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Story: Sexual Education
Author: Anaïs Nin (not the real one, but you know, it's only me...*happy*)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If you haven't figured out by now to whom it belongs, I'd say you were an idiot... Or blind...*happy*

I'll just spell it out for you, alrighty? They belong to the (not-so-)wonderful people of the:


Got it?

Now, don't you ever, ever dare to forget that again!*big*

Summary: Liz Parker is the daughter of the very rich owner of a computer-factory, Jeff Parker. She grew up in a castle, where she was shielded from the outside world and had private education. When she goes to college in Boston, she doesn't know anything about RL: the drugs, rock & roll or sex, but a certain Max Evans decides to quickly change that... *big*


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Here goes, part 1:

Sexual Education


Here she was.

Harvard, Boston.

The place of her dreams.

To be more precisely: the place of her parents' dreams.

People were swarming around her, and she tried very hard to not pay any attention to the looks people were giving her. She looked different, more childish than the rest of the girls. Maybe she should get new cloths, and get rid of the ones she was wearing, so she could blend better into the crowd. Her parents gave her enough money, after all.

She lifted her sunglasses and looked down at her Mickey Mouse shirt and her checkered pants. They didn't look that bad, now did they? She thought they were cute...

Obviously, all the men that were giving her those weird looks didn't.

She sighed. Tomorrow she'd go for new clothes, but right now, she needed to find her dormroom. She picked up her suitcase, that was filled with more Mickey Mouse shirts and brightly colored pants, and sought for roomnummer 205. She hauled her key out of her pocket, and nervously turned it in the lock.

What would her roommate be like?

She'd never had any other friends besides Alex, the son of their charwoman. There had never been other girls to play with, hang out with, gossip with, but she'd never really wanted any. Maybe she just didn't know what she missed out on. Softly cursing when the key got stuck, she bumped against the door, wishing for it to open up in some magical sort of way.

She pushed at it again, and this time, she found herself flying through the doorway, right into the arms of a very musculared body. She blushed and quickly pulled back, only to look into the most mesmerizing eyes she'd ever seen.

Nervously, she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, picked up the suitcase she'd dropped and looked at the ground, embarrassed.

A chirpy voice welcomed her, and when she looked up, a blonde girl with esmerald green eyes laughed at her, giving her a warm welcome.

She smiled back at the blonde, and realized that this was supposed to be her roommate. She stuck out her hand - something she'd been taught to do at a very young age - and friendly shook the other girl's hand.

"I'm Maria," the girl said, "and you are Liz, right?"

She nodded, uncertain of what to do, and tried very hard not to look at the man that stood staring at her in the doorway. Those stupid clothes somehow managed to embarrass her even more, and for the first time in her life, she wished that she was just a normal girl.

Maria shooed the guy out of the room and took her suitcase. "This will be your room," she confided Liz, and smiled at her. "There's been a change of plans, and if you're okay with it, then I'll no longer be your roommate," Maria nervously told her.

Liz nodded apprehensively, curious to the reason of this sudden information.

"If it's okay with you, then I'll switch rooms with a guy, Max Evans. He's the one that catched you so nicely a minute ago," Maria explained, and Liz looked at her, a strange expression on her face.

"Why?" she wanted to know.

Maria lightly smiled at her, her face reddening a little.

"I'd like to sleep with my boyfriend," she confessed, "and since Max didn't want to switch at first, I kinda black-mailed him."

Liz looked a little horrified, and even more puzzled than before when Maria hastily continued.

"I told him that when he wouldn't switch, I'd stay over at Michael's - he's my boyfriend - every night, and that he'd hear things he wished he'd never heard..." she elucidated, and she suggestively raised her eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" Liz asked her, the quizical look still on her face.

"You know..." Maria whispered, her face beet-red.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, faking understanding. Maria must snore very loudly, or something like that. If that was the case, then she should be glad that Maria was moving out, right?

Maria conspiratorially smiled at her and pulled her hair back into a poney-tail.

"So..." she started, "are you okay with it?"

Liz nodded, not knowing why she shouldn't be okay with it. What was the difference between sharing a room with a girl she didn't know or sharing a room with a guy she didn't know? Given: a girl wasn't a guy, but she could get along with guys pretty well, now couldn't she? Alex was a guy, after all, and he was her best friend.

Her only friend, she thought, a pang of hurt hitting her.

Maria squealed loudly and gave Liz a hug.

"Thank you sooo much, chica!" she exclaimed. "I never thought you'd agree!"

Liz just merrily smiled at Maria's reaction and she put her suitcase on her bed.

"Just have fun with your boyfriend, okay?" she asked, not really knowing what boy- and girlfriends did all day.

"I'm sure I will, chica," Maria replied, and she gave Liz a wink. "And so will he..."


So what did ya guys think? Should I continue?

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Part 2

Max entered the dorm room, dragging a heavy trunk behind him. His muscles rippled along with his movements, and she watched, fascinated. When he looked up at her, she smiled shyly and quickly looked away. Why was he making her feel like this?

Sure, he was handsome, but Alex had been handsome, too, hadn't he?

The only problem was that Max wasn't Alex. Max was a guy she'd barely known for a couple of minutes, a guy she'd practically thrown herself at. She felt a blush coming up, reddening her cheeks. Damn! Why was she always so easily embarrassed? Somehow, she knew that she wasn’t just embarrassed because she’d fallen into his arms. Or maybe she was, but then you’d need to emphasize the his-part of the sentence. His arms. She was embarrassed because she’d fallen into his arms. Not very willing to elucidate it any further, she stopped her brain from doing any logical functioning.

She saw Max cleaning his hands, rubbing them over his jeans, and somehow she felt as if she was looking at something she wasn't supposed to look at, as if she was eating a couple of cookies that didn't belong to her. Now that she thought of it, she sure was hungry.

