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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; different ending to "destiny"
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do.

Prologue *NC17*
Overturned Van, Early morning May 14

Max's soft lips caressed my own gently, his tongue carefully probing my closed mouth. I opened up to give him access eagerly. Despite everything he had been through in the past 24 hours, I could feel his love for me. Max Evans loved me!! His impassioned speech moments ago, of his love; proved that. Max's mouth moved down to my chin and I gently tilted my head back so he could trail kisses down my neck. His tongue crept out to softly lick the base of my throat. My arms, which were wrapped around his strong back, moved upwards and my fingers dove into his hair.
I could hear him panting, his breathing qucikening as, in one quick motion, he pulled me into his lap, my breasts pressing into his torso. I moved slightly to get comfortable and heard Max groan softly. I smiled to myself as I realized my hot center was over his hard arousal. I moved my head back down to look Max in the eyes, and moved on him. A strangled groan. I did it again and again, my eyes never losing contact with Max's.
Max's hands moved to the hem of my shirt and moved it upwards, his hands running along my sides. His eyes asked a silent question and I nodded slightly, rasing my arms to help him remove my shirt. It landed in a heap on the floor. I held my breath as Max's hot gaze roved over my breasta, encased in a peach-coloured satin bra.
Max moaned as I continued to move slowly but surely against his hardness. he began to kiss, lick, and nibble the skin on my shoulders, down to my collarbone, and all the way down to my bra. I moved forward more to give him access to my breasts.
I could feel how wet my panties were becoming, my breathing was laboured. Max moved his mouth down to one breast and put his mouth over the satin, and then suckled me gently. I cried out and placed my fingers back in his beautiful dark hair. Max moved to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. My hands moved to the hem of his shirt and I began to pull it off. Max pulled back and lifted his own arms. His shirt joined mine on the floor.
His lips moved back to one shoulder and then he started kissing across it, pulling my bra strap down my arm, his lips following it. He repeated the action on the other side, and I swear I got wetter as I continued to move against him, the ache in my center heavy and hot with longing. Max's fingers mindlessly moved to the back clasp of my bra and undid it. He peeled the bra from my body, tossing it away. I gazed at him lovingly, surprisingly unafraid. My nipples pebbled in the cool air and Max gasped.
"You're so beautiful, my Liz," he whispered reverently, his hands moving to cover my breasts. I cried out, and began to whimper as he massaged them gently. He then lightly twisted the nipples with his fingers.
"Oh Max," I cried out softly. Max smiled at me and moved his fingers away. I started to protest when I felt his hot tongue lick a sensitive bud. I purred. "More, Max, more," I demanded shamelessly. His hot mouth covered my nippled and he sucked me hard into into his mouth, licking, nibbling and sucking relentlessly. "Yeeesss, Max," I wailed breathlessly, feeling on fire. I continued to cry out his name repeatedly, and then he switched breasts and gave the other one the same treatment. The ache in my pelvis was almost unbearable. I moved almost frantically against him.
Moments later, Max released his mouth from my breasts. His hands moved to my waist and he put me on my feet.
I frowned, confused, until he bent in front of me, kissing down my stomach to the button on my jeans. He undid it after another nod from me and then pulled my jeans and my matching peach satin panties down together. He stood up as I stepped out of them, removing my shoes and socks, too. I stood there in front of him as Max stared.
He groaned. "So perfect, Liz," he sighed. He unbuttoned his own pants and slid them down, along with his boxers. My curious gaze went right to his arousal, standing up straight for me. He removed every article of clothing from his body, and tossed them away. He stood up straight, and then I carefully clasped his hardness in my hand, feeling its throbbing. "Liz," Max hissed softly as I experimentally stroked him a few times. Max gently removed my hand and then kissed me deeply, pulling me close against his hard body. I groaned as I felt my stomah muscles graze his hardness.
I began to move my mouth down his neck,, over his shoulders. I took his little hard nipples in my mouth and sucked gently as Max groaned. I eagerly ran my tongue all over the ridges and planes of his abs. Max's hands moved into my hair as I moved lower and lower.
There. My destination. I opened my mouth over him and moved down, taking him in as far as I could. "Liz, god baby, yeeesss," Max moaned, as I moved my mouth up and down, swirling my tongue around the tip. Max let me continue for a few moments, before gently pulling me up to his level. "Liz," he whispered huskily, "when I come I want to be inside you."
I melted. "God, Max, yes," I replied, my voice equally husky with longing. Max turned me around carefully and made me sit. He got down in front of me, pulling me so I sat on the edge of the seat. He brought a finger up and ran it across my wet folds. I cried out.
"So wet for me," Max murmured, and inserted that finger gently up into me, moving it experimentally.
I groaned, whimpering softly as he gently added a second finger and moved them both inside me. I looked up and saw a bar above my head, and I grabbed it with both hands, crying out repeatedly as Max's gentle yet strong fingers probed my insides. Suddenly, I felt Max's hot tongue touch a really sensitive spot on my core and I gasped. "Max, more," I managed to gasp.
That did it. Max lashed at me repeatedly with his tongue, over and over and over. I thrust my pelvis forward into Max's face, my back arching and my hardened nipples thrusting out. My body jerked with every flick of his tongue. I was whimpering and crying his name, lost in ectasy. His fingers moved faster and faster and so did his tongue.
Suddenly, my body tightened and I screamed Max's name as I exploded. Shaking, I let go of the bar and fell back against the seat. Max finished licking my juices, and then pulled back, stood up, and gently moved me so I was lying down. He lay down carefully on top of me. I spread my legs so he could nestle in between them. He supported his weight on his arms, leaning down to kiss me. "Are you sure, Liz?" he asked softly.
I smiled up at him. "Yes, Max, totally, I love you," I whispered.
Max smiled. "Liz, I love you too, but I want you to know that this, us making love, is as important to me as if we were exchanging wedding vows," he said seriously. "When we do this, you'll be mine forever," he said softly. "Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever come between us," he stated.
My eyes filled with happy tears. "Oh Max," I whispered. "I'll love you always."
Max smiled. "Always," he echoed, kissing me again. I could feel his hardness brush my folds and I gasped.
"Max, now, please," I whispered. Then I met his eyes as he began to slowly enter me, excruciatingly slow. I could tell he was going real slow because of his reluctance to hurt me. "Max, just do it," I said softly.
Max looked me in the eyes, then he pulled back a little, and then thrust forward fast, burying himself to the hilt.
I bit my lip hard and tears sprang to my eyes. Max immediately looked concerned and started to pull away. "No, Max, stay," I said. "I'll be fine in a minute." Max watched me as I breathed deeply, relaxing.
Then I looked at Max and nodded. "Go ahead," I whispered, and then I moaned as he started to move within me. Almost all the way out, then back in, again and again and again, slowly and carefully.
My breathing synchronized with max's, and our eyes never lost contact. MAx continued his rhythm as we both moaned constantly, savouring the feeling. We exchanged deep, mind-drugging kisses. I lifted my legs and wrapped them lightly about Max's hips, and whimpered when it brought him in deeper.
Max groaned and quickened his rhythm, and I matched his thrusts, both of us crying out. Over and over, faster and faster we moved together, striving for completion. My body was incredibly hot and I could feel my sweat and Max's mixing as we reached an almost frantic pace. Max was pounded into me, our cries had reached a fever pitch.
Suddenly, Max called to me. "Liz, baby, I'm so close, I need you to come with me," he gasped out.
"Yes, Max, more, oh god, yeeeessss, Max," I wailed as I felt him reach between our wildly moving and sweating bodies and rub my clit furiously while he countinued his pounding thrusts.
My body tightened and I exploded. "OH GOD, MAAAXXXX!! YES, OH YES, BABY," I screamed, and I swear I saw stars.
"OH GOD, BABY, LIZ, YEEESSSS!!!!" Max shouted, as he exploded inside me, joined me in the joyous aftermath.
We lay tangled together in a sweaty heap, limbs entangled, our lips still engaged in tender kisses.
Many minutes later we pulled apart, Max pulling out of me slowly. I whined at the loss. We cleaned ourselves up as best as we could, our bodies rapidly cooling. We redressed, and then climbed back on the seat, cuddling close together.
We lay there in silence, basking in our happiness. We fell asleep in each other's arms a while later, finally exhausted.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to 'Destiny'
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do.

