Title: Empty with Reality

Author: kuroi-chan

Disclaimer: I do not own the television show “Roswell”, the book series “Roswell High” nor do I mean to claim I own them. The TV show belongs to Jason Katims, Twentieth Century Fox, the WB, the UPN, the SciFi Channel, and probably some other people/companies as well. The book series belongs to Melinda Metz and Pocket Pulse Books. I’m only borrowing the characters and, in using them, I’m making no money.

Summary: [CC: M/L, M/M, I/A; AU] Max and Liz, newly married are on their honeymoon. On their way to a musical in New York City a drunk driver hits Liz and she dies. In heaven, they decide that she and Max have too much unfinished business for Max to live his life and for Liz to become an angel like they want her to, so, they give her a month to say goodbye.

Rating: NC-17

Author’s Note: I really don’t know whether or not you’d consider this a Death Fic, because, although Liz does die, she isn’t gone and she really doesn’t stay dead. I’m going to say that it is a DEATH FIC though because someone might think it one and be all annoyed with me and no one don’t wants that. Also, this sorta reminds me of a challenge I saw on the Fanfiction Discussion Board a while ago and I want to give credit where credit’s due, so, if this reminds you of a challenge you posted or saw one day, just b-mail me or tell me in feedback, if you would. On that note, this also reminds me of mockingbird39’s If I Fall (a beautiful fic you should read if you haven’t already) but I think it’s different enough that it won’t be a problem. One more thing, people who LOVE Alex and Isabel as a couple will probably be broken-hearted by this story’s end. Their relationship is there but they don’t end up together, I’m sorry to say. I’m a star-gazer as much as the next person, but – and I hope you’ll agree – my ending to their relationship (chapters upon chapters away; in fact, not even written) is sort of beautiful and satisfying.


Max Evans was in heaven. Just the sound of Liz Parker’s laugh made him want to dance around the hotel room and sing a little song about how much he loved her. Her smile made him want to run marathons and jump over tall walls. The sight of her was something so beautiful and so pure his heart twisted in his chest. Nothing was better then knowing that this perfect bright angel was his forever; legally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Running a hand through his hair, Max looked himself over in the full-length mirror. Black suit: pants, vest, and open jacket; white shirt, fastened with mother-of-pearl buttons; black bow tie; shined black shoes and the most comfortable pair of socks he’d ever worn.

He looked good, he admitted to himself, tugging at the vest a little, but he felt like a five-year-old dressed up going to a wedding. He felt awkward and stupid, like he really had no right to be wearing clothes so sophisticated when all he wanted to do was change into a pair of old sweatpants, not even bothering with a shirt.

Oh well, Max thought. It was the first night of his honeymoon and he and Liz were in New York City. They had to do something more special then watching pay-per-view movies, eating insane amounts of room service desserts, and making love, no matter how welcoming the prospect was. They had to leave their hotel room. Michael had warned him that if, when they got back, Liz couldn’t tell him about all the sights she’d seen because she hadn’t seen any, he’d kick Max’s ass for corrupting his little sister.

Resisting the urge to tug at the bow tie, Max called out, “Will you let me come out now? Please?”

Liz had made him change in the bathroom so she could get ready and surprise him with “How damn hot I’m going to be. Just you wait.”

He heard Liz giggle. “Just let me put on the shoes. They have these horrible stringy things to tie around my legs that Maria says make my ankles look slender and elegant.” Max laughed lightly, partly because Max suspected that was a direct quote from Liz’s best friend, partly because Liz’s ankles were already thin and perfect. Max ran a hand through his hair again, trying to make it look less contrived. After a few minutes of listening to adorable huffs and puffs from his wife (Max felt his stomach twist around just at the thought) as she tied the shoes, she said, “Okay, Max. Come on out.”

Max took a deep breath, opened the door to the bathroom, and walked out. What he saw took his breath away. Liz looked stunning. She wore a green dress, glittering with delicate sequins, the hem went from long, reaching her ankles on one side, to short, the other side reaching just past her thighs. Her legs were smooth and tan, glistening with a light sheen of sweat in the hot July night. Maria had been right, as the shoes did accent her ankles beautifully. The long brown hair he loved so much was tied on the top of her head in a mass of elaborate twists and knots. A necklace of small pearls Max had given her on their “one week” anniversary hung from her neck and Max smiled at the diamond on her third finger shining in the light.

“You look beautiful,” Max whispered. Liz smiled a little bashfully and looked down at her feet, twisting the opera gloves she held between her hands.

“I’m not going to wear the gloves,” she said.

Max wrinkled his forehead slightly and walked to her opening his arms and reveling in the perfect fit of Liz Parker in his embrace. “Why not, darling?”

“I bought them because they went so well with the dress. But…” she paused and rubbed her face into his chest lightly. “Well… it’s the ring. I just… I don’t want to cover up the ring. Not yet.”

