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Title: Tell me what you want

Rating: PG 13-NC-17(well, I think , if I can write it))

Disclaimer: Even if it would be a dream come true, I don't own nothing from Roswell!And certainly not Jason "Hot" Behr!!*tongue*

1rst author note:well this is my first attempt at writing a fic, so try to remember that when you read. Plus I'm not even english so I will certainly have some difficulties with the language and especially with the tenses and some expressions! Sorry about that! So , please, be indulgent with me!

This is a Post "Wipe out " fic! So here Alex never died and is certainly still in Sweden (well at least that's where he's supposed to be, no?), there is no Jessy, and thank God Max and "Gerbil" Tess never had sex! And I can promise you here and now that they WILL NEVER EVER HAVE! For those who didn't understand it yet I simply and completely HATE Tess, so don't count on me to write some Tess and Max interactions! NO WAY! Well at least not the way we have seen it in the show! So if you were hoping for it, go and chose another fic! Lol. Hey, what can I say, we are in the Dreamer Fanfictions board, and I'm definitely a true dreamer!(well in fact, most of the time in my dreams Tess has her ass kicked by both Maria and Liz! Maybe it will happen here too! Lol!)

Summary: Max still believes that Liz and Kyle slept together (can the boy be more stupid?? Oups, sorry), and is not yet ready to be friend again with her! Tess is trying to catch every opportunity to be closer to Max (and when I say closer, I mean really close like trying "to get into his pants") [for those who have been watching S2, we all know why]. Nicholas is not dead, so he will come back seeking revenge! Liz wants Max back but he doesn't want to hear about it,And then something happens that make Max realize he could lose Liz for good ,and change his mind! But as always in true-love stories, they will have to fight to be together!

2nd Author note: Ok first, a little personal note in french, for those who are or those who understand it! *tongue*
Merci vraiment bcp pour votre soutien les filles vous avez pas idee a quel point ça fait plaisir et combien j'apprecie! C'est pas super evident d'ecrire en anglais mais bon j'avais envie de tenter l'experience et j'espere juste que vous apprecierez le resultat une fois que vous aurez lu la suite! lol! si c pas le k je m'excuse d'avance, et vous dis quand meme a bientot pour un autre essai, qui sait! *wink*
Ok, now for those who don't understand french, you don't know what you're missing cos french is definitly a beautiful language! *tongue*
Well I have been working on the next part almost all the afternoon , so I hope you will really enjoy it!
For those who are waiting for a Max and Liz encounter, sorry to disappoint u, but it's not going to happen(well not really)... yet! But it will come soon! Very soon!!! I promise!
Aaannnnd: I'm no exception, soooo...... feedbacks are really appreciated!
Ok I quit rambling! and here you go!
Enjoy! *big*


Journal entry:
August , 7th
Have you ever stop to wonder how your life could be completely different if you were not sometimes forced to make choices that you definitively know, are really not what you want to do? If you could always be selfish and only think about what is best for you, and don't have to wonder what is best for everyone else!
Sometimes I wish I could be that kind of person, that would make things so much easier! But no! I'm old good Liz Parker, always helpful Liz Parker, the one whose happiness has to come after everything else! Cos , you see, that's just me!
I know I have no right to complain, cos after all it was my choice, but now seeing Max always with Tess, and Tess always, ALL OVER Max, make me think about it twice! I've tried so hard, but I can't do it! I just can't stand the sight of those too together, even though I know it's supposed to be that way! Or at least it was!
When Future Max came to me, asking me to help him to set him up (well "Present Him") with Tess otherwise we 'll cause the end of the world, I thought it was the only thing to do , but now that he left me, and that I'm here all alone, I know that this has been the biggest mistake of my life! How can someone ask you to give up the love of your life? The one and only man you have ever loved and know will love forever? And how can you do it and not be miserable for the rest of your life?!
I have been thinking about it a lot lately, cos it has been a long time now since all this…stuff… happened, and I can help but think that maybe we could have done it differently and Max and I could be together again! Future Max told me that in 2014 our enemies , the Skins,came to Earth and that because of Tess' departure they weren't strong enough to win this war, so many people , including Mickael and Isabel died! But the truth is that all of this happened quite earlier, (a few months ago precisely), and since I gave up on Max, Tess was still there when the skins and Nicolas came, and for once in her life,-*can you see my ironic smile* she did something good, and just wiped them out! Well of course it might have helped that Courtney helped Mickael to destroy all their husks , but at least she" finished" the job! Can someone tell me why it's so hard just to admit that! Well, anyways, the conclusion of all my thinking is, if the skins have already been defeated, there should'nt be any reason for Max and me to not come back together, right!
Well but that's where the problem is, nothing "alien related" is keeping me anymore from going back to Max, except, Max! In fact all those months since all this happened he had hardly spoken to me! I know he's still hurt, since he still thinks that I slept with Kyle, but I thought after all this time he would have forgiven me! Not that he has anything to forgive me anyways but that, he doesn't know of course! He cannot even just look at me in the eyes, and I can seem to gather enough strength to go and tell him that all this was just a lie, and that I lied for a good reason, even though now this has no reason to be:But this is just killing me! I miss him so much, I miss, his smile (he doesn't even smile now when he sees me!) I miss his soft touch, I miss his lips, his kisses and I miss.. I miss… Oh my God, I'm beginning to ramble just like Maria! Can I be more confused?
The question here is just: should I go and talk to Max and tell him all the truth, or should I just shut my mouth , let the things like they are, and see the love of my life with someone else!
Well I think it's time to be selfish! No?
OK Parker, you can do it, you can take your life back! Everything is back to normal now, so there is no reason to be apart anymore, no harm will be done! I just hope he still loves me! What if he doesn't love me anymore? What if.. if.. he ,oh my.. loves ….Tess, now.. argh, I'm feeling sick, I think I'm going to throw up!! No no NO, think positive! Time to come up with a plan! Max Evans here I come…. back! I have nothing to lose! That's it, I have nothing to lose!

Chapter 1

Max was lying in his bed dreaming of Liz! During the past few months, all his nights were quite the same, he would lie there, alone, watching the ceiling, and try to sleep,without succeding of course, until his body felt so exhausted that he would drift to sleep without even realizing it! And then the same dreams will haunt his nights.
He was in Liz bed room trying to talk to her, to make her understand that she was made for him just as he was made for her, but she kept pushing him away! He was begging her to listen to him and she was standing there watching him, with a cold expression in her eyes, as if all life had been taken away from them. And then she would always say the same words:

"Max, please, stop this, there is nothing to say, I told you….'s over!"

"Liz, please, look at me…"

"God, Max, can you be more stubborn?, which part don't you understand in IT 'S OVER, I think it's pretty clear, no?"

"It would be if I was sure that's what you want but…"

"It…it's what I want " she said, more like a whisper.

"Yeah, sure, I can see it on your face….."

"Oh, Max , don't you have anything else to do, I.. I don't know…. go and find …someone else to… to…. hassle…go and find …. TESS! Yeah, Tess, I'm pretty sure she will be more than happy to see you!"

At that moment, her lower lip started to quiver and she was fighting with all her might to not let the tears that were already gathering in her eyes drop! She would die, rather to let him see how only saying this words was affecting her! The mere thought of Max going find Tess, rather than be with her was killing her inside, even though she thought she was alreday dead since the moment she had let Max go, but now standing here in front of him she was ready to do anything just to make him leave , even be mean with him if that was the only way!
Max, on the other side was losing all his patience! He would do anything for her, but not let her destroy what they had, what he was sure they could have again! No! Not this time! Not anymore!

"Why, Liz? Why are you doing this… you….."

"Max, listen…. "

"NO! You listen to me Liz! I don't give a damn about Tess! I don't even want to talk about her! She's nothing… nothing at all to me! I'm here with YOU! I'm here FOR YOU! And only you! Can't you see it Liz! YOU ARE THE ONE!…. You….."

"No I'm not…."

"Yes, you are, and you can fight it all you want, you won't change what I feel for you! God Liz, I.LOVE.YOU!! You and only you! I love you so much Liz, it hurts… it hurts…. just… just to be here with you and not be able to hold you!

"Max, please, leave….. you have to leave!!NOW…. please!

"Why? Because you know it's true? Because you know you feel it too?"

"No, I…."

"Liz, please, stop lying to yourself, and stop lying to me! I know you, I know exactly how you feel! And you can't keep on denying it, for heaven's sake, Liz"

Yeah, Liz thought! How was she going to make him understand that she had no choice anymore! That she couldn't be with him anymore, even though the only thing she had in her mind, was to close this short distance between them, wrap her arms around him, and tell him just how much she loved him. Let his warmth protect her, and forget everything about the past, about this war, the skins, and most of all , about Tess, and his supposed destiny! But no, she couldn't do that anymore!No, could she? No, of course not! But what if…. No, no… So she did the only thing she could do, she followed her "plan".

"Well, if you love me so much" , she said,"why don't you do what I'm asking you! Why don't you do what I want!"

Max paused for a brief moment, wondering if she was being sincere, if that was what she really wanted, cause if this was the case, he knew he loved her enough to do what was best for her, even if it killed him in the process, but he finally decided against it! He was here for her, to win her back, and it was yet to soon to just give up! No, he knew her, he knew her soul, he had seen it, but above all, his heart wouldn't allow him to think this way, cos he couldn't love her so much, he couldn't have been miserable all these months without her, and not fight for her now!

"Ok Liz, look at me,… look me straight in the eyes, and tell me that you don't love me anymore, and I will leave you alone! If that's what you really want, I will leave you alone, and you won't hear again from me from this day on!"

He knew it was risky but he was pretty sure that she won't be able to look at him in the eyes and lie to him! Or at least he hoped so! Yeah, this will work, he thought, this has to work!

She started to answer him, she wanted nothing more than to be able to lie to him again and again, just to see him leave, but this was too much! She felt so exhausted, all this was just eaten her inside, destroying her a little more each and every day! She couldn't look at him and tell him the exact opposite of what she truly felt, she couldn't do it! So instead she just turned her back to him so he wouldn't see her cry, so he couldn't see the truth in her eyes! She LOVED him with all her heart, she loved him just as much as he loved her, if not more! She wanted to be with him just as much as he wanted to be with her!

Max , stood there, watching her back, praying with all his might that she wouldn't just turn to him again , and tell him that what he dreaded the most in this world, or in any other world he thought, was true! That she didn't love him anymore!So he kept repeating again and again:

"Tell me… tell me Liz, do you really want me to leave! Is that what you… want? Don't …. don't.. you …." Oh god, he thought, why was this so hard"….. don't you… love… me….anymore?"

He stared at her , feeling sick just thinking that she could say yes ,waiting what seemed like an eternity to him,but just when he was losing hope, he heard it, something like a whisper, so low that he thought he had dreamt it, but no, he heard it:

"I….I….just can't…I can't do this anymore! I can't lie anymore" she said, while crying freely now. She didn't care anymore that he could see her like this, she was just too hurt, she needed him, she needed him so much!

He was behind her in an instant, wrapping her in his arms, like he had so wanted to do it since he arrived a few moments ago.

"Shhh, shhh, Liz , don't cry….don't cry, … I'm here…. Liz, I'm not going anywhere, if you don't want me to!I love you baby, I love you so much!"

With just that, she lost the battle, she turned in his arms, wrapping hers around his waist, clinging to him like he was her lifeline, or that he could disappear if she just let go of him!
But he was there , he was truly there for her, whispering love words to her ears, soothing all her fears, and his at the same time!
A moment later, she looked up into his eyes, and saw all the love he felt for her, JUST for her! And then she did it, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him! It was just a soft and tender kiss at first but, all those months of being apart from him, were too much to bear for her now, so she let all the passion she felt for this man , the one and only man that she loved and will without a doubt love all her life, pour in this kiss! Soon the room temperature was increasing, and all the world around them vanished: they were just the two of us, two people deeply and wholeheartedly in love and nothing else mattered! Max was there with her and she was more than ready to show him just how much he meant to her, just how much she loved him!
They finally came apart only to be able to breath in so much needed air! Max was trying to catch his breath, but looking at her red and lightly swollen lips, was too much for him. He wanted so much more, he wanted to kiss her senseless, to feel her skin under his hands, to caress her, he wanted… he wanted…

"Oh God Liz, I miss you so much…I…. I missed this so much!" was all he was able to say before his lips came crashing on hers again! This time he knew that nothing was going to stop him from being with her. Their lips touched gently once, then again and again, and then Max closed his hot lips over hers completely!Liz instinctively darted her tongue along his lips, asking for entrance which he was more than willing to grant! Their tongues dueled a moment , each one wanting to win this battle! Max and Liz were lost in their own world and none of them realize they were heading towards the bed until Liz felt the mattress underneath her! Max was above her, and Liz could only moan and hang on to him as he completely devoured her mouth with his own!
Max was in heaven : he was there with Liz and he was sure that that was the moment! The moment he had been waiting for years! He was going to make love to Liz! HIS Liz!
He was already making love to her mouth the way he wanted to make love to her body!
Liz could feel his arousal! They had only been kissing and he was already so hard! She could feel his manhood pulsating along her thighs, and the mere thought of what was going to happen was turning her completely on! She needed him so much, she wanted him so bad!
Their breathing and theirs moans were all they could hear in her quite bedroom!
Her parents were away for some convention, and she knew that nothing was going to disturb them! No! Tonight was the night! Max and her were going to make love! FINALLY!
Max was now trailing a kiss path along her throat,and Liz could do nothing but give in in the feeling! She was already so aroused! And she needed more! So much more! So for the first time since their kissing began , she spoke! Her words were so soft, Max could barely hear her!

"Max, please… I.. I.. want….."

"Tell me Liz …tell me, what do you want?

"I.. I… I want to feel you , I want to touch you , Max.. please, I.. I need to touch you.."

"Are you.. are you sure? Max said.
Liz was so turned on and so nervous she could only nod.
So gently, Max lifted his weight from above her and started to take off their clothes!
Now it was his turn to be speechless, the more of her skin he saw the more he thought he had died and gone to heaven! But boy, what a way to go! He would die a thousand deaths willingly if he just could make love to Liz and show her just how much he loved her , even only once!
She was so beautiful, and yet beautiful couldn't seem to do justice to her beauty! And she was his!
Finally finding her voice again, Liz said:

"I want to make love to you , I want you to be the one, the first! Please... Max!"

Max was more than willing to grant her wish, she was his first and he knew he was hers too! He also was sure they would be the one and only one for each other! No one would ever touch her the way he was or was going to touch her.
But then…..

"Tsss, Tsss, Tsss.. can you be more dense, Maxie Boy? "a voice behind them said.

Startled Max slightly lifted himself from above Liz and look to where the voice was coming.

"Do you really think that she has been waiting for you all this time?" the voice continued. "She already gave me what you want so much! Sorry Maxie Boy , you're too late"

Max couldn't believe his eyes, here just in front of him stood Kyle, Kyle Valenti, telling him that he…. he….he what??

"What the h…?"

"Oh yeah Maxie Boy, you heard me … but ask her if you think I'm lying" he said with a chuckle.

Max wanted nothing more than to stand up and remove this smirk from his face forever , but instead he just turned to Liz hoping she would tell him that nothing Kyle was saying was true. But what he saw nearly killed him there.

Liz was there, smiling a smile the size of the Gran canyon , laughing with all her might, and looking at Kyle with… with what .. love and …. lust in her eyes? No,no this was simply not possible!

"Oh!, sorry, Max, I thought you knew it!" she said between two laughs.

"Liz, tell me.. tell me it's not true! It can't be true!"
What was happening here? One moment he was here alone with Liz, ready to make love to her, to make her his forever, and the next instant, Kyle was in the same room than them, insinuating that she had already given him her most precious gift.... her virginity. And this laugh, this laugh.... Kyle was laughing at him like this was the funniest thing in the world.

"Boy, you really are stupid, aren't you?" Kyle said still laughing like crazy.
Max was fighting to not stand up , grab Kyle and kill him with his own hands right there and right then. But he didn't even have the chance to make a move in his direction that Liz was telling him to move from above her, and pointing to Kyle she said:

"Come here, baby, I need a REAL man! "

Max couldn't believe his ears, but even before what this sentence meant began to register in his brain, he was standing where Kyle was a minute before, and Kyle was replacing him, in the bed….. with Liz.
Seconds later the room filled with her moans and with Kyle's laughs. All Max could see was Kyle kissing Liz, Kyle caressing Liz, Kyle moving above Liz,making love to Liz. All he could hear was Liz repeating again and again:

"Oh Kyle, this is soooo good!"
"Kyle, yes.. make love to me please"
"Yeeeeessssss, yeeeessss, oh yes, Kyle"

Or Kyle saying:
"yeeesss, Liz, oh… oh…. Yeah… Liiiiiiizz"

And then he heard it. A cry.
A cry so loud that he could have sworn , only something like a beast being killed, and suffering like hell, could have produced it.
But it was his cry, it was his voice….


Max woke up with a start, sweating and breathing in heavily, but it seemed he couldn't take enough air to breath properly and filled his lungs.
Reality was beginning to slowly sink in.
It was a dream.. only a dream he thought.
But then , he remembered everything…. And everything was not a dream!
One part wasn't real, the part where he was almost making love to Liz, where he was with her again, where he could love her, touch her, kiss her… But the "nightmare part" was real… HIS daily nightmare was VERY real.
Liz was no longer his, Liz had made love with Kyle. And the pain, this unbearable pain came back instantly, crashing back upon him, reminding him that now Liz COULD NEVER be his again, because.. HE… would never be able to forgive her. NEVER.
And with that a new day began.

Above the crashdown, Liz woke up, feeling a strength, and some kind of new happiness she hadn't felt in a long time.
Today was the beginning of a new life for her! A life where she could be with the one she loved above all on this Earth. She was going to go and see Max Evans and tell him the whole truth, tell him how she really felt, and just how much she loved him. And she would do everything it takes to show him just that! LIZ PARKER LOVED (S) MAX EVANS, and Liz Parker was ready to embrace the feeling without anymore reservations. She just hoped that it wasn't too late , that he was not with Tess now! No, no , he's not she thought, afterall Maria told her they were just friends just the other day! Yeah just friends! He certainly still loved her!

With that thought in mind she headed towards the bathroom to shower, a broad smile playing on her lips.

Little did she know that everything wasn't going to happen according to her hopes.

End Chapter one!

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Well to answer your question , no, Max was not dreamwalking Liz, and he doesn't know (yet *wink*) about Future Max, otherwise he would know that Liz never slept with Kyle! In his dream , he knows that Liz is lying , and that something is wrong with her but he doesn't know what! and of course he doesn't hear Liz's thoughts! As I said these dreams started months ago, just after he saw Liz in bed with Kyle in fact, so the beginning of his dream represents what he thought would have happened, before that! If you remember, before FM appeared Max was supposed to win Liz back the night of the Gomez Concert and they were supposed to make love, so in my fic, the first part of the dream is just that! What should have happened , at least from Max's point of you! But then what he saw this day haunts him, and Kyle appears in his dreams. I wrote Liz's thoughts because WE know she would probably have been thinking something like that at that moment if Future Max hadn't convinced her to go so far as make him think she was sleeping with Kyle!, and Max and her had got a chance to talk!
Hey, don't U think Max would have succeed, and win her back even after her speech in his room, if Kyle hadn't been in her room with her this night? We're talking about Max "Hunk" Evans here! (at least I think he had every intention to do it even after Maria told him he was hopeless! that's why he came, no?) Poor boy didn't know what was waiting for him! *tongue*
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Title: Tell me what you want

Rating: PG 13-NC-17(well, I think , if I can write it))

Disclaimer: Even if it would be a dream come true, I don't own nothing from Roswell!And certainly not Jason "Hot" Behr!!

Summary: Max still believes that Liz and Kyle slept together (can the boy be more stupid?? Oups, sorry), and is not yet ready to be friend again with her! Tess is trying to catch every opportunity to be closer to Max (and when I say closer, I mean really close like trying "to get into his pants") [for those who have been watching S2, we all know why]. Nicholas is not dead, so he will come back seeking revenge! Liz wants Max back but he doesn't want to hear about it,And then something happens that make Max realize he could lose Liz for good ,and change his mind! But as always in true-love stories, they will have to fight to be together!

Author note:
Jessica_01, Roswellluver, Dreamgirl, Marteloise, Roswell_angel285, begonia9508
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And last but definitively not least, Frenchkiss70 thank U very much for all your help! J'apprecie vraiment!*big* I haven't had time to go and check my mails yet but I really hope you sent me your fic!!

Ok, now I've been working really hard on this new part, and God I didn't think I could write so much , or have so much in my little brain lol!! and I know it's far...far.. from perfect, but I really hope you will love it! Now I ask just a little favor: if you see anything that's illogical, (like FMax in Max dream--see FrenchKiss reply--thank U again!)or not written as it has to (due to my french native status, so I'm talking,grammatical prob. or wrong expression here,etc..) please, PLEASE, let me know and I will try to change it!and do a better job....If I can of course,*tongue* lol!! Now here goes the next part!*big*
I checked it twice but with me we don't know, don't hesitate! lol!

Chapter two

When she went out of the bathroom, Liz was ready to face the day, and most importantly to face Max. Or at least she thought she was.
She had to work the first shift on the morning , but she didn't care; Maria would also be there so this was a great opportunity to have her friend' s advice.
She had thought about calling Alex first, cause after all he was a guy, so maybe he could help her with this one; tell her what to say, what not to, tell her how to defend her case properly, but since he was in Sweden she decided against it, so she wouldn't be bothering him when he was miles away….. Well, maybe she would just call him later, if Maria's help wasn't enough …. after all, what are best friends for? she thought!
Anyways she needed to get ready, and go dowstairs soon , so she hurried up.
Once in the restaurant she looked around and saw that Maria was already there, putting down the chairs, so she walked in her direction and greeted her.

"Hey Maria" she said
Maria turned around and seeing it was Liz she smiled:

"Hey, girlfriend! How are you today? Feeling better than when I left you yesterday night, huh?"
Wow, the girl is already in talking mode, Liz thought. I say two word s and she's already saying three complete sentences.

"Yeah….much better", she just said trying to hide her growing smile. "In fact….I've been thinking a lot since then ……"she trailed off.

"About what?" Maria immediately inquired. "Mind to share with a friend? "

"No…..I…well….I…." why was this difficult? She needed Maria's help no?…

"Yeees?… she continued….."Go on girl! I'm all ears!!"
Maria couldn't suppress a smile. Liz was really a case sometimes.

"…..about…….okay….about, Max ….and I….and…..and the situation. I've been thinking that …maybe it's time for me to tell him the truth… the whole truth… Nothing has happened since..well… you know……the skins and all that…so……"
Liz couldn't even finish her sentence that Maria was already jumping and shouting.

"Thank God Almighty. Everything comes to him who waits. Yes ..Yes!!…. I was wondering when you were going to realize it is the only thing to do."

"Yeah…Yeah…. I know, but it's not so easy! I…..don't know where to start! ….. What I'm..going to tell Max…. or..well…. I'm not even sure I'm not going to chicken out before I start. I think I need a plan…..your help…..well…. you see " Liz was getting more and more nervous now. Maybe this was not a good idea after all.

"….Plan??…. Help???…. Liz, think about it !!! All you need here is honesty! Let your heart speak for you! You have been lying for too long now Liz! If you want Max to come back , or at least be able to be friend again with him to begin with , you just need to be honest! That's all. At least you can try and if that doesn't do it, we'll just find something else!Ok? Don't make things more complicated than they already are!"

Maria might be a little bit crazy sometimes, but maybe she was right about that. She had been lying for a long time now, and it had only made things worse! Maybe it was time to be just that: honest. She could do that right. So much for an almost sleepless night, huh?
Now she just needed to prepare her speech, so she wouldn't panic once in front of Max.

By noon the restaurant was really busy so Liz didn't even realize that Max had arrived until Maria told her.

"Romeo, table 4" She said grinning.

Wow, with just one sentence Liz's heart rate increased twice. But when she turned in the direction where Max was supposed to be she felt her chest wringed. Actually, Max was there but he wasn't alone. Tess was there too, and they seemed to be… pretty close.
She knew Max might have been working at the UFO center, but Tess?…..she had no reason to be there with him,… apart from the obvious of course……..Maybe Maria was wrong and they WERE together after all. Pushing that thought back in a corner of her mind she tried to smile.

"Hm, Maria..I…know…I know that…… I'm supposed to attend to them. But could you do it for me. Please?"

"Liz ! You know I love you, right!? But …How are you supposed to speak with him if you can't even do your job when he is here?."

"I know Maria; Believe me I know. But please ….I ….just don't want to deal with…them .. right now. Please Maria. "

"Fine, Fine, chica but you owe me!" she accepted finally, with a smile.
"But if she leaves or whatever, YOU go and talk to him. Okaay?!"

"Yeah. If …. he's alone, I….will go and see him. Well I'd try."
She knew it was stupid, and even more now since she decided she needed to have a serious conversation with Max to clear things out, but she didn't want to face Tess. She knew she was an important part of Max's life now, and that she, herself, had played a part in that, but she couldn't help it: after all this time she still didn't trust Tess completely and she didn't want to deal with her right now! No, she needed to be as calm as possible before her confrontation with Max.

When Maria went to the kitchen with her order, Mickael couldn't help but ask:

"Hey, I thought, this table was in Liz's section! How come…."

"Max" was all Maria needed to say for him to understand, but Mickael being Mickael, he said:

"Okay…..You know this isn't really professional, she shouldn't let….."

"Let what Mickael?" Maria cut him off .." Do I have to remind you two words? YOUR—BUTT, …..huh? …so watch it spaceboy! "
Mickael raised his arms in a defensive manner before adding:

"Fine, fine, I was just saying… "but when he saw the look on Maria's face, he couldn't go on…."..nothing…nothing at all. But … day you will have to explain me that point! Okay girl?!"

Maria just blew him a kiss, took Tess and Max's orders and went back to serve them.

"Here goes your orders. 2 Orbits rings, Galaxy subs, an asteroid Salad. I will come back with your drink! Enjoy your meal. "

After twenty minutes of ignoring Max, Liz finally came by his table and greeted him.

"Hi..Max!" she said with a shy smile.

She knew it wasn't supposed to be easy,but she couldn't helped feeling disappointed when he just said her name, nodded slightly, and went on with his meal and his conversation with Tess.
They might not be in 'real friends' terms lately, but if she wanted everything to change she had to make the first move, right?!! And after all; this has been almost a dayly routine, for the past few months. Max would come, sit there and more or less ignore her, so! Nothing new, right! Except her present state of mind, perhaps! Now she wanted him back !

Maria was busy attending tables, so she didn't really pay any attention to Liz or Max, but when she was leaving some clients whose table was near Max's she heard Tess calling Liz.

"Liz!!, I thought you would be her waitress today!" she said with a fake sweet voice.

Maria couldn't believe it! The girl had some nerve. She just hoped Liz wouldn't lose her temper, and cause a scene in front of Max. She really didn't need that right now…… She would have to watch the girl.
Liz was trying her best to act as if she hadn't heard her, but she couldn't pretend any longer when she heard again.


Liz turned around and with her most perfect smile, she said:

"Yeah…Tess…what can I do for you!"

"Oh nothing much….Liz….In fact….I just wanted to tell you that Kyle will be back tomorrow morning…. You know… camp's over. I thought you'd like to know!"

'Bitch!' Maria thought. Tess:1-Liz:0.
She was ready to go and have a little girl-girl conversation with Tess, when she heard Liz's reply:

"And why should I care! You're the one who's living with him, right! So you should be more concerned, no?"
Maria was smiling now! Yeah, that's my girlfriend!,Deuce!… but when she heard Tess speaking again she froze:

"Why, I thought you were….. you know…a couple or something!" she said smiling and feigning innocence.

Liz was now avoiding Tess and Max's gaze, she really DIDN'T need that! How was she supposed to speak with Max about all that happened with Kyle, if Tess was insinuating that they were together,….. still now. Max hadn't say a word yet but it was obvious by the way he was playing with his fork, that he didn't want to be there or hear that kind of dialogue between her and Tess. She needed to clear some points here, otherwise, nothing would happened like she'd planned on. Gathering some strength she said:

"Look Tess, I don't know where this is coming from, or what your point is supposed to be here, but Kyle and I are just friends! Nothing else! So I'm glad to know he will be back soon, but that's all." She couldn't be more explicit, right!
Well that what she thought until Tess continued.

"Yeah, sure...but…"

Before she could go on, Liz was more than surprised to really hear now Max's voice for the first time since he arrived.