Part One

Pod Chamber; that afternoon

I felt Liz's small comforting hand in mine as Nasedo continued to lecture us about the orbs.
"Set off those orbs, and you have no idea who you might be leading straight to us!" Nasedo stated.
I looked right at him, realizing something. "You don't know, do you? You don't know how to use the orbs. If you knew, you would've already used them. You're here to protect us, but not to lead us, you said it yourself. But if you're not the leader, who is?"
They all stared at me. Oh God. Colour me stunned. It was me, I was the leader. Liz looked up at me, her eyes full of wonder and squeezed my hand again.
"If you really want to know what the orbs do, you can find out for yourselves, I can't stop you. But do it at your own risk," Nasedo said.
I sighed. Well, I'm the leader. I guess I've already sort of acted as leader to Michael and Isabel all these years. Time to make it official. "If you're really here to protect us, thee's something you have to do. The only way we can ever go back is if nobody's hunting us anymore."
Michael spoke up. "Pierce is already dead."
"He'll only be replaced," I replied, looking at Nasedo. "Unless we replace him."
We all watched Nasedo shapeshift into Pierce. When I saw him, I had to repress the cold chill that ran through my body. I straightened my spine. "The other agents are at an abandoned gas station in Hondo," I told Nasedo.
Nasedo nodded. "Now that I'm the head of their special unit, we have all their resources. You'll be safe now." He turned and abruptly left the chamber.
I looked at Michael, Isabel and Tess, then down at Liz. I picked up one of the orbs, still holding Liz's hand, and went over to Tess as Michael and Isabel got the other orb. Tess shot a glance at Liz, but stayed quiet. "I want to know. maybe if we just focus like Nasedo's always said." Tess And I placed one of our hands each on the orb and closed our eyes, concentrating.
We could all feel it working moments later as a strange sort of energy filled the room. Someohow it was soothing. We all opened our eyes to see a blue light float into view. It transforms into a woman who looks a lot like Isabel. We are all stunned into silence as she begins to speak.
"Hello, my children," she began, looking at me and Isabel warmly. "What I am about to say will come as a shock to all of you. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet. The four of you, my son, Zan, my daughter Vilandra, and your close friends and cousins, Rath and Ava; were all duplicated, cloned. Your essences were mixed with human genetic material so you could be reborn on Earth. Earth is now your home. I wanted you all to have a chance to start over, somewhere else. Have a happier life. You are all meant to pair up with humans. And I am happy to say that all of you have already found your human mates." She looked over at LIz and then smiled at me. "Zan, I'm pleased to see your mate here with you," she said, and smiled warmly at Liz. Liz's mouth was open slightly in astonishment. "As for the rest of you, don't deny your mates. Love them and cherish them. I must go now, I am using up vast amounts of energy, but remember that I love you."
I felt really sad as I watched her disappear. Isabel came over with Michael and they both hugged me. I looked over at Tess, who looked miserable. "What's wrong, Tess?" I asked her.
"Oh God," she whispered. "Nasedo was so wrong! I'm not meant ot be with you at all," she aid, her eyes wide. "Max, I'm so sorry," she said.
I nodded at her and gave her a smile, then gestured her over to join the group hug. The four of us pulled apart moments later, and Tess looked at Liz apprehensively. "Liz..." she began.
Liz held up a hand in supplication. "Stop, Tess, it's alright," she told her. "You were only doing what you thought was right this whole time, and I don't balme you for that. I hope we can be firends now, if you like," she finished.
Tess just stared at her for a moment, and I think the rest of were staring too, shocked at this. Liz embraced Tess quickly. Tess clung to her for a minute. "I'm sorry," she said, and looked at the rest of us.
"Tess," Michael said, as we all started to head out of the chamber, "Let's go to your house and pack your stuff. You're moving in with me."
Tess gasped in surprise but accepted Michael's offer. The five of us walked out of the chamber and down the hill to the cars. Tess and Michael took off in her car, and Isabel, Liz and I were left by the Jeep.
"Max, can you drop me off at Alex's?" my sister asked. Liz and I both smiled at her in apporval. Already she was taking our mother's advice and going after her mate.
We all climbed in the Jeep and drove off.