Max felt himself beaming like an idiot. “Oh.”

Stepping out of his arms, Liz twirled a little and bated her eyelashes at him playfully. “What’d you think of dress without the gloves?”

“I think we’d better leave right now or I’m going to tear that dress off you and we’ll never make it out of here at all.”

Liz’s eyes went from playful to cloudy and seductive. Max could see her eyes darkening from brown into black.


Shaking her head slowly, Liz put two fingers against his lips. “If you promise to be quiet… careful about my hair, because it took a half hour to do… we could have one last romp before the play.”

Max smiled at her and twisted his finger lightly around a tendril of dark hair. “I promise to treat your hair with the utmost love and care.”

As he curled his hand around her neck, unable to thread it through her hair like he enjoyed, Max brought his head down to meet hers and kissed her. Her lips felt like warm satin beneath his and he forced himself to go slow, worrying that if he lost control of his own kisses he’d be unable to contain himself when he entered her.

Max licked his lips, licking hers as he did, and groaned as her little tongue came out to meet his. This was one of his favorite parts of the kissing. The part when Liz and he battled for dominance over each other’s mouths. Once, when they were in high school, he and Liz were making out in the backseat and Michael and Maria were making out in the front, Micheal had scoffed and said, “You know, that’s disgusting. You guys look like there’s never enough saliva to go around.” Max laughed lightly, despite the enormous arousal filling him like blood.

Liz broke away for a moment and stared at him. “What’s funny?”

“Michael,” he said.

Liz grinned, then put on a mask of phony disgust. “You’re thinking about Michael?”

Max laughed again and dived back into her mouth. Liz had a taste that had addicted him instantly. It was nothing he could label, but something familiar and unique to Liz alone. Not that Max had really kissed enough other girls to know.

Max had loved Liz from the day he’d met her, her first and his second year at West Roswell Preschool and fallen in love with her a few years later, maybe in third grade. He’d been too nervous to tell her, as these things go, and he’d dated three or four girls his freshman year of high school. A year after that he and Liz had experimented with half a bottle of beer his father hadn’t finished and, with their barriers down, they’d admitted to one another that they were in love. They’d dated through high school and his first three years of collage when Max proposed to her, she’d said yes, and now, at the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two he and Liz were married and on their honeymoon. It was like a dream. A beautiful, perfect dream.

Lifting her up by the bottom, Max moved Liz to the wall and pressed her back against it, letting his clothes-covered cock to press against her sex. Slowly, Max trailed his hand down Liz’s breasts, making her shiver, over her stomach and to her thigh where the loose, thin fabric of her dress stopped. He trailed two fingers over the soft, delicate skin there and moved his hand up her thigh again to a pair, Max realized, of silk thongs. He groaned and moved his lips down her cheek to her neck where he sucked at her skin lightly. Not hard enough to make a mark, as Max was sure a bit of the time he’d spent in the bathroom had been Liz covering hickies he’d made without thinking with foundation. He couldn’t taste the foundation, though, and that he was grateful for. Covering up marks he’d made was practically the only reason Liz used make-up and Max was too used to the taste of her natural skin for his own good.

Slipping a finger into her thong, Max ran his finger around the opening of her hot, wet center. Unable to wait any long, Max plunged his hand inside of her and pinched her clitoris, impatient. He groaned again, burying his face in her shoulder as she moaned out his name.

“I want you now,” Max whispered, asking for permission quietly.

Liz nodded furiously and jumped a few times, thrusting at Max’s hand. “Yes, Max,” she said. “Now. Right now!” Liz reached down, brushing his cock with her fingers and unbuckled Max’s belt, ripping open the button of his pants and fishing out his manhood from his boxers. With a rushing uncertainty only found with new lovers, she stroked his cock softly and led it to Max’s own hand pressing the pulsing tip to her throbbing sex.

Max curled his finger around Liz’s chin and whispered, “Liz. Look at me.” She did, her eyes wide and passion-filled and he smiled at her, stroking her cheek lightly. “I love you.”

Liz’s smile filled his soul and her words, “I love you, too, Max. I love you so much,” filled his heart to the brim, making him feel so full he wondered if he might break.

Carefully, Max cupped Liz’s butt in his hands and pushed her up to meet his cock fully. Liz laughed, threw her head back, then bent forward and captured his lips in a kiss, wrapping his tongue around hers again and again. Max pushed her forward, pushing his own hips outwards to meet her and groaned into Liz’s mouth as the only complete and true fulfillment he’d ever know, connecting with her came over him like warm water in a shower.

