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On A Bed Of Roses
Author:Rainbow's End
Category: Max and Liz and CC
Rating: Pg-13 to Nc-17
Disclaimer: No infrigement is intended. I own nothing , except my imagination.
Summary: I am really awful at summaries, so you will have to read to find out!!
Author's note: I hope you all enjoy this fic!!! Please leave feedback, or why else would I continue to write a story no one liked.

They stood face to face trying to figure out what to say next. No words would come to either of them. He betrayed her and she was devestated. For weeks he had been lying to her by omission and she was an unknowing victim of circumstances. His repentant amber eyes locked on her face waiting for some sign of forgivness, but her face held no expression. She had spent years of her life with him and to lose that to someone else killed her. Every kiss, smile, and declaration of love had been a complete lie and waste, because when two people are in love the other partner definetly doesn't cheat.

Note before chapter one. I am starting at the begining ..... so you can find out how this came to be... Just so no one is confused ...ok on to chapter one.

Chapter One

Liz Parker tossed her jacket on the bed. " Damn it!" She cursed as the contents in her jacket pocket spilled all over her bedroom floor. Liz cast another sullen look at her her jacket and it's contents and walked out on her wide patio ouside her room. She scurried across the floor of her patio and sat down on her lounge char. Today had been one of the most embarrassing days of her life. She was in love with one of the most magnificant guys of her senior class and Maria had pretty much blabbed it to his sister. She could of died when Maria announced it loudly at their lunch table to Isabelle Evans. Now Max would find out indefinetly. She should have known better than to tell Maria. She had the world's biggest mouth and couldn't keep a secret if her life depended on it. Now all she could do was wait for the teasing and Max's rejection towards her.

The sky looked like it would open up any time now and Liz wanted to be there to drown her sorrow in the rain. The thunder was furious and demanding. Liz loved it when it stormed; latley she felt like her life was one big storm and for once in her life she could draw distinction from it. Tricles of rain fell on her face and she basked in it. " Lizzie, someone is here to see you honey!" Her mother yelled up to her. Liz damned the person woh interrupted her sulking. She came in from the rain and walked down the stairs to see who was waiting to speak to her. She was at a loss of words when she saw the most beautiful amber eyes staring at her.

"Max , what are you doing here?" She asked shocked to see him standing in her living room.
"I was hoping we could go somewhere and talk privatley, if that is alright with you." He replied shyly.
She was sure he was here to tell her to stop her silly persuit of him. She wanted to curl up and die somewhere. One thing was for sure though; she was going to kill Maria next time she saw her.
Liz led Max up to her room and cleared off her books from her desk chair so he would have somewhere to sit.
"So, Max what did you want to talk about ?" Liz asked expecting the worst.
"I um heard something today and I was wondering if there was any truth to it." Max replied quietly.
"What did you hear , Max?" Liz asked pertending to be perplexed.
"I heard that you liked me and I was hoping it was true because I have liked you for a really long time. I wanted to tell you but you always seemed so busy." He replied expeditiously.
Liz gasped as he said the words not believing he could be saying them to her. She pinched herself inconspiciosly, to see if she was dreaming. Nope she thought to herself; he is still standing in my room.
"Max I do think you are a really nice guy, um God this is so embarassing." Liz said blushing.
"No this is my fault , I shouldn't have come here and put you on the spot like this. God I am sorry Liz, I will just go." Max said as he grabbed for the door handle and proceeded to leave. He was walking out of her room and probably out of her life, this was probably her last chance to tell him how she felt.
"No wait Max!" She shouted before he reached the bottom of the stairs.
Max walked back up the stairs holding the railing tightly. He had been so embarassed, it had took all he had to come here and tell her the truth. He had been in love with Liz Parker since their freshman year and never had the courage to tell her or say anything to her. Now he had finally gathered the courage to tell her and she had let him down nicley by saying he was a nice guy and everything...Isabelle must have misinterperted Maria, but the gods had been shining on him because he heard her angelic voice call him back. It took all his strength to walk back up the stairs to her room. He had to hold the railing tight so he wouldn't fall down. What did she want to tell him?

Max walked back into her room and stood in front of her waiting for her to say something....anything. The silence was deafining. He sighed with relief as soon as she stepped forward and began to speak.
"Max I really, God I can't believe I am just going to say this. I really do like you and I have since our freshman year." Liz said as she stared at the carpet on her bedroom floor. She was so embarrassed , he probably thought she was a dork or somthing.

Just as Liz looked up from the floor Max bent down and met her lips with his. She was in total utter shock at first. She had never kissed anyone before and she was hoping Max would be her first and hopefully last kiss. Max pulled away and looked at Liz's face trying to read her expressions.

"I am sorry Liz." He started.
"Don't be it was wonderful !" She said cutting him off.
He bent down to kiss her again, but was surprised to see Liz had met him half way. He gathered her in his arms and pulled her closer. He parted her lips with his tongue and began a demanding assault on her. When they broke apart they both blushed , both of them knowing they had each had a fantasy come true.
"Liz I want to do this right. Do you have a date for prom yet?" Max asked hoping she didnt already have a date.
"No I don't have a date yet." She replied her heart beating wildly in her chest.

"Would you let me have the honor of escorting you to prom Liz?" He asked waiting anxiously for her answer.
"Yes I would love to !" She replied blissfully.
They talked for a few more minutes and exchanged numbers. Max promised to call and Liz promised not to leave her phone. Max placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and left and Liz threw herself on her bed and giggled. Today was the best day of her life.

Please let me know if I should continue.... I hope you say you like because I have a ton of chapters already written!!

