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Title: Two Kinds of Wonderful
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
Summary: Max is a single father and Liz is a single mother, both are in college.
Rating: PG-13,
Couple: M/L
A/N: This is an answer to Emotions23's challenge here are the requirements:

- No POV’s
- No aliens
- Any rating
- Must end with Max and Liz together.

“Maxie!” Maria waltzed into Max Evan’s apartment.

“Maria, hush.” Max shushed her from the table. “I just put Lily to sleep.”

Instantly contrite, “Sorry.”

“Morning, Max.” Isabel set the shopping bags on the table. “Where’s my favorite niece?”

“Asleep, finally, don’t wake her up, she was up all night.” Max rubbed his eyes tiredly. Lilian, his one-year-old daughter, had been up all night.

“When will she be up?” Isabel asked.

“She was up all night again, hopefully not for a while.” Max went back to the college book he was reading.

“Why?” Isabel asked concerned.

“Why do you think?” Max looked at her, complete hurt in his eyes.

“Tess?” She whispered.

“Yes.” He looked down, done discussing it. The past few weeks had been hell. His ex-fiancé skipped out on him one night while he was home with Lily. She left a note saying something about not being old enough or mature enough to raise a child. “ I have a test to study for, if you excuse me?” He went back to his room signaling he wanted to be left alone.

“Oh, well,” Maria said breaking the tension. Tess had at one time been Maria and Isabel’s best friend. After what had happened that was still a sore spot. “We’ll be back later then?”

“Yeah, let’s go Maria.” Isabel hooked her arm through Maria’s and they left the apartment silently.

Max stood over his daughter’s crib. Her cheeks were flushed from sleep. Her brown curls stuck to her cheeks. When her eyes were open they were a deep brown like his own. He pulled the blanket off of her face and she shifted. He held his breath weary that she might wake up, but she slept on.

He sighed and turned around and left the room, leaving the door open as little as possible so as not to disturb her.


“What’s wrong, Mama?” Little Aidan asked his Mom crawling into bed next to her.

“Nothing, Aidan.” She pulled him close beside her in bed.

“Why you cryin?” He asked concerned. He reached a tiny hand up and touched her cheek.

“Because I’m scared, Sweetheart.” She confesses.

“Because Uncle Alex?” He asked.



“Because Uncle Alex is coming on a plane.” Liz sat up. Her head spun in fear.

Aidan knew not to ask more. Whenever planes were mentioned his mother turned pale and became very quiet.

“Can we have breakfast?” He asked with a smile trying to cheer her up.

“Yes, let’s.” Liz climbed out of bed and pulled on her slippers. They were still the tattered old ones Jonathan had gotten her two years before. “What do you want to eat today? Waffles?” She sat him in his booster seat.

“Yeah.” He said excitedly. “I help?”

“Sure.” She unstrapped him and pulled a chair over from the kitchen.

They were mixing the batter when the phone rang, startling Liz and an airplane flew overhead.

“Hello?” She asked carefully.

“Hello, Elizabeth.” She heard over the phone.

“Hello, Mother.” She said annoyed into the phone.

“Has your brother gotten there yet?”

“No, Mother.”

“Alright, I’ll try again later, goodbye.” Click.

Liz blinked back tears at her mother’s refusal to ask after her grandson. She rarely called and when she did she never asked after Aidan.

“Aidan, be careful.” Liz said going back to her son.

“I am, Mama.” He smiled at her.

“Here like this.” She showed him how to mix the batter but made him stand back when she poured it into the waffle iron.

She sat him in his booster right again and then set it a pile of miniature waffles in front of him.

“Thank you!” He smiled in delight.

“You’re Welcome, Aidan.” She smiled down at him. “Milk?”

“Yeah.” He clapped his hands.

“Alright.” She went to the fridge to get the milk and filled his sippy cup.

After breakfast Liz was cleaning up the kitchen when she heard Aidan’s squealing.

“Uncle Alex!”


