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Author: Brittany
Rating R
Summary: AU, no aliens, but some Sci-fi. Read to find out the rest.
AN: Ok, I own nothing! Ecept a few of the characters you have never seen
before. Another thing, this idea came from the really good show “The Dead
Zone.” I will change it, but the general gist comes from there. I know you are all thinking, why is she starting another fic? But have no fear, the new part of family is almost ready, it will be out by tomorrow at the latest.

Part 1

“One plus one is?” Elizabeth Parker asked her class full of first graders. They
were going over their memorized addition facts.

“Two!” The whole class shouted.

“Very good! OK, now how about four plus three?” She stood up from her
desk and picked up her stuffed bear that sat on it.

“Seven!” They wailed again.

“Oh my goodness, you are all geniuses!” She smiled at Cindy, a pretty little
girl with blonde braided pig tails. “How about something a little harder”

“Yeah!” They squealed in delight. They loved having Ms. Parker as their
teacher. She was nice, and always handed out candy on Fridays. She never
yelled at them. And on their birthdays, she would bring them something
special, and they would have a special time, just for that child.

“OK, you asked for it.” She touched Adam, who sat in the first row on the

“Seven plus six?” She narrowed her eyes playfully.

They all thought about it, but for only a second. “Thirteen!” They finally

“Yes! That is right. I am so proud of you all.” She gave them the biggest
smile she could muster.

“I think that deserves a treat!” She walked back to her desk, and opened a
drawer. Inside was a big bag of Hershey Hugs. They were her favorite.

All the kids watched as she walked to her desk and opened the drawer. They
also watched as the door opened noiselessly, and a tall man walked in. They
all contained their giggles as he slipped undetected behind Ms. Parker. With a
finger to his lips, and a smile on his face, he remained half hidden behind the
big American flag they said the pledge of allegiance to every morning. They
all knew Mr. Evans, he was constantly coming into their classroom,
surprising their teacher.

“OK guys, you know the rules, no eating them until you get onto the
blacktop, OK?” Ms. Parker pulled the bag out of her drawer and walked to
each desk distributing them, two a student. She wasn’t aware of the slight
screeching coming from the chalk board in the front of the class.

When Ms. Parker got to the back, and heard a slight noise. Josh, a little boy
with plenty of freckles noticed Mr. Evans cringe when the chalk broke. He
turned around shakily, fearing he was getting caught red handed, not ready.
She was about to turn around when Josh interrupted.

“Uh, Ms. Parker! You forget me!” He shyly shouted quickly. His already red
cheeks burned crimson when the noise went unheard and Ms. Parker, who
was very pretty, smile at him.

“Of course I didn’t forget about you Josh, I have two just for you.” She
walked over to him, and gently set two of the chocolates on his desk.

Josh watched as Mr. Evans blew his breath out quietly, flashed him a grateful
smile, and finished writing quickly.

Ms. Parker ruffled Josh’s hair, and was about to turn around again, when
Ashley, a small brunette who was very quiet asked her.

“I think he wants to ask you something.” She pointed toward the front of the
class where Mr. Evans was kneeling quietly in front of Ms. Parker’s desk.

Ms. Parker turned around, her eyebrows knotted thoughtfully, to see what
Ashley was talking about.
There was the love of her life, kneeling not 10 feet away from her. In his
hand was a black velvet box, and on the chalkboard behind him the words

‘Will you Marry Me?’

Her breath caught in her throat, and the small giggles didn’t even register in
her brain.

He kneeled with a bright smile on his face. Her shocked expression was
worrying him, and he stood up quickly. He walked up to her.

“Elizabeth Parker, I have loved you since I was six years old, I would be
honored to spend the rest of my life with you. So, would you, marry me?” He
stood as close to her as possible, to the point where only a sheet of paper
could have passed between them.

“Yes Max, yes I will Marry you!” She squealed and wrapped her arms
around his shoulders. Unmindful of twenty small eyes staring at them, she
kissed him with all she had.

Max kissed her back, picking her up and twirling her around. He felt ecstatic
beyond belief. He set her down, looked into her eyes, and opened the box he
was still clutching in his right hand. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring.

“Will you wear my ring?” He gently asked her, pulling the ring from the box,
and grabbing her hand.

“Yes.” She watched as he slipped it on her finger with care.

She couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down her eyes. She kissed him again
and again, but she still didn’t hear the giggles.

Liz felt a small hand tug on the back of her shirt. She turned around to see
Ashley with a shy grin in her face.

“Does this mean we have to start calling you Mrs. Evans now?” She giggled
as she brought her small hand to her mouth.

Max kneeled down to the little girls level and touched her nose. “You betcha
little miss.”

