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Title: National Singles Awareness Day- A Dreamer Valentines Story
Author: Blessed
Email: stargazer_4eva13⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing and if I did then season 2 would have been WAY more dreamer friendly!
Category: AU, M/L, M/L POV's
Rating: PG-13 (I think.)
Summary: Basically it's a countdown til' Valentines Day aka. National Singles Awareness Day. Liz Parker has not had much sucess in love, but she is pining over Max Evans a tall, dark, exotic male. Will Liz have be put out of her misery and just ask Max out?
Author’s Note: Ok I know I've just started Sadness Is With Out Limit but this just kinda popped into my head and Valentines day only comes once a year so I figured I'd go for it.

Part 1:

Hi, I'm Liz Parker. West Roswell High senior, straight A student, on the honors roll, president of the science club.... and the list goes on. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a dork. But I'm proud of my dorkiness. Being a dork is not a shameful thing. In fact I'm pretty sure that famous people are dorks. Are there famous dorks? Uh... Bill Gates? So am I rambling? Yeah I'm rambling.

Ok ANYWAY it is 11 days til National Singles Awareness Day aka. Valentines day. Ok how depressing is this? I'm a high school senior and I've never even had a boyfriend. Not even a casual boyfriend. Hell, I've never even been on a proper date. Unless you call a guy that you really liked going out with you for a bet and then publicly humiliating you in front of the whole school a date.

Every Valentines Day I have never had some one there. Of course Alex always buys me and Maria candy and gives us a card each, but it's just not the same. I want someone to give me a cheesy hallmark card. I want someone to take me out for that one night and make me feel special. I want someone to take me to the Valentines dance.

And that someone I want? Max Evans. He's the most unattainable guy in school. Captain of the basketball team, student body president, on the honours roll, in all the advanced classes. He's your all around American boy. And he's just the nicest guy. Sure, his friends are all jerks apart from Michael Guerin and his sister Isabel. But Max Evans is the nicest guy. The only thing that is kinda odd about him is that he has like never dated. He could be dating some girl from another school but we'd know, Pam Troy is the gossip queen. She's knows everything before it even happens. Yeah so anyway Max Evans doesn't date. There was this one rumour about him being gay but I didn't believe it for a second. That would be depriving the female population of his hottiness. Well Pam said that Brad said that Michael said that Max said that his waiting for the right girl. He must be a romantic.

So as depressing as it is I have zero chance wth Max. What would a guy like him see in a girl like me?

So Fb would be cool!!
Bad? Terrible? Am I making you suffer for even posting this? Lemme know!

Read my fic: Sadness Is With Out Limit

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LttleMrmade- Ok first of all thank you so much for giving me my first fb!! Secondly will Max be sweeping Liz off her feet? Your gonna have to read to find out J.
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Oh and a very, very big thank you to the three people that rated my fic, whoever you guys are I just wanna say how grateful I am that you did. Thank you guys so much!!!

Part 2 (Max POV)

Welcome to the world of Max Evans. To your right is thinking of Liz Parker. To your left is thinking of Liz Parker. Right in front of you is.....thinking of Liz Parker. So you could say I'm a little obsessed. But Liz Parker is as beautiful inside as she is out. How do I know this when we barely even talk outside biology? Because I've studied her ever since third grade. She's the girl I've waited for all my life. So I should just go up and talk to her right, you know ask her out or something. Wrong....if I go up and talk to her I will publicly humiliate myself. I do not want my dream girl thinking I'm some kinda retard or something.

So I'm in my senior year of high school. The last year I'll get to study Liz Parker. Michael and Isabel tell me that I should just go for it. But what would I even say, "Hey I've been obsessed with you since third grade and not made a move til' now, you wanna go to the movies?". I think not.

But I do have a plan....Operation Making-Liz-Parker-Mine-For-Valentines-Day. See Roswell West High makes a huge deal outta Valentines Day. We have a dance, valentines king and queen, romantic poems read in English literature.....and loads of other cheesy valentines stuff. But anyway back to the plan. Phase one: spend more time with her. Ok we have pretty much all our classes together. Maybe we'll get partnered up in something? Or maybe Liz will leave her book on the desk? We have biology together and we're lab partners in it so maybe I could ask her if she maybe wants to study together? How do I even know if she even notes my existence? Why would a girl like Liz even be remotely interested in a guy like me? She's smart, funny, caring, beautiful, graceful and has all the qualities every girl should have. Me? I'm just a jock. A worthless jock. There's no way she could like me, even as just a friend. Maybe Lily Bradson's right, different groups in high school just don't go.


Ok it's exactly 9 days til Valentines Day and still no date. Not that I want a date with anyone other then a certain Max Evans. But would he ever notice me? I think not. Maria and Alex keep saying he stares at me but that is complete bull. Why would he stare at me? Oh god... maybe I had spinach in my teeth........oh that's embarrassing. Anyway....I have bio with him now. One whole hour of staring at my dream guy . Y'know it's really hard to write noted down from the board while discreetly wiping your drool.


Huh? Who was that? Oh yeah it's Max. MAX!! Oh do I look? Any toilet paper on my shoes? Something on my face? How's my hair? How's my breath? Wait.....I haven't moved. Move feet move!!! Come on!!! Don't embarrass me!!! MOVE!!! He must think I'm such a freak.

"Liz are you ok?"

Oh yey!!! We're moving!!! Good feet.

"Yeah, sorry I must have spaced out."

"Oh k' did last nights reading assignment?"

"Yeah it was really cool."

No, no, did not just say that!!!!! I can't believe I just told Max Evans that I thought biology is cool!!! He must think I'm such a dweeb.

"Yeah it was....but I uh, I didn't really get it. Could you maybe help me with it?"

"Yeah sure."

OH MY GOD. Max wants me to help him with his biology. Is this his way of telling me that he likes me? Wishful thinking. He probably just actually wants to pass bio and everyone knows that I'm a straight A student. Yep, he just wants to pass bio. God Liz, like Max could ever like you.

"When's good for you?"

"Well I'm working tonight til' seven so why don't you come by at half seven?"

"Yeah that's good for me."


We look at each other in the eyes. He has the most amazing eyes. They’re just like this whirlpool of amber. God I could get lost in them. I could just stare at them all day long.

"All right, settle down kids. We have a lot to do today."

Mrs. Hardy's voice breaks our staring match. Wait. Our staring match? Our as in a two-way thing? As in he was looking right back at me? I turn my head slightly to look at Max. He shyly ducks his head away staring at his folder. Maybe there's hope. Maybe.

How was that? Not too bad I hope. Anyways quick question......the Max POV should I keep doing them or not? Cuz' that was my first attempt with a Max POV, so whaddaya think? Lemme know!!!

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Thank you all for the Fb!! I really do appreciate it!! And a very big thank you to whoever rated my fic!! THANK YOU!!!

Roswellluver- Yea…I really wanted to get the more sorta innocent Max and Liz before JK screwed them up.

AznGurl87- Thank you so much for saying that I’m doing a great job with this. It’s boosting my 14-year-old ego up!!!

Marteloise- Thanks for reading!!!

LttleMrmade- Yeah….an obsessed Max and Liz are a cute Max and Liz.

DAYDREAMER- Yep I just wanted to get the cute Max and Liz cuz’ JK screwed them over bigtime.

tabasco sauce- Yeah me and my friends were talking about Valentines Day and we’re all single so we were calling it National Singles Awareness Day and I thought it sounded kinda cute so y’know I thought it’d be kinda cool to write something on Valentines Day. Yeah I really didn’t wanna have to have put Liz through a typical popular jackass sorta Max.

frenchkiss70- Yeah I’m sorta like freaking out when I’m even like near a hot guy so I thought it’d be cool to put in.

Dreamn Girl- Ah….Liz’s freaking out. Yeah I loved writing that.

Part 3


Ok….one more hour to go. One hour til’ Max is gonna be here. One more hour til’ I’m gonna have to get a bucket for my drool.
But it’s just studying. JUST STUDYING.

“Hey Liz.”

“Hey Ria’.”

“So you wanna come down to the mall with me once our shift is over?”

“I can’t.”

“Why, got a hot date?” Oh god….she’s doing the wiggly eyebrow thing. That thing is just so weird. I mean the whole eyebrows moving up and down continuously. What’s up with that?

“No, I’m helping Max with his bio.” Ok it’s gonna register in her brain what I just said in 1….2……3…..

“Max as in Evans? As in the guy you have been wiping your drool for since like ever? As in the guy who stares at you so much that he could practically burn a hole through your head? That Max Evans?”
See didn’t I tell you? She’s blowing this WAY outta proportion. WAY WAY outta proportion.

“Yeah…and he so does not stare at me.”

“Uh huh….you keep believing that girl.”

“Just no way…..this is Max Evans as in the hottest guy in school. Why would he even note my presence?”

“Because he has it BAD for you chica.”


“No it’s true ok? Freshmen year, history class, he paid Josh Taylor $30 to switch seats with him.”


“Duh Josh Taylor sat behind you in history.”

“Ok….maybe he wanted a better view of the board.”

“I’ll tell you what he wanted a better view of—“


“Ok….. um….. he has turned down every single girl that has ever hit on him.”

“Yeah and?”

“He’s waiting for you.”

“He’s not ok?”

“Not ok….. Lizzie, Max likes you ok? I mean everyone else knows it. It’s just so obvious!!!!” Ok…why are the customers staring at us? Oh they probably think Maria and I are arguing or something. No biggie.



“Listen to me when I say this…..shut up.” I turn my back to her as I start to re fill the ketchup bottles. Why can’t Maria just drop it? Max Evans and me? That’s just not a possibility.


“He doesn’t ok?”

“No Liz…”

“Just drop it please?”


“It’s just studying.”


“He wants to pass bio.”


“So he can grad—“



“Honey…” Maria lowers her voice, “You’ve leaked.”
Oh my god!!! I’ve….oh god….is that why people are staring at me? Not just cuz’ they thought that me and Maria were having an argument? Oh god.

“Maybe you should go uh…”

“Yeah thanks Ria’.” Ok now I am running to the “Staff Only door”.

“No problem…oh and Liz?” Turning around I raise my eyebrow slightly in a kinda
“what?” look.


“He does like you.” Ok I just don’t have time for this. I’ve gotta get changed before everyone starts to notice my uh, state. Max Evans and I? Dream on.


Ok I know I look really, really stupid with a permanent grin on my face but I don’t care. She said yes. God knows what even possessed me to ask Liz to help me with bio. I was sure she was gonna turn me down the moment those words “Could you maybe help me with it?" slipped outta my mouth. I’m sure Liz has better things to do then help a jock out with bio. But that’s just what Liz is like, she’ll put everything on hold for someone. Even if she doesn’t know the person well she’d do anything to help them out even if she’s gotta go out of her way to do so.

