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Title: Stealing Her Heart
Authors: Jenn (luvroswell26)…and Shannon (itslikechemical)
Rating: PG for now could go higher. We’ll post the rating in an Authors Note if we do.
Disclaimer: We do not own Roswell or the characters; they belong to a lot of other people. We do however own the story and it’s idea!
Summary: We don’t want to give too much away so we’re not saying much. Anyway it’s AU…no aliens. Liz is a princess as are Maria and Isabel. Maria is Liz’s sister, and Isabel is their best friend. We can’t say anymore or else we’ll give away too much!

AN: We just want to say that this is a Max/Liz fic so bher with us! Don’t kill us just yet!

Part 1:

Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a beautiful princess. She lived in a large castle with her mother, the queen, her father, the king, and her sister, Maria. Maria and Elizabeth, our princess, were the best of friends. They did everything together including things that princesses were not supposed to do.

On one of these escapades is how they both met Lady Isabella. She lived in the manner next to their castle. Maria and Elizabeth knew that they were not allowed to roam too far from their castle but they could never help themselves. It drove the servants crazy trying to figure out where the two princesses were. King Marcus would get angry every time his daughters disappeared so the servants liked to know where they were at all times. It made everyone’s lives easier.

On this particular day Maria and Liz were running from Stephan one of the servant’s children and the two of them ended up by the wall. Stephan stopped inches behind them and anxiously awaited them to turn around. He knew that they had wandered too far and that they needed to get back but Elizabeth noticed a portion of the wall that had crumbled and decided that she wanted to see what was on the other side.

Maria who always looked up to her older sister followed and Stephan contemplated for all of two minutes before following them. He felt that if he just went along and told everyone he went to protect them he wouldn’t get in as much trouble.

The minute Elizabeth landed on the other side of the wall she saw the prettiest little girl reading by a nearby tree. She looked so lonely and Elizabeth hated to see anyone lonely so she started to walk towards the girl. Stephan grabbed a hold of Elizabeth’s arm and tried to prevent her from going over to the girl. They didn’t know who she was and he needed to keep the princesses safe. Elizabeth gave him a look and he slowly removed his hand allowing her to continue.

“Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I live in that really big house over there,” she said pointing to the castle. “Who are you?”

Isabella jumped up at the sound of voices. She didn’t realize that anyone had found her sitting under her favorite tree, but she wasn’t expecting to see three young children. She was expecting one of the servants.

“I’m Isabella. I live in that manner over there,” she replied pointing to her house. “You’re Princess Elizabeth aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, but I hate it when people call me Princess Elizabeth, so to you I’m just Elizabeth. This is my sister Maria, and this is our friend Stephan. Would you like to come over to our place and play? You shouldn’t be sitting here all by yourself,” Elizabeth said.

“I’d like to very much but I don’t know if my parents would allow me to,” Isabella said sounding very said.

“Elizabeth! Maria! Where have you two gone off to now!” their father’s angry voice boomed from across the wall.

Maria grimaced and turned towards the wall. She was never as brave as Elizabeth was especially when it came to their father. She turned towards her sister.

“Elizabeth I think we should probably leave before father finds us here. We don’t want him to start yelling,” Maria said nervously.

“Oh let him yell. I am so sick of having to sit around that stuffy house. It is so boring. I want to be free to run and play! I don’t want to sit though music lessons and things of that nature. Science is the only subject that even like learning about anyway!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“Shh, father will hear you,” Maria scolded.

“Let him,” her sister replied annoyed. “I don’t care!”

“There you two are!” their father snapped. “Did you not hear me calling you?”

“Yes father we did, but we were talking to Isabella and it would have been rude to leave in the middle of our conversation,” Elizabeth replied.

“I don’t care who you were talking to. You are to meet your intended husband today. In ten years the two of you are to be married. Now hurry back to the house! You have to change he will be here soon,” King Marcus yelled.

“We’ll see you tomorrow Isabella. Ask your parents if it would be all right to play with us and send word to the castle. We’ll meet you here by the wall if it’s ok,” Elizabeth called as her father dragged her back across the wall.

Elizabeth had been dreading this day for all eight years of her life. She didn’t want to have an arranged marriage. She wanted a marriage like the one her grandmother and grandfather had, a marriage of love, not one of convenience. Her parents were a product of an arranged marriage and she knew that her mother was unhappy. Grandmother had passed away and Queen Laelia had not found love yet. Her father was becoming impatient and knew that his health was failing so he arranged a marriage for her. She resented him for the rest of his life and never found happiness or love in her marriage.

King Marcus escorted both Elizabeth and Maria to their rooms and sent a servant in to help them get ready. They were washed, dressed, and had their hair done. Elizabeth’s was parted down the middle and braided in two French braids. Each braid was fastened at the end with a ribbon that matched the color of her blue dress. Maria had one French braid and hers was fastened with a maroon ribbon to match her dress.

The two girls emerged from their room and walked slowly down the stairs. Their mother and father was waiting for them in the sitting room so they made their way to the room and sat on the couch opposite a young boy and his parents. The boy had sandy blonde unkempt hair, and light brown eyes. Elizabeth swallowed hard hoping that this wasn’t the boy she was to be marrying.

“Elizabeth I’d like you to meet Michael Guerin. He will one day be a knight like his father and he is also to be your husband,” King Marcus said.

Elizabeth had to stifle a groan and plastered a smile to her face. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Michael,” she said perfectly, just as a lady should.

“Yeah, nice to meet you too,” he said trying to sound upbeat. Elizabeth noticed how he kept looking at Maria and she could see Maria staring at him as well. A small sad smile crept onto her face. She had a feeling her betrothal to Michael was going to cause problems with her sister. She could tell already that Maria was smitten with him, and she could also see that Michael was taken with Maria.

9 years later:

“Elizabeth I can’t believe you!” Isabella exclaimed in the back of the church.

“Why? It’s just a little wine?” Elizabeth replied passing Maria the bottle. “Come on it’s your wedding day, we need to celebrate. Although you aren’t allowed I don’t think Alexander would like kissing you with wine breath.”

“Shut up. You’re awful. Besides I don’t think Michael is going to like that you’ve got wine on your breath either,” Isabella retorted.

That sobered everyone in the room up. Isabella knew it was a dirty card to use but she had to do something. Her friends were going to get in trouble if they kept drinking the wine like that. They had been friends ever since Elizabeth and Maria crossed the wall, and she hated to see King Marcus get angry. It pained her to hear Maria or Elizabeth getting yelled at, although Elizabeth got yelled at more often.

“So who’s all coming to your wedding anyway?” Maria asked.

“Well, my cousin Maxwell will be coming. I’m so excited I haven’t seen him in years. I do believe his parents asked your father for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage for my cousin but your dad turned him down,” Isabella said. “They have been angry with him ever since, and don’t come to visit any more.”

“Really? Wow, that’s, well that is some news,” Maria said laughing still a bit tipsy from the wine.

