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Guys, I'm sorry for the inconvenience I might have caused you. It's just that I accidentally pressed new thread when what I should have been doing the part on the same thread. So I put everything that I put everything that I posted on the first thread here for those who just started reading this. really sorry.

Now for those who just started reading this, the title is a song from Britney's album. And the idea is based on the lyrics. So I'll be giving you the lyrics first so you'll know what the story's about cause I don't do summaries.

Oh baby, oh baby
Oh baby, oh baby

In love no believe I never found inside of me
Built these walls up so high, needed my room to breathe
But oh baby, oh baby you tear them down
Can't believe you changed my mind
Oh baby, oh baby, I saw you smile
Stay with me a while


All things fall into place
My heart, it feels so safe
You are my melody
That's where you take me
With you I get so high
Lost in the crystal sky
You are this melody
That's where you take me

I never fell before, how did you find the door?
The key to my soul, to you forever more
Oh baby, oh baby you make me rise
Never did I once think twice
Oh baby, oh baby you make me smile
Stay with me a while

CHORUS - repeat

Afraid to let it all inside, now I want to hear you'll
Stay with me a while, stay with me a while

La la la la la la, la la la la la la
La la la la la la, la la la la
That's where you take me

CHORUS - repeat

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Title: That's Where You Take Me
Author: tebibehr
Email: micah_sy⊕
Rating: PG-13?
Disclaimer:Don't own 'em, Just borrowing them. All credit goes to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims for the characters (I'm mentioning Katims coz I didn't really like the surnames that Metz gave Liz & Alex in the book), and ofcourse, Ms. Britney Spears and Jive Records.
Category: Max & Liz ofcourse, I'm 110% Dreamer
Spoilers: Do I have to? You can just read it. Besides, it gives me alot of readers, meaning many feedbacks, meaning healthy readers!*big*
Dedication: To all the readers of this story. Thanks for the support and feedback. And especially, (how could I forget you?) liz_maria! Who I hope will write a fic soon, too. No pressure though.

Part 1

"You f****** b******! How could you?! I gave you my heart and soul. Heck! I've even given you money! And this is how you repay me?! By cheating on me with that bimbo Tess Harding?!" Liz Parker shouted to her boyfriend, or actually, ex, Kyle Valenti.

She was making a scene. She knew. She wasn't dumb. And she knew that it would really ruin her squeaky clean reputation. But no one's perfect, ya know. And besides, she didn't really care about her reputation right now. She was really hurt, emotionally. Badly. Very Badly. Who wouldn't be, I mean, you just saw the love-of-your-life sucking face with the gerbil. And of all places, the mall! for God's sake!

"Liz, babe, it's not what you think...." Kyle the b****** tried to rationalize.

"Don't call me that! You have no right to call me that! I'm so tired of your excuses. I can't believe I didn't read between the lines. Maria was right, everyone was right! You're nothing but a cheating b****** that wants nothing from me except popularity and money!"

"Liz, listen to me, I.... I was just walking around and Tess just grabbed me and kissed me. I was trying to stop her. Honest!"

Liz smirked at this. "Either you're the worst liar I have ever known or I'm living in the Ice Age. Cause the last time I checked, you don't grab the girl's a** to make her stop kissing you!"

"Liz, listen to me. Calm down, you're making a scene. Let's just have our anniversary dinner and forget...."

"Shut up! Do you think I'm blind! I know we're making a scene and I don't give a s*** about it! This wouldn't be happening if you weren't cheating on me for the school bimbo."

"How dare you call me that, you mousy little b****! You're just jealous cause you're not enough for this guy. For ANY guy." Tess stepped forward and put her arm around kyle's waist. Then she suddenly slapped her on the face.

"I don't think being a tramp is anything special." Liz said through tears. And she did what no one was really expecting from her. She broke gerbil's nose and kicked Kyle's you-know-what.

She ran away from the mall, away from that awful place.
She didn't stop running until she reached Maria's house.

Then, suddenly...................


