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Setting:Max is the hero and king of Antar. In this story, Antar is a Kingdom in the times of Ancient Greece. They are fighting against Kivar and the Kivarians who, during the reign of Max's father, overtook Antar and killed his father and has enslaved his mother, keeping her as a war prize.

FYI:CC/AU. I'll keep the powers, but they are gifts from the gods-so kinda but not really aliens. They will use their royal names in public and their common names in private(just so you know who they are).

Inspiration: Currently reading the Iliad and the Odyssey in college myth at PSU. It will have Homeric influences, but after that, it's all my mythic dreamer imagination*big*.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswell or it's characters, but I do like to play with them. But they aren't my toys, they belong to UPN and Katims and Metz and that gang and I also don't own anything Homer ever wrote. This is not a copy of the Iliad or the Odyssey. The idea for mythic maxwell just came to me.

ok, here it goes, I hope you enjoy, and give lots-o-feed back.

Part 1

"They've surrendered!" repeated the messenger. Max could hardly believe his ears. He was slowly gaining back his kingdom, with the outer cities returning willingly and internally overthrowing the guard outpost of Kivar and welcoming Max and his army whole heartedly.

This was the first city that had put up a fight. The reason it had was because one of Kivar's generals, Parkereous, had decided to make it his home. He brought with him his army and they had fought valiantly for the city, but the Antarian army was just too strong.

The battle field was littered with Kivarians and Antarians alike, but the were far fewer Antarian men dead than was expected.

The king had been favored by Apollo who, along with his sister Artemis, had saved Max and his twin sister Isabel when Kivar had sacked the capital city, Meneaos. Apollo has favored Max so much that he gave him his godly power to heal. Isabel was given power over dreams and things concerning the workings of mortal minds at night.

Apollo and Artemis rasied Max and Isabel at the foot of Olympus, shrowded in a cloud of mist so that Zeus would not find them. Zeus was the reason Kivar had overrun Antar. King Phillip had married Diane, the daughter of Zeus, without his permission. Zeus was enraged and sent the Kivarian armies against Antar. It took several years, but Kivar ultimately won the seige and killed the king. But, within those years, Max and Isabel had been born and Apollo, not agreeing with Zeus's unguided rage, saved the twins.

Kivar was sent to kill king Phillip and then return Diane to Zeus, but once Kivar witnessed her beauty, he decided to keep her. Zeus was furious with Kivar and sent many armies to regain his daughter and destroy Kivar, but none had been successful.

After the 14th year of Zeus's seige of Kivar, Apollo approached Zeus, explaining to him that he had found his champion. He explained that Zeus would have to wait a few more years until the champion was ready to lead an army. Zeus begged Apollo to show him the would be champion, who was his last hope.

Apollo brought Max, along with Isabel, out from their secret hiding place to meet the king of the gods-their grandfather, Zeus. He was impressed by the 17 year old Zandros. He could tell Zan had spent much time at Apollo's side. His skin was bronzer than the finest armor, his eyes shown like they were lit by an internal flame.

Apollo had trained him to drive his chariot of fire across the sky and his already well defined muscles spoke of his prowess. He stood staight and tall and looked Zeus directly in the eye. He was raised by gods, why should he fear them, but he did have deep respect for them, since they were his only remaining family, aside from Isabel and a mother he could behrly remember.

Zeus moved his gaze to the fair and light skinned Vilandra at his side. She had her eyes down cast to show respect and also to shield her eyes. She had spent the last 14 years of her life in teh company of Artemis, who being the goddess of the moon, had become accustomed to the dark. The light eminating from Zeus was just to much.

Zeus could also see the strength this young woman possessed. Her delicate features were not to be mistaken with laziness or lack of work, but her skill with the bow and arrow. Artemis had taught her to hunt and was the most skilled archer in the land, next best only to her brother, the pupil of Apollo.

