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Summary: Don't have one but it will be good, don't worry!
M/L of course...NC-17
Title and song belong to Amanda Perez...Angel
Disclaimer...I don't own anything except my imagination.

Send Me An Angel

It's been fiive months since you went away
left without word and nothing to say
when I was the one who gave you my heart
and soul
but it wasn't good enough for you nooo
so I ask God
God send me an angel from the heavens above
Send me angel to heal my broken heart from being in love
Cause all I do is cry
God send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes

Chapter One

It was finally over. Max Evans had left for good. The weather was foul and so were the expressions on the faces of those who loved him the most. Tons of people gathered around Max's and Isabelle's burial sight not really ready to except that they were gone.

Liz wiped at her face trying to stop the stray tear from falling. He wasn't really dead but nobody else besides their small group knew that, but all the same he left her .
Liz felt Michael and Maria both embrace her from behind. She was grateful for their support, but jealous because they still had each other. She was suffering and nothing they could do would prevent her pain.

She glanced back at the coffin and caught Diane Evans glancing at her. She had to leave before Mrs. Evans could question her about Max. She couldn't stand lying to Max and Isabelle's mother. She turned and quickly walked out of the cemetery and headed home.

Hard rain spit down on Liz as she proceeded home. Her clothes were soaking wet and akward but she paid no attention to that as she continued on her way home.
She scolded herself . She should of knew better he was everything her heart warned against...but she still caved in and let love take over. He left her for his queen. It sickend her to think they would be living happily ever after on Antar while she rotted on Earth. He betrayed her and had sex with someone else and to top it off he got her pregnant.

How was she going to get through this milestone in her life? Would she ever fall in love again? No she answered herself. He took her heart and left the planet with it. There would be no others. He was selfish , he didn't want to let her go even when he knew he was leaving.
Flash...... Liz I wished things could of been different . I wish that so much.Flash over...

Liz finally reached the her home. She was so exhausted and need to go to bed. She climbed up the stairs and walked to her room slowly. She opened the door and found her bed . It was so enticing, calling out to her.
Sleep was the only thing that kept her sane. She plopped down on her bed and welcomed sleep. Her last thoughts were praying not to wake up.

Dreams....Sweet Dreams... and finally they came.
Max carressed her face. " There will never be another you. You are it for me Liz , my destiny." He leaned in and pressed his soft lips against hers. It was a slow kiss at first and then it became more demanding. His tongue slipped in and out of her mouth. His hands were carassing her body all over. His lips were branding hers and she couldn't stop him. Her body was praying for some kind of release. " Max !" she cried out.
Then the dream changed, only it felt real. " Liz I love you . I will be back for you. You belong to me , we blong together." He said as he reached out and held her face in his hands . The flashes starting immediatley.
"You killed Alex." Max roared out.
"Max we have to leave!" Tess cried out impatiently.
"Know this Tess, I despise everything you stand for and I will be back for Liz . She is my destiny and queen."
Liz shot up of her bed. What the hell was that?
She had to stop doing this to herself. He was gone and he was never coming back.

She walked downstairs to her parents resturaunt, searching for Maria. She needed to be in the company of her best friend.
"Maria?" Liz called out.
"Chica , what's wrong?" Maria said as she embraced Liz.
"You are so pale. Tell me what's wrong right now!" Maria demanded.
"Calm down spaz queen. It was just a dream and it's over now. I just wanted to hang out with you. When is you shift over ? " Liz asked.
"Right now. How about you and me , some icecream and a good movie?" Maria smiled.
"Sounds good. Let's do it." Liz said happy to have company.
"I grab the icecream and movie and I will be right up." Maria said pushing Liz up the stairs.
"I will be waiting." Liz said climbing the stairs back to her room.

She could hear her phone ringing . She ran down the hall trying to reach the phone before the person on the otherside hung up.
"Hello." Liz belted out breathing heavily.
"Parker, running a marathon?" Sean gushed out.
"No Sean running to grab the phone."
"Well you are out of shape then. Why don't you let me take you bowling and see if we can't whip you back into shape." He replied grinning.
Liz was about to say no but changed her mind quickly.
"Sure how about tommorrow?"
"Ok Parker I will be there at eight, get ready to have some serious fun." He said excited she said yes.
"Ok Sean I gotta go . Maria and I are having a girls night
tonight. So I will see ya then." She said hanging up the phone.

"Tell me you are not going out with my delinquent cousin Liz."
"I am and I am going to have fun."
"No Liz, he is such a dork. don't do it."
Liz laughed and soon Maria joined her. As long as Liz was happy Maria wouldn't interfere.

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Max paced back and forth in his palace. He hadn't been able to stop fidgeting since he got back to Antar. Endless questions and concerns ran through his mind.
How was Liz? Did she miss him as much as he missed her?
What did his people expect from him? Finally agrravation set in and Max decided to sit down. How could this be home for him? Home for him was where ever Liz was. It didn't matter where he was , it just matter if she was with him.