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Okay, I'll just be answering BelievingInTheDeamOfRoswell's question. Yes, this is where I'll continue to post. While the other one will be ignored. Don't worry though, the original thread has a different title and you'll be able to distinguish which is which.

Just tell me if you already read my A/N on the other thread. Thanks!!!!!!
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Thanks for the feedback guys! Much appreciated!!!! Oh, and thanks for voting my fic or whatever, whoever you are!!!!!! I'm very thankful for it. Now, since I got much more feedback than I thought I would have. And since I would be busy this week, with Unit Tests and everything. I'll just give you the next part today or tonight or whatever. Hope you like it! *bounce*

Previously on That's Where You Take Me (I'll just be writing the last part of the last part)

She didn't stop running till she came to Maria's house.

Then suddenly...

Part 2 came!!!!! Yay!

Part 2

Then suddenly... I woke up from my not so happy dream. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a dream. It was a nightmare. See the big difference? I look at my alarm clock and saw that it was 1:30. It was hours away before I needed to get ready for school. Heck! What good is an alarm clock if you don't even use the damn alarm? I don't need an alarm clock, I have my own alarm. These nightmares have been going on for like, FOREVER! An ordinary clock would do just fine for me. Great, I'm going berserk. I'm going on and on about clocks, what's next, Captain Hook?

I get up from bed, cause the bed will be pretty much useless now, and I won't be able to sleep again any time soon. I go to my bathroom and splash my face with cold water. This has been a routine for me now, why can't I just have even one night of peaceful slumber? And why me, of all people who could've deserved what I'm going through right now, why me? I go to church EVERY SUNDAY and on special occasions, I'm a good Christian, I respect my family, I don't make fun of anyone in school, I'm a straight A student, and so much more. I was just stupid enough to think that Kyle Valenti loved me for me and not my money.

Before Kyle, I never really took dates seriously, just casual relationships, that's all. But it's just because, all I really dated were jock friends of my brother Michael Guerin. You see, I even obey my brother!

Oh, and if you're wondering why Mike's last name is different from mine it's because we don't have the same father, his dad died a long time ago. But he likes my dad, too.

Anyway, on with our original subject, Kyle Valenti. He was pretty much a nobody before we started going out. We met during summer in L.A. He just asked me out and I started falling for the bastard. I really thought he was the one, you know. Because I thought he was really kind and sweet and gentle. And when he asked me to go steady with him I was so happy, thinking I had a faithful boyfriend who wanted to go steady with me because he loved me. But he was somewhere else sucking face with the gerbil.
When I told my parents, Michael, his girlfriend and my best friend Maria, and Alex, another best friend about us being steady, they told me what they thought of Kyle. But me, too blind to see the truth, ignored them.

The days went by, and Kyle got so popular he became captain of the football team in school. I was so happy for him that time. But it was also the time that things started to go wrong. He started making dates for us but he would never show up. The next day, he would tell me an excuse. Everyone told me that he was cheating on me with the gerbil. They told me that it was so obvious. Maria even saw them together once.

But I, being the blind fool I was back then, shrugged them off, told them that we were two people in love and that he would never do that to me. Then Maria got mad at me. She told me that I was becoming someone else and thought that I would trust my best friend enough to accept the truth that my boyfriend was two-timing me. She told me that when I become myself again I know where to find her. Alex and Michael were mad at me, too, but didn’t want a fight so they just left. My parents told me that if my choice was to be more hurt then so be it.

Then Valentines Day came up, and our first anniversary. We were supposed to have dinner later that evening so I went to the mall to buy clothes. That’s when I saw them. Near the fountain, making out. I tried to tell myself that it was just an illusion. But it wasn’t. That’s when I realized Maria was right, everybody was right. Before I gave the chance for tears to freely run down my face and ruin my make up, I broke up with Kyle, broke gerbil’s nose and kicked Kyle’s balls. Then I ran away from the mall.

I just can’t believe what I did, I ruined my innocent reputation, my make-up, and most of all, I ruined my life. I turned away from the people who really mattered. I knew it was time to fix what I've done it's time I go to Maria and everyone and tell them I'm sorry.

