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A different story

Yeah so, here I am this is sorta my first fic heck its my first ever written work so you guys out there let me know.

As far as rating is concerned it will be PG-13 for a long long time and then it will go up don’t worry you will be warned.
**Important this will evolve in to an NC-17, so watch out**

Disclaimer: All the characters, scenes and incidents that happen in this story are fictions, any similarity with any person or alien living or dead on this planet or another is purely co-incidental. The plot of this story is the result of my highly imaginative mind which has nothing better to do right now. So any similarities to other fanfic, books (Except the Roswell high series by Metz Melinda) that I have read or not read, any movies that I have seen or not seen, any TV serials (Except Roswell owned by…I don’t know….so whoever it is owned by) that I have watched or not watched or no longer telecasted is again a co-incident, nothing but co-incident purely 100%, I swear!. So saying all I have said if you still want to sue me, don’t even bother, I live on the other side of the globe, I aint worth all the trouble. Oh! By the way all the words typed belong to the language English a little bit of French and maybe Spanish, all spelling or grammatical mistakes are the result of my word-possessor’s inability to correct them. Seems like I got everything covered….(Reading through the disclaimer again)…Yep! Pretty much it!

Summary um….ah….well….yes, the aliens are aliens and humans are humans and lets see how the story unfolds. What do you say? I am writing one of those it never happened stories. And it’s the senior year folks.

Authors note: Oh please! I have enough angst in my life to last for a life time so in my fic I want to keep things light and have fun with all the characters involved. Wanna take it? It’s all yours! Let me know where it’s going will ya? On a side note I am relatively new to this board and have downloaded a ton of Fic’s right now I am reading them so you will see me on your thread pretty soon.

Category: M/L sort of AU

All things said and done and my fingers crossed, lets begin the story, shall we?
Part 1: on a day like toady

~Monday Morning~

So, I am Max Evans and here I am in my school with my sister following routine of life, you know my boring lie low, act normal, don’t-let –anybody-notice-you routine. As I follow my sister in the hallway I notice her friends rushing over to her to let out the latest gossip going around. Sometimes I envy my sister she has this “I am so popular” front at least she has these friends.

I start to walk away slowly dragging my feat towards my first class. Right now you might be wondering why we put up this front, well you see...I guess the best way to say it is… I am an alien. Don’t believe it? Ok summary of history of my existence on this planet: I my sister and Michael are aliens our ship crashed in 1947 yep! There was no weather balloon and we were in these incubation pods like a very long time then we came out of the pods in 1989 and we were like these 6 year olds and we wandered out in to the desert where the Evans found my sister and me. Michael hid and so he got a foster home. And even before you ask YES… I look human, NO... no part of my body is green, NO…I don’t have antennas, NO…we are not here to take over the earth and honestly I don’t know why we are here, damn those alien movies! So here I am, Max Evans an alien walking the halls of West Roswell High.

That my friends, is my story the short version. So you see we have this instinct from the beginning to keep to ourselves always tend to keep our guard up. So every day I pretend to be normal doing normal stuff acting normal so that no one pays much attention to us. You know, In fact I love to be normal not to just pretend, so that I can lead my life like the rest of the guys my age without the fear of being discovered or dissected in some government lab. Infact I envy every single one of those guys just hanging out with their girlfriends. Even I want to be just like them, be normal and be in love with…ok, stop, dangerous territory, I know where my thought is going, the place where it always goes. And where is that you ask? Let me ask you something first Have you ever been in love all your life? Well I have. Since the first day of school since the moment I saw her, she probably doesn’t even know me, heck no body really know me except Isabel or Michael, but the only best moments in my life is the time I spend around her, when she is in my classroom or when I can look at her and admire her from afar. I know I can never get involved with her , it’s too dangerous and besides its against the rules, before you go pondering about the rules let me explain, we, the alien trio, came up with these rules to protect ourselves, you already know most of them anyway here is the gist, lay-low, act normal and guard the secret of our true identity. I wish I was normal, I wish I was just a regular guy then maybe things would have been different, but I know that’s just a wish. Is it too much to ask?

