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hey guys hope u like this. this is my 2nd try at fanfiction, first time was a bust, so I hope not to disappoint. feedback would be a pleasure.
Wounds run deep
Hina Sanghani
Synopsis: After a tale of 2 parties
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Michael and Liz along with Isabel, Jesse, and Kyle are in the crash down talking.
They were chatting bout their new years experiences
Jesse: I come home to find my wife asleep in another man’s arms.
Liz: what?!!!
Kyle: morality has no place on New Year. I found an option and I took it.

None of them noticing the cheval parked across. Maria and max were talking.
Maria: yesterday was great. I had a good time.
Max: me too. We should do this more often.
Maria looked like she had something on her mind.
Max: what’s wrong
Maria: yesterday when we held hands did you feel something?
Max: like what?
Maria: you know… like electric or something.
Max: yeah I did but I assumed it had to do with the hype around trying to find Enigma.
Maria: max it felt so unreal. I’ve never felt like this before…not even with Michael.. I want to feel it again.
Max: we cant Maria… I'm with Liz. I wont betray Liz. She doesn’t deserve that. I’ve already done so many bad things to her. She doesn’t need this. I love Liz.
Maria: I know you do. This probably has something to do with all of the things I’m going through with Michael. Don’t worry. But I have to say Max…. it was surreal. I felt thing I never thought I could feel.
Max: (looking at her) me too.
Eventually one thing leads to another and they gave into their desires and fell into a heated kiss.
Liz started helping her dad around the crash down. She noticed the garbage bags near the back door. She went to take them out. Hearing a weird sound around the front she went to investigate. Noticing it was just a squirrel, she turned to head back to the café. She noticed the car across the street. As she continued to look at the car she noticed that the 2 figures in the car were in a heated clinch. She could feel the passion radiating off of the couple from where she was standing. Getting closer she then took in the type of car it was recognising it as Max’s. Looking back at the figures what she saw was her worse then a nightmare. Max and Maria making out like there were no tomorrow.
Liz gave a startled cry, which was no louder, then a whisper and dashed for the crash down throwing the door open and running to the back, up the stairs, to her home and to her room.
Michael, Kyle, Isabel and Jesse saw Liz’s distress and ran after her to her room. On the way stopping mr parker from following.
Liz’s bedroom door.
Michael: Liz open up. What’s wrong? Please open up. He uses his power to open the door. What’s wrong Liz? Is it max? Hearing this Liz cried harder.
Kyle taking in Liz’s distressed form lying on her bed with her face in her pillow told the others to leave so he could talk privately to Liz.
Kyle: Liz what happened? Before you were happy then you went out and now you’re a wreck? What happened would you tell me? I can’t stand seeing you like this! Please!!!
Liz: looks up from her pillow how could they Kyle? She starts to frantically run her hands through her hair. How could they do that? They are 2 of the most important people in my life. My world. GOD!!!
From that Kyle knew it had to do with Maria and max he just didn’t know what they did.
Kyle: what did they do Liz what could be so bad as to make you this sad?
Liz: they kissed Kyle. She said it so quietly that he had to strain his ears as to hear her but he did.
Kyle: what no they wouldn’t do that to you. Max loves you and Maria… well the girl adores you you’re her best friend she’d never do that to you.
Liz: but she did I guess they don’t love me as much as they say. And again she broke down into tears with her head in her hands.
Kyle realising this is no lie held Liz to comfort her. Neither of them realised that figure heard all that was said with a lone tear making its way down his cheek.

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Wounds run deep
Hina Sanghani
Synopsis: After a tale of 2 parties
Disclaimer: don’t own anything .R for swearing
Part 2
Max’s car
Max: Maria we have to stop. I love Liz I wont do this it’s a mistake.
Maria: god!!! max what have we done. How can I face Liz after this?
Max: Maria agree with me … this was a mistake. It was wrong, just a fluke. I don’t feel anything for you.
Maria: and I don’t for you
Max: then why did you kiss me?