My door creaks slightly. Michael walks into my room casually. Michael’s my best friend. He nods at me.

“Hey Maxwell.”

I nod at Michael, “Michael.”

“So you asked out that Parker chick yet?”

“She’s helping me study tonight.”

“Yeah….”Study.” whatever you say man.” Only in my dreams.

“It’s bio.”

“Yeah ok….so you’re not coming to watch the game at mine then?” Typical Michael. Always thinkin’ about sport.


“Look Max dude. I know you have all these feelings for Liz. Just ask her out even if she says no wouldn’t you rather know how she feels about you then not?” Wow? Is this really Michael? I mean yeah Michael’s pretty much a niceish guy but sensitivity has never really been a strong point of his.

“Michael Guerin having a sensitive side?”

“Yeah well don’t go tellin’ nobody.” And Michael is back.

“I won’t.”

“K’ I’m gonna head to the Crash…you wanna come with?”

“You paying?”

“Yeah k’.”
“I’m there.”

Free food and an extra half an hour of SALP. Staring At Liz Parker. Oh my plan? Yeah….I'm hoping to get it working before Valentines Day or maybe on the actual day. Not sure yet. Which one would Liz prefer? To be swept off her feet on Valentines Day or near the actual day? Maybe Michael’s right (for once) maybe I should just let Liz know how I feel about her. You only live once right?


So are you wondering about my little uh, state? Yes it was REALLY embarrassing…. especially when my dad demanded why I was going upstairs into the apartment. You can imagine his face. He just kinda turned a new shade of red and told me to go get changed.

Fifteen minutes til’ I get off work….so it’s forty five minutes til’ Max-The-Greek-God is here. Oh god…..someone just walked into my section. Ok…happy smile. Check. Order pad. Check. Fake alien photo. Check. Not leaked. Check.

“Hey I’m Liz and I’ll be your waitress today. What can I get you guys?” I ramble while staring at my order pad.

“Hey Liz.” Oh my god it’s Max. Ok stop staring. Come on retract the eyes. Come on just look at your order pad. Oh god they won’t move!! MY EYES ARE STUCK ON MAX!! Oh god…he must think I’m the biggest freak known to mankind. Move the eyes!!! Move them dammit!!!

“Liz are you ok?” His voice is so melodic. It’s not exactly really deep or anything but it’s not high and squeaky. It’s just so—oh crap they’re looking at me. Wait. They? Oh right Michael’s here to. Wait. When did Michael get here?


“You’re early.” Oh you did not say that. He is here with his friend Michael. Dumbass.

“Uh I came to y’know eat.”

“Right yeah….ok….I knew that. What do you guys want to drink?”

“Two cherry cokes.”

“Ok…and to eat?”

“A Trekkie Special and a Will Smith Burger please.”

“Ok one Trekkie Special and one Will Smith Burger coming up. I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

I walk away quickly. Very quickly. I can’t believe that I embarrassed myself in front of Max and we’re studying together in like thirty-five minutes. Great, that’s really just great.

“So I saw you talking to Max.”

“Maria, Michael was there to.” Maria frowns. Oh thank god. I really don’t wanna hear how she is some how convinced that Max like likes me.

“Yeah but you were staring at him.” Damn Alex. When did he get here? What’s up with people just suddenly appearing?

“I was not.” Ok fill the glasses. Ok tray, tray where are you? Ok if I was a tray where would I be? Oh! Under the counter. Searching under the counter I find a tray and place the drinks on it.

“Really? Cuz’ when I came in and said hi to you, you didn’t answer back.”
“Oh I’m so sorry Alex.” Damn it, he’s got me there.

“Ha got you! I didn’t say hi to you when I came in cuz’ I saw you were way to busy with loverboy over there who is by the way anticipatingly looking at you.”
Evil evil boy. I think he’s learning his tactful tricks off of Maria.

“Shut up Alex.” I walk off with the drinks.


“Don’t worry Alex, Liz is just in pure denial.”
Throwing a slight dirty look to Maria I walk over to Max and Michael’s table.

“Ok two cherry colas.”

“Thanks Liz.”
Don’t turn to jello. Don’t turn to jello. Good legs.

“Ok Max I’m off my shift now so I’m just gonna go take a shower and I’ll come back down and get you ok?”

“S-s-sure.” Why’s he stuttering? Why’s Michael smirking? Weird. Ok I need my shower.

“Ok Maria’s gonna bring your order over so I’ll see ya later.”
“Bye Liz.” Ok he looks kinda flushed. Huh.

Max Pov

Liz. Shower. Those words in the same sentence are giving me dirty thoughts. Ok… she probably was meant to be totally innocent with those words. Yeah defiantly. Liz. Shower. I check my watch. Twenty past seven. She’s been in there for like twenty minutes. Twenty minutes in the shower with the hot water running down—

“Hey Max.” Liz? When did she appear right in front of my eyes?


“You ready?”


“Where’s Michael?”

“Oh he left to go watch some game on TV.”

“Oh k. You’ve got your books yeah?”


“K’ let’s go up to my apartment.”

We walk through the “Staff Only” door at the back of the Crash. She’s so close. She smells so good. She smells of strawberries and a hint of vanilla. Woah my stomach’s rumbling.

“You ok?”

“Huh? Yeah I think I uh, ate too much or something.”


We’re here. In front of Liz’s apartment door. Wow. I’m gonna see Liz’s apartment. Wow. She opens the door. Where are Mr and Mrs Parker?

“Oh yeah my parents are both working tonight so we have the apartment to ourselves.”

Both working. Apartment to ourselves. Oh god. In an apartment all alone with just Liz. Have I died and gone to heaven? Cuz’ God if you’re mocking me--

“Ok my notes are in my room, so why don’t we study in there?”

HER ROOM???? ALL ALONE IN HER ROOM!! AS IN BEDROOM??? PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO THE “BED” PART IN THAT WORD. She’s looking at me kinda weirdly. Oh right. You’re meanna say something.

“Uh yeah sure.” Oh god… that came out as a squeak.

Alone in Liz Parker BEDroom. It’s gonna be hard to control the hormones.


We’ve been studying for like half an hour and he’s had like no problems. God wiping drool and pretending to work at the sme time really is an art. Ok Max seems to be doing pretty well....I thought he said he didn’t understand? Hhhmmm…

“So you understand this yeah?”

“Yeah…well thanks to you.” AAAWWW….and he said that last part softly. God he is so hot!!! I never thought Max Evans would be on my bed with me. Ok so this isn’t like most of my fantasies but we are ON A BED together. With books yeah…but ON A BED.

“It’s no problem.” Oooohhh…he’s smiling!!! His smile is so dreamy.

“That’s one of the things I love about you. You’re so giving towards everyone.”

“Uh…uh…uh….” Ok form a sentence and say it. Not happening. Max Evans just said that he LOVED something about me. What the hell am I meanna say to that???


“It’s ok.” Oh!! The cuteness he’s blushing!!!

“So we should do this weekly.” What? Mouth what are you doing?


“Study together.”

“Right..,yeah….I seem to uh, understand biology more with your help.”

“Cool.” Cool? Cool? What the hell are you saying? Cool? You couldn’t have said something more like intelligent?

“So uh, are you gonna go to the Valentines Dance?” Oh right the Valentines Dance. The annual event of the year. Well it’s right up there with prom.

“Yeah maybe.”

“Do you have a date?” Are you offering?

“No I’m going stag.”

“Do you want a date?”

“Depends who it is.” Does he know someone who likes me or something? Oh is it that Kyle Valenti guy? He is such a jackass.

“What if it was me?” WHAT??????? DID MAX EVANS JUST ASK ME OUT ON A DATE????? OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY—

“Lizzie honey where are you?” Dammit!! Trust my mom to ruin a perfect moment in my life.

“In my room mom.” My mom walks in. Damn it. Why couldn’t she have come like five minutes later?

“Hey sweetie, could you cover Julie’s shift? Her mom’s in hospital. We wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t necessary.”

“Yeah I’ll be down in five.”

“Thanks sweetie.” My mom smiles at me and walks away. Max is staring at his books shyly.

“Um…..maybe I should go.”

“No don’t go.”

“I really should get going. My mom’s gonna worry….I’ll see ya at school Liz.”

Before I can even protest Max has rushed outside of my apartment. Max Evans and I? Maybe it’s a possibility.

How was that? Good? Bad? Oh-dear-god-why-oh-why-are-you-even-posting-this? Lemme know!!

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Ok quick AN....I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm planning to keep writing this longer then expected cuz' even though it is based on Valentines Day I don't just wanna hook Max and Liz up and then just end it. So I'll keep writing for a while.

Wow….thank you ALL OF YOU!!! Really…you guys have no idea how much of a smile graces my face when I read your feedback. You guys are all so incredible and supportive. THANK YOU!!!

And my thank yous......

frenchkiss70- Thank you so much for quoting me that was like SO cool!! Really you liked this part? Actually I wasn’t so sure on it. The only part which I was kinda like “sure” about was the Liz and Maria scene….I think all girls can relate to the whole leaking thing. Yeah…Maria’s a really great character. Hehe….Nancy’s timing was evil but hey I wanted to leave you guys hanging for a little bit!! Thank you for reading!!!

tabasco sauce- “I can't believe your only 14! You write like a grown adult who went through four years of college.” Oh wow…thank you. You really have no idea how much that meant to me cuz’ I’m usually kinda unsure about my writing. Wow…. thank you so much!!! That was so sweet of you to say that!! And y’know I’m sure you could write a fic….ya just need inspiration! And if you do then I’ll be bumping you all the way!!!

Ah yes…if there were only Max’s in the world. . Thanks for reading!

LttleMrmade- Aaaww thanks for quoting me!! Hehe….the end was kinda evil……but all will be revealed soon!! Thanks for reading!!

DAYDREAMER- Thank you for saying that you think this is great. And thank you for reading!

Clueless- Aaaww thanks! Thank you for reading!!

Sweetygurl- Yey!! Newbie reader!! Welcome to my world of Max & Liz!! Ahh…patience is a virtue. (Who actually said that?) Thanks for reading!!

Roswellluver- Ah yeah Liz will defiantly be giving Max an answer in the next part. The one your hoping for….maybe. So thank you for reading!!

the better twin- Yay!! Newbie reader!!! Thank you for saying that you think this is amazing. And thanks for reading!

So do you guys want the next part soon? Keep on bumpin' then!! Hehe. *big*
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tabasco sauce- “I can't believe your only 14! You write like a grown adult who went through four years of college.” Oh wow…thank you. You really have no idea how much that meant to me cuz’ I’m usually kinda unsure about my writing. Wow…. thank you so much!!! That was so sweet of you to say that!! And y’know I’m sure you could write a fic….ya just need inspiration!And if you do then I’ll be bumping you all the way!!!

