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Everything You Are

Author: Javagin

Rating: Definitely NC-17!

Summary: Takes place right after Viva Las Vegas. Spoilers thru the end of Season two will be incorporated throughout. What would happen if Max and Liz got together and found their true destiny? What really happened to Max in the White Room? Read on and find out!

Disclaimer: The characters from this story are borrowed and I only own the situations I put them in! I make no money from this venture

Authors note: The first 4 sections of this story were posted under the title After Vegas on the Crashdown website. They take so long to post new sections that I thought I would start it over here! I changed the name when I noticed a story called After Vegas by a different author was already posted here. The new name suits it better anyway! This is my first fanfic and I would appreciate tons of feedback!

Part 1

"It's 226!" Michael declared adamantly.

"No, it's 227," Max replied, "did you count the guy whose head was in the basket?"

"Oh! Maybe you're right! Let's watch it again!" Michael said eagerly while looking around for the remote to start the Braveheart DVD over again and resume the body count.

"No, Michael we have to catch our plane, remember?" Max stood up and stretched looking around the opulent hotel room. He wouldn't be forgetting this trip anytime soon. His eyes automatically searched out Liz, who was laughing with Maria, Alex, and Isabel as they finished off ice cream sundaes across the suite. She glanced up and caught him staring -again. He gave a slight wave and turned quickly back to Michael.

"Let's get our gear together and head out!" He stated loud enough for everyone to hear. He hid a half smile at the general grumbling that filled the suite at his announcement. He didn't mind, he was used to being the voice of responsibility, the reminder of reality. He also couldn't blame them, they were headed back to certain trouble. After Sheriff Valenti got done telling all of their parents that they had given themselves a vacation in Vegas and skipped 6th period last Friday they probably wouldn't be allowed out of their respective houses again for weeks-except for school or work, of course.

Oh well, thought Max, that won't be so different from my life right now anyway! He shook off the mood and grabbed his backpack, sweeping it onto his shoulder and scanning the room to make sure they had not left anything behind. His gaze collided with Liz's once more before skittering away quickly. Was it too much to wish that she might still have feelings for him, or was it just a coincidence that she seemed to be looking at him as much as he did at her? He remembered the amazing way she felt in his arms during their dance earlier and the happy camaraderie they shared until they came back to their suite and found Valenti waiting.

"Our plane leaves in an hour and a half Maxwell-let's hit the road!" Michael slapped him on the shoulder and opened the door, sweeping his arm grandly to usher out the gang.

"Let's go! Let's go! No loitering in the halls, no trips to the boutique, and you better not have any of that money left, because it's all staying in Vegas!"

As Michael made this declaration all the girls filed past and then Max and Alex. He took one last look around and closed the door. He felt that maybe he had purged the nightmares and he certainly felt he had reconnected with Max. That had really been the most important point of the trip for Michael. Maxwell was his beacon of sanity, his reality check, and kept him on course. Not that he'd admit that out loud! He knew he was rough around the edges, he liked it even, in a way he felt just as necessary as Max to the group because he thought outside the box, acted impulsively, and sometimes that was the only answer.

They'd almost made it to the lobby when Maria stated she had to pee and grabbed Liz's arm to steer her off to the lavatory.

Michael rolled his eyes and asked, "Iz, what is up with girls pairing off in bathrooms?"

"Hey, don't ask me! I am not solving that mystery for a man and breaking my oath as a woman to never reveal our secrets!"

"Uh huh, so you don't know either?" Max asked. "Nope. I have no clue." Isabel shook her head with a wide smile.

"What is taking them so long?" Michael asked in frustration a couple minutes later, "Liz has the room keys and we need them to check out!"

"I'll go in to check." Isabel volunteered.

"Oh no you don't!" Michael grabbed her back. "Maria will just suck you into the make-up, gabfest and we'll miss our plane!" Michael strode to the bathroom door and shoved it open just as Maria came careening out.

"Michael! Is Liz out here?" she asked, clearly in a panic.

"What? No, she came in with you!" Max swept past Maria and scanned the bathroom.

"Liz! Are you in here?" His gaze fell to the floor under the sinks and landed on Liz's purse. He strode forward and picked it up. She would never leave that behind, she was just as responsible as he was. A sick feeling of dread washed through him. His eyes roamed the room as he tried to slow his heartbeat. He spotted another door across the bathroom and ran to it. It was locked tight so he used his powers to pop it open and stood looking down a Staff Only hallway.

Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Alex crowded in behind Max. Max held up Liz's purse as silent testimony that something was very wrong and took off down the hall yelling "Liz! Liz! Where are you?" They all searched frantically for several moments knocking on doors and eliciting surprised reactions from various employee's, several of whom eventually escorted them back to the public areas forcibly.

Max began to pace muttering under his breath about needing a plan.

"OK stop!" Alex held up his hands. "Here's what we need to do: Isabel, try your dreamwalking thing, you've connected with her before when Max was in New York right?" Isabel nodded her agreement.

All the friends crowded around as she closed her eyes and tried to focus. All of a sudden a vision of Liz appeared in front of Max and showed him the number 134. Her face was streaked with tears and she was trying to tell him something, but he couldn't make out the words. She disappeared suddenly after looking quickly over her shoulder.

"Liz!" Max and Maria cried in unison. "We've got to find her!" Max ground out.

"What does 134 mean?" Isabel asked the group. "It looked really familiar..."

"It's a room number!" Max burst out, suddenly certain that's where they would find her as he took off running down the hall.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz trembled in fear as she cowered down in a heap where her kidnapper had left her. It was the man who had turned Tess and her away from the casino for being under age.

"I am sick and tired of you young girls flaunting yourselves and thinking you can deceive me!" he ranted.

Liz could see his powerful fists clenching and unclenching. Her mind screamed out for Max to save her and she tried to reach out with her senses, suddenly finding herself standing in front of him.

"I'm in room 134!!" She yelled waving her arms and visualizing to him the number plaque from the door that she'd glimpsed when she was dragged in.

The man came up behind her then and grabbed her around the neck.

"Please don't!" She pleaded with the small amount of breath she had left.

"You want to be all grown up?" he asked, "I'll teach you how to be a grown up!" He forced her onto her back on the floor and ripped her skirt off with one hand as he pressed her throat closed with the other. Liz struggled for air and freedom, but the room was getting fuzzy as she felt him rip off her hose and underwear and force her legs apart.

"Max!" her mind screamed out her last thought before giving in to the darkness.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“She’s here!" Max yelled out as he felt Liz's frenzied panic in his mind. He kicked the door open, all of his adrenaline screaming for physical action.

The scene before him shocked him to the core. A large man with his hand around Liz's throat was obviously in the act of attempting to rape her.

In a blind rage Max leaped forward with superhuman speed and ripped the attacker away from Liz. His fists flew at the mans face with cruel force before the surprised criminal knew what was happening and collected himself enough to retaliate. He threw a couple of ineffective punches at Max before succumbing to unconsciousness.

Max continued to pummel his face into the ground until Michael and Alex dragged him away forcibly.

"He's out Max! He can't hurt her anymore!" Alex shouted. Max's gaze flew back to Liz and he crawled over to her and gathered her into his arms.

"Liz? Liz? Please be okay!" He pleaded, his hands running over her body, using his power to ascertain the damage. Just then the hotel security burst in and demanded to know what had happened. Alex explained quickly while Michael went up to Max.

"You can't heal her in front of them!" he whispered, glancing back at the guards.

He moved to block their view and gestured to Max to do it quickly. Max started Liz's breathing again, but did not have time to fix her bruises before a security officer kneeled down by them.

"Is she okay?" he asked. "Does she need an ambulance?"

"No," Max held her closer as her eyes fluttered open. "She's going to be fine."

He lowered his head into her hair and whispered, "I'll never let anyone hurt you again!" Liz looked up into the most beautiful amber eyes she had ever seen.

"Max, is it really you?" Suddenly she flew into his chest in fright, huddling as close as was physically possible.

"There's a man! The one that wouldn't let Tess and me into..."

"Shhh... I know, he can't hurt you anymore," he promised, stroking her hair back and turning her to look at him. "I'll keep you safe -always." He promised solemnly.

"Ma'am, can I ask you a few questions?" The security man asked as he reached out for her arm to get her attention away from the young man holding her. She flinched violently further back into Max's arms.

"Max! Get me out of here!" she whispered frantically. Max gathered her up and stood effortlessly. He smoothed her skirt down over her legs and began walking to the door. As he left the room he could hear sirens outside getting closer and hoped it was the police and not the ambulance the attacker probably needed.

One of the hotel security officers followed them out, "We're going to need a statement!" Max shot him a fierce look over his shoulder.

"Give her a few minutes to pull herself together!" He continued striding down the hall. "We'll be in the Presidential Suite."

The friends crowded with them into the elevator, closing in a protective circle around Max and Liz. Michael held his hand over the controls and the elevator glided uninterrupted to the top floor. They swept into the room and Max took Liz directly to the largest bedroom and laid her tenderly on the bed, sliding in quickly behind her. She leaned back against him gratefully. He always seemed to know exactly what she needed.

Maria jumped on the bed and gave her a fierce hug. "I was so worried! What happened??! I heard a noise and then you stopped answering and when I came out from the stall you were gone! What can I do? Are you okay?" Maria's questions ceased abruptly when Michael pulled her back and whispered "Give her a break! She looks like she's in shock."

He directed his gaze to Max. "What can we do?"

Max looked up into the faces of his four worried friends. "Get Liz some water -and an extra blanket," he added when he felt her shivering, "and then I want you guys to fly home."

That was a very unpopular suggestion and elicited immediate protests from all the friends.

"No arguments!" Max glared at them meaningfully, "We can't get you all tangled up with the police here! I want you all to catch that flight, you need to explain to Mom and Dad that I had to stay longer, okay Isabel?" Isabel nodded. "And Maria, take Alex and cover with Liz's parents for another day okay?"

They nodded also.

Michael came back just then with blanket and an entire pitcher of water. Liz favored him with a small grateful smile and huddled under the blanket against Max's warm chest.

"Does anyone have Tess's cell number? I may have a better idea." Max looked at the faces surrounding them.

"Yeah, I know it." Isabel volunteered. "Okay, call her and tell her to put the sheriff on the phone and explain to him what went down here so he can help cover the situation with our parents, that way we won't be expected back for another day anyway. Michael, this room was paid for one more night anyway, right?"

Michael nodded.

"Good! Now does everyone know what to do?"

They all agreed silently.

"Okay Maxwell, call if you need anything all right?" Michael said.

"Yeah I will," Max cuddled Liz closer and gently kissed the top of her head, running his hands up and down her arms to stop her shaking. "Now get out of here before the police start knocking!"

The group left together with many worried looks cast back over their shoulders. It just didn't feel right to leave a friend in that situation.

"I want to heal your bruises. Is that all right?" Max gently moved his hand up toward her neck.

"No Max!" Liz exclaimed, flinching away. When she saw the hurt look in his eyes she turned into his arms and hugged him hard. "The hotel security already saw them remember?" she sighed when she saw comprehension dawn over Max's face. "Besides, it's like evidence against him right? He needs to be put away for life!" She trembled at her memories.

"Yeah, if he makes it out of the hospital," Max agreed quietly.

Liz looked back at him anxiously, "Max, what did you...?"

"I didn't use my powers," he reassured her quickly, "but I beat him up pretty bad -he wasn't moving when we left." Just then a loud knocking rang out.

"Open up! Police!


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Part 2

Liz whimpered softly when Max moved off the bed to get the door.

"I'll be right back," he promised.

He quickly answered the door and led the two officers back into the bedroom with Liz. He automatically moved in behind her again and pulled her in close against his chest.

The officers noted the protective posture and began to ask a series of questions about the events of the morning.

Once they seemed satisfied with the completeness of their accounting they brought in a female police photographer to document Liz's bruises.

Max looked away to lend her privacy when the officer asked to take Liz's torn clothes into evidence. When they were finally left in peace Max made sure the hotel door was "double" locked against any further intrusion and made his way swiftly back to Liz's side.

She looked too small and helpless huddled inside her voluminous terry hotel robe. She folded naturally back into his arms and began to cry. He held her close and stroked her back tenderly, marveling at how strong she had been while it was necessary and unspeakably grateful that she could release her pain to him.

When her sobbing subsided into occasional sniffles and hiccups he cupped her face in his hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Please Liz?" he questioned.

Understanding immediately, she gave him a slight nod and lifted her chin to give him access to her neck.

His hand crept up gently to touch her bruises and, keeping his eyes locked to hers, the marks disappeared as his hand passed over.

He experienced the entire episode from her memories in a sudden flash as if it were happening to him. He gasped out loud, his hands seeking out the bruises he now knew were on her arms and inner thighs from her struggles.

"Liz!" he breathed her name in heartfelt sympathy and fell deeper into their connection as she surrendered to his care.

Now the flashes he was seeing were coming faster and it took him a moment to process the sequence of events.

An older, long haired version of himself saying he needed Liz to make him fall out of love with her or they would cause the end of the world.

Liz's fierce sobbing and heart wrenching cries of despair at her efforts to push Max away.

Liz's desperate ploy with Kyle to give Max that final push away -because she loved him too much not to.

Max rocked back in shock as what he had seen sank into his mind.

"Liz! What did you do?" he gasped out.

Liz stared at him -not knowing what he had seen.

"What?!" She was starting to worry he thought the attack was her fault. "He just came after me -I tried to get away!"

"No! I mean pushing me away -that thing with Kyle was all a lie."

The blood drained abruptly from Liz's face deepening her pallor alarmingly.

"Max I don't know what..."

"No! Don't lie to me Liz. I saw! I can't believe how strong you are. I felt how hard that was for you and I know how you feel about me, but you did it anyway. For me, for us, for the world!"

Liz slumped against him in surrender. She was tired of fighting, and he knew!

"I couldn't tell you! That was the hardest part! Max -I will never lie to you again." She swore earnestly, looking him in the eyes so he would know the sincerity of her statement.

"I know, I know," he cuddled her close and realized she was still shivering. "We need to get you warmed up!" With sudden resolve Max picked her up and walked her into the bathroom.

He set her on her feet gently still holding her close to his chest and reached into the shower and adjusted the temperature.

He started to step away to give her some privacy, but she pulled him back begging him to stay "Max, please! I don't want to be alone!" Slowly she untied her robe and let it drop to the floor.

Her beauty and trust stunned him to the core as she gently started opening the buttons of his black shirt. She pushed it over his shoulders and down his arms to the floor and then reached for his pants.

Max stopped her with a gentle hand over hers on his pants button and asked "Are you sure?"

She nodded mutely and unbuttoned his pants, slowly lowering the zipper. She pushed her hands inside the waistbands of his pants and boxers and tugged them down at the same time.

Max hugged her close, reveling in the first touch of their naked bodies against each other. They stepped into the spray of the multiple showerheads together and Max ran his hands up and down Liz's arms and sides, enjoying the slick softness of her skin.

His bodies natural reaction to Liz's proximity could not be hidden, he backed away from her slightly, hoping she would not notice. Now was a time to take care of her. After what she had been through she didn't need to worry about his advances!

But Liz had other ideas and pulled him back, wrapping her arms around his neck, she lifted her face and said simply, "Kiss me Max."

Max could not deny her. Staring into her eyes he gently lowered his lips to hers and feathered them over her mouth.

Liz whimpered and stood on tiptoe to gain better access. Max slowly deepened the kiss, his hands sliding up her arms to tangle in her hair. He angled his mouth and gently teased her lips with his tongue. Her lips parted naturally, her own tongue peeking out to deepen the kiss.

Max groaned deep in his throat and pulled back with a Herculean effort of will.

"Liz -let me take care of you! Please -you don't have to do this!"

"Max -you're always taking care of me and I need you now, I need to feel close to you, I need your love!"

"I will always love you Liz Parker!"

"And I will always love you Max Evans!" She echoed sincerely, "Now show me." she added, hoping he wouldn't resist, she needed his loving touch to wipe away memories of her unwelcome attack.

Max reached slowly to the side of the shower and retrieved the soap, rubbing it between his palms. Liz's initial disappointment at his withdrawal trickled away when he drew her back to him and began rubbing soap over her arms and gliding his hands down her back.

The sensual feel of his hands running over her now overheated flesh caused new shivers of desire to shake her slight frame. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, enjoying the sensation of Max's strong hands on her body at last. Working up more lather from the soap Max began running his hands up her sides from the waist, watching her reactions, ready to stop if she changed her mind. He gradually brought his palms across her pert breasts, carefully rubbing his thumbs over the now straining peaks.

Liz whimpered her enjoyment, her body straining forward into his hands in an unconscious bid for more.

"You are so beautiful!" he exclaimed in wonder. He marveled at the love and trust she displayed toward him after everything she had recently endured.

His hands continued their route up her body and gently massaged her shoulders for a few moments, trying to show Liz with his body how much he wanted to nurture and care for her.

Applying more soap to his hands he began to rub slow circles over her hips, kneeling down he carefully ran his hands down her legs and back up. Both of their breathing patterns became erratic and ragged.

Liz didn't know how much more she could take. Her trembling legs could no longer hold her up and she sank down to kneel with Max on the floor of the large shower. The water sprayed over them from all directions, the misty steam giving a surreal feeling to all that was happening. Liz slowly reached up, cupped Max's face in her hands, and drew his mouth back to hers.

"Make love to me Max," she whispered, pleading with her eyes.
"Liz, we can't! It's too soon and you'll regret..."

"No! Max, I will never regret anything we do together and I want to be with you!"

"We don't even have any protection Liz! What if..." he stopped talking when her face suddenly flushed and she looked down.

"What?" he asked.

"Uh, Max -you saw the flashes of what happened when Future Max came back right?"

He nodded uncomprehendingly.

"Well, after he told me that we had "cemented" our relationship I couldn't stop thinking abut how sometimes things just happen without any planning and you know how I always need a plan right?"

Max nodded again.

"So I made an appointment with my doctor and she put me on the Pill."

Realization dawned over Max's face as the last barrier to their intimacy was neatly removed for him. He could no longer resist. The overwhelming feeling of love and longing he had felt for her for the last eleven years were too strong to be denied.


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Part 3

Max turned off the shower and reached out the door grabbing two towels off the warming rack. He bundled Liz into one and wrapped the other around his waist. He swept her effortlessly into his arms, his eyes never leaving hers, and walked purposefully to set her gently in the middle of the king sized bed.

He crawled on the bed and lay out full length beside her. Still holding her gaze his mouth slowly descended to lightly brush her lips. Their eyes swept closed as new sensations washed over them. They slowly increased the intensity of the kiss until their mouths opened.

Max's tongue sought Liz's and he angled his head for greater access while slowly removing her towel. He flung it to the side and pulled back to gaze at his only love. Her beauty constantly amazed him. He stroked his hand down her body to her thigh and back up, resting it just beneath her breast amazed at his freedom to touch her so intimately.

Her chest heaved as she tried to control her breathing. He made her feel so beautiful, like he couldn't even see any of her flaws.

"You don't have any," he answered her thought.

"Any what?" Liz questioned in confusion.

"Flaws, you don't have any."

"Max... I didn't say that out loud!" Her eyes widened at the realization of what this meant.

Their connection was deeper than it had ever been. Max smiled slightly and shook his head.

"Nothing should surprise us about what we can do when we're together." He then stared into her eyes projecting one thought.

"Oh!! I love you too!" Liz exclaimed, thrilled with the new feeling of closeness. She reached out and removed his towel, feeling his surprise at her boldness through their new connection.

She reached out tentative hands and pushed him back to lay down on the bed. She ran her hands all the way down his chest slowly over his rippling muscles. She enjoyed the effect she was causing in Max as she watched his breathing quicken and his fists clench at his sides.

Lowering her mouth to his masculine nipple her tongue lapped out and she licked all around it causing Max to groan as it hardened. Encouraged she began to suck lightly.

Max's hands instantly went to her shoulders and pulled her up for a deep, drugging kiss. He trailed his lips down her neck and repeated the process that she had performed for him.

Liz thrashed under him, moaning for more. Max switched to the other breast and licked it. He lightly blew air over it and watched in fascination as it grew and hardened.

Unable to resist he sucked it deeply into his mouth and laved it with his tongue. Liz clamped his head to her chest and thrashed her hips under him, not able to believe he was capable of eliciting such sensations. Max continued his sensual journey downward, trailing kisses over her ribs and swirling his tongue around her navel. He gently let his hands travel over her thighs, moving in small circular motions to her inner legs. He then used his thumbs to part her curls and gazed for the first time at the source of his beloved's pleasure. He trailed his fingers along the edges of her nether lips causing her hips to jump forward in frantic response.

Encouraged, he lowered his mouth and tasted her.

Liz screamed out his name and jerked closer to him. Her body was on fire! Max held her hips firmly and began to gently lick and suck her center of pleasure in a steady rhythm sensing what she needed. Liz's hips bucked up matching his pace and she tossed her head and clenched her hands over the sheets as she let go and fell over the edge into bliss.

"Max!! Oh Max!!" Liz panted.

When her tremors calmed Max slid up in the bed and leaned into her passionately, sharing her spicy taste with her. Liz returned the kiss heatedly, finally letting her hands roam over his hard buttocks and around to the front where she explored his straining erection for the first time. Silk over steel. She briefly worried that he wouldn't fit.

"Don't worry," Max whispered to dispel her brief concern. "We'll go slow."

Unable to take any more of her innocent exploration Max gently nudged her knees apart and guided himself to her entrance. He eased in inch by inch until he felt her barrier. Not wanting to cause her any pain he paused and moved his hand down between their bodies. Max stared into Liz's eyes and, understanding what he intended to do, she gave him a slight smile and nodded.

Liz rocked her hips up as Max pushed in and breached her barrier, immediately healing the slight sting of pain. The feeling of being inside his love was unbelievable!

He held himself motionless for a moment to catch his breath, gain control, and give Liz a chance to adjust to his bulk.

Liz could not wait any longer. Max, inside of her! This was the way they should always be. They completed each other.

As she began to move her hips under him it caused such a riot of sensations between them that they both moaned aloud. They realized in shock that their connection was allowing them to feel the others pleasure as well as their own.

Max sensed that Liz craved his lips on her breast and bent his head to pleasure her taut nipples. He sucked one hard nub into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it while she cried out her pleasure underneath him.

He could feel her inner walls clench over his manhood as she came again in long rolling waves and he couldn't wait any longer. With several long firm thrusts he joined her over the edge and spilled his seed inside her. Max collapsed to her side, still connected and they stared at each other in awe. He gathered her close until their breathing steadied and asked, "Are you all right?"

"Perfect!" She replied with a wide grin which he returned full force.

Liz was stunned by the beauty of his rare smile.

"Hey, I smile!" Max protested.

"Uh, not much Max, it's like you've always got the weight of the world on your shoulders and you never take time to laugh and enjoy yourself."

Uncomfortable with the truth behind her words, Max kissed her quickly and changed the subject. "I had a flash Liz."

"Me too."

"What did you see?" They asked together and collapsed laughing at how in sync they were.

"You start," Max said as Liz settled her head on his shoulder.

"It started with a man running through the desert toward the cave where we found the healing stones..."

"And he hid something in an opening in the cave wall!" Max finished for her realizing they had seen the same thing.

"We need to get back and check it out!" Liz exclaimed, realizing it may be an important find for the pod squad.

"Not right away, okay? I just want to concentrate on you -on us. I can't hardly believe we're together like this! Liz, I can never let you go, it's you and me from now on. We're stronger and better when we're together. I love you..." His impassioned speech ended with a tender kiss that gradually turned more passionate.

Max's member stirred back to life inside Liz and he rolled her on top of him. Liz began to move up and down his length for long moments setting the pace. Max watched as she sat up and arched her neck back in ecstasy as she let the explosion roll through her.

Feeling the intensity of her release triggered his own as he pulled her down to his lips for a soul searing kiss.

Liz collapsed on his chest and trailed kisses wherever she could reach before snuggling back into his shoulder. They dozed together for the next hour.

Liz woke first and just looked in awe at her beautiful mate. That's what they were, she realized with a satisfied smile - lifemates. She couldn't imagine spending another day away from Max, and wondered how she had survived so long without him.

Max felt such a surge of loving emotion from Liz that he woke up to wrap her tightly in his arms. Her stomach chose that moment to growl and he smiled.

"Maybe we should order room service." Liz suggested, "I seem to have worked up an appetite!"

"Yeah, that's a good...Wait! We spent the last of our money this afternoon!" Max worried about what they would do.

"Oh...about that... Max, I still have about $2700 bucks," Liz admitted.

"What?! Michael said to spend the money in Vegas before we left!"

"Max, think about it! It's hard to spend three thousand dollars in the arcade, our cab driver to the airport was going to have a fabulous tip!" Max and Liz grinned at each other.

"So room service it is!" Max decided and jumped naked out of bed to grab the menu, much to Liz's fascinated delight.

When Max called down their order they discovered the hotel personnel would not take their money. They sent up a large selection of lunch items along with a half dozen new outfits for both Max and Liz. The clothing ranged from casual Polo's and slacks, to a formal tuxedo for Max. Liz's selections ranged from slacks and sweater sets to a sequined evening gown.

"What in the world??"

The note that accompanied the items was attached to two large suitcases and apologized profusely for any "inconvenience" they had suffered at the hands of former hotel personnel. Max and Liz exchanged amused glances and Max said,

"They're trying not to get sued over our "inconvenience"!"

"How did they know our sizes?" Liz marveled as she held a new dress in front of her and twirled.

"Maria arranged our dinner wardrobes through the hotel last night remember?"

Liz put the dress down and hugged Max closely, inhaling his masculine scent. He leaned his head down and kissed her hair.

"Can I get you anything else?" The hotel waitress asked with a slight gleam of envy in her eyes at the obvious love flowing between this gorgeous couple. They couldn't keep their eyes or hands off each other!

Max looked up startled. He had forgotten she was there!

"No, that will be all for now," he told her, holding out a tip. She shook her head and backed out of the room, reluctant to take her eyes off of them.

"Your money is no good in the hotel. Please let me know if you require anything else!"

Liz shook her head. "Now how am I supposed to get rid of Michael's money?" she wailed in mock despair.

"Don't worry, we'll figure it out!" Max told her, "Now let's eat!"

They turned to the banquet of food that had been set up and filled their plates. Max doused his with the Tabasco he had specially requested and then was surprised when Liz held out her hand for it.

"What?! I like my food spicy!" she answered his questioning look.

"Since when?"

"Since you changed me Max Evans! Kyle and I had a long talk about the effects of your healing us, and we both seem to like things a little spicier now...Not as much as you, of course!"

"So you like things spicy huh?" He gave her a comical leer and pumped his eyebrows up and down.

"Max! You're incorrigible!" Liz chuckled, happy to see this lighter side of Max once again.

They proceeded to try various dishes and exclaimed over how good it all was. They occasionally shared a bite of something particularly tasty, smiling though their attempts to feed each other. They finished with strawberries dipped in thick whipped cream (and Tabasco for Max). Liz held one out to Max's lips and he parted them to accept the bite. He held her hand there and proceeded to suck each of her fingers into his mouth treating each one to a sensual tongue bath, unable to get enough of her sweet, spicy taste.


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Part 4

Liz was startled by her bodies immediate reaction to such a simple stimulus. The feel of Max's lips and tongue sucking on her fingers caused a matching pull in her groin. She leaned in and gave Max a long sensual kiss.

Each enjoyed the sweet and spicy taste of the other as their tongues explored the recesses of the others mouth. Soon they were scattering clothing along the floor as their hands sought out the planes and curves of their bodies.

Max smoothed his hands up Liz's sides and captured a breast in each one, loving the silky perfection of her skin against his callused palms. He lowered his head and suckled her straining nipple deeply into his mouth, lavishly stimulating it with his tongue at the same time.

Liz's body jerked in response and she gripped his shoulders as her hips began moving to the rhythm they had shared earlier. She could feel a flood of new moisture between her legs as Max switched his attention to her other breast.

His hands traveled down her stomach to settle over her dark curls as he lowered them to the floor and stretched out over her. He parted her curls and began to rub his fingers over her pleasure point in a circular pattern.

Waves of his love and awe passed through and she moaned his name and tossed her head at the dual stimulus. Max felt her pleasure through their heightened connection and had to tamp down on his control as he realized how close she was to the edge. He carefully slipped two fingers into her slick opening and her hips bucked up to take him deeper. He began to move his fingers back and forth within her until he located her most sensitive spot and pleasured it exclusively.

Liz came apart in his arms, arching her back and moving her hips in rhythm to prolong the pleasure. As she came down from her explosive orgasm, Max leaned up and kissed her passionately.

Their tongues met and began to imitate the dance of love as Liz let her hands explore his muscular back and massage his hard buttocks, pulling his hips down to hers. She reached under him and guided his pulsing member into her. He sank full length into her. She was made for him! Who would have thought someone as tiny as her could accommodate his body!

Max's pleasure increased as her walls tightened around him, still pulsing from her earlier release. He began to move slowly within her, varying the pace teasingly when he felt her coming close to her peak again.

At last they could take no more and shared their pleasure with a last series of deep, satisfying thrusts. They lay side by side until their breathing slowed.

"If I had known it could be like this I could never have stayed away from you!" Max declared.

"And I would never have let you go!" Liz answered.

"What do you think? Is it time for another shower?" Max asked. Liz's gaze strayed to the hot tub and lit up.

Max followed her thought and picked her up in his arms. He gently lowered her into the bubbling water and slipped in behind her.

He began a gentle massage of her neck and shoulders and after long minutes began to work his way down to soothe the muscles in her slender back. When he had finished he leaned her back against his chest and let his hands explore her flat tummy and ribs, eventually cupping her firm breasts and massaging them until she turned in his arms to straddle his lap.

"I can't get enough of you Max! I need to touch you." Liz moved back and indicated she wanted him to sit on the edge of the hot tub.

As Max moved to comply Liz was mesmerized by his magnificent male beauty. Her gaze wandered from his gorgeous face, his eyes full of love for her, down the strong column of his neck, to his muscular shoulders and developed arms, further down the rippling strength of his chest to his washboard stomach, eventually settling on his obvious arousal.

Liz reached out her hands to the sides of his thighs and began a massage of her own. She worked her strong fingers deeply into his hard muscles from his outer legs to his inner, careful not to brush against his erection. She slowly moved her fingers up his sides to massage his bulging chest muscles up to his shoulders and down his arms. Bracing her hands on his thighs she lowered her mouth over his manhood.

Max's hands tangled convulsively into her hair. Liz used her tongue to stimulate the silky underside of his erection while lowering her head to take as much of him in as she could hold.

She began sliding her mouth up and down, sucking strongly and loving every minute of his obvious enjoyment, his groans of pleasure echoed through the room.

When he could take no more Max lifted Liz up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her onto his straining erection. He used his strong arms to raise and lower her, setting a steady rhythm.

Liz cupped his face in her hands and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Their pace quickened and their groans of release were muffled by their kiss.

Max lowered them back into the water and Liz cuddled into his embrace as they relaxed at last.

"We're going to kill each other!" Max mused out loud, amazed at his loves boldness.

"I know what you mean, but I can't seem to stop touching you!"

"Me either," Max admitted, "I don't even want to!"

"Max, what will we do when we get home? I can't stand the thought of being apart from you for even a minute -let alone every night!" Max turned love filled eyes to Liz.

"Marry me Liz." He whispered softly, projecting his sincerity and love.

Shocked, Liz stared back at Max. "We can't! We're too young and what about the future version of you predicting the end of the world if we are together?"

"First of all we're both almost 18, I can change our ID's so we are right now if you want. Second, I think we have already changed the course of events over the last few months. I think Tess has grown a lot, she's not trying to make me love her anymore, and it looks like her and Kyle may be starting something. I think if we explain what could happen if she left the group that she would stay."

Liz let hope stir in her. "When do you want to be married?"

"Now! Today! Let's do it before we go back and then no one can separate us! How do you feel about the Elvis Chapel?" Liz laughed out loud.

They dried each other off, resisting the urge to be together again, and went to put on some of their new clothes. Liz started a list of what they would need for the wedding. A dress, flowers, rings, a license, Max already had a tux thanks to the hotel, shoes... They held hands as they descended to the hotel shops armed with their $2700.

Max waited in a secluded seating area while Liz found the perfect dress and matching shoes. When she went to purchase them though the clerk refused her money and just folded it into a huge box and told her she would deliver it to their room, no charge.

Liz shook her head as she came up to Max, "I guess they're pretty serious about making up for our bad experience!" The same thing happened when they tried to purchase flowers. They went to the jewelers and found a simple wedding set for Liz and a beautiful gold band for Max, but when the clerk wouldn't take their money both Max and Liz protested.

These were their wedding rings and they wanted to be the ones to purchase them. The clerk finally relented and took the $2100 when he saw how upset they would be if he refused. Max shot Liz a puzzled look when she whispered some special instructions to the jeweler. The man nodded and then announced the rings would be sent to their room within an hour.

"It's a surprise!" Liz answered his look with a secret smile.

Max took his and Liz's ID's and changed them back to their real names and made Liz 18 and himself 21 since he had been seen in the casino the day before.

Together they made an appointment in the chapel and signed for the marriage license. When they went back to their room there was a stylist and make-up artist form the salon waiting by the door. It had been obvious to the hotel personnel that they were planning a wedding so they sent up their best people from the salon to pamper them before the ceremony.

The next several hours went by in a rush as Liz's hair was swept up in a classic style and she got a manicure and pedicure as someone else did her make-up. They helped her into her dress and she stared at her reflection in wonder.

While this was happening Max had his hair trimmed and styled and consented to the manicure, but protested at the offer of a pedicure. His tux fit perfectly.

Max called through the door when he was ready and Liz let him know that she didn't want him to see her till they reached the chapel.

The hotel staff assured him they would accompany her safely to the chapel and he started down alone, feeling strange to be parted from her.

They would never forget the next hour as they pledged their eternal love and devotion to each other with the teary eyed hotel staff as witnesses.

Max was stunned that Liz had chosen the exact dress he had seen in his memory/vision earlier. When the brightly sequined Elvis minister pronounced them husband and wife Max needed no prompting to kiss his bride.

With her face framed between his palms, Max gently lowered his lips to hers in a kiss that revealed how much they cherished and loved one another.

The staff sighed and began clapping spontaneously as the kiss continued.

Max and Liz broke apart at the sound of applause. They looked around in confusion, having been lost in their own world. Max picked Liz up and spun her around, experiencing pure joy at the thought of spending a lifetime with Liz. He couldn't resist one more passionate kiss before setting her back on her feet.

"Congratulations kids!" The Elvis minister drawled out and Max and Liz burst into laughter as they linked hands and raced through the rain of rose petals being thrown enthusiastically from all directions.

Before reentering their suite Max once again swept Liz into his arms and carried her across the threshold. Max felt the heavy, unfamiliar weight of the new ring on his finger. Liz had had the jeweler engrave "forever love" on the inside of the band. He hoped she would like his surprise just as much.

"Mrs. Evans, will you dance with me?" Max asked, holding out his hand. Liz thrilled to the sound of her new name.

"Why certainly Mr. Evans!" she smiled back at him.

Max cued the CD with the remote and Liz's eyes filled with tears as Sheryl Crow's "I Shall Believe" came on.

She melted into his arms while the tears slipped down her cheeks because of his thoughtful surprise. Each movement flowed gracefully into the next and when the dance was done they shared a tender kiss and Max swept Liz up and carried her to their bedroom.

They began to slowly undress each other between kisses. When they both stood naked their hands began slow explorations that gradually became more urgent until they were sprawled over the bed facing each other.

Liz lifted her leg over his hip and he entered her in one long stroke. The pleasure built on itself as they felt each other getting closer to the peak. Liz kissed his lips and chin and gently sucked a path down the sensitive column of his neck. Feeling his pleasure build to an exquisite high sent her over the edge and with her hot, slick walls clamping over his turgid flesh Max moaned out his pleasure as well.

They lay panting in each other’s arms, whispering of their love and devotion until they drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Reality intruded with the shrill ring of the phone and Max groped for the receiver as he squinted against the morning light.

"What?" He ground out, annoyed by the intrusion.

Liz stirred beside him and looked up inquiringly from where her head rested on his chest.

"Get home Maxwell -we've got trouble." Michael stated tersely.


Authors Note: I swear I’ll get these guys out of bed in the next section! And yes, I know they’re too young and making a life altering decision, but they’re also kids who’ve been deprived of each other too long. Wait till you see how everyone reacts!! Happy reading!

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Part 5

“What’s wrong?” Max sat up, immediately back in “leader” mode.

“Valenti decided to give us a break by not telling anyone’s parents where we went, but he’s got us all holed up in his house together so we won’t be seen around town…”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Max slumped back in relief, giving Liz an encouraging look to remove the worry from her eyes.

“Yeah, you’re not stuck here in a two bedroom house with seven people in it getting remodeling instructions from a drill sergeant with a grudge!”

“Just what is Valenti making you do?” Max asked with a half smile, picturing the scene Michael was painting for him.

“He’s decided we can use our abilities and hard labor to build on a new bedroom for Tess. I swear Max, he’s got way too much time on his hands to think out these punishments now that he’s not the sheriff!”

That sobered Max instantly.

“It is our fault that he’s not the sheriff anymore Michael.”

“Like hell Max! He chose to stick his nose in and get involved in our lives and he should have known there would be consequences! I can’t believe he’s trying to take it out on us now just because we needed a break! We just saved the earth from an alien virus –you’d think we could take a couple days off…”

“Listen to yourself Michael!” Max broke through the tirade. “We saved the world from an alien virus that was here because of us. It was our job to fix it!”

“I’m just saying we deserved the break is all. Now could you and Liz get your butts back here so we can all break out of this labor camp and go home?” Michael paused as if just remembering why they were still there. “Is Liz okay? Did they put that perv in jail?”

Max gazed down at his wife as she propped her chin on his chest and gazed up at him lovingly.

“Yeah, they did and Liz is just…ahhhhhh……fine!” Max wiggled underneath Liz who had begun teasingly kissing and licking her way up his chest.

“You don’t sound so good. Did you have a rough night?”

The concern in Michael’s voice made Max feel slightly guilty.

“Yeah, I guess it was kind of a long..mnnn…hard night. We’ll try to get a flight out this morning, okay?”

Liz collapsed in giggles.

“The sooner the better Max. We left your Jeep at the airport. Come straight over when you land.”

“Ahh…sure, no problem!” Max gasped out as Liz’s adventurous tongue ranged lower. “I’ve got to go see what Liz is up to…see you later!” With that he hung up and pulled her into his arms. Nuzzling his face in her sweet smelling hair he chuckled.

“You little minx! Didn’t you get enough last night?”

She turned her face to nibble on his neck. “Never!”

Max wiggled out from under her. “I told Michael we’d get a flight back this morning.”

Liz lay back on the bed and practiced her pouty face at him.

“Max, don’t you have just a few minutes to spare for your loving wife this morning?”

“Ahh!” Max growled out in near defeat. Wife! That had to be the best sounding word on the planet! His body hardened instantly at the thought. Leaning over her he covered her mouth in a kiss filled with longing and love before pulling away with a teasing grin. “What I have in mind for you would take more than a few minutes! Now let’s get moving!” He turned away from her before she could change his mind.

“Beast!” Liz groaned into her pillow just before she threw it at his retreating back.

They decided to shower separately to save time since they knew they would be a distraction to each other. While Liz showered Max called down and had the hotel arrange their flight and for breakfast to be sent up.

When Liz came out wearing only a short hotel robe and a smile Max just groaned and shielded his eyes as he scooted past her and quickly into the bathroom for a cold shower of his own.

Liz chuckled as she answered the door to receive their breakfast trays. Standing back to allow the waiter to wheel in the room service cart she was suddenly overcome by a wave of dizziness and collapsed to the floor.

“Miss! Are you alright?!” The waiter rushed to crouch over her to see if she was injured. Just as he touched her face he was hauled off his feet and hurled across the room by Max.

“What have you done to her?!” He screamed in anguish. Not bothering to look where the waiter landed Max gathered Liz into his arms and moved her to the couch. His hands trailed over her body to see what he could fix. She was burning up!

Just as he was attempting to deepen the connection and heal her she fluttered her eyes open.

“Wh..what happened?” She whispered softly meeting his worried gaze.

“I don’t know. Tell me what you remember….he didn’t do anything to you? Touch you at all?” Max waved behind him at the waiter who had gotten up and was edging toward the door.


“Leave! Now!” Max growled at the waiter without looking behind him to see if he was obeyed. The door slammed loudly.

Max trailed his hands over Liz again. “You feel really hot. Do you feel sick?”

“Just a little dizzy. Max, I’m fine!” Liz pushed herself up to a standing position and braced her hands on his bare shoulder to steady herself. A worried look crossed her face. “Max! Your skin is burning up!”

“It’s why I got out of the shower, I felt really strange…I didn’t know if it was you or me.”

Their eyes locked and Liz slowly drew Max toward her without conscious thought.

“Touch me Max.” She whispered against his throat.

“Yeah, that would be a really good idea.” Max agreed. His breathing quickened as he inhaled her clean scent. He felt the strangest pull to be with her right now. To be a part of her, to connect and be one, body and soul. He placed small kisses over her brow and down her temple to her chin. He nipped the sensitive column of her neck that always made her shiver.

Liz moaned and threw her head back. How could he always make her feel better, always know just where to touch?

As if her moan was a signal, Max lifted her up by her hips and she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist and slipped her arms around his neck. He held her up with one hand and twined the other into her silken hair, holding the back of her head at an angle to kiss her as deeply as possible. Liz’s hips began to writhe against him in an imitation of what was to come. Their motions became frantic as hands moved hurriedly to untie her robe and loosen the towel wrapped to his waist.

Freed of all encumbrance, Max took the one step back to the couch without letting her go and turned to sit with her in his lap. The sweat gleamed on their bodies as they slid eager hands and mouths against each other.

I love you! So glad you’re all right!

I need you! Please, pleeease…now!

Unable to ignore her plea, and feeling her desperate urge to be one, he lifted her under the arms and settled her back down over his straining erection. Unable to move as urgently as he needed to in that position, he flipped her over onto her back on the couch and began a frantic rhythm. She raised to hips to meet him stroke for stroke, urging him faster, harder, gooo!

The kiss grew harsher to match the motion of their hips, tongues dueling for possession of each others mouth. Reaching, reaching…

I can’t be gentle right now!!

Don’t stop!!

Bodies slammed together, urgently primal, hands groped, massaged, raked marks over each other. Their connection heightened and spiraled so they could feel their souls merging, dancing, twining with them, exploding with the love and devotion they had pledged to each other.

When the explosion hit the pleasure exploded back and forth through the bond, reverberating between them for an impossibly long time.

Panting ragged breaths against each other it took several moments before either could attempt to speak.

What was that??

I don’t know what happened!

When Max opened his eyes and really looked at Liz he found his voice quickly.

“What did I do to you?! My God! Liz I am so sorry! Are you all right?”

“Max!! You are covered in scratches! Are you hurt?”

Each was covered in bite marks and red welts that were the beginnings of bruises. Max’s shoulders and back were marked with angry red nail tracks, some of which had drawn blood.

“I swear I don’t know what came over me!”

“Max, it’s okay! The same thing happened to me, it’s…it’s like I couldn’t get enough of you, or get close enough to you.”

“Yeah, that’s what I felt too.”

“I know.” Liz suddenly flushed as images flashed back to her of how out of control they had been. “I wonder if this is what Future Max meant when he said our relationship had been “cemented” after we made love?”

“Do you mean you think we could get this out of control all the time?” Max asked with concern.

“No! Well, I hope not! Not that this wasn’t great, but it might be a tad inconvenient in front of everyone else!”

“Your temperature is back to normal.” Max noted with satisfaction.

“You seem to be able to heal me no matter what you do!” Liz teased with a small smile, noting happily that his temperature was back to normal as well.

“Speaking of which…” Max ran his hands gently over the marks on her body and then his own.

They stood up on shaky legs and finally finished packing.

Their cab driver was happy with his several hundred dollar tip and as they waited for their flight to be called they began to discuss how they would break the news to family and friends.

This could be very interesting!


Authors Note: I really thought they were going to get out of bed, but they’ve obviously been deprived too long! Next part is back with the group and should be up in a couple days! Enjoy!! Feedback please!!!

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If this board is anything like the old one then I have too much text for one page if I post chapter after chapter, so I'm gonna put in a couple of space's like this after every five chapters or so.

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Part 6

Liz stared out the Jeep window distractedly as they drove toward the Valenti’s house. What had they done? All of a sudden she felt so young. How were they going to tell their parents what they had done? Where would they live? Well, she thought pessimistically, maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about that for long. If her Mom didn’t kill her, then her Dad was sure to make her a widow anyway.

Max reached his hand out to take hers. It didn’t take any special powers to figure out what was on her mind.

“We’re going to be okay. We’ll be together and that’s all that matters!”

Allowing herself to be comforted by his words, she let her head fall against the back of her seat and relaxed for the first time since the plane had landed.

“I know you’re right Max, it’ll just be hard for everyone to accept what we have done. They don’t know all that we have been through in the last two years. They don’t realize how fast we’ve had to grow up. My Mom is going to kill me!!”

“I think you’re underestimating your mother Liz. She’ll be shocked, yeah, but she loves you so much…”

“That’s what you think.” Liz muttered under her breath.

“What was that?” Max asked curiously.

“Nothing! Let’s not talk about my mother anymore, okay? It’s just making me more nervous!”

Liz began searching the back of the Jeep for a ribbon to tie her hair back with so the wind would stop whipping it in her face. Max admired the view for a moment before tearing his eyes away to pay attention to the road.

“With all the girls in this car all the time you would think there would be one stray barrette! Oh! Here we go, this should work!” Liz plopped back into her seat, triumphantly waving a silk scarf. She quickly secured it over her hair.

“It’s so soft, does it belong to Isabel?”

“No, I think it’s Te…Liz! What’s the matter?!”

A low moan had escaped Liz’s throat and she was staring straight ahead. Her pupils were dilated so far that her eyes appeared black, and she was shaking softly.

Max veered off the road and stopped the Jeep with a jerk. Turning quickly in his seat he grabbed Liz into his arms and shook her gently. He was immediately pulled into a vision.

Max and Liz entered the Valenti house and Liz noticed that Tess was mindwarping the others into believing that she was helping with the construction project.

Their friends surrounded them with their faces filled with shock as they shared the news of their marriage.

Tess screamed out in horror that they had ruined everything.

Tess unleashing her powers on everyone in the room saying that they would never remember this after today.

Everyone standing around in confusion after the mindwarp before returning to the project as if no announcement had been made.

Alex collapsing in convulsions.

Max rushing up to try to heal him….

“Ma….Maaax! What’s happening to me?” Liz wailed softly, as the vision finally let them go.

“I don’t know angel, I don’t know!” Max ran his hand through her hair softly to comfort her. He looked down and saw the scarf where it had fallen on the floor at the end of Liz’s vision. Reaching down to pick it up, he looked up at Liz consideringly.

“This belongs to Tess. Maybe when you put it on…”

Seeing where he was going with that theory Liz began to shake her head.

“No, no, no!! I don’t have powers like you! I don’t get visions! And besides, you guys don’t see into the future do you?” Liz looked at him desperately.

“Liz, just because none of us have seen into the future doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. We haven’t fully explored all of our powers yet.”

“Do you really think that I’m becoming like you?” Liz tried desperately to hold back panic at the thought. There had been so many changes recently, so many heartbreaks and tragedy, drama everywhere. Did she really deserve to have one more life changing event heaped on her at this point? Wasn’t life going to be stressfull enough having to tell friends and family that she was married, let alone having to break the news that she was turning into an alien??

“Would that be so bad?” Max looked slightly hurt. He knew she loved him, but was she that scared of who he really was?

“Oh Max! You know what I mean, don’t you? We’ve been through so much! I don’t know how much more I can take!”

“Do you want to touch the scarf again to see if that’s what caused the flash?”

No!!” Liz shrank back automatically from the offending garment.

“I think maybe this has something to do with our making love.” Max offered softly. “Maybe our joining together like that has accelerated the development of your gifts. Ava said that when I brought you back that I changed you. I did this to you Liz!”

“Max! Please don’t feel guilty! I love you and that will never change. We’ll deal with this together and figure out what it is okay?”

Max nodded slowly and brought his forehead to touch hers.

“We need to talk about what we saw.”

“I don’t think we can tell Tess about us until we figure out what all this means.”

“You’re right. It looked like she just flipped out when we told her and made everyone, including us, forget about the entire marriage! Liz, how could she do that? I’ve never seen her use a power like that before! She has to be stronger than we thought if she can use her powers like that even on Michael, Isabel, and me all at once!”

“Okay, oh! Well, here’s one good thing, if we can’t tell Tess then we can’t tell our parent’s either!” Liz smiled at Max in relief.

“Leave it to you to find the bright side! Who can we tell? I think Isabel needs to know, she might be able to help us be together if she knows and I’ve never been able to keep secrets from her anyway.” Max looked at Liz for agreement.

“Yeah, you’re right, you definitely need to tell Isabel, and I think we should tell Michael and Maria too.”

“Maria? Are you sure she won’t let something slip?”

“She’s kept your secret for a long time now hasn’t she? And she’ll know something’s different about me the minute she lays eyes on me!”

Max nodded. “You’re right. She’s your best friend, and I trust her.”

“What about Alex? Does he need to know?”

“I don’t know. Did you see him collapse in the vision? What was that about? Did Tess throw extra powers at him, or maybe the stress weakened him. I think we need to figure out if he has a medical problem before we embroil him in more drama.”

“Yeah, can you like, use your powers to scan for illness or weakness?”

“I’ve never done that before, but I can try!” Max smiled at her new enthusiasm for the plan.

“I think maybe I’m ready to touch the scarf again.” Liz told him, boldly reaching out for it.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to be hurt by any of this.”

“I have to know what’s happening to me Max.” He reluctantly relinquished the soft fabric to her.

Liz twined it through her fingers slowly. Nothing happened. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the item. Her breathing quickened and the flashes began again in sequence.

Max reached out quickly and removed it from her grasp when he saw its effect on her.

“Yeah, that’s definitely not of this earth!” Liz gasped out when she got her breath back. “The vision was the same, and I think we absolutely need to take it as a warning of something that could happen and keep our eyes on Tess!”

They settled back in their seats again, their hands intertwined. Looking down at the joined fingers Liz let out a soft breath.

“I have to hide my ring.” Her eyes filled with tears that she blinked back furiously. I will not let him see me get all weepy over this! It’s just a ring, and it only symbolizes something that has been cemented in our hearts for ages!

“Me too.” Max nodded sadly. He gently slipped Liz’s ring off her finger and closed it into his fist. Liz watched in awe as he reopened his fingers to reveal a newly shaped silver ring that he slipped over the middle finger of her left hand. “That way you can still wear it.”

“Thank you Max! I know it was kind of dumb to be worrying over a little thing like that after everything we just saw, but you knew exactly what to do.”

Max cupped her face in his strong hand. “It’s not dumb, I feel the same way, I want everyone to know that you are mine and I am yours for all time!”
Max took his ring off next and after a brief manipulation he slipped it on his right forefinger. It gleamed silver in a design that almost matched Liz’s.

“I left the inscription.” He whispered gently as he placed a kiss on her soft lips.

In the middle of their kiss it seemed impossible that anything could go wrong.


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Part 7

Max pulled over to the side of the road one block from the Valenti house. He pulled in a deep breath and turned to Liz.

“We’re here. We can do this.” He whispered into her hair as she buried her head in his chest. His strong arms surrounded her, pulling her into a tight hug. How can I let her go? How can I pretend that we’re just friends? He allowed his fingers to stroke over her sweet smelling hair for a few moments and then cupped her face in his hands.

“You okay?”

She nodded. Tears pooled in her eyes and then he could see the resolve solidify in her as she straightened her shoulders and offered a trembling smile.

“This is only an act for Tess, when we’re alone we can be together, right?”

“Absolutely! And I’m sure Isabel will help as much as she can to make sure we can have time together. This is only until we figure out what is going on with Tess. We were obviously wrong about her developing a thing for Kyle, so we’ll just pay attention to her reactions to everything and find out how to break this to her without her going psycho on us.” He was convincing himself as well as her.

“Right. Okay. Yeah, we can do this,” she whispered, her eyes never leaving his. She lifted her face and gently brushed her lips over his. Electric. Their eyes drifted closed as their mouths mated in a sweet goodbye kiss that continued until a horn blared two streets over. With one last hug Max released Liz and drove the rest of the way to the Valenti’s.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Liz! Oh my God! Are you okay? I’ve been so worried about you, but Michael wouldn’t let me call and Valenti’s had us working all night…”

Maria had been just rounding the house from the backyard when she caught sight of her friend and ran to her.

“Maria I’m fine!” Liz couldn’t help laughing at her friend who had her wrapped in a tight hug that was beginning to cut off her air. She wriggled free as she quickly
could without hurting Maria’s feelings. “Max took really good care of me,” she added to reassure her.

“I’ll bet!” Maria gave her an impish grin and looked carefully between a pink-cheeked Liz and Max, who wouldn’t quite meet her eyes. Hmmmm.

“Well come on in, everyone’s been working so hard and been so worried about you! This will give them a break from worry and work!”

They walked in Maria trailing behind struggling with a pail of paint, and Liz scanned the room for Tess. She found her laying on the couch, just like in her vision, while another version of her appeared to be working industriously on the new addition.

“Max! Do you see this?” Liz whispered fiercely.

“I just see her working on the painting. Do you see something else?”

Liz directed his gaze subtly to the couch by darting her eyes toward it. Tess had not turned to notice them yet, she appeared almost asleep.

Max just shook his head.

In frustration she grabbed his arm and made him look again. Awareness washed over him as he stared back and forth between the real Tess and the vision of Tess working. His mouth dropped open.

“Do you realize what this means?” He whispered urgently.

“We’ll analyze it later, pretend you don’t see her on the couch or she’ll realize we’re on to her.”

“They’re here!!” Maria called out loudly to get everyone’s attention as she banged the door closed behind them.

Liz and Max were quickly surrounded by friends and Liz watched as the real Tess got up and merged with the vision of herself that had been following everyone to the front door. She couldn’t help the small shudder that overtook her as Tess smiled at her and gave her a seemingly sincere welcome back hug.

“I hope you’re feeling better?” She asked in her little girls voice.

“Yeah, I’m doing much better now thanks. They put the guy in jail, and there was enough evidence that they should keep him there for a long time.”

“Good! That scum bag should never have laid his hands on you!” Michael declared with conviction, his eyes glowing with the heat of his anger.

Everyone turned to him with surprise at the vehemence in his voice.

“What? They shouldn’t mess with one of us!” He still didn’t realize how possessive he sounded.

“All right then. Everyone’s okay now, so tell us what’s been going on over here.” Max interjected to save Michael any more awkward looks. What was with him? He almost sounded like he cared about Liz. Maybe too much. He’d have to watch him to see what was up. Max shook his head, he was being paranoid.
“Why don’t you guys show us what you’ve been doing for the last couple days.”

“I can show you that.” Jim Valenti crossed the room until he was standing in front of Liz.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” He asked her gently.

“Thank you Sher… I mean Mr. Valenti, but I’m fine now. Really,” she added at his look of disbelief. “Max healed all my injuries and talked me through last night, I think it was just bad luck and that man was just…”

“Insane!” Michael finished for her, before muttering and walking back to his assigned project with quick, angry steps.

“What is going on with him?” Max asked Maria.

Maria watched Michael stalking away and shook her head. “He’s been more worried than any of us, it’s like he couldn’t get it out of his mind last night. I think he feels like he should have protected her or something, like it was his duty to protect all of us and he messed up. He worked like a dog all night. He probably just needs to rest.”

Max nodded, understanding exactly how Michael felt. He should have been there for Liz also, should have known there was something wrong, done something different to prevent….he had to stop thinking that way. It had all worked out, better than anyone here knew! And he would protect her with his life from now on.

Valenti led them to the back of the house and Max and Liz gasped in awe at the amount of work that had been accomplished overnight. The room was framed, wired for electricity, sheet rocked, plastered, and they were nailing on the trim and painting.

“Wow! I can’t believe what you’ve done!” Liz gasped out.

“Yeah, well with all of our talents combined it doesn’t take much to put up a room like this once we saw the blueprints.” Isabel boasted proudly. She’d never thought to use her powers on a project of this magnitude. This was a far cry from changing her nail color!

“You guys have done a beautiful job on this!” Max complimented them sincerely.

“It’s been work.” Michael glared at the cause of their labor.

“I think you’ve all been punished enough.” Valenti returned Michaels stare pointedly. “I guess you’ll think twice before skipping class and taking off without telling me again. Am I right?”

A chorus of “Yes sir!” “Absolutely!” and “Let’s get out of here!”

“I’ll finish this up myself with Kyle and Tess of course. The rest of you can go.”

“Dad! That’s not fair! I’ve been busting my a… uh, butt working on this and I think we deserve a break too!”

“You can have a break when you two aren’t grounded Kyle, now let’s get busy!”

“Grounded! How long?” Tess wailed, looking over her shoulder at her departing friends.

“One week ought to be enough time for the three of us to get this done and you moved in. Be glad I’m giving you the room at all after the stunt you pulled this weekend! And Kyle, be happy you won’t have to sleep on the couch. Just make sure you’re home right after school every day this week and maybe I’ll let you off the hook this weekend.”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re all right Liz!” Alex pulled her into a big brother hug. “We were all worried about you.”

“Thanks you guys.” Liz’s eyed misted at the sincerity of the faces surrounding her.

“Alex, you look really tired, are you feeling all right?” Liz asked with worry, remembering him collapsing in her vision.

“Yeah, I’ve been tired since I got back from Sweden. I thought it was just jet lag, but it’s not going away. I’ve been thinking about going to see a doctor, but I haven’t had the time…”

“Maybe you could let Max check you out.” Liz suggested, casting her eyes toward Max, who began to nod his head.

“Yeah Alex. Liz and I were just talking about testing to see if my healing ability can be expanded to diagnose illness and stuff. I could try it out on you.”

“Hey, I don’t want to be beamed up to your ship and experimented on! I’ve seen the video’s and I don’t think that’s really the way I want to get cured!”
Alex laughed to show he was joking and dodged back to escape Max’s playful grab at him.

“Okay, Okay!! I’ll let you probe me! But not tonight and only if Liz is there! I don’t want you getting fresh with me! Now I’m going home to bed.” He gave Liz a final hug and jogged to his car that was parked around the corner.

Max had gone still and serious at Alex’s last remark and stared after him until Liz lightly touched his arm.


“Uh, yeah, what were you saying?” He made himself turn to focus on Liz.

“It’s just you, me, Maria, Isabel, and Michael.” She raised her eyebrows significantly.

“Oh. Ohh!” He turned to Michael as he realized the importance of this particular group. “Michael, would it be all right if we all met at your house for a while before the rest of us head home?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem.”


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Part 8

“Ok Max you got us all together here, now what’s the big secret?” Michael demanded irritably. It came out sounding gruffer than he had intended. He scratched the back of his neck and rotated his head to get the kinks out. Maria had been right. He’d worked like a dog without even bothering to rest the night before because of his agitation over the Las Vegas incident. He really should have been there to protect Liz; she was a part of their circle. Besides, what if it had been Maria? He shook his head, that thought did not bear thinking! “What can’t wait till tomorrow?”

Liz and Max turned together to face their friends. Now that the moment was here they weren’t sure how to start. Max unconsciously reached back and found Liz’s hand waiting for him. They grasped each other like a lifeline.

They were saved the trouble of having to figure out the words, because the gesture spoke volumes. All eyes were drawn to the locked hands and jaws dropped.

“What the hell?” Michael demanded.

“I knew you two were back together! It was only a matter of time!” Maria squealed out clapping her hands happily. Oh yeah, she was good! She’d seen this coming a mile away! No way anyone could keep a secret from her. All the little clues, the intimate glances, the “Max took really good care of me last night” oh yeah, they were more than just “back together”! She sighed happily, planning on prying all the juicy details out of Liz later.

“So I guess you two worked things out in Vegas? It’s about time!” Isabel smiled. Now maybe all the moodiness and sulking that had landed him in therapy last fall would end!

“Um, yeah I guess you could say we’re back together,” Max smiled shyly. He looked to Liz for help with the next part, his eyes widened in appeal.

THIS couldn’t wait till tomorrow?” Michael demanded grumpily. “This is hardly an earth shattering event! Now can I be excused to get some much needed rest Oh Mighty King?” he added sarcastically.

“Michael we needed the three of you here so we could tell you that yes, we are back together, but it’s more than that…” Max looked to Liz and she nodded her encouragement. “Liz and I got married in Vegas.”

For a moment no one moved or spoke. The silence was so sudden that it heightened their awareness of each breath they took. And then all hell broke loose.

YOU DID WHAT?!!!! HOW STUPID COULD YOU BE? If you’re supposed to be the responsible leader then God help us all!” Michael fumed, getting in Max’s face.

“My God Liz, how could you do something like that without even telling me?” Maria moaned she had definitely not seen this one coming. “We need to be there for each other! Is this even legal? I mean you’re both underage! Were you just freaked out or something? That’s it! You just needed someone to lean on and there he was! I’m right, aren’t I? What are you going to tell your parents?” Maria inhaled another deep breath as another thought overtook her. She leaned close to Liz’s ear, “What about what Future Max said? That doesn’t all just go away does it? I can’t believe you’d risk the end of the world just to get a little nookie from Max!” As she spoke her volume rose and Michael caught the last of her speech.

“You married Liz just so you could get some? Man if that’s all you needed you could have just gone to Tess! She’d give it up without…” Michael choked as Max caught his throat in one strong hand and squeezed.

“Don’t you EVER even think that what Liz and I share is anything less than pure love! I married her because she is what makes me whole. Without her I can barely think straight! She is the best part of my life and I will not listen to anyone who disparages her or believes that she is anything less than a pure, honest, selfless person…so back off!” With that Max shoved Michael away from him by the throat as Isabel rushed between them to prevent Michael from taking a swing.

“Okay everyone, CALM DOWN!” She swung her head toward Max. “First off Max, you have to understand that this is a major shock to all of us. Have you even thought of the amount of attention this will bring to our group?” At Max’s blank look she stated, “I didn’t think so.” She turned to Michael, whose chest she was firmly pushing back to keep him from Max. “And you! Calm yourself down! What’s done is done and now we have to figure out how to deal with it! We don’t need a testosterone driven fighting match over something we can’t change. Just listen to what they have to say. I’m sure they have a reasonable explanation for this, am I right?” She implored Max and Liz with her eyes to tell her they had an explanation.

“Of course we do Iz,” Liz offered softly, crossing the floor to wrap her arms around Max and transfer some of her calming energy.

“Great! Now let’s all just sit down and listen for a minute. Okay?” Max nodded his assent. “Okay Michael?” Michael reluctantly stepped back, flexing and unflexing his fists, and then nodded also.

Michael, Maria, and Isabel arranged themselves on the couch opposite the overstuffed chair that Max sat in before pulling Liz down to his lap. He really needed to touch her right now. He had shocked himself with the amount of rage that had coursed through him at Michael’s words. He knew Michael often spoke without thinking and regretted his words later, but no one should put Liz down like that! Liz stroked his arm gently before turning to her friends.

“A lot of things happened in Vegas after you guys left,” she began in a matter of fact tone.

“Obviously,” Michael muttered under his breath. “What?” He shot a look back at Isabel and Maria’s glares.

“Let her speak Michael!” Maria implored.

“Go ahead, by all means. This has got to be good!”

Liz started again. “After you all left, well you saw what kind of shape I was in.” Maria nodded sympathetically. “The police came and took our statements, I had to live through the whole experience all over again. That was all right though, because Max was there and he gave me the strength to get through it.” She leaned back against his chest and he circled her tiny frame with his arms.

“When they were through and we were alone again Max healed all of my injuries. We started getting flashes and we just realized that we couldn’t be apart anymore. It’s like we were drawn together by something outside of ourselves. We have loved each other so much for so long and finally all the barriers came down and we just….had to make it official.”

They all just stared at her.

“That’s it? That’s the entire explanation? What was in these flashes? Did they tell you that you HAD to get married or the world would end? I mean what???” Michael couldn’t believe they were going to try to get away with that lame ass explanation. He ran his fingers through his already disordered hair in agitation.

“Michael, don’t start okay? We did it and we’re not sorry. Nothing will change my love for Liz or hers for me. It’s cemented. Got it?” Max’s glare dared Michael to object again.

“Fine! I got it okay? Nice of you to include the rest of us on your major life changing decision!” Michael fumed at Max and then looked down between his legs, his elbows on his knees.

“We should have waited to let you know, but understand this: Nothing would have changed what we did, because it was right and necessary.”

“Necessary? Liz you’re not… pregnant…are you?” Maria interjected worriedly.

“What? Maria no!” Liz blushed with embarrassment.

“Good! I was gonna say, you’re barely back together and I know you guys have always been intense, but this is…” She trailed off as she noticed Liz’s acute embarrassment.

“God Maria! Let it go already!” Isabel insisted.

“Michael actually brought up a good point. Liz and I did have flashes that don’t really make sense. And some other things have happened.” Max looked to Liz for agreement before going on at her nod. “Liz is developing a power of her own.”

WHAT? Any other bombshells for us Max?” Michael groaned. He was never gonna sleep tonight.

“What power Max?” Isabel looked at Liz with new interest.

“It seems that she can see into the future.”

A chorus of “How do you know that?” and “Are you sure it was Liz’s energy and not yours?” and “No one can do that, is it even possible?” echoed through the room.

“All right! One at a time! We know because we tested it on the way back. Liz was doing it by herself, but I can see what she sees if we’re making physical contact. And yes, it is possible, we just haven’t tapped into that yet.”

“What did she see?” Isabel asked.

“When I touched a scarf that Tess had left in the Jeep I got a flash of her mindwarping everyone into thinking that she was working while she was really sitting on the couch relaxing.”

“I knew it! I kept having to do things over after she was done, I just thought she was sloppy!” Maria cried out angrily.

“Yeah, well when we walked in I saw her laying back of the couch, just like in my vision and I could also see another version of her working alongside you all.”
Liz shuddered again at the memory of the proof of her vision. If that part was true, then the other part would have come true as well if they had not averted it.
“Max didn’t see anything wrong until I grabbed his arm, and then he saw what was really happening.”

“That sounds like another power as well, if you can see through one of Tess’s mind warps! I can’t believe that she is so strong that she could fool all of us like that at the same time!”

“That’s only part of the story Iz,” Max continued for Liz. “In the original flash of the future we saw Tess flying into a rage after we announced our marriage and she used a new power to make us all forget the wedding, the announcement, everything!” He paused to allow that to sink in.

Isabel was horrified. Who was this girl that seemed so innocent. Could they be wrong to trust one of their own? It seemed like every time things started making sense in her life the world tilted again.

“Why would she do such a thing? Is it all that destiny crap again?” Michael got straight to the point.

“I think I need to tell you guys what happened to me last fall, it’s what’s kept Max and I apart all this time.” She proceeded to fill in Michael and Isabel on the details of what had happened when Future Max came to visit and the lengths she had gone through to protect them all. “We thought that Tess had grown and moved on to care for Kyle, but after that vision we realized that she hasn’t, and we can’t tell her or anyone but you guys, about us until we know what’s going on with her.

“You’re right, we can’t say anything. Do you have a plan to figure out what’s going on?” Michael wondered how far they’d thought this out and if they were even going to consult the rest of them on this important project.

“Actually, we could use all the suggestions we can get. We’re still a team here and we need to work together so no one gets hurt.” Max looked directly at Michael. He was sorry their fragile bonding in Vegas seemed to have been broken, but he hadn’t been able to control his reactions around Michael for almost a year now. It seemed like every time he turned around Michael was challenging his decisions, his leadership.

“Do you think the planet is still in danger?” Maria asked directly.

“We don’t know. Future Max disappeared, which means that that reality no longer exists. I think if we know what we’re up against we can change the future, and maybe that’s why I’ve been given the visions. We’ve already changed that version of the future that I saw with Tess making us all forget, and I never would have known anything was wrong unless I had had the vision, right?”

Maria and Isabel nodded. There was logic to her theory.

Isabel noticed how Liz was now slumped back against Max, and how tired she appeared. “Let’s all go back to our houses and get some rest. We need to think about all this logically, and while I know it’s only 5:00pm some of us have worked all night,” she looked pointedly at Michael, “and I think we will make better decisions after we’ve eaten and slept. Let’s agree to meet tomorrow, just the five of us at say, 3:00pm right here, okay?” They all looked at each other and nodded before getting up to stretch and head for the door.

“Maria, would you mind giving Isabel a ride home? I’m just going to drop Liz off and I’ll be back later okay?”

“Yeah, sure no problem. I’ll see you later Liz,” she leaned in for a hug whispering, “I want details tonight!”

“Maria!” Liz flushed pink again, knowing the exact details Maria was talking about. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

Maria nodded, her eyes smiling.

“You bet you will!”


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Part 9

“Hey Mom, I’m back.” Liz tried to edge around her mother to avoid the hug being offered. When would she get the hint? Liz had been avoiding her for months, at times been downright rude to her and still her Mom wouldn’t leave her alone.

“Liz! How was the debate? Did you guys win? It’s strange that you never mentioned it before you just left! We had a really hard time trying to cover shifts for you and Maria both, but we worked it out.” She tried to block out that Liz obviously didn’t want to talk right now. Teenagers! So moody! Especially Liz lately, hopefully she would outgrow this ‘I don’t need you anymore’ stage. It was getting old pretty fast.

“Yeah, sorry about that, it was kinda last minute.” She faked a yawn. “You know I’m really wiped out right now, I think I’ll just go up and rest for a while before dinner, okay?” Without waiting for a response she slipped away to her room.

“Oh, okay. I’ll just knock when dinners ready.” Nancy called at her retreating back, before she shook her head and went back to her chores.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max was just struggling onto the balcony with her new suitcase when Liz slammed into her room.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“My mother just constantly gets on my nerves!” Liz fumed and began straightening up her room agitatedly. “She just can’t leave me alone, and I can’t stand it when she tries to act all motherly and concerned!”

Max watched her pacing around the room moving things from one location to another and back again. Something was definitely going on between Liz and her mom, and he hadn’t been around long enough in the last few months to pick up on it before.

“Liz,” he began hesitantly, “that’s what mothers do…they hover and get concerned and care about their children. Is something else going on here?”

Liz paused with a framed photo in one hand and looked up at him as if trapped. He could see a look of indecision change to resolve as she plunked the photo back down and sat on the bed. He moved to take his place beside her and gathered her hands in his.

“Max you know at the end of last year in biology class when we learned about genetics?” Max nodded his head in confusion at the apparent non-sequiter; maybe Liz wasn’t ready to talk about her mom yet.

“Well, remember when Mr. Harris was telling us about eye color and we charted out the various combinations of dominant and recessive genes?” Max nodded again, Liz was obviously going somewhere with this, but he was still in the dark.

“Max, have you ever noticed what color my parents eyes are?” Now he was really confused.

“They have blue eyes Max. Both of them.” Comprehension dawned and Max gathered Liz into his arms for comfort. He remembered Mr. Harris’ lecture very clearly now, ‘blue eyes are the result of having two recessive blue genes, people with this eye color can only pass along a blue gene. If a person has both a blue and a brown gene, then the dominant brown gene will manifest itself .’ This meant of course, that it was genetically impossible for two blue-eyed parents to create a brown-eyed child.

Max stared deeply into Liz’s chocolate brown eyes and kissed away her tears.

“Does this mean that you think you are adopted?” Max asked gently.

“No Max, I think it’s worse than that.” Liz could barely look at Max as she revealed the rest of her pain.

“I have pictures of Mom pregnant, bringing me home from the hospital, pictures of me as a baby, I have her feet, her ears; Max I think my mom had an affair!” She burst out and then leaned into his chest sobbing.

Max just held her while gently stroking her back. That would explain her shortness with her mother and several comments she had made lately. He couldn’t believe she had been carrying this around inside for so long.

“Have you confronted your mother with this?” Max asked her after a while.

“No, I couldn’t do that to my dad! I don’t think he knows that I’m…I’m not his daughter!” Liz’s tears streamed down her face again and Max gently brushed them away.

“I just can’t respect her after that Max! I’ve barely been able to be civil to her for almost a year! I mean, I think I still love her, but how could she do something like that to Dad? I could never even contemplate being with anyone but you Max!”

“Of course you couldn’t! But maybe there’s more to the story.” Max was grasping for plausible explanations. “Maybe she was artificially inseminated! Maybe your dad is sterile or something!”

“I’ve already thought of that, but they were so poor back then, there’s no way they could have afforded that kind of a procedure, and I’m not sure how common it was then anyway.”

“I don’t know what to say Liz.” Max began stroking her hair away from her face. “It was a long time ago, and if something happened back then, they have obviously worked it out. She makes your father very happy and she’s always been a good mother, right?”

Liz nodded, not breaking eye contact. Her tears stopped flowing. It was so comforting just being able to share this with someone. Maybe things would be OK. And Max was right, her dad seemed very happy with his family. Maybe, with time, she could let it go.

Max drew her into a tight hug and held her for a long while.

“Okay chica! Give me all the gory…. OH! Hi Max!” Maria stopped in her tracks; she’d really have to learn to knock from now on, she thought to herself. What if she’d walked in on something more…. Okay, Maria, turn off that thought!

“Hey Maria, couldn’t wait for the gory details, huh?” Max grinned at the red flush staining Maria’s cheeks. He’d gotten to know her pretty well last summer, and he knew that she’d soon be grilling Liz for all the juicy details of their marriage and abbreviated honeymoon.

“Well, I uh… just came over to…okay! All right! Inquiring minds really do want to know okay?” Maria gave up with a laugh. “Now can you tear yourself away from Liz long enough for me to pry it all out of her already?”

Max laughed with her and gave Liz a quick kiss, whispering, “Are you going to be all right if I go?”

Liz nodded, “I am now that I know you’re here for me.”

“Always.” Max straightened and headed back for the window pausing briefly to say, “Hey Liz, don’t tell her the part about the hand cuffs and the chandelier, okay?” He ducked out the window to the sound of Liz’s helpless giggles and Maria’s shocked gasp.

“Okay, now I have got to know! Was he being serious? Are you guys already so kinky? How was it?”

“Maria!” Liz groaned, she would not escape this with her dignity if she weren’t careful. “Max was just pulling your chain when he said that! Although the shower and the hot tub were pretty intense!” Her eyes twinkled with mischief as Maria’s eyes widened into saucers.

“You were only gone for one night! How many times could you possibly… this an alien thing? I mean like super stamina or something?” Maria paused, maybe she was getting a little personal, but hey, this was her best friend who told her everything, right? Right!

“I refuse to answer on the grounds that I may incriminate myself.”

“Liiiiiz! Come on! You’ve got to give me something!” Maria wheedled, giving her the puppy dog eyes.

“All right, it was the sweetest most intensely romantic experience that I have ever had. Oh! And when we are together we can read each other’s minds and feel what the other is feeling, I can’t even explain how close that made us feel. It’s just….consuming.” She ended on a sigh, a faraway look in her eyes.

Maria sighed too. This conversation definitely called for ice cream. Maybe that would release Liz’s inhibitions about telling her everything!


Authors note: That’s all Liz will say about it. Next part should be up soon, I think Max should go to visit Michael tonight; they need to straighten a few things out. What do you think?

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Part 10

Max drove toward home, reflecting on all that had happened already that day. Poor Liz! He knew first hand what it was like to wonder about who your parents are. She had him to lean on now and he would always be there for her to talk to and confide in. He ached at having to leave her like that after he had thought they would be together every night of their lives after their marriage. Maybe she would get a surprise visit later….

His thoughts turned to Michael and the blow out they had nearly had. It just didn’t feel right the way they had left it. Before he could talk himself out of it he swung the Jeep around and headed toward Michael’s apartment.

Knocking on the door Max stepped back and took a deep breath. They had to figure a few things out here tonight. Why was Michael on his case all the time? Did he want to be the leader? Why was he sounding so possessive about Liz all of a sudden? That last one rankled, it brought up every protective instinct Max had.

“Come in!” Michael yelled through the door.

Max walked in to find Michael sprawled on the couch, the remains of a take out pizza spread out in its box on the floor in front of him.

“Well, if it isn’t Fearless Leader,” he began sarcastically. “Come to drop another bomb or check for survivors of your fallout?”

“Michael, that isn’t necessary. I came so we could talk this out and figure out where we need to go from here.”

“Oh, so now I’m finally getting consulted? Very noble of you!”

“Is that what this is about Michael? Do you feel like I just jump over your head and do whatever I want no matter who it hurts?”

“Lately, yeah. That is exactly how I feel, and let me tell you it’s getting old and not sitting well!”

“Michael that is not what I meant to do at all! I respect your position within our group. In a way, you’re the strongest of us all, the most equipped to handle whatever our enemies throw our way. I depend on you to be there for all of us….”

“Then how can you justify all the major life changing decisions that you have made for us lately? Marrying Liz?? I mean, what could you have been thinking! Like we don’t get enough exercise hiding from the FBI, parents, and school already. And all that crap this year about blending in and acting normal? You are a junior in high school who’s now MARRIED! How normal is that? I just can’t help wondering whether you’re thinking with your ‘power source’ there or if you really don’t know what you’re doing to us!”

Michael leaned back exhausted from his outburst and the long day he had put in. It felt good to unload and it didn’t look like Max was ready to explode as he had half expected. It would have almost been a relief if he had. Just to have a physical outlet for all of his frustration.

“You’re right Michael.” You could have pushed Michael over with a feather. Those were probably the last words he expected from Max. Fearless Leader was admitting he was right? He glanced out the window to check if pigs were flying. Nope, nothing yet.

“I didn’t consult you before doing this Michael, and I probably should have. This does affect all of us, but I want you to know that nothing could have changed what we did, for a lot of reasons. I don’t know too much about your relationship with Maria, and I’m sure you know more than you want to about what’s been happening between Liz and me for the last year. Knowing all that I think somewhere deep inside you can see that I am a better person, a better leader when I am with her. She completes me in a way I haven’t even been able to justify to myself. I need her. I feel stronger and more focused than I ever have before, and since we have joined, I can already feel my powers taking on a new dimension. It’s like they fit me now, like I can expand them at will….I’m not saying this right.”

Max raked his hand through his dark hair in frustration. “I want you to understand that I did this for the team, and for myself, but also that I couldn’t help myself. I needed to be with her and after everything we’ve been through I feel like we deserve some happiness together. She’s the only thing that I am sure of right now. I don’t always feel like I know exactly what to do about all the crazy situations we have to deal with. I’m just trying to figure out this whole ‘king of another planet, save the earth while you’re at it’ thing. Believe me when I tell you that I am taking this all seriously and I truly believe that Liz was meant to be a part of my life. Just the way I’ve always been drawn to her, from the minute I saw her! Now that she is developing powers of her own, can’t you just think of her as one of us? Can you stop challenging every decision I make and just accept that maybe, just maybe, there is a good reason for what I’m doing?”

“I’m really trying here Maxwell. But I’m sure you realize how big this is. You should have told us.” Michael was somewhat blown away by the passion in Max’s voice and the expression of earnest concern that Michael really understand what he had done. He hadn’t seen him this passionate and strong since…,well, since he’d been with Liz last year. “I actually do think that Liz is good for you, but marriage? Don’t you think that’s taking this a little far? How long do you think you can keep a secret like that? Maria knew you were back together the minute she saw you. What’s to stop Tess from figuring this out?”

“That’s part of the reason I’m here tonight Michael. I want to make sure we can agree on a plan. And Michael, we haven’t told you guys everything yet. We didn’t say anything earlier, but when Liz had her vision of Tess slacking off at the Valenti’s earlier she also saw her reaction to our marriage announcement, and it wasn’t pretty!”

“Wait Max, what announcement? You never…”

“We didn’t make it because Liz and I saw her putting a mindwarp on us all that made us forget that we’d ever gotten married, that we’d ever made the announcement. She just freaked out, and Michael, when she did that Alex just collapsed. I ran up to try to heal him and then the vision ended.”

“Oh my hell, do you think this could get any creepier? Now we don’t just have to worry about our enemies, we have to worry about one of our own making us forget anything she doesn’t like! That’s crazy! I’ve never seen her use a power like that before!”

“Yeah, but would you remember if you had? That is part of the reason we didn’t tell everyone about Liz and me. We can’t afford to let Tess in on this until we know why she’d react like she did.”

“Yeah, I totally see your point about that.” Finally! Agreement about something. Cue the confetti and fireworks!

