Title: The Beating of our heart
Summary: Post departure fic, so many things can go wrong, and so many things can go right. That's all I can say.
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell
Authors Note: This may not be a Dreamers fic at first, at the sounds of it, but in the end its a Cinderella story blossoming into a white rose...


Roswell, New Mexico

After watching Max slowly drive down the street Liz felt her heart collapse. She saw how he broke down against the steering wheel of the jeep as she peered through the curtains that she had drawn as soon as she stepped foot inside, not wanting him to se her as she fell to her knees, feeling weak knowing he wasn’t going to be in the same state, the same country, or the same planet. She could care less about Tess and the baby. At least when they were in the same orbit they talked, and she could see him from time to time, even if it broke her heart to know they were together. At least she saw his face. Now she didn’t even have that to Live off of.

Feeling the tears come to her eyes silently she cursed to herself. She sunk to her knees her purse dropping to the floor. All of it’s contents slipping out of it, rolling across the floor. She brought her hand over her eyes, covering them from the sad reminder of Max. Where she laid on that marble floor and he laid one hand on her. Healing that wound the bullet created. The day they became one person. She sobbed pulling her knees close to her chest, and began to tremble. Feeling as he continued down the street, that he was feeling the same amount of pain that she was. Even though he had been unfaithful and stupid when sleeping with Tess and getting her pregnant. Liz still loved him. And respected that he was taking full responsibility. But at the same time she was bleeding.

“ Liz.” a voice choked out across from her.

Liz brought her trembling hands from her face, which was covered in tears leaving black trails from mascara down her face. The figure came out of the shadows of the backroom. Showing the face of an upset and broken Maria Deluca. She was holding her arms across her chest tightly, her face twisted in pain.

“ I was waiting for you to, to get back.” Maria sobbed. Liz shook her head and put her arms out to Maria. Inviting her, for her warmth, to give warmth.

Maria made her way across the diner and fell to the floor next to Liz, and laid her head on Liz’s breast and cried, harder than she had ever before. Liz accompanied her with her own. She wrapped her arms around Liz’s small waist and held on for dear life, feeling her heart break feeling her friends anguish, very over her own. Liz heart was tearing, bleeding, and dieing at the same time. Each moment it became worse. But she no longer cried. She was the one to be strong now, for Maria, for Alex, and for Kyle. For herself. She loved Max Evans. The boy of her dreams. The boy who healed her with his touch. The boy who loved her. Not the king. Not the alien. But Max Evans. The boy that shared his heart with Liz Parker.

Part One ~ The Move

Roswell, New Mexico

“ Alright men. Lets start with the living room” the head mover called out the twelve men.. Four moving vans sat out front, as Liz, Kyle and Maria stood staring out at the horizon of Roswell. Kyle stood his hands on his hips, as well as Liz, with Maria’s head resting on her shoulder, her arm folded into Liz’s. They all sighed.

“ Well, it’s going to be hard not waking up to this every day.” Kyle said as he walked over to Maria and Liz putting his arms around them.

“ No it isn’t” Liz said half sadly. And half excited. “ It’s hard knowing your life started here, and knowing it will end somewhere else. It feels like its a part of me.”

“ That’s because it is. It’s home.” Maria softly told Liz looking up to her face.

Liz was their leader. The human leader. Their human leader. Ever since the aliens had left, Liz was there standing strong. Even when Maria crumbled she was there. There to grab her by the arm and slowly bring her back to feet after a few glasses of rum or to much to drink. But she never saw Liz break. She smiled all of Maria’s pain away when she woke up in the morning smelling like puke as well as the horrifying taste in her mouth. Not to forget Kyle, who was Liz’s helpful soldier. He was always their to help, like a big brother would. By the way they were siblings now. Jim and Anne got married three months after the departure. The wedding was beautiful. Everything was beautiful. Especially Liz. She wore a beautiful dress, and had many guys staring as she walked past, absolutely stunned by her beauty. But she never turned. She felt their eyes, it was obvious as she smiled. But Liz had let Maria on in a wonderful secret. She wasn’t going for just anyone. She was going for the right one.