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Title:Two Kinds of WOnderful
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
Summary: Max is a single father and Liz is a single mother, both are in college. Read to find out more.
Rating: PG-13
Couple: M/L


- No POV’s
- No aliens
- Any rating
- Must end with Max and Liz together.

“How’s my favorite sister?” Alex said walking into the kitchen.

“She was doing fine until your mother called.” She hugged him.

“When did she call?” He asked concerned.

“Just this morning.” Liz offered him a cup of coffee.

“Did she say she’d call back?” He asked.

“No. She just hung up.” Liz told him.

“Fine.” He shrugged it off. “What have we got in store to do today?” Bouncing his nephew in his lap.

“There’s that little zoo in town for the week, if you wanna go see that, Aidan’s been begging to.” She told him.

“Why don’t we do that then?” He looked as excited as Aidan.

“Fine, just let me go change. Keep an eye on him?” She asked.

“I’m only here to help.” He smiled.

“Thank you.” She went to her room to quickly change clothes.


“There’s Daddy.” Isabel stood when Max entered the apartment.

Max hurried to his daughter and took her from Isabel. “Was she bad?” He asked concerned.

“She just wanted Daddy.” Isabel smiled. As if on cue she smiled at Max.

“Hey, Lilybird.” He smiled down at his daughter.

She cooed back at him. He set her down on wobbly, yet sturdy, legs. “Daddy has some things to put away, do you wanna help?”

She grabbed his hand and waddled behind him to the kitchen. Isabel followed him into the kitchen. “Are you going to start summer session a Cal State Fullerton?” She asked.

“I think so. There’s an opening at the church day care.” He told her. “The sooner Lily’s enrolled, the better. That way she has a secure spot there.”

“There’s an opening, there’s never any openings at that place.” Isabel said odd.

“I’ve been on the waiting list since she was born.”


“Isabel?” Max looked at her smiling.


“When’s Alex coming home?” He’d been gone for two weeks already and his sister was becoming more and more restless.

“One more week.” Isabel sighed then smiled. “Am I hanging around here too much?” She asked concerned.

“No, Lily loves having you around, and so do I. It’s been such a great help. Thank you.”

“Thank you for not making me stay home by my lonesome. Alex wasn’t sure how long he would have to stay there. His sister is iffy on moving out here.”

“Oh. You’re welcome to stay here anytime.” He picked up Lily.

“We’re supposed to visit mom, this afternoon, you wanna come?” He asked.

Lily squealed in his arms.

“You wanna see Nana?” Max asked his daughter.

She clapped in agreement.

“You have to go night night first.” He compromised.

Her eyes widened. She slid from his arms and ran in the other room.

“I better go get her.”

Isabel smiled as her brother chased after his daughter. She’d have to find someone for him, and soon.

Isabel walked into the back room to tell Max she was leaving.

Max handed Lily her bottle and pulled her blanket over her face. They had found out that the second it’s dark, she’ll close her eyes and go to sleep. Like a bird. That’s why he called her Lilybird.

“I’m leaving, Max, I gotta get to class. Maybe I’ll stop by mom’s.” She kissed his cheek and exited the apartment. Once again leaving father and daughter alone.


“Alex, no, I’m not moving to California with you.” Liz sat up from where her head rested in her brother’s lap.

“Please, Liz?” He begged.

“No, she’s out there, and plus I can’t just leave Jonathan’s parents here and take Aidan with me.”

“You won’t even have to see my mother, and you can bring Aidan out here once in a while to see Jonathan’s parents.” Alex tried to convince her.

“What about school, Alex?”

“Cal State Fullerton has an excellent teaching program.”

“I know, it’s, just, well, I don’t know Alex. This is all Aidan’s ever known.” She tried to explain.

“He’ll adjust. And I’ll be closer to you. I can help you out once in a while. And I hardly get to see you, or Aidan.”

Liz wiped angrily at her tears she didn’t want to leave this apartment.