“Michael, something else. I really want to know why you seem so protective of Liz one moment and so against her the next? Is there something going on with you that I should know about? You…you don’t have…feelings….for her, do you?” Max asked the question that he feared would tear them apart, but he had to know the answer.

“Max! NO! Feelings? You have got to be joking! I’m with Maria, and believe me, she’s all I can or want to handle right now. It’s hard to explain. I do feel protective of Liz, but I’m not sure why. When I saw her today I just felt like I needed to be there for her, like I was compelled to protect her from any harm. I don’t know! It sounds crazy when I say it like that, maybe it was just me sensing that she is becoming one of us, that she’s changing. But at the same time I think I resent her too. She’s never going to really be one of us, is she? She wasn’t created and sent down here to fight our enemies. Does she even believe in what we’re doing? Why should she care? She’s always had a nice comfy life and will she really want to stick around for all the grimy, dirty fighting that our lives will inevitably become? But you know, I’ve been thinking about that thing you said earlier, about how she gave up all of her happiness, everything really, for the chance to save the world. That was the first time I think I really ever thought about her as strong. She never said a word. She could have just said, ‘screw destiny, I can have fourteen happy years with Max and I’m taking them’, but she didn’t. That’s given me something to think over while you were gone.”

“She’s the strongest woman I know. Believe me, I’ve seen into her soul, and she does believe in what we’re doing. She was going to stay close to us, whether we were together or not, just so she could help the cause. She would never abandon any one of us, she cares too much.”

“I’m just starting to figure that out.” Michael met his friend’s eyes. “So want some pizza?” Max looked at the congealed mess of pizza left in the box and shrugged.

“Sure, why not.” He liberally dumped Tabasco on a slice and took a bite.

“Now how do you think we should handle the Tess situation?” He began, as he settled back against the couch. “We all will have to deal with her in school tomorrow.”

“Well here’s what I think…” Michael launched into his theory on how to handle Tess. He was just enormously grateful that Max had stopped by, maybe this could work after all.


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Part 11

Liz flopped back on her bed with a frustrated sigh. Her damp hair fanned around her as she squirmed restlessly. She’d been just fine, really, until Maria had left when her mom called her home to dinner. Alone, she’d unpacked her clothes and straightened her room tidily. She knew she should do the homework she’d been assigned before they cut their last class to fly to Vegas, but she couldn’t make herself sit still. She was even grateful for the distraction when her mom called out that dinner was ready.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

She remained unusually quiet throughout dinner, surreptitiously watching her parents to see how they interacted with each other. Max had given her a lot to think about. Maybe it wasn’t something that she should punish her mother for. Obviously, her parents were very much in love. But did Jeff even know that Liz was not his real daughter? Would it make a difference in how he looked at her if he did?

“What a beautiful ring!” Nancy exclaimed suddenly, breaking into Liz’s thoughts. “Where did you get it?”

“Oh, well I found a really nice jewelry shop when we had some free time last night.” Liz improvised quickly. She couldn’t meet her mother’s eyes. She’d bet money that she was the world’s worst liar. Her eyes always gave her away, they were like windows to the truth.

“That’s great honey, I’ve been looking for a ring like that to match my new outfit. Can I borrow it sometime?”

NO!!” Liz couldn’t help the outburst. No matter what finger she wore it on it was still her wedding ring. The rational part of her mind knew that her mother would never have asked if she’d known what significance the ring held for her, but she hardly felt rational at the moment. She felt hot.

“That’ll do Lizzie.” Her dad admonished softly.

Nancy looked crestfallen. She’d always imagined that when her little girl grew up they’d share make-up and jewelry. Talk about boys and school. Be best friends. So far it wasn’t working out that way.

“May I be excused?” Liz implored her father, standing up and begging with her eyes to be released.

“You’ve hardly touched your food honey. Why don’t you….?” Nancy was cut off by an impatient Liz.

“Why don’t you just leave me alone! Do you think I can’t tell when I’m hungry or not? I’ve got a ton of schoolwork to catch up on for tomorrow and all I want is to be left in peace long enough to get it done! Is that all right with you?” Liz’s eyes glistened with unshed tears.

“Honey, are you feeling all right? You look really flushed.” Nancy reached out and placed her hands on either side of Liz’s face. “Oh Liz! I think you have a fever! Why don’t you go lay down and I’ll bring you….”

“I don’t need anything from you right now but to be left alone! Can you do that?” Liz glared at her mother again before stomping away to her room.

“Oh Jeff! When did I lose her?” Jeff rose and put his arms around Nancy and held her while she cried.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Now two hours later Liz was staring at her ceiling feeling remorseful over the scene she had created. What was wrong with her? She’d never been so openly rude to her mom before, and she still hurt from the disappointment in her father’s eyes. Everything seemed heightened today. All of her emotions were swirling through her and she felt like she couldn’t settle them down. She rolled on the bed restlessly.

Where was Max? If only he would come over, he could help her feel better. Help? What a joke! She needed him to hold her, she physically ached for his arms to be around her, and her mom was right, she did have a fever. And it was getting worse.

She’d always laughed at the idea of a cold shower, never taking the concept literally. Tonight she’d been so hot and achy for Max that the thought of a cold shower was actually tempting, so she’d tried it. The water had washed over her and cooled her temporarily. Maybe there was something to this! She smiled softly to herself, proud to have solved her dilemma. Proud, that is, until she lathered a sponge with soap and began rubbing it over her body. Her eyes closed and her neck arched back, a low growl escaping her lips. The sponge took long, slow strokes down her body and her breathing quickened, imagining Max was holding it.

She moved the cleanser slowly over her breasts, circling the sensitive nipples until they peaked rigidly under her ministrations. Her eyes opened and she looked down at herself. Ahhhhh! What was wrong with her? Couldn’t she survive one night without him? She turned angrily in the shower and quickly scrubbed and shaved her body. She realized that even the cold shower hadn’t lessened her temperature.

So now as she rolled onto her back again to stare at the ceiling she only had one thought. Where is Max??

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Max chuckled conspiratorially with Isabel and his dad as they all secretly disposed of the shrimp flauta flambé that his mother had fixed especially for her children’s return. It had become a game between the three of them to find the most creative ways to hide the evidence of Diane’s culinary disasters. Isabel won tonight, hands down. While her mother was distracted by a comment from her husband, Isabel removed a baggie from her pocket and smoothly transferred the contents from her plate. She had intended on hiding it down her boot and then suggesting a walk with Max after dinner, but Diane ducked under the table just then to pick up a dropped fork. Looking helplessly at her father and brother, the evidence in her hand, she thought quickly and dropped it down her shirt. Max almost choked on his water at the expression on Isabel’s face and her dad couldn’t hold back a loud chuckle.

“What’d I miss?” Diane glanced from father to son, eyebrows raised in inquiry.

”Nothing Mom,” Isabel interjected quickly. “Dinner was a masterpiece, as usual! Excuse me for a moment and then I’ll come back and help you clean up okay?”

Diane nodded, still looking suspiciously at the two men in her life. They thought she didn’t know what they did each evening when she tried out a new recipe. How could she not know? She had to eat it too! One day they’d break down and tell her the truth about her cooking, but until then, well…this was too much fun! The look on Isabel’s face! Priceless!! She hoped briefly that the baggie didn’t leak, laundry was not her favorite chore!

“Okay guys, you clear the table and I’ll get the dishes started, Isabel can dry when she gets back.”

The guys stood up, eager for dinner to be over, they’d be raiding the kitchen later for something edible.

Max swayed when he stood and had to grip the table hard.

“Are you all right?” Diane asked with concern.

“Um, yeah Mom. I must of stood up too fast.”

“Oh, well just be careful.”

“Yeah Mom.” Max took several deep breaths. His temperature was rising fast. He could feel his skin flushing and beads of sweat at his hairline. The dizziness passed momentarily and he helped to clear the table as quickly as he could.

“There you go Mom. Do you need anything else before I get to my homework?”

“You still have homework? You’d better get busy! Tell Isabel that she doesn’t have to help clean up tonight, I’d rather you two get your work done.”

“Okay Mom. I think I’ll just go to bed when I’m finished. That trip really wiped me out.”

Diane looked at her son more closely. He did look wiped out, his skin was flushed and his eyes were glazed.

“You’re not coming down with something are you?”

“No, no Mom. I think I’m just tired, need some rest.”

“All right, good night honey,” she leaned in to give him a kiss.

As he made his way to his room his steps grew heavier and heavier. Something was not right.

“Max! You look awful! What’s going on?” Isabel grabbed his arm and steered him to her room. He sat down heavily on her bed.

“I don’t know Is,” he tried to clear his head so he could figure out what was happening. He felt so restless and …horny?

“Something like this happened in Vegas too, right before we left. Liz and I both ran a fever and ….”

“And what? How’d you get rid of it?”

“I …we…well, um…”

“Out with it already! Tell me what we need to do!” Isabel threw up her hands in exasperation. Nothing like this had happened since Michael got so sick last year. Maybe she should call Michael to go get the healing stones.

“We made love.” Max couldn’t meet her eyes.

Isabel sat back in stunned surprise before smacking him across the back with a pillow from her bed.

“Are you telling me that I was worried sick over you because you’re horny? Go, go!!! Get out of my room!” She grabbed his arm and hauled him to her door, closing it firmly in his face. “I really did not need to know that about my brother,” she muttered to herself.

Max closed his bedroom door behind him. It was just getting worse. He peeled off his shirt and pants and pulled on some shorts. He was so restless that he decided to start his nightly workout a little early. He began a series of push ups and sit ups, before moving to the door to install the bar he used for chin ups. Just as he moved to place the bar in its brackets he realized that maybe he was not the only one suffering. Maybe Liz was passed out on her floor and needed him again or maybe….

He grabbed a T-shirt and leaped out his window. Jumping in the Jeep all he could think about was Liz and being with her. Hang on baby, I’m on my way!

Taking the fire escape to her balcony he leaped over the rail and ran to her window. The closer he got to her, the more he knew he had made the right decision. Liz needed him just as much as he needed her.

His powers unlocked her window and he leaped through. Liz sat up in bed quickly, a breathtaking sight in just a tank top and underwear.

“You came,” she breathed out contentedly holding out her arms.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Ten minutes later

Michael screeched his motorcycle to a stop outside Liz’s balcony and wiped his brow. Something strange was going on here and he didn’t know why he had been drawn to come here. The fever that had gradually come over him for the last hour seemed to be lessening. He shook his head, maybe he just needed to take a drive on his motorcycle. He turned back around and drove through the streets of Roswell for a while.


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Part 12

Max moved into Liz’s arms as if in a trance. Their eyes locked together and she immediately began pulling up the edges of his shirt. He raised his arms helpfully and then ran his hands down her sides to return the favor. Their lips met and immediately began to move urgently deeper, tongues dueled for dominance and Liz pulled Max over the top of her as she lay back on her bed.

Max’s hands worked busily to remove her underwear as he kissed his way down her belly, pausing to lick and suck her sweet skin. Liz moaned out loud and her body bucked up in invitation.

Knock, knock, knock.

Without raising his head from his task, Max immediately raised his hand to the door and locked it firmly, just as the knob began to rattle.

“Liz honey? Why is this door locked?”

“I’m not wearing any clothes right now Mother, I just got out of the shower!” True enough, Liz thought.

“Well I thought I heard you groan or something, are you in pain? Is it that fever? I’ll call the doctor…”

NO Mom!” Liz called out desperately, “I don’t need the doctor. I’m just really frustrated right now!” Max bit the sensitive skin at her navel and she jumped, threading her fingers through his hair.

“I could help you with your homework if that’s what’s bothering you,” Nancy offered helpfully.

“This is something that I have to figure out for myself Mom, but thanks for offering.”

“All right, but you be sure to go straight to bed when you’re finished. I don’t want you getting sick and missing school.”

“I promise I’ll go right to bed. Night Mom!” Liz muffled a giggle as the vibrations of Max’s laughter tickled the skin of her inner thighs. They could hear Nancy’s footsteps fading down the hall. At least she hadn’t really lied to her, she was frustrated and definitely needed to go straight to bed. Her breath rasped in through her lungs as Max’s tongue stroked a sensitive area. Her fingers curled in his hair and she was so ready for him that she exploded immediately.

Max licked and suckled his way back up her body to claim her mouth in a deep kiss.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he gasped out before resuming the kiss.

“Me either,” she responded as she spread her legs further and guided him into her. The first plunge wrought sighs of satisfaction from both of them and as Max set a desperate rhythm Liz matched his pace, urging him faster, harder, deeper.

As their tongues and bodies mated wildly, Liz ran her hands over the sweat slickened skin of her mate. He was the sexiest man alive. She was so lucky he had chosen her. Married her. Wow! Just that one thought sent her over the edge again and he quickly followed. As their bodies arched together in pleasure, they shared another vision.

The man was running to the cave with a box cradled protectively in his hands. Entering the cave he placed the healing stones in their matching slots in the cave wall and tapped out a rapid sequence against them. A hole slid open and he inserted the box and quickly removed the stones. The hole slid closed and the man turned. It was Jeffrey Parker.

Max and Liz gasped at images as they flashed before them. Max rolled to the side cradling Liz close.

“What could that mean?” he questioned aloud.

“I have no idea! Our visions have always been of true past or future events. But I can’t imagine what my father had to do with all of you! I can’t exactly just go right up and ask him either.” Liz was despondent. Was her father keeping secrets from her too?

“We’ll tell everyone in the meeting tomorrow after school, and then I think we should go out to the cave and see what’s in the box,” Max stated firmly. It was good to have a plan.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Liz adjusted herself more comfortably against his lean length. She ran her hands down his chest, just because she could, and it gave her just as much pleasure as it did him. “What are you doing here Max? How did you know….?” She let the question trail off and glanced at him inquisitively.

“It was the same as last night. I got a fever and needed to be with you. It was impossible to ignore. I was drawn to you, and then I started to think that maybe you were being affected just as much.”

Liz kissed him to erase the worried frown that marred his face.

“I had a fever too,” she revealed softly, “and all I could think about was you. Touching you. Being with you. Making love with you.” She punctuated each remark with a kiss to his shoulder, neck, chest.

“What does all this mean? Have I transferred something to you that’s addictive? Or are we just being typical teenagers? We’ve obviously both never been with anyone else, is this what happens to everyone? Will it fade away over time or…?”

“I don’t know Max. I don’t think it’s typical teenage hormones though. It’s too strong. I hope it does fade, but just because it would be nicer for us to be able to choose the time and place of our joining, not be pushed together out of necessity. Future Max never said anything about this, or that it was harmful or anything, you’d think he would have mentioned it, right?” She looked at Max hopefully.

“I think I would have told you if I had harmed you in any way. And he did say we were happy for fourteen years right?” Liz nodded.

“So it won’t kill us. Maybe we should just track it for awhile and see if the severity lessens over time.”

Liz agreed, already planning a chart in her mind. Maybe color coding….

“I love you,” Max interrupted her musings, “but I’ve still got to get my schoolwork done tonight, and maybe I’ll be able to sleep.”

The way he said it concerned Liz.

“Haven’t you been sleeping well?”

“Sometimes I have insomnia is all.” He avoided her eyes.

She took his chin in her hand. “Is that all?” she questioned sharply, not letting his eyes move away from hers.

“Well,” he squirmed in discomfort at the topic, “sometimes I have nightmares, but I’m dealing with it.”

“Nightmares? About what?” Max looked down and pulled away to reach for his clothes. “Oh.” She murmured softly as she realized intuitively what it was. The White Room. He hadn’t been able to let it go yet. She reached out her arms to him and pulled him into a hug. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Sometime. But not now, is that okay Liz?” His eyes searched hers to see if she was hurt by his response.

“Of course we can talk about it later! Just know that I’m here for you when you’re ready all right?”

Max nodded and pulled on the rest of his clothes. He swooped her into his arms and gave her one more kiss to last the night.

“See you tomorrow. I’ll pick you up okay?” He set her down as Liz nodded. Tomorrow was so far away!

But it came sooner than she would have thought.


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Authors Warning: This section contains scenes that involve non-consensual sexual contact between two males. If you are offended by such things please skip this section. It was necessary to establish a future plot point, but, if requested by anyone who wishes to skip this part, I will post a PG version of just the highlights so that you will not be lost in future parts. This is DEFINITELY NC17. If you are under 18 turn back now.

Part 13

Run, run, run!

Liz bolted upright in her bed. She had an overwhelming impulse to get up and goYrunning? She shook her head and tried to relax back into her pillows. It was only 4:47am for goodness sakes! The compulsion to get moving would not leave her. Reluctantly she crawled from the warm cocoon of her bed and went into the bathroom.

Run, go, run!!

The impulse grew stronger and she began to move faster, barely taking time to brush her teeth, she dragged her hair back into a ponytail and pulled on a pair of form fitting running pants. Leaving her red tank top on she grabbed a sweatshirt and wrapped it around her waist as she stuffed her feet into her running shoes. Exiting through her window she went quickly down the fire escape and took off running through the streets of Roswell.

She set a steady rhythm for herself. She had begun running last year when it seemed that she was doing so much of it to save her life. It seemed like a good idea to be able to outrun her enemies. It also gave her time to think and sift through the mess that her life had become since last May when she had learned Max=s destiny and had forced herself to walk away from him so that he could fulfill it. Step, step, step. Usually she ran at the track after school on the days she didn’t have to go straight to work, but she had never had this urge to run through the dark streets of Roswell before dawn.

Her feet seemed to know where she was going and she ran steadily and strongly into one of the nicer neighborhoods.

Never again! Never again!

This was getting scary! What was happening? Liz couldn’t make herself stop. What did this voice in her head mean? Never again what? The voice was familiar but not. Almost scared, definitely focused, and vaguely harsh. Could it be…Max! It was Max! She ran faster, he must need her if he was reaching out through their new connection like that! Her feet led her around one final corner just as Max raced by her from another direction. He hadn’t even seen her! She sprinted to catch up with him and reached her hand out and grabbed his shoulder.


Her query ended in a scream as Max turned and flung her back eight feet into a neighbor’s rose bush.

“Never again!” He yelled out harshly as his shield came up in front of him.

“MaxYit’s me Liz!” And she could see the moment recognition dawned over his face and his shield came down. He was by her side the next instant, helping her to her feet, the apologies flowing almost faster than he could say them.

“Oh my God! Liz! I thought you were…I’m so sorry! I didn’t know it was you! Are you hurt? I don=t know what…”

“I’m fine Max! I’m okay! Now just what is going on here? Why are you out here running alone in the dark? Is someone after you? Do we need to gather the rest of the group?”

“No. No! I’m fine. I go running every morning. Please Liz tell me I didn’t hurt you!”

“It’s just a few scratches Max. I’ll be fine.”

« Let me see. » He gently took her arms and assessed the long ugly scratches that the thorny rosebush and gouged into her delicate skin. “Oh Liz! Let me heal those!”

“No! Max we’re right out in the open, anyone could see! Let’s go back to your house and you are going to tell me exactly what is going on with you!” She tugged her arms free and took off running toward his house knowing he would follow.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Diane Evans was having a terrible time getting back to sleep. She had thought she heard a noise about an hour ago and hadn’t slept since. Finally she gave in to the urge to get up and check on her children. First she peeked in on Isabel since her room was the closest. Seeing her daughter curled safely on her side and tucked securely under the covers she quietly closed the door and proceeded to Max’s room. Max, what is going on with you?

She didn’t know what to do with him anymore. She knew that something was bothering him, but he would never talk about it with her. She had tried to be understanding and patient, had even sent him to a therapist thinking that maybe it would be easier for him to share things with a stranger, but nothing seemed to really help. He was always so tired looking in the mornings and it seemed like he had to make an effort to act normal around everyone, like it was forced.

She shook her head as she slowly turned the knob of his bedroom door. Just as she had the door open a couple inches she was shocked to see him crawling in his bedroom window. Her shock was compounded when he turned back to the window and helpedYLiz Parker? over the sill after him.

“Okay Max tell me what is going on with you?” Liz demanded softly.

Diane inhaled sharply. That was exactly the question she had wanted the answer to for almost a year! She swallowed back her unease at the thought of eavesdropping on her child and settled back to listen to his response.

“Liz, first just let me…” he took her arms in his hands and Liz could feel him gathering his energy to heal her scratches. He ran his hands over them and they disappeared instantly.

Diane’s eyes widened, her son had just healed Liz Parker!

“Thank you Max, that feels much better. Now talk to me!” Liz implored him urgently.

“Liz this isn’t something that I’ve been able to talk to anyone about before, you don=t need to hear all the ugly…”

“Max! I am your wife! For better or worse and I meant that when we spoke our vows! If something is upsetting you to the point that you don’t even recognize me then I need to know what it is!”

Max flinched at her statement.

“Sit down Liz.” He gestured to the bed.

Liz arranged the pillows against the wall and leaned back against them drawing Max down to sit beside her.

“This is about the White Room isn’t it?” Max=s expression gave her the answer. “Are you saying that you haven’t ever talked to Isabel or Michael or…or Tess about what happened to you? How could you keep that kind of thing bottled up inside you for almost a year?”

“I kept thinking that I would get over it eventually, and we’ve had so much going on and I had to be strong! Be a king! They needed to look up to me, not see me as some scared, weak little…”

His voice trailed off in misery.

“When you were seeing that therapist last fall did you ever try to tell him what was going on inside you?”

“No! Liz, what was I going to say? Gee Mr. Therapist I’m an alien from a planet far, far away and I’m having trouble working through my issues since the Alien Hunting Unit of the FBI captured me and tortured me for two days last May just before I discovered my destiny is to lead my alien squad to save the Earth and my home planet from evil aliens who have been trying to kill us for the last few months. Oh yeah, and I have woken up every morning since with terrible nightmares of the White Room and what they did…”

“Okay! I get it! You could never tell him stuff like that. You’ve had nightmares every night?” She caressed his cheek tenderly, looking into his anguished eyes.

He slowly nodded. “I keep thinking, if I had only been faster, stronger, then they would never have caught me! And every night I work out until I=m exhausted enough to sleep thinking maybe tonight it won’t happen again, maybe I’ll get to wake up like a normal person and not have fear choking me, and every morning I wake up trying to hold back the screams so my family doesn’t find out what a mess I am, and I force myself to be brave enough to go out in the dark alone and run. I just keep running faster and faster and I just chant in my head Never again! Never again! Because I will not go back there again! It would kill me, and I’d rather be dead than go through that again!” He finished on a sob, unable to meet her eyes, and Liz gathered him close so she could cradle his head to her chest.

“You need to show me what happened to you there.” Max began to shake in her arms.

“Believe me, you don=t want to see it, and I don=t want to expose you to…”

“Show me” She insisted emphatically.

He reached out his hand for hers and when they had made the connection he struggled to open that part of himself that he kept locked away, that only came out when his guard was down in sleep. He closed his eyes in concentration and buried his head against her body. He could not look at her while these memories were pouring over him.

Liz gasped in surprise. The intensity of their connection combined with the strength of Max’s memories to cause an actual image to appear in front of her in the room. It played before her like some sick movie.

Max running from the FBI agents until they overcame him.

The sharp prick of a needle in his arm and the sudden sense of disorientation and weakness that swept over him.

Being forced face down on a gurney and transported in a van to a strange location.

The sharp taste of fear in his mouth as they wheeled him into the White Room.

The utter confusion when they left him there with no clue of what was to come.

His futile struggle against the three men who came in and stripped him of his clothes.

He was so weak, so weak!

They hauled him up onto a narrow bed and strapped his hands to the sides and his ankles to the bottom corners. His powers didn’t work and his body wasn’t strong enough! His fear built by leaping degrees when another man came in. This one was in a full decontamination suit and he couldn’t see who it was.

The man proceeded to take samples of skin, saliva, sweat, stool, and blood. These were all things that Max expected. They had all imagined the worst if one of them should be captured. He thought he knew what to expect, but what came next had never even entered his worst nightmares.

“Max, you=re going to love this!” The man’s soft voice was vaguely familiar and he only later realized that it was Agent Pierce. Max watched apprehensively while Pierce removed the glove from his right hand and stroked it down Max’s hip. Max leaped up as far as he could in his restraints. “NO!!!!

“Now Max relax, you’re really going to enjoy this and it’s the only way to get the other sample I need! Now lay back like a good alien and let me do this or I’ll call the other men back in here to hold you down and watch.” Pierce’s tone started out soft and reasonable and ended on a menacing note.

Max just stared at him in horror and knew that Pierce would get what he wanted. He lay back and shuddered when he felt Pierce wrap his hand around his cock and stroke it.

He tried to make his mind retreat back so that he wouldn’t be conscious of what was happening to his body, but Pierce kept up a running stream of conversation about how much he was going to enjoy this and how responsive his body was to his touch. The sound of his voice kept pulling him back from his retreat and he was ashamed and disgusted with himself when his body betrayed him with its natural reaction to a direct stimulus. “You can pretend I’m your pretty girlfriend Liz if you want.” Pierce intoned gently while stroking Max roughly.

“You animal!! Don=t ever say her name!” Max leaped up again in a rage.

“I’ll call in the men if you don=t lay back right now!” Pierce threatened.

Max lay back down, weak from the energy he had expended with his protest. As Pierce continued the manipulation of his body Max realized that there are things worse than death. It was at this point that he gave up and actively willed himself to die. But even that was out of his control and Max’s seed finally erupted into a specimen jar that Pierce had ready.

As he felt himself spilling his seed Max could not stop the sob in his throat or the tears from pouring down his face.

“Interesting, it’s almost like you have human emotions.” Pierce noted impartially. He casually picked up another specimen jar and took a sample of the tears.

Max took a deep breath and promised himself that he would not voluntarily give up any more of himself to this monster. That promise was immediately broken at Pierce’s next statement.

Running his bare hand casually down Max’s chest and leaning close to his ear so that only he could hear, he softly caressed a nipple and said evilly, “I told you that you’d like it, and you’re going to be here for years! The nights are long and I’ve got so much to teach you!”

Max gagged and began to choke on his vomit. Pierce immediately pushed him to a sitting position and slid his hand tenderly up Max’s back to support his neck, his other hand holding a basin to contain the mess. When the retching subsided he gently eased Max onto his back again and cleaned his face with a warm cloth. He beamed at Max approvingly. “I didn’t think we=d get a vomit sample until we really got started!”

They hadn’t even started yet? They’d raped his body and soul what more could they take from him? He was about to find out.

Pierce left him there naked and strapped to the bed for what seemed like hours. Max knew that this was just to humiliate and degrade him and it worked. He was almost pitifully grateful when a man came in later and released him from the restraints after giving him another shot and then handed him some scrubs to put on. He leaped into the clothes faster than he thought he was capable of.

“You’ve seen most of the rest,” Max interjected to Liz in a voice devoid of any real emotion.

He allowed the images of the torture that followed to flow quickly through the connection.

The electric shock, the endless interrogation, the ice baths, the drugs.

And all through this Liz could sense that he had hung on to her. His image of her and the purity of their love had given him strength to persevere and the will to survive. He endured everything that came after for the promise of being with her, of being cleansed by her and loved by her. He had to be strong to be worthy of her.

Shaken by all that she had seen Liz let out a shuddering breath and broke the connection. The images that had flooded the room were gone abruptly and Liz sighed with relief. Guilt rushed through her as she realized that she had walked away from him right after he had learned his destiny, when he had needed her the most.

“I’ve only had two nights without the nightmares since it happened. One was the night you rescued me and I slept in your arms, and the other was the night before last when you married me and we made love and I fell asleep wrapped up in you. I…I had hoped that maybe now that we are together that the nightmares were gone, but last night…”

He still couldn’t meet her eyes. Liz gently took his face in her hands and turned it to look at her. Tears streamed down both of their faces and she gently began placing soft kisses over his cheeks and eyes murmuring her love and reassurance over and over.

Max groaned and pulled her in closer. His lips sought hers hungrily and his tongue gently parted them. Her love and acceptance washed over him in waves, and he knew it was real! She really didn’t think of him as weak and shameful, but as beautiful and strong. Max finally let go of his guilt and rage and poured all of his love into their kiss. His hands began to remove her top as hers moved to strip him of his.

Diane gently eased the door closed and leaned back against the wall. She had collapsed to her knees at the images that had assailed her. There was so much to process! Max! Her little boy was an alien? Not only that but he was a king? And all those times he had been missing last year he had been in mortal danger, and even tortured and abused and she had never known! Guilt washed over her. Shouldn’t she have tried harder to figure out what was wrong with her son? He had carried that around for so long! And what was this about he and Liz being married! My God! Her son was a married man and she hadn’t even known they were dating! He was in his room right now making love to his wife! Diane got up on shaky legs when she began to hear soft moans through the door. She vaguely felt that she should stop what was happening, but after what she had just seen, what her son had survived without aide or comfort, how could she ever deny him the only comfort and solace he had been able to find for the last year!

Plans for how to let him know that she knew and how to keep Liz close to Max so the nightmares would stop began rushing through her head as she started down the hall on shaky legs to her room.


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Part 14

They came together slowly, each touch an affirmation of love, each caress a promise to always be there for each other. They shared long slow kisses and murmured words of love and passion. And when they finally joined, the connection spiraled around them expanding to bind body, heart, and soul.

When their breathing slowed, they lay twined in each other’s arms, wrecked from the avalanche of emotions and exertion they had endured that morning. Liz cradled Max’s head to her chest as slow tears trailed over his cheeks and she rocked him gently back and forth. His grief and pain was released from the bond they shared as her support and comforting love rushed through to buoy him. Never had he felt such complete acceptance of himself. The awesome amount of shame and guilt that he had carried for so long, once shared, seemed so much lighter. The past was over, never to be repeated, and he lay in the loving arms of his future.

Isabel walked by Max’s door on her way to the kitchen and thought she heard muffled crying. Curious, she eased the door open and stood there shocked at the sight that greeted her eyes. Liz’s head was bent over Max, her lips in his hair, as she gently rocked his crying form. Both were completely unclothed and absolutely oblivious to her interruption. Isabel was washed over with the emotions that reverberated through the room. She had interrupted an intensely private moment and she eased the door closed again quickly.

What was wrong with Max? Something had to be really wrong for cool-headed Max to take a chance of getting caught like that in their own house. What if their mother had walked in? Isabel quickened her pace to distract her mother away from Max’s room in case she had any plans on waking him early.

“Good morning Mom! You’re up pretty early. Is that a new robe? What’re you doing up?” Isabel inquired too brightly. Tone it down a notch girl, she thought to herself, you’ll make her suspicious for sure!

Diane turned at her daughter’s voice and embraced her in a fierce hug, distracted enough by her own thoughts that she didn’t notice Isabel’s flustered tone.

“Gee Mom! It’s nice to see you too!” Isabel eased back a bit so she could breathe better. “Is something wrong?” Now worried, Isabel stepped back from her mother to look in her face. Diane appeared strained and preoccupied. Had she found Max and not said anything? No. Mom would have booted Liz out in a heartbeat and made Max apologize to her parents for corrupting there daughter. Maybe she knew the reason for Max’s grief.

“Did someone die or something?” she asked hesitantly.

“Oh no dear!” Diane exclaimed. “I just really missed the two of you while you were out of town and I got all sentimental thinking about next year being your last year of school and then you’ll both be gone to college. You two are growing up so fast!” Diane was improvising, but her words were all too true. Her children were growing up faster than they should.

As she looked at her daughter she was struck by the thought that maybe she was an alien too! How was this possible? Diane stroked her hands down Isabel’s cheeks and looked at her with new eyes. All those times it seemed that Isabel wanted to tell her something, all the evasions about Max and Isabel’s origins before they were found on the road. It all came together that these two had never felt they could share their unique heritage. And it hurt that they felt they needed to keep it from her. She stood up straighter. She knew now, and maybe she could have Isabel help her with her plan to aid Max.

“Honey, what are you doing after school today? I thought maybe we could spend some time together.”

“Well, right after school a group of us are meeting over at Michael’s for awhile, and I’m not sure how long we’ll be. Can we get together later?”

“Sure honey, after dinner sometime?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll grab some dinner before we come home.” Isabel tried not to make it obvious that they preferred to eat elsewhere.

“Will Max and Liz be over there with you?”

Isabel looked up sharply at her mother, making Diane realize that she wasn’t supposed to know that Max and Liz were back together and she should not have paired their names like that.

“And Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Tess?” she tacked on quickly.

Isabel still looked a little suspicious, but answered anyway.

“No. Kyle and Tess are grounded for the week and I think that Alex has some computer project he’s researching today, but the rest of us will be there. So what’s for breakfast?” Isabel opened the fridge and hoped her mom would accept the change of subject.

“Well, I haven’t really decided yet. I was thinking maybe papaya kiwi pancakes. I saw a recipe on the cooking channel the other day and I think I remember how to do it.”

Isabel missed the twinkle in her mother’s eyes and tried not to gag at the thought of that odd combination.

“You know, I’ve got a little extra time this morning, why don’t you sit down and drink your coffee and I’ll fix you some waffles for breakfast Mom?”

“Oh, if it isn’t any trouble dear, that would be lovely.”

“Believe me Mom, it’s no trouble at all!” She began rooting through the cupboards, thinking that she was saving both Max from discovery, and herself from food poisoning at the same time.

Her mom sat and watched her daughter moving through the kitchen. They would definitely get a few things straight after dinner.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max sat up slowly, it felt odd to leave Liz’s arms after what they had shared.

“What time is it?” He inquired, suddenly thinking that the sun was awfully bright.

“It’s almost seven,” Liz answered after glancing around for his alarm clock. “We need to get ready for school, and I need to get back home right away.”

“Liz…I….Thank you!” Max looked in her eyes and saw only understanding and love. They reached out and embraced tightly one last time. Each moved away to search out their clothes, moving quicker when they heard cupboards banging closed in the kitchen.

Liz stopped with one foot over the window sill and turned back to blow Max a kiss.

“I’ll see you in school okay?”

“Yeah. Oh! That reminds me! Michael and I talked about what to do about Tess in school today. I’ll talk to Isabel this morning and he’ll talk to Maria before school. Everyone is going to be on the lookout for Tess for the next little while to figure out what her plan is and to distract her from us. We’ll take rotations monitoring her and report back to us with any unusual activity. We’ve compared everyone’s schedules so we know who’ll take what shifts while we’re in school, and they’ll make sure they warn us if she’s coming our way when we’re together.”

“That’s a good plan you two came up with.” Liz sounded impressed.

“Actually, Michael thought up most of it.” Max admitted.

“Good, let’s see how it works today and we can fine tune any kinks at our meeting at 3.”

“It’s going to seem like such a long day if I can’t touch you or hold you like I want to.” Max’s eyes were sad at the thought.

“It’s just for a while, and then we can be together always!” Liz reassured both him and herself, hoping it was true.

Max took her hand and kissed her wedding ring.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


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Part 15

Max entered the kitchen grinning. Fresh from his shower, he felt cleansed and lighter of spirit than he had in ages.

“Mmm...something smells good!” he complimented, as the smell of waffles drifted to him. He walked to where Isabel stood by the sink. He leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. “We need to talk on the way to school,” he whispered for only her ears.

“Yes we do,” Isabel agreed, staring at her brother with puzzlement. How had he gone from abject misery to joyful happiness in so short a span of time?

Max took a plate and went to the table. Diane had been unable to take her eyes off her son. Looking at him now, so happy and carefree, made what she had seen before almost unreal. How had he been able to endure in silence for so long? His happiness strengthened her resolve to make sure Liz became a permanent part of his everyday life.

Max leaned down to give his mom a good morning kiss as well. He was surprised when she stood and took him in a fierce hug, reluctant to let him go. He hugged her back, wondering what was wrong. He shot a look over Diane’s shoulder to Isabel. She walked over toward them.

“Mom’s started thinking that we’re growing up too fast and leaving the nest soon,” she clarified for Max.

He kissed his mom’s cheek again and held her back from him, “You still have us for another year and a half! You’re sure to be sick of us by then,” he joked.

“I will always love you and want what’s best for you, you know that, right?” Diane startled both of her children with the intensity of her question.

“We know that Mom,” Isabel answered first.

“We love you too,” Max added, his smile dimming, as he wondered if maybe something else was wrong.

Diane realized that she was over the top with her actions this morning and forced herself to step away from Max.

“Oh, listen to me! I’m acting like such a mother hen today. Eat! Eat! You two need to get ready for school. I’ll start cleaning up.” She busied herself around the kitchen, restraining herself from too many furtive glances at Max.

Max and Isabel quickly ate and finished getting ready for school.

In the Jeep, on the way to school, Max filled Isabel in on the plan to keep track of Tess.

“You have her in first and third period, so just pay attention to what she says and does, and let us know if anything seems unusual. Also, if you see her coming when Liz and I are together, try to give us a warning so we don’t appear too close.”

“Speaking of too close, just what was Liz doing in your room this morning Max? You need to be way more careful than that! What if Mom had been the one to walk in this morning instead of me?”

“You…you walked in on us this morning? What did you see?” Max couldn’t even look at her. His face flushed red with embarrassment at any of the possibilities of what she could have witnessed.

“Don’t worry Max, I wasn’t traumatized for life or anything, although I think it’s pretty obvious what you had been doing. I just saw Liz holding you and both of you were crying. Is there something wrong that I should know about?” She held her breath, truly hoping he would share it with her.

“That’s kinda private Iz, between Liz and me for now, okay?” A wave of relief rushed through him, until he realized that neither he nor Liz had been wearing any clothes at the time Iz had walked in. Another flush stained his face. He may never be able to look her in the eye again!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Michael woke up groggy, feeling like he hadn’t gotten any rest. Strange dreams had plagued him, but now seemed just out of reach. It felt like he’d been running all night. He stretched and got reluctantly out of bed to head for the shower. He needed to get ready fast if he wanted to see Maria before school. His steps quickened at the thought of seeing her. She always got his blood pumping, in both frustration and desire. At least she was never boring. He always had a hard time trying to reason out his feelings for her. In a way he knew it was dangerous to get too close, but he had to fight himself to remain aloof. Maria seemed to understand his conflict. Most of the time.

He revved his motorcycle and took off for Maria’s. He pulled in behind her just as she was backing out of her driveway. She hit the brakes, barely missing a collision.

Maria slammed out of her car and stalked over to Michael, getting right in his face.

“Just what was that stunt all about? Don’t you think I have enough trouble keeping Mom’s car in one piece without you endangering your life with a stunt like that?”

Ahh…sweet Maria! He couldn’t suppress the small grin before she saw it, causing the predictable smack to his upper arm. Ow! The girl had swing on her, that’s for sure!

“We need to discuss our plan regarding Tess,” he barked out like a challenge.

“Don’t you think you could have called to say you were coming over? Is this going to make us late to class, because some of us are trying to graduate eventually you know.” She couldn’t help the sarcasm dripping from her tone, it came so naturally in conversation with Michael, and really, he wouldn’t expect any less of her.

“I just wanted to fill you in on what Max and I came up with last night.”

“Oh, now you and Max are having secret meetings and making plans for all the rest of us?” Maria really hated being out of the loop.

“No! We’re not having secret meetings. Max just came over to talk and we thought it would be a good idea to have a plan before we all went to school, but if you’re not interested then we’ll just leave you out.” He turned as if to leave, and as he predicted Maria spun him back around.

Those were fighting words, of course. “There is no way you are leaving me out of anything Michael! Now what’s the plan, maybe I can make it better.”

Rolling his eyes, he told her what they had come up with.

“You have Tess in 6th and 7th period, so that’s your assignment, and keep a lookout for Tess when you’re with Liz and Max together, so they don’t do anything stupid in front of her.”

“Yeah, they seem a little out of control when they’re together. Maybe it’s just euphoria from finally getting together.”

“Yeah, they seem to be pretty close. Did Liz share the details last night?” Maria and him had always been able to talk comfortably about their friends lives.

“She didn’t want to get into details, but I pried a few things out of her. Apparently it was pretty explosive!”

“Really? Not literally I hope.”

“No Michael of course not!” Maria snorted. “But I wouldn’t put it past them,” she added upon further reflection.

“Wanna follow me to school? We can walk in together.” Maria asked, trying not to act like she cared what his answer was.


Her heart made a tiny leap as she got into her car.


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Part 16

Max and Isabel walked toward Liz’s locker to confer with her briefly before class. Max saw Michael and Maria with their heads together, coming toward them down the hall. They snapped apart, looking slightly guilty, when Maria spotted Max. Her face flushed lightly and Michael regarded Max with a new respect. Maria had given him all the details that she had been able to pry out of Liz and, while not graphic, they made him look at Max in a new way.

“Hey Max, how’s it going?” Maria asked with interest. “Where’s Liz?” She looked behind him, as if expecting Liz would pop out any second.

“We’re heading to her locker to see her now,” Max answered with an amused grin.

“Well aren’t you cheerful this morning!” Maria was happy to see the smile on Max’s face.

“Max! Max! Wait up!” Tess wound her way through the throngs of teenagers milling in the halls.

Everyone looked at each other and unconsciously straightened their shoulders. The battle was about to begin, ready or not.

“Oh, hi everyone.” Tess finally noticed the others surrounding Max. She turned back to him and took his arm. “You would not believe the night we had last night! Jim made us work until way after dark, but we finally convinced him to let us stop long enough to eat, and then I just charmed him into letting us off the hook for the rest of the night!” She flashed him a smile and tried to lead him away from the others.

“Yeah, I heard you were grounded for the whole week, that’s too bad.” Max tried to act appropriately sympathetic.

“We’ll see about that.” Tess said under her breath, just loud enough for Max to hear.

Max felt a tingle in his connection to Liz and knew she was approaching. He steered Tess back to the group.

“Liz!” Maria exclaimed when she caught sight of her friend, “How’s it going? You feeling okay today?”

“Yeah,” Liz answered with a small smile for Max, “I feel great.” Liz turned to Maria and tried not to look at Max again. Tess was clinging to his arm and staring at her strangely and she didn’t want to make her suspicious this early in the game.

“Sooo.. did you get your homework done?” Maria asked innocently.

“Most of it. I think I better finish up my science paper in the library before class starts.” She opened her locker and stuffed in her backpack, removing the items she needed for her science paper and first period. “Well, I guess I’ll just go…”

“See you later Liz,” Tess sang out. “So Max, I was thinking that maybe you and I could get together after class to work on your memory retrieval, what do you think? Three o’clock at your place?”

“I thought you were grounded Tess. And I’ve already made plans with Michael after school, so some other time okay?” Max removed his arm from her grip, trying to make it look like he had to adjust his backpack. “Well, I’ve got to finish up some homework too, so I guess I’ll get going.”

“I can help you with that!” Tess piped up.

“It’s advanced chemistry Tess, so I’m on my own. See you everyone!” He made his escape in the opposite direction that Liz had taken. The gang all noted Tess’ dejected posture as she stared after him.

Maria tried to chat with Tess, an almost impossible task given her intense dislike for the girl. Isabel noted her bumbling attempt at small talk and stepped in smoothly to assist.

“I can’t believe Jim is treating you and Kyle like that! We all did it. You really got the raw end of the deal Tess.”

“Tell me about it! I’ve never had to work so hard in my life! I’m actually sore from building that damn room! Not that it won’t be nice to have my own room and quit having to listen to Kyle gripe about sleeping on the couch!” Isabel steered her down the hall to her locker.

Maria turned to Michael. “That girl is so…so…ohhh, I can’t stand her! Did you see the way she was all over Max? It’s like she thinks she owns him or something! Disgusting!!” She shivered with distaste. “Michael, I think we’re going to have to count on you and Is to distract her, because I honestly can’t think of two civil words to say to her!”

“You’ll do just fine Maria, you can always think of something to say.” Michael hugged her briefly.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Alex walked up appearing tired.

“We’re fine Alex, you look tired though. Didn’t you get any sleep last night?” Maria asked with concern.

“Yeah, I haven’t felt really rested for awhile though. Maybe I will let Max work his whammy on me.”

“The sooner the better, don’t you think?”

“Yes Mom!” Alex joked, “I’ll go to Dr. Max right after school, okay?”

“Max has plans after school.” Michael broke in shooting Maria a look.

“Yeah, maybe later tonight he can give you a call or come over to your house.” Maria, Michael, and Alex walked together toward her first class.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Hey baby, how’s it going?” Max leaned over Liz’s chair from behind to give her a sweet kiss on the cheek. She had chosen a table that gave them some privacy from curious eyes.

“Better now, I didn’t expect to see Tess all over you this early in the morning.”

He slipped into the seat beside her. “You know I didn’t want anything to do with her, right?”

“Oh course not Max! I still don’t like to see it.”

“I know. I think she’s trying to make sure that you and I didn’t bond over our Vegas experience.”

“I’d say she’s too late to avoid that.” Liz twined her fingers through Max’s and enjoyed the warm jolt of their connection flaring to life between them. Love and happiness flowed through her from Max and she thrilled to the joy that his new happiness brought to her.

They sat that way until the bell rang, finally jolting them away from the incredible experience of being together.

“We’ll meet for lunch in the quad, okay?” Max whispered in her ear as they stood and embraced. She nodded and their arms fell away from each other.

“I’ll miss you.” Her voice was filled with longing that matched the expression on his face.

“Me too.”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

It was difficult to wait for the first class that Max shared with her, 4th period AP History, but at last the time arrived. The only problem was that Tess shared the class with them as well. Liz walked into the room with equal amounts of expectation and trepidation. Scanning around she immediately found Max, who offered her a dazzling smile. She walked toward him eagerly until his expression dimmed when Tess pushed past her rudely and ran up to Max.

“Hey. How’s it going? I thought maybe we could go somewhere to have lunch today and talk about when we can meet for more training sessions.” She glanced smugly over her shoulder at Liz, who had turned away and quickly found her seat.

“Um, well, I told the gang that we’d meet for lunch in the quad. You can join us if you’d like.”

“Of course I will!” Tess settled into a seat beside Max.

Throughout the period Max consciously tried to keep his eyes away from Liz’s stiff figure in a chair one row up and to the right of him. When the bell rang, she sprang up out of her seat and left quickly.

“See ya Tess! I gotta grab my lunch, I’ll meet you in the quad!” Max ran off after Liz.

“Something’s definitely going on here,” Tess muttered, her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

Max slowed his pace as he saw Liz disappearing into the eraser room. He grinned and glanced around before slipping into the room behind her. Locking the door he whirled her into his arms with her back to the door and crushed her with a searing kiss. His lips danced over hers and his tongue demanded entrance to her mouth. Liz responded eagerly, parting her lips and running her fingers through his hair. Max’s hands crept to the edge of her short top and explored the bare skin he revealed as he eased his hands up. Liz’s moans only encouraged him further and when his hand cupped her breast fully she went wild. She kissed him with renewed urgency and when his other arm went around her waist she lifted both legs to surround his hips.

Their connection was wide open and each could feel the others giddy happiness at being together and frustration over the morning’s events. Their love swirled around them as their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Liz began rhythmically grinding her center against Max’s obvious arousal until he too groaned in frustration at the clothes between them.

He moved his hands to her zipper as she clung to him with her arms and legs. He lowered it quickly and set her down. When her feet touched the floor, she grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, running her hands down his sleek chest. He began to lower her jeans down her hips.

A loud knocking sounded on the door and they froze in place.

“Oh course it’s them! Who else would it be? Knock again Michael!” Maria instructed like a drill sergeant. Another loud knocking sounded through the small room.

“Maxwell, you’d better be decent, because we’re coming in!” Michael warned as he unlocked the door with his powers. The door swung open to reveal a disordered Max and Liz.

“Well! I can see we got here just in time!” Maria swept in, closing the door behind her. “Do we need to worry about you two setting off the fire alarms?”

“Maria! What’re you doing here?” Liz turned and zipped up her pants. Both she and Max were trying to regulate their breathing, and Max was searching the floor for his shirt.

Michael helpfully handed Max the shirt and Max pulled it over his head.

“I think we need to set some ground rules here. If we’re going to be your early warning system for Tess alerts, then the least you can do is try not to have sex in the middle of a school day.” Michael glared at Max. For a man so famous for his self-control, Max was sure blowing it lately with Liz.

“We weren’t… we were just…okay, that’s probably a good rule.” Liz agreed, flustered, not looking at her friends.

“Michael, be nice!” Max glared back at his friend as he exited behind Liz. Of course, they ran right into Tess, who’s mouth was working open and closed like a fish until she saw Michael and Maria come out of the room too.

“Was there some special meeting I didn’t know about?” She asked Max caustically, standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“No, we just ran into each other and…so when did you want to work on that mind retrieval?” Max couldn’t think of a decent excuse for the Eraser Room meeting, and tried to distract her with the only thing she seemed to be interested in lately.

“Oh, well I thought we could start to have sessions at your place after school every day.” She tucked her arm through his and walked him down the hall.

“Michael…do something!” Maria exclaimed, pushing Michael after them.

“Poor Max!” Liz burst out laughing.

Maria looked at her like she was crazy. “Why are you laughing?”

“Sometimes when his emotions are running high and we’re close in proximity, I can feel what he’s feeling. Right now he’s so mad and frustrated by what almost…well, let’s just say he’s not satisfied with the way this just turned out. It’s kind of good to know for a fact that he wants me and not Tess. Is that bad Maria?”

“Are you kidding me? A blind man could see that you’re the only one for Max. So you can really feel what he feels, huh? Does that still apply when you’re in the middle of…you know?”

“Yeah,” Liz said dreamily, before she realized that she had answered aloud. “Maria! Stop it!”

Laughing, they made their way to the quad for lunch.

Tess practically sat on Max’s lap at lunch, and Max talked her into waiting until after she wasn’t grounded to start the retrieval sessions.

“I think I should sit in on them with you,” Isabel volunteered. “I want to know our history too.”

“It takes really intense concentrations Is, I’d be happy to work with you separately if you’d like.”

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be better if we all worked together?”

“I’m very sure. We need to meditate together and really connect, you know?”

“If you say so…”

Liz and Maria rolled their eyes out of Tess’ view.

The rest of the day passed fairly normally, and as the last class ended they all made their way to Michael’s for the strategy meeting.


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Part 17

“Alone at last!” Maria quipped comically as they closed the apartment door behind them. They were the first to arrive, and she didn’t waste a moment. Turning into his arms she lifted her face for a long awaited kiss. Michael was more than happy to oblige.

Maria was often conflicted about Michael, but one thing that he always had going for him was that he was a great kisser. He really had ruined her for other guys. Were all aliens this talented? From Liz’s dazed expression yesterday and today, she guessed that they were. She deepened the kiss, and just as they started to get really heated, Michael pulled away.

“Liz is here,” he stated out of the blue, going to open the door. Maria gazed up at him in confusion, slightly dazed from their kiss.

“I didn’t hear any…” Just then a knock sounded on the door and Michael pulled it open.

“Hey Liz. How’s it goin’? Come in and sit down. Can I get you anything?” Maria stared at Michael in total confusion. How had he known she was at the door? And what was with all this hospitality he was dripping all over? He never asked if she needed anything. Her confusion compounded when Liz didn’t even seem to notice that she had taken Michael’s arm as he led her to a chair. He sat her down and got her a drink, without her even asking.

They all sat and made small talk until Max and Isabel arrived. Maria noticed that Liz was starting for the door even before Max knocked. Maybe it was an alien thing. Max and Liz embraced as if they had not seen each other for weeks, not hours. They walked together back to the over-stuffed chair and Max sat down, pulling Liz into his lap.

“Why don’t you ask everyone if they need a drink Michael?” Maria prodded.

“They know where the kitchen is Maria, let them get it themselves.” Michael was charming as ever.

Maria started to get up to serve the gang when Isabel waved her back down. “I can get it Maria, thanks.”

She came back with juice for everyone and the aliens took turns adding Tabasco.

“So what’s the feeling about Tess?” Max started out. “Am I being paranoid, or did anyone else notice that she was extra clingy and wanted to get me alone for the memory retrieval sessions?”

“Yeah, I noticed that too.” Liz seconded, massaging Max’s palm and forearm.

“It was kinda hard to miss,” Maria interjected, “I mean, the girl can’t stay away from you. I don’t think she can take a hint.”

“Do you think we’re all being over-critical here guys? I mean we have no proof that she’s evil. All we have to go on is that she snapped and made us all forget a big event. Maybe she was just shocked and reversed it right away. You didn’t say that you saw anything after that, right Max?” Isabel asked.

“No, nothing but Alex collapsing in a heap. She could have killed him!” Maria was incensed over the thought of harm coming to one of her friends.

“What are you talking about Maria? Is there something you guys were holding back from me?” Isabel was instantly alert and worried about Alex. “What do you mean Alex collapsed?”

“Nice going Maria! I didn’t tell you that so you could blab it to Isabel.” Michael shook his head and turned to Isabel. “Look, they did see Alex collapsing, but we didn’t see a reason to worry you. Max is going to see if he can scan Alex for any health problem that may have contributed to his collapse and fix it before anything happens, okay?”

“No. This is not okay. You guys need to tell me everything, no secrets. I am not going to fall apart here, and I have the right to know if one of my friends could get hurt! I need to know what to look for, what the signs were. I could have missed something important if you hadn’t told me!

“You’re right Is, we should have told you.” Max looked right at his sister. “We just didn’t want to add to your worries, but we should have let you know.” Looking around the group he added, “It’s important that we all tell each other everything, no matter how insignificant it seems at the time, if it has something to do with our situation, okay?” Everyone nodded.

“We had Tess covered all day, except for the one class that no one shares with her, did anyone talk to her?”

“I did,” Isabel volunteered. “She was asking me about prom coming up and trying to be subtle about asking if you had a date yet.”

Max cringed. “I do have a date,” Liz was pulled back against his chest, “so she can put that thought out of her head.”

“Don’t you think that would be like a glaring sign that you two are back together?” Michael was being the realist for once.

“I can’t stand the thought of going with Tess. I’ll just say that we’re going as friends because Liz is uncomfortable around other guys after what happened in Vegas. She might buy it.”

“That could work, but Tess is not stupid. You guys would have to restrain yourselves from gazing into each other’s eyes and groping each other in public places! What? Like you don’t know what I’m talking about?” Maria huffed at the wide-eyed innocent expressions on Max and Liz’s faces. “I have two words for you, ‘Eraser Room’,” she ended triumphantly, as Max and Liz blushed.

“What? You guys were making out already today? Didn’t you get enough this morning?” Isabel crossed her arms uncomfortably. She knew entirely too much about her brother’s sex life.

Now Max and Liz were on fire with embarrassment.

“What?! Liz, you never said a word! Best friends are supposed to share these things!” Maria was getting indignant again.

“Mariaaaa!” Liz turned her face into Max’s chest.

“I think we’re getting off the subject here. Max, Liz, do you think you can realistically pull it off?” Michael questioned.

“It’s like, weeks away, we should be able to control ourselves by then. We’ll have plenty of practice before then soo…” Max answered for them both, stroking Liz’s soft hair comfortingly. “What?” Everyone was grinning at them. He reviewed what he had said and flushed again. “Plenty of practice at staying apart in front of Tess! Get your minds out of the gutter!” They all shared a laugh.

“Okay, so we know Tess is angling to get Max to the prom and we solved that, so anything else?” Michael continued.

“Not really, she did ask me if Max said anything about what happened in Vegas after we left,” Isabel replied.

“What did you tell her?”

“I just said that he had to stay to handle all of the legal stuff and that Max had told me that he and Liz had decided they could be friends.”

“Did she believe you?”

“She seemed to.”

“That means that she’s already suspicious, do you think that’s why she wants to get me alone for the memory retrievals?” Max asked the group.

“You can’t be alone with her!” Michael replied.

“Liz and I worked that out during gym,” Maria stated smugly. “We’re going to be outside his window whenever the Wicked Witch is there and I’ll be the lookout while Liz watches Max. She’s the only one who seems to be able to see through her tricks.”

“That sounds good, we’ll just need to make sure Max always tells you when she’ll be there and make sure Liz is free at the same time!”

“We’ll share our work schedules ahead of time so we’ll know when it’s all right to schedule Tess to come over.” Max solved that dilemma neatly. “Anything else before we move on?” He looked around and everyone shook their heads.

“Okay, same drill for tomorrow. Just keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. I’m going to call Alex after our meeting to see what’s wrong with him. Is, do you want to come with me?” Isabel shook her head regretfully. “I’m meeting Mom later, she wants to bond after dinner. Girls night, I guess.” She really wished she could be there for Alex. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him yet, but she wanted to be free to explore the possibilities, and she certainly didn’t want him to be hurt because he was her friend!

“I guess the next thing is that Liz and I have had another flash of the man in the cave hiding something. We think we need to go out there and see what it is. This flash was even clearer than the last one, so we know exactly where to look. Can anyone go with Liz and I after school tomorrow?”

“I have to work.” Maria put in.

“I’ll go.” Isabel and Michael chorused together.

“Okay, so let’s plan to leave by 3:30 after school. Should we all meet here?” Michael and Liz nodded. “Good, I’ll drive.”

Max stood up with Liz and stretched. “Well, we’ll see you guys later then.” They exited together quickly.

“I wonder what they’ll be doing?” Maria put out facetiously.

“Maria!” Michael grabbed her around the waist and swung her around.

“Hey! I’m still here! Hello?” Isabel waved her hands in front of them. “I hate to break up your party here, but I think Max forgot he was my ride, so Maria could you take me home?”

“Sure Iz, no problem. Bye Michael!” Maria gave him a flirty wink and walked out with Isabel.

“Women!” Michael huffed, standing there alone.


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Part 18

“Hello? Anybody home?” Max called out as he escorted Liz into his house. No one answered. With a wicked grin Max turned to Liz just as she threw herself into his arms. Their lips met in a hungry kiss, trying to finish what they had started in the Eraser Room earlier. Max trailed his fingers over her back, moving them up and down in a soothing rhythm.

“Maybe we should go to your room Max,” Liz gasped out against his neck. He obliged her by picking her up by the hips and wrapping her long legs around him. Still kissing, Max began walking them down the hall to his room. He lowered them both onto the bed and framed her face with his palms. “I love you,” he whispered. “I don’t want you to think that this is something we always have to do when we’re alone together.” His concerned tone stirred her heart.

“I want you, I can’t help it. I know you love me too, and I don’t feel like I’m being pressured in any way, okay?” She brushed small kisses over his face. He groaned at the limited contact, longing for a deeper touch. She grinned and accommodated him by pressing her lips fully to his. His parted instantly and their tongues began a leisurely exploration. Without the fevers their loving was slower, more controlled. Their hands roamed, fingers exploring, reacquainting themselves with each other’s touch. They slowly removed each other’s shirts and let their fingers wander over the newly exposed skin.

Max’s lips followed the trail of his fingers and Liz gasped out her approval. He teasingly circled her nipples, without giving her the satisfaction she craved. He waited until she was writhing beneath him, her hand clutching his hair, before he gave in and gave them both what they wanted. She cried out her pleasure and held his mouth to her firmly.

MAX!” Isabel’s voice rang through the house, freezing them in place. “You better be decent, because I’m coming in!” Both scrambled to replace their tops and were still in a serious state of disarray when Isabel slammed into the room.

“Liz, what a surprise to find you here.” She started sarcastically, “Did you forget that you were supposed to give me a ride home? I know that you two are newlyweds and all, but you’d think that you could still remember your sister! I had to ask Maria for a ride home today! I just sat through ten minutes of incessant chatter! That girl can talk about anything!” She flung herself down on the bed between them, really liking the way her interruption was turning out. et’s see if Max forgot her again! “So what were you doing?” She swung her leg lazily and tried to act innocent.

“That’s not going to work Iz. You know very well what we were doing, and we don’t appreciate the interruption. I’m sorry I forgot to give you a ride, but you seem pretty resourceful, and you don’t look any worse for wear. Liz and I have a lot of new things going on right now that we need to discuss, so if you don’t mind?” Max stood and tried to usher her to the door.

“Anything I should know?” Isabel was concerned that they were still keeping things from her.

“You know the highlights, and I’ll fill you in on the rest on the way to the cave tomorrow. Please Iz?” Max gave her his patented ‘puppy dog eyes’ and she let herself cave.

“All right. I should warn you that Mom’s coming home any minute and if you don’t have other plans, she’ll be cooking you dinner.” Her duty done she exited the room.

Max turned to Liz and he lowered his forehead to touch hers. “Later?” He questioned. Liz mustered up a tiny smile and nodded.

“Are our friends conspiring against us?”

“I know it seems that way. Between Michael, Maria, and Isabel we don’t seem to be able to enjoy a single moment alone.”

“Maybe we should take this as a sign and really talk about some of the stuff that’s been happening lately.” Liz tried to sound enthusiastic about it.

“What did you want to talk about?” Max gave in and sat down with her, side by side on the bed.

“Well, we should try to figure out what’s going on with our fevers. We seem to get really out of control in the middle of one. Is that normal for aliens or should we be concerned? I mean, I don’t think we could’ve stopped just now if we had been in the middle of one, even if Isabel stood right over us. That’s been bothering me. And how do we know how long they’ll last. Is this permanent? Can we predict when the next one will happen? I think I’ll start a chart.” Liz cut off her musings at Max’s amused expression.

“What? I’m trying to be constructive here!” Liz ducked her head.

“I’m not laughing at you. I just haven’t given this as much thought as you clearly have. Do you really think we need a chart?”

“Well, it would be nice to know if there’s a pattern here or something. Have any of the rest of you experienced anything like this?”

“Not that I know of. But I think that I’m the only one of us who has truly been sexually active, so it’s hard to say if this is normal for us.”

“I just don’t want to be embarrassed in front of family or friends one day.”

This was a new and disturbing thought for Max. This whole thing could get really complicated. “Why don’t you go ahead and do that chart thingy and we’ll take a look at it in a week or so. So far we know that you and me seem to have the same symptoms, simultaneously, and that the only way we can relieve them is to be together. I wonder what would happen if we resisted, you know, if we weren’t together?”

Liz shuddered. She knew how she felt in the middle of one and knew that she couldn’t make herself resist.

“I don’t think that’s really an option Max. Do you honestly think you could resist?” She locked her eyes with his to see how he felt.

“No.” His simple honesty washed through her.

She gave him a hug, massaging his neck with her strong fingers. Their breathing quickened, and they started to lean in for a kiss.

They pulled back and sat apart simultaneously, sharing the thought that now was not the time to finish what they had started earlier.

“Maybe I should call Alex now,” Max piped up. He stood and took her hand.

“That’s a great idea.” Liz seconded with enthusiasm.

They walked out of the room hand in hand. Max called Alex and arranged to meet in an hour at his place. As he hung up, Diane walked in, greeting them happily. She hugged Max, and surprisingly Liz too.

“Hi Mrs. Evans. How was work today?” Liz inquired politely.

“It was completely hectic! Our practice is getting so busy! Philip is working on a case out of town for the rest of the week, and I’m trying to hold the rest of it together by myself!” Diane did look like she’d had a crazy day.

“Can you kids stay for dinner?” She inquired politely.

“No, I’m heading over to the Crashdown to grab a bite with Liz before she starts her shift.” Max quickly put in.

“Oh, that’s too bad. Liz, how do you like working at the Crashdown?”

“It’s all right. I’m just helping out my parents tonight. I’ve been looking for something with a little more professional tone to it since my job ended with Senator Whittaker’s office.”

“Really?” Diane looked at her speculatively. This could be a golden opportunity. “Have you ever considered working for a lawyer?”

“A lawyer? I’ve never really…oh! Did you mean your firm?” Liz widened her eyes, considering the possibilities.

“Of course dear. I’m really swamped right now. Most of it is just paperwork and typing. It could really be done from the house here if you wanted, of course it would mean long hours. You do have computer experience, don’t you?”

Liz nodded eagerly.

“Would you mind helping me out?” Diane tried not to sound overly anxious.

“I think I’d love it!” Liz raised shining eyes to Max. He hugged her close and thanked his mom with his smile.

This was working out better than any of them could have thought.

“When can you start?”

“How’s next Monday?” Liz enthused.

“Perfect. Come over after school and I’ll leave out your work assignments.”

“Thank you so much!”

“Thank you! I don’t think you realize how much we need you.” Diane was truly sincere.

“Well we’d better get going.” Max and Liz left together.


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Part 19

Max left Liz at the Crashdown to start her shift after they had eaten dinner together. It was nice to get to talk about something normal for a change and they had chattered on about the possibilities of her new job. Liz thought it would look great on her applications for college and both were excited by the idea that Liz would get to work right in Max’s home so they wouldn’t have to constantly be coming up with excuses about why she was over. Liz made it clear though, that once she was on the clock she had to apply herself to her job. Max understood completely, but with the thought in the back of his head that every job had to include breaks!

As Max rang the bell to Alex’s house, he was also planning on calling the florist in the morning and sending Liz a congratulatory bouquet. Alex answered after several moments and leaned against the doorframe, looking exhausted.

“It looks like I came just in time,” Max commented as he walked into the house. He was only half joking.

“Ha ha Evans,” Alex returned. “I don’t think there’s anything serious going on here, but if you can get rid of my exhaustion and headaches you will be a godsend!”

“I’ll do what I can, where’re your parents?”

“They went out to dinner, I told them I had homework and to go ahead without me. To tell you the truth, I haven’t had the energy to do my homework since I got back from Sweden. That’s part of the reason I wanted to give this a try. I’m kinda concerned about my GPA.” Alex led the way into the living room. Looking around, he turned in confusion before leading Max back to his bedroom.

“This’ll be better, how long do you think it’ll take?” Alex asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’m not really sure,” Max answered, closing and locking the door behind him. “I don’t really know if this will even work. I do want to thank you for letting me try this with you.”

“Uh, sure. This isn’t going to be painful or change me into an alien or anything is it?” Alex asked. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being an alien, mind you, I just’ve gotten kinda used to being one of the only all human members left in our group. I’m thinking of asking Maria if she wants to start a club or something. We could have a cool logo like ‘Don’t mess with us, we’ve been abducted’,” Alex shook his head. “Wow, that sounded cooler in my head. So where do you want me?” He gestured around his room.

Max looked around. “The bed I guess. I don’t want you to worry that this will change you in any way. I think I can only do that if I bring you back from death’s door. You know, like with Liz and Kyle. They each had a mortal wound, they would have died within moments if I hadn’t, you know,” Max made a gesture with his hands. “You should just lie down and relax.”

“Relax, yeah I could do that,” Alex stretched out on his bed and closed his eyes. His breathing became regular almost immediately.

“Alex,” Max shook his shoulder. “Alex!” Alex came awake with a start.

“What’s that? Oh sorry. Did I mention I’m exhausted?” Alex tried to sit up a little to keep himself awake.

“I just need you to look at me right at the beginning, I need to make a connection. You can sleep after that if you want and I’ll just do what I can, okay?” Max was more concerned than he had been before.

“Sure,” Alex raised his eyes to Max.

Max framed Alex’s face with his hands and locked eyes with his friend. The connection was made quickly, Alex had no strength to resist. Max was swept with a wave of pure exhaustion. He worked around that and fought to stay focused. He removed his hands from Alex’s head and lowered them down to his stomach. He felt the exact moment when Alex fell back to sleep, and it relieved the exhaustion he had been fighting against. With renewed strength Max began to concentrate his energies into exploring Alex for the source of his collapse in their vision. He scanned through all the vital organs and blood vessels, checking for weakness or structural anomalies. His talent was innate, he just knew what was right and what felt wrong in a person. He didn’t question his instincts, and they had never led him wrong.

He was beginning to feel frustrated when he made his final sweep. He reached one hand up to the side of Alex’s head again and made one last attempt. Reaching deeper he began to sense a wall, something false, something that should never be there. He pressed in deeper, being slow and careful to heal any damage that he caused by pushing into his mind. Pushing through the final barrier, Max was assaulted by a rush of images. Images that were confusing, but at the same time explained so much.

When the images faded Max concentrated on closing out the anomalous block that was like a shadow over Alex’s brain. Because of the flash, Max understood that Tess had carefully constructed a shield over Alex’s memories to protect herself from the backlash of her heinous actions. He felt his temperature rise and held back his anger to finish fixing the weaknesses that had been draining his friend’s strength for weeks. Alex would remember everything. Max knew he could never forget either.

More than an hour later, when the reconstruction was completed, Max fell back until he was sitting on the floor. He went ahead and lay down, since he was sitting there anyway. He was drenched in sweat and trying to catch his breath.

Alex sat up, staring at his friend.

“How is this possible? How could she have used me like that? I never went to Sweden! I spent two months sweating out the secrets of her damn book so that she could figure out how to get you all home! I… I don’t even know where to start.” Alex started to really notice that Max was barely registering what he was saying. “Max, buddy, are you all right?” He climbed down off the bed and sat beside Max.

Max tried to sit up and needed Alex’s assistance. He scooted around until his back was to the bed and pulled his knees up to his chest. He crossed his arms over his knees and laid his head on them, trying to recover.

“I had no idea, Alex, I need you to know that,” Max felt responsible as always for the actions of someone he had trusted.

“I know that Max,” Alex’s gaze turned inward as he began to remember more. “I gave her the translation, but only part of it.” Alex began to grin. “I don’t think she knows that the disk I gave her was only a partial translation of the entire book. I gave her the part that would activate the Granolith to send her home, but I wouldn’t give her the rest. I didn’t give her the part that talked about the tremendous power that the Granolith contains and the different ways to use it. As a weapon, and for time travel! Max! I hid the other disk, I put it in my backpack and it’s been sitting in my closet this whole time!”

“Do you know what this means Alex? We have the knowledge we have always needed, we could even…go home.” His voice trailed off as he realized the implications of Alex’s announcement.

Alex was rooting through his closet. “Aha! I knew it! Here it is!” He waved the disk triumphantly in the air. “Take it. It belongs to you.” He handed the diskette over to Max. He was reluctant to touch it, now that he knew what he had gone through to make it.

“Are you all right Max? Can I get you some water or something?” Alex hovered over Max, starting to get concerned. Max was sweating all over and was having a hard time catching his breath. “Does this always happen after you…you know?” He glanced at the clock and was surprised that they had been in his room for almost three hours. “Whoa! No wonder you’re exhausted. I didn’t realize these things took so much time!”

“They don’t, usually. I’ve never really done anything like this before, I guess it just really drained me.” Max was starting to get concerned for himself as well. He usually felt drained, but he recovered quickly. This was getting worse, it almost felt like…

“Oh no! I’ve got to get to Liz!” Max exclaimed, stumbling to his feet.

“I think maybe you should sit down before you fall down Max!” Alex tried to steady his friend.

“I’ll be fine Alex. Right now I’ve really got to go!” Max made his way out to his car as quickly as he could.

“I could give you a ride!” Alex called after him.

“I’ll be fine!” Max climbed into his car and started the engine. “Hang on Liz!” He mumbled under his breath.


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Part 20

Liz leaned against the pick-up window and blew her hair out of her eyes. She had been on her shift for two hours and it had been a crazy rush the whole time. She looked at the clock, eight o’clock, one hour to closing and then she could put her feet up. Her heart rate quickened with anticipation at the thought of starting a new job next week. No more running around, taking people’s orders and trying to act pleasant to rude patrons. Yea!!!

“Michael, it looks like it’s finally slowing down. I’m going to go ahead and send Agnes home, okay?” Liz peered through the window as Michael finished cleaning the grill after the last round of burgers.

“Yeah, we can handle it on our own from here. It’s mostly the dessert crowd now anyway.” Michael picked up a clean towel and flicked it at her through the window. Liz jumped back laughing.

“You’re aim is still off, Michael,” she teased. “Thanks for filling in tonight. My parents left for Albuquerque to be with my aunt Julie while she has her baby, and then Jose called in sick!” Liz was truly grateful that Michael didn’t have any other plans for the evening.

“No problem, I could use the extra cash,” Michael tried to brush off his good deed and turned back to cleaning his spotless kitchen. He was a remarkably tidy person for someone who had grown up as he had, Liz reflected. Then again, maybe it wasn’t so mysterious, maybe it was Michael’s way of finding order in life, taking control of his surroundings. In any case, it was a nice habit to have and it served him well here at the Crashdown, her dad was a stickler for cleanliness.

Twenty minutes later, Liz was wiping down the last of the tables when she a sudden wave of dizziness made her grab the sides of the table for balance and sit down hard. Breathing deeply she sat for another moment, glad that the restaurant was almost empty. Maybe she should have concentrated more on dinner than on Max earlier! She stood up slowly, moderating her breathing, and made her way over to the pick-up window again.

“Hey Michael? Can you get me half a sandwich? I don’t think I ate enough at dinner.” She leaned heavily on the counter for a moment, promising to take better care of herself.

“Let me guess why!” Michael glanced over to tease her, but when he saw her wan expression he grew instantly concerned. “You all right? You look kinda pale.”

“Yeah, I just need to eat, I think. And maybe I’ll get myself a soda.” She poured ice into a tall glass and filled it with Cherry Coke. Taking a long drink she did feel better.

Michael set out a turkey sandwich for her and told her to sit down and eat it.

“I’ll watch the front while you’re eating.” Michael left the kitchen and moved to sit beside her on the stools. Liz ate slowly, feeling marginally better. After taking another long drink, she set down her cup and fished out an ice cube. She ran the ice over her wrists and then moved it over her neck, arching her head back and enjoying the coolness against her suddenly overheated skin.

“Is it getting warm in here Michael?” She took another ice cube and sucked on it, trying to cool off.

“No, it’s cool in here.” Michael had been watching her eat and try to cool down with increasing concern. This was not like Liz to be so weak, and he couldn’t remember the last time she had sat down in the middle of a shift. Michael rose to cashier for the last customer in the restaurant and made a split second decision to close the restaurant after they left.

Hearing the lock click, Liz turned questioning eyes to Michael.

“Hey Michael, it’s not time to close for another twenty minutes!” She stood up and another wave of dizziness assailed her.

Michael rushed to her side just in time to stop her from falling. “I think you need to go up and lay down. You might be coming down with something.” Michael steered her toward the stairs to her apartment.

Liz shrugged out of his hold. “Don’t be ridiculous Michael! I’m perfectly fine, I just didn’t eat enough and then worked on my feet for the rest of the night!” Her hands went to her hips as she glared at him.

“Uh huh, is that why you’re dripping sweat and can’t seem to stand up without tilting over?” He asked her sarcastically.

Liz wiped her brow and realized that she was very hot. Fevered really. Oh. My. God! Not now! This was absolutely not the right time for this! Max! Where was Max? She realized all at once that Max was helping Alex and there was no way she was going to interrupt him. She shuddered at the thought that she would soon have to find out if resisting their fevers was an option.

“Maybe you’re right Michael. I think I’ll just head on upstairs…” she turned and started up the steps, and had to grab the rail when another wave of dizziness overcame her. She felt herself being caught up in strong arms and seemed to float up the stairs. Her eyes fluttered closed as darkness fell around her.

“What the…” Michael swooped in to catch Liz just before she fell. Picking her up effortlessly, he wasted no time carrying her straight to her room. Should he call the doctor? Was it even safe for Liz to see a doctor? What if Max had changed her too much and now that she was developing her powers she was too alien to pass for human? Why would she pass out like this if she was an alien? They didn’t get sick. Michael suddenly remembered that he had been sick. Once. With a terrible fever that had almost killed him.

Making a quick decision, Michael ripped open the snaps of Liz’s uniform and stripped it from her overheated body. Carrying her into her bathroom, he cradled her in his arms and used a washcloth to bathe her face as he filled the bathtub with tepid water. He’d read somewhere that this was a good way to lower her core body temperature. When the tub had filled about halfway, he lowered her into the water.

Liz’s eyes flew open at the abrupt shock of the cool water on her heated skin. With a gasp she sat straight up and tried to lunge out of the tub. Michael restrained her as best he could, struggling to keep her in the water.

“What the hell are you doing Michael?” Liz screeched in shock. Michael’s hands slipped over her wet skin and grazed her side. Liz gasped in renewed horror as she realized that she was sitting in front of Michael in her bra and underwear. She ceased her struggle with him and used her arms to shield her body from his sight.

“I just…I needed to…You were burning up! You passed out, and I read that this is a good way to cool people off.” Michael sputtered. He was soaked to the waist and getting angrier by the second. Did he need this kind of aggravation? Where the hell was Max? He stripped off his wet shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off his face. “Look, I didn’t know what else to do, okay?”

“Okay! Just please, get out now all right?” Liz was desperate. No one had ever seen her like this except Max. Even her swimsuits were modest one-piece items. Her face flushed with embarrassment.

“I don’t know if it would be a good idea if I left right now Liz.” Liz shot him a glare. “What? I’m serious! What if you passed out in the tub or something? I’m not going to be responsible for that, so get over it! I don’t think of you like that anyway!” Michael was torn between the instinct to protect her and the strong urge to flee.

“Of course you don’t…I didn’t mean…This is just really awkward okay?” Liz was mortified and at the same time she was touched that he was concerned for her. “Could you just…turn around or something?”

Michael turned his back to her and listened to the soft splash of water against the sides of the tub.

“I didn’t know if we should call the doctor or not,” he threw out over his shoulder. “Have you been feeling like you’re coming down with something?”

“Michael…I know what this is. There’s nothing you can do, so you really should just go.” Liz was mortified that Michael might have to know what was really happening with her.

“You know what’s going on here?” Michael turned around again and began to grill her. “Why didn’t you tell me? Has this happened before? If this is some kind of female thing Liz, I swear…” He let the threat trail off as Liz glared up at him. There was more going on here than she was telling him.

“Talk to me Liz,” his softened tone caught her off guard. He did have a right to know after all he had done to help her tonight, Liz thought.

“It’s happened a couple times before. Max experienced the same symptoms as I did at the same time. There was only one way we’ve found to make it stop.” Liz couldn’t finish.

“Are you saying that Max could be having this fever and may be passed out somewhere right now?” Michael stood and paced around the small area. Concern for his friend distorted his features, but he couldn’t make himself leave Liz’s side. There was just something about her. “Is Max at home right now or still over at Alex’s?” He questioned.

“I don’t know. I think he would have called or come over if he was done.” Liz tried to climb out of the tub, but she was getting so weak. Michael helped her to step over the edge and wrapped her in a towel.

“You need to lay down,” he led her to the bed, stumbling himself just as they reached it. He held his hand to his head and shook it. “Wait! You said you found a way to make this stop. Why haven’t you done it? Do you need me to get you something?” He sounded out of breath.

“Michael we…wemadelove,” she said superfast under her breath, turning her head into her pillow.

“What was that? I didn’t understand what you said.” Michael used his shirt again to mop his brow. It really was getting hot in here, maybe he would open the window.

He stumbled across the room and wedged the window open.

Liz decided it would be easier to say it to his back. “We made love,” she said again, very clearly this time. Michael spun back around to stare at her.

“Look Michael, I’m sorry that you got in the middle of this. Max and I are still trying to figure it out for ourselves. It started in Vegas after the first time we made love. Max and I both developed a fever, and I passed out that time too. Max hasn’t ever passed out from this though, he may be okay tonight,” she tried to reassure him.

“Are you telling me this is about sex?” Michael was incredulous.

“No! It’s probably some alien thing. None of you has had sex yet have you?” Liz turned the tables on Michael.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business, but no, we haven’t.” Michael was uncomfortable with this turn in the conversation. “I feel very hot all of a sudden.” Michael lay down beside Liz.

“Do you have a fever?” Liz rolled to her side, the towel coming undone without her realizing it. She reached out her hand and tested his forehead. At the first touch of her fingers, the mood changed. Her hand trailed down the side of his cheek and he turned his face into it, gently placing an open mouthed kiss on her palm. Liz shivered in response and Michael moved closer.

The shifting of the bed jolted them to their senses. Liz grabbed her towel and Michael jumped off the bed.

“I…I’m sorry! I don’t know why I did that! I swear Liz…I never…!” Michael was shaking his head and raking his fingers through the tangled mess of his hair. He backed away from the bed. “I don’t know what came over me!”

“I know that Michael. It was nothing. I need…I need Max.” Liz moaned and turned into her pillow, rocking softly back and forth, utterly miserable and confused by her bodies needs. She was burning for Max.

“I’ll try to call him.” Michael grabbed the phone by her bed and began dialing.

“Liz,” Max’s strained voice reached her from her window. He crawled through and closed the distance separating them.

“Max,” Liz breathed his name and reached for him. He took her into his arms and devoured her with his kiss. Their connection flared to life between them, their need soaring around them like vibrant, warm colors and music. He swept the towel from her body as her shaking hands worked at getting his buttons undone. Her movements were frantic, she needed his skin against hers like she needed her next breath. The buttons popped free at last, some of them rolling to the floor. Max moved his lips down over her body, tasting every inch of her heated skin. Liz moaned out her pleasure, writhing on the bed beneath him. Max shrugged out of the remnants of his shirt and released the clasp of her bra. Her breasts sprang free of their encumbrance and Max moved to suckle each one frantically into his mouth. Her pleasure crashed through him in waves through their link and increased his urgency. Liz panted louder and worked to free him of his jeans. Max helped her, his breath releasing loudly through the room, and leaned away just far enough to slide his jeans and boxers over his lean hips. Discarding the garments he slid his hands under the waistband of her damp underwear and removed the last barrier between them.