Ah yes…if there were only Max’s in the world. . Thanks for reading!

LttleMrmade- Aaaww thanks for quoting me!! Hehe….the end was kinda evil……but all will be revealed soon!! Thanks for reading!! I read your fic at the weekend and I am just totally honored to have you reading this. Thank you.

DAYDREAMER- Thank you for saying that you think this is great. And thank you for reading!

Clueless- Aaaww thanks! Thank you for reading!!

Roswellluver- I just wanna tell you how sweet of you it is that you always write “Thanks for writing!” at the end of your feedback. I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

the better twin- Yay!! Newbie reader!!! Thank you for saying that you think this is amazing. And thanks for reading!

dreamforever88- Hey, I’m happy that you found this. Newbie reader!! Thank you for saying you think this is wonderful. And I will guarantee you dreamer happiness….. but maybe not ALL the way…..true love’s gotta be worth fighting for right?

Sweetygurl- It’s cool to have a new member to the abyss!!! I will try and update as much as I can but I do have another story, and my friends are trying to drag me along to the Valentines disco on Thursday….NNNNNNOOOOO!!!!

frenchkiss70- Hey thanks for bumping me……have I told you that I absolutely love your screen name? No? Well I just wanted to tell you that I really love it.

LizZiEsTaR- Yay! Newbie reader!!! Welcome to the thread!! The sweeping will be coming soon!! Hey, I totally love your signature it’s so sweet!!!

Marteloise- Ah…yeah….the cute Max and Liz. Yep Liz will be answering Max’s question……if it’s gonna be the answer you want……you’re gonna have to wait!! He he.

Tebibehr- Newbie reader!!! Welcome to the thread!!! Well….if your dream guy ever since third grade asked you out what would you do? Either go into shock or scream YES!!!!. Ok I’m guessing the latter….but I gotta keep you guys in suspense….he he.

SmileeUk-Yay! Newbie reader!! So you’re from the UK? Me too. Y’know it’s really hard to find UK roswellians. (Well it is for me anyway). Welcome to the abyss of Max and Liz!! Ah yeah…the title…. I am a single person and I hate Valentines Day depression

Thank you all for reading!! I was meant to update yesterday but I was out all day then I had to finish my English story and then my internet wouldn't work!!


Part 4 A


OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS ASKED ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS ASKED ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS ASKED ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS ASKED ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down:::

To say that I’m excited is a MAJOR understatement!!!! I feel giddy, excited, scared, happy thrilled and nervous all at the same time. What if he just totally blows it off? Like he just doesn’t mention it? What if it’s a prank? Oh god no……Max would not do that….he’s the nicest guy like ever…..he……would he? No way. Nuh uh. Ok…..know that we …..we? What, do I have a split personality? Ok know that I have reached that conclusion time to haul my ass to school. Mmmmkkkk’ quick check. Lookin’ good babe…..ok I’m wearing a red blouse cuz’ that’s my “lucky” blouse, tight dark blue jeans….did I mention that they’re TIGHT? Ok and make up is just natural.

I have bio first period so maybe I can talk to Max then? Yeah……I hope that I don’t puke on him, leak again, crash into him, make any disturbing body sounds or do anything embarrassing.

“Liz!!! Maria’s here!!!!”

“Coming!!!” Ok gotta go….bag…..bag…..where the hell is it? Bag….come here!!! Baggy, baggy, baggy!!!!

“Can’t find your bag?”

“Hey Maria.”

“Here.” She throws my bag over to me. Where the hell---

“Underneath that fat ass pile of clothes…..trying to impress someone are we?”

Ok so I woke up an hour early to pick what I was gonna wear. That doesn’t mean anything.

“No….just wanted to look good.”

“Oh I wonder why.” Maria teases me lightly.

“We’re gonna be late if we don’t go soon.” Yep changing the subject. Such a great get-me-out-of-here conversation tactic.

“Yeah let’s go.”

We walk out of my room.

“Bye mom!!” “Bye Mrs. Parker!!!” we shout simultaneously.

“Bye girls!”

We rush down the stairs. Only……forty-five minutes til’ I see Max again. I inwardly squeal.
Ooopppssss…..did that come out? Crap.

“Did you just squeal?” Oh uh……..excuse. excuse…..uh….

“Yeah you know how much I love school.”

I open the door car….and throw my bag in first. Maria has a red Jetta. It’s actually her mom’s but they sorta share it or something. As Maria would say “Not destroying this car is the key to my mother’s and I relationship.”

Maria shakes her head “Only you Liz, only you. Oh! I got you something!!”


“Yep I got you a little somethin’ somethin’.”


“It’s in the back seat.”

I lean over to the back seat. It’s a bucket. A bucket? Why the hell did she give me a bucket? A bucket?

“A bucket?”


“Maria….I know that you love your Cyprus oil…but ya’ think you’ve had a little too much?”

“Hey! Don’t diss the aromatherapy!!!”

“Sorry.” Maria has been into aromatherapy since like seventh grade. Something about finals being too much stress.

“Anyway… have bio first period….so I thought that instead of not-so-discreetingly wiping your drool….you could collect it in a bucket.”

“Yeah because a bucket is SO not obvious.”

“Well it’s better then causing god knows how many people slipping on a puddle of your drool.”

I blush. See Pam Troy was in my bio class last year and I was sitting behind Max (really great view of his tooshie) and I had a little bit….ok fine a mini puddle of drool on the floor. Hey ANY girl would have that bring so near to Max! Anyways Pam was walking my way to ask me about something she didn’t understand cuz’ the teacher was talking to Alex about something. So Pam was walking my way and didn’t see the uh, puddle. So she slipped and fell on her ass. She had drool on her skirt for the whole day.

“That was only Pam Troy.”

“Yea Liz….whatever. Oh my god I’m such a ditz!!!”

“Yes Maria you are.”

“No!!! I didn’t ask about your “studying”.”

“Oh nothing really happened.”


“We talked a little---“

“Oh I bet you did more than talk.”

“Nope….we just talked.”

Maria sighs. I think I’ll tease her. Just a little bit.


“Nope…..we talked.”

“What about?”



“The Valentines Dance.”


“Well lemme think…”

“TELL ME!!!!”

“Hey I’m trying to remember here!!!”


“Yeah he did.”

Ok you know Janice from friends? The annoying voice one who’s in like 20 episodes? Yeah imagine her “oh my god” and that’s what I’m hearing…..right in my ear.

“Maria….THAT WAS IN MY EAR!!!!”

She shrugs, “Who cares? Max Evans asked you out!! What did you say?”

“I didn’t get a chance to answer him.”

“WHAT???!!!” Oh god…..Maria’s just swerved the Jetta into some poor sophomores car. The sophomore gets outta her car. Holy mother of crap. It’s not just any sophomore. It’s Pam Troy’s sister.

“Maria! You just crashed your car into Pam Troy’s sister’s car!!!”




“Oh crap……Troy 2 is comin’ over. We’re seniors. We have the advantage.”

“Uh Maria…..”

“Sophomores like worship seniors.”

“Not all of them. Crap she’s coming over.”

Tap. Tap. Tap. What is that goddamn tapping noise? I whip my head over to Maria. Oh god…she actually looks scared. Curious I look out of the window. Oh my god. Pam Troy’s sister looks like her in every single way. The world does not need two Pam Troy’s. So I’m guessing that she’s gonna act like Pam in every single way. Crap.

Maria rolls her window down scared for her life.


“Um…hi….you uh, crashed into my car.”

“Yeah…god…I am so sorry about that. Uh Liz, you know Liz? No? Well Liz is my best friend. She’s my chica. My soul sister, my babe, my soul bud. Ok well Liz here was telling me about uh………” Say something dammit!!! Come on Maria!!! Make up some kinda excuse!! Say something. ANYTHING!!


With a raised eyebrow Pam 2 says, “Flannel turns you on?”

“Uh……um…you see……um……” Maria looks at me hopefully. :::sigh:::: What you do for your friends. “Yeh it does. It’s very um…….”

“You know what I don’t think I wanna know…….and I don’t wanna traumatise anyone else with the story of your fetish. So could we just exchange insurance info?”

“Yeah sure.” Maria scrambles out of the car.

Oh god…this is so embarrassing. Out of all the things Maria could have said……she said that flannel turns me on. I’m so gonna die with embarrassment. God…..what if she tells Pam? Oh god.

“Ok thank you Maria for your insurance info. Liz, I’ll be keeping your uh, fetish to myself. I don’t wanna see Pam glorify her self with the pathetic rumour spreading.”


“Ok…well I’ll see you guys around.”

Ok? A nice Troy? Oh dear God what is the world coming to?


“Yeah I know an actually genuinely nice Troy. Crazy huh Liz?”

“Yeah….we better get goin’.”


“Maria I don’t wanna be late.”

“We have ten minutes and you forget something.” Bag? Check. Jacket? Check. What else is there?

“What did I forget?”

“Your bucket.” She hands the bucket to me. It’s one of those ones you have when you’re a kid and you go down to the beach and build a sand castle with.

“Ok… bucket and I’ll give you details about bio at lunch.”


We walk together to our lockers, which are conveniently next to each other. Alex is waiting for us leaning against them.

“Parker.” Head nod, “Deluca.” Head nod.

“What’s up with the nodding and the use of surnames?”

“Hey, you try being a guy with two girls for best friends. It’s kinda damaging to the male ego.”

Smiling I open my locker. Oh wow………..I pick it up twirling it lightly between my fingers.
A white rose. My favorite flower. It’s got a note attached to it. Curiously I read the note.

“Be my Valentine.” Oh that’s so….wait what’s that? Lifting up my chemistry textbook there’s a letter underneath it. I open it.


I’ve watched you since third grade. Every smile to have graced you face, every laugh to have escaped you lips, every tear that’s escaped your eyes. I’ve seen you. Not the girl who gets straight A’s and is going to be our class valedictorian. I see you for you. I see the ways your eyes fill with pain when someone makes a comment on your grades and how smart you really are. You don’t want to just be known for you grades. You want to be known as Liz Parker. And that’s who I see you as. Liz Parker. The girl who smiles with her friends, the girl who would do anything for her parents, the girl who goes out of her way to help someone. I see you. All of you. And I want you to see me to.

Love always Max.

Tears cascade down my face. No one has ever seen me for me. Max Evans knows the real me. He doesn’t just see the dork. He sees me.

Part 4b comin' up soon!!

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Ok so I am thinking, thinking being the operative word here of starting another fic. Yea…I know I already have 2 but I just got this idea when I was being bored out of my mind in French class (I write so much in French class!!). If I do then it’s gonna be called “Choosing Love” and it’s basically gonna be about rich guy falling in love with a poor girl and all the family traumas that come with it. So whaddaya think? Worth doing? If I do write it then I won’t post it for at least a few months. Well lemme know!!!

