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Back Home to Roswell

Summary: Liz left Roswell ten years ago. Tats all I can tell....But it gets REALLY good believe me. it really does get good.
Category: Slight L/J (Jasper), the Dreamer all the way....and M/M...and SURPRISE ALEX IS ALIVE
Author: Jess
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except for Jasper, he’s all my own.
Its based on the Sweet Home Alabama movie witha Roswell twist...

Chapter One.

Los Angeles California 8:30 PM, The Fredrick BenningHam Plaza

Men in black suits and woman in their marvelous and expensive gowns walked around the entire building. Cameras and lights being seen every where. Everyone amongst the crowd, was talking to somebody, or being interviewed. And every man, had his wife, his girlfriend or just a simple date glued to his side. Some man had two girls glued to their sides if they dared. And above all of their heads was a large black screen that repeated two words a crossed it in large red letters "The BlanderFinns Designs." It was a fashion show, for Bens new designs, he was a new designer, very young and very cute, handsome, and not to mention very much gay. He and his new partner in crime, Liz Colin, had met in Los Angeles five years ago, struggling with their rents, and buying food. So after a while of discussion and getting to know each other, they decided to move in together. And both having such a great ambition for clothes and fashion, they decided that they would do this together. Of course Ben was the head of it all, designing and everything. Liz stayed on the sidelines observing to make sure nothing looked wrong, or whether his idea was Bull. Which it usually wasn't, but sometimes was.
Ben walked around greeting all the other designers, and people who would most likely love to buy something on his line. Using his charms he persuaded many to do so, and they had immediately given him their oh so large checks. Many of the girls would flirt with him, since his was a green eyed, and red haired man, with a body to die for. But through out the entire ceremony he was checking out the men, and a lot of them, did not notice his stares.
Liz was walking around doing the same once and while if she was confronted, but most of the time she was checking everything making sure nothing would go devastatingly wrong, or jut making sure everything looked perfect. She wore a long blue dress, the thin straps crisscrossing along her back and the dress itself dipping very, dangerously low in the front. Her hair was pinned up into a bun, with lose curly locks falling down on her face. But with every outfit or every gown she wore, she made sure she always had her cell phone and beeper. She was to busy of a woman to go without them and she had also grown quite personally attached to them.

Once Ben spotted Liz, he smiled and jogged over to her, surprising her a little as he laid hand onto her back. She turned around immediately to see her partner. Once Ben looked to her hand he saw the cell phone, and the beeper attached to her dress. He frowned at her playfully.

"That really does not go with this outfit."he said as he quickly plucked the beeper off of her dress and cell phone out of her hand. Almost immediately Liz's argument was started as she threw herself at him trying to get her most precious possessions back. He quickly pushed her away and said, "Liz don't worry about the show it's going to do great. You know it and I know it.'She pouted as he finished. But then what he said next made her beam with a large grin, "Now you have a devilishly charming young man waiting at the door for you. Who I wish I had met first, with a large bouquet of roses in one hand, and a small blue box in the other. Which strangely looks only big enough for a ring. Hint Hint." Ben smiled at her as he brushed some invisible dust off of her gown.

She was immediately off to her prince charming after hearing Ben's words. But she feared the words 'small box', 'big enough for a ring'. The only terrifying question that laid in her mind was, 'what kind of ring?' Once getting to the doors she quickly ran outside into the warm air and saw him standing next to his fancy black car, with the roses in one hand and the box in another, exactly how Ben had explained. He immediately stood up and greeted her.

"Ah, hello Lady Elizabeth Colin." he said with a devilish grin, his thick British accent easily heard.

"Hi Jasper."she said in a shy voice. Why she was still shy around him, she would never know. She slowly walked over to him, her hands clasped in front of her, finally standing merely inches from him. HE sad hey quietly and dipped in for a kiss. She smiled against his lips, loving how soft they were.

"I have a surprise for you." he whispered in to her ear.

That night Liz had no idea what was going to happen or how it was going o happen. But it did, and now she was the fiancee to the wealthiest man in Los Angeles, and the wealthiest in Britain. His beautiful sandy blond hair and blue eyes, were perfect. HE took her to a beautiful cliff over the city and told her he loved her for the millionth time that day, and asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes, laughing and smiling like the day would never come to an end, and she frankly didn't want it to. They set their dates and where the wedding would be. They were to be married in two weeks. Liz couldn't wait. Yet she feared it at the same time. She was soon going to be two men.


"So where are you going?"Jasper asked as he sat up in bed, dressed in a blue t-shirt and sweat pants.

He was watching every move his fiancee Liz made as she crossed the room time and again, searching for what to pack. It had been two days since she was asked to marry him. She had agreed. Then why was she running around like a chicken with it's head cut off?

"I have to go home. To Roswell, New Mexico. You know the town of the aliens." she said as she pointed her finger up. If only he knew how true it really was. He nodded slightly as he smiled.

"Why don't I go with you. I mean wouldn't it be more appropriate if we broke the news together?" he asked as he started to get up. She put one hand up that stilled him.

"I haven't been home in ten years, and haven't talked to them in ten years. I mean it wouldn't be all that great walking into the house and saying, Hey pops, hey old mum, this is my fiancee, and if you have forgotten the daughter that you forgot to write back all those thousands of times."she explained in her crazy way. A crazy way that Jasper loved. He smiled at her. And she broke a smile to, walking over to him and kissing him on the lips gently as he straddled his lap. He held her from behind and looked into her eyes.

"I have this bad feeling that you are hiding something. like some dark secret." he told her.
Right then Liz tensed up, but thankfully went unnoticed by Jasper. She did have a secret..And it was not dark just a little weird. She smiled then playing it off, and shook her head, obviously making him more comfortable, and kissed him roughly on the lips, falling to the feather like bed.