A knocking at the door caused the three girls to quiet down and they turned towards the door. Kyle, Michael’s brother peaked his head in. “They are ready for you now,” he said smiling at the three of them.

“Thanks Kyle,” Elizabeth said smiling. She liked Kyle. She liked Michael too, she just didn’t love Michael and she didn’t want to marry him, but she had no choice. Her father believed in the old customs.

You’d think that since now he was King of Praestan he’d change the stupid custom but no, he was a firm believer of it and wanted to abide by it. It was an old custom that needed to be changed.

Maria walked out of the room first. The organist started to play a song and she slowly made her way down the isle towards the front of the church. Kyle and Michael were standing next to Alexander smiling at her. She smiled back, her eyes lingering on Michaels for a little longer then they should have.

Elizabeth came out next and began the march down the isle trying to hold the bile down that was rising in her throat. She knew that in one years time she’s be marching down this very same isle except she’d be the bride and she’d be marrying Michael, the man she didn’t love. The whole thought left a bad taste in her mouth.

Elizabeth stopped next to Maria and leaned over to give Alexander a kiss on the cheek before taking her place. Isabella began her decent down the isle and Alexander’s face lit up like the moon on a cloudless night. Isabella locked gazes with Alexander and smiled. Elizabeth envied her friend because she was allowed to marry for love, and anyone could see that she and Alexander loved one another. It was slightly depressing for her to watch but she was very happy for her friends and was not going to allow her envy get in the way of that.

The ceremony was not long and it was over before Elizabeth realized. The party was going to be held at the palace and Elizabeth and Maria climbed into their carriage accompanied by Michael and Kyle. Once their carriage began to move Michael and Kyle switched seats. He sat next to Maria and Kyle sat next to Elizabeth.

Everyone in the carriage thought it was unfair that Michael and Elizabeth were being forced to marry. No one wanted to see it happen. Kyle was upset because his brother was saddened that he could not marry his love, and Kyle hated to see Elizabeth so unhappy too. He knew that she didn’t love his brother, anyone could see it in her eyes, but no amount of pleading swayed the Kings feelings.

“We learned some very interesting news today,” Maria said loving to gossip. Gossiping was her favorite past time.

“Really. Well my dear Princess, please tell us what this life altering news is?” Kyle teased. He loved to tease Maria because she had become a little spitfire. When she was younger she never stood up to anyone but Elizabeth’s personality must have rubbed off on her because now, she was a hellion. Elizabeth was the meek one now.

“Well Isabella told us in the room before the wedding that her cousin’s parents had asked for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage for their son, but our father refused. Imagine, if my father had only agreed then Michael and I would be free to court one another instead of all this secret love affair stuff,” Maria said huffily.

“That is news,” Michael said.

“Yes, it is. And he was at the wedding. I didn’t get a chance to find out his name but I’m sure I’ll have time to ask Isabella at the party,” Maria replied.

The carriage stopped in front of the castle and the four young people got out. Michael helped Elizabeth out of the carriage for the sake of it being his duty although he really wanted to help her sister down he let Kyle do that. The four of them walked inside and sat at the table awaiting Alexander and Isabella.

Elizabeth looked around the room at all the faces of her people. She hated that she was always so responsible because what she really wanted to do was run away. Far away where her father could never find her and she’d never have to marry Michael. That way Maria and Michael would be free to marry and she’d be set free of her obligations as the future Queen.

The doors opened and everyone got to their feet. Michael nudged Elizabeth to shake her from her thoughts. She quickly jumped to her feet giving Michael a smile of gratitude and clapped along with everyone else as the happy couple joined the party. Isabella and Alexander sat at the table with their friends and the feast began.

Stephan was on meat duty that night and Elizabeth hated that he had to work. She had tried to talk her father into giving him the night of so he could attend the feast since he was Isabella’s friend as well as hers, but he refused her request. She hated that her father was so stubborn but she bit her tongue, as she was taught to do, and let it go.

Stephan smiled at his friends and continued to serve them. “Congratulations Isabella,” he whispered as he set some turkey on her plate.

“Thank you Stephan,” she replied smiling.

After the first course of meats the dancing began. Alexander led Isabella to the dance floor and they danced their first dance as a married couple. Elizabeth smiled at her friends and wished that she were able to find love like that. Michael asked her to dance for show and she accepted. They danced a couple of dances together before he asked Maria. Anyone who wanted to really look could see the difference in the way Michael held Maria from the way he held Elizabeth, but no one was paying attention. No one that is but one dark haired young man. He had been watching Elizabeth all night and decided that it was now or never. He needed to make his move before it was too late.

He slowly made his way over to Elizabeth and stopped in front of her. She smiled and looked up to see who was asking her to dance. She wasn’t prepared for the young man before her. He took her breath away. His dark brown hair, curling in little wisps over his forehead, his golden colored eyes, the small smirk he had on his face, all of these things made Elizabeth’s heart speed up.

“May I have the honor of dancing with the most beautiful woman here?” he asked her quietly.

The sound of his silky voice sent shivers down her spine causing her to lose her voice. She nodded her head yes and he held out his hand for her. She gladly accepted it and together they waltzed across the floor. They were completely in tune with one another and Maria noticed them and smiled. Michael saw her smile and looked up to see what she was looking at. He saw Elizabeth and some stranger dancing and by the look in her eyes he could tell she was a goner. He was happy for her because he could now feel less guilty for loving her sister.

The dance ended too quickly for Elizabeth and the young man led her back to the table. None of her friends were they just yet as they were talking with some other people their age. Her mystery man started to walk away, but not before placing a kiss on her knuckles.

“Wait! What’s your name?” she asked him.

“Maxwell,” he replied turning completely around walking out the door.

“Maxwell,” she whispered smiling and hugging herself.

Maxwell walked outside and leaned against the wall taking deep ragged breaths. He had no idea what possessed him to dance with the enemy but he just felt compelled to do it. Princess Elizabeth would be his that was a promise. Her father wasn’t going to keep him away, not this time. He’d be more forceful then his father was.

Now that he had danced with her he knew more then ever he needed to make Elizabeth his wife. He vowed right then and there that nothing was going to get in his way, not even the king. He would have his sweet revenge for being turned down all those years ago, and he would put his father’s soul to rest, that was a promise.

TBC…by Shannon

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Hi everyone!! This is Shannon, the other author to this fic. Heres part 2 for you guys. Thank you very much for all the feedback, it just warms up mine and Jenn's hearts. Thanks*big* Enjoy!!!!
AN: Also, this part is my very first addition to the fanfiction land. I owe it all to Jenn (my twin LOL ). *happy*

Part 2:

         Later on that evening, Elizabeth slowly
her way to her bedroom chambers to rest. It had been
an exhausting night. She had given hugs and kisses
Isabella and her new husband Alexander and excused
herself from the rest of the guests.
      Elizabeth passed by her sister without even realizing it.  Her mind was in another place, and the only thing she saw was her mystery man.  Visions of him would not leave her head, and she was walking around in a daze.
      Maria watched as her sister passed right by her as if in a fog.  She had noticed her sister dancing with some man who could only be described as tall, dark, and mysterious.  She vowed to get all the details out of her sister but first she needed to find Isabella.  Her need to find out about this cousin was more important because Maria had a plan, one that she hoped all her friends would help in.  If they could find out who her cousin was and convince him to fight for Elizabeth's hand then maybe her father would relent and allow them to marry leaving Michael and her open to wed.
      Elizabeth continued to her room with no further stops.  She had seen Isabella and Alexander off so no one would question why she left the party early and if they did she would complain of a headache.  The truth of it was she just wanted to be alone to think about Maxwell.

