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Pairing: M/L
Rating: Beginning pretty mild then moving towards NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters, I think we all understand the rules!!
Summary: My story takes place a year after Liz’s death which she should have sustained but didn’t. My story has the entire Roswell cast a year older and Liz had never experience death where Max was forced to save her.
It is the end of Liz, Kyle, Max, Maria, Michael, and Alex’s junior year. Kyle has asked Liz to dinner before she is to head off for the summer.

Feedback: Yes, I WOULD LIKE THAT VERY MUCH. I also have a part 2 already made up so if I could get even a couple of responses I'll post more!!!!



[The night before]

“Liz I’m glad that you are here. I wanted to tell you how much I understand why you need to go away.”
“Kyle I’m glad that you finally understand.” With a have hearted smile, Liz suspected something. “You know you didn’t need to go to this much trouble cooking for me and all.”
“Nonsense, we’ve been friends way before we became a couple. To have you here at my house, alone gives me a chance to give you a proper good bye.” Kyle smiled to himself as he pulled out a chair at his kitchen table.

Liz’s narrative voice: I knew something wasn’t right but I stayed anyways. Kyle had gone to so much effort in opening his home to me. Cooking and cleaning and even adding some mood music. My mind was telling; scratch that, yelling at me to leave, but my heart. The part of me that reasoned me to trust everything I knew about Kyle up till then was true. He would never hurt me.

“How is the food?” Kyle spoke up seeing that Liz was distracted?”
“It is very good.” Holding a fork in front of her mouth hesitant for a bite.
Content with her answer, Kyle continued. “Would you mind if I asked you to dance?”
“Here?” Sort of shocked by his gesture she knew she could trust him. “Yes, sure.”
As Kyle gently took Liz’s hand in his, Liz began to feel her guard fall. They swade and caught short glimpses at one another, all the while Liz could swear she was almost falling for him all over again. No matter what disagreements they have had in the past, maybe he was becoming the man she’d always wanted.

Liz’s narrative voice: but I was wrong…

With one aggressive swoop Kyle leaned in for a kiss. Kyle felt her muscles tighten, but in the same instant felt them fade away.

Liz’s narrative voice: I kept telling myself he loves me that he really cares for ME.

In the heat of the moment Liz moaned a sigh of relief. “Kyle this feels so good, but we can’t…”
“Liz don’t ruin this moment. Shut up and go with it.”
Liz’s struggles increased with every persistent move Kyle made. His hands on the small of her back, moved up the length of her arms landing extremely forthcoming grasping around her chin and jaw bone.
Kyle spoke with such passion and blinding hormones that seemed to take over his reason. “Liz I love you and you’re the only one I ever want to be with. Please say you love me and that we can be together.”
Breaking complete contact from Kyle, Liz spoke with complete dismay. “Kyle I am with you. We were having a nice dinner and what seemed to be a nice dance, but you couldn’t let that be.”

[Present day]

“Liz I can’t believe Kyle would do something like that to you.”

“I know Maria, but I think I literally slapped some sense into him when I convinced him I had to go.”

“You just slapped him; I won’t have done much worse. So he thought you two would have a little rumble in the sheets…excuse me on the cold floor of his house?” completely disgusted by the verbal reenactment by Liz, Maria turned her gaze to an oncoming figure.