Selfish bump *big* *bounce*
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frenchkiss70- Yep…coming near you….MAX CLONES!!! I would pay SO much for one of those!! Ah yes…. the happy dance…… so many public humiliations doing that. Pam’s sister…..well we all know that Pam’s a bitch, if her sister’s the same way…you’ll see….. poor Alex… trying to be a “man” but at heart we all know he’s a chica!!! Thanks for reading!!!
LttleMrmade- The love note….yeah I’d thought it would be cute and romantic…and that’s exactly how I want my Max and Liz. The Maria car scene…..gotta have some Maria craziness!!
Your fics….y’know I really can’t tell you in words how much I loved them and how much I was laughing my ass off… mum even came in to see what I was laughing so loudly at…..
Marteloise- Come and get em’ while they’re fresh and new!!! Hot Max clones!!! ::Sighs:: if only huh? Hehe the flannel fetish….. yeah that was my favourite part
DAYDREAMER- Thanks for saying that you think this is great! And thank you for reading!!
NATEVANS- Newbie reader!! Welcome to my world of Max and Liz lovin’!! :::Sighs::: yeah I want Max to be my Valentine as well……
sweetygurl- The note…don’t you just wish a guy would write something romantic like that to you?
Roswellluver- The drool bucket….originating from my friend drooling on herself so much over Nick Carter that she needed a bucket. He he
Tebibehr- Max Evans is definitely my perfect guy. I want a guy like Max Evans….or even better Jason Behr (and then I can get him to get a haircut!!!) Thanks for saying you think this is great. I love your fic too.

So you guys liked the love note? Cool.

Well “Choosing Love” (I really should thank my oh-so-boring French teacher for making me so bored that I started to drift off into the world of Roswell fan fic….) I’m probably gonna write it and then post it in like 2/3 months. So yeah….my updates might slow down a little if I do write it so I’m gonna wait a while. I kinda wanna work on this and “Sadness with out limit” for a little while.

Ok…. It looks like Valentines Day in Roswell is gonna be sometime next week!!! Cuz’ I wanna build it up a little y’know?

Part 4B


She’s crying. If I was closer I could see if the tears are from joy or sadness. But I’m hiding behind a corner watching her. Does she like it? Isabel said girls feel special if they get a love letter. That they are more personal then just chocolate. She’s smiling. That’s a good sign right? Please let that be a good sign. K’ she’s showing the rose to Maria and Alex…..ok Maria’s jumping up and down and squealing. Do all girls do that? It looks so stu-- wait…Liz is jumping up and down too. She looks so adorable doing that. Her hair is flying all over her face….. she looks beautiful. Heck Liz would look beautiful even in a bin bag…… or in nothing…….. especially in nothing…… woah! Calm down there Evans!!! I don’t need humiliation from “Little Max”. Why isn’t Liz showing them the letter? Didn’t she like it? Did it freak her out? I guess I’ll find out in bio right? God I hope she likes it. I spent like two hours sitting there at my desk trying to write it. My room’s floor is covered with crumpled up pieces of paper.

“MAX!!!” What? I turn around swiftly. It’s Alex.

“Oh hey Alex.”

“You, me talk now.” Oh I do not like his tone. Isn’t that the if-you-hurt-my-daughter-I-will-kill-you-like-the-no-good-dog-that-you-are voice?


“Yeah…..I know you’re interested in Lizzie right?”

“Yeah.” Oh his gonna give me a lecture? Yeah I can deal with that.

“She’s a great girl. In fact she’s one of the nicest people I know. Liz has a fragile heart ok? You probably don’t know that. But she does, all right? She does not deserve to be fooled around. And if you think you’re better then her cuz’ you’re the captain of the basketball team. Then you’re wrong. I don’t know you or what you’re like, but I know Liz; and she’s worthy of only the best all right? And if you guys get involved or whatever I’m happy for you. Backing you up all the way or whatever. But if you hurt her I swear to god I will kick your ass Evans. I don’t care that you could probably kill me within thirty seconds all right? I WILL KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU EVER MAKE LIZ CRY, BE UPSET OR DO ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING TO HURT HER. You got that Evans?”

Alex Whitman scary? Y’know you don’t really associate scary with Alex. Nice, happy, kinda dorky, pretty cool…..but not scary. Wow….is that steam coming out of his ears? Maybe you should say something, Alex is looking at me kinda weirdly…… or maybe evilly.

“Yeah, and Alex?”


“I would never hurt Liz……I do really, really like her.”

“Good….sorry that I did the whole threat thing. But Liz is like a sister to me and I can’t bear to see her get hurt. She’s too good for that.” See Alex is a good guy. He’s just looking out for his friends.

“I know….. she’s like the most amazingly, incredible girl I have ever met.” Words can’t describe Liz Parker.

“Yeah she is. Treat her with respect Evans.”

“I will Alex.”

He nods to me and starts to walk away. Liz is lucky to have such a great friend like Alex, someone to look out for her and take care of her. I only hope that maybe I can do that someday……


Ok I’m freaking out. I am officially freaking out. Maybe I need cypress oil? Do you think I need cypress oil? Oh god….I am resorting to aromatherapy….not a good sign. Ok breathe. In. Out. In. Out. In. O---I can’t do this!!!!

“Freaking out Liz?” Ya think Maria???? I’m not obvious am I??? Oh and in case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic.

“I can’t believe this ok? Max the-hottest-guy-in-high-school being interested in me? God it’s like a trashy American high school movie or something.”

“Do not diss American high school movies!! They are the basis of American school groups.”

“Yaha…….I have bio in ten minutes!! Ten minutes Maria!!! What am I gonna do huh? What am I gonna say???? What if he doesn’t like me???”

“Liz babe, calm down ok chica? Max is WAY into you. Way. And what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna follow your heart ok? And wherever it takes you, no matter how scary….it’ll be the right place cuz’ it’s your heart that’s leading you.” Wow…..Maria….giving advice? And good advice? Freaky.

“You’re right.”

“I know I am. So come on….. you didn’t finish telling me about what happened between you and Max.” :::Sigh:::: Typical Maria.

“Ok he asked me right? Then when I was gonna answer my mom came up and asked me to cover so I never got the chance to answer him.”
“Oh that’s like so romantic!!!”

“Um….yeah sure Maria. So do you have a date?”

“Nope.” No way can I leave Maria and Alex alone. Last time they fought over who was leading. See typically the guy is meanna lead right? Well ok….the last dance Alex and Maria were dancing and Maria was complaining to Alex saying he had no rhythm or something. So Alex got kinda mad cuz’ he’d got a D in one of assignments or something. So anyways…Maria then took lead….and well Alex’s male ego was not too boosted up by the fact that Maria could lead better then him. So he got all sulky…and they had this massive fight in the middle of the hall…..not pretty. So I really can’t leave them alone…god knows what would happen if I do.

“So you’re just gonna go with Alex?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“And you do remember what happened at the homecoming don’t you?”

“Alex was grumpy cuz’ of a grade. Nothing else.”

“Yeah…but I don’t want you guys to start fighting in the middle of a dance again it’s just—“

“You’re not thinking of chickening out are you?” Dammit. Maria knows me too well.

“No.” Maria glares at me. It’s scary I tell ya. Scary.

“Yeah.” There fine I admit it ok? I’m scared of going. Happy now?

“Why are you scared Liz?”

“Maria…..this stuff doesn’t happen to me ok? Max Evans asking me out? Good stuff like that does not happen to me.” It’s true. I have never been lucky in love.

“Lizzie I know you’re scared ok? But what’s there to be scared of? Max Evans is a great guy. You’ve said so many times before. Why would he hurt you? Max isn’t a superficial guy. He wouldn’t do something for no good reason. He’s never dated anyone…and now he asks you out. Don’t you think you’ve gotta be special to him if he’s never dated and now he’s asked you out? And maybe you’re afraid of falling for someone. Falling so in love that it’s scary, alluring, exciting, and every other amazing emotion all at the same time. But even if it ended a week from now, a year or maybe even a decade. Won’t it all be worth it?”

This is one of the reasons I love Maria. Maybe she can be flaky sometimes but when I’m freaking out or scared or whenever I just can’t deal she’s there for me. Helping me out, cheering me on. That’s what best friends do.

“Love you Ria.” I just felt like I needed to day that. How many times do you tell your friends that you love them? Not enough I’m guessing.

“Love you to Liz… go get your Greek God!!!”

Saluting her playfully I walk over to the bio lab. Butterflies are forming in my stomach. Ok….follow the heart. Follow your heart. I can do that. Yeah… where’s my heart taking me? Straight to Max.

Ok……I have reached the destination. Bio lab. Enter. Ok…. breathe Liz…take nice deep breaths. Oh god what am I? Giving birth? Ok y’know what? Let’s just enter the damn bio lab with a little dignity and grace yeah? Dignity and gr----CRAP!! Ooowww!!!!!! When the hell did that get there????? Stupid stool. Yeh…dignity and grace and falling on your ass cuz’ of a stool. Very elegant.

“You ok Liz?” Oh god it’s the Greek God himself. Oh he is so hot!!! His wearing this t shirt and you can see all his muscles…..swoon.

“Liz?” Oh right…I was meant to say something instead of admiring the finer points of Max Evans.

“Yeah….I’m fine….I just uh, didn’t see that stool.” Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Dammit I can feel my cheeks reddening up. Crap. Ok Liz be cool. Follow your heart.


Be cool. Gotta be cool. Speak casual and clear.

“K’ so um….did you get my note?” Tell me that you liked it. Tell me that you loved it. Tell me something positive about it.

“Yeah… was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Thank you.” Wow…. the most beautiful thing she’s ever read? Wow….my stomach feels kinda funny. Almost like butterflies. My heart’s beating faster every second I look at her. My legs feel like jello….like they’re gonna crumble at any given moment.

“I’m really, really relieved that you liked it.” It took me so long to get all the emotions I feel for Liz on to paper. Trying to let someone you really, really like know that you do like them with out scaring them is kinda tough.

“Yeah? I really loved it. I never thought anyone could ever see me that way. Y’know….just as me. Just as Liz Parker.”

“I see you for you. Liz Parker. Beautiful inside and out. and how could anyone not see you for that? You’re an amazing person….and if someone doesn’t get to see who you really are then it’s their loss.” And it is. Knowing Liz is like a privilege. She just brings this astounding bright shining light to everything that she touches or is somehow involved in.

“So….you said you want me to see you for you?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Well…I already do Max. I don’t see you as a jock or as the smart guy I sit next to in bio lab. I see you for Max Evans. The most caring guy I have ever known, the guy who will stick up for anyone even if it means putting your reputation on the line that’s how I see you.”