"Let me gaze upon your lovely face child," Zeus commanded, while gesturing to come closer. Isabel did as she was told even with the pain from his luminesence. She held her gaze straight with his and allowed him to study her.

Zeus couldn't believe how much she looked like her mother. It made his heartache for his daughter even more. The only differnece was the shade of her eyes. Her eyes were a deep blue that looked like they could hold within them the entire night sky. One could drown swimming in the depths of her eyes.

"Well children of my daughter, you appear to be strong of body, mind and heart. In a few years you shall be ready to win the battle to bring my daughter back to me. I love your mother very nuch and miss her dearly. You have many of her qualities and I shall always be on your side if you obey me for all your days. I am aware of your gifts and you have been well blessed. Had I not been so enraged by your father, I would have saved you myself. Rage can even blind a god, not often, but it has been known to happen," Zeus said to Max and Isabel. He turned to Apollo and Artemis and bowed his head to thank them for saving his grandchildren.

"And Zeus, my great and powerful lord and grandfather, will you help me prepare for battle, training me in the arts of war to give you ultimate glory and winning that which was mine by destiny?"Max questioned the almighty Zeus.

"Yes, my son, I shall teach you with the help of my warlike son Ares. We shall teach you the ways of war and I shall bestow upon you the virtue of brillant speech and all who hear you speak shall follow you till the end of time," Zeus answered Max.

"And what of my sister, my lord?" Max questioned.

"Mind your tongue young Zandros. You have been heavily blessed. Do not disrespect our lord, Zeus," Apollo said sharply to Max.

"My, my young Zandros. You are not only brave, but kind and mindful of others. This quality came from your mother. Because of your kind heart, I shall reward you with the hand of Ava, the sea nymph, and for your sister, she shall be the most beloved woman in all the land and when Aphrodite has found her perfet match, she shall have love undying, in this life and all others after it," Zeus repiled.

A bright smile spread across both their faces. Such wonderful gifts they were given today.

"Oh, thank you most gracious and wonderful Zeus. We shall strive to please you all of our days," Isabel and Max said together while bowing and backing away.

Apollo and Artemis bowed in front of Zeus and spoke their gratitude.

"You are so generous father. Thank you for finding favor in our actions. We shall protect Zandros and Vilandra until it is time for them to meet their destiny on the battle field to win against Kivar in your name," They rose up and left.

TBC.. ok, so there is a lot of lead in, but you need it to understand my story ides. hope you guys like it.

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Part 2

Several Years had passed and Max grew stronger and trained night and day with the spear, sword, and bow. He was lethal with all 3. Isabel would hunt for them and cook dinner every night. SHe knew what the future held for her brother and even though she would have loved to train right by his side, she knew the battle field was no place for a woman. She was contented to dream of her future love and discovering new and pleasing ways to prepare Max's much needed food and training fuel. She made his home comfortale and cleaned up after him every day. She would come to him in the evenings and they would have long talks about the future, about the battle, about being in love, and about seeing their mother for the first time in almost 20 years.

Isabel would tease Max and tell him he was lucky. He knew his bride to be. He found her pretty and charming, a little drippy, but he was sure that was because she was a sea nymph. Isabel would try and envision her love in her dreams, but Aphrodite kept his identity clouded to her. Extremely frustrated, Isabel would just settle for daydreaming. She had only been exposed to her brother, Apollo, and her grandfather Zeus. Isabel was sure she didn't want her love to look like any of them, but she did hope she could talk to him like she could talk to Max. Free, easily, and she could speak her mind, completely. Apollo and Artemis were always busy, preparing for the coming battle and well, there are somethings a girl just can't tell her grandfather.

Then finaly came the day when Zeus called upon them to join him on Olympus. Max was ready to lead his kingdom to victory and finally wed Ava. Isabel was less than thrilled. SHe prayed that her future love was not as annoying as Ava, and much less klingy.

