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Title: The War of Eight
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L and Other CC( There Is going to be UC for a little bit, But things will be worked out later)
Rating: PG-R-NC17
Disclaimer: I own Nothing.
Summary: Liz,Maria, Alex, Kyle are hurt when the aliens decide to follow thier destiny. So They do something about it.

Part 1

"All Aliens can bend over and kiss My ass!" Maria DeLuca said as she said to her best friends Liz Parker,Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti.

"I second that motion." Kyle said snidely. He put His heart On the line for Tess Only to get it burned when She started dating Max.

"I Third and Fourth." Liz and Alex joined in. Ever since Max,Isabel,Michael and Tess decided that they needed to follow thier destiny, The humans were left with nothing but Broken hearts and Memories. It was about Over a Month ago that this happened. One moment they wer happy and then Bham! Liz and Kyle caught Max and Tess making out. Same thing happened to Maria and Alex. they were completely heartbroken. How could they be so cruel and betray them like that.

"We need lives! I mean we Need to stop pining over these earth rejects and Find Our groove! I mean They are so not worth all this emotional crap! I mean I am teflon babe and all and Michael was so not made to be Boyfriend Material. I should't have been suprised." Maria said to the others as she tried to convince herself.

"What Do you want us to do about it. I Miss Isabel and Liz misses Max and the same goes for Kyle about Tess." Alex said to his long time friend. he wanted to move on, But he wasn't too sure If he could do it. isabel was his dreamgirl, The woman that he always wanted. Or so he thought. That Is why he was hurt by Isabel going to Michael.

"Anything..I dont know. I Do Know that we can't keep on moping around when we Know that They are living thier lives. I say it is time to say goodbye to the Alien abyss."

"I agree, But If you haven't noticed, I Live with Tess. So How does that help me?" Kyle asked. He was beyond tired of Losing his women To Max Evans.

As the others continued to talk, Liz just sat there in her thoughts. She never thought Max would choose Tess over ger. He had been the one that said that They created thier own destiny. And Liz believed him. But seeing Max and Tess together like that, it made her sick to her stomach. To know that she truly lost him to tess. It seemed to be unreal. They planned on having a future together, There was talks about kids, And how much they wanted a family together. it was the happiest time of Both of thier lives. Or so Liz thought. But what also suprised Liz was Michael and Isabel. Those two had always fought the notion Of being with each other. She felt so bad for Maria and Alex. Liz couldnt figure what was going on.

"Chica, Are you alright?" Maria asked Liz. Maria noticed that Liz got quiet all of a sudden. Maria knew the Reason too. Max " The Fucken Dumbo ears Asshole" Evans broke her heart. And just to think Maria was starting to trust that little Gerbil. It just proved to her that You always need to trust your First instincts.

"I am fine." Liz said trying to get the attention off her. Too bad her friends knew her too well.

"Forget the asshole! He Is so not worth it!" Maria said. She didnt know about the others but she wastired of feeling like crap after they get their hearts broken by the no good freaks of nature.

"Easier said than done." Liz said as then she noticed that The Pod squad along with jim valenti were walking through the door." We have company." Liz said to the others who turned and looked.

"That is great! Just FUCKIN Great! I Get to Look at Michael"Has no balls"Guerin with Isawhore Evans, My Life just got complete!" Maria said with bitter sarcasim.

"Why do they have to come here? I mean why can they go find somewere else to eat at." Alex said as well. he so didnt need to see Michael with Isabel.As the humas conynued to have thier conversation, the Pod Squad came up.

"Great you are all here, We need to have a meeting." Max said to the four humans that Knew thier secret. he spoke to all, But His eyes never left Liz.And How beautful she was.

"Excuse you. I dont think we need to be at any meeting of yours. So if you wouldnt mind taking you and your fellow whores with you, So we can eat in peace without throwin up that would be greatly appreciated." Maria said sarcastically with a fake smile on her face.

"Maria! Why are you being so difficult! we need to talk to you and You are going to listen!" Michael said as his voice rised in anger. He knew Maria was Hurt and all But She didnt have to be so damn difficult. That pissed off Liz. She was not going to have michael speak to her friend like that, when he was the one to cause her pain.