She sees me for me? Really me for me? Not just a jock? Not just some random smart guy? I think I understand the full meaning of the word blissful. It’s how Liz makes me feel whenever I’m around her. And I wanna feel like that all the time.

“Liz?” She turns to look at me. Our eyes meet. They search within another. Her eyes hold so many emotions. Happiness, hope, fear, fascination and love. And I can feel them all in her eyes. Each one of them bursting through her.


“Will you go to the Valentines Dance with me?” Say yes…please.

“Yes.” And in that simple word my heart beats faster, my body feels shaky, my mind is whirling with thoughts and I can only think one thing. Liz Parker said yes.

Was that as good as you were anticipating? Yeah? No? Hell no? Let me know!!
Do you guys want a Liz POv on this part? Cuz I could do that as well as part 5 for tomorrow (if my internet's gonna be nice)?

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Mareli- The ever-boring French lessons. I tell ya my teacher’s like a monotone!! He he. She’d kill me if she knew I wrote fanfic in class…he he
So you’re from Italy? Cool. I’ve never been but one of my friends has and apparently the guys there are HOT!!!!! Thanks for reading!!

LttleMrmade- Yep…we couldn’t have Liz turning Max down could we? A klutzy Liz is just too funny. Thanks for reading!!

SmileeUk- Yep……Valentines Day :::sighs::: I personally hate the depression that it comes with….but I’ll find my dream guy one day…..thanks for reading!!

begonia9508- Newbie reader!! Thanks for reading!!

Roswellluver- Yeah….I just love Alex…..thank you for reading!!

frenchkiss70- Yep…all guys are pervy horn dogs…he he. Thank you for reading!!

AlienDreamer101- Newbie reader!! Aaahhh cute Max and Liz ::smiles:: yeah I love a cute Max and Liz. Thank you for reading!!

XxAnGeLBaBe585xX- Newbie reader!!! Hey I hope you had a great Valentines Day with your boyfriend!!! Got something’ good??? Thanks for reading!!

Sweetygurl- Yeah all the guys I know are pervs too…..thanks for reading!!

tebibehr- Are they a couple??? Well…this is MAZ AND Liz We’re talkin’ bout here….I don’t think they can ever not be a coupe. I KNOW!!! I wish I was Max Evans’s dream girl. ::sigh:: Thanks for reading!!

Cybrwench- Newbie reader!!! You liked the note heh? Cool. Thanks for reading!

Lady_without_a_clue- Newbie reader!! GO HAPPY DANCE!!!! Thanks for reading!!

Lisa1783- Yay you refound this…..I want a Max too……Thanks for reading!!

Happy National Singles Awareness Day/ Valentines Day!!! So…..any secret admirers hhhhhmmm???

If you’re single and lovin’ it: More power to ya’!
If you’re single and hatin’ it (like me): You WILL find your Max Evans (season 1) one day!!! Keep lookin’!!
If you’re hooked up: You got something decent didn’t you? Yeah? Good.
And if you’re just confused and bewildered: Pig out on ice cream!!! Works every time!!!

So this is dedicated to all the singletons out there, we WILL find our Max Evans!!!

Part 4C

Ok we have at least ten minutes til’ Mrs. Hardy comes. Ok….be cool. Be cool. Who the hell am I kidding I can’t be cool!!! I’m a freakin’ dork!!! God I am the biggest dweeb, in fact I am like Queen Dwe—

“K’ so um….did you get my note?” Did I get the what? Oh!!! The note……the beautiful totally made me cry note….God I never knew that anyone could write something so beautiful and moving.

“Yeah… was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Thank you.” I smile at him….smiling is encouraging right? Cuz’ there was this article in some magazine that said that smiling is always more encouraging and it makes you look friendly…and I should stop rambling right? Ok I’m gonna stop. Right now.

“I’m really, really relieved that you liked it.” Relieved? He was relieved that I liked it? God I LOVED it….it was so incredible. I mean to find out that someone you have been hopeless for ever since third grade sees you just as you and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you: Cuz’ it’s not gonna change how they see you or feel about you. To know that….it’s just one of those most incredible feeling in the world.

“Yeah? I really loved it. I never thought anyone could ever see me that way. Y’know….just as me. Just as Liz Parker.” Not even my parents see me for me. They see the academic me. Straight A student, on the honours roll, future valedictorian, president of the science club…..and so on. To have Max see ME is……it’s astounding.

“I see you for you. Liz Parker. Beautiful inside and out. and how could anyone not see you for that? You’re an amazing person….and if someone doesn’t get to see who you really are then it’s their loss.” He thinks that I’m beautiful? Not mousy? But beautiful? Beautiful is the last word I’d use to describe myself. How can he even think that I, Liz Parker am beautiful? Their loss? Really? Wow. I guess I’ve never thought of it that way.

“So….you said you want me to see you for you?” I already see him. I don’t see the jock that everyone else sees. Max Evans has a kind soul. And I know that. I’ve watched him grow up. From a young boy to a young man. And he’s a great one.

“Yeah I do.” God….he said that with such passion. He needs to know. He needs to know that I see him for him and not as a jock. Aren’t all relationships about being honest? Whoa. Relationship? We’re not even in a relationship. Maybe I should just slow down or something. God I am so nervous. I’m gonna like bare my soul to Max…’s kinda a scary thing.

“Well…I already do Max. I don’t see you as a jock or as the smart guy I sit next to in bio lab. I see you for Max Evans. The most caring guy I have ever known, the guy who will stick up for anyone even if it means putting your reputation on the line that’s how I see you.”

“Liz?” I turn to looks at him. Our eyes meet. I fall into an oblivion. His eyes. They’re the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. They’re just like warm amber orbs shining through him. And the most amazing thing about his eyes? You can read his emotions n them. His fear, his love, his happiness.

“Yeah?” I breathe out slowly. Staring into his eyes leave me breathless.

“Will you go to the Valentines Dance with me?” HELL YES!!!!

“Yes.” His smile turns into a grin. I can feel it already. Valentines Day is going to be special.

Part 5

OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS IS TAKING ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS IS TAKING ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS IS TAKING ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down::: OH MY FREAKIN’ BUDDHA!!!!! MAX THE GREEK GOD EVANS IS TAKING ME TO THE DANCE!!!!! :::squeals and jumps up and down:::

See that? That is my happy dance. Whenever something exciting or life altering happens. I do my happy dance. So Max taking me to the dance? I guess it’s both.

I need to find Maria. I need a happy dance buddy. Ok..she had French so she’s gonna be going to her locker. Quickly I walk to her locker trying not to break out into another happy dance.

Oh!!! Maria’s coming!!! Yay!!

“MARIA!!” Oh was that loud? Well considering like EVERYONE is staring at me. I’d say I shouted that a little too loud. Whoops.

“Hey Liz….how’d bio go?”

“God it was sssooo romantic! We like told each other how we saw each other.” :::Dreamy sigh::::

“How you saw each other?” Oh right….I guess it isn’t exactly the greatest love confession of all time but god…it made me feel alive….like I was learning to breath again.

“Yeah….like y’know everyone sees me as a dork? He told me he saw me for me. Just Liz Parker. Not a dork, or an honours student…or anything else. Just Liz.”


“I know.”

“That’s so….”

“Yeah it is.”

As much as I would LOVE and I mean LOVE to talk more about Max and his dreaminess….there’s something Maria and I need to discuss.



“Why a flannel fetish? Why did you have to say that I have a flannel fetish?” I need to know this, ok? Why flannel? I mean flannel is really not turn on material.

“It was the first thing I could think of.” Right. Yeah. Uh huh.

“Whatever.” Isn’t that a great word? Cuz’ y’know it’s just the best “hiving the last word” kinda word. Really….who can retaliate to “whatever”?

“Hey at least Pam’s sister said she wasn’t gonna spread the rumour about your so-called fetish.”

“Maria, this is a Troy we’re talking about ok? It’s gonna come out eventually.”

“A flannel fetish?” Crap. I know that voice. That voice belongs to the one and only Pam Troy. Who has not only heard me talking about flannel fetishes but also dissing her family. Great. Just great, “Could you get any weirder Parker?” Bitch.

“Hey Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Pam!! How ya doin’?” GO MARIA!!! YEAH!!!

“Excuse you??” Oh!!! Classic look on her face!! Kinda how-did-you-know-about-that? and how-dare-you-say-that?

“Afraid of the truth Pammie?” Oh you gotta love Maria.

“Whatever Deluca.” What is it with people using each others surnames to like try and scare them? That is so weird, “I can bring you down in a split second.” Oooohhhhh I’m shaking… really I am…..ya wouldn’t think Roswell would be cold in February would ya? Maaybe it’s just the presence of West’s best known slut/ ice bitch.

“Not to your level Pammie.” Ha!! In your face Troy!!! Crap! I just used the surname thing! Don’t guys usually use it? Or is it just some kinda—

“Whatever freaks….Liz Parker and a flannel fetish….who would have known? I’m guessing not the football team…..or anyone else on our grade. Maybe I’ll just spread the word. Later dweebs.” GOD I HATE HER!!!!! Can’t I just shrink her down to pocket size and out her in a jar and watch her suffer??? Mwuh ha ha…….

“I am SO sorry Liz.”

“Maria it’s ok….it was gonna get around eventually right?” Trust me…. it’s Roswell….what’s your business is everyone else’s. Like when I told Maria that I was off trainer bras---

“Yeah well still….I could have said something else.” Ok there’s no doubt about that. But hey this is Maria and I love her. I’m not gonna make her feel guilty.

“It’s ok Maria……you were under pressure. We all do weirdly stupid things when we’re under pressure.”

“So we’re good?” Well yeah!!!! Of course!!! Duh!!!

“Yeah we’re good.”

“Ok….ready to face the stares and whispers?” It’s gonna be scary…but life is kinda scary right? But y’know you get past the scary part and…hey you’re unscrewed!!

We walk down the corridor quickly. Ok….stop staring……it’s kinda stalkerish…….

“Am I turning you on?” Oh god….it’s that asshole. Ok there’s this guy in my Spanish class who I call the asshole. He is just pure asshole. Y’know sexist pig, jerk to everyone.

“Chad…’re not wearing flannel.” I might as well be open with the whole flannel thing right?

“I know.” God he is SO full of himself!!! Asshole.

I glare at him as I walk on. DAMMIT!!!! SINCE WHEN IS THERE A WALL IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN HALL???? I look up. It’s not a wall. Guess who it is? Yeah…’s Max.

“God I’m so sorry Max.”

“It’s ok Liz….so I gotta ask you something.” Ok…….


“Do you really have a thing for flannel?” Oh god…he’s already heard about it. Crap, crap, crap. What if he thinks that I’m gonna make him wear flannel every day??? Oh god…he doesn’t wanna be my date anymore…oh god…oh god….