After Max and I dropped Isabel off at home, Max and I sat in the Jeep in Summerhaven Park's parking lot, cuddling and occasionally kissing. " I love you, Max," I whispered.
"I love you," Max replied, kissing me again, and then moaned as I ran my fingers over his chest playfully. He caught my hand and pressed it over his heart. "Liz, last night was the best night of my life," he said softly, "and I can't believe you're mine forever," he stated.
"I am, Max," I swore. "Body, mind, and soul."
We shared a passionate kiss and our tongues dueled with each other as the kiss deepened. We broke apart, gasping a little. "I think we need a repeat of last night," I said wickedly.
Max's eyes widened and then blazed with hunger. "Sounds great," he said huskily. "When?"
I smiled and started trailing kisses along his jaw. "Tonight. Come by the balcony around ten," I said. "My parents are out of town 'til Thursday night."
I grinned at the look of pleasure on Max's face. I just had to be evil. "I think I'll go home and look up some positions we can try," I stated.
Max looked startled but then he laughed. "Are you trying to kill me, Parker?" he said, winking.
My heart swelled. God, I loved him! "No, but you are in for it tonight," I told him.
He waggled his eyebrows at me. "God, I hope so," he whispered.
The sound of our laughter could be heard as we drove off down the road.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to 'Destiny'
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the character, or anything they do.

*You guys are great! Today, you're getting two parts! This will have to hold you at least until later tomorrow, or Thursday. I haven't even started Part Three, and I have just now finished Part Two. Now, here we go...

Part Two
Whitman Residence

Isabel rang the Whitman’s doorbell and waited. She really was a bundle of nerves. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.
Why was she so scared? This was Alex, who so obviously loved her and treated her like gold. She was beginning to realize that she loved him, too.
She opened her eyes as a woman who had to be Alex’s mother opened the door. “May I help you?” the woman asked, giving her a smile as she dried her hands with a dish towel.
“Yes, hi, I’m Isabel Evans, I’m a friend of Alex’s. Is he home?”
“Oh, yes, Isabel,” the woman said warmly, opening the screen door and letting Isabel enter. “I’m Alex’s mom, Jeannie,” she said, holding out a hand.
Isabel dutifully shook it, though her stomach was doing flip-flops. Get a grip! She told herself, shaking her head slightly. She wasn’t a ten-year-old getting a first kiss from a boy she liked. She was 17 years old and in love.
“Alex is in his room, probably on his computer,” Jeannie Whitman told her, gesturing down the hall past the living room.
“Thank you,” Isabel said and headed down the hall.
“Oh, Isabel, can I get you something to drink?” Alex’s mom called.
"Sure, thank you,” Isabel called back. “Diet Coke, if you got it.” She stepped into the kitchen and watched Mrs. Whitman put ice in a glass and pour the soda into it. Isabel admired the quaint, yet spacious kitchen. It was so cozy! “Thanks,” Isabel said, taking the glass Alex’s mom handed her. She was thirsty. She headed back down the hall and stopped in front of the bedroom door, which was slightly ajar. Isabel peeked in undetected and spied Alex on his computer, his back to her. Isabel took a sip of her drink and then rapped lightly on the door.
“Come in,” Alex called from inside the door.
Isabel took a deep breath and entered the room, closing the door almost all the way.
Alex turned around in his chair. “Isabel!” he exclaimed and got up.
“Hey Alex,” she whispered back, suddenly feeling shy. NO! Why should she feel shy? She was here to tell him about everything that had happened and then tell him…that she loved him.
Alex moved to embrace her, thoughts whirling through his head. Was she okay? He pulled back slightly. “Izzy, are you ok?” he asked, searching her exquisite face. She looked tired, but as beautiful as ever.
“Yes, I’m fine Alex,” she said, giving him a gentle smile. She carefully sat down on the lounge chair in the corner of the room. She grinned to herself as Alex pulled the footstool closer to the chair and sat in front of her.
He gave her a serious look. “Tell me everything,” he said softly.
Isabel put her drink down, took a deep breath and nodded. She proceeded to tell him everything he didn’t know, how they had rescued Nasedo, how Max had turned out to be the leader of the group, and the orbs. Alex didn’t say a word as she talked about her mother, her eyes lighting up as she did so.
“Ok, so Tess was wrong? You’re not meant to pair up with each other?” Alex asked, hardly daring to hope.
Isabel gave a soft smile. “No, it sounds to me like we choose our own destinies,” she said quietly, then looked down.
Alex moved closer to her, lifted her head up with his fingers, and kissed her so softly on the mouth, she would swear that she had melted into a puddle right there. She kissed him back just as softly, then deepened the kiss on her own. Alex followed her lead, sweeping his tongue between her slightly parted lips, and duelled ever so passionately with her tongue.
Isabel moaned softly, feelings like she’d never felt before with anyone coursing through her entire body. She pulled back. Both of them were breathing a little heavier as they exchanged smiles.
Alex rested his forehead against hers. “Isabel, do you want to be with me?” he asked her, looking into her eyes.
“More than anything,” Isabel replied honestly, surprising herself.
“This is the best day of Alex Charles Whitman’s life,” Alex over-dramatized in a deep voice.
Isabel laughed softly and then, slowly, she spoke the words she longed to. “I love you, Alex,” she whispered, waiting for him to react.
Whoa! Alex’s heart stopped and his world tilted on its axis. Isabel Evans loved him! “I love you, too, Isabel,” he told her seriously.
Isabel gave a half-sob, half-laugh sound and launched herself at Alex.
Wham! The force of her body against his in that momentum threw Alex off the footstool and onto his back on the floor, Isabel landing on top of him. “Falling for me, Izzy?” he asked, tenderly brushing a lock of her luxurious blond hair back from her face.
Isabel grinned down at him and just kissed him deeply in response, moaning as Alex’s arms naturally wrapped around her back, pulling her tightly against him. They continued to kiss for several minutes, just delighting in being close.
Alex pulled back when he felt himself get hard. He didn’t want to scare her, so he rolled out from under her gently.
Isabel smiled to herself. She knew why Alex had pulled away, and it thrilled her. But, she was going to take her time with this relationship. They had all the time in the world as far as she was concerned. She sighed happily as Alex pulled her close, and they cuddled together.


