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Disclaimer:This has only a small amount of what happens in the future episodes but the actual conversations have/was not taken out of an episode.Its purely me!
Summary:This is just something about Max asking Liz out.All the minor complications discussed too.
Category:Liz-Max 4-ever!
Rating:Its sorta' PG-13-ish
Author's Note:My First Fanfic.Enjoy!
Dedications:To all my readers and to my friend tebibehr.

First of all,this has something and a little to do with a couple of spoilers so if some of you haven't seen the show I think you'd better see it first.This is my first post.I would like to say thanks to my friend/classmate tebibehr for starting to post which also got me doing it.Hope you all like it and thanks to all of you who read this.

(Max comes out of his car and goes over to the Crashdown entrance.He sees Liz by one of the tables busy taking orders and not noticing him.He smiles and enters the Cafe.
Maria sees Max and approaches him.)
Maria:Hey,want me to call Liz?
Max:Not really.I'll just be sitting there waiting for your shift to end,then you two can join me.
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(Liz turns sideways and sees Max on one of the stools.Liz motions to Maria to take care of the orders.Maria nods.Liz goes over to Max.)
Liz(Smiling):Hey!You hungry?
(Max smiles back at her.)
Max:Why don't you guys join me after the shift?
Liz:Sure.It's almost up anyway.What do you want to eat?
Max:I'm not really hungry.Just some water.
Liz:Okay.Wait right here.
(Max watches Liz go over to the counter and grabs a cup of water.Liz says something to the window by the grill.Micheal stucks his head from inside the window and quickly and waves to Max.Max sees him and waves back.Micheal sticks his head back in and Max looks away.Liz brings his glass of water.)
Liz:Here you go.
Liz:Okay.But just for a while.
(Liz sits down across from Max and watches him while he gulps down his water.)
Liz:So,where are you gonna be later?
Liz:Oh.Okay. . .(Pause). . .I'll be at Maria's.
(Nancy Parker walks out of the kitchen.)
Nancy:Okay girls,shifts over.
(Maria goes to them and sits down beside Liz.)
Maria:Whats going on?
Max:Nothing wrong.I just wanted to ask you something?
Maria:Shoot.What is it?
Max:Is it possible that you cancel the meeting with Liz at your house?
Maria:Sure.Whatever you say.
(Liz looks up at Max and smiles.)
Max:In fact,(he faces Liz)why don't you come with me now?
Maria:Let's go change.
(Liz follows Maria through the storage rooms to change clothes.)
Maria:So,he asks you ou eh?
Liz:I'm pretty nervous.I don't know what he'll tell me while we're there.
Maria:Is it about Tess and his son?
Liz:Not really. . .(pauses). . .I've kinda' gotten over that a little.
Maria:Then theres nothing to be worried about.You know how much Max really likes you.
Liz:Of corse I do!It's just that if he really likes me,he should have not did anything with Tess.
Maria:It was an accident.It was also Tess's fault.We both know that because she killed Alex.
Liz:I guess your right. . .I think the nervousness subsided a little.
Maria:Glad to have helped.
(After changing,Liz waves goodbye to Maria and comes out of the storage room first.She approaches Max and he stands up to leave.)
Liz:Where are we going anyway?
Max:You'll find out. . .
Cut to the park at the afternoon.
(Max gets out of his car and takes a picnic basket out of the back seat.He and Liz walk hand-in-hand in the grass and settle in a particular spot.Liz starts unloading the contents of the picnic basket.)
Liz:Wow!Who did all of this?
(Liz gets a bowl of salad,chicken,sandwiches and juices from the basket.)
Max:Well(he grins misteriously)I had a little help from Isabel. . .
(They eat . . .After eating,the sun sets.Liz repacks the basket and then looks at Max.Max looks back and leans towards Liz.They kiss.Max starts to talk.)
Max:Um. . .Micheal's was supposed to throw a little get together for all of us at his house.I was hoping you'd come with me.If you want to. . .I mean?
(Liz hugs Max.)
Liz(seperates herself away from Max):Listen,I've been wanting to ask you a question?I hope its alright with you?
Liz:You know,about Tess,. . .you see,. . .do you really love her?
Max:Liz,you know it was an accident.She-
(Liz interrupts him.)
Liz:No!Its fine.I just wanted to ask you about that.Sorry.Its nothing important.
Max:Oh.You shouldn't be sorry at all.It should have hurt you even more.
Liz:Its just that. . .I thought you didn't like me,when Tess and you. . .
(Liz stood up from her sitting position and walked to one of the benches.She sat down and Max followed her sitting down beside her.)
Max:That will never,ever happen.You know that.
Liz:Yeah,I do.I guess I just wanted to make sure about what was happening.
(Max looks at Liz simpathetically.)
Max:I guess I was being self-centered.I haven't thought about the others when I did,what I did.
Liz:We can't keep blaming ourselves like this,we both know this is none of our faults.We're just going to end up differently because of all this.
Max:I know that this can't keep up,but I still feel responsible for everything that happened especially with Alex.
Liz:It's alright.
(Liz takes Max's hand into hers.)
Liz:I'll always be here.
(Max grins at her.)
Max:I know you will.