Authors Note: Next is the meeting between Maria, Alex, Liz, and Michael...Chapter three will be between Max and Liz.

TBC......Feedback please.

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Title: Back Home to Roswell
Summary: Read and find out.
Rating: pg 13
Author: Jess

Chapter Two

Roswell New Mexico, 10:30 AM. Crashdown Cafe

“ Lizzy!” A blond from behind the counter squealed as she stared at the oh so familiar stranger in front of the cafe.

Liz smiled as she saw her friend Maria, who she had shared so much pain with, and one large and dark secret with that could never be told to anyone else. Except for the exclusive little group that she and Maria had been pulled into when they were only sixteen. The world that messed Liz up for life. Liz stood inside the Cafe feeling more out of place than she ever felt. Even more than when she went to that lesbian bar when trying to find a phone after the second day in Los Angeles. These people looked so normal, so plain, where she looked like she had just stepped out of the seventeen magazine. Wearing her dangerously low hip huggers, and her navy blue cut off sleeve top. And those large sun glasses she had bought the day before leaving. Tinted orange and yellow. Her hair was in loose curls and was shorter than it had been when she left. She also lost a little more weight if possible, and gained some muscles after all those self defense, and yoga classes she took in San Francisco when Ben and her had a fashion shoot to deal with. Which took at least two months to plan.

“ Maria.” she sighed, taking in the sight of her older friend, who had hardly changed. She didn’t look as young, but she still had that crazy look in her eyes, that Liz knew she would never lose. Maria practically ran over to Liz, gathering her into her arms, and holding her so tight Liz could hardly breath. Some what hurting her.

“ I can’t believe your back.” Maria breathed as she let Liz go reluctantly and took a step back and looking at Liz’s new look. She gasped and giggled when she finally took notice to how much Liz had changed. “ Look at you! You look like a model. Then look at me, Im still wearing alien antenna's.” she said as she flicked the foam ball with her middle finger. Liz laughed missing Maria’s kookiness.

Then Maria’s face took a serious look and she asked Liz, “ How have you been?”

“ I’ve been doing fine. Great actually! Ben and I have started our own fashion line and..” Liz started to explain as she and Maria took a seat at the counter, but soon Maria put her hand up and silenced Liz.

“ Ben? Who is Ben?” she asked some what curious. And looking into her eyes Liz also saw a little anger flaring up. When she found out about Jasper she was going to be furious, but to her luck she wasn’t going to. Liz was going to be here for only a couple day’s or a week tops, to get the divorce papers signed. Then she would never see this small town again. That made her frown. Maria and her friendship, was long gone a long time ago.

“ Oh he’s my partner. Don’t worry Maria, he’s checking the guys out at the fashion shoots.” Liz said as she smiled up at Maria.

Then Maria’s face softened, “ Oh...OH!” getting the point as she started to laugh at how long it had taken her to see the meaning of what Liz had told her about her gay partner Ben.

“ So, uh. Not that I mind and all. But what are you doing here. I mean it’s been ten years. What's brought you back?” Maria wondered aloud.

Liz immediately grabbed her purse and pulled out the yellow envelope and slid it over to Maria. Maria picked it up and started to pull out the papers. She looked at Liz in suspiciously, before she began to read.

“ Their divorce papers.”

“ What!” Maria said a little to loudly. Everyone looked at her from around the entire cafe, and Liz flushed in embarrassment as she felt their hot and cold stares on her, making the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Maria immediately grabbed her by her arm and pulled her into the back room. Pushing her forcefully onto the couch as she started to pace.

“ Why haven’t you done this already?” Maria asked as she stood in front of her. “ I mean common Liz, ten years, and now you think about doing....” Maria stopped as she saw Liz’s hand. The large diamond that settled in the crook of the golden band “”

Maria collapsed beside her and took hold of her small tanned hand, and stared at the ring, the diamond was large and sparkled without hesitation, the specs of beauty flaring from it’s depths. “ It’s beautiful” Maria gasped. Liz smiled remembering when she had first seen it, how her eyes shimmered and her heart beat stopped, but the blood in her veins went faster as she felt the happiness within her heart come to a boiling point her heart that she couldn’t resist.

“ He makes me so happy Maria, I haven’t been that happy in a long time..” she drifted off thinking of how her and her husband used to have those happy times, but they were all lost, a long time ago. He thought they were happy, but they weren’t. Not after having to get married. Not after everything they went through. She wasn’t happy. She hadn’t been happy for a long time. Marriage was always something Liz had pictured great and beautiful. But with her husband she didn’t get that. It was forced and convenient. And they were only sixteen.

“ I know Liz. That’s why I don’t know why you didn’t do the divorce thing a long time ago.”

“ I tried, but he always sent the papers back.”

“ He’s still in love with you.”

“ No he is not, he never was.”

“ Who wasn’t what?” a voice called as they came down the stairs leading into the to the back room. The same stairs Liz remembered coming down every day of her life to start her shift. She lived right up those stairs in that sweet and comfy apartment, the one she felt so alone in sometimes, but now wished she could just run up there and be sixteen again settling down to watch TV. read a book or write in her journal sitting out side in her lawn chair on her very own balcony covered in lights, candles and Chinese lanterns. That was one thing she had forgotten about all these years, her journal that still lay behind the stone brick wall.

Coming down from the stairs, was a tall man with long blond hair that curled slightly, he wore a button up t-shirt that stated his name was Bill, which it wasn’t. It was Michael.

“ Whoa.” he said as he tripped slightly on the last step when seeing Liz. He squinted as he looked at her. “ Liz?”

She nodded as she stood up. Michael smiled. Liz looked at him in shock. he was smiling a full blown smile. What the hell! He hated her the last time she checked. Wait that was ten years ago. And much more of her surprise Michael came up to her and hugged her. A big bear hug. Kissing her lightly on the head. She was in a state of shock, her eyes bulging out of her head. Michael was being affectionate. Was that even humanly possible. Well that explains it.