Liz entered her bedroom with a smile on her face, only to find a sobbing Maria DeLuca sprawled across her bed. Immediately concerned, Liz sat down on the bed.
Maria felt her best friend’s presence and turned over, burying her face in Liz’s lap, sobbing all over again.
“Maria,” Liz said gently. Maria looked up at her, her mascara running down her face from her tears. Her eyes were so red and swollen. “Maria, everything’s okay,” she told her.
“How can you say that, Liz?” Maria wailed, “Michael finally tells me he loves me, and then breaks my heart in that same instant.”
“Maria,” Liz began. “Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess revived Nasedo. After he left, Max wanted to use the orbs to find out more about everything, you know?”
Maria nodded, sat up, and began wiping the tears from her cheeks. “What happened?” she asked, her curiosity for the moment overriding her pain.
“Well, get this,” Liz said, “Tess was wrong about their so-called destinies! They are not meant to pair up after all. They saw an image of Max and Isabel’s mother from their planet, and she told them that they were all cousins!”
Maria wrinkled her nose. “Ewww! That means that Max kissed his cousin, gross!” Maria exclaimed.
Liz giggled. “Uh huh, and that’s not even the best part,” she said. “Max and Isabel’s mother encouraged the four of them to go to their human mates, which she said they all had already found,” Liz confided. “She told them that they are meant to stay here on Earth and be happy. She told them not to deny their love, but embrace it.” She finished.
Maria’s eyes sparkled with hope and she smiled for a minute, but then looked glum again. “Michael still broke up with me, Liz,” she said.
“Maria, he’ll come back to you, I’m sure of it!” Liz told her softly, pulling her friend into a hug. Then she stood up and led her friend into the bathroom so Maria could wash her face. “Let’s go have some ice cream,” Liz said, heading down the stairs with Maria in tow. “I have something to tell you.”

Ten minutes later, the girls were back upstairs and were sitting on Liz’s living room couch, eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream from big bowls.
“Alright, chica, spill,” Maria demanded eagerly.
“Ok,” Liz began. “What I didn’t have a chance to tell you, because so much stuff was going on, is that Max and I spent the night in an overturned bus. We had to escape because we were being chased. Anyways, we’re in there, and Max…oh, Maria, Max gives me this incredibly beautiful speech. Maria, he said he loved me,” She said, smiling.
“That’s not a surprise,” Maria commented, licking her spoon. “That boy had it bad for you even before you guys got together.”
“Ok, so we started to kiss, and things got a little heavy…” Liz trailed off, trying to let her friend guess.
“OH MY GOD!” Maria exclaimed, dropping her spoon into her dish. “You guys, you slept together?!” she asked, incredulous.
Liz nodded, blushing crimson red. “Oh, Maria, it was so incredible, the things he did, the places he kissed…”
“Details!” Maria demanded, her eyes wide.
“Oh God, Maria it was indescribable,” Liz said, putting a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. “He pulled me into his lap, and we were kissing, and he took off my shirt and bra and kissed my breasts, then we took everything off, and then he went down on me,” Liz continued.
“Did it feel good?” Maria asked, her eyes wide. Her and Michael hadn’t gotten that far.
“It felt like my body was on fire, his tongue and mouth were so hot,” Liz practically whispered.
“Then what?” Maria asked, totally eager now.
“He told me that when we made love, it would basically mean that we would be together forever for him,” Liz smiled mistily at Maria. “I loved him more than I ever thought possible at that moment. And then we made love, and it was so special. And he was so careful with me. Maria, I swear I saw stars when I came,” Liz confided, her face now burning.
Maria fanned her face. “Oooh, girl, that’s incredible!” Then she frowned. “Does it hurt?” she asked.
“A little bit,” Liz answered. “But then the pleasure just takes over.”
Maria grinned at her. “I hope if Spaceboy and I make up, it’ll be like that!” she said enthusisastically.
The two girls laughed. Suddenly, Maria’s cell phone rang from her purse and she grabbed it. “Hello?” she answered. Her face lit up with a smile. “Hi Michael,” she said carefully, trying to sound like she didn’t know anything. Liz widened her eyes, and Maria motioned for her to be quiet. “When? Okay, fine. Yeah, twenty minutes, bye.” Maria hung up, and looked at Liz. “Speak of the devil, Michael wants me to meet him at his apartment,” she said, and then stood up, finishing her ice cream.
Liz put their bowls in the kitchen sink while Maria freshened up in the bathroom. “Liz?” Maria called.
“Yeah?” Liz replied.
“Can I borrow your red halter top and your dark wash hip-huggers?” Maria asked. “I wanna be all nice for Spaceboy,” she said, waggling her eyebrows.
“Of course,” Liz said, entering her room to find Maria already out of her own clothes and hopping into the jeans.
Ten minutes later, the girls hugged good-bye and Maria left, while Liz started to think about the night ahead with Max. She checked her watch. 8:30pm! Max would be here at ten. She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to ‘Destiny’
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do

Part Three
Michael’s Apartment

Maria stood outside the door to Michael’s apartment, waiting for him to open the door for her. She was exhausted. The past two days had been an emotional roller coaster, from the whole thing with Max, to her and Michael’s break-up, and then her finding out about his new destiny.
The door swung open and Michael stood in front of her, looking tired but good enough to eat in a forest green button-down shirt and jeans. Without a word he let her pass by him and enter.
Maria walked to the couch and sat down on it. “Michael…”
“Maria…” Michael said at the same time, cautiously sitting beside her.
Maria looked straight at him. “Go ahead, Michael,” she said nervously.
Michael took a deep breath and looked tenderly at his pixie spitfire of a girlfriend. He really did love her, but he had screwed up because of his inner turmoil at having killed Special Agent Pierce. Logically, it had been in self defense, but Michael felt awful nevertheless. “Maria, I screwed up,” he said softly. “I let myself get scared and I pushed you away, and I didn’t want to. I was trying to protect you from me, from this alien business. It has gotten really scary recently, and I was letting you out, because I was telling the truth when I said I loved you too much. Maria, it’s because I love you that I pushed you away. I wasn’t scared of us.”
Maria smiled at him softly, and leaned forward to embrace him tightly in her arms.
Michael inhaled her shampoo from her chin-length blond hair and grew dizzy. He loved to smell her hair. She smelled like vanilla and peaches, a delicious combination. He pulled back as he started to get affected by her close proximity. He looked into her eyes, which were shimmering with, he hoped, happy tears. “I love you, Maria,” he told her softly.
Maria immediately started to cry and she flung herself at him again. “Oh, Michael, I love you, too,” she sobbed. “I want to be with you so much!”
“You will be with me, as long as you want to be,” Michael swore. “I’m not going anywhere. He then proceeded to tell her everything they had found out that day.
Unbeknowst to him, Maria already knew all this, but she kept quiet. When he finished she leaned in and kissed him deeply.
Michael groaned at the feel of her soft lips. He had missed this so much, even though it hadn’t been very long since the last time they had kissed. He took the kiss further, pulling her into his arms and down to lie on the couch as they continued their passionate kisses. Maria’s legs fell in between his spread ones, and he gasped at the feel of her core against him. She was already quite warm, and getting hotter.
Maria moaned softly as Michael lifted his mouth and then attacked her neck, running his fingers through her hair.
“Oh God, I’m sorry!” they heard from a few feet away.
They both looked up and saw Tess standing there, her eyes wide. “I was just getting something to eat,” Tess said softly. She looked apprehensive.
Maria smiled at the girl and got off Michael, standing up and smoothing her clothes. Liz had explained how she had accepted the petite girl into her life, and how she wanted Maria to do the same.
Tess didn’t know what to think. Obviously, Michael and Maria were back together and she was happy for them. However, she was unsure how Maria would treat her as the other girl approached. To Tess’ surprise, Maria gave her a hug.
“I’m so glad Michael has a sister,” she told Tess. “And I want us to be friends now,” she told her.
Tess was overwhelmed at how quickly they were accepting her. Maria took her arm and led her into the kitchen with Michael following.


