it!

“Whatever we wanna call it?” Go Alex! Love ya’ babe!

“Anything along the lines of FRIENDS.” Oh she is so in denial!! Denial is not your friend you know! It is bad. Say it with me…BAD. Yep….BAD. you got that it’s BAD? Yeah? Good.

Oh! Like I said! Tell anyone..and I mean ANYONE, even your dog. That I sa---ALMOST said that about Michael…and I will rip out your eyes and shove them down your pants so YOU can watch ME kick YOUR ass!! Yeah!! That’s right!!! I will kick YOUR ass!!! You got that!!! Huh? What? Oh right…um…if you’re a girl then…..I’ll uh…BITCHSLAP YOUR ASS OFF!! Yeah!!! Comin’ at you!!!! Yeah!!! Go Deluca!!!!


She’s up to something. She has this really weird "I-have-a-plan-and-nothing-is-going-to-stop-me" face on. Oooohhhhh!!! Duh!!! It’s about trying to get Max to sing!! Duh!!! Ok that’s fine…I need a plan for that myself actually….

“Hey Liz.” Someone say my name? I look up from my book. Ooohhh it’s Max! Wait…was that an exclamation mark? What? No! I am not excited to seeing Max! No. We are FRIENDS. FRIENDS. Don’t go Maria on me ok?

“Hey Max. What’s up?” I smile at him. Hhhmm….is he pissed about the puke? Cuz’ if someone puked on me I would be kickin’ their---

“Nothing. Can I…” He gestures towards the seat opposite me. Like he needs to ask!

“Yeah sure.” Smiling he sits down.

“So uh, how’s Roswell?”

“Um…it’s good. It’s good.” It’s alien obsessed crazy but it’s kinda cute.

“You miss home?”

“A little bit yeah..but I talked to Ashley last night.” Ash…I miss her….

“Ashley? Oh your sister right?”

“Yeah, everything’s all good y’know.”

“Good…that’s good.” We both look at anything other then each other awkwardly. Why do I feel awkward? Its just Max. Max as in my FRIEND.

“So what you doing today?” I break the awkward silence.

“Oh uh…nothing really… just workin’ and movies tonight. You wanna come?” He looks at me hopefully. Oh…that’s so sweet!!

“Oh yeah, Iz already called me about it.”

Again he looks hopeful….oohh..maybe he wants to steal some of my popcorn!! “So you’re coming?”

“Yeah.” Ooookkkk….why is he like MAJORLY smiling??

“Cool…..are Alex and Maria coming too?” He jerks his head over to Maria who is serving some old senial guy. Where’s Alex? Hhhmmm….maybe he’s off chasing Iz….he he…

“Iz and Michael will be happy then.” Oh!! I SO knew it!! Isabel likes Alex and Michael likes Maria!!!

“You think they have a thing for them too?” Yay!! Someone else who thinks like me!!

“Yeah, they’re kinda obvious y’know?”

”I know! And then they wo—“

“Won’t admit it!” Right! Yeah! That was exactly what I was gonna say!

“Exactly! It’s so stupid! The attraction is obviously mutual. Why don’t they just hook up??” Why they don’t is just beyond my understanding.

“Well….everyone of them is stubborn.” Yes they are. Stubborn s a mule.

“Ugh….we should try to hook them up.”

“No need….Maria’s trying to hook up Alex and Isabel while Isabel is trying to hook up Michael and Maria.” Ooohhh that is too funny!!!

“Nice cycle they have going on there.”

“Yeah I know. It’s crazy.” I shake my head…..they are just so into each other it’s obvious.

“Yeah……so um….what are you doing now?” Sitting here with you and talking. Duh!

“Now? Nothing. Why?”

“Oh uh, you just uh, you haven’t had a tour around the uh, UFO centre. And uh, every citizen of Roswell should uh, get a tour of the uh, UFO centre.” The UFO centre? Oh! The thing opposite the Crash?

“Oh um…yeah sure let’s go.” I grab my bag and wave as I leave the Crash. What? Was that a knowing smile on Maria’s face? You wait Deluca til’ you realise what Isabel’s doing.

How was that huh? Lemme know!