“Um…..” Say something!!! Anything!!!! Use proper words!!!

“Cuz’ y’know it’s ok if you do.” WHAT??? “Everyone has something unique and special about them…..and everyone has fetishes. So y’know just cuz’ yours is flannel it’s ok.” Oh god….I love this guy. I thought he’d be totally freaked about it. Why is he so understanding? It’s not that I don’t really, really love someone to be understanding. But why isn’t he freaked? Why?

“You’re not liKe freaked out?”

“Liz….I like you for you, ok? And with you comes certain things….so if a flannel fetish is one of them its ok cuz’ it’s part of you.” AAAAAWWW!!!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!!

I pull Max into a fierce hug…..I think I’m crushing his ribs. But he’ll say won’t he? Yeah he will. I hug him even harder.

“AAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!” Maria’s squealing and doing a happy dance. And in case you’re wondering. Yes we do a lot of happy dances. Oh god….Alex has joined in…..this is so crazy.

“Liz?” Yes my Greek god?

“Yeah?” I say into his chest. He has a DAMN nice one!!!

“Could you let go of me? You’re hurting me.” What?? Me hurt him???

“Sorry.” I let go of him reluctantly and smile sheepishly.

“It’s ok…you were kinda crushing me there.” Whoops.

“But uh, y’know what would be just as good as that and less painful?” Um… bout getting a little action in the Eraser Room???

“What would that be?” Eraser Room, Eraser Room, Eraser Room!!!!!

“Holding hands.” AAAAAWWWW……..he’s too cute!!!

“Yeah.” He smiles at me shyly as he holds out his hand to me. I take his bigger hand into my smaller one. Wow……I feel all warm….all over. I grin at him and he grins back. We walk to our next class hand in hand. All the stares, all the whispers. I don’t care. As long as I’m here with Max they don’t matter. Nothing does.


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So how was your Valentines Day? Good I hope…..mine sucked apart from the choc fest at school!!

Part 6

God you would not believe my day. I have had freshmen follow me round all day long around school. it is so freaky. It’s practically being stalked for gods sake!! God those freshmen piss me off so much. I swear if I get another freshmen asking me how I got Max Evans I’m gonna—

“Um, Liz Parker right? Hi I’m Steph Morris. I’m a fresh---“ NOT ANOTHER FREAKIN ONE!!! Y‘know what? I am not just gonna sit (ok I’m not sitting but that’s besides the point) here and take all this crap! I am gonna retaliate!

“Would you god damn freshmen leave me the hell alone??? What the hell did I do to you? Why are you following me around??? How would you like it if I stalked you all god damn day????” Yeah!!! Tellin’ it like it is!!! Yeah!!! God this freshman looks like she’s gonna crap herself. Yeah that’s right….you should be scared!! Ha!! Fear the wrath of Liz!!! Yeah baby!!!

“Um sorry…..I just wanted to ask you if you could give me an interview for the freshmen school newspaper.” OH CRAP. THE FUCKING NEWSPAPER.


“Um…the freshmen school paper….we’re doing interviews with the smartest seniors and you’re top of the grade. So um…yeah I was just wondering if you could give me an interview?” Oh my god…all she wanted was an interview and I shout---oh god! Is that spit on her face? Yeah it is! It’s right near her eye as well!!!! God, I shouted and spitted on her!!!

“Oh um yeah sure. God I am so sorry. This is really embarrassing. It’s just I’ve had like twenty freshmen follow me around all day and it’s making me kinda paranoid.” Really it has…every corner I’ve turned I look behind myself fearfully. Oh my god….I’m afraid of freshmen…..

“Oh you must mean Morgan and her friends. Yeah they have this major thing for Max Evans.” Major? That’s a understatement. They followed me around ALL day. All freaking day.

“Right. So um this interview?” God I feel bad for this kid. I spat on her!!!

“Liz!!” I turn around and see Alex walking towards me. Yay!! Alex can get me out of this awkward moment.

“Alex hey!” I bear hug Alex.

“How ya’ doin’ Parker?”

“Good, I’m good.”

“Um…” Poor kid…she looks so nervous, “I’ve gotta get home…you work at the Crash right?”

“Yeah, you can find me there whenever.”

“Cool, bye.” She scurries away before I can even say anything.

“What did you do to her Parker?” Alex looks at me curiously.

“I am a bad person. A very bad person.” I am….I spat on someone!!!

Alex looks at me strangely, “Ok…let’s head to the Crash. Ria’s got a meeting with her algebra teacher. She said don’t bother waiting.”
Oh god….she forgot to do the homework didn’t she? I tell her that Mrs. Laing is not gonna take much more if her crap. But does she listen? Nnnoooo.


We walk to Alex’s car. God I hate this car. It’ so cramped and it smells of old pizza. Eeewwww.

“So why are you a bad person?” I take a deep breath in and explain my story to Alex. he’s grinning. Hey! He’s not meant to grin! It was not funny! It was so---wait…Alex is snorting?
Great…his snorting is now laughing.

“It’s not funny!”

“You crack me up Parker.”

I glare at Alex until we reach the Crash. Ha!! Alex looks scared! Yeah take that Whitman!!


Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Ok y’know you always hear about how people feel like all warm and fuzzy when they’re in like love with someone? Yeah? Ok personally I thought it was a load of bull…..thought being the key word there. Max is making me feel things. Weird things. We’ve been dating for like three hours and I’m already feeling “weird”? We haven’t even kissed yet! What does that mean? Like my stomach feels flippity, I have this immense grin on my face which is just not coming off, and every time I see Max my knees go weak, my heart beats faster…..what’s happening to me? Scrub. Scrub. Scrub.

“Hey chica.” Maria walks past me to the milkshake machine.

“Hey Ria.” What was I doing before I started thinking about Max? Max…..he is so unbelievably hot. He’s my Greek God. MY Greek God. Ok…..what was I doing? Um…..I have a rag in my hand….I am standing in front of a counter…..

“CLEANING THE COUNTER!!” That’s what I was doing!! Yeah! Why are the customers staring at me? Oh crap! Did I just shout that? Damn it, damn it, damn it…

Maria’s right in front of my face, ok? “YES YOU ARE LIZ.” :::Slaps head::: Oh god….this is so embarrassing…..Maria walks with a smug look on her face over to find a tray.

“You didn’t have to do that Maria.” Really she didn’t.

“I know….oh….” Ok Maria is doing her almost happy dance…weird.

“Maria?” I’m worried….her eyes are kinda bulging out strangely and she has this sorta maniac I’m-gonna-kill-you smile on her face……it’s creepy.

“Michael!! Look Liz it’s Michael!!!” I turn my head to where Maria is looking. Yep, there’s Michael, Isabel and Max. Max…::sigh::: Maria starts jumping up and down excitedly.

Hah! I knew Maria liked Michael!!! “Michael hhmm?” I smile at Maria playfully.

“What? Mr. I-wouldn’t-know-fashion-if-it-bit-me-in-my-ass? No way Liz. Where the hell did you get that? Geez.” Aaahh denial (not just a river y’know ha ha…..I’m the only one laughing aren’t I? Yeah? Yeah.)

“Oh gee Maria it just might be cuz’ you were like “Michael! Look Liz it’s Michael!!” I prance around imitating Maria and clap my hands together….ok who cares if I look like a retard? Maria looks half way between laughing her guts out and shocked as hell. Ok I am not that funny. I stop my strange ass Maria imitation.

“Um Liz…..” Ok I don’t like that tone….it’s the you’ve-done-something-really-stupid-but-you-don’t-know-it tone.

“Look behind you babe.” I slowly turn around, fearing what I’m gonna see….and what do I see? Max….looking at me weirdly.

“H-h-hey.” Oh very classy Liz. Your obsession since third grade and now sorta boyfriends catches you doing a weird prancey dance thing and now you can’t even talk properly. That’s freakin’ fantastic.

“Um hey…what were you doing?” Crap. Uh…….

“How much did you see?” Please god tell me Max didn’t see me dance like a freakin’ maniac.

“All of it.” You really hate me don’t you? Don’t you? Answer me—

“Um…should I ask what it was about?” Oh god no…..aaawww….Max’s ears are going red. He looks so cute!!!

“Um….not such a good idea no.”

“Ok….so I uh, came by to ask you something.” Oh… gonna ask why I have a flannel fetish? I should really explain that to him sometime.

“Uh yeah sure go ahead.”

“Doyoumaybewannagooutyouknowlikeonauh,datethisweekortnight?” What? Max went WAY too fast and mumbley for me to understand that.

“Max could you speak clearer and slower?” I didn’t offend him did I? Cuz’ some people get pissy—

“So you maybe wanna go on a date tonight?” He looks at me hopefully. Aaawww that’s what he got all shy about asking me? How sweet is he?

“Of course I’ll go out with you. I mean I am your girlfriend right?” Oh holy crap…I used the “G” word….the “G” word scares guys. It’s been scientifically proven…crap…crap..crap. I just scared Max didn’t I? He hasn’t said anything and he looks as shocked as hell. Crap…crap..crap…what if Max doesn’t actually want me to be his--

“Girlfriend?” He gazes at me. His eyes are full of happiness, joy, anticipation, love…
“You uh, wanna be my girlfriend?” He looks down at his shoes shyly and sticks his hands into his pockets.

“Um yeah….you know…if you wanna be my boyfriend.” I look down at the counter timidly. God I feel like I’m thirteen or something. I don’t wanna look up….what if he says no? What if---my head suddenly jerks up. Ok I did not do that by my own will. I feel fingertips below my chin. Max’s fingertips. I can feel Max’s fingertips moving from my chin to my cheek. I close my eyes to savour each minute, each touch. His hand strokes my cheek gently. He holds my gaze with his. Before I lose myself in his beautiful eyes, he opens his mouth to speak.

“Liz Parker, will you be my girlfriend?” OHMYGOD. Am I unconscious? Am I dreaming? Is this really reality? Even if it’s not I want to know how it feels at least in my head to be Max’s girlfriend.


I say it so softly, I’m sure that he couldn’t have heard me. But his smile reveals he did. I’ve never seen a smile so blissful, so full of life. This moment is so faultless, there’s only one thing that would make it perfect….

I can feel myself moving closer to him, my lips slowly parting. I move closer into his arms, closer to his body, closer to his lips. I don’t care if we’re in a restaurant with everyone staring at us. It feels right. He moves closer to me. I close my eyes and prepare myself for my first kiss.