“Liz, Jonathan’s not coming back. Staying here isn’t going to bring him back.” He told her softly.

“I know, Alex.” She said just as quietly. “I’ll have to take an extra year of schooling out there.”

“Yes, teachers have five years in California. But there’s plenty of schools for you to teach at there.” He smiled.

“How close are we to Disneyland?” She asked for Aidan’s sake.

“Ten minutes with heavy traffic.” He smiled. She was starting to see it his way.

“I could live in my own apartment right?” Alex’s face fell.

“I can’t live with you, Alex. I need to be on my own. Please. If I have to leave this place I have to have my own place.”

“I understand.” He nodded.

“I’ll go.” She said quietly. She curled up into his side and sighed deeply.

She looked around her apartment. At the picture on top of the TV where Jonathan proudly held a hand over her still flat tummy, where Aidan was safely tucked away from the horrors of the world.

“You’ll be fine there, Liz.” He kissed the top of her head.


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Title: Two Kinds of Wonderful
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
Summary: Max is a single father and Liz is a single mother, both are in college. Read to find out more.
Rating: PG-13, I don’t write anything higher than that, sorry!
Couple: M/L


- No POV’s
- No aliens
- Any rating
- Must end with Max and Liz together.

Destinyrebel: The whole Alex being the caring brother is wishful thinking on my part. I have three brothers the only one who even acknowledges my presence is my younger one, and that’s only when he wants me to walk him to the mini-mart to get ice cream. So I feel your pain your pain times three!

**A Few Months Later**

Max bounced Lily softly in his arms to calm her down. She was burning up with a fever and the administrative nurse was taking forever to check him in.

“Aidan, hold still.” He heard a woman tell her young son.

He glanced over in the direction that he heard the order.

She was a small woman, long dark hair, early twenties. She was trying to get her son to stand up against the wall so the poor MA could get his height.

“No, Mama.” The boy demanded squirming away.

“One, two,” She started counting.

“Fine.” He stood up tall against the wall.

Max would have to remember that trick, he told himself. He remembered from when he was little, him and Isabel having five seconds to listen to their parent’s demands.

Feeling someone watching her, Liz looked behind her. Her eyes met a man with dark intense eyes. He turned and blushed. His attention seemingly on the person in front of him.

He was holding a baby girl, sick, by the looks of it. She couldn’t have been more than a year old.

“Come on, Aidan.” Liz pulled her son over to a chair and pulled him into her lap.

Max watched as she pulled a little board book from her purse and let her son point at the pictures.

Max finally got Lily checked in and went to find a seat in the waiting room. The only seat was next to the woman with her son.

Max walked over. “Um, mind if I sit here, I don’t want to get your son sick.” He asked shyly.

“Oh, go ahead. It’s time he started getting immune to diseases around. He starts daycare soon.” She smiled.

Max sat down and rocked Lily who was once again whimpering in his arms.

Aidan leaned over on Liz’s lap and stroked Lily’s face. Her eyes opened and she leaned into his soft touch. “Baby.” He whispered smiling.

“Yeah, that’s a baby.” Liz told her son. “Are you ok with that?” She asked Max. Some parents were kind of weird about people touching their kids.

“Sure, if you are.” He smiled. Lily stopped whimpering and her eyes rolled back symbolizing she was going to fall asleep.

“Mrs. Parker and Aidan?” The MA called.

“That’s us.” Liz nudged Aidan off her lap and stood up. “Nice meeting you.”

“You too.” He said dismayed. She was a Mrs. Parker, meaning there was a Mr. Parker out there somewhere waiting for his wife to come home with their adorable little son.

Max sulked. He hadn’t seen a wedding ring on her finger. Oh well, that’s over with, he told himself.

Liz felt her wedding and engagement rings around her neck at being called Mrs. Parker. She always went for them whenever anyone called her that.

“Mr. Evans, Lilian?” The MA called.

Max stood with a now whimpering Lily in his arms and went to the opposite door Mrs. Parker and her son went through.