(And this shows why some people really hate Tess.)

The End!*angel*


And now. . .for the most awaited Part!*happy*

"Blaming Ourselves Like This Part 2"

Disclaimer:Just like Part 1,This has only a small amount of what happens in the future episodes but the actual conversations have/was not taken out of an episode.Its purely me!
Summary:Another romantic encounter of Liz and MaxCategory:Liz-Max
Author's Note:The second part of my first fan-fic.I hope y'all like it as much as my first one!(I'm trying to give it some kind of fresh,cutesy effect.)
Dedications:Again,to all my readers and to my friend tebibehr.

(A loud noise rings through the darkness.Liz opens her eyes to see her alarm clock ringing .She shuts it off.)
Maria(sitting on a chair at the foot of her bed):Soo,How did it go?
Liz:How did what go?
Maria:Yesterday,you and Max. . .
Liz:Wasn't that all just a dream?
Maria:No!It was real.
Liz:Then it went great!We're going to go out again soon.
Maria:That's wonderful!
Liz:Anyway,what are you doing here so early?
Maria:I came here just to ask. . .and someone here wants me to give you something.
(Maria reaches over to the table and grabs a bouquet of white roses.She hands it to Liz.)
Maria:You know who it's from so don't ask.
(Liz smiles ang giggles.)
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(Liz approaches her mom followed by Maria.)
Liz:Mom,can we take the day of?
Nancy:Well. . .okay.But you have to go into overtime tomorrow okay?
Maria:That's fine with us.
(Liz and Maria leave the crashdown and into Maria's car.)
Maria:Where do we go?
(Cut to the Roswell Mall.A montage of botiques and shops are shown as Liz and Maria walk into each one of them.They come out later hlding up a bunch of shopping bags.)
Liz:Whew!I'm so tired!
Maria:Maybe we should go in for a place to eat.I'm kind of starving.
(They go over to anearby restaurant.And they sit down and order some food.Meanwhile, at a different side of the mall.Max stands there smiling as he watches Liz and Maria walk around at the mall and finally steps in to a restaurant.He quietly follows them into the restaurant and also orders his meal.)
Liz(when they had finished eating):You know,I had the strangest feeling that someone is following us.
Maria:It was probably nothing.
(Maria rumages through her purse for some money.She comes up with nothing)
Maria:Oh,Liz.Can you loan me some money?Mine seems to have run out.
Liz:I'll check.
(Liz also starts sorting through her purse but unfortunately comes up with nothing too.)
Liz(panicked):Oh God.I don't have enough money.
Maria(worried):What are we going to do?!
(The waitress hears the two girls' situation and approaches them.)
Waitress:That's okay.Somebody already payed for your food.
(Liz and Maria look around the restaurant and sees Max grinning at them from another table in the back.They wave at him.)
Maria:You know what?Call me when you get home.
(Maria stands up,grabs her purse and shoping bags and leaves.Liz motions for Max to come nearer.He approaches her and they leave the restaurant together.They start for the street walking towards Liz's house.Max puts his arm around Liz's shoulder.)
Liz:Were you the one following us?
Max:Depends on how you define following. . .but no,not really.I just saw both of you walking around and I decided to follow you.
(Liz notices a little colorfully wrapped in package Max was holding.)
Liz:What were you doing there anyway.You aren't usually crazy for going to the mall by yourself.
Max:Nothing,I just came there to pick something up.
(Liz grimaced.)
Liz:Really?Does it happen to be in that bag?
Liz:And I assume that it wasn't for you?
Max:Its not for me. . .(he hands it to Liz). . .see for youself,but,do it later.When you get home.
Liz(stares at Max puzzled):Okay.
(They approach the entrance of the Crashdown Cafe and Liz gives Max a quick hug.)
(Liz goes to her room and sets her purse and shopping bags on the floor.She takes the package and rips the paper wrappings.Liz gasps.Inside was a box which when she opened contained a silver bracelet.)
Liz(sits on her bed):Oh my gosh!
(Liz breaks into sobs.)