"Michael, can I suggest something to you?" Liz said in a tone that remained calm But yet still had specks of anger In them.


"Well I see that You Are your usuall Assholeish self today. I just want to tell you to Shut the hell Up and If I ever hear you talk to Maria that way again, I will noy have any problem at all with cutting your balls off and shovin them down your throat!" Liz said as she said to a shocked Group. The Humans gave secret smiles. They never knew that their Lizzie had It In Her to do such a thing.The Pod Squad was speechless. They never heard Liz talk that way, It unnerved them. Espically Max and Michael.

Jim noticing the tension decided to stop Now before It Got really Ugly." How about we get down to business. Max take the floor."

"Thanks Jim." Max said still suprised from Liz's outburst. He didnt know that liz spoke that kind of language.

"Can you hurry up! I mean we dont have all day Now! Plus I Really dont think that we should be a part of this. I mean you guys made your choices clear so I think we need to Go Our seprate ways." Kyle said. he was tired of all this Alien garbage. it was time for the Humans to be on thier own.

"We Are Leaving For New York In The Morning." Max said to the shocked group.

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Part 2

"Why the Hell Do you need to Go To New York?" Alex asked. he might still be pissed about being dumped but the curiousity got to him.

"They are having another summit to see If they can talk about peace on Antar and as the Royal four we Got to go." Max said in his soft voice.

"Speak Up Max! A leader can't use a wussy little voice If he is going to be a King." Liz said roughly. What could she say? She was still bitter. Max just looked at her with Hurt In his eyes. But he continued anyway.

"We Have to make sure that peace happens, After all it is our duty." Max said a little louder than last time. he didnt want Liz to make any more nasty comments. he knew she was hurting. But It had to be this way. For everybody.

"When do you guys leave? we need to know." Maria said.

"In the Mourning. it was a last minute decsion." Michael said, Not quite looking Her in the eyes.

"So we have to act fast." Maria said looking to Liz, Alex and Kyle.

"You Guy's are involved anymore, So Dont worry. Alll we want to do Is for you guys to be safe." max replied.

"Oh It Is Not that. We have to plan the Getting Rid Of the trash party to celebrate you leaving! Whooohhho!" Maria said grining to the humans while the aliens looked hurt.

"That was Nice Maria, Real nice! Nice to know that you care!" Michael said with is usual amount of sarcasim.

"What do you expect! you broke our hearts! and you want us to be crying and begging for you to stay! see that is not going to happen anymore. we are glad you are going! we jope we never have to see your faces again!" Alex said shocking everyone. he is usually the calm one.

"You Know why we had to do It alex! It was Our destiny! we had to follow it! For our people's sake." isabel said with hurt in her voice. She never thought that alex would talk that way to her. but guess things change once you get your heart broken. Isabel thought to herself.

Jim noticing the fight that was about to break up when he decided to stop it.

"Everyone, I think that was all you needed to say. So I guess this means that You are leaving tonight. I will take you to the airport." Jim said to the aliens that he started to care for. he couldnt even think about the time that he was hunting them down. funny How things change.

Thanks. Will you give Our parents this tape. tell them we Love them." Max said. He really didnt want to leave, But being King of an another planet, sometimes you had to do things that You really didn't want to do. he looked at Liz and he didnt know How He could say goodbye to the one person that he loved the most. But he ruined that when he made out with Tess. Liz will never know How Much Max loves her. And that alone kills Him inside.

"So I take this as our goodbye." Liz said as she said to the group of aliens that she once conssidered Her best friends, hell One of them she thought was the love of her life! max will most likely still be it. Even after all the pain.

"Yeah. But Not For Long. We will be back. It Is just for a little while." Max said to her. hoping to at least get a Hug, he moved closer to her only to have Liz step back.

"I don't think your Whore will like that much!" Liz said in a cold vice. Tess just gasped. She knew Liz didnt like her but to call her name like that.

Max just stood back and turned around,he couldnt help the tears that were about to fall.