“Max, I have a friend, that I want you to meet.” Isabel said as she entered Max’s apartment with a handful of groceries.

“I think not, Is.” He said skeptically.

“Yes, you’ll love her. Max, please, for me?” She begged, she knew this one was going to work.

“The last ones you set me up with were complete flakes. I couldn’t talk to them without giggling or anything.” He said from the couch where he was watching Caillou with a now well Lily.

“Max, come on, just this last one, if you don’t like her then I won’t send you on anymore dates.” She begged.

“No, Isabel.” He got up to go help her put groceries away.

“Her name is Liz.”


“Doesn’t that kid disturb her, Max? I mean, look at him, he’s four years old and bald what’s wrong with that picture?” Isabel asked looking at the offensive TV screen.

“No, she loves him. Besides, he’s kinda cute.” He shrugged.

“Cute? Max you gotta talk to some real adults.” She laughed.

“What’s she trying to get you to do?” Michael asked walking into the kitchen.

“He won’t go out with Alex’s sister.” Isabel pouted.

“Why not?” Maria asked holding Lily.

“Maria, she was quiet.” Max scolded.

“I know, but I still have to spoil her. Why won’t you go out with Liz?” She asked.

“Liz?” Max asked confused.

“Alex’s sister, Max.” Isabel said annoyed. Men!

“I have Lily, I can’t.” Max tried as an excuse.

“Won’t work.” Isabel said taking Lily from Maria.

“I’m not going, girls, give it up.” Max said done discussing the idea.

“Alright, alright.” Maria huffed.

“I don’t think Alex would like the idea of matching up his baby sister anyway.” Michael shrugged.

“Normally he wouldn’t but she needs to get out.” Alex walked in.

“Why is everyone here?” Max asked confused.

Lily clapped her hands excitedly at so many people in her house.

“Liz said no anyway.” Alex shrugged and took Lily from Isabel.

Lily smiled and hugged Alex. Alex didn’t spend much time at Max’s apartment since Liz moved and was getting settled. Lily always had a soft spot for him and vice versa.

“Good, because, even if she said yes, I wouldn’t go.” Max said.

“Max, we’re going shopping for the wedding, I want to get Lily fitted for her dress.” He took her from Alex.

“I’m not going.” Max said firmly. He never went shopping with Isabel, it was signing your own death certificate.

“Fine, we’ll take her.” Maria shrugged then glared. “Please?”

“No, Maria.” Michael shooed the girls out the door.

“So, what do you wanna do with our day of freedom?”

“Day? I didn’t send anything with Lily.” Max said worried.

“Don’t worry, Max. They have to stop by my place anyway and Lily has tons of stuff there.” Alex grinned and went towards the front room.

“Max.” Alex called.


“What show is this?”


Isabel and Maria stood on Liz’s doorstep waiting for Liz to answer the door.

“Hey,” Liz said opening the door with an upset Aidan in her arms.

“Hi.” Isabel smiled easily.

“Come on in, I just have to finish getting a few things together. How long do you expect to be gone?” She asked exchanging the board book she had in her purse to a new one.

“Only a few hours. We’re going to Main Place, there’s a food court and everything.” Maria said.

“Baby.” Aidan said noticing Lily who was perched behind his aunt’s leg.

Liz glanced down to see where Aidan saw another baby.

“Her name’s Lily.” Isabel picked her up so she was face to face with Aidan.

Lily’s face lit up when she recognized the boy from the doctor’s office.

“Same baby as the doctor’s?” Aidan asked confused.

“No, I don’t think so.” Liz studied the girl closely.

“Yes!” Aidan demanded.

“Fine.” She set him on the floor “go find your booster seat.”

“Found it.” He pulled the heavy chair behind him.

“Alright, let’s go, sweetie.” She picked him up. Liz glanced one more time just to make sure it was that little girl from the doctor’s office.