In and out, in and out again, Max pulled himself in and out of Liz, reveling in the emotion coursing through him, in the feeling of being totally covered by perfect wet warmth. Liz ran his hands over his neck, his head, scrapped his nails against his scull, clenched her fingers in his hair, screaming out. “Max!” she called. “Ma-aaa-aaax!” She began to thrust against Max, in time with his own thrusts and Max could feel the walls vibrating with their pounding.

With one long, loud scream of his name, Max could feel Liz come, sweet wetness seemingly pouring out of her sex. Max groaned again and with a final thrust, whispered, “Liz… oh… oh, Liz,” and felt himself ejaculate, pouring, filling Liz.

He rested his head against the wall, feeling Liz’s small puffs of breath against his chest, her smooth skin against his shoulder.

“Thank you,” he said softly and sighed.

“It was all my pleasure,” Liz said and rubbed her hands up and down the satin covering his back.

Almost smiling at the moan of loss he heard Liz give as he pulled out of her, Max looked down at the fabric of her dress. “Good,” he said. “We didn’t rip it. I really couldn’t remember if I’d heard anything.”

Liz nodded. “Blood was rushing through my ears too loudly to be able to hear anything. How’s my hair?”

He was tempted to lie and say it was a mess and they’d just have to make love some more, but Liz deserved a real honeymoon outside of a hotel room. Albeit a very nice hotel room, but nothing like going to dinner and a musical like they were tonight or the full-fledged sightseeing tour they were bound for tomorrow. “Your hair is perfect,” he said finally. He stepped away from her and pushed his already hardening cock back into his boxers and zippered up his pants again. Liz smiled at him and, wagging down her dress, buckled his belt and ran a hand through his hair.

“I love you,” she said softly and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. “I’m so happy.”

Max felt a grin spread on his face. “I’m glad. That’s all I really ever wanted – ever since preschool – to make you happy.” Max wrapped his arms around her neck and shoulders and she clasped her hands around his waist, bent her head on his chest. “You were this tiny little two-year-old… I was three, you remember. You were so cute with your hair in pigtails and that horrible dress with the cupcakes.” Liz giggled. “But you were beautiful to me, even if you seemed to hate it.” He sighed. “I love you, too, Liz Parker.”

“We’d better go, Max,” she said. “Traffic’s probably going to be bad.”

“Can’t we just stay here forever?”

Liz laughed but her eyes were serious. “Don’t tempt me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you,” she said and Max couldn’t help kissing her again.

Liz redid her lipstick, a pretty glossy rose color, Max slipped a thin velvet and silk shawl over her shoulders, and, taking her hand, Max led her to the elevator and down to the lobby. They were almost to the door when Liz’s hand clutched her stomach and she locked gazes with the bathroom.

“Are you all right?” Max asked, rubbing her shoulder.

“Um… I’m… I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be out in a minute, okay?”

He nodded. “You want me to come with you?”

“In the women’s bathroom?” she asked, laughing.

“Oh… right. Maybe not such a good idea.”

“Why don’t you grab a cab outside? I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay,” he said, squeezing her arm lightly and he bent down to kiss her. “I love you,” he said.

Liz smiled. “I love you, too,” she said and rushed off to the lobby’s bathroom.

Trying to not let his worry take over him and force him to go to the bathroom as well, Max walked out the door and ran across the street where a “Taxi Waiting” sign sat. He’d be more likely to get a cab there. In five minutes a cab came and in another few seconds the doors opened and Liz’s smile brightened the night.

She grabbed the ends of her shawl with one hand and ran as well as she could in heals as tall as hers, across the street. She was almost within touching distance when a red sports car swerved and hit her, throwing her twenty feet away from Max.

For a moment he could only stand there. Then he began to hyperventilate. When his brain came back to him, Max thought he got to her side in less then a second although he doubted that was actually possible. He threw himself next to her, felt the puddles on the street soaking into the knees of his pants. “No,” he whispered. “No. No. Liz!”

Her face was pale and her eyes were squinting in pain. “Max… I…”

“Can we get an ambulance, please?” Max yelled to no one in particular. “Please! Help us, please!” He saw Liz’s eyes beginning to close and Max grabbed her, bringing tiny little form into his arms. “No! Liz, don’t close your eyes! Stay with me, Liz. I can’t… I can’t do this without you. You can’t die! You have too much to live for. You’re not going to die, damn it!”

“Max… I love you. I love you. I love…”

“Liz! You’re not going to die! Don’t do this! You can’t do this! Liz!”

As her eyes closed and her face turned into his arm limply, Max heard someone wail out into the oblivion with so much pain and anguish in his voice he wondered how they were still alive. It didn’t seem possible that anyone could live with that much pain inside of them. It took him a few seconds before he realized that someone was him.

He took a few deep breaths and exploded in tears, pulling Liz to him and squeezing her so close to his body he wondered if she could breath. When he realized that she wasn’t breathing, couldn’t and wouldn’t ever again he felt the world go black.

*happy* to be continued...

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