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Category: M/L
Rating: PG
Summary: A future fic taking place before and slightly during EOTW. It was inspired in part by Anniepoo98’s “Seconds to Oblivion” and Jimmy Eat World’s “My Sundown.”
Disclaimer: Own nothing. The characters belong to their respective owners; the idea belongs to me.
Author's note: Thanks to Tiff for betaing! You're the best!

First timeline refers to the time that Future Max and Future Liz lived in. The way the second timeline pans out (as seen in EOTW) will almost always be in italics unless noted. Dreamscape refers to Future Max and Future Liz meeting in their dreams.

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico 2014 - First Timeline

He gazed around him. So this was it. His last sunset. He turned westward, squinting. The suns rays beamed back at him. The rays slowly sunk into the earth, winking as they fell.

Liz stood next to him, watching the sunset with sadness. “This is it,” she breathed. She instinctively reached for his hand, grasping it tightly in hers. Together, they stood, watching the sky quickly turn from a brilliant orange to a pink interlaced with purple.

Finally, Max turned to her. “It’s time.” Liz felt her feet grow heavy almost as if she had been fixed to the ground. The next words out of her mouth surprised her.

“I don’t want to,” she whispered.

Max stopped and gazed down at her. Even now, fourteen years later, he was the only one that could make her heart pound with just one look.

“I know,” he said as he reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. His simple action reminded her of the first time he had done it – one of the many times she wanted to kiss him but couldn’t muster the courage. “But we have to, Liz.”

She glanced down, her gaze carefully avoiding Michael’s fallen body. He had gone on a scouting mission earlier that day and had never returned. They had found him, a mere ten minutes ago, still breathing and in pain. His hand had been outstretched towards the sunset, Liz realized, her breath catching. She looked up, seeing that the purple was quickly fading into a dark blue and eventually would turn black. The stars would be out soon.

“Okay,” she finally said, nodding firmly. Max dropped his invisibility shield and they turned, sprinting up the rocks to the pod chamber. Instantly, gunfire erupted from every direction, bouncing off the ground and rocks around them. She felt the heat of a shot graze against her head but she kept up her pace. They needed to do this, she told herself over and over. A reassurance trying to take hold in her mind.

Max waved his hand over the rock formation and a sparkling silver hand print appeared. He grabbed her hand and dragged her in just as a stream of fire moved past them and spread over the pod walls. Instinctively, Liz ducked, covering her head with her hands. Then the opening closed, sealing them in.

Liz crawled to her feet, glancing up to see where the fire had hit. Max was already there, extinguishing the fire and examining the damaged material, a sad look on his face. Unexpectedly, a heavy explosion rocked them from their balance, knocking them both flat on the floor.

Before Liz could take another breath, Max was up, bringing her with him through the pods to the chamber that lay between them and the granolith. His arms steadied her as the explosions went off one by one, each growing in intensity. Stumbling into the pod chamber, Liz glanced up at it. She’d never seen it like this before, except for one time four years ago when Serena found out how to make it travel in time. They hadn’t used it that night or anytime after that. Now they would – they had to.

Max’s gaze followed hers and for the last time, she saw her husband panic.

“I won’t leave you,” his gaze searching every inch of her face.

“No, no Max you have to,” Liz cried, finally finding her inner strength. It was instinct. When he became weaker, she became stronger, a balance that had helped them throughout the years.

Max began walking around the chamber. He looked back up at the granolith and then back at her. “If I’m successful, if I can do this, you and I won’t exist. Not as we do now.”

Liz grabbed his arms, stopping his frantic pacing. “Max, you have to do this, you have to try it! If you don’t, everyone will die.”

She saw his jaw tightening, determined. Then a sad look passed through his eyes. “I’ll never see you again.”

The retort that had been on her lips died and she could only stare at him. Suddenly, he drew her into his arms. “Thank you.”

“For what?’

“For every kiss, every smile,” he grabbed her face and she mirrored his position, absolute love pouring out of her. “Max, I don’t have any regrets.”

Another explosion rocked the ground, sending them sprawling onto the floor. Max crawled to his hands and knees, bringing out the key. He shoved it into the base and they stood up, watching it charge.

He turned to her, a sad smile on his face. She looked up at him just in time to see him being transported into the granolith.

She could hear more explosions outside the chamber door. They were trying to break in. Struggling to hold back tears, she lifted her hand, trying to touch him through the granolith. He gazed at her sadly and she knew he was feeling the same thing she was. He reached out his hand to meet her.

Light started streaming out of the granolith and Liz looked up. When she glanced back down, Max was gone. She stared in disbelief at the empty space in front of her. Falling to her knees, she watched as the light faded, darkening the chamber.

She heard a multitude of sounds. Now added to the mix of gunfire and explosions were the sound of voices. A loud explosion rocked the chamber, reverberating throughout it, sending her ears ringing.

The voices were getting louder. They were trying to break in through the top of the rock.
She knew they had a layout of the pod chamber and that they knew its weaknesses, inside and out. Her only protection was the seal, or their definite lack thereof. Without it no one could get in.

With a start, Liz realized she was trapped. She didn’t have a seal. There was only one crystal for the granolith and it had been used. She couldn’t get out. She was trapped, a treasure for the enemy when they broke through. Gathering her body into a ball, she curled up against the chamber walls.

She sat there for hours, listening to the sounds coming from outside. Voices shouting orders, the rumble and crash of an explosion, sharp, picking sound as they hacked away at the rock. Slowly she realized there was one thing left that she had to do.

Glancing up at the granolith, she waved her hand, sending bursts of energy to the cone, trying to destroy it. Only instead of denting the sides, the energy bounced off, coming flying back at her. She ducked, feeling the ball of energy brushing past her face. It hit the chamber wall and went through. Faint light given off by the explosions filtered in from the newly formed hole.