“ Kyle got him into Buddhism, and now Michael is very in touch with his emotions. But he’s still my space boy.” Maria said as Michael finally let Liz out of his bear hug, and walked over to Maria wrapping an arm around her and crashing her hip next to his. She giggled as he pulled her up his body until her head was foot above his, her feet dangling in the air. Liz looked on and smiled. When she left these two were still bickering. Now they were actually enjoying each others presence, strangely......intimately.

“ Are you two?” Liz asked as she stood kind of awkwardly in the center of the room wringing her hand as she stared at them flirting with each other. And gushing.

“ Married? Yeah we are...for six years now. We have Gabriel, and Jeff upstairs. Gab’s only two, but Jeff is five.” Michael announced with a large grin. Obviously happy with their children. Michael still noticed her state of shock knowing it was because of the change that he had taken over the years. he was much more happier and more thankful now. He even believed in god. The whole family always went to church on Sunday for mass. And they did something together all the time, only because they knew when Jeff hit his teen ages they were going to lose that, and he would get the attitude that Michael had at that age. And that was what scared Maria. “ Liz, I know it’s somewhat of a surprise to see me, well happy. And yeah I knew you were thinking that only because I surprise myself sometimes. But that's what you get when your loved by this beauty right here.” he said as he smiled down at his wife. “ By the way how is you LONG DISTANCE marriage?” Michael asked Liz.

“ Coming to an end soon.” she said is a cold tone. Michael raised an eyebrow at this.

“ Well good for you, I mean it has been ten years hasn’t it?” he asked.

“ Yeah ten long years.”

“ How can you say that, I mean thought out that entire ten years, you and him haven’t even seen or spoken. Well he tried to talk to YOU. But then you moved and he couldn’t find you. “ Michael said as he brought Maria even closer to his side.

Liz froze almost immediately, “ He, he looked for me?”

“ Yeah Liz, I mean your his wife, and you went of to Los Angeles to make something of yourself, and you never returned his phone calls.” Michael told her as he let go of his wife and sat down in the cushioned chairs next to him that he loved so much. Liz stayed standing, as Maria took a seat on her husbands lap putting her arm behind his head casually. “ What’s a man supposed to do. Just sit there and think, well to that's to bad. I don’t think so.”

“ Then why didn’t he send the divorce papers?” Liz asked as she closed her eyes gently sitting down on the sofa across from the happily married couple.

“ Mommy.” a small voice cried from upstairs, a beautiful angelic child’s voice calling for their mother.

“ Oh pour Gabriel. She has had the flu for a week or two now.” Maria said sadly, the pain she felt for her daughter obvious on her face. She climbed off of her husbands lap and started for the stairs, telling her child she was coming.

Michael watched as his wife sped up the stairs until she disappeared. Then he left his full attention to Liz. “ So did you break it to him already or are you going to surprise him?”

“ Well, surprise him, no. Demand his signature, Yes.” she laughed slightly. Just as Michael did. He shook his head as he stood up heading for the kitchen.

Turning around he asked “ You want a drink or something?”

“ Coke please.”

After Michael left the room she was forced to look at everything, seeing everything almost the same exact way as she had remembered. Except for the small fact that now the Gueruin Family now lived in the apartment. Which she would have to have explained to her sooner or later. She looked around seeing the steel table up by the window looking into the kitchen. Michael was pouring some pop for them as a glass tumbled out o his hand and shattered on the floor. She lightly giggled and then took notice to something in the corner. A picture. In a gold frame, that was engraved with little child angles. It was a picture that included, Maria and Michael, their beautiful children and Isabel, and Alex close next to her, his arm wrapped lazily around her waist, and.......Max. The trio had obviously stayed in VERY close touch. Max was smiling. Which wasn’t last thing she actually saw on his face. His hair was dark still, a little shorter. He was still muscular, and strangely beautiful for a man. He looked older, yes. But he hadn’t changed much. In appearance that is. She had no idea WHO he was now.

“ You know he still lives in Roswell.” Michael said as he stood behind her. She gasped and turned to him immediately. Laying a hand on her heart she breathed deeply.

“ Oh Lord, you scared the pants off of me.”

“ I hope not, Maria would be a little jealous.” he laughed as Liz smacked him playfully on the arm. “ But yeah, Max lives across town actually, up on Pen street.”

“ Oh, yeah. I guess I'm still imagining him living at home with his mom and dad.” she chuckled a little at her stupidity.

“ Yeah, you’ve been gone a long time. And a lot of things have changed.” he told her. Hearing something tumble upstairs another question came into Liz’s mind.

“ Um, why do you live in my old house?” she asked as she pointed her finger up. Michael laughed and shook his head.

“ We bought it from your mom and dad when they decided to move. The cafe is still theirs but now we live above it. When we first got married we didn’t have much to live on. So your folks chipped in a bit and gave us a reasonable price for the apartment. But, your bedroom was never touched. Maria refused to. I must say that your bedroom door has been sealed shut for at least five years now.” Michael explained. Liz could feel the tears rise in her throat, knowing that she must have hurt Maria so much when leaving. Yet she kept Liz with her in a strange way. “ You know.” Michael started, Liz gazed up at him as he continued, “ Your always welcome, in our home. So if you want you can put that bedroom to use. I think it actually misses you.” he smiled.

“ you know I would LOVE that. “ Liz smiled. He smiled at her and then said, “ Got your bags?” She laughed and they both set their drinks down and went to the car, and brought all her bags upstairs.

Next stop, Pen street.