Falling into her hands, Liz leaned against the counter allowing her hands to support this confusion and discuss she was currently feeling. The moment of silence was broken as Liz rose to look at Maria.
“Liz can you get the next customer I have to go get something from the back.”
“Yeah, sure.” Until she saw who it was. A small smile crossed her face at the sly set up Maria suddenly got away with.
Approaching Liz, Max suddenly felt a sense of nerviness come over him. Rubbing the back of his neck, Max raised his head to look at Liz dead on.
“Hi. It’s not too late to order something, is it?”
“Not at all Max, what can I get for you?” Liz could feel his uncomfortableness, but she tried to shake it off by standing a little bit taller.
As Max rattled off his late night snack to Liz it took all of his 17 year old strength to not clime over that counter and kiss her.
“Would you like to eat it here or will this be to go?”
“To go is fine.”
Liz turned to put the order in when Maria rushes out. “No need to place the order Liz I heard it loud and clear.”
While turning back towards Max, Liz spoke under her breath. “I bet you did.”
“Maria doesn’t miss much does she?”
Embarrassed that Max heard her ramblings, Liz just smiled and spoke. “That’s why I call her my best friend.”
“So Max, what do you plan on doing for the summer?” Suddenly feeling the need to find out.
“I think I’m going to stick it out at the hospital.” He shrugs as he continues. “It has become a place that allows me to find out who I am, but I hear you’re going away for the summer?”
“Yes I am. Possibly a little bit out of my element from what Roswell has to offer, but I’m just trying to find out who I am.” Feeling quite confident with her adventure.
“So that’s something you need to go outside of Roswell for?” said in a little of a harsh tone.
Liz being surprised to hear something so aggressive comes from Max she answers honestly. “Yes you could…I just want to go somewhere else.”
Max smiles at her, embarrassed that he let his emotions over step their bounds, but glad to see Liz answer honestly. “I bet Kyle will miss you.”
“I’m not so sure.” Liz spoke up before she could bite her tongue. With complete need to leave the situation quickly, Liz spoke up. “Your order should be up…I mean ready…Let me go check on your order.”
Dumbfounded by Liz’s mixed messages, Max felt the need to say something to calm her. But before he could Liz was rushing back to the kitchen.
Heading into the kitchen Maria jumps at the exchange between Liz and Max.
“That looked promising.”
“Quit it Maria.”
On her way out of the kitchen she notices Max writing something on a napkin but before she could see what Max scratched out something and wads up the napkin and disposes it in his jacket pocket. Any confusion she may have felt came to a halt when she saw Max’s reaction to her coming back out of the kitchen. With a couple of mixed exchange of looks, Max is concerned of what she might have seen and by the way she was acting towards him now.
Liz is the first to speak “here you go Max.”
“Uh thank you.”
He takes a moment after he turns to leave and Liz has turned to look away. But before Max leaves, he turns back to her, “I’d miss you Liz.”
With that Max smiles a reassuring smile and leaves. Liz is caught in the moment. She doesn’t know how to really take this compliment and proceeds to just stand there completely still.
As the comment begins to digest, a slight raise of an eyebrow and a tilt of a smile reveals that Liz was impressed.

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AUTHORS NOTE: I'm sorry if the cut off seems a little...can I say OFF....sorry bad wording....but as I'm writing out the storyline I think I'm getting caught up in the climax of it all that I'm trying to everything leading up to it out.

Once again, feedback is our friend!!!


Early Saturday morning the café has just open with the few regulars and a couple of pit stoppers as Max sat alone in a far booth.
Liz was on her way out with her father when a situation in the kitchen called for his assistance. Liz pushed pass her insecurities and headed over in Max’s direction.
“It’s sort of weird to see you here this early and on a Saturday.”
“I have an early shift so I wanted to get some coffee.” Max said fatter-of-factly.
“When’s your shift start?” Liz says unconvinced.
Before Max could get the words out of his mouth he knew he was busted, “10am.”
“That’s in an hour and a half.” Liz felt a burst of laughter about to come tumbling out of her mouth. Observing Max adjust and situate himself was another amusement all on its own. With every movement Liz’s lips twisted into a sideways smile, and so she continued to keep Max squirming.
“Max you shouldn’t be stalking me like this, it may get people talking.”
That comment made him blush and change his composer all together. What if people were talking about her and Max? What was so wrong with that?
“Max I’m only kidding,” but further in her mind she wanted to say, only half kidding.
“Can I get you a refill?”
“You’re not working you don’t have to do that.”
“I don’t mind, I want to.”
As Liz turns to walk away she can’t stop thinking about last night and the note. Liz has returned with a new coffee cup and coffee. As Liz was about to sit across from max Liz’s father yells from afar. “Time to go sweetie we’re late as is.”
As they said their good-bye’s all Liz could do is think about Max. Max’s smile and his down cast glaze reminded Liz of what she missed when she sent all her time with Kyle.
Max watched Liz and her father leave and the memory burned in his heart. Max would keep that memory with him as the rest of the summer ran from one day to the next.