The End!*angel*

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Oh my,where are you,tebibehr.I hope you read this soon
I'm still witing for your feedback and am very nervous about this.

Its my 1st post but I've read a couple of other posts to.


P.S. I'll post a different story soon.*wink*
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Hey everyone!

I re-edited it so that there will still be some info and I put (TBC) at the end to indicate a continuation.
Thanks for the feedback.Its sure that I will make more.

Thank you very much,

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To everyone,

Behold the new part!

Be sure to check it out!

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Hello everyone! I'm currently working on other fanfics that I will feature pretty soon.

Thanks for all the support!More feedback to all!

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Blaming Ourselves Like This Part 3 (The Valentine Special)

Voila!Part 3!

Disclaimer:This has only a small amount of what happens in the future episodes but the actual conversations have/was not taken out of an episode.Its purely me!
Summary:You'll see. . .
Rating: PG-13-ish
Author's Note:This part has ALOT OF SPOILERS FROM SEASON 2 and things that had happened afterwards.Read and enjoy!

(from part 2 Liz weeps of joy.But enough about that,Liz is very happy already!)
The following evening (onValentines Day) Liz remebers about a question Max asked her some two days ago about going to Micheal's apartment for a little get-together-party.
(A knock on the door snaps Liz from her previous thoughts.Jeff Parker opens the door halfway and pops his head in.)
Jeff:Liz,Max is here.He's waiting downstairs.
Liz:Yes Dad,tell him I'm coming.
(Jeff closes the door and heads back downstairs.Liz picks a dress out from her closet which is a dark blue dress and scrambles about her drawer for the bracelet Max gave her and her shoes, and puts them on.She heads downstairs towards the small couch where Max was sitting,staring at the door towards the Crashdown Cafe.)
Liz:Um. . .I'm done.
(Max looks at her and stands.)
Max:Hey,The guys said they'd be meeting us there later.
Liz:Is Isabel gonna' bring Jesse?
Max:No.He has to be in Albaquerque for a big case and won't be home in three days.
Liz:Oh.Okay. . .
(Max notices the bracelet he gave to Liz on her wrist and he smiles a her.Liz notices him doing so and smiles back.)
Max:I think we should probably get going.Some of them may already be there.
(Liz follows Max out into the Crashdown Cafe and they wave over to Jeff Parker to indicate their departure.Jeff waves back.They leave the Crashdown and head towards Max's car.While in the vehicle towards Micheal's apartment,conversations were slim.)
Liz:So,How's everything going?
Max:Okay.I guess.
(They parked up the drive leading to Micheal's apartment and step out of the car.Max leads Liz in by the door and covers Liz's eyes.)
Liz:W-what are you doing?
Max:Wait a second.
(He knocks softly at the door and hears running from the other side.Max opens the door and guides Liz in towards the entrance and slowly takes his hands from Liz's eyes.)