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Hey !! Thank you all so much for the feedback!! I really appreciate it!! have to read to find out if that is Liz and Max... I am so evil !!! it wouldn't keep you reading if I told you!!
Daydreamer and Strawbehryshortcake, I am offering tons of dreamer insurance.....
Again thank you all for the feedback and please enjoy because I enjoy writing it for you. Look for a new part tonight!!!
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I just wanted to thank you guys for all the feedback you have given me.
I will give you full dreamer insurance, although there will be some turmoil and sadness along with good times and bad. It will be dark and then the sun will shine but I can tell you at the end it will all be worth it! Also this is partially based on events that have happenend in my life.
So sit back and enjoy and tell me what you think.
One more note before I present the next chapter; I may be fliping between past and present so please let me know if you get lost!!! Thanks again !!

Chapter Two

The sun shined in her room on her face. When she opened her eyes all she could do was smile. She had spent almost all of last night on the phone with Max. The more she talked to him the more she realized he was more than a jock. He had dreams and aspirations as well. He wanted to be a doctor , but not any doctor , a pediatrician. He loved kids, it doesn't get any better than that.

Liz rose from her bed and proceeded to get ready for school. She looked stunning today. Her long chocolate tresses were bouncing at the ends and her make up was applied lightly. She wore a white sun dress , it showed her bronze color the best. She felt like a million bucks and couldn't wait to see Max.

The sound of a car horn filled her room, Maria had arrived to pick her up for school. She ran down the stairs hurriedly, she couldn't wait to thank Maria for all that she had done. Liz approached the car with a bright smile on her face and Maria couldn't help but wonder what the hell was wrong with Liz. This couldn't be the same Liz Parker who stormed off after school yesterday.
Liz entered the car and sat down still grinning.
"Ok who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" Maria said skeptically.

"It is a beautiful day Maria , stop frowning or your face might freeze like that and know will ever see the Maria that I do!'' Liz Parker said her words floating.
"So what is going on chica?" Maria said impatiently.
"Nothing much except Max Evan's came to visit me last night. Oh Maria I was such a jerk to you yesterday, I am soo sorry. I just wanted to thank you for everything." Liz sighed blissfully as Maria drove to school.

"Ok chica we are almost to school and I swear to God if you don't start making sense and tell me what the hell is going on I am pulling over and we will be late. Why are you thanking me? Why are you so happy and what the hell was Max Evan's doing at your house?" Maria exclaimed loudly.

Liz giggled at Maria , she looked so upset because she didn't know what was going on.

"Firstly I am thanking you for brightening my horizons with Max. Isabelle must have told him everything you said at lunch. So hopefully that answers why I am thanking you for what you did. As for what Max was doing at my house mmm you will have to guess." Liz said as she giggled.

"Oh my God eeeeeee he asked you to prom didn't he? Maria screached excitedly.

Liz nodded her head and both girls screamed and hugged some more. Maria pulled her maroon jetta in to a parking place and slammed into park.

"Spill I want the details." She demanded.
"Maria I wish I could give them to you now but we have about 7 mins to the first bell. I gotta go I will tell you more at lunch." Liz exclaimed as hugged Maria and exited her car. Maria sighed and smiled finally Liz Parker was happy.

Liz ran to through the front doors of her school and walked to her locker, she still had 6 minutes to get her books and hopefully catch a glimpse of Max. Just as Liz rounded the hallway corner she grinned from ear to ear, because Max was already waiting at her locker. Her life was getting better by each moment.

"Hey beautiful , this is for you." Max said as he handed her a white rose. Liz shivered as her hand came in contact with Max's , she felt light headed.
"Aww thankyou! How did you know white roses were my favorite?" She asked questioningly.

"I can't give away any of my trade secrets Liz." Max said as he bent his head down and touched her soft, warm and inviting lips. Liz couldn't believe this was happening, she felt like she was dreaming and about to wake up to a cruel reality of life. Max not being in her life being the cruel part.

Max pulled away slowly and whispered "Wow."
Liz blushed , he made her feel so special in such a short period of time. How was it possible they didn't connect sooner?

The whispering was already starting among fellow classmates that had seen the kiss take place. Liz expected by noon everyone in the school would know about Max and Liz, especially Tess Harding.
Max was on every girls wish list and Tess was on every guys list, so they would be a perfect match . Except Max had avoided every come on attempt she had made.
Let's just say Tess was not going to be pleased. Actually she would be furious at the idea of mousey Liz Parker landing the unattainable Max Evans.

"So are you free for lunch?" Max asked with puppy dog eyes.
"Maybe. Who wants to know?"Liz teased playfully.
Max reached in and caressed Liz's cheek. " Your hopeful boyfriend." He replied softly.
"How can I deny you lunch now? You just won me over with that whole hopeful boyfriend thing." She answered gleefully.

"Well good because I didn't want to grovel with you . So I will see you at lunch?" He asked politely.
"Yea I will meet you in the quad." She replied back as her started his warm assault on her lips again.
"God you taste so good, I don't want to go to class, but we will save this for another day. Well I gotta go , I will see you at lunch ." He said as he kissed her hand.

Liz melted as her after he walked away. Where had he been all her life? She watched as Max disappeared into the crowded hallways. She had actually believed yesterday to be the best day of her life but as the day proceeded she realized every day with Max would be an new adventure.

Ok I hope everyone enjoyed this part !!!! Tommorrow will be a present day part!!! Let me now what you think!!! Feedback is totally welcomed and apprecated!!!!

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Thanks for the feedback I will have a new part today or tonight ..... unless I get tied up with our mortgage guy!!!! thanks again!!!