They approached Zeus who was flanked by Apollo and Ares and seated next to him was Hera, his queen, and she was joined by Artemis, Aphrodite, and Athena. Max and Isabel bowed low in front of all the gods and waited for Zeus to tell them the much awaited news.

"My children, when Apollo arises to drive his chariot across the sky for the 150th time, all things shall be ready. Zandros, I shall call upon the champion of my son Ares and he shall be your greatest fighter. Athena has also offered her greatest war strategist to assist you in the upcoming battle. There are also many who are loyal to you still on earth. They have been in hiding and are awaiting your return. They are lead by your uncle's son, Kyle."

"Kyle lives!" Isabel and Max shouted in unison. They faintly remembered their childhood friend and had feared the worst all these years.

"Yes he does children," Zeus replied," Now Zandros, your trianing will intensify until the last 5 days. At that time we shall have great feast in your honor with all of the gods present. I also have a present for you young Zandros. Hephaestus has asked me if he could fashion you armor such that the worls has never seen before. This great work of his will out shine even the great armor of Achilles," Zeus said while motioning for Hephaestus to come forward.

The blacksmith of the gods approached Zandros carrying a breast plate made from the finest bronze and leg guards from the same stunning material. He also carrieda spear that glittered brightly and had the deadliest of ends. He had a broad sword and and helmet made of bronze. The helmet had royal purple plummage to signify Max's heritage. The last piece to be shown to him was the magnificent shield. In the center of the sheild was the symbol of Zeus and around it was all the gods. Apollo and Artemis were at the top to show that they were his patrons. Aphrodite was the only Olympian not present on the shield. She said she would not enter the battle until Max's heart had been won. Once that day has come, she would add her symbol to the mighty shield. The gods were puzzled by her actions, but then again, love works in mysterious ways.

The shield held the day and night, the earth and the heavens and all those with in. The shield also held the underworld because those who fought against it would sent there shortly.

Max was in awe of these amazing gifts an clasped hands with Hepaestus.

"Thank you noble blacksmith for now I shall truly win the day." Max said greatfully. Hephaestus was a god of very few words, so he grunted and shook his hand harder.

"Zandros, there is one more gift I have for you and your sister." Apollo said to them, "Artemis and I have hopefully trained you well and have fashioned bows that can only be strung by you. The bow shall be useless in the hands of all others. The arrows for the bows shall be able to hear your thoughts and will be able to strike any one you desire, but use them wisely for they disappear after they have killed so they cannot fall into Kivar's hands. These arrows cannot kill Kivar because fate has proclaimed that you must fight him hand to hand to win this battle."

Apollo gave the twins the bows and a quiver of 100 arrows each. Artemis also handed Isabel a cloak. It was the same deep blue as the night sky and it was covered by constallations and planets.

"This my child is the Cloak of Midnight. When you wear this cloak, no one will be able to see you and you can wander the battle field unseen to help rescue the fallen heros." Artemis told her.

"Now go, both of you, and prepare for battle. Leave us gods to plan the war you are soon to fight,' Zeus said waving them to go.

Max and Isabel left with their magical gifts and returned to their home at the foot of Olympus.

ok, I hope you guys like this next part. I had already written it, but I wanted to see if anyone wanted me to keep going. I guess I will.
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ok gang, working on the next part as we speak. this story has taken on a whole new life, you should hear all the dialogue in my head. Well, one more chapter of lead in and then we get to the really good stuff and in the next chapter, we'll see most of group assmebling, except for a certain pair of best buddies, who will wander into our story in a bit, maybe in the part after.-oh I am loving writing this.
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Part 3

The gods were gathered around the great table that had the world upon its surface. All people were on the table. This was how the gods could control from a far.

Zeus could see that Rathos was making his yearly pilgrimage to the oracle at Delphi. A prophet had come to Rathos and told him to make his pilgrimage early because Zeus had great news for him that would appease his warrior heart.

Rathos was approaching the temple of Apollo and entering it to hear the wisdom of the oracle. He took his place in the temple and waited for the oracle to tell him his future.