Liz closed her legs around his hips and urged him to enter her immediately. He could wait no longer and plunged into her eagerly, unable to stop the frantic motions of his hips. He held her face in his hands and kissed her urgently, his tongue caressing hers, his teeth nipping gently on her lips, and moving down over her neck to leave love bites where he suckled and nibbled. Liz’s hands roamed desperately over his arching back to settle over his straining buttocks, urging him to go faster, harder. Their pleasure built in cresting waves and release came quickly to the two desperate lovers.

Max collapsed on top of her and rolled quickly to the side. Breathing was hard enough without her having to support his weight too! He stroked his hands over her sweat dampened sides and back, soothing her in the only way he could. His eyes roamed over her to check for damage. He had been so rough! He felt like a rutting animal that he had taken her so carelessly! How would she forgive him? Liz’s liquid eyes raised to meet his gaze and he understood. In one flash he could see that her urgency had been as great as his own. That she had needed him as much as he did her.

“Oh Max, what are we going to do?” Liz breathed out in a husky cry of despair.

“I don’t know.” Max was sorry not to have a better answer. They’d just have to hope it eventually went away.

Liz bolted upright in bed all of a sudden, looking frantically around her room.

“What?!” Max got up on his knees, preparing for danger.

“Michael! He was in here when you came in! He must have seen…where is he?” Liz was once again mortified that the strength of her compulsion to be with Max could be so strong that she couldn’t even remember if someone else was in the room with them or not.

“I’ll see if he’s still in the house,” Max volunteered. He grabbed his jeans and dragged them back on. Leaning over he gave her a soft kiss. “I’ll be right back. It’ll be okay,” he reassured her as he left the room.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Michael closed the bedroom door behind him and leaned against it for support. His breathing was still erratic, although now he couldn’t tell if it was because he was fevered or because of what he had witnessed. When Max had come through the window Michael had been prepared to greet him. Until he saw Max’s eyes. They were practically glowing with a strange light and so obviously focused only on Liz. He hadn’t even noticed that Michael was in the room! When Max moved to Liz’s side and they touched, it was explosive and mesmerizing, the strength of the connection flowed around them. Each movement flowed naturally into the next, everything right and perfect, as it should be. Michael had been unable to pull himself away until Max had removed Liz’s last garment. The shock of what he was doing, just standing there voyeuristically watching his friends make love, rolled through him and he stumbled out the door.

Taking deep breaths to ease his labored lungs, Michael used the walls to support him as he made his way into the living room. Hell yeah, he had always been curious about alien sex, but really, he’d never expected to witness a demonstration. He sank down onto the couch and just stared at the ceiling, willing away his bodies reaction to what he had seen. Moments later he felt his body cool down dramatically. He sat up and stared down at himself. He felt normal again, like nothing had ever happened. What was going on with him?

The bedroom door opened and Michael’s gaze shot up to meet his friend. Max stared at him sheepishly and sat beside him on the couch.

“I guess there’re a few things we didn’t tell you about what happened in Vegas,” Max started.

“No kidding,” Michael retorted. “Care to explain what just happened here Max?”

“We don’t really know why this started. I have a couple theories. It could just be a by-product of mating with an alien, or it could be caused by the changes Liz is going through with her new powers. Or maybe it’s some kind of heat that we go through, we really don’t know. We just start running a fever and are drawn to be together. It seems to hit Liz harder than me. I don’t know if that’s because she’s human or female or what. I’m sorry that you had to see that.” Max angled an amber gaze up to Michael. “Just how much did you see?”

Michael squirmed uncomfortably. “Enough. Suffice it to say that I got out of there just in time.”

Now Max squirmed uncomfortably. “Sorry man. We just can’t seem to help ourselves when the fever hits.” He looked around the room suddenly and whispered, “Where are Liz’s parents?”

“Liz’s cousin is having a baby in Albuquerque and they’re spending a couple nights over there to help her out.” Michael responded.

Max let out a relieved breath. “Can we talk about all this later Michael? I’m really beat.”

Max did look totally wiped out. “Did everything go okay with Whitman?”

“Yeah, that’s another thing we need to talk about tomorrow. Can I tell my parents that I’m spending the night at your place tonight?”

Michael nodded and was hit with his own wave of exhaustion. He got up to leave, he needed to go home and process what had happened.

After Michael left, Max called home to his mom and she agreed to let him stay over at Michael’s for the night.

Max went back into the bedroom to find Liz sleeping. He smiled softly and pulled his jeans off again. Naked, he crawled back into bed with her and spooned his body against her back. She sighed sleepily and automatically adjusted herself to fit perfectly against him. Max nuzzled his face into her hair and breathed deeply with contentment. There would be no nightmares tonight.


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Part 21

Isabel came out of her room after she heard the door close behind Max and Liz. She had thought that she heard her mother’s voice.

“Mom? Are you home?” she called out.

“I’m just getting changed, honey,” Diane called back from her room.

Isabel went into the kitchen and called in a take-out order to be delivered for them. She wanted her bases covered in case her mom had some whacky new dinner recipe to try out.

“How was your day sweetie?” Diane asked as she entered the room.

“It was good. I learned a lot today.” Isabel hid a small smile at all the new things she was learning about lately. “I just ordered Chinese food to be delivered, hope that’s okay? How was your day? You look kinda tired.” Isabel followed her mother out into the living room and sat beside her on the couch.

“Chinese sounds wonderful, I’m glad you thought of it, and yes I am tired. Your dad is out of town for the rest of the week on a case he’s been researching, and so the office is all mine. We’ve been getting so busy lately that I’ve been thinking about hiring an assistant.” Diane rested her head of the back of the sofa. “I ran into Liz here with Max earlier. They looked pretty cozy.” She peeked out of the corner of her eye to see Isabel’s reaction.

Isabel stiffened at the turn in the conversation. “Oh, well I think they’re lab partners or something. Maybe they were working on a project together,” Isabel improvised. Damn! What did Max want their mom to know about his relationship with Liz?

“Oh, that’s strange. He was hugging her. It looked like they were dating again. What do you know about Liz?” Diane sat up and looked straight at Isabel. She was really curious to find out more about this special girl in her son’s life.

“Well, she’s a really good student. She’s very responsible. I think she could use my help in the fashion department though,” Isabel finished with a laugh, feeling more comfortable with the topic now. If Max had been so openly affectionate in front of their mother then he must not mind if she knew about them.

Diane was frustrated by her daughter’s response. She wanted to know who this girl was. What made her tick. She’d just have to observe these things on her own though, she didn’t want Isabel to get suspicious of why she had so much interest in her.

“I was just asking because I offered her a job as my new office assistant. I’m going to set up an office here in the house and she can help with research and typing, that kind of thing. What do you think?”

“Wow Mom! I think that’s a great idea. I know she’ll do a really good job for you, and she has been talking about looking for a new position.” Isabel was glad this was working out so well for Max. They wouldn’t have to think of reasons why Liz was over at their house to throw off Tess. Very convenient.

“Good. I think I made the right choice too.” Diane had known that she had made the right decision just from the expression on Max’s face earlier, and she would have stuck with it even if Liz didn’t know how to turn on a computer, but it was good to know that this would help everybody.

“Have you thought any more about your career plans?” Diane touched Isabel’s hair softly. “I know you’ve been talking about doing some modeling.”

Modeling had been the furthest thing from Isabel’s mind recently. Maybe now would be a good time to tell her mom that she could graduate early if she wanted.

“Well Mom, since you bring it up, yeah, I have been thinking about my future lately. My guidance counselor and I had a meeting awhile back, and since my grades are so good and I’ve got all this extra credit from community projects and advanced placement classes, he said I could graduate a year early. What do you think?”

Tears welled up in Diane’s eyes. She turned her head and wiped at them surreptitiously.

Isabel squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. Here her mom had been crying just this morning about losing her babies in a year and now she was bringing this up!

“It’s okay Mom! It was just a thought.” Isabel was eager to console her mother. She never wanted to see her hurt in any way and she would do anything in her power to prevent it.

“Oh honey, I’m just so proud of you!” Diane rushed to reassure her, giving her a warm hug. “When you and Max first came to us you couldn’t even speak. We had to teach you absolutely everything, but you caught on so quickly! I stayed home with you for over a year, and in that time you learned to talk and read and write. You learned math so fast and it’s like you were just sponges, soaking up whatever I could teach you. I shouldn’t be surprised that you would have an opportunity like this. If I had put you two in school a year earlier, with your own age group, you would be graduating this year anyway. Wow! Have you thought about which college you would like to attend?”

“Thanks Mom!” Isabel was relieved by her mother’s reaction. “I have thought about it, and I think I want to apply to the University of New Mexico and the University of Las Cruces. I don’t want to be too far away from home just yet.” For a lot of reasons, she added internally.

“That sounds wonderful! We need to call for admission information and see if it’s too late to apply for the fall semester. Wow! This is so sudden! You college fund should be enough to cover any of those schools. Does Max have the same opportunity?” Diane knew he had excellent grades as well, but he wasn’t quite the ‘joiner’ that Isabel was. Extra-curricular activities for Max were almost non-existent.

“He hasn’t said anything to me, but then, I haven’t told him about me yet either. I wanted to talk to you and Daddy about all this first.”

“I’ll have to ask him. How do you think he’ll feel if you take off for college without him next year?” Diane was concerned that Max would feel even more alone. It was a good thing Liz was around. That just made Diane remember the real reason that she had wanted to talk with Isabel tonight and she wondered how to segue into the ‘I know you’re an alien’ discussion. There was really no easy way.

“I don’t really think he’ll mind. I mean I hope he’ll be happy for me, and it’s not like I’m moving out of state or anything.” Isabel really hoped that Max and Michael would be able to support her college ambitions. Her fear over their reactions was one of the reasons that she had procrastinated this long in telling anyone.

“Isabel…I really wanted to talk to you about…” Diane stopped abruptly at the sound of the doorbell.

“Oh! That’s our food. Hold that thought Mom, I’ll get the door.” Isabel jumped up and answered the door, giving the delivery girl a generous tip.

Diane slumped back on the sofa and breathed a sigh. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or annoyed by the delay.

“Mmmnn it smells really good, should we eat in the kitchen?” Isabel asked, walking back in with two large bags of fragrant Chinese food.

“No, let’s just get some napkins and eat in here,” Diane offered.

They parceled out the food and enjoyed a really good dinner filled with conversation and plans for the future.

“Ohhh…I don’t think I can eat another bite!” Isabel shoved her plate away from her on the coffee table and leaned her head back onto the back of the couch, closing her eyes. Her mom, who was seated on the couch beside her, put her plate down as well. Diane stroked Isabel’s long hair away from her face, causing Iz to open her eyes and look at her mother.

“You know how much I love you and Max, don’t you Iz?” Diane asked out of the blue.

“Of course Mom. You and Daddy have always let us know that we are the most important people in your lives,” Isabel hastened to reassure her. She lay down on the couch and put her head on her mother’s lap, facing away, as she had done when she was a little girl and needed comforting. Diane looked down at Isabel and started to stroke her hair.

“You know you can tell me anything, anything at all, and your father and I would still love you, right?”

Isabel’s form went stiff momentarily, before she forced herself to breathe and calm down. Her mother didn’t know, she couldn’t. She turned to her back to look up at her mom.

“Of course I know that Mom what’s this all about?” Her voice came out thin and strained.

“I just, well…, I found out something recently, and I just really want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for you.” Diane struggled to find the words to tell her daughter that she knew.

Isabel sat up and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them in a protective posture. What had she found out? Not…no, she couldn’t know their secret!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mom. What do you think you have found out about us?”

Diane felt awful for the stress she was putting Isabel through. Her daughter’s face had gone deathly pale and if she wasn’t careful she was going to cause her lips to bleed from biting them so nervously.

“I found out who you and Max are. That you’re…aliens,” Diane blurted bluntly, bracing herself for the backlash she knew was coming.

Isabel’s entire body stiffened in reaction to hearing words that she never thought to hear from her mom. This was the moment that she had always dreamed of, dreaded, hoped for…but now what? Confirm or deny? Fight or flight? Her heart was beating so fast she wondered if her mom could hear it.

“Mom…I think you must be working too hard. I mean, you just said you think your children are aliens. This is some big joke right? Should I look around for the candid camera?” Isabel faked a laugh and tried to study her mom to see how serious she was.

“Iz, I know this has got to be a big shock to you to find out that I know. I overheard something, and saw a few things that are, well, out of this world, but you can trust me. I love you both, I would do anything for you, anything!” Diane’s sincerity rang true in her voice.

Isabel began to shake and huge tears welled in her eyes. “Mom! Oh my God you know! This is so unbelievable! I’ve wanted you to know for so long! So long…and now you’re saying that you know and you still…you still love us! I knew it! I knew it and I told them that you were different! That you could be trusted and that you would never turn away from us. This is so incredible!” Isabel launched herself into her mother’s open arms and cried. Her sobs mingled with her mother’s and they sat, rocking each other. They remained that way for a long time, each taking comfort in the others presence, secure in their love for each other.

“Oh Mom! There is so much I want to tell you, share with you, but we didn’t want to put you in any danger. We made a pact that no one could know. We thought it was better that way. I’ve wanted to tell you so many times.” Isabel’s tears made tracks down her normally perfectly made-up face.

Diane wiped the tears away and consoled her. “I know honey, I know it must have been terrible for you. And Max. I just…I just want to be a part of your lives. I want you to feel like you can share things with me. I would never judge you, and I may even be able to help you.”

Isabel sighed in contentment at Diane’s words. She knew her mother meant every one of them and would help them all that she could.

“Tell me what you know about yourselves, have you been able to learn anything? Why you’re here?” Diane started gently. She wanted Isabel to explain in her own words what she knew about herself.

“It’s a long story Mom,” Isabel lay her head back into Diane’s lap, closing her eyes in contentment when her mom began stroking her hair again. “We’ve found out we were in the crash in 1947. We were in these incubation pods and we developed there until we emerged in 1989. We looked like six year olds. Max and I stayed together, but we lost Michael, oh my God! You don’t know that Michael’s one of us do you?” Isabel wondered if she should have let that slip, but then decided that she would have found out sooner or later anyway.

“Michael too?” Diane gasped in shock. She had never considered that there may have been other children wandering the desert that night. “Is there anyone else?”

“Yeah, one more. Tess. You’ve met her Mom. She and Nacedo moved to Roswell last year. She’s…she came out later than the rest of us. We don’t know why. She was raised by a protector named Nacedo. He was supposed to raise us all, but he came too late, or we came out too early, whatever, he wasn’t there for us. He taught her all these different things. He told us about our destinies, or what he thought were our destinies. Now we’re not as sure that what he taught us was true.”

“Can’t you ask him? Do you have a reason to distrust this Nacedo?” Diane asked with worry in her tone.

“No. He died last year. That’s why Tess has been living with the Valenti’s, and recently we’ve discovered some things about Tess that have made us wonder if we can trust her.”

“Does anyone else know your secret?”

“A few people have found out. Liz knows. That’s kind of what started all this. Liz was shot at the Crashdown almost two years ago and Max healed her. He saved her life. That’s Max’s special gift, to heal people. After that she figured out for herself that he was different and she told her friend Maria. Later they told Alex, you know him, right?” Diane nodded. “Anyway, last spring Kyle Valenti was shot and Max healed him as well, so he knows. Oh and Sheriff Valenti knows too. He’s helped us a lot lately.” Isabel nodded her head to affirm her statement.

Diane shook her head. All these people had known and their own mother had been living in the dark. She was a little hurt, but at the same time she understood the chain of events that led to each of these others knowing her children’s secret.

“Is that why Liz and Max started dating?”

“Well, I think that’s part of it. You know Max, he would have been too shy to ever introduce himself to Liz in any normal way. This just kind of threw them together. He’s had a crush on her since we started school, but we’ve never really thought that we should get too close to anyone, you know? It might be dangerous for them and for us, if they found out what we are and turned us in.”

Diane was so sad to realize that her children had felt they needed to be so cut off from normal lives and relationships that they could never pursue any kind of romantic interest that might lead to something lasting.

“What do you mean, ‘turned you in’, is someone after you? Is there someone out there looking for you?” Diane remembered what she had seen from Max’s memories when the FBI had captured him. She shuddered, hoping that they had given up looking for her children.

“Well, the FBI have sent some people, but I think we took care of that last spring.” Isabel answered evasively.

“Have any of you been caught?” Diane knew the answer, but wanted it confirmed.

“I think you should talk to Max about that,” Isabel evaded again, she didn’t know how detailed she could get with her mother. I mean, should she tell her all about the FBI? That would mean she would have to say something about what happened to Max, and that was really his story to tell. If he ever could. And what about the Skins? Her mom definitely wasn’t ready to hear that there was an entire alien race that had been sent here just to destroy them. “He’s our king, our leader. We found that out last spring also. He was the king and I was his sister even then. Isn’t that strange that we’re still together?”

“Maybe not so strange, maybe that’s why you two stuck together after you hatched,” Diane mused aloud.

“Hatched?” Isabel giggled. “We’re not birds Mom!” Diane joined her in laughter, amazed that they could joke so easily about this already.

“Is this why Max has been so cut off from everything lately?”

“I think you really need to talk to Max Mom. I really don’t want to be evasive here now that you know everything, but some things are personal, and only Max can answer that. But you know what? I don’t think Max can really handle all this right now. Do you think I can just feel him out about this for the next couple days before we tell him that you know?” Isabel looked hopefully at her mom.

“I don’t know Iz, I really want to help him with everything. But if you think you’re right…yeah, I can wait if you think that’s what’s best.” Diane was sad to think that her son would be forced to lie to her for several more days.

They continued to talk into the night, connecting on so many new levels that it was almost like they were strangers, getting to know each other for the first time.

Later in the night the phone rang and Diane got up to answer it. The caller id said ‘Parker, Jeffrey’, so she knew that it must be Liz calling for Max.

“Hello?” Diane answered cheerfully.

“Hi Mom, it’s Max. I’m over at Michael’s and I was just wondering if I could spend the night? We’ve got a lot of studying to do.” Max’s voice was filled with longing, and contained an underlying tone of deep exhaustion.

Diane sighed inwardly. Max should not have to lie to her like this. There had to be a way that she could ensure that they could stay together.

“Of course you can Max. You sound tired, you should get some rest. Is everything all right?”

“Yeah, it is now. Good night Mom, and thanks. I really appreciate this.” Max hung up.

Diane put down the phone and walked back in to sit beside her daughter.

“That was Max. He’s going to spend the night with a friend so I’ll drop you off at school in the morning okay?”

“Yeah, that’d be great. It’ll give us more time to talk.” Isabel sighed in perfect contentment. One of her all time best dreams had come true tonight. Her mother knew exactly who and what she was and she wasn’t freaked out or treating her differently. She was unconditionally loved and accepted.

They spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing together.


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Part 22

Knock, knock, knock!

Maria burrowed deeper into her pillow. This was the most annoying dream she’d had in a long time.

Knock, knock, knock!!!

Maria’s head peeked out from under the covers. Maybe it wasn’t a dream.

“Come in?” she called tentatively, making it more of a question than permission to enter. She peered blearily at her door for a moment before dropping her head back on her warm pillow. Very annoying dream!

Knock, knock, knock!!!!

Maria reared up in her bed in sudden fury, suspicion coloring her angry voice.

“Sean DeLuca if you don’t stop that right now I’m gonna…” she flung the door open and no one was there. “What the…?” She stared in bewilderment at the empty doorway.

Knock, knock…Maria swung around to face her window and jumped back in fright at the unexpected sight of a dark figure staring in.

“Don’t even think about it,” Maria mumbled, backing out the door, ready to run, ready to scream out for Sean’s assistance.

“Maria! It’s me, Michael!” A familiar voice whispered loudly.

Her heartbeat slowed for a moment before accelerating again with a new fear. What would bring Michael to her window in the middle of the night? She quickly made her way over to the window and eased it open, hoping her Mom’s radar wasn’t working tonight.

“Michael, what’s the…” Maria’s question was cut off abruptly as Michael took her face in his hands and hauled her in for a deep kiss. Maria was stunned by the hunger and need that she sensed in Michael. She responded eagerly, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in the window without releasing him from her lips. They angled their lips together and let their tongues explore deeply into each other’s mouths. Maria moaned in the back of her throat, stimulating Michael to renew his efforts. His hands wandered over her back and up her arms, running over them as if she was cold. Maria moaned again, louder this time, and it brought momentary sanity back to Michael. He grasped her arms and held her away from him, looking into her eyes, searching for something. Desperate to find something within her gaze.

“Michael,” Maria started gently, “what’s happening to you?” Fear caused her voice to tremble. Michael was not one to show need or vulnerability. This was starting to remind her of another time Michael had come to her window. Such terrible pain and need of her comfort, locked inside him. He wouldn’t tell her then, couldn’t tell her, that he had been beaten by his stepfather. She had just held him in her arms that night, pouring her love and reassurance into him. But that was over now. Hank was gone. What could this mean? This lost look, this bewildered gaze?

“I just…I just really needed to do that,” Michael whispered brokenly. He gently brushed a tear off her face. She hadn’t even realized that this time she was the one who was crying.

“Talk to me Michael! Please!!” Maria’s eyes pleaded with Michael to let her in, to share his torment.

“Maria, I don’t even know why I came. I should go.” Michael turned to go back out the window, but was abruptly swung back around to face an infuriated Maria.

“You wake me up out of a sound sleep at…” she glanced over her shoulder at her alarm clock, “2:17 in the morning, scared the hell out of me and now you’re leaving without one word of explanation? I don’t think so buddy! You had better talk to me right now and it had better be good because I am not some toy that you can just pick up or leave hanging whenever you get the urge! Got it buster??” Maria’s eyes flashed fire and her face flushed rosily with the heat of her anger.

“Calm down Maria! Your Mom could wake up any minute!” Michael wrapped his arms around Maria’s slight form and hugged her to his body, trying to squelch her tirade. She pushed away from him roughly.

“My Mom will be the least of your worries if you don’t start talking right now!” Her hands moved to her hips and she started tapping her foot, impatiently waiting for an explanation.

“Maria I…it’s just something happened tonight. I’ve been driving around Roswell trying to figure it out in my own head, but I just kept coming by here. I really wanted to see you.” Michael hung his head, he couldn’t look her in the eye right now. This vulnerable thing did not sit well with him, and he couldn’t go around telling his girlfriend that he’d had Liz half naked and felt an incredible urge to…He shook his head. That didn’t even bear thinking! Maria was the one he wanted. He knew that.

“What happened Michael?” Maria wasn’t going to let it go.

Maybe he should just tell her part of it.

“Well, Liz has been getting these fevers…”

“What?? Is she okay?” Maria broke in, grabbing his arms and clinging tightly.

“Yeah, she’s fine. Max can…uh…heal them when the fevers hit.”

“Them? Is Max getting these fevers too? Is it some kind of alien thing?” Maria’s eyes widened at the new possibility.

“If you’d let me finish the story I think you’d get the answers a little faster!” Michael pushed his fingers through his unruly hair with impatience.

“Fine, fine go on.” Maria waved her hand, giving Michael permission to finish.

“Max and Liz get the fevers at the same time, and it seems the only way to get rid of it is to…well…they get together.” Michael glanced at Maria’s puzzled face and knew he wouldn’t get away that easily.

“They gotta have sex.” Michael winced at the high-pitched squeal that Maria let out, before clamping his hand over her mouth. Maria’s wide eyes danced with mirth. Of course she knew aliens were hot, but this? This was beyond.

“Anyways, they didn’t tell any of us that this was going on and Liz actually fainted at the Crashdown earlier. I had to carry her up to her room. She was sweating like crazy and I stuck her in a tepid bath to cool her off. She came to and told me that she needed Max, that they had to…get together, but Max wasn’t around. Then I started to get a fever. I was out of my mind, not thinking clearly at all. I just lay down beside her on the bed…”

YOU WHAT?? How did we get from the bath to the bed? Tell me you didn’t…” Maria sputtered for words, “sleep with her!!!”

NO! No, Maria of course not! I carried her back to her bed and then got really dizzy. I just lay down for a second and then Max came in through the window.” No reason to tell her that he had wanted to. Well, hadn’t wanted to exactly, but felt compelled to…He stopped that thought to. Maria was the one for him.

Maria slumped against him in relief. This was getting out of hand.

“What did Max do when he saw you there?” Time to get this back on track.

“I don’t think he even really saw me. He just went straight to Liz and they just…went at it.”

“What? Right there in front of you? That does not sound like Liz! There’s no way she’d just…”

“Look! I was there, I’m just telling you what happened. Believe it or don’t. I’m outta here.” Michael made another move to leave, but allowed himself to be pulled by the arm back into Maria’s arms.

“I’m sorry I was so harsh. It’s just really early and I’m not a morning person. You must have been really shocked by all that. I’m sorry.” She brushed her palm over his forehead, pushing his hair back. “Are you okay now? No more fever?” She asked solicitously.

“Yeah, it went away after…after Max and Liz…” he couldn’t finish.

“What are you saying? Are you somehow connected to them when they go into heat like that?” Maria brow furrowed with worry.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything right now. I’m just gonna go home and try to get some sleep before school tomorrow. See ya there?”

“Yeah,” Maria answered, “I might be a little late. I want to swing by Alex’s to see how it went with Max.”

“Max said he’s gonna be fine, but I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.” Michael put one foot over the windowsill and looked back at Maria. He offered her a small smile.

“Thanks for being here,” he whispered, before disappearing into the darkness.

“Anytime,” she whispered to the empty room.


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Part 23

Liz stirred softly in bed beside Max, sighing in her sleep. Her dreams had been filled with Max all night. She snuggled her head further into the warmth of Max’s smooth skin under her cheek. Max’s arms automatically snugged her in closer to his body, even in dreams unwilling to let her go. In the dream they shared, each was laughing and carefree. Max was holding Liz’s hand and running through a field of bright flowers toward a bright light. The light shone down on a patch of grass amidst the flowers to reveal…

Liz’s alarm blared music into the still air of her bedroom, sending her bolting upright on the mattress. Max groaned and covered his eyes from the morning light with his arm slung over them. He let his eyes peek open when he felt Liz sliding back down into the circle of his embrace to snuggle back into his warmth.

“What time is it?” Max inquired, not really caring. This moment was perfect no matter what time it was.

“6:45.” Liz answered softly into his chest, her breath sending puffs of warm air over his skin. His breathing accelerated from even that simple stimulus.

“That’s early. We don’t have to be at school for a couple hours,” he hinted.

“I know. I thought that maybe we could stop by to see Alex before school. I really want to see for myself that he’s all right now.”

Max was touched by the concern in her tone. Liz was always a loyal friend.

“That’s a good idea. Do you think we should invite him to the meeting after school and fill him in on what’s going on now that we know he’ll be okay?”

“Thank you Max. I was just thinking the same thing. I don’t like keeping secrets from our friends.” Liz shifted against Max again, thinking that she had a secret and she didn’t feel right about keeping it from Max any longer.

“Max…about last night…” she started determinedly.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you when you needed me,” Max broke in, filled with remorse that she had suffered without his presence. “I was healing Alex when the fever came on and I didn’t realize what it was for more than an hour. I promise I’ll try to stay closer from now on.” He kissed the top of her head and slipped his fingers through her silky hair.

“Michael was here,” she started again, propping her head on the hand that was laying on his chest. “He carried me upstairs after I passed out. No! I was fine!” Max was running his hands over her to assess for damage. “I was just so overheated that I fainted. He carried me up here and ran me a cool bath to reduce the fever.”

“That was a good idea, did it work?” Max asked her.

“It woke me up in a hurry, I can tell you that! It’s just, the thing is…he had to take off my uniform.” Liz cringed back in the bed as Max reared up in anger.

“He what?? Why the hell did he think he could just…just…” Max sputtered, unable to finish the thought of Michael seeing his Liz like that, let alone touching her.

“Calm down Max! Nothing happened! He was just being a friend and doing what he thought was right. I did feel better for a couple minutes in the bath, but then I just wanted to lie down. I wrapped up in a towel and lay down here on the bed, but then the strangest thing happened. Michael started to get a fever too. He was sweating and he opened the window, then he got so dizzy that he had to lie down beside me. I was really worried about him Max.” Liz could see that she was getting through to him now. Concern for their friend covered his features.

“When I turned to see if I could help him,” Liz paused and took a deep breath, the hardest confession was coming, “it was so strange. It was like I was drawn to him or something. Not my mind, but my body. I’m so sorry, I’m not explaining this right at all.” Liz hid her face in misery.

“What exactly happened between you Liz?” Max stroked her hair back gently and lifted her face to meet his gaze. He knew through their connection that Liz would never betray him. Something very strange was happening and he wanted to find out everything she knew.

“I don’t know!” she answered desperately. “We both had the fever and it was like for a second we were compelled to be together. We both realized it was happening at the same time and Michael got up immediately. Neither one of us wanted anything to happen, I swear!” Liz’s chocolate eyes begged Max to believe her.

“I trust you Liz. And I trust Michael. This is getting bigger than just us now. We have to know what’s happening to our bodies so that we don’t project our needs onto other people.” Max tried to work out in his head what could possibly have caused Michael’s fever and the only thing he could figure was that Liz’s need had somehow spiraled out to include the nearest person. He pulled her into a comforting hug.

“How are you doing on the chart thingy?” He asked her seriously.

“I haven’t had time to put it together yet,” Liz confessed. “My shift started right after you left and then I got so hot. Michael closed a few minutes early because of it and you know the rest.”

“We can work on it tonight after we get back from the cave. Michael said your parents are going to be out of town for another night. Is that right?” Max sighed softly in contentment at her nod. “Can I stay?” He held his breath for her response.

She pushed him back from her lightly. “You better stay! When else are we going to have the opportunity to snuggle together all night?”

He let his breath out in a whoosh. Tonight would be perfect!

“I wonder what new surprises the cave will spring on us tonight?” Liz expressed her concern. They already had so much to deal with, but this was so important. Why else would they have seem the vision together twice?

“We can do anything together.” Max reassured her, and he knew that it was true. He felt so strong when he was near her, so able to confront any new danger. He realized with a start that he had slept the entire night through without the hint of a nightmare. Feeling joyous and rested for the first time in ages he swung a surprised Liz in a circle around the room. He set her down laughing with her as they shared this perfect moment. He leaned his forehead down to touch hers. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now,” Liz was getting back to business, “we have got to get ready and get to Alex’s before school!” She started toward the bathroom with Max close behind her.

They left a little later than she wanted when they took off for Alex’s.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Alex had been up since dawn. He felt so…well, WELL! Wellness had never really been an issue for him until he got a taste of being really ill. Physically and mentally. When he awoke and actually felt rested for the first time in months, he had sprung out of bed filled with energy and purpose. His first order of business was to get his grades back in order. He completed all of his assignments that were due and started on some extra credit to boost his previously apathetic performance.

His head came up when he heard a car pull into the driveway, closely followed by another. He went to the front and opened the door to reveal Maria, Max, and Liz, all beaming at him in joy. He opened his arms and his girls flew into them, mobbing him with hugs and kisses.

“Whoa!! I’m gonna get sick more often if this is the treatment I get!” Alex joked.

“How are you really?” Maria questioned.

“I feel great!” He told them enthusiastically. “Better than I have in months. Thank you Max! You really saved me.” The look that passed between the two spoke volumes. They were the only ones right now who knew exactly how much Max had saved him from.

“Do you wanna tell them or should I?” Alex questioned. There was no thought of not sharing everything with his best friends.

“Go ahead,” Max gestured for Alex to continue. Alex lead them to the living room. He settled in comfortably, telling them that his parents had already left for work.

“Well I guess that Tess should really come with a warning label. I thought that what she did to you and Max was bad, but what she did to me…” Alex dropped his head into his hands, remembering the pain that had resided there for so long. Both Liz and Maria looked on in confusion, just what had Tess done to poor Alex? “Well I guess it started when she realized how good I was with computers. I didn’t realize what she was up to for a long time, I just thought that she wanted to learn more for herself. Later she decided that I was the only person that could help her with a little project that she had cooked up. The problem was that she wanted me to translate the alien book that she had and I knew it would take special equipment and more time than I had. I refused to do it and that was the first time that she mindwarped me. I realize now that she made me forget the entire conversation, and then she made it seem like I had this golden opportunity to go to Sweden for a couple months on an exchange program. She was so powerful that she convinced the school, my parents, everyone that I was leaving. But I didn’t go to Sweden.” Outraged gasps interrupted softly at the realization of the scope of what had been done to Alex. “I was at the University of Las Cruces, cracking the code every night on that damn alien book. I did eventually translate it, and when I did I saved it on a disk that I gave to Max. The longer I was away from her the weaker her mindwarp was. I knew that I was doing something wrong. Or that something wasn’t right, I just couldn’t figure it out. I made a more general translation for Tess and gave her that in a hard copy. She took that and a laptop out to this old rental place and poured over it for hours. When she was ready to go she set up some kind of alien device to protect it and when we left she made me forget that I had ever been there. She gave me all these great memories of a fantastic trip to Sweden, and then I came home.” Alex ended his story.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe how evil she is! I knew she was bad, but this…this is just…I’m gonna kill her for what she put you through!!!” Maria’s face turned bright pink with her anger. She’d always know that conniving bitch was up to no good! Always trust your first instincts!!

“I’m with Maria!” Liz declared hotly. No one should get away with treating sweet, lovable Alex that way. Why she’d just plucked him up like some marionette and maneuvered his every action for months! And not one of them had know or suspected.

“I know we’re all angry here, but we have to keep cool heads,” Max tried to calm them down. “We don’t know exactly why this was so important to her, and we need to figure it out without tipping our hand.” Both girls shook their heads at him.

“No way I can be civil to that girl now!” Maria declared, in full on protective mother mode.

“We’ll try Max. We know how important this is.” Liz took Maria’s hand and held is reassuringly. “Maybe Maria and I should go out to lunch today. Then we won’t have to deal with Tess and you and I won’t have to worry that we’ll let something slip about us being together now.”

“You and Liz are together now?” Alex asked incredulously.

Liz reached out to Max and hugged him to her side. She had forgotten for a moment that Alex had not attended their little meeting the day before. “Yeah, you could say that we’re together.” She looked up at Max for permission to fill in Alex on their true situation. Max nodded with a smile for her to continue.

“We got married in Vegas.”

Alex’s jaw dropped comically and Maria pushed it back into position. Alex looked from Liz to Max’s grinning face and realized that they weren’t joking.

“I…I…don’t know what to say! Congratulation!!” He hugged first Liz and then Max tightly.

“Well I hate to break this up, but we’ve gotta get to school,” Liz said sadly, she really didn’t want this moment to end.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The school day passed by quickly, with nothing unexpected happening. Liz and Maria avoided Tess at all costs, going out to lunch together and chatting about normal, teenage girl stuff. At one point Liz choked on her burger as Maria told her about the strange, early morning visit from Michael.

“He wasn’t himself. He seemed really concerned about these fevers you all are having. Which by the way you didn’t tell me about!” Maria shook a stern finger under Liz’s nose. “This is not the time to be withholding information. You should let me know what is going on with you so that I can help! Well,” she amended with a sly smile, “so I can get Max so HE can help!”

“Mariaaa! I can’t believe he told you about that!” Liz’s face was crimson with embarrassment.

Tess was more than happy to have Max all to herself and plastered herself against his side as they ate together in the quad. Alex, Michael, and Isabel tried to distract her as much as possible, but she would not be deterred. Max gritted his teeth and concentrated on blocking out any intrusion that Tess might try on his mind. It was very difficult with her hands traveling all over his thighs under the table. He gently removed them several times, shooting her a look that tried to say, “this isn’t the place or the time” without tipping her off to his deep disgust. She just giggled and pretended not to understand. Every time she so much as blinked, the group held their breaths, thinking that she was going to try something. Alex and Isabel had talked about his experiences earlier in the morning and she was as outraged as the rest of them. It was so hard to believe that they now had actual proof that Tess was as uncaring as Nacedo had been. Such a random disregard for human life and free will! It was very difficult to be so close to her, to actually choke down food in her presence, pretending that nothing had happened, but they could not leave Max alone with her.

After lunch the rest of the day passed quickly and soon it was time for the meeting at Michael’s.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel arrived at the same time and filled Alex in on the happenings that he had missed at the last meeting while they waited for Max and Liz. They came in looking flushed and satisfied, causing knowing grins and sly jokes from their friends. Both were too happy to care.

They caught each other up on the day’s events, but it was pretty short.

“The only thing I could see was that Tess is obviously making a play for Max.” Isabel ended her recitation. “She couldn’t keep her hands off of him at lunch today, she’s getting bolder and more public than she has been.”

Liz’s eyes flashed fire. Max had already told her what had happened, which let to the current satisfied look in Max’s eyes. There was no way she was going to let Tess lay her filthy hands on her man and replace the memory with a more pleasant one for him! Liz’s quick attack on Max’s body had surprised him at first, but he too was eager to cleanse himself of that repugnant touching at lunch.

Max reached out a hand now to run it over her hair soothingly, stroking her back into a more reasonable mood.

“We set up our first memory retrieval session for next Monday. Liz will be working at my Mom’s that day, so she’ll just sneak around to my window so she can watch what Tess does. Maria, Liz says you’re not working that night, so if you can…”

“You got it! I’ll keep a lookout so that no one wanders back there and catches Liz watching you two.” Maria was eager to advance their plan to figure out what Tess was up to so they could get rid of her. That chick was EVILLL!!

“Now who all is going out to the cave with Liz and me right now?” Max questioned the group.

“I’m going,” Michael stated, crossing his arms over his chest. He spoke only to Max, he was currently having a hard time looking at Liz after what they had gone through the day before, and everything he had seen that he shouldn’t have.

“I’m coming too,” Isabel put in. “Can you come Alex?” She asked him in that special soft tone she saved just for him.

“I can’t, I have a ton of school work to catch up on, and I’ve been begging for extra credit assignments from all of my teachers, so I’m out.” Alex was truly sorry to deny Isabel anything she wanted, and it caused a little thrill to his heart that she wanted him to join them.

“I have to work, as usual,” Maria declared morosely. “Someone’s gotta keep the shop running while you all tour the countryside.” She hated missing any adventure, and this time she knew they were going to find something.

“Shall we get going then?” Max questioned, moving to the door and holding it open as everyone filed out. “I’ll drive us out there in the Jeep.”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The drive was a long one, but shortened by their lively conversation. The hike was as exhausting as it had been the first time Max and Liz had met Riverdog at the cave, but the excitement of knowing they would find something overcame any tiredness they might have felt.

Arriving at the cave, Michael stepped up and unwrapped the healing stones, inserting them into their proper slots in the wall. They formed the V constellation that was their map home and began to glow. Michael stepped back to allow Max and Liz room to do what they remembered from their vision.

Together the joined hands and tapped out the proper sequence onto the stones in the wall. When they finished they looked and each other and sat back. At first, nothing happened, but just as they were beginning to wonder what had gone wrong, a low rumbling sound broke the stillness.

As they looked on in awe a small seam appeared in the rock and spread apart to reveal a recess in the stone. Peering keenly into the darkness they saw a small box nested cozily in the hole.

Max reached in and removed the box. He stood with Liz and turned to face the others. Holding his breath he slowly peeled back the lid.


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Author’s Note: This part was written way out of sequence over a month ago. It kept me awake until I wrote it down. It was completed at 3am on a work night, so take a minute and let me know if it was worth it!!!

Part 24

“What is it Max?” Liz gazed down in wonder at the object in the box.

“It looks like a necklace,” Max gently removed it from it’s casing and held it out to Liz. As she began to take the smooth round stone into her hands it suddenly flared with light. She gasped and moved her hand away. Max cradled it gently, looking at it with new respect.

“The stone looks like one of the healing stones,” Isabel noted, “but the cord, it looked like leather at first glance, but now,” she fingered it gently, “I’m not sure what it is.”

“It didn’t glow when you touched it with Max,” Michael said, wondering if it would glow for him. He reached out and touched it as Liz had. Nothing. “Try it again Liz.”

Liz tentatively reached out her hand again and the stone instantly glowed to life. Her posture straightened and her eyes dilated to black as she formally turned to face Max and bowed to him. Isabel and Michael gaped at the change in Max and Liz’s demeanor. Max’s posture had straightened as well, and, as if performing a stylized ceremony, Liz took the necklace flat in her palms. She bowed even deeper before standing straight again and reaching out to place the necklace around Max’s throat. Max moved automatically in a straight, stiff bow to allow her to reach his neck. As Liz placed the ends of the short cord together at the back of his neck, they fused instantly together in a permanent bond. The necklace hung just to the hollow of his throat, the amber stone the size of a small grape.

They turned together to face the center of the cave, side by side. Isabel and Michael stood ready to rip it off Max’s neck at the slightest indication of trouble and gazed on in wide-eyed wonder at what was happening.

Max abruptly bent his right arm at the elbow, palm up and Liz placed her left forearm over the top of his, palm down. As their palms connected the stone took on a new glow and an image began to appear in the middle of the cave.

Isabel gasped out loud. Her mother! She had never dared hope to see or hear from this precious woman again. She could barely breathe. Michael put a supporting arm over her shoulders to steady her. She leaned in gratefully as her mother began to speak words that would change their lives forever.

“My son, My King, you have been led to this communication stone because you are fulfilling your destiny. This message can only be triggered because you and the human life mate we have made for you have created a child together. He is to be our planet’s savior.

“I am sure you have many questions. I will attempt to explain the chain of events that have led to this communication. After we sent your pods to the earth to incubate in safety, it was discovered that Avara, your bride, betrayed you all. As you will recall, Vilandra placed her life in jeopardy to become a spy for us in the enemy camp. She sent her messages of enemy movements to Avara directly, because she possessed the gift of mind reception. It was only discovered years later that Avara gave false reports to her King and this resulted in the deaths of you all.

“The rarest gift we possess is prescience. It takes a very special mind to withstand the toll that future knowledge takes without going insane. Because of this we have only two talented seers. They have seen your human lives and told us your names. Both have agreed that the one you know as Tess will betray you again. An agreement has been made through your protector Nasedo to impregnate Tess with Max’s child and return all of you to your deaths on our planet. The child must be yours Max. It has been foretold widely that the son of Zan will come back with the powers of all to conquer the enemy and free our people. Khivar wishes to raise this child and control the powers he will possess. We could not let this happen.

“To prevent this, the resistance here has pooled all of our resources to allow you to overcome the enemy. We are able to travel through space in a non-physical form very quickly to inhabit the bodies of humans and use them as vessels for our needs. We located two humans of the right age and geography and sent our seers into them. Their names were Jeffrey and Nancy Parker. Our seers used their abilities within the human bodies to genetically manipulate ova and sperm to the exact specifications we needed. A child was created to be the perfect mate for you Max. You will have each felt an irresistible pull toward the other upon first meeting. It was too late to send anyone from our planet; the incubation would have been too long. She is entirely human.

“The human form was chosen for all of you because the gifts that seem so extraordinary to them are actually things they can do as well if they could just utilize more of their brains. We have triggered in Liz that portion of her brain that she can use for prescience. This gift was deemed to be the most useful to you for the fight on earth. She will only manifest this gift after you have made a deep connection with her. She will only gain her full abilities as the child grows within her. This child must be protected at all costs!

“It has been foretold that Max must remain with his team on earth as we have placed that planet in grave danger by sending you there. The war will be long but you will prevail with perseverance. The only hope for Antar is if your son comes home to lead our armies to victory.

Because Liz is in a purely human form and the child contains alien DNA we had to factor in a way to maintain the pregnancy. The alien portion of the child’s development will cause an enormous energy drain on Liz. The child will develop much slower than an Antarian pregnancy. The process should take approximately ten human months. Because of the physical drain on the human mother we have genetically coded the child to remain very small for the first eight months of gestation. The child will continue to develop perfectly until this time.

“To provide the child with the alien nutrients he will require to reach his full powers and to lessen the drain on Liz, you will need to mate often. The alien properties within the sperm will develop the child’s abilities. The baby will manifest its needs by causing an increase in the temperature of both mother and father and an irresistible pull toward each other. In the case where Max may not be available, your second in command, Michael, may step in to take his place. If hybrid sperm is not supplied to Liz within 24 hours of the fever, both mother and child could die. This cannot be allowed to happen. For this reason we used Jeffrey and Nancy’s bodies to go into the pod chamber while you were incubating and place a protective instinct into both Max and Michael for the welfare of the child. While they were there, they formed a connection, enhancing their talents with the granolith, to materialize this stone to earth. Jeffrey will secure it inside a cave.

“To protect the child you must destroy Tess. She cannot be allowed knowledge of the creation of our savior. Do it quickly.

“Max, you must wear this stone at all times. It will enhance your connection to Liz and the child and enable you to locate her quickly in the event you become separated or need to mate. Other messages are contained within the stone and will be triggered psychically by your need.

“Our entire future is depending on you. I look forward to the day my grandson will return to save us all.”

The image faded to nothing and, as it did, Max and Liz collapsed together to the ground, unconscious.

“Oh my God! Michael, are they all right?” Isabel rushed forward and cradled her brother=s head in her lap. Michael reached out to Liz and gathered her into his arms, rocking rhythmically back and forth. So much to process! They had to be okay.

Max and Liz began to groan simultaneously and struggled to sit up. Their eyes locked. They freed themselves quickly from the others and crawled to each other wrapping their arms safely around one another.

“Liz, are you all right?” Max whispered into her hair, placing his palm protectively over her abdomen.

“I’m fine...I think. We…I can’t believe it!”

“The babyY he’s really in there isn’t he? I can’t believe we didn’t figure it out before! All those fevers, our attraction, Michael’s protective hovering; now it all makes sense...if anything can anymore. What are we going to do?” Max’s eyes were streaming tears at the thought of Liz carrying his child.

Liz’s eyes were damp as well. She rested her palm over Max’s. “We’ll do what your mother told us and keep our son safe.”

“We need to call a meeting right away and get a game plan,” Michael interjected.

“Your right,” Max helped Liz to stand, “
“Yeah, I think that’s best. Liz and Isabel can use their cell phones on the way over to call Maria and Alex to come over ASAP.”

“All right, let’s go.”

They filed out of the cave in pairs. As Max supported Liz’s trembling frame he couldn’t help but think that again, things were never going to be the same.


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Part 25

The walk back to the car was completed in almost total silence, broken only once when Michael and Isabel called Maria and Alex respectively, and asked them in hushed and urgent tones to meet them at 9:30 at Michael’s. Each was wrapped up in consuming thoughts of the changes that were coming. None of them would ever be the same. Michael took the keys from Max, not even questioning that Max and Liz needed some time in the back of the car to be alone together.

Michael noted how Liz curled up immediately into Max’s lap with his arms wrapped securely around her. Cocooning her from the world, from everything but each other. And their child.

He crawled into the Jeep and the engine groaned to life. A child. A savior for their planet. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he raised his eyes to the black night sky. Stars winked facetiously at him, mocking his thoughts. He would never go home. This was his home now. That thought thudded like a stone into his consciousness. So many times he had dreamed of leaving, of getting into a ship or ‘beam me up Scottie’ or whatever. He had lived his life knowing that his time on Earth was only temporary, never putting down roots, avoiding attachments, because he knew in his heart that he would only have to leave one day. Leave everything that he had built here on Earth. So he had built nothing.

Nothing. His life right now consisted of him being some distant, unreachable stonewall that was consciously abrasive, that pushed everyone that might have a chance at his heart away. All that time he had wasted. All the connections he could have made. Maria.

His heart soared. He needed to see Maria. He needed to tell her…everything. He had never let anyone see into his heart, but the only person he had ever wanted to see, to know, was Maria. This funny, clever, talkative girl that had persistently pursued him, who had never given up on him no matter what kind of a jerk he had been, and he knew how to be a jerk! It was like she already knew how his heart had longed for her, how he just hadn’t been ready to share himself yet. She deserved to know now what his life was, what it had been.

He winced. Sharing with Maria would no doubt mean hysterics and flying objects when he had to tell her about his connection with Liz. A shiver ran down his back at the thought of what could have transpired between them if Max hadn’t shown up the night before, and a cold finger of fear ran down his spine at the thought of what would have happened to Liz and the child if Max hadn’t shown up and Michael had successfully denied his instincts to protect the child he hadn’t known was there.

The child must be protected. Max and Isabel’s mother had said that this child could only be created upon Max’s first mating. This was their only chance at the savior who would protect their home planet. Michael’s thoughts ran rapidly, cataloguing the catastrophes that could befall them before the child was born. He resolved that he would do what he had to, whatever he had to, to protect this baby, but he would make damn sure that Max never left Liz’s side!

Decision made, Michael straightened his shoulders and, revving the engine he sped through the night toward home. Home!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Isabel was staggered by the implications of what had transpired this night. Her mind whirled through the possibilities that lay before her now. She had learned what her heart had wanted to believe all along. She was not a traitor. Isabel Evans was not a traitor! She had, in fact, put herself in extreme danger for her family and her people so that they could win the war. Her only fault had been trusting too easily in the wrong person. Tess. Isabel shuddered in distaste for all she had learned about Tess recently. She had trusted her again when she had come to their school as a new student, and even more when she had revealed herself to be one of them.

One of them. Liz was one of them now. Maybe not the same as them exactly, but a product of their people. Sent to save them from the danger that was Tess and to create the boy, the man, that would save her people. A rush of gratitude ran through her as she thought of all that Liz Parker, uh Evans, had done for her family. She had no doubt that Liz loved her brother as much as he loved her.

She peeked back to check on how they were doing, and immediately averted her eyes. They hadn’t been doing anything in particular, Max was just stroking down Liz’s back as her hand traced circles over his broad chest, but the way they were looking at each other…it was as if they were communicating without words, and the moment seemed so charged, so intense, that Isabel had felt as if she were intruding.

She stared out at the endless ribbon of road before them, the darkness cut only by the twin beams of light emanating from the Jeep. She wasn’t a traitor! She basked in the sheer glory of the knowledge that she never had to worry about her dark side returning. She gloried in the fact that this was stated out loud to all the people who were important to her, and she glowed with the memory that even before they had heard the pronouncement, they had never doubted her for a moment. This was love.

Her thoughts drifted back to Max and Liz. Love. They were so connected, always had been. Now they knew why. Liz was made for Max. She wondered if anyone had been made for her. If one day out of the blue, she would meet some tall, handsome stranger’s eyes across a room and know…just know that he was the one. She pulled herself out of that daydream with an effort of will. She should be the happiest woman alive. She was not a traitor and everyone knew it. Her mom knew the truth about her children and still loved her without treating her any differently, and this was her home.

Home. She would never again need to worry that one day they would suddenly find a way to travel home and be compelled by her loyalty to her alien family to leave everything and everyone she loved behind to fight in a war that she couldn’t remember the cause of. She was giddy with the knowledge. Happy all over for the first time in so long she couldn’t even remember.

Her gaze drifted to Michael. He looked so determined. Resolved. This would affect every aspect of their lives and she wondered how he was taking the news that they would never go home. That their war was here on Earth. She hoped she could talk with him later, comfort him. It had always been Michael, more than any of them who needed to know all the answers, who wanted to find their alien roots so he could make a connection, feel involved and loved for who he was. Now he would have to find that connection on Earth.

And how were Max and Michael going to react to each other now that it had been revealed that Michael could step in for Max to provide nutrients for the child Liz carried. She predicted shouting and breakage before this matter would be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. She was pretty sure that Max would never leave Liz’s side. This situation could become very awkward. What if the urge to mate came over them in school, or at the dinner table? She shuddered delicately. There had to be a way to avoid it. Maybe she should tell their mother what was going on. She had been so understanding about everything else. She pondered that for a while, watching the road slip past endlessly, without really seeing it. No. It was not her place to tell their mother. Max needed to be the one to place his trust in her and to let her in on the events that had changed all their lives. Forever.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

When they crawled into the Jeep Max gathered Liz automatically into his arms. She crawled up into his lap without even thinking about safety belts for once. Their lives had been irrevocably changed this night. The revelations in the cave affected them more directly than anyone else. As they had walked to the car with their arms wrapped around each other for support, they had realized that their connection was enhanced to a degree they had only ever reached before when they were in the throws of passion. Now they could hear the whisper of each other’s thoughts with very little effort.

It was a tangle of desperate emotion that was mirrored in each. Love. Fear. Anxiety. Anger. It was hard to separate one from the other.

When they settled into the Jeep and took off down the road they attempted to sort out their emotions together in a silent communication that came so naturally that they didn’t consciously register the fact that no physical words were emanating from their mouths.

Max’s hand drifted down to rest over her flat abdomen. He opened a connection to search for the child within her, sharing the process with Liz. They gasped in awe at the tiny spark that met their search. This small life would mean so much to so many. It seemed impossible to ponder the fact that he would grow to be a man of war. A man of peace. A fighter and a son.

‘How are you doing?’ Max questioned silently, stroking his hand rhythmically down her narrow back.

‘I don’t even know where to start,’ the fear echoed through the connection, flaring Max’s protective instincts into full life.

‘I love you. I will always be here for you, you know that, right?’ Max sought to reassure her.

‘Of course I do,’ she answered almost calmly, ‘But is that because of who I am or what I was made to be? Is it fair to you that I was literally made for you? You never had a chance to experience anyone else.’ Her trepidation grew, but she forced herself to name her most obvious fear. How would Max react to the news that they had been basically set up? That there had never been a choice about who he would love? That his free will had been taken away from him as surely as when he thought that Tess was his destiny?

‘Don’t even think that I don’t love you for everything you are! There is no point in wondering how we are together, because if you were made for me, then surely I was made for you as well. We are one. We are meant to be together and I thank whatever power there is out there that I have you in my life, that I have the chance to love you, to know you, to be with you every day of my life! There is no place I would rather be, and absolutely no one I can imagine being with that could compare to you. You are everything to me!’ Silent tears streamed from their eyes at the intensity of Max’s speech. Their connection was so strong there could be no lies between them. Any hint of insincerity would have been a blaring scream against the quiet magnitude of the truth.

They were made for each other.

Liz buried her head under Max’s chin and sobbed her happiness into his chest.

What are we going to do?’ Her thought wound its way into his mind.

‘We will do anything it takes to protect our son,’ a fierce wave of fury rushed through Max at the thought of Tess’ evil plan. He would put a stop to that before she even knew what hit her.

Liz gasped softly. ‘Max! You can’t just walk into a room and kill her!’ Her shock was ringing through to him and he stroked her soothingly.

‘We’ll talk about what to do with her at our meeting.’ He reassured her.

‘What do we say to our parents?’ She wondered. Now that she knew that she was pregnant, there was no way they could hide that from their parents.

‘We have eight months to plan that, and if we get rid of Tess, then we won’t have to hide our marriage from them anyway. I’ll be eighteen in a couple weeks, and you’ll be eighteen in October. The baby isn’t due until the first part of January, so even if they object, we’ll be legally adults. I won’t let anyone keep us apart.’ Now that Max knew about Liz and his child, he couldn’t imagine spending a moment away from her. He needed to talk with his mother. His heart shrank at the thought of her reaction to Liz’s pregnancy. They would think he was so irresponsible. Now he knew that this child was meant to be regardless of whether Liz was on the Pill or not.

Liz suddenly straightened up against him. She had been swept with the realization that none of this had taken place in their future reality. Future Max had not worn this necklace, would never have told them to be apart if he had known about this child. They had not made a child. She remembered the vision of Max’s mother saying that this child would only be created upon Max’s first joining. In the future reality that had been told to her, Max had come to her room with a condom in his back pocket. That must have been what prevented the conception. Her heart grew cold at the thought of what could have happened if her and Max had not gotten back together. If her plan to push him toward Tess had worked. Max must have known somewhere in his soul that Tess was not right for him, could never be the one.

Max rained kisses over her face and neck while Liz rubbed slow circles over his chest. They were one. Heart, mind, body, and soul.

The Jeep revved suddenly and sped up through the dark night, causing them to look up at Michael. Max’s expression darkened and a wave of fury and helplessness at their situation swept over him.

Liz soothed his thoughts. ‘I only want you. You are the only one for me.’

‘I know that Liz. I know that with everything inside me, but I still feel so…so…I don’t even know how I feel. It’s not his fault that he feels a compulsion to protect the child. I just…I’ll always make sure that it’s me who’s close to you, that nourishes our child. I won’t let anything harm either of you!’

‘I know that Max, I know.’

The car sped through the night toward their new destiny.


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Part 26

Alex was waiting outside Michael’s apartment when the others arrived. They all filed in quietly, and Alex shot Isabel a worried look. He couldn’t tell if they were happy or sad, they just looked stunned.

“What’s goin’ on guys? You all look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Alex joked weakly.

“You won’t believe it when we tell you Alex,” Isabel leaned her head unexpectedly on his shoulder. He awkwardly wrapped his long arms around her waist and patted her back, unsure what else to do.

“Let’s wait for Maria so we only have to go over it once, Liz is exhausted,” Max inserted, helping a weary Liz to sit on the sofa. He made sure she was comfortable, then his eyes met Isabel’s and he crossed the room to give her a hug. She must be so relieved about her past life. All that time she had spent torturing herself that she had been a traitor had been wasted! He was so happy for her.

Isabel turned to Max and buried her head in his shoulder, sobbing quietly for the first time since finding out about herself. It felt wonderful and embarrassing at the same time to release those tears. She normally tried to save them for when no one was around, but this time she felt entitled, and Max understood.

Alex gazed on in worried perplexity, impatiently checking his watch to see when Maria would arrive. She was already five minutes late.

Michael sat beside Liz tentatively, unsure what her reaction to him would be.

“Are you all right?” He started, not looking her in the eye.

“Yeah. Just drained from all the new stuff, you know.” She tried to make him look at her and felt a jolt of satisfaction when he finally did.

What he saw was trust and acceptance. Just the thing he needed to release him from his awkward feelings of vague guilt, even when he knew he had done nothing wrong.

“New stuff, yeah, I guess you could say you’ve got a few things on your mind now, huh?” Michael’s eyes smiled at her and she grinned back at him, placing her hand over her stomach. On sudden impulse she reached for Michael’s hand and placed it under hers.

“Can you feel him?” She queried, with wonder in her tone. Her shining eyes asked him to make a connection, to share this powerful child who would make such a difference in all their lives.

Michael closed his eyes and concentrated, reaching out and trying to focus the powers that had always been so difficult for him. The line of his mouth relaxed and a small smile hovered on his lips when he felt the tiny flutter of life inside her. Awe swept through him until he was suddenly jerked to his feet by his shirtfront.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing to her!” Max’s boiling anger instantly consumed him when he glanced over and saw the intimate position of Michael’s hand on his wife’s stomach and the rapt expression on his face.

Frustration and unreasonable guilt flowed through Michael, causing his typical reaction to fight back. “What? Did you think I’d just throw her down right here on the floor and have my wicked way with her in front of everyone? That’s more your style than mine, isn’t it Max?” Michael threw the dart well, aiming at Max’s recent night spent with Liz when he had taken her almost right in front of Michael.

Max’s face paled and then went red with rage. He shoved Michael back against the wall roughly. Michael hit the wall hard, but kept to his feet. Max’s clenched fist hovered in the air, ready to strike.

“Is that what you had in mind last night when you had her practically naked in her bed?” Max’s rage was so strong that he couldn’t control the words coming out of his mouth. His unreasoning jealousy made him forget that he already knew exactly what had lead to Liz’s state of undress the night before.

A whimper at the door was only noticed by Liz. The horrified expression on Maria’s face made Liz push to her feet and intervene between the fighting men. She grabbed a handful of shirt from each man and started shouting, “Will you two please grow up and simmer down?! I can’t believe the way you are acting!” She turned on Max, “You know very well what happened last night and you should be thanking Michael for trying to help me when you weren’t around to do it!” Michael let out a satisfied snort of agreement and Liz rounded on him next. “And you Michael! What kind of a smartass comment was that to be making when you know very well what our situation is! I can’t believe you would throw that in our faces when you know we didn’t have any control over it! And don’t worry, you’re services will not be required!” She hauled them each by their shirts over to the couch and pushed them down to sit together side by side. Each looked sufficiently chastened, so she turned to Maria.

Maria still stood at the doorway, allowing the frame to prop her up. She had really been a very understanding girlfriend up to this point, she mused, considering that her love was an alien. She had even tried to be reasonable when she thought that Michael and Isabel had created a child together. But this! This involved Michael and her best friend. And it didn’t sound good.

“Just what the hell is going on here?” She demanded with venom in her tone, her laser sharp gaze pinning Michael to the sofa.

Michael shot up from the couch immediately and crossed quickly to Maria’s side. He attempted to put his hands on her arms, but she smacked him away sharply.

“Uh uh. You are not going to touch me again until I have heard a decent explanation of what you two were fighting about!” Her chin swept up a notch and she slammed the door behind her, crossing her arms in front of herself and tapping her foot impatiently.

“Tell me I did not just hear that you’ve got a thing for Liz.”

“No! Maria you’ve got it all wrong! It’s not that simple. You just need to calm down and listen…” Liz begged.

“No. Liz I want to hear this from Michael.” Maria stood there, tapping her foot and never took her glare off of Michael.

“Let’s all just sit down here and go over everything that happened today. It’ll all make sense then, I promise.” Isabel guided a reluctant Maria into the overstuffed chair and sat her down.

“This had better be good Michael.” Her frigid stare was starting to unnerve him.

“Oh, believe me! It’s a real treat.” Michael said in weary tones. He dragged impatient fingers through the mess of his hair and took a deep breath for courage. Maria was not going to like any of this.

“Okay it’s not what you think. Or not exactly what you think anyway. Liz and Max have been getting these fevers since they got married, and it turns out that I’ve been getting them too, just a little later than them.”

“What? What are you talking about Michael? What does this have to do with your thing for Liz?” Maria demanded impatiently.

I DO NOT HAVE A THING FOR LIZ!” Michael shouted in frustration, pacing back and forth in agitation.

“Don’t you raise your voice to me Michael Guerin!” Maria sprang to her feet in fury.

Liz moved over and put her arm around her. She looked up at the men in their lives and silenced them with a glance.

“I can explain it Maria,” Liz said gently. “Max and I have been getting these fevers and the only way to get rid of them is to, well, to make love.” Liz dropped her eyes from Maria’s incredulous gaze.

“What? Does that mean that Michael wants to…has to…” Maria sputtered to a stop, unable to voice her worst fear.

“NO! Maria, no! When we went to the cave today we found this necklace,” Liz reached out her hand to Max and he sank down on the couch beside her, she touched the stone on the necklace and it flared brightly, eliciting a startled gasp from Maria. Max smiled softly at the proof of his and Liz’s connection. He had calmed down considerably, reopening his connection to Liz and hearing the voice of reason. She gave him a private smile before turning back to Maria. “When I put it around Max’s neck it transmitted another message from his and Isabel’s Mom, a newer message than the one we had seen before. To make it short, she said that Tess is plotting against us and that I was literally made for Max.” Liz forestalled Maria’s inevitable urge to interrupt with a gesture of her hand, begging her to let her finish before interjecting. “They sent down two of their people and basically took over my parents so that they would conceive me. They manipulated my molecular structure so that I would be perfect for Max.” Max squeezed her hand, letting it flow through the connection that he was perfectly satisfied with the way things had turned out.

“That’s why you two have always been drawn together.” Maria said in wonder. The knowledge settled into her with a satisfying click at how clear it all was now that they knew. All those years with her two friends pining helplessly for each other, that whole soul mate connection thing when they gazed into each other’s eyes. Wow!

“Yeah. We’ve always known somewhere inside us,” Max murmured, rubbing his fingers over the back of Liz’s neck, just where her tension was gathered. She leaned back into his caress, enjoying the comforting warmth of his fingers.

“The message was triggered because I’m pregnant.” Liz blurted out, leaning back into Max’s side quickly, as if to avoid Maria’s inevitable reaction.

Maria did not disappoint.

YOU’RE WHAT??? I thought you were on the Pill! Wait a minute, you two are barely married! How could you know already?” Maria’s face flushed bright red and her arms gesticulating wildly around her. “Don’t even answer that!” She switched gears suddenly. “This is all some weird Czechoslovakian thing isn’t it?” Her eyes flashed fire at Michael, as if accusing him of having something to do with it. She stabbed her finger into his chest. “It’s a good thing I told you no buddy, because I am not cut out to be a mother at this stage in my life!”

“You were the one who was all over me all the time! I was the one who always…” Michael’s protest was cut short by a sharp smack against his upper arm.

“It doesn’t matter who did what!” Maria reversed herself quickly. “How do you know you’re pregnant?”

Liz looked at Max for strength. His arm tucked her into the curve of his side and he took over the tale.

“Our mother told us that the message could only be triggered if Liz was carrying our child. The savior of our planet.” Maria’s eyes widened again, impossibly large in her pale face.

“They apparently have seers on our planet. They’ve programmed Liz to have this gift to help our team when Tess is gone.” He spat out Tess’ name like it left a bad taste in his mouth.

“They’ve told us that we need to protect our son at all costs because he will be the one who goes back to our planet to save our people. In order for Liz to be able to carry a partially alien baby it requires certain nutrients that can only be passed to him through alien sperm.” Max faltered before going on. “There were only two men on the planet that could provide it, so they gave us a protective impulse to take care of Liz when the fevers weaken her.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Maria asked incredulously.

“Yeah. But I promise that I will always be near Liz when she needs to…uh…feed the baby.” He finished lamely. The look on his face and his choice of words startled a chuckle out of Liz and Isabel. They sobered immediately when they saw the look on Maria’s face.

“I’m sorry Maria!” Liz said quickly, “I wasn’t laughing at that. I just…”

“No Liz. That’s not why I’m upset. Is it dangerous for you to carry this baby? What could happen to you if Max doesn’t…you know.” She made a vague gesture with her hands.

“We’re not going to find out Maria. I will always be there for her, okay?” Max didn’t want to tell her that his alien mother had said that Liz and the child could both die if she didn’t get what she needed within twenty-four hours.

“You’d better,” Maria muttered darkly.

“There’s more Maria,” Isabel took up the tale.

“More? What more could there be? Haven’t we been through enough?” She wailed plaintively, allowing Michael to put his arms around her at last. It wasn’t his fault that his alien family had messed with his instincts.

Isabel quickly filled her in on the rest of the details. How Isabel was vindicated from her traitor status and that Tess had always been the betrayer of their people, how they had been directed to destroy Tess before she learned of Liz’s pregnancy.

“About damn time,” Maria muttered under her breath.

“Max needs to wear the necklace at all times. It enhances his connection to Liz, so he can locate her no matter where she is.” Isabel finished.

“I don’t think we could take it off anyway,” Liz tugged on the cord and turned it to see where it had fused together.

“Quite a fashion statement,” Alex laughed. He was amazed at the turn of events, and so happy for Isabel. She had been carrying around a heavy load of guilt lately.

“Yeah. I hope it stays ‘in’,” Max joked back. He’d never sought to be openly trendy, he hoped his parents didn’t comment on his choice of accessories.

“When are we gonna kill Tess?” Maria asked callously. No one messed with her friends and got away with it.

“We can’t just walk up to her and…and kill her,” Liz’s voice broke over the hard words.

“Why not?” Michael asked.

“Michael, I’m the first one to admit that it has to be done,” Max said, “but we have to think this through. The world sees her as this innocent teenager, and even though we know differently we have to be careful how we go about this. There may be things that she knows that we should learn from her.” Liz gasped softly as her connection allowed her to see Max’s plan.

“You are not going to be alone with her!” Liz exclaimed, horrified by the thought.

“No, no. Michael and Isabel can back me up.” Max stroked her face soothingly, allowing his fingers to tangle in her silky hair.

“What are you two talking about?” Michael interjected, impatient with being out of the loop.

“Max wants to go ahead and let Tess come to his house on Monday to work on the memory retrieval.” Liz had gone pale.

“Are you crazy? Do you think you can just let her go walking around in your mind like that? She’s gonna find out that we’re on to her!” Michael couldn’t believe the stupidity of the plan.

“I’m not gonna let her into anything I don’t want her to see. I’m sure I can block her from the parts of my memories that I don’t want her to see.”

Michael cut him off. “How are you gonna do that?”

“With this.” Max lifted the stone around his neck. It glowed with a weak light when he concentrated on it. “It’s like it enhances my power. I feel like, since it’s connecting me to Liz, I can tap into more of my own power. It’s like it’s honing my strength.” He shook his head. “I don’t know how else to explain it.”

“Are you sure this will work?” Isabel’s worry shone from her eyes.

“I think so. After she shows me how to retrieve those memories, maybe I can find out more of her plan. It may be our only chance to find out what she knows.”

“I don’t like it.” Liz put in.

“Me either, but if Iz and I are right there…” Michael thought about all they could learn. “I’ll help you Max. I’ll back you up.”

Max gave him a grateful look and turned to Isabel.

“If you really think you can…”

“I can Iz.” Max infused his voice with certainty.

“Okay. I’m with you, but the first sign of…”

“I got it Iz. When we’re through we’ll take her out for a quiet drive in the desert, okay?”

“Okay.” Isabel was nervous about the thought of what would happen in the desert, but knew it was necessary.

“It’s getting late guys,” Alex noticed that it was after 10:30. “We have school tomorrow.”

The group groaned. How could they be expected to go back to something so normal after all that they had learned.

“Max, can you…” Liz didn’t finish her sentence.

“Yeah, I’ll be spending the night again,” he murmured into her ear.

Liz purred with pleasure. This was how it should always be.

As they began to leave Michael grabbed Maria’s arm. She turned weary eyes to look at him.

“What is it Michael?” Her tone told him to make it snappy.

“Stay. We need to talk tonight,” he said gruffly.

“Michael, I’m really tired and I just want to…”

“Please.” His soft tone caught her off guard, and just the fact that he’d said please told her how important this was to him.

“Okay.” She went back in and sat down. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”


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Part 27

Michael closed the door behind his departing friends and took a deep breath for courage before turning around. Maria was sitting on the couch, leaning forward with her head in her hands.

“All right Michael,” Maria began, “I’m here. And seriously, I don’t know what you want to…”


“…talk about, but, let me tell ya, I’m very tired. There was this one…”


“…customer who just wouldn’t leave the Crash tonight. Kept nursing…”


“…that same cup of coffee until I just wanted to boot him out the…”

“Maria! I really need to talk to you, so do you think you could just listen for a minute?” Michael was exasperated, here he was trying to open up his heart to his girl for the first and only time in his life and she was raving on about some lunatic customer that made her late tonight!

“…door.” She finished lamely. She finally looked up at Michael and was startled by the intense expression in his eyes. She huffed a small breath, probably lost in his ‘Liz connection’. Yep, probably had nothing to do with her.

“Are you trying to break up with me? ‘Cause I could save you the trouble.” Maria stood up and began stalking to the door. Michael. Michael in the way. She diverted her path to go around him, but he stepped over to block her again.

“Michael, really, it’s no problem. I won’t make a scene or anything. You’ve got this…” sob, “whole new life now, and you need some breathing room, right?” Maria’s eyes filled with tears that she desperately wanted to hold back.

She looked up into his face, startled when he closed his large hands over her shoulders and drew her in close.

“I can’t believe that this is what I’ve done to you.”



“I never meant to be such a jerk. That you feel like I could be so callous and disregard everything we’ve been through together after all this time…”

Maria looked behind Michael to see where the real Michael had gone. Nope. Not back there. Where had they put her Michael? Oh well, she kinda liked this one better anyway. She aimed her attention back to his eyes. Yep. Definitely better. This Michael had very sincere eyes, shining with love and pleading for her to understand what he was saying. Oh…what had he been saying?

“…love you.”

“I’m sorry, but could you say that last part again?” She could not possibly have understood that correctly. Yep. Must be way out of context.

“I said that I want to be with you. That I love you and want you to know who I am.” Michael cupped her face in his hands. “Do you think you could still love me? Just a little bit?” His voice trembled with emotion.

“Michael….I….I thought that you were…you know what? Scratch that. Yes I love you, and yes I want to know who you really are. But first, I think you’d better tell me what is going on with you and Liz.”

Michael gazed up to the heavens, sending a silent thank you that Maria was giving him a chance, and pleading for patience and the right words to explain what was going on in his world.

“First off, you should know that it is out of my control.”

“What? You just go around lusting after Liz and it’s out of your control, so that’s all right?” Maria snorted caustically.

“No! That’s not what I meant, and that’s not what’s happening here! Will you just…can you please just listen for a minute?”

Maria crossed her arms in front of her body defensively and shot him her best ‘I’m the soul of patience and forbearance’ look.

“You know that the people on our planet consider Max and Liz’s son to be their savior, right?” Maria nodded her agreement.

“So they went to whatever lengths they could to ensure the survival of the baby. They implanted a need in Max to protect the child by nourishing it with alien fluid” no need to say sperm here and get her all riled up again “and to draw them together whenever Liz feels the child weakening her.” Okay, so far so good. “And apparently, they thought that if anything happened to Max that they couldn’t let Liz or the baby die, so they put the backup plan in me.” Michael was scared to see Maria’s reaction to his blunt statement, so he rushed on quickly. “It’s not like I go around wanting her or anything. God! I can hardly even think about her that way! Max has promised that he’ll always be close to her, so if the need arises” oops! Bad choice of words “uh, I mean if Liz started to get weak, he’ll be able to take care of it right away. My fever seems like it’s a delayed reaction, only if Liz and Max haven’t, you know.”

Maria’s foot was tapping a steady rhythm on the hard floor. She looked very thoughtful.

“So you don’t feel any…sexual feelings for her?” She asked bluntly.

“No! No. I only feel that way about you.” Michael confessed softly.

“Oh.” Well okay then, I guess that’s, well that.

“I don’t mean that I kept you here tonight to jump you or anything.” Wow, that came out all wrong.

“Oh, no, of course not, I mean, we’re not really ready for that yet anyway. And what if, well you saw what happened to Liz, and I’d really like to get through high school first, you know? I mean having a baby is great and all, but what if you guys have, like, super sperm or something…” Oh no, did she just say that? Out loud and everything. Gulp!


“Not that I’m sure you don’t have super sperm anyway” Shut up Maria! “but, I know you can see my point here, right?” Did she really have a point? She’d have to learn to control that incessant babbling thing.

Michael just stared at her in awe. She was the most entertaining, refreshing thing that had ever happened to him, and he wouldn’t let her get away. And she looked damn sexy, flushed all pink like that.

“Maria. I love you.” Maria peeked up at him through her lashes. He felt so good from saying it, that it had put that look in her eyes, that he said it again. “I. Love. You.” Yeah, he was in love all right.

“I love you too Michael.” She leaned up, and they shared a tender, heartfelt kiss.

“And you’d better keep you hands off my best friend or I’ll hunt you down myself.”

“Maria!!!” He groaned in exasperation.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max stopped the Jeep outside the Crashdown to drop Liz off first, before taking Isabel home. He’d been trying to think of a way to ask Isabel what she thought about sharing what was happening to them with their mother, and he thought Liz should get a say in it as well.

He cleared his throat nervously.

“A lot of new stuff, huh?” Great opening gambit, he thought in disgust. Well, hey, he’d been through a lot today, and he couldn’t sparkle with wit all the time, right? Right.

“Yeah, I’ll say.” Isabel rubbed the back of her neck. Max wanted to say something more. She recognized that look in his eyes. “What is it Max?”

She knew him so well.

“Well, I was wondering…and I’m not saying we should do this, but what do you think Mom would say if I told her…”

“Told her what Max? About the baby? Or about everything?” Isabel’s heart started pumping faster and she looked to Liz to gauge her reaction. She was just calmly looking on, a faint smile on her lips.


A quiet breath whooshed out of Isabel’s mouth. This was too good. Okay, calm down. Can’t overplay my hand here.

“I think that she would totally support you. I think she has a lot of love, and we’re gonna need a ton of help if you’re having a baby. I mean, none of us really knows how all that’s supposed to go, and Liz could use the support, I’m sure. Right Liz?”

Max turned his eyes to her as well. She nodded and said, “Absolutely. I think Isabel’s right. You’re mom could really help us in the next few months. Plus, we don’t really know what type of abilities this baby will be born with. How could we explain levitating crib toys, or visions of baby barn animals all over the house, you know?”

Max’s eyes widened. He hadn’t even considered the difficulties in raising an alien child who didn’t know he had to keep his gifts a secret.

“So you both think that we should tell her everything? Well, almost everything?” He amended quickly, thinking of his time in the White Room. Liz’s hand soothed his neck and back, she could feel what he was thinking of.

“Yeah, we should tell her all together, and the sooner the better. What if you two went into heat or something right in front of her? I mean, wow, how would you explain that?” Isabel couldn’t resist teasing her brother, if only to see him turn eight shades of red. Yep. She was a good sister.

“I never even thought about…does she really need to know…” Max stuttered to a stop, appealing to Liz.

“She’s gonna figure that out soon enough, don’t you think? We have to be together every day, and maybe she can help us figure a way to make it happen.” Liz hated to see him squirm like that, and it was doubly bad because she could feel it through their connection.

“I guess. I don’t know how to even explain that to her. She’s gonna flip out.” Max’s distress was doubling up on itself, growing into an insurmountable obstacle. Maybe they could just leave town or something.

“Max. We are not leaving town.” Damn. She could hear his thoughts. Have to remember that. He sent her a sheepish grin and sent her an image of them tangled together in passion. A soft hiss left her lips and her eyes glazed over. Mission accomplished.

He leaned in and gave her a parting kiss. “See you in a little bit, okay? I just need to grab some clothes and cover with my Mom.” Liz nodded her head; still in a daze from the vision he had given her.

“Do we really look like that?” She whispered in wonder.

Max nodded again, also caught up in the image she threw back at him.

“I’ll come back in just a few minutes, okay?” He needed her.

“ ‘Kay.” She whispered and got out of the Jeep.

Max watched her get in the door, and waited until he heard the lock click before driving home.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz walked in, still caught up in the beautiful vision that Max had shown to her. She skipped happily up the stairs to their apartment. Her pace quickened when she heard the phone ringing.

“Hello?” She answered, out of breath from the stairs.

“Lizzie? Are you okay? The phone rang forever, and you sound out of breath.” Nancy Parker’s worried tone jolted Liz back to reality.

Uh oh.

“Oh. Well I was…in the shower! Yep. I was taking a shower and I didn’t really hear the phone, but then I thought I did, so I ran out to get it, and here I am! How’s the baby?” Good. Distract her mom and get her talking about something else.

“Oh!! She is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! Well, not as cute as you were, of course, but cute enough. They had to have her by C-section, so my sister can’t get out of the hospital until tomorrow. That’s why I’m calling, we want to know how you’re doing, and if it would be all right if we stayed until Friday? We can be back in time for the dinner rush on Friday night if you think you can handle everything until then. It’s okay if you can’t though, I mean, if it’s interfering with your school work, or if you’re just too tired, then I could come right back.”

“No! Mom, everything’s fine! You should stay and play with that baby and help out as much as you can.” Liz couldn’t believe her luck! Tears sparkled in her eyes and she had to sit down when another thought struck her. She was really her father’s daughter. Nancy had never betrayed Jeff! Remorse swept her as she thought of how nasty she had been to her mother.

“I love you Mom.” Her sincere emotion traveled through the line, landing straight in Nancy’s heart. Nancy’s eyes teared up.

“I love you too, baby.”

Liz sighed as she hung up after twenty more moments of conversation. She had her Mom back! A smile broke across her face as she turned to go to her room. Max would be here any minute, she didn’t have very long to get ready!


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Part 28

“Wow,” Max breathed softly as he climbed into Liz’s window. He wasn’t looking at the glow of candles that shone throughout the room, or at the freshly turned down bed, covers folded over and inviting. He only had eyes for Liz, resplendent in white silk, her shy gaze turned down, only to flick back up to him coyly. She had thought he might use the door for once and was only glad she was ready for his sudden entrance.

“You look amazing.” Max crossed the short distance to her in a daze and took her in his arms. She felt so good there, so right, that he began swaying in a tender dance to the soft music she had playing. The moment lingered in time, suspended and perfect, and when the song ended he pressed a single kiss to her waiting lips.

“Hi,” She greeted him.

He grinned back at her, realizing he hadn’t even said hello yet. “Hi.”