When I came to Maria's, Michael and Alex was there with her. Apparantly, Maria was upset that we fought. I knocked and knocked and when maria opened the door I hugged her and cried and told her everything and asked for forgiveness from everyone. It was hard, you know, knowing the love-of-your-life just broke your heart. But it was easier with my friends and family. They stayed there for me, made me laugh, but most of all, they made Kyle look bad.

Kyle might have been still on the football team. But now, he's known as a tramp. Still popular, yes, but bad reputation. When I would see Kyle and Tess and hurt would fill me, my friends were there, they'd shoot dagger looks at them when they thought I didn't notice and yes, as I keep telling you, made half the student body hate them.

But ofcourse, even if it's fun watching everybody throw dirty looks at them, I was still hurt. So I made a promise to myself. I will not ever fall inlove for another. I can't get hurt, I just can't. I'll never get close to anyone else, ever. I'll just stay close to the people whom I really trust a.k.a. Maria and company. I'll just go back to where I started, just casual dating, that's all. And my other girlfriends, we'll just hang out, can't risk being betrayed, right? But one thing's for sure, I won't fall again.

I sighed and looked at my mirror, and thought to myself, *My life kinda relates to Britney's song 'Lucky', I even hear the tune in my head.* But you would, think, right? I mean, you have it all, wealth, beauty, brains, and popularity. Everyone tells you you're lucky, and you've got it all. You smile at them and say, thanks. But the smile doesn't really reach your eyes and everything, right? Coz inside you don't feel like you've got everything. And I know that you know what I miss so much. It's that four letter word. God! I can't even say the word any more. I'm rambling. Am I rambling? Okay, I AM rambling!!!! God, I think I just became Maria. Next thing I know I'll have my room full of aromatherapy thingies. Okay, enough. Enough talking to yourself, Parker. Just, calm down. Go out of the bathroom and put yourself together.

So, I left the bathroom, checked my clock, 2:45. Funny, I spent one hour and 15 minutes in a bathroom and I just splashed water on my face. It's funny, how thinking of the most hurtful experience in your life to the point where you just ramble on and on can take so much time.

I sigh, look at my window and smile weakly at the view outside. Being on the fifth floor of the house. I get a beutiful view of Roswell. Well, if you like alien themed places you'd think Roswell is paradise. I sigh again, and just wonder how the sunlight can make me smile and...... WAIT! Sunlight?! It's 2:45 in the morning and there's sunshine? I quickly run around the room looking for my brand new Nokia phone and see that it is 6:00 a.m. Oh, okay six a.m. no biggie. Six a.m.! Gosh! I so need a new clock. I run around the room like crazy, throw my very unreliable clock and throw it somewhere, *Well, Rosa can just cleanmy room later, cause I'm way behind schedule.*

Anyway, I run to the bathroom and................. STOP! you can't come in, no, you can't. Wait! Who am I talking to? Man, I am going crazy here.

I lock the door and undress quickly cause Ria will be coming in an hour or so. *Man, I better look good today.*

And I shower for another loveless day!

But little did Liz know that a certain somebody is gonna change both her life & love life forever. In a good way, though.


Hope you like!
And feedback is much appreciated.
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You guys liked it? You friggin' actually liked it? Thanks! I'll have the new part soon, ok? Now, to answer some questions.

Yeah, I'm from the Philippines. It's very different from the U.S. Believe me, I've been in the U.S. already. It's really hot here. But right now since it's still Februay, it isn't that hot.

Oh, and yes, Tess is the person you tell her to be. That's why I made Tess the devil that she is.

And yes, Max will make Liz fall again. Just that it will be tough. Liz can be stubborn at times, right?

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to post the new part a.s.a.p. Bye y'all!!!!!!!!! *big*

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Oh guys! Especially BelievingInTheDreamOfRoswell. I know I haven't updated the new part yet and I'm really sorry for it. Real life just got in the way. You know, family problems, love life...........................................

