(This is not anything PG-13 and the plot of the story is something I dreamed of in my sleep which makes it increadibly hilarious for me.)

(Max and Liz sits through their class beside each other.The bell rings to indicate that the their class was through.Liz and Max leave the class and goes Liz follows Max to his locker.)
Liz:You know I had an idea in class.
Max:Tell me about your idea.
Liz:I wanted to go to the beach.
Max:How?Its practically miles away from us.
Liz:I saw an add on T.V. about a small beach five hours from here.We can call and ask for directions on the way there.
Max:Who are we going with.
Liz:No one besides both of us. . .
Max:I don't think it's such a good idea.
Liz:Just for the weekend?Please.
Max:Okay with me,I guess.
(Liz smiles at Max.)
(At the Crashdown Cafe after school the group hangs out.They sit on a booth.Liz decides to tell the others what she has been planning to do the next day.)
Liz:We have an announcement to make.
Max:We want to go to a beach.
Isabel:How long?
Liz:Til' Sunday morning.We leave tomorrow.
Isabal:Okay.Go.The others(points to the rest of the group)will have some stress-free fun while both of you are away.
(That night in Liz's bedroom,she packs her things.)

Liz P.O.V.

And now,the checklist.Clothes?Check.Bathing Suit?Check.Suntan Lotion?Check.Permission to leave for the weekend trip?Check.What else is there to bring?Oh.My purse.

(Liz grabs her purse and stuffs her wallet,cosmetics and some other things she needed.)
(On Max's bedroom he stares at his already prepared things that he will need for the next day's trip with Liz.He goes over to the things and grabs them.She brings them out of the house and into his car.)
(The next day was bright and early.Liz was waiting in the seat of Max's car while he was starting the engine.The engine finally roars to life and they headed out of Roswell and into their destination. . .hours later. . .The cars stops in front of a huge hotel.Max and Liz got out and into their rooms.After settling in and leaving their things there,they go out to the area by the beach and rest on the beach chairs lining the whole beach.)
Liz:Are you feeling better now?
Max:Well. . .we only got here but I think I'm starting feel better right now.
(Liz gives Max a reassuring smile and Max returns Liz's smile.Liz moves her gaze away from Max and looks at the back.Liz gasps at what she sees. . .a bloodied young boy.Liz quickly calls at Max.)
Max:What is it?
Liz:A-at the back!Look!
(Max sees what Liz was pointing at.He rushes over to the boy and drags the kid to a secluded place and had started on healing the boy.By the time he was finish,Max was already weakenig at the amount of power that he had used to heal the boy.He helps the boy up.)
Max:Are you alright?
Boy:Yeah.I'm fine now.Thanks.
Max:What happened?
(The boy was still shivering at what had just happened but he willingly told the story)
Boy:There was this thing. . .it was huge!Green,it had tentacles. . .you know,like an octopus?
(Max and Liz nodded in response to the things the boy were saying.)
Boy:It was very scary.The monster grabbed me and. . .I wasn't sure what it was doing but after that,the next thing I saw was you guys standing over me.It was strange. . .nobody saw what happened.
Max:Where was it?
Boy:It was hiding in that small changing tent.
Max:Did you see where it went after it attacked?
Boy:Over there.
(The boy points to the shoreline towards the resort.)
Max:That's impossible.
Boy:I don't think anybody else can see it except the one it wants to attack.
(Liz shoots Max a puzzled look.Max nods at the boy.)
Max:I have to tell you something,soon. . .a hand print will appear on your stomach.It will be gone very soon but,I suggest you tell nobody about what happened.
Boy:Thank you.
(The boy nods in agreement.He stands up and walks away leaving Liz and Max to discuss the sudden happenings they had.)
Liz:Where could that thing possibly be headed?
Max:What if its alien?
Liz:I think maybe we should track it down.
(Max and Liz run over to the area which the boy had indicated for them.They follow the tracks on the ground which looked like little circles on the sand.As they reached the middle area of the beach,the tracks had vanished.)
Max:Where did it go?
Liz:Maybe we should just keep on the look out.There's no point in following it if we can't really see it.
(Max reluctantly agrees.They head back to their seats in the beach chairs.)
(That night,Liz and Max return to their hotel room after a quick dinner.Both of them go to bed tired because of the days events.Just as Liz was about to fall asleep,a strong gust of wind blows through the room.Startled,Liz sits up to see a huge,green tentacled creature.She looks over to Max's side and sees him equally startled as she was.The monstrous creature roars at Max.He slowly atands to face the creature as Liz watched in horror.)
Max(to creature):What do you want?
Creature:You are not human!You are not from here!
Max:Are you from here?
Max:Then where?!
Creature:I've been here in a long time.Longer than you and your alien friends.I have been observing you all.
(The creature grabbed at Max from the ground and strangled him with its tentacles.Liz bolted right for the creature and landed on it with a thump.The creature started shrieking und moving from under Liz's weight.It immediately losens it's grip around Max who drops to the floor.)
Max:What's happening?Why is it shrieking?
(Liz got up and the creature stopped shrieking at them.It began to reach for Max again until Liz shoved him to the other side of the room.)
Liz:What do you want from us?Why are you here?!
Creature:I don't need anything from aliens. . .You see,I'm peaceful here on your planet.I come from a faraway planet.Even farther than yours.I was stranded here by the missuse of a stone which had sent me here.I had never foun d a way to return.
Max:Was it the granilith?
Creature:No.Our home planet has lots of it,its just that they did not find a rock which could reverse the traveling.
Liz:Why would you want to kill Max?
Creature:Hey,I was just hungry. . .
(Liz jumps back on the creature,landing on it as hard as she could.The creature shrieked again.This time making a louder sound.)
Max:Why is it shrieking everytime you land on it?
Liz:It's porous!When I land on it,it's skin gets blocked from the gasses it needs.Come help me here!
(Max moves over to Liz's side and dives into the creature.Everytime they added pressure into it,the creatures body made a soung which resembled that of a balloons deflation.)
(The creature had sank into sizes smaller and smaller until there was nothing left but a small green slimy mass the size of a button.Max stood up from where he was sittin and got a small container from the table.He stuffed the creatures remains in the container and threw it in the waste basket.Liz started laughing.)
Max:What's so funny?
Liz:Did you see how silly we looked doing that?
(Max helped Liz up and towards her bed as he started laughing and sat beside Liz.)

The End!*angel*