She ran her hands over his muscular arms and trailed one down to catch his hand in hers and lead him to the bed. Max sat and pulled her into his lap, where she cuddled securely, basking in the comfort of his presence. She began placing small kisses over his neck and unfastened the first few buttons of his shirt to continue her explorations. Max inhaled sharply at her aggressiveness. He could feel her need, and this time it was all her. He allowed her to push him back until he was lying on the bed, Liz straddling his hips. Her kisses grew more heated as she pressed her open mouth over the skin she exposed as she finished with his buttons and drew it aside. He helpfully shrugged out of it at her silent command.

Liz could feel nothing but a burning need to be close to Max. They had learned so much, endured so much in the last few days and she needed this affirmation that they were in this together, that no matter what happened in their adventurous and sometimes scary lives, that they would be their for each other. Her hands worked quickly on the button and zipper of his jeans and Max lifted his hips as she removed the last of his clothing. He lay before her, completely exposed as her hands and eyes covered him hungrily.

A low growl escaped her throat as she licked her way down the column of his neck, pausing to take little love bites and then soothing them with her kiss. Max’s hands moved of their own accord to weave through her hair, just to feel the sweet silky texture. She turned her head into his palm and gave it a lingering kiss, before sucking one finger into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. Max groaned and arched his head back at the sweet sensation. She lingered over his amazing hands for long moments, before Max could take no more and pulled her up, taking her mouth in a deep kiss. Their mouths mated aggressively, each moaning in the back of their throats.

Max pulled down the shoulder of Liz’s gown and shifted to taste her sweet skin. The connection flowed openly between them, heightening each sensation, doubling every pleasure upon itself until it was almost unbearable.

Each move they made was in symphony with the music that rolled around them, their bodies matched the deep, pulsing rhythm that flowed through the room. Their eyes locked together as they shared the slow beat.

‘I will love you forever’

Her agreement was swift and tinged with desperation. The song ended and a new song began, faster, more powerful. Max matched the thrusts of his body into hers to the new beat and watched her eyes glow darkly in the candlelight. Her head arched back and she cried his name as her release ripped through her. Max’s pleasure could no longer be contained as he watched her wild response to him. Only him. He poured himself into her body and she collapsed against his broad chest.

As their breathing began to even out, Max tried to untangle the jumble of emotions and half-formed thoughts that were racing through his Liz. Many matched his own feelings. Shock. Fear. Overwhelming love. Hope. Fear.

His hands stroked down her back and brushed through her hair. He couldn’t see her eyes, and he wanted to desperately. And then he felt the warm wetness of tears falling silently to his chest. He hugged her to him tightly, his arms strong around her tiny frame. He unconsciously began to rock her back and forth, whispering soothing words of comfort and love.

“Talk to me Liz,” he begged her.

“Max, oh Max! What are we going to do?” Liz’s voice came out hoarse, almost desperate in her need for guidance and reassurance. “I mean, we are so young! Too young. I know that this was meant to be, please don’t ever doubt my love for you Max! But…a baby Max! I’ve never even owned a pet!”

Her words brought a brief smile to Max’s face before he thought how to answer her. Many of the same thoughts had been flowing through his mind as well.

“I think that we’ll have to wait and see how things go Liz. When I was at my house earlier I asked my Mom if it would be all right if we had you over for dinner on Friday. I think we should tell her Liz. I think she can help you through this. She’s always been a great mother to Isabel and me, and I know that she can help us get through this. I just hope that she can forgive Isabel and me for all the secrets and lies we’ve had to tell her all these years and that she doesn’t think that we’re disgusting or…”

Max was silenced by Liz’s hand over his mouth.

“She loves you Max. She’s a mother and she could never turn her back on you. I know this.” Liz’s eyes implored him to believe her. “I do need someone, a mother, to talk to about all this, and now that I’ve got my connection back with my own mom, I don’t want to ruin it by announcing that I’m 17 and pregnant and married.” Her eyes lowered quickly.

“You talked to your mom.” It was a statement, not a question and Max could see how happy and secure that made Liz.

“Yeah. I’m so ashamed that I could believe that about her for so long.”

“Liz. You can’t blame yourself for that! You were just following the laws of science, which apparently don’t apply to angels.”

“Max!” Liz pushed against his shoulder at his gentle teasing.

“You are my angel,” Max was so sincere.

“Please don’t break into song,” Liz tried to lighten the moment.

Max pretended to look affronted. “What? You don’t like my singing? And after I serenaded you last year and everything.” Max couldn’t contain a slight grin and Liz knew he was teasing her.

“So, we’ll talk to your mom and get her help. We really need to figure a way that we can be together.” Liz was shy again, not meeting Max’s gaze.

He put a finger under her chin and lifted it to meet his serious expression. “It’s not our fault that all this is happening to us. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and we shouldn’t act like there is, okay?” Max waited for her tentative nod of agreement before continuing. “I think that we should make sure that we are together as often as possible when we can so that we don’t get an unexpected heat wave at times that may not be convenient for us, like in school.” Liz nodded again.

“That sounds like a good idea. I’ve started a chart.” Liz moved to open the bedside table and removed a notepad. Flipping it open, she revealed a rather complicated graph that showed the times between fevers. “So far, it looks like the longest we’ve gone is fourteen hours, but we don’t know if this need will grow stronger the farther along I am, or grow weaker because of the changes in me.” She glanced to Max to get his opinion.

Max’s eyes were glued to the page, a slow grin creeping across his face. This was his Liz. More comfortable with action than passivity. Graphing and charting until the results were in black and white in front of her.


“What? Oh. Yeah, we should keep track of everything, and when we’re out of school for the summer and on the weekends, we can see how long we can go before…”

“Yeah. That’s good.” Liz was lost in his eyes again.

She leaned closer and touched her forehead to his.

“We can do this.”


“Did I tell you my parents said they’ll be gone till Friday?”

“Wanna spend the weekend at my house? With Isabel, of course?” Max was elated at the opportunity to be alone at Liz’s until Friday and then, after talking to his mom, then spending the rest of the weekend at his house.

“Of course, but maybe you should convince me a little more…” Max obliged very nicely.


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Chapter 29

Liz woke slowly in the early hours of Wednesday morning to the sounds of regular panting breaths that were coming from the floor. She scooted sleepily to peer over the side of the bed and then inhaled a surprised breath at the sight before her.

Max was completing a set of push-ups that had obviously been going on for some time. His body gleamed with sweat and his muscles bulged from the effort he had taken. As he finished his last one he leaned back to stretch his back and arms and then sat up, glancing toward the bed. He grinned widely at her flushed and sleepy expression.


“Hi.” She smiled back into his happy eyes. “Been awake long?”

He glanced down briefly before answering. “Yeah. Force of habit, I guess. I’ve been up every day by five a.m. to go running after…well, you know.” He swept his eyes up to her face before looking down again.

“You didn’t…” Liz’s horrified expression made him want to reassure her quickly.

He reached a hand out to brush her hair back. “No. I haven’t had any nightmares since we’ve been able to sleep together. I think you’re my good luck charm.”

Liz was relieved. No one should have to constantly relive the horrors that Max had endured for the last nine months. She felt rotten that she could have been there for him all that time to help alleviate his suffering.

“Please don’t think like that.” Max framed her face in his hands and angled her chin up so she would look at him.

“We’re going to have to have a talk about private thoughts,” Liz grumbled good-naturedly.

“I just don’t think we should beat ourselves up about things that we can’t change. We need to move forward. That’s what I intend to do from now on.” Max was sincere. They had to move forward and forget about the bad things that had happened.

“Is that why you’re up before dawn, working out like your life depends on it?” Liz questioned skeptically.

“Hey, I’m just staying in shape for you babe.” Max stood up and puffed out his chest, flexing for her enjoyment. “I don’t want to be one of those husbands who just let’s himself go after he lands his woman.”

Liz sat up in the bed, catching his teasing mood. “What’s with the ‘babe’ and ‘woman’ talk? I think all this working out is turning you into a Neanderthal! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll just go and take a shower.” Liz slid off the bed and brushed her body against his as she moved past him.

“Neanderthal? I’ll show you what a Neanderthal would do!” With that said, Max scooped a screaming Liz up over his shoulder and marched with her into the bathroom. She beat ineffectually at his back and between laughs she tried to convince him to put her down.

“What will you do if I put you down?” Max pretended to consider the prospects.

“I’ll…I’ll wash your stinky back for you!” Liz giggled out, trying to wriggle her way down.

Max clamped a hand over her squirming bottom. “Stinky? I don’t know if I like your tone woman.” He deliberately used the term again to elicit a reaction.

He didn’t get the reaction he expected though. Liz had gone still as his hand caressed her backside and reviewed her possible options. She ran her hands down over his back until she cupped his butt in her palms. She began a slow, deliberate massage that ranged over the portions of his body that she could reach and continued until she heard his soft moan.

“Put me down baby,” she requested softly. Not able to think of doing anything else, Max lowered her gently to her feet. She allowed her hands to roam over his chest, until he was out of breath again before she pushed him back from her and turned to the sink. Pretending to ignore him, she began to brush her teeth.

Max looked dazed and confused as he moved behind her. She glanced at him in the mirror in time to see him reach around her and massage her breasts. She leaned back into his chest weakly and enjoyed the sensations that coursed through her. She finished her teeth quickly and turned to capture his mouth with her own. Their kiss was greedy and filled with desire. It quickly escalated their need for each other and Max began to back up into the shower. He turned on the water without looking and they were soon drenched with the cascading water.

Picking up the fresh smelling soap, Liz filled her hands with lather and ran them over Max’s body, not missing an inch. Max’s breath came out in labored sobs when she was finished and he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Are you ready for me? I don’t think I can wait.”

“Yes, please now,” Liz moaned out against his lips.

Max captured her mouth in a hungry kiss as he lowered her over his straining erection. Both let out a satisfied moan at the renewed contact. Liz braced her hands on Max’s shoulders for leverage and assisted him in beginning a smooth movement. Their passion escalated as the water rushed between them. Max locked his eyes on the beauty of his wife as she arched her head back in ecstasy. Her walls clamped tightly around him and his cries echoed hers in the small room.

Max gently lowered her back to the floor and steadied her as her knees wobbled. He took his time running the washcloth over her smooth skin and then washed her long hair with her strawberry scented shampoo. When his task was finished, they gently dried each other off and got ready for school.

Liz heaved a contented sigh as they sat at the breakfast table together. “Just think Max, we’ll be able to do this every day after we tell our parents that we’re married.”

“Does that mean that you’re ready to tell your parents?”

Liz stirred her cereal around in her bowl. “Not quite yet. I think that they’ll freak out initially. Maybe we should just start with your mom and see how that goes.”

“Thanks a lot,” Max grinned to show he was teasing. “I like being the guinea pig.”

“I think it’ll be okay. I hope.” She smiled at him uncertainly. “Do you think that she’ll think that I trapped you into marrying me by getting pregnant?” Liz blurted out.

“What? No! No way would she think that! She’ll take one look at you and one look at how happy you make me and know that I couldn’t be expected to live without you.” Max tried to allay her fears.

“Uh huh, I’m sure that’s just what’ll happen,” Liz stated skeptically.

“Liz,” Max reached out for her hand, “she’s gonna love you. It’s me that’s the alien, remember? If she doesn’t run screaming from the room after I tell her about myself, then our news will be nothing compared to that, right?”

“Max! Your mom would never run away from you! I didn’t when I found out, did I? And your mother has gotten to enjoy you for years longer than I have, so she knows how special and wonderful you are! Are you seriously still worried?”

Max suddenly found his juice fascinating.


“I just hope that it goes okay. This is something that I have worried about for a long time. I don’t know what I’d do if she…couldn’t accept who I am.” Max’s face was tense.

“I know that she’ll be fine. Shocked at first, but fine. I’ll be right there with you okay?” Liz tried to reassure him of her constant presence, and it was the right thing to say.

“It’ll always be okay if you’re there with me. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you accept me, have always accepted me in spite of what I am.”

“What you are is a kind, gentle, thoughtful, loving man who needs to stop worrying about everything for awhile!” Liz tried to cheer him up.

“We have had a rough few days here, I think that I’m entitled to worry just a little, don’t you?” Max raised an eyebrow at her quizzically.

“Okay, but just a little! What do you have planned for the day?” She could feel his mind sorting through various scenarios for the day. This mind reading thing was more complicated than people might think. A lot of what people have rushing through their heads was just pictures, half-formed thoughts and concepts that flitted through at lightening speed. Very few actual thoughts came through as complete sentences. Of course, everything made sense in your own mind, but to try and interpret someone else’s thoughts, wow! Complicated.

“Wellll….I kinda thought that we could work on me blocking you out of a connection.” Max took in her stunned response.

“No! No, I don’t mean that I want to block you out! I just want to practice to see if I can block you so that I can resist Tess when we meet on Monday.” Liz let out a relieved breath.

“So, after school?”

“Yeah, we can meet back here. Do you have to work?” Liz shook her head no. She had rearranged her schedule so she could have as much time as possible with Max this week.

“Neither do I until tomorrow. Also, I think we should review the disk that Alex had hidden from Tess. Maybe there’s something on it that can answer some questions or help us get rid of Tess.”

“Where is the disk?” Liz asked.

“It’s in my backpack.” Max reached over and snagged it off the nearby chair. He took out the disk and handed it to Liz.

As her fingers closed over it she was consumed by a vision.


“Have to hide the disk, can’t let her get it” Alex mumbled under his breath and fumbled clumsily to secure the disk in it’s hiding spot.

Alex grabbed his head as it throbbed painfully under the pressure of Tess’ newest assault on his senses.

“Have you told me everything? Is this all that the Granolith can do?” Tess features distorted into a mask of ugliness as she confronted Alex.

“I…it…” Alex tried to remember to keep the secret; it was almost impossible under this pressure.

“You’d better not lie to me!” Tess increased the strength of her assault and Alex passed out.

Tess kicked his still form in frustration before walking away.

Liz gasped as the vision ended and pulled her fingers away from the disk as if it was on fire. Max let go at the same time and it clattered to the tabletop.

“Did you see it too?” Liz whispered brokenly, fresh from feeling the pain that Alex had endured to secure this disk.

“Yeah. I…he…wow!” Max didn’t know what else to say. He was glad that they had arranged it so that Alex wouldn’t be alone with Tess again.

“She’s…she really is evil Max. I think we need to be really careful around her. Maybe it’s not such a great idea to be alone with her on Monday. I mean, what if she found out that we’re on to her? She could really do some damage!” Tears pooled in her eyes.

“Liz, we have to know what she knows. She was raised by a protector who taught her things that we haven’t even thought of yet. It could really aid our cause here on Earth, now that we know we’re responsible for keeping it safe. I really think that with practice, I can dig around in that ugly little mind of hers and get information that could really help us.” Max hated to worry Liz, but this was the quickest way he could think of to get what they needed from Tess before disposing of her. He tried not to think of the cold-blooded murder he would have to perform.

“Promise me Max that you will not go through with it if you don’t feel that you’re ready to block her all the way. Promise me!” Liz insisted.

“I promise. I would never put you in danger like that, or our baby.”

Liz shuddered at the reminder of what would happen to her and the baby if something happened to Max.

“You just…it has to be you okay?” Liz didn’t want to think of being with Michael like that.

“You know I’ll be there for you!” Max stood and hugged her close to his beating heart. This had just reminded him that he wanted to have a private chat with Michael before school started.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max roared up behind Michael in the school parking lot and hopped out of his Jeep. Maria had picked up Liz for school so that they wouldn’t be seen by Tess arriving together.

“Hey Michael. I want to talk to you.” Max began gruffly, pulling Michael around to face him.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you too,” Michael replied mildly.

Taken aback by Michael’s calm reaction, Max took a deep breath and started the speech he had planned earlier while working out.

“I just wanted to tell you that I know that you can’t help this reaction that you have when Liz is…when she needs me. I don’t blame you for that, but it’s obvious that the people on our planet don’t share the same sense of…monogamy that we have here. I will be the only one that Liz needs to nourish our child, and you will never be called upon to step in. Is that clear?”

“Clear as day Maxwell. I didn’t ask for this and you’re more than welcome to her. I’m in rough enough water with Maria as it is over this and I definitely don’t need any more complications in my life right now, so just take care of her quickly when she needs you and I won’t even be affected. Fair enough?” Michael had thought this out as well.

“Yeah. Fair enough. We’ve worked out a schedule so that…” Max blushed, not meeting Michael’s eyes. Too much information, definitely.

“A schedule huh?” Michael couldn’t help ribbing Max about that a little. “Liz’s idea?”

“Actually, it was mine,” Max gave up and smiled at Michael. This was the sign that Michael needed. He clapped his hand to Max’s shoulder and turned him to walk toward the school.

“So tell me Max, what is alien sex like?” Michael dodged away from Max’s playful swipe at him.

Max laughed. “Out of this world Michael. Out of this world!”


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Part 30

“How does that feel?” Max asked in a hushed voice.

Mmnnn, that’s…ohhh! Do that again!” Liz exclaimed in pleasure.

“What? That?”

“Oh yeah! That’s soo…Oh! Now it just tickles!” She burst into laughter and collapsed on the bed.

“Can we get serious here you guys?” Michael drawled out impatiently.

Liz sat back up quickly and looked guiltily over at Max, who was seated across the room. He shot her an innocent grin.

‘We’ll explore that alone later,’ he sent through their connection.

“Sorry Michael, it really did tickle though,” Liz offered sheepishly.

“I bet. Now did you learn anything new Maxwell?” Michael directed his attention back to Max.

“Yeah, well sorta. It’s really complicated in there you know. I was trying to reach into her mind and explore which parts trigger different reactions or emotions, and especially figure out where specific memories are held. I think I touched on a pleasure center or something.” Max shot another grin at Liz.

“No kidding,” Michael interjected sarcastically. It was bad enough that he had to be here for this ‘exploration’, but he really didn’t need to witness Max pleasuring Liz from across the room! “Did you find any memories?”

“Yeah, I did. They were pretty easy to get to, and she didn’t even feel me in there looking.” Max glanced at Liz for confirmation. She gave him a puzzled look, she really hadn’t felt him lifting her memories.

“What did you see Max?” She asked him curiously.

“I saw you with your Grandma Claudia during a summer vacation when you were ten. You spent that summer swimming in her pool and going along on archeological digs. You found a pottery fragment with zigzag lines running around it and you were so excited that you tripped and fell when you ran to show it to your grandma. You saved the pottery, but you banged up your elbow and your knee. Your grandma was so proud of you that she took you out to a special dinner that night and you felt like a princess.” Liz’s eyes filled with tears as he reminded her of a cherished moment in her life. He didn’t have to ask if the memory was accurate, he could see it in her expression.

“After I got the memory I started exploring other aspects of her brain, but I think that I was more obvious about that, so she felt it.” Liz nodded her agreement. She had felt him poking around for a while.

“Why don’t you try blocking Liz out of your connection now Max? That is the real reason that we’re here, right?” Michael tried to remind them of the reason for this after school session. “If Liz can’t get through your block then no one can. She has the strongest link to you of all of us.”

“Right. Let me just…” Max’s gaze turned inward as he concentrated on what he thought he needed to do. It felt unnatural to block Liz out, she was a part of him now and it felt like he was denying the best part of himself.

Max nodded to indicate that he was ready. Liz looked right at him and gathered her energy. When they were both ready she sent her thoughts out to Max. Her first attempt was rebuffed by Max and so she tried harder. Concentrating hard, she focused her energy right to the core of Max. This time she broke through and reached him. She felt a wave of his frustration hit her hard before he blocked her out again abruptly. The energy in the room seemed to pulse around them as they played a tug of war with their connection. Liz could feel that she was getting closer and pushed through again. This time Max surrounded her and accepted her intrusion.

‘Try to find a memory,’ Max instructed her silently.

’I don’t know…I’ve never done that before,’ Liz answered.

‘I’ll show you.’ Max allowed a flow of information through to Liz, showing her how he had found the memories of her and Grandma Claudia earlier.

Liz nodded her head and began to look within Max. She probed and prowled around for what seemed an eternity before her energy began to flag and she sighed her defeat. She slumped back in the bed and groaned.

“That is absolutely exhausting!” Liz exclaimed. “I didn’t find any memories.”

“Does that mean that you broke through and made a connection?” Michael asked with worry.

“Yeah. I did get in. Max blocked me for a while, but I just kept trying until I got through.”

“That’s not acceptable! There is no way that we can let Tess get in there at all! You have to keep practicing!” Michael exclaimed. No way he was going to let his friend take on that kind of danger if he wasn’t fully prepared!

“Michael, I started to think that it might be too obvious if I blocked her out altogether. I mean we have to have some kind of surface connection to make the memory retrieval work, right? If she can’t get in at all, she might think that I’m hiding something from her. I just have to block her out of the parts of my brain that she could mess with, like my memories. It was easier for me to do that anyway.” Max grinned at Liz.

“Easier for you!” Liz snorted from her prone position on the bed.

“Are you okay? Do you need to rest for a while?” Michael couldn’t resist asking her.

“I’m fine Michael, we can keep going if you want.” She glanced at Max to gauge his reaction.

Max was fighting back his natural urge to jump down Michael’s throat and tell him that he would never do anything that would harm Liz or their child, but when he looked at Michael’s concerned expression he realized that Michael was not a part of his and Liz’s connection. There was no way he could know that Liz was just fine and could go on for a little while longer.

“She’s fine Michael. Let’s just try it a couple more times and then I do want you to rest, okay?” Max sent a wave of loving energy through to Liz. Her eyes thanked him as she sat up to try again.

About a half hour later they stopped and chatted about the results of the experiment.

“I couldn’t find any memories in there at all. You’re really good at blocking them. I’m glad that you let me in before we started again, or I would have just thought that I didn’t know how to look for them!” Liz chuckled at the memory that she had retrieved when Max had let her in to make sure she could do it if he allowed it.

“I didn’t know you were so clumsy on roller skates!” Liz laughed out loud at the embarrassed expression on Max’s face. He had been at a mutual friends birthday party when they were eleven years old and he had been so caught up in the fact that Liz was there, that he had skated right into four people, knocking them all to the ground. Liz had never even noticed at the time, she had been chatting with Alex and Maria over by the snack bar.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten up so fast in my life! I was just praying that you wouldn’t notice the geeky kid that caused a four man collision!” Max shook his head at the memory.

“Well, you were lucky! I never saw a thing.” Liz moved over to make room for Max on the bed. He settled in beside her.

“I think that’s my cue to leave,” Michael edged toward the door, having flashbacks of the last time he’d seen them together on that bed.

“You don’t have to go Michael,” Max put in quickly. He’d invited him over to get his input on how to go about these training sessions, and Michael had offered several helpful suggestions throughout the day.

“Maybe we could all watch a movie or something,” Liz put in. She was encouraged by the friendly interaction between Max and Michael today and didn’t want to see it come to an end.

They argued lightheartedly about which movie they should watch from her parent’s large collection of videos. They settled on a comedy and laughed together over pizza for the next two hours.

As Michael was preparing to leave they set up a time for the following evening to work together again after Max finished his shift at the UFO Center.

“I was thinking that this time you should try to block her out while you’re touching. See if that makes it harder or something. What do you think?” Michael asked.

“That’s a really good idea. Tess might try to touch you or hold your hand or something.” Liz looked to Max for his reaction.

He shuddered at the thought of allowing Tess to touch him in any way. “Yeah, that’s a good idea Michael, knowing Tess, she’ll probably try something.”

“One more thing. Today she was asking around about where Alex was. I put her off by telling her that he’s been really tired lately and so he can’t hang around as much. I think that she might be worried that her mind warp is wearing off.” Michael took in the dismayed expressions of his friends.

“We have to get rid of her by Monday. There’s no way we can let her get to Alex again,” Max stated grimly.

“Have you thought about how you’re going to kill her?” Michael asked. “Because I could do it. There’s no reason that you have to get your hands dirty killing her. I’m your second, it’s my job to be the protector, and it’s not like I haven’t killed before. I don’t think you should have to do it.” Michael was absolutely sincere. He didn’t want Max to go through the terrible jumble of mixed emotions that he had gone through after killing Pierce. Even knowing that Pierce was a heartless bastard and deserved to die, it had been difficult to reconcile his death in his own mind. He had taken a life. Killing Tess might be even harder, because it was a pre-planned event, not something spontaneous in the heat of the moment.

“I think this is something I have to do myself,” Max said softly.

“I can back you up,” Michael put in.

“I think the less people involved, the better. Besides, I want you to stay with Liz until it’s all over and I come back.” Max looked at Michael and hoped he understood the trust he was placing in his friend.

Michael nodded his acknowledgement and went out the door.

Liz turned to hug Max. “I don’t like the idea of you going out into the desert alone with Tess.”

“Isabel is going to follow us out there to make sure nothing goes wrong. She wants to see Tess dead. I really think she would like to be the one to actually kill her after what Tess did to her in our last life.”

“Well that’s a little better if Isabel will be there, but I still think it’s too dangerous.”

Max stroked her hair back soothingly and kissed her forehead. “We can’t do anything to her here in town, it would be too obvious. We have to be isolated to get rid of her body.” Max took her hand and led her back to her room. “What do you say we scan through this disk of Alex’s and see if we can find anything useful?”

Liz shuddered at the thought of touching the disk again. Max caught her distaste and reassured her that he would handle that part himself. He loaded up the diskette and they spent the next several hours with their fascinated eyes glued to the computer screen as they learned all of the many applications of the Granolith.

Max eventually sat back and scrubbed his tired eyes with the heels of his hands. “We have got to be sure to send Alex a thank you card for this. If this ever got back to our enemies, we’d be through! I guess we know how I can get rid of Tess now, huh?”

Liz just nodded her head in numb agreement.


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Part 31

Friday afternoon

Tess closed her locker and scanned the halls for Max. Something was going on between him and Liz Parker, she was sure of it. Even when they weren’t friends after the Kyle incident, they had still talked and acted fairly normal around each other. was different. When they got back from Vegas Max had seemed so protective of Liz, watching her every move as if she could disappear any moment, and when they were together…it was like they were trying too hard not to seem together. She had thought that he was just being a macho male after what had happened to Liz in Vegas…oh why couldn’t that pervert have just finished her off? It was time to do something about it.

Max rounded the corner and started down the hall toward fourth period AP History, his eyes on the floor and his arms loaded with books. It was the only class he shared with Liz and he was anxious to see her again, even if Tess’ presence would stifle their enjoyment. Waking up in Liz’s arms that morning had been so natural, so right. And even if he hadn’t already been a morning person, he would be now if he got to wake up wrapped around her every morning. A smile crept across his face as he remembered the amorous greeting he had received.

Tess watched Max moving distractedly down the hall and timed it to step out directly in front of him, deliberately causing him to stumble into her. His books clattered to the floor as his arms went up automatically to steady her from falling.

“Oh! Sorry! I wasn’t watching…” Max looked up and saw that it was Tess that he had run into. His guard went up immediately and he dropped his hands from her arms as if they had burned him. “Oh! Hi Tess.” He took a step back and crouched down to gather his books together, hoping she would move on.

“Hi Max, let me help you with those,” Tess kneeled down beside him and started piling books together, bending over to show off her cleavage and watching Max out of the corner of her eyes.

“I’ve got it. Don’t worry about it,” Max tried to move faster to hurry it along, not even noticing the show she was trying to put on for him.

“What are all these books for?” Tess asked curiously, brushing her hand over his deliberately.

“Oh, you know that research paper that’s due in AP History, I just thought I’d get it done this weekend,” Max stacked the last book on top and stood up hurriedly.

“That’s not due for another two weeks, I haven’t even glanced at the assignment yet,” Tess got up and started moving down the hall with Max. “You and Liz sure seem to get involved in your school work.” Tess watched carefully for Max’s reaction.

“What?” Max’s eyes darted to Tess, back down again. “We don’t work on this stuff together or anything,” he added hurriedly. Calm down Max! You’re acting like you’re trying too hard! “I mean, I guess we do both think that grades are really important. I know I want to do something important with my life some day, and I want to get a good education.” Better, keep your tone even, disinterested.

Tess raised her eyebrow at his reaction. Yep, definitely something going on. Time to step it up a notch.

“So Max, I was wondering,” she moved closer, using the crowded hall as an excuse, allowing her arm and the side of her breast to brush against him, “maybe we could get together after school sometime to…study.” She gave him a sultry look to let him know that she didn’t really mean she wanted to study and licked her lower lip provocatively.

Max’s step stumbled when she brushed against him and he bobbled his books so that he could use that as an excuse to pull away from her.

“Yeah, sure, we could do that sometime next week maybe,” Max said, mustering enthusiasm into his voice. After we take you out to the Granolith chamber and get rid of you once and for all! He added maliciously in his thoughts.

“Great!” Tess’ step hopped a little in glee. If she could just get him alone for a bit, he wouldn’t even remember Liz Parker’s name! She tucked her arm through his just as they reached the door to their class and walked in with him, searching the room for Liz. She smirked in satisfaction when she saw that Liz had been watching the door. Tess turned adoring eyes up to Max and leaned into his arm. “So we’ll get together next week!” She drawled huskily, loud enough for Liz to hear. Tess let Max go and moved smugly into her seat.

The class dragged by slowly, each wrapped in their own separate thoughts. When the bell rang Liz sprang out of her seat and hurried out the door. Max made sure to ignore her exit and made his way out as quickly as he could, deliberately going in the opposite direction as Liz. He knew that she had sensed his roiling anger and deep disgust.

Tess hurried after Max and followed him to his locker. “Let’s have lunch together Max,” she chirped brightly. “We could go out somewhere.”

“Uh, I told Isabel and Michael that I’d meet them in the quad so…maybe some other time,” Max tried to school his expression to make it appear that he actually enjoyed her company.

“Oh, okay. I’ll just eat lunch with you guys then,” Tess tried to hide her frustration. “Is Alex going to be there?”

Max’s shoulders stiffened at the mention of his friend. “I don’t know, maybe.” Max had made sure that Maria and Liz took Alex out to lunch today to avoid any contact with Tess.

“I haven’t seen him in a while. I wonder…”

Max cut her off. “So how’s your room coming along at Valenti’s?” He knew that she would be distracted by that.

“It looks really great!” She enthused, “We’ve got the whole thing done and I’ve been experimenting with different colors for the walls. Of course, it’s sucked that I had to be grounded for the entire week to work on it, but Jim’s been pretty cool. He may even let me off the hook for the weekend. Do you think we could get together for a movie or something?” Tess batted her eyes hopefully.

“Hey Max. How’s it going?” Michael interrupted smoothly. “You still have to work on that special project at the UFO Center this weekend? Cause there’s a killer movie out that I’ve been wanting to see.”

“Oh. Yeah, I do have that project, all weekend. I won’t really have time for anything else,” he threw Tess an apologetic look.

“Oh,” Tess looked dejected, then straightened her shoulders. This isn’t over yet!

“Max! Over here!” Isabel waved them over to a table, glad that Tess was with them so that they could keep an eye on her.

They all sat down, Tess making sure that her thigh was pressed to the length of Max’s. If anything else, he was a teenage boy, with hormones to match, and she was sure that he couldn’t keep ignoring her. As they all talked about school and town events Tess moved her hand under the table and massaged Max’s thigh. His leg hardened under her fingers, immediately tense. Good! He’s reacting to my touch! I knew he couldn’t resist. She moved her hand up higher on his leg, massaging toward the inside.

Max could not believe her gall. It was bad enough to have to act as if he enjoyed her company, but this was too much. He reached down and removed her hand from him

Tess smiled slightly. He obviously didn’t want to get turned on in front of his sister and friend. She needed to get him alone.

“Max I really need to talk to you in private for a minute,” she stood and pulled a surprised Max to his feet.

“What? I really don’t think…” Max looked to his friends for assistance.

“I’ll only keep him for a minute,” Tess interjected, looking at Michael and Isabel’s surprised expressions. She dragged Max back into the school before he could protest further.

Keeping hold of his arm she dragged him into the Eraser Room, locking the door behind them. She turned to face him, her back blocking the exit.

Max reached around her to unlock the door and leave, a sudden feeling of panic rolling over him. “Tess, I really don’t think that we should be in here like this. You know what the kids use this room for.”

“I just wanted to have a little privacy for a minute. I think we need to talk.” Tess stroked his arm up and down, taking a step closer to him. Max retreated one step before he made himself stop. He couldn’t make her any more suspicious.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Us.” Tess looked him right in the eye and saw him flinch. Not the right reaction Max! She didn’t want to use her power on him just yet. This would be much more satisfying if he came to her himself. She just had to make sure he knew she was still interested.

“What about us?” Max asked nervously, sweat began pooling at the back of his neck.

“I just think that we’ve grown a lot closer in the last few months and I was wondering if we can do something about it,” Tess reached up and cupped the side of Max’s face in her warm hand, she ran her finger over his bottom lip and waited for his reaction.

“I thought that we agreed to be friends,” Max stumbled back a step, but Tess moved closer again.

“Well, if you aren’t seeing anyone, and I’m not seeing anyone, why shouldn’t we at least give it a chance? We’ve never really seen what would happen if we dated or anything. Maybe we’d find out we’re perfect for each other. I think that we’ve become very good friends. You helped me when Nacedo died, and I helped you when Kyle slept with Liz,” you need that reminder of her betrayal, she thought smugly, watching him flinch. “I’m ready to see if we can be more than friends.” She held both his arms and pressed her chest to his, rubbing her breasts across his hard body. She stood up on tiptoe to kiss him, hoping he would lean down. He didn’t, so she pressed kisses to his neck, her hand beginning an exploration of his chest down to his waistband. Boldly she reached down to cup his manhood.

Max was stunned for a moment, but when her hand groped at his pants he grabbed both of her arms and set her back from him roughly. “I thought you understood that I’m not ready to be more than your friend right now. I don’t…we can’t…, this is too fast for me.” Max groped for a better explanation. “I don’t want to be with anyone right now.” Except Liz.

“Not even Liz?” Tess spat out harshly, hurt by his reaction. It was time to use her gifts. She took a deep breath and concentrated.

The door swung open before she could launch her attack. Tess swung around in frustration.

“Tess! There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Isabel took Tess’ arm and steered her out the door, giving Tess the cover story her and Michael had cooked up while watching them disappear into the Eraser Room.

Max slumped against the wall, sick with disgust. Her touch had repelled him, causing such deep revulsion that he thought he might be sick. He hadn’t felt so violated since Pierce had touched him in the White Room. He slid down the wall and rested his head on his arms, knees up. He started shaking and tried to take deep breaths to calm himself.

He felt her before he saw her. Her presence wrapped him in safety and love. Home. Her touch stilled him as she kneeled beside him and he leaned sideways into her waiting arms. She surrounded him with her comfort and caressed her hand through his hair and down his back, massaging away tension.

Liz.” Saying her name was an affirmation of everything good.

“Sshhh,” she murmured softly, feeling him calm, aching to take away his suffering. His mind overflowed with memories of past torment and his helplessness today. He was so strong to endure Tess’ evil touch and not shout out his love for Liz.

His face crumpled as he let the tears flow, soaking her shirt, releasing his emotions to her safekeeping. She rocked him gently until the episode subsided.

He sat up at last, sniffling and using his sleeve to dry his face. He glanced at her briefly before looking back at the floor. “I swear I’ve cried more in the last week than I have since I got adopted,” he joked weakly.

“You’ve had plenty of reasons, and I’m glad that you’re letting it out. It’s not good to keep things inside,” Liz reassured softly.

“I need to get out of here,” Max stood up and pulled Liz to her feet.

“Let’s go,” she said, heading for the door.

Max drove them both back to the Crashdown and they climbed the fire escape so that those working in the restaurant would not wonder why Liz was out of school so early.

Climbing in her window, Max started to remove his clothes, heading toward the bathroom. He left a trail all the way in and stepped into the shower nude. He turned the water on as hot as he could stand it and began scrubbing his body hard with a washcloth. Over his thighs where Tess’ hands had touched him, up his stomach and especially his neck where she had dared to kiss him. He ran the cloth roughly over himself until the water began to cool and then he just leaned his forehead against the cool tile and breathed.

Liz undressed slowly and waited for him on the bed. She knew what he needed right now and she would wait until he was ready. Her heart ached for the suffering he endured.

Max emerged slowly from the bathroom. He looked lost and drained. His steps led him straight to Liz and she lay him down on the bed. Her lips traveled over his body slowly, paying special attention to cover all the angry red marks on his skin where he had tried to scrub away his revulsion. Max sighed and lay there relaxed, his eyes closed. Liz moved her hands over him as well and continued her gentle loving until she heard Max’s breathing accelerate and felt his chest moving rapidly beneath her lips. She moved down his body and took him into her mouth. Max whimpered softly, his hands moving restlessly on the bed. Her tongue licked out to explore the flare of his erection and sucked lightly on the slit. Max’s hands moved into her hair, taking soft handfuls as his hips began moving of their own volition. Liz increased the suction and moved her mouth up and down over him until Max pulled her up the length of his body and took her mouth in a desperate kiss.

His tongue slipped out and teased her lips open, delving in deep to explore her sweet mouth. Goodness. Safety. Home. He sucked on her bottom lip until she moaned in pleasure. Her legs straddled his hips and he moved one hand down to guide his erection to her wet center. He moved the tip back and forth in her slick heat before plunging to the hilt in one swift motion.

Liz dragged in a ragged breath at the immediate connection. Everything was heightened and they began to move together in long, heated strokes. Her walls clamped over him tightly and massaged away the hurt and the memories. Their motions continued, feeding the passion, stoking the fire until neither could take it anymore and they fell over the edge.

Liz collapsed on top of Max to catch her breath, feeling his chest heaving under her cheek.

“Are you okay?” She asked, reasonably sure he was, but wanting to hear it.

“Yes.” Now. “How did you know I needed you?” He asked curiously, his hands twining through her hair, straightening it and then tangling it again.

“I didn’t like the way she was clinging all over you today, so I told Maria and Alex that I wanted to keep an eye on her today,” she answered, never more glad that she had followed her instincts.

“I’m so glad you did,” Max rolled to the side, looking into her amazing eyes.

“Me too.” They lay together side by side, their bodies eventually cooling.

Liz sat up after a long time to check the time.

“We have to get ready to go to your mom’s,” she stated regretfully.

“Already?” Max groaned. This day just wouldn’t end, would it?

“We’ll be fine,” Liz asserted bravely. “She’ll be okay.” I hope. Liz’s hand drifted over her stomach, they needed to do this. There was no other way.

Max’s hand covered hers over their child. “We’ll be okay,” he corrected firmly.


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Part 32

Liz decided that she needed a shower before heading over to the Evans household and Max designated himself to help her ‘get cleaned up’. This involved a lot of soap and even more giggling and teasing. They dried each other off, in a much better mood than they had been in earlier in the day. Liz finished wrapping her towel around herself and remembered that her clothes were still in her room. She was laughing as she came out the door, just in time to see her mother walk in.

“What’s going on Liz?” Nancy asked her curiously.

“Oh! Hi mom,” Liz reached back and pulled the bathroom door closed firmly behind her, hearing a startled yelp within.

“What was so funny?” Nancy moved further into the room eyeing the unmade bed and scattered clothes. Liz was usually such a neat child.

Liz rushed to pick up the clothing on the bed and floor, surreptitiously kicking Max’s boxers under the bed.

“Nothing. I mean I was just remembering a joke that Isabel told me in school today. It was so funny. Sorry about the mess. I was going through my clothes to see what to wear tonight. I didn’t know that you and Daddy were coming home so early and I told Mrs. Evans that I would have dinner over at their house tonight. She wants to go over the duties of my new job.” Liz hoped she didn’t sound as guilty as she felt.

“We just wanted to get home to see you. We thought we’d been away too long.” Nancy thought that Liz looked a little tired, drawn. “Are you okay honey?”

“Yeah,” Liz looked up, surprised by the question. She actually felt remarkably fine for a seventeen year old, pregnant, married girl with alien powers who had just skipped school to comfort her emotionally distraught husband who happened to be an alien. She giggled a little under her breath.

“I missed you Mom,” Liz said sincerely, giving her mom a big hug. Nancy wrapped her arms around Liz and soaked her in, loving the emotional moment. Liz was back! She sniffed back her tears. Every mom had horror stories about their teenager’s awkward years and she hoped sincerely that Liz was over it.

“We missed you too honey,” Nancy ended the hug and looked at Liz again. Had her eyes always looked that old? She ran her hand over Liz’s damp hair.

“Is it okay if I spend the weekend at Isabel’s? Mrs. Evans wants to give me a thorough orientation into my new position and they invited me over,” Liz gauged her Mom’s reaction. Nancy looked ready to protest, so Liz rushed ahead, “I know you and Dad were really proud of me that I got this new position, and I really want to show them that I’m serious about my work and will do a good job for them. Plus Isabel and I have been getting closer than ever, she’s a really good friend, almost like a sister,” or sister-in-law.

Nancy didn’t want to say no to Liz when she had just re-bonded with her.

“All right, but your father and I want you back on Monday!” Nancy had to take a quick step back for balance when Liz bowled her over with an exuberant hug.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Liz said, laughing out loud. “Oh! I’ve got to get ready!” She whirled around to find an overnight bag.

“I’ll let you get packing. I’ve got to check the store receipts. Make sure you say hello to your father before you leave. Do you need a ride?”

“No. They’re gonna pick me up in a little bit. Thanks again Mom, really,” Liz gave her mom one more hug before she left the room.

Liz made sure she locked the door behind her mom before going back to open the bathroom door. Max was inside, sitting on the toilet wearing only his jeans.

“Is the coast clear?” He whispered.

“Yeah,” Liz licked her lips, staring at the jeans. No way he was wearing anything underneath them, she’d kicked his boxers under her bed.

Max followed the direction of her thoughts and flushed slightly pink. “I uh…”

“I know,” Liz moved further into the room and kneeled down in front of him allowing her fingers to smooth up his thighs. Max’s hands reluctantly stopped her fingers before they found their ultimate target.

“Liz. Liz!” Liz’s eyes snapped up to meet his. “Your parents are home.”

“Oh.” Liz sighed her disappointment. Then she brightened. “Mom said I could spend the weekend at your house. I think she forgot you live there. Of course, she doesn’t even know we’re dating again or she would never have said yes.” Liz stopped rambling when she saw how happy that made Max that she was his for the weekend. “I hope your mom lets me stay.”

“She will,” Max stated with finality.

“Okay,” Liz agreed hopefully. “I told my Mom that someone was going to pick me up to take me to your house, so maybe you’d better,” she gestured for him to get up with obvious reluctance, “get dressed. You’ll have to go out my window and actually knock on my door. Do you think you can handle walking in the front door?” Liz joked.

“I’ll see what I can do ma’am,” Max stood and saluted her before going out to her room and grabbing his shirt and shoes. He looked around surreptitiously for his underwear, while Liz pretended she didn’t know where they’d fallen. Max gave up with a sigh and finished dressing. He gave her one more long kiss before crawling out her window. He popped his head back in briefly to say, “Thank you. For today. I really needed you and you were there.”

“I’ll always be there for you Max, just like you are for me,” Liz cupped his face in her hands and kissed him one more time.

· * * * *

“Mom we have to talk,” Isabel sat down beside her mom on the couch.

“Sure honey, what is it?” Diane asked with concern.

“Max and Liz are coming over in a few minutes, and Max wants to tell you what he is. What we are,” Isabel looked for her mom’s reaction.

“That’s great Isabel! I was hoping that was what this dinner was about,” Diane didn’t understand why Isabel would be nervous about this.

“He has other things to tell you too. You need to be really understanding, no matter what you hear,” Isabel rushed on.

“What things?” Diane inquired, pretty sure that she knew.

“That’s for Max to tell you Mom, I really can’t speak for him. He’s had a lot of hard times in the last week or so and he really just needs our support right now. Can you promise me that you’ll be there for him?” Isabel’s voice trembled slightly as she finished her request. Tonight depended solely on her mother’s favorable reaction. She didn’t know how Max would take it if their mother wasn’t behind them.

“Isabel! I’m surprised you even have to ask! Of course I’ll support you and your brother whenever you need me. I’m sure your father will too when we tell him,” Diane was slightly hurt that her children didn’t know for sure that they could trust her with anything.

“Dad? I don’t know if Max is ready for that yet,” Isabel said uncertainly. “I guess that there’s no way to keep this from him, huh?”

“I don’t keep secrets from your father Isabel, and when he gets back in town tomorrow I’m going to tell him everything,” she stated firmly.

“Okay. Yeah, of course you shouldn’t lie or keep things from him. He’ll be okay with it, won’t he?” Isabel begged for reassurance.

Diane hugged her daughter and kissed her hair. “He’ll always love you and your brother just as much as I do,” Diane reassured.

They both turned as they heard the front door opening and closing.

Max and Liz appeared in the doorway with their arms around each other. Diane stood to greet them warmly.

She stood on tiptoe and Max leaned down to receive her kiss and he hugged her tightly thinking that this might be the last time she would freely accept him as her son. She hugged him back reassuringly before turning to hug Liz too. Liz was a little surprised, but more than pleased by this show of acceptance.

“I’m so glad you could come,” Diane said brightly. “I bet you two are hungry! Liz could you come help me set the table and then we’ll be all set.” Diane steered Liz out of the room. Might as well start treating her like family, she thought.

“Iz, I don’t know if I can do this,” Max turned to his sister, suddenly anxious not to lose his mom.

“She’ll be fine Max. Trust me,” Isabel told him. They wandered into the kitchen to see if they could help. Liz was finding her way around nicely, chatting with Diane about her new job as if they were old friends.

“I can’t wait to get started!” Liz enthused.

“I know I made the right choice in you Liz, just like my son has,” Diane angled a glance back to catch Max’s surprised, pleased expression.

“Thank you,” Liz said sincerely.

They sat down and enjoyed a normal family dinner. Diane had restrained the impulse to mess with the dinner recipes hoping not to scare Liz away with her unique cooking game.

Diane finally pushed away from the table and began clearing when she saw that none of the teens were really eating. The conversation had become more stilted as the meal progressed and they kept exchanging meaningful glances back and forth. When the table was cleared they all convened in the living room and sat down comfortably.

Diane sat on the sofa beside Max who had Liz tucked as close as she could get into his side. Isabel sat across from them on a cushioned chair, tucking her legs under her.

“Max, I know that you wanted to talk to me about something tonight, maybe it’s just best if you just say it,” Diane started the ball rolling.

Max’s gaze darted to Isabel, who nodded, and his hand tightened around Liz’s. She gave him a comforting squeeze back and nodded her head against his shoulder.

“Well, …this is really hard to say,” Max squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. These next words would change the rest of his life. Again. And he didn’t know if he could take one more heartrending moment.

“Just say it Max,” Diane encouraged him softly, taking his free hand in her own. She wanted to just blurt out that she knew, and that it was okay, but she also felt that it was really important that he tell her. That he face his fear and feel that he could trust her with himself.

“I know that you’ve always wondered where we came from. You were always asking us what we remember about ourselves, and we’ve always told you the truth. Our lives started when you found us on the road that night. Isabel and I…well you know that we’ve always been…different. You asked me about that video when we were kids and that hurt bird flew away, and I told you that I couldn’t talk about it then. But I think I’m ready now.” Liz’s hand smoothed up and down his back, a reassurance that she was there.

Max flicked his eyes up to his mother’s and then back down again. He licked his lips nervously before continuing. “Mom, Isabel and I aren’t from around here.” He met her eyes steadily. “We’re aliens.”

Diane’s mild reaction was almost a let down to what he had imagined in his mind.

“I know,” she said simply.

“You…you what?” Max was awash in confusion, looking to Isabel and Liz to see if they had heard the same thing.

“I know. I put it together a few days ago. I’ve wondered for a long time about you two and I’ve seen too many unexplainable things not to wonder…”

“This…this is incredible! Don’t you…aren’t you…do you still…?” Max’s eyes were filling with tears and his voice choked over what he wanted to express. All this time he had worried what she would do, how she would treat them if she found out they were different, and now here she was calmly telling him that she had known for days and she had never once treated him as subhuman or anything other than her son.

Diane couldn’t stand to see her son in distress and leaned in to give him a loving hug. He threw his arms around her tightly, burying his face in her neck and letting the sobs escape him. Isabel drew closer to join the embrace and they pulled her in together. They rocked and patted and cried and murmured reassurances for several moments while Liz gazed on in awe and gratitude that they could place their trust in this amazing woman.

Max finally leaned back and turned to Liz hugging her as well before using his sleeve to dry his face. The smile he bestowed on her lit up the room to reflect the joy he felt about his mother’s reaction.

Liz beamed back at him in relief and then handed out tissues to everyone. Diane and Isabel giggled nervously as they wiped their tear-streaked faces. Isabel settled on the floor in front of her mother’s feet and Diane leaned against the back of the couch.

Max took a deep breath and started again. The hardest part was over, or maybe it was just beginning. “I have something else to tell you. Liz, Isabel and I discovered something else recently. Liz is a part of why we’re here on Earth right now. I was a king on the planet we came from. We were in a war and we were losing pretty badly. There was betrayal within our ranks,” Isabel gripped his ankle, showing her anger over Tess’ betrayal, “Tess,” wow, it was even hard to say her name after the disgust he had felt for her today, “she’s one of us too. They sent Michael, Tess, Isabel, and me to Earth so that we could grow in power after we had died on our planet. The original plan was for us to come back and free our people from enslavement. Together we have different strengths, and working together we were supposed to be this ‘super group’ that could overcome our enemies. Just recently we got a communication from our alien mother that Tess was the one who betrayed our people and was responsible for our deaths on Antar,” Max paused to see how Diane was taking all of this. Her face was rapt with attention, just taking it all in.

“When they found out that Tess had betrayed us, they made arrangements for Liz to be created,” Diane sucked in a surprised breath, she hadn’t seen that one coming. “They used Liz’s parents to create her, manipulating the DNA to create a perfect partner for me to replace Tess. I can’t really get into all the technical details, we don’t really know how they did it.” Max unconsciously fingered the stone at his neck. “I’ve always been drawn to Liz, and I’ve never known why. It’s like she was made for me,” he laughed nervously, “well, I guess she was made for me, so…” Liz hugged his back and he turned to give her a quick kiss, drawing strength from her. “She’s 100% human, with a few extra talents thrown in. She’s a little more advanced than regular people. She can have visions of the future.”

“What? How is that possible?” Diane interjected.

“It’s a talent that anyone can do, it’s just that humans don’t normally use that part of their brains and it’s been turned on in me,” Liz softly explained. Diane just nodded her acknowledgement.

“There were some Antarians that had this talent also, not many, just a couple. They’ve seen into our future here on Earth and they’ve sent us a message that Michael, Isabel, Liz and I have to be together. Our mission is to protect Earth from those who will try to destroy us. They said that we aren’t the ones who will go back to Antar to free them. Our son will.” Diane started visibly.

“Liz and I are going to have a son,” Max stated with more confidence. He would never be ashamed of that connection between him and Liz.

“In the future, right?” Diane put in.

“Now,” Max affirmed.

“You…” Diane pointed back and forth between them, temporarily struck speechless.

“Yes. We lied to you about where we were last weekend. We went to Las Vegas and while we were there we got married. The communication stone,” Max fingered his necklace again, “told us that we were expecting a child. It triggered the message and told us about our past and our future.” Max pulled Liz in until she was almost seated on his lap.

“I’m sorry that we lied, but I can never be sorry that Liz is in my life. I need her like I need air and I won’t let her go. Ever.” Max’s eyes dared anyone to challenge that.

“Max! I…I know that you love Liz. This is just so…wow! A baby!” Diane slumped back at the realization. “I’m gonna be a grandma! When are you due?”

Liz flushed slightly, “It’s a little different than a normal pregnancy. It lasts ten months, so I’m due around the first of the year. The baby is supposed to remain really small for the first eight months or so because it’s alien side will drain a lot of my energy.” Liz flushed brighter and buried her face in Max’s shoulder when she realized what else they had to tell Diane.

Max stroked her hair and turned to his mother.

“What? What is it? This isn’t going to hurt Liz, is it?” Diane asked worriedly.

“No! No. I won’t let anything hurt Liz,” Max squirmed a bit. “The baby needs special nutrients to develop it’s alien side so that it won’t drain away all of Liz’s resources.”

“What nutrients? Like vitamins?” She was planning a trip to the health food store first thing in the morning.

“Um…this is really hard to say,” Max dropped his eyes, they fell on his sister and he flushed brighter and darted his gaze away again. “Liz and I need to be…together for the baby to receive nourishment.” Max prayed his mother would understand and drop it.

“Together? Can the baby sense your nearness? I don’t understand,” Diane shook her head in confusion.

Max’s blush increased, he felt like his face was burning and he could feel Liz trembling against his shoulder. He straightened his posture and faced his mother. It was time to make things clear and move on.

“We need to make love. Often. The child needs to receive the nutrients in my sperm a couple times a day in order for the pregnancy to be maintained. If we don’t, then Liz and the child will die. We’ve already discovered that if we don’t then Liz and I both develop a high fever and Liz gets weaker until we…Anyway, once the fever starts we only have twenty-four hours to be together or they would…would,” Max broke off, not wanting to say what would happen. He buried his head in Liz’s arms and she stroked his hair and neck, massaging out the tension.

“It’s okay baby,” she murmured, for his ears alone. He gave a small nod.

“This is…unbelievable,” Diane was stunned. There was so much that she hadn’t even known. These children of hers were a complete mystery.

“We need to know if you can help us to stay together,” Max expressed his deepest concern.

“I can…Yes. Of course I’ll help you,” Diane thought rapidly. “New Mexico law states that a marriage is legal even if you’re underage as long as you have parental consent. You have my consent, we just need to get Liz’s parents. Do they know?”

Both Max and Liz shook their heads in a vigorous ‘no’.

“Do you think you can tell them?” She asked tentatively.

Liz looked uncomfortable. “I don’t think that they’re ready for all of this yet. I don’t know how they’d react, and I can’t risk being kept away from Max for even one day or…” she didn’t finish the sentence because she felt the slight tremor of Max’s reaction against her body.

“Okay. Okay, let me think here,” Diane massaged the side of her head where an enormous headache was brewing. Max reached out and brushed her fingers aside. She felt a warm tingle and then the pain was gone. Max smiled shyly and lowered his hand.

“How did you…?” Diane asked in wonderment.

“That’s my primary gift. I can heal people,” Max stated shyly.

“That’s…that’s so amazing!” Diane always knew that her son was made for great things. His heart was pure and his gift suited him perfectly.

“I think you should hold off on telling your parents about the alien side of things. Let’s wait a couple months and then tell them that you are pregnant and we’ll get their consent for the marriage. You two can live here if you want, after they consent. You are staying in school?” Diane asked with worry.

“Of course!” Liz responded resoundingly.

“Absolutely! We may have this huge destiny to save the Earth, but we have a responsibility to ourselves to learn everything we can while we have the opportunity,” Max added with certainty.

“Good! Okay, so you’ll go to school. We need to work out a way to keep you two together until you can reveal your pregnancy Liz. Let me work on that and I’ll come up with something.”

“Wow. Great. Okay! Um, I kinda told my Mom that I was spending the weekend over here to learn the ropes about my new job. Is it all right if I stay here this weekend?” Liz was uncomfortable inviting herself over.

“Perfect! Yes, of course! It’ll give us a chance to get to know each other better,” Diane enthused. Her thoughts turned inward, planning. “We have to tell your father when he comes home tomorrow.”

“He doesn’t know…anything?” Max had a small hope that he’d figured it out too and wouldn’t be in total shock.

“Sorry honey, but no he doesn’t, but I know he’ll be just fine. I want to tell him alone first okay?” Diane thought the news would come better one on one.

“I can be there if you want,” Max volunteered.

“I’ll tell him first and then we can all talk,” Diane asserted.

“Okay. Are you really all right with all this?” Max questioned uncertainly.

Diane hugged him again because she could. “I love you and your sister more that anything in life. God brought you both to me for a reason. You have filled my life with joy and gladness everyday that I have had you and I do not regret on single moment of it! You need to know that I love you both,” she reached out her hand to draw Isabel into their embrace, “more than anything on this earth or any other. I will love you and help you and be there for all of you no matter what happens in our future,” she drew Liz into the hug as well, “and I can’t wait to meet my grandson!”

Max, Liz and Isabel sighed in relief and contentment. Things were going to be okay.


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Part 33

Max shut his bedroom door behind him and leaned back against it, suddenly nervous. Liz lay sprawled across his bed in a tank top and underwear reading her lit assignment. She glanced up when he didn’t immediately join her.

“What?” She asked with a small smile, reasonably sure that she knew.

“I don’t know. It’s just strange, I guess. Mom knows now. She knows that we’re in here together, and she knows what we have to do for our son. Don’t you feel different? We don’t have to try to hide from her,” Max said.

“Yeah,” Liz answered softly, sitting up and patting the space beside her on the bed. “It’s freeing and embarrassing at the same time. There are some things that mom’s should not know.”

“It’s different with us though. She had to know. Everyone knows. It’s crazy!” Max burst out in frustration.

“I know that it should be a private thing, but at least everyone is supporting us so far. You have the coolest mom on the face of the planet. I can’t believe she wasn’t freaking out about everything we told her!” Liz absolutely knew that her parents would not react well.

Max, Isabel, and Liz had spent the last couple hours explaining the communication stone, how they found it, and the message it had contained to Diane. She had taken it all in mutely, nodding a little to let them know they could continue. She was especially frightened by the plan Max had come up with to get information out of Tess before they took her out to the desert. She was conflicted about killing Tess. She’d seemed like such a normal girl. Wasn’t there some other way to detain her? Rehabilitate her?

That was a very unpopular suggestion. All the kids agreed that she needed to be destroyed in order for them to live the life they were destined for. She was simply too dangerous.

Liz leaned up to embrace Max. His arms automatically surrounded her, one hand dropping to caress her flat stomach, loving that connection between the three of them.

Liz nibbled on the sensitive cord of his neck, right under his chin and he growled low in his throat. Liz laughed, “What was that?”

He pushed her back onto his bed and hovered over her, “That’s what you do to me.”

Liz wiggled her hips up to come in contact with his, meeting the evidence of his arousal. “So that’s what I do to you, huh?”

Max growled again and kissed her lips thoroughly before rolling to his back to lay beside her.

“I thought we agreed to wait this weekend to time how long it takes between fevers?” His tight voice indicated his unhappiness with the plan.

“I know, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t tease you like that,” Liz rolled to her side to face him and put her hand over his chest.

Max put his hand over hers to stop her from moving it over his sensitized skin. “Maybe we should go to bed.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Liz scooted up with Max and they slipped under the covers. Max spooned in behind her with his left arm over her side caressing her stomach. He inched up the tank top she was wearing to enjoy her smooth skin. He inhaled the clean scent of her hair and closed his eyes, content.

6:47 am

Liz moaned quietly in her sleep and her hands moved restlessly over Max’s broad chest. Max turned into her arms and his hands tugged up her tank top. His strong fingers caressed her nipples, causing them to pucker into hard knots. Liz moaned again at the intimate contact. Her body undulated against his and he bucked his hips forward, seeking friction against her body. Max’s face brushed over her heated skin, dropping light kisses across her neck and down her chest. Dissatisfied with the clothing between them, he dragged her shirt up and off, dropping it over the side of the bed. Liz’s hands busily relieved him of his boxers while Max stripped her of her last garment.

Her breath came in panting gasps when his lips closed over her hard nipples. His teeth lightly grazed over and then his tongue soothed them. Her fingers clenched the tangled sheets of the bed in a tight grip when Max trailed his hand down her body to her center. Her slick heat enveloped his fingers as he thrust two deeply inside of her. Her juices flooded over his hand as he pumped them in and out. Her back arched off the mattress and her mouth opened in a soundless scream of pleasure as she came hard.

Their eyes snapped open in the same instant and they stared in shock at the position of their bodies. Max swept down and took her lips in a consuming kiss. His tongue stroked the seam of her lips and she parted them eagerly for his invasion. He explored her mouth thoroughly, sucking her tongue as his body hardened further at the sound of her panting moans of pleasure and need.

Liz clutched his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips, arching her aching center closer to his pelvis. Max slowly removed his fingers from her and stroked the slickness over his erection. He teasingly rubbed it over her core until she whimpered in protest. He pulled back to look into her eyes as he entered her, filling all the empty spots inside her that were calling for him. Her eyes went wide and then closed in ecstasy as her head rolled to the side. Max took the invitation and began thrusting deeply within her as he sucked and nipped down the exposed column of her neck.

Liz’s hands could not hold still. She massaged his shoulders, smoothing his straining muscles. She enjoyed the slick texture of his skin over his chest, circling the nipples and pinching lightly. She arched up to taste his skin, licking up the salty taste and humming in the back of her throat. Max sped the movements of their hips as the sounds of her pleasure increased his own.

At last, they could no longer control the feelings spiraling around them. With a series of deep, regular thrusts Max poured his seed into Liz as she screamed her enjoyment. He collapsed on top of her and she pushed him to her side so she could catch her breath. They looked into each other’s faces and burst out laughing at the same time.

“I guess we should note the time,” Max sputtered out between chortles of mirth.

“I’ll break out the charts,” Liz wiped the tears streaming from her laughing eyes.

“That might just have been a chart topper!” Max adlibbed.

“Definitely!” Liz agreed wholeheartedly.


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Part 34

Diane smiled to herself as she cooked breakfast on Saturday morning. She had a new recipe for pancakes that she’d been dying to try on the kids. She looked forward to the inventive ways they would try to hide their distaste. Her smile widened when she thought of Liz’s reaction. She hadn’t yet been indoctrinated into the joys of Diane’s cooking, but she might as well start treating her like family. Maybe she should cook her something normal on the side to make sure she got her proper nutrients. Diane rummaged through the refrigerator looking for milk, juice, and fruit. Satisfied she closed the frig with her hip and turned with her arms filled.

“Let me get that for you Mom,” Max moved forward to take some of the items from her hands. He inhaled appreciatively as the aroma of cooking pancakes filled the room. “Something smells good,” he stated, glancing around the kitchen. Maybe his mom had started cooking normally now that Liz was around.

Liz had walked in behind Max and automatically began to set the table. She was feeling more at home here now that Diane knew all about her and Max. Diane thanked her and made sure that Liz was seated next to Max, placing a large glass of milk and juice in front of her plate.

“Sit down kids, it’s almost ready,” Diane said cheerfully. “Where’s Isabel?”

“I’m right here,” Isabel groaned as she walked into the room.

“You sound tired honey. Didn’t you sleep well?” Diane asked with a worried look in her eyes.

“I slept fine until about 7:00,” Isabel glared pointedly at Max and Liz. Liz ducked her head in embarrassment and Max’s face turned three shades of red.

Diane glanced back and forth between her children. “What happened at…?” Her face flushed hotly the moment their meaning registered. She busied herself in the kitchen, transferring pancakes and scrambled eggs to the plates and sliding them onto the table.

Isabel took in the smell and she smiled for the first time this morning.

“This smells fabulous! What did you put in these?” Isabel picked up her fork and dug in, taking a large bite.

Diane’s eyes danced with mirth, anticipating their reaction. “They’re jalapeno chocolate chip! And I slipped the extra peppers in the eggs.”

Max’s eyes went round and he forked up a large bite as well. His eyes closed in appreciation of the sweet and spicy taste. “This is my new favorite food. Great idea Mom! I love this! Liz, give it a try.”

Liz looked slightly more dubious and she cautiously took a small bite. She chewed thoughtfully and took another bite, sampling the eggs. “It’s a little more spice than I’m used to, but really very good.” Liz complimented Diane.

Diane’s expression was priceless. They really seemed to be enjoying their breakfast this time and she could clearly see that they weren’t spitting it out anywhere. Diane sat down at her place at the table and tried her breakfast. Her eyes watered and she took a quick sip of her milk. How could these kids be shoveling it in like that? She knew, of course, about their love of Tabasco, but really!

Max and Isabel finished in record time and asked for seconds. Diane shook her head as she prepared the rest of the batter and placed a large plate filled with pancakes in the middle of the table. Her kids helped themselves to generous portions and cleaned their plates.

Liz finished what was on her plate and then had a small bowl of strawberries with a slice of cantaloupe. She watched in amusement while Max and Isabel ate their breakfast with almost comical enjoyment.

At last Max sat back from the table, his hands over his stomach.

“Wow Mom, you totally outdid yourself!” He rubbed his belly and smiled at her.

“Well, I…I’m glad you liked it son,” Diane answered, not precisely sure if she was pleased or disappointed that her game had backfired.

Isabel turned to Liz. “So Liz, can you feel the baby inside you yet? Like sense it I mean?” Isabel was excited by the idea of becoming an aunt and wanted to be involved.

Liz nodded her head, her hand drifting to her stomach. A small smile broke over her face and she glanced at Max. He couldn’t repress his own proud smile as he remembered the spark of life they had felt within her as they formed a connection. “We can feel him in there. It’s hard to describe. He’s too small to form thoughts or anything, but we can feel…love, I guess. Contentment and peace.” She looked to Max for confirmation. His eyes glowed warmly with love as he reached out a hand to cover hers on her belly.

“It’s too bad we can’t go shopping for maternity clothes! You’re so tiny, but I guess the baby won’t show for a while, huh?” Isabel was disappointed that they would miss out on a shopping opportunity.

They all laughed.

“Is there something you want to tell me son?” Phillips stern voice pierced the happy mood at the table.

Diane turned around quickly in her seat, her face filled with dismay.

“Phillip! You’re home early! Can I get you something to eat?” Diane stood and gave Phillip a quick hug, hoping he had not heard the conversation at the table.

“Max, I think we need to have a talk,” Phillip turned on his heel and left the room.

Max’s worried eyes met his mother’s and he gave Liz’s hand a quick squeeze before he followed his dad into the den.

“Hey Dad, we missed you this week,” Max offered weakly.

“Did I just hear that Liz Parker is pregnant?” Phillip cut right to the point.

Max had been looking down toward his feet, but he straightened his posture and met his father’s eyes as he answered.

“Liz Evans is pregnant Dad. We got married last weekend,” Max stated bluntly, not ashamed of their actions.

What?!” Phillip roared, taking a step closer to his son. “You two are children! I can’t believe how irresponsible you were! I thought we had a talk about birth control and safe sex! Weren’t you listening?” Phillip pulled his agitated hands through his hair causing it to spike up oddly.

“Calm down Dad!” Max answered in an authoritative tone. “Liz and I have loved each other from the minute we met, and it’s only natural that we wanted to express that love physically. We did use birth control, but it doesn’t always work!” Max couldn’t stand the thought that his father would think he would be careless with Liz. He would protect her from anything!

“This is unbelievable! What are you planning to do? You kids are in high school for goodness sakes! How are you going to graduate? Have you even thought about how you’re going to support a family? What do Liz’s parents have to say about all this?” Phillip couldn’t imagine that they’d be thrilled with Max right now.

Max shifted his stance, suddenly uncomfortable. “Liz’s parents don’t know yet Dad. There’s a lot about this that you don’t know.”

“What else is there to know? My teenage son got his teenage girlfriend pregnant and made an impulsive decision to marry her! Did she push you into this? It was her wasn’t it? Did she say that you had to marry her?” Phillip was angered by the apparent lack of judgement that his usually cautious, responsible son was showing.

Max grew hot with rage at the tone in his father’s voice.

“First of all, I did not have to marry Liz! I love her and we got married before we knew that she was pregnant! I will never regret that decision and I will love her and support her until the day I die. I will not have you hurting her with doubts about my love for her or making her feel ashamed of our son! Do you understand me?” Max’s hot anger was blinding.

“Max, honey. Let me talk to your father alone,” Diane had heard the entire exchange and thought that she needed to intervene. Max stood frozen, staring his father down. Phillip was shocked by the entire exchange. He looked to his wife in confusion. Had she known about all of this and not told him?

Diane took Max by his shoulders and turned him toward the door, leading him reluctantly out.

“Don’t let him talk about Liz that way,” he requested on the way out. Diane hated the hurt look she saw in his eyes. He had been hurt enough.

“I won’t honey. You go to Liz and wait in the living room. I’m going to tell him what’s really going on and then we’ll come out to see you,” Diane reassured him.

“I should be here when you tell him,” Max protested.

“I think that there’s a lot going on and he’ll take it better from me,” Diane reached the door and found Liz waiting. Liz took Max’s hand and led him out to the living room. They sat of the couch, Liz cradling Max to her warm body.

“They’ll work it out Max. It’ll be fine,” Liz soothed.

“He shouldn’t have said that stuff. Thought it,” Max was hurt by his father’s lack of understanding.

“He was just shocked. How could he know what was going on with us Max?” Liz answered reasonably.

“He should know me,” Max asserted stubbornly. He was feeling very defensive suddenly.

“You never let him in Max. After today I think he will know you,” Liz responded, pulling his face down to kiss him softly.

“Ewww!” Isabel plopped down in a chair across from them. “It’s bad enough that I have to wake up to you two moaning and groaning, but do I have to witness all your PDA’s?” Isabel needed a distraction and she really enjoyed watching Max flush red.

“Isabel! You know…” Liz started defending them.

Max cut her off. “She knows Liz. She’s just trying to embarrass her brother. Isn’t that right Isabel?” Max arched an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah, well, if I had something more entertaining to do, I would,” Isabel smiled smugly.

Max snatched up the remote and tossed it to her. “Your entertainment, my lady,” he quipped, and turned Liz into his arms for a real kiss. Liz was startled, but responded eagerly.

Isabel averted her eyes and flipped on the TV. One day she wouldn’t mind if Max had something to tease her about. She started channel surfing and tried not to think about her mother exposing all their secrets to their father. She felt itchy, filled with anxiety and had a hard time sitting still.

Max reached across and took her hand. “We have each other. And Mom. If he’ll listen to anybody, it’s her.” Max filled his voice with confidence.

“Thanks,” Isabel took a deep breath and squeezed his hand back, before letting him go.

They both shot their eyes toward the door at a loud, “WHAT? Do you actually believe what you are saying?” They looked at each other worriedly as the voices toned down to a murmur again.

Minutes later the door swung open and Max rose to meet his father. Phillip looked very agitated and looked from Max to Liz to Isabel. His hands wouldn’t be still, nervously smoothing down the seam of his slacks and rubbing together shakily.

“Max, your mother is not well. I’m going to take her to the hospital and we should be back…”

Max watched his father in astonishment. “Is she sick? Where is she?” Max started around his father, who was blocking the door.

“I think that she’s just in shock over all these new developments. It’s not every day you find out you’re going to be a grandmother at such a young age. She probably just needs rest. She’s losing her grip on reality,” Phillip said sadly.

“What…what makes you say that Daddy?” Isabel asked softly. Her eyes met Max’s. Phillip hadn’t believed a word that Diane had told him.

“She thinks that you all are…I can’t even say it. I just need to get her to the hospital,” Phillip pulled his keys out of his pocket.

“Did she tell you what we are? Did she tell you that we’re aliens?” Max inquired gently. His father looked ready to crash.

“What? Are you saying…? Has my entire family gone insane???” Phillip sounded desperate.

“It’s true Daddy,” Isabel put in, moving to stand by Max. Liz stepped up, slightly behind them.

“Show him Max,” Liz encouraged softly, knowing that Phillip could not believe until he had physical evidence.

Max thought for a moment and reached out his hand. A green wall filled the space in front of them, separating Phillip from the children. Phillip stumbled back in astonishment, tripping and falling on his rear. He sat there in stunned amazement until Max closed his hand, allowing the shield to collapse. He had chosen that because it was the flashiest of his powers, and it appeared to have served its purpose. Max stepped back when he saw the fear float through his father’s eyes. He turned to embrace Liz so that he wouldn’t have to face the contempt that he knew would follow.

“Daddy?” Isabel stepped forward tentatively. This was not going as well as she’d hoped. She reached out her hand to him and he backed away from her. Hurt swamped Isabel’s eyes with tears. She stepped back again, giving him room and hugged her arms to her body.

“Phillip, these are your children,” Diane said from the doorway. She couldn’t bear what this was doing to her family. She moved forward and helped her husband to his feet. He pulled her behind him protectively, but she pushed him aside impatiently.

“We’ve all told you the truth. Max and Isabel are aliens. Liz was made to be with Max. Their son is our grandson. I know that it’s a lot to take in right now but you’re acting like an ass!” Diane shouted impatiently.

Phillip snapped out of it to gape at his wife. She never rose her voice to him! He re-ran what she had said through his head again. He looked from wife to son to daughter to daughter-in-law. He saw his family. He saw the devastation and hurt that was reflected in each face and he realized that he had put it there.

“I have to think about this,” Phillip started to walk away, his head down.

“Phillip!” Diane started after him, taking his arm. He shook her off.

“It’s the best I can do right now, okay?” Phillip ground out in frustration. He left the room and his bedroom door closed decisively.

Max, Isabel, Liz and Diane stared at each other with identical expressions of hurt and fear.


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Part 35

The teens spent the day working on blocking a full connection between Max and Liz. They practiced retrieving specific memories between Isabel, Liz, Max, and Diane. Each tried not to show the strain of the waiting.

Phillip remained holed up in his room, not even coming out to join them for lunch.

Diane tried to be cheerful and upbeat about everything, but the strain showed in her expression, and when Max showed her how he made a connection he felt her fear and uncertainty slam into him. He didn’t indicate that he knew about her distress. All of them were caught at one point or another staring at the empty doorway that they had last seen Phillip disappear through.

Isabel revealed to Max and Liz her plan to graduate early and attend college. Max was very concerned, thinking that she planned on leaving; too far away to help with their fight. Isabel reassured him that, after all that had taken place recently, she was going to attend the local community college for now. This prompted a discussion about Max and Liz finishing high school by the middle of their senior year. They made plans to consult their counselor at school to find out exactly how many classes they still needed to graduate. That would mean they could finish school by winter break, just in time for their son’s arrival.

The door was heard opening down the hall and everyone raised anxious faces to the doorway. Phillip appeared, dressed casually in sweats and a T-shirt, appearing tired and rumpled.

He looked into the faces of his family and then down at the floor. Sitting in the armchair across from the sofa he rested his elbows on his knees and stared down between his legs.

Max and Isabel stopped breathing as they waited for their father to accept or reject them.

Phillip took a deep breath and faced them all. “Your mother was right. I’m an ass,” Phillip started. “I didn’t handle any of that well at all and I’m ashamed of myself. I know that I was shocked and said things that I shouldn’t have, and I’m more sorry than I can say that I hurt you so much. Can you forgive me?”

Max felt tears welling in his eyes and opened them wider so they wouldn’t spill over. He’d done enough crying this last week to last him a lifetime.

“There’s nothing to forgive. We’ve kept things from you our entire lives and I can’t imagine how you felt hearing it all come out in one sitting like that,” Max stood up and moved one step to his father. Phillip stood to face his son and looked him in the eyes. Same eyes. Same face. Same son. He pulled Max in for a close hug, never wanting to let go of this precious boy.

Isabel felt the tears streaming down her face and dropping on her clenched fingers. She had longed for this final moment of acceptance for her entire life. Diane gave Isabel an encouraging squeeze around the shoulders and motioned for her to join Max and her father. Isabel stood on shaky legs and tentatively touched her father’s arm to get his attention. He pulled back slightly from Max and reached an arm around Isabel as well.

Liz smiled happily and Diane sat next to her on the couch with a comforting arm around her shoulders. Liz leaned her head down onto Diane’s shoulder and sighed. She was so happy for Max! If only her own family could be so accepting. It would never happen.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Dinner that night was filled with animated conversation. They filled in Phillip on the details of Max and Liz’s connection and her origins. They talked about Michael and how he had been left in the desert the night that the Evans had picked up Max and Isabel. Phillip was grieved to find out that they had left Michael alone out there and they had missed the opportunity to have another son.

When the conversation turned to Tess, and their plan to get rid of her, Phillip grew concerned. He was a lawyer and had seen a lot of things, but he could not condone murder.

“No! There is no way you can go out in the desert and just…just kill her!” Phillip was shocked to the core of his being. He felt that there were other options that they just hadn’t explored yet. Some way to imprison her or…

“Dad,” Max started, “you have no idea what she is capable of. She’s already almost killed Alex. I had to heal him, and if we hadn’t found out what was going on when we did, then Alex would be dead right now. Dead Dad.” Max shook his head. “You know me Dad. I don’t like the idea either, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that Liz and my son are safe. They have a destiny that cannot be disrupted by Tess’ obsession with power and control. She cannot know about our son and she cannot be allowed to interfere with his destiny. Thousands of lives are depending on us keeping him safe, and the Antarians told us what they saw! She was planning to betray all of us. She wanted to be the one carrying my baby! She wants to be in control of my son, to control the incredible gifts he will possess, and we can’t allow that to happen. Her powers bend people’s perception of the truth. She’s too dangerous to hide away somewhere, she’d only break out and nobody would even notice. They told us to destroy her and that’s just what we have to do!” Max’s eyes glowed with the passion of his speech.

Phillip sighed deeply. His son was no longer a boy, but a man protecting what was his. There was no deterring him, and, truth be told, he would kill her himself if she hurt his family.

“You’re sure?” Phillip had to ask one more time.

“No doubts Dad. We’ve seen what she’s done, what she will do. We don’t have another choice,” Max’s voice was filled with certainty.

“Okay. Monday, huh?” Phillip scrubbed his hands over his eyes.

“Yeah. We’re meeting her here. She thinks that she’ll just show me how to do the memory retrievals, but I’m going to make a connection and pull out everything that she knows that might help us with our fight. She learned a lot of tricks from Nacedo, and we need every advantage we can get. She may even know what our enemies plans are for us here on Earth,” Max said. He was still nervous about allowing the connection, but he felt the potential payoff was worth it, especially since Michael, Isabel, and Liz would be backing him up.

“I’m going to stay home on Monday, just in case,” Phillip volunteered.

“That’s not necessary Dad. There’s nothing you could do,” Max told him

“I can be here for you. I need to,” Phillip couldn’t bear the thought of his children in danger. How was it that they had been oblivious to all that they had gone through in the last two years?

“Thanks Dad,” Max could tell that this was important to his father and his chest swelled with happiness that his father could still care what happened to him after everything.

Liz stood suddenly, looking flushed. Her eyes were wide. Max felt it at the same time. Heat.

“I…um…excuse us please,” Max grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her with him, down the hall and to his room.

Pulling the door firmly closed behind him; he leaned against it, panting already. Liz covered his mouth eagerly with hers, her breath coming in irregular gasps. “I’m sorry,” she panted out breathlessly.

“I’m not,” Max scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bed, laying her down gently. He knew that soon neither of them would be capable of gentleness or slow caresses. They would be consumed by their need for each other and thoughts of tender, slow loving would be non-existent. His mouth covered hers hotly, tongue seeking that deeper penetration. Her lips parted eagerly and she moaned low in her throat; that sound that he loved. He growled and increased the pressure of his lips and his hands moved on their own to strip her out of her clothes. Her hands helped to relieve him of his garments and soon they were piled on the floor.

Max’s hands traveled over the silky planes of her body lingering at the places he had learned she loved. Liz’s hands wandered over his hard body, loving the play of muscles beneath her fingers. His body was hard and ready for her and he reined in enough control to check her slick opening with his fingers to assure himself that she was ready too. Liz’s hip bucked up eagerly under the pressure of his hands, begging for more.

Max slipped within her waiting body with one long thrust and released a sigh of pure pleasure. He held still for a moment, allowing her to adjust to his presence and when he felt her hands on his hips, urging him to move, he couldn’t wait any longer. Their mouths mated along with their bodies, hands exploring, caressing, pinching and soothing. Liz couldn’t contain the sounds of her strong release and Max muffled her scream with his mouth, thrusting his tongue and muting her cries. Max moved within her several more times before joining her over the edge. This time it was Liz that muffled his moans as his body shuddered and then went still over her.

Max moved over to the side, still connected to Liz and they smoothed their hands lovingly over each other. Looking into his eyes, she smiled at him tenderly.

“It’s a good thing your Dad knows that we’re married or he would have never…”

“Oh my God! Liz, I don’t think we told him about that aspect of your pregnancy! What is he going to think?” Max’s distress struck Liz funny and she started to giggle. The laughter caused her inner muscles to contract around Max provocatively and she felt him stirring back to life within her. She stopped laughing at the smoky look in his eyes and she rolled over on top of him to take his mouth in another hot kiss.