He smiled gently at her, and shook his head, trying to get the bangs that hung in front of his eyes to join the neatly combed hair on top of his head. He appeared nervous to her, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

She'd learned from her father that people who stuffed their hands into their pockets, either had A. something to hide, B. were very nervous about something or C. showed symptoms of all of the above. She was never ever to stuff her hands into her pockets. It was some sort of unwritten law in the glamour world, and she, as the daughter of Jeff Parker, had to obey to all of those laws.

An awkward silence fell, and the smiles they tried to fill it up with quickly lost their effect.

"So..." he began, "I'm Max Evans."

She nodded and smiled at him. "Maria already told me. I'm Liz Parker," she introduced herself.

He smiled, and somehow, it felt as if her stomach did a flip-over. She berated herself for these weird feelings and quickly made her way into the living room.

She sniffed once.

What was that smell?



She had to take a shower, and fast. The flight to Roswell had been tiring, and the man that had sat next to her...

She shivered.

That man had been gross... He must have smelled ten times worse than she did now, and every second, he had given her these queer looks. And she hadn’t mentioned the worst thing yet… He did not only look like a fat, overweighed, greedy pig, but the way he had eaten the spare ribs that had been served...

She shivered again. That had been gross…She hadn't touched a single piece of the meat during the whole flight, and he had been more than willing to eat hers.

"Are you cold?" she heard Max worriedly ask her, interpreting her shiver the wrong way. Her stomach did that weird flip-over again, and she looked back at him. He was looking at her, in an expectant way. His eyes were a shade darker than they had been before, the amber being replaced by a more chocolate-like color.

She smiled at his concern. "I'm okay," she answered him, and she saw something – disappointment? – flashing through his eyes. What had he wanted her to answer? That she was cold? If so, then why?

"I'm just going to take a shower, if that's alright with you," she semi-asked, semi-informed him.

His eyes seemed to widen even further when he nodded, a small smile gracing his features, and again, she was surprised by his reaction. Did she say something wrong? Did she do something wrong?

She tried to shake the feeling of unease off of her, and walked towards her room, retrieving her Garfield pyjamas out of her closet.




Walking to the bathroom, she saw his eyes following her, and it caused the butterflies in her stomach to flutter wildly again. What was wrong with her? Butterflies in her belly? She gently pushed her hands on her tummy, trying to calm those damn insects down.

She didn't bother to lock the door of the bathroom; she'd never done it at the castle either. She thoroughly washed her hair and her body, and when she stepped out of the shower, the mirror was hazed with the damp of the warm water. She wiped some of it off of the mirror, and looked at her reflection.

Did Max like what he saw?

Did he think she was pretty? Beautiful?

She took a closer look. She wasn't tall. Petite would be a better word to describe her. Long, brown hair, deep brown eyes and regular lips. The rest of her body wasn't too interesting either...

She wringed her hair with a towel and wrapped another towel around her body. Deciding that she couldn't keep the bathroom occupied for too long, she quickly brushed her teeth, rinsed, and walked out of the bathroom, into her own room.

The contact of the cool air with her bare skin made her shiver.

It sure was cold in here...

Maybe she should turn the heating up…Entering the living room, she was startled with the sight of Max standing next to the open window. He was looking outside, focusing at an – to her – invisible point, and the setting winter sun lit his skin, giving it a golden glance... Suddenly, she wasn't that cold anymore, and her stomach was doing its gymnastics again.

She forced her eyes to look away from him, to focus at something else. Anything else. She quickly turned her face, in order to go to her room and go to sleep when she heard a sharp intake of breath. She looked at Max again, to find him looking at her, an unreadable expression on his face, his eyes wide opened. She felt the familiar blush starting to appear on her cheeks again, and, ill at ease, she rubbed one of her legs with her foot. He kept looking at her, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets, and she gave him an awkward smile. She coughed, and wasn't sure what she should do.

Why was he looking at her like that?

Why was she feeling like this?

"Umm..." she stuttered, and chastised herself for that.

Rule number one in the showbiz: never stutter, stammer or be unsure of what you have to say.

She coughed again and spoke up once more, her voice more self-confident and certain this time.

"The bathroom is free, if you want to use it," she said.

She saw him raising one eyebrow, sceptically, and her mind raced a hundred miles an hour.

"It was cold in my bedroom," she said, but immediately, she could smack herself for that lame apology.

Max nodded. He smiled at her, she smiled at him, and she gracefully - but quickly - turned to leave the room. She was almost in the hall when she felt her towel slipping away.


Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...

She might not know why Max had looked at her in such a peculiar way when she had entered the room, but she knew he'd have a good reason to look at her with an even stranger expression when her towel would fall onto the ground.

She quickly pulled the towel up, and clutched it tightly to her body. Looking over her shoulder, she could see that he hadn't averted his eyes and was still looking at her, the shocked expression still etched on his face.

Oh well...

She could care less about what a guy thought about her, couldn't she?

She was about to continue her way out of the room when her gaze fell on his body. To be more accurately: when it fell on the lower part of his body. His pants seemed to fit too tight in certain places. It looked rather painful to her. She heard him groan when she looked at him like that, and she smiled at him, not-understanding smile, but a sincere one. She was rather startled to see his face twisted in pain.


It wasn't pain.

It was something similar to it, but not quite the same. Agony, she decided. At least, she thought that the look on his face resembled agony pretty well.

"Maybe you should buy a new pair of pants," she advised him, "a pair that fits a little looser."

He didn't say anything, and just kept looking at her, his eyes dark, and smoldering with...

With fire?

She looked over at the heater.

Maybe she'd turned it up a tad too far...

He mumbled something incoherent, and she took it as an agreement to her advice.

"Cool," she said. "Then you can take me shopping tomorrow."

Looking at the clock, she realized that it was already 10 PM. If her parents would find out about this... She'd be sooo dead.

"I'm going to bed now," she told him. "You shouldn't wait too long to go to bed, either."

She could be mistaken, and it could be her mind playing tricks on her, but she thought she could hear him groan again.


