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Title: A Passion’s Curse
Author: ML Plaisirs
Rating: PG 13 - NC-17
Category: Max/Liz of course
Summary: AU...You’ll have to read and see…can’t give too much away...

Declaimer: none of the characters belong to me… so don’t sue me…I own nothing except a huge stack of old textbooks that’s gathering dust on my desk.

Author’s Note: I got the idea for this fic from a book that I read. It was by one of my favorite authors, when I read the book I thought that M/L would fit great as the main characters. So I made some minor and major adjustments and here you go. No infringement intended on the original work and feedbacks would be greatly appreciated, tho I do strive on feedback ::hint hint::. Okay enough with the babbling and on with the story.


The Past:

A.D. 1002 .The Coliseum.

Emperor Nero sat on the throne in the Coliseum, as he looked sympathetically at the handsome man standing on his right. This man, with his sparklingly amber eyes and his air of elegance was no doubt every lady’s dream, and of course being the richest man in the entire empire didn’t do his golden status any harm either. Appeared to have come from a recent battle, he wore an armor stained with blood and his hair had been matted down by sweat. He was suddenly pulled out of a battle which could turn the tide of the war between Rome and the Huns by a urgent message. He was on the horse for two days straight, assuming that something had happened to his majesty, but when he arrived, he was ushered to the Coliseum where his majesty was waiting for him, alive and well. Confused and angry, he looked across at his brother, who was also standing beside his majesty.
His brother smirked and looked toward the middle of the Coliseum.

“My dear dear brother, look what we have in store for you.”

The handsome man quickly whipped around. Recognizing the person tied to the stake at the middle of the Coliseum he cried out in anguish and sorrow.


At that moment, the gate to the animals’ cage was lifted, and two angry and starving lions leapt out.
The man without thinking took his sword from his waist and jumped down into the field. He ran for the middle of the field where Elizabeth was held captive. The lions and the man both got there at the same time. One of the lions charged at the man while other went for Elizabeth. The man turned quickly buried his sword in the lion that was coming for him then pushed aside the dead body. Then he turned and buried his sword in the other lion’s body, but he also watched with horror as a long and fatal wound appeared on the woman he loved, the wound stretched from her left shoulder all the way to the right side of her waist.
Pushing aside the dead body of the lion, he stared directly into his love’s eyes. His devastated and grieving amber eyes met her painful and sorrowful ones. His world had been shattered in the matter of seconds and his heart died.
“You are my only love, now and forever!”
The man cried. Then he did the most courageous and painful thing he had ever done: he took her life with his sword and ended her pain…

…Should I continue?…

oh and...Happy Chinese New Year!

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Declaimer see page 1.

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Chapter 1:

The Present:

A.D. 2002

People said that twins were polar opposites. Often one good and the other evil. They were exactly alike yet total opposites. This couldn’t be proven truer than in Liz and Beth Parker.

Except for the difference in their personalities, Liz and Beth Parker looked completely alike, as if they had been produced at the same factory at the same time. They both had an angelic face, caramel colored eyes, and a head of chocolate brown hair that dropped down to their waist. Their long slender legs and creamy white skin could make every man that set eyes on them fall to the ground and drool.

But the difference between them was very evident as well. Liz had about her an air of purity and elegance. Through her eyes, one can see a heart of gold and an angelic soul. But the determination and intelligence twinkling in her eyes showed that she was not the kind of girl that would cry at the smallest thing. Her sense of humor and confidence made her more attractive than ever. Also her sincerity and kindness made her everyone’s favorite, regardless of gender or age.

On the other hand, Beth had a fiery and dirty temperament. She had indulged herself in passion of sex since she was twelve years old. Her heart was rotten from the start. Her bitterness at the world and her selfishness were shown through her every gesture. She constantly sought life of extreme excitement, either from sex or drugs. Though she had a beautiful face and oozed sexuality, her personality often made her less desirable.

Liz and Beth Parker were both brought up in an orphanage, their parents died when they were young. In ordinary circumstances, the sisters should’ve been very close, growing up without any family except each other. However with the Parker sister, that was not the case. Liz had tried to get close to Beth, but slowly even she couldn’t stand how her sister bullied the weak but couldn’t stand up for herself against the strong. At the end, when their childhood friend committed suicide because Beth had played with his love, Liz couldn’t take it anymore. She completely gave up on her sister and refused to come into contact with her anymore.