“ Yup.” Kyle sighed as he took a step forward. “ But it wont be for long. Our home is in Massachusetts. Or it will be.” he said as he hopefully looked at the girls. “ A new start. A new life.”


Part Two A New Start A new Life.

Veness, Massachusetts
4:00 AM

Liz woke up with a start as she heard a retching noise in the bathroom in the hall way. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes. Another short nights sleep. She had only gotten asleep maybe two hours ago. Aside from her studies and work she couldn’t stand the noise coming for Kyle's room, own the hall from her. He continued to play his stereo loud, and refused to turn it down at all. Other than he couldn’t help but dream about Max, which she tend to call nightmares, because they kept her awake, and didn’t exactly keep her sane. H

Hearing the retching noise again. She stood from her bed, pulling at her short and tight gray jogging shorts. She slowly walked to the hallway, hearing the noise much clearer. IT was Maria. Liz quickly dashed for the bathroom her heart rapidly beating in panic, just as Kyle came from his room, standing only in his boxers. HE ran over to the bathroom as she did, and they opened the door. To see Maria leaning over the toilet, looking far beyond gone, and wasted.

“ Oh my God, Maria.” Liz gasped as she fell to Maria’s side, running her hands over her face until she rested them on her forehead.

Liz held her breath. Maria was burning up, her eyes were blood shot, and her face was puffy, her eyes only opened in slits, with foam creating at her mouth. Looking to the bathtub, something caught Liz’s eyes. Acid.

“ Oh my god. Kyle call the ambulance.” Liz said as she started to panic. She continued to run her hands across Maria’s face as she heaved more into the toilet.

Finally Liz stilled herself against the wall, as she placed a trembling Maria between her legs, and held her like she would a child. Maria brought her legs up to her chest, and continued to twitch, until the ambulance finally came. Liz though, felt her heart beating extremely fast, her blood running cold, as she kept the wash rag against Maria’s forehead. Waiting for the ambulance to come. She couldn’t help but let a tear escape from her eye as she continued to sit in their blue bathroom. Sitting in between the toilet and the bath. When Kyle came back he placed himself behind Liz, and wrapped his arms gently around her. He thought he had felt a tremble from her body, but he didn’t. It was only Maria.
Once the ambulance came, Kyle and Liz tried to convince them to let them ride in back with Maria. They refused and told them that wouldn’t be necessary. But as soon as they left, the cops had come. They continued to question Kyle and Liz in their front lawn. Liz just shook her head staring at the ground. Feeling rage against Maria, and feeling rage against these cops with a few sticks up their ass’s.

“ Maim, do you know where she got the drugs?” the police officer asked as Liz and Kyle sat on the cold cement wall of the stairs that led to their house. Liz continued to look at the ground and shook her head.

Kyle looked at Liz, concern filling his blue eyes as he saw her continue to stare at the ground, not saying anything, but shaking her head, and nodding. This wasn’t the first time Maria had gotten wasted. But it was never with acid. And that's what made this so bad. Liz was disappointed in Maria ever since she found out that she was even into drugs. Liz never forgave her for that. The disappointment was written all over her face as she stared at the ground. The flashing of the police cars, shinning some colored light on her darkened face.

“ Officers. We haven’t gotten much sleep, could we continue this some other time?” Kyle asked as wrapped an arm across Liz’s shoulder. But Liz didn’t move. Her elbows stayed rested on her knees as she stared at the ground.

The officer nodded and told the other officer they’d continue the investigation later today, since it was already 5:00. As the cars drove away, Liz stayed in her position. Kyle was worried. She showed no feeling, no anything. She was so blank. She had been unreadable over the years, but Kyle fought and found how to read her. But even now he couldn’t read her.

“ Liz?” Kyle called to her as he moved a piece of stray hair behind her ear.