It wasn't her fault that he bought ill-fitting pants, was it?


This was it.

Her first day in Boston, her first day without her parents. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t miss them. Not at all. Not like they assumed she would. They had given her dozens and dozens of familypictures, and had made her promise to call every day.

She hadn't called them today, but it was too late to call them at this time of the day. She'd call them tomorrow.

She slipped into her pj’s and hopped under the blankets. A comforting sound of running water in the bathroom was audible. Max must have decided to take a shower as well. She heard him scream some obscenities as he stepped under the shower, something about the water being way too cold.

Why on Earth was the guy taking a cold shower?

She shook her head, perplexed by this act of stupidity.

He definitely was a weird guy.

A weird guy… a weird guy...

The words repeated themselves in her mind, and kept lingering, echoing like a mantra until she fell asleep.

‘He's a weird guy,’ was the last coherent thought she had before she fell asleep, ‘but surely a nice one…’


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Oh, and about Liz being this innocent: it might not be very realistic, but it is fun to think that she is, right? Let's just pretend that she grew up in a castle somewhere far, far, very far away from the big, bad city, and got private education and lessons from her folks, who tried to protect her from the Real Life, in the worst and most back-firing way possible. She's really naïve now, and has these feelings she can't explain, and will be doing some research on her own (or with Max's help *big*)

So... That was some off-side info, hope that cleared things up a little... Hope to hear more of you guys soon! *big*

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Back with a lill teaser for ya, cuz youve all been so good to leave encouraging feedback *big*

It’s a little part of the nxt chapter. You can see it as a little warming up for tomorrow… *wink*


She was shaken out of her reverie by the caress of a puff of warm air against her lips. Her eyes flew open in surprise, and she found that Max no longer stood on the other side of the dressing-room but was just a mere inch away from her. His eyes were closed, and he was nearing her even further, diminishing the little distance that was left between them, his lips coming closer and closer to hers. Her eyes widened and somewhere, in the back of her mind, a rational part ordered her to pull back, but it was useless. She was completely, totally and utterly lost. She wanted this; every fiber of her being was begging for this, even though she wasn’t completely sure what it was that she wanted.

His lips gently touched hers, caressed them with a softness that amazed her. Her lips remained unmoved, while his lips added a little more pressure – their touch still gentle – and moved against hers. Her breath got caught in her throat as the turmoil of her feelings started to spin faster and faster, and she closed her eyes, feeling somehow giddy and a little bit dizzy. She steadied herself by grabbing his shoulders, and he pulled her closer, held her tightly against him. Something hard was pressing in her belly, demanding some sort of entrance, but it didn’t hurt her; actually, it ignited a longing inside of her, a yearning that was new to her, an unfamiliar feeling, but one she appreciated of. Slowly and uncertainly, she started to move her own lips against his full, velvet ones, and he softly groaned, the sound of it vibrating against her lips. A tremor ran through her body, and she wanted to be closer to him, she wanted to bury herself inside of him, to hurl herself into him, to be a part of him.

When he pulled back, she softly moaned, protesting, and she tangled her fingers in his hair, pressing him back to her, demanding more of his sweet kisses. He needed to breathe, though, and, generously, she allowed him to get some fresh air for three long, agonizing seconds. His lips were soon glued to hers again, and he softly massaged her lips, catching her lower lip between his, and, after revering that one, they moved back to her upper lip again.


A little taste of 2morrow’s chapter…

What did you think? Bad? Good? Continue? Stop?

If you didn’t like it, or have any complaints, file them, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do about it. If you do like it, you also need to let me know, cuz I’ll write faster that way… *big*

IMPORTANT: I was thinking about changing the title into “Lessons in Love”, but it sounded very familiar to me. Does anyone know whether this title has been previously used for a fanfic? Contact me? (On this thread, or thru b-mail)


~ Anaïs

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elizibeth originally wrote:
sweetygurl originally wrote:

I totally agree, I think that max's thoughts would add to the already great story. Who doesn't want to know what max was thinking when she came into the room with only the towel on. Or when she told him she was going to take a shower if the that was alright with him. Or better yet when she made that comment about his pants. I was rolling on the floor with laughter after that. I loved the teaser btw. Can't wait for more and here's a bump just for you.


And get back here asap, we want more.



I'll think about it, okay? It won't be in the nxt part (I've almost finished it) but if you guys really want to see things from Max's POV, then you'll get that... *angel*


Well... What an interesting A/N... *big*

Never mind, I'll come back later with something (hopefully) more interesting than this... *tongue*

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I hope you guys will like it, cuz I'm not very sure about it...

See ya soon!

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Thanks for the replies and reviews, keep them coming… *big*

I’m rather insecure about this part; it’s very long, and I don’t know whether ya will like it or not…


Part 3:

Waking up to the sound of her alarm clock happily buzzing, Liz groggily groaned and wiped the sleep out of her eyes. The sun wasn’t up yet, and it was still dark in her room. She stayed in the same position for a couple of minutes, trying to remember her dream – the only thing she could remember was that it had been amazing, and that Max had been in it – and she lay there, just waiting for Rosa to barge into her room.

She waited, and waited until the little red neon letters of her alarm clock told her that it was already 8.22 AM.

Nobody came.


Rosa used to enter the room immediately, right after the alarm had sounded, to open the curtains and bring her some breakfast.

She scrunched her nose, and sniffed, trying to catch the fragrance of her upcoming breakfast.


She could practically smell the - still warm - loafs with molten cheese or caramel sugar…

What was up with Rosa? What was taking her so long?

She worried for a second. Would something have happened to her? She loved the old woman with the little creases in her forehead, her smiling, ageless eyes and her gentle personality. Alex would be devastated if something was wrong with mother…

Suddenly panicking, she threw the covers off of her, quickly stepped out of the bed, and walked into the direction of her door.

At least, she thought she walked towards the place where her door used to be.