I slowly drag myself towards my class for another day of school, I hope Michael was here with me at least I would not feel so alone but Michael and school cannot come together in a single sentence, he has this idea in his head that there is a mother ship behind the moon to beam us up ant take us home, where ever that is. So he is out there…. where exactly I don’t know but searching to make first contact and he believes that school is a waste of time infact he believes everything non-alien is a waste of time. So he is out again on his quest to find out, whatever he is trying to find out. I worry about him; he is more like a brother to me. Even I would like to know about our origins but that does not mean I should be obsessed about it. I try to reason with him try to make him see that maybe we are stuck here forever. Isabel tells me it’s his hope, that’s what keeps him going. I know where he is coming from, me and Isabel are lucky to have the Evans they love us like their own children, but for Michael it’s a different story his foster father keeps him for the monthly check. So he hopes to find something better out there, like a real family.

But on the bright side, my first period today is biology at least something to look forward to, Liz is in biology, Liz? You ask, remember the girl I talked about earlier, the dream girl stuff; that’s her, Liz Parker, my dream girl, the girl I have been in love with since I saw her. My feet automatically move faster as my classroom door comes in to sight I am a bit late today and it looks like class just started I hurry to the door and stop outside fro a moment my pulse races in anticipation, all of this for just a glimpse of her face. I turn the door knob and enter.

As I enter I notice my whole class is staring at me, I look confused, I know most of them don’t even know that I was in that class but no body stared before. They are still staring. What? What? What are they staring at? Oh my god now my teacher is staring at me too. I start to panic, do they know? What do they know? How do they know? All worst case scenarios fly through my mind, I expect the FBI to spring up for me any moment and I am totally freaking out and am just about to turn back and run when my teacher starts smiling at me.

The first few chapters are going to be shorter in length until I start to get the story in to track and then I promise longer parts
What do you think? What do you think? Huh? Huh?
Next part by Wednesday

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A word before I begin, I want to thank frenchkiss70 and Maxs Angel for trying out my story, for your positive feedback and vote of confidence as the first readers of my story your words mean a lot to me, Thanks guys. Here is another short part, hope you guys like it.

I have this part out earlier than I planed.

Part2: What ever happened to Mr. Shadow?

Previously in chapter 1

As I enter I notice my whole class is staring at me, I look confused, I know most of them don’t even know that I was in that class but no body stared before. They are still staring. What? What? What are they staring at? Oh my god now my teacher is staring at me too. I start to panic, do they know? What do they know? How do they know? I am just about to turn back and run when my teacher starts smiling at me.

Part 2

I am still rooted on the spot trying to figure out what the hell was going on, Ms. Hardy my biology teacher starts walking towards me with the smile still pasted on her face she slowly gives me her hand and says “congratulations! Mr. Max Evans”

Huh? What in world is happening?

She must have seen that absolutely lost look on my faces so she helps me out by saying “Remember that biology talent exam conducted last month, I am delighted to inform you that you have achieved the highest scores” and the whole class room erupts with hands clapping and she continues saying “we just got the results this morning, you and a classmate of yours will represent our school and attend the advanced program being held next week at UNM”

I am shocked, no shocked is so not the right word….I am…I am… I don’t know what the hell I am right now, except that I am the center of attention. NOOOO this is bad… very bad I don’t even remember taking the damn test! Why the hell did I take it anyway? OOOH I remember now, because Liz was taking the test and all those who took the test had an extra class at school to help them out and so I too took the test just because I can stare at her for some extra time ‘how sweet’ my brain supplies ‘shut Up!’ is the immediate reply I give to my brain, you are the very reason I ever ended in this mess ‘no’ my brain supplies ‘that falls under the heart department’. What the hell I am doing? Talking to my body organs? I am totally loosing it. While all this time I was having a conversation with my self I realize there is an awkward silence and my teacher is looking at me for some sort of response and so is the whole class. the only things that come out are “um…err…Thanks”
Ms. Hardy looks a little bit disappointed I guess she expected me to jump up and down in joy but I am so not in the joy department right now. I slowly make way for my seat oh my sweet isolated seat way back there all by itself I seek its solace and slowly drop in to my seat.

