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Hi My name is Amie Griffin and this is my first fan fiction. FEEDBACK IS A MUST..........

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TITLE: Sin of innocence.
AUTHOR: Amie Griffin
CATERGORY: Max and Liz
SUMMARY: Troubles lie ahead for our favourite couple.
DISCLAIMER: They are not mine (Until I marry a upn emloyee and take over the show) But yet not mine so don't sue me....

PART 1/???

The 3rd floor Eraser Room door flew open abruptly revealing Max and Liz to a rather surprised Maria De Luca and Michael Guerin.
"Oh, Um....... Hi?" Liz Parker said quickly pushing herself away from Max and re-hiding her bra strap under her sleeveless turtle neck.
"Maxamillion," Michael tutted and waved his finger at Max. "Do my eyes decieve me? or is Mr Evan's......." He paused and said with sarcastic terror "Skipping class". Max didn't answer. Michael and Maria looked at eachother and erupted into a fit of spontaneous giggles.
"Boy Michael, we are finding some interesting things today, aren't we?" She asked him.
"What do you mean?" Max finally spoke. He waited for an answer, his face glowing crimson red.
"Well, The 1st Floor Eraser Room is occupied by some jock and a cheerleader, Second Floor Tess and some hottie are getting busy. Here, 3rd floor, two of my friends who I didn't even know were together are..... Um, Well I can't describe what I saw" Maria rushed on. Max and Liz looked at eachother, their faces growing nearer to vermillion by the second.
"What are Michael and I to Do?" She asked playfully. She looked down the hall and then turned back to them. "I know, well bye". She took Michael's hand and lead him towards the boy's bathroom.
"Oh by the way Max," Michael gasped as he turned around "Your zipper's undone". And with that he disappeared. Max looked down, then gave Liz a shy, semi-embarrassed smile. Liz returned the smile coyly and then shut the door, this time locking it, Trapping all other distractions outside.


Amie Griffin.

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Wow... I'm sooooo happy *bounce* you all like this fic.... I know I haven't posted part 2 but I've just finished my exams (hehehe I'm only 15, naughty me writing NC-17) I'll let you into a secret I've written up to part 6 so in the next couple of days lt's of post will be coming quickly. I have to say you are all great and there will be some surprises in the next part!!! Ok Ineed favour:
I need someone very kind and talented to make me a Title banner for this fic. If you are interested pleas bmail me a.s.a.p.
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