Bumping hard into a closet, she – shocked by the abrupt and intense feeling of pain – took a step backwards and knocked her big toe against the bed. She screamed out, but quickly stifled the sound, biting on her lips, preventing it from penetrating through the walls.

Where the hell was she? And where was the sun? The gentle light of its rays that used to shimmer through her curtains was nowhere to be found, and her room was still enveloped in the darkness of night…

What kind of catastrophe had happened while she had been asleep, dreaming peacefully of her Max?

Her mind was reeling as fast as it could, which, mind you, wasn’t easy, for it was fogged with a thick haze of sleep and panic.


She suddenly realized something. It was there, somewhere in a far corner of her mind, just out of reach for her to grasp onto it. She had vaguely remembered it by something she had thought previously, so she started to rewind her former thoughts.

Her Max?

Where the heck had that thought came from?


She suddenly remembered.


She was at college, attending Harvard, in Boston.

Far, far away from her parents, far away from Rosa and very far away from Alex.

She cursed when she felt her arm hitting something else, but since she’d been more careful with her movements this time, it didn’t hurt her as much as it had the first time. After a long hike through her room, that wasn’t all that big, she realized where the door should be. When she’d found it, she quickly switched the light on and saw that her room had no windows at all, which had caused the darkness.

Relieved, she sighed, and when she breathed in again, something tickled her senses. This time, she could really smell the odor of fresh, sugar-coated loafs and pancakes. Following the enticing fragrance, she entered their little kitchen, and was faced with the most delicious sight she could have ever dreamed of…


A shirtless Max…

A shirtless Max wearing just jeans…

She was shocked by her own thoughts, and for a moment, she wondered where they’d come from. Max was handsome, but delicious? It wasn’t as if she was going to eat him, now was it? Although, she had to admit, her mouth watered a little at the sight of him…

She shook her head, amazed by these weird thoughts. Max’s weirdness must be contagious, and it was obviously having a bad influence on her. On the other hand, she didn’t feel that bad at all. She actually felt great, alive, her heart seemingly beating faster than it used to do.

Max slowly raised his head, and gave her a lopsided grin when he caught her looking at him, as if he knew that he could have this effect on her.

Argh! She sighed exasperatedly. Those stupid, annoying insects in her stomach had awakened along with her, and where buzzing again, fluttering wildly with their way too large wings, and for a moment, she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to stand it. Now that she thought of it, her knees also felt weak, as if her tissue and bones had been replaced with some sort of gelatine or jelly.

Max was still grinning at her, not at all embarrassed by her scrutinizing looks, and shove a stool back, motioning for her to have breakfast with him. Flashing him a grateful smile, she quickly sat down on it before her legs could give out on her.

“You’re up early for a Saturday morning,” she commented, skipping her usual “Good morning” greeting.

Max nodded, and quickly swallowed a piece of pancake, “I love to make breakfast this early,” he explained. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

She shook her head. “No! No! Not at all! I woke up at the sound of my alarm. If you want to make breakfast this early, then please, do. I won’t stop you,” she added and smiled at him.

She bended forwards, as if she was going to share a very secret secret with him, and he imitated her movement.

“I love pancakes,” she confessed, her voice as soft as a whisper.

Max didn’t pull back after that confession until she did, and his confused expression quickly shifted into an amused one. He softly chuckled, and the deep, rolling sound of it touched something deep inside of her, moved her as no sound had before.

It was a contagious laugh, and soon she found herself joining him, the joy of laughing along with him present in every fiber of her being.

When their laughter had worn off, she reached out for the syrup, which he – being the perfect gentleman – quickly handed to her. She smiled as his fingers lightly brushed over hers, an unfamiliar surge of energy and warmth spreading itself through her body. After he had given her a warm smile back, she generously poured the syrup over her pancakes, and when she took a bite, the taste of the sweet syrup overwhelmed the taste buds of her tongue. She took another bite, not noticing how intently Max was watching her, and the sticky substance of the syrup was nearly glued to her fingers. Enjoying the taste of it, she licked her fingers, her mouth fully covering them and her lips gently pressing as she pulled them back out of her mouth.

A strangled groan came from across the table, and, wondering what could have caused that reaction, she looked up at him. His face was twisted in agony once again, his eyes dark and somehow questioning her, as if he was asking for something.

She was uncertain of how to react, and she quickly flashed him a small smile, praying that he didn’t mind. During the rest of their breakfast, nothing strange or unusual happened, and they ate in a comfortable silence that was occasionally filled with chitchat and questions about their origins, parents and school.

After washing the dishes, she went to her room to get dressed, and to her it felt as if her body was softly buzzing, humming with joy. She felt more alive than she ever had before, and she longed to see Max again, find out more about him and laugh more often with him.

“You coming?” she called when she walked into the hall, hoping that he’d hear her from wherever he could be.

She heard him call something inaudible back, probably an agreement, and soon he walked into the hall, a toothbrush stuck in his mouth, his hair still tousled and uncombed.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked her, a puzzled look marking his features.

“You’d take me shopping today, remember?” she tried to refresh his mind. “You needed a pair of new jeans yourself,” she added, and she looked down at his crotch.


His pants didn’t seem that tight anymore, although it looked as if they were getting more strained every second. The longer she looked at it, the tighter his pants seemed to grow.

That was weird.

Weird, but also very interesting…

He quickly turned away from her, his face red, and the blush that colored his cheeks surprised her.

Had she embarrassed him?

“I’m just gonna take a shower, okay?” he asked her, his voice strained.

She simply nodded, lightly confused by this sudden craving for a shower, since he was already dressed to leave.

“Please hurry,” she pleaded with him, willing to leave for the mall as soon as possible, desperately in need of new clothes.

“I’m not sure how long it will take me,” he answered when he walked into the bathroom without looking back at her, “but I’ll try to be as fast as I can, alright?”