      No one knew of the kindred soul she had danced with earlier. The one with the eyes that struck the very depths of her soul. She couldnt forget his gentle face.
         "Maxwell" she breathed. His voice is even
heavenly.  He seemed almost familiar to her as if
she knew him before.
         " Possibly another lifetime" she thought as
she slipped her dress from her shoulders. Elizabeth
stretched and walked to her wardrobe to retrieve a
nightgown. She untied her undergardments and slipped
the plain white gown over her head. Once she was
clothed and ready for bed a knock came to her door.
        "Elizabeth, are you still awake?" came
Maria's muffled voice from the outside of the door. She had given up on finding Isabella once Kyle told her that she and Alexander had left.  She silently cursed her luck at having just missed them and proceeded to her room to change for bed.
       " Yes Maria, please do come in." Elizabeth
         Maria opened the door and walked through
the door. She was too dressed for night, in a soft peach night gown. Elizabeth could see the glow in her
sister's eyes. She must have danced most of the
night with Michael. Oh how she ached to have this marriage annulled. Elizabeth knew how it killed both Maria
and Michael that she was to marry him in just a year.
         "Elizabeth, I demand to know who that
stranger was that carried you off the dance floor
this evening!" Maria scolded.
         "Oh! Maria, I dont know who he was, how did
you know I danced with him?"
          "I happened to glance at you as I was
searching for Isabella on the dance floor. I was
hoping shed tell me more about the cousin whos parents
had hoped  father would allow their son to have your
hand in marriage. I heard that father refused.  Thats
when  I happened to see  you as this new gentleman
started to walk away leaving you hugging yourself." Maria
looked at her sister with much curiousity.
"After you walked past me, without saying goodnight I might add, I continued to search for Isabella and Alex.  I'm determined to find out who this cousin is.  I think I might have a solution to our problems, but I will wait until tomorrow to tell you.  All this dancing has made me tired."  This gentleman, whoever he was had put a strong force on Elizabeth.
          " Whos cousin Maria?"  
           " Isabella's"  Maria stated. Elizabeth
thought for a moment as to why her father refused this
marriage proposal. Yet moments later she was right
back to thinking about her dancing partner.
      "Do you happen to know who he was Maria?"
Elizabeth asked her eyes begging for this knowledge.
            " Im sorry dear sister, but I do not know
who this man is. Did you happen to catch his name?"
Maria asked. Elizabeth's face lit up at the question.
            "He told me his name is  Maxwell. Do you
know of any courtiers named Maxwell?" Elizabeth hoped
shed be able to find any information to who this
Maxwell was. She longed to know where he lived and how
long. Maria slowly and sadly shooked her head at her
             "Im sorry Elizabeth but I have not heard
of such a name among the gentleman or ladies for that
           Elizabeth nodded her head towards Maria.
She knew nobody would know of this man. He was far to
mysterious to be recognized.
            "Would you like me to brush your hair
before bed?" Maria asked grabbing Elizabeth's comb
from her dresser. Elizabeth nodded her head and gave
room for Maria to sit upon her bed. Maria began to
comb through Elizabeths long chocolate tresses, ever
so often stopping to make sure each end was smooth.
After Elizabeth's hair was combed, Maria kissed her sister on her forhead.
              "Dont worry sister, he will appear
             " Even if he did Maria, it isnt meant to
            Maria smiled sadly knowing exacly what
Elizabeth meant. She would marry Michael, Marias love.

            "Goodnight Elizabeth" Maria said.
             "Goodnight Maria" Elizabeth replied.
           Maria rose from the bed and walked out of
the room. Elizabeth curled further into her covers and
blew out the candle next to her bed. Staring blanky
out her window she smiled.
             "Goodnight, Dear Maxwell, I hope we
again."  Those were Eliazbeth's last words as her
eyes driffed slowly closed, luring her body into a
restfull sleep.


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shannon here....jenn and I should have part 3 soon. *happy*

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Part 3: by...Jenn *tongue*

Elizabeth was reluctant to wake up the next morning. She didn’t want to leave her dreams because if she stayed in her dreams she would be forever happy. Her mystery man married her and together they lived happily ever after. But Elizabeth knew she had to get up and face the harsh world. A world where she was being forced to marry a man she loved only as a sister loves a brother.

Groaning she climbed out of bed and called for her bath. The serving maid came in moments later to lie out Elizabeth’s bath oils and soaps. She didn’t know what one she was in the mood for so she asked the young girl to leave all the oils out. The young girl did as she was asked and helped Elizabeth undress after the boys brought the buckets of hot water in.

“Thank you Brianna, I won’t be needing you again until after I complete my bath,” Elizabeth said climbing into the tub.

“But mistress Elizabeth!” Brianna exclaimed. “Who will add the hot water for you once this gets cold? Who will rinse out your hair?”

“I am very capable of doing this myself. Please just bring the buckets over to the tub and then you can go help my sister. We both know how much she likes being waited upon,” Elizabeth told her stunned serving girl.

“As you wish mistress,” Brianna said pulling the remaining buckets over to the tub before walking out.

Elizabeth sighed with relief as Brianna left. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate Brianna’s help with her bath, but today, today she just wanted to be left alone.


Maxwell climbed over the wall surrounding the castle. He knew that he shouldn’t be here in case someone saw him but he needed to see her again. She was the most beautiful creature he had every laid eyes upon and visions of her kept haunting him. He knew that he should hate her as much as he hates her father but he just could not seem to. Every time he would look at her at his cousin’s wedding his heart would skip a beat, his pulse would begin to race, his mouth dried, and he could feel the stirrings in his loins.

“You are going daffy man,” he scolded himself. “It’s just a woman! How could you let a woman get the better of you?”

Before he knew it he was right in front of the palace. He wasn’t sure where he was going or even where he would find his ‘nymph’ but he had to try. Slowly, so as not to be seen, he began to make his way around the castle.

A door in front of him opened and he could hear loud voices coming from the other side. Thinking quickly he began to climb the tree he had just passed only moments before. He climbed high enough to not be seen but stayed low enough to see and hear the two people coming from the door.

A male walked out first and Maxwell noticed right away that it was Lord Guerin, Princess Elizabeth’s intended. Just seeing the man made Maxwell’s blood boil. Maxwell assumed that the next person who was going to be walking out the door would be Elizabeth.

Michael looked to the right and then to the left. He wanted to make sure that no one would be able to see what was happening. If they got caught things were bound to get ugly. King Marcus would never stand for it.