TBC..Feedback Please

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Oh, Please read this story. If it seems some what tacky right now Im sorry, but it gets better, truthfully. It does......please people help me out here....*sad**sad**sad*
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Title: Back Home to Roswell
Summary: Read and find out.
Rating: pg 13
Author: Jess

Part three....The Meeting

Two teens walked across the dessert after a night of love making, glowing with excitement, love, pleasure, and desire. It was their first time, for both of them. Both so clumsy not knowing much about their own sex, afraid they might have cause either any pain. But most guilt was on the boy. He stopped instantly, pulling his lover close to his chest, and looked deep into her dark does like eyes.

" Any regrets?" he asked softly. Brushing a string of loose hair behind her ear. Her hair was the first thing he had ever noticed about her. She looked to the ground shyly, and then back to him and shook her head, with a bright white grin.

" Never do I have any regrets, when being with you Maxwell."

" Don't ever call me Maxwell." he said, his voice husky full with hunger.

" Is that a threat?" she asked playfully.

" You want to find out?"

They both laughed as they aced toward the jeep. Until she was hit with an awful pain in her stomach. Max stopped seeing her on the ground digging into the sand. And raced toward her. But before he could reach her, a bolt of green lightning struck him.

Liz bolted up right in her bed, breathing heavily. Beads of sweat ran down her back, her face, and her chest. Until she raised her hand to her face, feeling the wet substance at the corner of her eyes. She had been crying. She had the right didn't she? This place brought back to many memories. To many painful memories.
She stood up from her bed, immediately her legs turning to jelly. Grabbing onto the dusty nightstand she supported her body, before she fell. Looking to the mirror in front of her, she noticed how much of a reck she looked like. Her hair was tangled and frizzy, her pajama's twisted and turned in the strangest ways. Liz laughed softly. She hadn't woken up like this since she first moved to Los Angeles. She walked into her small bathroom, and quickly turned on the shower, hoping it would rinse away some of these feeling, and all of these memories away.
Once feeling the water cascade down her body, she shivered at its touch on her soft skin, but soon hoped she could stay like this forever. Feeling almost clean. After the shower she dried her hair and cleaned up, pulling on some hip huggers and a green see through blouse, with a white tank underneath. She hurriedly put her hair up in a clip, loosely, with hair sticking out everywhere. But it suited her.
She quickly applied her make up and made her way down to the Crackdown, where Maria was most likely working her shift. Michael's snoring was heard quite well, even as Liz made her way down the steps. She chuckled, knowing this probably drove Maria absolutely up the wall. Once she got downstairs, she immediately saw Maria with the early morning customers, she was smiling and kidding around with each table. Liz smiled. As she moved into the Crashdown area through the back doors, she touched the wall and was hit by a flash that caused her to stumble back a little:

" What are you saying Liz?" Maria asked as she was holding her hand to her chest, her hair much shorter than the older Maria. She was younger. And possibly even more beautiful.

" I'm Pregnant, Maria, I'm pregnant." Liz sobbed as she fell back into the chair, feeling the life inside her growing at that very moment.

" WHAT!?" A loud voice back from the back stairs. Both Maria and Liz looked to see, Liz's father, enraged.

Liz stumbled back and fell onto the floor as the flash ended, running into the chairs. Her head was spinning so fast it hurt. She had never forgotten that moment. When she had admitted to herself, her friend, and unknowing to her father, that she was a pregnant teenager, only sixteen. Who had stupidly had unprotected sex with her high school boyfriend. But feeling the flash was over powering. She had forgotten all about them. And she also forgot how connected Max was to this town, and how connected she was to him. She wasn't saying it was a love connection. It was just the connection that they had created the day he brought her back from the dead.

" Liz? Are you ok?" Maria asked in concern as she came flying through the double door that led to the back room, kneeling to Liz's side. " For god sakes I thought you were that clumsy ass husband of mine." she chuckled a little. " Are you ok sweetie?"

She lightly grabbed Liz's arm and helped her to stand. Liz held her head as she felt yet another side affect of the flash.

Liz sighed once more and said, " I forgot how badly I hated this shit." she said angrily.

Maria's eyes widened as she gripped Liz by the shoulders, " Did you have a flash?"

Liz nodded sadly. Maria then smiled. " Knew it was going to happen sooner or later."

" Lets just drop it, and could you tell me where my keys are I have to get down to pen street and get these papers signed, so I can get my ass back to Los Angeles and get married to the man of my dreams.", Liz said as she grabbed her purse which laid on the table, stuffing the envelope with the divorce papers inside.

Maria gulped and frowned pointing to the far corner of the back room. Liz smiled and gently said thanks and went to the far corner. As Liz was doing this Maria grabbed the envelope and pulled the divorce paper that laid inside folding them up and stuffing them into her oversized uniform pocket. As Liz came back she held up the keys saying she had them and grabbed her purse. She hugged Maria quickly and kissed her lightly on the cheek as Maria copied her actions as well. She smiled at Liz and waved. Then frowned knowing, her friend was going to hate her. But Maria knew what she was doing was only the best thing to do.

Michael came up beside her and kissed her on the cheek as she smiled. Buttoning up his shirt he asked, " Is she going to get the papers signed?"

" Yeah." Maria said sadly. Then Michael looked at her pointed a finger. He shook his head and his face turned red.

" Maria please tell me you didn't!?!" he begged angrily.

Maria shook her head and devilishly smiled. Pulling out the papers that stated where to sign for the divorce. Michael then groaned as he grabbed both sides of his head. He then tugged at his hair and slapped his hands on either side of him, angry and yet adoring the mischievous ways of his wife. That always turned him on. But right now he felt like killing her.

" WHY!"

" Because they were meant for each other Michael. They have always been meant for each other. You know it and I know it. Just with one look between those two you could see it." Maria explained to her now pacing husband.

" You are.." he said diggin for a word somewhere in his head, " Your a Crazy and manipulating old hag!"