She nodded, even though she knew that he couldn’t see her, and sat down on her suitcase, in the middle of their little hallway, listening to the flowing of the water and to Max screaming some obscenities when he stepped under the shower.

A cold shower. Again. At 10 o’clock in the morning. The guy definitely was a weirdo…


“What about this?” she asked him, holding a shirt with a little Donald Duck in front of her.

Max shook his head, it being a definite no, and she sighed, her shoulders sagging.

Wasn’t there anything in this shop that he approved of?

He seemed to notice her feelings of defeat and smiled warmly at her.

“Let’s go to another store, okay?” he asked her, and he placed his hand on the small of her back, gently guiding her out of the shop and into the crowd. She caught sight of a group of teenaged girls, walking with countless shopping bags in their hands, leaving a store happily chatting.

“Let’s go there,” she said, and set course to the large shop, not noticing that Max wasn’t too eager to follow her. Inside the store, loud music was beaming out of the speakers, and she quickly moved her hands up to cover her ears. Max put his hands onto hers, removing them from her ears, smiling gently at her while he did so. The surge of electricity that had surged through her earlier this morning was surging through her again, and – involuntary – she shivered at his touch.

“Liz! Max!”

Maria hasted herself towards them, and Liz smiled at the sight of her ex-roommate.

”Hey Maria,” she greeted the blonde girl, and she noticed that the uniform Maria was wearing belonged to the store. “You work here?” she curiously asked her.

Maria nodded happily and gestured at the tacky uniform. “Yeah, I do. The uniform is horrifying, but they pay you very well. Besides that, I’ve already been – she motioned at the two badges on her blouse - “Saleswoman Of The Month” twice this year.”

Suddenly Liz noticed how uncomfortable Max was, and she caught him scratching the back of his neck a couple of times. Maria flashed a knowing grin at them and lightly nudged Max in his stomach.

“I told you you wouldn’t mind switching dorm rooms, didn’t I?” she half-laughingly said. “Already shopping together, huh?” She looked at Liz, and her grin broadened even further. “You go girl! You’ve tamed him pretty well! I still can’t get Michael to go shopping with me...”

Liz shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing, perplexed as to why Maria made such a big deal of it.

“Max needed a new pair of pants,” she explained, and she gestured at his crotch. “This one fits too tight at certain moments.”

Max face reddened faster than she would have held possible, and Maria snorted, laughing so hard that her body rocked with every inhalation of air, and she was nearly rolling on the ground. Liz just stood there, not really knowing what to do, and she just smiled when Maria hung onto her for support.

When Maria’s laughter had subdued and the color of Max’s cheeks had returned to his normal complexion again, Maria took Liz’s hand and showed her a corner of the shop with bright, colorful clothes. She selected a couple of skirts, tank tops and tight jeans, and led Liz towards the dressing rooms.

“Maria,” Max protested, “it’s almost winter, she doesn’t need those tops.”

Maria turned around to him, a quasi-angry expression on her face.

“Oh yes she does, and you, Mister,” she said, pressing her index finger into his chest, “have nothing to complain about, now have you? It’s not like you don’t want to see her in a tank top, right?”

Max exasperatedly sighed, raised his hands in a gesture of defeat, and took a step back, sitting down on the nearest chair.

Liz shook her head; she wasn’t certain why Maria and Max were acting like this. Everything was so different here in Boston, everything seemed so strange, so weird to her.

Maria pushed her into the cabin, handed her the clothes and left her alone to get dressed. She inquisitively looked at the tops, pulled her shirt over her head, and carelessly, she dropped it onto the floor. She took the tank top in her hands, giving it a close inspection and swiftly pulled it over her head, fumbling with the pink lacy ribbons.

She looked into the mirror and was satisfied with what she saw. The top made her look like all those other girls, which was exactly what she wanted. Her nipples shone through the thin cotton of the top, though, but maybe Maria could find something similar that was made of a thicker fabric.

Proudly, she left the cabin and walked towards Max and Maria, who were wrapped up in a conversation. They immediately stopped talking when they saw her and Maria let out a delighted squeal, which Liz answered with a smile. Max just gasped, his gaze etched on her breasts, or, to give a more precise location: her nipples. When Maria followed his gaze and saw what was going on, she pushed Liz back into the dressing room.

”Sweetie, you’re supposed to wear your bra underneath this,” she softly chastised her, and rumbled through the pile of clothes, searching for Liz’s bra.

“Um…” Liz hesitantly responded, “I don’t have any bra’s.”

Maria looked up at her, alarmed. “You don’t have any bra’s?” she loudly asked.

Liz shook her head in denial. “No,” she said, “I don’t.”

Maria just looked at her for a moment, obviously perplexed by this information. She shook her head, her blond curls flying around her face.

“You don’t have any bra’s?” she repeated, “not a single one?”

Again, Liz shook her head.

Maria quickly pulled the top over Liz’s head and threw the shirt at her. “You and I, chica,” she said, while helping Liz get dressed again, “are going to get you a couple of bra’s, right now.”

“Right now?” Liz said as her head popped out of her shirt, all the way through the small collar. “Don’t you need to work?”

Maria looked at her watch.

“Right now,” she affirmed, “in three – two – one seconds.” She grabbed Liz’s jacket, gave it to her and quickly left the room, dragging Liz along with her. Max followed them without questions, but came to an abrupt halt when they were about to enter another store.

“I’m not going in here,” he protested. “No way! This is against my religion!” When Maria shot him an angry glare he resisted: “No! No, I’m not going! I will not betray my maleness!”

Liz looked quizzically at him, and then at the store he was supposed to enter.


She peered through the window, seeing bra’s, panties, nightgowns and other underwear being exhibited, the fluorescent-lights giving them an unnatural glow.

Maria grabbed Max’s upper arm, and a pang of jealousy hit Liz. Nobody else could touch her Max, feel the things she felt when he touched her. Nobody else, not even Maria.