Maxwell watched Lord Guerin curiously. He couldn’t figure out why he was being so secretive.

“No one’s around. Come on, we’ve got to move quickly,” Michael said turning towards the door. He held out his hand and Maxwell saw a petite one grab onto Michael’s out stretched hand. The two people emerged from the doorway and Maxwell gasped in surprise as Maria, stepped out not Elizabeth.

“God Michael, I hate having to sneak out just to see you! Why can’t father just listen to reason! He knows you and Elizabeth do not love one another,” Maria complained.

Maxwell’s interest sparked at this news. So Lady Elizabeth does not love nor wish to marry her intended bridegroom. This could definitely be useful information. A sadistic smile spread across Maxwell’s face. What better way to get back at King Marcus then to go though his precious daughter?

When Maxwell came out of his thoughts Maria and Michael were already on horseback riding away. He cursed himself for getting sidetracked because he could have found out some other valuable information.

He decided that he needed to leave the Palace because if he chanced to glimpse Princess Elizabeth, his resolve for revenge might crumble and he could not allow that to happen.

“King Marcus will pay for what he did to my family,” Maxwell said to himself. “I vowed on my father’s grave that he would pay and so help me God I will make sure he does!”

Maxwell sat back down on the branch he was on in order to let his anger subside. If he came out of the tree this angry he was bound to get caught because all of his senses were not about him. He thought back to the day eight years ago. It seemed like only yesterday for Maxwell because this day haunted him then and continued to haunt him over the years.


Eight-year-old Maxwell bounded into the room to find out the news. His parents had told him the day before that they were going to the Kingdom of Praestan to ask King Marcus for his daughter’s hand in marriage. His father King John didn’t think that there would be any problems since his kingdom, Nebtian bordered Praestan.

Maxwell saw his father’s long face and halted his step mid run so as not to upset him any more. “Father? What happened?” the young Maxwell asked his dad.

“King Marcus refused me,” John told his son. “He said that his daughter was too good to live in our kingdom and he would make sure she stayed in Praestan.”

“But why would her father say something like that father?” Maxwell asked perplexed. “We’ve always been good neighbors and it’s not like our Kingdom is poor or dirty.”

“I know son, it’s just sometimes these things happen to go this way,” John told Maxwell patting his head and walking out the door.

Maxwell didn’t like the state his father was in when he left the room and was afraid that he would do something really stupid. He still couldn’t figure out why King Marcus refused the marriage proposal but he was young and not worldly enough to understand such matters so he let it drop and went outside to play.

The dinner bell rang sometime later letting Maxwell know that it was time for him to come inside. He ran though the main hall doors and into the kitchen to wash up. All the cooks were used to the young Lord running into the kitchen to wash his hands for supper so they paid no attention to him. After he was cleaned up he walked into the dining room to eat. His mother joined him moments later.

“Mother? Where is father?” Maxwell asked.

“I don’t know. One of the servant’s said that they saw him walking into his study earlier. He came in to tell me of Marcus’s decision and then locked himself away in the study,” Queen Azlyn told her son.

The two of them ate in silence. Maxwell kept glancing at the hallway leading to his father’s study but no movement could be detected from that direction. After supper Maxwell asked to be excused claiming he had too much excitement and wanted to go to bed. His mother gave him permission and he kissed her on the cheek before running up the stone staircase leading to his rooms.

Once up the stairs he took the corridor to the left leading away from his rooms. There was another staircase there leading to a secret door to the study. He knew his father knew of this staircase but his father didn’t know he knew of it so it was a safe bet that the door was unlocked.

Maxwell made his way down the steps quickly and slowly eased the door open. He didn’t want his father to get mad at him if he disrupted anything. He peaked his head in and didn’t see anything so he took a cautious step forward.

His father’s chair was facing away from him and he assumed that he was sitting there. Walking as quietly as possible he continued until he was right behind the chair.

“Father?” he whispered.

There was no answer and Maxwell wondered if his father had already left the room. He walked around the chair and screamed. Sitting at the desk was his father with a knife plunged into his chest. On the desk was a note, which Maxwell didn’t see because he was too busy screaming and running to the door.

The servant’s were banging on the door trying to get Maxwell to open it. He backed towards the door still screaming and finally managed to open it. His mother was the first to rush into the room and the moment her eyes landed on her husband she began to scream and sob.

“M-m-mother? W-w-what h-happened to fa-father?” Maxwell asked though his tears.

“Oh Maxwell! I’m so sorry you had to find him this way!” Lady Azlyn said hugging her son close. “I’m not sure why your father took his own life but he is no longer alive and with us.”

Maxwell turned wide-eyed back to his father. He couldn’t believe he was dead. What could possibly have caused his father to want to kill himself.

“Lady Azlyn? There’s a note here on the desk?” Kevin, one of the servant’s said.

“A note? Let me see it,” Azlyn said extending a shaky hand.

My dearest Azlyn and Maxwell,
I’m sorry that I had to do this but I could not live with my failure. I am a bad king. Why else would Marcus not let Maxwell marry his Elizabeth? I cannot live with my failure to either of you and I’m sorry for being this weak. You deserve a better husband and father then I am and I’m sorry for all this humility I’ve caused you both. Please go on with your lives and remember me in your prayers. Know that I love you both and I’m doing this for you. Azlyn, now you can find a strong husband, one that will help guide you the way I could not. Maxwell, never give up on your dreams. You are a much stronger man then I, and you are only eight. I know you will one day make a fine king. I love you both so much.

~*~*~End Flashback~*~*~

A splashing from the window about Maxwell caused him to turn around. He wondered what room that was and his curiosity got the better of him. Instead of climbing down the tree like he originally intended he started to climb up.

Stopping by the balcony he peered into the window, but he could not see clearly who was in the room. Cursing his need to find out who was in this room he jumped from the tree and landed on the balcony soundlessly.

Inching his way to the window he held his breath hoping he wouldn’t get his head cut off. His kingdom would be in a sorry state for sure if that happened. Their king dead with no heir that is not a good thing so Maxwell prayed that whoever was in this room didn’t cause a big scene getting him caught.

As Maxwell crept closer to the window he began to hear a faint humming sound. He paused before looking into the window to let the sound wash over him. It was like listening to a Goddess and his need to see who this voice belonged to became great.

A splashing shook him out of his daydream and he slowly opened the window so he could see who was inside the room. His breath caught in his throat as Elizabeth, glistening with bath water, filled his vision. Her hair was wet and shiny cascading down her creamy white back like a chocolate waterfall.

He could just make out the tops of her breasts as the bobbed in the water teasing his already over heated senses. Elizabeth began to stand up not wanting to prune her skin in the water, and Maxwell turned around giving her some privacy. He did not, however, leave the room.

Elizabeth reached for her robe and swung it around her shoulders. She placed her arms through the sleeves and tied the belt around her waist.

Maxwell shifted his weight from his right foot to his left and the movement caught Elizabeth’s eye. She turned towards her intruder.

