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Title: Reborn souls title fits better with the story
Category: MAx Liz
Disclaimer: own nothing

Just something short but hopefully good. Just something I thought would be interesting and something different for me to try. The whole stories not like this just the first part!! ENjoy! And GiVE It A ChAnCe Ipromise its not terrible lol!!



I looked into his dark eyes
I knew.
I could see into his body,
His heart
His soul

He looked at me
My heart fluttered
He laughed
I smiled.

His hands moved
I stared
He grinned
I watched

He walked
I followed
He talked
I listened

A mysterious stranger
Captured my heart
With one look
One touch
One smile

Max Pov

I saw her
Always watching
I wanted to touch her
I couldn't

I was fighting
For my life
Keeping a secret
I could never share

I kept my distance
Never wanting too
Dreaming of her
But never able to have her

A dark hair girl
Never will know
What she was to me
She captured my heart
Right from the start

Liz pov

He dated
While I watched
They were always different
I never knew why

He never looked happy
Like he was scared
I wanted to help
But I couldn't

I wanted to hold him
I never had the guts
I always wanted to claim him
As mine

Max Pov

I saw her hurt
I had to help
I ran to her
And saved her

I begged her
To keep quiet
She promised
I smiled

We dated
We kissed
We fell in love
And we lived


I loved to feel him
In my body
I always wanted
He always gave

I lived for him
The touch of his hands
His eyes looking in mine
The way he made me feel

We married
He vowed to love me
I already did

He never faltered
In His love
That made me love him more
My wonderrful Max

Max Pov

We loved each other
We created children
And loved them

She died one year ago
I never stopped loving her
I never married again
I never wanted too

She was my soul mate
My Love
My one and only
She was perfect

Now I have to go
I have to see her in heaven
I have to live again
I have to love her again
I have to find her
In another Life.

She will always be the one
My beautiful Liz

Tell me wat u guys think!! ihad to try something different!

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Do u guys want more??? I could have some sort of twist or something? If u do should I continue to write it this way.. or like a story?? Its all up to you guys!1
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Title: Reborn Souls (The title changed)
Category: M/l with everyone else
Rating: from PG-NC-17
Disclaimer: Nope I don’t own anything even though I wish I could go and steal everyone for my own use especially Jason… MmmMM Good
Summary: The Roswell Gang is reborn will they ever find each other, and if they do wat would happen? (that was a sucky summary.. But oh well just read it”

I thought I would make a story out of whatever I did on that first part for everyone.!! I hope all of you guys like it… All of my other stories sorta bombed out.. Lol.. Well I guess practice makes perfect.

Part 2

Max died exactly on year after his lover and wife, Liz, died. He lived a wonderful life, well at least the best life he could have lived being an alien. He always thought that he was just lucky enough that he found love on earth with the person he always obsessed about to his family, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin.

When Max finally died, from the loss of his love. He felt himself whirling in the air. He didn’t know where he was going. He landed someplace that seemed to be an office. He couldn’t help but think, was this heaven or hell? To his surprise it was neither.

He walked over to the person sitting at the desk in the wood made office.

“Max Evans.” The stranger at the desk said to him. Max looked up surprised that he knew his name. “Don’t be surprised Mr. Evans we know everything about your life.”

“Bu… But How” Max stuttered to the man.

“We just do.” he said and max knew that he shouldn’t ask any more questions. They sat there in silence for five minutes. Max awaited for what this man was going to say to him.

“Max, I know you must be wondering what is going to happen to you. “ The man started. “and I will tell you everything.”

Max nodded at the man eagerly wanting to know why he was here and what would happen next. The question that stood out in Max’s head the most was whether or not he would be able to see Liz every again. His dark haired angel.

“Max, you are here now because this is where every person goes when they die. I just want to mention now that everything I tell you will be forgotten once you are back on earth. You will never be able to remember anything that you or I say here. “

Max nodded in understanding wondering though it that was a good thing or and bad thing. Also he just found out that he got to back to earth He would have to find his Liz, he thought.

“You will be sent back to earth Max, with all the people that you have came to love in this life. You have been reborn with them over and over even if you don’t remember. “The man stated seriously. A formed smiled on his face as he thought about seeing Liz again and all of his friends, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, and Kyle. “You may live with them you may not. It may even take you while to find them but you always will. Now Max do you have any questions?” He asked sincerely.

“Yeah I do. Is it possible for someone that I loved in my last life to be my sister or any other family member in the next life?” He asked a little worried that Liz would be his sister instead of his lover.

The man just smiled. “It is possible but that almost never happens. I hope that helps reassure you.”

“Yeah it does little.” Max said. “Umm. Will my friends and I all look the same?” He said with a waving of his hand in front of his face.

“Yes you will but I must remind you that you will not remember anyone or what they were to you in a former life.”

Max was a little happy with the thought that everyone would still look like themselves but he hated the fact his friends and he will never recognize one another.

“Are you finished with your questions Mr. Evans?” The man asked.

“Yeah. I think so.” Max answered not being able to think of any other question that may affect him in the future.

The man stood up and walked over to a door that Max swore wasn’t there before. “So if you’re ready Max Evans just walk through this door and you will start a new life with all of your friends and family.” The man said with a slight smile on his face.

Max stood up from his chair and walked slowly over to the door. He went over the man and shook his hand. “Thank you” He said to him as he walked through the door ready to start his new life. Ready to face the challenges of life.


“Congratulations Mrs. Evans you have a beautiful baby boy. Do you have name for him yet.” The nurse asked the man and women in front her

Mr. Evans and Mrs. Evans looked at one another and smiled. Mr. Evans nodded his head yes at Diane’s question.

“His name is Max. Maxwell Phillip Evans.” Diane said to the nurse proudly holding out her arms so she could hold her new born baby.

The nurse placed baby Max in her arms and she gently pulled him to her. Phillip slouched to the tiny baby and started talking to it. “Hello Max. I’m your daddy. How are you doing? Are you going to be a good boy for you daddy and mommy?” The proud father said talking to his baby boy.
Philip looked down in to the baby and sore he saw a smile light up his face after he finished talking to him. Almost as if he was answering all of his questions with one little smile.

10 years later

The Evans family heard the doorbell from their house ring and a child ran to the door yelling, “Ill get it!” The little boy ran to the door and opened it revealing a small family which consisted of a mother, father and a little girl with dark hair and eyes smiling at him.

“Hello, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, Liz.” Max said shaking each of their hands. The little girl smiled a slight smile when Max’s hand cam to his. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Parker noticed the exchange of smiles and couldn’t help but smile at their shy remarks.

“Hello Nancy, Jeff.” Both Diane and Phillip said to The Parkers holding out their hand for them. Then Diane bended down to Liz’s face.

“And who is this beautiful little girl.” She said with a smile o her face as Liz hid behind her mom’s leg a little bit.

“I’m L…”But before she could continue a girl about a year younger then Max ran down the steps well actually half running and half falling down the steps. She came to the front door and introduced herself.

“Hey I am Maria. How are you all doing?” She said causing everyone to laugh from her antics and just her plain loud mouth.

When Max heard Liz’s laugh he looked over to her and thought that it was completely beautiful. He smiled and then thought that he couldn’t’ like girls. I am too young. He looked away as soon as possible but he couldn’t stop his head from turning towards her again just to look in her dark soulful eyes.

Liz noticed him looking at her. It was hard not to not that she minded in the least she though. She thought that he was kind of cute. She looked away from him when she heard a little girl coming down the stairs. Liz laughed at her because she looked so bubbly and just so loud. She saw Max’s head turn toward her as she laughed and blushed a little bit hoping he wouldn’t noticed.

The Parkers finally walked into the house and sat on the couch. The parents talked together while Max and Maria pulled Liz upstairs with them to play.

“Liz do you want to be our best friend.” Maria said pointing to both Max and her.

“Sure” Liz replied not knowing that Maria was her best friend in another life and Max was her boyfriend, lover, and husband in that same life so long ago.

Tbc..??? Do u like… Feedback is appreciated.

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Hey guys thanks for the feedback.. I promised you a part tonight and look what you got.. A part tonight. I never brak a promise.. Lucky you guys.. I hope you enjoy.

Part 2

Over the next couple of days Liz, Maria, and Max became more than just friends. They became best friends. They would always do everything together. It was as if they were attached at the hip. Everyone thought that Liz and Maria would instantly connect, but that’s not what happened, surprising everyone. Max and Liz seemed to have so many things in common. They always acted as if they were the ones attached at the hip.

Throughout the years nobody ever caught the looks that were shared between the two children. At the time no one ever noticed their playful banter or the way they would hold each others hand.

They had no reason to look they were children and they always just figured that this was how children were, how they weresupposed to act.

7 years later

“Max…Come on you have to tell me?” Liz begged to Max as she sat on a chair in the Crashdown anxiously hopping down wanting to know who Max was dating this week.