His lips brush against mine so tenderly, so lovingly. They feel warm and soft. My mind whirls with thoughts. My heart swims with emotions. My lips tingle with every movement of his lips. I can’t describe how amazing the warmth of his lips feel on mine, I can’t describe the millions of butterflies flying I my stomach, I can’t describe how my legs feel as though they are going to collapse. I can only feel Max’s lips on mine. And how they feel is perfect. I wrap my arms around his neck as he enfolds his arms around my waist. I pull his as close as possible and kiss him harder. I feel myself falling more and more into his warm embrace. Nothing has felt like this before. Nothing has felt so pure yet sizzling. Nothing has ever felt this right. This kiss. This kiss that I’m experiencing right now describes my relationship with Max. Noting has felt this way before. No one has made me feel like this before. How can anything feel so perfect? I don’t know, but I don’t want it to slip through my fingers. I don’t want to let this go. Ever.

We pull apart at the same time for air. I rest my forehead against his. We breathe heavily and he stares into my eyes. I open my mouth to speak.



“That was…”



Suddenly regaining my senses I become aware of the whole of the Crashdown customers staring at us with their jaws hung wide open.

I pull away from Max quickly. Crap….what if my dad saw? He would so ground me.

“Pick me up at seven?”

“Yeah, I better go.”

“Yeah, bye.”

“Bye.” Max walks away swiftly. Isabel and Michael look at him stunned. They leave the Crash quickly.

MY FREAKIN GOD! I KISSED MAX EVANS!!! OH MY GOD!!! Oh crap….Maria’s walking over to me with a very pissed off look on her face.



“I can’t believe you—“

“Pinch me.” I need to know that I haven’t been hallucinating or dreaming for the past few hours.

“What?” Maria looks at me as though I’m crazy

“Just do it.” Maria pinches me. Hard.

“Ooooww!!!” I rub my arm softly, god that was painful.

“Just doin’ what you said.”

“Yeah thanks Maria.”

“You have a break now?”


“Good…now we can talk.”


“Duh!!” She taps my head with her middle finger “You got anything in there? The kiss.”

“Oh right the kiss.”

“Don’t you oh-right-the-kiss me!! You and Max kissed in front of a packed restaurant!!!”


“And you initiated the kiss!!!”


“And you didn’t even care everyone was staring at you?”


“Who are you and what have you done to the shy Liz Parker?”

“I don’t know Maria… just felt right.”

“Yeah ok….it’s just not like you y’know? And your dad could have walked in and you guys probably wouldn’t have stopped.”

“I know.”

“Ok… how was it?”

“God, it was incredible……you know you see those movies when the guy and the girl kiss and the girl kinda flicks her leg up into the air?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I was so trying not to do that.”

“That good?”

“Yeah….if perfection could be described in a motion that would be it.”



Wow…..Max Evans and I kissed……wow. I can’t believe I’m Max Evans girlfriend!!! Can my life get much better? Is it possible to die from happiness? Cuz’ you know if it is heaven here I come baby!!!

Ok...the kissing scene thing...I've never experienced one so yanno if it sucked I'm really sorry k? So what did you guys think? Lemme know!

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Part 7

Wow. I can’t believe what just happened. It’s like something out of a dream. Liz Parker my girlfriend? Wow…..and we kissed. We kissed. I don’t think my heart can take any more happiness.

Climbing into the jeep I can feel two sets of eyes on me. Oh yeah, Michael and Isabel. Huh, I guess I forgot they were there. Liz has that affect on me. Making me forget everything surrounding me but her.

Michael claps me on my back. “Maxwell….I’m proud of you man.”

“Thanks Michael.” I turn to look at Iz.

“Max….I can’t believe you…I mean….” Iz looks at me strangely. Ok……she has her hands in the air trying to gesture something….”That’s just un like you Max.”

Staring the jeep, I look at her curiously “What was?”

She hits me on my arm….ooowww….damn Iz has a good punch! “Duh” You neanderthal—“

“Reading the dictionary Iz?” He he….

Iz smirks before pinching my ear, ooowwww…… “Ha ha very funny. I do know big words y’know. Not just a pretty face here.” She points to her face and grins, “Back to what I was saying. I can’t believe you kissed Liz in front of a FULLY PACKED restaurant!!! Are you crazy?”

Very. “About Liz? Yeah. Normally? No.” That sounded cheesy didn’t it?

“You are such a goner.”

“Thank you for establishing that for us Michael. Max, I am happy for you ok? Really I am. But I don’t want you to get your heart broken ok?” Aha, there’s the reason Iz seems kinda pissed! Even though I am old enough to take care of myself… ….she still has this need to protect me. Ok so I’m a little hypocritical cuz’ I always protect Iz, but she’s my sis. No one messes with her or they answer to me.

I sigh, “Iz…..this is my choice ok? And Liz makes me happy. Even if it ended tomorrow it would all be worth---“

“While cuz’ you’re together. Now quit yappin’ and hurry up driving. I’m gonna miss the game.” Michael looks straight ahead. Huh, since when did Michael know that saying?

“Right….so Iz….what’s with the big words?” I look at Iz teasingly. She never uses big words. The main words in her vocabulary are mall, credit card, whatever and sale. If you really wanna stretch it then also “please dad”.

“Ugh…it’s my English tutor….my essays always suck and Alex says it’s not my style but my use of words or something. So he’s been teaching me new words and told me to use them more so they stick or something.” Isabel rolls her eyes. Hhhmm…if I didn’t know better I would say Iz has a thing for Alex….

“Alex? As in Whitman?” As in Liz’s best friend? Liz…..she is so beautiful.

“Yeah. Why?”

“He’s Liz’s friend.” Liz…..I have gotta make tonight special. Our first date. Wow…..

Michael makes a whipping motion with his hand, “Whipped.”

Isabel rolls her eyes, ”Goner.”

I slow the jeep down. “Ok this is my stop. Iz, good luck trying to get Max to shut up about Liz. Max, good luck man. Later.” Michael smirks at me before walking to his apartment.

“Later. Thanks.” I call after Michael.

Turning to Iz I look at her, “So Iz?”

“Yes?” She raises an eyebrow up curiously.

“Do you wanna go to the mall?” I have gotta get some flannel shirts.

“Always.” Typical Isabel. Always wanting to shop. Preferably without her own money.

“Cool.” I look straight ahead and start the jeep up again.

“Ok my dear little brother—“ Ok ten minutes earlier and I’m her little brother? Hey I am taller then her.

“By ten minutes Iz.” I remind her.

Dismissing my comment she waves her hand in the air, “Whatever, so why the mall?” She looks at me curiously.

“I uh, need to get some stuff.” Yeah….flannel.

“Flannel shirts?” How’d she know?

“You heard bout’ that?”

“This is Pam Toy we’re talking about, of course I heard it.” Good point.

“Yeah k’”

“You don’t think you’re gonna be a little bit obvious wearing flannel?”

“It can’t hurt right?”

“Yaha…..anyways… taking Liz to the Valentines Dance?” The Valentines Dance….I can’t wait.

“Yep, who you taking?” Isabel always has a date for dances. Usually football players. Who in my experience are usually jerks.

“I have no idea. I’ve had like all the football team ask me but they’re all such assholes.”
Go Iz! Isabel thinking that footballers are assholes? Welcome to the real world Iz.

“So you’re gonna go stag?”

She looks at me horrified, “Heck no….I’m Isabel Evans. And Isabel Evans does NOT do stag.”

“Well Isabel Evans shouldn’t be doing anything.” Is she gonna get that? Wait….she looks pissed…crap.

“What? Are you trying to contr----oh eeeww!!!! You’re such a guy Max.” She shoves me playfully.

“I already know that.”

“Yeah whatever….how would Liz feel if she knew that you used to dress up as ginger spice when you were like ten?” That was a one time occurrence!!! Iz was upset cuz’ Michael chopped off her Barbie’s head so I dressed up as ginger spice to try and cheer her up. Little did I know that mom and dad took photos of me…..

“You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” She looks at me teasingly. Isabel Evans is evil. Pure evil.

“Don’t you dare Iz.”

“Well she’ll find out anyway.” How? Oh god….did Iz put the pictures up on a website or something? Accessible to the entire freaking world?

I look at her briefly but nervously, “Why’s that?”

“Well duh!! Liz Parker is definitely a keeper as mom would say.” Phew! No website.

“We’ve been dating for less then a day.”

“But more precisely…..” Isabel knows me too well.

“Eight hours and six minutes.” Ok I’m whipped.

“There ya go’.” She looks smugly at me.

“You know me way too well Iz.”

“The perks of being twins.”

I smile at Isabel’s comment. Ok so Iz annoys the crap out of me sometimes but deep down she’s the best twin anyone could possible have. She’s just trying to protect me from receiving a broken heart. I know for a fact Liz Parker is not one to leave a guy with a broken or aching heart.


God Maria is so crazy. Ok so that may be common knowledge to like, everyone. But I have proof that aromatherapy has gone to her head. You wanna know? You really wanna know? Come closer. Closer. Ok…..look a little to the right. I meant your right not mine! Ok……you see why Maria is totally crazy? Yep? Good. Ya see what I mean? How many people do that hhmm?

Ok for those not in the know I’ll tell ya what’s been goin’ on. After Maria and mines shift we came up to my apartment and just watched TV. Ok….you don’t know this but Maria’s favourite show is Buffy the vampire slayer. Ok you’re familiar with Buffy right? Slays demons and vampires and goes to school blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong I love it y’know but Maria’s a little…..obsessive…..ok…look to your right.

“Go Buffy, kill that prick
Go Buffy, do a high kick
Go Buffy, whoop his ass
Go Buffy, killin’ with class
Go Buffy, don’t take that shit
Go Buffy, give him one more hit
Go Buffy, whoo, whoo, whoo.”

See why I’m worried? Maria dancing around in a circle with arms swinging in circular motions above her head? This is known as the Buffy dance. Every time the Buffster whoops a demon/ vampire/ evil things ass, Maria does her dance…..and on special occasions her chanting….

“Ok Maria, hun, that,” I point to her in mid-dance, “is worrying babe.”

“Hello? Buffy whooped that demons ass!! Give the girl some praise will ya’!” Maria continues to dance. She is so crazy.

“Maria.” I take in a sharp breath, “Honey….it’s not real. I’m sorry sweetie. But you gotta learn. That,” I point towards the TV where Buffy is kicking some demons ass, “it’s not real. It’s TELEVISION, honey.”

“What? That’s like saying the fairy tooth fairy’s not real!!” I give Maria a well-duh look.

“Oh dear god no!!!” Maria dramatically falls to her knees. You know we’re just playing about right? Cuz’ Maria gave up on the tooth fairy thing a long time ago…..I think.

“Hey Parker, Deluca.” Alex enters the apartment waving at us. Alex trying to be macho….it’s just wrong.

“Hey Whitman.” Maria smirks at her welcoming to Alex while he gives her a “ha ha very funny” look.

“So chicas what ya doin’?” Yay! We have not-trying-to-be-macho Alex back! Wahoo!!