She quickly tried to get rid of those envious thoughts, for she knew that Maria and Max were just friends.

Just friends…

Then what were they – she and Max – if they weren’t just friends? Would this be the boy-/girlfriend thing Maria had going on with Michael?

“Don’t cry, you big baby,” Maria mockingly soothed him, and pulled him along with her. Liz waited outside and Maria turned around to retrieve her.

“We’re doing this for you, girl, so you better get your ass over here right now!”

Liz mumbled an apology, and Maria smiled at her, showing her that she was just kidding around. After carefully inspecting Liz’s breasts – Max looked away embarrassedly – she pulled some bra’s out of the clothes-horse and walked to the little cabins, helping Liz to get them on.

“Hmm…” Maria said, and she took a closer look, pulled at the straps a couple of times, and fumbled a little with the clasp. “I’ll get some other bra’s, okay? I’ll be right back, alright? You just put this one on.”

And with those words, Maria left her to take care of her own.

Taking the bra off wasn’t such a hard task, but she had a lot of trouble putting the other one on. How had Maria done that again?

The damn clasp didn’t want to close, and she just pulled the straps over her shoulders and stuck her head through the curtain.

Where was Maria when you needed her?

“Maria?” she softly called out.

She heard footsteps nearing her cabin, but when they came closer, she realized that it were Max’s.

“Is everything okay?” he worriedly asked her.

“No,” she replied, and opened the curtain a little further, not hearing his gasp. “I can’t get this damn clasp to close,” she elucidated, and gestured at the clasp. “Could you do it for me?”

She saw him swallow, and his voice sounded strained when he answered her.

“Yeah, s-s-sure,” he stuttered, quickly stepped inside the cabin and moved behind her. She could feel his breath on the bare skin of her back, and she the little hairs in her neck straightened, stood in an upward position. His warm hand moved down from her neck, lingering on her body until it reached the silky material of the bra. She could hear him swallow again, very loudly this time, and his left hand joined the other one. When he had fastened her bra, she turned around and faced him.

“What do you think? Is it okay?” she asked him, worrying that it might be too tight, or that it didn’t fit her.

He just looked at her, his mouth agape, his tongue almost falling to the ground, his eyes wide open, nearly popping out of their sockets.

Her smile faltered. “It doesn’t fit me, does it?” she asked, rather disappointed with his reaction.

Why was she buying a bra anyway? She had never needed one, had she? She had been perfectly fine without it before. This was all Maria’s fault. Now she stood here, making a fool out of her self in front of Max. She didn’t know why she even cared, but the point was that she did. It did matter to her what Max thought of her, it mattered to her when he thought she looked stupid or plain.

She was surprised by Max’s fervent reaction at her last words. He wildly shook his head, his hair flinging around his face and he placed his hands on her shoulders, causing the unfamiliar surge of electricity to flow through her again.

Involuntary, she shivered, and the warm look in his eyes incited her stomach to tumble again. She looked deeper into his eyes, drowning in them, getting lost in their infinity. The look he was giving her wasn’t warm; it was hot and it melted her down to the bone. The temperature in the cabin climbed fast, and even though it was this warm, she shivered again, not fully aware why, but assuming that it was because of these strange feelings.

Max was still shaking his head, apparently too speechless to form coherent words out of his thoughts. One of his hands was working its way up from her shoulders, cupping her cheek, caressing the side of her face, and she – unconsciously – leaned into his hand. His intent gaze was too much for her to bear, and she closed her eyes, rejoicing in the feelings his hands were eliciting in her. When he finally did speak up, it weren’t the words she had expected to hear.

“I think it suits you very well,” he was whispering, his voice husky, more hoarse than it had been a few minutes before. She shivered again, and leaned further into his hands, begging for more of his touch, to feel the electricity again. The hand that had remained still on her shoulder started a journey of its own, carefully traveled to her neck, and – agonizing slowly – it reached its final destination.

She relished in the hurricane of emotions, tingles and feelings he was causing, no longer thinking that the fluttering of butterflies in her stomach was anywhere near annoying.

She had never felt like this before. Never. She had never felt this loved, this cherished. Never before had she felt this special. She knew that she shouldn’t feel like this, that these feelings were dangerous: her mother had warned her for men, for any possible feelings towards them. Her mother had predicted that she would feel ‘things,’ and said that those feelings were deceiving, unrealistic. Liz couldn’t believe that, not after she’d felt these ‘things’ herself, experienced them on her own. It was too tempting, too enticing to give in, and too late to pull back now.

What she felt was irresistible.

Max was irresistible.

She was shaken out of her reverie by the caress of a puff of warm air against her lips. Her eyes flew open in surprise, and she found that Max no longer stood on the other side of the dressing room but was just a mere inch away from her. His eyes were closed, and he was nearing her even further, diminishing the little distance that was left between them, his lips coming closer and closer to hers. Her eyes widened and somewhere, in the back of her mind, a rational part ordered her to pull back, but it was useless. She was completely, totally and utterly lost. She wanted this; every fiber of her being was begging for this, even though she wasn’t completely sure what it was that she wanted.

His lips gently touched hers, caressed them with a softness that amazed her. Her lips remained unmoved, while his lips added a little more pressure – their touch still gentle – and moved against hers. Her breath got caught in her throat as the turmoil of her feelings started to spin faster and faster, and she closed her eyes, feeling somehow giddy and a little bit dizzy. She steadied herself by grabbing his shoulders, and he pulled her closer, held her tightly against him. Something hard was pressing in her belly, demanding some sort of entrance, but it didn’t hurt her; actually, it ignited a longing inside of her, a yearning that was new to her, an unfamiliar feeling, but one she appreciated of. Slowly and uncertainly, she started to move her own lips against his full, velvet ones, and he softly groaned, the sound of it vibrating against her lips. A tremor ran through her body, and she wanted to be closer to him, she wanted to bury herself inside of him, to hurl herself into him, to be a part of him.