“Liz I’m not telling you.” Max answered with a smile on his face. He acted as if he was still a little child bugging his best friend. He loved making Liz beg and plead for what she wanted. He thought she looked so cute practically hopping up and down waiting for him to tell her.

“Max come on you have to tell.” She started again. “I mean we have only been friends for what…” She paused for a minute thinking. “seven years!” She practically yelled to him

He let out a deep laugh from the bottom of his throat making Liz almost instantly forget what she was asking him. She has always loved Max from afar, always afraid that if he found out her true feelings he would move away from her. She thought that being with Max as a friend was better then not having him in her life at all.

“Okay fine, I’ll tell you Liz” He started. “but only cause you’re my best friend. Come here.” He said moving a finger back and fourth to indicate that he wanted her to come.

Liz jumped off her chair like a little child with a huge smile on her face. One of those smiles that lit up the beautiful features on her face, thought Max. He smiled at how childish they were acting.

She finally came to him and he brought his soft lips to ear. Liz closed her eyes wanting to feel them on her. She felt the warm breath leave his mouth as he whispered something into her ear.

After Liz heard what he said she immediately pulled herself away from his tantalizing lips.

“OH My God!! I can’t believe you are going on a date with her!! I mean she is a slut, whore, and bitch combined together!!” Liz screamed out not being able to hold in her disgust for the women that Max Evans, her best friend was taking out on a date tonight. “Do you know how many guys she probably fucked in the last month.”

“Liz calm down” Max said grabbing her hand and pulling her into the seat next to him. He pulled her close to him trying to calm her down. He couldn’t help but be happy that she was close to him right at this moment. He loved her smell. Strawberries he thought.

After a couple more whispered curses and distasteful words a smile formed on Max’s lips not being able to contain it any longer. A small chuckle also broke from his lips.

“Max I don’t see anything funny about this.” Liz said to him with an angry expression on her face.

“Liz, did you really think that I would date Tess Harding.” He said still harvesting that gorgeous smile on his lips. “I thought you knew me better then that Liz.”

“Yeah I did to Max.” Liz said seriously.

She stormed out of the booth, leaving the warm embrace of the one and only Max Evans. She walked quickly to the backroom and locked herself in, tears fighting to gain control and make her break down in tears.

A worried Max looked around the diner. He saw everyone staring. HE too got up right after Liz almost running to the back wanting to see what made Liz so upset.

“Liz” He called as he saw her exit the room. He made it through the door in time to see her walk into the bathroom. He ran to the door and heard the silent click of the lock on the door.

“Liz please opens up.” Max whispered to her on the other side of the door. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to joke around” He said not wanting to hurt her feeling. That was the last thing that he would ever want to do to her.

“Liz please answer me.” He said a little louder when he heard the silent sobs on the other side of the door. His heart broke a little when he heard them. He never wanted to cause her tears. He literally thought it would be a good joke.
“Max please go way.” He finally heard from Liz inside the bathroom. From the tone of her voice he could hear her sadness from the tears.

“Liz just talk to me. I’m not going to leave until we talk.” He said truthfully. “I’m sorry!” He almost yelled slouching down the door sitting there waiting for her to answer or open the door. He was hopping for the latter.

He was happy when he heard the click of the lock being unlocked from the inside. He jumped up from the floor when he heard the door open slowly showing a teary eyes Liz.

He went to her and held her in his arms loving the warmth from her arms. Liz loved how he could make her feel so comfortable from one simple gesture. She thought that this was so unreal that it just had to be a strong infatuation. But why would it last for so long she wondered to herself.

“Liz, I’m sorry. Tell me what I did wrong.” He said whispering into her hair.

She pulled away slightly so she could look up at him.

“Max it wasn’t that it was wrong it just…” She stopped tears trying to form in her eyes again. “It’s just that what you did made me… Made me…so angry. It made me have a strong outburst in front a large crowd of people. When you told me that you were joking, it hit me that you just made me embarrass myself in front of all those people… You know… And that just…” She said not being able to finish what she was saying.

“Shh… Liz I understand… I am sorry… I am so sorry. I never meant for that to happen.” He said sincerely as he held her close again.

“I know Max. I know you didn’t do it to hurt me in any way.” She said.

She looked up at h=im again but this time with a slight smile on he face.

“I mean anyway who could stay mad at the wonderful Max Evans. “ She said slightly laughing making Max smile at her.

“You know I am pretty wonderful.” He said back to her both laughing at one another. Max absorbed Liz’s laugh while Liz did the same for Max. They both had strong feelings for one another but never let the other know.

“I love you Max” Liz said to Max knowing that he would only take it in a friendly way even though she wanted to scream out that she meant it. That she wanted to love him forever, she wanted to marry him.

“I love you too, Liz.” He said wanting the words to mean so much more too. But he too just thought that they were word of best friends after they comforted one another.

Max draped his arm over Liz’s shoulder and they walked out of the backroom together with large smiles on their face. Each hiding feeling that they were too afraid to show to the other now.

As they exited the diner, Liz couldn’t help but ask, “So Max are you going out with anyone.”

“Nope Liz, I am waiting for the one.” He said to her wishing that she knew that she was the one for him. The one and only.

TBC?~? I hope that came out right…. Hope y9ou had fun reading… Tell me wat u think!!!

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Well enough of all that heers the next part

Part 4

Max sat in his biology not bothering to listen to anything that the teacher was saying. Who could pay attention when you had your best friend/ secret love sitting right next to you, he thought, sneaking glances at Liz.

The looks that Max was giving Liz didn’t go unnoticed by her because she too would look at Max throughout the whole class not being able to listen and complete the work that they were told to complete. She wished every day that she wouldn’t be afraid to tell her best friend that she was in love with him. It should be easy she thought to herself but she never had the guts to look him in the eyes and tell him.

The bell finally rang ending the class allowing Max and Liz to leave and go home.

“So Max… You will never believe what happened to me today.” Liz asked with a fake smile on her face wanting to seem as if she was excited about today.

“Umm…I don’t know. What happened?” Max replied with a real smile on his face loving to see Liz smile. Her whole face lit up, well at least usually it did. Today it didn’t though he thought which made his smile dim down a little bit.

“Kyle Valenti asked me out.”

His smile dropped for a minute not believing that Liz was going to go out with someone. He placed the smile back on his face though wanting to seem happy for Liz. He looked at her face and saw for the first time that she wasn’t overly happy; she looked as if she was forcing everything she was doing. Seeing her like this made him mad. He always wanted her to be happy. So that smile dropped from his face again only to be replaced by a look of anger and sadness.

“Liz you can’t go out with him.” He said to her almost with hatred in his voice for Kyle.

“Yes, Max I can.” She said calmly to him not wanting people to stare.

“NO Liz you can’t.” He said a little louder time.

“Max I will date whoever I want, whenever you want unless you can give me a good reason not to date Kyle then I will!” She yelled to him steam coming out of her ears from the anger boiling inside of her. She couldn’t believe the way that Max was talking to her. He never acted this way unless he was protecting her.

“You can’t because…” He started yelling. Could he really tell Liz that she couldn’t date Kyle because he loved her with everything inside of his heart. That he knew that she was the one for him. That he was in love with her. His voice came down to a whisper and continued, “Liz you can’t date Kyle because I love you.” He said without hesitation.

He slowly brought his head up to look at Liz afraid to she the disgust in her eyes. When his eyes finally met hers, he was surprised. He saw the biggest smile on her face. It lit up her eyes. It was the smile that Max had always dreamed about. The smile that he always wanted to put on her face. It was a smile that could make him smile too.

“Really Max?” She said almost whispering to Max as if he just told her the most important thing in the world.

“Yeah Liz, I mean it. I loved you since I first heard you laugh and first saw you smile at my house when we wee ten.” Max said truthfully to Liz wanting to pull her into his arms. He didn’t have to do that though.

Liz wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled his head to hers.

“Max, I love you too. I have loved you right when you opened that door when we were ten years old.” Liz told him and the next thing she knew was that Max’s lips were on top of hers. Her lips are so soft, Max thought as he kissed her in the middle of the hallway for the world to see.

Liz put her hands behind his head playing with the hair at the nape of his neck as she kissed him. She had been waiting for this her whole life. She never expected it to feel so right though.

When they finally pulled away, Liz couldn’t help but ask with a little frown on her face. When Max saw the frown, he got a little worried. What happens if she doesn’t want me? What happens if she really likes Kyle better? He thought.

“But Max what about the one. You know the one person you’re supposed to be with.” She said her frown growing afraid that when he found her he would leave her forever. “The one person you are waiting for,” She finished.

A smile grew on his face loving her a little more for her concern.

“Liz, you are the one. The only one.” He said filled with confidence glad that he could make Liz smile again from his statement. He meant everything he said too. Liz is the one. The only girl for him. “Come on Liz lets go.” He said to her holding his hand out.

