Title: Long Way To Run
Author: Sublime Nirvana
E-mail: sublime_nirvana02⊕yahoo.com
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Roswell or any one associated with it. No infringement intended. Title of the fic comes from a Collective Soul song. Also, I know nothing about New York I've never been there, so I'm just using my imagination and a couple online sources to base things on.
Summary: While running away from a man that's all wrong for her, will Liz Parker find the man of her dreams?
A/N: Be patient with me. I'm slow at writing parts and updating.


She held her carry on bag tightly in her hand, afraid that someone would steal it if she didn’t. She had heard awful stories about this place on television. Stories of people getting mugged and raped. She couldn’t imagine something like that happening where she was from. It was a quiet, sleepy, little town where everyone knew your name; like Cheers. Things like being mugged, raped, and murdered in broad daylight just didn’t happen in New Mexico. Not in Roswell at least.

Cradling the bag to her chest, she looked around her nervously. Why had she come here again? She wasn’t even out of the airport and already she knew that she was out of her element. A small town girl alone in the big city was like offering a lamb to a wolf. She was tempted to turn around and go back home, back to where she belonged. But then she remembered that back home, where she belonged, was where she had been hurt the most. It was where she had caught her fiancé shagging one of her bride’s maids in the coat room of the church they were to be married in! One day before the wedding was to take place!

It had been then and there as she had watched him moving between another woman’s legs, her friend’s legs, that she had decided to come to New York. She had backed out of the room, shut the door and ran as fast as she could away from the church. She had sped home in her car, her vision marred by tears, she had packed up her clothes on the bed she used to share with him and she had left. Went straight to the airport and traded in her honeymoon tickets for a one way ticket to New York. She hadn’t even said goodbye to anyone. She had simply left.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she inhaled deeply before opening them again. After recounting the last few hours that she had spent back home, back where she belonged, she decided that she was going to be okay. Steeling herself, she lowered her carry-on to her side and put one foot forward. She’d seen it done on television. All she had to do was go pick up her suitcase from baggage claim, walk outside, stick her hand up in the air and yell taxi. But from there, she was clueless.

Where would she go? Where would she stay? She felt lost and out of control without a plan. For the first time in her entire life, she had made a spontaneous decision. She hadn’t analyzed something, weighed the pros and cons of it. She had just done it, without thinking twice. For the first time in her life, the idea of being spontaneous seemed appealing, and so as she stepped outside with her suitcase in hand, she felt a vague sense of excitement pervade her.

She felt as if she were trapped in a movie as she slowly raised her hand and opened her mouth. The voice that assaulted her ears didn’t seem like her own, but it was. She blinked in surprise as a yellow cab pulled up in front of her. Slipping into the back seat, she cleared her throat.

“Where to lady?” The burly cab driver asked gruffly, his voice thick with accent.

“Um . . . I don’t . . . ”

Twisting in his seat, he observed her. She looked scared and unsure of herself. She was definitely a small town chick come to the big city in search of something. His gray eyes skimmed her body, taking into account her meager demeanor, tanned skin, her faded blue jeans, the cowgirl style shirt, and the small turquoise ring on her middle finger that she kept playing with. Southwesterner, definitely. His hard New York attitude began to fade away as he watched her sit in the back of his cab, on the verge of tears.

“You’re a long way from home girlie.” His gruff baritone voice told her softly. “Most cabbies woulda kicked you out on da street by now, but you lucky you got me. I’m Tony.”

He almost had to strain his ears to hear the name she whispered to him. “What’cha budget? How much dough you lookin to blow?”

“The sky is the limit.” She said softly as she cleared her throat. “I don’t have a budget.”

“Well sweetie, you gotta have some kind of budget in this state. You lookin’ to stay somewhere fancy or what?” He really didn’t want to drop her off at some seedy motel in the wrong part of town.

“I’m not looking for the Ritz.” She told him, wiping a stray tear away. “Just somewhere that’s affordable, but nice, in a good part of town.”

Turning around in his seat, he shifted into drive. “You look like a sweet girl Liz, Tony will take care of you now, but after you step outta this cab ya on your own. This is a big city full of a lot of people and ain’t all of ‘em nice as me. Don’t let ya self get taken advantage of.”

“Thanks for the advice Tony.” She said quietly, shrinking back into her seat a little more.

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