The oracle stopped what it was doing and walked straight to Rathos. Zeus had taken over the oracle and was now speaking through it.

"Powerful warrior Rathos, who finds much favor in the eyes of Zeus and his warlike son Ares. You will be told many great things for the future that will assuage your waring heart. You are to be upon te shores of Antar at the foot of Mt. Klos. There you will find a man of strong features and bronze armor. You shall know it is him when you view his shield. It has upon it the symbol of Zeus. With him will be a woman of golden hair and the purest of white skin. They are the royal family of Antar and you will lead them to victory against Kivar. You are to follow this man above all others for he has all the gods on his side. Go now Rathos and prepare your army. You are to be upon the beach by the second full moon. Only set foot on the beach by night. This is the command of the great and most high Zeus." The oracle slumped after being so over taken by the good.

Rathos left the temple with a new mission and the chance to do much battle, his favorite thing. So, a king of Antar lives, well I will follow him, but he must earn my respect before earing my alligence.

Then came the day of the feast. All the gods were present. Discord was told to stay in her room for causing so much trouble at the last feast. Starting the Trojan war had gotten her grounded for the next century.

All the gods and goddesses wished the best for the twins and admired Max's shield. Ava was close at hand. Posiden brought her so she could bask in the spotlight next to her betrothed.

Ava soaked it all in, loving the attention. Isabel had tried to pry Max away several times but Ava would follow right behind. She hadn't let go of his right side for hours. Isabel finally gave up and went to take her seat next to Max at the feast table. Much to her suprise, she found Ava in her seat and refusing to move. Nasty little sea witch was all Isabel could think. She decided then and there if that was love, she wanted no part of it.

Aphrodite witnessed the exchanges and giggled to herself. Ava was putting on quite a show for all the guests. She knew Ava felt no love for Zandros, only lust and the need for power. "Silly little sea nymph, you shall have niether. I will not allow you to add this heroic notch to your belt. This man shall never love you, wed you, or bed you, no matter what you try," Aphrodite uttered the curse and so it was done. The instant the words had been spoken, Max ripped his arm from Ava's grasp and approached Zeus.

"Great lord, this feast has been wonderful, but I am bored with it. Please may I retire and train more for the battle," Max begged.

"of course Zandros, you may do as you please, but do not over tax yourself. You will need to be ready in the next few days for a long time of war," Zeus reminded him.

"I shall be my lord. I thank you," he replied. Max turned on his heal and grabbed Isabel by the hand and rushed out of the banquet hall.

Aphrodite could hear Isabel's thoughts against Ava and against love. Isabel was glad Max had turned away from Ava and she vowed to do the same to all men.

"Foolish princess, you know not where you meddle. For your careless words, you shall not know the true love from another until you have spoken your feelings first. Such shall be your fate with your love through all your lives together." Aphordite cursed.

Max didn't know why he had left in such a hurry. One minute he was having a good converstation and listening to Ava laugh at all his jokes and the next minute he was sure the if he let Ava touch him any longer, his skin would melt right off, Her touch was painful and he could feel her true feelings for him, and they had repulsed him. He needed to get himself and his sister out of there so he could clear his thoughts.

The 150th day arrived and Max and Isabel prepared to leave their home at the foothills of Olympus. The battle was no longer a far off future, but the present and both were worried they would disappoint all who had faith in them.

They said their goodbyes and thank yous to all the gods and hugged their grandfather. He bid then farwell and promised to always be be by their side. They climbed aboard Apollo's chariot, who had just returned from lighting the sky. The chariot looked like a shooting star and landed upon the shore of Antar at the foot of Mt. Klos.

They could just see the ships approaching and bid one last farwell to Apollo. Apollo told them not to fear for either he or Artemis would be watching them at all times and all they had to do was look to the sky. This was very reassuring. Apollo's chariot charged back into the heavens and for the first time, Max and Isabel were alone and they watched patiently as the ships and their hopeful champion approached.