“Who are you?” she ground out angrily. “What are you doing in my rooms!”

“So this is the Lady Elizabeth’s rooms. I’ll have to remember this for future reference,” Maxwell mused to himself turning to face the lovely princess.

She gasped as his face was reviled to her and her knees grew weak from the intensity of his gaze. She clutched a hand to her chest and sank into a nearby chair.

“H-how did you know where to find me?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, I didn’t actually. I was going to sneak into the castle to try and find you when I heard voices. I climbed the tree and got curious when I heard a splash,” he confessed smiling slightly.

“Oh. I wonder who was leaving through that door? Only a few people know of it,” she wondered aloud to herself.

“It was actually your betrothed and your sister,” Maxwell said wanting to gauge her reaction.

“Really?” she asked with a smile. “I wonder where Maria told father she was going this time? So she and Michael snuck off again, they had better be careful because if my father catches them things will get really ugly,” she said laughing.

“So you don’t care that your future husband and your very own sister are sneaking around?” asked Maxwell amused.

“No. Michael and I do not love one another. At least not that way, but he and Maria do, they always have. Yet, my father will not allow them to marry, he arranged for Michael and I to get marry and in his eyes LOVE has nothing to do with MARRIAGE,” explained Elizabeth. “After I birth an heir Michael and Maria will be free to be together, I will divorce him or whatever I must so they can be happy. Maybe I won’t even let Michael touch me, we’ll just say that I cannot get pregnant or something and my father will be forced to allow him to marry Maria so an heir will be born.”

“You will have a problem with not letting Michael touch you,” Maxwell told her.

“What’s that?” she asked him amused.

“The doctors will check to make sure you’ve made love, and if your maidenhead is still intact then they will know you are lying,” he explained.

The look of shock on her face explained enough. She had not thought about that part of her little plan and he was happy but also disgusted that he told her. This would mean that Michael would have to touch her in the ways that he himself wanted to. A plan started to formulate in his mind and he had only a few days to execute it.

“Lady Elizabeth, are you ready for me yet?” Brianna called from outside the door.

“One moment Brianna!” Elizabeth yelled rushing up to Maxwell. “You have to hurry and climb back down the tree. If she finds you in here she will tell my father and he will have you killed. I cannot bear for that to happen.”

“When will I see you again?” he asked her as he backed out the window. He silently cursed himself for asking this question. Even with his plan for revenge against her father, seeing her could be dangerous.

“I don’t know but I will be riding two days from now. I always ride on Thursdays, and I go alone because everyone knows how much I like my privacy. I’ll be down by the south wall, near Isabella’s parents home,” she explained stopping by the edge of the balcony.

“I will try to be lurking around there then,” he laughed. She smiled at him and his eyes darkened with desire. Elizabeth saw this and sighed as he pulled her to him. She knew that the moment his lips touched hers it would feel like heaven and she was not let down.

He gently touched his lips to hers not wanting to scare her with too much passion at once and because he was afraid that if he didn’t kiss her gently he would lose the little self-control he had left. The fact that she was still standing in front of him in nothing but a bathrobe did wonders for his loins. He knew he’d be walking strangely for hours because of the precious moments he’d spent with Elizabeth already.

She wanted more then just a gentle kiss but she didn’t know how to go about getting that. Instinctively she placed her arms around his neck pulling herself against him. Maxwell was surprised by this move but he wrapped his arms around her waist holding her close to him. His one hand wove itself through her hair and tilted her head slightly to give him better access to her mouth. He then slid his tongue across her lips begging to be let in.

She complied knowing that this was what she wanted. Opening her mouth woke her senses up to a whole new set of feelings. As Maxwell slipped his tongue into her mouth he caressed her tongue with his own causing Elizabeth to moan in delight. She had never experienced anything like this before and she knew that she never would again, not with anyone but Maxwell. Michael sure could never stir these types of feelings deep within her belly.

Kissing Maxwell felt like more then just kissing, it felt like coming home. She finally felt like she was with someone who cherished the ground she walked on and she felt loved. This is what she had been waiting all seventeen years of her life for, this man, Maxwell.

The need for air made them reluctantly break apart and with chests heaving they both drunk in as much air as their lungs could hold. Maxwell rested his forehead against Elizabeth’s and tried to catch his breath.

“Until we meet again, my sweet Princess. I will think of you constantly,” he told her smiling.

“And I you, dear, sweet, gallant sir,” she replied watching him climb down the tree.

Maxwell felt guilty for wanting to use Elizabeth in his plot for revenge but it was the only way that would make Marcus feel the same way he felt when he found his father dead in his study. He knew that using Elizabeth could be risky, his heart was already softening towards her and if he wasn’t careful he would lose it completely but he promised himself he’d remain strong. With one final look back at the castle he climbed over the wall to his Aunt and Uncle’s property and started making a mental note of the things he would need to set his plan rolling.

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Hey you guys, its shannon and heres part 4, ENJOY!

Part 4:
After Brianna left Elizabeths room, Elizabeth flopped on her bed. She was just kissed by the sweetest lips in all the kingdom. Perhaps in all the world as well. Maxwell was enchanting to Elizabeth. He had these eyes that captured her soul and pulled her deeper and deeper into longing...for him.
Elizabeth couldnt wait for the next time that she would see Maxwell. It pained her heart so much that she was being forced to wed Michael. Another thing that baffled Elizabeths mind was the words that made way from Maxwells mouth. Telling her that her father would violate her privacy to see if she remained the essence of purity. It made her think about it in all honesty. Elizabeth loved her father the king very dearly, but she knew deep inside that Maxwell is right. This pushed new thoughts through Elizabeths mind. She wouldnt be able to hurt her sister, sweet Maria by bedding with Michael. Married or not it wouldnt happen. Elizabeth needed a plan and fast. The wedding date was coming closer and closer with each passing day.
“Lady Elizabeth? May I come in?” Briannas voice echoed through the door. Elizabeth was pulled out of her thoughts.
“ Yes Brianna you may come in?” Elizabeths words gave way for Brianna to enter. Brianna entered the chambers with a bright smile. To Elizabeth, Brianna was her trusted servent. She wouldnt reveal any details about her life but she knew that Brianna was capable of handling it, if the need was to rise.
“Will you desire anything else Lady Elizabeth?” Brianna asked as she carefully poured fresh water in the water basin. Elizabeth shook her head. Brianna smiled and as she started towards the door, she stopped and turned around.
“Goodday my Lady.” Brianna curtiesed and disappeared.
“What a day it shall be.”