She placed her hand in his and couldn’t help but think that it was a perfect fit. Her small, petite hand fit into his big hand perfectly. They walked out of the school together full of confidence of their love for one another.

They walked all the way to the green hazardous jeep that Liz always hated. Max walked Liz over to the passenger side and opened the door for her. Liz looked up to him and thanked him with her eyes and the smile she gave him. Max understood completely when he looked at her.

“Max you know that this jeep is going to kill us one day.” Liz said to him as he climbed into the car. She secretly liked the jeep but always pushed Max on the subject.

“Well that’s a chance I am going to have to take. I love this beauty.” He said kissing the steering wheel. What she would do to be the steering wheel, she thought as she watched his lips descend to the steering wheel. Max watched her watch him and knew that she felt deprived.

“Is my other beauty feeling a little lonely?” He said to Liz joking with a gorgeous smile.

Liz nodded her head up and down telling him that she was. The both brought their mouths to one another and shared a quick kiss, smiling afterwards like lovesick fools, but they loved it.

“Where to my lady.” Max said as if he was a chauffer.

Liz laughed quietly and said, “Anywhere you want.”

“Okay my house it is.” He said making up his mind instantly. Plus he thought it would be to his advantage to have his room in a close distance. You never know what might happen.

Max drove to his house as quickly as possible with Liz watching him the whole time stuck inside her head, thinking. I can’t believe he likes me and thinks that I am the one for him wandering throughout her head. They finally stopped at his house,

Max looked at his driveway and saw that no cars were there. That meant that he and Liz had the house to themselves. Not that we need the whole house, he thought to himself.

“So, what do you what to do Liz? We can watch a few movies or we could….” He was stopped by Liz going up the stairs.

“Your room.” Was all she said as she climbed the steps waiting for him. A smile spread across his face. My beautiful Liz he thought, what would I do without her.

He walked into his room and was stopped from going any further by a pair of soft lips descending down on to his. He kissed her back knowing that it was Liz from the taste of her and the feel of her. He wrapped one arm around her waist and the other went through her hair. She has the softest hair he thought.

Liz couldn’t get enough of Max. The way he smelt, the way he tasted. She wanted more and never wanted to stop. She felt him run the tip of his tongue across her bottom lips begging her to open and she did. The feel of his tongue dueling with hers was amazing. The passion that erupted deep within her made her shiver and let out a moan from the back of her throat.

Max also could feel the passion from their touching tongues. He explored everywhere in that beautiful mouth of hers, never wanting to leave the warmth of her body. He always knew that this would be perfect and when he felt Liz’s tongue find his, his thoughts came true. He too felt the passion from deep within his body explode and after he heard Liz’s low moan he too let out at moan from deep inside of him.

They finally pulled away leaning that foreheada against one another. Not wanting to pull away completely yet. Their eyes were still closed wanting to remember what their kiss felt like for as long as possible.

“Max that was just perfect.” Liz said expressing what they both thought at the same time.

“Yeah Liz it was.” He replied as they pulled away. He looked into her incredible big brown doe eyes and smiled at her. She too looked into his deep amber eyes and smiled. Anyone watching them would know that they were it for on another. They were soul mates.

“So you want to watch a movie?” Max asked Liz not wanting to push her too far and knew he did the right thing when she smiled up at him and answered yes.

“What do you want to watch?” He asked knowing that she had been over my house enough to know what movies we had.

“How about American Pie.” She asked. She knew that Max knew that she loved that movie so he agreed with her as he out the movie into the VCR. The snuggled up together on Max’s bed as they watched the movie together.

Throughout the movie, Liz and Max laughed and cried from the laughter at the same time numerous times. Afterwards Max and Liz feel asleep together on this bed curled up in each other’s arms. Max’s arm was thrown over Liz’s waist as if he was protecting her while she was as close to his body as humanly possible.

Neither of them heard Max’s parents come home from their jobs with very important news. Diane went up to Max’s room to find Max and Liz together sleeping. She smiled at the picture, thinking about how well they would have been together. She was brought out of her daydream when she remembered what she had to tell Max. She awoke the two teenagers reluctantly not wanting to disturb them but knew that the information was more important.

Max and Liz both aroused from their peaceful slumber with huge smiles on their face. Liz turned her head to look at Max. She saw the smile in his eyes, brought her head down to his, and gave him a quick kiss not even thinking about Diane who was still in the room.

Max got up from the bed to only see his mother watching them from the doorway. Diane thought that that was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. She always wanted them to be together and she knew the news that she was going to give them was horrible and may sever their relationship.

“Mom!” Max yelled out in surprise a blush on his face. “How long have you been there?” He asked.

“Long enough.” She said with a small smile. “So you too finally got together. I was wondering how long it would take.”

That made Max and Liz blush, embarrassed. Liz tried to pull away a little bit but Max pulled her back telling her silently that she wasn’t going to far from him ever again.

“Max, Liz would you please come downstairs your father and I have something important to tell you.” She said quickly leaving the room not wanting to disturb them.

Max was curious about what she wanted to tell him. He hoped it was nothing serious but he would have to deal with whatever came his way.

So Max and Liz got up quickly and straightened out their clothes and hair from their slumber and descended the stairs slowly to see his mother, father, and sister waiting for them.

“Max, Liz could you please sit down.” Phillip said in a melancholy voice.

“Maybe I should leave this seems like a family situation.” Liz said feeling as if she was intruding something that she shouldn’t have.

“No Liz, you are family.” Diane said smiling at Liz. That comforted Liz knowing that Max’s family saw her as family already.

“Mom dad what’s this about?” Isabel Max’s sister asked from the chair to the left of her.

“Well your father got a new job. Isn’t that exciting kids.” Diane said still with a small smile. Max noticed it but didn’t say anything about it.

“Wow, that’s great Mr. Evans” Liz said to him with a huge smile.

“Thanks Liz, but please call us Phillip and Diane you have known us since you were ten. You are family.” Phillip said smiling at her.

Everyone else congratulated Phillip and sat back down knowing there was more to this conversation than that. But instead of Max’s mother starting it was Phillip.

“There is one bad thing though.” Phillip started with a slight frown on his face knowing that Max was going to blow up now that he had a relationship with Liz. “The job is in New York. So guess what kids were moving to New York.” He said trying to put smile on his face.

Maria, Max and Liz had the most shocked and saddest expressions on their face at the same time.

“Dad New York we can’t go there. What about my friends! My life!” Maria yelled.

“Maria you will make new friends.” Diane reassured her that everything would be fine but Maria didn’t understand. She flew up the stairs mad at her parents for making her leave her life in Roswell. That wasn’t the Evans’ worst fear yet it was Max.

Max stood up and started to pace, worrying Liz.

“Mom, Dad I am not moving to New York!” He yelled at them

“Max calm down.” His mother said to him.

“Mom, you can’t expect me to leave my friends, my life, “he started yelling. He voice lowered when he said the next part. “You can’t expect me to leave Liz.” He said looking over to Liz.

Liz rose from her seat and paced an arm around Max whispering silent words of comfort into his ear. He kissed her forehead making the parents think that they might have made the wrong decision. They couldn’t back out it now though everything was set. They were leaving in three days.

“Mom, Dad I can’t go. Don’t make me leave” Max said almost breaking down in tears. He tried to be strong. He wanted to be for Liz. He didn’t want to leave her. It would break his heart. He just found out that she loved him as much as he did her and everyone wanted to take that away from him.

He looked up at Liz and saw her eyes filling with tears. He tried to calm her down with kind words. He ran his hand through her hair trying to comfort her when he needed the comfort too.

“I love you Max.” Liz whispered tears streaming down her face knowing she was going to lose Max.

“I love you too, Liz.” He whispered back to her still holding her close. “I promise I will love you forever, no matter what happens” He said his tear affecting his voice.

Both of the parents heard their son and Liz Parker declare their love to one another. Watching them together as they tried to calm each other and comfort one another brought tears to their eyes. They never wanted to hurt their children’s lives but now know that Max will never forgive them from tearing him apart from the only person he will always truly love, Liz Parker.

TBC..!!?? Thanks for the feedback… I really appreciate.. I know your thinking this part was so sad I can’t believe ur tearing them apart.. Well ill just let you know that their is dreamer insurance!!

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Hey you guys!! Guess what!!!!! Yep I wrote another part for you guys.. I am sorry though that it is shorter then the other parts but you know.. The next will be longer though and more enjoyable for all of you.. So please enjoy what you can! What are you waiting for get to reading!!!

Part 5

Max took Liz’s hand as he walked her to her front door. Ever now and then he could see Liz’s hand make its way up her face ad wipe away the tears that were still slowly coming. Max was fighting the tears caring more about Liz then himself at the moment.

When they reached her door. She grabbed him and pulled him to her as tight as possible. She didn’t want to let him go yet. She knew that they would say good-bye afterwards but this hug wasn’t a good-bye hug it was an I-love-you-so-much and You-mean-everything-to-me hug.