Maria: I didn’t you kissed me.
Max: I would never do that to Liz
Maria: listen I just think that our hormones are everywhere ‘cos we found enigma and we haven’t hit reality yet.
There was a pause.
Max: did you feel weird?
Maria: what do you mean?
Max: did you feel as if you had no power over what you were doing?
Maria: like someone was making me kiss you.
Max: or something. Something’s goin on here and I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Someone’s trying to sabotage my relationship with Liz… why I don’t know? But ill be damned if I let them. To this point max was seriously a pissed off alien as was another who was heading straight for the car.
Michael: how could you? You bastard!! He yanked max out of the car.
Maria: MICHAEL!!
Michael: this is what you dumped me for… so you could jump my best friends’ bones… your best friends’ boyfriend. Liz is distraught. (He looks at max) after Tess I thought you learned you lesson I trusted you as if you were my brother, I put my ass on the line for you over and over again. And Liz… GOD.. She loved you man; she forgave you over the whole Tess thing, but then to go for her best friend… that’s low. She doesn’t deserve it man, she DIDN’T DESERVE IT!!!
He punched max in the jaw. It came as such a surprise to him that he fell to the floor holding his jaw, but that didn’t stop Michael he kept punching and punching.
Maria tried to hold him back, only to get pushed away.
By this time the rest were outside including Liz. Michael being held by Kyle and Jesse and max being helped by Isabel.
Liz walked up to Maria, tears falling down her cheeks forgotten…. And slapped her so hard it left a hand print on Maria’s cheek and Liz’s wrist saw.
Liz: YOU BITCH!! How could you? You of all people know how much he (points to max) means to you and me still… URGH!!!! Behind my back.
Maria: Liz you don’t understand it wasn’t us. Please believe me.
Liz: are you Maria?
Maria was unsure how to answer but with the truth. Yes I am
Liz with a snide smirk: then how can you say it wasn’t you. I saw you so don’t even think about bloody lying to me. If you cared at all about me.. Either of you.. Don’t lie to Michael or me. You owe us at least that.
Michael: actually I don’t want to hear it I’m sick and tired of having to support you Maria. I age you my love and you threw it back in my face. I don’t want anything to do with you. And you, max, god I cant even look at you… you disgust me man.
Michael walks away, back to the crash down.
Kyle turns to Liz and puts his hand on her arm: Liz come on they aren’t worth your tears. Max, Maria do me a favour stay away from ma and stay away from Liz she doesn’t need any more heartache. Kyle starts to pull Liz away.
Liz: wait!! I wanna know why. What did you feel like the pain I went through with Tess wasn’t enough? Oh no, why not break Liz’s heart some more she doesn’t deserve to be FUCKIN HAPPY!!
Max you know I never slept with Kyle; you want to know why I lied??? Hmmm, do you??
Max just looked at her
Liz: because of you you asshole. You asked me to, I risked my life for you I loved you unconditionally and you go and make out with my best friend… GOD!! Didn’t you love me?? Wasn’t I good enough for you? Oh god!!!
With tears running down her cheeks she ran to the crash down collapsing just as she got inside.
Kyle and Jesse followed her.
Isabel: gees max how stupid are you. You idiot. You know I always hoped that what Jesse and I have is like what you and Liz had. I’m so glad that ours is so much trustworthier. You don’t deserve her. Neither of you are half the person her and Michael are. God I feel as if I don’t know you!!
Maria collapsed crying into the ground: Isabel
Max: also had a tears falling down his cheeks: please Isabel I need you.
Isabel: no I’m going to the two people who genuinely need my comfort. I looked up to you max, you’re meant to be a leader, but you are nothing but a selfish boy.
With that Isabel left to go comfort her true friend and surrogate brother leaving max and Maria to themselves.
In the matter of two days, after a joyous party, 4 hearts were broken and no one knows how to repair them.
Is there unknown alien activity involved? Were Maria and max innocent? Tune in to find out!!!
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