When he pulled back, she softly moaned, protesting, and she tangled her fingers in his hair, pressing him back to her, demanding more of his sweet kisses. He needed to breathe, though, and, generously, she allowed him to get some fresh air for three long, agonizing seconds. His lips were soon glued to hers again, and he softly massaged her lips, catching her lower lip between his, and, after worshipping that one, they moved back to her upper lip again. She couldn’t prevent the moan that was welling up inside of her to escape her throat, and when it left her mouth, she could feel him responding to it, hear him moaning back to her.

“Oh my Gosh! I’m so sorry!”

Liz was harshly pulled back to reality, her feet hitting the ground again, the clouds that had fogged her mind slowly dissipating.

Maria was looking at them with a ‘See-I-told-you-so’-smile etched on her face, and right behind her, looking over her shoulder, the manager was looking at them, a whole different expression etched on his face…


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Part 4

She looked out of the car window and watched the scenery fly by, it being decorated by the little raindrops on the window. His image reflected in the window, and she studied his face, feeling the need, the craving to know every line, every curve that adorned his face. She had tried several times to start a conversation, but when all she’d received had been one-word answers, she had given up. Now, they just sat in an awkward silence, at times being interrupted by the sound of thunder, which was quickly followed by a light flash.

The manager hadn’t been too happy when he had found them, so they had quickly left the store, but not after buying a couple of bra’s for her, including the one Max had liked so much. They had endured the intent gazes of the other costumers – Max with that cute red blush on his handsome face – and had done some other shopping in the store where Maria worked, establishing her position and ensuring her to get another “Saleswoman-Of-The-Month”-badge.

After a quick dinner at McDonald’s – she had bought a Happy Meal because of the funny little present that went with it – they had walked Maria to her car. With the exception of some chitchat, all done by her, they had been silence ever since.

Was he angry with her?

Did he regret what had happened?

Had she done something wrong?

She sighed. She had no clue what was going on, and when he’d continue his little Let’s-not-speak-to-Liz-unless-it’s-a-matter-of-life-and-death-game, she’d never find out.

He carefully pulled over, seemingly immersed in the oh-so-very-difficult task of parking the car in a very empty, very spacious parking lot.

Holding her hand above her head, she stepped out of the car and ran onto the campus, trying to dodge the raindrops as well as possible. She heard him follow her, his swift footsteps audible over the sound of her own.

“God, I so hate this weather,” she whiningly complained, knowing that she sounded like a baby, but hoping to get any sort of response out of Max.

He didn’t answer or respond, though, and silently opened their front door.

She was gradually getting irritated with his silence, and refusal to speak. She wanted to hear him talk, dream away on the beautiful melody of his voice. It didn’t look as if he was going to speak soon, though, so she headed for her bedroom.



He spoke to her.

He spoke.

To her.

She slowly turned around, and found him staring at her, his beautiful amber eyes focused on her own eyes.


Amused, she noticed that he was stuffing his hands in his pockets again. He must be just as nervous as she was.

“Would you…” he stammered, and raked a hand through his silky, raven hair, trying to look everywhere but at her. “Would you like to watch a… a movie, or some TV or something?” he tried again, this time succeeding better in keeping his voice neutral.

She flashed him a smile, grateful that he talked to her again. She loved watching TV. Her parents had let her watch the news every day, and sometimes she’d even been allowed to watch a documentary film.

“Sure,” she happily agreed, and she followed him to the old, tattered couch, plumping down next to him.

They sat there for a moment, unmoving, once again silent, staring at the black screen of the TV, before Max reached out to grab the remote control. The screen flickered and, all of a sudden, it came to life. He switched canals and he finally seemed to have found a documentary-like program that he approved off. She intently looked at the TV-screen, studying the people on it.

A long, Asian guy, very well built, funny haircut…

A blonde, ugly man, also very muscled…

Two gangs, carrying guns and other kinds of weapons…


What the hell were they doing?

They were shooting at each other!!!

“Oh – my – God!,” she exclaimed.

“Max! They’re killing each other! Why isn’t anyone stopping them?”

She made hasted gestures with her hands, flinging them in the air.

“The guy who’s filming this, why isn’t he doing anything? Max!”

Max looked at her with a most peculiar expression etched on his face. He shook his head, clearly confused with her reaction. Obviously, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Why wasn’t he shocked by this?

Those men were killing each other, for Christ’s sake!

Seeing that she was truly panicking now, and on the verge of tears, he reached out and touched her hand.

“Liz,” he reassuringly said, “It’s only TV.”

His soft touch distracted her for a second, but when she heard new gunshots, she panicked again.

“It’s not real, Liz,” he soothingly told her.

God… How she loved it when he called her name…’Say it again!’ begged him with her eyes, and had troubles focusing on the matter at hand. “N-not real?” she said, stumbling over her words and cursing her vocal cords for malfunctioning.

“No,” he softly said. “It’s fiction, Liz, you know, like in books?”

She looked at him in disbelief.

Not real?

Why would people want to see other people murdering each other when it wasn’t real?

How sick was that?

Still not completely understanding, she nodded at him, just to reassure him that she was okay. He smiled at her and gently squeezed her hand, inciting the electricity to flow through her body once more. He had felt it, too, for he was intently looking at her again, his gaze wavering from her lips to her eyes. When he seemed to regain his control again, he averted his eyes and focused on the images on the TV. She imitated him, did the same, and looked at the screen. Blood issued out of a wound. It all seemed so real to her, and she wasn’t sure whether she should believe Max that it wasn’t real. She knew that she could trust him, but it was all so unbelievable.


Turning around to face him, she noticed the anxious, nervous expression on his face. What did he fear?

“Yes?” she – just as nervously – replied.

“Are we going to act as if nothing happened?” he asked, his hands twitching on his lap.

As if what didn’t happen? Her outburst over some – according to him – stupid fiction?

“What do you mean?” she voiced her thoughts.