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Title: Two Kinds of Wonderful
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
Summary: Max is a single father and Liz is a single mother, both are in college. Read to find out more.
Rating: PG-13,
Couple: M/L

Destinyrebel: Yes down with all brothers all they do is cause trouble.

As for ages:
Max, Liz, Isabel: 21
Alex, Michael, Maria: 22
Lily: 14 months
Aidan: 2 years

“So how do you like Anaheim?” Maria asked arriving at the mall.

“It’s ok, I guess. Very busy.” She shrugged.

“Extremely.” Isabel agreed and deciding Lily walked to slow and picked her up.

“I like it though. Different.” She wrinkled her nose.

“Nothing like the smell of freshly laid tar in the hot morning, is there, Liz?” Maria asked.

Liz just smiled.

“Get used to it, that’s what our summers are like.”

“Here we are.” Isabel held the door open to Robinson’s May.

Liz let the cool air hit her face and smiled.

“Mama, how long are we going to be here?” Aidan asked already bored.

“Keep an eye on Lily for Isabel will you?” She put Aidan to a task knowing it would make him feel like a big boy.

“Come here, Lily.” He took her hand and followed closely behind his mother.

Lily clung tightly to her new friend’s hand.


“So, why again won’t you go out with my sister?” Alex said sitting down.

“Because, I’ve had too much on my mind.” Max sat across from him.

“Guys I get this all the time from the Isabel. I’ve gotten it since she moved here a month ago.”

“I know, I’m sorry. We’ll give it up.” Michael apologized.

“Thank you.” Max said seriously.

“So you haven’t heard anything from Lily’s mother?” Michael asked.

“Absolutely nothing.” Max affirmed. “I don’t really refer to her as Lily’s mother anymore. I mean, she skipped out on her own daughter, what kind of mother does that?”

“Not a very good one. You tried her parents?”

“Yeah, they refuse to give me any information. I continue to send pictures though, once a month. Just so they don’t miss everything in their granddaughter’s life.” He said quietly.

“They shouldn’t be allowed, Max.” Alex said quietly.

“I know, it’s just, I don’t know.” Max said angrily. “I got to go register for school today. That way I don’t have to stand in line with Lily.”

“Fine.” Alex and Michael let him leave.

“He’s still touchy about it.”

“And Liz is still touchy about Jonathan.” Alex said.

“You think they’d go together?” Michael said unsure of it.



Lily sat quietly studying the half of a half slice of pizza in front of her.

She looked over at Aidan almost asleep in his mother’s arms. She stuck her ring and middle finger in her mouth. Changing her mind she used the binky that was cleverly attached to her overalls.

She looked again at Aidan and promptly burst into tears.

“Lily?” Isabel asked concerned and pulled her niece into her lap.

She continued crying. Liz looked at the crying girl as much at a loss as Maria and Isabel.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” Maria asked.

Aidan crawled over and stroked her cheek.

She still continued crying.

Aidan looked back at Liz, “Don’t you dare start, Aidan.” She warned.

All signs of tears were gone instantly.

“Try, bouncing her a little.” Liz suggested.

Isabel awkwardly tried to follow Liz’s direction.

Isabel looked again at Liz.

“Here, let me try.” Liz reached across the table and took the girl in her arms.

Lily buried face in Liz’s neck Lily’s tummy to Liz’s chest. Lily’s tears slowed to sniffles.

Liz stroked her soft curls calming the girl down. “Is she asleep?” Liz asked quietly.

Maria nodded, her mouth open in awe. “Max really could use that at night.”

Isabel smacked Maria under the table.

“Who?” Liz whispered.

“Max, Lily’s father, my brother.”

“You’re brother’s Max?” Liz asked. “Alex just said a friend’s brother.”

“Yeah.” Isabel smiled.

Max was the guy from the Doctor’s office!

Lily shifted and Liz smiled down at the precious girl in her arms. Isabel and Maria watched Liz with Lily. Liz shifted uncomfortably under their gazes. “You girls ready to go?”

“You got everything? I think Lily’s had it for shopping.” Maria said.