She wanted to memorize everything about Max Evans. The way his hand fit into hers, the way his lips touched her, his smell, and most importantly the passion that he erupted deep with in her whenever they touched. She never wanted to forget that feeling. She knew that when Max was gone she would never be the same person she was right now.

Liz and Max finally pulled away from one other even though they didn’t want to. They looked at one another’s sad eyes and regretted it. Max fought to stop his tears when he looked into Liz sad eyes. The same went for Liz. She didn’t want to explode into tears again in font of him.

“Max I better go.” She said reluctantly in a low voice. “My parents are probably waiting for me.”

“Yeah I guess you should” Max said back to her in the same low voice.

“I love you Max.” She said as she placed her lips to his for a quick kiss

“I love you to Liz.” He said when they finished and Liz walked through her front door.

Max made it to his car and sat down in the driver’s seat. He could smell Liz in his car. Her strawberry scent, it always made him want her. As Max looked at Liz’s house not wanting to Liz so soon her burst into tears, not being able to control them anymore.

His life was getting taken away from him. He was losing his best friend and his lover. He was losing Liz Parker, the one person he could tell anything to, and trust with his heart. But now his parents were breaking his heart with a decision that was making them move across the U.S., far away form Liz.

About ten minutes later, Max tried to pull himself together. He pulled away from the curb. “I love you.” he whispered into the dark night sky to Liz’s house. He knew she couldn’t hear him but he wanted to just tell himself over and over again because it was the only thing able to bring a smile on his face even though it was just a small one. But that was better then nothing.

Meanwhile Liz walked into her house. She leaned against the door after she closed it. Falling down to the rug near the door she burst into tears. She couldn’t believe that she finally had the guts to tell Max Evans that she loved him after he told her that he loved her too and it was being taken away from her, for what she thought was forever.

“The love of my life.” She whispered through her tears.

Her hair fell across her face as she sat on the floor trying to pull herself together but failing miserly. She couldn’t help but wonder about what Max would do in New York. Would he forget about me? Would he find another girl? Will he break my heart? She thought over and over again, wanting today to all be a dream.

She pushed herself off the floor and walked towards her room. She paused in the living room when she heard her mother’s voice.

“Liz honey can you please come here?” Her mother asked. Liz looked over to her and saw her father sitting on the couch with her mother. They were staring at her. She could see that they weren’t happy and she knew. They know that Max is leaving she thought to herself.

“What mom?” Liz said trying to smile for her parents but again failing miserably.

“Liz, we know that you and Max finally got together.” He mother started, her head flew upwards with an expression of shock and sadness.

“How… Umm….how did you know that?” Liz said as she stuttered thinking about how Max and her wouldn’t be together very long anymore.

“The Evans called us and told us what happened today at their house” Liz’s father answered her.
“I am so sorry.” Her mother said, her father nodding his head agreeing and saying sorry in his own way.

“It doesn’t matter any more.” Liz said as she stormed up the stairs to her bedroom just wanting to get to the confines of her room and try to forget everything that happened today.

When she entered her room and walked over to her bed, she felt the tears rolling down her cheeks not bothering to wipe them away.

Max walked through his front door of his home only to find his parents standing there waiting for him in the living room.

“Max, I think we should talk…” His father said to him as he entered the house.

Max didn’t answer. He walked straight passed them and walked up the stairs. He again was fighting tears. I have to stop crying he thought to himself, it’s not normal his head said. But you are going to lose the one thing that means the world to you his heart argued.

Max felt the tears come again. He looked around his room and saw all the pictures of Liz around him. The tears started flow more quickly down his face. He didn’t care any more he just let them come.


Liz sat down on her bed. She looked to her left and saw a picture of her and Max on their first day of school for the sixth grade. In the picture they both had huge smiles on heir faces. Max’s arm was draped over Liz’s shoulder and they were both posing for the camera. They looked so comfortable to together.

Liz turned her head away and aid down on her bed, staring at the ceiling.


Max collapsed on his bed after he found his cd player and put his counting crows CD in. He looked up at the ceiling just thinking about everything. The tears finally stopped and he just laid their wallowing in his misery.


Liz closed her eyes trying to stop the tears but she couldn’t. Hr hand finally made it up to her eyes and wiped them away as best as she could. Her eyes closed again and she cried herself to sleep.


Not soon after Liz feel asleep. Max felt his eyes grown heavy. Today was finally catching up with him and he feel into a deep slumber at exactly the same time as Liz.


Liz kissed Max walked down the busy streets of the city together with huge smiles on their face. They were so happy to be together and in love with one another. They walked for a while down the streets of the city just enjoying everything around them

When they finally stopped walking they found themselves standing in Central Park.

“It’s amazing here.” Liz said as she looked over to Max.

“I know .” He started. “I have wanted to share it with you ever since I came here.”

Max grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her over to a bench where all these little kids were playing. “This is my favorite bench.” He told Liz. She saw her laugh slightly.

“Your favorite bench.” She said sarcastically as she laughed to herself.

“Yeah.” He said not caring that Liz thought it was stupid He loved to watch all the kids play together with their families and friends. He loved how every family looked as if they had the prefect family. He looked over to Liz and thought I want to have that with her, a perfect family, he thought to himself. He started to imagine their future.

“What are you smiling about.?” Liz asked Max as she looked at him.

“Nothing I was just thinking about how I want to marry and have children with you.” He said still smiling, knowing that life would be perfect if they were together forever.

“Yeah I guess I can see why that would make you smile.” Liz said. Then she too started to smile. “I have always wanted to have family with you too.” She finished as she laid her head on Max’s shoulder watching the kids.

Max placed a small kiss on Liz’s forehead and smiled…

“I love you, Madi” He said to her.

“I love you too, Zan” She said as she brought her lips to his, feeling the love and passion for each other throughout the kiss.

Max and Liz both awoke from their dream at the same time.

“What was that?” both said as they sat up in their beds trying to remember everything.

“Who is Zan?” Liz whispered to herself. And why did he look so much like Max”

At the same time Max asked himself the same question.

“Who is Madi? And why does she look so much like Liz.” Max said to himself.

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Hey you guys are great amazing, and unbelievable good with feedback… And that’s why u is getting a new part. Hope you like it!! I made it longer just for you… And I thinking about another story I could right based on the movie how to lose a guy in ten days… But I’m still thinking.

Part 5

Liz and Max went back to sleep after they thought about each of their dreams, which just happened to be the same. They just figured it was a dream but both of them were just a little shook up from it.

The next day Max went over to Liz’s to talk to her about everything. He drove to her house and walked up to the front door quickly wanting to see her. He rang the doorbell and wait anxiously for someone to answer the door. The door opened and it was Mrs. Parker.

“Hey Mrs. Parker.” Max said as he gave her a small hug since he had known her for such a long time.

“Hello Max and its Nancy.” She replied back to him. After a small moment of silence Nancy started to talk again. “I heard about you having to move. I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah me too.” Max said as he looked down to his feet.” Umm…do u know where Liz is?” Max asked Nancy.

“Yeah, she in her room.” Nancy said with a small smile on her face. “You can go right up.”

“Thank you.” Max said as he almost ran up the stairs. He stood at Liz’s door for awhile wondering if he should knock or go right int.

As he was about knock he froze as a part of a dream overtook him.


“I love you Madi” He said to her

“I love you to Zan.”

**End Flash**

His mind cleared and finished knocking on the door thinking that he had to talk to Liz about his dream. It has to mean something he thought to himself.

“Come on” He heard from Liz on the other side of the door.

His hand went to the doorknob and turned it slowly. He entered the room to see Liz sitting on her bed reading a book.

“Liz.” Max said staring at her beautiful form sitting on the bed. His voice full of love and admiration.

“Max” Liz said as her head turned to look at him. A smile grew on her face. It was one of those smiles that Max every got to see, the smile that made him smile himself.

Liz jumped off her bed leaving her book on the bed and ran over to him. He opened his arms and she ran into them and hugged him tightly. After the hug she pulled away room him a little and gave him a kiss.

As their lips met they felt a spark fly in their bodies. As the kiss continued Liz opened her moth to allow Max’s tongue to enter and explore the deep recesses of her small yet sensual mouth. Liz found his tongue with her own .They made love to each other just with their mouths. The passion that engulfed them from the kiss made Liz never want to let go but she knew she had to. So slowly she pulled away and looked into Max’s amber eyes and smiled.

“I missed you.” Liz said to him giving him another hug.

“I missed you, too.” Max said into her hair as she hugged him.

After a couple of more minutes he decided that they had to talk now or they would never talk at all.

“Liz we have to talk.” He said to her with a small smile knowing that they didn’t want to talk about yesterday or about the future.

“Okay.” She said to him with a melancholy expression on her face. “But Max I have to tell you something to. Something about last night.” she said a little happier.

“What is it Liz?” Max asked her glad to see her with just a small smile on her face. Max took Liz over to her bed and sat them both down. The looked into each others eyes and Liz started to talk.