"Let's go." Michael said as He and the other's left taking one look at the Humans before they left.

Neither group noticed the car that was in the alley. pulling up.

"Yo' Let's Go!" Zan said to his crew. It was time Roswell to have a Suprise.

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Part 3

"I Really can't believe that they left." Kyle said as he and the other Humans sat at thier usual booth In the Crashdown. talking about the Pod Squad.

"Well They said they were coming back. Let's try and not forget that." Alex said.

"What happned to being Strong, Alex! remember I love My Spaceboy too, But They hurt us deeply. We need to be celebrating that We get a break from them for at least a while." Maria said to her friend. She did love Michael and She was going to miss him, But he broke her heart.

"Yeah, Alex I Love Max with all My heart. Even though I shouldnt. He broke my heart too, When he decided to follow this so called destiny. Maybe this is what we all need." Liz said as she looked at her friends. She was afraind that they will go back to being doormats fro the aliens of the group. Liz didnt want to go back. She wanted to be able to stand on her two own feet and be herself without relying on her relationship with Max too much. Not that there is a relationship anymore.

"That's it I am going to get the ice cream and we are going to go upstars and watch some movies. let's go." Maria got up and Liz, Alex and Kyle followed. Neither human knew they were being watched.


"Yo' We those cornballs?" Rath asked Not too happy. he missed his home and quality time with lonnie.

"For the billionth time YES! Now shut yous mouth Duke!" Zan said with his temper rising. he didnt like anyone to question his decsions. Not even His so called second in commander.

"So whats we do brotha?" Lonnie asked.

"We Go gets them and rake thms with us." Zan replyed.

"You why do we have to?" Ava whined. She didnt like this at all. She knew that Zan's dupe had a thing for liz Parker. Ava was afraid that the apple wouldnt fall too far from the tree and zan will develop feelings For her.

"Cuz I said so! Nuff reason too! Now let's go!" Zan said as they entered the crashdown.


"Do you think that we are doing the right thing?" Tess asked her fellow pod squad memebers. She should be happy right now. She and Max are together. But she isn't. because Tess Harding realised that she wasn't in love with Max Evans. She was In Love with Kyle Valenti. But things were getting dangerous so, The Pod Squad had her mind warp the humans to think that they betrayed them. So they could thier human loves safe.

"Yes. We have too. I can't aford to have Liz beinging Killed. I rather have her hate me, than to see that happen." Max siad as he and the others were on a flight to New York. They decided to go now, Instead of tomorrow. The sooner they get this done, the sooner they can hopefully work things out with the Humans.

"I Miss Alex." Isabel said as she looked out her window. She couldnt imagine that Alex could hate her. But you will be suprised If you geta broken heart. She wanted to get this alien crap taken care of, So she can go back to her home. The only home she has ever known. To her parents, Diane and Phillip Evans. And to her Loyal and loving Boyfriend. All she had to do was make sure that Alex forgives her. Isabel couldnt help but snicker to herself as she recalls how far she has come. being the one that wouldnt get involved with anyone because of her alien heratage, Now she all but depends on others.

"The sooner we Get done, the sooner we get back." Michael said. Not rally wanting to talk about his emotions But He was missing his little pixie. For the first time Michael Guerin felt what was like to be loved, he knew that Maria loved him. But he didnt want to put her into danger.

" This Is your pilot speaking, We are close to landing at New york's internatonal Airpoet. So I am asking for all of you to have your seatbelts on. See you when we get on the ground. Thank you for flying with us.

"Almost there. Almost there." Max whispered to himself. Praying that after this would lead him back to Liz.


"This Movie sucked! I can't believe that I actually wasted my time watching this! Who cares If Britney Spears aint a girl Or a woman yet?" Kyle said.

"Oh You know You enjoyed it! You loved the little short skirt and shirt that she was wearing sing: I Love rock n Roll." Maria laughed. As Did Alex and Liz.

"Yo's whats so funny?" Zan said out loud. Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex turned around to find a punk version of thier Podster's.

"You Got to Be kidding Me! There are two Michaels! I Must be in hell." Maria replyed before pssing out.

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