She began moving over him slowly, able now to think and take her time pleasuring them both. They each panted out endearments and words of love until they were out of breath. Max’s hands guided her hips in an up and down motion that drove them insane. The connection had remained strong throughout their joining and Max hung on to control tightly as he felt Liz starting to reach the edge. He plunged into her deeply, triggering her to let go and tumble into bliss. Liz was so focused on the pleasure coursing through her that she had to stop her movements, and Max quickly rolled them over so that Liz was on the bottom. Bracing his hands on each side of her body, Max dug his knees into the bed and used the leverage to pound into her deep and strong. Liz’s nails scratched over his back, leaving long trails of abused skin. The pleasure and the pain swamped him and he groaned loudly as he came inside of her.

They lay side by side again, and when they looked at each other this time they both burst out laughing.

“If they didn’t know why we left before, then they certainly do now!” Liz’s eyes danced with mirth.

Max groaned in exasperation and threw his hand over his eyes.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Is something wrong? Where did they go? Is Liz feeling all right?” Phillip asked with concern.

“Oh…um…Liz is fine honey,” Diane stepped in, gesturing for Isabel to leave them alone for the moment. Isabel left for the kitchen, in search of a snack. She thought that maybe the kitchen was far enough away to not hear the noises that were sure to emanate from Max’s room.

“Phillip, we haven’t really told you everything about Liz’s pregnancy,” Diane thought that was a good start.

“What? You already told me it would last ten months and that the baby would be very small for the first eight months. Is the baby affecting Liz’s health? Does Max have to heal her?” Phillips brows were drawn together in concern.

“Well, in a way he is healing her,” Diane shifted uncomfortably in her chair. It was one thing to hear about all this and another entirely to have to tell someone about it. “One of the things that the communication stones told the kids is that this pregnancy is very hard on a human body. Liz is entirely human and the baby is part alien. Their son needs special nutrients to develop its alien traits and he drains Liz’s energy when he needs that extra boost. If Max doesn’t supply what she needs then both Liz and their son would die.”

“What?? How does Max get these vitamins? Is there anything we should do? How do they know when she needs them?” Phillip’s mind was boiling with questions.

Here came the hard part.

“It’s not vitamins that Liz needs. It’s Max. Max has special properties in his sperm, and they need to be together at least twice a day so that the baby won’t drain Liz’s energy. They know when they need to be together because both Liz and Max develop a fever at the same time. Liz’s fever is caused by the drain on her resources, and Max was given a protective impulse that connects him to her and lets him know, whether they are together or apart, that they need him. He experiences her symptoms, although to a lighter degree. Liz gets weak, Max just gets a fever. Michael has the urge too, but in him it’s delayed. The aliens needed to insure that there was a back-up plan in case something happened to Max, so they planted the impulse in Michael as well because he is the only other being on the planet that can ensure their survival.”

Phillip just stared at her.

“Michael and Liz?” Phillip finally sputtered out.

“Max would never leave Liz alone like that. It’s not Michael’s fault that they planted that impulse in him. He feels really awkward about the whole thing, so don’t bring it up in front of him,” Diane requested softly.

“Like I’d just bring something like that up?” Phillip asked in disbelief. They both turned to the doorway at the sound of a loud groan.

Phillip covered his ears and Diane followed him out of the room to join Isabel in the kitchen.

Isabel turned from the freezer where she was putting away the ice cream and saw their expressions and her father with his hands over his ears.

Her laughter rang through the house as she turned back to the freezer to get some ice cream for her bewildered parents.


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Authors Note: The song is ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed. It helps if you’ve heard it before. I was playing it over and over as I wrote, it makes me cry, it’s so perfect for how I imagine Max is feeling right now.

Part 36

Sunday Morning

Well I just heard the news today
It seems my life is going to change

Liz woke quietly to the gentle sound of Max’s voice. He lay with his head by her stomach, his hand a warm comfort over their son. She listened in awe at the pure, true notes that Max was singing to their baby. His breath puffed warmly against her skin as he sang.

I close my eyes, begin to pray
Then tears of joy stream down my face

His fingers caressed her taut abdomen softly so as not to wake Liz. The connection between the three flared brilliantly to life. Peace. Joy. Family. Tears sparkled in Liz’s eyes as she watched Max and their son connect on a level deeper than any they had achieved before.

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything

With arms wide open
With arms wide open

Well I don’t know if I’m ready
To be the man I have to be

Liz threaded her fingers through Max’s hair. He turned sparkling eyes to look at her with such an expression of awe and love in his eyes that she gasped for breath. She prayed that he would continue now that he knew she was listening.

I’ll take a breath, I’ll take her by my side
We stand if awe, we’ve created life

Max twined his fingers through Liz’s, holding her tightly. Liz released her breath on a sigh of relief that he could share this beautiful part of himself with her.

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything
With arms wide open
Now everything has changed
I’ll show you love
I’ll show you everything

With arms wide open
Wide open…

Max scooted up to lay his head in her outstretched arm, looking down at their joined hands over her flat stomach. He turned back to her, his eyes filled with the strength of his emotion as he sang the next part as if it was wrenched from his soul.

If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he’s not like me
I hope he understands
That he can take this life
And hold it by the hand
And he can greet the world
With arms wide open

Liz sobbed her heartbreak. Max meant those words with everything inside him. His son would have a different life than he had. Richer, fuller. No hiding, no secrets from everyone he loved. Max turned back to the baby, caressing her skin gently.

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything
With arms wide open
Now everything has changed
I’ll show you love
I’ll show you everything
With arms wide open
With arms wide open

Max finished softly and turned his head into her neck, releasing the flood of tears he had been holding back. His shoulders shook with the force of his quiet sobs, and Liz enfolded him in her arms giving him the only comfort she could.

Max couldn’t stop the flood of emotion that inundated him. He felt bad that he knew Liz was suffering with him through their connection, and at the same time he was unspeakably grateful that she knew. That there was one person on this Earth that was his and his alone. That she would stand by him, suffer with him, celebrate life with him. It was staggering. It was overwhelming. It was Liz.

He dragged in a ragged breath and grasped for control. He wiped his damp cheeks with the back of one hand and met Liz’s eyes. She met his gaze levelly, looking deeper that anyone else could. She knew without words that Max was overwhelmed by the events of the past week. She understood his wish for his child to grow up safe and accepted and loved without condition. She saw the moment that Max comprehended her understanding of what he had done this morning.

“I’m going to thank God every day for you and our son.” His voice was firm. Steadier than he thought it should be after what he had just done.

“I thought you didn’t believe in God,” Liz breathed softly, knowing he needed to talk it out.

“Do you know that when Isabel, Michael, and I were kids we made a pact. A list of rules really. They were the rules that we made together after we realized that we weren’t normal. That we were freaks and that people would try to hurt us if they knew who we really were.”

Liz stroked her hand through his thick, soft hair, gently smoothing the ends and running her hand back up. She knew that Max needed to tell her in his own way, that this apparent non sequitur was leading somewhere.

“It was ‘How to Hide in Plain Sight’ in twenty rules or less. Never reveal yourself to anyone. Never use your powers where anyone might see you. Don’t make friends outside our circle who might get too close to the truth.” Max’s voice was bitter. He took the hand that wasn’t stroking through his hair and brought it to his mouth for a sweet kiss. “We were good at it. We didn’t see any other options, and we didn’t even understand half of what would be done to us if we were caught.” Max breathing accelerated, coming in short pants that he worked to control. His eyes closed at the sharp memory of what had been done to him. Liz’s hand massaged his gently.

“And then one day, there was you.” Max smiled behind closed eyes and replaced the evil thoughts with pure ones of Liz and all she meant to him. “I had watched you for years. Years Liz. But you were against the rules. Isabel dated casually, never getting too close to one boy. She had fun and knew that it was just that. I couldn’t even imagine doing that with you. I knew even then that if I were to ever let you get close to me that I would never let you go. You were everything. Everything in a way that I knew I would never feel for anyone else. And it hurt Liz. It hurt so bad to try to shut off that part of myself that loved you, that couldn’t imagine a life without you. But we had the Rules.” Max sighed a soft breath of air that puffed over Liz’s skin warmly and lay his head back against her shoulder.

“When you were shot and I saved you. I can’t even explain what that was to me Liz. Instant connection. Instant knowledge of you and who you were. And Liz, you were even more beautiful inside than I had ever dreamed of. You have the most pure, loyal heart…Michael and Isabel were freaking out that you knew. But I had faith in you. You would never betray me. It’s not in you. I would never regret revealing myself to you that day because it was right in a way that nothing had ever felt before in my life. And you brought me the world. Literally. You showed me things about myself and living life and being. Does that even make sense?” Max felt her nod of agreement.

“When we were together it was so new and so different that at first it scared me. I started to doubt myself. That I could be good for you. That I could keep you safe. And when I stepped away from you I thought I was doing this noble thing. To give you back a normal life. To give you back everything you gave up by allowing me into your life.”

“I didn’t give up anything. You gave me everything I needed, then and now,” Liz insisted quietly.

“I know that now. It just took me awhile to figure out that life without you was empty and meaningless. When we got back together, that was the happiest time of my life back then. And then…” Max took a breath and forged on, “when I was taken, all I could think about was you. I was guilty that I had put you in danger, and at the same time I hung on to you. Thoughts of you, your gentle touch, the feel of your hair brushing over my skin, your perfect smile, the love in your eyes that you only reserved for me. Me Liz. How is it possible that you could love someone like me? Someone so lost and confused about…everything? I just accepted it. It was a gift and I was never giving it back. And then we learned our ‘destiny’,” Max scoffed at the word. “When you left that day I was completely shattered. How can it be that the answers to all my questions were right in front of me and it still felt so…wrong?”

Max hugged her tightly to him, as if fearing to lose her again.

“I understand why you left. It took awhile to try to get over the initial pain. So much pain that summer. I needed you in a way I never had before. I couldn’t imagine turning to Isabel or Michael, and certainly not Tess, to confide what had happened to me in the White Room. I needed you. I ached for you and prayed for you and made promises that if I would only get you back…” Max broke off, these memories were hard. He didn’t like making Liz feel guilty about leaving him at that time in his life, but if she were ever to understand him…

“You were doing what you thought was best for me and my race. So selfless. I could never have done it. I’m way more selfish that you are. Even then I held onto the hope that I could win you back. I needed that hope like I needed air, because that’s what you were to me. It was hard to breathe without you. I was hollow and empty. I didn’t know how to be anymore if I wasn’t a part of you. When I saw you with Kyle…I can’t even tell you what that did to me. My hope was gone. My worst fear all along was that you’d realize that you needed something more…normal. When I saw what I did, it was like a huge neon sign was winking: ‘I’m Over You Max Evans’. I didn’t handle it very well. I’m so sorry that I ever doubted you. The pain was more than I thought I could bear. I wanted to get away, lash out, hurt you like you hurt me. That’s why I took Tess to New York. Petty, I know. Selfish.” Max shook his head, not liking how he had acted back then.

“I didn’t believe in God. How could I? Here I was, literally an alien on this planet. Dumped here for unknown reasons, hiding my entire life from everyone who ever loved or cared about me. Lying constantly to my parents and friends about everything I was. Denying myself. And then the one thing that gave me hope…gave me a reason to be myself…was just…gone,” Max felt Liz shudder under his cheek. He raised up on one elbow and silently brushed her tears away. Liz was taking in all the raw emotion that was emanating off Max in waves.

“And then there was you again. My precious gift was back. Made for me. Mine. True destiny. And now, because of you, I don’t have to hide from my parents anymore. They actually accepted us for who we were. I can’t even explain how incredible that is. And this,” Max’s hand traveled over her abdomen, “this amazing child will not grow up the way I did. He won’t be ashamed of who he is. He’ll have parents and grandparents and our friends who will love and support him through all the difficulties of growing up different. He will embrace life wholeheartedly. He’ll have friends and guidance and…and…he’ll take this life that has been given him and make it his in a way that I never could growing up.”

Liz’s eyes were streaming tears. Max had so much love inside him, so many hopes and dreams for their son. Her heart ached for the way he was forced to grow up. She regretted the time they had spent apart, but she didn’t feel guilty any longer over it, because Max didn’t blame her. Everything that had come before had resulted in this…this incredible time in their lives that was at once scary and exhilarating. The best and the worst. Pleasure and pain.

“And now…now everything has changed. I used to think that if there was a God then he was needlessly cruel. I had worked all my life to not hurt anyone. To just be, you know? And then all this crap happened and I thought, what’s all this for? What did I do to deserve this? It was easier to believe that there wasn’t anyone up there planning all that then to believe that He just didn’t care about me. But, you know what? If all that didn’t happen then I wouldn’t be right here with you now. We’re having a child, a son, that is you and me together. A boy so special that I would do all of that over again just to have this moment right now with you.” Max’s lips paused to gently brush over Liz’s. She sighed into the kiss and parted her lips to encourage him.

“Did you feel his heartbeat? When I was singing?” Max spoke against her lips, his eyes open to catch her expression.

Tears spilled over again as she nodded. Their joined hands settled over their son again and they reached for him.

Thump thump thump

They smiled behind their kisses and their bodies mingled in a healing embrace.


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Part 37

Max and Liz stood in the hallway preparing to face Max’s family for the first time since their hasty exit the night before. Max’s forehead was touching Liz’s, his hands framing her face, hers wrapped around his arms. He looked into her eyes and took a fortifying breath.

“We can do this,” he whispered.

“No problem,” she answered in the same hushed tone.

“It’s not like they don’t know why we had to leave.” Max thought about what he had just said and winced. Maybe not the best idea to bring that up right now.

“Do you think they told your Dad?” Liz was an interesting shade of pink.

“I hope so. I really don’t want to be the one to explain that to him. It was bad enough to have to tell my Mom,” Max’s breath puffed against her face. Liz inhaled and closed her eyes.

Sensing something different in her continual fascination with him, Max asked, “What are you doing?”

Liz’s eyes popped open in surprise and her eyes dropped self-consciously. “You smell so…good,” she said on a laugh.

Max inhaled dramatically and smiled. “I don’t smell anything different. What do I smell like?”

Liz inhaled again, long and slow. Her smile widened. “You smell like cinnamon.”

“What?! You’re kidding!” Max turned his head to smell his arm and then tried the other one.

“Nope, it’s true. My sense of smell must be heightened right now or something. I swear I could smell you even if you left the room,” Liz asserted.

“Ewww…he must smell really bad!” Isabel chuckled as she passed them in the hall. “Are you two coming to breakfast? You must have worked up quite an appetite!” Isabel continued into the kitchen to the sound of Max and Liz’s groans. It was too easy.

“We can do this,” Max repeated.

“We can do this,” Liz affirmed.

They linked hands and walked together into the kitchen.

“Morning kids,” Diane chirped out brightly. She was dishing out the last of the oatmeal and placing it in front of Liz’s spot at the table. Liz looked on in fascination. She had a spot at the table. A warm feeling crept through her as she slipped into her seat beside Max.

“Did you two sleep well?” Phillip looked over the top of the Sunday paper.

“Um, yeah, thanks Dad,” Max answered uncertainly. He looked to his Mom with raised brows to see if she had told him. Diane winked and gave him a nod. Max wasn’t sure if he was relieved or mortified.

“I wanted to talk to both of you this morning,” Phillip put the paper down on the table, folding it neatly. He glanced to Diane and she came to stand behind him, her hand on his shoulder.

Max and Liz looked at each other and then back at his parents, identical expressions of concern mirrored in each other’s eyes.

“It’s nothing bad!” Phillip didn’t like to see the panic on the kid’s faces. “Your mother and I have been thinking about restoring the rooms over the garage. They were supposed to be a mother-in-law apartment, but we’ve always just used the space for storage. Max, I could use your help moving the stuff to a storage unit today, and then your Mom will scrub it down. We wanted you two to have some space to yourselves, now that you’re…married,” Phillip still had a hard time picturing his little boy all grown up and so obviously in love.

“Dad, that’s…that’s fantastic!” Excitement filled his tone and his eyes shone at the possibilities. He squeezed Liz’s hand under the table enthusiastically.

Liz stretched her fingers under his to work out the kinks he had put in. Her smile was a mile wide. “I’d really like to help,” she offered Diane shyly. Diane nodded.

“I could use a hand with the lighter chores, but I don’t want you straining yourself,” Diane accepted.

They ate their breakfast with enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Liz and Diane cleared the table in companionable silence while Isabel left to see Alex.

“I really can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for Max and me,” Liz started. “I don’t know if you realize how much your support means to Max…and me.”

“Honey, I would do anything for Max, and it’s you that he has chosen to love, so you’re my family too. I’ll always be here to do whatever I can,” Diane gave Liz an impulsive hug.

“I’ve been thinking about your work schedule, and how to make sure that you and Max can spend time together every morning and night,” Diane busied herself scrubbing the counters, not looking at Liz.

“I can’t wait to start working! Just tell me when you want me here and I’ll show up!” Liz said with enthusiasm.

“Well I was thinking that you could work here after school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from four to eight, but you can tell your parents that you have to be here all week from four to nine or so. That gives you and Max a chance to spend some time alone together.”

Liz blushed again at the reference to alone time. She nodded her head. “That’s great. That takes care of the nights, but…” Liz trailed off, not wanting to say more.

“Yeah, I was thinking that you are a really smart student, right?”

Liz nodded, uncertain where this was leading.

“So your parents wouldn’t find it unusual if you had to ‘tutor’ someone at school every morning at six-thirty.” Diane glanced at Liz for a reaction.

Liz had stopped loading the dishwasher and just stood staring at Diane. “You are a genius!”

Diane smiled in satisfaction. “Max will pick you up in the morning and bring you to your apartment.”

“Wow! We have our own place,” Liz wrapped her mind around that idea. A slow grin crept across her face. “I want to see it!”

Diane grabbed her hand and they giggled like school girls as they went out the back door to the outdoor entrance.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max lifted another heavy box down the stairs to the waiting SUV. He slid it into place and wiped his brow before starting back up the stairs. Their own place! His heart leaped at the thought of setting up house with Liz. This made it more real. He was grinning when he stepped back into the large main room. The apartment consisted of one large room for the kitchen, dining, living area. A door led to a small bathroom with a tub/shower combination, a toilet, and a sink, while another door led to a medium sized bedroom with a window facing the back yard.

Phillip watched his son’s face glow with pleasure as he cleared out more of the boxes.

“You look happy,” Phillip blurted out.

Max looked up in surprise and then down at the floor. He scuffed a shoe along the hardwood floor before nodding his head. “Yeah, I am. Liz does that for me. Everything about her, when we’re together, things are just so intense,” he stated simply.

“I noticed,” Phillip said wryly.

Max looked up sharply to see if his dad meant anything by that comment. Phillip smiled at him and clamped his hand over his son’s shoulder. “I was going to have a talk with you before you got serious about a girl. Tell you how to please a woman, what she expects from a man,” Phillip laughed as his son’s face turned magenta. “Somehow I think you’re doing just fine without me,” Phillip added on a teasing note.

“Dad!” Max couldn’t meet his father’s eyes.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Really. It’s just that I’ve never seen this side of you before. Or heard it,” Phillip added under his breath.

“Oh my God! I did not just hear you say that,” Max clapped his hands over his ears and grinned.

“Are you tormenting our son?” Diane asked from the entrance.

Liz crossed the room to Max and he smiled in answer to the question in her eyes. He took her hand and led her around the space that was theirs. Diane and Phillip watched them looking so happy and smiled in satisfaction. They had made the right choice.

Four hours later

Max lay back on the couch in their apartment that had formerly resided in the Evans’ den. Liz lay with her back against his chest cradled in the V of his thighs. Max allowed his hands to wander to her stomach and quietly said ‘hi’ to the baby. The work had gone quickly with the four of them together, and now the place looked ready to live in.

“I’m going to put curtains on the windows over the kitchen sink and in the bedroom,” Liz said, her mind picturing the homey touches that would make the place theirs.

“Good idea. I can change the wall colors if you want,” Max volunteered, looking around at the white walls.

Liz turned in his embrace to nibble on his neck. “You’re a handy one to have around, huh? I knew there was a reason I was keeping you,” she bit down gently on his collar bone.

“You’d better think of more than one reason,” Max spun her around so they were chest to chest, “I plan on being around for a long time!”

“I’m sure I’ll come up with something,” Liz’s hands were busy undoing the buttons that lined his shirt.

Max’s hands moved over Liz’s to still her actions. She glanced up at him curiously, one eyebrow arched in inquiry.

“We have to talk,” Max started.

Liz scooted back a little. That was always an ominous way to begin a conversation, and did not bode well for the listener.

“About what Max?” Liz asked hesitantly.

“I think we should call Michael, Isabel, and Maria to come over here so we can talk about tomorrow,” Max told her.

Liz nodded her head and they went downstairs to use the phone in the kitchen.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“I don’t understand you Michael. You seem like you would be such a slob, but your apartment is immaculate,” Maria plopped beside him on his couch.

“What can I say? I’ve got the magic touch,” Michael wriggled his fingers in front of her.

Maria’s eyes widened to saucers. “Do you mean you just,” she waved her hand around in the air, “wish it all away?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that, but yeah, I just…clean,” he waved his hand over the empty cereal bow on the low table in front of him and it sparkled like new.

Maria’s eyebrows drew together. “Is that sanitary?” She questioned with obvious distrust.

“Yes Maria. No one’s died yet from eating off my dishes! Geez, Maria,” Michael rolled his eyes and snorted at her reaction.

They sat for a while in silence and Maria kept sneaking glances at him out of the corner of her eye.

He picked at a fingernail and waited to see how long it would take her to break the silence.

“Why did you want me to come over this morning Michael?” Maria burst out at last.

“What? Oh, well I guess I just wanted to see you,” Michael answered honestly.

“You just wanted to see me,” Maria restated, obviously expecting further illumination.

“Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?” Michael retorted. Couldn’t this girl just accept a simple statement?

“Yeah there is. You never just call because you want to see me. Something’s up, isn’t it? Is it something bad? Are Liz and Max okay?” Maria’s imagination was working overtime on the various scenarios of what could have gone wrong now.

Michael’s hands closed over her shoulders. “Calm down Maria. I just thought that we could get to know each other. You know, talk. You don’t have any inhibitions about talking, do you?”

“No, of course not Michael. It’s just kinda weird is all. So what do you want to know about me?” Maria asked, thinking of the million things she would like to know about him.

“Why do you care about me so much?” Michael asked the question that had been burning in him for a long time.

“What? Why? I don’t know Michael. You’re frustrating and abrasive and way too blunt. You’re rude and obnoxious and you treat me like crap half the time…”

“Gosh, thanks Maria that really clears things up,” Michael leaned away from her on the sofa.

“…but the other half of the time you are incredibly sweet and caring. You make me feel cherished and special. I think that your attitude is just a cover for the person that you really want to be, but can’t. I want to be the one to bring that out in you. I want to see you happy,” Maria finished as if he had never interrupted.

Michael leaned forward again and surprised her with a kiss. “I knew there was a reason that I loved you,” Michael couldn’t believe how close she was to the truth about his gruff exterior. That’s what scared him about falling for her. She was very perceptive, and that had been a danger to him before, when he thought he might have to leave her behind one day.

“I…I’d like to try something,” Michael said hesitantly.

“Okay,” Maria was slightly out of breath from the kiss. Michael really knew how to kiss!

“I want to make a connection. Like Max and Liz have,” Michael slid his fingers through her hair on either side of her face.

Her eyes went wide and she shook her head. “I thought we said we weren’t ready for that yet. I mean, I think you’re a great guy and all, but I’m not ready to carry your baby Michael!” Maria asserted quickly.

“No Maria! I meant like their mental connection. I want you to see me,” Michael’s tone was serious.

“Ohh Michael,” Maria breathed, knowing how hard it was for him to want to connect with someone, to share himself with her.

“Breath,” Michael whispered as he looked into her bright eyes.

The connection bloomed slowly, tentative at first, and then more sure of its direction.

Maria gasped as Michael allowed her access to all the parts of his life that he had kept only for himself, not even sharing with Isabel and Max.

She saw the confused little boy, too afraid to reach out to his friends when they were found wandering in the desert.

The confusion of the child welfare system he had been rudely thrust into and the utter panic at the sight of all the unfamiliar things around him.

The hurt fear as Hank shoved him around.

The mute screams as Hank took off his belt to hit him.

The joy of rediscovering Max and Isabel. The connection they shared.

The acute longing for a family of his own and a place to belong.

The frustrated lust he felt every time he looked at Maria.

The disbelief that she could care about him.

The resolve to stay a stonewall so he wouldn’t allow her too close to him.

The recognition that it was too late, he could never leave her behind.

The sick guilt over taking a human life, however necessary it was.

The panic over what had happened to Liz in Las Vegas, and the guilt that he had not prevented it.

The hurt that Max didn’t include him in the life-altering decisions he had made in Vegas.

His confusion over the connection he now shared with Liz. At once proud to be her protector and scared that he would ever be called upon.

The flood of joy at the realization that Earth was home, now and forever.

The crack in his heart that he had made to let Maria in.

Maria’s hands were on Michael’s face, her thumbs brushing his tears away as the connection slowly ebbed. She closed the distance between them and met his lips with hers. The kiss turned hungry as each absorbed what they had seen from the other. Their mouths mated frantically and hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. The couch wasn’t big enough and they rolled to the floor, neither particularly noticing the new location.


Maria gasped for breath and looked up at the sound of the phone. Michael ignored it and pulled her down for another hot kiss.


Maria pulled away again and glared at the phone. It was calling to her to pick it up and answer it. It was unnatural to not immediately pick up a ringing phone.

“Leave it,” Michael gasped and tried to pull her down again. Maria scooted off of him and reached for the phone, shooting him an apologetic smile.

“He…hmmmhmm,” Maria cleared her throat and tried again, “Hello?”

“Maria? Is that you?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I’m over at Michael’s. We were…talking,” Maria slapped Michael’s wandering hands away and ignored his smirk as he listened to her side of the conversation. “Did you want to speak with Michael?”

“Actually, we wanted to talk to both of you. Can you guys come over to my place?” Max asked.

“Um, sure. Right now?”

“Yeah. And use the entrance behind the garage. Liz and I have the apartment over the garage now so…”

“You guys moved in together???” Maria squealed with excitement and Michael blocked his ears.

“Um, yeah, sort of. We’re working out a way to make sure Liz can be here as much as possible every day. We’re gonna wait to tell her parents for another couple of months.”

“We’ll be right over,” Maria stated and hung up the phone. She scrambled up and put her shoes on, looking at Michael to check his progress. He stood up slowly and moved closer.

“I take it we’re heading over to Max’s?” Michael drawled, reaching out a hand to caress her shoulder.

Maria moved out of the way, not wanting to be distracted. She stood at the door with her hand on the knob and tapped her foot impatiently.

“Move Michael! I want to go see their new place!”

“And you’re just going to walk out the door like that?” Michael smiled and gestured to her top.

Maria glanced down and blushed to the roots of her hair. She hurriedly did up the first five buttons of her blouse and raised her chin defiantly.

“Move!” Michael moved.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Oh Liz! I can’t believe this! You’re all grown up with a place to call your own!” Maria gushed after she had taken the ‘grand tour’. “We should get you guys some candles and some flowers for the little table. Oh and do you have dishes?” She went back in the kitchen and opened all the cupboards. There was already an odd assortment of plates, bowls, and cups.

“Come sit down Maria, Max wants to talk about tomorrow,” Liz watched the enthusiasm die in Maria’s expression replaced by one of grim determination as she remembered what was happening tomorrow.

She went and sat beside Liz, who was curled against Max on the couch. Michael sat across from them on a hard chair from their little kitchen table, and Isabel sat on a small rug on the floor, leaning against the arm of the couch. They all looked at Max expectantly.

“Well, I thought it would be a good idea to go over everything for tomorrow so everyone knows what their part is in this and so it’ll go smoothly,” Max’s hands massaged Liz’s shoulders when he felt her tense.

“Liz is starting her job here at the house tomorrow, so she’ll be in the den working when Tess arrives at four thirty. Liz will meet Maria in the back yard outside my window. Maria, you’ll be the lookout, to make sure no one else is spying on us, and Liz, you’ll watch everything that Tess does to make sure she’s not making me see things.” Maria and Liz nodded.

“When I’ve got what I need from her I’ll suggest we take a ride together out to the pod chamber. I know she’ll go with me. She’ll leap at the chance to be alone with me,” Max cringed at the thought of what Tess wanted to do with him if they were alone together.

“Isabel will follow us out there to back me up in case anything goes wrong,” he tightened his grip on Liz as he felt her tense.

“I’m coming too,” Michael interjected.

“Me too,” Liz added softly, not being able to bear the thought of wondering if Max needed their help.

“No. You’re both staying here.”

Everyone stared at Max and started objecting at the same time.

“Are you crazy? You can’t go out in the desert with just you and Isabel! She could do all sorts of things to your mind out there!” Michael objected the loudest.

Max shook his head. “This is my decision Michael. Liz can’t go…”

“I need to be there for you Max,” Liz pleaded with him.

Max took her face in his hands and made her look at him. “You are too important to me Liz. I couldn’t concentrate on what I have to do if I feel like you or our son might be in danger. Please understand that Liz,” Max’s fear for them vibrated in his tone.

Liz just nodded. Their connection was flaring brightly and his fear was palpable. She wouldn’t do anything that would distract him from his goal. Max sighed in relief and kissed her on the forehead.

“That’s why you’re staying here too Michael,” Max watched his friend, “You need to be here to protect Liz and our son in case anything happens to me.”

This caused another uproar in the room.

“What do you mean if something happens to you? This is too dangerous. We need another plan,” Isabel insisted.

“No. We have to do this now, and now that we know what the Granolith is capable of we need to use it.” Max’s voice was certain.

“What did you mean ‘take care of Liz and our son’? Are you saying you want us to…” Michael stuttered to a stop.

Max looked from Liz’s hurt expression, to Maria’s stunned one. He nodded slowly, looking at Michael.

“Everyone in this room knows how important it is that our son survives. There are thousands of lives out there depending on his growing up and leading the rebellion. It’s bigger than all of us, and we can’t be selfish,” Max stopped, remembering his conversation with Liz that morning. He couldn’t be selfish anymore. He was a father.

“I need to know that if I don’t come back…” Liz shook in his arms, tears streaming down her face, “that you won’t let Liz or the baby die. You need to promise me that you’ll take care of them,” Max’s voice rang with authority.

Michael looked from Max, to Liz huddled in his arms, and finally to Maria. Maria stared back at him, fighting her urge to write her name on his forehead and she nodded at him slowly.

“I promise,” he said simply. “But you’d better get your butt back here and do it yourself! There are people here on Earth that are depending on us,” he couldn’t resist adding.

“It is my complete intention to come back here to all of you,” Max smoothed his fingers through Liz’s soft hair and felt her tears soak into the soft fabric of his shirt.

“Are you up for this Iz?” Max questioned seriously.

“I’ll back you up Max. Tess won’t be a threat after tomorrow,” Isabel’s voice rang with certainty and her eyes flashed fire. She had a score to settle.

“We have a plan then,” Max sat back and closed his eyes, envisioning what the new day would bring.


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Part 38

Monday morning 4:17am

Max moved restlessly in his sleep. His head tossed sideways on his pillow, his blankets were bunched in his fists. The chords of his neck strained as he screamed in his nightmare, but only a muffled sob escaped his lips. His forehead beaded with sweat and his mouth worked soundlessly.

Diane sat slumped on a chair in Max’s room. She had anticipated his nightmares returning without Liz there to comfort him and so she had slipped into his room silently just after midnight. It had been her full intention to watch over him all night, but the soft regular sounds of Max breath had lulled her unwillingly to sleep at little after three a.m..

Max bolted upright in his bed, breathing hard and stood up immediately, running his shaking hands through his sleep matted hair. He leaned over and rested his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

Diane woke with a start to see her son in distress and was just about to make her presence known when the phone rang loudly in the silent house.

Max reached across quickly to his nightstand and snatched up the receiver.

“Liz,” he panted into the phone, knowing it was her. Diane could only hear his end of the conversation.

“I’m sorry I woke you…I know that I can’t control it but I wish it didn’t affect you…Me either,” said of a sigh of relief as he sat back on his bed, his breathing instantly calmer at his connection to Liz. “I love you too….Yeah, I’ll be there by six-thirty….Okay, are you sure?….Six o’clock then….I can’t wait to hold you, touch you…I need you Liz,” the longing rang through Max’s tone and Diane began to feel like she was intruding on something intensely personal. She stood up and cleared her throat to let Max know she was there. The effect was immediate and shocking.

Max gasped out loud and whirled in place, dropping the phone and raised his arm toward the intruder. A vivid green shield immediately divided the room from wall to wall between him and the danger. Wild panic leaped from Max’s eyes, the nightmare too fresh and vivid for him to realize who he was protecting himself from right away.

Diane let out a startled cry and shielded her face with her arms instinctively, not knowing what would happen next.

“Max?? MAX!!! What’s going on?” Liz’s voice could barely be heard over the harsh panting of Max’s breath, but it was enough to bring him back to reason. He took a closer look at the now huddled form of his mother and dropped the shield immediately. He closed the distance between them swiftly and pulled her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and started apologizing.

“Mom! I am so sorry! I didn’t realize…I just had a bad dream, and…I would never hurt you!” Max pulled back, dreading the look that would be in his mother’s eyes. He never wanted her to fear him. He would never bring her harm.

“Max! I know you would never hurt me! I’m sorry I startled you, I just wanted you to know I was here before you said anything too private to Liz,” Diane reassured him quickly.

“Liz!” Max ran back and picked up the phone. “Liz? Oh Liz, I’m sorry about that…My Mom…Yeah, she startled me and I…No, don’t worry, everything’s fine now….Yeah, I’ll see you in a little bit….Love you too. Bye.” Max said softly and hung up the phone. He turned back to his mother.

“Did the phone wake you? Liz and I are so connected now that my nightmare woke her up. She was just calling to make sure I was all right,” Max explained.

“The phone? No, I heard you and I thought that maybe you were having a bad dream, or anxiety about everything that’s going to happen today, so I thought I’d check on you,” Diane blurted out. She didn’t think her son would appreciate her staying up all night watching over him, and he didn’t know that she knew about his regular nightmares.

“I must have been yelling in my sleep,” Max scratched the back of his neck, looking at the floor nervously. What had he said? He glanced back up to see if she looked suspicious. She gazed back at him steadily and sat of his bed, patting the place beside her. Max sat down and Diane gave him a huge hug. She knew that his only real comfort was Liz, but maybe she could substitute for today. Max allowed himself to be comforted for a moment, hugging her back and then pulled away self-consciously.

“You should go back to bed Mom. I’m just going to go for a run and then shower before I pick up Liz,” Max stood and pulled on jogging shorts over his boxers and a sweatshirt over his T-shirt. He popped his head out of the neck of the shirt and glanced at his mother. She looked tired, but determined.

“Max, you can talk to me about anything. Is there anything you want to tell me about these nightmares you’ve been having?” Diane tried to inject her voice with comforting calm.

Max was startled by her question. She had known that he’d had nightmares? What else did she know about? He shook his head in a gesture of confusion. It was too early to have to deal with this.

“Mom I….I don’t think…” Max swung his head toward the door as it opened suddenly.

Phillip poked his head in and found his wife and Max.

“Everything okay? I heard the phone,” Phillip asked the two.

“Yeah, Dad. Everything’s good. That was just Liz, checking on me. She knew I was awake and worried so…We’re fine. Mom you should go back to bed,” Max hoped she would take the hint. He couldn’t tell her anything right now.

Diane watched the curtain fall over her son’s eyes and her shoulders slumped in temporary defeat. She met Phillip at the door and blew Max a kiss over her shoulder. “Be careful on your run son,” she advised as she closed his door behind them.

Max sat on the bed and rested his head in his hands. Breathe, he commanded himself. The adrenaline from his nightmare and then the scare by his mom was rushing through his system. He got up and searched for his running shoes, finding one by his hamper and the other under the bed. He tied the laces and crawled out his window out of habit. He glanced back in at his room one more time. That was the last night he would spend in his old room. After the meeting today with Tess he planned to move all his things up to the garage apartment. He crossed the darkened backyard and out to the sidewalk where he began to run.

6 a.m.

Max pulled his Jeep to a halt in back of the Crashdown and was immediately greeted with the sight of Liz running across the darkened alley to hop in the passenger side. He pulled her in close for a deep kiss that left her breathless and smiling. She pulled back and looked over his strong features, searching his eyes to see if he was okay. The connection and the reassurance of his physical well-being satisfied her that he was back on an even keel. She sat back as Max shifted the Jeep in gear and rushed back to his house.

“How did your parents take the ‘tutoring’ idea?” Max asked with a sideways glance at Liz. She smiled softly at him before answering. She couldn’t stop looking at him! It felt like they had been parted for days, and not just hours. After waking with him practically every morning for a week it seemed unnatural not to rest cuddled in his arms. Her fingers twined more tightly with his, unconsciously not wanting to let him go again.

“Um…they thought that I might be taking on too much with the new job from four to nine at night, every night, but I told them it was something I really wanted to do,” Liz’s soft laugh rolled out to him happily. A small grin tugged at his lips.

“So you really want to do it, huh?” Max couldn’t resist teasing.

Liz licked her lips, watching the play of emotions on Max’s face before nodding her head. “Yeah, I really do,” she said, her voice husky with intent.

Max took a deep breath and pulled into his driveway. Taking her hand he let her around to the back entrance to their apartment and led her up the stairs. Opening the door, he waved a hand and candles flamed to life from every available surface. Liz gasped out loud and turned her shining dark eyes to Max.

“It’s beautiful. Perfect!”

Max ducked his head, pleased by her pleasure. “I know you like candles,” he said softly.

“I like you better,” she returned boldly and placed her hands inside his jacket to slip it over his arms. Next, she tugged at the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Her hands worked busily to shed him of the rest of his clothes and soon he stood before her, magnificently naked and aroused, his body bathed in candlelight that made gorgeous shadows over his well-defined muscles. Liz moved closer and inhaled his scent deeply. “Mmmm…I love how you smell!” She darted her tongue out and lapped at his nipple, causing a pleasured gasp to escape him. She allowed her hands and mouth to roam freely over his torso until finally he took her by the arms and walked backward with her over to their sofa. He sat down and placed her between his knees. Her jacket fell to the floor soundlessly, followed by her blouse and bra. She gasped in a ragged breath as his mouth closed over her nipple. His tongue circled delicately before he sucked it deeply within his mouth. The nipple popped out again, rigid and aroused. He turned his attention to the other one and suckled until she was gasping for air, her hands holding his head to her.

His hands moved to the button of her jeans and the silence was broken by the slow slide of the zipper. He dipped his fingers into the waistband and drew down her jeans and underwear together, leaving her as naked as him. Liz leaned forward over him and took his mouth in a kiss that told him how much she had missed him in their hours apart. She kept her forward motion until he was fully reclined on the sofa and she was lying on top of him. Her hips moved over him in an instinctual gesture of longing. Max’s hip’s echoed her movements. They continued to arouse and tease each other to greater pleasure until they couldn’t stand not completing the act.

Max slid into her warm cavern with a sense of coming home. Liz moaned loudly at the completion and began to move over him. Max’s hand massaged over her hardened nipples, gently plucking and rolling them in the way that caused a sexy groan. Her sounds of pleasure heightened his own and his hands sought out all the sensitive points on her body that he could reach.

Liz cried out her release and Max continued on, building the friction, stoking the fire for a new explosion. Liz’s thighs trembled with her efforts to quicken her movements. She took him in long, hard strokes, designed to give him the maximum pleasure she could. Max took her hips in his hands to help her movements and they crested together moments later.

Liz collapsed, gasping against Max’s chest. She could hear his rapid heartbeat drumming in her ear. Turning her head, she brushed her lips over his heart and then rested her head on him again.

Max’s arms were wrapped around her and they shared a quiet, peaceful moment. At last they sat up together and talked in hushed tones about what lay ahead.

“Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I think so. As long as I know you and the baby are safe…”

“Max, are you sure? Michael should come with you…”

“No Liz. You know why he has to stay with you.”

“I don’t think… I could never be with Michael.”

Max kissed her forehead. “You won’t have to be. I’ll always come back for you.”

Liz breathed in his scent again and nodded.

“What if we…” Liz trailed off as an idea formed in her head.


“I just thought of this. I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of it before. What if you and I kept a conscious connection while you’re in with Tess? You can use my power to see through her visions because you’d be connected with me. We’ve already proven that you don’t need to be touching me to see what I see as long as we’re fully connected.” Liz’s voice rose in breathless excitement. Maybe this was a way she could help without endangering herself or their son.

Max thought through what she was saying. He wanted to cover all the angles before be agreed to anything. Liz held her breath, waiting for his verdict.

At last he nodded. “I think that might work. If I think she senses anything off though I’ll break the connection myself,” he warned.

Liz nodded and lay her head back on his chest, a small smile playing over her lips. She would be a part of this after all.

4:00 p.m.

Max and Liz got dressed in their apartment slowly. They lingered over each garment and watched each other’s every movement. They knew that everyone would soon be knocking on their door for final instructions. Liz smoothed the pretty new comforter over their new queen sized bed. Diane had been very busy while they were in school that day using her nervous energy to purchase furnishings and linens to be delivered that afternoon to welcome Max and Liz to their new home. They had put the bed to use right away, coming together almost desperately, cherishing every touch, every glance, as if it would be their last.

A knock sounded on the door and Max hugged Liz close before turning to allow Michael, Maria, Isabel, Phillip, and Diane into their apartment.

They sat around the living area and reaffirmed each person’s part in the plan.

4:32 p.m.

The doorbell rang loudly through the house causing everyone within to stiffen their posture and take a fortifying breath.

Max opened the door and smiled welcomingly to Tess. She smiled back as she stepped over the threshold.

“You look good Max,” Tess complimented, looking over his form-fitting sweater and jeans that molded to his muscular thighs. He had chosen them for comfort and ease of movement, but now she made him feel naked. She nodded her approval and moved past him into the house. Max took a deep breath and turned to face her.

“Thanks. You look nice too,” he told her, praying that it came out sincerely.

She preened happily, flipping her hair back and glancing at him coyly. Max tried not to retch.

“Maybe we should just uh…” Max gestured to the hall toward his room.

“Yeah, let’s go to your room Max,” Tess purred, she took his arm and led him away.

“Hello Tess,” Diane greeted from the doorway to the den.

Tess turned, startled and disappointed that they weren’t alone in the house.

“Hello Mrs. Evans. Working from home today?” She struggled to remain polite.

“Yes. Phillip and I both are. Are you two going to study?”

Tess tried not to let her frustration show. “Yeah. We’ve got a big project to work on so…”

“Oh. Well, don’t let me keep you,” Diane went back into the den, leaving the door open.

“You didn’t tell me your parents would be here,” Tess hissed.

“I didn’t know until this afternoon. Will that be a problem?” Max asked innocently. They had all agreed that Tess would be less likely to pull her tricks if she had a larger audience to fool.

“No. I guess not.” Tess was busily rearranging her plans for Max. She had hoped to seduce him into bed with her, but with his parents in the house she would have to wait for a better opportunity to be alone with him. She could still do it, but she didn’t want to divide her attentions between warping Max and his parents. She wanted to remember this for a long time to come.

Max opened the door to his room and stepped in. He pulled a chair over by the bed and gestured for her to sit on the bed in front of him while he took the chair. He knew that by this time Maria was watching for trespassers in the back yard and Michael and Isabel were waiting in the front. Liz was crouched right outside his window and Max could feel the fear and excitement through their open connection. Be careful Max! Tess took her seat with her back to the window.

“So where should we begin?” Max started.

“Well…I thought we could start with a connection for the memory retrieval. Take my hands, and breathe deeply. Look into my eyes and think about where we come from, what we know about ourselves. Feel the emotions you felt for me then, remember back…” Tess voice droned on hypnotically. Through Liz, Max knew that Tess wasn’t trying anything funny yet. He reached out slowly to take Tess’ hands and allowed a limited connection. He followed along with her suggestions for a few minutes until he felt her fall deeper into the Antarian memories. He removed a part of his mind, as he had practiced with Liz and began probing gently for memories from Tess.

Rapidly he moved through sequences of her life that he would process later. Her upbringing appalled him. So cold and emotionless. He felt a momentary pang that she had never really had a choice of who she would become. Her fate had been sealed the moment she was created.

He came across many new tricks and things that would aid them in the future. He also saw scenes of her use of Alex that sickened him and strengthened his resolve for what needed to be done this day. He probed deeper for clues that might help him in his fight here on Earth. He wanted to know if she was in league with the skins and what they planned next. He saw her in deep conversation with Nicholas. They were plotting her triumphant return to Antar, carrying Max’s child and marrying Khivar. He felt her smug satisfaction that she had outsmarted all of these stupid humans and aliens on Earth. She would go back triumphant to rule with her chosen king as she had wanted all along when she had plotted against them on Antar.

He moved his full attention back to Tess as he heard her asking him a question.

“…anything Max?” He caught just the end of her question.

“What? No, sorry. I don’t think I can really concentrate with everyone here, you know?” He answered with practiced ease. He had rehearsed that line several times in his mind already. “Would you mind if maybe we just go out to the pod chamber? No one will disturb us there.” Max almost smiled at the eagerness that lit her face before she carefully schooled her expression back into a casual acceptance.

“Sure, if you think that’ll help you, I mean,” she voiced huskily. She couldn’t believe her good fortune! Her plan was going into action today after all!

They got up and went out to the Jeep.

Come back to me! Liz sent out, filling her thoughts with confidence and love.

Always! Max answered before he started up the Jeep and took off down the road.


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Part 39

5:47 p.m.

Liz watched the Jeep round the corner at the end of the street and was glad to feel strong arms wrap around her. Her legs were shaking and her fear threatened to swamp her. She leaned back against his chest and let her head fall back onto his shoulder. Her eyes were determined, but her hands were trembling with the force of the control she was exerting as she tried to hold back her terror. She didn’t want Max to feel it through the link they maintained, and knew he would work better if he wasn’t worried about her. Her eyes met Michael’s and she knew instantly that he was feeling helpless and left behind. Michael was a doer, not a sitter, but he had told his king he would protect Liz. His hands linked in front of her, low on her abdomen, reminding them both what was at stake. She rested her hands over his and stared blindly at the deserted road.

Maria watched from several paces away. The sight of Michael and Liz together pulled her in so many directions that she couldn’t pick an emotion to express how she felt about it. She was scared, proud, and jealous as all hell. She moved closer and ran a comforting hand down Liz’s arm so she could feel a part of the tableau. As she began to pull away, Liz reached out and caught her hand, pulling her in for a hug. Liz held on tight and Michael wrapped his arms around them both.

“He’s scared,” Liz whispered.

Michael led them into the house.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“I think it was a great idea to go out to the desert alone,” Tess chattered as they sped down the road. Her left hand trailed up his arm, settling on his shoulder as she tried to catch his eye.

“Um, yeah. More private. I think I’ll be able to concentrate better,” Max was feeling the strain of maintaining a polite façade around Tess. And if she didn’t stop touching him soon he was going to hit her, he thought as his body shuddered in revulsion. He shook the thought out of his head and took a deep breath before turning to try to smile at her.

Tess’ smile widened until all her teeth were showing as the satisfaction of feeling his shudder of desire ran through her. This would go easier than she had ever thought. Max was so weak! She’d make sure he didn’t even remember Liz Parker’s name! She began a massage of the tight muscles in Max’s arm thinking how they would soon be wrapped around her.

Max began to worry that she would sense his connection to Liz if they continued the physical contact.

“Could you look in my glove box for some music?” He blurted out. She needed to stop touching him!

“Oh…sure Max,” Tess reluctantly released him and opened the glove box. She rooted through it for a few minutes before she found a Gomez cd. Max almost groaned as she started it playing. He didn’t want to associate Tess with Gomez. At least the volume of the music precluded further conversation. The wind began to pick up as they drove further into the desert the sand dancing in low whirls on the ground and across the road.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“He’ll be fine,” Maria reassured her. “It’s Max! That hussy doesn’t stand a chance! And with Isabel there to back him up? I mean, come on!”

“Yeah. You’re right Maria. He’s coming home in an hour or two and we can be together without worrying from now on. Right?” Liz needed to hear it again. Maria hugged her tighter and solidly agreed.

Michael sat across from them, staring out the window and allowing his knee to bounce in a nervous release of energy.

“What are they doing right now?” He blurted out suddenly, leaning forward to peer at Liz.

Liz stared back at him, but her eyes were turned inward.

“He’s driving. He feels really disgusted by the entire situation. I think, I think she’s touching him or…no she was, but he distracted her with music. They’re listening to Gomez. They’re almost there.” Liz sent Max a wave of reassurance.

“Almost there,” Michael repeated. He leaned back and his knee started bouncing again.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max parked the Jeep and hopped out, immediately heading up the trail to the cave entrance. Tess jumped out and scrambled to catch up with him, her canvas purse bumping her hip as she hurried. He sure was eager to be alone with her! She caught up and grabbed his hand so he would slow down for her.

Fear rolled over Max in a suffocating wave as he worried that she would sense Liz through the connection. He tugged his hand free and severed the connection with Liz. He couldn’t put her in danger.

Tess gave him an odd look. She had felt strong emotions pouring off of him, but it was obvious he didn’t want her to know. Maybe he was nervous about his first time. She’d help him over that.

The cave door rumbled open and they both walked inside. Max led the way further back into the cave toward the Granolith chamber.

“Max? Aren’t you going to close the door?” Tess waved back toward the gaping entrance.

“No. I thought we could leave it open. Fresh air, you know?” Max responded quickly.

Tess arched a brow. Oh well, at least they were the only ones here. The only other people that would ever come out this far were Michael and Isabel, and they’d told her today that Michael had to work and Isabel was spending the day at a friends house.

She ducked through the entrance to the large Granolith chamber and watched Max staring at it. He looked transfixed. She moved in closer and touched his arm. She immediately warped him into thinking she was the hottest girl on the planet. She sent his brain the message that he wanted her and only her and that he needed to possess her now. She moved so that she was directly in front of him and boldly ran her hands up his muscled chest.

Max looked down at her in confusion. Something was not right. He shook his head and tried to think, licking his suddenly dry lips. He had something to do here. Think! He was distracted by Tess’ hands as they traveled over his chest. His breathing hitched and she put her hands behind his neck to pull his lips down to hers.

Tess’ fingers snagged in the cord of the necklace Max had worn for almost a week now. She followed the cord around to pull the stone out from where it had hidden just under his collar. Her eyes widened as she took in the alienness of the bauble. She touched her finger to it and was instantly shocked by the force of a strong electrical current and thrown back to land on her butt several feet away. Tess gasped, her eyes widening in horror. She scrambled awkwardly to her feet and backed away further, until the wall of the chamber stopped her progress.

It was impossible! Her mind wanted to reject the flash she had received when she had dared to touch the stone. Max and Liz and a…a…baby? A son! That was supposed to be her son! Her eyes shone with rage and her fingers curled into claws as she advance toward Max. She would kill him herself and then take the baby from Liz! A growl forced its way out of her throat.

Max was instantly jolted back to himself when Tess touched the communication stone. He watched her recoil in horror and then moved into action when he saw the murderous glint in her eyes. It was too soon! His mind screamed at him. There was no way that Isabel had made it into the chamber yet!

“You lying bastard! You’ve been with Liz this whole time! You think you’re going to get away with making a fool of me? You’re going to pay for this and then I’m going to make Liz pay. She’s never going to see her son!” Tess’ eyes narrowed as she tried to focus her rage enough to unleash a mind-shattering warp on Max.

Max moved closer to the Granolith and slapped his hand on it. He kept his eyes on Tess watching her concentrating her powers. He focused inward and channeled the power of the Granolith into himself as Alex’s research had shown him. The Granolith began to glow with a blue-white light that steadily got stronger.

Tess unleashed a monstrous blast at him, fully expecting him to crumple into a heap on the ground. The blast made Max stagger back a step, but he didn’t release his hold on the Granolith and the light flared brightly as it absorbed the shock and channeled the power back into Max.

Max felt the hair all over his body rise as the power rushed into him. His pupils dilated to cover his iris’s causing his eyes to appear black and alien. His lips began the chant that would trigger the power outward to his target.

Jihadima aracma jarindafe dai,” he chanted the words steadily. The Antarian words rolled from his tongue as if born to him. My enemy cannot defeat me.

Tess recoiled in horror as the realization of what Max was doing rolled over her. She scrambled back again pulling at her canvas purse, her hands shook so bad that she spilled half the contents in search of what she needed.

“Max!” Isabel rushed in to find the Granolith glowing with an unholy light. She ran behind him and placed her hand close to his. She pulled in the power as fast as she could and chanted with Max.

Jihadima aracma jarindafe dai!” Their voices rose together and echoed in the stone chamber.

Tess’ stubby fingers wrapped around the object she had been searching for and she pulled it forth triumphantly. The device was larger than her hand, but compact. Nacedo had provided it to her in the event she would need to kill her fellow podsters before they headed back to their planet. The device rose off her palms as the energy pulsed through it. It darted forward, exploding with light just before Max and Isabel hurled the killing force of the Granolith directly at Tess.

The energy whipped through the room, stirring clouds of dust up from the stone floor and blinding them with light. The walls of the chamber shook and loose rocks tumbled around them.

Max heard Tess cry out in terror and watched her fall to the ground writhing in pain. Max’s knees crumpled underneath him and he went down hard, surprise careening through every fiber of his being. The chamber went black and the last thing he heard was Isabel thudding to the ground behind him.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

He’s gone!” Liz gasped out in terror. The emptiness inside her mind echoed mockingly back at her. She had felt when he had consciously removed their purposeful connection. She’d even understood it, but she had still retained a sense of Max. It was a much a part of her as their son. Now that connection was just…gone. She turned hollow eyes toward the sound of Maria’s voice and found her legs would no longer support her. The room went black as she fell.

Michael leaped forward to catch Liz in his arms before she hit the ground. He lay her on the couch and stared at the frightened faces of Maria, Diane, and Phillip.

“What should we do Michael?” Maria’s voice came out high pitched and scared.

“I don’t…I…We need to go to him!” Michael rasped out, torn between his promise to take care of Liz and his duty to his king.

Phillip was already grabbing his car keys. “I’ll go out there myself. You all stay here.” He rushed to the door before realizing he didn’t really know where he was going.

“Where?” He turned helplessly.

Michael grabbed Phillip’s head at the temples and concentrated on the location. He stared into his eyes and willed him to know where to go.

Phillip nodded. “I’ve got it!” He ran out the door and left it swinging open behind him.

Diane wrung her hands and tears streamed down her face. Her entire family was in jeopardy. How could it all have gone so wrong? She knelt before the sofa and began chafing Liz’s cold hands between hers. Liz moaned and turned her head restlessly before her eyes opened. Realization swept freshly through her and the tears rained over her face.

Two hours later

Michael sat in the overstuffed chair in the living room holding Maria tightly to him. They both watched Liz rocking herself back and forth on the couch. Her arms were wrapped around herself and she was humming Creed’s ‘With Arms Wide Open’ under her breath over and over. She would not let anyone touch her.

“I don’t know what to do! There has to be a way to help her!” Maria wailed in despair.

Michael shook his head. Liz wouldn’t listen to anyone right now and when they went anywhere near her she freaked out screaming for them to get back, stay away from her! Diane had tried to call Phillip’s cell phone to find out what was going on, but when she dialed it the phone rang from the table in the entry. Phillip had forgotten it in his rush to aid his children.

Now all they could do was wait.


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Part 40

It started just before five in the morning. Liz’s sleeping form began to toss restlessly on the couch, her eyes moving behind the lids, hands pushing her hair back from her flushed face. She moaned softly under her breath.

The sound of a quiet moan woke Michael instantly from a light doze he had fallen into on the floor. He was vaguely surprised that they had fallen asleep at all, but all those hours of nervous, tense waiting had taken their toll and everyone had fallen asleep where they sat. He sat up carefully, trying not to wake Maria, and shifted her head gently from his lap to a throw pillow on the carpet. Maria adjusted her position and opened her eyes slowly, slightly disoriented. She blinked her eyes to clear them from sleep and sat up also. Her eyes fell on Michael who was crouching on the floor in front of the couch, staring at Liz. His eyes were wild when he glanced back at Maria.

“Oh no!” Maria breathed softy. Understanding flashed between them.

“What are we going to do?” Michael implored her, needing an answer.

“You’re not affected yet?” Maria questioned as she crawled across the floor toward Michael.

Michael assessed his own condition. He was warm, but not fevered. Probably just from anxiety. Yeah. That had to be it.

“I’m fine, so far,” he told her, not looking fine.

“Okay, that means that it’s just started. You don’t get affected until a half hour, forty-five minutes after Max and Liz, right?”

“Yeah, I think. We don’t know how this works!” Michael sounded desperate.

“Mr. Evans should be back anytime now from the desert. I’m sure he’ll bring them back.” Maria tried to interject a positive note into her voice, inwardly praying that she was right.

“It’s already been too long! What are we gonna do?” Michael asked again, gently brushing Liz’s hair away from her face again.

“We are not going to panic. This only gets worse, right?” Maria motioned toward Liz.

“Yeah, the last time she fainted before I put her in the bathtub. Do you think she needs a bath?” Michael stood, ready to scoop Liz into his arms and carry her to the tub.

Maria reached out a restraining arm and held Michael back.

“Maybe we should hold off on that for a while. I’ll go into the kitchen to get an ice pack and we’ll try to keep her cool from here. We have twenty-four hours, right? That’s a lot of time, I know Max would never leave her alone longer than that, no matter what’s happening to him.”

“Is it twenty-four hours from the fever starting, or twenty-four hours between baby feedings?” Michael’s hair was a wreck from raking his fingers through it nervously.

“I…I thought they said from the fever starting. I don’t remember!” Maria started to panic.

“You didn’t see her the last time. She was in really bad shape, and she’d only been fevered for maybe three hours tops,” Michael couldn’t take his eyes off Liz’s restless form.

“Max,” Liz moaned, turning her head as if searching for him.

“Shhh…It’s okay, it’s alright,” Michael dropped to his knees to murmur in her ear, stroking her hair gently. Maria was shocked by the tenderness in his voice and touch. This was a new side of Michael. Liz quieted under his care, her body momentarily still.

“I’ll go get the ice pack,” Maria bolted from the room, conflicting emotions roiling through her. It was stupid to be jealous of the way Michael touched and soothed Liz. Liz was obviously in need of his comfort right now and she was grateful that Michael could give it to her. She was. Really. It was just strange that he could barely bring himself to show that side of himself to her. Maybe it was time to have another talk with him. He’d said he wanted her to know the real Michael. Inside. She desperately wanted to feel that closer connection with him again. Her hands shook as she dropped ice into a plastic bag and wrapped it in a towel.

Returning to the living room she stopped in the doorway, frozen by the sight of Michael sitting on the couch, cradling Liz in his arms. Michael’s eyes met hers across the room, and she shivered at the fevered gleam she saw in them. She shook herself free of doubts and misgivings and raced across the room with the ice.

“I’ll get another ice pack,” she said hurriedly. She shoved the pack she was holding into Michael’s outstretched palm and ran back to the kitchen to prepare another one. Her thoughts raced. As she delivered the second ice pack to a grateful Michael she bolted up the stairs to find Mrs. Evans. This was going to be a rough morning, and she needed the support.

Thirteen hours later…6:07 p.m.

“Ma..Max?” Isabel croaked out, her voice raspy as she reached out a hand without opening her eyes, sweeping it across the ground in front of her. Something was wrong, very wrong, and all she could think of was Max. Something had happened with…

“Oh my God! Max! Max?” Isabel sat up abruptly, trying to gain her feet. She fell back again, dizzy and awkward and stayed on her hands and knees, searching for Max. Her eyes swept over the rough stone floor and landed on her brother, lying crumpled on the floor across the cavern.

“Max?” Isabel crawled across the cavern to get to him, not yet trusting her balance. Reaching him, she pulled him over until he was on his back, her hands slipping on his sweat-soaked skin. His eyes remained closed, but his lips were moving soundlessly. She leaned in closer, trying to make out what he was saying. He was so hot!

“Liz…Liz…Liz…” Max kept mouthing over and over, no sound escaping his lips.

No! This was the worst possible timing. Max was in heat again over Liz! They had to get out of here and get him to her or…no; that did not bear thinking about. Pulling in a huge, fortifying breath Isabel pulled Max’s head into her lap. She slapped his cheeks lightly, talking to him constantly, trying to pull him out of the stupor he was in. “Come on Max! Wake up. Please wake up.” Isabel began rocking him in her lap while silent tears dripped down her face onto his still form. After fifteen minutes, he still had not roused.

Isabel’s brain started working again, clearing from the fog of shock that had engulfed her. Gotta get Max out of here. Gotta get him to the door. Isabel, very gently and very carefully, laid Max’s head back onto the cold stone floor. She scooted back and used the cave wall to support her awkward steps to the cave entrance. She stared at the closed door in confusion. She knew she had left it open after she came in. She reached up and placed her palm over the hand mark that began glowing on the wall and was blinded by the light of day as the door slid open. Her arm went up to shield her eyes and she thought she saw the shadow of movement back lit by the blinding sun.

“Isabel! Thank God you’re okay! I couldn’t get in! I…I tried, but I couldn’t…” Phillip ran through the entrance and swept her into his arms as soon as it had widened enough. He ran him hands over her back, checking for injuries and then held her away from him. “Where’s Max?” He questioned grimly.

Isabel’s tear streaked face collapsed into new sobs as she hugged her father one more time. She quickly grabbed his hand and led him back to Max.

“You have to help him Daddy,” Isabel sobbed.

“Oh my G…Max!” Phillip couldn’t believe that his strong son, who was never sick, could look so helpless and…broken.

Phillip leaned down and pulled his son into his arms, shocked by the heat that was pouring off of him. “Max! Max? Wake up son!” Phillip reached around to cradle him into his arms like a child. He staggered as he stood with Max in his arms and led the way out of the dark cave.

As he lay Max in the car across the back seat Max began to moan and his eyes flickered open, squinting in the light. He glanced around vaguely, looking for something. “Liz?”

Isabel cried again at the desperate, lost tone in Max’s voice, shuddering in relief that he was conscious.

“We’re going to her now Max. Just hang on okay?” Isabel crowded into the back of the car, on the floor in front of the seat he lay sprawled on.

“Where is she Iz? She needs me,” Max’s husky voice was desperate and his eyes begged her to find Liz for him.

“She’s at our house Max. I’ll get you there as fast as I can,” Phillip said as he got into the car and started the engine.

Max struggled to sit. A wave of dizziness washed over him and he slumped sideways in his seat. Isabel reached out to straighten the drunken angle of his posture and tried to summon any energy that she could to try to transfer it to him.

“Max. Max!” Max’s eyes swung to Isabel at her imperious tone. “Can you try to heal yourself?”

“So hot, Iz. I’m so hot. She needs me Iz. They need me. I have to be with her now.” Sweat dripped down his face and he couldn’t summon the energy to move his hands to wipe it away. He hung on to Isabel’s arms for balance as the car swayed into motion.

“Max! You have to focus! You have to try! Can you heal yourself?” Isabel was desperate. Max had taken the brunt of the blast that was meant to kill them both.

“I…don’t…don’t know Iz,” Max’s voice was weak and his head fell back onto the car seat.

“Max! Don’t pass out again okay? Liz needs you to stay strong!” She didn’t even feel guilty using Liz’s name to goad him into cooperation when she saw Max struggle to open his eyes again. He needed to stay conscious so that he could heal the injuries that Tess had inflicted on him.

“Look at me. Look at me Max!” Max swung his eyes toward Isabel with a great effort.

“Good! Okay, try to feel the energy I’m going to give you okay?” Isabel held both his arms in hers and concentrated. It was very difficult, the damage she had sustained had weakened her considerably, but Max needed this more than she did.

Max took a heaving breath as he felt the raw energy permeating his being. It flowed around him, shoring up the weak spots. He rallied some until he realized what it was doing to Isabel. He pushed her hands off of him and sat up weakly on his own.

“Isabel, you have to stop! We need you too!” Isabel lay her head in his lap, barely conscious after what she had done.

Max rested his hand in her hair and lay his head back again, closing his eyes. I’m coming Liz!

Back at the Evans house

“She’s getting so much worse!” Maria exclaimed worriedly. They had moved her up to their apartment and she had calmed slightly as his scent surrounded her on their new bed as she buried her face in his pillow. Michael huddled across the room in a chair, miserable and sweating and unable to move his eyes from Liz. His wretched expression clearly revealed his inner battle to fight his urge to be with Liz. They could wait awhile longer. They could. Michael shuddered harder, clamping his teeth in concentration.

Liz lay unmoving now on the bed, covered in sweat. They had removed most of her clothes to make her as comfortable as possible and she lay on top of the sheets in only her bra and underwear. She writhed on the bed in pain occasionally, turning her head back and forth in search of something that wasn’t there.

Diane sat beside Liz, brushing her hair back and cooling her body with a cold washcloth. She was past crying, beyond worried. If Liz and this child died she knew her son could not go on. She prayed he was still alive to…No! She couldn’t allow herself to doubt right now. Her children were strong and they were coming back to her any minute!

Liz struggled to sit, barely able to open her eyes. She inhaled strongly as if attempting to scent something in the air. She moved closer to Diane taking a breath and her brow furrowed in a dissatisfied grimace. She crawled across the bed to Maria and inhaled again. Same reaction. Her eyes lit on Michael across the room and she struggled off the bed.

“Liz, honey! You shouldn’t try to move,” Maria was pushed aside as Liz staggered over to Michael. She breathed him in and sighed in satisfaction, crawling into his lap. She curled up there and rested her head under his chin. Michael’s arms encircled her naturally, both getting what they needed for that one moment in time.

Maria’s eyes couldn’t let go of the sight before her. Michael wrapped around Liz like she belonged in his arms. Liz taking momentary comfort from the pain she was experiencing. She’d stopped asking for Max about an hour before, and her body was getting weaker and weaker. Diane left the room to get more ice.

Maria stood up, suddenly decisive. “That’s it! We have to do something. Get up Michael,” she hauled him to his feet, still cradling Liz. “Put her over on the bed. You can still hold her,” she added as he shot her a desperate look. Michael set Liz down onto the soft mattress and held her to his chest. “You have to do it. You have to help her. Now.” Michael gave Maria a disbelieving look, sure she didn’t mean it. Maria’s mind whirled with the idea. She ran out of the room.

Michael looked down at Liz, so helpless. The urge to give her what she needed was overpowering. He stood and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, starting to lower them over his hips.

Maria came running back in just then and stood, shocked, in the doorway.

“What the hell are you doing?!” She exclaimed in horror.

“I’m…you…what did you think I was gonna do? You said we had to do it!” Michael was distinctly uncomfortable with the situation, but he was unwilling to let Liz suffer any longer.

“I meant with this!” Maria beat him on the shoulder with a turkey baster. “You can just fill it up and I’ll inject it. It should solve everything. Jeez Michael!” Maria shook her head. It was noble, sort of, that he had been willing to do that for Liz, but still!

Michael fended off Maria’s attack and saw the possibilities of the plan. He grabbed the baster out of her hands and took it into the bathroom.

“It’s okay Liz,” Maria sat beside her to comfort. “We’ll take care of you and your son.”

Liz moaned in pain, clutching her stomach. Her eyes went wide and her nostrils flared as she took in a large breath. She struggled to sit up again.

“Max?” She fought against Maria’s restraining hands to get off the bed. “MAX!!”

“Liz, honey! You’re in no shape to go wandering around.” Maria was having a difficult time holding her.

“Max! He’s here,” Liz subsided against the bed, too weak to continue, knowing that Max was on his way.

Maria looked at her in disbelief and then turned to the doorway as she heard a commotion on the stairs leading up to the apartment. Her eyes widened again as Phillip and Isabel supported a staggering Max as he stumbled into the room. They led him to the bed where he closed the distance that separated him from Liz.


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Part 41

Michael hurled the bathroom door open when he heard the commotion in the living area. He slumped against the doorframe in intense relief when he saw that Max and Isabel were back alive. His worst fear was that he would be left alone again and he didn’t even want to think what that would have meant for him and Liz. He watched as Phillip and Isabel stumbled across the room holding Max upright. What had happened to Max? The fevers were intense and uncomfortable, undoubtedly draining after sweating and shaking for so long, but they weren’t disabling for the men. Only Liz. He crossed the room to see Max crawl up the bed to be closer to Liz.

Isabel turned and saw Michael. In two steps she collapsed on him. Michael’s strong arms caught her and he helped her to the couch. What was with all these fainting women lately? He knew something bad had happened to both of them and prayed that they had completed their mission before they were hurt. Isabel came to and sat up, holding her head. Diane rushed out of the bedroom to help her daughter.

“Michael…they…Max can’t…” Diane made a gesture down the front of her body and turned back to Isabel. “Can you help them? Please?” Diane pleaded.

Help them?? Help them what?

Diane gave him an odd look as she noticed what appeared to be a turkey baster clutched in his hand. “Is that my…?”

Michael’s face flushed even more, if possible and he pulled the baster behind his back and dropped it out of sight, intensely grateful that he hadn’t had to use it.

Michael looked warily at the bedroom door and swiftly crossed the room and went in. Phillip backed out of the room with an expression of intense relief saying, “He’s too weak to undress. Could you just…?” At Michael’s nod Phillip quickly left them alone in the room.

Michael’s body was numb with relief that that was all he was required to do. Max and Liz were making incoherent sounds of frustration. He went to the bed and pulled off Max’s shoes and socks one at a time. Max was so absorbed in Liz that he didn’t even notice. He could see Max fumbling to undo the button on his jeans with no success. Max’s raging erection was obvious, and Michael was completely sympathetic. He had not gone unaffected himself. Part of the fever was a fierce desire, and he had had no outlet for that.

Michael rolled Max onto his back while Max protested weakly. He couldn’t be separated from Liz! Liz whimpered at the loss of Max’s lips and crawled up his chest to resume the contact. Michael quickly unzipped Max’s jeans and tried to pull them off of his friend. The sweat soaked material made it very difficult and slow, but at last Michael was successful. He grabbed one of the arms that was wrapped around Liz and pulled it away, quickly pulling the sleeve off of Max. He freed the other arm and paused briefly wondering how he would get them to separate long enough to get the shirt over Max’s head. Finally, he put his hands on Liz’s heated shoulders and pulled her away. She growled, actually growled, at Michael and fought against the withdrawal with her remaining strength. Michael could see no comprehension in her eyes; no recognition of who he was or why he was there. He ripped the shirt over Max’s head and tossed the sodden fabric to the floor.

Max rolled over on top of Liz and took her mouth again, his hands moving over the familiar paths of her body, his hips thrusting rhythmically. Michael fervently hoped these two would appreciate what a good friend he was and grabbed the waistband of Max’s boxers and pulled them down. Michael wiped sweat off his brow with his sleeve and squinched his eyes shut as he reached under Max to pull off Liz’s panties.

His task complete, Michael backed away from the bed until he ran into the door. Max and Liz were already joined, their sweat glistened bodies moving as one. Michael fumbled for the doorknob and shakily opened the door a crack and slid out sideways. He closed the door behind him and leaned back against it sliding to the floor. He rested his arms over upraised knees and dropped his head, panting softly. He prayed that they would finish quickly so his body could be his own again.

“Are they…?” Maria gestured to the door.

“Yeah,” Michael answered softly, raising his head to meet her concerned gaze.

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans took Isabel downstairs to make sure she’s all right,” Maria informed him. Michael nodded. He hadn’t even noticed they were gone.

“Are you…okay?” Maria asked awkwardly. She knew that he had been as affected as Max by everything that had happened.

“When they’re…I’ll be fine in awhile,” Michael wiped his brow on his sleeve again. Maria moved to sit beside him on the floor. She put her arm around his shoulders and something in him finally broke. Sobbing in relief and pain for all they had been through he leaned into her chest and soaked her shirt with his emotions. His shoulders shook and Maria completed the hug, wrapping her other arm across his chest. She held him there making soothing sounds and waited for the waves to subside.

“I can feel them,” Michael whispered against her chest in misery.

Maria drew in a surprised breath. “You’re connected to them?”

“To Liz,” he confessed, not sure how Maria would take it.

“Oh,” she breathed softly. Wasn’t it bad enough that he had to suffer all of these terrible protective and health-affecting symptoms without adding the cruelty of making him feel the resolution without giving him his own? Maria was indignant over the entire unfair mess. “Do you want me to…Do you need to…” Maria stuttered in her uncertainty over what she was offering. Should she offer to comfort Michael in a way that would satisfy his body after all he had done today?

No! God Maria no!” He couldn’t see the hurt expression in her eyes at the rejection, but he felt her whole body tense. He looked up. “Our first time will be just about us. I won’t have you offering yourself as some kind of pain reliever for my…my…I just don’t want it to be like that, okay?” Michael brought a shaky hand up and used his thumb to wipe away a track of tears that was trailing down Maria’s silky skin. She closed her eyes and nodded against his hand, immensely relieved that he wasn’t rejecting her, just the circumstances.

Michael body stiffened momentarily and the harsh sound of his inhalation filled the quiet room. They could hear Max and Liz moaning faintly for a moment, and then silence.

“Was that…?” Maria started.

Michael nodded and got to his feet. “I’m just gonna use the bathroom and then we’ll go down and find out what happened out there today okay?” Without waiting for a response he moved stiffly to the bathroom. He closed the door and leaned on the sink, staring at his reflection in the mirror. Had he done the right thing today? Had Max been distracted by the fever and gotten hurt as a result? Was it fair to have let them all suffer for so long when they knew the solution was simple? He shook his head. Not simple at all.

He stood straight and unzipped his jeans. He waved a hand over the sticky mess to evaporate the evidence of his connection to Liz. When he had felt the incredible wave of her release, he just couldn’t stop it. Refastening the jeans he ran cold water over his hands and splashed it on his face to cool it down before rejoining Maria. The edge of the fever had eased considerably, but he knew that they needed to join again. Soon.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max’s back stiffened as he thrust the last few strokes into Liz. He could feel her pleasure cresting and he followed her immediately into bliss, the life-giving juices spurting out of him in long waves. He collapsed on top of her, vaguely aware that he should be more considerate of his weight against her small frame, but Liz’s arms were making sure he didn’t go anywhere, and he didn’t have the strength or will to resist.

His finally got his breathing under semi-control, and with a quick maneuver he rolled them so that Liz lay over his chest, their bodies still joined. Her eyes were closed and her hands couldn’t stop touching his body. She smoothed her fingers over his chest and down his side, changing the texture of her touch from feather-light strokes to deep massage.

“I’m so sorry,” Max’s voice was miserable.

Liz popped her head up and narrowed her eyes at him questioningly.

“For what?”

“For not being here. For not thinking that it might take longer. For not planning it right.” Max was overcome by the close call Liz and their son had suffered.

“Max! Please don’t say that! You did what we all agreed was right! We’re all here. Alive. And I don’t want anyone but you Max, you know that,” Liz finished softly.

“I wish I could have been here sooner. She had some kind of alien device…I don’t know what it was. It sent this shock out to me and Isabel and it felt like it was ripping us apart. The alien part I mean.”

Liz’s eyes widened. “Is Tess still…? Did you…?”

“I don’t know,” Max confessed. “I heard her screaming in pain. I saw her fall. We were so messed up when we left the cave, I didn’t look for her body. Maybe Isabel knows. I’m sorry,” he said again.

“Are you okay Max?? How did you survive it?” Liz’s hands on his body now were frantic, searching for injury. Max placed his hands over hers and stilled their nervous journey.

“We were connected to the Granolith. I think it absorbed a lot of the shock, but I also felt like it weakened the Granolith’s strike against Tess. I don’t know if it was enough. What she did…it knocked us out. I could feel it ripping through me, not my skin, but inside…it’s hard to explain. We were out for a long time I guess. When I came to I realized right away that you needed me. We got here as fast as we could. I’m sorry.” He couldn’t stop apologizing.

“Please Max, please don’t feel bad. You guys did everything you could. I know that. Maybe your Dad saw something,” she mused.

“Maybe,” Max answered, his hips squirming unconsciously against hers as the need between them grew. “My fever’s not gone yet,” he voiced huskily.

“Mine either,” she whispered against his lips, licking her tongue out to taste him. They began to move together again, slowly this time. Murmured words of love and devotion passed between them as their bodies rocked together. Max licked the sensitive area behind her ear and was rewarded with a low moan. His hands traveled up her back and he realized that she still wore her bra. He undid the clasp and tossed it on the floor. Funny, he couldn’t remember them undressing earlier. He shrugged it off. He wouldn’t have remembered getting hit by a car, the way he’d been feeling earlier. He could feel Liz’s racing pulse under his lips on her neck and he nipped and sucked gently down the column of her throat. Liz’s head arched back to increase his access and he obliged her unspoken request to pick up the pace.

Liz moved her hips over him frantically, milking each stroke to the end and plunging down on him again. Harder. Faster. More, more, more…

Max made that visceral growling noise that he always made just before he came and Liz moaned his name as she felt her body stiffen in exquisite pleasure. She continued her movements until Max stilled her body with his hands on her hips. He was going into sensory overload. She settled on his chest again. Soothed with his hands over her back and her ear to his heart she whispered, “Don’t ever leave me Max.”

Never,” he promised from the depths of his being. He turned his head to the side and let his tears soak the pillow.


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Note: A huge WELCOME to new readers! Thank you for letting me know you are enjoying this story! I started writing because these ideas won’t leave me alone, and I’ve been trying to improve my writing style (this is the first thing I’ve written for my own pleasure, thus my first fanfic ever) so I REALLY appreciate you taking a second to pop in and say what you think!

Part 42

Tuesday 8:47 p.m.

Max and Liz fell into a much-needed slumber after the fever finally released them from its sweaty grip. Even in sleep they could not let go. Their arms wrapped securely around each other and Liz’s head rested over his heart.

A gentle knocking at the door finally woke them. Max blinked his eyes opened first, looking for his bedside clock, and frowned in confusion before he realized he was in his new bed in their new apartment. He sat up, laying Liz gently on the pillow beside them. He pulled the sheet up and called softly, “Come in.”

Michael opened the door a crack and, not meeting Max’s eyes, said, “Isabel and your parents are awake now and they wanted to know if you two are well enough to come down and go over what happened.” Michael was feeling awkward over what had taken place earlier. He wasn’t even sure they would remember judging from the disoriented state they had been in. He fervently hoped that they wouldn’t.

“Can you wait outside for a minute?” Max asked, gesturing to his bare chest. Michael flushed and nodded as he closed the door and went to wait on the couch.

“Liz? Liz? Wake up baby,” Max gently coaxed. He rubbed her shoulder and behind her neck gently to ease her into wakefulness. She sighed and leaned into his touch before waking fully and blinking her eyes to clear them of sleep. She gasped softly at the sight of Max and flung herself into his arms.

“You’re here!” she cried out emotionally. “Don’t leave me again Max!”

Max smoothed her soft hair down her back and rocked her gently. She had been through so much because of him. He could feel her fear for him and for their child and was deeply sorry that his life was so complicated and dangerous that they couldn’t have a normal relationship. “Sshhh…it’s alright. I’m here baby. I won’t leave again. We’re safe, okay?” Liz nodded against his shoulder and took a deep breath. She was already sorry that she had reacted so emotionally. She could feel Max trying to struggle through all the guilt of not being there when he was desperately needed. She sat back and smiled through her sadness.

“I’m okay now. Sorry about that,” she added in embarrassment. “I know you will always come for me. Be there for me, for us. Don’t think that I doubt you,” she reassured him.

“I know that you don’t blame me, but maybe you should. We didn’t plan it all out before we just took off and…” Liz stopped him with a hand over his lips.

“How could you know that she would have an alien device to protect herself with? You couldn’t know, so stop beating yourself up over it. Now we need to plan what to do about all this.”

“Michael’s waiting in the living room for us. I guess Iz and my parents fell asleep downstairs, but now they’re awake and want to go over what we all know. Are you up for that?” His eyes searched hers for fatigue even as his mind reached out to assess her true emotional and physical status.

“Yeah, I’m still a little weak from everything, and so tired, but yeah, I really want to know what happened out there today, er…yesterday I guess. Oh my God! Max! My parents! I never went home last night!” Liz scrambled from the bed and started yanking on the clothes she found scattered about the room.

Max also got dressed and he hugged her close and kneeled down for a moment lifting her shirt to kiss the spot over their son. Standing again, they opened the door and exited the room arm-in-arm.

Michael looked up nervously from the couch, rubbing his suddenly sweaty palms together as he looked for any sign of embarrassment or condemnation from his friends. He was shocked when Liz crossed the space between them and hugged him close to her. Max stood back for a moment, feeling the incredible wave of gratefulness that Liz felt for Michael. Michael had been her support for the entire time Max wasn’t there, and she didn’t know how she would have gotten through it without him.