“Max I had the weirdest yet unbelievable happy dream last night. “ Liz started and a shocked expression fell over Max’s face. Could it be the same dream, Max thought to himself. “Well you and me were walking together in the city. We were so happy because we were together. So we were walking and talking and we ended up in central park. We sat on this bench and we watched all the kids playing with their families. You told me how much you wanted to have a family with me and you had the biggest happiest smile on y our face. Then I told you that I wanted that too.” Max and Liz both smiled thinking about the dream that they both shared. Then Liz finished what she said. “It was perfect Max until we told each other that we loved one another. Well, I mean you called me Madi and I called you Zan. Max do you have any idea who these people are?” Liz asked Max.

Max looked shock for a couple of minutes and just sat there. “Max are you okay?” Liz asked him getting a little worried and he finally started to move and talk.

“Yeah Liz, I’m sorry. I’m fine it’s just that I had the same exact dream.” He told Liz and she know had a shocked yet beautiful expression on her face.

“How?” She asked him, the science loving side of her curious.

“I don’t know Liz. I mean thought about it so much and I came here to talk to you about it.” Max said to her truthfully. “But Liz I think that it has to mean something. I mean why would we both have the same exact dream.”

“I know Max we have to figure it out.” Liz said to Max as she took his hand in hers and gave him a kiss on his hand. “I love you Max and I know that I will do anything for you and go through anything for you. I have to figure this out just as much as you do.”

Max smiled at Liz as she said this and kissed hi hand. “I know Liz I love you too but I am going to be moving soon and…” He paused. “it’s going to be hard Liz. So hard.” he whispered. And his head lowered.

“Max” Liz said as she lifted his head so he would look at her. “We have to stay strong. We have to believe that everything will be fine. That our love will let us see each other again .Max we just have to believe.” Liz said to him and smiled a little. Max smiled back

“Liz I am going to come back for you. I promise I won’t let this separate us after we just found each other. Liz I promise.” He said with so much love in his voice that Liz almost started to cry from happiness instead of sadness.

“I know Max.” Liz said.

Max moved over to Liz and pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips.

“Max what are we gong to do about the dream though,” Liz said still wondering about it.

“We’ll worry about that later.” Max started. “Let’s just spend today together. Liz, I want o at least be happy with you for one day before I have to leave.”

“Okay Max.” She said smiling. “So what do you want to do?” She said to him.


Later that day

“Max come on.” Liz said to him whining a bit but with a huge smile on her face. “Max take off the blindfold.”

“Nope Liz this is apart of the surprise and you don’t want to ruin it do you.” Max said o her happy that she was a happy. He wanted tonight to be great, wonderful, and unforgettable for Liz.

“Umm…” Liz pretended to think for a minute… “I guess not Max” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Good.” He said thinking that she sounded like a little child that wasn’t getting what she wanted.
He finally finished what he was doing and pulled Liz to him. “Okay Liz hold my hand and follow me.” He said to her.

“Only if you promise not to let me fall and kill myself.” She said joking.

“I promise Liz, I mean I wouldn’t want to ruin that beautiful dress you’re wearing.” He said playing around with her with a smile on his face.

He felt a playful smack from Liz on his back from his joke and he laughed. When she heard him she took started to laugh, loving the sound of hi s voice when he laughed. It was like music to her ears, she thought to herself.

“Okay Liz. We are here.” He said and she felt a hand go to the back of her head and undo the blindfold.

“Max” She said a hand going to her mouth she said looking around. “It’s beautiful, but it must have taken you forever to put together.”

“Well, there’s only the best for you.” He said smiling happy that she likes it.

She ran to him and kissed him on the lisps then looked around again. It was beautiful she thought. He must have had to kick everyone out of his house. He had the whole dinning room filled with candles and the lights were dimmed down. There was a dinner on the table which looked like chicken parmesan. I love chick parmesan she thought to herself as she licked her lips.

Max saw Liz lick her lips and he wished that he was the one doing that to her. He wanted to grab her and kiss her beautiful lips; she looked so amazing, as she looked around the room with her big doe eyes. He finally turned away and pushed play on the CD player that he had with him.

Liz turned around when she heard the melody of Hold on to the Night by Richard Marx.

Just when I believed I couldn't ever want for more
This ever changing world pushes me through another door
I saw you smile
And my mind could not erase the beauty of you face
Just for awhile
Won't you let me shelter you

“Max” Liz said in awe. “You didn’t have to do this.”

Hold on to the nights
Hold on to the memories
I wish that I could give you something more
That I could be yours

Max walked over to her and pulled her close to him and moved slowly back and fourth dancing.

“I didn’t have to but I wanted to.” Max said smiling. “I love you Liz I wanted to.”

“but you don‘t have to show me Max, I already know w overtime you look at me, every time you touch me and every time you kiss me Max, I know.” Liz said her head on his shoulder smiling. “But thank you Max for everything.”

“You’re welcome Liz.” max said kissing the top of her head.

How do we explain something that took us by surprise
Promises in vain, love that is real but in disguise
What happens now
Do we break another rule
Let our lovers play the fool
I don't know how
To stop feeling this way

Liz couldn’t help but love the way that Max’s hands felt on her. She loved it and she loved him. She couldn’t believe that this romantic amazing man was leaving her in two days. She didn’t want him to leave.

Liz tried to forget about it. Just for tonight she thought. Just for tonight I’ll forget about everything, she thought to herself, not wanting to ruin everything that Max had done.

Hold on to the nights
Hold on to the memories
I wish that I could give you something more
That I could be yours

Max pulled Liz to him a little closer not wanting to let go. He loved being this close e to Liz. He could feel her all around him and smell her beautiful scent. He loved strawberries, he thought as he smelt Liz’s hair and smiled.

I can’t believe I’m leaving though, he thought to himself. He didn’t’ want to leave Liz alone here in Roswell and he didn’t want to be alone in New York. He let his hand go through Liz’s soft hair. Tonight is going to be perfect and I am not going to think about anything but Liz and me tonight he thought to himself as they danced together slowly.

Well, I think that I've been true to everybody else but me
And the way I feel about you makes my heart long to be free
Every time I look into your eyes, I'm helplessly aware
That the someone I've been searching for is right there

When the song finished Max and Liz both sat down ready for dinner.

“So Max did you make this all by yourself.” Liz asked him as she took a bite.

“Yep.” He said a watching her.

He watched as she swallowed the chicken. Her eyes were closed and she let out a low moan telling him that she loved it.

“Max, this is amazing” Liz told him when she opened her eyes.

“Thank you.” he replied and started to eat himself.

“You know max if I knew you could cook before, I would have told you I loved you sooner.” she said joking around with a huge smile on her face.

She looked at Max when he started to laugh. She loved the sound. The deep rumble coming out his throat made her go crazy. Liz was so happy that Max was hers and that he loved her because if he didn’t Liz didn’t think she would be able to live without him.

The rest of the night they spent talking, eating, and dancing. In between everything that shared little kisses and hugs. They were happy to be around one another and have each other in their lives.

The feel asleep next to one another on Max’s couch. Liz snuggled up near Max’s chest. Max with his arm around Liz’s waist holding her close and telling everyone that she was his. They both were sleeping with a huge smile on their face.


“Zan” Madi said as she looked at the beautiful dinner that Zan made for her under the stars. “You…You… I mean you didn’t have to do this.”

“Madi, I love you. You were always the one that held my heart and I just wanted to show you how much.” Zan said to his lover.

“But Zan…” Madi started but Zan cut her off.

“No buts Madi, I love you and nothing will every change that. “ He said to her kissing her lips. His put arms around her waist pushing their mouths closer to one another.

Madi’s hands went in back of Zan’s head and played with the hair at the nape of his hair. When she felt Zan’s tongue enter her mouth she felt the oh so familiar spark that flew through her. She loved that spark it showed her that they were meant to be together.

Zan too felt the spark. Every time he kissed her he would look forward to it. It made him want her more and let him know that she was really his. He felt Madi’s hands go to the hem of his shirt and pull upwards their mouths separating as the shirt went over his head. He looked at her swollen lips and her face full of love and had to ask.

“Are you sure Madi?” He said looking at her with love in his eyes.

“More sure then anything I have ever felt before.” She said looking back at him with the same expression. She was finally ready to give herself to him. Her best friend, her lover, and her mate.

She felt Zan’s hands come down to her shirt and take it off of her slowly. She felt his eyes staring at her. She moaned feeling the heat from his stare.

Zan pulled her close and kissed her lips as Madi’s hands found his pants. She finally got them undone and pulled them down. She looked down and saw his boxer covered….

__End Dream__

Max and Liz felt themselves being shaken by their parents and giddy Maria They looked at one another and saw that the other had had the dream again.

“So you guys you have fun tonight.” Maria said loudly hurting Max and Liz’s ears.