He looked at everything in the room except at her. “The kiss. In the dressing-room.”

She looked at him, astonished.

“Why?” she asked him, unaware of what the motives could be.

“Because…” he started, and he obviously had to force himself to look at her, “Because maybe you’d rather stay friends…” he trailed off, and she smiled at his nervousness.

“I’d like to kiss you again,” she responded, surprising herself with her boldness.

His head shot up at those words, and a smile graced his handsome features.

“Really?” he asked, needing some sort of affirmation from her, the tone of his already so low voice sounding even lower.

“Yeah,” she answered him. Unconsciously, her tongue darted out to moisten her lips, provoking him to groan.

“That’s… good,” he huskily replied, and he inched closer.

“Yeah…” she said again, and, deciding that it was unfair to let him do all the work, she helped him diminish the distance that was left between them.

His hand reached out to touch the side of her face, and he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He leaned in and…


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He leaned in and gently cupped her cheek, reverently stroking her olive skin. His other hand entangled itself in her hair, and he momentarily marveled at the silky softness of it. Her breathing had become more irregular, and her eyes fluttered for a moment and then closed, anticipating the feather light touch of his velvet lips. He seemed to take forever to cross the distance between them, nearing her slower than he had before, as if contemplating just how and where he would kiss her. She slightly frowned in frustration, irritated and yet pleased in some sort of bittersweet way by the desire he was causing to well up inside of her.

She decided to make a move on her own, and following his lead, she also moved in, meeting his lips halfway. The moment their lips touched, met each other in midair, their surroundings seemed to disappear, dissolve, disperse into nothing. The world had spun off of its axis, time ceased to exist, and they were the only ones left in this timeless, endless bubble of love, infinity and eternity. Sparkles flew, little light dots appeared in front of her eyes, and she gasped, out of breath, amazed by all these new feelings that were rushing through her body.

His lips opened slightly, and for a moment she wondered what he was doing. All rational thought flew out of her mind, though, the moment he softly ran his tongue over her lips. She gasped again at his touch, bathing, nearly drowning in the mere sensation of it. Cleverly and skillfully, he adapted to the new circumstances and his tongue slowly entered her mouth, caressing her own tongue with his.

She had died.

She had died and gone to heaven.

This was way too good to be true, it felt way too good to be experienced in this mortal life.

Weirdly enough, she didn’t feel dead at all; she felt more alive than ever.

He slowly pulled back, and with a groan, she pressed his lips against hers once more, locking them firmly together. His tongue darted out again, and he lightly traced her lower lip. Giving him a willing invitation, she opened her mouth again, and he slipped back inside of her. He tasted her thoroughly, and didn’t leave a single inch of her mouth unexplored. He slid past her teeth, caressed her tongue, her palate and she could swear that she felt him brushing against her tonsils a couple of times.

While his tongue was exploring her mouth, his hands didn’t remain unoccupied

either. The one that had been tangled in her hair, slowly slid down, tracing the outlines of her (new) bra through her (also new) shirt, at an agonizing slow rate. He played a little with the clasp of the bra and then continued his way down, reaching the hem of her shirt, and slipping his fingers under it. His hands were doing havoc on her body. The feelings of desire, lust, love – till now were all unfamiliar to her – were ravishing her, nearly killing her, and she let her head fell back. Max, not all too happy when he could no longer taste her sweet lips, gently pulled her back with his other

hand, and she willingly obeyed. Returning to his lips in full force, she pushed him down on the couch while her mouth crashed against his. She stifled his groans with her own mouth, and started an exploration on her own, and she let her tongue carefully duel with his.

Sliding over his broad shoulders, she reached his neck, and she toyed with the nape of hair that was positioned there. Suddenly, she realized that she had to be nearly crushing him, and tried to move, in order to shift some of her weight off of his body. He resisted, though, and jerked her even closer to him. Something hard was pressing in her thigh. She was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of it, but she longed to feel it somewhere else.

So, she moved – not so indiscreetly – wiggled and shifted until the place where she ached for him was positioned above him. He gasped, and – pleased with his reaction – she moved again, a circular motion this time, and provoked more and more gasps. She found the feeling pretty spectacular herself, and kept moving her hips, wanting to feel more of it.

His hands started to move more frantically now, stroked her back, hooked themselves under the elastic of her bra. After another groan, he was the one to change positions, and he rolled himself on top of her, careful as to not hurt her. He pulled his head back and, reluctantly, she let him go.


She opened her eyes and found his face hovering above hers, his eyes warm, passionate and filled with desire. A desire that equaled hers, a desire that was at least just as strong and undeniable. She smiled at him, begging for more of his touch, more of his kisses.


She smiled at him. She smiled at him, reminding him of a little child, not-so-patiently waiting for someone to hand a candy bar. He couldn’t do it. Not when she was smiling at him like that. Not with that beautiful hint of innocence and trust in those chocolate brown eyes of hers.

She obviously didn’t have a clue, didn’t know what she was doing. He didn’t want to be the one to take the innocence, trust, naivety out of her eyes. If it would have been any other girl, he would have taken a shot. Without hesitating, he would have picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. But then again, if it would have been any other girl, he probably wouldn’t have ended up in this position. He couldn’t do that with her, though. Not with Liz. Somehow, he felt that she wasn’t to be used, wasn’t to be spilled or soiled. He didn’t want to destroy her enticing innocence, her sweet childlike eagerness to learn new things.

He pulled back even further, and was having the hardest time to keep his self-control and not launch himself at her when she moaned in protest.

"We’d better go to b-" he abruptly stopped. He hadn’t meant to say that.

"We’d better go to sl-"

Damn! Stupid, stupid, stupid. What was safe to say?

We’d better get some sleep! Yeah, that was it! We’d better get some sleep!

"Umm… We’d better get some sleep," he softly said, and he caressed her cheek, brushing a piece of hair out of her face.

Reluctantly, and rather disappointed, she nodded her agreement.


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