"Tess!" He said firmly so that she couldn't miss the warning in his voice! He didn't want to hear more about this "Kyle and Liz's relationship" and he didn't really like this little game Tess was playing. He knew she didn't like Liz,but it wasn't a good reason to embarass her like that. Nevertheless, when his gaze met Liz's, his voice softnened. He had to keep in mind that he had no reason to defend her now,….. not anymore, …. and he didn't want to give her this impression.

"Hmm, I…I….have to use the …bathroom! I will be back,…. and we can leave then, ok!" he said quickly, more than happy to be able to leave both girls.

"yeah, I'm waiting here" Tess replied as quickly. Maybe she had gone too far this time, but the look on Liz's face when she had first questioned her, was priceless, so it was worth it. And it was an easy way to remind Max that Liz wasn't the little innocent girl, she wanted people to think she was.

And the winner is??!!! …..Max Evans…..Maria was still watching attentively this little war between Liz and Tess when she saw Max was moving and heading to the bathroom!
Time to use a little bit of Deluca's magic, she thought!

She intercepted Max before he could reach the bathroom door and told him:

"Look, Max… I…..I wouldn't go in there if I was you, unless you want to be all….. wet! ..We have been having some little problem with the flush lately. You should rather use the one in Liz's apartment, I'm sure the Parkers won't mind."

"Oh?…. Sure, thank you Maria!"

"You're welcome" she said, and once he disappeared behind the backdoors of the restaurant, she went and grabbed Liz 's arm and led her to the back.

"Maria…..what are you doing?"

"Shhhh! Listen to me! Max in his the bathroom right now and…."

"I know Maria ..what…"

"No, listen….in your apartment,….the bathroom in YOUR apartment …."

"But how….." Liz said incredulously.

"..don't have time to explain. Now, ….you want to have this little converstation we were talking about?, here is your first opportunity! Go on girl….it's now or never! Take your break, I cover for you…. Go ..Go!!" she finished while pushing Liz through the door.
Liz couldn't believe it! Maria had it all set up,…. and now she couldn't go back, right!

She hesitated during a few brief minutes and then decided this was her chance and she had to take it.. So she followed him upstairs , and waited till he came out of the bathroom.

"Max? "

"What?" he said rather dryly, still thinking about what Tess said implyed..

"Hum, can ....we talk? I….I mean could we go somewhere a moment ….and talk?….My room?"


"Please Max …I.. I need to talk to you!"

"We haven't talk for months, why now, what can't wait now?"

"Max .. it.. it's really important.. I.."

"Liz, I don't really see what we should talk about?"

"Well, what about….you….. and me? She said softly and avoiding his eyes.

"There is no 'You AND Me'!"he said , then added " not anymore" more for himself than Liz, but she heard it all the same.

"I know,…. and I know it's all my fault, but if you….."

"If what Liz?"

She had only been talking for what, 2 minutes or so, but Max was already losing patience; he didn't want to think about the past anymore and most of all he didn't want to talk about it WITH her, from all the people! It was enough to relive it almost each and every night, he didn't need this now!

"…if… you just let me explain….."

"Explain what, huh?"

"God Max, you aren't going to make it easy, no?" she replied more harshly than she intended to. But the words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, and she regretted them immediatly. If she wanted this to work, she would have to be really patient and careful.

"Why should I?"

"Max,….." she began more softly " about what you ….saw,… what you think…"

"There is nothing to explain, not anymore Liz. I gave you many opportunities to defend yourself when "what I saw" as you call it, happened, and the truth is, that "what I saw" can not be explained!" he said, emphasizing the last words.

"That's where you're wrong Max , I…..I can explain Max,…. I want to!"

"So, why didn't you do it back then?!" he said while going back downstairs. Liz just followed him and went on.

"Max, I couldn't …'s.. complicated.. it's .."

"God Liz, everything is always …complicated with you!……. I loved you. I loved you ….and I trusted you. I…. would have done anything for you,…anything…. even give up an entire race for you,…… MY race,…..I was ready to do so, and you know it, and… you.. you….betrayed me,..YOU… destroyed all the faith I had in you.. …YOU slept with Kyle, Liz.. and I can't see how you can explain that!"

Liz was now fighting to hold her tears! Oh God it hurt so much to see him like that, to hear his words, it was going to be really difficult to make him listen to her! He seemed to hate her so much, but she couldn't let him leave like this , she had to tell him the truth.

"Max….I….. I know you have no reason to believe me now, but please, if I told you that…."


This time her sentence was cut short again but it was not by Max. This sultry voice could only belong to one person. Not now, please …..but Liz turned and there she was. TESS.
She ignored Liz and giving Max what Liz thought was certainly supposed to be a sexy smile she continued.
"Max, it's time WE leave! No?" she said insisting on the "we" as if to remind Liz they were a "we" now, or could be.

"I'm coming" Max said but without leaving his eyes from Liz.

With that Tess turned and headed towards the front doors of the Crashdown, more than pleased with what she heard before they acknowledged her presence. This day was proceeding really well. And it wasn't over yet she smiled.
Liz could only plead with her eyes for Max to not leave yet! She had so much to tell him, TOO much; he…he COULDN'T leave yet, not without knowing the whole truth. She whispered his name, but Max cut her off before she could even start her speech.

"Hm, Look Liz …, I….I..have to go, Tess is…Tess is waiting for me…it's… it's's too late." He said, and without waiting for her to say anything else, he was gone.

Liz wanted nothing more than to run after him, but she didn't miss the doble meaning of his last words! He thought it was too late,….. too late for them. He wasn't going to give her another chance. And it hurt, it hurt so bad she couldn't even breath properly.
She couldn't either tell what hurt her the more: the fact that he didn't let her explain, …..or the fact he was leaving with Tess. But anyways it hurt like hell.
Just when she was about to completely break down, Maria was by her side.

"Hey chica, I saw Loverboy leaving, and he seemed…" she said before seeing Liz's face.

"OH GOD! Liz, what happened chica?" Liz's lips were quivering, and her eyes were full of tears ready to fall, so she took her in her arms, but that was all it took for Liz to lose it. She couldn't hold on anymore. And she cried,she cried all the tears she could, as if this could make all her pain, all her sorrow go away.
Maria tried her best to calm her down but Liz just didn't seem to stop, so she stayed there hugging her, and trying to soothe her with comforting words.Second later, they were both on the couch, Liz lying down on Maria's lap and Maria massaging Liz's scalp,in an attempt to calm her sooner.
After a long moment Liz's sobs and tears seemed to subside, so Maria spoke.

"Come on girlfriend, tell me.. tell me what happened? It can't be that bad?!"

"Oh, Maria, you …didn't see his face, …you…you didn't hear him! He hates me, Maria, he hates me so much!" Liz said while sitting up.

"Are you kidding??…….. Liz, we're talking about Max "I've been head over heels in love with Liz Parker since 3rd grade" Evans here. He couldn't hate you even if he tried! And I don't see him trying? " she said smiling, trying to comfort her best friend!

She knew Max had really been hurt, and badly,by the whole "sleeping mess" as she called it, but she knew the guy, and even if they hadn't spoken a lot during the last months due to the situation, she was sure he couldn't be feeling that way! She wasn't even sure if he knew the word "hate", or how to spell it!
Well, thinking about that twice….. maybe he DID hate someone she thought!…… Kyle! …..Boy, if looks could kill, she was sure Max had already killed Kyle a thousand times. But he definitely didn't hate Liz. She had caught him staring at Liz when he thought noone was looking, and what she had seen in his eyes, was many things,-- pain, sadness, questions, most of all hurt,-- but certainly not hatred. If only Liz could see it, as she saw it. But she wasn't being the most objective person lately.

"Maria, he....he… doesn't love me anymore, and the way he looked at me…"

"Heh, wait, wait"….Maria cut her off…"how can you say that? You can't you be so sure! I don't see Max telling you "Look Liz, save the speech, I don't love you anymore" "she said in her most male and fake Max's voice, trying to light the mood.
Liz seemed to think about it so she replied with hesitation.

"No……..,he ….didn't say it as clearly as that, but…… "

"But what Liz??"

"..but.. he said he LOVED me, not that he LOVES me, Maria…. but that he-LOVED- me!" she said rather sure of herself!
But Maria didn't want to see it this way.

"Aaaaannnnd????? "She said , opening wide eyes, as to emphasize her point."Come on Liz,….. what were you expecting? He wasn't going to tell you "oh yeah Liz you hurt me but I still love you baby! Please go on"…. I think it will take more than your pretty smile and your puppy dog eyes to make him come back! But you knew that when you decided to go and tell him the truth! Right? You knew it wasn't going to be easy! You want him back!" she paused "Fight for him girl, fight him, fight Tess, and fight whoever tell you it' isn't worth it! IT IS WORTH IT! You hear me! And remember your grandma's words " if it isn't complicated, he probably isn't a soul mate". Remember when you told me she told you to follow your heart, wherever it takes you?….. So, go for it!……….. Go for Max…….. I know it will be quite difficult, but you know what they say "where there is life, there is hope", and I think you are still pretty much alive if you ask me! So go on girl!"
Maria truly knew how to raise somebody's spirits but Liz wasn't convinced yet so she asked:

"How,…how I'm supposed to do that when he doesn't even want to hear what I have to say!"

"Ok girl! …..Hear me out…I'm- not- Maria" know it all" Deluca, so …..all I can do is help you find a way to have him listen to you! We have to find something special!Maybe we will need a plan here after all! But when we find it, Maxwell Phillip Evans won't know what hits him! But….. right now girl,…it's time to go back to work, or…… your father's going to kill us both, and we won't be able to come with a plan!"

Liz look at her watch and realized then that her break was already over since five minutes now!…. Maria was right, she needed to find something original to win Max back, and certainly not give up on the first occasion , or the first pitfall on her way. So she repeated the words she had spoken to herself this morning when she was so sure everything was going to be all right….. "think positive,… THINK PO-SI-TI-VE" ……and with that she went back to work. She would have time to think about what to do, once her shift ended.

After taking Tess back to her home, Max was again alone. So he went and played basketball on the old school court. He needed something to keep his mind busy and not think about his conversation with Liz. But that was almost impossible. Ever since she asked him if they could talk, he hadn't thought about anything else. She said she could explain what he saw, he kept repeating himself. But how could she? Even if he had tried so many times, to believe there was a good reason for her to be in bed… with Kyle,.. AND naked, ….other than the obvious, he couldn't come up with a good one. He had asked her back then to tell him what was that all about,and each and every time he had heard the same thing. He had asked her more than once if she had slept with Kyle, and everytime she had admitted it. So what could be different now? Nothing, right?, he thought! He knew he should have listened to her, let her tell him what she wanted to, but he just couldn't : after all these months, he was still too hurt. He had tried to forget what happened this fateful night,….. the night he lost Liz forever,….. he had tried to forgive her, but that just seemed impossible for him. He loved her so much till then, ….heck.. who was he kidding, he still loved her so much, and that's why it still hurt so bad. It may be true what they say after all: it's often those you love the more , the ones you have the more difficulties to forgive, when it should be just the opposite. Definitely, he thought bitterly.

He was still deep in thought when he heard a familiar voice.

"Playing with Invisible Man, huh? Very impressive!"


"What's up man? You seem rather far away from here! I called you twice and you didn't hear me!"

"Yeah,…. sorry."


"So what….?"

"What is it this time?" Mickael asked him, waiting for a sincere answer. But apparently Max wasn't in a very cooperative mood .

"What are you talking about?"
OK , now he's playing dumb he thought. Nevermind.

"What's bothering you?"

"Nothing, it's…" Max was certainly ready to lie so Mickael cut him off

Max, feeling trapped now, just answered casually:

"No….it's.. I don't know…'s complicated.

"Heard that a lot today!"Mickael smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing! ………….Isn't that what Liz told you?"

"So….you heard us?!" Max didn't like where all this was leading but after a brief pause he continued. "I thought you didn't know what was happening?"

"Yes….but…. I know when to mind my own business!" Mickael said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, sure,… and I can surely fly if I want." Max replied using the same tone.

"I resent that, really I do!" he said still playfully and taking his hand to his chest.
When he saw that, Max only smiled, so he went on.

"Okay…. I work at the Crashdown, remember?"

"So why ask?" Max continued "you know what the problem is!"

"Heh, I'm not one to force people to talk if they don't want to!"

"Huh? "was all Max could say! Mickael? Not force issues? Yeah! he thought! But after a moment he smiled again. Mickael was "strange" sometimes but he was a good friend. And obviously he wasn't going to give up.


"Nothing much….. she says she can explain……"

"About?" Mickael inquired.

"About.. her…. and Kyle….. in her bed…"

"But you didn't listen, right!"

"Why should I?"

"Well if you don't know, who I am to?" Man, do I have to ask everything before he realizes where I'm heading, Mickael wondered. And Max was known to be the wiser,…. pffff!


"…...complicated, I know" he cut him off. again Time to make a point!

"Ok, Max, one question;…. Do you love her?"

Now Max was so surprised all he could do was stutter:

"Wh..What? What….this has to do with all that?"
Unsettled, huh?…… great, that's just what I needed, Mickael thought with a devilish grin! He will never know what hit him.

"Why don't you answer? It's a simple question, no?"

"No !"

"No, you don't love her?" This was getting easier! By now Mickael couldn't suppress the smile on his lips.

"No..I…I…don't have to…… answer…. that" he stammered again.

"Do you want her? " Man, if looks could kill, he had just died.
Max was crazy by now! What was that? Some kind of sadistic game or what? He couldn't even form a complete sentence.


But instead of repeating what he said, Mickael just stood there a large grin on his face.

"A...Are you crazy, or what? "he continued nevertheless.

"Heh! ….Which question do you want to answer?"
So that was it!

"None" Max stated firmly. But Mickael wasn't going to stop just there.

"Okay man! Here's the deal: if you score first,… YOU… can ask me whatever question you want, and.. I… just drop the subject,but…if I score first, you answer my question,…. you chose which one? Is that okay?"
Max seemed to ponder a moment and then just said:
"This is….this is ridiculous!"

"Come on, Max, it's not so difficult, no?? Be a man!"
Sensing that Mickael wouldn't leave him alone until he got what he wanted he finally answered:

"Fine;…. Deal. But just one point!

Mickael was more than happy with this so he just moved , and taking the ball from Max's hands he began playing. This was going to be a piece of cake. At least that what he thought , but Max didn't see it that way, so after nearly 15 minutes, no one had scored yet.
Not being known for his patience, Mickael finally decided there were other ways to win this game, so he just used his powers and the ball went directly through the basket.
"Heh" Max yelled" You cheated, you used your powers".
Mickael was now fighting to not laugh, and not upset his friend more than he already was.

"So what? "he asked raising his arms ." I never said it was forbidden, …and you didn't too, so…"

Max could only smile at that. Yeah, he should have asked for the rules before playing. After all it was Mickael's idea. He chuckled and said:

"You realize that you can be really annoying, right? You really need to grow!"

"Yeah,….. I will think about that! Now where were we? …Oh yes… Which one? " he insisted.

"You are not going to give up, huh?"


Again Mickael waited for Max's answer. Boy, had he waited and been patient today, he thought. But when Max's answer came, he didn't really understand it, because "yes" was all he said. So he asked again.

"So,…are you going to answer , ….or do we have to stay here all day and night?"

"I just did it" Max answered matter-of-factly, confusing Mickael even more.


"Fine,fine….. yes…….. I do love her! Satisfied? …..But that doesn't change a thing.

"Well, I think it does". This time it was Max who was confused, so he just stared at Mickael who finally went on.

"Well, man,…. I know it could appear rather strange, and… most definitely since this is coming from me,… but ….I think you should give her another chance. Heh!….. Don't look at me like that! …..I admit that, at first, when you saved her life, …..and exposed us at the same time;I went….. ballistic,……. and was rather against Liz, but she turned out to be exactly what you were sure she was…… and a….. great friend also. She has proved, more than once, that you were right when you trusted her with our secret. So I think,…. and that the point here, …..that if she tells you she can explain what she did,…. you should listen to her. She deserved at least that, don't you think? We both know that you still love her, no?…. Man I can't even remember a time when you didn't talk about her, or the way you felt about her, and you have been moaning over her for the past ..what....4 months?? So…. Think that…. maybe this is another chance for you,…. for both of you ,… go back on …where things between you were left. " he paused a brief moment and then continued again. "If Maria can forgive me for all I put her through, you surely can do it with Liz,… you just…. have to find the strength to do so. And since you still love her…" This time he let the words hung in the air, hoping they would sink in.
But Max still hesitated.

"I….I don't know, Mickael, what if…."

"Aaannd….I haven't finished yet.. Speaking of Maria,…. lately she had been repeating that we should all thanks Liz, cos she saved our butts more than once, and you the first, instead of giving her the silent treatment. So maybe,…. there is more about that than we know?"

"Yeah, and that would be? Max asked now, even more interested than before.
But Mickael just shrugged his shoulders and said:

"Man, I didn't say I knew it all! She just said that. If you want to know more, go and ask her.I don't want to deal with "Hurricane Deluca"! Or ….ask Liz directly!….But anyways … least promise me that you will think about it!…. I am not telling you to decide everything , or what you want to do or not do tonight or in the following minutes, …just…..think about it, Okay!?"
Max didn't say anything during a couple of minutes and finally obliged to Mickael demand.

"I….I will!…. Promised!……Now….. can we go back to the game?!"


"No? "

"No! ….Now …you…. come with me,….Superman,…. all this 'girl talk' made me thirsty….. God, I don't know how Maria can speak so much!!" Mickael finished, and burst into laughter, soon followed by Max . And with that, they both headed to the Evans's house.

Later that night, Liz was walking in her room, trying to come with a new way to deal with the situation. Maria had suggested to maybe write Max a letter, where she could express all her feelings and tell him what really happened with Kyle, Future Max and everything. But Liz thought it was all too crazy and complicated and the only way to do that was to do it face to face with Max! But how do you force someone to listen to you when he doesn't want to? Good question, huh?!
So she was there racking her brain for the best solution. Something special and original as Maria had said. Yeah, easier said than done. Max could be as stubborn as herself when he decided to. This better be really good, she thought nervously. Okay girl….think….and think fast, she said more to herself than anyone else….you know him well enough to find something that will touch him enough to, at least, accept to listen to you again.
After ten "long" minutes, she let herself fall on her bed with a thud and a little desesperate and frustrated cry. She came with NO-THING at all. She reached then for her radio on her nightstand, switch it on , so that music could fill her room. Maybe this would help, she thought.

Over and over I look in your eyes
You are all I desire
You have captured me.
I want to hold you, I want to be close to you
I never want to let you go
I wish that this night would never end
I need to know

Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share, this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I have this kiss forever, forever

Over and over I've dreamed of this night
Now you're her by my side
You are next to me
I want to hold you and touch you and taste you
And make you want no one but me
I wish that this kiss could never end
Oh baby please

Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share, this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I have this kiss forever, forever

I don't want any night to go by
Without you by my side
I just want all my days
Spent being next to you
Lived for just loving you
And baby, by the way

Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share, this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I have this kiss forever, forever

When the song ended, she heard the radio presenter annouced the request:

"…this one was for Brian , from Janet who lives in Hondo, and who loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him…… Boy she's got it bad,huh….. Now, you, dear listeners, call us, 555-8219, and dedicate the most beautiful songs to those you love. Here we are,…. waiting for you. And we go on with….."

While another song started playing on the radio, Liz thought about it.
Maybe she could find a song which would be strong enough to make Max understand how much she was sorry for all that happened, and make him reconsider their relationship. She just hoped he would be listening….Yeah….he would.. . She remembered he used to do it often before going to sleep. That's how he found out where she was with her "blind date" and came and saw her. So maybe… if fate was on her side……After all Maria also suggested she could serenade Max,…. just as he did it with her, …and this idea couldn't be worse, no??!

Ok! I really hope you are enjoying it so far cos I'm coming back right now with what's next! *bounce*

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Chapter two, cont.

Across town, Max was just going out from the shower he so much needed after his game with Mickael. Well the truth was he talked with, or rather to him, more than he played, but Max felt exhausted nonetheless, and the shower helped him feel better and relax a bit.God, he didn't know Mickael could talk that much! It must be a "Maria side effect" he thought, smiling at the memory.
As usually, he turned on the radio to relax even more before going to sleep. After closing his eyes, he let the music fill his ears, just as a new song started.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may, I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile onyour face let me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best…when you say nothing at all.

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd (the crowd)
Try as they may they can never define
What's been said between your heart and mine.

Max was immediatly caught by the song. He used to think that way about Liz. Used to think they could understand each other without saying a word. Just by looking into her eyes, he could tell if something was wrong or not, see what she wanted to express even before she could put it into words and now…..Now he wasn't even able to talk to her, nor just listen to her.Just being near her was too painful for him. … So why continue with that torture? ….and keep going to the Crashdown where he knew she would be? he thought…… Even him knew the answer…he couldn't be near her without suffering a living hell, …but he couldn't be too far away from her either. ..She had this power over him. ..: though he couldn't forgive her or have a normal conversation with her without remembering seeing her with another man, he needed her,….needed to see her…..he needed her just as much he needed the air to breath.

The smile onyour face let me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best…when you say nothing at all.

The smile onyour face let me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best…when you say nothing at all.

He was still deeply lost in these thoughts when he heard the DJ present the next song:

"Boys and girls, the next song will be from Elizabeth from Roswell , to Zan; with this special request: she's sorry for what happened , she wants him to listen to the lyrics , and maybe then call her so they could try to work things out. Hey Zan, if you're listening….. I don't know what this Elizabeth did to you , but she seems really sorry..and quite desesperate,….. so maybe you can do something! Okay?? Well, meanwhile, here goes, R. Kelly's "If I could turn back the hands of time"…… Enjooooooy."

If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time

How did I ever let you slip away
Never knowing I'd be singing this song someday
And now I'm sinking to rise no more
Ever since you closed the door.

If I could turn, turn back the hands of time
Then my darlin' you would be mine
If I could turn, turn back the hands of time
Then my darlin' you would be mine

Funny, funny how time goes by
And blessings are missed in the wink of an eye
Why oh why Why should one have to go on suffering
When everyday I plead come back to me

And you had enough love for both of us
But I, I did you wrong, I admit I did
But now I'm facing the rest of my life alone

Max was speechless….could it be….? couldn't be..Liz, his Liz, dedicating him a song, no? ! But on second thoughts, … many Elizabeths were there in Roswell?…. Okay.. maybe a few. ……..But how many Zan, huh?? He wasn't even sure it could be a "human" name. He didn't know anyone who was called Zan,….. besides himself,…… even if it was in his....previous life. And ….that was just …...just like Liz. ..Passing that kind of message on to him so he would be the only one to understand it.. ( well; maybe him, and the few who knew about his life as Zan! he thought)
Almost sure that this song was for him….was from LIZ…. he listened attentively to those lyrics.

I'd never hurt you (If I could turn back)
Never do you wrong (If I could turn back)
And never leave your side (If I could turn back)
If I could turn back the hands
There'll be nothing I wouln't do for you (If I could turn back)
Forever honest and true to you (If I could turn back)
If you accept me back in your heart, I love you
If I could turn back the hands
(If I could turn back) That would be my will
(If I could turn back) Darlin' I'm begging you take me by the hands
If I could turn back the hands
I'm going down yes I am (If I could turn back)
Down on my bended knee, yeah (If I could turn back)
And I'm gonna be right there until you return to me
If I could turn back the hands
(If I could turn back) If I could turn back the clock on the wall
(If I could turn back) Then I'd come to realize how much I love you
Love you, Love you, Love you
If I could turn back the hands of time.

In her bedroom Liz was doing exactly the same. She listened to the song and couldn't prevent the tears from falling.
She remembered the song because she used to hear it a lot on the radio a while ago, but she didn't realize it would fit so well until she heard it again.
Every single word could have been her own. She loved R. Kelly because he had a way to put ideas into words so easily , but this song was… amazing….dramatically amazing.
It was the perfect reflexion of her inner feelings. Her true feelings. She really wished she could turn back the hands of time , and go back to a time in her life when everything wasn't oh so complicated, when she could be with Max, in his arms, when they were just the two of them, still happily together , and when he still did love her just as much as she loved him.
But this period of her life seemed so far away now. She couldn't help but think it was kind of ironic that she had chosen this song to express her feelings , since it was precisely because Future Max came and changed "their future" together that she was in her" present" situation. And now she wanted nothing more than to be able to go back in time and change her "past" again! …..She was more and more sure by now, that all of this shouldn't have happened first hand. Who was she to alter something that had probably been established long before her own coming on this earth. She believed in God, and maybe she had gone too far by changing everyone life and destiny and maybe now she just had t to pay for it. Payback is a b****, they say, no?
Granted, if she hadn't done what Future Max asked her to, there would have been no life 14 years from now, at least no "human life" anymore, but was that enough to make her actions, their actions right?
Oh God, the more she thought about it, the more confused she was! She was too young to have to deal with stuff like that.! She was too young to sacrifice the most important thing, or rather person, in her life…MAX., she sighed
So she waited, and waited, hoping beyond all hope that he would have been listening and would find the strength and still enough love to call her.

But he never did it!
So she just lay there, and hugging her pillow tight she cried herself to sleep, like she had done so many nights before, since she had lost Max Evans.
Little did she know that somewhere in Roswell , another person was in the same emotional state that she was.

By the end of the song, Max had already shed more tears that he thought possible.
He definitely wasn't expecting that, nor was he prepared for.
Obviously Liz wanted him back, and that was probably why she wanted to explain everything. And she thought they could work things out.
So she still loves me, he thought!
Yeah….but when you really love someone you don't cheat on them with an ex-boyfriend, right?!
Apparently she reallywanted him to forgive her. And so, everything Mickael said came back in a flash…… "…..she has proved more than once that you were right when you trusted her……." "….you should listen to her…"….. "….she deserved at least that…."……. But did she really deserved anything from him now? Could he trust her again? Could he freely and willingly give her his heart again, and maybe take the risk of being hurt and disappointed again? It has been really difficult not to completely break down the first time, he couldn't take the chance of suffering so much again,could he? He was sure he wouldn't be able to go through another heartache again!
But what if he let this opportunitie pass by? Maybe it would be his last chance! Despite everything that happened he knew he would never be able to love anyone else the way he loved Liz Parker. And without her in his life, he knew he would never really be happy.
So what was he supposed to do now?
She wanted him to call her! But he wasn't sure he could do that! But what was he sure of anymore?
This morning he was so sure he wouldn't be able to forgive her, ……ever! And now he was wondering if he should talk to her or not, wondering if he should call her or not!
Okay, maybe he could do it! Talk to her, listen to her! But he wanted to be able to look into her eyes to see the truth of her words, whatever it was, so seeing her face to face would certainly be the best thing to do. So he decided against it.
With that last last thought he turned off the radio , and closed his eyes, deciding to sleep on it first! At least he could try to rest, and maybe tomorrow morning he would see things more clearly, and know exactly what to do.

Saturday morning. After having spent most of the night awake, Max was still sleeping when he heard his mother called after him!

"Max, Max, honey can you come downstairs."
God, he thought, it's Saturday morning, I don't have to work! Why did she have to call me so early.

"Max, Max, come domwnstairs….. RIGHT….. NOW!"

"Ok Mum, no need to wake up all the neighbourhood! I'm coming" he shouted before getting up. He opened his bedroom door and went downstairs. To say he wasn't prepared to the sight that greeted him would be an euphemism.
There, in front of him, stood all his family, all with smiles that reached their ears, waiting for him. And behind them, a deliverer who told him as soon as he saw him:

"Max Evans? , please sign here!"So he did so and was left speechless with a bunch of flowers in his arms. A dozen of beautiful red roses. He couldn't believe his eyes, but he didn't have time to give it second thoughts since his mother was already in inquisitor mode.

"So……Max???" she smiled "Who are those roses from?" By the look on her face he could tell Isabel was really enjoying all this. He felt as his ears were turning bright red and stuttered:

"I….I…..don't know"

"Look for the card, you, idiot" Isabel whispered.

The card? The card, yeah sure. There must be a card he thought!
While he was looking for the card , his father couldn't help but join the conversation.

"Well, they are really beautiful! This must really be important if a girl sent you those roses! Cos I suppose they are coming from a girl! Riiight, Max?"