She tried to look hurt for a minute, writing a shocked look all over her face and then smiling, " Well ill have to take that as a compliment. But did you really have to add in OLD HAG?"

" I can't believe you!" Michael shouted as he walked into the bathroom, trying to find something to pre occupy him from his wife, and her crazy way of driving him insane.

As he began brushing his teeth he came up with the greatest way to get Maria back for this. She was such a crazy woman, sometimes he couldn't stand her. Sure they WERE happily married, sure they DID love each other, and create to beautiful children. But god they still bickered and fought like cats and dogs. It was a habit they would never get rid of, even to the last day the lived on this planet. He could actually picture both of them lying on their death beds, bickering at each other of whether to keep the money to themselves or give it their kids. And who was going to go first.

Michael stomped into the Crashdown area and shouted as he stood their in his boxers and shirt, " That's it, haha, NO MORE SEX!"

Maria's eyes widened as she begged him no, and started to walk towards him. He just smiled evilly and pranced back into the back room his head held high. The whole entire crashdown customers could hear them shouting in the backroom.


Meanwhile Liz sat in her convertible as she blazed down the roads wanting to get this done as soon as possible. But she couldn't help but feel butterflies flapping around in her stomach. The thought of seeing Max was overwhelming. Yes the boy who had gotten her pregnant at sixteen, out in the dessert in a night of uncontrollable passion. They had broken up two weeks prier. Max wanted balance, after Michael had gotten sick. He said they had to take a step back. Liz knew why though. Because he still knew she had fear of being part of the group, and a part of him. then a week after, Maria placed her in a blind date contest, with she had won. Max had gotten drunk that night with her ex boyfriend Kyle. She found them in her room. Where Kyle was going through her underwear drawer, and Max standing clumsily in the center of her room. That night Max kissed her on stage, a kiss she never knew that she could ever get from him. Just about then he woke up, and the alcohol had already escaped his body. Unlike human he didn't have a hang over. Because he wasn't human. He was an alien.
But anyways, the week after the blind date, Max and Liz couldn't help but touch each other and kiss each other. It was like a sexual healing of all their wounds. Through out this time Liz was getting tons of flashes through her and Max's connection, where she got answers from his past. A past he didn't even know. The UFO crash in the 1940's, and seeing galaxies of stars, his home planet. Through out the entire time, Liz was wishing that was happening between them wasn't alien related. But it was. And without Max even knowing this time, he crushed her, like a bug. Her heart shattered...again. That night it went to far, and the alien powers beaming off of Max had taken them over, and they cemented. And that night, they created a human/alien being. Another hybrid.

As Liz came up to the address that Michael gave to her she was surprised to see how large it was. It was white, with a large porch in the front, decorating by lots of flowers and the grass was extremely green. To her surprise in front of the home was a large sign that red:
The Evans Manor

Max was rich! Who would have ever thought. Sure Liz knew that one day he would do great things, but she had no idea that he would be rich enough to call his house a MANOR. She slipped from her car, grabbing her purse and placing her sunglasses onto her nose. Looking at the car in front of her, she saw how unbelievably wealthy he was. She felt her heart start to beat rapidly as she saw the front door open out of the corner of her eye. Not to her surprise there stood her husband. Well, soon to be, ex husband. He was wearing some baggy kakis, and a black shirt. Just as the picture was, he did have shorter hair, and he was STILL as sexy as she left him. But much to her own surprise it didn't really effect her as much.

" Miss, can I help you?" Max asked as he started down the wooden stairs of the porch. His hands were casually inside of his pockets. Another habit he never got rid of.

" Yes in fact you can." Liz said sweetly, even though sweet was the furthest thing from her mind. She turned around looked at him. " You can get your ass over here and give me a DIVORCE."

Max stopped abruptly in his steps. He looked at her shocked, his mouth ajar as his hands slid out of his pockets and he unsurely questioned, swallowing the lump in his throat. " Liz?" he got out.

" Yes handsome. Got a pen?" she answered coldly. She leaned against his car and pulled off her sunglasses.

Max then looked at her chocked yet angrily. " Are kidding me?"

" Nope." she said as she hopped onto the top of the car. She leaned back onto her palms and smiled.

He then smiled and wiggled his finger at her, " Your good. But there is no way in hell that I'm giving you a divorce."

He started back up to his house and basically ran up the steps. Liz darted after him, quickly grabbing her bag at the same time. As he quickly made his way up the stairs, she couldn't help but stare at his butt. Why did he have to have such a nice on! Liz shook her head as she started to think of all the times she caught him working out in his bed room/their bedroom in the middle of the night, just to work off stress. Liz loved it when he did. Come on! What woman wouldn't!

" Maxwell Evans! If you don't sign these damn divorce papers! I am so going to kick you ass!" Liz warned. Max stopped right in front of his door and walked towards her, he shook his finger at her once again trying to find words once again.

" Well Elizabeth EVANS! Won't that look kind of weird , you kicking you husbands ass!" he shouted as he tried to get back into his house.

He admitted to himself yes he had missed his wife, so much sometimes that it hurt. But every single time the divorce papers were sent, a tear ripped at his heart again and again. He still loved her. And he wasn't going to give her up with out a fight. But god at the same time he could kiss her, and he could also kill her.

" Please Max!" she whined as he was about to close the door. " Let's just talk about this."