But I just realized a good way to release the tension off my body, WRITING FICS and READING FEEDBACK!!!! Anyway, I haven't written in scratch the third part yet. But I know what I'll be writing. But I'm not really satisfied with it. Then, I thought to myself, *This is a way to relax, right?* So I'll just worry if you don't like it.

Anyway, here's the new part!!!!!!!!!

Part 3

I sigh. I can't believe it. I'm leaving L.A. for good. Thank God! I mean, Roswell won't be like L.A. with all the freaky, dorky alien stuff. But as long as I'm away from my ex, Pam Troy, the better. Man, I don't know why I even thought she was hot. Coz when I started going out with her, she kept making me go with her to the janitor's closet to make out with her. I mean, making out with a girl is definitely delicious, but she is very yucky. Just like the slut she is. She kept dropping hints to me to make me sleep with her. But, honestly, I'm quite not ready yet. And like very other girl I've dated, I dumped her when I got bored with her. But she was way different than other girls. She kept stalking me every single waking moment. One time, when I was in the shower, I was about to take off my clothes when I saw my bathroom door ajar. And, I swear to God, I'm kind of a perfectionist so I closed the door. Then I heard a thump on the floor. I opened the door, and guess who I saw..... Well, I won't tell you the name anymore because you already know her and just her name makes me wanna puke.

This went on for MONTHS. I couldn't go out with anyone else coz she kept making threats to the girls I got interested with. So when dad announced that he got transfered to Roswell, I almost did my oh so secret happy dance. Believe me, you wouldn't wanna see it. My sister, Isabel, said so.

Speaking of Iz, she was the happiest of us all. It's because her boyfriend Alex Whitman, lives there. She kept saying his address that I already memorized it. They met at summer camp on the summer before we started sophomore year. They have been a couple since.

I walk out of my spacious bedroom, press a button, and asked Herbert, our buttler, to take out all my luggages and boxes. Honestly, for a guy, I've got alot of clothes and stuff. But it's mostly sports, so I'm not gay.

I think about Alex, he's kinda fine, a little on the computer geek side, but alright. Honor student, like me. And has three best friends, Liz Parker, Maria Deluca, and Michael Guerin.

So, Liz is a straight A student, president of the student body of their highschool, and I just can't help but add I am, too. And she's Micahel's step brother. Rather attractive, too. Well, Iz said so. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but just her name causes butterflies to fly on my stomach. I even listened to every single word Iz told me about her but just ignored Maria and Michael.

I go inside my new porsche. My other cars will be sent to Roswell. My sis is in a Volvo with her driver, Louie. And mom and dad is in the family limo with the family driver, Anton. My driver and the other helpers are in another car.

My thoughts drift to this mansion, my first home. Now, it will just be one of our many rest houses. I hope dad made sure he made the pool and jacuzzi bigger. So that when I throw parties, and I invite my friends Karl, Dan, Aaron, and everybody else, they'll just have to envy me. Yup. That's me. Never having true friends. But it's not that lonely. I've got money, and people would just give for a piece of me.

Then, as I was following the limo, I think back to Liz. Man, I'm sure she's a hot one. And from experience, I can make her twirl around my finger. I will make her melt with just an oh so innocent touch. I'll be the envy of the school.

I just hope I get to be captain of the football team in record time like in L.A. 1 week. But it wouldn't matter, coz Max Evans gets what he wants when he wants it. And right now, the main target is one hot, sexy Liz Parker who, by the way, will be branded mine soon.

Little did he know, that Liz Parker was one tough cookie.

Do you like? I know, it is kinda short. But right now, it's late in my country so I need some beauty sleep. Bye y'all!*angel*
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Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that I've gone ballistic. Yeah, I have. Maybe it's because, well, I can't tell you, it's secret. You wouldn't wanna know anyway. Coz If I told you, you'd think that I am soooooooooo lovesick. Well, I am. Really. I'm a hopeless romantic. And I'm proud of that. And since this 'thing' happened, I haven't updated yet. Do you get me? Coz I feel like I'm rambling. Am I rambling to you? Blah, blah, blah. Here's the next part. Hope you like.