Max was hardly paying attention, he couldn't find this damn card! He just hoped they weren't from Tess. He didn't want to have to go through another "destiny speech". They might be close friend now, but he didn't want anything else than friendship with her, and he thought she had accepted that. Maybe he was wrong! Oh God, he really didn't need that just now, not when he still had to think about the whole Liz's situation.
Finally, he found it, and was about to read it when he saw all his family staring at him expectantly.

"Ok, I…. think these are… for me, so……. excuse me, but I'm gonna go and….. find a vase." He said and then just left them all there, still standing in the hall.
Once in the kitchen he took the card and read it. After a moment he released the breath he hadn't realize he was holding.
They were from Liz.
Liz sent me flowers!
He pinched himself just to make sure he wasn't still dreaming (he had dreamt about her again tonight, but fortunately, it hadn't ended like the last few ones. And now that.) He re-read the card again, even if already knew the words by heart.

Dear MAX,
Forgive me and talk to me
Listen to me
And try to forgive me then.
Love always

After dedicating him a song, ….and what a song he thought….she had sent him roses.
He knew that normally it was a man thing, but as his father said, if she had gone so far as to have flowers been delivered to his house, this must be really important for her.

This was just too much.
He needed air, he needed to get out of here, find a place where he could think about all of this without any interruption, because he knew, once he would come to a decision, there would be no turning back.
He didn't know if he could forgive her just yet, but at least he had every intention to really think about it, and come to a definitive conclusion. Forgive her, forget about the past and all their mistakes and try to go back together. Or not forgive her and put an end to all this.
He was still weighing the pros and the cons when he heard his mother coming behind him. Before she could even say a word he talked:

"Look….mum…I think…I think I'm going to be away this week end! I 'm going …..camping, if…..if that's ok with you, of course!"

"Sure, but…Max, everything's all right!? You seem a little bit …shaken up! Are you sure you don't want to stay! "

"Mum…..I'm fine…I just……. have been thinking about that for a while now, and I think this week end is perfect for that" he lied.

"Ok, Max as long as you come back before Sunday night, there is no problem!"

"Thank you mum. I will. I love you"

"I love you too Max."

Diane Evans wasn't one to force her children to talk if they didn't want to, and she could sense that something was really wrong with her son, but if Max needed some time alone, she was more than ready to grant him that much. She just hoped this little trip would really help him.

Liz hadnt' been able to sleep well for the past few nights! Max never called Friday night, but she didn't know if it was because he didn't hear her request on the radio or because he heard but decided to just ignored it. She was wishing with all her might that it had been the first, but she couldn't deny the fact that he still hadn't made a move, even after the roses. She couldn't know if he had heard the song, but she was sure he had received the bunch. And still nothing, all the week end passed by but she got no news. She couldn't say if it was a good thing or not (at least he hadn't called to tell her to leave him alone), so to say that she was now depressed and desesperate was an understatement. Of course, he didn't help that he had gone camping to Frasier Woods. At least that's where he was supposed to be. How did she know?! Maria of course, sometimes it was great to have her own little spy, and she really knew how to make Mickael cooporate.
On Monday, she had to work the afternoon shift. But she passed most of it glancing across the street to see if she could catch a glimpse of Max, but no such luck.

Max didn't have to work this Monday, but he was supposed to meet Mickael, Isabel and Tess after Mickael's shift to go and see a movie, so he was heading towards the Crashdown.
His little trip had been quite beneficial. Even if still couldn't completely forget what happened between Liz and Kyle, he was ready to face whatever truth she wanted to share with him. He would listen to her and then, according to what she would tell, he would decide what to do. He was dreading what he would learn but he was well aware that they couldn't go on like that. Liz had made every effort to show what she wanted, so now it was his turn to move. Mickael was right (who would have thought, huh!) she deserved at least that.
While driving towards the Crashdown, he could feel a shiver running along his spine. There was something in the air. Something wrong. He couldn't tell what it was but he had the impression that something wrong was going to happen , and very soon. Thinking that he was just because all the apprehension he felt, --after all he knew he was going to see Liz in a few minutes now--, he chose to just ignore the feeling.

It was closing time now, so Mickael and Maria were cleaning the place, while Liz was working out the takings of the day, and Isabel and Tess were finishing their last drinks. Mickael couldn't believe he was doing a "girl job" as he had told Maria, but if he wanted to leave and be able to go and see the movie in time with the other, he had no other choice, because Maria wouldn't want to hear it another way. She was really "scary" sometimes he thought with a big grin.
Liz needed something from upstairs, so she wasn't there when Max entered the restaurant. Her parents had left the previous night and were away for the week, so she needed everything to be clean up, and tidy, before she could go and sleep. She had stopped thinking about Max sometime during her shift when she realized it wasn't going to make him come sooner, so she was a little bit surprised when she went downstairs and he was just there. Most surprising, after greeting everyone, he was coming her way.

"Hey, Liz!"

"Max" she said nervously while trying to smile, so that he wouldn't realize just as much she dreaded this moment.

"Liz" he continued "…..are you…. going to be up late, tonight? Cos…we….we're going to the movies, but then…. after.. I mean…if you want ,…. I…. could come back and..we.. we could talk? ….if you want" Okay, it hasn't come out the way he wanted, and how many time did he have to ask her if she wanted,…….. but at least he had spoken, because when he first saw her he thought he wouldn't even remember how to do so.
Now it was Liz turn to stutter:

"Yeah…….sure? ….I mean, if you want…..I…...well….my parents aren't in town so……you can come back later……if you want……you …could use the ladder…….and I 'd be on my balcony. Ok?" Well I want, he wants, everybody wants, and everybody knows we want! Pathetic she thought.



"Yeah…… well, see you later then..…I'm going to sit with the others……I….we're waiting for Mickael!"

"Yeah..later so. Bye"

Wow, that was really awkward. But at least he wants to talk Liz thought. Now I just hope, everything 's going to be right, and that he won't tell me he doesnt' want to have anything to do with me.
Liz was still thinking about what had just happened while going back to the cash register. Since it was another hot summer night in Roswell, both doors of the restaurant were wide opened, so she never came to see the man who was standing there before it was too late. Before anyone could react he was pulling Liz by the hair, and threatening her with a gun.
Max just heard Liz's painful shout and was on both feet in a matter of second, ready to fight, but all he could see now was the gun the man was pointing on Liz's temple. He knew that if he did the slightest move in this direction, she could be injured, or anyone else in the room.

"Hot night, huh?" the man said, then turning to Liz he added "You, stop moving or I will have to hurt you. "

"LET GO OFF OF HER!"Max shouted, he knew he should try to calm down , but with Liz in this situation he just couldn't control his anger.

Mickael was in the kitchen when the man entered, but when he heard all the commotion coming from the front of the restaurant he came running. Oups, definitively not movies night apparently!
By now, Maria was getting hysterical. What was happening here! This can't be happening she kept repeating herself! Oh My God, Liz, Liz!! Cedar oil! I-NEED-CEDAR-OIL!
As soon as the man saw Mickael coming through the backdoors, he yelled:

"Freeze! Or I shot the lady!"

"MaaAAX….."Liz cried.
Max knew he needed to take charge of the situation, so he turned to Mickael pleading with his eyes he wouldn't do something ill-considered and endanger Liz's life.
Adressing to the man he said firmly while moving forward slowly:

"Who are you and what do you want?!"

"Him? Nothing"

Two words, two words, was all Max needed to stop dead in his tracks. And as they all looked behind the man who was holding Liz, she could see the same feeling passing in everybody's eyes: fear,…. an indescribable fear.
They were all really terrified.

"What?? Cat caught your tongues?…….. Nevermind! I'm happy to see you too!" he looked at Max then and grining, he just said:


End of chapter two

The songs used in this part were
Could I have this kiss forever by Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston
When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating
and, last but not least, *wink*
If I could turn back the hands of time by R. Kelly.

I hope that you really enjoyed this part, and that you liked it, at least a little bit! *tongue*
So….. feedbacks, feedbacks please… I love them,….. I crave them
Thank U very much for reading anyways and see U soon……I hope *big*

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He didn't call her because ....he's a guy! Do I need to say more, huh?? lol *big*
I know things are really complicated between Liz and Max, but that's how true loves are supposed to be no? But anyways don't worry, I'm a dreamer remember? so everything's gonna be all right.....eventually *tongue*
And as to know who are those guys.......well... I know for sure(lol) but you'd have to wait a little more,.... but I'm coming with a new part..very..soon!
Thank U for the feedback! *big*

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But what can I say! Apparently it's the only way to have it in the front page, and since I'm an unknown writer, I guess it's the best way to have some attention, no?!
I hope you will give it a try and enjoy it!
Let me know!
I need some motivation to write the next part! *wink*
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I've been working really hard on a new part(another long one hopefully), for the past 2 days or so, but I'm really wondering if it's worth posting it! I'm not saying that it's not worth writing or coming with a new part for those who have been so kind to read what I wrote so far,(and I thank you all again), it's just that it took me a great deal of work~hard work~ , tears and patience, and this fic doesn't seem too interest a lot of people unfortunately! So maybe I should just stop here with the botch! I'm really loving writing this fic so far, but if it's really boring or really not interesting or anything, maybe I should spare you more boredom, no? *sad*
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Hey! I'm wondering..... what should I do with Liz? Should I kill her or should I have Max save her and have his "HOT HOT " way with her?! Hard dilemna! NO???????
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Title: Tell me what you want

Rating: PG 13-NC-17(well, I think, if I can write it))

Disclaimer: Even if it would be a dream come true, I don't own nothing from Roswell! And certainly not Jason "Hot" Behr!!

Author note:: Okay you all, here we go again! *big* Let me tell you that it was really fun to write this new part ~especially the little dialogue between Liz and Maria~(read and you will see! *wink*) but…. also really really hard. But hopefully you will enjoy it just as much as I did when I wrote it.. (Well, honestly I think some other little parts suck, but even if I don't really like them, well I couldn't come up with something I really do, so here it goes anyway.)
Well, remember also that this is my first fic, so logically it's the first time I write NC-17 stuff, so don't kill me if I didn't do it well. I tried! But I can't guarantee you won't be a little disappointed, well maybe. Sorry again if you are!
Now when you read this part, remember Max…… is a guy. So if he doesn't act as he should, don't kill him. He will come to his senses…..eventually. lol*tongue*

Thank you all for your feedbacks! I appreciate!! *big*
frenchkiss70 I read your fic, I like it so far! You should try to write it in english, I'm pretty sure it will interest many people on this board. Email me more soon *big* AndÅ…j'aime trop ton prenom! *wink*
Thank you again for your support!
max and liz believer I hope you're still alive cos here goes more! *wink*

Chapter three

"Him? Nothing!"

Two words, two words, was all Max needed to stop dead in his tracks. And as they all looked behind the man who was holding Liz, she could see the same feeling passing in everybody's eyes: fear,…. an indescribable fear.
They were all really terrified.

"What?? Cat caught your tongues?…….. Nevermind! I'm happy to see you too!" he looked at Max then and grining, he just said:


"Nicolas" Max replied disdainfully.

"I know, I know, man! It has been a long time! And….I'd like to say that I miss you too! But that would be lying of course!" he said smiling at the look on everybody's face.

Max couldn't believe his eyes. Here he thought that this night was going to be a special night for him and Liz, maybe the night when everything could have been sorted out, explained and arranged, and now she was being held by some psycho who worked for or with the most devilish alien he knew, apart from Khivar himself maybe. Seeing her struggling with her captor, he couldn't help but think he would never forgive himself for bringing her in this world of his if she was hurt or injured again because of him.Between clenched teeth but trying to appear as calm as possible, he spoke:

"Cut the crap! What do you want?"

"OH! I'm disappointed, Zan! What? No 'I'm so glad you' re still alive, I'm so happy you're back' " he said in a fake hurt voice."Well it's a chance I wasn't really there when you're bitchy 'wife' decided to burn my race alive. Nice trick by the way, Tess! And I have to say……."

"We don't give a damn about your life Nicolas. So let go of her and tell us what you want!" Max cut him off. He knew he shouldn't raise his voice but he didn't want to waste any time. He could see the frightened expression on Liz's face and whatever Nicolas wanted he would give it to him. All he wanted was to see her safe and sound.

"Well I thought you would know! …….What can I want?" Nicolas replied matter-of-factly while pacing in front of Liz . Everyone could notice that he suddenly seemed more interested by her than by anyone else in the place.
"Elizabeth! Right?" he questionned smiling his devilish smile! Then turning to the alien who was holding her he added: "You couldn't have chosen better Edward! She 's just who I needed!"

Okay this is really bad now, Max thought! Why would Nicolas be interested in Liz?! He didn't know her, know who she was for him and they weren't even together anymore when they went to Copper Summit after Whittaker's death! So if he was trying to find a way to reach him through people he loved, he should be threatening……. Tess, since they were supposed to be together, or at least that was the version of history Nicolas should know of, and moreover since Tess had claimed more than once she was his bride when they were there. But the facts were that Max really didn't love her, he loved Liz, so had he sensed even back then that she was important to him? The most important person in his life in fact. If it was so she could really be in danger. What would stop Nicolas from taking her with him and asked him whatever he wanted to release her?
Liz as for her, was petrified. How did he even know her name? Granted, she had met him when they stayed at his parents' house, -'if this guy has parents of course', she thought because by now she was wondering if such repugnant creature could really have parents- but she didn't think that he had paid any attention to her. Actually, the only one he seemed interested in was Isabel…..Vilandra, or whatever name he called her. So why her now, and what did he wanted?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kyle was now heading towards the Crashdown as he had done so many times during the years. He had come back Saturday morning from his one month summer basketball camp, but he still hadn't had time to go and see his friends. So, knowing that Tess and the others ~and by 'others' he meant more specifically one particular alien who he really didn't want to meet~ were supposed to go to the movies, he thought this would be as good a time as any other to catch up with them, without having to face Max Evans.
Seeing the turn of the events lately, and how Max seemed to be ready to kill him whenever he was less than one feet from Liz, he couldn't believe he had agreed to be a part of "her twisted plan". He was sure she had to have a really good reason to hurt Max the way she had, most of all knowing how much she loved him and certainly still did, but she hadn't wanted to talk about it back then, and now he was thinking he should have insisted more before accepting.

Being now accross the street he glanced at the Crashdown expecting to see the doors already closed and Liz and Maria cleaning up, but what he saw instead nearly gave him a heart attack. He tried to get nearer to have a better sight of the scene, and without any doubt now, he could see that, just in front of him, behind the cafe open door, were two men facing the whole Pod Squad , and one of them was holding Liz hostage, threatening her with a gun.
'Damn, talk about routine! One month away and still nothing changes!' he thought sarcastically. Thank Buddha he was now more than used to that kind of stuff, otherwise he would already be running and screaming like a poor girl! But apparently Maria had applied and got the job first! 'Okay, think Kyle! Buddha if you hear me it's now or never!'
He paused a while thinking about what to do and the best way to help his friends without causing any more problems, and the only conclusion he came up with was that he couldn't do anything alone. He needed help. Of course calling the present sheriff wasn't an option. By experience, and even though he didn't recognize the two people in front of him, he was practically sure they could only be evil aliens, and he didn't see how he would face the sheriff if something definitely "out of this world" was to happen.
If he could come still closer he would maybe hear enough to know who they were, or what they wanted and then he could maybe come up with a plan. But coming closer also meant taking a great risk: he could be too noisy, scare them, and things could get out of hands really quickly, and then Liz could be injured or even worse.
Since he knew that Max would rather die before letting anything happen to Liz and seeing that he was handling the situation, he decided to go and find the only person he was sure would know what to do: his father.
With that last thought he run as fast as he could, back to where he was coming from, hoping that nothing bad would happen during the short time he needed to bring help.
'Damn', he cursed out of breath when he was nearing his house. The first time he decided to go for a walk instead of driving his car! And now he had to run like a maniac. But hopefully his father would still be home and everything would be alright.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, inside the Crashdown eveyone was waiting for Nicolas to continue.
Max was of course already losing patience. He didn't like this little game Nicolas seemed to be eager to play.

"I can see you have questions Max! I can call you Max, right? Go ahead!" he encouraged him.

"What do you exactly want? And what this has to do with Liz?" Max inquired again nervously.

"Liiiz?" he asked as if hearing her diminutive for the first time. "Oh yeah, right, it's Liz! I couldn't remember! I have to say dear King that you really know how to chose them…..she's beautiful…..and smart……really smart." He said cupping Liz's chin and smiling at her. Of course she immediately tried to get out of his grip, but he only held her tighter and laughed at her attempt.

"DON'T TOUCH HER!" she heard Max yelling, but Nicolas only laughed louder.
After a few seconds he released his hold, and turning to Max he declared more seriously:

"Okay! Here is what I want. The Granilith, and … Remember: because of you I'm dying and the granilith is the only thing that can stop the process. YOU?… You are…..the icing on the cake. So…you come with me, take me to the Granilith and she's free. See! Easy no?"

"What makes you think that he's going to accept? that we are going to accept!" Mickael instantly responded, what of course earned him a warning glare from Max. But there was no way he would let Max go with Nicolas and show him the Granilith..... not without a fight. There should be another way to get everyone out of this situation.
"Oh, Mickael!" Nicolas said grinning."You may not be interested in what can happen to Liz, but I'm sure Max is, right?! Right of course." He provided before anyone could answer and then went on."Well let me explain. Obviously, Max, you were not with your dear bride when you came to Copper Summit, I mean not intimately. Otherwise she wouldn't have been all over you and making those ridiculous puppy dog eyes everytime you were looking in her direction. So I wondered why?, she doesn't look that bad after all. Granted, she's blonde and you know what they say about blonde bimbos*,……not my type….. but anyway. So…. I was thinking about that point and that's when I remembered this young human you brought with you. Things seemed pretty…..'hot'….. between you! Now can you see what I mean? YOU surely won't let anything happen to her?!" he finished raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"Look, you want me? I'm here! and I will go with you! You don't need her! She has nothing to do with this so now LET GO OF HER!" Max tried to deal.

"Oh no! She's my…. How can I say that? … guarantee… life-insurance!" he replied. "You are going to come with me, but… SHE is going to stay here with Edward.That way I'm sure you won't try to….rip me off. I don't really need her, you're right, so she will be free as soon as I get what I want."

"You don't really think that I'm going to buy this crap, do you? I'm not going to leave her, or anyone else in this room here with one of your men!" Max immediately stated, giving no room for any discussion. He would not leave if Liz was still in this situation.

"I have one question Max: are you two together or not? Is she your girlfriend? Nicolas asked suddenly out of the blue, surprising everyone.

"N-No…she…..she's not my…. girlfriend." Max stammered. He had hesitated a few seconds, but he wasn't lying anyway, right? Liz wasn't his girlfriend anymore. He didn't know where Nicolas was going with all that but obviously he wanted to use Liz and his feelings for her to achieve his aims, and Max would do or say anything so that he would let go of her, even answer his weird questions.

"No! Not anymore of course, otherwise why would she be sorry and need to 'beg' for your forgiveness, huh?" Nicolas stated, proud of the effect this little sentence was provoking.

"What do you mean?" Max asked confused now.

"I told you… she is smart! She dedicated you a song using your previous name, right? I would never have thought about that. But that was soooo sweet!" he said in a fake girlish voice while joining his hands in a mock gesture.
The song. Oh God Liz thought. Was it possible that he had been listening to the radio and that that was what brought him here. No? It couldn't be. But that could make sense. Maybe he had been waiting to find a way to reach Max and she had just given him the best opportunity. Or at least that what he should be thinking. What would he do now that Max had confirmed the fact that they weren't together? she wondered …..and who would have thought that this gnome would listen to the radio, huh?

"I'm wondering Max! What has she done that you can't forgive ? She cheated on you??" he continued, grinning from ear to ear.

"That's none of your business!" Max quickly replied angrily. He definitely didn't need Nicolas to twist the knife in the wound and remind him why they weren't together anymore, or what she had done or not.

"No, you're right." He paused and then approaching Liz again, he reached out his hand, touched the top buttons of her uniform, and let his fingers linger there. "But it's too bad….for you" he continued while slightly caressing Liz's neck skin now."And I'm not complaining! If you don't want her anymore, maybe..…I could give it a try. You won't mind, right?!"

The second he saw Nicolas's hand on Liz Max went ballistic. He took a step forward but before he could move further he was held by two sets of hands. He could feel his blood boiling in his veins, and he struggled to free himself. He was going to kill this guy, no matter what, he was going to do it….. sooner or later.

"Max! stop! Don't play his game!" "Max, don't move!" he heard Mickael and Isabel saying at the time. Even Tess was trying to call him and stop him.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER AGAIN, YOU BASTARD!" he yelled at the top of his lungs and still struggling. "DON'T YOU DARE!"
It took both Mickael and Isabel's strength to prevent Max from throwing himself on Nicolas and strangling him with his hands, but he didn't even seem to care. Instead he just laughed, and after droping his hand to his side again, he glared at Max and declared:

"Max, Max! You know, ….insulting me won't help you here, ….nor her!"

"Don't touch her!" Max simply repeated while breathing heavily. Isabel could see how her brother was slowly losing control, and she had to do something or she was sure something really bad was going to happen. And she didn't want to see anything happening to any of her friends, and particularly not Liz. She didn't deserve this, not when all she had ever done was do her best to protect them. Her only mistake was to have loved Max enough to enter his 'alien' world.

"Max, calm down!" she said stepping in front of him. "he's right! It won't help us. We need to stay as calm as possible here, okay?" she paused and then turning to Nicolas she added. "Now you damn pervert! Leave her alone….."

"Hey! Watch it!" he objected right away, cutting her off. " Stay 50 years in a 14 years old teenager's body, 50 years going through puberty with your hormones constantly in a fervent, and then you will talk! OKAY??"

Max was trying his best to breath normally again, but that just seemed impossible. All he could see was Liz in front of him, completely terrified, her eyes brimming with tears she was doing her best to hold back. She was struggling again and this seemed to really upset Edward.

"Would you stop moving! You damn human!" he heard him yelling, so he immediately told her.
"Liz, please don't move" his eyes pleading for her to stop and stay calm. He would get her out of this. No matter how, he would.
Maria had been hysterical almost since everything had started, sobbing a moment, then talking alone the next, or simply sniffing cedar oil, and he really didn't need Liz to join her. At least Mickael was calming Maria down, but Liz would be something else. If she broke down near Edward and Nicolas, who knew what they would do to her. He met her gaze and nearly started crying himself. He could see she was trying to be really strong, but he knew her better, and he was sure she would collapse soon, if he didn't do something. He was going to propose an arangement when he heard Nicolas laughing again.

"Wow-oh! That was fun, man!" he started "You're really impressive when you get angry Max! But I can't see what the matter is there? You're not together, so if someone else touches her, what do you care?!"

"It's called…. friendship…….. she's….she's my friend! I won't let you hurt her." He tried to justify himself. Of course this had nothing to do with friendship, but love when Liz was concerned. But there was no way he would admit that right now, that was none of Nicolas's business anyway. But obviously he had decided to torture him tonight. "Touch her again and… I kill you" he finished seriously.

"Oh! So you're saying she's just that? A friend?" he asked, ignoring Max's threat. Oh yes!, a plan was already forming in his devilish mind. Of course he didn't give a damn what she really was to him, but if he could play a little game and hurt Max in the process, that would be great no? Looking at Liz he could notice that when she had held back her tears until now, they were now slowly and silently making their way on her cheeks. In fact she had started crying as soon as he had said she was a friend. 'Yep! She 's going to make this so much easier' he thought….. "I don't think she sees it your way" he continued pointing to her "Nor do I!"
--What could Max respond to that? He didn't even believe his own words, why would anyone else?-- "Could you honestly say that you don't care? That you don't love her?!" he finished a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Why are you doing this?" Max spat now really mad. What he felt for Liz or not, didn't concern anyone but him. "I told you I would come. Let the others leave and I will go wherever you want!" He tried to change the subject, but Nicolas continued nonetheless.

"No, no! Come on man, this could be even more fun! Don't you think Eddie!" he declared joyfully as if this was his favorite game, and asking his opinion to the other alien, who only nodded and grinned like a fool. "Do you love her?"

"WHAT?" Max asked incredulously. " Have you lost your mind? I thought you were here for me and the Granilith , not to play some stupid little game you are the only one to understand.!"

"I see…You don't like to play, huh?" Nicolas stated more than he questionned "Look, here the deal: you say you don't love her, and I let her go!"

"What? No way! You're crazy! The only deal I'm making here is…they all leave and then we go to where the Granilith is. It's what you wanted, right!" Max announced seriously.

"Have changed my mind, sorry! Anyway…. my men are waiting behind, they won't go far if I don't tell them to let them leave! So answer my question and Edward will let Liz go. At least she will join you….. well not you" he corrected smiling "…. since you will be coming with me, but your sister and Spiky Boy here. Don't you prefer to know she's safe before leaving? Or maybe I should say… least!"

"Why should I trust you?" Max asked not believing a word of what he was saying.

"Man, it's a deal! That's why! But if you want…I can also promise and spit!" he replied ironically.

What was Max supposed to do now? Of course he didn't trust the alien, but that was Liz who was held, and if there was a chance that she could be released, even if she wouldn't be able to leave the restaurant, could he not take it? Granted that wouldn't change the fact that she would still be there if something bad was to happen, but at least Mickael would be able to protect her if she could move and go behind them with Maria, before he left. And maybe then he wouldn't even have to leave with Nicolas: if she was safe he could use his shield to protect everyone and then attack both aliens, or made them leave and dealt with them later.
But on the other side, how would Liz react if he said that? She wouldn't believe it was true, right? No, she would know that he would only be lying to protect her. Not that it really mattered anyway since they were not together, but he didn't want her to think he didn't love her, no matter what happened.
He was pulled out of his reflection when Nicolas spoke again:

"So Max, what do you think? Pretty easy no? If you don't love her, she's of no use for me anyway, right?!" But one way or another, Nicolas was thinking, he would win this game: he was sure Max would lie if he said that he didn't love her, but if he said it, it would hurt Liz, and consequently it would hurt Max, and that was more than fine for him, and if he didn't say it, Liz could think he wasn't willing to do all he could to save her, and if she didn't see it this way, well…..he would help her to. The human mind is so weak, he thought, you can make them see or believe what you want! That would be a piece of cake. And it would certainly affect their relationship, and therefore the 'King'.
Seeing Nicolas was waiting Max made up his mind. What was really important here was Liz's immediate safety. And after all it was just words. He would explain her when she would have nothing to fear anymore, and she would understand it was the only thing to do.

"I'm waiting!" he heard Nicolas insisting again.

"I….I…." he started but couldn't say it.

"What? You what?"

'I can't, I can't' Oh please Max, say you can't', Liz prayed silently. Even though she knew there was a great chance that he would mean those words anyway and would have told her that if they could have talked like they should have tonight, she didn't want to hear them now, not when everyone was there, .....not when Tess was there.... to hear them too.

"I…I d-d-don't… love her!" he stammered finally, tears forming in his own eyes now. Why was this hurting him so much when he knew he didn't mean it.
For the first time tonight everyone could hear Liz's sobbing. She had been strong all night but one sentence from Max and she had lost all strength. When she wasn't even directly concerned, Isabel couldn't help but shed tears herself. She knew first hand what he should have cost Max to say that, but what really made her heart ache was Liz's face. She seemed completely destroyed, as if all life had suddenly left her body.
Nicolas on the other side seemed really satisfied with his little stunt. But if they had paid attention, everyone would have noticed that he wasn't the only one to be exultant.
If it hadn't been completely inappropriate due to the fact that Max and everyone else were there, Tess would certainly have burst with joy herself. The guy was good! She couldn't have done it better herself if she had planned to. This would definitively dissuade Liz to try to get Max back. Even Liz couldn't be stupid enough to go after a man who tells her in front of everybody else that he doesn't love her, right? she thought. 'But surely stupid enough to believe he had meant it!' she added inwardly.

'Kill me! Kill me right there and now!' Liz pleaded inwardly as soon as she heard the words escaping Max's mouth. 'Oh God, it hurts too much! Let them kill me now!'
As much as she tried she couldn't control her body anymore and stop it from shaking now. She had wanted to puke up when she had felt Nicolas's dirty hands on her but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. She was feeling sick. She needed to sit down. She needed to get out of here. She needed air. 'How could he? How could he say it' she kept repeating. But what was she expecting anyway, huh? It wasn't as if they had lived a passionate and idyllic relationship till now, and she was learning something new. After all this was part of her plan. This was where her lie should lead them. But if she knew it already, why was this killing her inside, slowly asphyxiating her, and making her want to die just there. Because now it made it all more real, all more true, there was no way to deny it anymore. They were just friends, he had said so himself, he didn't love her anymore and there was nothing to cling on to anymore, there was no more hope for her, for them, she thought crying even more.

