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Title: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Pairing: M/L
Summary: During Max to the Max. Liz was also taken by the Special Unit. Nasedo pretended to be Liz so the others wouldn’t be suspicious. Everything happened about the whole “ Let’s break Max out of the White room” except that “ Liz” said she felt sick and went to her room. And Maria told Valenti. They break Max out, but Liz is still there. They then find out that Nasedo shape-shifted into Liz. Confusin? Sry, just read at it will all be explained.
Author’s note: this idea just popped up in my head! FB pleaze!!

Part one

Liz Parker had never felt so lost in her entire life. Her hands and body always collided with the mirrors, and there was no way out. Max is supposed to be here. Where is he? Again and again did her hand hit mirror. Her hand was bruised and bloody from broken pieces, and her body ached. Then she saw Max. Was it really him? She ran toward her Max, only to be separated by glass.

“ Max!”

She started beating on the glass.

“ Max!”

She saw Max looked at her, then looked back behind her. And his eyes widened, and he screamed.

“ No!!”

Liz looked at him puzzled, and then a cloth was wrapped around her nose and mouth. She couldn’t breathe. Oh god, she couldn’t breathe. Then all she saw was black, and the echo of her head hitting the floor.


Liz groaned as she regained consciousness. Her head was throbbing, and it felt like someone had broken her head and put it back together with glue.

Oh god where was Max?

Oh god, where was she?

She looked around to see she was in a 8 by 10 cell, and that she was wearing the same clothes. She felt her tender head, and a sticky substance covered her finger.


Her blood.

“ Oh my god.”

Liz was hyperventilating. Suddenly it felt as if the walls were closing in on her. She felt crushed. She started hitting the cold cement walls. There was no door to be seen.

Her hand was hurting like hell, and she left blood imprints on the walls.

“ Let me out! Let me out! Max!”

That’s what she had been doing for the last 10 minutes. Soon enough, the entire walls held her blood. Liz looked at the walls tearfully and saw her blood dripping down.

“ Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

Liz stood in the middle of the cell, and sank to the cold floor, pulling her legs to her chest, trying to get warm. She had never felt so alone in her life. She wanted Max.

And then sobs broke her body.

Then out of nowhere, a door appeared and agents walked in, and some surgeons. They tossed her a hospital gown, and she lifted her eyes up questionably.

“ We are ordered by Agent Pierce to take you to the White Room. Change into the gown.”

Liz looked at all the MEN in her cell.

“ Hurry up. Change.”

Liz hurriedly took off her clothes and slipped the dress on, all the while filled with shame.

She then followed the agents out into the hallway then entered a room that was filled with agents, and a clear wall.

And then she saw Max.

“ Max!”

Oh god. He looked terrible.

“ What did u do to him!?!?!”

Liz’s question fell on deaf ears.


Liz whipped around at the sound of Max’s scream.

“ Shh.. it’s virtual reality. We didn’t kill her. Yet. Agent! Send her in,”

Liz stepped back, as an agent came to grab her.

The agent grabbed her roughly by the hand, and sharp pains went up her arm.

And then she entered the room where Max was.

“ Max!”

“ Liz!?”

“ Max!”

Liz tried to run to him, but Agent Pierce interfered.

“ Uh uh sweetie.”

“ Let her go!” Max’s command went on deaf ears.

“ You didn’t tell me the truth Max. Now she’s gonna pay, and your gonna watch.”

Liz’s terrified eyes locked with Max’s angry ones.

“ Don’t touch her!”

“ Too late,”

Pierce grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her body toward him.

“ Hmm… So many body parts. One knife. Oh well”

A sob erupted out of her throat.

Pierce had a small dagger in his hand.

“ She’s beautiful Max, I know now why you love her so much,”

At his words, Pierce grazed her skin with the dagger. Not deep enough to be fatal, but enough to draw blood.

“ Stop please Stop. Don’t hurt her!!”

“ Too late.”

The blade grazed her arms, a long red line ranged from her shoulder to right above her wrists.

“ Beautiful. So soft of skin.”

Pierce then dug his face in her chocolate tresses, inhaling deeply.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“ Smells like strawberries.”

“ Stop it or I swear…”

“ What are u going to do Max? Kill me with your powers. You are in no position to do so.”

“ M-Max…”

Liz could barely form his name.

“ Shh..”

Pierce grazed her belly with the dagger.

Liz’s screams echoed off the walls.

Max flinched every time the dagger met with her bloody skin.

Liz’s eyes were dimming, and lost consciousness from lack of blood.

She fell into Pierce’s arms.

“ Agent! Take her to the surgery. Clean her up. Ill have fun with her later.”

Max tensed at his words, and tears threatened to spill over his eyes.


“ Leave her alone! She’s not part of this!”

“ But she is. I’ve been studying you for quite some time. You are in love with that woman, so she is part of this. I’ve followed her myself, You know she is beautiful in the shower,”

Max erupted at this.


“ Talk like that to me again. I will kill her in front of your eyes.”

Max’s heart was racing. Oh god.. Liz..

Isabel: Max! Nasedo and Micheal are coming for you! Hold on!”


Max looked at Pierce, hatred burning in his eyes.

“ You are going to die. I’m going to kill you.”

Then all of a sudden, Micheal and Nasedo barged in, grabbing Max.

“ We gotta go!”

“ NO!! We cant!! She’s here!! Liz!!”

“ What are u talking bout? She’s at the Crashdown. She needed to rest.”

“ No!! Noo!! You are wrong!! I can’t leave her!”

Max was now being dragged, and Nasedo had to black him out so they could leave.

Bullets rained down on them as Tess’s mindwarp disappeared.

And then they ran.


“ Max! I was so scared!” Isabel cried out, her arms going around his neck as he regained consciousness.

He was in his bedroom. Oh god. Liz? Where was she?

“ Liz! She’s still there! I have to go back!!”

Isabel looked at him confused.

“ What? Know she’s here. See?”

Max looked at where “ Liz” was.

“ That’s not Liz!!”

“ What are you talking abou-“

“ No. He’s right”

“Liz” lifted up her hand over her face and then Naseudo appeared.
“ Where is she!??!”

“ It doesn’t matter Max. She’s a human.”

Max stared at Tess, disbelief marring his features.

“ What do u mean? Where is Liz?”

Maria was hyperventilating now.

Liz was in the hands of the Special Unit.

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Pierce advanced toward Liz, his face bloody, because of the slash.

"You are going to pay for that, when your freak alien boyfreind gets here, he'll find you dead!"