She broke into uncontrollable giggles again, and ran back to her desk.

Liz’s smile couldn’t have been any brighter. She looked at the clock, only 5
minutes until school was out for the weekend, and she had Max all to herself
for three days.

“OK guys, why dont we pack up, and leave a little early today?” She looked
around into the eyes off all the eager children. They squealed in delight, and
ran to their cubbies to get their things.

Max and Liz watched in delight as the children bid there farewells and
walked out the door. As soon as the last child was out the door, Liz jumped

“I love you so much.” She mumbled between kisses.

“And I love you!” He grabbed her chin, and smothered her face in light

“Are you really going to marry me?” He stared into her eyes, needing

“Yes, you goofball, I will marry you!” Her eyes twinkled gleefully. “Lets get
out of here.”

“Yeah, lets.” Max helped her grab her things, and together they dashed out
the door with smiles on their faces.

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Thankyou guys so much for the feedback! Its awesome. I have to warn you though, this fic will be a bit angsty, but dreamer insurance is issued to anyone who wants it!

Part two

Max sat under the large weeping willow, his back against the trunk. He
stroked his fiancées dark hair from her position between his legs. Together
they stared at the children they could see running through the park between
the thin whisps of branches that hung down lazily. Their picnic basket lay
empty beside them.

“I love you.” He whispered to her.

“I love you, so much.” She looked into his eyes.

“I cant wait to marry you.” Max traced his fingers over the soft features of
her face.

“Neither can I.” Liz reached up, and grabbed his hand.

“I have to ask you a question, but I dont want to scare you.” She sat up, and
turned to face him, still holding onto his hand.

“Anything Liz, you know that.”

“OK, do you want a family?” She tentatively asked.

“With you? Of course! There’s nothing I would like better than too see little
versions of you and I running around our home.” He wrapped his arms
around her again, and brought her back to rest against his chest. “Why would
you doubt that?”

“Because, I know about your family, and I didn’t know if you wanted that.”
She clasped his hands strongly from their resting place, on her lower

“Just because my parents were a little.....stand-offish.” He smiled.

“A little stand-offish?” Liz stroked his fingers, knowing this might be a sore
subject for him.

“Well, all it does is strengthen my resolve to make sure our family will be full
of love, and never doubt that they mean the world to me.” He kissed her hair.
“I cant wait, to see you full with our child.”

“What are you saying Mr. Evans?” She giggled, hoping she knew the answer
to that question.

“I want to start a family with you, soon.” He kissed her hair again. “Now.”
He laughed. “Is that what you want?” He hopefully asked her.

“More than anything.” She turned in his arms once again, to capture his lips
in a kiss.

They finally broke apart when the need for air became too much. Liz rested
her forehead against his. “Are you saying we are going to start a family
before we get married?”

“Are you kidding me?” Max smiled at her, before kissing her soundly. “No
child of mine will be born out of wedlock. Guess that means I will have to
marry you soon then huh?”

“I guess so mister.”

“But you know what we have to do before we can have our baby?” He kissed
her again.


“We have to make it. And to do that we have to go home.” He kissed her
again and again.

“Yes we do, dont we.” She stood up, and grabbed his hand.

“So how many do you want?” She narrowed her eyes playfully at him.

“Well, I dont know, 7 sounds like the right number.” Max laughed at her
shocked expression.

“Are you kidding me, I am not getting pregnant 7 times.” As he picked up
the forgotten picnic basket, she playfully whacked him in the arm.

“Its up for negotiations, of course. Why? Do you not want a big family?”

“You know what, lets make one, then we can work on the rest of the soccer
team.” She laughed as they walked out from behind the large willow, and
passed the screaming children in the park.

“Hm, ideas ideas Ms. Parker, or should I say, soon to be Mrs. Evans.” He
wrapped his free arm around her shoulder.

“I like the sound of that.” Together they walked back to his house, that sat on
the corner.


Max lay staring at Liz, who slept peacefully. They had spent the whole night
making love. It had been perfect. He felt beyond lucky to be laying there with
her. He brushed back a piece of hair that was covering her beautiful face. She
was perfect to him. Every little thing about her was. He had loved her since
they were six years old, and to be loved in return was beyond his realm of
comprehension. Why she chose her whole life to love him baffled him, but he
wasn’t going to question it.

“I love you so much it hurts.” He whispered into her ear quietly. She simply
smiled in her sleep, and moved to get closer to him.

He stroked her hair, and stood up carefully, making sure not to disturb her.
He glanced around his bedroom and opened his dresser to get boxers. He
walked out to the kitchen, and opened the cabinets to get the things to make
Liz’s favorite breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes. He continued looking, but
couldn’t find the chocolate chips. He decided to make a quick trip to the store
to get some.