Liz’s Balcony
9:57 p.m.

Liz stood back and admired her handiwork. The entire balcony was covered with vanilla candles. A space on the floor was first covered with a woollen blanket, and then spread over with her parent’s red silk sheets. Four large matching red silk pillows sat at one end. The space was completely comfortable. Liz had already tested it out. She herself wore a red silk baby doll. Her hair fell loosely curled around her shoulders. She had pulled on her mother’s red silk robe while she waited for Max.
Speak of the devil. Max suddenly appeared and quickly swung himself onto the balcony. He swallowed, drinking in his love’s appearance. She looked so incredibly beautiful. “God, Liz, you are so perfect,” Max told her huskily. Liz brushed prettily and Max came closer to her, wrapping her in his arms. He groaned at the feel and his body immediately responded. His mouth swooped down on hers and they kissed deeply.
Liz immediately wound her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes to give him better access as he ravaged her mouth. She moaned when he swept her up into his arms and carried her to the blankets.
Laying her down, he moved over to lie beside her, his body half on top of hers as they continued to kiss. Max moved his mouth over her jawline and over to her earlobe, which he sucked into his mouth eagerly, his hands finding the belt of her robe and undoing it. Her own nimble fingers unbuttoned his black button down short-sleeved shirt. Max pulled back and pushed the robe of her shoulders.
Liz lifted herself so Max could remove the robe from her rapidly heating body. She heard him groan as he saw the baby doll.
“God, Liz, you are going to kill me,” he said, and then kissed her again. His fingers wandered down to the hem of the outfit and he began to pull it up slowly. Liz helped him as he raised it all the way and then pulled it off. He sucked in a breath quickly, groaning at the sight of her hard nipples, standing straight up for him. He moved to one, and sucked it hard into his mouth.
Liz let out a keening cry and her back arched, her fingers diving into his hair. She rubbed herself against his arousal and heard him groan as he continued to suck and lick her breast. He switched breasts and she continued to whimper softly, growing wetter and wetter through her red silk panties.
Max removed his mouth moments later and stood up, quickly shedding all his clothes.
Liz moaned at the sight of his hard arousal standing up for her. Max got back down on the blanket, and she reached for him as he knelt over her. Her hand closed over him, and she saw him toss his head back, groaning in pleasure. She stroked him for a few moments, but stopped when she felt Max’s fingers at her hips, pulling her panties down. Once again, she helped him remove the last barrier between them, and then lay there as Max’s eyes roamed her body. Feeling wicked, she wantonly spread her legs, letting him see her glistening core. Then, she sat up, wanting to try something she had found on the Net. She pushed a startled Max onto his back on the blanket and climbed over him so her center was aligned with his face, and his arousal stood up in front of her.
Max immediately realized what she was doing. “Oh God, Liz,” he swore, and immediately drove his tongue inside her furiously.
Liz screamed at his onslaught, and then took his member deeply into her mouth, feeling Max groan against her core. She sucked him hard into her mouth, moving up and down over his cock and running her tongue around the tip.
Max was equally voracious. He lashed at her core over and over and over again, occasionally sucking at her clit furiously.
Their cries of pleasure sounded in the night air, as they clung to each other’s waists, devouring eagerly. Their bodies began to produce sweat, and they began to rock, creating a delicious rhythm between them. Their cries reached a fever pitch, when suddenly Max sucked her nub hard into his mouth and she exploded. She screamed Max’s name and came up for air. “Oh, God….yeeeessssssss, MAX!” she screamed.
“Liz,” Max gasped, “I wanna be inside you when I come,” he told her breathlessly.
Liz immediately moved off him and twisted her body around, straddling him, and then instantly plunged down on his cock, taking his full length.
“Yes, Liz!” Max cried, and grabbed her hips, helping her as she immediately started to move up and down on his cock over and over, until she found a rhythm.
Liz chanted Max’s name like a mantra and arched her back, riding him fiercely. She cried out each time she took him all the way, getting louder and louder. Max moved his hands to cover her breasts and he massaged them, groaning at the sight Liz made as she began to speed up, slamming her hips down on him faster and faster. Her cries were constant now as she felt her release nearing. She pounded onto Max repeatedly as the pleasure became almost unbearable. When she felt Max’s fingers pinch her clit, she flew apart, sobbing in ecstasy. “Oh, Max, yes, oh Max, come with me, yeeeeesssssssssss!” she screamed.
With a primal groan, Max exploded inside of her. “Liz, baby, oh yeeeeeeeesssssssss!” Liz continued rocking slowly on top of him until their spasms subsided.
Liz collapsed onto his chest, and he held her tightly. She slowly slid off of him and lay beside him, their breathing slowly regulating.
Max sighed in contentment as Liz lay against his chest.
Both exhausted, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to “Destiny’
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do