Maxwell entered his chambers as if in a dream. He knew his plan for revenge was harsh and he could feel the rumbling in his stomach. But he had to go through with it regardless whether his Princess Elizabeth gets hurt or not. Yet it felt so wrong to plaster her into his plan.
And the kiss. It was if a thousand atoms raced through his body when he felt her sweet lips upon his own. He could still taste her on his lips and she felt like an addiction. One he must comply himself to receive every day.
“Oh what am I thinking! I cant possibly develop feelings for my now greatest enemies daughter. “ Maxwell said into thin air. Maxwell began pacing his room floor. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head. Thoughts of his father and his kind soul. Thoughts of his family, how he missed them. Thoughts of revenge against King Marcus. And last, thoughts of Lady Elizabeth. Sweet Elizabeth. Maxwell was too late. He already fell for her. How her chocolate tresses sprinkle her creamy back. How her soft eyes dance in his begging to know him, understand him. And how every move her lips make, gives him a feeling of completeness. Maxwell stared blankly at his floor. A knock at his door startled his thoughts. Maxwells servent Lepold entered the room. Upon bowing he asked,
“Sir Maxwell? Will you be needing any accomodations this morning? “ Maxwell nodded his head to his trousers and blouse.
“Yes, would you please get me clean garments for today?” Lepold nodded and went to retrieve newly cleaned clothing. Maxwell stepped out of his dress wear and proceeded to put the new garments on his body. Lepold never did help Sir Maxwell for Maxwell considered himself to be quite independent. Every servent in the castle understood this and would allow Maxwell to tend to himself. Once Maxwell was clothed, Lepold picked up the discarded clothing and started to dismiss himself from the room.
“Goodday Sir.” Lepold bowed.
“Goodday Lepold.” Maxwell replied with a nod. Lepold left Maxwells chamber and Maxwell was once again alone. He walked out onto his balcony. It faced the east and that day was accompanied by a soft eastern wind. The air was comforting to the confused Maxwell. He looked up into the blue sky. The sun was shining brightly casting a glow upon his face. He smiled and closed his eyes.
“Father, what should I do?”

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AN: I’m so sorry y’all for being so laxed lately. I’ve really been busy with school ask my twin…she’ll tell you! Ok, here’s the long awaited part. I hope you all enjoy itBy Jenn *tongue*

Part 5:

Maxwell paced around his room trying to figure out what to do. He knew that he needed to put his plan into motion but he was afraid that if he spent that much time with Elizabeth he would end up really doing something stupid. He already liked her and thought she was beautiful, but if he was forced to spend as much time with her as the plan demanded, he knew that he’d really fall for her. That scared him more then anything. He had vowed that he would never allow the Parkers into his life but it seemed to him that he wasn’t going to be able to keep that promise.

Leopold just sat on the bed watching his young master. He hadn’t agreed with this plan from the beginning and he could now see that Maxwell was beginning to reconsider his decision. He just hoped that the young man he thought of, as a son would make the right choice.

Maxwell stopped his pacing and turned to Leopold. He had made his decision and he had to go through with his plan. King Marcus needed to pay for what he did to King John and Maxwell was the only person left to make him pay.

“Leopold, we will have to set the plan into motion tonight. I cannot delay any longer, especially since I’ve been away from my kingdom for too long,” Maxwell said, gravely.

“As you wish your highness,” Leopold said solemnly, wishing that his young master would reconsider this decision. Bad things will come of this, he was sure of it.

(Later on that Night)

“Aunt Diane, Uncle Philip,” Maxwell said at the table that night. They had all just sat down to eat dinner.

“Yes Maxwell, what is it?” his Aunt Diane asked.
“I am afraid that tomorrow morning I will be leaving for home,” he told them. “I have been away for too long and lord knows that the place has probably fallen apart.”

“Do you really need to go?” his Uncle Philip asked. “It seems like you just got here, and your aunt and I miss seeing you so much. I know Isabella does too.”

“I miss you all to, and I promise that I will come back and visit soon, but yes I really must go,” he told them quietly.

They finished their dinner in silence. Maxwell hated this, he really didn’t want to hurt his aunt and uncle, but he needed to make Marcus pay for his parent’s demise. Once word got out that he kidnapped Princess Elizabeth, he knew that his aunt and uncle would be shamed forever, and that made him angry, but this had to be done.

He walked up to his room slowly thinking about what still needed to be done before he could head back home. The number one thing on the list was get Princess Elizabeth, but it was the method of getting her that needed to be thought out more intently. He wasn’t sure if the plan would run smoothly or not.

Leopold was waiting in the room for him when he opened the door. “Sire, I’ve informed your men what is to happen tonight. They are all anxious to go home and are more then ready to help you.”

“Thank you Leopold. Do you think this plan will work?” Maxwell asked him.

“I’m not sure sire, but we will all do our best to make sure it does,” Leopold assure him.

“Thank you Leopold. You are my most loyal friend. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you around,” Maxwell told him.

“You’d fall all to pieces sire,” Leopold told him with a smile.

“I probably would,” Maxwell agreed chuckling. “I know that you don’t agree with what I’m doing, but I need to avenge my father so he may rest in peace.”

“You are right I don’t agree, but there is no stopping you. You are as stubborn as your mother was,” Leopold told him. “I’m just here to make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

“Yes, and I appreciate that greatly,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell packed his belonging and he and Leopold carried them to his carriage. He wanted to be all packed and ready to go so that once they got Elizabeth they could start on their way to his kingdom. With any luck she would still be asleep when they arrived at his castle and he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out that she was missing for a few more hours.

“Everything is packed sire,” Leopold said.

“Great. Now we just have to wait until it gets really dark out and we’ll start the next phase of the plan,” Maxwell said grinning. So far so good, everything was working out beautifully.

Leopold sighed and walked out of the room. He went to inform the men that they’d be leaving in about two hours. He just hoped that there were no guards hanging around because then their plans would be shot to hell.

The hour of their departure was upon them. Maxwell quietly crept down the stairs so that he didn’t wake his aunt and uncle. He placed the letter on the table in front of his uncle’s chair explaining how sorry he was for just running out and for any trouble he caused. They didn’t need to know that he was apologizing for what he was about to do and the trouble he was about to cause them.

Leopold was waiting by the carriage. He wanted Maxwell to get in and be on his way to his kingdom, but he knew Maxwell better then anyone and he knew that the young man would never leave this plan to anyone else but himself. He knew that Maxwell would be the one going into King Marcus’s palace to get Princess Elizabeth himself.

“Sire, I really wish you’d reconsider this and meet us at the fork in the road with the carriage. I promise that I will bring Princess Elizabeth to you safe and sound,” Leopold pleaded.

“No. If something goes wrong I will need to improvise and I only trust myself to do this,” he told Leopold.

“I understand that sire, but I can improvise things as well. I need to know that you are safe,” Leopold told him.

“I will be safe. Old friend, I promise you that no one will even know that I was in the castle. I will grab Elizabeth and be on my way,” Maxwell assured him.

“Very well sire. I can see that there is no deterring you so I will allow this. Please be careful. I will be right outside the gate should you need me,” Leopold told him.

“I know. I will be careful,” Maxwell told him jumping onto his horse. He rode in the direction of the stonewall and jumped his horse over it.

He slid off his saddle and walked his horse towards the palace. He stopped below Princess Elizabeth’s window and tethered his horse to the bush by the wall. Then he carefully made his way up the tree right outside her window paying rapt attention to what he was doing. He stopped on the limb right outside her window and quietly jumped to her balcony. He didn’t want to wake her up because he wasn’t in the mood for the whole castle to know that he was there.