Michael hugged her back awkwardly looking over her head at Max who stood back and watched them with a faint smile on his lips. Max moved forward and put his arms around both of them and they stood that way for several moments, sharing the joy of being together, of having survived something so horrific and coming out healthy and well.

“Michael what’s the pr…” Maria’s voice trailed off as she watched the three sharing an intense moment of togetherness. She averted her eyes, feeling like she was intruding on something private.

Michael reached out an arm and called her name. She touched his hand with hers and he pulled her in. Max and Michael both put an arm around Maria, including her in the circle of gratitude.

“Thank you,” Liz’s voice trembled with emotion as she looked at her friends, “Thank you so much. I don’t know what would have even happened to me if you guys hadn’t been here to hold me together. I can’t say it enough. You two are the best friends we could ever have and I am so grateful you were there for me!”

“Liz! I’ve always got your back, you know that, right?” Maria reached across the circle and hugged her friend. Liz nodded with a trembling smile.

“I think you guys saved my life. I don’t know…” Liz leaned sideways into Max and drew comfort from his strong presence. Michael took Maria in his arms and hugged her, knowing that she was feeling left out a lot lately.

Maria pulled back after a moment. “We should get downstairs, the natives are getting restless and they sent me up to find out what was taking so long,” she reluctantly said. She wanted to bask in her feeling of inclusion for awhile longer, but she really needed to know what had happened in the desert and if they could stop worrying.

They trooped out the door and down the stairs.

They all shared hugs and looks of concern over the exhausted expressions on the teen’s faces. No one had slept well the night before and it had definitely taken a toll on everyone. Max gave Isabel a huge hug and a heartfelt thank you for all she had done to get him out of the cave and for backing him up when Tess had tried to kill him. If she hadn’t added her strength to his…

“You okay?” she asked with concern. The image of how she had last seen him haunted her still.

Max nodded, “You?” Isabel reassured him she had rested and was going to be fine.

Diane had a hard time letting Max go after Phillip had told her the state he was in when he found him. She touched his face and told him she loved him and was so proud of him for what he had done. Max’s face was filled with emotion at the realization that his parents would always love and support him.

“Liz is worried about her parents. Did they call last night?” Max voiced his top concern.

Diane nodded and touched Liz’s arm. “I called and told them that you stayed for dinner after you got done with work and that you fell asleep watching a movie with Isabel. They said that was okay. They don’t expect you back until about 9:30 tonight, because they think you get off work right after nine. You’ve only got about twenty minutes.” Diane’s eyes filled with sympathy when Max and Liz both whimpered and held each other tighter.

“We’ll think of something,” Max whispered for Liz’s ears alone. She took a deep breath and nodded against his chest.

“We better talk about what happened yesterday,” she said, pulling Max to sit on the lounge chair and making herself comfortable on his lap. Everyone else found seats on the couch and the floor.

Max filled them in on the events that occurred in the cave. They all gasped and asked questions he had no answer for when he told them of the alien device.

“I don’t know where she got it. It sent out this shock wave that I think would have killed us, except we were connected with the Granolith and it absorbed a lot of the blast. It attacked us inside, our alien side. Not like a bomb or anything I would have expected,” Max watched Isabel nod her head in agreement. It had been the same for her. “I think that’s what took us so long to come out of it. It inhibited our ability to heal ourselves while we were unconscious.”

“Wait a minute,” Michael interrupted. “Are your powers still affected? Is that why you two had to…twice?” Michael hated to ask, but needed to know.

“How do you…?” Max shook his head, not really wanting the answer to that question. They would have to resign themselves to the fact that everyone already knew way too much about their sex lives. “No. I feel fine now. I think we just missed a feeding, so we had to make up for it.” Liz nodded her agreement, not meeting anyone’s eyes.

Max reached out to the arm of the chair and concentrated for a moment. The chair started to change to a pretty shade of blue. He changed it back before his Mom could freak out about his lack of decorating sense. Michael sat back, satisfied.

“I…I don’t remember seeing Tess’ body,” Max voiced his worst fear. He looked to Isabel.

Isabel shook her head. “I didn’t even look for her, I was too worried about you.” They turned to their father.

Phillip sighed and leaned forward to rest his arms on his knees. “I passed your Jeep on the road when I was heading out to the cave. I could see it wasn’t either of you driving. It was a short blonde. I’m sure now that it was her. She was veering all over the road, and I was so worried that she had done something to you that I kept going. I was stuck outside that cave all night, but I knew you still had to be in there, because I hadn’t seen you in the Jeep. I’m sorry,” he finished.

Isabel let out a low moan. She hadn’t yet considered that Tess had not been destroyed. Diane put an arm around her to comfort her.

Max cradled Liz’s shuddering form into his arms. They were enveloped in the circle of each other’s emotions. Max shared that same fear and despair that it wasn’t just over, and that now it was a hundred times more dangerous for them because Tess was on to them. She was going to be looking for revenge. Max stiffened when he remembered Tess’ threat about never letting Liz see their son. That is never going to happen, he vowed silently to himself and Liz. Liz’s body shivered again as she shared the memory of Tess’ vow of revenge.

The phone rang shrilly in the hall and Diane rushed to answer it.

“Hello? Hi, Kyle. No she’s not here, we haven’t seen her…Her stuff is all gone?,” Diane flashed a desperate glance into the living room. What was she supposed to say about Tess? “His Jeep is parked at your house? I guess, maybe she borrowed it…No, Max and Isabel are both here. We’ll come pick up the Jeep in a little bit…Okay, yeah. Thanks for calling Kyle. We’ll let you know if we see her. Bye.” Diane cradled the receiver and turned back to face the anxious faces in the living room.

“What?” Isabel questioned nervously.

“Kyle said that he just woke up from a huge nap and that all of Tess’ things and her SUV are gone. He found Max’s Jeep parked outside their house and thought we might know what was going on.”

Michael and Max shared a stricken glance. She could be out their anywhere.

The phone rang again and Diane answered, somewhat out of breath from all the excitement.

“Hello?…Hi Nancy,” she glanced back to Liz and watched her face pale. “She’s heading home right now. Yeah, she’ll be there soon…She’s doing really well, I don’t know what we’d do without her. Thank you so much for letting us hire her. We’ve been so busy and she’s been a wonderful help…All right, well, good night. We should get together for dinner soon…Okay, bye.” Diane put the phone down again.

Max was standing, holding onto Liz’s hand, balancing her weight against his side as she sagged against him. He glanced at his mother and started making plans.

“I’ll take you home in Mom’s car, and wait for you on your balcony. Spend a little time with your parents and then tell them you’re tired and need to get some rest since you have to be up early to tutor in the morning. They don’t check on you at night, do they?”

Liz shook her head, hope filling her eyes. She didn’t want to be away from Max anymore. “They stopped doing that when I started asking for more privacy last year. They respect it. And plus, they don’t ever wake up before seven, and I told them my tutoring starts at six thirty, so…they won’t be looking for me in the morning!”

“Michael could you and Maria come with us? We can pick up the Jeep and then you can drop Maria off at home before bringing it back here. You’ve got your motorcycle here right?” Max was pretty sure he had seen it, almost tripped over it really, on his way to the house earlier.

“Yeah,” Michael answered.

“We’ll all go to school tomorrow and figure out what to do next, after we’ve rested. I think we need to bring in Kyle and Jim now that Tess isn’t living with them anymore, and Alex needs to know what happened too.” Everyone agreed.

Diane, Phillip, and Isabel watched from the doorway as the rest of the group pulled out of the driveway. It was strange to see them go, after all they had been through together, almost as if a part of them was going too. They closed the door and turned back into the living room, all wondering what was going to happen next.


Note: A couple of people have observed an increase in the activity between Max and Liz. They’re still on a twelve to fourteen hour cycle between necessary feedings, but hey, they’re newlywed teenagers, and sometimes they’re together just for themselves. This last time was because they had missed a regular feeding as you’ve just read above, so it really was necessary.

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Part 43

Max stopped the Jeep and Michael and Maria hopped out. Max walked around the back of the vehicle digging in his pocket for the keys. Tess must have used her powers to start it earlier. Handing the keys to Michael while Maria got in on the passenger side of the Jeep, he leaned closer to ask softly, “Can Liz and I stop by your place before we head back? It’ll be maybe an hour or so, so if that’s too late…” he stopped when he saw Michael agree right away.

“Naw, come on by. I’ll be awake anyway. There’s a lot to process.” Big understatement. Big.

“Good. Okay then, we’ll see you later.” Max leaned into the driver’s side window and said goodnight and thank you to Maria.

Max and Liz continued on to her house, and they each continually watched the streets for any sign of Tess or her white SUV. Both were uncomfortable at the thought of Tess popping up just anywhere. Max couldn’t stand the thought of spending time away from Liz now that the danger was so ominous.

“I’ll meet you on your balcony whenever you’re ready,” Max gave her a quick kiss and watched her get safely in the front door before heading around back. They maintained a conscious connection so that he would know if she were in danger or afraid.

Climbing over the rail of her balcony, he circled the small area and prepared for a long wait. His eyes constantly scanned the street below and he listened for any strange noises. His paranoia caused him to go in at one point and walk through Liz’s room, checking under the bed, in the closet and bathroom. Satisfied, he went back out to the balcony. A few minutes later he heard Liz call out a good night to her parents and saw the light flick on in her bedroom.

She quickly opened the window and waved him in. They briefly touched hands in silence before she turned to stuff some clothes and overnight accessories into a bag to keep at the apartment. It looked like she would be spending a lot more time there from now on.

They quietly slipped down into the alley and climbed in the Jeep for the ride to Michael’s.

Knocking on Michael’s door softly, they were surprised when it opened almost immediately.

Michael waved them in. “Have a seat. I guess you want to talk about Tess, huh?” Michael sat on the chair and let them have the sofa.

“Well, actually we just wanted to say thanks…” Max looked at Liz. They had been having memories from the night’s events returning to them and had realized together exactly what they had put Michael through.

“You already said that. Nothing that a friend wouldn’t do for another…” Michael was interrupted by Liz.

“Michael! No friend should be expected to strip down another friend so they could…you know…Especially after feeling so…hot and bothered yourself!” Liz exclaimed.

Michael flushed a dull red. So they remembered that, huh? Damn! “I…you needed to…Damnit! Your Dad was too uncomfortable seeing you two that way, so he thought it’d be better if I…helped you out! No big deal,” he stuttered out. Except it was.

It was Liz’s turn to flush red. “Your Dad was in there?” This night keeps getting better and better, she thought sarcastically.

Max caught the thought and hugged her close. “He helped me into the room. I don’t think he stayed long.” Max turned questioning eyes to Michael, who immediately backed him up.

“Um, no. He just helped Max over to the bed and then asked if I could help you guys out. Which I did,” Michael added before he thought how that wasn’t going to help Liz’s embarrassment issues. Michael shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“We aren’t trying to embarrass you or anything,” Max inserted, seeing how uncomfortable Michael was. Not only with the embarrassing subject matter, but with their gratitude. “We just want to make sure you know how grateful we are that we have a friend like you. And I want you to know that I felt better knowing you were there for Liz. I know how hard it is to resist the pull to be with her. I’m just really glad that you waited. I know you would have taken care of her if it had gone on any longer.”

“It was a really good thing you came when you did. Maria had some bizarre idea involving a turkey baster…” Michael cut off his speech wishing he hadn’t shared that particular tidbit.

“A what?” Max asked in confusion and then smiled at Liz when she grabbed her stomach and burst out laughing at the image Michael had created. She laughed so hard she finally started snorting and Michael couldn’t help but chuckle a bit now that it was all over.

Liz gasped and tried to catch her breath. “A…a….,” laughter stopped her speech, “A turkey baster??? I swear! Only Maria would come up with something so…so…uniquely inspired!” Liz laughed again and fell to her side on the sofa.

Max and Michael exchanged amused looks and watched Liz until she calmed down somewhat.

“What’s a turkey baster?” Max asked innocently. Liz almost rolled off the couch in a new fit of giggles and Michael rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair to wait it out.

“I’m sure Liz will explain it to you later Max,” Michael told him dryly. Probably in excruciating detail, he added in his thoughts, No way they’d let him hear the end of this one. He could see it all now when Thanksgiving rolled around…he shuddered. Never look at turkey the same way again!

Liz finally ceased her fit of laughter. It felt so good to be able to release her emotions in a good way for once! She looked over at Michael’s pensive face and felt a little sorry for the way he must feel right now.

“Michael, I’m…I didn’t mean to just go off like that,” she apologized. “I know what we’ve been through. I felt a connection with you when I didn’t feel like I could go on.”

Michael nodded, meeting her eyes, “I felt it too. What you were going through, you know…”

“Were you…did you feel it when…?” Liz hoped Michael knew what she was trying to say because she was having a hard time getting the words out. She had a feeling she already knew the answer, because she had felt him in their connection at the moment of completion. Had felt his swirling emotions and frustration loud and clear.

“Yeah, I did,” Michael answered her unspoken question.

“What?” Max asked in confusion. Liz stared at Max for a second, communicating silently, and his eyes widened briefly. “Ohhh!” He looked back at Michael. “I’m really sorry man! I didn’t know that you would be connected to Liz like I am if we waited too long to consummate!” Max winced at the thought of how that must have felt for his friend to feel the outcome of the lovemaking without any relief for himself.

Michael shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Don’t worry about it man. I think that was a one time deal, because we were affected for so long, you know?”

Max nodded. “I hope so. I’m really sorry we’re putting you through all this.”

“Nothing we can do about it Maxwell. Let’s drop it okay?” Michael asked in desperation. “Now what are we gonna do about the demon-bitch from hell?”

Liz’s eyes widened at the venom in Michael’s tone.

“We have to find her. I don’t know where she’d go. We’ll have to get together tomorrow and see what the gang thinks,” Max mused aloud.

“The problem is that she can make everyone see things that aren’t there. Well, everyone but me,” Liz thought about that for a second. “I could try to get a vibe off the Jeep. I think her emotions were probably running pretty strong, maybe she made plans while she drove away. I could maybe see where she was gonna go!” Liz was getting excited by the idea.

“That’s a great idea!” Michael exclaimed. “That power of yours is going to come in very handy.” He turned to Max. “You never said if you got anything useful off of her when you had your ‘session’ in your room yesterday.”

“I did learn some good stuff. A few ways to refine our powers, how to scan information instantly,” Max looked at Liz. It would be a good way to graduate early if they could memorize school texts in one sitting. “Also, she was planning to warp me yesterday to make me sleep with her. Her body was ready to conceive, and she wanted to use the Granolith to get back to Khivar. She was going to marry him and rule at his side. With my son to raise they would have been invincible. The seers foretold that he would have ‘the power of all’, that means that he will be strong in all of our gifts. He’ll be a formidable opponent. No one should be able to beat him.” Max smiled proudly at Liz.

Liz shivered, wishing their son didn’t have to have such a strife-filled existence.

Max noticed how tense she was and got up to leave. “We should go. Liz is still tired from everything, and we all need our rest.” Max moved over and surprised Michael with a strong hug. “Thanks again, man. You’re the best friend a guy could have.”

Michael shrugged self-consciously and stepped back only to be hugged again by Liz. “Thank you Michael. For everything,” she whispered quietly. Her eyes reminding him that she knew all he had done and had been willing to do for her.

Michael closed the door behind them and sighed. He was mortified that they knew what had happened, but at the same time he was gratified that they appreciated his efforts. He raked his hands through his shaggy hair and decided to hit the shower.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz hopped out of Diane’s car as soon as it parked in the driveway and rushed over to where Michael had parked the Jeep. She hovered close to it, but hesitated to touch it until Max joined her.

“Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” Max questioned her. “We could wait for the morning if you’re too tired right now,” he added.

Liz shook her head and reached for the door handle resolutely. “No. I need to know if she’s planning something. We can’t be looking over our shoulders all the time. What if she’s coming for you or Isabel tonight? We have to find out what we can.” Liz opened the door and quickly slid into the seat that Tess had occupied in her wild ride back to the Valenti’s.

She was having a hard time breathing. Damn that Max Evans for trying to get the best of her! She started the car after an interminably long time trying to muster her strength to use a faint spark of the power she was capable of. Her breathing was erratic and she was covered in burns. The pain was excruciating, it had felt like her skin was melting off of her. Damn! He wouldn’t get away with this! It was going to take her months to use her limited healing skills to fix this!

The car jerked to a start and she drove erratically toward the road. Plan! Plan! She tried to think what to do. No way she could do anything right now. Not for months. She needed to find someplace far away and get strong again before she could even think about coming back. That bitch Liz Parker was going to pay with her son for what Max and Isabel had done to her. She smirked. What would little Liz Parker do when she found out her boyfriend was dead? Tess laughed out loud, sorry she would miss the show. She immediately winced in pain as the laugh pulled the burned skin on her face and caused excruciating bolts of pain to sear her flesh. The wince caused more pain and she tried to control her urge to howl and scream out loud.

Where would she go? She thought of several places that she and Nacedo had lived in the past and rejected each one. She braked to an abrupt stop in front of the Valenti home and took a deep breath. She needed enough power to warp Kyle and Jim into a deep sleep long enough to get her stuff and get out. She slammed the door of the Jeep closed, still thinking where she could go.

Liz gasped and refocused her eyes. Max clenched his fingers over the shoulder he had been holding to support her and they just stared at each other. Tess was crazy with lust for revenge. The only good thing was that she was weak right now and wouldn’t come back for several weeks at least, but when she did come back she’d be strong and pissed.

“She thinks you’re dead,” Liz’s voice was husky with emotion. “She thinks she killed you and Isabel.”

“The less she knows the better. She won’t be prepared for us. That gives us an advantage, and we have months to plan a new attack.” Max helped Liz out of the car and led her around back to their apartment.


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Part 44

Liz woke in Max’s arms on Wednesday morning and stretched luxuriously, being careful not to disturb him. She leaned up on her elbow and watched him breathe for a while, loving the calm, innocent expression that only sleep could inspire. She knew that sleeping in her arms was the only way that Max could remain undisturbed by nightmares throughout the night, and while she prayed that one day he would be healed enough from his emotional scars to sleep peacefully without her, she was more than willing to volunteer her services until that time. She sighed softly. Nothing would ever be easy for them, not even sleep. It was the story of their young lives so far; when they were together they were stronger. Whole.

The realization washed over her again that they would have to tell her parents what was going on with them. Soon. She could no longer bear the thought of sleeping without Max’s comforting arms around her every night. Just a taste of what life without Max would be like had almost killed her the day before. The thought of her parent’s undoubtedly negative reaction to her news forced her to close her eyes to hold back the tears. She barely had her mother back as it was and this bombshell was going to tear a gigantic hole in their relationship.

Liz jumped in surprise when she felt Max’s warm fingers caress her smooth skin.

“Hey,” he whispered huskily, blinking to focus his warm amber eyes on her.

“Hey,” she answered back with a special smile just for him. Yep. It was heaven to wake up to those eyes.

“I agree,” he answered her thought. He used his hand to lower her face to his for a brief good-morning kiss. Liz sighed and deepened the connection, noticing how Max always got rid of morning breath for both of them without even mentioning it. Very handy.

I try, he answered again.

Liz smiled through the kiss and allowed her body to flow against his. Time to feed the baby.

Oh yeah!

One hour later

“What else did you get off the Jeep?” Isabel questioned as they all sat around the breakfast table.

“That was about everything,” Liz answered, looking to Max for confirmation. Max nodded.

“We need to talk to the Valenti’s today and see if they’ll let Liz into the house to see if we can find out anything else,” Max stated, watching Liz for a reaction.

She nodded thoughtfully. “I want to try the Jeep again too,” she added, “I don’t know why I only got visions of what she was doing while she was in the Jeep. When I touched her scarf before I got future visions, but that didn’t happen last night.”

“Psychometry,” Isabel nodded knowingly. She caught the blank looks around the table and decided to elaborate. “Psychometry is the ability to get impressions that are stored in objects. It’s just another facet of ‘the sight’. Make sense?”

Liz nodded thoughtfully again. “I wonder if I can control whether a vision just stops in the present, or if I can make it continue into the future.”

“We’ll play with that after school today,” Max said. It felt so strange to be in the middle of all this drama and still have to sit through interminable high school classes. Very strange.

Liz’s eyes sparkled and she nodded at him. “I know!” she agreed out loud.

“Know what?” Diane questioned curiously, watching the silent interaction between her son and his wife.

“Oh! Sorry about that! Max was just thinking how strange it is that we’re sitting here plotting an alien search and destroy mission and we still have to wait till we get out of classes to get started,” Liz enlightened them.

Phillip’s eyebrows rose almost to his hairline. “You kids read minds?” he asked in astonishment.

Max quickly reassured them, “Only each other.”

“Only…Have you always?” He thought how long the kids had known each other and how quickly they’d seemed to bond.

“Um…No, not really. Only since we…” Max turned pleading eyes to Liz.

“Bonded,” she finished for him quickly. Whoa! Time to change the subject!

Diane sensed a rescue was in order and stepped in. “I’ve been looking up New Mexico’s statutes on underage marriage. It took a little digging, but I found that statute 40-1-6 states,” she pulled out a little notebook to read, “ ‘Section B; The children’s or family court division of the district court may authorize the marriage of persons under the ages stated in subsection A of this section in settlement proceedings to compel support and establish parentage, or where the female is under the age of consent and is pregnant, if the marriage would not be incestuous.’” Diane looked up triumphantly. She was met with blank stares. “It means that Liz’s parents can’t stop the marriage. If they don’t agree to give notarized, written consent then you two can appeal to family court and they will grant you leave to marry in New Mexico because Liz is pregnant.”

“Oh my…,” Liz leaned out of her chair to give Diane a huge hug. “Thank you so much! I’ve been so worried about my parent’s reaction. What if they don’t give their consent, you know? Now they can’t stop us anyway!”

“That is so great Mom,” Max chimed in, so obviously happy that that was one less thing to worry about. There was no way he’d be parted from Liz!

“Yeah, well when you told us that Liz was pregnant that sort of changed the picture. I had visions of statutory rape charges coming up after Max turns eighteen tomorrow. Liz, your birthday isn’t till October is it?” Diane questioned.

Liz’s face had gone pale. Statutory rape? The thought had never even occurred to her. Max would never force himself on her! Max squeezed her thigh under the table, acknowledging her fear.

“Um, yeah. October,” she finally remembered to answer the question. She turned to Max. “When are we going to tell them? I don’t think they’re ready for the whole truth yet, and if we tell them now they might wonder why I don’t start showing till I’m eight months pregnant and why the baby took ten months to get here.” This concern had been eating her all night since she realized that she needed to tell her parents.

Max thought for a moment before Isabel interjected, “Would a pregnancy test come out positive?”

Liz and Max exchanged blank looks. “I don’t know,” Liz answered. “Maybe we can pick one up after school and find out. I think it would though, our bodies are human and I can’t imagine there’d be anything different about my hcg levels.”

“Good. All you’d have to do was show them a test. Once you move over here for good they won’t see you every day to notice much. You won’t be expected to really show much until your fifth or sixth month, and by then you may want to tell them everything anyway,” Isabel finished.

“Thanks Isabel,” Max answered for both of them. This might actually work!

“I’ll pick up the test,” Diane added, looking at the kids. She saw the relief in their expressions. Roswell was a small town, and news of Max Evans and Liz Parker strolling in to purchase a pregnancy test would be a hot topic all over town before the dinner hour. “When do you want to talk with your parents Liz?”

Liz looked at Max and he enfolded her small hand in his large one. Diane could see the silent communication flowing between them. Finally they both nodded and turned to answer Diane.

“Tonight. We’ll go to school, I’ll come back and take the test, we’ll head over to the Valenti’s and find out what we can about Tess, and then we’ll go over to my parent’s place,” Liz finished. Wow! It was ‘her parent’s place’ now. It didn’t really feel like her home was anywhere but with Max anymore.

Diane nodded. A very full day. Not the life of a typical teen! She stood and began clearing the table and Liz jumped up to help her.

“Thanks Liz,” Diane watched the girl industriously move through the kitchen, obviously used to household chores. “I thought we’d postpone your starting date till sometime next week if things calm down by then. What do you think?”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been any help to you yet!” Liz apologized, “I really am excited to start my new job.”

“I know you are honey. We’ve got lots of time to get you trained, and you’ve had a lot of things happen in a short period of time.” They finished the dishes in companionable silence and the kids piled in the Jeep to head for school.

West Roswell High

Max took Liz’s hand in his and walked boldly through the halls of the school. Man it feels good to make our love known!, he thought with a bubble of happiness at the stares and whispers that floated around them.

I know what you mean! Liz’s happy thought joined his. The kids from school were already wildly speculating about their renewed status. Liz had gained quite a reputation after the ‘Kyle incident’ a while back and they were amazed that Max would be seen with her again.

“Hey,” Michael greeted from where he was leaning against Liz’s locker. He raised his eyebrows at Max’s possessive hold on Liz. “You can probably let her go now. She might need that hand later.” Max reluctantly released Liz’s hand so she could open her locker.

“Did you find anything out last night from the Jeep?” Michael got right to the point. Maria walked up just in time to hear his question and he tucked her under his arm and waited for their answer.

“Yeah, we did. We’re going to try a few things later and also check out the Valenti house if they let us,” Max answered.

“What are we letting you do?” Kyle interrupted unexpectedly. “Are you guys trying to find Tess? My Dad and I were looking all night, but he doesn’t want an official search yet just in case she’s on some kind of ‘alien’ mission.”

“Kyle!” Liz greeted in surprise. “Yeah, we do need to find Tess. We have a lot to tell you. Do you think we could all come over after school and tell you and your Dad about what’s been going on for the last week?”

“Um, sure I guess. I’ll find out when Dad’ll be home and let you know,” Kyle responded. “Do you know why she’s gone? Is she okay?” His concern was reflected in the tone of his voice and his anxious posture.

“She left on her own Kyle, and we’ll tell you why at your house later,” Max tried to avert any further questions. “Call over to my house and let us know what time okay?”

Kyle nodded. Isabel took pity on him and linked her arm with his and led him away, trying to ease his mind with lighter subjects.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Alex joined the group, watching Isabel walk down the hall arm-in-arm with Kyle.

Maria grabbed his arm and steered him down the hall. “You’re not going to believe what happened last night!” she exclaimed and proceeded to fill him in with quiet tones as she led him down the hall.

“Later guys!” Michael took off for his first class.

Max turned to Liz and they linked hands again. He walked her to her first period class and cat-calls and whistles rang out as he bestowed a passionate kiss, just in case there was still any question from the student body that they didn’t belong to each other.

“She must be putting out,” Pam Troy said cattily, just loud enough for them to hear as she swept past with a group of her friends.

Max’s body stiffened and he pulled away from Liz as he automatically turned to deal with the slandering bitch.

“Max! She’s not worth it!” She turned him around to face her again, showing him that she wasn’t concerned about Pam’s snide comments. “She’s always ragging on me! It’s no big deal.”

“She doesn’t have the right to say things about you…about us!” he ground out anger.

“Please, Max. Just let it go. She doesn’t know anything about us. Let it go for me, okay?” Liz’s fingers felt the tenseness drain out of Max’s forearm as he took deep breaths and looked into her eyes.

“Okay, but if she says anything again…” Max let the threat trail off at the look in Liz’s eyes. “Fine! I’ll drop it.” Liz smiled her approval and pulled him down for one final kiss before turning to her class.

They had bigger fish to fry today.


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Part 45

Liz replaced the plastic cap back over the end of the white stick she had just peed on and walked out of the bathroom with it. Max scooted over on the couch and Liz carefully set down the pregnancy test on the coffee table and sat beside him. They both leaned over it to watch for the results.

“The test said five minutes,” Liz said, not taking her eyes off the small plastic wand.

“Uh huh,” Max responded, equally as mesmerized by the little stick.

Isabel walked over and leaned over the back of the couch to watch as well. Slowly the first line appeared, turning pink. Max’s eyes bounced up to meet Liz’s curiously.

“Is that it?”

“No, that one means the test is working. We have to wait for this one,” Liz pointed to the second window. Max nodded and resumed his watch. They each held their breath and slowly a faint line began to appear in the second test window. It got darker and darker until there was no question about the test result. Max whooped out loud and hugged Liz.

“Max! It’s not like you didn’t already know we were pregnant!” Liz exclaimed. Max smiled down into her upturned face and gave her a quick kiss.

“Like the entire house doesn’t know that you’re pregnant!” Isabel snorted, thinking of the noise levels in the house over the past week until they got their own place.

“I know, I know! I just like seeing the proof, you know? Plus this will make it easier to explain to your parents. We can show them the test in case they think we’re making it up or something.” Max was absurdly proud that the stick had turned pink.

“You are too cute,” Liz kissed him again.

“Uhgg! You guys! I’m right here you know!” Isabel stood back up from her leaning position against the couch and walked to the kitchen area to get juice.

A tentative knock sounded on the door and Isabel went to answer it.

“Kyle! What are you doing here?” Isabel questioned in surprise.

“Way to make me feel welcome Isabel!” Kyle answered as he scooted past her into the apartment.

“Your Mom said you’ve got your own place Max,” Kyle looked around the room appreciatively, thinking how great it would be to have privacy like that.

“Um, yeah. We moved in yesterday,” Max answered slowly, putting his arm around Liz.

“We?” Kyle stopped his tour of the place and turned questioning eyes to Max.

“Yeah. Me and Liz,” Max knew that would shock Kyle.

What? How did you two work that one with your parents? I can’t believe they’d just sit back and let you two move in together,” Kyle moved to sit in the chair across the coffee table from them and leaned forward earnestly. “Wait a minute! I didn’t even know you two were back together!” The wheels were turning in Kyle’s head and something clicked, “This is why Tess ran away isn’t it?” He leaned forward even more until he was barely perched on the chair.

Max locked eyes with Liz.

“Partially,” Liz answered honestly. “We’d really like to tell you and your Dad the whole story at the same time, if that’s okay? Is that why you came over? To tell us what time to meet you two?”

“Yeah, he’ll be there at five if you want to come over,” Kyle needed something to do with his hands and he picked up the strange object on the coffee table, turning it slowly to figure out what it was. Max and Liz’s eyes widened when they realized what he was touching. Isabel walked behind his chair and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Liz just peed on that,” she murmured with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Kyle’s eyes widened like saucers and he jumped as he flung the offending plastic back onto the coffee table where it skidded to a halt just short of falling off the edge. Kyle wasn’t so lucky, and his start of surprise made him fall solidly on his butt to the floor. His look of surprise was so comical that everyone in the room burst out laughing. Kyle scrambled on the floor for a minute trying to get up just as Michael and Maria stepped in through the open door to the apartment.

“What’s going on?” Michael questioned dryly. “Getting a performance from the court jester?” he added snidely, watching Kyle struggle to get up from the tight space between the chair and coffee table.

Kyle’s hand fell on a strange object obscured just under the chair and he picked it up as he moved to sit back down.

“What is this? Is this a…turkey baster?” he questioned in confusion.

Michael groaned and shot Maria a pained glare for her brilliant idea that wouldn’t stop embarrassing him. Maria burst out laughing and Liz, Max, and Isabel joined in at the look on Michael’s face.

“So…so…” Max was gasping for air and tears of mirth were already escaping as he held his side and pointed at the upraised baster, “so that’s a turkey baster!” He finally gasped out.

Liz nodded, unable to speak through her laughter.

Kyle looked puzzled and vaguely frightened by the lunatics surrounding him. He laid the offending baster carefully on the table beside the pregnancy test and snorted, “You guys are into some weird crap! Or crack,” he added consideringly, “I’m not sure I want to know what’s been going on this last week!”

“Oh…Oh Kyle! I’m sorry!” Liz tried to pull herself together. “You’d laugh too if you knew…” she shot a glance at Michael’s stoic face and choked back another giggle as she decided to whisper, “I’ll tell you later!” to Kyle across the table, just before she fell back against Max’s chest in another fit of laughter.

Phillip stood in the doorway and watched the teens laughing till their eyes watered. Even Michael had a small smile on his face that he tried to suppress if anyone looked at him. It felt good to see his kids carefree and happy for once. He could see what a strain that keeping secrets had put on them and now they just seemed…free. He cleared his throat after a moment and got everyone’s attention.

“Hi guys,” he waved a little at everyone, his eyes falling on Kyle. He was pretty sure that Kyle didn’t know everything yet so he decided to get Max and Liz alone.

“Max, Liz, can I see you two for a second?” Phillip stepped back onto the landing of the stairs, motioning them to join him. Max and Liz moved quickly out the door and closed it behind them, hearing the murmur of conversation in the apartment faintly.

“What is it Dad? It looks like something important,” Max asked with a worried expression.

“It is important,” Phillip answered, “but it’s good news. I’ve been checking the most recent statutes on statutory rape in our state and I found out that the legal age of consent between a male and a female is seventeen. They could only use the rape charge if Liz was under seventeen and you were at least four years older than her, so you’re safe even though you’re turning eighteen tomorrow,” Phillip was glad to see the relieved expressions on the kids faces.

“Oh thank you Mr. Evans!” Liz hugged him tightly. She hadn’t wanted to mention it earlier, but the possibility of her parents getting really angry and pressing charges had been a very real fear for her.

Phillip stepped back, slightly embarrassed, “I thought you’d want to know right away so…” he shrugged, “you can get back to your friends. And Liz?” Liz turned her huge, shining eyes up to him, “call me Phillip.” He turned and walked down the stairs leaving the kids to stare after him before hugging happily once again.

“You don’t know how that relieves me!” Liz exclaimed happily.

“I think I have an idea,” Max smiled into her eyes, “I was the evil man that took their daughter’s purity! I can’t imagine that that will go over very well you know?” Max was very conscious of what his reaction would be if some young guy ever messed with a daughter of his and he could only imagine the treatment he would get tonight.

Liz caressed the side of his face comfortingly. “My parents don’t own a gun, and I know you know how to run, so I think you’re covered!” she told him mischievously.

“Ha ha! Very funny,” he took her hand and led her back into the apartment.

“So Max got you pregnant, huh?” Kyle stated bluntly. “Is that why they let you move in together?”

Max stood behind Liz and clasped his hands in front of her, resting his chin lightly on her head. “Liz is pregnant, and that isn’t the only reason we moved in together. We’re married. We did it in Vegas last weekend,” Max watched in satisfaction as Kyle’s jaw hit the floor.

“You…You two weren’t even together in Vegas! You were barely speaking half the time! How could you…”

Max checked the clock on the kitchen wall and interrupted, “Let’s head over to your Dad’s now and we’ll tell you both together Kyle.”

Everyone moved to gather their things and filed out of the apartment.

Valenti Residence

“What’s going on kids?” the ex-sheriff questioned wearily. He was exhausted from searching for Tess the previous night. “Do you know what happened to Tess? Is she all right? I spent half the night looking for her and…no trace.”

Max and Liz looked at Michael, Maria and Isabel for support before speaking. They stood together in a tight group and faced Kyle and his father who sat on the worn couch in the Valenti living room.

Max spoke first with firm confidence. “A lot has happened since our trip to Vegas.” Max ignored Kyle’s snort of agreement and kept talking. “Liz and I got back together before we came back. We got married there,” Max raised a hand to forestall the ex-sheriff’s inevitable questions, “Please just let me keep going until I’ve finished,” he waited until Jim reluctantly nodded his agreement.

“Liz and I got married. We felt compelled to be together. We know how strange it sounds, we’re very young, but we’ve since found out why it had to happen like it did.”

“Care to share?” Kyle couldn’t help interjecting.

“He’s trying, if you can keep your mouth shut,” Michael glared at Kyle and stood with his arms crossed over his chest, not quite ready to forgive him for finding the turkey baster and displaying it openly in front of everyone. Yeah, sure he hadn’t known the significance of it, but…no, not ready to forgive him yet.

“Liz had a vision of the future when she touched Tess’ scarf in the Jeep on the way over here after we got back. She saw Tess lazing around on the couch while making you all think she was helping with the construction project,” Max kept going even as Kyle and Jim exchanged horrified glances between them. “We didn’t know what to think of it until we walked in the door ourselves and Liz’s vision was coming true. Liz also saw Tess flipping out when we announced that Liz and I were married. She mind warped everyone in the room to forget what we had said, including Liz and myself. In the vision Alex collapsed and I couldn’t help him. We couldn’t let that happen, so we kept the news from you two so she wouldn’t find out. Later I went over to Alex’s and did a scan to find out why he collapsed and we found out that Tess had been mind warping him for months. All that time we thought he was in Sweden he was really at the college in Las Cruces deciphering that alien book we have. She wanted to find out about the powers contained in the Granolith. Alex managed to give her only part of the story on that and backed up his research on a disk that he gave to me later after we found out what had been done to him. He was so weak by then that one more mind warp would have killed him,” he paused as he saw the grief filled expressions on the two men’s faces.

Max hated to bring them this kind of news about a person they had come to think of as family, but they had to know the truth so they could protect themselves from her if she showed up in the future. Max unconsciously moved his hand up to finger the stone hanging from the black cord over the hollow of his throat. “Liz and I had visions together and they led us to a cave where we found this,” he held up the stone to their curious gazes, “It’s a communication stone. It had a message from Isabel’s and my mother. She told us the story of our lives back on Antar. Tess betrayed us there and she was going to do it again here. She was plotting to fulfill a prophecy of my people. It says that my son will be the one to go back to Antar and free my people. She was going to mind warp me into being with her and then, once she was pregnant she was going to use the Granolith to go back to Antar after she killed Isabel, Michael, and me.” Max paused again and Isabel and Liz moved around to the couch to comfort Kyle and Jim.

Tears were openly streaming down Jim’s face as he stared at Liz in numb shock. “How is this possible? I thought she loved us. I thought that she needed us to be her family. I wanted to be her father. She was so good and…she needed us,” he said plaintively.

“I know, I know,” Liz soothed, reaching out to hug him. “I’m so sorry! She fooled all of us. And I really do think that she loved you as much as she could love anyone. I don’t think she ever wanted to hurt you. She just had her own agenda, and it was more important than anything else to her.”

Kyle turned from the sight of his father in Liz’s arms and leaned his forehead against Isabel’s shoulder as she now sat beside him. He took in air deeply and concentrated on not crying. Damn that Tess! How dare she use them like that! They’d trusted her! They’d let her in and shared jokes and dinners and their lives with her! Kyle had confided things to her that he’d never told another living soul. Kyle definitely felt betrayed and hurt beyond belief.

“How do you know the message was true?” Jim questioned abruptly. “Maybe it was sent by your enemies to break up the unit. Divide and conquer you know?” A small hope was blossoming in his heart.

Max shook his head sadly. “I made a connection with her on Monday and saw what’s really going on with her. I took her out to the Granolith chamber and she mind warped me into wanting her. She was going to go through with her plan until we stopped her.”

“Stopped her? How?” Jim hated the way his voice trembled at the thought of what they had done to Tess.

“Isabel and I used the power of the Granolith to try to kill her,” Max stated bluntly. Shocked gasps were ripped out of the Valenti’s throats. “She had some kind of alien device with her and she unleashed it on Iz and me. It almost killed us, and Tess was only injured by the Granolith and not killed. She made her way back here in my Jeep and grabbed her stuff and took off. Liz used her new gift of ‘sight’ and found out that she is badly burned and she thought it would take months to recuperate. When she does she plans on coming back here and getting revenge on Liz by taking our son away from her. The son she wanted for herself. She wants to take him back to Antar and raise him as her own so she can control his powers and rule by Khivar’s side. She was gloating about how she killed Isabel and me. She thinks we’re dead and she’s overjoyed about it.”

“Your son?” Jim’s mind caught on that one fact as he looked down at Liz who kneeled in front of him. “You’re pregnant?” He put his hand on her shoulder to keep her gaze steady on his.

“Yes,” she answered softly. “It’s part of the prophecy that the seers on Antar had. I was created to be with Max and our son is supposed to have these incredible powers. He’ll go back and free the people,” Liz paused, “I know it sounds incredible.”

“Yes, it does,” Jim pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers and leaned back on the couch. It was hard to bend his mind around these new revelations.

“What do we do now?” he asked at last, looking instinctively to Max for the answers.

“Now we want to know if it’s all right if Liz goes through Tess’ room and touches a few things to see if we can find out where Tess went. We have to find her before she’s strong enough to come back here full strength and finish the job. We can’t put our son in danger.”

Jim stared from Max to Liz. They wanted his permission to let them try to track Tess down so they could kill her. He thought over everything they had heard this night and finally sighed. He knew he had to trust them. “Okay, go ahead. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go lay down in my room for awhile.” He got up and walked away without a backward glance.

“Kyle?” Isabel asked gently. His tormented blue eyes met her concerned brown ones. “You going to be okay?”

“Yeah, sure why wouldn’t I be? I’ve been living with a sick, twisted alien killer who’s been using us for months while she plots to kill my friends. No big deal, right?” Kyle got up and stalked off to his room.

The five remaining friends stared at each other for a moment.

“Maybe they just need some time,” Maria offered into the silence hopefully.

“Yeah, or a case of Jack Daniels,” Michael added, thinking they could drown their sorrows.

Maria frowned at him. “This isn’t funny Michael. God! You could try to be a little more sensitive!” She walked away from him.

“What? What’d I say?” Michael turned in confusion.

“Let it go Michael,” Max advised. He held out his hand to Liz. She took it and they walked into Tess’ new room. They could see the scattered contents of the space. The drawers had been messily pulled out and left hanging open, the closet door was gaping, the covers on the bed rumpled and the pillow missing. Liz looked over the contents of the room and picked a starting spot. She ran her hands over various objects in the room while keeping her connection with Max wide open. They both caught the flashes at the same time:

Tess flung clothes into the huge suitcase she had appropriated from the hall closet. “Liz Parker is going to pay for this!” she huffed out angrily. Each movement was causing screaming pain to run over every exposed nerve in her body. Her skin had bubbled and blistered over every inch of her. She breathed shakily and wondered how she was going to make it. Her healing skills had only ever been useful for superficial scrapes and cuts. She’d never be able to get rid of all the blisters and inevitably scars would mar her once perfect skin. “Where can I go? Where can I go where I won’t be some freak that everyone recognizes? I have to get lost until I can move normally again.” She tore clothes off of hangers and dumped them into the open suitcase. “I could get lost in Vegas,” she mused out loud, remembering how big the town was. One more freak would barely be noticed. She could manipulate the tables and have enough money to get by for a long time, and if she kept moving around then no one would catch her. She swayed on her feet as a wave of dizziness assailed her. She shored up her determination and remembered that she had to stay strong enough to get out on the road. She’d drive all night, change the color and plates on her car and disappear completely. The Valenti’s would probably search for her, and she felt bad that she’d had to warp them into slumber tonight, but they couldn’t see her like this. They’d never let her leave, and they’d never understand why she had to do what she was doing.

She sat on the lid of her suitcase to get it closed and hissed in pain at the contact of her charred skin on the surface of the suitcase. She grabbed a pillow from the bed to sit on in the car, remembering her excruciating ride here from the desert. She lugged the heavy case through the house and paused to stare at Jim and Kyle, peaceful in slumber.

“Goodbye,” she whispered and then turned her back on them and walked out the door.

The vision ended abruptly and Liz tried to recapture the sense of it as she attempted to find out where Tess was at this moment and what her plans were. Max and Liz stood with their hands linked for nearly another half an hour before Max broke the connection and made Liz stop, feeling how it was draining her resources.

“We can try again later,” he reassured her. Liz just stared back at him, frustrated.

“I should be able to do this! It’s supposed to by my gift,” she muttered unhappily. Max cupped her face and made her look at him.

“Don’t be mad that you don’t get everything all at once. We’re all still working on refining our powers. It doesn’t always come easy, but we keep working on it, you know?” Liz nodded, understanding that they weren’t giving up. She’d find out what was happening, just not today.

Isabel, Michael, and Maria stood in the doorway and they walked out together deciding to fill everyone in back at the Evans house.


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Part 46

They shared the details of their vision over dinner at the Evans’ house, trying to remember everything that they had seen.

“She was blistered all over?” Maria questioned with a hint of satisfaction in her tone.

Max nodded, looking down. “Yeah. She was in a lot of pain,” he said. He didn’t know why he was feeling guilty. He just wished that he could have finished the job the first time.

Liz touched his thigh under the table. “It’s her own fault that she was plotting to kill you all. Don’t feel bad that her plan to kill you all failed. You were fighting a war for your own survival, as well as the survival of your race.”

Max nodded, “I know that in my head, but it still feels strange to know that I’m the reason she’s walking around in such pain.”

“I know how you feel man,” Michael offered softly. He still had pangs over taking the life of Agent Pierce, even knowing that it was kill or be killed.

Diane stood up to clear the table, but Isabel and Maria waved her back down. “Sit! We’ll take care of it tonight,” Isabel said with a smile. Diane sat back down with a smile of thanks and turned to Max and Liz.

“When do you two want to head over to Liz’s parent’s house?” she questioned.

Liz looked at her watch. “It’s almost seven-thirty now. I guess we should head over pretty soon.” She did not sound enthusiastic.

“Phillip and I are coming with you,” Diane stated. She saw their surprised expressions. “I think that if we’re there to show our support, it can only help your case. We can help them with the legal issues and hopefully they’ll give their consent to your marriage and we can head back here tonight.”

“Thanks Mom, I don’t know what we’d do without your support,” Max leaned over to hug his mother. She squeezed his shoulders with her strong hands and enjoyed the embrace, glad that he was able to ask her for support now if he needed it.

“You know I’d do anything for you two,” she said, looking at Liz over Max’s shoulder. Liz smiled and nodded.

Diane leaned away and lowered her voice. Phillip and Michael were in deep conversation so she felt it was safe to speak then.

“Do you kids want to go up and spend a little time alone before we go?” she asked as delicately as she could.

Liz gave her a puzzled glance and shook her head. “We should probably just go,” she decided, not wanting to delay the inevitable.

Diane sighed in frustration, realizing she would need to be more blunt.

“Don’t you think it might be wise,” she wiggled her eyebrows at them, “to make sure the baby doesn’t get…hungry…while you tell your parents that you’re married?”

Liz’s mouth formed an understanding ‘O’ while Max’s face flooded with color. Both were remembering the evening they had told Phillip about their situation and the uncontrollable fever that had occurred shortly after. Max stood abruptly and took Liz’s hand pulling her toward the back door to the kitchen. He shot his mom a grateful look and mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ to her before stating out loud, “Liz and I are just going to go upstairs and talk about what we need to tell her parents tonight. We’ll see you all later,” he turned to his mom and dad. “Meet you down here in an hour?”

“Make it a half-hour,” Phillip requested, looking up from his conversation with Michael, not knowing what they had planned. “We don’t want it to get too late.”

Diane nodded, a twinkle in her eyes. “Better get going, you all have a lot to ‘talk’ about,” she chuckled.

Max closed the door to the apartment behind them and hugged Liz close. Breathing in the fresh scent of her hair he finally chuckled and stood back to look at her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked him with a small smile.

“I can’t believe that my Mom just suggested we come up here to have a quickie before we go talk to your parents!” he said on a quick breath.

Liz’s eyes danced merrily, the light from the kitchen causing them to glow. “I know what you mean.” She glanced down and then peeked back up at him. “So Mr. Evans,” she bumped her foot lightly against his and bit the side of her lip, “what did you want to ‘talk’ about?” She let her eyes travel slowly up the length of his body.

“Mmmnnn…well, I guess we could talk about our homework,” he teased her gently, earning a light slap on the shoulder from her. “Or I guess we could do some advanced chemistry.”

“Ohh! I really enjoy science!” Liz enthused, allowing her fingers to slip under the hem of his shirt and dragging it up.

Max gasped at the first contact of her warm fingers against his skin and used his time wisely to help her out of her clothes too.

Forty-five minutes later…

Max and Liz arrived in the kitchen, both looking very flushed and happy. Diane looked them over with a critical eye, trying to see what the Parkers would see when they looked at them.

“Max, why don’t you tuck in your shirt?” She finally said out loud, not wanting him to appear sloppy.

“Um, okay Mom,” Max shot Liz a quelling glance as she burst into giggles and hid behind his back. Liz knew very well that he hadn’t been able to wear his shirt tucked in since they were married because of his body’s natural reaction to her presence. He carefully finished the task and put his arm around Liz, who had finally gained control of her giggles.

“Sorry,” she offered lightly, trying to stop another laughing fit, “Nerves, I think. I just can’t calm down.” Liz took a deep breath and tried to get control. She really was nervous about the night and trying to keep her mind off of it.

Diane gave her a sympathetic look. “We’ll be right there to back you up. Your parents love you, and while they may not understand your choice right away, they’ll support you. I know it!”

“Thanks Diane,” Liz said sincerely. Max and Isabel had the best parents! She just hoped her own would be this understanding.

Max took her left hand in his and removed the silver ring from her middle finger. He closed his hand around it and glowed faintly. “Will you wear my ring?” he questioned gently placing it on her outstretched finger. Liz pulled his hand to her heart and her eyes filled with tears.

“Always,” she whispered. She watched while he removed the ring from his hand and changed it back as well, placing back where it belonged. She felt stronger somehow. Connected.

The Parker residence

“Mom? Dad? I’m home and I’ve brought visitors!” Liz called out from the front door. She closed it behind them and walked through the house looking for her parents. Nancy poked her head out from the kitchen.

“Hey! You’re home early!” Nancy gave Liz a hug and looked in surprise at the visitors standing in the doorway.

“Well, hello everyone! Is everything all right?”

Jeff stood and offered his hand to Phillip, who shook it firmly. “How are you?”

“Good. Good. We’re all really good,” Phillip said lamely.

“Oh, well that’s good then, I guess,” Jeff motioned for everyone to sit down around the large kitchen table. He watched in curiosity as Max and Liz scooted so they were as close together as they could be without sharing a chair.

“Max, how’ve you been?” Nancy had also noticed the kids’ proximity.

“Um, really good, Mrs. Parker,” Max answered. He knew they wouldn’t be this polite to him soon.

“What’s going on?” Nancy asked, looking at Diane. “Is there something wrong with Liz’s new job? Did something happen at school?” She was remembering the last time these two kids had gotten in trouble in school when the principal had called the parents in. Watching how close Max and Liz sat right now, it was pretty obvious that they were back together.

“Nothing’s wrong Nancy,” Diane answered truthfully, “In fact, everything’s fine!”

Nancy looked back at the kids, relieved that there was no problem.

“Mom, Dad,” Liz started slowly, looking from one to the other, “You know that you raised me right, and I’ve always been very responsible and mature for my age,” she began. Nancy and Jeff started looking concerned. This was not an auspicious beginning.

“We just wanted to come over here to tell you that Max and I are together now,” Liz continued.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Nancy questioned. “You were gone all last summer because he broke your heart.” She definitely did not want a repeat of last summer. Liz had never told her the details, but one day Max and Liz could barely be separated and the next she burst into tears at the sound of his name. She’d always thought that that relationship was moving too fast. Liz thought she was all grown up, but when Nancy looked at her she could still see her little girl, and Max had been the one to initiate all the trouble last year. Definitely not a good influence on her daughter.

“Lizzie,” her dad looked worried, “do you think you should be dating at all? School’s always been so important to you, and the SAT’s are coming.” He really never had liked the idea of his daughter dating.

“We’re not just dating,” Liz took a fortifying breath. Liz had told Max earlier that she wanted to be the one to break it to her parents. “We got married in Las Vegas,” she burst out, waiting for the screaming to begin.

The long, stunned silence was almost worse.

Nancy’s mouth opened and closed as if she was trying to speak, but unable to process the words.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Jeff spoke first, feeling the heat of anger rising to flush his face.

“No Daddy, Max and I are married, and we’re expecting a child,” Liz said timidly glancing between her shocked parents.

What?” Jeff burst out, rising from his chair so fast that it fell over with a loud clatter behind him. “When did this happen? You’re sitting there telling us that you’re pregnant and married and you never even bothered to let us know that you were going out?” Jeff stalked around the table to stand menacingly over Max. Max rose to meet his gaze evenly.

“I love your daughter Mr. Parker,” he stated simply, hoping that there was a small part of Jeff that could hear the sincerity of his statement right now.

Jeff grabbed the front of Max’s shirt in both hands and hauled him closer. “You love my daughter?” he choked out in disbelief. “If you loved my daughter you would have kept your filthy hands to yourself and not gotten her into this situation!” he shouted into Max’s face.

Liz was watching in horror and rose to stand with Max. “Daddy! It’s not Max’s fault!” she screamed to get his attention. “We took precautions, they just didn’t work!”

Nancy moved around the table and pulled Liz close and a little behind her. “I think you need to leave now Max,” she said coldly.

“Max is not leaving without me,” Liz said adamantly. “He is my husband and where he goes, I go.”

“Your husband?” Nancy scoffed, “That can’t even be legal! You’re under age and the last time I checked I didn’t write out permission for you to get married, young lady! I can’t believe that you would ruin your life with this…this…person by trying to chain yourself to him! There are other solutions! Why didn’t you come to me?” Nancy was in despair that Liz had messed up so royally and never once thought to seek her guidance.

“We don’t need your permission, because I’m pregnant,” Liz shouted back. “You can’t keep us apart, and we just wanted you to know because I love you and for some stupid reason I wanted to share my life with you…” Liz stopped when Diane placed a calming hand on her arm. Liz turned to give her a hug. Nancy watched the exchange with a puzzled expression.

“Did you know about this?” Nancy asked Diane.

“Not until after they did it. We wanted to come over and sit down with you and tell you together,” Diane said, hoping they would all sit and discuss this calmly.

“You’re okay with this?” She sputtered in disbelief.

“I think we need to discuss this with our daughter in private,” Jeff pushed Max away from him and stood by Nancy and Liz. “I would appreciate it if you would all leave,” he added coldly.

“Daddy, if Max leaves so do I!” Liz burst out, not taking her eyes off of Max’s miserable expression.

“You don’t have anything to say about this Liz,” Jeff gave her a disappointed look and took her arm to pull her from the room.

“Jeff,” Phillip spoke up, “Why don’t you just hear them out okay?” He used his most reasonable lawyer voice, in hopes of catching Jeff’s attention.

Jeff looked at Phillip for a moment, wondering how he was so calm about the mess their kids were in. Maybe it was different when you had a son. A son couldn’t ruin his life by getting pregnant. A son wouldn’t have to contemplate dropping out of school to be a mother.

Please Daddy,” Liz turned pleading eyes to her father, appealing to his soft spot for his daughter.

“I can’t imagine what you can say that will make us understand this,” Jeff answered at last, but moved to sit down again. Liz moved to sit by Max again, taking his hand in a show of solidarity. Nancy noticed the sparkle of a ring on her daughter’s finger for the first time since they came in and winced.

“We are completely in love,” Max said solidly, squeezing Liz’s hand. “We didn’t plan to have a family so soon, but now that we are, we’re prepared to accept the consequences.”

“Prepared? Prepared?! You two are children yourselves! You don’t have any idea what having a baby will do to your lives!” Nancy couldn’t contain herself.

“We know that it’ll be difficult. We’ve figured out how to make it work though. We’ve decided to finish our senior year after the first semester, so Liz can have some time off with the baby before we start college. My mom and dad have offered us the garage apartment, so we have a place to stay. Liz and I are both eligible for scholarships and have been saving money for education for several years, we both have college funds because of you all. I guess we just want you to know that we are in love, and we know that this is unusual, but it’s what we both want, and we’re taking responsibility for our actions,” Max waited anxiously for their reactions.

“I don’t like it,” Nancy declared. “Did Max take advantage of you Liz? Because this is not how we raised you! I thought you knew you could come to us!”

“Mom, this isn’t about how you raised me. I love Max and he love’s me. We’ve known it for a long time and it was inevitable that we would end up together,” Liz insisted.

“Inevitable?” Jeff snorted in disbelief. “Is that why you’ve spent the last year crying over this young man and being miserable?”

“I was miserable because I was staying away from him. I didn’t believe that I should feel so strongly for him and I thought he should be with someone else,” Liz answered with as much truth as she could. “But Max didn’t want to be with anyone else. He waited for me and I couldn’t imagine myself seeing anyone else either.”

“Why did you think you could just run off and get married?” Nancy asked.

“I want to take care of Liz,” Max answered simply. “I want to see her every day and protect her from all the bad things out there. We want to share our lives and watch our child grow. We want to be together and laugh and cry and be best friends. We love each other and it didn’t make sense to try to stay apart.”

Nancy was secretly touched by the devotion and love pouring from Max’s eyes and tone. He really did love their daughter, that was no longer in question for her, but was love enough?

We take care of our daughter,” Jeff stared Max down. “We don’t need you to come in now and take over. We’ll take care of her as a family.”

“Daddy,” Jeff glanced at his daughter’s hurt expression, “Max and this baby are my family now. When we’re done here I’ll be going home with my husband,” Liz’s voice caught in her throat as she made her point clear.

“He is not your husband Lizzie,” Jeff stated. He looked to Diane and Phillip. “You two are lawyers, you should know that this can’t be legal.”

“Actually, with parental consent it can be legal,” Diane told them, “and even without consent because Liz is pregnant. If you refuse to write out notarized consent to their marriage, then they’ll just appeal to family court and they will grant them permission to marry regardless of their parent’s opinions, and I’ll help them do it.”

“I can’t believe you think this is a good idea!” Nancy sputtered.

“I know that they have a lot of hard times ahead of them, but if you look at them you can see that they belong together. They have a connection that is so real and so strong that I know they would do anything for each other. They are both very responsible for their ages and they’ve thought a lot about how to make this work. I think that we need to support them right now, regardless of what we think, because it’s inevitable. They’ll stay married with or without our permission, and I love them enough to want to be there and be trusted enough to come to when they inevitably run into tough times. Pushing them away now will not stop what has already happened and I for one do not want to create a rift between my children and myself.” Diane sincerely hoped her speech was getting through. Nancy appeared to be softening, but Jeff still looked mad.

“We need to think about this,” Nancy said, placing a hand on Jeff’s tense arm.

I don’t need to think about anything,” Jeff angrily retorted.

Nancy grabbed his arm tighter, turning to face the group. “Jeff and I need to talk. Liz, could you come over after school tomorrow and we’ll discuss what’s going to happen?”

Liz nodded warily. Were they suggesting she could go home with Max now? Or were they plotting how to ship her off to boarding school?

Nancy offered her a tight smile, the best she could manage right then, and gave her daughter a short hug.

“We’ll talk tomorrow. I love you,” Nancy placed a small kiss on her daughter’s forehead and avoided Max’s gaze. She wasn’t entirely sure this young man was good for her daughter, but he did love her, that was obvious.

“Are you crazy Nancy? You want Liz to just go off with this…this…guy and spend the night with him?” Jeff roared in disbelief.

“Look Jeff, it’s obvious that our daughter has already ‘spent the night’ with him before! That’s why we’re all standing here right now, isn’t it? One more night won’t get her any more pregnant, and if what Diane said is true then we can’t do anything to stop her anyway! So can you please just calm down and give your daughter a hug goodbye so we can talk about this rationally?” Nancy snapped out impatiently.

Liz was whooping for joy inside. Go Mom!

Max looked on in awe as Jeff gave Liz a hug and sat back down at the table.

The Evans’ all left together.


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Note: Whoohoo! NC-17 at last! Who knew an evening with my husband would be so…inspiring! Wow, oversharing huh? I’m gonna shut up now, so here you go:

Part 47

Liz eased out of the bed they now shared and stood by the side, watching Max sleep for a moment. She would never get enough of watching him peaceful in slumber. She gently brushed back a stray hair that had fallen over his eyes. Max mumbled in his sleep and turned restlessly, his hands searching for Liz. She held her breath, hoping he wouldn’t awaken before she was ready for him. Her breath was released in a relieved sigh when Max pulled her pillow close to his chest and hugged it to his body, inhaling her scent and settling back into an easy rest.

Forcing herself to turn away from him she pulled on a short robe and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door behind her. She unconsciously maintained a light connection with Max to make sure her absence didn’t make him lapse into nightmarish realms. She smiled when she ‘peeked’ into his dream world and saw Max holding Liz and both gazing in adoration at the bundle of blankets cradled in Liz’s arms. She began humming a light tune as she busied herself in the kitchen.

She quickly assembled the items she needed onto a tray and balanced it easily in one hand as she made her way back to the bedroom. She used her free hand to open the knob and bumped the door gently open with her hip. Max’s eyes slowly opened at the sound of the door and he blinked to focus his eyes on what she was carrying.

“What are you doing up baby?” He asked her curiously, rubbing his eyes and sitting up against the headboard.

She smiled mysteriously as she sat on the edge of the mattress and settled the tray over Max’s surprised lap. The tray was covered with a cloth napkin, so Max could not see the contents. “I had a few things to do this morning, so I couldn’t sleep the morning away like you!”

“Well you should have woken me up and I would have thought of something we could do together,” Max’s husky voice was suggestive and his hot eyes told her how he’d like to spend the morning.

Liz laughed softly and dodged his wandering hands. “Uh uh, you need nourishment mister!” She turned his attention to the mysterious tray. Her hand hovered over the cloth covering the tray and she watched his eyes widen while she revealed the contents.

“Liz?” Max asked her in confusion.

“Happy birthday baby,” she whispered against his lips before allowing her tongue to caress his lips, coaxing them to open for her. Max groaned and framed her face in his large hands, drawing her closer to him and forgetting the breakfast tray in his lap. Liz chuckled and saved the tray from tipping over as she leaned back.

“Let me help you with your breakfast,” Liz offered as she reached for the first item on the tray.

Taking a juicy strawberry between two fingers, she trailed it through a bowl of warm chocolate and dipped it briefly in a bowl of Tabasco before holding it out to his parted lips. Teasing him lightly, she traced the plump fruit over his lips, coating them with spicy chocolate. His tongue licked out and his breath came in short pants when she leaned in to lick up the spots he’d missed. Max groaned in the back of his throat and tried to deepen the contact.

Liz leaned back and held the fruit to his lips again. He took the bite and watched her observing his reaction to the sweet spicy treat. He chewed slowly and watched her own breathing catch in her throat as he slowly licked his lips and took her hand. His eyes locked on her mouth as he used his own to envelop her first finger in his mouth. Liz’s eyes drifted closed at the sweet suction of his mouth on her finger. His tongue thoroughly cleaned her finger before letting it go and capturing her thumb in his mouth. Liz moaned softly and leaned closer to him, settling against his chest. Completing his task Max reached for the tray and picked up a slice of banana. Briefly considering the contents of the tray he dipped it into a bowl of whipped cream and offered it to Liz’s waiting mouth.

Her lips parted and she took a small bite. Max swooped down and took the other half of the banana into his mouth and they shared the bite, their lips crushing together in a desperate bid for completion. Liz’s hands wandered over his bare chest, smoothing over the taut muscles and causing his body to tense and relax convulsively under her touch. His breathing became audible as he shifted to nibble her earlobe and lick at the sensitive area behind her ear. Liz moaned and arched her neck back. Max couldn’t resist the invitation and licked and kissed his way down the slender column of her throat. Liz shivered as his touch caused her skin to prickle with electric energy.

Pulling away slightly, she moved the tray to the end of the bed and put her hand on his chest to push him back to the bed. He watched her avidly as she picked up a French toast point and coated it in chocolate. She used her free hand to keep his hand at his side when he tried to touch her again. Shaking her head at him, she lowered the dripping chocolate to the middle of his chest and made a slow line of chocolate down the center. Dipping it again she moved the chocolate over his pecs and paid special attention to his nipples. Setting the toast aside she held her hair back and kept her eyes on his as she lowered herself over his now heaving chest.

Max let out a low moan at the first contact of her warm, slick tongue against his chest. She slowly and meticulously licked her way down the first trail of chocolate down the middle of his body before working her way back up slowly to detour over his pecs, at last settling over his hardened nipple. Sucking gently at first, she swished her tongue repeatedly over the sensitive surface.

Liz!” Max twined his fingers in her hair, holding it back for her and freeing her hands to touch all the spots she had just cleaned. Max moaned at the loss of contact when Liz removed her mouth from his aching nipple only to clutch her hair tighter when she licked her way over to give the other side of him equal treatment. Max’s hips began to buck up slightly without his knowledge.

As Liz completed her cleaning duties she untied her silken robe and slipped her arms out of it as she moved to straddle his body. Gently, she sucked on the flushed skin under her hot mouth and worked her way up to his eager lips. The kiss was primal and needy. Their lips mated together frantically, mouths moving to deepen the angle, tongues meeting and sweeping on to explore intimate details. Max’s hand roamed down her back and settled over her buttocks. Her hips were already grinding down to seek relief against his hard body. Max squeezed the firm globes and wandered around her hips. Liz lifted up slightly to allow Max’s fingers full access to her and sighed in satisfaction as he found her center.

Max allowed his fingers to explore the tender, swollen folds as she bucked against his hand asking for more without words. His fingers were coated with her excitement and he dipped them into her body, caressing the soft contours of her tight passage. Liz gasped and pushed down against him to encourage deeper penetration. Max began to move his fingers within her in a regular rhythm that made her close her eyes and arch against him frantically. Max’s connection with her allowed him to feel her excitement and his panting moans joined hers as she rocked against his hand.

Max flipped their positions and sank down between her eagerly parts legs, never breaking the rhythm of his fingers inside her body. His mouth covered her sensitive bundle of nerves and licked her steadily until she was ready to go over the edge. Just as she began to come Max covered her with his mouth and sucked against her strongly. Liz cried out loudly and fisted her hands in the sheets in an effort to keep from arching off the bed. Her hips ground against his hand and mouth as waves of ecstasy rolled through her body.

Just as she rode the last wave Max pulled out his fingers and moved up her body swiftly. He teased the head of his cock against her juicy folds causing her hips to bump up against him eagerly. Liz pulled him down to her and Max could resist no longer. Plunging deeply into her in one swift move they began a rhythmic dance as their hips moved smoothly together and their breaths panted in short puffs against each other’s lips. Max closed the small distance between their mouths and crushed his mouth against hers. Liz’s moans were muffled by the contact and she twisted one hand into his short hair as her other hand clutched over his arching back.

Max made sure Liz could feel the incredible sensation of her tight, hot walls closing over his hard form. “Oh Max! I’m going to…” Liz’s panting breaths cut off abruptly as her body spasmed, hips angling for deeper penetration. Max slammed his hips against hers in long, hard strokes that milked the last bit of control he had retained. Liz’s hands pulled his body to hers and as his release ripped through him his body stiffened and he was no longer capable of movement. Liz kept up the motion under him to draw out his pleasure until he collapsed on top of her.

He rolled to the side and grinned at his wife. “Happy birthday to me!” He sing-songed playfully.

“So you’re having a good day?” Liz teased him lightly.

Oh yeah!” Max responded, kissing her tenderly.

8 a.m. Evans kitchen

“Good morning honey. Happy birthday!” Diane gave her son a kiss on the cheek. She looked over Max and Liz, noticing the happy, satisfied expressions on their faces. Must be having a good birthday already! she thought to herself.

She busied herself at the counter. “Hope you two are hungry! I made your favorite breakfast!” she called over her shoulder cheerfully. She turned around completely at the surprising burst of laughter that broke out behind her. Liz and Max were collapsed in each other’s arms as they laughed over some private joke. At last, Max wiped his streaming eyes and tried to put on a straight face.

“We’ve already eaten Mom!” he managed to get out before glancing at Liz and losing it again.


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Part 48

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Liz questioned nervously, stopping them on the steps leading into the school. She clutched his hand tightly in hers as she turned to face him.

Max looked down into her worried eyes and smiled soft and slow. Brushing a wind tossed lock of hair away from her eyes he nodded.

“We’re together now and I don’t see any reason to try to hide it from people at school anymore. I want everyone to know that you are mine and I am yours. Sure, it’ll be weird for awhile, but then Pam Troy or Vicky Delaney will do something shocking and everyone will forget all about us,” Max reassured her.

Liz licked her suddenly dry lips nervously, glancing at the open doors into the school, contemplating what the day would bring. Max’s eyes watched her tongue slick over her pink lips hungrily, remembering this morning’s wake-up call. Liz’s eyes flicked back up and collided with Max’s hot gaze and locked there. Their lips met in a sweet kiss that was abruptly interrupted with a tap on Max’s shoulder.

Max looked up in dazed surprise to find Mr. Harris scowling at them disapprovingly. “This is no place for public displays of affection Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker. I trust you will remember that in future?”

Max flushed and nodded his head, suddenly finding the concrete step fascinating. Liz couldn’t meet Mr. Harris’ eyes and she mumbled a quick, “Sorry Mr. Harris.”

Mr. Harris nodded in satisfaction of a job well done and continued into the school.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Liz repeated. “It’s bad enough that we’re dying of embarrassment at a teacher catching us kissing before school even starts. What’s going to happen when the entire staff and student body realizes we’re married? They’re gonna be watching us like hawks. We’ll never have a minutes peace!”

“I know. It’s still the right thing to do. You should be able to use your new name and they will get over the novelty of it eventually,” Max reassured her as well as himself. It would be tough for a while, but it would be worth it.

“Everyone’s gonna know I’m pregnant,” Liz muttered, looking at the ground. Max lifted her chin up to look in her eyes.

“You mean everyone’s going to think I had to marry you because I got you pregnant, right?” Liz’s miserable face nodded.

“What’s important here is that you and I and the people closest to us know we got married before we ever found out. You know you’re the only one for me and I’m the only one for you. It’s not important what these people think,” Max stated with surety. “Besides, even if they keep their eyes glued to your waistline they won’t be able to tell that you’re pregnant for a very long time. They’ll have to dismiss that theory when you don’t give birth until January.” ‘

Liz’s eyes lit with hope. She really didn’t want everyone to think she had trapped Max into marrying her against his will. Her reputation was bad enough as it was. Not that she truly cared what people said about her, but when it reflected badly on Max…It made her see red.

“Did you bring it?” she asked softly.

Max nodded and reached into his backpack for their copy of the marriage license.

“What if my parents don’t come around?” She had to voice her other concern. “What if they won’t validate our Vegas wedding?”

Max looped his arm around her shoulders and began walking with her into the school. “Then my Mom will help us petition the family court here and we’ll just get married again. Either way we’ll be married and we’ll have to tell people.”

Liz nodded again, breathing deeply before taking the final step into the school. Max led the way into the office holding Liz’s hand closely against his side. Leaning against the front counter he caught the attention of the student aid and requested to meet with the principal. Sara Weller’s eyes widened at the sight of the handsome Max Evans’ direct gaze, and it took her a moment to process his request before she realized how long she’d been staring at him and turned quickly to buzz the principal’s office.

Liz gaze Max an amused glance at Sara’s dumbstruck expression and bumped his side lightly with her hip to get his attention. “West Roswell girls are going to be wearing black for the rest of the year once this news gets out,” she teased him gently. Max’s face flushed red as he glanced down at her and realized that she was only half joking.

“He’ll be right out,” Sara gushed. She hadn’t even noticed Liz standing by Max’s side. Her adoring gaze swept over Max’s face and down his broad chest and arms. Her eyes widened when they fell on the shiny wedding ring that glinted on his left hand. Her eyes flashed back up to catch his satisfied smile and she watched as he put his arm around Liz and walked with her over to a row of chairs.

“Are you comfortable honey?” he asked Liz, just to make sure Sara didn’t mistake what she had seen.

Liz caught onto the game immediately and gave him a sweet kiss before answering, “Yes thank you dear,” and using her left hand to caress his jaw. They both almost burst out laughing when they heard a sudden crash behind the front counter. They could hear Sara scrambling to pick up whatever she had dropped and tried to compose their expressions, Max mouthing, “Dear?” and almost losing it again.

“Is everything all right out here Sara?” Principal Forrester asked as he watched her picking up a pile of files in a frenzied manner.

“Oh! Um, yes. Sorry sir, I was a little clumsy,” Sara sputtered out as she stood with files clutched to her chest. She dared a quick glance over at Max and Liz and flushed rosy. “Max Evans and Liz, um Parker are here to see you,” she finished before quickly turning her attention back to organizing the files.

“Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker, this is a rare surprise. Honor students don’t normally seek out the principal for an early meeting. Why don’t you two come on back into my office,” Principal Forrester invited.

Liz held Max’s hand and followed them into the office. They sat across the desk from the principal and Max glanced at Liz before speaking, wanting to get final approval before they reached the point of no return. Liz gave him an almost imperceptible nod and turned back to the principal.

“Mr. Forrester, we came in this morning to tell you that Liz and I got married,” Max stated bluntly.

Mr. Forrester’s face was almost comical in its surprise. “You…you got married?” he asked them for confirmation that he wasn’t hearing things.

“Yes sir we did,” Max confirmed holding Liz’s hand.

Mr. Forrester glanced down and noticed the shiny gold rings for the first time. “Well, I uh…I assume your parents approved of this?” he asked next.

“Of course,” Max answered with confidence. No reason to say anything about Liz’s parents until they knew for sure one way or the other. The result would be the same in the end.

Mr. Forrester desperately wanted to ask if Liz was pregnant, but thought that may be against the law, invading their right to privacy or something. His gaze flickered to her waist and away quickly. Max felt Liz’s hand stiffen in his. It was starting already.

“Do you have the marriage license?” he asked next, getting to the details.

Max set the license on the table in front of him, careful not to wrinkle it. Mr. Forrester picked it up and buzzed Sara. “Ms. Weller?”

“Yes sir?” Sara answered quickly. Too quickly, she had obviously been waiting to find out what was going on in that office.

“Could you come in and make a copy for me please?”

“I’ll be right there,” Sara answered as she clicked off the intercom. She was at the door almost immediately.

Mr. Forrester handed her the marriage certificate and Sara’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she realized what she was holding. Her eyes flashed over Max with regret as she exited the room.

“Do you have parental permission forms too?” Mr. Forrester asked.

“Um, I brought mine, but we’ll have to bring Liz’s later,” Max extemporized.

“Hmm, okay. Bring it in tomorrow or I’ll have to call over to the Parkers myself,” Mr. Forrester said.

Max placed his notarized permission on the table and nodded agreement, hoping that Nancy and Jim would give their permission today.

Sara walked back into the office with the copy and the original just as Mr. Forrester was asking if Liz wanted to change her name on the school records.

“Yes sir, I’ll be using my husbands name,” she affirmed.

“Sara could we get a copy of this as well? And bring in Liz Parkers, er…Liz Evans’ permanent file please,” the principal requested next. Sara nodded and hurried back out. She caught a glimpse of Vickie Delaney passing by in the hall and called her name before she passed out of sight.

Vickie poked her head in the office door curiously. “What’s up Sara?”

Sara motioned her into the office and scooted the parental permission slip over for Vickie to see. “Wait till you see this!” Sara’s voice rose with excitement.

Vickie’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. “Are they already…?”

Sara’s nod confirmed it. “They’re in there right now telling Principal Forrester so that Liz can change her name to Evans officially!” she blurted out.

“Oh my…” Vickie’s eyes narrowed speculatively. “I bet she’s pregnant!” She turned and headed for the door needing to share this juicy bit of gossip as soon as possible.

By the time Max and Liz left the office the entire school was buzzing with the news. As they walked down the halls stares and whispers followed in their wake. Max held Liz’s hand tightly, offering her the only support that he could. ‘It’ll be okay. I love you!” he reassured her silently.

Liz mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ as he dropped her off in her first class.

Max watched her until she reached her seat and turned reluctantly to head in the opposite direction to his own class.

“Way to go Evans!” a jock that Max did not recognize clapped him on the shoulder as he passed. Max just shook his head and kept walking. Three guys in letterman jackets surrounded him out of nowhere.

“You’re a lucky guy Evans! Liz is quite a hottie!” the first one congratulated. Max fumed silently.

“Yeah, I heard she’s a wild one!” the second put in. Max’s hands curled slowly into fists.

“Are you sure the kid’s yours? I’ve heard she gets around,” the beefy third one asked maliciously.

Faster than anyone could blink, Max slammed the third guy up against the lockers, his feet dangling in the air. “What did you say?” he growled in a menacing tone, shaking the frightened athlete till his head rattled against the lockers.

“N…Nothing man!” the guy’s hands held up in a gesture of surrender.

“Hey man! We didn’t mean anything by it!” one of the guy’s friends offered from a distance. Who knew Max Evans was so quick and strong? No one wanted to get near him now, let alone piss him off further.

Max reluctantly lowered the guy till his feet touched the floor. He pushed him back once more into the lockers…hard, before stepping back. “That’s what I thought,” he said as he turned to face the others. “I don’t want to hear Liz’s name cross any of your lips ever again, do we understand each other?” The three guys nodded, eyes wide, as they backed away from Max before turning and sprinting down the hall.

Loud clapping had Max turning around to meet Michael’s cynical expression. Michael slung his arm around Max’s shoulders and led him away. “Way to go Max! If you didn’t do it, then I was gonna!”

Max grinned at his friend. He had been fully expecting disapproval over his show of strength, but instead Michael was supporting him for once.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Pam Troy leaned over and whispered something to a friend of hers in Liz’s first period class. Liz heard her name followed by loud giggling.

“Ms. Troy? Do you have something to share with the class?” Mrs. Norman asked her pointedly, tired of Pam’s constant interruptions.

Pam looked up brightly. “Why yes I do,” Pam said smoothly. “I was just wanting to congratulate Liz on her marriage to Max Evans!” she burst out, watching for Liz’s reaction. Liz’s face flushed bright red as all eyes in the room turned to her. Pam sat back smugly, happy to have been the first to break the news.

Mrs. Norman’s eyes widened in surprise and then took in Liz’s discomfited expression. “That’ll be enough Ms. Troy,” she reprimanded before turning to Liz. “Would you like to confirm or deny Ms. Parker?” she asked, assuming that Pam was starting another rumor.

“Um, actually it is Mrs. Evans now,” Liz stated calmly, having regained her composure. Gasps were heard around the room. Liz flashed a smug grin back at Pam and watched her fume as her plan to embarrass Liz backfired.

“Oh! Well, I guess congratulations are in order then,” Mrs. Norman sputtered out. “Now let’s get back to class…”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Maria grabbed Liz’s arms and held on as they walked out to the quad for lunch. Max had her other arm, and Liz was glad for the support as all eyes turned to them when they walked quickly to their table.

“Could you warn a girl next time you announce something big to the entire school?” Maria scolded her gently. “I had to hear it from at least fifty different people and I didn’t know whether to confirm or deny any knowledge!”

“Sorry Maria! We just told the principal, and before first period the news had leaked all over school!” Liz moaned. Maria hugged her briefly.

“It’s okay! I know it’s been a crazy day for you. What exactly did you tell the principal? People are speculating about junior there and I didn’t think you guys would say anything yet,” Maria asked curiously.

“We haven’t said anything yet. We’re just letting people speculate and not saying anything. They’ll assume when I don’t blow up like a balloon and pop in nine months that they were wrong,” Liz told her friend.

Alex slid onto the bench across from Max, Liz and Maria and quirked an eyebrow. “Way to keep a secret at West Roswell High kids! I’ve been defending your honor all day!”

Liz looked at him worriedly. “What do you mean?” Max’s hand tightened on her thigh as he shook his head at Alex. Alex gave him a quizzical glance and decided to tone down his story. Michael and Isabel slid onto the bench beside Alex as he made up some lame story about people just thinking they were too young to know what love was. In truth, he had nearly gotten into two fights today because of comments overheard about Liz’s loose morals and how she must have trapped poor, unsuspecting Max Evans into proposing. That thing with Kyle last fall had not enhanced Liz’s reputation.

Liz nodded, not sure she was getting the full story. Kyle started to walk by their table and she reached out to touch his arm. He looked down at her in surprise. He’d been walking around in a daze all day, not really paying attention to all the sly looks and strange comments made to him that morning.

“What is it Liz?” he asked her, not especially curious. He just wanted to find a quiet place to sit down and think about life, and friendship, and trust.

“Will you sit with us?” Liz pleaded. “Please?” she added softly when it looked like Kyle might say no.

“Why the hell not?” he stated dryly as he sat down next to Isabel. “So you made quite a stir around school today,” he mentioned. He hadn’t been that oblivious.

“Um yeah. Sorry if you’re taking any flak about what happened, er rather, didn’t happen last fall,” Liz apologized softly.

“Hey, I don’t care what any of those dumb jocks are saying. I’m starting to realize that maybe they were never really my friends anyway. I’ve been wondering if I ever had any real friends to begin with,” he added bitterly.