Part Four
Michael’s Apartment

Tess Harding laughed at another one of Maria’s jokes and smiled to herself. She finally had a real home with a real family and friends. All in one day! She scooped up another forkful of Michael’s delicious lasagna and popped it into her mouth. The dinner was wonderful, especially laced with Tabasco sauce. There was only one problem in her life right now: Her soul mate. There was only one boy that Tess thought of constantly and had erotic, pulse-pounding dreams about, and that was Kyle Valenti.
Okay, yeah, she had continuously rebuffed his advances on their one and only date, but she had struggled to squelch her attraction to him because of her supposed destiny, but she wanted so desperately to kiss him, wrap herself up in his arms and never let go.
The feelings she had felt the whole time she was with him had shaken her; and when Kyle had helped her on the ladder in the library, she had felt the beginnings of arousal stirring inside of her, and had fought to keep from grabbing him. She almost moaned as she imagined him kissing her senseless and rubbing his arousal against her core.
“Tess?” Maria asked, looking at the curly blonde beside her, who had a dazed and faraway look on her face.
Tess snapped out of her haze, blinking at Maria and Michael. “What?” she asked carefully, clearing her throat. Maria had a knowing smile on her face and she stood up, pulling Tess to her feet.
“Come on,” Maria said. “We’re going to have some girl chat time.”
The two girls disappeared into Michael’s bedroom and shut the door.
Michael remained at the table, shaking his head.


“Sit,” Maria commanded, sliding onto Michael’s bed herself.
Tess gingerly sat beside Maria, and almost squirmed at the way the other girl was scrutinizing her.
“Alright, something’s up with you,” Maria announced. “You have that look that Liz gets when she wants Max,” she said, smiling. “Who were you thinking about?” she asked.
Tess looked at her newfound friend, blushing. “Kyle,” she answered, not really shy about admitting it, for she had always been kind of forward.
“Oh,” Maria gushed. “You have a thing for Kyle!” she clapped her hands in delight.
“It’s more than that, Maria,” Tess said softly. “I…think I’m falling in love with him.”
“Oh wow, and you guys only met a few weeks ago,” Maria recalled, as she remembered Liz telling her about seeing Tess and Kyle in the courtyard together, and then in the library.
Tess nodded her head slowly. “Maria, I honestly felt like I was going to die today when Kyle got shot and almost died,” she admitted. “It felt like my heart shattered in that instant, I was so scared.
Maria hugged Tess to her quickly. Man, if that had been Michael, she would have died!
“Maria, I really want to be with Kyle,” Tess admitted. “But I’ve been avoiding him since our date, because I knew at the time that it wasn’t my destiny to be with a human, and now, what if he doesn’t want me anymore?” she looked down at her hands shyly.
“Don’t worry, Tess,” Maria said, “Liz and I will help you anyway we can so you can be with Kyle. Are you saying that you think he’s your soul mate?”
Tess merely nodded.
“Alright, then here’s what we have to do….” Maria began.


In front of the Evans’ home

Alex walked Isabel to her front door, deliriously happy. He and Isabel had spent the whole evening together, cuddling and talking. They had shared dinner over a movie, “Shakespeare In Love,” and then had danced together in his room, occasionally kissing softly.
They reached the front door and Alex turned and once more pulled Isabel into his arms.
Isabel sighed happily. Never had she felt happier in her life. She was meant to stay here on Earth for the rest of her life, one she intended to spend with Alex and her friends and family. She tilted her face up to Alex’s to receive his kiss, feeling warm all the way to her toes.
Alex broke the kiss a minute later. “I love you, Iz,” he told her softly.
“I love you,” she returned and kissed him again before reluctantly moving out of his arms. “I better get inside,” she said. “Tomorrow’s a school day. Max and I can pick you up, if you want,” she offered.
“Sure,” Alex said. “8:30, ok?”
Isabel nodded and slowly opened her door to go inside. She stood inside the door and watched Alex leave. She sighed, shut the door, and practically skipped down the hall to her room.
She took a shower and climbed into her favourite red silk pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Then she went through the bathroom and went into Max’s room.
She almost freaked when she someone coming in the window, but then relaxed when she saw her brother. “Hey Max,” she whispered, turning on the bedside light.
Max turned, blinking at the brightness. “Oh, hey Iz,” he said.
Isabel studied her brother closer. He was grinning like the cat that got the canary. She perched on the edge of the bed, watching him. “What’s up with you, Max?” she inquired.
Max smiled and flopped down on the bed beside her. “I was at Liz’s,” he said with a dreamy smile.
Ok, yeah, that explained it, Isabel thought, but then studied her brother closer. “Did you guys…”
“Today was the second time, actually,” Max said, leering up at her.
“Wow, Max,” Isabel said, and then hit his leg playfully. “How could you not tell me?” she scolded with a smile.
“We’ve been kinda busy, Iz,” Max said.
“Well, when did you guys…you know, the first time?”
“Last night, we were alone, hiding in a ravine and there was this overturned van,” Max told her. “I told Liz that I loved her and she returned it, and then we started kissing, and…well, you know,” he sighed happily.
Isabel was speechless for a moment. “I’m happy for you, Max,” she said, leaning down to hug him.
“Your turn,” Max told her. “How’re things with Alex?”
Now it was Isabel’s turn to sigh dreamily. “Max it was so perfect,” she said softly. “Alex loves me, and I love him. We just spent the whole night together, watching a movie, and dancing and cuddling…” Isabel trailed off.
“Good for you,” Max told her, sitting up and hugging her again. “I knew you could tell Alex how you felt,” he said.
“Now, I’m really tired, so can we talk tomorrow?”
“Sure,” Isabel said, getting up from the bed. “I promised Alex we’d pick him up at 8:30,” she informed him.
“After we get Liz,” Max confirmed, and then they both said goodnight, retiring to their beds and their dreams.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to “Destiny’
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do

Part Five
May 15
West Roswell High

“Oh man,” Michael muttered as he stood at his locker with Maria. “Coming back to school is so surreal after everything we’ve been through this weekend.”
“Chill, spaceboy,” Maria replied, tenderly rubbing his shoulders in sympathy. “You can last three more weeks.”
“Yeah, and they include finals,” Michael said, giving her a smile despite the still-tired look in his eyes.
Maria looped her arm through his as Michael shut his locker and they headed down the hall, only to find Max and Liz playing a game of tonsil hockey in front of Liz’s locker. Maria sighed dramatically and marched with Michael over to them. “They are becoming insatiable,” she muttered.
“Like they ever weren’t?” Michael quipped, and then grabbed his friend’s arm, gently tugging him away from Liz.
“Michael, what the…” Max began, but then stopped as he saw the audience that him and Liz had drawn. Maria was whispering in Liz’s ear, and his beautiful girlfriend blushed.
“Come on, Maxwell, we’re going to be late for class,” Michael said, slinging an arm around Max’s shoulders.
“Like you care,” Max said good-naturedly, throwing a kiss back at Liz as he was led away. Maria pulled Liz in the other direction to their English class. “Since when do you care about math?” Max asked his friend.
“Since Maria made me promise that I’d try harder in school,” Michael told him.
“And you don’t object?” Max asked.
“Frankly, I love her so much, I’d do anything,” Michael replied
Max almost fell over in shock. “So...I’m guessing you and Maria are back together, too, then?”
“Yeah,” Michael replied and grinned as they reached the door to their math class and entered.