At that same year, Liz received a scholarship and left the orphanage to attend a private school in another state. Afterwards she haven’t heard or seen Beth until she came back to the orphanage for a visit after she completed her education. She heard from the director of the orphanage that Beth had left only a year after her and had become some rich man’s mistress and brought out of the country. Liz, although she missed her sister at times, was happier that her sister couldn’t hurt anyone she knew. Of course Liz didn’t think she would ever come back or care about her after indulging herself in luxury, which was why when her sister stood in front of her apartment, she was so shocked.

“What are you doing here? And how do u know where I live?”

The moment that Liz asked this question, she felt the stupidity of it. She had been in contact with the orphanage these years, so all Beth had to do was go and ask the orphanage.

“Haven't seen you for seven years, is this how you treat your own sister?” Beth flipped her hair over her shoulder, at the same time showing the expensive jewelries on her hands. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Liz had no choice but to step aside and let her in. * what for? If your expensive clothes got dirty, don’t ask me for money. * Liz muttered under her breath.

Beth looked around at Liz’s small apartment, as Liz waited for her criticisms, and…

“ God! Is this place livable? Even my storage room is bigger.” Beth complained and bragged at the same time. “Your salary only allows you to rent a place like this?!”

Liz sat down on her twin size bed, not even bothering to get her sister a glass of water.

“ I gave most of my salary to the orphanage, besides where do you want me to live? In a mansion all by myself?” Liz smirked at her sister.

Beth lightly wiped the chair in front of the table with her hand, and when she saw that there was no dust on her hand, she finally sat down. She took out a cigarette and lighted it. She took a big puff from her cigarette and slowly let the smoke out.

“I heard that the orphanage is not doing so good.” She looked at Liz, who was looking at her defensively.

“Why do you want to know?” Liz smirked at her. “You never cared about the orphanage in the first place, the only thing you care about is yourself.”

“That’s true.” Beth said nonchalantly. “But if I say that I have a way to help the orphanage, what would you say?”

Liz was still expressionless, and answered her sister coldly.

“I would say what do you gain from it? And what are the strings attached?”

Beth couldn’t help but laughed when she heard Liz’s answer. “No wonder you are my sister, you know me all too well.”

Liz smiled coldly. “What do you want? Just say it.”

Beth stopped laughing and looked at her seriously. “ I want you to…”

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A/N: thanks all for the replies, I''m glad that this story is to your liking.

To answer some questions: the book that I got this idea from is actually not a English book. It''s actually a Chinese book. So for all that wanted to read the original work, one word of advice:if u don''t no chinese learn it. *wink*

I think that''s it, thanks again for your support and I will update this story later today.

ML Plaisirs

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To my good friend m14 and other ppl that liked the's the next

Chapter 2:

“I want you to come to Rome with me.”

“Rome?!” Liz couldn’t help but cried out in surprise. “Why?”

“There is a man who wants to marry me but…”Beth took another puff. “he doesn’t want my daughter.”

“Daughter?!” Liz cried out the second time today. “ You have a daughter?!”

Beth just rolled her eye at her. “ That man doesn’t want my daughter, so I hope that you can go and let her live with you, I will give you alimony every month. Oh and I will give the orphanage a check of …eh…1 million dollars. Is that enough?”

1 million dollars, Liz couldn’t believe this. 1 million dollars is not a small amount of money, it gave orphanage the opportunity to repaint the buildings and buy more food….but…

Liz couldn’t help but voiced her concern. “But shouldn’t a child be raised with the love from her parents, besides you are not dead…and…”

“If you don’t want to do this then …” Beth said monotonously. “ I have no choice but to send her to an orphanage.”

“Orphanage?!” Liz stared at her in disbelieve. “ How could you…?”

“Listen, I won’t let anyone stand in the way of my happiness, not even my own daughter.” Beth said indifferently.

“ You…” Liz wanted to say something, but she gave up. She understood Beth; she was exactly the kind of person who would sacrifice anything for herself. The fact that Beth had taken into consideration the well being of her daughter was very rare and had never happened before, so what more can she ask?

Beth asked confidently. “So?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “You knew I would agree to this.” She said. “So when do we leave?”