Part 4

I am soooooooooooo embarassed. I can't even look Maria in the eye. She can't either. You know why? Becuase I caught them making out on the living room rug. I can't even bear to step on the rug. That was mom's favorite rug. Came all the way from Russia. Good thing that mom or dad didn't see them or Mikey and Ria would have been in big trouble. Because first of all, mom would have been sooooooooooooo sad.

She set rules on that rug, too. She said you can't step on it when you're eating or drinking, you can't do anything with it and the list goes on. Blah, blah, blah. I remember when she brought it home from her business trip in Russia. She kept hugging it and placing her hands on it......................................... EEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I alredy stepped on it and she kept hugging it.

Oh, and ofcourse, she's gonna be mad, because she's a parent. And like every parent, she dosn't approve of making out when you're only boyfriend girlfriend. Dad's the same about it. But not the rug thing, though. if you were wondering.

We're in Maria's new Mercedes Benz. The latest model. I didn't want to ride in it. Maria has bad taste in cars. Well, in my opinion. I would prefer my new Jaguar. Micahel didn't join us coz he was too embarassed. Even if he won't admit it.

Maria decided that she could keep me from talking to her about their 'actions' earlier this morning is by singing songs on the radio. Right now, she's singing Work It by Nelly and Justin Timberlake. Her voice is so beautiful.

And so is Justin. ::Sigh:: He is a great kisser. I went out with him a couple of times. And we went together for the premiere of Two Weeks Notice in L.A. We still keep in touch, too.

My thoughts drift to Alex, my other best friend. He doesn't care much about cars. Unlike we do. But he has a lot of them. He always arrives in a limo. You would only see him in one of his cars if he was trying to impress someone. But that was before. Since he already has a girlfriend, Isabel Evans. I saw her picture. Really pretty. I don't know how they do it. A long distance relationship. How they keep it together is beyond me. They met in summer camp before. And they became a couple ever since.

Alex told us and a couple of other guys that they're moving here. Meaning her, her folks, and her brother. Max. He's been talking about it for weeks. He told us they bought the house that Bill Gates owned before. Pretty cool. It's as large as my house, been there before.

But what really caught my attention about the Evanses is Max. God, I haven't seen him yet but just the mere thought of him drives me wild and go all romantic. Which makes me scared. I tried to deny it before, even told Maria about it. I thought I promised myself I wouldn't fall again. And I'm not abou to change my mind. But theres something so intriguing about him, something alluring.......

*Wait! Stop right there. You can't just think that. You made a vow remember? Or has your brain stopped functioning?* I thought to myself.

I see that we are already in the school parking lot and we have already parked. So I don't know why we're still here. Well I have a reason for just sitting here coz I've been bored out of my mind and decided to talk to myself. But Maria doesn't have an excuse even though she was singing coz she was the one driving.

Maria looked at me, reluctantly and said, "I'm so sorry you had to see that. I know that seeing your brother and your bestfriend going at it is kinda awkward."

I look at her, wide eyed. "You were GOING AT IT? And here I was thinking you were ONLY MAKING OUT! Girl, you're lucky mom didn't see you. And I am kinda mad at you coz I didn't want to be seeing mental pictures of the two of you going at it."

"I'm sorry. We just got carried away."

"You know, I was talking to myself earlier, and I came to the conclusion that I will not in anyway step on that rug un;ess you two would wash it personally for a hundred times."

"I know that and I'm sorry. And I know that you shouldn't have seen that part of our relationship coz you would remember Ky..............."

Then suddenly, memories about Kyle started playing on my mind. Especially that Valentines Day. The day that I really got hurt. Deep down I felt that when I saw them together. Or they just simply cuddle. Coz I know that I would never be able to experience that ever. That live they share. And even when Alex goes on about Isabel and how much he loves her. While I just go around dating people but never to love even one of them.

Maria suddenly noticed my pain and decided to chantge the subject.

"So. We're cool right? So let's just go outside and make the guys drool so hard they might as well flood the whole town."

