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Title: Someone Like You

Author: Ria, Maria, DreamingOfMax84.... Hell, I even answer to “Hey you!”

Rating: PG-13 ~ possibly NC-17.... so watch out kiddies!!

Couple: Mostly DREAMER, but M/M and A/I will be mentioned too.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.... wait I own my diamond engagement ring, my school books, my cell phone, and of course my lovely fiancé. *big* Just kidding. I own nothing that has to do with Roswell or any of its affiliates.

Summary: This is based off a challenge by Lynn (Sugarplum17) and the movie “Someone Like You.” I’ve never seen the movie so it’ll definitely be different, well as different as I can do around the challenge.

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Jen (Bordersinsanity) for making me this wonderful banner.


Liz Parker is your average 28 year old woman; sweet, beautiful, intelligent and blissfully in love with her boyfriend.... who happens to be engaged, and is her boss. Okay, so she isn’t exactly average. But what’s average anyway? She is one of the producers for one of the highest rated talk shows, Reality Check . She is healthy, happy and employed, but little does she know, that her world is about to spin out of control.

Max Evans is a 28 year old playboy extraordinaire. He’s your typical womanizer; just out looking for a good time, no strings attached. He, too, is a producer for Reality Check. His life was also going pretty good. What would happen if he decided that he wanted more? Could he do it, or would the stings eventually strangle him?

So what do y’all think of the prologue? I have the next three chapters written; written being the operative word, I just have to make myself sit down and type them all out. When that’ll happen, I hope really soon. *big*

*~Ria~* *bounce*

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Hey guys first off I just want to thank everyone who read this.

Ripley Rip Tide

Anaïs & Abby x 2 *big*

I just thought I'd stop by to thank everyone and let y'all know that all my fics are going to be on hold for a couple weeks. I went to the doctor today and got some bad news, so I'm taking some time off and away to deal. But when I come back I hope to have the first part of this and Live for Real and new parts to my other fics. Thanks for reading.

*~Ria~* *bounce*

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