Title: A Past Imperfect

Author: angeld34

Pairing: It will be a M/L fic, eventually

Rating: NC17

Summary: What would happen if someone when back in time to prevent Max and Liz from meeting.

Disclaimer/Author’s notes: First off, I own nothing, except for thousands of dollars of college/credit card debt. I came up with the idea, although according to fanfiction rules, or the way I understand them, I don’t even own that because I’m using characters and the basic concept from the Roswell show. Also, in light of current issues on the board, the title “A Past Imperfect” did come from the phrase a Future Imperfect. However, I have no idea where that came from. I don’t know if it’s from a book, movie, phrase from a movie, honestly I have no idea. Also, since I have no idea where that phrase comes from, it is not my intention to copy that idea and call it my own, only in a reversal way. I HAVE NO ITENTION TO COPY ANY IDEA, THOUGHT, PHRASE, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT BELONGS TO ANYONE ELSE.

This is not going to be a fluffy fic. It will be dark, and there are parts that are NC17 for nonconsensual sex. I honestly have no idea if it will be NC17 for any other reason, it will depend on where the story goes. That said, if you’re not legal, please leave this thread.

I admit it. I suck at updating, even when there’s nothing going on in my life, I suck. Therefore I will make every effort to update at least once a week. But that is dependent on feedback. Because I don’t want to take up valuable board space if you guys don’t like it, I won’t continue writing. And unless you reply or you e-mail me, angeld34⊕hotmail.com, I won’t know if you like it, and I will stop posting. I hope you like it.


“Your highness, we will lose the palace in a matter of minutes to them.” Stated one of the king’s top advisers.

“It means nothing!” Khivar yelled back to him, “Where is Zan?”

“Here. What did you want?” Zan yelled. The only thing about Zan that made his paternal genes stand out, were the golden flecks in his brown eyes. Everything else about his appearance, and his personality made it apparent that the majority of his traits came from his mother.

“Everyone but Zan, get out! Have you thought over the plan? Will you do it?” Khivar demanded.

“I still don’t understand why we don’t just kill her!”

“If we kill her, your father will know. If she is dead before he comes out of his pod, he will know, and afterwards he will feel her death, even if he doesn’t know her. The only way for him to accept your mother as his queen is if the true queen is still alive, but we can’t let her anywhere near your father. If he doesn’t accept your mother, without question, we will end up right back here, losing!”

“It won’t be easy, I’ve never held myself in the past that long. I’ll have to go into two different times simultaneously and in a different order, otherwise it won’t work.” Zan answered.

“I don’t care how you do it, only that you do it, and that we win!”

“Fine, you won’t know if I succeed though. You won’t even remember having this conversation with me.” Zan then closed his eyes and nearly faded completely out of the plane that he and Khivar existed in.

As his eyes opened, Zan hardly paid attention to the swirling images. Images he had seen many times before when he had been going back in time. The only difference was that previously he had simply watched, wanting to see what his parents had been like together, and images that didn’t really make him happy, the way his father had completely turned on his mother, all because of that bitch!

Finally the images began to slow, but it took Zan a few seconds before he was able to fully realize where he was and begin acting on his orders. He couldn’t believe his luck when he found Nasedo as well as the man that Nasedo was receiving his orders from.

“Nasedo.” Zan said, knowing that simply his appearance would get Nasedo to notice him.

“Why do you call me that?”

“It’s what you will be known as on Earth, to the Royal Four. I need to know, have you replaced Sierra’s DNA with Ava’s?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I am only to be the protector to the Royal Four, what you are speaking of is treason!” The third man replied.

“I come from the future, with Khivar’s orders.” Zan replied.

“Prove it!” Nasedo demanded.

“The plan is to put Ava in the queen’s spot. This way Khivar will have an extra ‘give’, if you will, into the royal family. Ava is to return to Antar with Rath, Vilandra, and Zan. She is to carry Zan’s child, and as soon as they return to Antar, the three will be put to death, with Ava and Khivar ruling. But the plan isn’t going to work, so I’ve been sent to change it.” Zan said, knowing that because only two men, other than Khivar knew the plan, that he would be believed. Zan was about to continue when a wave of dizziness overcame him.

“Are you all right?” Nasedo asked.

“I can’t continue this much longer. The second protector that is scheduled to come…you can’t rely on him. He will abandon our world in a second, a third must be sent, unknowingly.” Zan stated.

“Who?” came the question.

“You must come.” Zan answered the other man. “I know that you are deferring to Nasedo, who won the spot over you, but Khivar has a more important mission for Nasedo. You are the only other one who Khivar has trusted with this mission. You must be the one to protect the Royal Four. I can’t tell you more than absolutely necessary, or too many things may change, but Nasedo will be holding onto the real queen.”

“How is that possible, we’ve removed her DNA from the pod!” The other man insisted.

“I don’t know how it happens, she’s born human, and I know that Nasedo must keep her from Zan at all costs. If she dies, Zan will know, and you will never be able to convince him that Ava is his bride. But you must remove any possibility that they will meet, if you don’t Ava will not succeed. And all of this, all the plans, everything will be for nothing. We will lose if you don’t do this Nasedo.” Zan explained.

“What do I do with her, how do I find her?” Nasedo asked.

“She will be living in the nearest town to where you land the ship. We don’t care what you do with her, as long as she remains alive, and there is no possibility that she will ever run into any of the royal four. You must do this. If everything succeeds, you will both be rewarded by Khivar, and returned to Antar.” Zan said as he began to completely fade out. “Her name will be Elizabeth Parker, and she will be born in the Earth year 1984.”

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