"Yeah. Let's go." I quickly change my expression from hurt to ice queen. I always do this in public. Afraid that my sensitive, kind part would just be hurt and played around with again.

We went out of the car and surely enough, guys just seemed to stare hungrily at us. Loving our you-can-see-but-you-can't-touch thing going on.

We enter the building and went to our lockers which are right next to each other and see that Alex was leaning against it waiting for us with a girl who is definitely Isabel and a guy who is so muscular and so handsome I could drool right now. Apparantly, his locker is right next to mine and I get this sensation in my stomach that only appears when I think about Max. So he is supposedly the Max Evans. He is a greek god. Adonis, am I right?

We walk over to them and Max looks up at us from his locker and smiles at us. Or specifically, ME. I'm kinda scared now. I think I'm falling into a puddle. And I think I'm gonna get hurt again.


Monday. I didn't wanna go to school yet but Iz said Alex will be there meaning Liz will be there, too. I hope we get all the same classes.

When we got to school, Liz wasn't there yet. Only Alex. Alex hasn't changed a bit. Still hilarious and perfect for my sister.

I got disgusted when they started kissing so I interupted them by telling them that we have to head o the principal's office. We got our schedules there and our locker numbers. When Alex came to look at Iz's schedule he told her that they have the same schedule. When Alex looked at mine he told me that mine was the same as Liz's. Perfect. And our lockers were next to each other. This is so perfect. This will make things easier. Alex and Iz started canoodling again so I just opened my locker.

Then, I heard Alex say, "Hi Ria, hi Liz, where's Mike?" Mike as in Michael Guerin? I heard Isabel talk about him once. Is he Liz's boyfriend? Oh no!

But then, it would make things more challenging. Hard but challenging. And I like that. I look up at Liz and smiled.

Wow! Total knock out! She looks familiar.......... Oh, yeah! she's the girl that Justin came with to the premiere of Two Weeks Notice. Yeah, I've seen her there but I think she barely noticed me because they sat in the back row and they kept making out.

"Hi, Alex! You must be Isabel and Max Evans. Alex has told us so much abou you." The blonde pixie said. Probably Maria. Deluca, right?

"All good, I hope." Iz smiled at her.

"Hi! You're from L.A. right, Isabel?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. And by the way you can call me Iz."


"Liz Parker, right? Max. Max Evans." I play gentleman and offer my hand for a handshake.

"Yeah." She said kinda dreamily. Oh yeah, she wants me.

Then I spiky haired guy came over. "Hey, Whitman." He nodded to Alex. "Hey, babe." He kissed Maria. "Hi, sis. Sorry about earlier." He said not looking into Liz's eyes.

I sighed with relief, as much as I like challenges. I am so gald that they are just siblings. Or half siblings.

"It's okay, Mike"

Then, Michael suddenly realized the company. "Isabel. Max Evans. Alex told me all about you. Well maybe just Isabel."

Isabel laughed at that. "Please. Just call me Iz."

"Sure. Iz."

"So anyway, Max, you seem like a football guy. Care to join the team?"

"Maria and I are on the cheering squad. Head cheerleaders." Liz added.

"Sure. I was captain in my old school. When's practice?"

"You can start tryouts later."

"Can I join the cheering squad?" Iz, always being the cheerleader she is.

"Sure. Infact you're officially on the team." Maria said happily.

"We start right after school." Liz added.

"Great! I'll see you there!" Then the bell rang. "Time to go. Bye! C'mon, Alex."

"Yeah, gotta hurry. C'mon spaceboy." They all left Maria winking at us.

"So....... Can I see your schedule?"


"Great! We have all the same classes. C'mon let's go to the Biology room."

"Sure. Oh, and, uh....... I heard you're a straight A student and all. And I'd really like to sit next to you. So is it okay?"

Liz blushed at this. She is so cute. "Sure."

Man, this is going to be the best day of my life.


So.......................... you like? I know, it's kinda short isn't it? But it's all I can think of right now. And I'm starting to get really tired coz it's already nigttime here. Good night y'all! Hope I get lotsa feedback. *wink**wink**wink**wink*