"LET ME GO" she started yelling suddenly, struggling with all her might. It didn't matter anymore what they would do to her, she just needed to leave this place. NOW. "LET ME GO NOW !"

"Hey! Are you crazy, or what!" she heard Edward yelling at her while he tightened his grip on her, but she continued to move nonetheless. She could hear everyone yelling now, Mickael, Maria, even Tess. But she only heard Max's words clearly:

"Liz, stop moving, please" he told her, and then adressing Nicolas he yelled. " Let go of her now, I did what you wanted! I don't love her, you're satisfied?! JUST LET HER GO!" He tried to approach her but Edward aimed him with his gun.

"Don't move! Don't move again …..Or I kill you….both!" he finished moving the gun from Max to Liz, then to Max again.

"You want to kill someone, you want to shoot someone? Shoot me! Now, Nicolas, tell him to let her go!" he shout angrily at him.

"Uh-huh! Come on man, you didn't really believe it would be so easy no?..... But you should see your face!" he responded laughing.

"You….you….." Max stuttered, unable to find his words. God! How he hated this man.

Hearing the words once was painful but hearing them twice was even worse for Liz, and of course it never occured to her that he had only repeated them so that Nicolas would really believe him and released her once and for all.
One look at Liz's face and Max knew he had been wrong. One look into her eyes and he knew she had believed those words, believe he had meant them. And he knew that was certainly what Nicolas had wanted. He had played him, and Max had directly stuck his head in the lion's mouth
Liz tried to free herself again, and all the shouting started again. Everyone was yelling again. Her head started spinning and she felt as if the voices were suddenly fading away. Oh no! I'm not going to faint right now?, she thought. She tried to take long and deep breaths to calm herself, and then she heard a voice coming over all the others.

"OKAY! STOP THIS ! EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Isabel? It was Isabel she realized. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN" she continued, and surprisingly all the shouting stopped almost immediately, and everyone stood there silently for a moment, trying to calm and catch their breath.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fifteen minutes later Kyle was back with his father and they were both hidding behind some car across the street, trying to assess the situation. Obviously nothing had changed since Kyle had left, but they would have to come closer if they wanted to intervene. Silently they both approached the Crashdown and once near the doors they croushed down. They could hear the group talking and that's how they learnt that there were more aliens waiting behind the restaurant. They hadn't really expected that, but that meant that they would have to deal with more aliens than they initially thought. That also meant that they would have to separate before acting. At first Kyle wanted to take those who were behind but since they didn't know how many they were exactly, his father thought it would be better if he took charge himself of those ones since surely they would try to come in anyway as soon as they would hear the commotion in the front. At least if Kyle took those two who were inside, Jim Valenti was sure he would be helped by Max and Mickael, and even the others. Logically they wouldn't stand a chance against the six persons that were there if he didn't count Liz. Moreover Kyle had refused to take a gun arguing that it wouldn't kill them anyway if they were skins, and had prefered to just take a baseball paddle and give another to him. So he didn't want to let his son risk his life more than he already was and face God knows how many aliens who certainly were armed. If it depended on him Kyle wouldn't even be there, but he was aware that he couldn't do all himself, and he couldn't let Max and the other youngs get by alone. So finally it was decided that Kyle would try to get Liz out of her current situation and freed her from her captor's clutches and then let Max and Mickael take care of the two aliens, - what they would most definitely do as soon as they would see him-, when he would bump the others off.

If the situation had not been so dramatic Kyle would surely have laughed out loud at the stupidity of the two aliens. 'And they are supposed to be an advanced race', he noted shaking his head. But what kind of advanced race would hold people hostage in a public restaurant and not close both doors to prevent anyone to see what they were doing. 'The one that can certainly just 'zap' any intruder with their alien powers in the blink of an eye, you moron', he responded his own question not long afterwards. But anyway he surely wasn't going to hold it against them when they were making his task easier, right?. He didn't think he would have stand a single chance to surprise them if he had to open the door and so set off the chimes. That was at least one problem that was solved.
What he needed now was some kind of miracle so that he would be able to come behind them quickly enough so that they would not be in position to react. He raised his head behind the one door that was closed and took a look inside trying to see if he could get the attention of one of his friends thinking that maybe if they saw him one of them would do something that would distract the others and give him enough time to make his move. That was when he spotted Tess. Of course! Tess could help him more than anyone else. She had an ability that could really came in handy there.
'Help me' he mouthed poiting to Nicolas and Edward as soon as he crossed her eyes and realized she had seen him. He saw her looking at him strangely as wondering what the hell he was doing there or what he wanted but then she nodded her head slightly when realisation dawned on her and she understood what he was excepting from her. She took a little step back, hidding herself from both men's sight behind Max and Isabel, and closed her eyes. She needed to find a way to tell Max and Mickael that Kyle was there and then help him enter the restaurant without being noticed. She concentrated and then mindwarped them so that they would be the only ones to see her.

"Max, Mickael, don't move" she warned them quickly not wanting them to freak and draw Nicolas's attention on them. "You're seeing me because I want you to. Kyle is outside....I don't know what he has in mind, but maybe this can help us. I'm going to help him become 'invisible' in front of those two, so …be ready." she hurried and finished.

Both guys nearly jumped when they saw Tess appearing in front of them when she was supposed to be behind them, but as soon as they understood that this was only one of her mindwarp they stayed as quiet as they could to not give any clue of what was happening.
As soon as she finished informing them, Tess concentrated again and mindwarped Nicolas and Edward so that they wouldn't see Kyle. Of course she could have come up with this herself before, but who was she to intervene when Max was the leader, huh? Okay! Who was she kidding: she certainly would have stayed here all night and done nothing at all if Kyle hadn't come, because in fact she didn't give a damn if this situation got out of hand as long as noone was hurt except maybe Liz Parker. That was also why she didn't think it was necessary to tell her what was going to take place. Maybe if she was lucky enough, she could kill two birds with one stone. She would get rid of her, but Max would see her as the one who had tried to save her. And since initially it wasn't her plan, he would not blame her if anything didn't happen according to it, right? Yes! This would be sooo perfect.

Kyle took a long and deep breath before quietly entering the cafe and tried his best to make no noise. If he was right Tess should be mindwarping both agressors right now, but he didn't know how many time her little tricks could work.
Max and Mickael both saw Kyle and they knew they would have to fight soon now. Mickael was ready for this moment to come: he had only killed one man before, or at least one human, if you didn't count the entire race he had helped to destroy, but this was different. This was a war and he was a soldier.
Max on the other side, was dreading this moment. Although he knew it was inevitable, he couldn't help but think that Liz could be injured in the process and SHE was his priority. As far as he was concerned, Nicolas and Edward could go and rot in hell right now, but he didn't want anything to happen to Liz because their plan, well Tess and Kyle's in fact, had failed. So he just prayed that everything would be fine, and that noone would be hurt or worse, killed.
Thank God, Nicolas and Edward were not paying any attention to Maria and Isabel otherwise they surely would have known something was up. Both girls' eyes nearly popped of their heads when they saw Kyle.

He had to act quickly if he wanted this to work, because he was sure that as soon as the two aliens would see Max and Mickael moving towards them they would react. But what made him really anxious was the fact that he would first have to push Liz aside, out of their way. He just hoped she wouldn't be hurt while doing so, otherwise he was sure a certain alien would kick his ass, even though he had just heard him stating he didn't love her. 'Don't love her, my ass!' Fortunately Eddie, as he had heard the Nicolas guy called him before, was now holding Liz by the arm only, and hopefully Tess would have tell them he was going to act so she would be ready and duck as soon as she would feel him pushing her.
'Okay here we go' he tried to motivate himself. Approaching closer to the two individuals, Kyle first lifted the paddle, pushed Liz aside before anyone could react, and then hit Liz's captor with all his might. Mickael and Max were quick to react, while the girls immediately squatted down just in case. Mickael took Nicolas and Max, Edward.
Without any hesitation, and before he could recover from Kyle's knock, he turned him on his stomach using all his weight to immobilize him. He then reached for the bat Kyle had dropped on the floor and struck him with all his strength, breaking the seal of his husk and killing the man instantly.
Mickael wasn't as lucky. Nicolas was really fast. The moment Tess's mindwarp stopped and he saw Mickael coming his way he used his powers and sent him flying in the air. Mickael crashed behind the counter, and laid there a short moment before standing up ready to fight again. But when he looked where Nicolas had been seconds before, he had just disappeared. Immediately he ran to the street, trying to see if he could find him, but there was nothing. No Nicolas, nor other aliens. Roswell's streets seemed suddenly completely deserted. He was soon joined by Sheriff Valenti, who had come back from behind the Crashdown after having killed two more aliens himself, and for the ten following minutes they searched the area trying to find him. Maybe this was another aspect of being able to be at different places at the same time, Mickael thought, remembering Courtney's words.

As soon as Edward was killed, Max turned in Liz's direction hoping she was alright. But what he saw made him want to throw up just there.
Kyle was on top of Liz, and he never crossed Max's mind that he was just trying to protect her, even with his body if he could. No! All he could see was a sinister reminder of the night they had spent together. Images of another time when Kyle had been so close to Liz immediately played in his mind, and he couldn't see or think clearly through the blur of jealousy or pure hatred he was developing towards this man. He knew he was being irrational: Kyle had just help save Liz's life, as everyone's else, but this scene, added to all the events of the night was just too much. Maybe he wasn't as ready as he thought to hear her explanation after all, he realized.
But those thoughts were almost, yes almost, forgotten as soon as he saw Kyle standing up and realized that Liz was bleeding. She had to have hurt herself when she fell, because she had now a little cut just above the arch of her left eyebrow. So he was by her side in a matter of seconds.

"Liz, are you okay? " he asked her softly.

Kyle was helping her to stand up, but when she looked at him Max nearly froze. He could see her tears coursing freely on her cheeks, and her eyes held so much pain, it hurt him to see her like that. It hurt even more than seeing her holding hands with Kyle like they were right now.
He reached for her arm carefully, but she moved it away as if his touch was burning her.

"Liz, you're bleeding. Let me…" he told her tentatively. But he couldn't finish his sentence.

"DON'T……touch me!" she simply said, and then showed her way past him, then past the others, and helped by Kyle she headed towards her apartment. She didn't need anyone pity. Even Maria called her but she didn't seem to hear her.

"…..heal you" Max finished nonetheless, though she wasn't there anymore to hear his intentions.

'Don't touch me!' Three simple words, but for Max they meant the world. Or rather the end of his world. She had not wanted his help , she hadn't wanted to let him touch her, or even heal her. And now she was upstairs, being comforted by Kyle. He thought his heart had been broken months ago and that he wouldn't be able to suffer more than then, but Liz Parker had just broken the remains of his heart all over again, crushing what was left of it into little pieces.
Seeing the haggard face of her brother, Isabel hugged him immediately trying to comfort him as much as she could. She could only imagine what he had lived tonight. Granted, she was there too, and she had been afraid too, afraid for her life, afraid for the life of those who were her family, for those she loved, but it wasn't the love of her life who had been standing part of the night in front of her, with a gun on the temple, and it hadn't been the love of her life who had just rejected her afterwards. Gently she stroked his back, trying to ease all the tension she could feel coming in waves from Max's body. When he felt Isabel's arms surrounding him, Max wrapped his own arms around her. Feeling him shivering Isabel hugged him tighter.

"Shhhh, Max, it's okay! It's over now. "

"I didn't mean it." he just said, not really making any sense for those who were present.

"What?" Isabel asked him confused. " What is it Max?"

"I didn't mean it" he repeated, worrying his sister, Tess and also Mickael who was now holding Maria, even more.

"Max! What are you talking about?" Tess inquired, speaking for the first time since they killed the alien, and once she had recovered from the sensation of weakness her mindwarping caused her. She thought he was referring to that, since she knew Max had never killed anyone before, and was rather the peace-loving person.

Max was tightly holding his sister, but when he saw Maria approaching him, he released his hold, and moved in her direction.

"Maria, …I…I didn't mean it "he repeated for the third time.

To everyone amazement Maria seemed to understand exactly what he meant:

"I know, Max…..I know" she told him hugging him like his sister had done before. "….and I'm sure she knows it too. She's just shaken. Give her time Max, and then you will talk, okay?."She finished pulling her head from the crook of his neck to see if he understood her.
'Of course' Isabel thought. How had she not thought about that before.

Encircling his arms around Maria he just nodded, doing his best to believe her words. He so needed to believe them. He really hoped Liz knew he didn't mean it when he said he didn't love her.
'Damn you Liz Parker' Tess cursed inwardly. 'Here we're worried sick about him, and all he can do is think about you, or what you must be feeling. Why couldn't you die tonight. I surely wouldn't have shed a tear.'

Max and Maria were still in the same position comforting each other, when Kyle entered the restaurant again. Maria turned in his direction and asked him where and how was Liz, but before he could answer, Max was already verbally attacking him.

"What are you doing here?" he spat angrily.

"What? " Kyle responded completely confused. Shouldn't be this guy thanking him for saving everybody's ass.

"You left her alone?"he continued " How could you leave her alone?"

"Hey! Don't shout on me, okay!" he retorted quickly when he understood what the problem was. " She didn't let me go further than her bedroom door. She said she wanted to be alone."

"Are you stupid or what?!!! You shouldn't have left her alone, not after what happened! I knew you were….."
'Okay! That's it! Enough with the little king's attitude.' Kyle thought and immediatly decided to give Max a piece of his mind.

"You know nothing man! Nothing at all! You never did, and if it depends on Liz, you never will. I know you' re having a problem with me and my relationship with Liz. And if you want to stay here and brood on the past….Fine! Do as you want! But it won't help Liz and anyway we both know what she needs or who she needs right now no matter what she claims. If you weren't so damn blind and would just open your eyes here!! "he yelled before finishing more calmly. "So give me a break here, will you?.... Oh……and by the way…it was nothing…you're welcome!"
Kyle was fed up with all this crap! How could Max be so stupid? 'I told you Buddha,…not a so advanced race after all' he thought again ironically.As hard as it was for Kyle to admit that, Liz only needed one person, and it wasn't him. She only needed Max. He certainly was the only one who could help her through this, but he was too damn proud to realize that just now apparently. Unfortunately his little speech didn't have the effects he thought it would.

'But who this guy thinks he is??!!' Max thought.
He was about to grab Kyle and kick his ass right there and then for telling him what he should do, how he should act with Liz, when he heard her loud sobs. He was downstairs…. and he could hear her crying. Oh God! All thoughts of kicking anyone's ass went flying through the window straight away.
Only seconds after he pushed Kyle aside, and walked towards the swinging doors, but Maria stopped him before he had a chance to reach them.

"Look Max!" she declared softly, not wanting to hurt his feelings. "I……I know you want to help her…..but I think……I should go and check on her first! Do…do you understand?"
How much as it cost him to admit it he knew Maria was right. Unlike Kyle, he thought she needed her best friend right now and not an ex-boyfriend who was too overwhelmed by his own emotions to think clearly. But he would stay near, just in case she would ask for him or for whatever help he could provide.
Giving Maria a slight nod he let her go and comfort Liz.

When she was coming up the stairs, Maria could hear Liz's cries coming more and more loudly. Those cries were so painful, she felt a pang in her heart thinking about what her friend should be going through, but she couldn't help but wonder what was really causing them. Was it the fact that she could have been killed tonight, or was it because Max had told her he didn't love her? Maybe both. Maria wasn't blind enough to not realize he hadn't meant a word of what he said, and she was sure everyone who was present at that moment knew it, but Liz…..well Liz had certainly been in such an emotional state -- but who would not have been-- that she was sure she had lost all her objectivity. Anyway you never see things clearly when you are directly concerned, right?! God, they were supposed to talk tonight. She had seen Max approaching Liz just before Nicolas appeared and now everything was just so messed up.

When she opened Liz's bedroom door, Maria found her friend curled up on the floor, and the sight nearly broke her heart. Her body was shaken by uncontrollable spasms, and her face was contorted in a painful expression, her eyes puffy and red, tears running down her face. She also noticed that the blood above her eyebrow had already dried. She went directly to the bathroom and searched for a wash cloth. Once she was near Liz again, she knelt down automatically, settling herself on her bended legs, pulled Liz on her lap, and she rested her head on her thighs. She cleaned Liz's wound carefully, and then, as she had done so many times before when her friend was in such a state ~ although she had to admit she had never seen Liz like that before ~she tried to comfort her as much as she could.

"Shhhhh! It's okay! It's over now, Liz "she whispered ……but then smiled slightly, remembering those were the words Isabel had told her brother moments ago. They were so much alike she thought, why could everyone but them see how much they needed each other?.

"Shhhh! Let it go, Liz. Let it go" she told her.
Maria had been friend with Liz for long enough now to know that sometimes she just needed that. Let it go. Cry. And not be the strong and always in control girl, they sometimes all wanted her to be. So she just let her cry, thinking she would talk if she felt the need.

Max couldn't stay far away from Liz. Not when he could sense how she was suffering right now. So, not long after Maria, he climbed the stairs and stayed behind the door. He so wanted to enter this room, take her in his arms and tell her that she was safe , that she would always be, as long as he would be alive to protect her. But Maria thought he had to wait, so wait he would. He just hoped she would call him.
He had been there for a long time now, and she still was crying. But he would have to thank Maria for all her help and her attention, because she was really doing a fantastic best friend's job. He hoped she would always be there for Liz.

After what felt like an eternity, he heard her cries subside and then finally die. He didn't know how long he had been there, but he thought it should be really late now. Mickael had startled him when he went upstairs to ask him if he was going to stay there. He had closed the cafe after cleaning the mess that had been created ~ some glasses had been broken during Mickael's fall ~ ãnd now they were all heading together to his place and to the Evans's to grab some few things to spend the night here. Mickael had found him eyes closed and crying, his forehead and his hands resting against the door, and he realized he shouldn't have disturbed him. Obviously his friend needed to be where he was. Near Liz.
Max was reluctant to leave Liz's side, although technically he was not really by her side but by the side of her door, but he told him he was coming downstairs anyway since he wanted to talk to the sheriff before they left.
He was trying to decide if he should come in Liz's room to tell Maria the others were leaving, when he heard her calling his name.
Though Liz hadn't realized Max was just behind the door, Maria had heard him crying along with Liz and she knew he was still there. She was sure he wouln't leave until he would check on Liz himself, so when she was sure it wouldn't cause any problem, or any scene she called him in.

"She cried herself to sleep " she informed him as soon as he entered the room. "Could you help me and take her to bed, please? " she whispered softly not wanting to wake up her friend.

Max gently, lovingly took her in his arms and made his way to the bed as carefully as possible. But he nearly dropped her when he heard her soft whisper.
His name.
She was calling his name.
She was sound asleep, of that he was sure, but she still was calling his name.
Not Kyle's, not any other man's. HIS. He could have made a happy dance just right there. But then he remembered the situation, what she had said, who she had let come with her, who she had let touch her, and he could feel his chest constricting again.
He was going to lie her on the bed when he heard Maria's voice.

"Max, we…..we can't leave her in her uniform…..we….you know?"

What? Was she insinuating he should undress her? This would be one of his many fantasies come true but in those, whenever he undressed her, Liz was always wide awake and willing. This would be….would be…..he didn't know what it would be, but he couldn't do that right?!
Not missing the blush that was quickly spreading all over Max's face, Maria chuckled and told him:

"You…you know what….you just hold her, and I will undress her."
Relieved, he did as she said.
Oh God! This was going to kill him.
He was holding a sleeping Liz in his arms and Maria was undoing, with great difficulties, every snap of her uniform.
Something should be really wrong with his ears lately, he thought, because he was sure he was hearing the sound of the buttons' opening echoing in his head at least ten times louder than it was in reality.
Once she finished, Maria signaled him he could lie Liz down, and for once he was more than willing to do so. Knowing that Liz was there in his arms, and that he could see her almost naked if he wanted, ~and boy, if he wanted!!~ was driving him crazy. But he hadn't look down all the while, so he wasn't going to do so now. When he let go of her, Maria helped Liz getting comfortable, and tucked her up, leaving him with Liz's uniform in his hands.
When she turned she had to fight hard to not laugh at the expression on Max's face: she was sure she had seen him going through all the possible shade of red. But he was so cute. She knew what all this should have done to him but he had been the perfect gentleman.
Trying to lighten the mood she winked at him and told him :

"Don't worry Max…..I won't tell her you were watching!"

Max's face turned even a deeper red if that was possible and he started to object:

"I was not…."

But Maria just laughed softly and reassured him: "Kidding…..I was just kidding Max….I know you were not!" and then she headed towards the door.

Max started to follow her, but before reaching the door himself he turned and went back to Liz's side.
Pulling back a strand of hair that was partially hidding her face, he looked at her, placed his now glowing hand over her cut, and healed her. Then he kissed her forehead and almost solemnly whispered: "I DO love you, Liz" denying one last time the words he had heard her saying to Maria before falling asleep.
'He doesn't love me.' she had repeated sobbing. She couldn't be more wrong. And though he knew she couldn't hear him, he needed to tell her that.

So what do you think so far? Like it or not? I want to know. There is more!! Much more of this part 3, already written. I just need to check it one last time, so leave me feedbacks and tell me if you like this and if you want more and I post it immediately! *big*

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Title: Tell me what you want

Rating: PG 13-NC-17(well, I think, if I can write it))

Disclaimer: Even if it would be a dream come true, I don't own nothing from Roswell! And certainly not Jason "Hot" Behr!!

Author note:
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Sorry Tess….I don't have f****** bitches in mine……or at least not that I know of…shh*wink*

Chapter three, cont.

The next morning Liz woke up to the sound of people talking in her apartment. At first she didn't recognize the voices but when she heard two persons bickering loudly she knew without a doubt that it could only be Maria fighting again with her 'Spaceboy'.
She had had this weird dream last night where Nicolas was still alive and had come back to force Max to give him the Granilith……something about having little time left to live and needing it to stop the process she remembered. Nothing new she thought. He had searched for the Granilith before but never had a chance to find it, and this time had not been different.
She also remembered having been held hostage by one of his man, but with Kyle's help, Max had killed the guy and everything had ended just fine.
Oh yeah, and she had been injured. Kyle had pushed her aside before striking the man and she had hit her head against the chair near the cash register . Nothing bad in fact, just a little cut above her eye. Instinctively she reached for the arch of her eyebrow and realized there was nothing. She laughed softly thinking this dream seemed so real she could have sworn everything had really happened.
She turned to her alarm clock and realized it was 7:20 am
Getting up she headed towards her bathroom. Once there she took a look in the mirror and surely there was no wound. But ….wait a minute. She was in her bra and panties? Granted it was summer time and surely it was hot enough in Roswell to sleep only in bra and panties. But she NEVER slept in bra. NO. Her mother had always told her it wasn't good to sleep with her bra on; it was enough to have them compress your breasts all day, no need to torture them more during the night she said. So SHE NEVER SLEPT with them on, but with some old top, tee-shirt or even sometimes a nightie, but that was all.
Thinking about it she didn't even remember how she had gotten herself to bed.
Trying to remember she stopped when she heard some voices again.

"No, let her sleep, …..she needs to rest. I will help you downstairs!"
"Oh, I will pay to see that, man!"

'Okay! That was Mickael's voice again, but who was he talking to? and who needs to rest ? ' she wondered.
'This morning is getting more and more …..weird.
Hey, but wait a minute. I know this voice.
What is Max doing in my apartment, at 7:20am….with Mickael…and Maria by the way…..and ....what? was that…..Isabel?……Isabel is there too? Okay! Weird I told you!! Who's next……Tess??
Argh….I think I'm going to have morning sickness right now.
I'm still dreaming! ……I'm still dreaming, that's it?! Look chica! No cut right, so it is all just a dream! …….But if it is just a dream what are they all doing HERE!'

Without thinking about it twice she went to her bedroom door, and flung it open.

"Max? what are you doing here?" She inquired as soon as she saw him in front of the door.

"LI……"he started but stopped mouth hanging open as soon as he took a glimpse of her body…..her almost NAKED body. 'So much for being strong and not looking yesterday night, huh?!' he thought swallowing hard.

She was going to ask him again what he was doing here when she saw Maria.


"Hi Liz, could you sleep……" she immediately asked when she saw her friend, but also stopped mid-sentence.

"Yeah, but….." she would have reiterated her question if she hadn't seen the look of disbelief, --or was that shock?-- on both sets of eyes.

"WHAT?" she asked while placing her hands on her hips. Her…VERY…..NAKED…….hips.
"Oh-MY-GOD!" she yelled before turning around and slamming her door in Max and Maria's faces.
Maria couldn't help but laugh and Max just couldn't…..laugh……speak…..move…..breath.
He had just seen Liz Parker almost naked.
But why did she seeem so surprised to see him there? She should have known no one would have left her alone after yesterday's events.
But maybe it wasn't surprise at all what he had seen in her eyes.
Maybe she just didn't want to see him in her house. But how could he blame her if it was that, huh!?
Taking one long and much needed breathe, he knocked on her door.

"Liz! Liz? are you alright?" he asked softly.
"Liz?" he tried again when he saw she wasn't answering.

"Max! Leave, please!" he heard her saying.

"Liz…I…" he started but then he felt a hand on his arm and turned to face Maria.
"Let me try" she whispered, before taking his place right behind the door.

"Liz, can you open the door please?"
"Liz….it's me, girlfriend! Open the door."

They waited there a short moment and then they heard the door being opened slowly.
Seeing that Liz would not get out of the room, Maria entered.

"Liz? are you alright?" she asked as soon as she was by her side.

"It's all real…." she simply said.


"It's all real. It happened right?" she asked, confusing Maria.

"Liz….if you're talking about… you getting out in your bra and panties…yes it happened…but don't worry….Max didn't see anything he hadn't already seen before…..this guy surely has seen you naked more often than you can even imagine ……in his fantasies at least."she finished chuckling.

"No! I……I mean…..Nicolas…..Edward……It happened right?" she questionned again.
Maria was silent a brief moment and then just nodded.
Somehow seeing Max's face had triggered her memories and she realized that what she first thought was just a dream had really happened.
Nicolas….Edward….Kyle helping them….and Max.
Max who said they were just friends
Max who said he didn't love her.
Not once.
She reached again for her head and asked Maria:
"The cut?"

"Max healed you after you fell asleep!" she responded, understanding what Liz was asking.

"Oh!" So Max had healed her. Again. Yeah! But he hadn't healed her completely. He would never be able to. How do you heal a broken heart anyway. Even Max with all his alien powers couldn't do that..
Seeing the hurt and the sadness coming back in her friend's eyes Maria tried to comfort her again:

"Liz..about yesterday….what Max…." she started to say before being interrupted by Liz.

"No Maria….not now……..I….could you leave now please……I need to dress..and …I will be downstairs in a few minutes, okay?"

"Liz, you…." Maria tried again but to no avail.

"Maria not now please!" Liz said more firmly.

"Fine, ……..I will wait downstairs" she concluded, seeing that her friend wouldn't talk right now about how she was feeling.
Max had stayed behind the door…again….until he heard Mickael calling his name. Anyway he couldn't hear what they were saying since this time the door was completely closed, so he would just have to ask Maria if he wanted to know.

"How is she?" Max asked as soon as Maria entered the restaurant.

"I don't know Max……..I think....she's not ready to talk about anything that happened yesterday." She replied the sadness and concern for her friend evident in her voice.

"Is she….is she coming down?" he continued.

"Yeah….. give her a few minutes!"

Liz was now fully dressed but she couldn't bring herself to go downstairs. She didn't want to face anyone, and most of all she didn't want to face Max. Not when she knew now what his feelings were. Holding back the tears that were staring to form in her eyes again, she tried to control her emotions. Easier said than done! She was sure she wouldn't be able to look at Max without bursting into tears in front of him or everyone who would be there.
No, no! she thought. He didn't love her? Fine! But she would not give him the pleasure to see her crying and see how much all this was hurting her. She would not be humiliated again in front of all her friends.
She had done that before right? She had been able to fool everyone, and Max first when Future Max had asked her to lie. Never showing any particular emotions. Never showing her true feelings. She had done that until not so long after all. Until she had been stupid enough to think that they still had a chance and that she wanted him back……and that was what……? ….five days ago, huh!. It shouldn't be so difficult to pretend again, no? Anyway, she had thought that this little war with Nicolas was over, and obviously it wasn't so…..she couldn't get back with Max again even if she wanted now. Even if he wanted, ……and that was not the case.
She knew how to act, how to pretend, she had done this before. She had to keep repeating herself that, and everything would be alright. Yes she could do that.