With horror, Liz realized what she had done. There was no way she could patch that up. Max’s healing touch had given her powers, unfortunately they were limited and only powers that could be used to destroy. Even if she could fix the hole, there would still be the tell tale sign of where it had gone out.

Outside, she could hear the voices getting closer. They had spotted her misfire and were now hacking away at the hole to get in.

Liz lay down on her side, inside the chamber, watching the hole get bigger. She blinked back tears, flinching as the enemy fired at her, missing. There was nothing else she could do to protect herself. Even if she could get out the main door, there was no way she could take down enough of the enemy to get out safely and survive.

She was beginning to make out forms outside the hole. She closed her eyes, reaching for Max, for the part of him that was with her. He didn’t answer. She pressed harder and instead found an image of him recently impressed on her mind: the utterly enthralled look that had graced his face as he had watched his last sunset. Despite the end, despite his best friend’s death, and his imminent one, he still had found wonder in the smallest things.

Liz took the image and put herself beside him. As the last rays of the sunset disappeared, she felt her body convulse in a shroud of pain. She turned to Max and he nodded. They took off in a sprint towards the disappearing sun, racing each other to the ends of the earth.

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Wow, Annie, I'm so glad you liked it! I really really am! I was really worried you'd hate it.

Anyway, on to the author's note: Although the wonderful Annie inspired me, my muse won't die. I actually had a story like this in mind two years ago and guess what! It's still around. So, I will be adding more to this - hopefully soon. Keep checking back for updates. Thanks for all the feedback guys!
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Author's Note: First timeline refers to the time that Future Max and Future Liz lived in. The way the second timeline pans out (as seen in EOTW) will almost always be in italics unless noted. Dreamscape refers to Future Max and Future Liz meeting in their dreams.

Part 2

Roswell, New Mexico 2014 - Dreamscape

She couldn’t remember running this fast, not even when she had escaped Nicholas’ clutches. It was as if it was something had taken possession of her, lifting her above the ground and was pushing her along.

She was only vaguely aware of when he stopped running beside her. The sound of air moving in and out of her lungs was the only thing she could hear. Her only thought was to reach the sun before it disappeared. If only she could run faster -

“Liz, wait!”

She turned, coming to such an abrupt halt her heart lurched in her chest before settling into a beating frenzy. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she could make out Max in the dying twilight, worn black against midnight blue, some distance behind her.

“Max, c’mon,” Liz panted, taking a faltering step in his direction. She looked back at the sun. It had completely sunk in the few seconds she had taken her eyes off of it, leaving only a tell-tale orange bulb of light resting on the horizon.

Max shook his head. “I can’t, Liz. Not yet.”

“Why?” She was confused.

”No, no, I have no idea who you are but you’re not Max.”

“Liz, I know this is all hard to believe –“

“Wh-what? You expect me to believe that the - the granolith is like some sort of time machine?”

He looked at her, his eyes pleading. “Liz, if I go now –“

“I know, Max.” Liz cut him off, smiling, still panting. “It’s all part of the plan. I understand. Go to her.”


Roswell, New Mexico 2000 – First Timeline

“How much did you pay for the tickets?” Liz lay on her side, facing Max. He mirrored her position, one hand tucked under his cheek, a small smile radiating from his features.

The smile grew before he replied. “Sixty bucks.”

Liz almost shot up in bed. “Sixty?! Wow… were they worth it?”

“Definitely.” They laughed, pulling instinctively closer together. Max placed one hand on her hip, startled by how warm she was. And smooth, he realized, letting his hand move back and forth over her skin, mesmerized.

Suddenly, Liz sobered. “Max, about – about tonight….” She trailed, looking directing into his eyes. “About everything. I mean, with –“

Max placed a finger on her lips. “We’ll worry about that in the morning.”

Liz nodded and then abruptly sat up, glancing at the clock. “Oh my God, my parents are going to be home in twenty minutes!”

Max couldn’t help himself. He rolled onto his back and began laughing. Liz glanced over at him, half covering herself with a maroon-colored sheet. “What’s so funny?”

“Usually, it’s me who’s worried about everything,” he turned back on his side to see her fully, giving her an earth-shattering grin. He reached up, pulling her back down beside him. “Calm down, Liz Parker. We still have time. We have all the time in the world.”


Roswell, New Mexico 2014 – Dreamscape

“No one can know I’m here, especially not me. That is, my younger self.”

“Uh, what is it that –“

“Not now, you’re father’s coming.”

The sound of water lulled her awake before his presence did. It danced along the rocks and the sand before fading farther down the line. She raised her head, surprised that it was still dark.

“That didn’t take long.”

“We were interrupted.”

She sat up, meeting his gaze head on. He sat a few feet away from her, hunched on his feet, twirling a piece of dead grass in his fingers. He glanced down, avoiding her gaze and she did the same, opting to look at the water instead.

“It’s strange, isn’t it?” She glanced up at the stars, noticing that it was a clear night. She found the Little Dipper’s cup and glanced over its handle, letting her eyes roam to the other side of Polaris. Her eyes traced the lines of Cassiopeia instead, lingering.

Max eased himself onto the rock he was perched on, throwing the grass away. “It is,” he finally admitted.

“No, I mean, the stars,” she let her gaze fall back onto him.

“I know,” he replied softly. She swung her legs under her and crawled to his side. Placing her head on his shoulder, she began watching the water again, observing the way it flowed over the larger rocks, the ripples and folds that it made to accommodate the obstacle.

“She’s afraid,” Liz stated, not looking up at Max. “It’s her worst nightmare coming true.”

Max looked down at her, placing a soft kiss on her forehead before himself turning to the water and its sanctuaries.

“I know.”

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