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Part 4

Max was so lost in his reflections that the messenger had to repeat his question to the king.

"What shall I tell Rathos your majesty?" he asked. This messenger was convinced the king had been striken deaf because of his need to repeat everything.

"What?" Max said, snapping out of his haze," Oh, tell Rathos to gather the Kivarians of the city. I want general Parkerteous brought to me. Round up all the Kivarian women. My great fighters will be allowed to pick their prize and enjoy a night of feast and eros," said Max.

The messenger quickly turned and sprinted to the side of general Rathos and told him the kings decision. Rathos was pleased. He could use some female company for the evening and to entertain him for the remainder of this war. Rathos was not interested in love, merely a pretty and passionate woman he could use to satisfy his needs, and maybe hers.

Rathos had his men bind all the remaining Kivarian men and he bound up General Parkerteous himself. Then all the women were flushed out of the homes and lead in front of the men into the center of the city.

Max stood in front of all the people and had General Parkerteous at his side in the hands of Rathos. He reguarded all the people, Antarian and Kivarian.

"People of my kingdom and those apposed to my reign. I am, undenyably your king. I am the son of King Phillip and the grandson of Zeus. I shall not allow the desicration of any man, woman or child." He turned and raised his knife and slit the throat of Parkerteous. He fell to at Max's feet and bled to death, "But, I cannot be expected to save those who championed the man who stole from me my kingdom and my mother. Those of you who are members of the army, you will be given the option of falling upon your sword or swearing your loyalty to me. If you break your oath, I can have Apollo drag you from his chariot. Choose wisely, for I will not take back my word once it has been given."

Many of the men in the army fell upon their swords and died in the middle of the city. Those who did not swear their loyalty to Zan. Many of the men who had now entered his forces had been Antarians who had been forced into Kivar's army. They were pleased to see their king had returned.

Then the women of the town were brought forward. If a man was given a war prize, then he was considered one of the best fighters. General Rathos had the first pick, for he was the best fighter of the Antarian army. He walked past all of the women before stoping in front of a blonde girl who looked to be 17 or 18. She looked him straight in the eye, as if daring him to choose her, and choose her he did. He always liked the firey ones. He hoisted her above his shoulder and carried her off. This was his sign he had claimed his prize and was done with the battle for the day. He was more content to enjoy his prize than to to anything political, like Max was giong to be doing for the next few hours.

Kyle was called upon next to make his choice. He chose a fair skinned girl with strawberry blonde hair. Kyle was much more diplomatic and led the woman away by her hand. Alexander's turn was next and he declined, mumbling something about wanting a different prize.

At this, Isabel's ears perked up. She had to admitt she enjoyed Alex's company and they talked often, because Max was always too busy and he was willing to listen. Sure she had feelings for Alexander, but she had sworn off men and was trying, as hard as she might, to stick to that oath.

She could still remeber their first meeting, on the shores of Antar that first night. Rathos had introduced himself and shook hands with Max. Isabel's eyes were pleased by what she saw. If he was to be her future love, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Then he turned around and introduced Alexander, who first bowed to Max and then kissed Isabel's hand.

"Athena did not lie to this poor soul. She spoke of a man and a woman who were as different as day and night. She also spoke of her great beauty, proclaiming her lovely skin was of the finest white and her long gold tresses were like the finest coins in the land and her eyes were the same shade as the night sky, but she hardly captured all of your beauty fair princess. I am Alexander and forever in your humble service my good lady," he said and then kissed her hand again. He rose to full hieght to look into her eyes. She was lucky the night hid the deep blush that had spread across her checks.

Her and Alex had a budding friendship and possibly something more, but Isabel was too unsure of her feelings to let him get too close. They had had an arguement over the issue just this morning. Alex was tired of being pushed away, but Isabel had just turned away and ran from him. She put on the Cloak of Midnight to hide herself from him and maybe from her feelings.