As soon as she entered the cafe, Liz realised that everyone was there. All those that she had heard the voices before, and also Tess, and Kyle and his father.
Unenthusiastically, she greeted everyone and was ready to go and search for her antennas and her order pad when she noticed that Max was holding one and was attending a young couple who was already sitting on one of the booth. What was he doing? she wondered.
Seeing the questionning look on her friend's face, Maria approached her and told her:

"He said you shouldn't work today and that he would help me with the customers. Sweet no?"

"Yeah!" Liz just responded.
Of course it was sweet, but what was he trying to do? To redeem himself for what he had said? It would not be so easy.
"Look, Maria, I'm fine…..I can work, he doesn't need to do that….and anyway isn't he supposed to be working today…at the UFO center, I mean?" she asked.

"Yes, but he called and asked Brody if he could take some days off, and he accepted."

She looked at Max again and suddenly started walking in his direction.

"Max?" she called him.

"Oh Liz, ….Hi" he responded a little surprised that she was already there. Well at least she is speaking to me, he thought. He smiled but his smile faded the second he heard her speaking again.

"Look Max. I'm here now,… you can go now if you want!" she said seriously.

'If I want? If I want or because you want me to?' he couldn't help but wonder.

"Liz, you shouldn't be there today……I mean, working……I know you can't keep the restaurant closed and that's why Isabel and I are covering here. But you need to rest."

"I'm perfectly fine Max. You can go, really……I'm sure you are some more interesting things to do anyway, than do the waiter today." She saw the hurt in his eyes as soon as she finished her sentence but she went on anyway. He was hurt? She was too! And there was nothing anyone could do about that! "I will take it from here. Thank you." She finished impassively and took the pad from his hands.
Okay! He deserved that. He deserved her indifference and her obvious anger after what he had said, but couldn't she understand that he had no real choice and that he didn't mean those damn words. And God, how it hurt to see her being so cold with him now.
Reluctantly he moved towards the back and stopped near Maria.

"Time, Max… patient……she just needs time." She told him and patted his shoulder.

The rest of the day passed in a flash.
Sensing that Liz didn't want him near her, Max went with the sheriff to see one of his informers. They tried to figure out if someone had seen something weird happening in Roswell during the last few days, or if anyone had seen some strangers arriving in town. Max was sure that Nicolas should have arrived a few days ago or maybe before, and that he should certainly still be in town or very near. He needed the Granilith and he surely wouldn't stop just now, even if everything hadn't happened according to his plan.So they started to go around of Roswell and the surroundings' hotels to see if they could find anything that could help them.
After discussing it the four aliens had decided that it was time to act, and not let Nicolas do it first. They were sure he wouldn't appear soon now that they knew he was still alive, but would probably wait to catch them by surprise again. Wait till they would let their vigilance wander again. So this time they would take the initiative and attack first. They had faced an FBI unit, a town full of skins ready to kill them and they had survived. They surely could take care of Nicolas now, right?

The next morning they had the information they needed. One of Jim Valenti's 'friends had learnt some pretty interesting news. About a week ago, a little group of strangers, not more than four or five men had arrived to Las Cruces and were still lodged in one of the town hotels. They had been spotted because they always were with a young boy who surprisingly seemed to be their leader. But what had really drawn attention on them was that they all seemed to have some….' major dermatological problems'.
So now that they knew where they were, what they needed was a plan. And that was the hardest part.

"We have seen them" Max told the others "But the problem is Nicolas was not there. Apparently he didn't appear since the other night."

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Mickael inquired.

"We can wait…..or we can go and find him."

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked this time.

"Okay! We have observed them a bit. From what we have seen they are only five at the hotel. But I'm pretty sure that they are more somewhere. They seem to leave late in the morning and then come back in the afternoon or the evening, according to what the receptionist told the sheriff. So maybe we could follow them and see if they can lead us to Nicolas. What do you think?"

"Yeah, it sounds like a plan." Mickael replied "But we can't all follow them. It would be too obvious and anyway if we don't want to close the Crashdown, some have to stay here."

"Yes! I have thought about that too! But we can take turns, no? We just have to form groups." Max proposed.

This was supposed to be a simple formality, but strangely no one seemed to agree on who would go with who, who would do what, and with what they would start.
After only five minutes of bickering, Maria was already losing patience. How were they supposed to work as a team and defeat the other alien gang, if they weren't even able to decide on simple things like that.

"Okay everyone! STOP IT!" she yelled to get everyone attention. "I think we should just pair off……. Spaceboy and me of course. Isabel you can stay with us since the sheriff is trying to get more information on his own from his informers, ………Kyle and Tess; ……..and last……but not least" she said smiling "Max and ….Liz, if she decides to make an appearance of course."

"I don't think…." Tess tried to object as soon as Maria finished but she immediately cut her off.

"We all know that!" she started "That's why I did the pairing……. And if you're trying to change partner and I'm pretty sure I know who you want to 'pair' with……..sorry Tess but it won't happen this time." she paused "See we are trying to come with an intelligent plan here..…I know, difficult concept for you but…….if we want to be as safe as possible- and by we I mean the humans here- during our 'little expeditions', which by the way were not my idea, this can only be done one way: ONE human- ONE alien, and ONE girl- ONE guy, cos of course there is now way we leave two girls alone. Can you follow till now?" she asked her "…..There is no way I will go without my Spaceboy here to protect me, so logically ….and even you can understand that…it leaves …Max with Liz…….Of course Isabel could go with Kyle, but….that would leave you….all alone" she paused again as to emphazise the fact that noone really wanted to go with her….. Apart from Kyle maybe, who certainly had been blinded for life when he had seen the 'light' and heard the call of Buddha. " So as you see you have no real choice here. Of course you could have chosen between Kyle and Alex if he had been here but……he is not, so….unless you can fly to Sweden right now and bring him back here………" she deliberately let her sentence hung in the air, hoping the blondie bitch would take the hint. There was no way she would let her go with ' poor, naive and defenseless ' Max. She was sure she would eat him alive if she had to stay all the day alone in a car with him. And anyway she had better plans for him. She hoped a little time alone with Liz would do the trick and made the both of them realize how this whole situation was getting more and more ridiculous. They hadn't talked since yesterday morning. Liz avoiding Max at all costs and leaving whenever he would come near her, and Max….well Max simply not knowing how to act around her. Dense guy, huh? Maria thought. Yeah, I know, I know. He could just grab her and force her to listen to him, tell her he hadn't meant a word……but obviously the thought hadn't crossed his mind. Or maybe he was again in a 'I-only-make-her-suffer,-she-is-better-without-me' phase after what happened to her. She didn't know, but she was sure that several hours in a car, together, alone, would force them to talk……one way or another.
Once she finished her rambling everyone just stayed there looking at her as if she had grown a second head. Surely she knew how to make a point and keep anyone from contradicting her. How could you compete with Maria 'HURRICANE' Deluca? If Mickael couldn't, Tess surely stood not a chance. Of course she was fuming inside and she certainly would have tried to object again but everyone seemed to agree with the other blonde, so she couldn't do anything anymore. But she would have to pay for this.

Liz arrived nearly ten minutes after the 'pairing' had been decided -- well 'imposed' would fit better here-- and first she had wanted to change partner, since she didn't want to stay alone with Max. But one look at Maria's extremely determined face and she knew she shouldn't even try to.
Of course Max had decided to take the first turn -- along with Kyle and Tess who would stay at the hotel just in case the aliens would separate -- so she had to follow them.

They were in the car, spying on the hotel with binoculars since at least two hours and noone had said a word yet. The silence was growing awkward and really oppressive by now,and Liz was starting to get really uncomfortable. She wished she could be anywhere else. But if he had nothing to tell her, she wouldn't talk to him either. Little did she know that Max was thinking exactly the same thing…….well among others. The instant she had stepped into the Crashdown this morning, he knew he would die a slow and silent death if he had to stay with her….in a car…for hours. She had let her hair loose just like he loved it and she was wearing a red mini-skirt that reached her mid-thighs and a matching top with fine straps which let her shoulders bare. Her outfit seemed so tight that he wondered how she could breath in or walk with that on, but she was definitely a real knock-out. And God, if she looked…hot! He felt himself hardening just looking at her….heck he had felt like that ever since he had laid eyes on her this morning when she had opened her bedroom door. So how was he supposed to have a conversation with her when he couldn't even look at her without….well you see!
Liz was aware that her outfit was really not the 'perfect little spy's camouflage fatigues', but she didn't care. Of course she could have changed into something more comfortable and appropriate when she had been told where she was supposed to go and what she was supposed to do. But she needed this. As stupid as it sounded, she needed to do that for herself. She needed to look at her reflection in the mirror and be satisfied with it. Max didn't love her? Sure! But she needed to gain her self-confidence again, and she needed to think that she was beautiful, that she could be beautiful even though Max didn't see her this way anymore.

"They are moving" she suddenly heard him saying.
She turned to look at him and she saw him grabbing his cell phone and talked to Tess.

"Tess, two of them are leaving. We are going to follow them. You stay here and follow the others if they leave. Mickael will be there in a few hours and tonight to relieve you. I will call if there is anything else, okay?!"

As soon as he finished he turned to her:

"Are you ready?" he asked her as if this was a question. What was she supposed to say? No? And they would go back to the Crash? Did she really have any choice? NO! So instead she just nodded her head.
Max switched on the ignition and they started following them.
They drove behind the other car, carefully avoiding to be too close, during a long moment before realizing where they were heading. Obviously it would be a long trip. Longer than they had thought. If Max was right they were going to Hondo. But what the hell those two were going to do there? Or who were they going to meet? he thought.

Max and Liz had been following the two men through the streets of Hondo since at least 10 minutes then, when they finally stopped and entered an old hardware shop. They had no idea what they were doing here but this seemed to be an important halt for them. Both men seemed really nervous in fact, and Max just hoped they wouldn't be discovered otherwise he was sure things would get out of hands really quickly. Entering just behind them, Max instinctively took Liz's hand and pulled her closer, trying to hide behind a section of the shop. The first touch of Max's hand on hers sent a jolt of electricity through Liz's body, but she just decided to ignore it.
They were lucky the place was almost deserted otherwise two teenagers walking through the shop's shelves, spying on two men and crouching down whenever those would turn their heads in their direction, would surely have drawn too much attention. But fortunately, noone seemed to notice them.
After speaking several minutes with a man who looked to be the owner, they crossed the whole shop and walked towards an isolated portion of it. Looking around as to see if noone was noticing them or their strange behaviour, they quickly opened one of the back doors in the back of the store, and disappeared behind.
Max and Liz quickened their pace and reached the door just behind them. Max hesitated before carefully opening it , immediately extended his hand forward just in case he would have to protect Liz or himself, and asked her to stay behind him. He couldn't help but repeat himself they shouldn't be here, all this was too dangerous for him, …but mostly for Liz. He didn't know what they were going to find once behind this door, and he was already regretting this plan they had come up with. Following evil aliens shouldn't be their job anyway! They were only teenagers who were trying to live their life as normally as possible due to their own 'not of this world' origins, and here they were no king, second-in-command or princess. And even if Mickael, Isabel, Tess and him had always lived with the fear of being caught or killed because of what they were, Liz should not be a part of this, nor should Kyle or Maria. They were humans and had no way to protect themselves against aliens' powers. He would have to talk seriously with Mickael about their future involvement in their next so called plans. Of course leaving them alone,all by themselves was not an option anymore since Nicolas already knew about all of them and their implication in the four alien lives, but they couldn't let them risk their life constantly, and HE surely wouldn't let Liz risk hers again. But how he was going to tell her – or them – that he wanted her to stay safely at home with Kyle and Maria and not come with them from now on, was another question. One he didn't have time to deal with just now. It was too late to turn back anyway.
They had entered what looked like some sort of large stockroom, and Max had never seen a place so packed. There were different kind of stuff everywhere, and that made their movements all the more difficult, even though it hid them quiet well at the same time.
Almost automatically Max scanned the room trying to see, without being seen himself, where the two aliens were now since he could hear their voices but couldn't catch sight of them. He searched also for some kind of exit just in case they would have to run and escape. When he spotted two doors, one just a few feet from where they were standing and another in the back, he reached for Liz's hand again, and pulling her down with him he told her as quietly as possible:

"Liz, there is an exit door in the back, if anything happens, just run in this direction and leave, okay?"

"What?? No Max, I'm not going anywhere without you!" she replied instinctively and stubbornly.

"Liz, I'm not telling you to go just now, it's just a precaution! I can't even see where they are, what they are doing or if there are more of them now! You shouldn't even be there, Liz…I….. just want to be sure nothing is going to happen to you! Can you do that for me Liz?, would you run if something bad happens?" he pleaded. If she wasn't so aware of his feeling for her now, Liz could have sworn she could see true concern in his eyes. But after all this was Max, and he always care for others' safety, right?
She wanted nothing more than tell him there was no way she was going to leave him there alone, whatever happened, but she was smart enough to know she wasn't strong enough to help him if he had to fight, and therefore she would just be in his way. So instead she decided to not argue with him and just nodded her head reluctantly. They were going to stand up and move forward some more when they heard voices coming closer. Max reacted straight away and taking Liz's arm he hurried in the direction of the first door, opened it using his powers and pushed her inside, hoping they weren't discovered. He came in just behind her and noticed they were now in an small junk room also full of stuff. A room so small in fact that they had barely enough place to move. Liz was almost pinned against the wall, and Max had no choice but to stand in front of her, his body slightly pressed against her, his arms placed around her shoulders, and his hands touching the wall behind her. Liz almost instinctively placed hers on his chest.
Oh God! This was definitively not a good idea! Max thought. Breath in. Breath Out. He was so close to her, that he was sure if he just lowered his head a little he could bury his nose in her soft hair and smell her strawberry shampoo. Her scent was already surrounding him completely, and he knew he couldn't stay just like that, so close, and not lose control. But they hadn't talked yet about what happened with Nicolas the other day , or even about what happened with Kyle and what she wanted to explain, and he knew this couldn't go anywhere if they didn't do that first.
He shook his head and he listened attentively to the voices, trying to concentrate on anything but Liz , just to not have to look at her, or think about the fact that her body was only inches from his and that he could feel her hands and even her breasts pressed against his torso.
He tried to understand what the guys where talking about or who they were talking to, but all their voices came muffled so he couldn't hear them clearly. They remained like that during a long moment hoping no one would come and find them, but then they could hardly hear them anymore, and Max was sure they were leaving again. He waited a little more time and when he thought it was safe he decided they could get out.

He lowered his gaze to inform Liz, and his breath caught in his throat. Wrong move!
Liz was looking up at him and what he saw in her eyes, was enough to drive him crazy. They were darker than they usually were or that he had ever seen them before, and they were shining with so much desire that their intensity nearly knocked him off. He could see her chest rising up and down against his each time she would breath in, and from his vantage point her top was leaving almost nothing to the imagination. During a few seconds he could have sworn her cleavage and the creamy skin it revealed were calling his name. But he came back to reality as soon as he felt Liz's tiny hands gripping his shirt. He looked at them and when he looked back in her eyes again, he realized she was standing on her tiptoes, slowly closing the distance between them, and without even realizing it he bent down his head to meet her half way.
Liz knew it wasn't the time nor the place, but she wanted to kiss him so much, she wanted, no needed to feel his lips on hers again. Granted, she was being completely irrational: she hadn't spoken with him all day, even refused to meet his gaze since she had realized that what she thought was only a dream was all real, too real. But she was driven to him by a force that even all the hurt and all the anger she had felt since this moment couldn't curb.
And now here she was ready to kiss him when she knew she shouldn't be doing this.She was almost sure she would have only one kiss, but she wanted to know how it felt again, even if she knew she surely would suffer again afterwards. After all, though her feelings for Max hadn't changed, his had, so one kiss wouldn't mean anything for him, right? And she would have to remember that if or when he would push her away, and she knew he would, sooner or later.
The moment their lips touched they were both lost. Liz tightened her grip on Max's shirt pulling him even closer to her, and Max's hands came to rest on her hips first , then slowly made their way to her back, wrapping her completely in his embrace. The kiss was tender at first but it soon grew in something much more passionate. Max could feel his blood boiling, but this time it certainly wasn't because he was angry. HUNGRY would definitively suit better. He felt as if he had no control over his body anymore. His hands seemed to have developped a mind of their own, and were searching for every part of exposed skin they could find.
Liz was the one who deepened the kiss. She darted her tongue and slowly caressed his lower lip with its tip. And so seconds later, Max parted his lips and let her explored his mouth. She searched for his tongue and both engaged in a sensual duel. She put her arms around his neck and snuggled up closer against his body. She could feel Max's erection pressed against her belly and unconsciously she started to move up and down against it. She heard Max's moans and moved even more suggestively. They broke apart from the kiss and right away Liz made her way along his jaw, leaving a trail of kisses until she reached his ear. She nibbled at his ear's lobe, driving Max completely insane. He let his hands slide along her thighs and caressed them while moving beyond the hem of her skirt and upwards. He lifted her and pinned her against the wall behind her even more, his body nearly crushing hers. Liz didn't think about it twice and wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her heat against the evident bulge on his front for the first time. She was so wet she was sure Max could feel it even though she still had her panties and him his pants on. She let go of his ear and after running her lips up and down his neck a few times she brought them back to his, sliding her tongue again in his waiting mouth. She was now rubbing her crotch against his trying to release the ache she felt there, and she was hot, so hot she was convinced she wouldn't be able to stop until she would feel him inside her. Oh God! What was she doing, she thought. Here she was with Max, making out in a dusty and smelly junk room, when evil aliens, who would certainly killed them if they found them, were perhaps still just a few feet behind the door. But the truth was she couldn't stop even if her life depended on it. She had missed his touch too much, she couldn't just let him go now. Not when she knew this would certainly be the last time she would be with him like that. Max as for him was so far gone now, he was sure he would lose it any time soon if she didn't stop grinding against his crotch right then.
But suddenly they heard a loud commotion coming from behind the door, - or from the store they couldn't even really say since they hadn't been paying any attention to their surroundings until now - , but it was enough to have them come apart immediately. Max was still holding Liz, and while trying to catch his breath he rested his forehead against hers, trying to inhale as much air as he could, and calm down. When he slowly let her slide along his body, he looked at her and saw her slightly ruffle hair, her lips bruised by their kissing, and the way she was breathing heavily, and that's when reality caught up on him. He had lost control. Completely. And now how was he supposed to look at her face and not be completely ashamed by his behaviour and his lack of control. Of course, what had just happened had been incredible, and he couldn't remember a time, even after finding her in bed with Kyle when he had not wished this could happen again. But not like this. It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
' We shouldn't have' he whispered softly, sure he hadn't said that out loud.
Only when he saw the look on her face and the tears forming almost instantly in her eyes did he realized she had heard him. Oh God, he had hurt her again. Man what was wrong with him?! But before he could have a chance to tell her what he meant exactly she reached for the handle and she told him they should leave. She was right, they had to leave but there was no way he would endanger her more than he had just had, so Max stopped her. She couldn't come out first , not when there was a slight chance that the others would still be behind that door or near. They would have to talk about 'that' but not there. He should have been more careful anyway, God knows what could have happened while they were…..making out. Well, what happened for sure was that they had lost the two other aliens. Carefully Max scanned the room again and surely they had left. 'Damn' he cursed, he would never hear the end of this one if Mickael was to know how and why they had lost their track. 'Better leave this part unknown' he thought.
Seeing that it was already getting late, Max thought it was wiser to head back to Roswell anyway. So he took Liz's hand, which of course she tried to move away, and headed towards the front doors of the store, trying his best to go unnoticed. They had not learnt anything new, but at least now they knew where to start searching. Mickael and him would have to come back here and see if they could find out something that would lead them to Nicolas.
Once near his car they saw that the two men's car was not there anymore. Grabbing his cell phone Max tried to join Mickael but obviously he was already on line. Of course he could wait a little and then call him again, but then he would have to explain right then what had happened, or…..he could just leave a message and so explain later. Knowing that Mickael would want to know how they could have lost the two aliens, he decided on the latest. It would give him time to think about it and find a good excuse. Rapidly he had told him they were in Hondo but would be heading back to Roswell as soon as they would go and grab something to eat. It would be really late when they would arrived to Roswell, so it was better to do so here. But of course, during all the meal, noone said a word, both too embarrassed to look at the other. He had also told Mickael they would meet with everyone at the Crashdown on the morning to report. Hopefully the two aliens would go back to the hotel and not go anywhere else, and Mickael would be able to watch them, since he was supposed to have relieved Kyle and Tess with Maria on the afternoon, and then after dropping her, to take the new turn with Sheriff Valenti for the night. Noone really wanted to see the girls stay in the car all night. And Mickael definitely didn't want to stay with Maria when he knew how she could get when she couldn't sleep.

They had been quiet all the trip back to Roswell, noone really wanting to start the conversation about the kiss, well kisses in fact. Max had avoided her gaze all the time and Liz was sure that could only mean one thing. She knew he would regret everything that happened between them as soon as he would have time to think about it, but she hadn't thought it would have come so fast. Then when she had heard him she realized it was no use denying what she already knew, and it really didn't take a genius to guess what he would tell her as soon as he would open his mouth..
No need to say she was wrong. The only reason Max hadn't said a word yet was just because he didn't know how or where to start. But when they finally parked in front of the Crashdown, Max knew it was now or never. He would have to say something, anything but he couldn't just let her leave and think he regretted kissing her.

"Liz….." he started hesitantly. " …. about what happened….."

But Liz had been thinking about this moment since they had left the hardware shop, and she really didn't want to hear him depreciating what happened, so she had decided sometime along the way that she would just have to end any conversation as quickly as possible, thus he wouldn't have time to tell her more hurtful things.

"It's okay Max!" she lied "It….it was a…. mistake! You were right, we shouldn't have…... I shouldn't have!"

"Liz!….." he tried again, but once more she didn't let him go on.
Instead she just hopped off the car, and turning to him she just told him:

"Max! It's fine, really! There is nothing to explain, nothing to talk about…….No problem here …..I …'s late Max…..I've have to go…..Maria and her mother will be here soon…..and I still have to change……I will see you tomorrow morning, okay?"

Max was speechless. Here he had been thinking about how he would explain her his reaction after they kissed, and she just acted like she herself regretted kissing him. But was that really what she thought or was she just telling him what she thought he wanted to hear. He would have asked her but before he could say anything she left and entered her restaurant.
Max stayed a moment there wondering when his life had become so complicated. Each time he was near Liz now something went wrong. If it wasn't something he did it was something he said. He switched on the ignition and headed home.
He was a few streets from his house when he realized that the problem wasn't what he did or said, the problem was what he didn't. He hadn't fight for her like he should have, he hadn't listened to her when she wanted him to, and he hadn't talk to her before and tonight again when he was sure she had misunderstood his words. He had avoided any conversation with her each time they had had the opportunity to have one during the last months, too hurt to talk to her. And it had only made the matter worse. He also remembered what Kyle had told him: was he really blind? Was he missing something, something important that could explain everything?
He pulled the car on the side of the road, and resting his head against the steering wheel, he tried to assess his options. They could go on like this indefinitively, or he could go back to her house and clear things out once and for all. But was he ready to? He knew he had to explain about today events, but what about the past? Was he finally ready to deal with it, leave it behind and move forward…….with her? he wondered. And that's when he remembered what happened two days ago.

Liz had been crying for the last twenty minutes or so now. She felt so exhausted she didn't understand how she could still be awake. The last days events seemed to have drained her of all her energy, and yet she couldn't sleep. She had been held hostage by Nicolas and one of his henchmen, she had been threatened with a gun, she had heard the one and only man she loved tell her he didn't feel the same way anymore, and then they had kissed and he had told her they shouldn't have. Could her life get any worse? NO!!
She had called Maria and told her she didn't need to pick her up since her parents had returned from their little trip, and so she wouldn't be alone at home. What? Yes, it was a lie, so?. And Maria, Mickael, Max ……everyone in fact would certainly kill her for lying -- if she wasn't killed by Nicolas and his men first of course-- and being so irresponsible and foolhardy since noone of them was supposed to stay alone until Nicolas would be caught, but she needed to be alone. She couldn't see anyone just now, and especially not Maria. She would ask too many questions about what happened or not with Max – hey, she wasn't stupid enough to not have realized Max and her had been set up by her best friend – and she wasn't ready to answer any of these. Not when she couldn't control her emotions.
She went to the bathroom, and splashed her face with cold water. She took a look at her reflection on the mirror and sighed. She was hopeless. She changed in her night tank top and pj's shorts, switched off the light, walked back to her room,…..and nearly had a heart attack.

"What are you doing here Max?" she asked. She quickly wiped her tears and avoided his gaze immediately. She didn't want his pity and she surely didn't want to show him she had been crying again because of him.

"Liz! I……..I shoudn't have let you leave before! Not before telling you what I wanted to!"

"Max…. I told you there was nothing to say. I shouldn't have kissed you! Period!"

"I kissed you back Liz! It wasn't just you!" he quickly declared.

"Yes, maybe! But the difference is I started it, when I shouldn't have! I knew it, I knew before I kissed you that this was wrong! That it wasn't what you wanted!"

"Liz, I never said I didn't want it!" he defended himself. Of course he had wanted to kiss her, how could she doubt that?

"Max, honestly, would you have kissed me first if I hadn't ?!" she inquired.

"I……I don't know Liz……I……" Max stammered. Truth was he had thought about it, he thought about it everytime he saw her actually, but would he have taken the plunge if she hadn't first?. He didn't know.

"Of course you don't!" she provided seriously.

"What do you mean? " he asked confused not seeing where all this was leading, or what she was talking about. Was she referring to the fact it was obvious that he didn't know if he would have kissed her, or was she stating he wouldn't have wanted to.

"How would you want to kiss someone you don't love? " she continued softly, lowering her gaze even more and fighting the tears that were forming in her eyes again. She so didn't want to have this conversation right now. She knew he didn't love her anymore. It was one thing to have to deal with that fact when she was alone, but she really thought she wouldn't be able to hear him voice it again, or remind her why he couldn't love her anymore. She had made a fool of herself when she had kissed him, of that she was sure now, but he had been so close then, she had just reacted instinctively, driven by the desire and the love she felt for him. And she had forgotten everything else. Why she had avoided him during the last 24 hours, why they couldn't be together anymore, and why this was really wrong.

Immediately he stepped closer to her

"Liz! I wanted to kiss you! I wanted that so much! I don't want you to think I didn't! " he almost yelled trying to convince her and hoping she would understand that wasn't the problem

"You don't love me anymore! You said it yourself! How could you want that so much when you DON'T-LOVE-ME! HOW Max?"she cried this time. She couldn't take this anymore. All the frustration she had felt the last few hours, few days, few weeks even, was slowly but certainly catching up on her and she was sure it wouldn't be long now before she completely broke down. She was a mess, her life was a complete mess, and the only thing she wanted right now was to curl up on her bed and cry her eyes out, hoping this would relieve some of her pain. And she certainly didn't want him to be there when this would happen.

"Max, please!" she pleaded softly, not even waiting for his answer. It was a rhetorical question anyway, and she didn't want to hear any answer. She just hoped he would understand she wanted to be alone, needed to be alone. " I don't want to have this conversation right now!…… Would you leave now!?……Please!"

"No! …..we can't go on like this Liz! We….we need to sort things out, and I know it's late, I know you're tired,… I am! But don't you see Liz, all this will just eat us inside if we don't do it!…I…..we……."

"Don't you think I know that Max!"she cut him off yelling. "I've tried to talk to you more than once but you just wouldn't listen! Why should I try again now? You can't changed what happened, what have been said! What YOU said Max!….or…or what I've done or not! And all this doesn't matter anymore now that I know what you feel, or what you don't feel in fact." she finished angrily.

"Liz, I was wrong!… I should have talk to you! …Let you explain!I know that now….and I know you have every reason to be angry, so if you don't want to talk, …..don't. Just listen to me please. Would you do just that ?" he asked.

Seeing that she wasn't answering, but wasn't asking him to leave again either he went on.

"Liz….look at me…look at me please …. Liz " he asked her, cupping her face when he saw she wasn't complying. Now he was there he knew where he should start.