“ How could she do this Kyle? How could she do it again?” Liz asked in a strange voice, a emotion scorched voice. She turned her face towards him and Kyle's breath caught in his throat. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her face was streaked in tears. Liz never cried. She never let anyone see her in pain, or in sorrow. But now she was showing it. And even though it was wrong to think in such a way, Kyle thought it was refreshing.

“ She’s killing me. I’m losing her. You and her are the only things I have left Kyle. I don’t want to lose either one of you.” she cried openly.

Kyle said nothing but wrap his arms around her, and held her as she cried. She was crying. And she needed it more than anyone else. She needed to cry when those ass hole pod freaks left the planet. She needed to cry when her dad died from the heart attack. She needed to cry when he mom was remarried. She needed to cry when everything was going the wrong way then what she had planned. Now it was her turn to cry.

If I had just one tear running down your cheek
Maybe I could cope maybe I'd get some sleep
If I had just one moment at your expense
Maybe all my misery would be well spent

Back at the home planet of Antar Max looked out the window of his palace. Feeling that longing that ripped at his chest every moment he thought of her. He could feel her heart beating with his almost. Through out all the years of the killing and battle he could still feel her heart beating. Just like he felt hers tearing with his as he drove away from the crashdown that fateful night.
He turned to the bed that was set behind him. The fair young blonde beauty lying there, twisted in the covers, covering her naked body. They had sex again last night. It was starting to make Max nauseous of how many times they were joining now. It was a ritual that never stopped. And Tess never stopped. She just kept wanting more. But Max didn’t think he could give anymore. It was as if she wanted to have another child with him. But unknown to her, they had done just that many times. But Max made sure it never happened. He knew what Tess wanted. Everyone did. She was playing an evil scam that she wouldn’t be able to win. She had the heir, but the child died soon after. The child that was conceived out of rape. Yes, Tess rapped Max. She made him think he was making love to the girl of his dream that night in the observatory, and then mind warped him the morning after to think his night was spent with her. She begged Max not to kill her after he found his memory, when the baby was born, and died. He didn’t he played along with her game. Continued to sleep with her, only because he knew what would happen if Khivar found the plan was ruined. He’d destroy earth. Including Liz.

Yeah.... Could you cry a little
Lie just a little
Pretend that you're feeling a little more pain
I gave now I 'm wanting
Something in return
So cry just a little for me

Max had never wanted to give himself to anyone but Liz Parker. But he was forced into giving himself to someone else. A silent tear fell from his eye as he slipped his pants on with his jacket, and walked from the room. HE had to make a choice tonight. A choice whether he would save this planet, or earth.

If your love could be caged, honey I would hold the key
And conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me
And you'd hunt those lies
They'd be all you'd ever find
And that'd be all you'd have to know
For me to be fine

Yeah.... And you'd cry a little
Die just a little
and baby I would feel just a little less pain
I gave now I'm wanting
Something in return
So cry just a little for me

Just as he stood at the end of the long table, his council sitting before him demanding there be a decision made now. There world was under attack in five days or less. Khivar had warned the planet many months before. But max was having a hard time making his decision. Khivar was a revengeful man. And he was going to break Max. Whether Max fought back or not.

Give it up baby
I hear your goodbye
Nothins goin save me
I can see it your eyes
Some kind of heartache
Darlin give it a try
I don't want pity
I just want what is mine

“ I’ve made my decision. We give him a heir. Tess is pregnant. He’ll receive the child in a day.” Max said in a strong ye emotion drained voice. HE looked to his siblings who sat in front of him looking at him sympathetically. This way, no one got hurt. This way, their human loves would not be hurt. “ But I demand that we have some warriors sent to earth. To keep Liz, Maria, and Kyle safe.”

Max looked to Michael, and smiled, just as Michael mouthed ‘ thank you’. Isabel silently cried. Knowing her brother was giving a piece of him away to his enemy. Giving the evil man a strength. But Isabel knew something else. Her brother wasn’t going to let Liz parker die. Ever.

Yeah... Could you cry a little
Lie just a little
Pretend that you're feeling a little more pain
I gave now I'm wanting
Something in return
So cry just a little for me

Yeah... Cry just a little for me


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