Third period rolled around. This was Max’s favourite period, Chemistry. He was partnered with Liz. He slid into his seat and smiled at her. When no one was looking, he kissed her cheek gently. Liz gave him a smile and mouthed an ‘I love you’ to him.
Max mouthed it back to her, and then straightened up in his seat as the teacher entered. The hour passed quickly.
When the bell rang, Max took Liz’s hand in his and they walked out to the courtyard to join their friends for lunch.


Everyone was already there. Alex, Maria, Michael and Isabel, and even Tess, though she looked preoccupied. Max noticed her glancing around the courtyard as though looking for someone. His eyes widened when hers did, and he followed her gaze to see Kyle Valenti across the courtyard. Without a word to anyone, she stood up and left the table, heading to a shaken-looking Kyle. Maria and Liz exchanged secret smiles and Max shook his head in wonder. They were up to something. “What’s going, on?” he asked.
Maria grinned at him and Liz squeezed his hand beside him. “Our little Tess is interested in Kyle,” Maria confided. “Liz and I are helping her out with getting him.”
Max just shook his head, smiling. Classic Maria. He wasn’t surprised that she had involved Liz in her crusade.
The six remaining at the table talked and laughed among themselves as the lunch hour continued.


Tess walked as confidently as she possibly could toward Kyle on jangled nerves. Kyle was sitting by himself at a corner table, which was unusual because she had always seen him surrounded by his jock friends from the football team.
Kyle happened to glance up and see her at that particular moment as she drew closer and closer to him. He smiled faintly at her, though he looked a bit wary.
“Hey, Kyle,” she began.
“Tess,” he returned.
“May I sit?” Tess asked him softly.
Kyle made an ‘I don’t care what you do’ gesture, and Tess sat across from him. “So, what’s new?” she asked him, than cringed. Probably the wrong question to ask.
“Well, let’s see,” Kyle started. “Yesterday an FBI agent came to my house, and then starts acting totally weird. Then Evans shows up, and knocks the guy out cold, dragging him into a closet and somehow locking him inside, and then he takes off like a bat out of hell.”
“Kyle,” Tess said quietly, looking up at him, noticing his face was filled with confusion and uncertainty.
“Naturally, being me, I decided to follow Max. We ended up at the UFO Center. I ran into that creepy Agent Pierce, and the next thing I know, all hell breaks loose, and I’m flat on my back on the floor behind the screen, a gunshot wound in my abdomen. I was dying, Tess,” Kyle whispered reverently. “Everything seemed so hazy to me at that point, until Evans comes along and saves my ass.” He sighed and dropped his head onto the table top, his hand coming up to massage the back of his neck. He then looked up into her surprisingly sympathetic blue eyes. “I know I should be grateful, I mean, Evans did save my life, but I feel so lost and confused. There are aliens! “ Kyle whispered almost to himself in a soft tone. He looked at her. “I’m not going to tell anyone, Tess, I promise you guys that. But I guess I have to recognize that I’m involved now.”
“Kyle,” Tess whispered softly, and he looked up at her. “Do you want to go somewhere and talk?” she offered. “I have a free period after lunch.”
“I’d like that,” Kyle replied, giving her a half smile.
Tess felt her heart leap in joy. It was a start, just getting into his heart, them being friends and working to something better. She prayed with all her might that Kyle felt something for her as well.
“I have a free period, too, so we can go whenever you’re ready. Do you want to go to the desert?” he asked her. “We can take my Mustang.”
Tess nodded, and then boldly put her hand over his on the tabletop. “It’ll be ok, Kyle,” she told him.
Kyle smiled at this pretty girl who was showing so much concern for him, Kyle Valenti. Amazing. He would be okay.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to “Destiny’
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do

Part Six
Somewhere in the desert

Tess and Kyle sat on the hood of the Mustang, laughing over a joke Kyle had made. Tess pulled her knees up to her chest, after removing her jean jacket. She was pleased to see Kyle’s eyes widen at her baby blue halter top, that tied at the back of her neck, leaving an expanse of her smooth shoulder blades bare. Her bouncy blonde curls framed her face. She wrapped her arms around her white jean-clad legs, her baby blue sandaled feet hanging off the car.
Kyle cleared his throat. Damn, but this girl was fine! He felt his groin tighten and smiled inwardly. He wanted her, even fully clothed. He wanted to just take her on the hood of the car right then and there. If his signals were right, she was just as into him right now as he was her. “So,” he began, “The Spring Formal is this Friday.”
Tess laughed. “Yes, it is. You going?”
Perfect intro. “Actually, I was kinda hoping…”
Tess looked up at him, feeling her heart leap.
“Will you go to the dance with me?” he asked her quickly, then looked away.
“You know, I’d really like that Kyle, thank you,” she said, giving him a beguiling smile when he turned his head to look at her.
“Great,” Kyle said, then reached over for her hand. He saw her smile and then she placed her soft, warm hand in his. They held hands easily. “You know, I really like you, Tess,” he began.
“I like you, too, Kyle,” she said, then laughed. “We probably should, seeing as we’re going on a date,” she said.
“That’s right,” Kyle replied. “Actually, Tess…I feel something about you, different than anyone else I’ve ever been with.”
“Really?” Tess asked, with a shy smile, feeling her face heat.
“Yeah,” Kyle told her.
Impulsively, Tess leaned over and hugged him to her gently.
Kyle closed his arms around her, almost groaning aloud when his hands came into contact with bare skin at the small of her back. He closed his eyes, inhaling the scent of her hair. Like a drug, he could easily get addicted to her hair. He had to kiss her. He pulled back at looked at her. He did groan when he saw her tongue peek out to lick her lips, and then she surprised him by starting the kiss. Her mouth landed on his, and she softly kissed him. The innocence of their kiss floored him. He deepened the kiss after a moment, caressing her tongue with his. Their bodies pressed close together as their tongues duelled with hunger.
Tess could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she clung to Kyle’s strong T-shirt covered back. The feelings racing through her body startled her, but she welcomed them. No more. She wasn’t going to be alone anymore. She was in love with Kyle, and her heart sang with the knowledge that they were going to try something, and that he felt she was special.
They continued to kiss with the hot sun bearing down on them in the lazy afternoon.