"Liz….about what…..about what Nicolas asked me………I….I know it hurt you but….. I lied…..believe me,…… I lied Liz. I would have said anything if he had asked me to, just to see you safe and sound again." He swallowed the huge lump in his throat, trying to control his own emotions. But seeing her crying, because of him, because she thought he didn't love her, was hurting him so much, he knew he couldn't leave her now and not tell her exactly how he felt. He was well aware that it wasn't enough to solve all the problems they had, but if it could sooth some of her pain then he just had to do it. He knew this was the hardest part, there was so much he needed to tell her, so much he needed her to understand, but it was really now or never. No more turning back now.

"….I've been hurt too Liz, and…..I don't know if I can forget the past just now, or…… if I will be able to some day, but…I…..God Liz…I've almost lost you…..I could have lost you for good…." He couldn't even finished his sentence. His own eyes were now brimming with tears. Maybe he hadn't really realized that before, but he did now. And then he didn't really matter anymore what she had done or not with Kyle, what have been said, he had come so close to lose her, and he knew one thing for sure: he wasn't ready to. And he needed her to know that.

"Liz……I……we've lost so much time! Too much time….I….I don't know what is going to happen now…….now that Nicolas is back and all that …..or if we can go back to where we were…….but I do know…..I don't want to be…without you….I CANNOT be without you ever again!" Seeing her sheding more tears and not knowing if it was a good sign or not he tried to continue.

"I do love you Liz….I love you so much I can't even understand how I have survived without you by my side all these months, but I don't want to know how it feels ever again."

Liz hadn't been able to speak yet. She had done what he asked her, she had listened, but say that she wasn't prepared for what he was saying was a real understatement. She was so sure he didn't love her anymore, so sure he would never be able to forgive her for what he thought had happened with Kyle, and now here he was telling her that no matter what he couldn't live without her. Granted he hadn't said he had forgive her completely or even started to, but if he wanted to be with her again, she would explain him everything, and she would do everything it took to have him forgive her, forget the past and love her again, as much as he loved her before, if that had changed.
But for now she couldn't even form a sentence, her mouth just seemed to not work anymore. Anyway she was sure words couldn't express the intensity of her feelings right now. So much emotions were rushing inside her that she wasn't even able to name them all. So she just stayed there looking in his beautiful amber eyes, listening to him and crying. Max gently wiped away her tears with his thumbs, trying to not completely broke down himself, but he knew he needed to be strong, he needed to be there for her now, and if she just needed to cry, he would let her. He was with her again, and even if they still had so much to talk about, he had no intention to let her go ever again.

He wrapped her in his arms, holding her close, her body firmly pressed against his and they just enjoyed the present moment.
He had missed this, the closeness. He just hadn't realized how much, and how much he needed it until she was back in his arms again. But, God how he had missed her!
She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him, clinging to him as if her life depended on it. Max's arms were encircling her waist now, one of them gently stroking the small of her back, while the other held her so tight he was sure he would break her in two if he didn't stop. But he just couldn't let go of her, too afraid that she would disappear if he did so.

After a long moment,and when she was sure she had gained enough control over her emotions to speak, she decided it was time to deal with their first problem. Be honest, Maria had told her! Fine, she could do that, right?

"Max……about Kyle…..I…." she started.

"Liz! "he broke off "Not now please……I……we'll talk about that….but.…please not now…..I….I just need ……to be with you……like this right now."

"Okay" she replied softly. She would have time to explain him everything now anyway, right? And she would be lying if she said she didn't need this as much as he needed it. " Do you want……I….maybe we should…..sit down?"

Releasing his hold on her, but reaching for her hand instead he moved towards her bed and they both sat on it silently. They stayed this way a short moment and then Max remembered something. Liz was supposed to go and sleep to Maria's so what was she doing in her pj's short and this tank top…..and obviously….no bra? Oh no, no, he told himself; DO NOT think about that now.

"Liz, what are you doing all dressed as you were going to bed here and now when you are supposed to go and sleep at Maria's? Is she… she coming here instead ?……I mean is she going to sleep here with you? he asked, not sure of how he would react if she told him no.
But one look at her face and he knew the answer.


"Max……I……she…….I….." she stammered, knowing how he would react as soon as he would know. They were just patching things up again, and she really didn't want to fight with him now.

"Liz? ….Oh God Liz….. Don't tell me you were going to stay here all alone when…….God Liz, how could you be so ….. so stupid? he yelled, losing his temper. Several types of scenarios started appearing on his mind and he couldn't stay there sitting. He got up of the bed and started pacing in front of her while nervously running his hand in his hair.
Of course that was how she thought he would react, but even knowing that, his little outburst had scared and hurt her, moreover since he had called her stupid, and so she couldn't help but burst into tears again.

"I'm not stupid!" she yelled " I ….I couldn't ……Max ....I couldn't …..see……anyone…..just ……….I…….didn't want … face….anyone…….Not when I ……couldn't …….control…….my……… And……Maria …….and she…….and……I'm not……..stupid" she said between cries and hiccups. She couldn't even come with a complete sentence or a sentence that made any sense, and that was enough for Max to be by her side again and realize he shouldn't have yell on her like that. She was still too emotionnally fragile. She needed him to support her, not to call her ....stupid. Oh God he had called her stupid?!
He took her in his arms again and tried to calm her down. It took him a moment but when he heard her sobs subsiding he tried to make her understand.

"Shhh, Liz,…..I'm ……I'm sorry…I shouldn't have yelled like that…….and you're not stupid… know you're not Liz…you're the smartest girl I have ever known……I……I didn't mean it Liz…'s just….God……Liz don't do that again, please……not now……not ever…till everything is all taken care of with Nicolas……. Liz this was completely …..ill-considered……..I……Liz…...I can't lose you…Do you understand?" he finished with a catch in his voice.

She slightly pulled away from him and looked up at him tenderly. She could see all the concern and the love he felt for her, and this almost made her want to cry again. But she had just calmed down, and truth was she was sure she couldn't shed more tears, could she? She had cried so much these last days, last weeks even, that sometimes she felt as if this was the only thing she did.
Max looked at her and wiped away the last tears that was still on the brim of her eyes. Slowly he bent down and kissed the end of her nose. He then locked eyes with her again, and strangely all seemed to go slow motion from then. He was so close, his lips just mere inches from hers, those lips soft and red, that were there for him to kiss, that were calling for him, begging for his touch. But could he kiss her? They hadn'treally talk yet. Sure obviously they both wanted to be together again, but wasn't it too soon. As if sensing that he was trying to make a decision, Liz approached her lips closer to his, and when she was near she unconsciously poked her tongue out and licked her suddenly very dry lips. Max caught the gesture, and he knew he couldn't resist her even if he wanted. And who would he fool if he said that he did want to. No-one of course. He looked one last time into her eyes just to be sure she wanted this too, and then he went and slowly caressed her lips with his. They had kissed this afternoon, but this kiss meant so much more. It held so much more: it was a kiss full of softness, tenderness, need but most of all forgiveness and love. They kissed gently, softly, not wanting to rush things, both enjoying this intimate contact. They both needed this. They needed to get accustomed to each other again. To discover each other again. At least at first. Max needed to feel her closer, he needed to feel her in his arms again, so gently and without breaking the kiss he reached for her and pulled her on his lap, so that she was now straddling him. He then wrapped her in his arms, while she wrapped hers around his neck pulling him closer. She then poked out her tongue again but this time she licked his lips slowly, teasing him untill he would let her reach her destination. The instant his lips parted she slided her tongue inside his mouth and caressed his. They dueled like that for a while until they were forced to come apart so that they could breath. But Liz couldn't get enough of him. She needed to feel him under ler lips, she needed to explore his skin. She nibbled at his neck, kissed his jawline, licked the lobe of his ear, searched for every little fragmant of skin she could touch with her lips, with her tongue. Not wanting to be left behind Max followed her in her exploration: he nibbled her neck, slowly reached her collarbone, kissed her and licked her there, and then kissed her shoulder. He pushed away the fine strap of her top, and started showering the bare skin of her shoulder with kisses, making Liz giggle. But the instant she felt his hands on her bottom, they died in her throat. He slightly lifted her and bringing her closer to him, he let her straddle his manhood. She could feel her heat pressed against his, and the thought that she was the one provoking this so evident and huge bulge in his pants, that she was the cause of his arousal, drived her crazy. Crazy with want. Crazy with need. She needed to feel him, to touch him, to be as close to him as possible. She needed it more than her next breathe and so much it hurt. Stopping her ministrations she searched for his mouth again, and kissed him with all she had inside, wanting him to realise just as much she needed him. Max had his hands on her waist now, and the instant she deepened the kiss he let them slide under her top, needing to feel her bare skin. They slowly made their way up caressing her, loving her with their soft touch. He was a few inches from her breasts when he suddenly stopped. God how he wanted to explore every inch of her body with his hands, his mouth, his tongue, but they weren't ready, were they? Heck, who was he kidding? He was ready, he was more ready than he would ever be, he was ready… explode, if she didn't stop the slow movement she was making while on his lap, he moaned. Didn't she realize what this was doing to him, what she was doing to him. She was a temptress, and the worst was she wasn't even aware of the power she had on him. But he could be ready all he wanted, he would never force her to do something she didn't really want. Only when he heard her moaning, and whispering his name in protest when he moved away his hands, did he realized that she didn't want him to stop. Oh God, if he went on maybe there would be no turning back. He wasn't sure he would be able to stop whatever they would start, not if she wanted it too. He had dreamt about this moment so many times before, he couldn't believe this was really happening now. But one look at her face, and he knew this was all true. Liz Parker, his dreamgirl, was looking at him, her eyes almost pleading for him to undress her. As to show him that she wanted this, that she wanted more, she started to unbuttoned his shirt and slowly took it off for him. She let her fingers linger on his now behr chest, then move up his shoulders and finally she let them caress his back, while she trailed a path of kiss on his shoulder, his collarbone, his neck. She then captured his mouth with hers again, and this time didn't waste any time or wait for any invitation to deepen the kiss. But she stoped when Max reached for the hem of her top and she raised her arms so that he could take it off. Liz couldn't help but shiver when she felt his fingers lightly brushing her skin when he removed the garment. She heard him take a sharp intake of breath and apprehensively she lowered her gaze to look at his face. She wasn't really well endowed as so many other girls he could easily have if he wanted to –why couldn't she help but think about a certain blue-eyed-blonde-bimbo,huh? – and she was sure he should be disappointed, but the look of pure awe he gave her when he met her eyes was enough to get all her doubts out of her mind.
"You're so beautiful Liz! " he told her softly. It was almost completely dark on her room, but he could see her nonetheless, the faint light of the moon enough to admire her all he wanted.
"So beautiful." And he really meant it. God! he had fantasized about seeing her topless numerous times before, but nothing could compare with the reality. He couldn't take his eyes of her. Liz was feeling more and more embarassed with every passing seconds. The way he was looking at her , she was sure he was going to eat her alive. Unconsiously he licked his lips in anticipation and she couldn't help the low groan that caught in her throat. Man, if he didn't touch her very soon, she was sure she would combuste just there.
"Max" she called softly trying to take him out his trance
If she expected him to look at her, she couldn't have been more wrong. Instead he bent a little down so that he would be at her breasts level, and slowly he took her right nipple in his mouth. The first touch of his mouth on her was almost enough to send Liz flying. She moaned first and then gasped when he started tracing small little circles around her nipple with his tongue. His touch was so soft it was unreal.She had never felt anything like that before. She couldn't help but wonder how his tongue would feel on every part of her body. Max could feel her erected nipple under his tongue and he couldn't help marvelling at its softness. He loved how it felt in his mouth, how it moved but stayed hard under his touch. He was sure he would be able to stay where he was just there , kissing, licking, caressing them for hours without tiring. Slowly he cupped her other breast with his hand and gently started fondling it. He changed from time to time, offering the same gentle treatment to the other one. Liz's head was already spinning and she couldn't think clearly. Boy, the things this guy could do with his tongue and mouth. She had always thought he was a fantastic kisser, now she was sure he would be a fabulous out of this world lover. And no need to say she really wanted to prove her theory right. She had never thought that a woman could climax just by having her breasts and nipples stimulated, but maybe she would have to review this one. Or was it just because she was grinding her heat against his again. But she was burning inside and he was eliciting such wondrous feelings inside her that she wanted to feel this one too.
Max could smell her arousal, and that was really playing havoc on his senses. He needed her, he needed to taste her. Now. Slowly he lifted himself from the bed and then turned around with Liz still in his arms. Gently he lowered her and lay her down on her bed. Looking again into her eyes to see her approval, he reached for her pj's when he saw no sign of refusal. God, he couldn't even breath normally anymore. Here he was with Liz and she was looking at him with so much desire, need, love and trust in her eyes, that he was sure he was going to climax just there before even touching her. Just by looking at her. He pushed them down her hips and then let them slide along her shaped legs, revealing her nudity to him for the first time. Well, if he couldn't breath normally before, now he was surely dead. His breath caught in his throat the instant he took his first glimpse of her completely naked body. Liz's first instinct was to cover herself with her hands, embarrassed with her nudity, but Max reached for them and asked her to look at him.

"Don't Liz! I'm sure I could travel around this world and mine, and I would never find someone or something as beautiful as you. You're amazing!" he declared lovingly.
She tried to smile but she couldn't stop the tears that were forming in her eyes again. She couldn't help but wonder what she had done to deserve such a guy as Max Evans, to deserve such love. Granted everything hadn't always been easy to say the least, but he was the most incredible man this Earth could behr – and definitely the most gorgeous too – and he had eyes only for her. How could that even be possible?
Sensing that she was again being too emotional, he lowered his weight over her and without crushing her, he started whipering tender words in her ears. She gently stroked his back, holding him close , his behr chest pressed against hers. She was moving her hands up and down his back when she stopped at his bottom. She was completely naked when he still had his pants on. Uh-huh, something was wrong here! Moving her hands to the front of his pants she passed them between their bodies and when he realized what she wanted to do he lifted his weight from her. She unbuttoned his pants and then helped him to take them off along with his boxers. Not wanting to waste any time, he quickly kicked his shoes off and rested on his knees while he got rid of his pants and boxers that were now on his ankles. In this position now, it was Liz's turn to take her first look of Max's perfect body. But when she saw his erection standing there so hard and proud, she couldn't not gasp. OH-MY-GOD. Oh no, this must be an alien thing, he is anormally….. huge. There is no way 'this', will go 'there', she thought while looking from his monster penis, to herself. Max followed her gaze and chuckled when he understood what she should be thinking. Taking his time he went back to her , and resting his weight on his elbows, he hovered above her. He kissed her on the lips first and then slowly made his way down to her heat. He kissed, licked and nibbled her nipples when he reached them, then continued with her stomach, showering her with kisses again. From where he was he could definitively smell her even more and better, and he knew he couldn't wait any longer.
Moving further down, he positionned himself between her legs and spread them apart. He lifted them slightly and then bent them down and let them rest over his shoulders. Slowly he parted her lower lips and took his first real look of her feminity……or any feminity actually. He could see her red and swollen lips slightly stretched by his fingers, he could see her clitoris poking out of its protective skin, its large size the evident proof of her arousal. But what caught his eyes immediately was the moistness at her entrance. God, she was so wet, he had to taste her. Lowering his head, he darted his tongue out and licked at her entrance.
The first taste of her and he knew he was lost.
The first touch of his tongue on her, and Liz knew she was lost too.
Loving it already Max started moving his tongue up and down her slit, trying to collect as much juices as he could. She was addictive, her body was addictive, why would her taste be different. He licked and licked, kissed her there, licked her again, loving her with his tongue. When he heard her moaning he increased his rhythm, wanting nothing more than to bring her over the edge as soon and as often as possible. He then pushed his tongue past her entrance and started thrusting it in and out of her, mimicking the sexual act. Liz was so near now, she couldn't breath. But that was nothing compared to what she felt when he started sucking at her clit. How such a little nerve ending, how such a so little piece of skin and flesh could bring so much pleasure was beyond her. She felt a new sensation, something she had never experienced before, starting at the pit of her stomach, then spreading all over her body, giving her a feeling of warmth and cold at the same time and she couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh, my God…..hmmm, Mmmmax…….ooh Mmax" she moaned loudly.
That only made him suck harder and then he nipped at her clit and twirled his tongue around it. But she wasn't coming fast enough for him, he needed to hear her moaning his name again, to hear her crying in ecstasy, so while he continued to pleasure her clit, he inserted his forefinger into her and started moving it in and out of her core, as he had done before with his tongue. But this time he could go further into her, he could feel her walls tightening around his finger. She was so wet and hot he couldn't wait to know how it felt to be completely inside her. But they couldn't go that far, no? No, of course not. Why was he torturing himself with those thoughts.
The instant she felt him sucking harder and fingering her Liz went crazy. She reached for his head and tangled her fingers in his hair. She needed to feel him closer, she needed to feel him sucking even harder , and she needed him to move even faster. Understanding what she wanted Max did what she was silently pleading and he didn't took long before he heard her calling his name frantically and she climaxed. He continued his movements during a few more seconds, until he was sure he could stop without interrupting her orgasm.
"Max" she moaned several times once he had stopped and was again above her. She could feel his erection pressed against her thigh and she knew she wanted more already. She wanted to know how it felt to have him completely inside her. She felt how it was pulsing against her and she didn't want to wait.

"Max…." she called him. "Max…..I….I can't…"

"I know Liz!" Of course he knew she wasn't ready for this just now. But he would be happy just lying there with her, and pleasuring her as much as he could.

"I….I can't …wait…..I…" she tried again.

"Wait? What?…….. you can't wait?" Oh my. She's not saying that she can't wait to……., no? No!

"Max, I want………."

"Yes Liz, tell me what you want." Of course he could and would do anything she wanted him to. Anything but ONE thing.

"I want…….you Max……..I need… Max ……I……make love to me, Max…….please." she finally managed to say.
'Oh no, not that, not now, we can't'. Damn he was going to die there and then if he didn't make love to her , of that he was sure of, but they just couldn't.

"Liz,…..oh God, you don't know how much I want to" he said while caressing her cheek with his thumb. "…but I can't." he finished with a groan.

"You….oh!" she just said. Of course, why would he really want to make love to her.This was too good to be true. As hard as she tried she couldn't stop the few tears that rolled on her cheeks, but he immediately wiped them away.

"Liz, love, don't cry. I know it's hard…..Oh man if it's hard" he said smiling and looking down at his cock. At least he could try to lighten the mood, no? "…….but we can't…..I mean…I want to, but I have nothing… protect you. And I want to do that the right way."

"It's fine Max…I unders…….You what?" she stopped mid sentence and asked suddenly when she really understood what he had said. "What do you mean exactly?" Sure she had a slight idea but she needed to hear it.

"…..I don't have any protection Liz…… Well to my defense…. can I say that I didn't really thought I would need one any time soon, and certainly not tonight?" he told her grinning."
"Oh" what all she could get out of her mouth before starting to giggle.

"Liz! It's not funny" he said and tried to keep a serious face. " This is really hard, Liz……..I mean really H-A-R-D."

"I know, I know….sorry." she apologized while continuing to giggle; "So what happened to Max The Saint just walking aroung with a condom in his back pocket, huh?" she finished before realizing what she had just said.

"What? " Max asked her confused.

"Oh nothing! Just kidding" she replied quickly and immediately changed the subject. "Max……is it really so …………difficult for you to stop now?"

"Oh, Liz. It really is. But I don't want anything to happen to you. It's okay. I mean…I'm not going to die if we stop , right? ……I hope!"

"So….maybe we shouldn't !" she declared seriously.

"What?….What are you saying Liz?…. we can't……no?" he asked her confused again.
She settled her weight on her elbows and moving so that her heat was now touching his cock, she slowly started grinding against it and leaving there a trail of wetness along its length.

"I said……..maybe…..we shouldn't!"

"Oooooh, Liz…..Stop this or……" he moaned but couldn't finished since she grabbed his hard cock and slowly rubbed it against her entrance. "Liiiiz"
She kissed his jawline first , moved to his ear's lobe, and then whispered seductively between kisses and licks.

"Maaax…..I'm……on……the ……pill……..Will you …..make love ….to me…now?"
If his eyes hadn't popped out of his head before when he saw her naked, they surely just had. God, there was nothing that could stop him now. Nothing that could stop him from making love to Liz Parker, girl of his dreams, love of his life.

"Liz…..are you sure……Are you sure you want this?" he asked her even so, just to be sure.

"Max, here and now….there is nothing I want more. Tomorrow and anywhere else…….there will be nothing I will want more!" she told him seriously.

"Liz….I don't want to …..hurt you!" of course he knew she wasn't a virgin anymore, but hey, he knew he was well…… you see, and Kyle…..oh no! He hadn't thought about this damn bastard until now and since they started kissing, and he had to do it now when he was ready to see all his fantasies coming true.

"You won't Max… will never hurt me!" she tried to reassure him. No he wouldn't, he thought. There was nothing to 'hurt' anymore right?…..Oh God he couldn't be thinking about that, not now. NOT NOW! He had come here with the intention of clearing everything out
and now they were going to make love, she wanted him to make love to her. That was all he should be thinking about.

"Max, are you okay? What is it? " she questionned, seeing that he suddenly seemed somewhere else. Of course she was too caught up in the moment to realize what he should be thinking. But hey, she was going to make love to Max Evans, why the hell would she need to think about Kyle 'Little Buddha' Valenti.

"Nothing" he lied " Liz, are you really…. really sure?"
Her only response was to kiss his lips softly and grab his shaft and placed it where it had been seconds before. She then lifted herself up slowly and slightly, so he could start entering her.
The instant she moved all thoughts of anyone else, male or female but her, got out of his head.
Settled on his forearms, he stayed there just a few seconds to enjoy this new sensation. The head of his cock was already inside her and soon it would be 'entirely' buried inside her, surrounded by her tight, soft and velvet walls. Slowly, ever so slowly he started pushing his cock deeper, concentrating hard to not thrust in her in one single motion. He was continuing his slow progression when he felt her tensing beneath him in pain, and then he felt he had reached her barrier, the barrier he was now supposed to bre………HER WHAT????!!!
No, no,no, she can't have a barrier anymore, unless Kyle is….no, she CAN'T have a barrier anymore. Period. He stopped there and searched for her eyes. He needed to understand by which miracle, she could STILL HAVE HER BARRIER, when she was NOT a virgin anymore.
Still oblivious to what was going through his mind, Liz asked him a little worried: "Max? What is it?… don't …. want?" the last part just whispered.

"What?…, no. Liz…You are not…..I mean if you are not…then you can't …..but you have?" Uh???Was this as unclear for her that it was for him!?
"What?" she said giggling. And then it dawned on her. OH MY GOD. How could she have forgotten 'THAT'

"Max…" she started, but when he saw the look on her face, he understood.

"Liz….are…you…..still a virgin?" he asked, hoping with all his might that she would say yes, but not understanding how this could be possible.
'Damn' she thought, she so didn't want to have to explain all that right now.

"Yes" she simply said, but when she saw him turning his head and avoiding her gaze, she knew she had to tell him more. "Max, look at me ….please" she asked him while cradling his face in her hands."I….I never slept with Kyle. I could never ….ever…..make love to anyone…..but YOU, Max." She so hoped he would believe her.

"But how, Liz?….I saw… you… and you said...." he stammered, obviously completely shocked and confused. She had lied,….but why had she lied?

"Max, please….this is….." she told him while lowering her eyes and gazing at their joined bodies. "…this is not about me and Kyle, Max……this is about YOU and ME……I'll explain, I promise you …THERE IS an explanation …..but not now." She finished pleading with her eyes, hoping he would not changed his mind now and ruin the moment. She would explain him everything right there and then if he asked her to, but she would rather make sweet and tender love to him now, than have this inevitable discussion. "Max…..I want you so much….I don't want to think about anything else but….YOU …..and ME…..and what we are doing… right now!" she told him at the same time that she slightly lifted herself from the bed once more.
His cock touched again her virginal barrier and one look into her beautiful doe-eyes and he knew without a doubt that this had to be. Man, she was still a virgin! Inwardly he was doing the most joyful and crazy happy dance the world, the entire universe had known.
But having this new information he knew he had to be even more careful.
"Liz, I'm going to hurt you…I don't want to hurt you.!" he said painfully and really meaning those words.

"Max..I told you….you won't….you are only going to hurt me …if you stop now." she encouraged him.
Now lying on her back again, she grabbed his bottom and slowly forced him to lower himself and get past her final barrier. She slightly winced in pain, and it brought some tears in her eyes. Max immediately stayed still and was ready to heal her when she stopped him.

"No…Max...this is natural…..this is part of our lovemaking….I want to remember…I... I want to feel everything." she told him seriously again.

"Are you sure Liz? "he asked while he wiped away her new and fresh tears. " I can see you are in pain, Liz….I could heal you…."

"I know…but don't worry Max…'s passing. I won't feel it in a few seconds. Just ....stay there……and kiss me!"
How could he resist her, huh? He bent down his head and did exactly what she had asked him. He would do anything for her anyway. So they stayed like this, kissing and letting their tongues duel together, but not moving their joined lower bodies, until Liz started moving slowly and suggestively beneath him, and he understood that he could continue. He could really start making love to her. Liz. His Liz. His love. His life. His HOME. The one he knew without a doubt now had never been unfaithful to him or to his love, their love.The one he knew without a doubt would one day be his wife, and the mother of his children. There would never be another Liz. She was his first. His last.
He slowly started moving above her, thrusting ever so slowly and gently in and out of her. IN and OUT. IN and OUT. Doing his best to not hurt her more than she had already been minutes ago. But from the low and long moans he was hearing her emitting she surely wasn't in any pain anymore. This was so good. Max was loving her with the tenderness, the sweetness, and the softness she had always known he would when the time would come. And it was even better than all she could imagine. His touch had been so gentle all night and now was no different. When she moaned louder he started increasing his pace. Being really near himself, he didn't want to come without her. NO WAY. If he could make it, they would come together, as one. God, how he loved this woman: he had loved her with his mind, with his soul, and with his heart for years, and finally he was loving her with his body. And finally he knew how it felt to feel COMPLETE.

"Maaax…Maaax…..oohhhh Maaaxxx ….d-d-d-don't stop!" he heard her moaning out loud.
'I won't' he thought 'even if this kills me, I won't.'

"Ohhh Liiz…..Liz"
She moved her hands to the skin of his back and started scratching it lightly.
She was so near, so so OH SO NEAR, she thought. She was starting to feel this hot sensation again.
Max thrusted in and out of her a few times again and then he felt her walls tightening around his cock, gripping it. This feeling really couldn't be described with any word he knew of, but it was all he needed to climax with her. But when they were entering and discovering this world of orgasmic pleasure and ecstasy, their connection suddenly roared to life and the flashes started.


An older version of Max speaking with Liz in her bedroom.

FM: Hold on
Liz: NO! Let go of me
FM: Liz..Liz, it's me.

Liz: Why are you here?
FM: I can't tell you too much, Liz….only what you need to know… but 14 years from now, we are taken over by our enemies.
Liz: uh, who's taken over?
FM: Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here had to be precise and surgical. No one can know I'm here, especially not me…..that is, my younger self.

FM:…..Things about us are about to change ….grow deeper.We become inseparable, and nothing comes betwen us ever again, until…
Liz: The..The end of the world?
FM: That's right.
Liz: What happened ?
FM: The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.

Liz: So, um…you want me to help you and Tess get together.
FM: Yes.
Liz:Why don't you just go to Tess?
FM: It's you I trust. It's you I have faith in, and because, it's not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you to help me fall out of love with you.

The same older version of him with Liz, spying on Tess and him from Whittaker's office.

Liz: So we didn't have a real wedding.
FM: Oh we had a great wedding? You called Maria, Mickael, Isabel and Alex and had them meet us halfway. We spent the night singing and dancing in some dive outside Phoenix, and at the end of the night, 'I shall believe' came on the radio.
Liz: I love this song.
FM: I know. Everyone was exhausted , but not us. Oh, we danced….just the two of us. And ever since then, it's been our song.
Liz: If this works ..I'm not gonna have this day.
FM: No you won't .

The two in her bedroom again.

Liz: So we went to the concert.
FM: No the night of Gomez I came to your room. That's the night things between us were cemented.
Liz: Cemented. So when you say cemented, you….
FM: We made love

Liz: No. Making love to you is the farthest thing from my mind. I….I don't have protection.
FM: I did.
Liz: Oh that's great. There you are, Max the Saint just walking around with a condom in your back pocket. I…I…don't even care what happened in your reality. I am not making love to you or anyone until I'm ready to, and I'm just not ready.

FM:You really think this is gonna work? I would never be jealous of Kyle.