Isabel reached out and took his hand in hers, massaging it softly. “You have us. I know we’re not exactly your normal set of friends, but you know we’ll always be there if you need us,” she told him gently. She hated how Tess’ defection had made Kyle feel. He had placed his trust in the wrong person, and if anyone knew how that could affect your self-worth and self-esteem, Isabel did. She had paid the consequences in two lifetimes for trusting Tess. Kyle looked at all the faces around the table and finally nodded.

“I guess I’m not exactly your normal, run of the mill teen either,” he quipped, thinking of how Max had ‘changed’ him when he’d saved his life. He wondered if he would ever develop any powers of his own. That’d be kinda cool, come in real handy maybe.

“Maybe you could come over to my house after school today Kyle,” Max invited. “Everyone here will be there for my eighteenth birthday. Just pizza and music and stuff, but it should be fun.”

“Yeah, sure I can come,” Kyle accepted. Might as well get started ‘bonding with the aliens’[/I[, he thought wryly.


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Part 49

Nancy paused before the Evans’ door with her hand poised to knock. From inside she could hear music and laughter, a direct contrast to the mood she was in right now. She didn’t think she had smiled since Liz and Max had made their little announcement the night before. She had spent the remainder of the evening trying to calm Jeff down, even when she wasn’t sure herself if she wanted him to be calm about it. What Diane had said the night before kept replaying in her head. There really was nothing that Jeff or she could do to stop this, even if they wanted to. Nancy’s biggest fear was that this would tear a rift between her and her daughter and the thought of that was completely unbearable. Liz was the only child she would ever have, and was a miracle herself, because the doctors had given them very little hope of ever conceiving a child.

Nancy firmed her resolve and knocked briskly on the door.

Max swung the door open with a huge grin across his face and joy lighting his eyes to an amber glow. Nancy drew in a quick, startled breath. She had never seen Max look so…happy. Max’s grin faded rapidly even as Nancy offered him a tentative smile.

“Oh! Um, hi Mrs. Parker,” Max stammered, moving aside so that Nancy could pass by him into the house. Nancy stood in the hall awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot as the music slammed around her and she could see all of Max and Liz’s friends laughing and dancing in the living room. Obviously she had interrupted a party of some kind.

“Um, I didn’t know you’d be in the middle of…” Nancy trailed off uncertainly, gesturing into the living room. “I should just come back…” she began to edge toward the door, thinking she had picked the wrong time to come.

Max’s eyes went unfocused for a second and then he reached out and touched Nancy’s arm. “It’s just my birthday today so that’s why…” he gestured into the living room. “I’m really glad you came. Please stay,” his eyes pleaded with her, but she still wanted to go. Just then, Liz came careening around the corner, a worried look in her eye. Max had silently asked her to join him at the front door and the urgent tone of the request had set her moving quickly.

“What’s…,” she stopped in surprise, sighting her mother. “Mom! I…We didn’t expect to see you here,” she spoke quickly in surprise, wrapping her arm around Max’s waist in an unconscious bid for support. Max’s arm automatically wound over her shoulders and his hand squeezed her upper arm comfortingly. They glanced at each other briefly before facing Nancy again.

Nancy took in the intimate body language and the love-filled expressions on the children’s faces and sighed in resignation. She had come over to get some questions answered, and maybe she just had.

“I didn’t know there was a party. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she edged to the door again. Coming back later, when things were calmer was sounding better and better.

Liz reached out to her mother the same way that Max had, placing her hand on her arm. “Please stay,” she echoed Max’s earlier plea and this time Nancy could do nothing but give in. She took a step closer to her daughter into the room and nodded.

“Is there somewhere we could talk?” she requested at last.

Max looked at Liz again and Nancy could swear they were communicating silently. Liz gave Max a faint nod and Max steered the group through the kitchen, past a surprised Diane.

“We can go up to our apartment,” he answered her unspoken question as he opened the back door to the kitchen. The ladies preceded him out and Max gave his mom an encouraging smile before closing the door behind himself. Diane said a silent prayer and carried a huge bowl of chips into the living room.

Nancy looked around in curiosity at the place Liz was now living. It was small, but already homey with little personal touches placed around the room. Pictures of the kids, candles, flowers, a colored blanket placed over the back of the couch. Liz lead her over to the chair and went to sit on the couch. Max sat beside her, their sides touching, hands meeting to entwine without thought.

“I was going to call you later tonight,” Liz started out, hating how uncomfortable and awkward she was feeling with her own mother.

“Oh, um, that’s,” Nancy’s gaze shifted nervously. “That’s good. I don’t want you to think you can’t call us anymore,” she blurted out one of her fears.

“Mom!” Liz exclaimed, surprised. “I know that I can always come to you or Daddy! Nothing will change that.”

“Are you sure?” Nancy looked at Max pointedly, a small flash of jealousy streaking through her before she squashed I firmly. She didn’t want to feel replaced by the man in Liz’s life.

“Yes! Please Mom,” Liz pleaded. “I love you and Daddy. It’s no different now that I have Max and the baby too. I just have more people who love me now, and that’s a good thing, don’t you think?”

Nancy stared at her daughter, trying to see if she was truly happy, or trying to make the best of a difficult situation. It might not be too late to get them out of this precipitous marriage.

As if reading her thoughts Max told her, “I really do love your daughter, Mrs. Parker. I would do anything for her or our baby. I want you to know that I will take care of them, no matter what it takes. I asked her to marry me even before we found out she was pregnant.” Which was true, he just didn’t elaborate that they actually had been married before they found out Liz was pregnant.

“This is just so…sudden! One minute you two can’t be alone in the same room together and the next you’re going to be parents. It’s just unreal,” Nancy sputtered in confusion.

“I’m happy Mom. Happier than I can ever remember being in my life. Max is it for me, and just because I’ve found him now, while we’re still in high school, instead of later in our lives, doesn’t invalidate the way that I feel for him. Max will always be it for me. It’s like something in my life has always been missing, some huge piece of the puzzle that never really fit or felt right until Max came into my life. Now it’s like things make sense. I’m seeing in color instead of black and white,” Liz looked down in embarrassment. “I’m not really saying this right,” she added softly.

Nancy stared at her daughter in awed surprise. The light in her eyes when she spoke of Max, the tone in her voice, her animated expression; all these things screamed at Nancy that her daughter was in love. And happy. And sure of the decision that she had made. She made her own decision and reached for the purse she had placed on the floor at her feet.

Liz started to get up, ready to convince her mom some more so she wouldn’t go, but Nancy waved her back down. Pulling the bag into her lap Nancy reached in and removed a paper, handing it across the table to Liz.

Liz stared at her in confusion for a moment before unfolding the crisp white sheet. Glancing down at it she gasped in surprise, one hand reaching up to cover her mouth. Max looked with her and then back up at Nancy. Nancy could swear she saw tears in his eyes before he blinked them away and smiled at her. A perfect smile of gratitude and love at her acceptance of them.

The notarized consent form fluttered to the table as Liz lurched to her feet and ran over to hug her mom. Nancy clung to Liz for a long moment before pulling away from her reluctantly. She brushed hair off of Liz’s forehead and looked into her eyes.

“You are happy, right?” She needed to hear it one more time.

Yes!,” Liz stated emphatically, leaving no room for doubt.

Max rounded the table and hugged Mrs. Parker as well. “Thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to us,” he told her in his soft rumble of a voice.

“I think maybe I do,” Nancy answered, looking between these two young people once again.

“Why didn’t Daddy come with you?” Liz questioned curiously.

Nancy glanced down and nervously played with the strap of her purse.

“Daddy still isn’t very happy about all of this. He wasn’t prepared to lose his baby girl so soon, and he just needs some time. He’s worried that you won’t finish school, or that you won’t achieve your full potential, all those dreams you’ve had all your life. Just give him some time. Show him that you still need him sometimes. He’ll come around, because he loves you too much not to,” Nancy reassured her stricken daughter.

Max gave Liz a comforting hug as she registered that they didn’t exactly have a clear path ahead of them yet.

“I should get back to the café,” Nancy said, starting for the door.

Max and Liz trailed behind, stopping her at the door. “Stay for the party?” Max invited sincerely, “I’m sure Mom would appreciate sane adult company right about now,” he added with a smile.

Nancy smiled back and nodded, “Maybe for a little while,” she agreed.

Liz smiled her gratitude to Max and lead the way back to the party below.

One hour later

“Happy birthday dear Maa aax! Happy birthday to you!!!” the group sang enthusiastically and off key as Diane set down a cake ablaze with birthday candles in the middle of the table in front of Max. Max closed his eyes, pretending to wish. He already had everything he could wish for sitting right beside him. Right before blowing out the candles, he thought of one thing that would make his life perfect and opened his eyes and blew out every candle in one great breath.

The clapping subsided and Maria jumped up and down. “Presents!” She yelled, clapping her hands. Max just rolled his eyes at his friend. What would she be like after she had cake?

“Liz’s first!” Maria cried as she slid a shiny package wrapped in silver paper across the table to Max. Max leaned back into Liz’s hands for a moment before turning his attention to the gift in front of him. He carefully opened the paper and caught his breath as he realized what he was holding. He stole a kiss from Liz over his shoulder before carefully turning the pages of an ornate picture album. Page after page of pictures were revealed of Max and Liz throughout their lives. Pictures of them as children, growing up, pictures of them together last year when they were so happy. Wedding pictures. Funny, he had never really thought about where those pictures had gone after they got back and entered all this turmoil. He turned and gave Liz a longer kiss, communicating silently to her his happiness over her thoughtful gift.

Nancy watched from the doorway and was comforted that she had made the right decision to approve their marriage.

“Okay! Okay!” Maria interrupted impatiently. “Open ours next!” she placed a colorful box in front of Max. “It’s from Michael, Alex, and me,” she informed him.

Max unwrapped the next offering and pulled out a sleek new camera. “This is awesome guys! Thank you!”

Michael looked happy that Max like it. “We just thought it would come in handy, you know? With all the new happenings in your life,” he told his friend.

“Cool! You know I’ll be one of those Dads that takes a million pictures of junior and makes his friends look at every one!” he teased happily.

A chorus of “Ohhh” “Uhgg” and “Anything but that!” rang out across the room. Max grinned at Liz, knowing his friends were only half teasing.

“Here you go Evans,” Kyle slid a newspaper wrapped gift over to Max next. “Sorry about the wrapping. Short notice and all that!” He explained with a grin.

“Don’t care about that,” Max pulled it closer, “What’d ya git me? What’d ya git me?” he chanted like a ten year old, shaking the present.

He ripped open the paper to reveal a brand spankin’ new copy of ‘Buddhism for Babies’. He broke out in a huge grin and leaned over to give Kyle a surprise hug.

“Awww! That’s so great! Thanks Kyle. We’ll try to raise our son the right way!” Max laughed and teased his friend.

“Can’t start too early!” Kyle quipped, happy that his gift had gone over well. Hard to know what to buy the alien that had everything!

Nancy raised an eyebrow at Diane over Max’s casual assumption that the child would be a boy. Diane just smiled and shrugged her shoulders innocently. She’d have to caution Max about that later. It was too early in human terms for them to know the sex of the baby quite yet.

Isabel moved to place a large box in front of Max. She grinned at him devilishly before sitting back down. Max looked at the box with caution. You never knew with Isabel. It could be anything from cologne to live snakes in there. He tilted the box cautiously, listening for any strange rustling noises. Isabel laughed, clearly recalling his twelfth birthday when she had filled a box with five rats she had borrowed from the science lab in school. It had been payback for a prank Max had pulled, changing the color of her favorite dress to an ugly puce green. Their mother had seen it before she could change it back and she hadn’t been able to wear it again.

He pulled the top off the box and gaped at the contents in surprise. He reached in and pulled out black leather pants, two tight knit long-sleeve sweaters, and matching boots. He quirked an eyebrow at his sister in question as he held up the items.

“I think it’s past time you step up your wardrobe choices Max!” Isabel told him archly, “And Liz mentioned that she might like to see you in leather!” She couldn’t resist teasing him. Liz flushed red and tried to look innocent when Max turned to see her reaction to Isabel’s statement.

“What? I think you’d look good in leather,” Liz defended herself, before bursting out laughing. Max just shook his head and laughed with them. He’d never really thought of himself as a trend-setting, leather wearing, hip kinda guy, but hey, if Liz wanted to see him in leather, he’d make sure he gave her a good long look.

“And now for Phillip’s and my gift to you Max!” Diane moved forward and placed an envelope into his hands. She stepped back and stood by her husband as Max turned the plain white envelope curiously in his hands.

Opening it up his jaw dropped as he realized what it contained.

“Mom?” He questioned her in wonder, wanting to confirm what he thought he was looking at.

“Yes,” she affirmed with a smile. “Spring break is coming, so we want to send you and Liz on a week long honeymoon to Mexico.”

Max looked at the airline tickets and hotel reservation confirmations and whooped out loud, standing to swing Liz around. Wow! It would be so great to just get away from everything and just…be. And to have Liz all to himself for an entire week! He felt like he’d hit the jackpot!

Liz laughed and hugged him back. He set her down at last and moved to hug his mother and father, thanking them profusely. He thanked all of his friends and turned at last to Nancy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything. I didn’t know…” she started.

Max halted her apology with a huge smile, “You gave us the best present we could ask for. Liz needed to know that you would support her decision to be with me, and I can’t thank you enough for easing her mind and understanding our choice. Thank you!” He hugged her hard before he was swept away by his friends back into the living room where the music was already playing too loud and all the kids were dancing and talking animatedly.

Diane steered Nancy back into the kitchen after Phillip went to check his messages in the office and they sat down with a cup of coffee.

“What changed your mind?” Diane asked curiously.

Nancy blew on her cup of coffee before answering. “Actually you changed my mind,” she finally confessed. “When you told me that we couldn’t change what had happened and that you wanted to be there for your child to support him. It made me think about what would happen if we were just stubborn and pushed her away. I can’t stand the thought of losing my daughter and I would rather support her through all of her decisions so that she knows if she’s ever in over her head that I will always be there for her.”

Diane nodded approvingly and started another topic of conversation.

Max and Liz were having the time of their lives in the living room. Alex had put together a killer dance mix and they’d all been having a great time in the living room.
All the furniture had been moved to the sides of the room, leaving a large dance area in the middle. Even Michael was pulled into the spirit of the day as he reluctantly allowed Maria to coerce him into yet another dance. Secretly he enjoyed the physical closeness that the music and their moves allowed them.

Max and Liz were practically dirty dancing, their hips gyrating together, Liz’s legs straddling one of his leather clad ones. They had made him try on his new clothes and Liz’s breath had caught in her throat at the sight. He had been self-conscious at first, but now he could feel how turned on Liz was by the sight of him and he had learned to enjoy it. Max’s hands supported her at the waist as the music beat surrounded them and Liz arched back in a sexy move that made him groan. Pulling her back up he kissed her passionately before pulling back at the chorus of “Get a room!” and “Can’t you keep your hands off her?” He grinned at Liz and wiped the sweat off his brow. They continued dancing through three more songs and finally a ballad came on.

Alex looked around for Isabel. He’d put the ballad in there hoping for a chance to dance with her. His smile dimmed slightly as he watched Isabel talking softly with Kyle before taking his hand and leading him out to the middle of the dance floor. He turned away and began to fiddle with the sound system, hoping that he’d misinterpreted the look in Isabel’s eyes.

“Are you okay?” Isabel asked Kyle solicitously as she pulled him into the dance.

Kyle gave her an odd look, surprised that she would care, before nodding affirmatively. “Yeah. I think that I’ll be all right. A lot has happened in the last year for me and I can’t say that all of it was bad. I’m just trying to find a balance, you know?”

Isabel nodded before laying her cheek beside his and swaying to the music. “I think I really do,” she whispered softly.

Liz melted into Max’s arms and sighed in contentment. This had been a great day and she was really glad that Max could have a good birthday. She shifted, slightly uncomfortable at the heat their proximity generated. “It’s getting really hot in here,” she finally told him, wiping at her hairline. “Let’s go get something to drink.” Max nodded, feeling the same way and took her hand to lead her into the kitchen.

They spoke with Diane and Nancy while they got iced sodas. Liz took an ice cube and sucked on it to cool down. Diane’s eyes narrowed as she took in their flushed countenances and she opened her mouth to speak.

Nancy beat her to it as she rose and place a concerned hand on Liz’s forehead. “Honey, are you coming down with something? You’re burning up!” Liz backed up a slow step and looked in panic at Max’s equally stunned expression.

“Um, no Mom!” Liz tried to think quickly. “We’ve just been dancing really hard. I feel fine. Um, Max? Could I see you for a second?” Liz started to back out of the room just as Michael burst in, looking a little glassy eyed himself.

Michael took in their audience and tempered his speech, “Don’t you guys have that thing you were supposed to do today?” he asked them urgently.

Max and Liz nodded vigorously. “Yeah! Thanks Michael!” Max turned to the parents. “We’ve got to go, uh, do a thing,” he was backing Liz out of the room with him. “So we’ll, uh, see you later okay?” The door banged closed behind them.

Nancy shook her head at the hasty retreat of the children.

“What kind of thing could they have to be doing in the middle of his birthday party?” she asked curiously.

Diane and Michael stared at each other and burst out laughing, further confusing poor Nancy.


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Part 50

“A thing?,” Liz groaned, her hand covering her eyes. “Could you guys maybe get a better code word or something? How embarrassing! A thing!.” Her voice dipped low on the last word.

Max toyed with a strand of her silky hair and he nibbled on her neck, smiling when she squirmed at the ticklish contact. “It was short notice! I’m sure Michael’s gonna have something to say about it though. I feel bad that we didn’t realize that it was happening sooner. We shouldn’t have to bother Michael like that.”

Liz nodded, concern in her eyes. “We just need to make sure that we…take care of things before it creates a problem,” she kissed his lips softly.

“I’m all over it!” Max quipped, rolling on top of her on the bed and deepening the kiss. Liz moaned and wriggled under him, causing the expected reaction.

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

“Ignore that,” Max groaned out, grinding his hips into hers. Liz nodded and let her hands wander over his back to settle on his butt, massaging firmly.

“Let me in Max! We have to talk!” Michael bellowed from outside their front door.

“No!” Max whispered, rolling to the side. Liz put both hands over her face again.

“I’ll get it,” she got up and put on her robe.

“I know you’re done! Now open this door!” Michael pitched his voice to travel through the apartment.

“We’re coming Michael! Keep your pants on!” Max ground out, throwing his legs over the side of the bed.

Michael shifted from foot to foot outside the door and rolled his eyes. “I’ll bet you’re coming! Keep my pants on? Keep my pants on?” he muttered under his breath.

Liz leaned back into the bedroom on her way to answer the door. “Put the leather pants back on!” she requested softly with a wink before sailing away to get the door. Max rolled his eyes, but reached for the pants, willing certain body parts to become less prominent.

Liz stopped at the door, taking a deep breath for patience before she threw it open and waved Michael in. “Be our guest Michael. So glad you dropped by,” her tone dripped sarcasm.

“Thank you. I will,” Michael strode into the living room and paced around waiting for Max.

Liz watched him prowling around the small space and her brow furrowed in concern. “Are you okay Michael,” Liz asked, halting his pacing with a hand on his arm.

Michael looked down and saw the worry in her expression. It made him uncomfortable. He stepped back from her, trying to regain his autonomy. Needing the space. “I’m fine Liz. I really need to talk to Max though,” he finally responded.

“I’ll go downstairs then,” Liz nodded, correctly reading his unspoken need for guy time with Max.

She passed Max on her way back into the bedroom to put on more clothes and stopped him with a soft hand on his chest. “Be gentle with him,” she requested. “None of this is his fault.”

Max nodded, wondering what he had missed. Michael turned to face him, his hands embedded in his already disordered hair. He dropped his arms to his sides and just stared at Max, waiting for his friend to make the first move.

Max motioned for Michael to sit down, taking a seat himself on the chair across from the couch. Michael moved to sit, hands moving restlessly, eyes darting to the bedroom door and down to the floor.

Liz emerged into a room filled with tense silence. She kissed Max gently on the lips and crossed over to place a small kiss on Michael’s forehead. He stared at her in surprise at her gesture and she quietly left them alone to talk.

“What is it Michael?” Max finally asked, realizing that Michael would remain silent for the rest of the night if he didn’t say something first.

Michael’s eyes jerked up to meet Max’s and he stood up again suddenly. Max watched him pacing agitatedly around the room and felt worry blossoming in his heart. His body tensed up, muscle by muscle until he couldn’t take it anymore. Standing quickly, he halted Michael’s restless movements by taking Michael’s shoulders into his hands.

“What is it Michael?” Max asked again with more intensity, shaking Michael slightly in his urgency.

Michael pushed Max away from him with no real force and shook his head.

“This had got to stop Max,” he finally gritted out between clenched teeth.

“What?” Max answered in confusion.

This!,” Michael hissed, pointing at the bedroom and raking his hands through his hair again.

Max looked uncomfortable. “Michael, there’s nothing we can do ab…”

“Don’t you think I know that Max?” Michael interrupted rudely. “But this can’t go on like this! I want…I need my life back! This thing that happened tonight can’t happen again.”

“We know that Michael. Liz and I already talked about it. It’s not fair to you. We’ll take care of it,” Max told him, wanting to erase the misery he saw in Michael’s eyes.

“What’s this really about Michael?” Max asked perceptively, wanting to get it all out tonight.

Michael darted a glance back up at Max and sat back again on the couch abruptly as if his legs would no longer hold him. He scrubbed his face with his hands before resting his chin on them and peering up sideways at Max.

“How do you do it Maxwell?”

Max looked confused. “Do what?”

It! This whole relationship thing! How do you do that? How do you give yourself to someone so completely that it’s like you’re one person?”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise. He had no idea where this was coming from, but it was obviously important to Michael. He moved to sit beside him, considering his words carefully.

“I think I’ve always known that Liz was the one for me. Something inside of me has always reached out for her, whether I wanted it to or not,” Max sighed, thinking of the time after he had misinterpreted what he had seen in Liz’s bedroom when Kyle had pretended to have slept with her. He’d tried so hard to stop feeling anything for Liz then, but it hadn’t worked like he’d wanted it to. Thank God! “When we both finally realized that we were meant to be together it was like nothing could stop us. There was no more holding back. Physically. Mentally. Everything. We couldn’t it stop anymore.”

“But how do you do that?” Michael asked in anguish.

“It was Liz,” Max answered simply, and Michael sighed as he sat back, knowing that really was the answer to everything for Max.

“Why are you asking me this now Michael?”

Michael wiped his suddenly damp palms on his jeans-clad thighs. His eyes darted around the room before settling back on Max.

“Maria,” he breathed out. “I want her. I do. But I’m just so mixed up right now. Everything that I’m feeling. Everything that I’m thinking right now is so screwed up. I don’t know if it’s real or only a result of what’s happening between you and Liz,” Michael’s eyes begged for understanding, and Max did. He got it at last. Michael was in torment because of what was happening to all of them.

“I’m so sorry Michael. We won’t let it happen like that again. It’s just so new, we’re still figuring it out, but we’ll do better. I promise,” Max vowed.

Michael shook his head. “I don’t know anymore Max. I don’t know how to handle all that I’m feeling all of a sudden. Before, it was easy. Stay detached. Don’t get too close. I mean, I knew that we’d be called away one day and it made sense to be distanced. Now. Now everything’s changed. We’re staying here Maxwell. Do you know what that means to a guy like me?”

Max watched him in sympathy, not knowing what to say, and maybe listening was the best thing right now anyway.

“It means that I’m screwed,” Michael continued. “I’ve let myself feel these things for Maria that I never thought I could. I don’t know how to deal with that. And now that I’m going into heat with you and Liz, it’s like I can’t even tell if I really want Maria for herself, or if I’m just acting off the hormones that’ve been raging through me lately. It’s not fair to her if that’s all it is, but what if it isn’t just hormones? How do I figure this out?” Michael asked plaintively.

“Did you and Maria ever…do anything…before all this started?” Max asked tentatively, hoping he wasn’t overstepping his bounds.

“We did some stuff,” Michael responded, not looking Max in the eyes. “We always stopped though. I didn’t think it was right to give her false hope that I’d be here for her, and she’s not the kinda girl who’d give herself to someone who wasn’t committed to her one hundred percent. And she deserves that,” he added fiercely. “She needs someone who’ll be there for her and love her and appreciate her and…and…”

Max listened to the words Michael spoke and saw the determined set of his jaw, the hungry glint in his eye while he watched him speaking of Maria. A slow smile spread across his face. Michael was in love.

“What? What’s funny about this?” Michael demanded hotly, resenting the smile residing on his friends face.

“Nothing,” Max responded, grin spreading wider, “You’re in love Michael. And it’s all you. Can you hear yourself when you talk about Maria? It’s like she’s the most precious thing in your life. The way you say her name. The way you care enough about her to hold yourself back so you don’t hurt her with a wrong decision. The fact that you’re spilling your guts to me tonight. That all screams to me that You. Are. In. Love!

The expression on Michael’s face would have been comical if the moment wasn’t so charged. His mouth opened and closed with a click, biting back what he was about to say. He stared at his friend; hope shining in his eyes.

“You can see that?” he asked at last.

“Yeah. It’s there Michael. You just need to reach out and take it,” Max reassured him.

“I…I know that I love her. I just really don’t want to hurt her, you know? I want to make sure that it’s not all because of the ‘heat’. She deserves better than the frustrated gropings of some guy who can’t tell if he wants her for her or because of…you know,” Michael was strangely not embarrassed any more. A curious relief was spreading through his body. Maybe everything would be all right now. Maybe he had been worrying for nothing. Maybe it was time to see how Maria felt about all this.

Michael stood to go. “I’m gonna go downstairs and talk to Maria,” he stated suddenly, nervously drying his palms on his jeans again.

Max watched him walk out the door, shaking his head. “Good luck Michael. You deserve it,” he said quietly into the empty room.


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Part 51

“You’re still here,” Liz said with a smile as she walked into the living room and found Maria sitting on the couch that was still pushed up against the wall.

Maria pulled her hair back and glanced up at Liz before speaking. “Yeah, well, I just wanted to make sure that Michael’s alright before I head out. He seemed pretty pissed when he ran out of here,” she paused before finishing tentatively, “I hope he didn’t, uh, interrupt anything?” Her fingers played with the fringe on a throw pillow.

Liz laughed. “Nothing major,” she laughed. “If we’d been in the middle of the heat thing then we wouldn’t have been able to answer the door!” she giggled.

Maria relaxed back against the sofa, smiling with her friend.

“What does that feel like?” she sighed wistfully.

“Maria!” Liz gasped out.

“No! No, no, no!” she tilted her head thoughtfully for a moment, “Well yes actually, that too. But what I meant was, how does it feel to have someone who is so totally in love, so focused on you that the rest of the world just goes away?” She leaned forward, eager for Liz’s response.

Liz watched the emotions flitter across Maria’s face and wanted nothing more than to help her. Walking over she quickly enfolded her in a comforting hug and snuggled in beside her. “It’s incredible,” she began, knowing Maria wanted to know. Needed to know. “It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. When we’re together we’re so filled up with each other that nothing else can get in. I know what he’s feeling because there are no walls between us. The same goes for Max. We’re connected,” Liz paused to playfully swat at Maria who was now chortling over the connected part of the story. “Grow up Maria!” Liz laughed.

“I’m trying!” Maria groaned, “but Michael keeps pushing me away. It’s so confusing. I don’t really know what I want anymore. And it’s hard not knowing if Michael even wants me anymore. I mean he loves me. I know he does. And I love him too, but it’s weird right now with everything that’s been happening it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s only in my head. I want him. I think.” Maria covered her face with her hands and Liz hugged her tighter.

“You love him, right?”

“Yeah,” reluctantly, from behind her fingers.

“He loves you, right?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Maria peeked out at Liz.

Liz pulled Maria’s hands down to look her in the eyes. “I know what’s happening between Max, Michael, and me is really hard on everyone right now. I’m so sorry about that. Max and I will work it out so that Michael won’t be affected. We’ll be together morning, noon, and night if we have to!” she declared with a grin.

“Hardship, huh?” Maria smirked.

Liz tilted an eyebrow and said archly. “Anything for the cause!”

Maria smacked Liz’s arm. “You’re such a goofball! I can’t believe you’re married and going to be a mom!”

Liz sobered, her hand drifting down to her stomach. Her gaze turned inward as she sought a connection with the baby and smiled at the small light inside her.

“I am,” she softly voiced. “I’m going to be a mom.” She focused back on Maria, clutching her for support. “I have no idea what I’m going to do! I’m really scared that I’m going to screw up here. I mean, am I really ready for this? I feel like a kid right now, not knowing how to do things right. It’s scary.”

Maria’s eyes softened in sympathy and she turned to hug Liz. “You’ll be a great mom!” she asserted with confidence. “You’re great at everything you do and you’ll have lot’s of support from friends and family. There’s no way that you can go wrong with Max by your side and love in your heart for that little baby in there. Anything new and different is scary at first, but you just have to forge past that and let your love guide you. It’s gotten you this far hasn’t it?”

Liz nodded, tears drying on her cheeks. Love had gotten her this far and she really did feel happier now, more complete, than at any time in her past. She was allowed to be scared. Enough weird stuff had happened lately to warrant it, but she knew that with Max beside her and friends like Maria, it would be okay.

“Thanks Maria,” she said as she swallowed back her tears.

“Anytime babe,” Maria thought the moment could use a little levity. “So tell me all the good stuff,” she leered, rubbing her hands together briskly.

“Maria! Do you actually want to know this stuff?” Liz could tell Maria was seriously curious.

Maria nodded eagerly. “Spill it babe! I’m serious. How else am I gonna know what it’d be like with Michael? I mean, if it ever happens. Which I’m not saying it will. Or won’t. Or…whatever,” Maria finished, not liking the direction of her thoughts.

“Michael wants you Maria,” Liz informed her.

“How do you know? How do you know that it’s me he wants? It could just be those heat thingy’s and have nothing to actually do with me,” Maria moaned.

“Oh Maria! I do know that it’s you he wants. The heat thing just makes it more confusing for him. And you, obviously.”

“How do you know Liz?”

“I…it’s…when Max was missing and it looked like he wasn’t coming back,” Liz paused to take a breath and choke back her emotion so she could continue, “when it looked like Michael would have to uh…make a donation…I…he…we made a connection. Not on purpose, but I think the urge to protect me and the baby was too strong to be denied and that was the only way he could reach out without betraying what he feels for you. I saw inside of him the conflict that he was having. I don’t know if you can truly understand how strong the urge to be together was. It was something that both of us felt, not in a sexual kind of ‘I want you’ way, but in a ‘I know I can stop the pain and heal you’ way,” Liz stopped at the hurt look in Maria’s eyes and rubbed her shoulders. “Michael did not ask for this. What I’m trying to say is that even with all that going on I could feel how much he cares about you. He loves you and he only wants to be with you. It’s why he’s so conflicted right now. He doesn’t want to hurt you or drag you into all this…this mess that we’re all tangled in right now. What I’m trying to say is that he loves you and only you and he’s just trying not to hurt you right now.”

“You saw all that?”

“Yes,” Liz made sure Maria was looking at her and could see how serious she was. Maria nodded, tears in her eyes.

“I wish he could open up like that to me. I really just want to…”

“Maria?” Michael stood in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot. “Can we go someplace and talk for awhile? About us?”

Maria watched him nervously fidgeting in the doorway and wiped her suddenly damp palms over her skirt before standing.

“Sure Michael. You’re place?”

Michael nodded and tentatively reached out for her hand. Maria took his hand and glanced back at her friend mouthing ‘thank you’, before walking out of the house with Michael.

Liz sat in the living room lost in thought for several moments before she felt Max approaching. He appeared in the doorway, leaning casually against the frame, clad in black leather pants and a form-fitting black sweater. Liz’s pupils dilated and she licked her lips unconsciously in anticipation of the mood Max was in.

Max couldn’t take his eyes off of Liz and he closed the distance between them swiftly. He sank down onto the couch in front of her and they leaned together to share a sweet kiss.

“Maria and Michael gone?” Max breathed out, his hands wandering over her silken hair and down her back. Liz nodded, not wanting to break the kiss, her mouth exploring his eagerly. Hot tongues met and rubbed each other and smoothed over hard teeth. Liz suddenly sucked Max’s tongue into her mouth pulling strongly and both felt the hot surge of desire sharpening in the room. Max leaned over Liz and she sank back against the sofa, loving the heavy weight of her lover pressing her into the cushions.

Max’s hand traced down the side of her face tenderly, brushed down the sensitive curve of her neck and down over her shoulder. He continued his journey until his hand slipped under her shirt, meeting tender skin that shivered with anticipation and excitement. His fingers traced slow circles that led in a path toward her straining breast. He gasped into her mouth when he discovered that she had not donned a bra when she had hastily dressed to allow him and Michael time alone to talk. His warm hand enveloped the smooth skin there and massaged until Liz’s short panting breaths accelerated into small moans of desire. He teased her hard nipple with his fingers, pinching gently and rolling them in small circles. Liz’s back arched off the couch in a bid for more.

“Lets get the living room back in order first,” Diane’s voice could be heard drifting closer from the hallway.

Max and Liz looked up simultaneously, expressions of shocked surprise covering their features. Max stood swiftly, holding out his hand for Liz and they silently made their way back up to their apartment, slamming the door closed behind them.

Max moved forward abruptly, backing Liz into the door and took her mouth again in a hungry kiss. His hands moved down over her body to tug at the hem of her shirt. He pulled it up swiftly, breaking the kiss only long enough to sweep the shirt over her head. His hands roamed down to cover her breasts again and he kissed his way down her chest to nibble on her stiff nipples. Liz gasped and held his head close to her body and shock waves of ecstasy coursed through her. Her head rolled back against the door and her hips began to move rhythmically, bumping into his body lightly.

Max groaned and stood straight again, pulling his sweater over his head, left standing in only tight black leather. Liz’s couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Didn’t want to. His chest heaved and glistened with a light sheen of sweat and the leather bulged out in front of him trying vainly to contain the evidence of his excitement. Her hands moved of their own free will to carefully unbutton his pants and slowly draw down the zipper. His erection sprang free as she pulled them over his hips and lowered them down his legs. She knelt in front of him as she removed them from his body and glanced up to meet his eyes as she licked her lips before covering him with her mouth, massaging the defined muscles that were straining in his thighs.

Max moaned out loud as his fingers tangled in her hair. Liz alternated between light licks and sucks, to strong pulls and swirling tongue. She loved the taste of him, the feel of his excitement hot in her mouth. Max’s hips began to move against her mouth and she increased her suction. And then Max was emitting a low growling noise and Liz knew he was close. Suddenly he reached down and picked her up under the arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist automatically as his mouth claimed hers harshly and he leaned her back against the door again. He held her with one hand supporting her bottom as his other hand directed his aching erection to her. Liz hissed in a strangled gasp as he plunged into her in one swift long stroke. Her body burned with need and her hips slapped urgently against his with each plunge. Max wrapped one hand around her waist and the other over her shoulders, leaning her back to gain access to her sweet breasts. Liz cried out in need as his mouth did amazing things to her body. She writhed and twisted in his arms, her body searching for release. She peaked suddenly and went stiff and still for a long, drawn out moment in time as Max sucked her hardened nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. His body continued the motion as her juices flooded over him and he sought to drive her crazy again.

“Max oh! Max!” Liz’s voice was husky and low, driving Max to the brink with the sexy quality it contained. His breath accelerated until it was coming out in harsh gasps and he sucked on her neck, moving around to her sensitive earlobe. Their bodies ground together, much like in their dancing downstairs earlier, but now with the promise of completion.

“I love you. I love you so much,” Max gritted out, trying to hold out for Liz once more as his body begged for gratification. His strokes became longer, harder, forcing Liz’s body to reach a fever pitch of intense feeling. She slammed herself down against him and screamed as her body rocked with the wave of another intense release. Max growled lowly and thrust several more times against her slick skin before shuddering and leaning into her against the door.

Only the sound of harsh breathing filled the room for several moments before Max pulled back and gathered Liz into his arms. She needed to rest and he would make sure she didn’t leave the bed until morning.

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Part 52

Michael is nervous. That thought was oddly comforting to Maria as she watched him pace back and forth in front of her where she sat on his couch. A part of her actually wanted to reach out and reassure him that everything was going to be okay, but another more perverse part of her made her sit back and make him come to her for once. It was hard, watching his discomfort while she made herself do nothing. She folded her arms across her body and gritted her teeth. She would not make this any easier for him. He was the one who wanted to talk. He was the one who decided if they were dating or not dating this week. This whole damn year.

Michael stopped at the motion of her arms crossing protectively over her chest. As if it were a signal, a symbol that she needed to protect herself from him. His jaw hurt he was clenching it so hard. I did that to her, he thought, angry at himself once again.

“What’s this about Michael?” Maria could have bitten her tongue off. Just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“About? It’s about…us,” he thought she knew that. “It’s about what we mean to each other and what’s been happening lately. It’s about being closer and letting each other in. It’s about having someone to hold and knowing you want to be there for each other. It’s about everything.” Michael finished his speech kneeling in front of Maria on the couch. He raised a shaky hand to her cheek and used his thumb to wipe away a surprising tear. Maybe he hadn’t driven her away yet.

“Oh Michael,” Maria sobbed, throwing her arms around his neck. Michael automatically stiffened at the sudden physical contact. He was more used to holding himself aloof, apart. But this was Maria and he reminded himself harshly that he didn’t have to hold back anymore. He was allowed to form a personal connection with someone that was just for him. His arms crept around her and held on tight, feeling freer that he had in a long time. Free to be himself, free to express himself, free to love…

Michael stroked back her hair and pulled back to look into her beautiful damp eyes. He pressed a sweet kiss over each one and moved to sit behind her, pulling her into the V of his thighs. His hands stroked down her arms and clenched together over her stomach.

“I’ve been a jerk,” he stated into the silence. His hands bumped up and down on her stomach as her laughter rocked her body. She obviously hadn’t expected to hear it. And by the lack of an instant denial, she obviously agreed.

“There’s been so much happening. It’s made me really think about things. About what I really feel and what’s been planted in me. I don’t want you to ever have to doubt that what I feel for you is real. I want you to know when I’m touching you that you are the only one on my mind. Does that make sense?”

Maria nodded her head against his chest and felt his sigh of relief against her ear. “It’s not your fault. What happened to make you feel the way you do about Liz, I mean,” she offered, echoing what Liz had told her earlier.

Another long sigh. “I know. But it’s still part of the problem. I don’t want her,” he said fiercely, willing her to know that it was the truth. He sat up straighter and turned her around. They arranged themselves so they were facing each other, cross-legged. He needed to see her face for the next part. The hardest part.

“I’m glad they made the connection though,” he started, watching the surprise and hurt cross over her lovely features. He took her hands in his, needing her to understand. Her hands were limp and cold. “I’m glad because, as much as I hate what it’s doing to us, they need someone to be there for them. That baby is going to do what I’ve spent my whole life thinking was going to be my job. Our lives are insane, intense, out of control sometimes and that baby is going to need every chance he’s got to get born healthy and well. If something happened to Max…” he choked for a second on that grim thought, “if something happened to him, that baby will live. And Liz will live. Because of something I can do. I’m just glad that if it comes down to it I won’t have to just sit by and do nothing,” one hand raked over his messy hair, “I’ve never been good at sitting back while life turns to crap all around me.” Michael smiled when Maria let out a small chuckle at that one.

“With the turkey baster, of course!” Maria couldn’t help herself.

A dull flush settled over one more time as the memories of the embarrassment he had already suffered over that damn turkey baster. But Maria was smiling, so he nodded, “Of course with the turkey baster. I don’t want her that way. {I]You are the only person I’ve ever wanted to share that with.” He placed her hand over his heart, holding it warmly against his body. “You are the one that I love,” he whispered, meeting her eyes, still unsure of his reception.

“Oh Michael,” she sighed, “When did our lives get so complicated?”

Michael remembered to exhale. Not rejection yet. Not quite. He thought of anything he could say to reassure her, “I talked to Max. They’re gonna have sex like bunnies so that it won’t happen to me again. You gotta know that it’s hell for me, knowing what it’s doing to you. I hated seeing you like that when Max was missing for so long…”

“Shhhh…Michael, it’s okay,” Maria cupped his face in her hand and leaned in to touch her lips softly to his, effectively stilling his speech. “I know that it was out of your control, and I felt bad knowing that you couldn’t escape it. It just seemed so unfair. And when you said you were connected to Liz when she…when they were doing…that…I just felt really bad about the whole situation. Why should you have to experience that and not have anything for yourself?”

Michael lowered his head into his hand. Heat suffused his face and he was pretty sure that he was going to turn a permanent shade of red. “Maria,” he groaned. “That’s not what this is about. When we connected it was self-preservation, for both of us. We were trying to ease the situation without betraying anyone. It was…it was like…” Michael turned and placed one hand on either side of Maria’s head, asking permission with his eyes. Maria stared at him for a brief moment before nodding her agreement. This was what she had wanted, after all, a connection with Michael. An understanding of what was going on with him.

Their eyes locked and Maria was sucked in.

So hot. When would this end? How would this end? Michael wiped his brow one more time but his eyes remained locked on Liz. She looked like she was in pain. She was writhing on the bed, clutching her stomach. Was the baby in trouble? How much longer could she take this? He had to know. Liz’s miserable eyes opened and met his across the room. He leaned forward and desperately ached to know what was happening inside her. The pull to just give in and just…just…end all this misery was nearly overwhelming. His thoughts screeched to a halt on Maria. He wouldn’t betray her like that. He could make it awhile longer. He looked at Liz again. Could she make it awhile longer? He had to know. He reached out tentatively, his mind searching, questing out to make that connection that would let him know if she was okay. Liz seemed to understand and her end of the connection snapped in with his.

Michael gasped and reeled back with the shock of what he was feeling. Pain. Agony. Desperate fear for the child nestled in her body. Terror at the thought of what had happened to Max out there. Guilt at the thought that she was the reason he was out there today. If she had managed to stay away from Max at least she would know that he was alive right now. Michael fought back against that.

‘Tess would have killed him eventually. He’s coming back. He has to,’ he reassured her as best he could, wishing he wasn’t always so crappy when it came to expressing himself in words.

‘He has to,’ she echoed weakly, taking strange comfort from Michael’s reassurance. She didn’t think he would know that any better than her, but just someone else saying it, and meaning it.

They stayed locked in the connection, Michael trying to ease her discomfort as best he could, attempting to take on her pain. He knew that it wasn’t enough. Only one thing would be enough. But that wasn’t an option, not yet. Not until they knew for sure that it couldn’t go on any longer.

Michael sat back with a gasping breath. Reliving that time in his life was far from comfortable. He hadn’t wanted to do it the first time, let alone open himself up to that again. He blinked his eyes clear of the visions and dropped his hands to Maria’s in her lap. She clutched them tightly, closing her eyes against what she had seen. She had known that he had been doing what he could to help. She hadn’t realized the desperate measures he had taken to aid his friends.

“I love you,” she whispered, her voice husky with emotion. Michael’s eyes closed and he savored the moment. She had chosen him. She still wanted him. After everything he had shown her. She had felt the guilty surge of desire that had risen up in him. She had known his conflict between duty and self. She was choosing him!

“Maria,” he whispered reverently like a prayer. He pulled her close and slowly met her soft lips with his. She felt the slight burn of his five o’clock shadow against her cheek and craved more. She angled her head and deepened the kiss, licking her tongue out to seek permission to enter. Michael groaned into the heat of her mouth and opened his lips to accept her. Heat met heat and the kiss increased in intensity. Michael leaned back and Maria sprawled out on top of him, feeling the evidence of his desire for her. For her. Her hips bumped into him lightly, causing him to groan and gasp at the teasing contact. His hands covered her hips and he began rocking himself up into her. Maria gasped at the new sensations coursing through her. Desire was spiraling out of control and she found that she didn’t mind that. Not one bit.

She used her hands to lean over him and pull his shirt up, moving down to use her mouth on his newly bared skin. Michael arched up into the new sensations. Her hot lips warmed his skin and sent goose bumps trailing over his body. He shivered at the intensity. Her mouth moved lower over his stomach until she reached the barrier of his jeans and she glanced up at him briefly before moving her hands to the button to release his straining erection.

Michael couldn’t believe this was happening so fast. He’d thought he’d have to beg, make promises; had been prepared and happy to do so. Maria was incredible though. Amazing. His hips arched once again as he felt the button pop open. For the first time he felt Maria pause. She seemed tentative, unsure. Michael reached down and pulled her up so her lips met his again. The kiss was hot. Long. Fantastic.

Gasping he pulled back, knowing they had connected once again. Silent communication passed between them and with a reluctant sigh Maria rolled to the side.

“I hate it when you’re right,” she grumbled against his chest.

“Me too,” Michael said, meaning it.

It was too soon. It should be perfect. They needed time. Time to bond, time to be a couple. Time to know that it was right and good with no regrets, only promises of forever.

They could wait. They just had to learn to practice patience.

Patience sucked. Or not.


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Note: I sincerely hope that none of you were affected by the recent world events. I couldn’t write yesterday, it just seemed like all I could do was watch the news and pray. Today however, I thought I’d take a refuge in my favorite couple and escape for awhile. Please enjoy, and BTW NC17.

Part 53

“Don’t forget this,” Maria smiled slyly as she handed Liz a bottle of cinnamon flavored massage oil to include with the items already in her suitcase.

Liz blushed prettily, wondering why she bothered to blush anymore now that everyone and their brother knew about her active sex life. She sighed and nestled the small bottle between the lacy underwear and the silk nightie set she had received in a surprise wedding shower that night from the ladies. Max was away at his own surprise party, and Liz was hoping he would be home soon. He still needed to pack for their trip in the morning.

“How’d your talk go with Michael last night?” Liz asked curiously, sitting down on the bed beside her friend. It was the first chance they’d had to talk alone since ‘the discussion’ and Liz wanted to make sure they had resolved their differences.

Maria collapsed back onto the bed and blew out a frustrated breath. “We decided to wait,” she told Liz with obvious reluctance in her tone.

“Wait? You mean wait to have sex?” Liz hadn’t really thought that sex was an issue yet between them. She knew that they loved each other, but was inordinately relieved that they’d decided to hold back.

Maria nodded, her face covered by her hand. She rolled to face Liz, propped up on one elbow. “We’ve decided to take it one step at a time. Do you think he finds me unattractive? Cuz I totally threw myself at him and he made us stop,” a faint worry line appeared between her brows.

“Maria! You know he finds you attractive, and I think it says a lot for Michael that he held back like that even though you wanted more. I have to say though, that I’m kinda glad you waited. Max and I didn’t and now I’m pregnant. Are you ready to handle that kind of responsibility if you know you can avoid it?” Liz watched Maria’s face carefully to gauge her reaction.

“Uhgg! No! That’s the thing. I know it was the right decision to wait, but I’ve got all these hormones raging through me right now that I just want to throw Michael on the floor and jump him sometimes, you know?” Maria looked so desperately serious that Liz tried to hold back the laugh that was bubbling up inside her at the image Maria had presented.

Her eyes danced with mirth and she covered her mouth with her hand, but the laugh came out anyway. “Nope, I cannot understand why anyone would want to jump Michael!” she laughed out.

Maria grabbed the nearest pillow and started swinging. Liz was doubled over in laughter and it hampered her escape. Maria got in a series of good blows before Liz could duck for cover and grab another pillow. They chased each other around the room, landing blow after blow until they both collapsed, panting, on the bed. Maria smiled over at Liz. “I’ll miss you when you’re gone,” she said on a sigh.

“It’s only a week, but I know what you mean. I’ll miss you too,” Liz rolled over and gave her a hug.

They lay quietly side-by-side for a few moments. “Do you really think I’d get pregnant like you? I mean, I thought that was specially coded for you and Max because of the prophecy or something.”

“I don’t know Maria. It’s something everyone should think about though. Accidents happen, and I don’t want to see you pregnant before it’s your decision, you know?”

“I know. It’s just so hard!” Maria rolled her eyes as Liz started laughing again. She wasn’t acting like a pregnant married lady tonight, she was acting like they were still in junior high, and it lifted Maria’s spirits to witness it. She half-heartedly whacked her with the pillow one more time. “Waiting is hard you child! I didn’t realize that I would ever feel this way.”

Liz straightened out her expression and tried to be more serious. She knew what Maria was going through. It had taken her and Max a long time to work through their relationship issues and get to where they were now. “I know what you mean. I remember wanting Max so bad some nights while we were apart that I actually ached with it and couldn’t go to sleep.”

“And now? What’s it like for you now?” Maria stared at Liz, intent on absorbing every word.

“It’s great Maria. You know that,” Liz answered evasively.

“Wow! I am totally in awe of the way you just paint a picture with words like that. The details are so startlingly real in my mind that I can just see…” Maria was interrupted by a pillow smacked into her face.

“Fine! I get it!” Liz laughed. “I can’t even describe it. When we make love, we are so connected on every level that I can’t tell us apart. His pleasure is my pleasure and vice-versa. He knows exactly where to touch me, exactly what to do to my body to make me scream, and I do the same for him. It’s powerful, or empowering if you think about it. He is mine and I am his and there’s no doubt. Total trust. It’s calming and soothing and crazy all at the same time. It’s addictive. Instinctive. Primal because it is the deepest part of us that seems to recognize each other,” Liz paused for breath, noting the glazed expression on Maria’s face. “Does that make any sense at all?”

“Yes! But now I want him even more! I want that kind of a connection. I want to feel his every thought and fulfill his every fantasy. Does that make me crazy?”

“No, that makes you in love,” Liz answered decisively, getting up to resume packing. She checked her watch. Max would be back soon. They had a feeding to attend to within the next hour.

“Loverboy due home soon?” Maria asked, noticing Liz checking the time.

Liz nodded, chewing her lip. All this talk about making love was making her warm. Not feverish, just pleasant anticipation.

“Well let’s finish this packing so that it’ll be out of the way when he does get here,” Maria heaved herself off the bed and randomly began opening drawers to see what was available. Rejecting and approving various garments before placing the final selections on the bed. “What’s the weather in Cancun this time of year?” she asked, knowing that Liz wouldn’t have been able to help herself from checking out all the details.

“The average high temperature during the day is in the low eighties. The lows get into the thirties sometimes overnight though,” Liz was scanning Maria’s selections and noted that everything she had chosen was either sheer or tiny. She thought for a moment before scooping it all into the suitcase. Sheer and tiny worked for her on her honeymoon. She carefully reserved the other half of the suitcase for Max, scooting her clothes to the side. She smiled when she carefully folded his leather pants and placed them in the bottom of the case. Wouldn’t want him to forget those!

Liz inhaled deeply, turning to the door. Max was on his way. It was weird how she could detect his cinnamon scent across the room now. A smile was already painting her face and Maria noticed her abrupt attention on the door. That was her cue.

“Well, that’s it I guess,” Maria hugged Liz warmly and stepped back to look into her happy face, “Have a great trip. See you in a week,” she backed up toward the door and Liz walked with her.

Max burst through the door, sensing Liz’s heightened awareness of him and crossed the room quickly to embrace her. He kissed her thoroughly in front of a bemused Maria before tearing himself away to smile at her. “Hi Maria,” he greeted warmly.

Maria just waved her hand and smiled, already headed out the door. “Bye Maria,” he waved back as she closed the door behind her. He turned back to his wife.

“You’ve been having sexy thoughts,” he murmured into her ear. “I could feel you heating up as we pulled into the driveway,” he placed small kisses over her cheeks and down to her ear, where he nibbled for a bit, causing a breathless moan. He licked at the sensitive spot behind her ear and was pleased by the small shiver that raced down her body.

“Mmhmm,” she answered. “Very sexy,” she sighed. “I was talking to Maria about how hot Michael is.”

Max pulled back abruptly. “Michael? What the…”

Liz laughed and pulled him back in. “You are so easy,” she purred, laughing lightly, nipping at his neck because it was all she could reach.

“Easy? I’ll show you easy,” Max pulled her into the bedroom and began stripping off his clothes until he was completely exposed. He lay flat out on the bed, legs slightly parted and arms held out to the side. He gave her a wicked grin. “Take me, I’m all yours,” his silky voice dripped sex.

Liz’s mouth had gone dry and her hands shook as she removed her own clothing. She crawled across the bed to him and paused to lick up his chest toward a dark nipple. His spicy scent was driving her crazy and she had a sudden inspiration. Backing off the bed quickly she rummaged in the suitcase and came back triumphantly with a bottle of massage oil in her hand.

Max’s eyes widened and then closed at the thought of the pleasure to come. Liz poured a generous amount of the cinnamon oil into her palm and warmed it between her hands. She slowly smoothed it over his bronze skin, enjoying the silky feel of him under the slick oil. Max moaned and arched up into her touch, reaching his hands around to embrace her.

“Uh uh, no hands. You’re all mine, remember? Now lay still, I’ve got a lot of work to do here,” Liz ran her hands down his chest, pausing before she touched his hardened member. Smoothing her hands back up she angled them over his arms, slicking the area and massaging deeply with her hands until Max groaned with the pleasure of it. She continued her sinuous motions until his upper body glistened in the dim light of the room. She moved down his body and started at his feet with more oil. She worked her way up his strong calves, over his knees, continuing her motions over his outer thighs. His legs were rock-hard under her touch as he alternately tensed and relaxed under her touch. She paused to drip more oil into her palm and moved to his inner thighs, enjoying the soft hiss of breath he was forced to take at the new touch. She worked her way up his thighs in small circular motions that did not miss an inch. A small sexy smile graced her mouth when Max began unconsciously bucking his hips forward, silently asking for more.

Max was on fire! His body burned with the contact of her strong sexy hands covering his body. He was not sure he could take much more of this sweet torment, but he wouldn’t ask her to stop for anything! He felt his hips moving under her hands and couldn’t stop himself. His erection strained against his stomach and he longed to just grab her and roll over and take her. Right here. Right now. His breath whistled through his clenched jaw as she finally, finally wrapped her freshly oiled fingers around his hardness. Max bucked his hips up into her hand, but Liz stopped his motion with a hand to his hip, holding him down. She took her time, slowly coating his heated skin, careful to leave no part untouched. Her hand trailed down and traced over his perineum, and finally cupped his silken sack in her hands, gently rolling them and coating them with the oil. Max’s back arched off the bed and he moaned her name loudly in a desperate plea.

Liz sat back on her heels and studied her handiwork. Max glowed with oiled highlights, defining every muscle, glinting in the soft light of the bedside lamp. She leaned over him and inhaled deeply. “I love that smell,” she whispered. Max raised his hands again and pulled her up his body. She slid against him easily and they shared a hungry kiss. She pulled away with an effort of will and regarded him with hooded eyes. “Did I mention that it was cinnamon flavored oil?” Liz grinned wickedly at Max’s shocked look and slid back down his body. She licked her lips, anticipating the feast before her. “I didn’t eat much at dinner. I’m positively starving!” She lowered her head and enveloped his hard length in one swift movement, using her tongue to roll over him and wash him free of the oil. She took him into her mouth as far as she could, loving the feel of his hands clenched into her hair and the panting acceleration of his breath as his body heaved under her hands. She carefully licked over the head, running her tongue around the rim. She slowly licked down to the base of his shaft and finally cleaned the oil from his hyper-sensitive balls.

“Liz, I’m going to…You have to…Now!” Max could no longer complete a coherent sentence.

Liz quickly moved up his body and slid herself down onto him, impaling herself to the hilt. Her head fell back on her neck and her hair rained down her back in a smooth wave as she rocked herself in a steady motion. She was so stimulated by what she had done, and the sight and feel of Max so turned on that her orgasm washed over her in time with his. Max’s hands on her hips held her steady as he pumped into her strongly, milking the last strains of pleasure from their bodies.

Liz lay exhausted on top of Max and he ran his hands over her back and through her hair.

“Let me guess. A gift from Maria?” Max panted.

Liz nodded weakly against his chest.

“Michael gave me strawberry,” he revealed in a sexy whisper, rolling her over to see her expression.


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Part 54

“This is it!” Liz exclaimed in excitement. Her eyes sparkled and she had a hard time sitting still so she grabbed Max’s hand harder and played with his fingers. Max just shook his head and smiled at her obvious glee. This would be their first vacation together alone. Their first time out in the world as a regular married couple that would not be looked at with curiosity or derision. They were together.

“Flight 426 to Las Vegas with a connection to Cancun, Mexico is now boarding at gate 5. All passengers please prepare to board,” the announcement blazed over the PA system, and they got up to join the line.

“Vegas,” Max muttered under his breath. He shook his head at the irony. Roswell’s airport was not big enough to fly directly to Mexico, so they had a four-hour layover in Las Vegas before their connecting flight took off. They had discussed earlier if they should use this time to search for Tess or just give themselves a vacation. Being Max and Liz they decided they should use every opportunity that presented itself to pursue their enemy. They’d already choreographed a plan to utilize their time to its best advantage during their stop.

Liz rubbed his shoulder with her free hand as they gave over their passes and boarded the plane.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Max asked Liz for the second time in five minutes. Liz just nodded and proceeded to the nearest phone booth. They had scoped out the cheapest hotels along the highway’s route from Roswell to Las Vegas. Liz held out her hand for the change they had brought along for this purpose and Max took his station at the adjoining phone booth. Liz took one page and Max took the second page of names and they methodically began calling through the directories listings asking about a girl of Tess’ description that may have checked in recently.

Each was starting to get discouraged as they neared the end of their respective pages when finally one clerk remembered a strange young woman that had driven a vehicle of that description who had come in and requested a room. The clerk had thought that maybe she was injured or drunk because of the way she moved and spoke, and he could have sworn he’d seen marks on her skin, but when he’d looked closer they were gone.

“Is she still there?” Liz asked eagerly, meeting Max’s gaze excitedly.

“No? Oh, well do you know what room she stayed in? Could we come over and take a look at it? We’re very worried about our friend,” Liz tried to say that sincerely. “Great! Thanks! We’ll be right there!” Liz hung up the phone with a satisfying click. “She was there. At least it sounds like it was her! We have to get over there and see if we can get any vibes off her room!”

Liz grabbed her shoulder bag and started for the nearest exit. They only had three hours left and she wanted to use it to their advantage. Max hurried to catch up with her and took her hand in his again. He squeezed it as much for comfort as for reassurance.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“This is it,” the young clerk opened the door. “She stayed in here for a few days, and checked out night before last. She never came out, but I think I saw pizza delivered a couple times.”

Max walked into the room first. The clerk was starting to get nervous about letting them into the room. He walked right in behind them and watched as they scanned for any clues.

Liz gave him her most innocent expression, widening her eyes and smiling that sweet, slow smile she had.

“Thank you so much for letting us in here. We really want to make sure our friend is okay. She’s been through a lot lately and we really need to find her,” Liz said sweetly, taking the man’s arm and guiding him to the door. “We’ll only be a minute, okay?” The door started to swing closed behind him before he realized that he was on the other side of it.

Max shook his head at his wife mouthing, “You’re bad!”

Liz just smiled and brushed her hands together. Mission accomplished. Her expression turned more serious as she gazed around the room. It had obviously already been cleaned. Too bad. Not at personal this way. She consciously began to bring forth her powers, attempting to stoke them to life, bringing on the feelings that she had experienced each time she had a vision. Her eyes closed as she let the power roll through her.

Max watched her expression turn inward even as he felt her through the connection attaining the zone. Liz walked slowly toward the bed placing both her palms flat atop the bedspread. Lingering flashes of past occupants swept past at lightening pace. Electric heat shot through her palms as visions of the hundreds of people who had touched this comforter whizzed through her at a lightening pace. She gasped and paled at the intensity and speed of the visions.

Max reached out and wrenched her heated hands off the bed. Liz gasped and swayed and Max pulled her in close, cradling her against his chest. “Sshhh…it’s okay now. I’ve got you. I’ve got you. You’re okay,” he whispered into her hair, kissing the soft strands and letting his warm voice roll through her scattered thoughts. Her breathing evened out until she felt strong enough to lean away. Fear shadowed her eyes, she’d let the power take over. She’d been out of control, and for her that was unacceptable. “It’s okay baby. We don’t have to do this. We should go.” Max began leading her from the room.

“No,” Liz decided emphatically. “She’s not going to win. Not this time. I just need to get some control over this,” she rubbed her forehead, the pangs of a headache made it difficult to think. “If we could just find something that only she has touched,” she looked around the bare room. Phone. Chair. Bed. Table. She shook her head. Garbage can. She walked over and looked inside. Empty. Damn.

“Don’t touch anything without me here with you, okay?” Max asked waiting patiently until Liz nodded her agreement. Max went into the bathroom and pulled open the two drawers. Nothing. The garbage there was empty too. He scanned the floor and got down to look at the baseboards. Nothing. He brushed off the knees of his jeans as he stood and shook his head at Liz’s inquiring look.

“Maybe there’s nothing here,” he finally told her. She still looked pale. She shouldn’t have to go through this. Not in her condition. Not ever. He had to find Tess and eliminate the threat to his family.

Liz was on her knees looking under the bed. He felt the exact second when she found it. Her excitement peaked and he rushed to her side.

“What? What is it?” Max lifted the bedspread and saw what had Liz so animated all of a sudden. A pill bottle. Empty. Caught behind the foot of the bed and overlooked by housekeeping. Of course they had no way of knowing that it was hers, but why not? They deserved a little luck didn’t they? Max stood up and grabbed a pen off the table. Kneeling down again he inserted the pen into the open bottle and lifted it carefully from under the bed. He didn’t want to touch it himself and make the vibes more confusing for Liz. Pain reliever. Extra-strength. Over-the-counter. Yeah, she’d definitely need that, and she would never have been able to go to a doctor, being what she was.

Max’s eyes met Liz’s as her hand slowly reached out for the bottle.

A rattling noise at the door made them both turn quickly and Max quickly dumped the bottle into the purse that Liz held open for him.

“Everything okay in here?” The clerk looked relieved that the room appeared unharmed.

“Um, yeah. Fine. We didn’t find anything though. I guess we’ll just keep looking,” Max tried to sound authoritative and convincing. The clerk just nodded and held the door for them as they exited the room.

Max kept his arm around Liz, hating the slight tremor in her body as they left the hotel. She was still shaken by the force of the vision earlier, and he could tell that she was mad about her lack of control over her ‘gift’. And she was still too pale damn it. She shouldn’t have to deal with this.

“Stop it Max,” Liz told him gently, trying to force back her headache. Her serious eyes turned to meet his anguished ones and she stopped their progress to the waiting cab. “You and Isabel did everything you could, and feeling guilty about her now isn’t helping. I’m still learning about this new power and it’s going to take some experimenting to get it right. Now I know not to open myself up like that in a room that’s seen so much activity,” her hand unconsciously scrubbed at her temple, trying to force the pain back.

Max lifted his hands to each side of her head and pulled his fingers through the baby fine strands of hair. Soothing waves of liquid heat began flowing through her throbbing temples, replacing the pain with pleasurable tingling. He leaned forward, still framing her face with his hands and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

“I’m sorry. You know I can’t help it. I just wish you didn’t have to be hurt by this.”

“I am involved in this. Up to my neck,” she told him in exasperation. “And I’ll do anything in my power to make sure we stay safe. This is hard. And exciting. And a pain in the butt right now, but I’m fine. Do you hear me? Fine. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt our son and if I feel like I can’t handle something, I’ll let you know. I can’t not be involved right now. Sitting around and waiting for something to happen would kill me. I don’t need that kind of stress, I need action, it’s the only thing that will keep me sane. Got it?”

Max saluted, ruining the effect with a grin. “Yes, ma’am!” His hand snapped back down to his side and she grabbed it, grinning with him. She pulled him over to the cab and scooted across the seat to make room for him.

“Let’s wait till we get to our hotel before we see if that bottle’s hers, okay?”

“Yeah, I can wait,” Liz sighed as she leaned her head on his shoulder, thinking about what the bottle would tell them.


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Note: NC17 because I felt like it, okay? Alrighty then.

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Part 55

“Are you okay?” Max’s worried eyes hadn’t left Liz’s pale, drawn face since they had arrived back at the airport to await their flight to Mexico.

Liz nodded bravely, knowing Max would worry anyway. She rested her face against his chest so she wouldn’t have to see the anxiety dimming his expressive features. She sighed as his magical hands ran over her hair and soothingly down her back. She felt content just to lie there and enjoy his healing touch. The weight of the visions had seriously drained her. She felt compelled to try to sort through what she had seen, but the blur of images wouldn’t allow it. Her mind knew that it was impossible and not even productive to attempt the task. It had created a tug-of-war between instinct and knowledge. It had created another monster headache.

She let her hand trail up his chest covering his heart, inhaling his scent and allowing it to wash over her. She tried to block out everything but the smooth path of his fingers over her tense body. Her eyes closed as she felt the tension and pressure to sort through the mess in her mind ease back for the moment. Her muscles relaxed limply as Max’s hands passed over. The ache that had invaded her mind subsided dully to the background and a small sigh escaped as languor enveloped her small frame.

Max continued to stroke and soothe even after he knew she had fallen asleep. His lips rested in her hair and he closed his eyes briefly in thanks that he had been able to call her back from the dark place in her mind. Her gift was a dangerous one. The message in the cave had told them that. Max had assumed that they had meant that foretelling the future would put a tremendous strain on the present and cause conflict. Now he understood that there were other more immediate dangers. Liz had been on overload. Out of control and not knowing how to rein it back in. Her instincts screamed at her to make logical sense of the images she had received even as her mind had contradictorily made her stop trying. It was impossible.

Max’s own mind reeled with ways to spare her this pain. There had to be a way to control this. They’d start small and plan it out. They’d experiment with familiar things to try to build her skills, hone them until she only saw what she was searching for. That was possible. Right? Of course they could. Max allowed no room for doubt. They’d start small. And they’d wait till after their honeymoon. There was no reason to agonize over this during the only time they’d ever been given just for themselves.

Satisfied with his plan for now, Max settled more comfortably back in the hard chair and watched his love breathe until the flight was called.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“I thought you’d sleep through the whole flight,” Max’s soft voice washed over her as her eyes blinked open. She vaguely recalled being awakened to board the plane. And she definitely recalled Max putting up the armrest that came between their seats and laying her head gently down in his lap so she could continue her rest on the plane. His hands pulled gently through her hair while his voice rumbled deeply as he argued quietly with the flight attendant to leave them alone, his wife wasn’t feeling well, and if this plane was going down then what difference would a seat belt make? A small smile flirted across her features even as she succumbed to the insistent tug of sleep. He had obviously won the argument.

Her sleep flushed face was so beautiful that Max couldn’t resist a small kiss against her rosy lips. Liz’s mouth opened under his, unexpectedly deepening the kiss and urging a small moan from Max. Heat suffused his body and he pulled back from her in realization. Liz’s eyes widened even as she pulled him over for another round. Panting breaths escaped her lips and she reached her hands down to the hem of his T-shirt. If she could just touch his skin. She gasped at the first contact of her hands against hard muscle and tilted her head for a better angle to deepen the kiss.

The plane rocked in the air pulling them apart. Max’s shocked expression matched Liz’s. He grabbed her hand and stood shakily as the plane rocked again under his feet.


“All passengers please fasten your seatbelts. We seem to be experiencing some slight turbulence. Thank you.”


Max pulled Liz down the aisle, not heeding the warning.

“Sir! Sir! You have to go back to your seats. You have to fasten your seatbelts!”

Hands. Hands were on his arm, holding him back from where he needed to go. Go. He needed to go right now with his Liz and…and…Yeah, he had to go. His eyes looked down at the person detaining his progress.

“We have to go,” he stated simply, leaning to the side so he could pass.

“Sir, you don’t understand. It’s not safe to walk around the cabin right now. You need to go back to your seats.” The last was said to Liz, hoping for an ally. No luck there.

“She’s not feeling well. She’s really hot. I need to cool her down.” Max tried to sound as sane as he could while his blood was boiling and this…this person was impeding his progress.

The flight attendant noted the flushed features on both the passengers and thought for the first time that maybe they really were ill. The man had already stepped past her, pulling along his companion and she shrugged her shoulders helplessly at the inquiring look from her co-worker. Maybe they did just need to cool off. She moved back into her own seat and strapped herself in.

The door clicked closed behind them and Max captured her lips with his once more, only satisfied when mouths opened and tongues met, slicking over heated surfaces and fulfilling only a fraction of the desire he had to be within her. His hands unsnapped her jeans and struggled with the zipper as they shook with want. Liz’s own hands kept bumping into his, slowing their progress unintentionally, as she attempted to help him out of his tight jeans. Max pulled her jeans down the long length of her legs and she balanced against him as she stepped out of them before helping him to wrench his own pants down over his hips.

Liz tugged down his boxers and a rasping cry escaped his lips when she wrapped her hand around his smooth length. She stroked down over him with long, hard pulls that made him throw his head back and groan out loud. The sound echoed in the small space and rolled through Liz with the force of a hurricane. She needed him. Now. His sex spat pre-come over her fingers and she smoothed it over his silky hardness.

Completely in accord with her renewed urgency, Max looked around the tiny room desperately to try to work out the logistics of making love in an undersized airplane lavatory. Not left with many options, Max lifted her swiftly to the counter in front of the sink and stepped between her legs. She wrapped tawny thighs around his waist and pulled him closer, pumping her hips impatiently toward his eager sex.

She whimpered when his fingers traveled over her wet curls, and she dropped her head against his chest as he plunged two fingers into her without warning. His long fingers did magical things within her and she squirmed closer. Her hands moved over his chest and down into the coarser patch of hair surrounding his sex until she had her fingers wrapped around him guiding him avidly to her.

Small emptiness as his fingers left her body. Huge sigh of fulfillment as his body joined with hers, moving immediately with a swift rhythm. Her breath panted in short puffs against his chest, changing into low moans as her release built within her. Max smoothed his thumb over her lips, vaguely remembering that they should contain the noise. His gasp echoed around them as she pulled his thumb into her mouth, her hot tongue massaging it as she sucked it strongly. Unbelievable waves of pleasure rolled through him at the new stimulus. So, yeah, just like that, hot. Oh, just a little bit more…

Max strained to hold back his pleasure, desperately pumping into her tight body. Liz released his thumb and pulled his lips back to hers. His mouth covered hers and one hand moved to grasp her hip and hold her steady while his other gripped her shoulder as his body rocked hotly into hers. The floor beneath his feet bucked suddenly in turbulence, throwing him roughly into her. A low keening wail of want was muted by his mouth and her slick heat tightened spasmodically around him, pulsating with the rhythm of her pleasure. Max thrust into her desperately, at last allowing his own pleasure to swamp his body and roll into her. The shared enjoyment rocked through them simultaneously and Liz’s fingers slipped over his sweat-dampened skin.

As their breathing evened out to normal they each stared at each other before hastily pulling their clothes back over skin now chilled by the air-conditioned space. Liz splashed water over her face and dampened some paper towels to hand to Max. He swabbed them over his neck, enjoying the clean feeling, even as he suddenly found the floor fascinating. Liz noted his abrupt preoccupation with his feet and tried to ease the situation.

“I guess we just joined the mile-high club, huh?” she teased him gently.

Max dared to meet her gaze and nodded sheepishly.

“Are you okay?”

Liz nodded. “I’m with you.” That really said it all, now didn’t it?


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Part 56

Liz fumbled with the hotel key card, laughing so hard that she could barely get the key into the slot. The light on the door flashed green and she tumbled into the room, overbalanced by a laughing Max. He reached out his arms to prevent her from falling and she turned her joyful face up to his, panting for a clear breath to form a coherent sentence.

“Did…did you see her…” she gasped, “…her face??” Liz gasped out.

“Yeah! Oh my gosh! She totally knew what we were doing in there!” Max wiped at his eyes, now streaming with tears of mirth.

“That…that look she gave us! That was classic! I can’t believe we did that! I mean, on the plane!” Liz laughed.

“Don’t worry. We’ll never see…what was her name again?”

“Judy,” Liz answered, knowing she would never forget it.

“Judy. We’ll never see Judy again, so who cares what she thinks! We’re just lucky we didn’t get arrested or something!”

“Yeah,” Liz did a little dance, practically giddy at being alone with Max for an entire week. “Shouldn’t there be a T-shirt or something for joining the mile-high club?” she joked.

“I bet there is!” Max picked up the phone. “I’m gonna call Judy right now and demand our shirts,” he pretended to dial, glancing at Liz, “Do you think they have decoder rings and a secret handshake?”

Liz sidled up beside him, running her hands up his arms and across his shoulders seductively. “I think I know the secret handshake,” she whispered huskily into his ear.


The phone was cradled decisively and Max turned into the circle of her arms. His hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her closer as he widened his stance and lowered his head for a slow, hot kiss. Liz made her herself comfortable standing between his legs and let one hand wrap around his neck to deepen the kiss while the other hand got busy releasing the buttons on his shirt. She sighed her pleasure into his mouth as the smooth, tanned expanse of his muscled torso was revealed as her fingers progressed down his shirt. When she was through, she pressed both hands flat against his chest and pushed the shirt over his shoulders where it fell soundlessly to the floor.

Liz pulled away from the kiss to take in the sight of her husband’s chest rapidly expanding and contracting with his now labored breathing. Her fingers trailed over his taut skin and a faint smile crossed her lips as he shivered and goose-bumps scattered across his chest. She unconsciously smoothed her tongue over suddenly dry lips and moved closer to his heaving chest. Her breath fanned across his chest deliciously, spreading the delicious chill throughout his body. Her tongue licked out to taste the salty tang of his skin and she inhaled in pleasure, loving the cinnamon scent that he seemed to exude all the time now. Lucky he doesn’t smell like garlic or onions! The errant thought brought another smile to her lips just as his hands gripped her shoulders and pulled her back to look into her face.

“Are you hungry?” he asked solicitously.

Liz gave him a curious look and then decided that yes she was hungry. She nodded and moved in for another bite.

Max held her back again.

“Are you craving pizza or something?” he persisted.

Pizza? Liz wrinkled her nose. What was Max going on about pizza for? They had serious business to attend to here!

“Nooo,” she answered in a soft drawl. Her fingers reached out of their own accord to trail down the center of his chest. “Why would you think that?”

Max’s brow furrowed. “Uh, I thought you were thinking about onions and garlic, but if it’s not pizza, I’m sure we can find something else wi…hmmmph!” Max grabbed his chest as Liz playfully pushed him backwards onto the bed.

“What?” he exclaimed. He just wanted to make sure she had everything she craved!

“Mind reading is not an exact science!” Liz chided him gently. “That’s what you get for only reading half the story!” Liz turned and walked away, picking up her suitcase and pulling it further into the room

Max lay stunned. How could she turn it off like that? He got back to his feet and pulled the suitcase out of her hands, peeking at her from under his lashes to see if she was mad that he’d invaded her privacy. She let him take the case because it was heavy and picked up her purse and overnight bag to take into the bathroom.

“Um, Liz honey?” Max called sweetly into the bathroom. The door clicked shut in his face. He stood there, shocked. Now he’d done it!

“Baby? I’m sorry for invading your privacy like that,” he called timidly through the door, trying not to do it again by probing for her true emotions like he really wanted to do.

“You are?” she called back, sounding unsure.

“Yeah sweetie,” he replied earnestly, one hand on the door, “Really sorry.”

He stepped back in haste as the door was flung back open and Liz hurled herself into his arms with a huge grin. Her long slender legs wrapped around him and her face tilted into his, kissing him through her smile.

“You could make it up to me,” she nibbled on his ear, loving the soft moan he couldn’t suppress and the strong hands that now cupped her butt to hold her up. She wriggled back into his hands and he gripped her firm skin convulsively. He needed to touch her.

“Anything,” he mumbled, head tilted back, eyes closed, blissful expression covering his classic features. “Anything to make it up to you,” he murmured, lowering his face into her hair. Wow! She smelled good!

Liz leaned away from him, freeing her arms from his shoulders. Max kept one hand on her rear and moved his other hand under her shirt to support her bare back as she leaned away from him. She crossed her arms in front of her body and gripped the hem of her shirt. Slowly she peeled the shirt up over her body and dropped it to the floor. Max’s breath caught in his throat as he watched the seductive play of emotions dance across her face. He could watch her pleasure all day every day if the world would only let him.

Liz wrapped her arms back around him and pulled herself flush against his chest. Twin gasps were heard as the skin-to-skin contact caused electric sparks to ignite their passion.

“You were just playing with me, right?” Max asked, needing to be sure.

“Oh yeah,” Liz answer was muffled because it was hard to talk and nibble Max’s shoulder at the same time. “I really like to play with you,” she reassured him.

“’Kay,” he answered, one hand roaming up and down her back because he knew she enjoyed it and he liked the way it made her shiver in his embrace. He walked with her back to the bed and laid her down gently on the mattress. Her feet could almost touch the floor as she lay back and stared up at him. His back was to the large window and the sun was blazing behind him, casting his features into dark shadows with a nimbus of light all around him. He was golden. Her eyes darkened with desire as he leaned down and pulled her jeans open. The button popped open with the flick of one hand and the zipper was slowly, carefully drawn down in painful degrees. Liz couldn’t help it, her hips started moving, bucking upward rhythmically in her desire. Max used both hands to pull the pants free of her body and let them lay where they dropped. He made sure her eyes followed the progress of his hands as he straightened to his full height and popped his own button open.

Liz licked her lips again. She’d have to invest in Chapstick stock if Max kept this seduction up any longer. Her eyes were riveted to the progress of his zipper as it slowly descended, revealing the paler, firm skin and light dusting of hair leading into his underwear. Liz wanted more. Needed more. And the best part was that she knew she’d get more. Whenever, however she wanted it. They were just like that. In tune. Inseparable. One in every sense that mattered.

Max pushed his pants and boxer-briefs down in one smooth motion and stood tall again, nudging to stand between her legs. Liz let her hands massage over the hard muscles of his outer thighs, rising to sit up right in front of him. This put her in the perfect position to do something else. Her wide, dark eyes smiled into his as she licked her lips again and took him into her mouth. Max groaned and fisted her hair in his hands, trying not to move and push himself further into her mouth. Her tongue was doing amazing things to his body and he shivered with the glory of it. The suction was incredible. Her mouth moved over his straining member slickly and easily, while her tongue swirled and licked the sensitive underside. She held firmly to his hips to keep him still until she felt his tension peak. Max tried to pull away from her, knowing what was going to happen, but Liz would not allow it. She retained a firm hold on his hips and redoubled her efforts. Max had never felt anything so incredible as the warm, wet, suction pulling the pleasure from his sex. His head fell back as his hands lightly held her head to him and his orgasm ripped through his body, spilling his seed down the back of her throat. His body jerked convulsively, several times as the waves rolled over him and his hoarse breathing was the only sound in the room.

Liz pulled back and licked her lips, loving the taste of Max on her tongue. She’d wanted to do that for a long time. This was their time to fulfill their fantasies, and now seemed like a good time to start.

Max lowered his forehead down her hers, capturing her mouth in a slow kiss that explored her mouth thoroughly. He tasted himself on her tongue and that turned him on even more, that she would do that for him.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” she confessed out loud.

“Really?” he asked in surprise. It had been a long time fantasy of his own, but he would never have asked it of her.

“Oh yeah,” she smiled. “We just never really had a good opportunity till now,” she declared. She patted her stomach, over the baby. “Didn’t want to waste it, you know?”

“Yeah,” Max nuzzled his face down over their son, kissing the spot under which he lay. “Wouldn’t want to waste it,” he agreed.

“Of course,” Liz teased, tugging on his hair so he would look at her, “You could always make more.”

She loved the way his eyes widened every time she said something shocking. Sweet little Liz had a wild side!

“Yeah, I’ll just make more,” Max whispered against the sensitized skin of her stomach and nuzzled his face lower. His fingers gently parted her legs and softly brushed over her most sensitive skin. His warm breath washed over the newly exposed skin and Liz shivered in anticipation. The slow puffs of air were driving her insane as his fingers trailed lightly over her inner thighs, avoiding the area he knew she most wanted him to touch. Long slow minutes of teasing touches and hot breaths followed until Liz’s hips rose of their own accord into the air demanding more.

“Max! Baby, please!”

“Anything you want baby,” Max answered against her soft skin. He gently let his tongue brush over her inner thigh, satisfied with the shivering response. He kissed a path closer to her aching center and at last, at last!, closed his lips over the stiffened nub. Liz’s hips arched off the bed and an anguished cry escaped her lips. Her moans filled the room as her pleasure ripped through her. She tried to muffle her cries until she realized that she didn’t have to, and when had that really ever worked for them anyway? Max’s hands pulled her hips closer as he sucked harder and used the tip of his tongue to pull every last drop of pleasure out of her. As the last crest washed through her he stood again and pulled her hips to the very edge of the bed before plunging his newly hardened member into her still quivering passage.