Eraser Room

“Oh, Michael,” Maria moaned, as her boyfriend’s talented mouth danced down her neck, his fingers playing with the spaghetti straps of her pink tank top.
The two of them also had a free period, and were currently occupying the small make-out room. Michael’s hips pressed into her insistently, through her short black miniskirt. Maria’s mouth opened on a gasp as Michael’s hands slid under her skirt from behind and he cupped her bottom through her thin panties, lifting her onto the table. Her skirt rode up to her hips with the motion of his caressing hands.
Michael groaned as his hands wandered around to her front and he caressed her thighs as he pressed open-mouthed kisses along her collarbone. She felt so right in his arms, like heaven. He heard her soft moans and he then moved a hand out from under her skirt and placed it on one of her breasts, squeezing gently and insistently.
Maria threw her head back, gasping with delight, and she felt herself grow wetter down below. She wished Michael would put his fingers there and drive her to orgasm.
As if he heard her thoughts, one of his fingers darted into the edge of her panties and he softly stroked her curls. Maria cried out. “Michael, more, please,” she begged, opening her legs in invitation.
“Ah, Maria, we shouldn’t get carried away…” he said, and then moaned when she stroked him through his pants. And then she moved her hand open and undid his button and pulled the zipper down. Her hand drove down into his boxers and she found him.
His pleasure-pain groan inflamed her, and she began to leisurely stroke him.
That did it. Michael’s fingers dove under her panties and he sought out her heat. He shoved two fingers hard up into her welcoming heat. Maria cried out and he moaned. “So wet, baby,” he groaned again as she continued to stroke him.
He began to move his fingers carefully inside her, stroking her inner walls. He sped up when he felt her hand speed up on his flesh. He was wildly pumping his fingers into her now, while she pumped his hard cock with her small hand. Her head fell back against the wall, and she whimpered over and over and over. Michael’s free hand wove into her hair and he pulled her up and he leaned down to kiss her wildly.
Their gasps and moans filled the room as they neared their releases together. As Michael swept a finger over her clit, she exploded instantly, screaming his name into his mouth. Michael was right behind her, following her example by groaning her name breathlessly. They broke apart, gasping.
Michael removed his fingers from her heat, and gently pulled her panties back into place. He fixed his own pants, waving away the evidence of his climax with his powers, then did the same for her.
“Oh god, Michael, I love you,” Maria whispered as he helped her to stand and smoothed her skirt down.
“I love you,” Michael returned easily, cuddling her close against his chest as their breathing slowed.
Finally the bell rang for next period, and they exited the Eraser Room into the hall. He kissed her cheek and whispered “My place, later?” and was rewarded by her smile as she raced off to class.
Oh yeah. Life was good.

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Have Faith In Love
Max/Liz and the others; Different ending to "Destiny'
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do

Part Seven
West Roswell High, after school

Maria stood with Liz at her locker helping her put books in the backpack she held open for her friend. "Oh my God, Liz, Michael was so amazing, and he made me feel...ooh, I can't describe it!" She bounced a little, feeling giddy. "Last night, he asked me to Spring Formal!" she exclaimed.
"That's really great, Maria," Liz said, smiling. "Max actually asked me last night, too, after know," she confided, blushing.
"You and Max made love again last night?" Maria asked incredulously. "Did you wear that baby doll we bought after the whole Desert Incident?"
"Yeah," Liz replied with a saucy grin. "He loved it, not that it stayed on long," she admitted.
"That's my girl!" Maria said with a wink and the two laughed. "Oh God!"
"What, what's wrong?" Liz asked, taking her backpack from her friend and closing her locker.
"We have to go dress shopping!"
Liz just shook her head at maria's overly dramatic statement and behaviour. The two of them continued down the hall and headed outside to Maria's car. To her surprise, Isabel and Tess were wating there for them. Isabel looked gorgeous in a deep blue short sleeved cotton sundress that accentuated and complimented every curve she possessed, and matching strappy sandels. Her hair was piled in a stylish yet messy bun. Tess looked really cute, too, her curls falling around her face. She wore white jeans and a baby blue halter and sandels. "Hey guys, what's up?" Liz asked as they approached.
"Who wants to hit the mall?" Isabel asked with a smile. "Alex asked me to Formal."
"Oh, I think that would be us," Liz said, taking in Maria's giddy expression.
"I have a date, too," Tess added as the four of them climbed into the Jetta and left the schol grounds. "kyle and I talked during lunch and then during our free period, we went out to the desert and he asked me," she smiled as the other three congratulated her and high-fived each other. "Oh, and..we kissed." Cheers then went up around the small car.
The four girls continued to chat while they drove to the local mall.


Half an hour later, the girls had all brought a scoop of their favorite ice cream and were browsing the various women's boutiques around the mall. They entered Carol's which was popular for its stylish young women's evening apparal.
Isabel automatically knew she was going for her trademark red, she just needed a style.
After a few minutes, Tess pulled out a baby blue satin floor-length gown with spaghetti straps. The bodice pulled in, conforming to the body, and the skirt flared out alightly around your legs. It also had a slit up the leg to mid-thigh.
Isabel's choice was a deep red satin backless gown with off-the-shoulder bell-shaped sleeves. It pulled in tight at the bodice as well, and the skirt flared out, allowing for movement.
Maria's was a mid-thigh length soft pink satin gown with spaghetti straps. The dress also was tight in the bodice, but the skirt flared, just like the others.
Finally, Liz's dress was a royal blue satin, strapless and floor-length, with a full skirt, and conforming bodice. She would look like a princess in that dress.
"Oh, Liz, Max is so, gonna like, die, when he see you in that," Maria gushed.
Liz nodded, her eyes sparkling. The four of them set about finding shoes , and ironically they all picked high-heeled sandals that each matched their dresses.
They left the mall half an hour later, excited with their purchases.

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