Liz smiled up at her. “Yeah Maria. Thank you for helping Max put it together.”

“It was no problem chica, only the best for my friend.” She said and left to go to her room.

“I better go Max.” Liz said not wanting to go. “I’ll se you tomorrow, right?”

“Yep, bright and early.” Max said to her smiling. “We got to talk about some things.” he said a little more seriously.

“I know…I’ll see you tomorrow though okay.” She kissed him on his lips quickly. “Bye Max” She said and whispered, “I love you” in his ear”

“I love you too.” He said to her. He watched as she left the house and a huge smile crossed his face as he thought about his dream and the night.

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Hey guys!! What’s up.. There’s a nice blizzard out here today.. So I’m stuck at home with nothing to do, except write but my computer only works a couple of times.. It goes of and on so your lucky you got this. So enjoy!! Here’s part 7

Part 7

2 days later

“Max are you ready!” Max heard his father yell from the down the hall.

“Yes!” He yelled back looking at Liz on his bed.

He walked over to her and sat down. He brought his hand to the bottom of her head and lifted it up to make her look at him. He saw tears flowing out of eyes. He had never seen anyone look so sad before.

“Liz, baby, its okay.” He said pulling her close to him. “We’ll see each other again. I promise.” Max said to her wiping the tears from her beautiful brown eyes.

“I know Max.” She started calming down. “It’s just that…that I love you so much.” She stuttered pulling him into a hug.

“Shh, Baby I know. I love you too.” He said to her. “I’ll love you forever.” he whispered into her hair.

“Max we are leaving!” He heard his mother this time tell to him. He looked at Liz’s tear stricken face and knew that he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to leave her alone. He was being forced to leave the love of his life.

Liz looked at Max hoping that something would happen. Something that would make him stay with her. He couldn’t leave now, they haven’t figured out the dreams yet.

She watched as he went to get his suitcase and bags off the floor. “Max, what about the dreams?” She asked him in a low voice.

He looked at her. The dreams, he thought to himself. He loved those things he thought with a small smile.

“Liz, I promise you I will figure them out.” He said to her and he watched her head nod up and down. “Come on Liz.” He said holding out his hand for her.

He watched as she rose form the bed slowly and grabbed his hand tightly. They walked out to the Evans’ car together holding each others hand as if it would be the death of them to let go.

Diane and Phillip watched the two children interact with one another on the lawn both hating that they were making them separate from one another. Phillips walked over to them and asked, “Is this all?”

“Yea.” Max said not looking away from Liz at any point of the conversation. He bent his head down and placed a quick kiss on her lips, wanting to make her feel bed when he too was filled with pain.

They were broke apart from a distraught Maria walking outside. “Mom, Dad I can’t believe you’re making me leave!” She yelled as she walked through the door. “I mea my life is here…and now Max and I have to make new friends and live a whole new life.” Maria said struggling with her bags.

Liz looked up at Max a fear stricken expression on her face when she heard Maria talking about new friends and new life. He is going to live a new life which doesn’t include me, she thought pulling away slightly.

“What’s wrong Liz?” He said when he felt her pull away slightly worried about her.

“Max, you’re going to start a new life and you’re going to make new friends. I am just going to be a memory to you.” She started tears filling her eyes.
“You’re going to go to a new school and maybe find a new best friend and girlfriend.” She said the tears falling from her eyes.

“Liz that would never happen.” He said a little angry that she would even think that. “You are always going to be my best friend and the love of my life, nobody could ever change that. I will always remember you and I promise that I will find you one day. I’ll find you and we’ll live happily ever after. Just you, me and our kids.” He said slightly smiling.

“Our kids?” Liz said her tears stopping and smile spreading across her face.

“Yeah.” He said kissing her soft lips again not caring that his parents and sister was around.

“I can’t believe you splitting them up.” They heard Maria yell to their parents, making Phillip and Diane frown.

Max and Liz pulled away from one another, blushing, knowing that everyone was watching them.

“Okay Maria, Max we have to go or we are going to miss our flight.” Diane said not wanting to break Max and Liz up.

She watched as they walked to the car together hand in hand. She saw how they almost refused to let go of one another’s hands. She watched as Max’s brought his arms around Liz and kissed her lips, in the most sweet way she every saw anyone do that.

“I love you Liz.” He whispered in her hair.

“I love you too Max.” She said. “Forever”

“Me too, forever Liz.” HE said kissing her one more and going into the car.

“Hey chica.” Liz heard Maria say to her. “I’m sorry that Max and I have to leave, I just want to let you know that you were a really good friend to me and that I love you.” Maria said to Liz almost crying. Maria pulled her in for a hug before she left to get in the car.

“I love you to Maria and I’ll miss you so much.” Liz said as Maria got in the car.

“Bye Liz.” She heard Maria yell to her.

After all the good-byes and tears Liz stood on the Evans’ lawn alone crying.

In the Evan’s car Max sat in the backseat and watched as Liz feel to the grass crying as they left. He watched her until they turned the corner tears flowing from his eyes. He felt a hand on his back, it was Maria. “I’m sorry.” She whispered to him holding him as he cried.


Liz walked into Max’s room and laid on his bed wanting to smell him and remember him. She always loved hi smell and his bed was full of it. She just laid there when all of a sudden she got a flash


“Madi, I promise that I won’t let my father take you away from me.” Zan said to her. “I promise.”

Zan brought his lips down to hers and kissed her with so much passion that Madi thought that she would pass out.
“I love you Zan.” Madi said as they slept in Zan’s room after they made love together for the first time.

“I love you too, Madi.” He said to her as he laid on his side looking at her.
“Zan!!! No!!” Madi screamed as he ran to defeat his enemies. Madi collapsed crying not wanting to him to die. She wanted him to stay with her forever.

**End Flash**

“Max!” Liz screamed sitting up on Max’s bed a thin layer of sweat on her body.


Max was in the airport waiting for the airport to call him for his flight,

“Flight 132 is now boarding.” He heard over the loudspeaker. “His family and him walked to the gate. Each one gave their ticket to the lady. When it was Max’s turn he paused his head starting to hurt.

Flashes flew through his mind. Zan and Madi being forced apart from one another by Zan’s father. Zan and Madi declaring their love to one another after they made love for the first time. Zan going to fight and Madi falling down trying to stop him from his suicide mission.

“Max!! Are you okay?!” He heard his sister yelling at him breaking him from his flashes.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Max said coming back to real life. He gave the lady his ticket and mumbled a sorry.

Where are all these flashes coming from, he thought to himself, and is Liz getting them. He walked to his seat on the plane next to Maria and closed his eyes thinking.

Maria looked over to him a little worried about everything that was happening. She looked up to and saw a mysterious looking guy looking at her.

“I think that’s my seat.” he said pointing to the seat next to the window.

“Oh okay, then go sit in it.” Maria said to him a little angry.

“Well, I would if you would get out of my way.” He said as Maria moved over a little bit.

“Michael! Stop being an idiot.” A gorgeous blonde haired teenager said to him. “I’m sorry…” She paused for Maria to tell her name.

“Maria.” Maria said to the blonde haired girl.

“for my brother, he can be rude sometimes. I’m Isabel.” she held out her hand introducing herself.

Maria held out her hand and introduced herself, “I’m Maria and this is my brother Max.” She said. “He’s a little out of now. He had to leave his girl friend because of my parents and they had that whole soul mate thing going on.” She finished whispering.

“Oh, I see.” She said looking at the dark haired boy with his eyes closed.” I am just going to go to my seat behind you guys.” She said. “Michael be nice.” She finished with making Maria laugh.

“Hey blonde stop laughing it wasn’t that funny.”

Maria stopped laughing steam fuming from her ears.

“You don’t want to get on my bad side Michael.” She said almost yelling at him.

Max sat there trying to ignore and tune out everyone’s voice. HE just wanted to think of Liz, her voice when she talked to him, the way she felt in his arms, the way she smelt, Her soft hair, and he way she kissed him when they were alone together. I’m going to miss her so much he thought to himself.


After about an hour Liz walked back to her house next door and went straight to hr room ignoring her parents, I’m sorry’s and Liz it will get better as she ran up the stairs. She just wanted to get to her bed and fall asleep and forget everything.

When she finally got to her room she collapsed on her bed crying. That night she cried herself to sleep, with marks on her cheeks from her tears.

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Part 8

Max, Maria, and their parents finally arrived in New York City later that night. They took a cab to their new house which happened to be right near where Michael and Isabel lived.

“Max honey you have to stop sulking, I promise everything will be fine.” Diane Evans said to her son as they walked into their new home. “I’ll let you call Liz later.” She finished knowing that he was being this way because he couldn’t be with Liz.

His face brightened a little and he went to help his father bring in the luggage. He took out one of Maria’s suitcases and feel to the ground. What the hell is in this thing, Max thought o himself as he carried/pulled it into the house.

“God, Maria what did you pack in here?” Max asked his sister when he entered the house.