He crept in through the window taking in her sleeping form. She looked even more beautiful, if that was possible. He walked to her wardrobe and grabbed a few dresses for her to wear stuffing them into a bag, and made his way back over to her bed. He pulled a cloth out of his pocket and tied it around her mouth. She didn’t even stir which surprised him but he wasn’t about to question it. He then tied her hands together behind her back before tying her feet together so that she couldn’t get away.

Very slowly Elizabeth opened her eyes wondering what was going on. It felt as if someone had bound and gagged her but she knew she had to be dreaming. All of a sudden she was heaved off her bed and flung over someone’s shoulder. She tried to scream but it was muffled by a piece of cloth. She began to fear for her safety. If this person was after a ransom, her father would surely pay it.

Maxwell walked back to the balcony and carefully climbed onto the nearest limb. He slowly made his way down the tree making sure not to hurt Elizabeth in the process. Once on the ground he placed Elizabeth on his horse and climbed on quickly. He didn’t want her to get any ideas. Then he spurred the horse into motion and headed to the rendezvous point where he’d be meeting his carriage.

Maxwell met up with Leopold at the gate and together they rode towards Maxwell’s kingdom. The carriage was waiting for them about two miles down the road. They stopped as they reached it and Maxwell carried Elizabeth to it and placed her inside. She just sat there not really sure what was going on, but this carriage was extremely nice for a normal kidnapper. She wondered who would go though such trouble.

Maxwell tied his horse to the back of the carriage and climbed in. He was grateful for the dim interior because he didn’t want Elizabeth to know who had her just yet. He tapped on the roof of the carriage signaling to his driver and Leopold to start moving. Moments later the carriage spurred into motion leaving Elizabeth guessing who had taken her, and where she was being taken.


Sorry that this part wasn't all that long. I was lucky to get anything out at all! LOL. The next part will be continued by my twin Shanny! Please leave us feedback and let us know what you though! Thanks.

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AN: I know it's been like ages since this has been updated. This chapter is supposed to be Shannon's but I am inspired so I figured I'd write it. Real life seemed to have gotten in both of our way. Please don't be mad at us. I'll try to make this part long to make up for lost time. Enjoy the part.

Jenn *tongue*

Part 6:

The carriage continued on its way, with Elizabeth still curious about who would kidnap her. A part of her wasn't even really all that angry. If this person, whomever it was held her long enough, her father would be forced to call off her marriage to Michael, and that thought gave her comfort.

She even didn't mind that she was blindfolded, although it would have been nice to see who her assilant was. What bothered her most of all was the fact that she was still gagged. At the pace the carriage seemed to be moving, even if she did scream, there wouldn't be many who heard her. But, she had no desier to scream, at the present moment she didn't want to be found.

Maxwell watched his captive and wondered how she'd react once he took her blindfold off. Once she realized it was him who kidnapped her, would she be angry? Or would she think he kidnapped her out of some romantic gesture? He hoped for the second option because he didn't want a pissed off captive at the moment. Let her find out his real motive later on.

They should just about be at his kingdom, but he wasn't going to ungag her until they were safely in the castle. None of his servents would question his doings, but someone who lived outside his palace might, and he was in no mood to answer any questions. What he did was his own business, not everyone elses.

"Sire, we have arrived," Leopold whispered.

"Thank you," Maxwell replied.

He climbed down out of the carriage, and Elizabeth felt the weight shift. She realized that they must have gotten to their destination, or else her captor wouldn't have gotten out of the carriage.

She felt hands wrap around her waist, genlty lifting her down from her seat. "Why would someone who kidapped me, treat me so gently?" she wondered to herself. Maybe once she got to see his, or her face she would get that answer.

Maxwell carried Elizabeth into his castle, bringing her straight to her room. He had one prepared before he left for Isabella's wedding. He knew what he was going to do, and there was no stopping him. He gently placed Elisabeth on the bed, untieing her hands and feet. Once he finished that, he removed her gag. Hesitently, he reached for her blindfold, almost as if he didn't want her to see him just yet.

Very slowly, Maxwell untied her blindfold, letting the material fall to the floor. Elizabeth opened her eyes carefully, not wanting the light to hurt her eyes. She blinked the darkness out of her eyes, looking around the room. She took in her surroundings and was quite surprised at the quality of her room. If she didn't know any better, she would have guessed that she was in a palace.

Her eyes landed on the man in front of her. She took in his clothing, realizing that he was dressed quite well, for a typical kidnapper. On his body was the best material and the stitching was perfect. He obviously took great care with his appearance. The tunic, was spotless, and his pants were of the finest linen. She dragged her eyes to his face, curious to see just who this man was. A surprised gasp escaped her lips as her eyes fell on his face.

"You? But, why? How?" she asked.

"All will be explained in due time. I'm sorry for having to do this, but there was no other way, believe me I've thought of everything. Sleep now, I disturbed your rest and for that I am sorry. We will talk later on in the morning, at breakfast. I will have someone come up with your things in a few minutes, and then try to sleep," Maxwell said.

"All right," Elizabeth reluctanlty agreed. She really didn't have much choice in the matter. She could tell by the look on his face that he was not going to tell her anything until later, so she was not going to even bother trying to persuade him to talk.

Maxwell nodded his head and walked to the door. "Sleep well Elizabeth."

"Thank you Maxwell."

He looked back at her and smiled. It pleased him that she remembered his name. He didn't know why it pleased him, she was a means to an end, and he could not get too close to her. It would do him no good to form an attachment to this princess.

He walked out of the room, instructing someone to bring her belongings up, and then not to disturb her. After that was taken care of, he headed to his room to get some sleep. So far everything was working out according to his plans. This gave him some happiness, but he did not know how long everything would stay that way. He still wasn't sure how Elizabeth was going to like having to live with him, for the amount of time it was going to take to pull this off effectively.


Maria woke up, refreshed and happy. She had a plan. She was going to drag Elizabeth over to Isabella's house to ask them about this nephew who could have married Elizabeth if her father wasn't such a pain.

Just thinking of her plan set Maria into motion. She needed to get dressed and then go and rouse Elizabeth. Maybe, just maybe, after finding out about this boy, they could devise some plan to get Elizabeth and him married, so she can be free to marry Michael. Just thinking about Michael brought a smile to Maria's face, and the need to hurry grew greater.

Maria called her personal maid to her room. The young woman picked out a nice day dress of soft mauve muslin, to contrast Maria's blue green eyes. Once Maria was dressed, she sat down at her vanity, and Sarah, her maid, did her hair up, with ringlets falling about her face.

The moment Maria was ready, she thanked Sarah and hurried off to Elizabeth's room. She was growing more and more excited by the minute. The more she thought about it, the more sure she was that between she, Elizabeth, and Michael, they could come up with a plan to get Elizabeth married to Isabella's cousin, and not Michael.

