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Title: Something Fishy
Author: Qt4167013
Rating: Uh...PG? or maybe PG-13
Disclaimer: any relation to any actual events is a coincident and was not the intent of the author. This author would like to note that she does not own the tv show Roswell, and does not know who invented the concept of “mermaids” and whoever it was, the author disclaims it.
Summary: Liz is new to West Roswell and meets with our friends. But is there something unique about her? Hmm..... this is an alien fic but AU. Enjoy!

Part one-

There was no doubt that Liz Parker was beautiful. With her shiny chocolate brown hair, and gorgeous eyes, it was no wonder she was the talk of the town by the end of the day.

“Did you hear?”

“She’s beautiful!”

“I hear she killed someone!”

“Yeah? Well I heard she’s crazy!”

When she walked into school the next day, the same whispers could be heard all down the halls of West Roswell High.

Liz Parker rolled her eyes at the stares and walked confidently down the hall to the office.

“Hello dear! Why you must be the new student. Come, come lets find you a peer tutor.”

Liz sat down and waited patiently while the lady called someone down to the office.

“Honey, I found you the perfect tutor. A ms. Maria Deluca.”

Liz stood up and was almost knocked to the ground as a blur of blonde hair whizzed in front of her.

“Sorry I’m late!” The girl said out of breath.

Liz giggled.

“It’s not problem. Hi, I’m Liz.” She said sticking out her hand.

“I’m Maria. Come on, let me show you around our quaint little school.” She said sarcastically.

Liz followed right behind.

“Ok, this is your first class. Meet me in the quad at lunch. Adios chica.”

Liz watched her leave and walked nervously into her biology class.

“Hello, you must be Liz. Come tell us about yourself.”

Liz stood stupefied in front of the class.

“Uh, do I have to?” She asked nervously.

“Why of course dear.”

Liz sighed and stared in the faces of her new classmates.

“Uh, I moved here from Bar Harbor, Maine. I came with my mother and father who bought a restaurant here, maybe you have heard of it. Its called the Crashdown. My main hobby is swimming. Uh, that’s about it.” She said, blushing.

“Swimming? You’ll probably want to join the team?”

Liz looked up.

“When are try outs?” She asked.

“This Thursday. Anyway. I must get you a lab partner. Ah! Here we go. His names Alex Whitman.”

Liz nodded and walked to the open spot next to a tall, lanky looking kid.

“Hey, Alexander Charles Whitman at your service.” He said.

Liz laughed.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of that introduction?” She asked amused.

“Well, I was always taught to be charming in the presence of a lady. Especially one as beautiful as you.” He said truthfully.

Liz blushed.

“Are you always this charming?”

“Why but of course.”

They continued to work and talk, but were unaware of the stares.

“Do you want me to check her out?” A boy with spiky hair asked his friend.

“I don’t like her.” The girl said angerly.

The spiky boy snorted.

“That’s only because she’s flirting with Alex!” He said to her.


“You like him!”

“I do not!”

“Shhhh guys. Listen, your acting like children. Lets just keep an eye on her and thats it!” A commanding voice rang out.

“Yes sir..”

“So tell me. How good is your swim team?” Liz asked Maria on the way to lunch.

Maria snorted.

“Well considering we live out in the desert. I would have to say that we could be better.”

Liz frowned.

“Ok, here is were we sit for lunch.” Maria said, leading Liz to a table already occupied with Alex.


“This is my best friend Alex.”

“We have met.” Liz said.

Alex smiled and kissed her hand.

Maria raised her eye brows and sat down next to Liz.

“Ok, since your new you have to learn our caste system.”

Liz looked at her confused.

“Over there are the populars. They consist of Tess Harding and Pam Troy. They are the cheerleaders. They date the jocks. Obviously.”

Liz rolled her eyes.

“Then there are the goths, weirdos, geeks, and basically every other high school stereotype you can think of.”

Liz turned to look behind her.

“Who are they?” She asked looking at a group of three people sitting under a tree.

“Those are the untouchables.” Maria said glumly.

“Enlighten me.” Liz said, munching on a carrot.

“Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin. They don’t talk to you, you don’t talk to them.”

Liz grabbed her water bottle and chugged.

Maria watched as half the water was gulped and Liz set the bottle down.

“What makes them so special?”

Maria shrugged.

“Who knows? That Michael is pretty hot though.”

Liz glanced once more at the threesome and found her eyes locked with a pair of amber ones.

She stared until he looked away and Liz found herself oddly attracted to the boy with amber eyes.

“Max Evans.” she mused aloud. “Max Evans.”

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Part two-

Liz walked into the Crashdown after school completely tired out.

“Hey honey, how was school?” Her mom, Nancy asked, handing her a water bottle.

Liz gratefully drank it down.

“School was fine. I even made some friends.”

“That’s nice dear.”

“I think I’m going to try out for the swim team.” Liz said confidently.

Both Nancy and Jim looked up.


Liz sighed.

“Come on! Please! There is no water here! You can’t expect me to dry out and give it up.” Liz said angrily.

“Liz, were building you a pool, isn’t that enough?”

“I can’t hold back. I am the best swimmer. I can turn their little dinky high school team around.” Liz said, urging them to agree.

“The answer is still no. End of discussion.”

Liz angrily walked up to her room and plopped down on her bed.

She stared at her fish tank.

“Hey guys. You understand don’t you?” Liz reached in and fed them.

“Of course you do.” She said and climbed out the fire escape.

Angrily she stalked down the street and stopped when she heard a noise.

What she didn’t notice is that she had stopped in the middle of the street.

“Hey!” A voice yelled and Liz was pushed aside as a car came rushing down.

“Are you ok?” A voice asked urgently.

“Who are you?” Liz asked.

“I’m Max Evans.” He said, staring at her.

It was then she realized that he was on top of her.

“Uh, thanks for saving my life and all, but can you please get off of me?” Liz asked.

He jumped off quickly mumbling a quick ‘sorry’

“Hey, I’m Liz Parker.” She said, holding out her hand.


“Yeah I know.” Liz said staring at him intently.

“I am glad your ok.” He said.

“Thanks to you.” Liz said awkwardly.

Max took a step closer.

“What are you doing wandering the streets alone in a town you don’t know?” he asked softly.

Liz moved closer too.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

Max put a loose piece of hair behind her ear.

“I was rescuing beautiful strangers off the street.” He whispered in her ear.

“Really?” Liz asked huskily.

“I guess I succeeded.” He said leaning in.

“I thank you for saving me.” Liz said blushing.

“No need for thanks.”

“What can I do for you?” Liz flirted.

Max smiled.


“MAX!” A angry voice yelled out.

Max and Liz jumped apart.


“Why weren’t you home?” She asked accusingly.

Max looked down.

“I was-“

“Come on Max.” Isabel said, pulling him away.

“Thanks!” Liz yelled as she watched him leave.

“Thanks.” She whispered to herself.

She smiled and walked away.
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