The class slowly proceeds but my mind is now in panic land. what I have gotten my self in to? I have all this attention suddenly oh this is not good so not good but I tell my self to get a grip…what’s the big deal anyway? I can handle this, yes! think positively; it’s just some stupid program in biology right? What can possibly go wrong? Right?... yeah right… I can handle it. My thoughts suddenly come to a grinding halt when I hear my name being called by Ms. Hardy again and as I look up she says “ Max why don’t you drop by at my office before lunch, we need to discuss a few things”
“Ok” was all I could get out

Its lunch now and I am heading for Ms. Hardy’s office right now lost in my own thoughts when suddenly I feel this arm pulling me aside and to this arm happens to be attached to my sister.

“Is it true?” she asks
Always pretend innocent “what?” I ask putting up my innocent face
“That you aced some bio test?” she hisses in to my ear like talking about a really big secret
“So?” I ask
“You did... Didn’t you?” she asks already knowing the answer
“It’s not good Max…too much attention” she says
Now I am annoyed, you can’t blame a guy for being smart “Relax Isabel it was a stupid bio test, besides nobody gives a damn”
“Did you know I was asked about it by like about 10 girls” she remembered those girls drooling over her brother ‘ooh he is so smart’ ‘ooh he is so hot’ she almost puked

“So what’s the big deal?”
“You don’t understand Max, you think nobody notices you but many girls have their eyes on you and I even was approached by Pam troy to set you up on a date with her and today you just shot to the number one spot in the most unattainable guys list in the girl’s bathroom. You are right Max no one care about a biology test but you were never a discussion before and that makes you a hot topic”

Ah HA! The list did exist. Anyway I reply “don’t worry about it Isabel, I am sure there will be another hot topic of discussion by the day ends” by the way if you don’t know, High school rumor and gossip mills are worst than Hollywood tabloids.

She seemed worried so I continue “look its no big deal, I can handle it, don’t worry about it”
“You are not coming to lunch?” she asks. Obviously she hadn’t heard the whole story and certainly not about the advance program especially that I have to go to UNM because there is no way in hell Isabel would be this calm and right now I am happy the way it is and have no intension of stirring the hornets nest.

“No Ms. Hardy wanted to seem me about that advance program stuff; you go ahead I will see you later”
“Keep me informed” and with that she is gone

With that I was left alone and I resumed my journey towards Ms. Hardy’s office. I knock on her door and enter her office
“Please take a seat Mr. Evans”
“Thank you”
“So you must be pretty excited”
“Err… Yes I am” I say anything but excited
“So you want to go through the details of the program?” she asks enthusiastically
“Yes” I reply not so enthusiastic
“Well, you have a two week advance training program at UNM. You will get to know various fields you can pursue in advance biology in college, its going to be really exciting for you. and this will also look good in your college applications and if you decide to attend UNM it has scholarships it will be offering you” she looks up at me and continues “ You will be staying at UNM for about two weeks so I guess you are ok with that?” she asks a bit too eager.
“Yes...No problem”
“Ok” she continues rubbing her hands excitedly “As I mentioned earlier you will be going along with a classmate of yours so I was actually expecting her to be here” she looks at the door hoping that who ever she was waiting for was there.

Her? As in female? So I wonder who this classmate is and out of curiosity I blurt out “may I know who she is?”
“Of course” she replies “ It is only fair that she gets this chance as she is the runner up in the test and by the way she is also the science club president, I know you two would get along well” and the next three words from her mouth make my world spin out of axis.

“It’s Liz Parker”

Next In Part 3: Max’s Reaction on Thursday
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Just wandered in to check on my thread and I find new readers!!!

Thank you LizHalliwell and roswellluver for trying out my fic and +ve feedback and as for frenchkiss 70 glad you liked the part, just wanted you to know I started working on the next part and will be out soon.