(Liz sees everyone of their friends standing by Micheal's couch.Most of the things which were usually in the living room were cleared and moved to the side.Isabel goes over to a music box which Liz noticed as Jesse's.She presses some buttons and a few seconds later,dance music pops out and the crowd spreads around the room.Liz further examines the settings of her surroundings:In the side of the room which was nearly covered by all the furniture being moved aside was Jim Valenti and Amy DeLuca.The dinner table had been moved to the living room and was filled with different kinds of food and beverages.)
Maria:Liz!What do you think?Did we do a good job?
Liz:Wait a second,isn't this supposed to be Micheal's party?
(Micheal steps forward and looks at Liz.)
Micheal:Well. . .Maxwell here had begged and pleaded endlessly until I just HAD to say yes.
(Liz sneeks a glance at Max who looks at her sheepishly.Liz looks back at Micheal.)
Micheal:Yeah no problem.
(Micheal walks away and Max steps in front of Liz.)
Liz:You are getting very,very strange.
Max:Define strange. . .
(A slow song comes on and Max takes Liz'z hand and they dance.)
Liz:This is the third time that you'd surprised me consecutively.Do you want to tell me something I don't know yet?
Max:No.You probably know everything there is to know.
Liz:Then why?
Max:Take my word for it.
Liz:Fine.I will.
(Liz hugs Max and stares at a view from where she stands.She sees Maria and Micheal at the back dancing with them.Jim and Amy were still talking away fromthe back and Kyle and Isabel were standing by the dinner table talking and laughing.)
Liz:You know,I think evrybody is enjoying this day.I just wished we were all complete.
Max:We already talked about this over a million times already.
(Liz grows quiet and closes her eyes.She was hearing Kyle and Isabel's conversaton at the back.)
Isabel:What wish did you ask your god for today?
Kyle:I don't think you would want to know.
Isabel(giggling):I'm sure I wouldn't want to know anymore.
(Liz remembers the last time that they were all as happy as this time.
Liz's thoughts:
"The last time I saw everyone like this was in the prom.We were all so happy then."
Liz has memory flashbacks from the night of the prom and sees all of them in their group picture.The event had occured at the Crashdown Cafe.Even Alex and Tess were there.Then,Liz had a flashback of what had happend later:she saw Max and Tess kissing. . ."This is where all the troubles began.". . .she and Maria's cousin went off to the bowling alley."I couldn't believe what happened.". . .The song stopped and Max let go of Liz.)
Liz(turns back to Max):You know what?Forget about it.Its Valentine's Day and we should all just enjoy today.Thank you for thinking about doing this.Thank you for everything you've done these past few days.You've really made me feel better about our situation.
Max:Anything to have this moment.
(Liz and Max go to another table on the side and sits down.)
Liz:I wish this could happen more often but I know that it won't. . .
Max:Then we'll try to be like this everyday we have.
(They smile at each other and end their woderful evening with a kiss.)

The End!*angel*

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Part 4 now up and 5 very soon.