“Just all my stuff, Max, duh we just moved somewhere.” She said looking as if she couldn’t believe the way he was acting.

“Well you know that’s why you have more then one su-” Max didn’t get to finish his sentence though because his head started to hurt and flashes flew across his mind.


Liz walking into his empty house going straight towards his room. He watched as the tears flooded her eyes and rolled down her cheeks and she laid on his bed. She smelt the pillow and slightly smiled. Then he watched as she held her head. Then he knew she got the flashes too.


Liz sleeping in her room, wet marks on her cheeks from the tears that had been falling earlier today. He saw that she had his pillow with her. He watched as she moved around in her bed and she was calling out a name, but it was really low. Then he heard it when she yelled it out.

“Zan!!” She screamed.

**End Flash**

Max opened his eyes to find Maria holding his head and he was lying on the floor. His parents were crowded around him, looking scared and worried.

“Max, are you okay?” Maria said to him her voice shaking a little bit.

Max flew up from the floor looking a little scared. “Liz” he said, he had to call her he thought. She looked so scared and she was having another dream. “I have to call her.” He said his parents looking at him with fear in their eyes.

“Max the phones in the kitchen.” His mother told him a little worried about her son. She didn’t know why he was saying Liz’s name but he looked scared for her. She watched as max ran into the kitchen and picked up the phone. He dialed the number he memorized so long ago and waited for someone to pick up.


“Isabel there’s something different about that boy.” Michael said to a calm Isabel. “Didn’t you feel it?” He asked anxiously.

“I guess I did a little but we can’t go around assuming that everyone is like us Michael, it’s dangerous.” Isabel said to Michael who was pacing around the room.

“Isabel can we just check him out.” Michael asked her wanting to know if they finally found someone who was like them.
“If you really want Michael.” She said knowing that even if she said no he would do it anyway.

They started walking down the street to where the Evan’s lived. Thank God they live so close or we would have never known where they lived, Michael thought.

When they finally spotted the house they hid behind a bush at the house next door. They watched the boy pick up a suitcase and drop it to the ground. He pulled it up and carried it into the house. That’s probably the girls, Michael thought.

When they saw no one outside they walked closer to the house so maybe they could see them inside. As the got closer though they heard a girl scream. They ran to the window and ducked a little but saw the boy collapse to the ground.

“Michael, do you think?” Isabel asked wondering if he had the side effects of remembering where he was from.

“I don’t know Isabel. Maybe, it looks like what happened to us.” He said to Isabel as he continued to watch the boy on the floor shaking gently. This is exactly what happened to us thought Michael.

The boy’s sister was holding his head almost crying when finally the boy woke up. They saw his lips moved and heard him say a name, Liz. Could that be another one of us, Isabel thought. They watched as he flew up from the floor and ran into the kitchen obviously worried about the girl.

“Isabel I think he could really be the one we were looking for.” Michael said with a smile on his face. He was happy that they might have found another person just like them.

“Really, Michael?” she said wondering it was. “How about that girl that he was obviously having the flashes about she has to be like us too, right?”

“Yeah I guess she would.” Michael said wondering if she could be a sister or a family member of his from his past life. He already knew that Isabel wasn’t his real sister but he liked to believe that she was.

“Michael, we better go.” Isabel said not wanting to be caught by someone inside the house. “We’ll see them tomorrow and talk, okay?”

“Okay.” He said reluctantly and walked home next to Isabel. Both had a smile on their faces happy that they may have found more people the same as them and they weren’t alone.


“Hello, Mrs. Parker.” Max said into the phone when he heard an older female on the other side. He was trying to not let his voice sound as if he was so anxious.

“Oh, hello Max. How are you and your family doing? I’m guessing you guys are in New York now, right?” She said and he could tell that she was trying to sound happy for him.

“Yeah, Were all doing fine and were in New York. I guess it’s nice here I haven’t really had a chance to look around.” He said a little quickly letting Nancy/ Mrs. Parker know that he wanted to talk to someone else.

“That’s nice Max. So I’m guessing you didn’t call to talk to me, huh? “she said laughing. “You want to talk to Liz.”

“Yeah, that would be great.” He said anxiously.

“Okay, I’ll get her. Hold on.” She said and he could hear her yelling Liz’s name in the background.

He waited about two minutes until he heard his Liz’s voice on the other side of the phone.

“Hello.” He heard her say ad smile lit up his face.

“Liz?” He said not being able to comprehend that it was really her on the other side.

“Max!” she yelled. “I can’t believe it’s you. I missed you so much.” She told him talking a little too quickly for him. She heard him laugh on the other side of the phone and she tried to absorb it in and never forget it.

“I miss you too, Liz so much.” He said on the other side of the phone.

“So, Max why did you call so quick, not that I’m complaining.” She said laughing slightly.

“Well Liz,” He started and became more serious. “I had another flash, well I had two more” He said into the phone quietly so his parents would hear him.

“Really Max, me too.” She said just as quietly. “I had one when I was at your house after you left.”

Max stood there his mouth hanging open. He saw that in his flash. He saw her on his bed crying and then he saw her get the flash.

“Liz, I saw you get that flash during one of my flashes.” He said to her thinking that that sounded a little confusing.

“Really?” She said as if it was unbelievable.

“Yeah, and I also saw you sleeping in your bed and wake up screaming Zan. Did that happen Liz?” Max asked her wondering if he should be happy or not if it did happen.

Liz paused for a second thinking that it was impossible that he could of saw her. “Max, I did. I don’t even know what I was dreaming about but I woke up yelling that name.” she said to him.

A smile formed on Max’s face. He was glad that he could sort of be a part of her life even if he wasn’t with her. “Liz this is crazy, I promise that I will figure everything out.” He said hoping that she would speak again so he could hear her beautiful angelic voice again.

“Thank you Max.” She said which confused him.

“Why?” He asked

“Just for everything Max.”

He looked in back of him and saw his parents telling him to end the phone call. His mother was waving her hands around trying to tell him that she needed to talk to him. He smiled at her and nodded his head. His mother smiled back happy that he as smiling again.

“Liz, baby, I have to go but I promise I’ll call you again soon.” he said to her already wanting to call her again.

“Okay Max. I miss you so much.” She said. “I love you.” She finished with.

“I love you too, Liz so much.” He said to her one last time before hanging the phone up with a huge smile on his face.

He walked into the living room to see his mother, father, and sister sitting on the couch, which came with the house, looking as if they wanted to talk to him.

“What?” He asked them the smile on his face never fading.

“I want to know what happened here Max?” His father said wanting to sound stern but couldn’t because the smile on his son’s face made him smile too.

“What do you mean?” Max asked confused.

“Max you fell, fainted, whatever you want to call it. You woke up saying Liz’s name, then you go and call her and everything’s good again. What happened Max?” Maria said getting right to the point.

Max stood there with that 100 watt smile and just said, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. Liz is fine. The world is fine.”

This made his parents and sister stare at him and start to laugh. They never questioned him on it again. They were just hoping it was from the stress and him talking to Liz made everything better.

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I’m sorry if that other part was a little confusing.. I didn’t think it was really.. But lets just say.. Max and Isabel are aliens and they think that Max is because of the flashes that he got… Because they got the flashes too before finding out wat they were.. And they think that since Max is having flashes about Liz that she is an alien.. I hope I made it better to understand.

Part 9

“Isabel we have to go today.” Michael told Isabel from the other side of the bathroom door aggravated. He didn’t understand why it took girls so long to get ready.

“Michael, calm down I’m almost down.” She replied smoothly not letting Michael get in her way. “There I’m done.” She said as she opened the door.

“Finally, Can we go now?” He said in a rush.

“Michael I know that you want to find out if he’s one of us but we can’t just go around telling people that were aliens.” She said trying to make Michael understand that it’s not going to be easy to find out the truth.

“I know that Isabel.” He started his voice lowering. “It’s just that I want to know. No, I need to know if he is one of us.” He said a little bit of sadness in his voice.

Isabel was the only person that Michael ever showed his true self to. She put a hand on his shoulder pulling him closer to her. “I know Michael me too.” She said that as softly because truthfully she always wanted to find someone out their like Michael and her.

When they got on that plane, she felt that buzz in the back of her head telling her that someone like her was around. She knew that it might have been just her nerves but when she spotted Michael annoying this petite blonde haired girl she knew that it wasn’t him. When she looked next to the girl she saw a dark haired boy, probably her brother, she though at the time and she felt that buzz become stronger. In that moment she knew that there was something different about that teenage boy.

“Let’s go.” He finally said and slightly pulled away from Isabel.

“Okay, let’s go.” Isabel said to him with a small smile.

“Mom were leaving!” Isabel said to their mother loving that she was adopted by kind loving person.

“Ok, just don’t come home to late.” they heard from their mother in the kitchen.