Thanks again guys

Signing off CyRuS
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New reader Yay!!! BelivingInTheDreamOfRoswell now thats a really big login name, do you like type it every time you login? anyway, thanx for checking out my fic. I am really pissed off at my PC. crashed on me yesterday, never thought it would happen to me, I managed to somehow get it running with bare essentials to log on to the net. Enough of my ranting, here is part 3.

Part3: A Love Sick Puppy
Her? As in female? So I wonder who this classmate is and out of curiosity I blurt out “may I know who she is?”
“Of course” she replies “ It is only fair that she gets this chance as she is the runner up in the test and by the way she is also the science club president, I know you two would get along well” and the next three words from her mouth make my world spin out of axis.

“It’s Liz Parker”

Part 3

No this is not happening, it’s a dream this cannot be true! My brain is in total denial. OH MY GOD I am going to spend two weeks with Liz parker!!! As in Liz parker my dream girl, the girl I have been pinning for since I saw her, this is so unreal. I am in a sensory overload at this moment so excuse my emotions but they are not their usual self right now.

Ms. Hardy continued, oblivious to the state of mind I am currently in “that is the reason I wanted her to be here too, I want the two of you to know each other better, you both are going to be a team and represent our school, I want you to be comfortable with each other, so for the next week you and Ms. Parker will be working on special assignments together and familiarize yourselves with this program you are going to attend, I have some material for you to get started, I have already asked her and she agreed that she would attend this program”

Before I have any time to react or form a coherent thought we both are interrupted with a knock on the door “That must be her” Ms. Hardy speculates and says “enter” and there she is in all her glory .oh god she is so beautiful, who ever said there were no angles obviously never had a look at Liz Parker, she slowly enters the room

“I am sorry I was late” my heart starts pumping at an unknown velocity at her sight, I realize that I am staring at her like an idiot and before I turn my head away she gave me a sweet smile. A smile!! She actual gave me a smile!!! Oh god I am in heaven, somebody pinch me! My thoughts are so out of proportions right now so I am fighting to get them under control.

Mean while Ms. Hardy speaks up “well Ms. Parker so nice of you to join us, please take your seat” she sits in the chair next to me. SO close!!! So freaking close right next to me!!! I can smell the sweet strawberry scent of her shampoo from her hair, did I ever mention that I love that smell? I unconsciously lean towards her and started sniffing at her hair when Ms. Hardy notices.

“Mr. Evans” she asks “Is everything ok?” at that Liz turns towards me with a questioning look on her face.

Holy Shit!!! I was caught sniffing Liz…sniffing like some dog at a lamp post, what the fuck is wrong with me? My Cheeks and ears start to burn up, it’s a goddamn shame invisibility isn’t one of my powers it sure can come in handy, like about right now!

“Um...No” think think think “Um… I thought there was something…guess…nothing” I manage to stuttered in embarrassment what? What the hell did I just say? Did it make any goddamn sense?

Luckily for me Ms. Hardy gives me a puzzled look before turning her attention on to Liz and thankfully I am ignored at this point of time as Ms. Hardy holds Liz’s complete attention “ as you can see Liz I was explaining to Max here about the program you will be attending and that you both need to work as a team and from today onwards you will be spending a lot of time with each other familiarizing with this program and to help you with this task I have come up with some special assignments starting from today” she continues giving us both a look “ so I think I have wasted enough of your lunch time and so you can leave if you don’t have any questions that is” we both nod our head telling her that we have no further questions so she says "come to me after the school and collect the letters from me that I have addressed to your parents” with that she shoos us out of her office.

We both are outside the door and there is an awkward silence and as I am desperately thinking of saying something she beats me to it and breaks the silence.

“I never got to congratulate you before” and she holds out her hand and I take her hand in to mine. Oh god she is so soft, a spark of pleasure runs through my body as I come in contact with her hand, I am just hanging on to her hand absolutely refusing it to go.