Max looked down at the ground and nodded. They had to talk, whether he or she liked it or not. He opened the door even wider to let her in. As she brushed past him, it was like he fell in love with her all over again. Her scent enveloped his and cascaded all over his body. That strawberry and Vanilla scent he remembered so well, but until now did he really remember it.
She was more beautiful since when he last saw her, if it was even possible. She was much more built. Still she looked fragile. But it was hard not to notice that at least now she had some muscles. He had also noticed her bust size had also grown. The last time he had seen her he had no complaints. But now they were just a little larger, not to much, but enough to notice a difference. Her hair was shorter, a lot shorter. Even though she had it up, he could tell. He could always tell everything about her. Her style had changed a lot to. when he first married Liz, he saw how conservative and plain her clothing was. Yet he couldn't complain. He always love her in her clothes. And out of them. HE smiled lightly when thinking this. But now Liz was wearing much..... sexier clothes. Her top see through, showing her tank underneath. Her low, dangerously low hip huggers. But, she did have the body to wear them.

" So." Liz said as she looked around the manor awkwardly, " Nice place."

Then Max's face went blank, and his heart went cold. It could have been her home to, if only she had given him the chance. " Yeah, it could have been yours to."

He shrugged past her into his study, where he did all his business. It would be a suitable place. As Liz made her way into the study she found herself looking at thousands and thousands of books. It was like his own private library. She ran her finger across the gold letters written on the spines. These weren't ordinary books. They were all leather bound, old and ancient. The language written on some of them, were oblivious to her. She looked back towards Max a wonder in her eyes. He stood next to his desk going through papers, trying to find something. She then made her way down the row of books, the cases going as high as the very high ceiling.

" It reminds me of the library in Beauty and the Beast." she thought out loud as she sat down on the moving ladder. Grabbing a book from the case. Looking inside to find zillions of pages written in strange lettering.

Max looked over to her and smiled. " I don't think your going to be able to read that." he said as he walked over to her slowly, shoving his hands casually into his pockets, a pen in the right hand. Liz looked up at him and smiled gently.

" Um, yeah I kind of noticed. Their all the same."
" Your going to need a translator for it." he told her as he sat across from her on a other ladder. She looked up at him.

" What have you been doing for the past ten years Max?" she asked. The one question that had invaded her mind thousands of times during the past ten years.

He smiled shyly. A corner up his mouth curling. God, how she used to love that smile. He scratched the back of his head, " This is going to be surprising. But uh,"

" But uh what?"

" I've been in archeology, these are all scribes and books, journals, etc. I've been everywhere. I have the basement full of my much more pricey findings. And the museum in London holds the major stuff. " he explained.

Liz looked at him wide eyed. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had thought so many other things he would be doing, but being an archeologist, and getting rich off of it, was the furthest thing from her mind.

" I, I thought you were more into the medical stuff."

" No, that would be kind of awkward because of my powers and..." he drifted off when seeing her face. He knew that was what she ran away from a long time ago. All the alien related shit she shouldn't of had to go through.

" I'm proud of you Max. I never thought you'd be this well off." Liz said. Max didn't take it as an insult like most small minded people would have. He thought the same thing when he was a teenager, that he was going to be flipping burgers or he was going to be running from the government for the rest of his life. Is was still as much as a surprise to him as it was to her. But he loved his work. he loved every moment. He even loved the endless digging, thinking and brain teasing. He probably loved it because it kept his mind off of Liz. But that didn't happen very often.

" But I guess it still wasn't enough." he said sadly. Looking at his hands. Anywhere but her face.

She looked at him crushed. Feeling her heart fall to her stomach. She hated to hurt people. He had been doing all of this for her. It was touching yes, but it still didn't make up for all the crap she had to go through.

" So how's Tess?" she said coldly when looking at him square in the eye.

His head shot up, when she said this. She still thought there was something going on between him and her? Well there was at first. But not anymore. When Liz and him first got married. Which they were forced to do by their parents. From Liz's perspective they were. It was Max's dream coming true. But that day when Liz brought up how they were forced to get married, she shattered his dream. But, about a week after. Tess arrived. She was one of them, an alien. They learned their so called destiny. One that Max kept from Liz. One that he would never give into. Because he loved Liz, and no one else. But Tess did get it, she wanted to the past to become the present. Which it couldn't. An she continued to come on to Max. Touching him, sometimes forcing kisses. But they were all blind to see what she was out for. She out for Max, and only him. They all thought she just had an obsession. But even when she was told by Max he was a married man, and he had no feelings for her.....she didn't listen.

" Max you want me! You know you do! It's destiny." Tess hissed into his ear outside in front of her car in the pouring rain. She brought her lips to his and kissed him roughly, pull of a passion that didn't exist between them.

Max forced her away from him, pushing her so hard she stumbled. He yelled, " I'm married, I'm with Liz! Don't you get it! I DONT want you!"

She smiled at him seductively, and came closer to him. " You saw what we all saw Max. You are mine, I am yours. Michael belongs to Isabel. Isabel belongs to Michael. You are the king and I am the queen. Don't you get it!"

" Go to hell Tess."

" Only if you come with me."

Then she placed another kiss on his lips, forcing the mind warp on his, to make him react. And the only reason she did this was for Liz to see, who was walking out of the Crashdown her coat wrapped securely around her. Tess opened her eyes as they continued to kiss, only to see the tortured look on Liz's face. That's when she finally let Max go, diminishing her power on him.

" Well, well. Maybe you aren't lost after all Zan." Tess said to him as she pointed towards Liz, who was currently running down the street, in suffering pain. A pain she loved to see.

Liz stared at him waiting for his answer.

" Hell if I know." he said coldly. " It's either heaven of hell."

Liz looked at him quizzing as he stood up and walked over to his desk. " What do you mean by that?"

" Shes dead Liz!" he shouted at her from his desk. Then looking back down at the desk he said, " She's been dead for nine years."

" What?" Liz gasped.

" She betrayed us, and, and I killed her." he said uneasily. Liz looked at him sympathetically.

Max had never been a type of person to hurt anyone. The fact he had killed something that lived and breathed must have killed him. And even though Liz knew there was most likely more behind the story, she didn't ask. She knew Max wasn't a killer, but if anything came between him and his family, or threatened it, he would kill whatever stood in its way. That was the Max, she always knew.