Late at the Crashdown, Liz had just staggered in mentally exhausted. Scattering her notes and a couple of astronomy books for light reading onto the serving counter she stood still. Her mind had been on overdrive for the past 2 months and finally being home didn’t convince her that she would ever be the same. Maria found her way through the back door to find Liz lowering herself onto a stool with books and papers scattered, but Liz focusing on nothing in particular.
“I think we’re losing are touch as friends? I mean you’ve been in town for a week and we only now have caught up to catch up. Believe me I take some of the blame too.”
As Maria sits next to Liz, she gives Liz a big hug.
“I can’t believe how much the summer has changed you.”
Liz remembered how Maria could light up any situation by the only way she knew how. Not connecting eye to eye with Maria, Liz remembered the tone she use to have with her. “What are you talking about Maria, you’re crazy?” But Liz knew different from the inside out.
”The hair the glow, the trip has surely changed you.” Looking at Liz with pouty lips as to mock her. “Awww… little Liz is growing up.”
Liz rose to look at Maria and just smile.
“You look so great…have you been away that long or did you meet someone while you were away, that brought on this change?”
“Yes, but not how your mind would think.”
“With a glow like yours, I can’t believe that.”
“Ok, a few simple kisses, but no intense feelings, just a free-fun relationship. No strings attached and no broken heart.”
“Sounds nice in theory, but please tell me you didn’t sleep with him…did you?”
“I can’t believe you asked me that. Don’t you know me well enough?” Liz stood up from her seat to collect her books, but it sent Maria overboard.
“No Maria, no sex of any kind.”
“Your hair is a little different and your attitude is so relaxed…something must have happened?”
Liz didn’t answer because she honestly didn’t know how to put it into words.

Since her summer vacation, Liz had changed her whole scene. She projected more confidence and pride in herself. On the other side Max had become very lonely and isolated. And still no sign of others like him came through Roswell. As much as he wanted to learn more about himself, he didn’t know how without causing attention. Over his summer break, leading into his senior year, Max became a doctor’s aid at Roswell hospital. To his parent’s joy, they did nothing but promote the idea of their son being a doctor. He was growing in the direction to finally lead a normal life, with unordinary attributes.

[At the Roswell Hospital]
Low murmurs and constant beeping was all that kept Max moving. As Max rounded a corner to a long hallway of doors he heard his name. “Evans I need you to grab a mop and clean up an environmental spill in room 304”
Max began to strip off the rubber gloves from a previous hazardous spill and made his way down the hall tired and tense.

After his shift at the hospital, Max stopped in to talk with Michael at his work. Among the light smoky atmosphere he notices how incredible Liz looks outside of school. He didn’t need to check his vision because Liz was etched into his brain forever. Looking at Liz he realized he hadn’t learned how to shed his outsider personality and live normally for once. He learned to accept his powers and who they made him, but he knew it didn’t have to be like that. He could find a balance. He wanted to find a balance.
Liz walked in with her flat straight black hair with a mature relaxed look or confidence about her. She had been gone for so long, that seeing her again made Max’s breath quicken. Another year and the last year he would see her before she went off to Harvard, is all he could think about. It wasn’t fair, but was he willing to take that step to let her in, but how? How could he let her in without risking the life of his sister and friend? In what alternate universe could he, Max Evens be with Liz Parker?
Still in his hospital scrubs, Max went into the back to change his cloths into something more socially friendly.
When Max came back out with a fitted black long sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, he noticed a guy Liz had been sitting with was getting a little too flirty than what Liz outwardly was letting on.
“Excuse me Liz can I have a word with you?”
Max had saved the day as he and Liz walked to the back room. As they cleared the scene, Liz looked through the cracked door, “What do you think will be said about this?”
“How do you mean?”
Liz was facing Max and if she didn’t know better, she could have sworn he was smitten by her. He had that glimmer in his eyes, but she could be wrong is what she told herself.
“Isn’t that the word around school?”
“Liz that’s not who you are.”
“Well you’re the first.”
“What Max?”
“Be careful.”
Liz looked at him funny, like she had no clue what he could be referring to. Max smiles a comforting smile and walked out of the backdoor of the bar.