“I got her dress and we just need to run to the dress shop and have it altered quickly. But she doesn’t need to be there for that.” Isabel said. “Yeah. Liz would you mind if Aidan were the ring bearer?”

“I wouldn’t mind, are you sure?” Liz smiled at her son.

“Yeah, Alex would be delighted to have his nephew in it.”

“We’ll get him fitted with the guys tomorrow.” Isabel winked at him.

He sighed and curled next to his mother.

“Let’s go.” Isabel tried to take Lily from Liz’s arms but even in sleep she held fast to her shirt.

“I got her.” Liz smiled. “Aidan come on.” She held a hand out to her son.

He grabbed it and followed his mother to the car.

Liz took Aidan out of the car. “Thanks so much for taking us along.” She said laying a sleeping Aidan down on the couch.

“No problem. Will he come with me and the guys tomorrow without you?”

“Yeah, he loves Uncle Alex.”

“I’ll pick him up then.” Isabel said goodbye and left them alone.


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Title: Two Kinds of Wonderful, Part 5
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
Summary: Max is a single father and Liz is a single mother, both are in college. Read to find out more.
Rating: PG-13
Couple: M/L


- No POV’s
- No aliens
- Any rating
- Must end with Max and Liz together.

“Did you have fun shopping?” Liz asked Aidan that evening.

“Yeah. I want more sketti.” He told her pointing the spaghetti on the stove and holding the bowl upside down to prove it was empty. That bowl was supposed to stick to the high chair so he couldn’t dump it upside down.

It was all down his front since he didn’t have his shirt on and it was too hot for a bib.

“Maybe you should try to keep it in your mouth and you’d get more.” She stood up and smiled at him.

He grinned at her. “Max doesn’t keep it in his mouth.”

“Who?” Liz asked.

“Max, Lily’s daddy.” He said as if it were obvious.

“Did you like Max?”

“Yeah.” He shook his head vigorously.

“Was he nice?”

“Yes.” He smiled. “He gave me candy.”

“He gave you candy? How about Lily?”

“Yeah, we shared. And then we shared ice cream too.”

“You shared?”

“Yes, Max said big boys share and I’m a big boy, aren’t I Mama?” He asked unsure.

“Yes you’re a very big boy, thank you for sharing.”

“Mama, I wanna go to the airplane park.” Aidan announce after dinner three days later.

“Not the airplane park. We can go to the one by the library.” Liz offered. Aidan came running from his room. “No, no jacket, Aidan, it’s too hot.”

“I tired of that park.” He said upset.

“I know, how about the one up further, by the freeway?”

“Alright.” He agreed.

“You wanna go on the swing?” Max asked his daughter.

She nodded and clapped. She was old enough to talk she just hadn’t said anything yet.

Max plopped her down in the swing and pushed her until she was tired of that about five minutes later.

She pointed to the sandbox and grunted telling him that’s where she wanted to go.

“When will you learn to talk?” He asked exasperated.

He loved the new sandbox addition to the park; it was the only thing that kept Lilian busy for more than five minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes.

He sat in the bench that was next to the sandbox and let her play.

“Lily!” He heard across the playground. Who would be calling his daughter?

She squealed in delight as a little boy almost bowled her over. “Hi, Lily!”

Lily squealed and giggled as she tried to wrestle out from under him in the sand.

“Aidan Jonathan Parker!” Liz rushed to the scene to see how much damage her son had created and what parent he had harassed this time.

“It’s Lily.” He pointed and struggled to get down from her arms.

“Who?” Liz said looking around.

“Lily.” He stated.

Liz looked down and noticed Isabel’s niece.

“Hello, Lily.” She said softly. “Where’s your daddy?”

She pointed to where Max was coming towards her.

“Max!” Aidan scooted down from his mother’s arms and ran to him.

“Hello, Aidan.” Max said to the little boy he had grown fond of three days before.

“Mama’s here.” He pointed over to Liz.

“Well, let’s go meet her then.”