Next was Max's choice. He was still king and he did deserve one of the first choices. He had taken a good look at all the women before him but none of them had caught his eye as this dark haired beauty infront of him. He reached out his hand to raise her chin. Tears were streaming down her face, but she kept her gaze straight and bravely looked him in the eye. Max grabbed for her hand and she tried to pull it away, but he was too fast. He pulled her from the line up and had her taken to his private tents.

She went slowly, but not being dragged. She disappeared into the tent and Max turned to his army to give away the remaining women. He told the people to prepare a great feast and sacrafice to the gods for they had helped him win the battle. They did and all had eaten their fill and enjoyed the wine and spirit of the evening.

Max stood and told the people to keep enjoying themselves, but he was going to retire and for them too keep feasting until they could eat no more.

Max walked into his tents and found his war prize curled up in a ball upon his bed. He was sure she was asleep. She must have been waiting for him, but he was mistaken. He reached out his hand to touch her and was surprised to find her holding a knife and having it positioned at his throat. She thought she had him, but his reflexes were too fast and he easily wrestled her to the ground and pinned her.

"Vile creature, do not touch me. I am betrothed and will not be spoiled for my husband,"she spat at him.

"And may I get the name of the viper in my bed?"questioned Max.

"I am Elizabeth and you are to unhand me this instant!" she yelled again.

"Well dear Elizabeth, since I am the one in control of your fate, you would do good not to say such things to me," Max scoleded her.

"I care nothing of or for you sir and I wish you just would have let me fall upon my sword like the rest of the men. Then I too could have enjoyed an honorable death, but instead I am to be subjected to your unwanted attentions and made into a defiled woman. No, you are wrong, it would do me much good to say such things to you." she said and stared him down.

"And why lady would you have rathered death than life?" he questioned.

"Because, today I was forced to watch you kill my father like an ox in the town square and I would rather have died than have become any prize of yours." she replied while the tears welled up in her eyes.

"Fine then, poisonous tongued one, you shall not enjoy my bed, but you shall be made to sleep on the floor, with your hands and ankles bound. I do not want you to find another dagger and attempt to kill me again," he said, while doing just that.

"You cannot know how much I despise you," she whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Max took off his garments and layed down in his bed. He rolled over so that he could not look at her. " Your king killed my father first," he mumbled just loud enough for her to hear, then he fell into a fitful sleep.


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Things are gonna get better between Max and Liz, but it will take a while, and maybe a little divine meddling.

I also want it to be known that I am the biggest Disney, everything has to end happy freak! SO, everybody, even gerbils we all know and hate will have a happy ending, but I'll figure out with whom and where she ends up later. For now I'd like to forget her existence(oops, typed that out loud) oh well *angel*

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Part 5

Liz lay on the floor trying to make sense of her surroundings. It had been a whirlwind day. The battle field had erupted at dawn and the dieing men could be heard screaming to gods who weren't listening. Then by midday the men of her father's army had been pushed back to the walls of the city. This group of rebels had just been too strong. Her father knew what was coming and rushed to find his wife and daughters. They knew what would happen of the city was taken and slavery was worse than death. Liz and her sister Maria were forced to watch as their father killed their servants who wished to be dead rather than taken to foreign lands. Then he killed their mother. She told him she would wait for him in the Agean Fields and then they kissed as he took her life. Liz was sure her mother felt no pain because all the pain was in her heart.

They could hear the rebels inside the city and her fatehr was tryingto regain his composure and do the same for his daughters. He had the knife poised to send Liz along with her mother when the soilders rushed in and captured them all. That was the last time she would see her father alive.

And now she was on the floor of the tent of her father's murderer, the king of the rebel army. Her betrothed, Sean, was dead. She watched him die on the field from her window. She decided to go on pretending he was still alive and looking for her in hopes of protecting her virtue from this barbarian. Her poor sister was yet to be promised, but she was strong. From what Liz could tell, her sister was in the hands of the rebels army's greatest hero. She had a good chance of gaining access to her sister, and maybe she could free them. But she was not very successful at freeing herself.