“Um…ah” Liz mumbles, apparently she wants her hand back

I slowly release her hand and sigh inwardly at the loss of contact, I look at her hand longingly, maybe next time I will dump a bottle of super glue, yes that should do the trick; I absolutely refuse to wash my hand ever again.

“Thanks” I mumble out and the silence resumes and again she speaks up “so, you must be pretty excited” she says looking at me

Oh those eyes, those beautiful soulful incredable eyes...crap! I need to talk...

“Um...Yes” I reply looking at the obvious excitement on her face
“I am very excited” she adds, bubbling with excitement “I was hoping I would get this opportunity”

“I am glad” I say “You deserve it, and I honestly believed you would top it” I say amazed at myself that I am able to make up a conversation in the current state I am in.
“Its ok” she replies “I lost to a worthy opponent”

Stupid stupid me why couldn’t I let her top it? I was not even interested in it for crying out loud.

“So, it looks like we will be spending a lot of time together in the coming next week” she says

Oh god, oh sweet god, I can’t believe my good fortune I can spend my time around the girl of my dreams, my life cannot get any better, this better not be a dream and if it is I better not wake up or else I will be damn pissed at myself.

“Why don’t we grab some lunch and get to know each other better?” she continuous

Lunch? She wants to have lunch? With me? What about dinner? And lunch the next day? What about having lunch and dinner for the rest of our lives? What do you say?
Ok I am totally loosing it, this cannot be me... I need to be in control... I should be in control... I am ‘Mr. Control’... I should be strong… resist the urges and so I gather my thoughts and say “Ok”

"Lets Go" she grabs my hand and drags me to the quad; my eyes reach the place where here hand on my body is. I would follow her anywhere like this even in to the depths of hell. She drags me to her usual place where the table is empty and as we sit down I see my sister across the quad looking right at me and she is beyond shocked. Her mouth is open with disbelief written all over her face and her eyes almost bulge out of her sockets.

You see, the thing is, she knows all about my obsession with Liz parker.

Next Part on Sunday?
In Part 4: A certain dream boy and a dream girl have lunch and a not so dreamily sister is not happy about it.

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I just finished this part, it’s actually very small. I actually wanted to wait and post it later, but what the hell, here it is anyway…

frenchkiss70: Like clumsy Max huh? Trust me, this is only the beginning.
LizHalliwell: You are gonna hear Liz’s side of the story soon like in the next few parts but this is Max and Liz we are talking about!!! Do I need to say more? Anyway stay tuned…
roswellluver: I think I should be the one to thank you for trying out my fic
BelivingInTheDreamOfRoswell: Your question about Iz will be answered in Part 5 on which I am currently working on, so I guess you would have to stay tuned to find out and about your fic, trust me the pleasure was all mine.

Thanks for you Fb people and just wanted you guys to know that though the Fb will be lost on the new board I already downloaded this page with the Fb intact, coz your Fb means a lot, Thanks once again and here is part 4

Part 4: How do you do Mr. Evans?


She grabs my hand and drags me to the quad my eyes reach the place where here hand on my body is. I would follow her anywhere like this even in to the depths of hell. She drags me to her usual place where the table is empty and as we sit down I see my sister across the quad looking right at me and she is beyond shocked. Her mouth is open with disbelief written all over her face and her eyes almost bulge out of her sockets.

You see the thing is she knows all about my obsession with Liz parker.

Part 4

I am totally in for it, my sister still didn’t recover from her shock, if looks could kill I would be so dead, guess I am lucky we aliens don’t have killer look powers, I need to deal with her later, but right now I need to concentrate on the angle sitting in front of me, one look at her and all memory of my sister and the entire world is erased, the sunlight reflecting on her smooth skin and her hair cascading like a water fall on her shoulder she truly is an angle I start to wander in Liz land again. My thoughts are interrupted when she tries to break the silence between us.

“So?” she says awkwardly trying to start a conversation of some sort

So what? So let’s make out on the table in front of the whole school? So, how about we elope and get married in Vegas? Huh? Huh? What do you say? How does Elvis chapel sound?