Lily held her arms up to Liz. Feeling kind of awkward, Liz obliged and picked up the small girl.

“Hello.” Max greeted Liz. “I’m Max, and I’m guessing you already know my daughter, Lilian.”

Liz blushed. “Yes, we went shopping together. I’m Liz.” How weird was it to be introduced to someone when you’re holding their kid? Liz studied Max from under her lashes where she was supposedly paying attention to Aidan.

He was a great deal taller than her, handsome, as Alex had said. But then again Alex though he, himself was the hottest man in the world. He had dark eyes that she knew that she would soon get lost in.

Feeling shy Max looked down at Aidan who was studying him.

“Lily, come play wit me.” He called.

Lily shook her head and held onto Liz.

“Please?” He asked.

She shook her head again and buried her head in Liz’s neck.

“You want me to take her?” Max asked.

She shook her head at Max and turned the other way.

“I don’t think she wants you to take her.” Liz smiled. “She’s ok.”

“Are you going to be in the wedding?” Max asked after they had sat down on a bench.

“Yeah. One of the bridesmaids dropped I guess.” Liz shrugged.

“I know.” Max straightened. That other bridesmaid should have been Tess.

Lily was reclining against Liz watching Aidan play in the sand.

“So are you in the doctor’s office often?” Liz asked feeling shy and wanting to break the silence.

“No, she doesn’t get sick very much, it was nothing major, she was a premature baby so any sign of illness has to be taken care of immediately.” Max explained.

“How many weeks was she?” Liz asked concerned. It registered in her mind how small she was.


“That’s two months!” Liz exclaimed.

“Yeah. I spent many nights at the hospital.” Max nodded looking down at Lily who’s eyes were starting to close.

“How about you?”

“No, just to get familiar with the doctor.” Liz said.

“Are you tired, Lilybird?” Max asked gently.

“No.” She stated.


“What did you say?” Max stared at her.

“No, Dada!” She stated.

“She spoke.” Max said.

“So?” Liz wondered shifting Lily.

“Her first word was no.”

“That was her first word?” Liz asked smiling.

“Yes.” He lifted his daughter in the air and she squealed and held on.

“Dada!” She said again pleased with herself.

Max stopped and sat down again. Immediately she crawled out of Max’s lap and settled into Liz’s.

“Why won’t you stay with me?” Max asked.

She shrugged and ran her hands through Liz’s hair and plopped fingers in her mouth.

Max observed how comfortable was with Lily. She was kind always kind of nervous around strangers, but with Liz it was total familiarity. Isabel had told him what happened at the mall. At first it had worried him but now it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Her eyes started to drift closed.

“Mama, look what I’ve found.” Aidan came over proudly.

“What is it Aidan?” She asked quietly.

“Look.” He showed her a quarter.

“It’s a quarter. You should put it in your piggy bank.” Liz advised softly.

“She’s sleepin’.” Aidan pointed out.

“Yep, that she is.” Max said.

The sun was starting to set. “Liz, I think I’m going to take her home.” Max said standing up.

“I should be getting Aidan home too.” Liz stood up.

“Can I walk you to your car?”

“Umm, sure.” Liz said standing up.

Max took Lily who protested softly.

“Aidan dump your shoes.” Liz told him.

“Good idea.” Max slid off Lily’s shoes and sand poured out.

Aidan did the same thing. “We walkin’ home, Mama?

“Yeah.” Liz said.

“You wanna ride?” Max asked.

“No, we’re fine.” Liz said.

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t have his car seat.” Liz pointed out.

“Good point.” Max nodded. “Alright. I’ll see you next Friday then?” He asked before he had time to stop himself.

“Next Friday?” Liz asked confused.

“Rehearsal dinner?”

“Oh, yeah.” Liz nodded.

“Bye, Liz.” He said softly. “Bye, Bye, Aidan.” Max waved.

“Bye, Max.”

“She’d wave if she weren’t sleeping.” Max laughed.

“I know.”