She found her hands and feet to be bound and a rope wrapped around her waist, keeping her hands and feet close to her stomach. This made it impossible to move anywhere and because her feminine curves decided to make themselves more pronounced over the last year, slipping out of the rope around her waist was out of the question.

She tried to find away out, but finally gave up in defeat. She figured she should try and get some sleep if she was going to get free tomorrow. She would let the silly little king think he had won. Then when the enemy has their guard down, you strike and strike hard. She paid attention when her father discussed battle tactics. Sleep well soveriegn, it may be your last.


Max had been laying wide awake in his bed listening to his captive try to struggle free. He knew she couldn't, but it was fun to let her think she could. He hadn't expected the dagger, but he also hadn't expected her to be the recently deprated general's daughter. His heart reached out to her when he learned this, but she slapped it back in his face. And why should she just be passive, she was just trying to protect herself. Little did she know that he wouldn't hurt her, even if his life depended on it, ever again. He would protect this girl from all things and maybe they would come to care for each other, but there could be nothing more. He wil give her back to her betrothed when the war is done, but not before. He needed keep her as a sign of strength in front of his men, and the Kivarians.

She finally quieted down and he took this as his que to finally fall asleep.


Liz wasn't sleeping, but she was deep in thought. She was left to her mind and the horrid scenes of the day. Her parents' deaths, her betrothed's death, her and her sister's inslavement. One of those days you wish you could just crawl back into bed and start over, looking for a different outcome. Liz played her father's death over and over in her mind. She couldn't close her eyes because she could see it all on the backs of her eyelids, but no matter what, she could hear the sounds. The knife cutting, the blood spurting, her father's gasp, his body hitting the ground. He could still feel the chills that went down her spine from seeing her father's eyes staring right at her, even when they had lost their sight.

Liz began to whimper, the tears finally coming. She couldn't shed them before, she had to be strong, but know, all alone, she could let them all out, just raining down her face. Then she felt a soft hand touch her cheek, whiping away the tear. She blindly turned towards the hand. "Daddy?" she asked. and then opened her eyes to look not on the face of her beloved father, but the murderer. She shrank back from him, but he only gathered her in his arms and stroked her hair. When she finally gave up struggling, she let the tears fall again. They fell for her father, they fell for her mother, her sister, her betrothed, her city, her situation, and for herself.

And Max just held her and let her cry till she fell into a deep depression induced sleep, and he carried over to his bed and layed her down next to him. He protectively held her in his arms and soothed her each time she cried out in her sleep. Tears fell from his own eyes. What he done to this angel, what had he done?
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Well, I'm going home for the weekend with my boy. We have been together for a year and 2 months, but it feels like I'm married to him. We aren't doing to much for V-Day, but being with him is all I need.

Happy Valentines Day all. Be back monday.
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Hey, I'm back at school in PA and it is dumping snow like crazy, and I'm sick as a dog-so I'm in for the day. I'll try and write something new and if I feel better, post it tonight. TTYL

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Part 6

Liz woke up the next morning to find herself curled up next to someone. She was still to sleepy to discern where she was, so she snuggled up closer. Whom ever they were they were so warm and solid, yet soft, and they smelled so good. Her feet had been unbound and they were now tangled up to the person next to her. She moved even closer, so close she could hear the heart beating in this person's chest. She could see the rise and the fall of their breathing and feel her own breath after it had bounced back off the flesh of the body in front of her. She was feeling things like warmth and safety, especially from the very heavy arm drapped over her side. When she snuggled in, the arm pulled her tighter to the wall of muscle.

She was half sleeping half dreamily dozing when the body streched and she heard a deep male yawn come from the body. Then all of a sudden, all her memories came flooding back to her. She looked up and screamed.