Blaming Ourselves Like This Part 4

After the party,Liz goes home to sleep.She pops into her night clothes and puts the bracelet Max gave her atop her dresser.She retired to her bed.
(In the middle of the night. . .a dark figure wearing black clothes and a mask from outside the Crashdown Cafe creeps through a window and into the house.The first room in view was Liz's room which the figure had entered.It removed the mask it was wearing,to reveal a raged young boy.The boy went on by the dresser where the bracelet Max gave Liz was in plain sight.He took the bracelet,slid it into his pocket and left a note on Liz's dresser.He creeped over to where Liz was sleeping.On the way there the boy accidentally stepped on a pencil which broke and made a loud creeking noise.Liz rolled over to her side as the boy frighteningly stepped back and ran silently out of the door and house.)
(Liz woke up and hurried over to her closet digging out clothes to wear for that day.After hunting for something to wear,Liz ran to the bathroom. . .30 minutes later,steam blew out from the bathroom as a damp haired Liz walked out and back to her room.She looked at her dresser table in search for her bracelet.It was not there.Liz looked at all the spots on her dresser and closet.Liz muttered a curse in frustration of not finding her bracelet.)
Liz(to her self):What am I gonna tell Max?!
(The search was frantic.Liz ran her eyes through all of her belongings.Nothing.)
Liz:No time to look now.
(Liz rushed out of her room going downstairs to the cafe.)
Nancy:Where are you going Liz?
Liz:Emergency.have to get to Maria's!
Nancy:Okay honey,have a good time.
(Liz rushes out and over to Maria's house and bangs on the door.A moment later,a curious looking Maria stepped into the porch to greet Liz.)
Maria:Tell me why your panicking.
Liz:Yesterday. . .you know the bracelet I was wearing?
Maria:The one Max gave you.Yeah,I noticed.
Liz:Well,it was stolen!
(Maria's eyes widen in shock at what Liz had said.)
Maria:Did you look everywhere?
(Liz stares at Maria wildly.)
Liz:Of course I did!
Maria:Good thing my mother wasn't here.Need me to come with you?
Liz:No!I'll be going to Max to tell him this.
Maria:Oookay.Then I'll be having some breakfast first.Bye Liz.
Liz:Bye Maria.
(Liz walks towards Micheal's house and knock at the door.Max opens the door.He noticed Liz and kissed her on the head.He leads her to Micheal's kitchen and sits her down.)
Max:So,what do you wanna eat?
(Max gets them both a glass of water and hands Liz's to her.Liz stares blankly at the glass and Max gives her a questoning look.)
Max:What's woth you?
Liz:I have a problem.
Max:What happened?
Liz:I. . .I have to tell you something.The bracelet you gave me,. . .its missing.
Max:What happened to it?
Liz:I left it on my dresser table before I went to sleep.Somehow,in the morning,it just vanished!
Max:Its okay.
Liz:I'm really,really sorry.I'll do whatever it takes to get it back.
Max:Its fine.
(Liz suddenly stands up and runs out of the door.Max stares after her in shock of her sudden movements.)
(Liz runs back to the Crashdown Cafe,up the stairs andinto her room.She sits on a chair by her desk and rubs at her temples.She looks around one more time and finds a folded up note.She unfolds it and sees the letter inside:

'If you ever want to get your stuff back,go over on third street.The house with the red door.Go to the back of the house and up into the tree house.DON'T BRING ANYONE WITH YOU!'

Liz folds the letter and runs right out of the house and on to third street.A row of houses filled third street up to the end of the block.Liz ran past some of the houses until she reached the fifth house with the red door and rushed to the back.She found the treehouse and climbed it.Atop the treehouse sat a young boy glaring at her.)
Liz:'Scuse me-
(Liz reluctantly sits down sccross from th boy.)
Liz:W-where is it?
Boy:First.What are you willing to trade?
(Liz fumbles in her pocket for some money.She comes up with a twenty dollar bill and hands it to the boy.)
(He takes the bracelet from his pocket and gives it to Liz.Liz hides it in her pocket.)
Liz:Why. . .why did you take it?
Boy:I don't think I should tell you why.
Liz:W-will you be coming back?That's all I need to know.
Boy:No.Only once in each house.
Liz:Thank you.
(Liz slowly climbs back out of the tree house and out of third street towards her house.Once there,she she walks breathlessly towards her room and sees the unexpected. . .)

The End!

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