Damn! These thoughts will cause me some serious trouble I need to control them, for gods sake I am going to spend the next three weeks with her and I can’t think straight for three minutes. It’s going to be only matter of time before I say or do something stupid. As I am lost in my own thoughts I realize I need to speak something and I say the only thing I can say right now “So?” Oh? Shit what am I doing? I need to make some conversation for crying out loud.

“You are excited huh?” I hastily add, crap! How lame can I get, I seriously need to improve my vocabulary around her.
“Um...Yeah” she adds “I was hoping I would get in to this program, I really love biology and this would look good on my college application”

College? She seems to have planned a lot in to the future “so what college do you want to apply for?” I ask
“Harvard” she replies without missing a beat.
Man she sure plans big! “I don’t think you won’t have a difficult time getting in with your grades”
She doesn’t reply to that one but adds “So, what about you, any college plans of your own”
“No, there is still time, I don’t plan much ahead” My future plans right now are to kick Michael’s ass at that play station game
“Well, you seems to like biology too...I mean with this test and all you seem to be pretty good in bio”
“Well I guess” I say knowing too well the reason for my interest in bio “But I need to figure it out, anyway I guess you have it all figured out huh?” I try to steer away the conversation from me.

“Well yeah, you always gotta have a plan, so you know so you can be in control, set your priorities and be prepared” she pauses and adds shyly “God! I am such a dork”

What!?! No, you are anything but a dork you are intelligent, smart, beautiful….” I blabber out without realizing and then reality strikes me. Oh my god! Did I just admit to her that she looked beautiful, god what is wrong with me? I really have a bad case of foot in mouth disease, what she is going to think of me? I think I am going to die of embarrassment, god...kill me!! Where is that stupid spaceship when you need one?

She looks at me surprised by my statement and then a blush creeps up her cheeks “Um… Thanks” she says shyly
“So what did you get for lunch” she adds hastily
I take out the sandwich and look at her “Uh… a sandwich I guess”

She takes out her lunch, a galaxy sub, man! the perks of your parents owning a restaurant, galaxy sub is my favorite and then she adds “I can’t eat the whole thing, wasn’t to share some? I know that you like galaxy sub” she knows? How dose she know? What else dose she know? And I look at her as she stumbles through the next words coming out of her mouth “I mean…you always seem to order it…when you are at crash down…so I thought…maybe…you like galaxy sub” her cheeks get somewhat redder, Hmm... must be the sun.

“Oh” is the only thing I can come up with well I do order galaxy sub almost every time I am at the crash down and I always sit at her booth so I guess it a logical explanation
“Beats eating the sandwich I say” she divides it and pass me a half
“So we need to start working on those assignments, Ms. Hardy is going to give us” she says between mouthfuls
“Yeah so about that I was wondering… if we could get together…later tonight and go through that stuff…you know to familiarize and go through the assignments…but if you have other plans…I guess…some other time…” Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! How lame can I get?
She cuts me off “Yeah…Ok I get off my shift at 8:30 and then I am free …so if you can come over…we can go through the stuff” she says
“Yeah ok” I add a bit too eager Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The lunch comes to an end we slowly gather our things

“So see you after school…I mean Ms. Hardy wanted us to get those letters” she says standing up

“yeah, and if you like I can give you a ride to crash down…I mean you head there for you shift…and I was planning to go there after school…I mean I usually go there after school…so I can give you a ride…if you like…I mean if its ok with you” I really need to speak a sentence which actually make some sense .
“Ok” I add “great”
“See you after school” she gives me a smile and then she is gone.

I am standing there staring at her disappearing figure as I gather my thoughts I cannot believe my luck I am going to spend some time around her, I know we could never get close, I know we could never be more than friends, but if that’s what I get I will grab it. Suddenly my thoughts turn to my sister, I wonder how I am going to get out of this one and with that thought I enter the school with a feeling of impending doom as I think about the unavoidable confrontation with my sister.

Time to face the music.

Next part on the new board…whenever its up