Kyle in his boxers and Liz with a towel wrapped around her.

Kyle: So, shall we hop in?
Liz: Yeah. Um, Kyle, look..I just wanna make sure that I...I…I made it clear that we're not gonna…
Kyle: Consummate. I undertand.

Himself, seen by Liz when he came to her balcony this night.

Liz on her balcony, crying after this Future Version of himself left.


"Liz?? …….oh God…..Liz tell me …..tell me it's not all true. Tell me I didn't do that" he said in tears, as soon as the flashes ended. No! He couldn't have done that. It was impossible to come back from the future, and he couldn't have come to ask her that, no??!! He couldn't! He didn't want to believe what he had just seen, but the words, the images were cristal clear.
"Max! Max, look at me" she tried to calm him down, realizing that he knew the truth, or part of it, and that it was really affecting him. She hadn't wanted him to know it like that. She should have prepared him for that first, talk to him, but their connection had been so powerful when they had climaxed, that she couldn't control the rush of images that came with their so particular connection. She knew he had seen almost everything, and felt everything she had felt when all the events had happened. The same way she had felt all he had been through during this period and the following months, through the flashes she got from him at the same time. She had seen and felt everything too.
Max when he had asked her to go with him to the concert.
How he felt when she refused.
How he felt when she told him she didn't want to die for her.
Max with Maria, at the Crashdown. Maria telling him he was hopeless.
Liz and how he saw her when she was in bed with Kyle, the infinite and boundless pain he felt then.
How he spent all the night crying, and many others after.
How he struck his fist against the wall in his room in pure rage and ended up cutting his hand, and letting it bleeding until the pain he felt in his hand was stronger than the emotional one, and only then he healed it.
How it hurt him each time he saw Kyle near her.
How he felt when he realized she was safe when all the town had disappeared.
How he felt each time he saw her, during all this last months.
How he felt when he heard the song she dedicated him, and when he received the flowers.
Why he didn't call her.
How he felt when he saw Edward holding her, and seeing she was so afraid. Or how it broke his heart to say he didn't love her.
How he felt when she rejected him and let Kyle go with her instead.
And finally how he felt when he had seen her yesterday morning opening her door in bra and panties, and again this morning when he had seen how she was dressed. And now while making love to her.

But she knew it couldn't compared to what he had just seen. Not when she was sure he was feeling responsible for all that happened, for all she had done.

"Max, please look at me" she tried again when she saw he didn't want to look at her. Slowly he complyed, and she couldn't help crying herself. His eyes held so much pain, so much sorrow, incomprehension, and so much guilt. "Max, ….I'm so sorry…I'm so sorry, I didn't want you to see that……not like that!" she said pulling him closer to her.

"Liz…..How could you be sorry Liz??! You did nothing I didn't ask you to. Liz, ……I AM sorry! How could I do this to you? To us?" he said while he clenched his fists and tried to control his ragged emotions. He hadn't even realized he was still above her, still inside her, until surprisingly he felt his cock stiring again. But now was not the time to think about that, as much as he wanted to. Slowly he lifted himself and rolled on his side, pulling her closer immediately, still not prepared to lose her warmth.

"Max, it's over now. It happened a long time ago. And it doesn't matter anymore!" she said reassuringly. But unfortunately, it didn't calm him down.

"Liz, it matters to me. It matters even more when I remember the way I treated you all this time, when I was the only one responsible."

"Max, I know you think it's true, but I'm sure you hadn't any other choice…..I ….I mean…"

"Liz" he suddenly stopped her. " Will you….could you let me see it?…see everything. Please…I need to know." he pleaded.
How could she refuse when he looked at her this way with his soulful amber eyes?
Slowly she snuggled even closer to him and faced him. He gently caressed her face, then bent down to kiss her, and when she nodded, he started the connection.
That was how he learnt everything, every details of this night when his Future Self came and visited her. From the way he accomplished this miracle, to what he told her happened 15 minutes before he came. How Mickael and Isabel had died. How they were defeated because they weren't strong enough without Tess. How she had left because of him. How Liz learnt about their wedding, and how she maybe would be alone, and would not be able to have this day if it worked, but did it all the same because she loved him. Or others details as what she felt when he kissed her in Whittaker's office, or when she saw him behr chest in his room. How she had been there a moment, watching him doing his pull-ups, before knocking on his window. Everything. And if he thought he couldn't love her even more she had just proved him wrong.
When he finished, they were both crying. Max because he was amazed by her and pained because of what she had gone through, alone. Her because it was too much to have to live all this again.
Lovingly he wrapped her completely in his arms, and she rested herself on his chest, tightly encircling him with her own arms. They stayed silent in each other embrace and each one trying to calm down. Max absent-mindedly stroked her hair and her back, until her sobs subsided. Now he knew why they had been apart for so long, and he knew what he had to do. He would take care of Nicolas and the skins, once and for all, and there was no way he would let anyone, not Nicolas, not his race, and not Tess separate him from his love again. He would just have to do what it took so that she would stay with them, at least until the skins would all be exterminated, and then if she didn't want to stay because of his relation with Liz, well she could go where she wanted. But he would not give up the love of his life, because some former-not-of-this-life wife he didn't even remember wanted to run his life. And he would even use the 'King's speech' if he needed to. He was so caught in his reflection that he didn't even realized that Liz had fallen asleep, on top of him. He watched her in silent for a long moment before deciding he should tried to sleep himself, that way he would be ready to the battle he was sure would soon start. And one way or another the skins would pay for what they had caused, directly or not. Liz moved slowly and rolled on her other side, turning her back toward him. Not wanting to lose her warmth and her closeness, he cuddled behind her, and tenderly wrapped his arm around her. He rested his hand on her stomach, and then he remembered something else he had gotten from the flashes, and the connection. The soreness. She had told him it was normal, natural, but he knew now that he had really hurt her. She just hadn't wanted to worry him, or see him regret what they were doing, since she knew how he couldn't behr to hurt anyone, and particularly not her. Of course he had also felt the pleasure she had felt after that, but he didn't want to see her in pain when he could relieve it. He let his hand slide down and when he reached his destination he healed her. He knew she had said she didn't want him to, so he just healed her enough so that she wouldn't feel indisposed anymore, and wouldn't feel the pain so much. She wouldn't even realized he had done it, but would think it was natural too.
Resting his head next to hers, breathing in her scent, he closed his eyes, and slowly drifted to sleep, excited and happy with the knowledge that she would be in his arms all night and that she would be there when he would open his eyes in the morning.

Soooooooo??? what did you think?? Tell me...Tell me...I want to know. But don't lynch me!! Remember....first time I wrote NC-17 stuff.
And you know what??.... there is still more...YES....(and more Max-Liz 'actions' *tongue*....) you don't believe me?? Feedbacks...Feedbacks... and I just post it.... it's already written (just hope I will not have some computer problems again like tonight. Sorry I said 30min, but I couldn't make it, this computer is getting too old I think! *sad*)

So..I'm waiting *big*

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Just kidding, but really this has been the hardest and the longest part to write. I tried several time before but couldn't come up with something I like so I just decided to write everything else and finished with this part. I'm really glad that you love it. Thank U again for your support. I really appreciate!
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For all those who are interested here goes a little teaser!So that you can maybe decide what you want more easily*big*
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'Payback is a bitch ' they say, huh?. Well Liz Parker would certainly know that from now on Max thought. Approaching her, he started smiling, and that's all it took for Liz to realize she was going to pay. She tried to escape but could only open the door before Max was on her. He took her by the waist and in one swift motion turned her around and pressed her against him.

"Where do you think you're going, you little temptress?" he asked while holding her tighter.

"Max! MAAAX! Let go of me!" she said almost choking with her giggles.

"No way, we had a deal!"

"Okay! Who are you and what have you done with Max 'The Shy Guy ' Evans?"

She tried to struggle, but to no avail. He was stronger than her, and he certainly had no intention to let her go.

"Max, we can no……….." before she could finished her sentence she felt his hand making its way beneath the towel, and immediately his fingers caressed her. They searched for her clit and Liz arched her back unable to resist.

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Title: Tell me what you want

Rating: PG 13-NC-17(well, I think, if I can write it))

Disclaimer: Even if it would be a dream come true, I don't own nothing from Roswell! And certainly not Jason "Hot" Behr!!

Author note
For those who love this story I've finally decided to give you some more nookie so that you would not have to wait until we move to the new board*big*!! Am I not a nice and good girl??? Lol!
Hope you will really love it…….As always, feedbacks are REALLY APPRECIATED so please, pretty please……let me know ok??!!!!!!

Thank U ALL for your previous feedbacks*big*
frenchkiss70 girl, I think I've released a sex maniac, monster, animal or whatever! Shyness went through the windows the moment he saw Liz naked and got his first taste of hot sex with her! But we can't blame him no??!! And, promise, Liz is not complaining!……we have a deal anyway….the second she complains…..I take her place and ……..I WILL DEFINITIVELY NOT COMPLAIN………EVER Hihi *big* Hope you'll like him though *wink*

Chapter three, cont.

Max had woken up sometime before dawn and since then he had been watching the sleeping woman who was currently lying on her stomach, next to him in her bed.
He couldn't help but marvel at her beauty…She was really beautiful, inside and out.
He had seen her naked for the first time yesterday night, and the sight that had been revealed in front of him was nothing he was prepared for, because she couldn't even been described with simple words. But what impressed him the most was her inner beauty: her soul, her mind and her heart were the most amazing things he had ever seen in his whole life. And he realized that even more now that he really had time to absorb all the information he had received from her flashes.
She never slept with Kyle, she never gave herself to another man. But most of all, everything she did, everything she had made him believe she did, was only done out of pure and wholeheartedly love.
Love for him, and only him. Thinking about it, he couldn't believe his luck: this woman… this tiny woman who outwardly seemed so frail, was in reality stronger than any other woman he knew, and she was ready to lose everything just for him. To protect him.
Protect him. During a few seconds he hated this notion, and he hated himself.
Everything that had happened so far was his fault. His only and entire fault. HE had come back from the future, HE had asked her to end things between them, forcing her to give up on him and push him into another woman's arms. HE had charged her with a burden which was far too heavy for her frail shoulders. But she had done everything he asked her nonetheless, just because she loved him enough to sacrifice herself, sacrifice her happiness, her future with him, "their" future, in order that all those he loved could be safe and live longer.
Three days ago he thought he would never be able to forgive her for what he thought she had done with Kyle, and now he was sure he wouldn't be able to forgive himself for all she had been through, all by herself, all alone, because of him and his stupidity.
How could he have thought that being apart from her was what was best for both of them or even for the world? How could he have been so stupid? He should have known better!
Or maybe years of hiding, or fighting for his life had altered his perception and his intellectual abilities. Yeah, otherwise his future self would have come up with a better plan, because he was sure that even under the worse circumstances , he would never be able to leave Liz voluntarily: he knew what it was like to be with her especially after the night they had just spent, and he also knew what it was like to be without her. The last months had shown him that: it had been a living hell. And honestly, what kind of King could he be without her anyway ? Some might think she was his greatest weakness, but he only saw her as what she really was, and had always been: his greatest strength. So if he had a say on the matter, he wished he would never have to be away from her, not even for a single minute again.
She had moved sometime during his thinking and looking back at her sleeping form again, he realized that the sheets weren't covering her so much anymore, revealing to his eyes her beautiful body from her head to her waist. Drawn to her by an invisible force he couldn't help but carress her back, still so mesmerized by the softness of her skin. He drew little circles along her spine, starting between her shoulder blade, and moving slowly to the small of her back. He could feel her responding to his touch, seeing the little goosebumps it was causing. He stopped when he felt her moving again, not really wanting to wake her up. But obviously it was already too late. She stirred and eyes still closed, she turned in his direction.
Liz was too afraid to open her eyes. She had lived the most beautiful night of her life and she was sure if she opened her eyes, nothing that happened would be real! She would be alone in her bed again. She wanted to believe it was true just a few more minutes before having to face reality again, but when she heard his voice, she knew she had nothing to fear.

"Good morning beautiful" he said caressing her back again.

She smiled finally looking at him lovingly:

"Hey, sleepyhead! Sorry! Did I wake you up?"

"It's okay, Max! I'm glad you did !"

Max immediately closed the short distance between them, and trailing a path from her bent elbow to her shoulder he declared between kisses:

"Really I'm sorry,….*kiss *….I didn't mean to!….*kiss *…. It's just that I've been having this amazing dream…. *kiss *….. where we were making love for the first time ….*kiss *…...but then I woke up with a start thinking that it was all just that,… a dream ….*kiss *, …..and that I was going to be all alone in my room again, ….*kiss *….but then I turned my head, ….*kiss *….and you were really there, ….*kiss * so I….*kiss *…..just ….*kiss *…couldn't …. *kiss *….not …. *kiss *….touch ….. *kiss *….you!"
By the end of his sentence he was kissing her neck, then her jaw line and when she turned some more to face him completely, he just closed his mouth against hers, kissing her tenderly, like he had so wanted to do since she woke up minutes ago. During a few moment they were lost in their kiss again, lost in each other arms, savouring the taste of the one they loved. When Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, Max deepened the kiss, darting his tongue, licking successively her lower and upper lips, which she parted almost immediatly to grant him access to the recesses of her mouth. The touch of his tongue against hers was so gentle, so sweet, she couldn't help but wonder how she could have lived without his kisses for so long. But that reminded her there was a good reason why they had been apart, for so long. If they had gone back together a week ago, maybe everything wouldn't have mattered anymore, but now with Nicolas alive and back, this could changed. And if she hadn't given it seconds thoughts yesterday night, too eager and happy to be in his arms again and feel his touch, now she couldn't do as she didn't know there could be a problem. So when he broke the kiss to breath in more air she couldn't help but ask.


"Yes!" he replied distractly while kissing her neck again.

"What are we going to do now?"

Hearing the seriousness in her tone, Max slowly raised his head and looked at her indicating he was now listening attentively and that she could go on.

"I mean….about Tess….Nicolas is back…. and so…..well… know….you need her….and maybe she will want to leave….if….if she knows ….about us. " she finished, her voice just above a whisper, fearing he would tell her he had been thinking about it and decided it would be better for them to be just friends after all or take things really slow, now that he knew the truth and what could happen with Tess's departure.
She would do anything for him again if he asked her to, but she didn't know if she could survive without him now that she knew how making love with him was, or how only him could complete her. She hadn't felt so alive in months, and she was sure she couldn't feel this way without him.
Lifting her chin with his fingers so that he could look into her eyes, he tried to reassure her:

"Liz, everything's gonna be alright now; I'm here! Tess won't leave! She knows she's an important part of our unit! And if she doesn't we will just have to make her understand it! She won't do that knowing we really need her to defeat our enemies." He paused a brief moment, and seeing still doubt in her beautiful eyes he added:
"But if you want to be sure….maybe we shouldn't tell anyone just yet, and try to see first how they would all react to the news of us….being back together….and particularly Tess! No?!"

"Yeah, I think….we should wait….at least a little more,… if you don't mind?"

"Not at all….we will do as you want Liz!" he said smiling" Now…..where were we?"

Max was with Liz now, in her bed, NAKED, and the last thing he wanted was to think about Tess or how she would react to the fact that he was deeply in love with Liz and couldn't stay away from her again, especially now that he knew the whole truth. As far as he was concerned, she would just have to accept the news, period. He had made clear in front of her and in more than one occasion, that he could never love anyone but Liz, so seeing him again with the love of his life shouldn't be so surprising right?! But if Liz needed time to handle this new situation, or if she was just scared of Tess's reaction, he would do anything to relieve her fears. Even live an hidden and secret relationship with her, provided that she wanted him in her life and that he could see her and be with her whenever he wanted to.

"Come here!" he said pulling her so that she was now above him.

"MAX" Liz gasped surprised by his sudden movement. What a way to begin the day. Of course if it depended on her she would start all the next days of her life this way. In Max's arms.
He silenced her with a kiss immediately, not wanting her to speak or protest, not wanting to deal with problems that surely could wait. What he had in mind was without a doubt more important right now than Tess or anyone else in this world. His world, as far as he was concerned at this particular moment, was Liz, and he had every intention to make the most of this time he could spend with her all alone. He wanted to be as close to her as possible, and he really knew what was the best way to be as close to her as possible. And he had thought about this closeness ever since he had opened his eyes, his lower anatomy not wanting to give him a break every time she was near him. As if he would want to take a break if he could anyway, huh?

"Oh, God, Liz, look what you do to me!" he said once he broke the kiss and gazed down at his steel hard erection.

"Yeah I can see….or ….maybe I should say….. I can FEEL that" she informed him giggling, while pressing her thigh against it. .

"Sorry, it's just … seems to have a mind of its own when you're around!" Max declared rather seriously. But Liz was still in playing mode so she decided to take advantage of the situation.

"Oh, really?" she asked innocently and trying to hide the huge smile on her face. "Maybe I should have a little 'talk' with 'him' then" she added while sliding along his body, and leaving a trail of wet little kisses on her way down.
Max wasn't sure of what she had in mind, but he knew he would lose it any second now if she continued to move her belly so suggestively over his throbbing cock.
When she reached his navel, she couldn't help but dart her tongue and tease him a little bit, licking, and caressing it with the moist tip of her tongue. Once she realized the effect this simple act had on him she looked up at him suggestively and while going down some more she declared smiling:

"You know Maaax" his name whispered in an even more sexy and husky voice she intended to, "My mother always told me to not talk to strangers before being officially presented to them, …but once that done,…. to be kind and polite with them, ….in order to see if we could become….friends….Do you think …'him '… and I …could be ….friends?"

"….Best friends….definitively" Max gasped, unable to respond with a full-length sentence.

Now he knew without a doubt where all this was leading, and waiting for her to reach her destination was driving him crazy. He had never lived this….kind of experience….before, but he was sure that, if what he felt right now just picturing her lips on his manhood was any indication, he could probably die in the process. God, this woman is going to be the death of me, he thought. But before he could voice anything else or just think about it, he was already feeling her hot breath just above his heat.


"In fact, …..I'm sure 'him' and I will get along …..really well…."she finished while reaching and really touching his pulsing shaft for the first time, letting her fingers come aroung him gently. Of course she had touched him yesterday night, but then she was too eager to feel him inside her to really take her time and appreciate the feeling of him in her hands, to caress him and see how he could react to her touch.


While she continued speaking, she started to stroke his length slowly, trying to find a rhythm he would appreciate and which would bring him the most intense and pleasurable sensations.

"..And maybe….."


She smiled realizing the effects her movements were causing, and how Max seemed to have lost his ability to speak.

"….. he will have some pretty interesting things to tell me about…….or the way you feel."


She took her first real and attentive look of his penis too, and couldn't help but say:

"… 'he' 's beautiful Max……just like you."

Being so close, its size was even more impressive. She still couldn't believe that something so hard could also be something so soft at the same time, or that all of it had fit in her.

"Liz….Oh GOD! …" Max almost yelled when he felt her tongue on him for the very first time. Liz knew it was time to stop her teasing and show him just how much she wanted him! Every part of him. So slowly she started to lick the tip of his cock, also experimenting for the first time this new feeling. She could feel the first drops of pre-cum that had formed in its head. His taste was nothing she had tasted before: it was spicy and musky, but also so sweet, -just like Max's scent she thought-, and she knew she would love it just like everything that was Max. She had always thought she would never be able to give a man this kind of pleasure, because she used to find this practice rather ….repulsive, even though she had also heard that when you loved someone nothing sexual with him or her could feel this way. But now that she was discovering just how much this was turning her on when she wasn't even the one who was being pleasured, she knew she had been completely wrong. Nothing she would do to Max, with Max,or nothing he would do to her would ever be repulsive. And from the moans she could hear, Max was really approving what she was doing. So she continued dutyfully her first exploration of his hardened sex, but this time applying a little more pressure. She travelled along his member, flicking her tongue here and there, kissing him, sucking him lightly, while her tiny hand stroked again all his length. Like she had done the night before when he was pleasuring her, Max reached for her head and started running his fingers in her hair. This was unbelievable, the things she did with her hand, with her tongue were incredible. He could already feel his balls tightening, he was so near. She would have to stop soon or he wouldn't be able to stop himself, and he didn't want her to feel forced to swallow his seed.
As if reading his thoughts, Liz concentrated her attention on the tip of his cock and started to take him slowly into her mouth. When she heard Max moaning again, she moved her head up and down, taking more of him each time. She could feel his cock hardening some more and knew he would soon climax. She felt a shiver run along her spine in anticipation of this moment, and when she felt him trying to pull his cock out of her mouth she just sucked harder, stroked him faster, showing him she wanted this. Max's head was spinning, he couldn't even think clearly anymore, all he could do was feel. Feel her hand on his member, feel her tongue, her mouth. He couldn't get enough of her, and he couldn't believe that was the first time she was doing this. If she was so talented the first time, how would that be after months, years of experience? Oh no! He shouldn't go there, or……

"Oh, my GOD, ….Liz….LiiIIZ …don't stop……OOOHHHH"

After one last and useless effort to stop himself, he just climaxed and spilled all his seed in her waiting mouth. She kept her mouth in place during a few more seconds, swallowing every drop of his cum, and when she felt she had let nothing left, she kissed her way up and rested herself on his chest, her hips straddling his, her core practically coming in direct contact with his softening shaft.
Instinctively his fingers tangled in her hair, and he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. After a few minutes, Liz giggled so Max gave her a puzzled look:

"What? What 's so funny?" he asked her.

"Well…," she said playfully" this was a very interesting 'conversation… And I may say that the'guy' surely knows how to talk to a lady"
Hearing her comment Max couldn't help but burst into laughter, and was soon followed by Liz. This woman was really amazing he thought, here she had just performed the most fantastic blowjob he was sure a man could dream of, and seconds later, she was again teasing him and playing with him. But her laughter died in her throat as soon as she felt his cock stirring again below her.

"Max !" she exclaimed, almost shoked. Max had to hide his grin and raising his arms defensively, he just chuckled:

"Must be my alien side!" and before she could respond he flipped her over and positionning himself between her legs, he added more seriously while caressing her cheek with his thumb:

"It's that…. or it's just because you're the most beautiful, irresistible and sexy woman he has ever seen! " And with that said he bent down his head, and captured her lips with his own.

He kissed her slowly, almost reverently, as to show her how much he meant those words.
Liz was again fighting back her tears: she couldn't believe how much her life had changed in a few days, or even in a few hours. Yesterday she was crying again over her lost love, and now she was with this man, this incredible man, who was showing her with so much love, she thought she would wake up any moment soon now and realize all this was only one more fantasy of hers. But Max was really there, and they were about to make love again. Could her life be more beautiful at this moment?! Certainly not she conceded.

Even knowing what his next move would be, she gasped when she felt the tip of his erection coming into contact with her core. She couldn't wait to feel him inside her again. Yesterday night she had been slightly apprehensive, thinking it would be too painful at first, and truth was it was, but once she had get used with his size, she surely had never felt so much pleasure in her whole life. And surprisingly, this morning she wasn't even sore anymore. At least not how much as she was supposed to be if she refered to everything she had read about 'first time's experience', so now she was of course more than ready to go for round two.
Deciding that he should tease her a little as she had done before , Max picked up her little game where she had left it:

"Now that… 'he' knows 'you', maybe…. I should 'introduce him ' properly to 'your friend'". Liz couldn't not smile at his choice of words, but as soon as he finished , he let an inch of his cock penetrate her, and the instant he felt her wet folds and her body starting to swallow him, all thoughts of the game were forgotten….for both of them.

"Liz,… oh God,… you're so wet…I….I want you…. so much." He said in a ragged breath. He so wanted to thrust his entire cock inside her right now, but he knew that even if he had healed her last night, this could still be a little painful for her. So instead he just let her adjust herself to the fullness she had to be feeling, and only when he thought she was ready he went on.

"Liz, ….you're soo….tight……tell me if I hurt you and I will stop…. Just tell me baby… and I will, okay?"….'if I can' he told himself. He was sure that if he hurt her and she asked for him to stop he would die right there and then, or at least surely faint on top of her.
When he saw her nod, he just entered her more until all his cock was deeply embedded inside her, and then he nearly collapsed above her, reveling in the moment. He stayed still a few minutes, doing his best to not crush her. HOME! He was back home again. He was where he belonged. And he wished he wouldn't have to leave this place ever again. This was his shelter, the only place where he would always feel safe, where he would always be the closer possible to his Liz. Settling all his weight on his elbows again, he began to slowly thrust in and out of Liz. Her moans of pleasure reached his ears and filled the room, and he knew right then that this time would all be only about Liz. He would do anything just to hear her screaming his name again as she reached her orgasm. He had just climaxed, so he knew he could be long before he would ejaculate again, and therefore he could take his time now to pleasure her just as much as she had done moments ago.
However he didn't think this could happen so quickly. After a few more strokes he felt her back arching up, and she screamed in his ears:

"OH, …….Maaax,….. Max, faster, …..pleaaase! GO…… FAAASTER"

"Yeah, Liz…. come baby please! Come" he encouraged her while increasing the rate of his thrusts.

No sooner had he finished his sentence that he felt her walls tightening around him, and even if he didn't think it was possible before, he thought he would come himself just by the pressure he felt over his cock when she did so. Not wanting this to happen just yet, he stilled his movements as soon as she climaxed and let her catch her breath.
Liz was slowly coming back from this magic and orgasmic world Max had just sent her flying, and even if it was quite strange to be thinking about that in such a wonderful and intimate moment she couldn't help but remember an article she had read few months ago. Some scientists had established that a man needed about 5 minutes to climax once stimulated, whereas a woman needed at least 20 minutes to do so. Well,… maybe she should report her case she thought,because if that was true, Max Evans had just changed all the statistics, and surely established a new record. He definitely knew how to please a woman. And apparently he hadn't finished yet! 'Oh MY GOD', she screamed this time inwardly! 'What the h…, no,no…. that's not…..'.. Possible she was going to say but could never finished her thought.

"Oh Gooood, Max….." she panted"…..I'm commmiiing ….again. Don't ….stop!"

Max was thrusting in and out of her again, going even faster and deeper than before. He was surely not going to stop now when she was so close. Resting all his weight on his right elbow, he reached between their joined bodies, and finding her clitoris he stroked it a few times and that's all it took her to climax again. But this time when her walls tightened again around his throbbing cock he buried himself deeper inside her and joined her in her orgasmic bliss.
They both came back to reality moments later, and almost immediatly Max rolled on his back. He pulled her with him and as she had done the night before, she rested her head just under his chin, her left arm coming instinctively near his neck and her leg between both his. Max gently caressed the length of her hair, until they were both too exhausted to stay awake, and they drifted slowly to sleep again. They still had a few hours before they would have to meet with the others, and the following hours and days would perhaps be critical for everyone, so they needed to rest as much as they could.

Later that same morning, Max woke up again, Liz's body still firmly pressed against his. Even trying hard he still couldn't believe the sight in front of his eyes or the last events turns. He was in Liz's bedroom, in Liz's bed, and they had made love. Twice. And if it depended on him, he surely had no intention to stop just there. He really planned on doing it again and again during the following weeks, months, years, or everyday of his life if he was given the opportunity, but most of all he planned on doing so as soon as she would wake up.
Fortunately he hadn't to wait long. As if sensing that he was already awake, Liz started stirring, slowly waking up herself. She smiled when she realized she wasn't pressed against the matress as she should be, but against a firm chest. Max's chest. This still seemed so unreal for her. Her smile grew wider when she opened her eyes and saw that Max was looking at her lovingly, his eyes already shining with passion.
Moving up so that she could be face to face with him she greeted him.

"Good morning, …….again" she told him softly before placing her lips on his for a tender kiss.

"Good morning to you too!" he said smiling back at her. She couldn't resist his smiles, she never did and never would.

Waking up in his arms was the most amazing feeling and she hoped she would have the chance to feel like that over and over again. Well she was going to be able to, at least for a few more days since her parents weren't there, but they would be back soon and that would change everything she thought sadly. She doubted her parents would be understanding enough as to let Max sleep with her every night: her father would surely kill her….hm, no! he would kill him first if he was to find him in bed with his unique daughter and then he would kill her. But anyway, dad or not, she knew Max's parents would start to ask questions if he suddenly disapppeared every night and didn't sleep at home, and she really didn't want Isabel to start getting suspicious. She didn't know how his sister would react to the news of her little brother sleeping and having sex, "hot sex" she corrected herself smiling, with an ex-girlfriend, with who he wasn't officially again. She could already hear the lecture she would give him.
Seeing that she seemed to be somewhere else, Max asked her softly:

"What are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing just…stuff!" she answered vaguely not wanting to tell him where her thoughts had led her.