"How dare you! Don't touch me you filthy beast. Help, someone heff!" she yelled out as Max's hand came over her mouth.

"Now, that will be enough of that. It's much to early to be screaming like that." he said in her ear," Now, calm down and I'll let go if you promise to speak at a quieter level and in a decent manner. If not, I'll just keep holding you till you sufficate"

Liz squirmed a bit and tried to fight back. She finally nodded her head in defeat, but gave him a look that could cut right through him before she did. He left go of his hold of her and let his hand fall from her mouth.

"Let's try this again madame, Good morning." he said. Liz turned her head and folded her arms. Max reached out and grabbed her by the arms and yanked her to look him square in the eye. "I'm trying to be civil, you would do well to follow suit, madame."

She looked right back at him and said. "I will do nothing of the sort. I do not have to follow orders from the likes of you."

"That is where you are wrong my venomus angel. I am the king and your captor, you have to do everything I say. All I want on this first morning together is to be civil and be greeted by a much more pleasant personality than yours at the moment. I'll give you one last try to behave, and if you can't, I'll give you to one of the other men in my camp, and they wouldn't be as kind to you as I am." he said.

Liz couldn't believe her ears. He wouldn't, he couldn't. But then again, she kept forgetting where she was. She was the captive and she had no authority in her new reality and like it or not, she had to get used to it. Submissive was not a term ever used to describe her, nor would it ever be, but complacent would have to suffice. And, if she was cast away to one of the other men, she would not have the ability to get at her sister, and she could not afford to lose that.

"Good morning your majesty. I trust you slept well." she said as sweetly as she possibly could. Max could see her gritting her teeth and her forced smile. The malice in her eyes could not be missed either.

"Please, call me Max, and it was madame. It is not often I am priviliged to company as lovely as yourself in my bed." he said.

"I hope these are not the permant sleeping arrangements," she blurted out.

"Yes Elizabeth, they are. You are my prize of war and I like to keep my most percious possessions close to me at all times. Now, I hope you are ready for the day. We will be packing and moving on to the next city. I'm not sure if we will meet battle there or not, but we must be ready at all times. You will help to gather my things and be helpful to all in my camp. You are the war prize of a king, make a good example of yourself. Be pleasant to all the people you meet. It will make this time of your life much less painful, and maybe you will come to enjoy your time with my people."

I highly doubt that your majesty," she said cutting him off, "But I am of high birth and I will act according to my upbringing in front of all your people. Do not though, expect me to be as sweet to you, your majesty, because I was taught that scoundrels such as yourself were to be treated with much less. I do not want you to ever think that my actions in front of your people will ever be refelcted back towards you."

"That is just fine with me, my spirited beauty, but your temper will only get you cast from my tent. Do not enrage me agian as you did this morning. It will do you no good." He said and puncuated by leaving the tent.


One divinity looked down from her spot on Olympus and smiled to herself. Like shooting fish in a barrel, she thought. Firey tempers only lead to fits of passion, and passion was her specialty. She reached out to a cloud and stirred her hands inside. "This rain shall melt away the hardend walls built around our heart young maiden. Each rain drop that kisses your delicate skin will only help to cleanse your eyes to the man you are destined to love. Now cloud, find the woman with skin of the olive and hair dark earth brown. Rain upon her until she has realized her love for the grandson of Zeus, the brave king of the Antarians."

And the cloud left the sides of Olympus, but not without being seen by a sea nymph who's rage was boiling on the ocean floor.
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Well frenchkiss70, women of their time were expected to act a lot less willful than our Liz, and the thorns of her disposition will begin to melt once that cloud finds her. And, don't worry about Tess just yet, she can't meddle directly. She is only a sea nymph and does not have any real power. The only thing she can do is complain to Posiden. You'll see. Start reading up on your greek mythology. I'm not majoring in it here at school, but I love to study it when I can. Very interesting stuff. See you all later.
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