“Well Alex, I was telling Maria that stuff you see on TV is NOT REAL. You got that sweetie? Buffy’s not real!!” Maria pouts and crosses her arms.

“What? Your saying Felicity isn’t real? Oh dear god!!” Alex pretends to wipe fake tears from his eyes. “God I loved her.”

I pat Alex on the shoulder, “Gotta learn sometime Alex.” My friends are so totally crazy. But I love em’ anyway.

“So Parker, what you wearing for your date?” I freeze. Crap. The date. I am no where near knowing what the heck I’m gonna wear!!

Crap, crap, crap, crap!!! What am I gonna wear? I pace furiously in front of Alex and Maria. What am I gonna wear??? I have no freakin’ idea!!! They look at me worriedly.

“Maria!! What the hell am I gonna wear??? Alex?” Oh god. I resorted to asking Alex for fashion advice. Big no go there.

Alex shrugs, “I’m a guy.”

“With no fashion sense…come on Liz lemme raid your wardrobe.” No. Whenever Maria decides to go through my wardrobe it’s like raining clothes.
“Um…it’s ok Ria’…I’ll----“ Too late. Maria has just pushed me out of the way, entered my room and is now raiding through my wardrobe. Great. Clothes fly in every direction possible.

I turn and glare at Alex who smiles at me smugly, “Don’t say a word Alex.”

“Got what was coming to ya’ Liz.” He pushes me towards my room.

We walk over to Maria who is throwing clothes everywhere. Oh god this is gonna be a bitch to clean up, “Not this…..not this….you own this because? Hell no……no way…..that’s mine! Too preppy….too casual… still have this? God no….no……..that’s mine! What are you doing with all my clothes Liz? Not this….no way…..PERFECT!!!” Maria detaches herself from my wardrobe and presents me with a v-neck sweater and jeans. Isn’t that a little too casual?

Maria beams at me while holding up the v-neck and the jeans, “You’re wearing this….and….this.”

I really don’t wanna upset Maria but I really don’t want Max to think that I think this is some kinda casual thing, “A sweater and jeans? Maria this is a date! Not---“

“Say no more……um…this?” Maria shoves a strapy top into my hands. “Shows a little more flesh.” Maria wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

Alex’s eyes widen, “Liz, you are not wearing that!!”

“Alex, stop being all big bro on me.”

“Come on Liz, showing a little bit of flesh doesn’t hurt to y’know.” Maria wiggles her eyebrows again…

“Shut up.”

“So this is good?”

“Yeah.” I nod to Maria.

“Ok strapy top and jeans.” Maria holds up a skirt, “Or do you wanna go with this skirt? Show your legs off?” Not the eyebrows again!!

“Maria!” Alex and I shout at Maria simultaneously.

“Skirt?” Maria knows me too well.

“You know me so well.” It’s a long skirt anyway so that’s ok. Maria was just teasing Alex. He goes all big brotherish on Maria and me too much. It’s way easy to mess with him.

“Yep……ok…..make up time!!!” Oh god…..

“Natural Maria. Natural.” I make extra emphasise onto the last natural. Maria can go overboard with make up.

“Ok….but do you wann---“


“Ok fine! Natural it is. You can be sssooo boring sometimes Parker.” Maria brushes my hair off my face and ties it back.

“But you love me anyway don’t you Deluca?”

“Aaahh my weakness.”

We smile at each other. Alex starts to pace my room. Alex only paces when he’s worried or upset. What’s up with him?

“What’s up Alex?” Maria looks at Alex waiting for an answer.

He shakes his head, “It’s stupid.”

“Come on tell us!” I plead to him and give an encouraging smile.

“Yeah tell us Alex!” Maria pouts at him. His screwed now! Everyone gives into Maria’s pout. It’s like a rule or something.

“It’s just…..we’re all….” Alex waves his arms around aimlessly trying to find the words.

“Yeah?” Maria asks trying but failing to be patient.

“We’re all gonna like grow apart.” WHAT?? Where the hell did he get that? We’ve been best buds since like birth!! Heck Alex even came to our sleepovers til we were 13!!!

“What?” Maria and I ask together.

Alex shifts from foot to foot nervously, “It’s..ok…look at Liz…she’s now dating Max. Maria, it’s obvious you have a thing for Michael and he likes you back…”

“I do not li---“

“Maria be quiet k’? Alex go on.”

“Ok like I said Liz, you’re now with Max. it’s a matter of time before Maria’s with Michael and they---“ Oh no he doesn’t think? I look at him. He does. How can he even?

“You think they’re gonna take us away from you?” I state.

Alex looks down at his feet, “Stupid huh?”

Maria and I go over to Alex, “Alex…we….you, me and Maria have been best friends for like ever. Nothing is gonna change that. Not anything. Not boys, not distance, not time. Not anything. You are our chico. You are stuck with us pal.” Our friendship it’s for life.

“Yep. For life.” Maria declares.

He looks a us with a smile, “So we’re cool?”

Maria hits his arm playfully, “Well yeah!”

“OK…now we are all good….let’s do Lizzie’s hair!!” Oh god…..

“How do you want your hair?” Um…….something simple that way there is little chance that Maria can hurt me.


“Curls? Waves? Straight?”
“Straight?” My hair looks better straight. Anyway if I did put my hair in curls it’d probably go flat or something.

Maria pushes me back down onto my chair and sweeps my hair behind my shoulders. Ok…Maria’s my best bud…I can trust her. Right?


Will Iz get out of the bathroom? I need to shower! God Iz spends all her time in the bathroom.

Well at least she’s helping me choose something to wear for mine and Liz’s date. Date. One word and my heart beat increases, I can’t believe that I Max Evans am gonna be going on a date with Liz Parker. The most beautiful and smart girl known to existence. I can’t believe we’re a couple…..I can’t believe we kissed in front of a fully packed restaurant. God…the kiss….it was perfect. Everything I thought it’d be and more.

“Max? You got another choice for me to criticise?” Iz’s voice breaks me from my thoughts.

“How bout’ this?” I hold up a shirt to her. Iz’s face scrunches up. Not a good sign.

“No!!! Dear god!! What the heck is wrong with you??? Fluorescent yellow?? What are you thinking??? God n---“

“Get the point Iz. Ok, this?” I hold up a sweater.

“No way….please put me out of my misery and let me choose something for you? Please?” She walks out of our joining bathroom and into my room.

“Go ahead.” I gesture towards my closet.

She turns around to me and gives me a stern look. “And you are NOT wearing flannel.” Damn.

She starts to search through my wardrobe, “No…no…no……you still have this from Aunt Edna? Geez….no…no……..Max do you have any decent clothes? I’m taking you shopping this week.” Isabel taking me shopping? God no.

“We went shopping an hour ago.”

“No I went shopping you carried my bags. I am taking YOU shopping this week and you will get decent clothes.” Crap. Isabel taking me shopping. Oh dear god.

Digging further into my closet Iz stops, “Ok found something!!”

Yea!! Iz has good fashion taste! She won’t pick me something disastrous would she? My own sister? Maybe.

“Ok this is perfect. Black shirt, black trousers, wear your leather jacket… not wear white socks ok? Do you have black socks?” Before I can reply Iz walks over to my dresser and starts to search through my bottom draw.

While throwing a pair of socks to me she sits down on my bed, “Yep you do. Wear these. Where are you going?”

“Uh, the new French restaurant.” It’s elegant but not too snobby. It’s great cuz’ it’s romantic and really quiet so it’s a great place to talk.
“Chez Perre?” That’s what’s it’s called!

“Yeah that place.”

Isabel takes in a sharp breath and begins to ramble, “Ok…pull out her chair, don’t order for her, if there’s a dance floor ask her to dance, if you can, get a request, if they are offering flowers buy one. Um…..oh!! Help her out of the jeep. Actually second thought, don’t take the jeep.” Advice from Isabel…..women know best though right?

“What am I gonna take then?” There’s my jeep and mom and dad’s--

“The BM?” THE BMW!!! NO WAY!! They would rather die then lemme borrow it.

“Iz, that’s mom and dad’s. They are not gonna let me drive it.” It’s like their baby. Other then me and Iz..

“But you want to?”

“Well yeah! It’s a BM.” I’d be crazy not to.

“Leave it to me. Go take a shower and get dressed k? I will arrive back with the keys for the BM.” I swear Iz has our parents tied around her little finger. All she’s gotta do is pout and do some puppy eyes and WHAM! Gets what she wants. At least she’s using her begging abilities for the greater good.

“Thanks Iz.”

“No problem.” Iz walks out of my room smiling. Hhhmmm……Isabel is being pretty cool about this. Huh.

Maybe she knows just how much I like Liz and is willing to cut me some slack?

Grabbing a towel and a pair of clean underwear I rush into the bathroom. Tonight. Everything has gotta be perfect. Nothing is too good for Liz.


Ok and we are done! Finally! Make up is on! Hair is finished! Clothes are on!

Maria gives me an approving look, “You are lookin’ good babe.”

“You think so?”


Looking in the mirror I gaze at Maria’s choice of attire. A red strapy top and a long black skirt. My hair is Avril Lavigne straight. Nice and natural make up. Good. I look ok I guess.

Alex turns to look at me, “Liz….if Max does anything. Anything to hurt you lemme know ok? I will kick his ass in a second.” I love Alex. Really I do. But I can fight my own battles. And Max Evans breaking a girls heart? That’s just crazy.


“Listen ok? You…you don’t really date and I don’t want you to get hurt Lizzie ok? I love you. Your like my sister and it is my obligation to look out for you.”

“Love you too Alex.” I pull Alex into an embrace. I dig my head into Alex’s chest. He may be seen as a scrawny dork but he is definitely a great guy. Alex rests has head on my shoulder.

He raises his head, “Group hug!”

We pull our arms away from another and welcome Maria into a hug.

Friendship. It’s such a great thing. The knowledge that you always have someone there to look out for you and stick up for you. A friend’s love is one of the best loves. A life long friend is hard to find. But I know that I have found that in both Maria and Alex.

We all pull out of the hug.

“Have fun Lizzie.”

“Thanks Alex. I will.”

“Hey Liz?”

I turn to look at Maria, “Yeah?”

“You know at the end of every fairytale when the guy gets the girl and blah?” Ok….um….how’s that relevant?

I look at her confused, “Yeah?”

“I’m glad you got the Greek God. And hopefully you’ll get the happily ever after.” Aaaawww.

“Maria don’t you think it’s a li—“

“Yeah I know…but I can feel it y’know? Max Evans is a keeper.” Definitely.

“Yeah he is.”

I glance over to the clock anxiously. Max is arriving in half an hour. Half an hour and I’m gonna be going on my real first date. Half an hour and Max Evans will be sweeping me off my feet. Half an hour couldn’t come sooner.

Whaddaya think? Lemme know!

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