"Stuff??" he questionned slightly raising an eyebrow.

'Okay! Maybe the 'stuff' reply wasn't a good idea.'

"Well.…. principally…how am I supposed to wake up alone again every morning from now on, when I know now how it is to wake up in your arms." she said cuddling up closer to him.

"Yeah I know what you mean." he sighed.
And he really knew. He had thought about that himself before, but had just decided to stop thinking about it when he had realized he wouldn't be able to come up with a satisfactory answer. At least not one he would be really satisfied with. He wasn't ready to face reality, and reality was they couldn't wake up every day like this, in each other arms and start the day making love. MAKING LOVE. They had stayed like that for a few minutes when Max remembered what he had been thinking about just before she woke up. He knew they would have to deal with the situation, and think about the 'arrangements ' they would have to find and make in order to see each other as often as possible without rising any suspicions , but for now there was nothing he could do about that, right?. So why not take advantage of this waking.

Without any warning he rolled her on her back, settled his body above hers pinning her against the matress in the process, and looking directly into her eyes, he told her as seriously as possible:

"Well, I don't know for the other ones but……..I surely know what would be the best way to start this day!" As much as he tried he couldn't help but grin at the way her eyes opened wider, and darkened with desire as soon as he spread her legs apart and she realized what he was meaning.

"Oh? And that would be? " she asked innocently.

"Hmm! I think…..I will have to show you" he just told her before bending down his head, and searching for her lips.
He kissed her tenderly at first but then flicked his tongue over her lips, asking permission to deepen the kiss. Liz melted in his embrace and immediately granted his silent request. His tongue slid past her teeth and searched for hers, and he caressed it gently with his once he found it.
She could feel his cock pressed against her thigh and she wanted nothing more than grab him, guide him into her core and have hot and passionnate sex with him right now, but always being the practical one, she knew they couldn't. She still had to shower, prepared herself and opened the Crashdown before everyone arrived. And she was sure Mickael would kill her if she was late.

"Max…Max! " she said trying to get his attention once they broke from their kiss, but that was to no avail. Max was too eager to make love to her and he surely was doing his best to achieved his goal. He slowly pulled away from her, ignoring her call and started to make his way down her body. He stopped when he reached her breasts and after taking a look at her hardened nipples, he descended on them. Slowly darting his tongue, he first licked at the left and was amazed again at how responsive it was. Yesterday already he had noticed that each time he touched them, they seemed to grew even harder, standing then more firm and proud, as if they were begging for his attention. Attention he was –of course- more than willing to give. While he continued to lick at her left nipple he took her right breast and gently started to fondle it.

Liz knew she had to stop him or they wouldn't be able to, but the touch of his tongue was already driving her crazy. Oh God, what this man could do to her. She never thought her breasts could be that sensitive, but boy they were.
She knew what he wanted, and was sure he would certainly not stop his exploration of her body at her breasts and man how she wanted him to go further south, but she couldn't let him continue. They couldn't make love right now, she repeated herself. Not when anyone could be coming any minutes soon. Well not anyone in fact but the result would be all the same. Maria had a key of the Crashdown, and if Maria walked on Max and her making love, no need to say that the whole Roswell would know by noon.

"Max" she called again.

"Uh? "he simply mumbled too busy sucking on her nipples to really respond.

"Max …..You…..have to stop……thiiiiss…..ooh…..Max, we....we can't"

"I surely can" he stated while looking down to his lower part as to emphasize his point. Of course he could. His cock was so hard it hurt him. And there was no way he could move or go anywhere if he didn't take care of 'this problem' first.

"Max! Look at me please!" she asked him.

"I"m looking at you Liz, ….all of you,….. only you." He softly replied before resuming his ministrations.

"My face Max, ….my eyes…..Look AT ME" she said giggling, not the least surprised by his rather inappropriate answer

Realizing that she wouldn't let him go on before he would listen to her he reluctantly stopped what he was doing and looked up at her.

"Max" she started as soon as she saw that she was finally getting 'almost' all his attention.
"There is nothing I want more right now than to make love to you …..but we can't Max"

Seeing the look on his face she knew she would have to tell him more than 'sorry we can't " to have him stop. 'As if she really wanted him to anyway' but that wasn't the question here.

"Look! We have to be downstairs in less than twenty minutes now. And as much as I want to stay in this bed and have my ways with you M. Evans, this is not a possibility…..right now. I need to shower, get dressed and be downstairs before Maria arrives. And you know how she is, if I'm not there before her she will come to see what I'm doing. And I don't think that having Maria Deluca walking on us making love first hours in the morning will be the best way to start and maintain our "secret and discreet" relationship, do you understand?"

Sure he did, or at least he 'thought' he did. Truth was, he had hardly payed any attention to what she said since he had heard a certain word. S-H-O-W-E-R. She was going to shower. Well of course she was going to, but this time he was there, in her room. Did she think he was going to stay there while she would be under the hot water rubbing herself with soap? Uh-huh! NO WAY. He wasn't sure what she had said, but he would agree to anything as long as he could go with her, even if she surely hadn't meant it this way.

"Okay!" he quickly replied. " Go first! I will follow"

'Well that was easy after all' Liz told herself. She thought he would be more difficult to convince, but after all Max was smart enough to realize she was completely right..
Little did she know that by 'follow' he meant, 'follow you to the bathroom and take this shower with you' and not 'wait for you to finish and follow in the bathroom to take mine.'
After kissing him a last time she grabbed one of the sheets and headed towards the bathroom.
As soon as she left Max got out of the bed, and locked her bedroom door. Maria could come now if she wanted but she surely wouldn't walk on them. Walking back to the bed, he noticed the little stain of dry blood on the sheet and immediately waved his hand over it, erasing the last proof of her taken virginity. Virginity she had given him, virginity he, and noone else, had taken. He couldn't help grinning at the thought again. Happy dance—Happy dance—he was becoming the 'King of the mental happy dance', and that was a title he could behr without problem.
Liz was already under the water when she heard the bathroom door opening. Thinking that Max would want to use the bathroom too she didn't pay much attention to the fact that he was there in the same room and that she was naked. Granted, she had pulled the curtain behind her after entering, but it was slightly see-through, and she knew he could see her even if not really clearly. But who would have thought, huh? Little Liz Parker not embarrassed to be naked in front of a man. Of course it surely helped that Max seemed to be in total admiration each time he would look at her, but anyway she was glad that she could be so comfortable with him.
Eyes closed and focused on her hair, she didn't realized when Max pulled away the curtain and joined her.
The water had been flowing for a moment now and as always when running for too long,it was beginning to be too hot so Liz tried to reach the cold faucet to regulate the temperature and that's when she noticed Max's presence. Well what she noticed first actually, was the strange softness of the faucet. It usually was hard, cold, more round, not as ….long? and as….. large? Uh?….. And certainly not soft. Only when she heard the "faucet" …..groaning --ok? What the hell was happening here?? Since when did a faucet…groan?--, did she realized that Max was there. Oups! Definitely NOT the faucet!!

"Max !" she squealed not prepared to see him there.
Well at least the look on his face was priceless! But she couldn't quite placed it: was it a painful look, or a delighted one.

"Liz" he moaned.
She was still holding his personal "faucet" and that was surely not what Max needed right now if he wanted to be able to do everything he had in mind. But even when she saw where he was gazing and realized that she still had her hand on his cock, she didn't let go of him. Instead she squeezed it softly and just looked innocently at him. She heard him groaning again and she couldn't stop the smile that formed on her lips. 'Well this guy, needs a lesson.' she thought when she realized he had never had any intention to agree with her. Deciding that a little teasing would do him some good, she finally let go of him and turning her back to him she asked him in a very seductive voice:

"Max! Will you rub my back please? Here is what you need"
She heard him swallow hard and this time she couldn't prevent the laughter that escaped her lips.

"What, Mister Evans! Ready to have hot sex but not ready to help the lady first" she teased him.
She saw him take the bottle of gel, and couldn't help but continue.

"Tell you what: you help me with my back and I will help you with this little problem of yours " she finished at the same time that she reached back for him again and gave him another little squeeze.
'Little problem' Max thought. He had been hard like that almost since he had woken up and she called it a little problem. Actually he was ready to take care of that himself right there and then, if she didn't do it cause he was sure he would implode if she didn't stop teasing him like that.
With trembling hands he poured some gel on her back and started to wash it. Of course it didn't help his 'problem' at all that he was touching and caressing her soft skin or that she arched her back whenever he touched her and that consequently her ass cheeks where now
currently pressed against his groin.
When he finished his 'rubbing' he helped her rinse herself, eagerly hoping that now that he had accomplished his part of the deal, she would take care of him as she had promised. He wanted nothing more than to take her right now against this wall, but he would let her decide how she wanted to do it.
He almost fainted when she turned and he saw the look of pure lust she was giving him. Slowly she snuggled up against him and wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself and then stood up on her tiptoes. Her heat was now in direct contact with his cock and he shivered in anticipation when he felt just how wet and ready for him she was. Obviously she wanted the same thing that he did. So sex on the shower it would be. He liked the idea. Yes, she would certainly think that he was some kind of pervert or sex maniac, but he had also fantasize on making love to her here. Okay, who was he kidding! He surely had fantasized on doing it wherever it was possible to: the shower, her bed, his bed, the kitchen table, the Crashdown tables, booths, counter, his car, Mickael's couch, even on a washing machine….. EVERYWHERE………well, thinking about it now, maybe, but just maybe, he WAS a sex maniac.
He was still lost in this thoughts when he felt her pull away from him. Hey, what was she doing? He was supposed to grab her, pinned her against this wall just behind her and made wild and passionate love to her!
He looked at her, and seeing the large grin that was plastered on her face he knew she was up to something.
Slowly she knelt down in front of him and Max could hardly remember how to breathe. She looked up seductively and then almost immediately grabbed his shaft and opened her mouth on it. Heaven! he thought. He was in heaven. She teased him with the tip of her tongue, licking the head of his cock. He heard her moaning and nearly climaxed just then. He closed his eyes, leant on the wall behind him and savoured the feel of her tongue and lips on him again. Soon, very soon he would find release he thought. No need to say he nearly died right there when she stopped suddenly, turned on the cold faucet, and climbed out of the tub, telling him a cold shower could solve all the problems. He could hear her laughing, and he couldn't even understand how he hadn't seen this coming. But she would have to pay for this.
While trying to control her laughter, Liz grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her chest. She then took her brush and stared to comb her hair. She was just finishing when Max got out of the shower. She tried to see if he was angry at her, but when she saw the evident pout on his lips she couldn't help but laugh again. God he was so cute, he looked like a little child who couldn't have the candy he so wanted. Okay, certain parts of his body were definitively not those of a little child she corrected, while admiring his so perfect body that was glistening with droplets of water. She took a look at his erection and couldn't help feeling sorry for him. But hey, she had told him they hadn't time, and she had thought he had understood.

'Payback is a bitch ' they say, huh?. Well Liz Parker would certainly know that from now on Max thought. Approaching her, he started smiling, and that's all it took for Liz to realize she was going to pay. She tried to escape but could only open the door before Max was on her. He took her by the waist and in one swift motion turned her around and pressed her against him.

"Where do you think you're going, you little temptress?" he asked while holding her tighter.

"Max! MAAX! Let go of me!" she said almost choking with her giggles.

"No way, we had a deal!"

"Okay! Who are you and what have you done with Max 'The Shy Guy ' Evans?"

She tried to struggle, but to no avail. He was stronger than her, and he certainly had no intention to let her go.

"Max, we can no……….." before she could finished her sentence she felt his hand making its way beneath the towel, and immediately his fingers caressed her. They searched for her clit and Liz arched her back unable to resist.

"Ohhh!….. Max!" she moaned, gripping his shoulders to steady herself. For a short moment she couldn't think clearly, but then she remembered why they had to stop. Maria, MARIA DELUCA….. Maria 'Can't keep my mouth shut' Deluca!

"Max! we c….." she tried again, but couldn't go on. Max had just slid one of his fingers into her, and started moving it slowly in and out.

"Liz" he breathed huskily "Tell me that you want me. Tell me that you want this!"

"Oooohh Mmm-Max!" she just moaned, unable to speak.

"Tell me that you want me Liz, and I will stop!"
Of course she wanted him, but she didn't want him to stop right now. What was this?! she thought. Well, maybe he just wanted to be reassured. Yeah, he knew they couldn't make love now, but since she had just refused to give him what he wanted , he needed to be reassured. So if she told him she wanted him, that would be it?….. And they needed to stop, right?

"Liz, tell me,…… Liz "he continued while nibbling her ear lobe.

"Maaaax, you….. know we have…….to…….. to stop right? " she stammered

"Yes! And I will! Just tell me that and I will" he said while continuing to finger her.

"Oooooh! " Oh God, she was so near!

"Liz, do you want me?" he asked her one last time before, slowly moving his finger out of her burning heat, and leaving her there panting and crazy with want.

"Yes…..yes Max…….I do want you." she finally declared already feeling the lost of his touch.

Fortunately she hadn't to wait long to be touched again. As soon as he heard what he wanted, he grabbed her, lifted her and pinned her against the wall. Liz gasped, surprised by his movement but then without even thinking about it, she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist. Without hesitation Max took off her towel, placed the head of his cock at her entrance and thrust in. He had felt just how wet she was seconds before so he knew he wouldn't hurt her.
Liz was lost the instant he entered her. Girl, how could she have been so stupid as to deny him and herself this kind of tremendous pleasure? Thank God, Max hadn't listened to her. When their lovemaking was slow and tender the two previous time, now, it was more passionnate, wild, urgent, both not knowing when they would be so close again.


Mickael, Tess and Isabel were already waiting in front of the Crashdown doors when Maria finally arrived. They had been there for not more than ten minutes but Mickael was already driving both girls nuts with his questions and his angry comments on how he would have to show them how to use an alarm clock or how to read their watch or whatever. So it didn't surprised Isabel and Tess to see that no sooner Maria climbed out of her car, Mickael was on her, practically assaulting her:

"Where the hell have you been! We've been waiting here for hours and your dear best friend isn't here yet!" he spat

"Good morning to you too! Spaceboy!" she replied almost ignoring his agressive tone. What of course irritated Mickael more than he already was.

"Give the keys! NOW!" he yelled when he saw her struggling with her purse in an effort to find them.

"If you weren't such a morning asshole, maybe you would see that I'm trying to get them." She retorted this time more angrily. Yeah! really not a morning person, she thought sarcastically while continuing to rummage through her purse. Maybe they would just have to find someone else to take the night turns and sleep in the car. Or maybe he should sniff some cedar oil, it would help him relax a bit. How he could be so sweet one day and detestable the next one was beyond her.
Once she found her keys she almost threw them on his face without another word.

"Whatever" Mickael mumbled to himself while opening the cafe doors.

Once inside, he walked directly towards the back swinging doors, but before he could reached them Maria stopped him:

"Hey, stop! What are you doing? Where do you think you're going?" she asked

"What do you think I'm doing? Going to look for your girlfriend!" he yelled.

"OH no! No way Spaceboy! Liz is never late….." she tried to argue

"….She already IS" he cut her off.

"Ok, maybe she's late" she admitted looking up at the cafe clock " but…. she will be down there soon! No need to go upstairs, we will just have to wait here for her! Okay? Someone wants coffee, tea, anything? " she tried to change the subject.
Isabel who had been watching them all the while, could only smile. She couldn't comprehend how they could still both be alive. Whenever she saw them they were always at each other throats, and yet they couldn't seem to part. Strange match, right?!
Thinking that she could at least help Maria with this one she tried to calm Mickael:

"She's right Mickael! Liz will be there soon! Now, we should use this time to have some breakfast! I don't think anyone of us had already, right!? ….Tess? "she proposed , turning to see the blond alien who was already making herself comfortable on a booth. The truth was Tess didnt' give a damn if Liz was going to turn up or not, she was more concerned by the fact that Max hadn't appear yet, and by what she heard Isabel say to Mickael, he hadn't even slept home.

"Yeah, whatever! Coffee will be great for me! "she replied unenthusiastically.

"Okay, breakfast for eveyone it is! " Maria hastened to answer, too happy to see that Mickael wouldn't be bursting into Liz's room like some psycho just now, and that Liz's had some more time left to come. Nevertheless, she couldn't help wondering where the Parkers were, and why they hadn't opened the cafe themselves.

To Maria dismay, as soon as he finished his said breakfast, Mickael stood up and headed again towards Liz's apartment. Could this guy be more infuriating? she thought.

"I'm going to see what she's doing" he declared when he saw everyone looking at him.

"No you're not!" Maria tried to stop him….again.

"Oh no? Well, we've been waiting and she's not here yet! So either you go or I will!" he exclaimed.

"Fine Mickael, calm down! I will go find her. ……Man you really need to work on this impatience of yours." she answered while showing her way past him.


Meanwhile in her bathroom, Liz and Max were so caught up in their oh so intimate activities that they didn't hear when everyone entered the restaurant, nor the little scene between Mickael and Maria. Only when she heard the sound of somebody's footsteps on the stairs, did Liz get out of her sexual blur and reacted.

"Oh, God…. Maaaax! Some…..-one is coming up!" she almost yelled just before hearing the first knock on the door and her name being called softly.


"Your door is closed " Max immediatly stated to reassure her. He was liking their lovemaking too much to stop just now or let her go and open the door to see who was disturbing them..

"Yeees but the….. bathroom ………….door is wiii…-de opened. Whoever it is is going to…. hear us!…………… ooohhhh…..Max, let me….OOHH Mmmmax" she moaned. What was she going to say? Oh yeah '….go and close it' she remembered, but Max had just thrust harder and she almost instantly lost her line of thought! This was soooo good!

"I'm……… not going to………….. let you go anywhere! Not before we… finished what we've started."

"Liz?" Maria called again while knocking louder this time and trying to open the door.

"Max it's ….it's …Maria!Hmmmm,..oohhhh ….She must…… be…. ohhhhh……looking for me!"

"Liz" he said while plunging deeper inside her, which earned him a loud muffled moan from her. "Just…. get …rid… of her! There is….. no way ….I will stop this now!" he continued seriously, trying to control himself or his groans as much as he could. Anyway, he was sure he wouldn't be able to stop even if his life depended on it just then.

"Liz? are you in there? " Maria insisted, Liz's silence getting her worried by now.


"Liz!" Maria went on when finally hearing her friend's voice "Everyone is waiting downstairs! ….You know…. for the report? "

The report. Of course the report, but how was she supposed to respond coherently when Max was deeply buried inside her, driving her completely insane with each and every one of his sensual moves.

"OH!? Yeees, MA……ria" she was ready to call Max's name out loud but to her own surprise she had been able to correct herself at the last moment. 'Thank God for small favors' she thought

"Liz! Are you sure you're okay?……You seem a little…"strange"? Maria said for lack of better words. She could sense something was really wrong with Liz but she couldn't seem to name it. Maybe it wasn't a good idea after all to pair her off with Max yesterday. But she just thought those two needed some time together and alone in order to talk and maybe work things out.

Talking about Max she realized he had yet to come,….and he was usually never late, too.

"Liz?" she tried again. "Did anything happen with Max yesterday? I mean… you know where he is…….he 's not here yet!"

'Oh God! If something happened with Max? she asks. If only she knew!' Max had just made Liz's every dreams come true. And he was loving her, just now, while Maria was just behind her bedroom door. Talk about embarassing, huh? But she wouldn't change that for a million dollars.

"NO! I ….I don't know ……but he should be there soon…..I……can ….feel….him…he's near!" she finished in a raspy breath.

"You have… no idea, baby!" Max whispered huskyly in her ear, trying to keep as quiet as he could. But he desperately needed release, and he wasn't going to last long.
Liz had to bite her lower lip to not laugh at that, but Maria was too close and she would probably hear her.

'Feel him? Feel him? What the hell is she talking about?' Maria thought.

"Umm… Ok girlfriend….look.. I'll be in the Crash with the others….waiting for you …come when you 're ready"

"OH…. yes, yes…okay….that's …that's…GOOD…yeah, MA….MA….Ma…ria! …..I'M COOMIING……VERY SOON!"

"Fine, Liz, fine! No need to shout or get angry here!" she retorted misunderstanding Liz's tone, and after shrugging her shoulders she just left , never once realizing what was taking place just a few feet from her, just behind this closed door.
Hearing Maria leaving, Max thrusted faster and harder a few more times, and that's all it took for both Liz and him to climax together.

"Oh God, that was so…." Liz tried to say once she could breath normally.

"….amazing,…incredible,… mind-blowing,… out of this world,… unbelievable!" he provided for her, while slowly putting her back down .

"Well, yeah…."she smiled "….all that. I couldn't have said it better. But what I can't believe is that we've been doing this with Maria right on the other side of my door."

"Yeah" he chuckled. "That was fun!"

"Fun? Fun!" she asked incredulously but smiling nonetheless"MAX! Maria is so going to kill me if she learns one day what really happened here. That….and when she knows my parents aren't even here!"

"Maybe! But do you regret it?" he probbed

"Of course not, Max! I was just saying that…." she started but seeing him lifting his eyebrows in a very suggestive manner she knew he was kidding so she just changed the subject. "…Fine! Forget it loverboy! ….we should better get dressed now, don't you think?"

"Yes you're right…Um, look, I….will go down first. I can use the ladder and then walk back to the front doors and well….you…. just wait a little and then you go downstairs, okay?!" he said while waving his hand over them to clean both of them.

"Yeah! Sounds like a plan" she responded while looking for her clothes.

While he was dressing Max suddenly stopped and stated seriously, immediatly drawing Liz's attention..

"Oh God! I don't know how I'm going to do this!" he complained.

"What?" she asked confused. "Max, I know it has been a long time, but you surely still know how to go down a ladder no?!" she finished smiling.

Now fully dressed, he approached her and putting his arms tenderly on her waist to pull her closer he just laughed.

"I wasn't talking about that Liz!" he declared "But….how I'm going to pretend and act as if I have not been making love to the most beautiful and wonderful girl"..he kissed the end of her nose…."….woman….. in the world just yesterday night or a few moments ago."

"Oh!" was all Liz could replied. 'Of course he couldn't be talking about the ladder, stupid you' she berated herself.
Actually she had tried to avoid thinking about that kind of details ever since she had woken up and realized everything that had happened between her and Max was not just her own imagination playing tricks. But now that the moment to really deal with the situation was there, she wasn't sure she could do it. Not without his help at least.

"Max…I know it's going to be really difficult, trust me, …..I don't know how I'm going to be able to stay so close to you and not touch you,… kiss you, or more, ….or even just be able to hold your hand. But I really think it's better this way…for now…don't you?" she asked a little apprehensively.

"Yes…but don't worry Liz! WE ARE in this TOGETHER now, okay love!?" he said searching her eyes " And believe me when I say it's going to be almost impossible to not show everyone just how much I love you. I'm not even sure I will be able to remove from my face this silly grin I'm sure I'm wearing now and will be, every time I'm going to meet your gaze, or every time I'm going to think about last night or this morning events.But….I promise you that it won't be long until I will be like this with you again….so close to you….." he kissed her lips softly "or….. inside you" he whispered the last words in her ear letting his hot breath caress it.

Liz could only and already shiver in anticipation of what his promise meant. Another moment, or another night of sweet and tender lovemaking with Max. She couldn't wait or wish for something she wanted more.

"We will just have to find a way to 'escape and be all alone ' sometime. But now,…. I better go!" he finished.
Though, before leaving her there, he knew he really needed to make up for all the seconds, minutes, possibly hours when he would not be able to be with her in a more intimate way. So he cupped her face with both his hands and ever so tenderly, he bent and kissed her.
What started as an innocent kiss was rapidly growing into something definitely "not so" innocent, and Liz knew she had to stop this otherwise they would never make it downstairs without making love again there and then. and she knew, since Mickael wasn't really the patient type, he would most likely be the next one to come and look for her. And she really doubted he would be so easy to fool as Maria had been. She could already picture him losing patience and using his powers to shatter her bedroom door, or the shock in his face if he was to find her in a compromising situation, or 'position, with his best friend, who, by the way, was also supposed to be downstairs since at least twenty minutes now .
So reluctantly, she extracted herself from Max loving embrace, and indicating her window, she told him:

"Max…. you… should go now or I won't be able to let you leave. ….I'll be downstairs in a few minutes too…just behind you."

Resting his forehead against hers, he inhaled her scent one last time before leaving her. He knew it was quite stupid since he would be seeing her in not more than five or ten minutes, maybe even less, but he needed this.

"Fine ..I go…..But remember!"


"I love you Liz" he said while reaching the window and climbing on her balcony.

"I love you too" she replied, but he was already outside and she wasn't sure he had heard her. Anyway, she would have time to tell him those words over and over again and show him just as much she meant them from now on, she thought dreamily while finishing dressing.

Max was now walking to the front of the Crashdown ready to face his sister and friends, hoping they wouldn't have noticed his jeep parked just behind the restaurant. Of course if he had known yesterday that he would be spending all the night in Liz's bed, in Liz's arms he corrected himself a huge grin plastered in his face, he would have been more careful and parked it maybe two streets from here. But he didn't know, and now this little detail could ruin all his plan.

Max pushed the front doors, entered the cafe, stuffed almost instinctively his hands in his front pockets and hoped no one would start interrogating him. But the stars weren't with him today apparently. At least not when they had to deal with one Mickael Guerin.

"It's about damn time man! Where the f****** hell have you been? " he yelled as soon as he saw Max..

"MICKAEL!" Isabel immediately reprimanded him. She also was really upset with Max and wanted to know where he had been all night, but she knew her brother enough to know that this would go nowhere if he felt attacked by both his best friend and his sister. So she decided to play the good girl for once:

"Good morning Max!" she told him trying to smile despite the obvious tension in the air and Max nervousness.

"Good morning Iz! …..Mickael,….. Tess " he greeted them nodding, but carefully avoiding everyone's eyes.

"Max " she continued softly "Where have you been!? You've been out all night! You're lucky I could cover for you and Mom and Dad didn't realize! But you get me worried" she finished waiting for him now to give her a good explanation.

"Thanks Iz! I'm ….I'm sorry….. I…well… after droping Liz ….I…..I didn't want to sleep just yet so…I went to the desert and…..ended up sleeping in the car!" he lied praying this would be enough to convince them to leave him alone.

"Great! This is just great" Mickael exclaimed throwing up his hands above his head. " Nicolas and his men are somewhere out there! And YOU ! you go to the desert to …to…..what? sleep under the stars! Are you crazy or what?!!"

"Look Mickael! I said I was sorry okay! So can we go directly to the purpose of this little reunion!" he defended himself.

"This little reunion would have started a while ago if you and some brunette we know had been there when you should have!"

"Liz is not there ? " he asked innocently. "Maybe I should……"

"Nope Romeo! I already checked on her, and she is going to be here soon!" Maria immediately stopped him. "Oh look! Here she is!" she finished once she saw Liz going through the backdoors.

Liz was really nervous by now: she had heard the way Mickael had given Max an earful, and she was sure it would be her turn soon. But she wasn't sure she would be able to face Mickael's wrath just now. Her mind was still too full of blissfull memories. Memories of her and Max in the throws of passion, and she didn't want to have them ruined just now. She would have to deal with Maria soon and that was enough to scare her, she didn't need to hear Mickael mean comments too. She breathed in deeply, and plastered a big grin on her face.
Seeing the strange or annoyed glares Mickael and Tess were giving her, she quickly apologized:

"Good morning. I'm……I'm sorry I'm late but…..I didn't hear the alarm clock and slept in." Then turning to Maria, her smile grew wider and she greeted her softly. "Hey 'Ria…."

"Okaaay" Mickael cut her off "Now that our own local "Sleepy Beauty" is here, can we start? I think we have a lot to talk no?"

'Thank God for small favors ' Liz thought for the second time this day 'he is not going to push the issue.'

Turning her head in the direction of his usual booth, Liz caught her first glimpse of Max…..since he had left her minutes ago. And though they were supposed to act as nothing had changed between them, they couldn't help the obvious look of pure love and desire that crossed their eyes when they looked at each other. Fortunately they thought, no one would have noticed, and so a new day of planning Nicolas's defeat could start.

But as always when Liz and even more specifically Max were concerned, one person was not so blind, and she immediately realized that something had changed. And even if she couldn't name it yet, she didn't like what she saw and was more determined than never to find what this was.

End of chapter three.

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