“Tomorrow?!” Liz lost count how many times she cried out today. “What are you crazy? I have a job, and I can’t just change all my schedule in one day!”
“Fine, I would give you seven…ten days at most to take care of all the things you have to do. During this time, you must take care of your job.”

“Take care of my job? What are you talking about?” Liz asked confused. “Wait, are you asking me to quit my job? No way José, I have to work after I come back.”

Beth lowered her head to hide the wicked gleam in her eyes. “Whatever.”

Liz felt that something’s wrong, but she couldn’t put her hands on it. And her love for the orphanage and the sympathy for her niece made her ignored her gut feeling.

So ten days later, she packed a few simple items, and left for Rome with Beth.


Next part update wednesday, and Max coming up

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Hey ppl today's wednesday, as I promised I would update this story. So without further ado, here's the next part.

Chapter 3:

“You are my only love, now and forever!!”
The man cried. Then he did the most courageous and painful thing he had ever done: he took her life with his sword and ended her pain.

Maxwell Evans jolted awake, and rolled down the bed. He stumbled to the bathroom and buried his head in cold water, ignoring the water that trickled down his masculine chest and onto the clean marble floor.

Max panted heavily, trying to reclaim his breath. The pain, the unbearable pain of losing one’s love and soulmate, slowly gnawed at his heart and ate away his life.

Damn it! He had never been in love. But all his life, this nightmare haunted him, like a curse surrounded him.

Every night, he would jolt awake from this damn nightmare; although sometimes it was scenes of love and happiness of the couple, often it was always this nightmare.

Max was sure that the man in the nightmare was his ancestor, not simply because that he had done some research about the man, but most importantly was that he and the man in the nightmare looked exactly alike.

Dark brown hair and amber, almost golden, eyes, handsome and masculine face, along with a tall and strong body; Max looked exactly like his ancestor, who was unconquerable in battles.

Zan Evans had been a general at the time of Emperor Nero. He had fallen in love with a slave, Elizabeth. However what he didn’t know was that his weak and cowardly brother, Kivar, had fallen in love with her also. But Elizabeth had hated and even was disgusted with Kivar.

Kivar, selfish and furious, decided that if he couldn’t have her, and no one can. He went to Nero and accused Elizabeth of being a Christian. Nero believed him and ordered his soldiers to bring Elizabeth to the Coliseum. At the end, Zan, not wanting to see her in such pain, ended her life himself.

Zan, love gone and all hopes destroyed, took his great wealth and left Rome. He boarded a Roman warship and sailed into the Atlantic Ocean with those that were willing to follow him. There on an island, he settled there with his great wealth. Because the island was located in the middle of the ocean and was surrounded by other dozen islands, Zan, using his experiences from battle, was able to set up an impenetrable protection system around this island which he named after his love. Also with his wealth and his genius in business, he was able to make the Evans family into “The wealthiest family in the world.”

Zan died when he was fifty-five years old, from the day that he ended his love’s life to the time of his death, in these twenty-five years, no one had ever seen him smile or shown any sign of happiness, not even when his mistress (he was never married) bore an heir for him.

Following Zan’s will, his headstone didn’t have any names or dates, only eight words: “You are my only love, now and forever!!”

Zan truly loved Elizabeth, every time Max dreamt about them, he could feel that kind of soul moving love down to his bones, and the heart shattering pain when he lost Elizabeth.

But…damn it! Zan had tortured himself for twenty-five years already, why did he have to make his descendant suffer too? Why? Just because they looked exactly the same?

So what? Max had came up with the theory that if Zan’s soul has been reincarnated in him, that there must have been some woman with the soul of Elizabeth. For this reason alone, he had attended art classes since he was young, and from his memory he had drawn a picture of Elizabeth. He had kept the picture with him, and one day by accident, Alex, his best friend and personal assistant, had seen the picture and remarked that this woman was the whore of the upper society. In fact she was actually involved with Max’s cousin and many other men at the same time. So Max has completely given up on the fact of ever finding the soul of Elizabeth.

“Descendants of the Evans’s family cannot fool around with women’s love.” This was Zan’s very last words, especially the head and the heir of the Evan’s family; if they touched a virgin, then no matter what the social status of girl was, they must marry her. If they refused to, then all of Evans’ wealth would be transferred to her. Also if the head and the heir of the Evans’ family was married and slept with a virgin, then their rights to the family fortune must be taken away as punishment.