Michael and Isabel walked down the street to the Evan’s house together worry yet excited at the same time. Their nerves were jumping up and down hoping to the find the person that they had been searching for since they were little. They walked up the front door and they both paused.

“Are you ready Michael?” Isabel had to ask.

“Yeah.” He said “I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time.” He said to her truthfully. “Are you ready?”

Isabel nodded her head not able to use her voice in fear and happiness. Michael brought his hand up to the door and knocked. They listened to the sounds on the other side of the door. Until they heard a girl yell, “I’ll get it!”

The door opened and the blonde haired girl appeared. “Hi Isabel and Michael, right?” She said in a questioning voice.

“Yeah that’s right.” Isabel said with a smile on her face. “And you’re Maria right?” She said thinking back to the plane.

“Yeah.” She said in one word. She was usually a talkative person but these people just seemed different to her. She stood there for a few minutes just watching them. They looked at one another and it seemed to communicate with each other with a simple look. Finally they both looked back to Maria and Isabel asked, “So, Michael and I were wondering if you and your brother, Max, would like to do something today with us. Maybe we could show you around or something.” She said with a huge smile on her face mentally hoping she would say yes.

“Of course we would love to.” She said cheerfully. “You guys can come in and sit down. I’ll just get Max and tell our parents that were going, okay.”

They both nodded and walked into the house. It was a pretty big house, almost the same as theirs. They sat on the soft blue couch and rested as they waited for Maria to come back.


“Max, Isabel and Michael are here, you know the ones from the plane and they want to take us around, and you are coming.” She said to him sternly but with a smile. She grabbed his arm and tried to yank him out of his bed unsuccessfully.

“Maria, I don’t feel like it. You go with them and have fun.” He said with his eyes closed thinking of Liz.

“Max, stop sulking!” She yelled at him. “I already told them that we were going and by we I meant you and me. So get off your lazy ass and come on.”

Max knew that she was right. That he should get out of his bed and try to do something. He was being lazy lately and knew he should get up so he reluctantly got off his bed.

“Okay fine Maria, I’ll be down in two minutes.” He told Maria with a lazy smile.

“Thank you Max . I’m just going to tell mom and dad. Meet us in the living room.” She said to him and finally let when she nodded his head.

Max got off his bed and rubbed his tired eyes. He walked over to his closet and pulled out a plain black shirt and pair of jeans. He threw them on and walked down the stairs. He looked in the living and he saw the Isabel and Michael sitting there whispering to one another.

He paused at the bottom step when heard Maria come inside form the kitchen, “Okay guys were ready.” she said spotting Max on the stairs.

Michael and Isabel turned around and looked at Max. Max felt as if they were trying to get inside of his head. Michael was looking at him as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle, he looked like he was trying to find something familiar out about him.

“Hey.” Max finally said as he walked into the living room.

“Hi,” he heard from Isabel and he heard Michael grunt as if he was saying hello. Max couldn’t help but stare at them for a second they seemed so familiar yet so different at the same time. He blew off the feeling and asked him, “Where are we going?”

“Where ever you want.” Isabel said to him smiling.

“Why don’t you guys just take us to wherever you like to go.” Maria said happy that she was getting out of the house.

“Ok. Fine. Whatever. Let’s just go.” Came from an obviously bored Michael.

“Michael!” Isabel said staring at her brother because of his rude actions.

“Sorry.” He said to her not meaning it but Isabel knew that she wouldn’t get anything else out of it.

Max tuned out the whole conversation as they walked around the city. Max couldn’t care less about where they were going. He just wanted to be home with Liz. He wanted to feel her touch, her kiss, and he wanted to see her beautiful smile, the one that lit up her face. Max smiled at the thought of her.

Maria watched Max the whole time they walked around. She knew why he had a solemn expression on his face for half the time and then she saw his smile and had to smile back at him even if he didn’t know she was watching. Maria looked up at Isabel because she started to talk again.

“This is one of my favorite places in the city.” She said to Max and Maria even though she knew that Max wasn’t listening.

“What is it?” Maria asked looking at the beautiful area around her.

“It’s central Park.” She told them. When Max heard her say this his head shot up making Isabel, Michael and Maria look at him.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked her brother.

“Nothing…” He said looking around, the smile forming on his face again. He looked left and right and saw what he was looking for. “Ummm…Can we sit down over there, “He said pointing to the bench.” I’m just a little tired.”

“Yeah sure.” Isabel and Maria said to Max. Michael just followed them interested in the way Max acted when they came here.

Max, Maria sat on the one bench while Isabel and Michael sat across from them on another bench. Michael started thoughtfully at max as he watched the smile begin to form on the boys face again. Could this have been in one of his flashes? He thought to himself. If it was I could se why he has that expression on his face especially if that girl was in the flash, he thought.

Then suddenly as if a flash of lightening struck Max’s hand went to his head and he groaned. Maria’s instantly reacted and held him in her arm hoping to calm him down. Michael looked over at Isabel and Isabel nodded at him. He is one of us, Michael thought, he’s an alien.

Michael shot out of his sat as did Isabel and they ran over to Max.

“Max its okay, don’t fight it or it will hurt more.” Isabel whispered softly to him.

Max tried to relax when the flashes came.


A smile fell on Zan’s face as he looked at the kids.


Madi smile to, “I always wanted kids with you.”


“I love you, Zan.”

“I love you too Madi.” They said to one another Zan placing a kiss on her forehead.

**End Flash**

Max finally pulled his hand away from his head the pain dimming quickly. He looked up at Isabel and then to Michael to se that they almost had a smile on their faces, genuine smiles.

“What happened?” He said to them ignoring a worried Maria.

“Max, you had flashes.” Isabel said to him trying to calm him down.

“How did you know that?” He asked them.

“Because we used to get them too.” Michael said finally talking for the first time in a while. “Max were like you.”

“What do you mean like me? I’m Max Evans an eighteen year old boy from Roswell New Mexico.” He said his voice becoming a little louder.

“Max, you, me, and Michael we are…” She paused her voice lowering, “Were aliens.”

Max just looked at them trying to think about everything that happened in the last couple of days. The flashes, the dreams, he thought to himself.

Maria jumped out of her seat when she heard this. “Wh…What are you guys talking about?” She yelled half scared half curios. ‘How could you be al-’ But she was stopped from a hand covering her mouth.

“Shut up.” Michael told her. “Do you want the world to find out?”

She shook her head, no. “I just that you,” she said pointing to Michael. “And her.” Pointing to Isabel. “are you know what you said and your saying that my brother is one too.”

“Yeah that’s what were saying.” Isabel said trying to calm Maria down with Michael. They both were mentally begging her to be quiet and not freak out.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone Maria. You now hold our lives in your hands.” She said pointing to her Michael and Max.

“I promise I won’t tell. but can we go somewhere and talk.” She asked them.

“Yeah, we can go to our house, our parents probably left for work by now.’ Isabel said and everyone followed her to their house. The walked quietly Max in the back thinking about everything that just happened.

I’m and alien, he thought, how? He was shocked yet it felt as if they were right. It felt as if that part of him was finally complete.

They finally arrived at their house and Isabel unlocked the door with her key and walked nt. “There’s no one here the car was gone, we should just go in the living room and talk.” Isabel told them

They all walked into the living room thinking to themselves about everything. Michael and Isabel were happy that they found another one of them. Maria was freaking out inside her head but she promised to herself and to the others that she wouldn’t tell. Max was just thinking about everything. Would this affect his relationship with Liz? Would she still love him? He kept thinking.

Then it finally hit him, What about Liz?

“Liz.” The word left his lips and he looked up at everybody. They were staring at him. Why would he say her name at a time like this, they thought. “Liz…Liz is she an alien too?” He asked half thinking to himself half questioning the people around him. “She’s been getting flashes to with me the last couple of days.”

Michael and Isabel looked at Max with wonder in their eyes. Could it be possible that Max and Liz were both aliens, Could they have found the last two aliens in their four square?” They both thought.

“She’s been having flashes too?” Michael asked hoping that it was true.

“Yeah she has.” He paused. “They were exactly the same as mine. They always had these two people in them, Zan and Madi.” he told them.

“That must be your past names.” Isabel said thinking out loud.

“We have to go get this Liz person right now Maxwell.” Michael said standing up ready to leave and get the girl that might be apart of his family.

“We can’t” Max said. Maria looked over at him and saw the pain flash over his eyes.

“Why not?” Michael challenged him.

“She lives in Roswell.” He said sadness almost overtaking his voice.

“Oh, I guess that makes it impossible." Michael said sitting down a bit of sarcasm in his voice. “We have to go to her or we have to get her here…we have to tell her.” Michael said wanting to meet the girl who could change his life.

“How do you suppose we do that Michael,” Maria said speaking for the first time. “Fly down there without are parents knowing and then take her to New York without her parents or our parents knowing.” She said to him sarcasm dripping in her voice.

“I have an idea.” Max said sitting in his chair a small smile on his lips.

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