Out of the corner of his eyes Max could see the sympathetic look on Liz's face. He wanted so badly to be able to tell her, that Tess was out to kill their child when she had found out that Liz was pregnant. That Tess knew that Max and Liz's child was another obstacle for her to get Max. And that she had won. But he couldn't. He couldn't

it doesn't mean much
it doesn't mean anything at all
the life I've left behind me
is a cold room
I've crossed the last line
from where I can't return
where every step I took in faith
betrayed me
and led me from my home

"Max..I" Liz began to say but Max cut her off.

" Don't Liz. Please Don't."

She nodded in understanding and stood from the ladder and walked over to his desk. She sat down in the seat that sat in front of the desk as he sat in his a crossed from her. He looked strangely out of place. Looking like a laid back man, in a richly style of a room, that must have cost thousands to put together.

and sweet
sweet surrender
is all that I have to give

" Lets just get this over with alright?? Liz said gently. She pulled the envelope that felt unbelievably light out of her black purse and slide it over to Max. Max pulled the pen out of his pocket as he started to open the envelope. She wanted this, so he would do anything to make her happy.

" So when's the wedding?" Max asked.

Liz's eyes shot up at him. Her eyes filled with shock, anger, hurt, and most of all guilt. How did he know?

" What?"

you take me in
no questions asked
you strip away the ugliness
that surrounds me
are you an angel
am I already that gone
I only hope
that I won't disappoint you
when I'm down here
on my knees

" You and jasper? When's the wedding?" he asked pain filling his heart with each weird. Liz still stared at him shocked. He then placed the envelope down and folded his hands in front of him on the desk. " Liz, I'm not stupid. Your in the Magazines. You have no idea how fast media gets this stuff around. And plus it doesn't take alien to understand it all."

Liz looked at the floor feeling guilty, for being so un caring, and so damn stupid. Why hadn't she thought of that . She and Ben were in the biggest line of fashion, and their wouldn't be camera's following then around? How stupid could she get?

and sweet
sweet surrender
is all that I have to give
- Sarah McLACHLAN- "sweet surrender"

" Well the wedding can't be that soon, because were still married." Max said in a cocky tone as he leaned back into his chair placing his hands beneath his head.

" What? We will be in 5 second, when you sign those papers." Liz shot back. She used to like it when he acted cocky. It turned her on then. But now it was the most annoying thing to her. But boy, he looked really jumpable in that chair. NO! NO! NO!

" Well that's a little impossible. I have no PAPERS to sign." he told her. She raised an eyes brow and began saying of course you do. But before she could finish, she saw the empty envelope. One name came to her mind.

" Maria.." he said with venom in her voice.


Oh yes and here are the questions that Nicoletta wanted me to answer:

1. Why the hell would Liz wanna divorce a handsome, sexy guy like Max for a guy called Jasper? It's not the most common name, and............. well it just sounds weird!

Because she has been away from Roswell for Ten years. And obvious dark secrets she has been holding from her time in Roswell have been holding her back( As shown in the chapter)

2. Does this have Dreamer Insurance?

Yup, you betcha *happy**big**wink**happy**big**wink*

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Title: Back Home to Roswell
Summary: Read and find out.
Rating: pg 13
Author: Jess
Disclaimer: This is some what like the Sweet home Alabama Movie, but with a Roswell twist, Plus this is much different in my opinion. Also the base idea which is part of the Sweet Home Alabama movie, so I guess that and the Roswell characters don’t belong to me. Except for Gabriel and Jeff, the children, they are mine. And so is Jasper.

Chapter Four......The Drive

“ You know I still don’t see why this couldn’t wait until tomorrow.” Max whined as he sat in the passengers seat of the convertible, buckling up as Liz started out of the drive way. She quickly put her sun glasses on, and sped off down the road.
“ Because I have to get back home! I have plans that I have to work out, and the fashion line doesn’t get the clothes by itself!” Liz said as she continued to speed up even more.

She then looked towards Max, who looked slightly uncomfortable. His face showing that he had something on his mind. But she didn’t ask. She didn’t have that right anymore. She was starting to miss it...NO NO NO! She shook her head of any thoughts of them, they were over. had been over for ten years.

“ I love Jasper. Max.” she told herself out loud. Trying her hardest not to look at Max when saying this. Good thing, cause then she would have seen his pain stricken face.

Max looked out into the desert, and frowned, “ Yeah, I know.”

If only she could have said that about him so many years ago. He didn’t know whether she loved him, but he loved her, so much, he couldn’t even describe it in words. He wished he had told her long ago. But he never did. Even after that night in the desert he didn’t. He didn’t know why. He never did. All he knew right now, was that Liz was right next to him, after ten years, and all she had to say was that she loved Jasper. Why? Why couldn’t it be him?

“ So, um, how did she uh, how did she die?” Liz asked as she glanced at Max. Feeling a little uncomfortable sitting next to him, and questioning how that evil tramp died. She still swear to this day, Tess’s rack was all implants.

“ Oh, uh. Well I, kind of cornered her. We fought for a while, until she threatened to kill everyone...........Well she actually just threatened to kill you, actually. But um, yeah, I killed her. I really don’t want to go into details. But it wasn’t my powers that killed her.” he said a little uneasy. He started to ring his hands, remembering all the blood that was created. “ We literally fought. And next thing I know I’m laying on the ground. And she was, dead. I killed her with my bare hands.”