Writing a quick note, and making a deposit from the garden on his bed, and
get dressed. Max grabbed his keys and went out the door.

Liz woke up reaching for Max, only to find air. She opened her eyes, and
saw a white rose with a little note underneath it.

I went to the store to get something, I will be right back.
I love you more anything,

Liz smiled, and held the rose close to her chest. She sat up, and grabbed
Max’s shirt which had been thrown carelessly the night before. She smiled at
the memory, and yanked it over her head.

She walked into the living room, and decided to watch the news until Max
got back.


Max walked into the quickstop, and walked straight to the aisle with
chocolate chips. He chose his pack, and went to the counter to buy them.

“Goodmorning Max, how are you this fine morning?” Old Al Walker asked

“I am just fine Al, how are you?” He handed him the money for the
chocolate, and waited as he put it in a bag.

“I am good, how is your little lady?” He handed Max the bag with a grin.

Max started backing out of the store with a smile. “She’s good Al. Have a
good day, and take care of that back.” She smiled at the crouched old man.

“I will.”

Max walked out of the store, and opened the door to his civic. He climbed in,
and pulled out of the parking lot, ready to get back to his house.

From the other side of the road, a tired trucker rubbed his eyes. He had been
on the road for close to 17 hours without stopping. He really wanted to get
this load to the warehouse before noon. But he was so tired. His eyes slid
closed, and he opened the quickly. Was there supposed to be 4 yellow lines
on the road? He closed his eyes for only a second.

Max drove down the winding road, whistling to the radio. He turned a
corner, and in front of him was a truck. He couldnt have swerved if he had

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Liz sat anxiously on the couch. She had woken up over a half hour ago, and
Max was still not home. She had long since turned off the TV, too restless to
sit and watch it. She was nursing a cup of coffee on the kitchen when she
heard the front door open. Assuming Max was home, she jumped up to go
greet him, then yell at him for worrying her.

“Max! I thought you had- Oh my gosh!” Liz screamed. There in the doorway
was old Al.

“Oh, Liz, I am so sorry. I didnt think you were here.” He shielded his eyes

Liz strianed to pull the shirt down further, figuring it was the only thing she
was wearing. “Its fine, I will be back in just one second.” She ran back to bed
room, and threw on a pair of pajama pants that she kept in Max’s dresser.

“Ok, um. Not to be rude, but what are you doing here?” Liz asked as she
walked out of the bedroom, and into the living room.

“Oh, Liz.” Al hung his head. He definatly didnt want to be the one to give the

“What?” Liz’s breath caught. She didnt like the soude of his voice. It was
almost always feeble, but that sounded desperate.

“Its Max, he was in a car accident.”

Liz’s whole world started spinning. She couldnt think, and breath couldnt
make its way into her lungs.

“What?” She was too shocked to do anything else than just stand stock still.

“It was just 20 minutes ago. He was coming home, and a big rig threw him
off the road.”

The words ‘big rig’ and ‘threw him off the road’ kept cirrculating threw her

“Is he- is he?’ Liz couldnt form the words.

“No, hes not dead if that is what you are asking, but he isnt in good shape.
The firefighters just got him out of the wreckage. He was brought too the
hospital.” Al just stood in the doorway, waiting for her too fall apart.

That was all Liz needed to hear to get her in motion. She ran into the kitchen
and grabbed her keys. Without giving Al a second thought, Liz was in the
garage, pulling her car out.

Within 5 minutes she was at the hospital. In a town as small as theirs, it
wasnt hard to get anywhere. She turned her car off, and tore out the door, not
bothering to take the keys out of the ignition. Clad in only Max’s button up
work shirt, and a pair of midnight blue pajama pants, she ran through the
halls of Roswell Memorial. She reached the nurses desk, and knew the
woman on duty.

“Shirly, where is Max?” She breathed out.

“Oh, Liz. He is in surgery.” Shirly stood up from the counter, and walked
around to talk face to face with the distraught young girl.

“What?” Liz had a look of horor on her face. A look pleading with anyone to
tell her this was all some sick joke.

“He came in, and he was barely breathing. They took him to surgery.” She
wrapped her arms around Liz whose legs were collapsing under her. It was
all starting to sink in. The love of her life could very well not survive this. He
could easily die.

Liz couldnt breath. He eyesight was getting dim, and she felt like the walls
were closing in on her. She didnt realize her cheeks were wet with streaming
tears. She wasnt aware of someone talking to her, telling her to wait in the
waiting room. She simply let them take her.

She sat on the couch in the small room. Her knees were drawn up to her
chest, and she was cradling herself protectively. He sobs could be heard by
anyone within 10 feet of her.

