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Title: Carnival Week
Author: Dreamertilltheend
Couples: M/L a bit of M/M, A/I
Rated: PG-13
Summary: West Roswell High is having a Carnival Week. Something is going on between Max and Liz. Will the jock fall for the science geek ? Read it to find out.
Author's note: No aliens. I got this idea when my school was having a carnival week. When I saw most of the activities I wondered how it would look like with Max and Liz at their places.

I just posted the description to know what you guys think of. If it looks like a good fic I'll post some chapters. I'm wanting for your opinions. *bounce**bounce**bounce*

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Liz Pov

I'm Liz Parker, small town girl. Born and raised in Roswell New-Mexico. I'm your average High school science geek. My best friends, Alex Whitman and Maria Deluca, we gravitated throwers each other since we were born. We are known as the three Musketeers. My life has never been easy, you see I never had I lot of friends, too much of a geek, so I've been alone all my life.

Never dated, I'm not in very much of a hurry and not very much of boys are interested, but there's only one I wish will even notice me, his name Max Evans. West Roswell's hottest male known, dark haired, tall, handsome, smart, athletic, and amazing amber eyes which you can get lost in forever. I've had a crush since forever on him, so long that Maria won't stop saying that she finds it pathetic.

Now let's talk about what's happening around town, next week at school it will be carnival week. Sounds fun, activities all week, less classes, looks like it will be a hell of a week.

Max Pov

Max Evans, son of Phillip and Diane Evans and twin sister Miss Ice princess herself Isabel Evans. Well I'm your average high school jock, all girls throwers themselves at me, not saying that I hate that, actually I really like the attention. I'm captain of the football and basketball team. I'm a straight A student too. My best friend Micheal Guerin, completely the opposite of me but we get along.

I lived in Roswell all my life but that's going to change, after graduation I'm leaving, going too some good college to practice medicine.


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Chapter 1
Liz Pov

Monday morning first day of the week, first day of school after a long boring week-end. I just entered W. Roswell High, looking for Alex and Maria. I hear some yelling behind me doesn't look like I'll be searching for long.

´´Hey Ria.''

´´Hey Chica, how are you day on this wonderful sunny day?''

She's did something that I wouldn't approve, I can feel it in the air trouble with a capital T. ´´What did you do?'' I asked her.

´´Nothing if you wouldn't count thatIsignedyouupintheLoveShow'' She said in one breath and running runaway right after.

´´WHAT'' I yelled after her all mad. She did what. You see this week it's carnival day, there will be activities during lunch time, The Love Show, Mr. Roswell and The Royal Family.

Let's start by explaining what those are, The Love Show is like the bachelor, there's three girls hidden behind a wall and they choose a guy to ask those girls some questions, after a couple of questions he picks the one he preferred, but the catch is that the guy doesn't know who the girl is,
And they go on a date.

Mr. Roswell is a fashion show, boy and girl choose what they want to wear and then they do the fashion show, after they choose whose gonna become Mr. And Miss Roswell.

And The Royal Family is that they choose who forms the cutest couple in each grade.

Well now that you know all the activities, it you'll excuse me I got to go kill Maria.

Max Pov

So today like program their will be me on stage for Mr. Roswell. Can't wait to be the centre of attention. Me and Micheal decide will participate this year, it will be fun. We'll be singing tomorrow and today we'll be doing the fashion show.


Oh great my number 1 stalker, just what I needed to start the day, if I pretend that I didn't hear her maybe she'll leave me alone.

´´Maaaaaaaaaaaaax didn't you hear me'' Said Tess linked her arm to mine. Too late great.

´´ Oh sorry''

´´Oh it's ok so what.....´´ I tuned her out. Jeez couldn't she be more annoying.

´´Oh look who it is our Miss Elizabeth Parker.'' I heard Tess say I turned to the direction of her voice and right there standing in front of me was an angel.

´´So I heard you and I will be participating in the Love Show together, how interesting.''Tess said ´´Well it was nice seeing you Parker. Come on Max'' And she dragged me away.
I turned to Tess and asked her. ´´ Who was that''

She looks at me like if I was an moron ´´What don't tell me you don't know her. That's Liz Parker she was your lab partner last year.''

I looked stunned, Liz Parker that's impossible, she she she looks so much different, more beautiful. ´´ I got to get to class'' I said running away.

It looks like I will have a hell of a day. I'm falling for Miss Science Geek herself.


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Chapter 2
Liz Pov

Third Period, next mission, killing Maria. First step, spotting her. Done.

´´Maria Deluca, bring your ass right here.'' I yelled after her.

She turns around and looks at me with those puppies eyes. ´´Oh...hi are you...good...good...BYE'' She turns around ready to run but I grab her arm.

´´Not so fast Deluca. Now tell me what is this thing about signing me up for The Love Show.'' I ask her all mad and pissed.

´´Well I thought you needed to date at least once and that's why I signed you up...'' I could fell a but coming. ´´...but...'' What did I tell you. ´´...but that's not the only thing I signed you up for...''

If looks could kill she'll be dead by now.

´´I even signed you up for Mr. Roswell'' But before I could open my mouth, she pulls out two bikinis from her bag. ´´I both signed us up... I'll be wearing the blue one and you the red one.''

´´WHAT you want me to wear this in front of the whole school.'' I said yelling.

Maria out a paper and gave it to me. I took it and starting reading it. There it was written.

?Fashion show dress has it will please you.

Boys may wear swim suits, boxers, pants without a shirt, normal, casual and more.

Girls may wear swim suits, mini skirts, skirts, dresses, pants and more.'

I stand there wide eyed. Me. In. Bikini. In. Front. Of. The. Whole. School. Oh my god.

´´You're kidding. Right?'' I asked her.

´´Nope Chica. You gotta a great body and it's time for you to show it more. Now come on let's go, they only give us 15 minutes to get ready then we gotta get to the auditorium.'' And she dragged me away.

Damn what did I do to deserve this.

Max Pov

I saw Maria and Liz disgusting something very important. I can't believe it, me, Max Evans, is falling for her, Liz Parker. How can my life get so twisted in a matter of seconds. I mean I could get any girls I want but I choose Parker.

I turn around and make my way to the auditorium to get ready for Mr. Roswell. Since I saw Liz this morning, I started to get weird feeling for her and I've been thinking of her none stop. Not one girl has ever made me feel this way. I mean come on I've dated almost all the girls in this school but I fell for Parker instead.

I spot Micheal. I make my way in his direction.

´´Hey Mike are you ready for the show'' I asked him. He turns around and looks at me.

´´Hey Maxwell. I'm ready and you.''

´´Ya pretty much''

He looks around admiring all the chicks that are around us. I feel an arm hook around mine I turn to the person and ................ oh great it's Tess....................Argh,

´´Hey Max''

´´Hi'' I unhook my arm from hers and start to leave when I stop dead in my tracks. Liz Parker is standing a foot away from me with Maria.

I look at Liz. I know I'm staring but I can't help myself. She's beautiful, she's wearing a red bikini and her hair are curled.

I hear a teacher saying for all participant to follow her. I tear my gaze away from Liz but not before I look at her one last time.


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