Max never knew himself to be a killer. But that night, he found that he was. Many deaths had come after that. Just so he could protect his family, his friends, his wife. He did it all just to manage a normal life, and some how he did. Now living in a manor, being the wealthiest guy in Roswell, and being a very successful archeologist. Also the most sought out killer in the state. But did they find him? Nope. He had gained so many secrets, dark and rather gruesome over the years, it was hard for him to even count anymore. He knew how to use every gun on the market. Even those, that weren’t even on the market yet. He was a killer. And the scary thing that haunted him through out every day he lived and breathed was the fact, he would never regret it. Because it was all for the girl. No woman, that was now sitting next him. The woman that was asking him for a divorce. Go figure.

Liz looked at Max, watching as all the emotions ran across his face for a mere second, and then even quicker disappeared, into a blank, emotionless face. His eyes didn’t even hold a feeling, a single regret, or life. They seemed dead. And for once, they no longer had that gold reflection they always had. Something happened that she didn’t know about, but was she surprised no. She hadn’t been in Roswell for ten years. For so long, she hadn’t even known her best friend had gotten married, and had children. That her soon to be ex husband was so wealthy.

“ Max..I” Liz started. But then there was a loud clicking sound, coming from the car, as it started to vibrate uncomfortably. “ What the fuck.” Liz cursed.

Bringing the car to the side of the road. She got of the car and opened the hood. But that was her mistake. Once she even touched, her hands burned like a raging fire had just put them a flame, stinging and burning. She screamed as it burned deep into her hand, sending her whole body trembling. She grabbed her left hand with her right once to, make the pain lesson. But it only got worse. And she yelped again.
Out of the blue, Max was at her side in seconds, looking at her as she continued to squirm in her discomfort. Her hands had been burnt really bad, they were actually bleeding from her rubbing them, trying to make the pain less. But she didn’t, she only made it worse. But she didn’t noticed with the definite rage she was feeling.

“ I'm going to SO sue that damn car company. That cost a shit load of money!” she whined as she started to jump up and down, as if she were a child, who had just stubbed their toe. Not only looking like one but sounding like one. “ Owe!!!”

“ Be quite you big baby.” Max said as he got dangerously close to her, bringing his hands over hers. When she felt his palms contact her burning ones, she hissed in pain. Then she saw his hands start to glow. A beautiful gold, that she hadn’t forgotten. Ever since the tie he healed her bullet wound. He was healing her.

Knowing her discomfort, Max made sure the connection was only enough to heal her, but not to completely open it enough, so they felt the things they did in the past. He knew she didn’t want that. But for some reason, he knew she still wanted and needed him. But if she truly believed that she wanted Jasper. He’d let her have him. But then why was he still feeling her, wanting him?

Liz stood there, her head fitting perfectly under his chin. Breathing in Max. The smell of his after shave, and the toothpaste, that undeniable smell of Max. His hands were still in hers. Now holding them, delicately, no pain anymore. That’s what Max did. He took away all the physical pain. But created more emotional damage. Liz lifted her head up, to see Max fixated on her. Her lips were millimeters from his. Those lips that were so kissable, so sensual, that when they were teenagers they drove her wild, anywhere they went. Before she even knew what she was doing. Her lips were brushing his, that intensity settling in her stomach. The butterflies, flying and fluttering so quick and fast, this time she couldn’t control them .
Her hands found their way up his back, and behind his shoulders, softly gripping them their. Feeling those muscles as her traveled her hands up his back, tense at her touch. But not in bad way. In that scary, and that good way she shouldn’t be creating. She was with Jasper, they were engaged. They were going to be married in two weeks. She loved him. But god, just to feel Max’s lips on her was so perfect right now. Max’s right hand cupped her face, and his left rested on her hip, his fingers dancing there. With the right hand that cupped her cheek, he pulled her closer, loving that feeling she gave him. Loving everything about her. His tongue darted out, and traveled on her bottom lip. Making Liz gasp. When doing this, Max took he opportunity and darted his tongue into her mouth. His and her own soon dancing together.
Soon Liz couldn't stop herself, not knowing the reason, why she was still feeling this way, or why she was giving into this after ten years. How could she still feel this way after such a long time? Se brought herself as close as possible to him, and to his surprise kissed back, with as much intensity as he was. His hands, deceived him and found their way under her shirt, caressing her back. He couldn’t control himself, he just wanted all of her again. That feeling had been buried in his stomach ever since she first showed up.
But Liz couldn’t do this. As much as she wanted him, and needed him. She couldn’t have him. She was in love with Jasper not Max.

She ripped herself away from him, and took many clumsy steps back from him. She shook her head, as the anger for herself rose in her throat. “ No! No! I can’t do this! We can’t do this!” she spat at the ground as she bent over, holding her stomach. All the pain that she had felt ten years ago growing quickly. “ I’m in love with Jasper, Max. I can’t do this.” she whimpered as she looked at him.

This raged Max. His heart was finally coming alive after ten years, and she shatters it first thing. Because she’s in love with Jasper. She was his wife! His child’s mother! She was his! She was in love with some other guy, but didn’t feel a thing for him.

“ Yeah, well I guess it makes sense huh, Ms. Colin?” Max spat out of anger.

Liz looked up at him, the guilt and pain piling on her shoulders. How did he know? How did he know anything?

“ You despised me, and everyone else so much, that you couldn’t even keep my name!” he said as he spat at her. She flinched, never seeing Max this anger stricken before. But he did have the right. Didn’t he? “ Well I have one question for you Liz...If you hate me, so much..” he said having her right where he wanted her. “ Then why the hell didn’t come down here to get the divorce ten years ago?”

She froze. Of course she would have if only she had the time. But she always did have the time. Every time he would send the papers back, she would just send them again. Why hadn’t she done this long ago? Look up at Max, she found him walking away, to a near by gas station that was only down the road. Could she still be in love with the teenage alien that saved her life ten years ago? Please.

Next Chapter: The wedding of Alex Whitman, and Isabel Evans. ~Church Bells~*tongue**wink**tongue**wink**tongue*
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