Shirley walked up to her. She felt horrible. Everyone in Roswell knew Max
and Liz’s story. They had grown up together. Been dating since they were six
yeard old. It was obvious to anyone who saw them that they were in love.
They went off to college together, returning together. Everyone was surprised
when they came home not married. They always said that it really
didnt matter to them, and when the time was right, they would tie the knot.
They had simply been too busy to get married while they were both getting
top grades at New Mexico University. They were Roswell’s sweethearts, and
too see this happeneing was like a punch to her own stomach.

She gently touched the distruaght girl’s shoulder. “Liz, would you like me to
call anyone?”

Liz turned her red swollen eyes up at her. “Uh,-” She choked out. It was
obvious that every word was strianed. “Could you call um, M- Maria for me
please? Her n- number is um, 599- 0921” Liz told the number then bowed
her head again.

“Sure sweetie.” She offered a sad smile, and left to go call Liz’s best friend.

10 minutes later, the short blonde green eyed girl showed up in the door way.
She looked at her best friend in pity, knowing she was in hell.

“Lizzie?” She cautiously took a step forward.

Liz looked up for the sencond time in 20 minutes, and saw her friend.

“Maria, what am I gonna do? I feel like I cant breath.” Liz sobbed out, tears
falling by the buckets from her eyes.

Maria ran to her firend, and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. The
force of Liz’s sobs rocked them both. Maria merely held tighter, tears of her
own slipping from her eyes.

“I cant breath Maria, I cant breath without him.”

7 hours later the doctor walked into the room. Liz had long sice stopped
crying, choosing to simply stare at the wall, unblinking. Maria had gone to go
get some coffee, and she was alone.
He stared at the young girl on the couch. She looked so lost. He hated to tell
her this, it was the worst part of his job.

“Elizabeth Parker?” He asked. The nurse had told him her name.

She snapped around quickly, and turned hollow eyes at the doctor.

“Yes?” She answered quickly.

He took a few steps forward, and sat on the couch next to her.

“I just got out of surgery with Max Evans, and I have to tell you that he is
going to survive.” He tried to sound up lifting, but even Liz could tell that
was going to be the best of his speech.

“And?” Her eyes seemed to be filling up with a little more hope.

“We stopped a lot of internal bleeding, and he damaged his left leg, but we
realigned that as well. But sometime during the accident, he hit his head. We
got some of the swelling in his brain to go down, but not enough.”

“What does that- what does that mean?” Liz was confused. What was he
talking about? He said Max was going to survive, but why did he sound so

“Max is in a coma.” He stated carefully.

Liz couldnt breath again.

There, MAX WONT DIE! Just for those of you out there who are worried about it. Um I dont know if all the parts will come out this fast, but I hope so*big*

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Part 4

“You can go see him in recovery if you like.” The doctor told her.

She simply stared at him with hollow eyes. With a slight nod, she stood up
and followed him out of the room.

Together they walked into the room full of medical devices. The sterile smell
made bile rise in Liz’s throat. She guessed that was the opposite of what was
supposed to happen.

Then she saw him. He was hooked to so many machines it was hard for Liz
to count them all.

His skin was pale, his lips looked ghostly white. The tube that was coming
out of his mouth looked so menacing.

“You can touch him. Dont be afraid. And the tube in his mouth will be taken
out tomorrow. He is breathing fine, its just precautionary.” The doctor
encouraged her. He ventured, “You know, they say that if you talk to a coma
patient, they sometimes wake up and say they remember hearing it.”

“You are a doctor,” Liz stared at the only man she had ever loved, and
walked over to his bed. She sat next to him, and gently brushed the bangs
away from his eyes as she had done a million times before. “Arent you
supposed to know these things?” She whispered gently.

“Miss, I have been a surgeon for 15 years. I have become sure of two things.
One being that I am really not sure of anything, and the other, is that love can
do extraordinary things.” He put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

She gripped his hand with hers. “Thankyou. Can I have a minute please?”

“Of course.” He walked out, and added. “I will be praying for you.”

She turned and looked at him. “Thankyou, so much. For everything.”

With a sad smile the doctor nodded and walked out the door.

Liz looked at her love. He looked so helpless.

“Hey there.” She grabbed his lifeless hand. “Why are you doing this to me?”
She couldn’t help it. The tears began pouring out her eyes again. “Why? I
cant live without you. You are everything to me.” She laid her head down on
his chest. She wrapped her arms around his chest and sobbed.

“Please wake up, for me? I need you. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.” She
repeated incoherently. Her sobs were palpable.

“Please wake up, please dont leave me all alone.”

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