Isabelle had refused to leave her room, since they had arrived . So it seemed like Tess was the only one happy to be home. She had lied and tricked them to get there , but now she was home. Max heard footsteps in the hall outside the door. Someone was approaching , Max sucked in a breath not really sure who it would be. They had so many enemies and they also had some many loyalists. He released the breath he was holding and sighed in relief as soon as he saw the blonde bouncy curls on Tess's head.

He wasn't happy to see her, just grateful it wasn't someone else.

"What do you want Tess?" Max said aggitated.
"Aww Is Max upset about Liz? Well you see Max that is too bad . You are such a fool, you beleive everything. So trusting and naive'. Maybe on day you will learn from all these past mistakes you have made." Tess said visciously.

"Tess shut up and leave. Stop playing games...Don't you see. I am already here , can't really go anywhere at this particular moment. So for the time being you have won." Max said standing up abruptly.

"Max I have won in more ways than you know. You actually believed me to be your destiny . Max you just don't get it do you? Liz Parker holds the key, and now you played right in to Khivars hands. It was never about you Max .....never." Tess said as she gigled and started walking away.

"Tess what the hell are you talking about? Get back
here now or I will....."

"Or you will what? Kill me or should I say us. Max you would never harm an innocent baby. Don't worry Zan all will be revealed in due time. I can't tell you everything or it would ruin Khivars plan." She started again retreating down the hall. She stopped abruptly and turned back around.

"Oh and Max just one more thing.....You failed her again just like before." Tess laughed again and disappeared down the hall.

Max was furious now. What did Tess mean? He needed to find a way to contact Michael, but for now all he could do was pray Michael would protect her with his life.

"Hey Parker you ready to go bowl?" Sean said dazzling her with his bright smile.
"As ready as I'll ever be Sean.'' She smiled back.
Sean grabbed for Liz's hand and walked her to his car. They got in and drove the whole mile it took to get to the bowling alley. Liz got out of the car and literally bumped right into Sean.

"I am so sorry Sean. I didn't see you there . Are you hurt?" Liz asked genuinely concerned.
"Parker you have that promblem don't you ? With that whole not seeing me thing. Well hopefully that will change ." He siad grabbing for her hand again.
Liz gave him her hand and blew off that last comment he made. She had no idea what to make of it.

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Chapter 2B

"Parker you got you stance all wrong. No wonder you keep throwing gutter balls!" Sean laughed.
"Well Mr big shot why don't you show me how it's done then. You know with you being so great at in all, show me how it's done." Liz challenged back playfully.
"Ok move over and let the pro take over." Sean joked back.

Sean walked down the lane swung his arm back and released. Liz prayed for him to miss.
"Ha your not so great after all. Looks like a gutter ball to me." Liz gleamed with satisfaction.
"Ok Sean I am whipped. I am too tired to play." Liz sighed exhaustion in her voice.

"We've only been bowling for two hours . Come on I know you got more in you than that." He pouted.
"Nope thats it. I am all done , can't move my arm anymore. We can do this again some other time." Liz replied.

"Alright I will take you home , but you gotta promise we will do this again sometime. Promise?" Sean asked pleading with his eyes.

"Yeah I had a good time too Sean . Give me a call and we will do this again. Now drive me home Mr Pro bowl." Liz teased.

"Ouch Parker mean much." He teased back.
"Only when I am with you." She replied back while walking outside to his car.

Sean drove her back to the Crash and parked. Liz prayed he was expecting anything from her right now. She had nothing left to give. " I like seeing a smile on your face Liz. You are different now that he's not around. I know that sounds harsh but maybe things won't be so complicated for you now." Sean said leaning towards her.

Liz put her hand on his chest and gently pushed him back . Hoping that would stop him and not hurt his feelings in the process.

"Thanks for saying that Sean , but I still have alot of things to sort through. I hope you understad that. I am just not ready for a relationship, but we can be friends. That's all I have to offer right now." She replied back in a serious tone.

"That's cool. I can wait. Just remember call me if you need anything. Good night Liz." Sean said as he watched her get out of his car.

Liz leaned back down through his window and smiled . " Thanks for tonight I had a really good time. Good night Sean. " She said walking throught the doors of her fathers resturaunt.

Sean turned his key in the ignition. He was happy for tonight but damned Max Evans for making his life harder once again. He drove home thinking of ways to change Liz's mind .

Liz climbed out onto her balcony and pulled her journal out from behind the wall. She sat in her chair and got comfortable. It had been a long time since she had wrote anything down. Everything had been so hectic, but she felt like now was a good time to start writting. Hopefully it would be a stress reliever. She opend the cover and found a letter addressed to her with familiar handwritting.
She trembled as ran her hand over it. A flash struck through her like a bolt of lightning. Who ever had wrote this letter had benn full of grief and anger.

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