This was Zan’s gift to Elizabeth, because Elizabeth was merely a slave.

Of course, nowadays, the medical technology was so advanced that to reconstruct a new virginal barrier was not a hard thing to do. But it didn’t matter how perfect the reconstruction of the barrier was, the changes were so evident that the experts could easily see the difference.

Max really had no intention of being tied down ever, besides there was still his half brother Sean whose son could carried on the family.

So whoever that wanted to have sex with him must get a “non-virgin” permit from his cousin and a gynecology expert, Dr. Isabelle Evans. She had been able to keep many girls tricking him in the past, so he trusted her completely. Also Max had placed most of the control of his cooperation in the hands of Alex, and since he had a very talented and loyal staff, he mainly controlled the operation of his businesses from Elizabeth’s Island over the computer. So Max rarely left the island at all, and even if he did, he didn’t stay very long.

Being currently the richest man in the world, right now the primary concern of Max was …how to end this damn nightmare.


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A/N:Hey all, thank you for the feedbacks, I love you guys.*big* I'm sorry bout the delay, but I was trying to catch up Breathless's Maxeo and Lizzet, it is such a good fic so I lost track of time. So enough with the rambling and on with the story. Hope you like this part.

Chapter 4:

Liz and Beth arrived in Rome the following day. Upon Liz’s request, Beth led her to a hotel in the old section of the city, which was located on the street right next to the Coliseum. The hotel was ran by a kind old couple that spoke English, so Liz had no worries about adjusting to this new place.

Beth left some money with Liz and told her that she had left her daughter on some island which would require 3 or 4 days to and fro. She told Liz to stay in the hotel and not go anywhere, so she wouldn’t have trouble finding her after she came back.

‘Not go anywhere?! You’ve gotta be kidding! This is the opportunity of a life time.’ Liz smirked at Beth’s request. So the moment that Beth stepped out of the hotel, Liz followed. She had always wanted to see the Coliseum, where so much blood and sweat marked its history.

Liz walked toward the Coliseum, midway there she stopped and remembered that she had left all her money at the hotel, deciding that she won’t need the money, she moved on and arrived at her destination within minutes.

After walking around the Coliseum a couple times studying its old architecture, she finally decided to enter this place where so many Christians were persecuted and murdered. Inside, she could see that time had treated this place harshly; everything was worn, all the glory gone. In the middle of the field, a cross had been erected consecrating those that had lost their lives in this bloody place.

Because Liz hadn’t brought any money, she could only go through the lower level into the field. As she stood on the field, she raised her head and closed her eyes; she slowly began to hear the roars of the crowd, the growls of the animals, the groans of the people sacrificed, and the moans of the victors.

Liz couldn’t help herself but raised her arms, as if she had become one of the sacrificed, begging for the blessing of God, hoping that at the moment of death, angels could lead her to heaven. As she stood there, she felt herself blend in with her imagination, time forgotten, as she prayed and waited for arrival of death…

Max didn’t want to come, but his body just pulled him here by its own will.

He had come here many times before, and every time as he stood on the balcony above the field looking at the place where Elizabeth had died, he felt like his heart had been torn out and crushed again.

He possessed the wealth that everyone was envious of, but as he stood there, he felt empty, alone, and aching, as if all of a sudden he had lost everything, again.

‘Damn it! Why did I come here again?’ He cursed himself.

He closed his eyes, and after a moment, he opened them and looked around again. Everything remained the same: the worn out ground, the cages, the slaves’ chambers, the cross and a woman…


Suddenly his body trembled, his eyes went wide from shock. He gazed at the woman across from him on the other side of the field, her eyes closed, her head and her arms raised toward the sun, her long hair blown behind her by the wind, although he couldn’t see her face, his soul screamed IT’S HER!


Every part of his body shouted…IT’S HER!!!!



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A/N: Hi all, I am so sorry for taking such a long time to post. I was experiencing some writer's block and couldn't decide on which path to take for this story. I still haven't overcome it, but here's the next part, it's a little short, but I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 5:

Liz opened her eyes and sighed deeply. So this was the feeling of those that died here, that death was not the end but only the beginning. When she had closed her eyes she had felt strange tingling within her soul.