Maria knocked on Elizabeth's door, but there was no answer. Maria didn't think twice about it because Elizabeth often sleep so soundly, so deeply, that knocking didn't rouse her. Maria opened the door and walked into the room. She quietly made her way to the bed, but only got halfway there before a terrible loud scream erupted from her throat.

The sound of pounding footsteps could be heard thundering down the hallway toward Maria's screaming. She couldn't stop,

"Maria, what is it?" King Marcus asked, annoyed.

"Father," she whispered. "Look." She pointed toward Elizabeth's bed.

The covers were strewn all over the place and clothing was on the floor in front of her wardrobe. "What happened in here?" she asked.

"I don't know," King Marcus said.

"Father, it looks as if Elizabeth's been abducted." Maria stated.

"Don't say such things. We don't know that. Maybe she just got up early and went out for a morning ride." King Marcus tried to sound calm and collected, but Maria noticed the tremble in his voice.

"I'll go ask Stephan if he's seen Elizabeth this morning. If he hasn't then no one will have, and we will have to face the inevetable," Maria siad, walking out of the door. A part of her was happy that Elizabeth was gone, not that she wasn't worried about her sister, but if she wasn't returned in a year, Michael wouldn't be able to marry her, and he'd be free for Maria to marry.

"God, please let Elizabeth be safe," Maria whispered, as she walked towards the stables.

"Stephan!" she yelled, walking through the stable doors.

"Maria," he smiled. "Are you going out on a ride this morning?"

"No. I need to know if you've seen Elizabeth this morning," she said.

"No, she hasn't come down here. And Lazerus is still here," he said, pointing to the stall where Elizabeth's horse was tethered.

"Oh, this is not good. Elizabeth's been abducted. We were hoping that she only went out for a ride or something, but she hasn't, she's missing. This really isn't good," Maria said. "Thank you Stephan. I have to get back inside and speak to my father."

Stephan watched as Maria walked away, and he sent up a silent prayer for Elizabeth to be safe. As much as he would have liked to go out and look for Elizabeth, or go inside and help figure out what to do, he knew that he had work to do. Work, that if he didn't have finished, King Marcus would whip him for not doing. Once before in his life had he felt the bite of the whip and he never again wanted to feel it, once was quite enough for him, thank you very much.

Maria made her way back to the castle. She hated having to tell her father this, but he needed to know. This could cause quite a stir within the country, and her father needed to know how to handle it.

"I wonder if there will be a ransom," Maria thought. "I would imagine so, why else would someone kidnap a princess?"

Slowly, Maria walked into her father's study. Her mother was sitting in the chair across from King Marcus's desk, tears spilling forth from her eyes. Maria felt awful for her mother, Elizabeth was so much like their mother. Wild, carefree, stubborn. Maria guessed that her mother would have had to have been to live with her father for so many years.

"Father, mother. Stephan said that Liz had not been to the stable this morning, and Lazurus is still in his pen," Maria said.

At this her mother broke down into sobs, and her father got up and started pacing. "We need to search Elizabeth's room again. Maybe there is some clue, and get people to scour the country side. I want this person found and I want my daughter returned home!"


Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes, stretching the stiffness out of her muscles. "What a strange dream," she mused aloud to herself.

Looking around the room she began to realize that nothing looked familiar, and that the strange dream she thought she had was actually a reality. Quickly Elizabeth jumped out of bed and opened the bag with her clothing. She needed to change into something more approprate so she could talk to Maxwell, and find out why he stole her away into the night.

A part of her wanted to think that it was some kind of romantic gesture, but she knew better then that. He had some kind of alterior motive, and she was going to find out just what it was.

Her stomach growled, causing her to giggle. "Well, maybe after I eat something, I will demand to know why I was taken from my home."

She got dressed and opened the door, cursing the fact that she had been blindfolded when she was brought into the building. She now had no way of knowing where she was going. Sighing, she walked out of the room and headed down the hallway. She could hear noises coming from the right of her door, so she headed in that direction praying that it was the correct direction.

The noises were beginning to grow louder, and she could now tell that they were voices, and not just noises. She couldn't quite hear what was being said, but one of the voices was raised and from the tone she could tell that the person to whom the voice belonged to was not very happy.

Deciding that this was probably not something that was meant to be overheard, Elizabeth turned around and walked in the other direction. She found a staircase not too far from her bedroom door, and walked down the stairs. At the bottom of the staircase was the entrance hall, and a very ornately decorated entrance hall. This made Elizabeth wonder once again where she was being held.

"Hello?" she called into the empty room. "Maxwell?"

"Ah, Miss, you are awake. Would you like to eat some breakfast?" Leopold asked.

"Yes, please. Excuse me," she said, halting Leopold's steps. "Do you know where Maxwell is?"

"Yes, ma'am. He is currently talking to the Captain of his guard, Kyle in his chambers. He should be down shortly, but I will go and tell him that you are up and waiting for him," Leopold said.

"Thank you, but you do not have to go and bother him," Elizabeth assued him.

"It will not be bothering him. In fact, I think he might find it a welcome reprieve. Please, sit down. I will have someone bring you some tea while you wait," he said.

"Thank you. May I inquire what your name is?" she asked.

"Leopold, My Lady," he replied.

"Thank you Leopold. I am Elizabeth," she told him. "Please, just call me Elizabeth."

"As you wish, Elizabeth. I will go and tell the cook to prepare your breakfast now, and then go and get Maxwell," he said, walking out of the room.

Elizabeth took a seat at the table and waited for her tea to come. She was quite hungry and very happy that Leopold had asked the cook to make some food. Nothing in the room gave any clue as to where she was, and she sighed in frustration. Having to wait for things was not something that she took with good grace. She was very impatient like her father.

Maxwell walked down the stairs and took in Elizabeth's form at his table. His heartrate sped up just looking at her, and he cursed himself. He was not allowed to do this. He could not form an attachment. Elizabeth would be returned to her father, in the same condition she was taken in, after his revenge was finished. Forming an attachment would only make it harder for him to let her go, and he had to let her go.

"Good morning, Elizabeth," he greeted, walking toward the table.

"Good morning, Maxwell," she replied, taking in his appearance. Once again she noted the richenss of his clothing. Her father wore similar fabrics, so she knew right off the bat that this was no ordinary kidnapping. There would be no ransom demands.

"Leopold tells me that he already requested breakfast. I hope that it will be to your liking," Maxwell said.

"I'm sure it will be. You and I need to talk. I need to know what your intentions are, why you took me, and I want the truth," Elizabeth said, getting straight to the point.

Maxwell was taken aback. Never in his life had a woman talked to him in that manner. Most were too afraid of him, but not Elizabeth. She had a spunk about her, hidden deep inside of her, that he noticed right away. She was definitely a woman who could give him a run for his money. "It's too bad I can't really see that through," he thought.

"We will talk after breakfast. It is never good to talk on an empty stomach," he said, stalling. He needed time to think about what he was going to tell her.

"Very well, but after breakfast we will talk," she demanded.

"Yes, after breakfast," Maxwell said. Shannon