Her soul had felt the familiarity of the surrounding, as if many years ago, she had stood here like she did now, but she was sure that she had never been here before. Liz mentally shook herself out of her revelation and brushed away her sense of belonging in this place.

Liz sighed again. She had better go back now and unpack her bags since now she had to stay longer than she expected. Just as she moved to go, she felt an intense gaze on her; she looked around to see where the heated gaze had come from. And what she saw nearly shocked her out of her life.

Liz’s eyes nearly popped out from shock, as she watched a tall man, far across from her on the other side of the field, leapt down a 25 feet balcony and landed on the field with a thud. Then the man started to charge in her direction shouting angrily and pulled out... omg is that…a…a dagger?!

Liz frantically looked around, nearly paralyzed from both shock and fear, hoping that it was someone else that he was charging for. But when she saw that there was no one beside her or behind her, she realized that the man was charging directly at her. Liz panicked, scared for her life, and she did the only thing she could do: she quickly turned around and ran for her life.

After almost tripping over a cat and getting run over by a car on her way back, Liz finally arrived at the hotel.

She frantically ran into her room and locked her door, panting heavily; she was still unable to believe what had just happened to her. The old couple had warned her about sneaky thieves and perverted cab drivers, but she didn’t think there would be crazy guys chasing strangers, and with a dagger nonetheless! These people should be confined to a psychiatric ward, not run around crazily on the street, attacking innocent bystanders!

After a while Liz started to calm down a little and decided to not let that maniac damaged her good mood any further, although he had done a pretty good job so far.

Besides she had wanted to come back to the hotel anyways, and he just made her come back faster. Liz mentally made fun of the situation and tried to cheer herself up. The long flight and the sudden surge of adrenaline from before had drained her; she fell into her bed and quickly dropped into a deep slumber.

Max watched from afar that the woman he saw in the Coliseum ran into that hotel. He put away his dagger and adjusted his appearance, trying to make himself look more presentable and hopefully not like that maniac he was before, and he went into the hotel. A friendly old woman greeted him, asking him whether he wanted a room. When he refused and asked about the woman that came in just before, he noticed that the old woman’s eyes changed quickly from friendly to a look of caution.

The old lady of course said she knew nothing about the woman that came in. However Max knew from the look in her eyes that the woman must be here, so when the old woman was still scrutinizing him, he thanked her and left the hotel.

Max wanted to go home and gave up on this useless chasing. Today he had already made a complete fool of himself. Chasing girls around with a dagger isn’t exactly a good pick-up technique. His heart almost jumped out of his throat when he saw her almost getting hit by a car. If she had gotten any accidents because of him, he would never forgive himself.

Max knew he could’ve stopped but his soul demanded that he catch her, kiss her, and even become one with her, so he could get rid of this wrenching pain and cruel loneliness that had lasted for so long. Even he himself knew that this love was too crazy and too strong for a woman whose face he didn’t even know, but from the instant that he had caught a glimpse of her, his soul had recognized its other half.

Max knew in his heart that he couldn’t leave until he saw her again. So Max took out his cell phone and called his servant, telling him to bring a car and some money to the coffee house he was currently at. Max hung up the phone and looked across at the hotel. As he patiently waited for her to reappear, Max pondered how his life would change because of this one woman.

Unbeknownst to all, these all fell into the eyes of a figure carefully hidden in the shadows. The figure’s mouth curled up to a cruel smile as Max remained deep in thought.


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A/N: I was just reading over my part and I realized that no wonder you are all confused on why Max was charging at Liz with a dagger, so I thought I should clear it up.

When Max first saw Liz, Zan's memories took over his body. So in Max's mind, he's reliving the event of Elizabeth's death. And since Elizabeth died because of the lions, he can't exactly go save her without some kind of weapon. So he's not charging at Liz with a dagger, instead he's trying to save her from whatever danger he thought she's facing.

You all must be wondering why is Max carrying a dagger around with him? lol...I was bout to make him pull out a pistol but then that would make him seem a lot less "knight in shining armor" sort, don't you think so*wink* a dagger it is...

I hope this clears up some of the questions, sorry to confuse u ...

ML Plaisirs