Liz screamed again and arched her back at the new stimulation. Her hands sought purchase on anything that would hold her down and found only the bed sheets, fisting them in both hands and pulling them toward her. Her head tossed from side to side and she was lost again in the powerful sensations that only Max could pull from her. His hips pumped smoothly, steadily into her and he couldn’t take his eyes off the gorgeous sight of his wife writhing in pleasure beneath him. His pleasure peaked and he slammed into her tight passage several more times before collapsing onto the bed beside her.

“We’re going to have the fattest baby in the history of man,” Liz observed into the silence.

“Isn’t it great?” Max sounded happy.


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Part 57


“What if I just…” reaching for it.

“No.” His hand covered hers to stop her progress.

“Maax,” wheedling tone and puppy dog eyes.

“No.” He stared at the wall behind her. Can’t give in to the sad eyes.

“Come on Max!” She caressed his face with both her hands and pulled his eyes down to meet hers. Contact! Gotcha!! Brief flare of triumph as she saw him wavering to her petulant expression.

He glanced down, back up again, meeting her eyes stoically. “No.”

Liz stomped her foot and turned away. The sad eyes always worked!! She turned back to face him. “Why not?” She demanded, serious again.

“Liz, you saw what it did to you before! I don’t want you to go through that again. Not until we have more control over your power. It drained you so much that the baby demanded a feeding three hours before he should have. Three hours Liz! That can’t be good for you or the baby! We made love on the plane Liz! I still can’t even wrap my mind around that! We are the stable, responsible ones in our little circle of friends and that was so out of control I still can’t believe it! Do you really think it’s in anyone’s best interests to touch that pill bottle right now?” Max’s eyes pleaded with her for understanding.

Liz’s arms wrapped around her middle at the reminder of the precipitous conditions that led to their new membership to the mile-high club. She tried to contain a mild tremor in her hands at the thought of what her power could do to their son.

“You know I would never do anything to harm our son,” Liz mumbled, reaching for Max’s strong arms.

He enfolded her in his strong embrace and she inhaled shakily against his white T-shirt, smoothing a wrinkle over his chest. His scent calmed her and she thought she could hear the steady beat of his heart.

“I know that Liz. Of course I know that! I just want us to enjoy our time together here. I want us to be normal for the entire week we’ve been given and forget that we’re supposed to be responsible. It’s soon enough when we get back. When we have more control over the situation and we can monitor your reactions. Is that too much to ask?” Max’s hands smoothed up and down her arms, unconsciously trying to warm up her cool skin.

Liz took a stabilizing breath and nodded. “It’s not too much to ask. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you felt so strongly about it. We don’t have to do this right away. I just thought that we should do something while the trail it still hot, you know?”

Max leaned back and looked into her eyes, now sad and glistening with unshed tears. His thumb rubbed over her temple and he smiled hoping she would smile back. “I know. The real world will come back to bite us soon enough though. Let’s just let this week be about us, okay?” Liz’s trembling smile and shaky nod was answer enough. He sighed with relief. She had no idea how scared he had been when Liz spun out of control in that hotel room. If he hadn’t been there…No. That thought was unacceptable. He would always be there. And later, when they’d gone into heat right on the plane…the plane! for goodness sakes! What if they hadn’t had a place to go? Liz and his son would have suffered for the entire flight! No. Liz didn’t need any more stress right now to weigh her down after the day she had already endured.

Max sat back on the bed and Liz climbed into his lap, curling into his strong arms and enjoying the sensation of his arms wrapped around her where they belonged. Her eyes strayed to the purse she had placed on her bedside table that still contained the pill bottle. Her instincts screamed at her to just find out the information hidden there, but the logical part of her mind accepted that maybe Max was right. Maybe she’d already been through enough today. It was late, and she was exhausted, she finally admitted to herself. Her eyes drifted closed and she vaguely felt Max removing her shoes and shorts before tugging her shirt over her head. The cool sheets drifted over her as Max covered her naked form and she sighed into her pillow feeling lost without his touch as she listened to the soft rustle of Max removing his own clothing. The room was dropped into darkness with the click of the bedside lamp and the bed dipped behind her as Max joined her. His warm arms wrapped around her, one hand hugging her waist as the other curled under her pillow. She snuggled back against him, her bottom a sweet crush against his groin. Max sighed, a soft breath of air over her ear and whispered, “I love you. Sweet dreams,” as he pressed a sweet kiss behind her ear.

“Love you,” she breathed faintly, already drifting into dreams.

“NO!” She struggled fruitlessly against the bonds that snagged her wrists and ankles. Pain shot through her skin as the metal bit into her tender flesh.

“You’ll only harm yourself,” a cool, patient voice intoned, maddeningly calm in the face of her struggles. His dispassionate gaze roamed over her naked form and he place a proprietary hand just above her knee.

New panic washed over her at her vulnerable position and she froze in fright. She was staked out on the table, completely nude and this man could do anything to her.

His fingers rubbed over the tender skin of her inner thigh and his mouth quirked up in amusement at the fear in her eyes. He leaned in closer and his hot breath caused a wave of nausea to roll sickeningly through her stomach. What did he want from her? Where is Max!? Her eyes jerked away and took in the white walls of the room, the white floor and ceiling, the shiny surface of one wall that she knew, absolutely knew, contained people behind it. Watching them. Watching her.

“Wha…what d do you want from me?” She stuttered out, swinging her gaze back and forcing herself to meet this man’s eyes levelly. Mud. His eyes were the color of mud, and he looked so…normal. How was it possible that he could look so average? This man who had stolen her away and ripped her from her life?

“Just some tests. No need to panic,” his voice reflected his satisfaction at her fear and his hand slid up her leg, over her hip and rested against her still flat stomach. He leaned closer, his mouth almost touching her ear. “We know Liz,” he hissed, his hot breath making her gag.

Liz jerked up in the bed gasping for air. Her hands flew to her stomach and wrapped around herself protectively. Her purse clattered to the floor unnoticed in her fright. She jerked violently when Max’s arms went around her and jabbed him in the chest with her elbow as hard as she could to get away. Max’s breath exited his lungs with a harsh whoosh sound and he turned her to face him, trying to breathe.

“It’s me Liz! It’s Max!” He took her chin in his hands and forced their connection. Her eyes were wild and he almost couldn’t cut through the raw fear boiling through her mind. She struggled against his hold and his grip tightened over her shoulder and chin. “It’s Max, Liz! Look at me!” His familiar voice cut through her panic and he saw the exact moment when her eyes registered that she was safe. That it was Max who was holding her close. Her breath rushed out in stuttered jolts and Max feared she would hyperventilate. Liz reached one hand to touch his precious face and allowed the connection. Relief rolled through her as her body slumped against his. She tried to catch her breath, but bile rose in her throat and Max let her go as she stumbled out of the bed and ran for the bathroom.

He followed her quickly and held her hair back as she kneeled in front of the toilet and retched viciously into it. His hand smoothed up and down her back as his mind tried to process the nightmare they had shared. He helped her to stand when the retching subsided and sat her on the edge of the tub as he ran a fresh washcloth under warm water and cleaned her face. He kneeled in front of her, between her legs, and framed her face with his large, strong hands. Small kisses rained over her temple and forehead as he murmured nonsensical reassurances to her, knowing the sound of his voice was anchoring her, taking her further away from their nightmare. His thumb smoothed over her trembling lips as he refreshed her mouth, taking away the sharp, acrid taste of vomit and wishing he could remove the memory of it’s cause as easily.

“Sshhh…” his calm voice rolled over her, not an accurate reflection on the guilt and panic that roiled inside him. “I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” He gathered her into his arms and carried her unresisting form back to the bed. He cuddled her close and rocked her in the circle of his arms. “It’s all my fault. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give you nightmares. I haven’t had any on the nights that we’re together. I didn’t know it could transfer to you like that. I’m so sorry,” the rocking motion was soothing, but as his words started to penetrate through to her she struggled to sit up and face his tortured face. Her hand smoothed over his cheek and she pulled him down for a small sweet kiss. Their lips barely brushed and she pulled away to look into his eyes, not liking the sick guilt that rolled through their connection and leaped from his eyes.

“It wasn’t you. I was the one in the White Room. You didn’t transfer that dream to me. It’s not your fault,” she whispered in a voice raspy from the torture of vomiting so violently moments before.

“But I…” Liz’s fingers covered his mouth to stop his speech.

“I think I was just worried about you. I always wondered what had happened to you there, and now that I know…and it’s worse than I imagined. I…I just think that now that we’re so close I just put myself in your place. Helpless and alone,” her words washed over him and he closed his eyes. Maybe he hadn’t projected that dream to her, but it was still his fault. He’s the one who had shown her all he had endured. He’s the one who had put such sickening images into her mind.

“Stop it,” Liz’s tried to imbue her voice with strength. Her eyes flashed fire. She would not let them win! “I won’t let them steal away our precious time here,” she continued with certainty. “It’s over, and we have to forget it. They can’t take another minute of our happiness if we don’t let them, okay?” She waited for his response. He stared back at her ready to protest. She shook his shoulder in her steady grip. “Okay?” She asked with more insistence in her tone. She waited again, staring him down. Daring him to let this ruin their time alone together.

“Okay,” he whispered, at long last. She relaxed back into his embrace and they spent the remainder of the night holding each other protectively close and listening for the reassurance of each other’s steady breath in the darkness.

The moon washed curious shadows over the room as the night progressed and highlighted the spilled contents of Liz’s purse, glinting off the shiny white surface of the empty pill bottle that had rolled free when Liz’s hand had swept it off the table as she wakened from her fright.


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Here's the next part, Be Nice! It was hard to write. I promise not to be such a slacker from now on and post more often!


Part 58

Max watched over Liz as she lay sleeping beside him. His fingers brushed over her forehead lightly, knowing it was soothing to her. He was glad that she had finally drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning. They had lain awake together for many hours before Max finally asked her if he could help her to rest. Weary, Liz had agreed. Max had sent a soothing stream of relaxation through their connection. Liz sighed tiredly and her eyes drifted closed. Max, however, maintained a light connection with her and stayed awake to ensure that she would not repeat her nightmarish dream.

Something about that dream haunted him. If Liz had been putting herself in his place as she had surmised then it made sense that he would recognize her captors, but he knew for a fact that he had never seen the man with the mud-colored eyes before. Why would she manufacture new villains in her dream? Why have the nightmare at all?

Liz sighed in her sleep and rolled restlessly in the bed. Her hand rested lightly atop the bedside table and Max watched it there for a moment wondering what it was about that sight that bothered him. It came to him suddenly that Liz’s purse had been lying on the table earlier and now it wasn’t. He leaned over her to peer down at the floor and saw the spilled contents of her purse littering the floor. He started to lay back, knowing that she must have knocked it down in the commotion after the nightmare, when he spotted the empty pill bottle that had rolled out to the side. His breath caught in his throat. Had she rested her hand over the purse when she was sleeping earlier? Was that a close enough contact with the bottle to provoke a premonition? Was it even possible? He shuddered. There was no way he would allow that vision to come true. His mind raced through the possibilities of what he had to do to prevent any harm to his family.

He lay back again and cuddled Liz closer to his suddenly chilled body. No way.

Late morning

“Hey sleepyhead,” Max whispered as he watched Liz stretch luxuriously before opening her eyes to smile at him.

“Hey yourself,” Liz answered with a smile.

“Did you get enough rest?”

“Yeah.” She stretched again and leaned over his chest to cuddle for a moment. She reached up to scrape her finger over the rough stubble that covered his chin.

Max reached up and ran his hand over his chin to remove the night’s growth, smiling when Liz’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Neat trick,” she laughed. “Now if you could only do that for me,” she joked.

Max’s eyes gleamed and he took one bare leg into his hand. Liz’s mouth dropped open in surprise as she felt a slow warm tingle spread through her limb. His hands smoothed over the entire surface of her leg as he took his time and made sure he didn’t miss a single spot. Liz’s eyes closed in pleasure as his strong fingers massaged over her inner thigh, teasingly. She sighed when his touch left her and moaned when he reached for her other leg to repeat the process.

“There you go,” he whispered, his lips against the smooth surface of her leg.

“Mmnn, you are amazing. Have I told you that yet?”

“Not today,” he smiled up at her.

Liz frowned when she saw the dark circles under his eyes.

“Did you sleep at all?” She asked suspiciously.

He looked away. “I rested,” he answered evasively.

“That’s not what I asked,” she persisted.

Max shook his head at her worry and persistence. “You’re going to be a great mom,” he smiled at her, hoping to distract her line of questioning. “Never let anyone get away with anything.”

“That’s right mister. So did you sleep?”

“Not much,” he admitted.

“Not much,” she repeated. “Now why is that?”

“I just got to thinking.” No way to avoid it now. He needed to share his suspicions with her if he was going to keep her safe. He could tell she was already sensing the worry that was coursing through him.

“What about? Was it that dream I had last night? Because I already told you my theory about that and I don’t think we have anything to worry about. It was just a random thing.”

“I’m not so sure anymore Liz,” Max’s words caused a frown of concern to shadow her expression.

“What do you mean? What else could it be?”

“Last night while you were sleeping you had your hand resting on the bedside table,” he started. Liz just nodded her head. She often swept things off of her table at home because of that habit.

“Your purse was on the table last night when we first fell asleep, but you knocked it off when you had your nightmare. I’m thinking that it’s possible that your hand was resting on the purse over the pill bottle and maybe it gave you a premonition.” His words dropped like stones into the heavy pool of silence that followed. He hated the slick rush of panic that swept over him through the connection. His hands reached for her shoulders to steady her as her eyes filled with tears.

“No,” she moaned, her voice numb, remembering the pain and degradation that had filled her dream. “No, no, no, no…there is no way that that could be a premonition. That was the White Room Max! It’s not even there anymore! Nacedo shut down that facility when he was acting as Pierce.”

“I know,” Max pulled her back to look into her panic-filled expression. “It wasn’t the same room I was in though Liz. There were things that were different about it. That’s one of the reasons I think that maybe it was a premonition and not just a dream. I didn’t recognize the man in the dream either. Why would your subconscious make up an entirely new person as the villain? Why not just dream about Pierce or one of the other men that held me?”

Liz was starting to shake and Max pressed his lips to her forehead and held her steady. “We can stop it from happening,” he reassured her, his tone steady with an effort of will he did not know he possessed. “That’s why you get the premonitions. We just have to be on the look-out and make sure that we do everything we can to keep you safe.”

Liz straightened her spine. If he could be strong then so could she. There was no way he would allow that to happen to her or the baby. The baby! Her hands covered her stomach protectively. “They knew about the baby Max. I think it’s why they wanted me.” Her voice trembled and her eyes filled with tears she would not allow to fall.

“Oh God,” Max whispered as dread filled his entire being.

“We have to find out as much as we can about this Max,” Liz said determinedly. She leaned over the bed and picked up her purse, scooping the contents back into it. The pill bottle rested innocently on it’s side on the floor. She reached out a hand for it, her fingers trembling.

“Wait,” Max pulled her back up to face him. “We have to think about this first,” he cautioned her. “What if it drains you again? What if you can’t handle what you see?”

Liz shook her head. “I can’t handle not knowing what’s in store for me. I can’t handle the thought of not using anything in my power to prevent what I saw. Being drained to the point of exhaustion is infinitely preferable to being held captive and tormented by the FBI, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” he whispered, his expression tortured. “Yeah,” his sigh was a whisper in the air as he let himself accept that they would have to do this now. Today. As soon as possible to prevent any harm to his wife and child. He climbed out of the bed and pulled on his boxer briefs, feeling vulnerable suddenly without his clothes on. He grabbed his discarded T-shirt as well and tugged it over his head. Liz watched from her place on the bed, knowing he needed this time to work up to what was to come. What they were about to do would either confirm or obliterate their theory. God, she hoped they were wrong. She held out her hand to accept the panties and tank top that Max was handing to her. She kneeled up on the bed to get dressed and settled back over the pillows placed against the headboard. It was almost time.

Max walked around the bed and pulled open the curtains to their sliding glass door that led out to a balcony overlooking the ocean. He pulled the door open and stood in the fresh breeze that wafted through, trying to recapture peace and calm. He slid his arm around Liz’s back when she moved to join him, sliding under his arm.

“I wish you didn’t have to do this,” he murmured, still looking out at the water.

Liz rested her head against his chest and sighed. She wished she didn’t have to either. She felt him take a deep breath and knew he was almost ready. This was almost harder on him than on her. He hated to see her suffer. He would do anything in his power to prevent it, and this was especially hard on him because he had to accept that he couldn’t prevent it. There was nothing else they could do.

He turned to her and took her in his arms, his body swaying from side to side. Her arms crept up over his back and hung on, absorbing his strength. She felt a light kiss on the top of her head and leaned back to look at him. “Ready?” She asked him softly.

“Are you?” He answered with a probing look into her eyes, into her soul. He sighed again when she nodded. Stepping back he reached for a pen on the nightstand. “I’ll get it. I want you to sit down for this though.” He indicated a chair that was set next to the sliding glass door to take advantage of the view. Liz sank down onto its stiff surface and watched him cross the room and kneel down on the opposite side of the bed to pick up the bottle with the pen. He returned to her with the bottle dangling from the end of the pen and stopped in front of her. He knelt down between her legs and caressed her knee with one hand. “No matter what you see, what you find out, I’ll keep you safe,” he told her solemnly. Liz almost cried at the tremble in his voice, the way his eyes filled with tears that he refused to let fall. She brushed her fingers across his cheek.

“I’m ready,” she affirmed. Her hand was steady as she held it out to him, palm up. His eyes stayed locked with hers as he allowed the bottle to drop into her palm.

Her whole body jerked at the physical contact. Her eyes flew wide open and her pupils dilated till her eyes appeared black. Her breath came out in short gasping breaths and she didn’t feel Max’s hands gripping her shoulders.


Pain! Blinding, excruciating burst of never-ending pain.

Tess fumbled with the bottle of extra strength Tylenol and cursed the fact that she couldn’t go to a doctor for anything stronger. Cursed that she didn’t have the power to control her own pain. Cursed Max and Isabel Evans and Liz Parker and the brat she was carrying. Cursed in general, loud and long at the bouts of pain that would allow her no rest.

She had already exhausted all of her energy this morning trying to curb the pain that wracked her small frame, and when that was done she had almost nothing left in her to actually heal herself. She had already determined that she needed to repair her face and hands first. She could cover the rest of her body with clothing, however painful that was, and then she would not have to exhaust herself attempting to mind warp hotel clerks and delivery people into thinking she looked normal.

She popped five pills into her mouth, all that were left, and dropped the bottle onto the floor as a sudden bout of renewed pain at her movement swept over her. The bottle rolled under the bed, but it was empty and not worth the pain to retrieve. She debated whether to sit or stand, neither option sounded particularly appealing right now. She sighed and moved slowly to put the last items into her suitcase. She had to move today. She was pretty sure the check-in clerk had seen something that he shouldn’t have and she couldn’t take the risk. She’d pick a new place at random as she drove around town.


“NO!” Tess screamed into the night, her face contorted into a grimace of disbelief. Her hand hovered over the opening to the Granolith chamber cave and it repelled her again. Realization that the Granolith would reject her from now on swept over her and she almost cried. This was the only way home and the only way to return to Antar with Max’s child as an offering to Khivar. She would never be the queen she was meant to be. Never have a welcome home anywhere.

Rage churned through her. She stomped out into the night. She didn’t need Liz’s brat anymore, but Liz wouldn’t have him either. Her mind churned through what she knew of Nacedo’s time with the FBI. An evil grin spread across her face. Let Liz meet the FBI. No other revenge could be as sweet. Her heart jumped in glee at the brilliance of the plan. Simple, untraceable. Perfect! She turned and ran down the hill.


“NO!” She struggled fruitlessly against the bonds that snagged her wrists and ankles. Pain shot through her skin as the metal bit into her tender flesh.

“You’ll only harm yourself,” a cool, patient voice intoned, maddeningly calm in the face of her struggles. His dispassionate gaze roamed over her naked form and he place a proprietary hand just above her knee.

New panic washed over her at her vulnerable position and she froze in fright. She was staked out on the table, completely nude and this man could do anything to her.

His fingers rubbed over the tender skin of her inner thigh and his mouth quirked up in amusement at the fear in her eyes. He leaned in closer and his hot breath caused a wave of nausea to roll sickeningly through her stomach. What did he want from her? Where is Max!? Her eyes jerked away and took in the white walls of the room, the white floor and ceiling, the shiny surface of one wall that she knew, absolutely knew, contained people behind it. Watching them. Watching her.

“Wha…what d…do you want from me?” She stuttered out, swinging her gaze back and forcing herself to meet this man’s eyes levelly. Mud. His eyes were the color of mud, and he looked so…normal. How was it possible that he could look so average? This man who had stolen her away and ripped her from her life?

“Just some tests. No need to panic,” his voice reflected his satisfaction at her fear and his hand slid up her leg, over her hip and rested against her still flat stomach. He leaned closer, his mouth almost touching her ear. “We know Liz,” he hissed, his hot breath making her gag.


“She’s gone! Where the hell is she?” Max screamed in anguish. They’d been searching Roswell all night and still no sign of Liz. Max sank down into a crouch and pulled his arms over his head.

Michael put a hand on his shoulder and tears filled his eyes as he witnessed the despair of his friend.

“I can’t feel her,” Max whispered brokenly.

Liz collapsed forward into Max's arms, her face impossibly pale and her breathing shallow and unsteady. Max pulled her the rest of the way into his lap and sat on the floor rocking her slowly while tears made uneven tracks down his cheeks.


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Part 59

He held her and stroked the hair back from her forehead watching her too pale face peaceful now in unconsciousness that was her only respite from their horrifying vision. He rocked her and thought about what they had seen, forcing his mind to go over it again and again. He picked her up and curled against her on the bed and blamed himself for not being strong enough, prepared enough, to eliminate Tess from their lives while he had the chance. He kissed her cool brow and hated that Liz had to live like this, hated that their lives would never be normal, hated Tess with a strength and conviction that rocked his soul because it was not a part of his nature to hate anything. He’d make a special exception for Tess.

Liz moaned and Max leaned over her, a strong comforting presence to welcome her back. He had known again what she needed, and this time to herself, checking out from the world for a short while, had been as necessary as her next breath to her sanity. Another soft moan and then she remembered. Max rocked her as she cried against his chest and waited. His hands comforted her body as his whispered words of reassurance soothed her spirit. She subsided against him at last in exhaustion her hands tracing patterns at his waist and over his pecs. Max covered the hand on his chest with his own, fingers twining and pressing it against him. He lifted it and kissed her palm, closing her fingers around it, sealing it to her. His heart broke again when her glistening dark eyes met his filled with fear and hurt.

“What do we do now Max?”

That famous question, the one no one, no one, seemed able to resist asking him, and he sighed. This time he had an answer. This time they would take action. This time no one would get hurt. He’d make sure of it.

“Now we call Michael and Isabel and let them know what we’ve learned. They can start the search while they’re on spring break and find out what they can about where she is right now,” he said softly while pouring conviction into their connection. It had to work. There was no other option to consider.

“Do you think she already told the FBI about me and the baby?” She shuddered uncontrollably in the circle of his arms and he tightened his grip around her.

“No,” he uttered with certainty. “That was a future vision. She didn’t have any sign of her injuries in that vision. She was walking fine. She wouldn’t have had time to heal herself and get back to Roswell to the chamber because we know she was here in Vegas very recently. She’d obviously just figured out that the side effect of using the Granolith against her like that was that now it repulsed her attempts to use it herself. It physically and psychically rejects her now that I’ve turned it on her. She can’t fly away ever. She can never go home. That’s why…” he cleared his throat and couldn’t meet her eyes, “That’s why she went after you and the baby. She wanted revenge for what I did.”

Liz turned his eyes to meet her own, now blazing with indignation that Tess could make Max feel this way. “Don’t you dare try to blame yourself again for her slimy actions! Do you hear me?”

Max nodded and smiled faintly at his biggest supporter. Liz never let anything weigh him down if she could help it, including his own guilt. She was amazing that way. Well, in a lot of ways actually. Max lowered his head and met her lips with hers. His tongue slid over her slightly parted lips and entered the warm cavern of her mouth. His hands slid over her body and he moved down further on the bed to take her more fully in his arms. Their legs tangled together and their breathing accelerated into the now familiar pants of longing and excitement they engendered in each other.

Liz leaned back and looked at him, lips parted and panting lightly before she spoke. “The baby is probably pretty hungry by now, huh?”

“Starving,” Max answered and dipped his mouth to taste her once again.

The next hour was for them. Spent in a blur of tangled arms and legs. The silence punctuated with moans and pants and cries of “I love you so much,” and “oh baby, yeah, right…yeah, like that,” and “harder, please oh please, yeah ohh,”. Hands memorized the feel of strong thighs, soft skin, slick wetness. Mouths explored salty skin, rigid nipples, the slow heat of another mouth, another tongue. Backs arched in the final hot culmination, pushing them closer together as they were meant to be.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“We should call Michael now,” Liz said, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed watching Max pull his clothes back on. Her hand drifted up to her mouth and she thought that this would maybe be an excellent time to start a nail-biting habit. Her lips closed over her thumb nail before she realized what she was doing and she quickly sat on her hands looking at Max sheepishly. His faint smile widened at her guilty look and he sat beside her and placed a small chaste kiss to her lips.

“I’ll call,” he volunteered and reached across her for the phone. She moved to sit beside him, their bodies pressed together from shoulder to ankle.

He dialed the familiar number and listened to it ring three times before Michael’s impatient voice answered on the other end.

“What?” Michael barked out rudely.

“Um, hello to you too,” Max rolled his eyes at Liz and mouthed the word rude to Liz. She nodded and reflected she wouldn’t have expected any less of Michael. She thought of Maria and wondered what they might have interrupted.

“Max?” Michael’s tone switched immediately to one of concern. “Has something happened? Why are you calling here while you’re on your honeymoon?”

“Yeah, something’s happened. We found out where Tess stayed for a few days and found an object there that gave Liz a flash of the future, and it doesn’t look good, so we need you and Isabel to do some sleuthing around Vegas while you’re on break,” Max answered.

“Vegas?” Michael answered uncertainly. It had been fun before when they’d had the money and all, but how were they supposed to manage it now? “You want us to call in sick for a week and tramp all over Las Vegas looking for Tess? That’s a big city Maxwell.”

Max sighed. Michael only really ever called him Maxwell when he was feeling annoyed or put upon by Max.

“Tess is going to tip off the FBI that Liz is pregnant and let her get captured and tortured,” Max told him bluntly.

The shocked silence on the other end of the phone was expected, as was the stream of shouted obscenities that poured from Michael’s mouth. Max held the phone away from his ear and stared at Liz’s rolling eyes and half smile until the noise level dimmed somewhat on the other end. Tentatively he placed the phone back to his ear in time to hear, “…fucking bitch thinks she can mess with us again! When do you need us there?”

“Well, you guys can start the investigation from home. Do like Liz and I did. Start calling hotels and describe her and the car she’s driving and see if anyone’s seen her. Pretend to be a concerned relative or something so they’ll give you information. Remember that she’s mind-warping them at check-in, so they won’t see her injuries.”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll call Isabel and we’ll start today. I think I’ll go over to your house and we can use that as our base of operations until we take off for Vegas. We’ll report our progress to you every night.”

Max liked that Michael was already planning strategy and wondered if his friend realized that he was clicking into second-in-command mode. Protector of innocents.

“Sounds good,” Max gave Michael the phone number they were at and told him goodbye. Liz hugged him tight.

“Do you think we should head back now?”

“No!” Max tightened his arms around her. “You’re safer here for right now, and you’re exhausted from all this. Michael and Isabel will do everything they can and keep us posted with their progress. You are going to rest and relax and have a good time with your husband for the rest of this trip. Is that understood?” He gave her his sternest look.

“Yes sir,” she saluted facetiously and then rolled away to avoid his tickling hands.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Michael hung up the phone on his end and faced Maria, who had remained remarkably quiet through the entire conversation with Max. Especially considering Michael’s uncontrolled outburst of obscenities.

“What’s going on Michael?” Her tone was as calm as she could make it under the circumstances.

Michael raked a hand through his already messy hair and look at her. She’d find out anyway. She was persistent like that.

“Liz had another vision, and they think we need to find Tess right away so we can make sure it doesn’t happen,” he answered her truthfully. His fingers trembled slightly as he tried to work the buttons on his shirt. Maria swept his fumbling fingers to the side and fastened them back together for him. She ran her hands through her hair and straightened her own top, looking down to make sure she was presentable.

“Let’s go,” she said and opened the door.

“No. Just me and Isabel are going to do this,” Michael demurred.

“I don’t think so Spaceboy,” Maria contradicted. “You need my skills and it never hurts to have another person to rely on in a crisis,” she declared. She raised one slim eyebrow in an inquiring arch that dared him to tell her no again. Michael was a smart man, and getting smarter every day. He shrugged his shoulders and led the way out of the apartment.


Short, I know. Transition, transition…did I mention I hate writing transition??? Oh well, we’re getting there!!


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I'm nearly bald now from pulling my hair out over this, so good night and good luck! Here's the link to 60 on the old board:


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Okay, I can post parts now, but I still can't edit the title! (And no, I don't know why it's all screwed up, I'm not even on page 15 yet! It's not the way I left it)

I'll try to get the next part up tonight or tomorrow. I haven't been able to get on this board till this morning, so I thought I'd bring it current. This is the part I already posted on the old board. Any suggestions on how to get into the title line? I can get in to edit the text on the first post, but the title line gives me no access. I know some people had this problem before the board was hacked and it was fixed for them, but I still can't. ::sad::

Part 60

Max made sure Liz relaxed for the remainder of the day keeping her mind away from the horrifying vision they had shared. They walked the beach holding hands, breathed in the ocean air and finally, finally, relaxed enough to laugh and enjoy each other’s company in a way they had not been able to for quite awhile. They ordered room service and fed each other choice tidbits as they laughed some more and waited for Michael’s call to update them on the progress of the investigation.

Liz’s body stiffened when the phone rang at about seven o’clock and motioned for Max to pick it up.


“Hey there Max! How’s it goin’?” Maria’s laid back greeting and easy manner calmed Max immediately.

“Good. It’s good so far. Did you guys find anything out yet?”

“Well, we’ve got Alex on the computer going over all the hotels, motels, and no-tells that are listed in Vegas. We’ve been systematically going through them, and trying to see if anyone recognizes her from our description. Isabel, Kyle, Michael, and I are posing as her brothers or sisters and pretending to be concerned for her health, but so far no one recognizes her from our description. Do you think she changed her hair or the color of the car?” Maria asked curiously.

Max thought for a moment, shaking his head at Liz’s inquiring look. Liz slumped back against the headboard and watched as Max continued to exchange information with Maria.

“Um, I really don’t think that she has the resources right now to change the color of the car. Her powers were really low and she’s using them for pain control as much as she can which is very draining. She may be able to get enough power to change her hair color, that’s pretty simple, but I don’t know if she’s thought about that. She’s kinda preoccupied with everything else right now. She still thinks Isabel and I are dead, so the only people that she’d think would come after her would be Michael and Valenti, and she doesn’t know that we know she’s in Vegas. Right now she’s just trying not to act suspicious in front of hotel personnel. She doesn’t want anyone knowing she’s hurt or reporting her injuries to authorities. It’s gonna take her a long time to heal, so she’s probably staying somewhere that she can rent for a month or two.”

“We’ve thought of that. We’re calling all the hotels that have monthly or long term rates listed first, and then we’ll backtrack to some of the others. Kyle thought he had a lead earlier, but we called the room and it definitely was not Tess that answered soo…Does she know how to change her voice?”

“No. I’ve never heard her do anything like that, and when I connected with her awhile back to see what useful powers she had that we would need I didn’t see anything like that.”

“Okay, well I don’t want to keep you. I just wanted to let you know that we’re working on it and tell you two that we’re all here doing everything we can. Enjoy yourselves and we’ll call about the same time tomorrow to give you a progress report. Can I talk to Liz real quick?”

“Sure.” Max handed the phone to Liz.

“Hey,” Liz answered softly.

“Hey yourself,” Maria responded brightly. “What’s shakin’? You keepin’ that hot husband of yours busy?”

Liz felt a smile quirk her lips and nodded, forgetting that Maria couldn’t see her. “You know it!”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it!” Maria laughed, picturing the rosy flush on her friends face.

Max watched Liz grow more animated and the color that flooded her cheeks as she blushed and shyly stole a glance at him. It warmed his heart that they had such great friends that would take care of them physically and emotionally in a crisis. Liz was laughing by the time she hung up ten minutes later.

Max clapped his hands and rubbed his palms together smiling brightly.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he teased her with the light of laughter in his eyes.

Liz tilted her head to the side and enjoyed the boyish glee that shone from Max’s face. She leaned toward him with her hands out and wriggled her fingers in a ‘gimme’ gesture. “What is it? What is it? Show me what you got!”

“Ah ah ahh,” Max walked backwards and wagged his finger at her as he headed toward the closet where he had hidden his gift to her in his suitcase. “Patience! It’s a virtue you know.”

“Yeah, yeah. How long have you known me? Us? We have no patience! Now give it up!” Liz started to move off the bed toward him.

Max pulled out the suitcase and crouched down with his back to her to unzip it. Liz sat back on the bed and admired the way his tight jeans pulled over his butt like a second skin, the way his lean muscles bunched and relaxed under the smooth fabric. Maybe her present could wait after all. She licked her lips and sent sexy thoughts his way.

Max turned his head around and blinked up at her in surprise. “Liz! Just what do you have on your mind?”

Liz moved off the bed and approached him, hooded eyes darkened with passion. Her hands smoothed over his shoulders and she leaned against his back as she captured his lips in a tender kiss that grew more passionate as he turned more fully to face her. His hand reached up to touch her face and he moved her around to straddle his lap. Her gift slid to the floor beside them and the faint noise distracted Liz for a moment. She saw something bright red flash in the corner of her eye and she broke the kiss to look more closely. A small gasp escaped her lips and she picked up the gift.

“Do you like it?” Max asked shyly. He’d never bought anything like it before. He’d counseled with Maria on size, but the color and cut were all from him.

Liz held up the red leather pants and ran her hands over the soft material. She scrambled up off his lap and pulled her shorts off quickly. The sleek leather slid over her like a second skin and reached to just cover her hips. Her hands ran down the sides and she twisted around to check out how they looked.

“How do they l…?” Liz started before she saw the expression and the slackened jaw that gave her the answer.

She smiled and turned a full circle for him, twitching her hips beguilingly. “I guess that answers my question. How did you know I’d love something like this?” She asked him curiously.

“I just, I…I guess I just thought that since you enjoyed me so much in leather that I’d like the same thing on you, but dang girl! You look fine! I’ve always known you had a wild side hidden deep within! Turn around again,” he requested, eyes darkening with passion. Liz complied with a laugh and then sank down straddling his lap again.

Giving him a soft thank-you kiss she leaned back in his arms and enjoyed the closeness. Max kissed her again and remembered that he had more for her. Shaking himself to come back to attention he reached around her into the suitcase and pulled out a short black leather jacket that had a wide buckle in the front. Liz ahh’d in delight and immediately put that on as well. She tugged him to his feet and urged him to dress also.

“We have to go somewhere!” She practically floated in her excitement.

Max pulled out his own leather pants and a snug dark gray sweater. Liz looked him over approvingly and nodded her head.

“We look fine!” she finally concluded, walking around Max to check the view from the back, just to watch him blush at her overt appraisal of his ‘attributes’.

Max gave her a hug and a quick kiss. “I thought we’d go dancing. I had the concierge recommend a couple of clubs, and I know you like to dance, soo…”

Liz hugged him again and danced out of his embrace. “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The music was so loud that it pulsed out onto the sidewalk outside the club and their feet were already tapping to the rhythm as they waited to get in. Once inside it was dark, with lights flashing everywhere and people danced and tried to talk all around them.

‘This internal communication should help out in here!’ Liz sent to Max.

He shook his head and smiled back at her, ‘Would you like to dance?’ he asked her, knowing the answer already since her hips were already swaying to the beat and they hadn’t even touched the dance floor yet. Max put his hands over her hips and followed her onto the crowded space reserved for dancing. They garnered many glances of interest as they passed by, this hot young couple, but people turned away with a smile as they saw the obvious connection and love that flowed between them. No chance there tonight.

Max turned Liz into his embrace and her arms went over his shoulders as their hips matched a rhythm they were both intimately familiar with. Max left one hand on her hip and lost himself to the music and the moment.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
One pair of interested eyes watched Liz very closely from the safety of the bar. He licked his suddenly dry lips as he watched them groove together on the dance floor and silently made a plan. A satisfied grin spread across his face and he knew what to do.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz laughed as she sank into a stool at the bar and gave Max a short wave. He was making a quick pit stop while she ordered him a Cherry Coke at the bar. She caught the attention of the bartender and he came right over, leaning in close.

“What’ll it be pretty lady?” His smile was blinding, but Liz barely noticed, she had her own man.

“Um, give me a large Cherry Coke and some water please,” she had to raise her voice to be heard over the booming vibrations of the music.

The man tapped the bar and smiled again, this one was obviously taken. He moved off to get her drinks, swiftly returning to slide them across the bar to her.

“Enjoy your evening,” he smiled one more time and left. Liz turned and took a quick sip of the cola and turned back to watch the other dancers on the floor while she waited for Max.

“Hi,” a new voice shouted in her ear.

Liz turned at the unexpected intrusion and nodded her head at the tall blonde man who’d slid onto a stool next to her.

“Having fun tonight?” He persisted.

Liz gave him one more glance and turned back to look toward the bathrooms. She didn’t notice the man slipping something into her Coke while her back was turned.

“I saw you dancing out there. You move real well,” he continued, trying to catch her attention.

She turned back to him in annoyance. If he’d seen her out there then he saw that she had danced with the same man all night. “Um, thanks I guess. I’m just waiting for…”

“Here,” he slid the Coke closer to her, “you look thirsty. Have a drink and we can dance.”

Liz shook her head, annoyed again. Didn’t this man get it? “I’m waiting for my…”

“Husband,” Max interjected, shooting the man an evil glance as he slid his arm around Liz. He reached around her and grabbed his Coke taking a large drink and wedging himself between Liz and the man that was irritating her.

“Is this man bothering you baby?” He whispered close to her ear. Liz nuzzled into his neck and didn’t see the man slink away after watching Max drink the drugged liquid.

“Not anymore,” she answered, leaning up for a quick kiss. She hopped to the floor and took his hand. “Let’s dance!” She laughed at his pained expression. He reached back and took another large sip before smiling widely and letting her lead the way. They got out to the middle of the floor and she moved in close to him to dance again, breathing in his fresh spicy scent with satisfaction. They were so close that Liz’s arms caught him when he swayed to the side and almost fell to the floor. Her eyes shot to meet his dazed expression and she automatically sought to make a connection to find out what was wrong with him.

Max raised a hand to his head and tried to remain upright. “I don’t feel so good Liz,” he whispered.

If not for the connection Liz would never have heard him. His mind was a jumble of confusion and dizzy thoughts that drifted lazily through to her. He couldn’t focus on anything for more than a second and Liz had to break the connection and shake her head to rid herself of the effects. She hitched her shoulder up under his arm and forged a way out to the sidewalk. Max gulped in heaving breaths of fresh air and leaned against the building while Liz hailed a cab. She maneuvered him into the back seat and he slumped against her and closed his eyes while she gave the driver directions to their hotel. She let the man assume Max was drunk while her mind raced to figure out what could have happened.

Max had been fine until right before they danced again. He was too confused, too disoriented for exhaustion or dehydration to have this kind of effect, and besides, he’d just had a drink at the bar. The bar.

Liz’s eyes widened and flew to Max. That annoying man at the bar had thought he could get with her and had assumed the drink she had sipped from was hers. Max’s alien physiology couldn’t handle any kind of alcohol or drug. They hit him especially hard. She wracked her brain to figure out how much he had ingested. Two sips. Large ones.

The cab slid to a stop and she roused Max enough to get his uncoordinated cooperation as she maneuvered him up to their room. She laid him out on the bed and he immediately curled onto his side and light snores emanated from him in less than two minutes. She smoothed his hair to the side and got up to wet a washcloth and run it over his face. He didn’t rouse from his slumber at all and she shook him slightly. He mumbled but would not open his eyes. Worry etched her features and she dialed the number at Michael’s. It rang and rang with no answer. She hung up in frustration before remembering they had all been over at the Evans’ working to find Tess. Maybe they were still there. She dialed again and the phone rang once before it was picked up by Michael.

“Talk to me,” he barked into the phone, impatience ringing through the line to her.

“Michael! I think Max was drugged at this club we were at tonight! What do I do?” Liz’s panic was clear.

“Drugged? What happened? Is there anyone after you? Are you someplace safe? How’s Max??” Michael’s voice rose with every question and the other’s gathered around him at the tone of his questions.

“He’s passed out in our hotel room. I think he’s just sleeping, but I can’t wake him up. I think that someone slipped something into my drink, but it was really Max’s drink and he had some and right after…”

“Slow down Liz. It’s gonna be okay,” Michael needed to reduce her panic and figure out what they could do. “Do you think it was like that date rape drug?”

“Yeah, I guess. Probably yes. What do I do Michael?” She regulated her breathing and her knuckles turned white over the handset of the phone as she let Michael’s new calm transmit to her. He was all business now.

“Did you make a connection with him? Can you tell if he’s in any distress?” Liz shook her head, forgetting Michael couldn’t see her.

“I’ll try that again. I’m gonna set the phone down for a minute.” She did so and sat on the bed. She placed her hand over his temple and reached out for Max. His mind was at rest, dreaming and peaceful. She moved around a little and found blocks over parts of his brain that affected motor control and free will. She nudged at them, but was scared that she would do damage since this was not her power. Her nudges did nothing anyway and she slipped out of the connection in frustration and picked up the phone.

“He’s definitely drugged. It seems like his free will is gone, but he’s resting peacefully. What should I do?” Her frustration edged through her tone.

“He’s not in pain or anything?”

“No, not at all,” she whispered as tears filled her eyes.

“Let’s let him sleep it off. Watch him close and make sure nothing changes though and call us if anything weird happens. Should we come out there?”

“No. I’ll just watch him tonight,” she decided, happy that Michael was making decisions for her right now and grateful for his steady voice. “And Michael?”


“Thanks.” Liz hung up the phone and curled herself around Max. He didn’t even move to curl into her and that hurt. It had always been so instinctive asleep or awake. She ran her hand over his side and prepared to wait.

Hours later she was hit with the fever. She moaned and watched Max some more, seeing if it affected him. His brow shone with a faint sheen of sweat and his skin flushed, but she still couldn’t wake him. She lay back in frustration and her eyes fell on the phone. She reached out for it, knowing she needed to warn Michael.

One ring and Michael’s anxious voice filled the line.

“Liz? How is he? What’s the matter?”

“Michael, he’s the same,” she sighed and forced herself to continue. “Michael? I’m so sorry. The fever…its started and I can’t wake him up.” She heard a faint gasp on the other end of the line as her implication sank in. “I’m so sorry, but we’re going to have to wait it out and I wanted to warn you I don’t know how long it’ll be. If he doesn’t come around in a few hours I’ll call you back and you may have to come down here.” She paused for another shaky breath, “I’m sorry Michael.”

Shocked silence filled the line.


Note: If I cut ‘em a break it’d be boring! Don’t ya think? This honeymoon won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

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Part 61

“What? What happened Michael?” Maria asked worriedly as she watched him hang up the phone and scrub his hands over his eyes in a gesture of defeat. Something was very wrong here.

“Um. That was Liz. Apparently Max got himself drugged somehow and they’ve gone into heat,” Michael told her bluntly, meeting her eyes almost defiantly.

“Drugged? Max is drugged??” Maria’s voice rose an octave and Michael clapped a hand over her mouth and pulled her into his chest.

“Let’s not get everyone all upset over something we can’t do anything about here, okay?” Michael asked her tensely.

Maria twisted away from Michael’s restraining hold and leaned in close to whisper harshly, “Drugged? Who drugged him? Are they in danger?” Her face froze momentarily as the rest of what Michael had revealed to her sank in. “How is it that Liz is calling you if they’re in heat? They can’t keep their hands off each other!”

Michael lowered his head and stared at his shoelaces. One was almost completely untied and hanging to the floor. He really should do something about that before he tripped and…

“Michael? Are you even listening to me? What is going on over there? Do I have to call her myself??” Maria made a move to pick up the phone and get to the bottom of this new mess, but Michael clamped her wrist in his hand and made her look at him.

“He’s passed out. Liz thinks someone at a club they were at tonight tried to slip something in her drink, but Max drank it instead. She can’t wake him up. She connected with him and said his free will is…is gone, and now they’ve got the fever and she can’t wake him up. She can’t…she said they’d have to wait it out…” Michael turned suddenly and grabbed the phone book.

“Michael?” Maria scooted around him and leaned over to peer into his tense face. “Michael? What are you doing?”

“I’ve gotta arrange a flight out there in case Max doesn’t…doesn’t wake up in time, ya know?” Michael tried to move her out of his way, shrugging out of his sweater suddenly, leaving him in a T-shirt and jeans. “Maria…” he started, impatience ringing through his tone because she refused to move.

“Come on Michael,” Maria grabbed her keys and pulled his arm until he started to follow her. “We gotta get you outta here. Everyone’s going to wonder what’s going on if you’re all fevered and Max isn’t taking care of Liz.”

“Yeah. Good idea. I can arrange a flight from my apartment.” Michael allowed himself to be steered out of the room tripping on his shoelace. Knew I shoulda tied that thing he thought randomly. He waited impatiently by the front door as Maria told the other’s they were going to work from Michael’s apartment for awhile.

“Okay, let’s go,” Maria opened the door and led him to her car. He slumped down in the passenger seat and barely flinched when she put the pedal to the metal and sped to his place.

Arriving at Michael’s she helped him up to his couch and he lay back on it and closed his eyes, sweat already pooling at his temples.

Maria made a quick ice pack and knelt on the floor in front of the couch, dabbing it over his forehead and cheeks.

“How’s that?”

“Better,” he mumbled, miserable and hard already with the lust that was a part of the fever. He hoped Maria didn’t notice what was now tenting his pants. He shifted uncomfortably and raised his knees.

“Maybe we should get you out of those pants,” Maria murmured. “You’d be more comfortable.”

“NO!” Michael barked out harshly. “The pants stay on!”

“Okay Michael. Okay. It’s not like I was gonna rip em off of you and have my wicked way or anything. Jeez.” Maria shook her head. The fever sure made him moody.

“I’m sorry Maria. It’s just this whole situation is completely…”

“Psycho? Weird? Out of this world?” Maria offered helpfully while Michael struggled for the word.

“I was going to say intolerable, but yeah, that stuff too,” Michael hid a small smile before moaning and twisting on the couch again.

Maria turned serious. “What kind of drug do you think it was?”

“They think it was that date rape drug,” Michael answered.

“Rohypnol?? Someone was going to try to get with Liz?” Maria’s voice rose to almost a shriek and she started pacing, her hands waving in the air as she spoke. “I hope he realized how lucky he is that Max drank that drink instead of Liz. That man wouldn’t have lived to see morning if Max found out someone was messing with his love like that!” She turned on her heel and whirled to face Michael. “He’s passed out? Like completely unconscious?”

“Yeah,” Michael nodded his head, beads of sweat dripping down his nose slowly. He threw his head back and groaned. “Why doesn’t she just take matters into her own hands, ya know? I’m sure she could get some kind of reaction from him!”

Maria shook her head at Michael with a pitying look in her eye, “Michael, she’d feel like she was taking advantage of him! I mean it’s the date rape drug! Liz is not going to just use him like that and…”

“What? And it’s okay that all three of us are going to suffer while she gets over her anxiety about using him? Since when has he ever complained about sex with Liz?” Michael burst out in frustration.

“I know Michael,” Maria knelt by him again and brushed his hair back gently. “It’s not only that. She’s probably worried that whatever is in his system could affect the baby. She couldn’t take a chance like that. Hopefully it won’t take too long.”

She left his side to get him a cold drink but her thoughts were in Mexico with their friends.


“Max?” Liz croaked out weakly. It had been a miserable three hours since the fever had started and she was so tired, but she couldn’t give up. She shook his still frame again, her mind probing for any opening to wake him up. Was it her imagination, or was he starting to show a little spark of effort in there? “Max! Wake up!!” She shook him again, probing further and hoping the physical/psychological combination would work. Max’s quiet moan rewarded her efforts.

“Max?? Max it’s me, Liz! I need you to wake up Max! Max?” Liz’s tone grew desperate. She had an idea, but needed him to be awake to make it work.

Max’s eyes fluttered open groggily and he blinked slowly at her, her face just a blur. “Liz?” His tongue felt thick in his mouth and he moved it over his dry lips experimentally, wondering what was going on. Were they still in the bar? Was that blonde guy trying to steal his girl? A slow anger bubbled up in him at the audacity of the man who had hit on his Liz.

“Max!” Liz’s cry came almost as a sob. She hugged him close. “Max! You’ve been drugged! I need you to try to get it out of your system. That guy at the bar put something in your drink…”

Aha! She was talking about that blonde guy at the bar! He knew it. He struggled to sit up, jealousy tearing through him. “Bar? Bar guy?” It was all he could rasp out. What was up with his tongue? He licked his lips again and tried to look at it.

Liz grabbed his upper arms in a tight grip until he refocused on her. “Yes. The guy at the bar Max,” she repeated slowly and clearly, knowing that he was struggling to keep it together from her brief glimpse into the chaos of his mind a second ago.

“Blonde guy?” Liz nodded. “I could be blonde,” Max reached up and pulled his hand through his hair front to back and it changed color instantly. Liz gasped and grabbed his hand.

“Max! Stop. Look at me,” she demanded. “Look. At. Me!!” Her voice would not be denied.

“Wha’?” Max’s words slurred as if he were drunk, but at least he was trying to look at her.

“Max. I need you to do something for me okay?” Max never could resist any request Liz made of him. He nodded, his head bobbing loosely on his neck.

“Max, you need to get the drug out of your system now okay? You need to heal yourself, getting all the bad stuff out? Can you do that for me now Max?” Liz pleaded.

“Bad stuff?” Max’s eyes were still confused. “There’s bad stuff?”

“Very bad Max. Do it now, okay?” She moved his hands to cover his chest and sat back, watching him expectantly, her eyes drifting to the shock of almost white blonde hair that covered his head.

Max closed his eyes in concentration. Had to do this now. Liz wanted him to. His head bobbed to the side.

“Max? Stay with me here Max! This is too important. I need you. The baby needs you. Do you understand?” She was reassured by the opening of his eyes as he realized what was at stake.

“Yeah, I can do this Liz, I can,” he mumbled. His hands covered his face and started to glow. He slowly moved them down over his body until every inch was covered. He sat up straight when he was done and pulled Liz into his arms. “Thank you,” he breathed into her hair.

“Are you…? Are you okay now?” Liz leaned back to take in the clarity of his expression.

Max nodded. “I…I…Liz?” His hands stroked over her body, not able to stop touching her. “Can I…” he tugged at the snap of her leather pants.

Liz nodded and arched her hips off the bed to help him slide the material down her long legs. Max smoothed his hands back up her legs and paused to kiss and lick along the way. Liz’s back arched off the bed. “Max…” her tone pleaded with him to get naked and get on with it.

“I’ve got you baby,” Max murmured into her neck, at last meeting her lips with his own. Her hands fumbled with the snap to his pants and tugged down the zipper. She pushed the leather down over his hips, freeing his erection. Her hands ran over his thick length and he groaned into her mouth. She guided him to her ready opening and he pushed himself inside her quickly. Heavy sighs filled the room at the needed contact. Max started moving over Liz in a rhythm that increased quickly in intensity. Liz’s hips rose to meet his every thrust and her nails clawed down his back before clutching his hair in her hands and holding him close to prolong the kiss.

The movement became more frantic and each cried out simultaneously as the release raged through them. Liz’s legs wrapped around Max’s hips and pulled him deeper into her as her sobbing cries filled the room and she arched her back at the force of her reaction. Max growled in response and thrust several more times, as she wrung the last of his juices from him.

He rolled to the side and lay panting with his head on the same pillow as hers. She opened her eyes and took in his loving smile, his beautiful face, his blonde hair…and laughed out loud.

“Don’t become a beautician, okay?” She gasped out before collapsing in a new fit of giggles at his confused expression.


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Part 62

“Who are you calling?” Michael asked from his place on the couch, looking and sounding pathetic.

“Shh,” Maria hissed from across the room before turning back to the phone and speaking in hushed tones. “Hello? FedEx? When’s your next pick-up time scheduled?…Umhmm. Okay, can you ship frozen packages? How fast could you get something to Mexico? ….Really? Okay, thanks,” Maria hung up the phone and turned to face Michael.

"Maria,” Michael started warningly. “We should be calling the airport and booking reservations. What are you plotting?” He could definitely see that gleam in her eye that meant she had a plan, and that didn’t usually bode well for him.

“Michael, I’ve got a plan,” she started eagerly, ignoring his snort and the rolling of his eyes. “What? It’ll save time and ensure Liz and the baby’s safety in case…” her voice broke and she cleared her throat and shook off the bad feelings, “in case Max doesn’t come out of it in time.” She whirled around and made her way into the kitchen, rooting around in the cupboards. “Perfect!” She exclaimed in triumph whirling around with a small plastic container in her hand. “Michael?” Her tone was sweet and her eyes were innocently widened into perfect saucers, guaranteed to melt one Michael Guerin. “I need a sample.”

“A sample,” Michael repeated. “Of course you need a sample! Anything else? Blood? Sweat? Tears? Cause I got plenty.”

“Michael, Michael, Michael. Sarcasm doesn’t suit you. You know this is the best way to get this to Liz.”

“Just how is me giving you a sample gonna help Liz?”

“We’re gonna FedEx it. They have a 24 hour drop off down the street at Kinko’s and the next shipments leave in two hours, so I need a sample now and we’ll stick it in the freezer and I’ll run down to the 24 hour market and get some dry ice and we’ll package it up and poof! Liz gets what she needs. Good plan, huh?” Maria asked proudly.

Michael was rolling his head back and forth on the throw pillow he had been resting on and couldn’t believe that he actually thought this was a good idea. He groaned and started to sit up. At least this would relieve the heavy ache in his groin. Temporarily. He got to his feet and swiped the container out of Maria’s hand and slowly made his way to the bathroom. He stopped and turned suddenly and Maria ran right into him. She grabbed his arms to prevent herself from falling and grinned at him sheepishly.

“I could help you out with that ya know. Anything to help our friends, right?”

“Riiight,” Michael breathed out sarcastically. “Maria?” She looked up at him expectantly. “Go sit on the couch,” he finished, turning her by the shoulders and giving her a gentle push in that general direction.

“You don’t know what you’re giving up buddy,” Maria muttered under her breath.

“Believe me, I can imagine,” Michael answered, too softly for her to hear. He closed the bathroom door behind himself and leaned back against it wearily. He set the container by the sink and fumbled with the button to his pants before quickly lowering the zipper. “Might as well get this over with,” he muttered.

Before he had even touched himself his body started to spasm. He gasped and leaned back against the door while hot white jets of cum spilled out over his shirt and pants. His breathing was ragged and his eyes were glued shut as he experienced the overwhelming pleasure and release that Liz was experiencing in that moment. Max woke up, he thought groggily when he opened his eyes and looked around. He was surprised to find himself seated on the floor, leaning back against the door. He closed his eyes again and thumped his head back against the hard surface of the door until Maria tapped on the other side timidly.

“Uh, Michael? You okay in there?” She couldn’t imagine what he was doing in there. She’d made a relatively simple request.

Michael opened his eyes again and surveyed the mess he’d made. He quickly evaporated the sticky fluid away from his clothes and moved to stand. He swayed dizzily for a second, refastened his pants, grabbed the still empty container and flung the door open meeting Maria’s startled expression.

“Everything’s fine,” Michael muttered, brushing past her and stalking into the kitchen. “Why wouldn’t it be?” He threw the empty container into the sink and braced his arms on the counter letting his head hang down while he caught his breath.

Warm hands slid around his waist, massaging in soothing circles over the firm skin she found there. She pressed small, sweet kisses over his shoulders and lay her head against his back. “What just happened in there Michael?” She asked it softly, a whisper of breath against his bare skin.

“Max woke up,” Michael turned and embraced his girl, holding her head against his chest and not daring to meet her eyes yet. Why did these crazy things have to happen to him?

“And you know this because…” Maria prompted, her voice muffled by his smooth skin.

“Because the fever’s gone and I felt it, okay?” Michael’s voice came out harsher than he had intended, but it was okay, Maria was in a mood to be patient, sensing what he needed.


“Oh,” she answered, pressing another series of soft kisses over his chest.

“Yeah. Oh,” Michael muttered, half embarrassed but mostly just relieved that it was over with for now. He kissed the top of her head and breathed in the clean scent of her shampoo. Maria tilted her head back and met his eyes at last, hating the misery she found there.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” She requested softly. His warm chest trembled under her hand as he took in a shaky breath.

He closed his eyes and nodded.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Kyle sat on the floor in front of the couch, his arms spread out across the seat and his head laying back against it eyes trained on the ceiling. He rolled his head to the side when Isabel slipped in beside him pressing her body against the length of his and laid her head back on his arm.

“Whassup?” He forced a lightheartedness into his tone that didn’t reach his eyes.

“That’s what I was going to ask you,” she answered seriously, turning to more fully face him. Their faces were inches apart, so Kyle couldn’t help but notice that her eyes were concerned and her question sincere.

He blew out a frustrated breath. She wasn’t going to drop this, and maybe he did want to talk about it. A little.

“I don’t know how to feel about all this. I mean, she was like my sister, and now I’m pretending to be her brother and calling all over Las Vegas to find her so that we can get rid of her for good. I mean, how am I supposed to react to that?” His blue eyes closed over the tears he wouldn’t let fall. Not over her. Not over the girl who had betrayed their trust. His trust.

A warm hand caressed his cheek gently and he leaned into the caress. Isabel snuggled down so her head rested against his chest and she hugged him tightly to her. “You’re on the right side Kyle. You’re doing the right thing.” It was all she could say. Just the simple truth. Not everything, but enough for now.

“I know,” he whispered, closing his eyes and letting his hands wander over her back. “Thanks Isabel.”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Alex turned from the computer where he had been for the last several hours. He’d created a simple program to keep track of the places they’d called and to select the most likely prospects to call next based on the parameters they’d discussed earlier. He arched his back, satisfied with several small pops that helped get the kinks out. His arms stretched over his head and he started to yawn. The sight of Isabel and Kyle cuddled around each other asleep in front of the couch froze him in place, mind and body. He let his arms drop limply to his sides and moved to stand. He watched them for several long moments, noticing the easy intimacy of their positions and the peace in their expressions.

He reached over them and snagged a folded blanket from the back of the couch. He shook it open and covered them gently before backing out of the room.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“I love you,” Max sighed again. He couldn’t say it enough. The drug was out of his system now, but he felt drained, tired. He sat up in the bed and gave Liz a quick kiss.

“Love you too,” she answered back drowsily. “Where are you going?”

“Bathroom,” he whispered as he made his way across the room. He closed the door before flicking on the light. His eyes blinked furiously, tearing in the sudden light. He squinted them open slowly and caught sight of himself in the mirror. His eyes widened in shock.

Liz!!” His hands flew to his hair and he flung the bathroom door open to find a giggling Liz huddled on the bed.

“Liz?” he questioned in a mock stern voice.

“Yes dear?” She tried to match his tone, failing miserably.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Yeah,” she tried to grab her composure and pulled herself to a sitting position on the bed. She hugged a pillow to her chest tightly and continued, “Do blondes really have more fun Max?”

Max groaned and went back in the bathroom to stare in the mirror at his white-blonde hair.

“Max?” She called, laughter still tingeing her tone. “I really want to know!”


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Part 63

“Hi!” Liz gasped out with a startled laugh, half-hiding behind Max’s solid frame. Max gave a small wave and scooted past Judy as they moved to take their seats on the plane.

Judy rolled her eyes and prepared for another adventurous flight. Newlyweds!

Liz settled into her seat beside Max and leaned up to whisper in his ear. “I want my T-shirt Max!” She laughed at the expression on his face.

Max rolled his eyes and patiently pressed the attendant call button wincing as Liz smacked his arm and buried her face against it. “Max!”

“Can I help you?” Judy asked cautiously as she approached their seats.

“Yes, my wife was wondering about your club T-shirts?”

Liz gasped softly into his arm and clutched him tighter as her body convulsed in laughter.

“I’m sorry sir, our what?”

“Nothing!” Liz put in quickly, clapping her hand over Max’s mouth as he opened it to speak again. She felt his wide smile behind her hand as Judy walked away shaking her head and only released him when his warm tongue licked wetly across her palm.

“Don’t ask if you don’t mean it,” Max warned her teasingly.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz sighed as they climbed into the Jeep they had left at the airport. Max squeezed her hand in his and shot her a quick grin. In spite of the rocky start they had managed to have a wonderful time in Mexico. Long walks on the beach, hours spent laughing over nothing at all, quiet moments filled with passion and love. Now it was time to get back to the real world.

“You okay?” he questioned softly, nibbling on her ear teasingly.

The soft puff of his breath over her skin made her shiver and push him away laughing. “Yeah. I just wish we could’ve had more time alone together, you know?”

“Yeah,” he sighed and kissed her quickly one more time before jogging around the car to the driver’s side.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“They’re gonna be here any minute,” Maria exclaimed again, rushing through the Evans’ house and peeking out the window beside the front door.

“We know Maria. Calm down. Why don’t you sit for a minute?” Michael patted his lap and Maria glanced back and forth between Michael and the door for a moment before choosing the more tempting proposition. She squirmed happily into his lap getting comfortable and grinned up at him.

“I just miss them,” she stated simply.

“Me too,” he answered with a small smile. Even after all they had put him through recently he still felt sorry for the pain they were in as well, because if he was suffering it meant they were too.

Maria rested her cheek against his chest and placed her palm over his heart. She felt a lot closer to Michael since spending the night at his house earlier in the week. They had cuddled and talked and really shared with each other. Waking up wrapped in Michael’s arms was definitely something she wanted to get used to.

The rest of the week had been frustrating as hell. They’d all spent hours calling every hotel that met the criteria they had set and no one reported seeing anyone of Tess’ description. Isabel was drained. She’d spent a large amount of her time trying to dreamwalk Tess, even though she’d never been especially good at reaching Tess that way in the past. She had hoped that whatever block Tess had always held against her would be gone or at least weakened because of Tess’ injuries, but apparently it still held strong.

Alex had watched her frustration and at last he could take it no more. In the past she had always felt it was easier to make a connection when he was holding her. He’d watched her struggle and held himself back, telling himself that maybe now she would prefer Kyle to hold onto, but when Kyle never stepped forward he pulled her into his own arms and felt her relax back against him immediately. He had sighed in satisfaction and helped her through the difficult days as best he could, at last convincing Isabel that it wasn’t going to work. They’d have to think of something else.

Diane and Philip had supported their efforts as best they could, taking extra time from work to help out and making sure the kids ate properly. Diane feared that the new worry lines that marked her face would never go away. Every time they turned around it seemed there was a new menace to worry about.

The front door creaked open and everyone stood to greet the couple.

And got quite a shock.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Welcome ba…What the hell did you do to your hair?” Michael and Maria exclaimed together staring in amazement at Max’s white blonde locks.

Max shuffled back a step and ran a hand over the soft hair self-consciously. “Um, Liz liked it so I…thought I’d keep it for a few days.”

Liz hugged him close and smiled up at him. “It was just a little experiment to see if blonde’s really do have more fun,” Liz added helpfully.

“And do they?” Diane asked, stepping forward to hug her son and then Liz.

“Yep, apparently they do,” Max with a secret smile for Liz as he reached for her long dark hair. She skipped away from his wriggling fingers and ran to stand behind Maria.

“I don’t think so Max!”

“Okay,” he lowered his hands back to his sides. “I guess I’ll just have to go back to normal too then.” He pulled his hands through his hair and it changed back to its natural dark brown shade. Diane sighed in relief. Her son was back. Liz sighed in disappointment. The change had been fun, and she’d miss the lighter side of Max.

They all sat down in the living room and shared news of the week past. Max and Liz could see how tired their friends were and felt bad for the wasted effort they had all expended. Not a great way to spend spring break. And now they would all have to go back to school in the morning.

Maria took Liz to the side and hugged her tightly. She was glad to see that Liz was looking well rested for once in spite of the rocky start they’d endured.

“So…” Maria started cautiously, hoping she wouldn’t stir up too much trouble. “How’d the rest of the trip go?” It looked like Max was way too calm about everything. Michael had practically hopped a plane himself at the thought of someone trying to hurt his friends, she could just imagine how Max had reacted.

Liz rolled her eyes, correctly reading Maria’s true question. “You should have seen him Maria! He was absolutely livid at the thought that someone had tried to do that to me, and it took the rest of the night to calm him down! He was ready to go track that guy down and teach him a lesson he’d never forget, but I convinced him that that man wouldn’t be there anymore anyway, and to wait till morning to do anything. He was so exhausted that he finally agreed, and in the morning Max drew a picture from memory and anonymously faxed it to the police department writing that he’d seen that guy in that club slipping things into girls drinks. Apparently there have been several reports lately from girls who’ve been taken advantage of, and the police took it seriously. They circulated the picture around the city to all the clubs and all the bartenders were on the lookout for him. Two days later the creep was spotted across town and they called the police and found drugs on him. It made the news, and it looks like a couple of girls identified him. So…jail time!!” Liz grinned widely, glad that they had not had to get directly involved, but had still been able to take care of the situation.

“So, you finally made him relax huh? Did you have a good time?” Maria was practically panting for details.

“It was the absolute best!” Liz glanced up slyly at Maria through her eyelashes. “Have you ever heard of the Mile High Club?”

“The…um, yeah, I’ve heard of it!” Maria clapped a hand over her mouth to contain her laughter and shared a private wink with Max. He smiled back and gave her a thumbs-up.

“Well, I’ve gotta get home to see what Mom’s up to, so you guys get some rest okay?” Maria hugged Liz tightly and grabbed Michael’s arm to haul him out the door with her.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready to…” Michael’s protest was cut off as the door slammed closed behind them. Isabel, Alex and Kyle took the hint and left together to go watch a movie at Alex’s house.

Diane and Philip gave each of them a kiss and told them they had to get back to work.

Max wrapped his arms around Liz from behind and walked behind her out through the back door to the kitchen and up the stairs to their apartment. Stepping in, Max quickly surveyed the room and nodded in satisfaction, Maria had done a good job setting everything up the way he’d asked her to. Candles were placed out all over the room on every flat surface making a romantic soft glow throughout the room. Fruit and cheese were placed out on the coffee table along with a bottle of sparkling cider and two crystal wine glasses.

Liz gasped softly and turned in Max’s arms, instantly knowing that he’d arranged all this.

“How…when did you…?”

“Last night,” he whispered into her hair. “I called Maria and told her I wanted to make sure you felt special and that the honeymoon wasn’t over.” He smiled and kissed her lips softly. “It’ll never be over.”

Tears pricked her eyes and she smiled at her husband, filled with a warm glow. He was so thoughtful, making sure that she felt special and loved.

Max took her hand and walked toward their bedroom, if he wasn’t mistaken there should be a special surprise waiting in there on the bed. He opened the door and peeked in first, smiling broadly at what he saw laid out on the bed. He stepped back and let Liz walk in ahead of him.

Liz’s eyes fell to the bed and her brow furrowed in confusion before her grin spread over her face and she doubled up laughing. “Ma…Max? Is that? Are those what I think they are?” She finally gasped out.

“Yep,” Max answered with a broad grin. “You said you wanted them, so…I called Maria and she took care of it,” he revealed.

Side by side on the bed were two T-shirts sparkling like Maria had gone crazy with a Bedazzler. One glowed with a brilliant pattern of red and gold saying “Mile” and the other in rich purple and silver read “High”.

Liz kissed Max squarely on the lips, “We have the best friends,” she noted with another heartfelt laugh.


Authors note: FEED me! Shameless plug for encouragement here. Yep. Need it. Want it. Gotta have it! Okay, seriously I'm tryin' to finish this by the end of the year and I realized that I only have two months left and there's so much more to tell and I only have two months! Okay, breathe, I can do it! But really, I need to know that people are enjoying this so that I'll get it out faster, so...

Love ya!
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Part 64

The days passed swiftly into weeks with a steady rhythm of school, work, loving…

“Well that was pleasant!” Liz groaned sarcastically into her hands as she dropped down onto their bed.

Max rubbed soothing hands over her back. “It wasn’t that bad Liz,” he tried to reassure her.

Her eyes shot to meet his in disbelief. “Not that bad Max? Not that bad? Are you insane? That was the worst one yet!”

“Shh,” Max soothed kissing the top of her head gently. “It’s no big deal. It’ll be better next time,” he tried to coax a smile from her stubborn lips.

Liz shook her head and stood to pace the small area of carpet beside the bed. “No. Absolutely not. There isn’t going to be a next time. I’ve had it,” she ranted, her hands waving wildly to emphasize her point.

Max stood too, shocked by her swift decision, knowing her had to talk her out of it. His hands ached to reach out and touch her but he knew he couldn’t risk it, considering the frame of mind she was in. His fingers curled into fists to restrain them from the fierce urge to touch. “Don’t be hasty Liz. It’s not always gonna be like that, okay?”

Liz stopped her pacing right in front of him and placed a gentle hand over his cheek. His head tilted unconsciously into the warm touch and she couldn’t stop a faint smile from forming at the expression on his face. “When’s he gonna come around Max? Huh? Never, that’s when. It’s been almost three months now Max. Three of the happiest months of my life! When’s my Dad gonna wake up and realize that his little girl is happy with the choices she’s made? When’s he gonna look me in the eye again? Or…or talk to you without some insulting comment sliding out?” Her eyes pleaded with him to understand her decision. “I can’t take it anymore Max. I love my father, I do, but I can’t keep putting my heart out there every Sunday and sitting across the dinner table attempting to act normal while he tries to kill you with his glares as telling me what a mistake I’ve made. It’s not right. He doesn’t deserve us right now.” She sniffed back her tears and swiped a quick hand across her eyes. “It’s not right. It’s too upsetting and…and…” Liz couldn’t finish and Max hugged her to his chest tightly.

“You’re right,” he whispered, closing his eyes over the pain of the admission. The weekly dinner had been instituted by Nancy in an attempt to show Jeff how happy and right the two kids were for each other. It allowed them to see Liz on a regular basis and Nancy was unwilling to give up the only contact she had left with her daughter. It was a great idea in theory. In practice, it was a nightmare. Still, every single time they arrived at the apartment filled with hope that maybe this time it would be different…well, suffice it to say that it never worked out. Liz would go home with Max and spend the rest of the evening curled in his lap and crying her eyes out over her father’s stubbornness and lack of understanding. Her small frame would shake with the force of her sobbing and Max’s heart would break a little more at his inability to help her. He couldn’t let her do it anymore.

Liz’s body shuddered against his and she drew in a ragged breath before tilting her tear-streaked face up to meet his gaze. She saw the hurt that she knew was for her. The expression that told her that he knew what she had given up for him. “Don’t do that Max,” she soothed, knowing the direction his thoughts had just turned. She rubbed her fingers over the short hair at the nape of his neck and held his gaze steadily. “I didn’t give up anything for you. My dad is the one who gave up on me, and if he can’t see what he threw away, then…” her voice broke before she continued more strongly, “…then he doesn’t deserve me.”

The flat certainty in her voice belied the harsh content of her words and the waves of ‘hurt little girl’ that were running, screaming through her mind. Max leaned down and pressed a firm kiss to her forehead. “No he doesn’t, not right now. But Liz…one day he’ll see. I know it.” His voice rang with strong promise.

Liz nodded against his chest and held him a moment longer. She believed that too. Somewhere deep down Jeff would realize that he couldn’t hang onto his image of a perfect child any longer, that his little baby had grown up, and he would realize what he had done. What he had lost.

Max led her back to sit on the bed and gently tugged the clothes from her body. She curled into his embrace gratefully, needing the respite from the pain of rejection.


Cool air replaced the cozy warmth of the thick blankets. Liz’s hands reached blindly around her body to retrieve the slipping covers. They encountered only empty air. Her eyes squinched closed tighter and she made a mewling protesting noise in the back of her throat. Warm hands, slick and sensual, slid up her body from her ankles to her thighs, gently massaging. Liz sighed happily and relaxed back against her pillow. The sweet scent of strawberries hung in the air and she inhaled again deeply, taking it into herself. What. Wait…strawberries? Liz’s eyes snapped open in surprise to find Max grinning at her smugly from his position beside her as his hands made another long sweep down her legs. Her gaze followed his progress and widened in shock. Her skin was…glowing. Well, glittering really. Tiny flecks of gold were left behind in the glossy wake of Max’s sure strokes. The scented oil clung sensually to her skin and the rich gold color added a sexy texture to the beautiful picture. Liz’s eyes drifted shut on a small moan that escaped as Max bent her leg up at the knee to massage around her thigh. Her hips started a slow rolling rhythm without her conscious thought and she could feel Max’s hungry eyes roam her body.

“Max,” she croaked out, her head tossing and her eyes still tightly closed. “Max, what are you doing?” She finally gasped out.

“Happy Monday baby,” he whispered teasingly. After the harshness of the evening before, Max wanted to do something special for her. Something to remove her mind from the sadness of her father’s rejection.

“What are you…” gasp, inhale, “How is this…” moan, shaky breath, “I’m glittering here Max!” she finally exclaimed. She felt the warm huff of breath as he chuckled lightly before gasping as he took a long swipe with his tongue over her inner thigh. Her thigh quivered in his hold. He shifted to sit between her legs and slid more oil over her torso in long, sensuous stokes over her still-flat stomach, up, up over her ribs to finally smooth over her aching breasts. His thumbs gently circled her sensitive nipples in the way he knew she liked until her back arched off the bed and the only words he could distinguish anymore consisted of various forms of “God, so good…yeah…just like…ahhh!” and “Max don’t stop…right…oh yeah, right there…!” He leaned up over her body, sliding his way up her writhing form and replacing his hands with his mouth, licking over the hardened points and inhaling her alluring scent. Strawberry and Liz.

Liz raked her fingers through his hair and held his head to her body. Max kissed a slow trail up the long column of her arched neck, nibbling and licking along the way until he met her in a sweet crush of lips and tongues. Small whimpers escaped her throat and she wrapped her legs around his hips, bucking her body up to brush his hardened erection. Max groaned softly into her mouth at the craved contact when Liz reached between their bodies and stroked his shaft in her small hand before she directed him where she needed him to go. She bucked her hips up as he slammed them down and both let out moans of mutual satisfaction. Their bodies moved together in a rhythm that grew faster and more frantic as Liz raked her nails down Max’s back until she could grab his hips and encourage him to go faster, harder.

Max’s mouth moved over her face and neck nibbling and sucking as his oil-slick hand massaged her breasts and down her side. He grabbed her hands in his and twined their fingers together when he pinned them up by her head. Liz was frustrated at not being able to touch him and at the same time wildly turned on by his control of the situation. Her eyes flared wide as her release overcame her and Max took her mouth in a kiss that mated lips and tongues and passion. Her hips bucked up and her body quivered under his while he continued his deep, steady pace.

When Liz could think again she rolled their bodies in a swift maneuver that proved that she could move Max at any time. She stared down into his amber eyes from her new perspective and, painfully slowly, started to move her hips up and down above him. Her glazed eyes traveled leisurely down his straining form and widened in surprise at the golden glow that touched his body at every point that his skin had made heated contact with hers. His chest, arms, and thighs were slick with oil and golden glitter and glinted in the low light of morning. The sight ignited her passion to a fever pitch and she increased her efforts above his straining body. The muscles in his chest and stomach rippled and shone brightly as his hips rose to meet hers and his hands slipped down her sides and tries to gain purchase on her slender hips, foiled by the slither and slide of the strawberry oil.

Liz leaned down to place frantic, tiny kisses along his jaw and neck, tasting, devouring. A whimper escaped her lips as her pleasure mounted steadily into an overwhelming urge for release. She watched the way Max’s eyes couldn’t stay open and his brow furrowed in deep concentration and loved the sight. Not because of her power to put that expression on his face, but because only she would ever get to see him like this. Lost in the moment, surrendering to the feelings that swamped them both into a hazy place filled only with each other. This was life. This was love. This was everything she could have wanted from her life and more.

Max’s eyes flew open as her feelings swamped him with love and as their electric gazes met he thrust into her harder, deeper and watched her face as she felt her release wash over her again. Her muscles clenched around him in a strong, fluttering grip and he allowed his own release at last, calling her name and gripping her hips as his seed flooded into her.

Max rolled off of her to the side and they stared at each other with small smiles and gentle touches as their bodies tried to come down off of the high of being together. Gradually their breathing leveled out and they were able to form coherent thoughts and sentences.

Liz slid a lazy hand down the middle of Max’s chest, trailing through the glitter of gold that clung lovingly to the ridges of hard muscle. “What is this Max?”

Max watched the progress of her hand and covered it with his own when it reached too low. It was too soon. Too much sensation. She grinned at him slyly as she allowed her hand to be captured and diverted. He brought it up to his mouth and her eyes slipped closed when his warm tongue sucked in two fingers and swirled around them with a strong pull. She forgot her question, so was startled when he answered anyway.

“You don’t recognize it?” He placed her hand over the beat of his heart and her eyes popped open in confusion.

“Recognize wha…ohhh!” She suddenly remembered her inquiry and wrinkled her nose as she tried to remember if she had ever seen a glittering bottle of divinely scented oil lying around anywhere. She was reasonable sure she would have taken note of it. “No. Should I?”

“It’s from our honeymoon. The strawberry oil,” Max prompted. “I just thought I’d give it a little,” he wriggled his fingers to indicate his molecular intervention, “something extra.” His grin prompted her own.

Memories of their time in Mexico and the long, slow massages that almost always ended in a sweaty tangle of limbs and panting breath rushed over her and heightened the warm glow that already surrounded her.

“I like your mind Max. I really do,” she whimpered as his mouth captured her lips in another tender kiss. His body moved over hers and her last coherent thought was that they’d definitely be late for school. Again.

School. Middle of first period.

Max slid into his seat in the back row, shooting an apologetic look to his teacher.

“Late again, Mr. Evans,” the teacher drawled out, looking like he knew exactly where Max had been.

“Um, yeah sorry. Car trouble,” Max fought the blush that he knew was creeping over his face and looked directly into his teacher’s eyes.

“Car trouble again? It seems you should get a better mechanic Mr. Evans, or take the bus. Are we clear?” Mr. Harris arched a brow and stared him down.

“Yes sir,” Max answered promptly nodding for emphasis. “Very clear.” Max hoped he could keep the implicit promise to arrive on time.

Pam Troy seethed from her seat directly behind Max. She suspected the true reason for Max’s recent tardiness and she didn’t like it one bit. She couldn’t understand Max’s attraction to that scrawny flat-chested little twit of a girl that he’d married. Pam was still convinced that she was pregnant, but watching her waistline week after week had yielded no revelations. And Liz was always wearing form fitting clothes and hip huggers, so she obviously wasn’t trying to hide a suspicious bulge. Since Max had gotten married he was even more attractive to Pam. She had always found him wildly sexy, but now that he was off-limits her contrary nature wanted to have him even more. Especially since he was Liz’s…

So she had started a campaign. She planned her approach very carefully. So far she had engaged him in conversation at every opportunity. She had complimented his looks and his intelligence. She had asked for his assistance with school-work that she really needed no help on. As he explained the meaning of the text and showed her what she was doing wrong she would lean in and breath gentle puffs of air over his skin as she nodded her new understanding and allowed her hand to slide over the smooth rippled skin of his muscled arms to his shoulder.

And the most frustrating thing was that he hardly seemed to notice. His breathing never quickened as hers did. His muscles never jumped in excitement at her touch. His face never flushed with the flattery of her attention to him. His gorgeous eyes never met hers with the hot return of her passion for him. He never left her side with the satisfied look that he always wore on his face the mornings he arrived late to their class. But she was persistent and hopeful that one day, maybe when Liz was fat with their child and the newness had worn off, he would turn to her.

She touched a hand to his shoulder and rolled her eyes to indicate her supposed sympathy when he turned to look at her. She cherished the quick grin he shot her before he turned back to pay attention to the teacher.

When the bell rang Pam gathered her things hurriedly and raced to follow Max out the door. He was moving quickly. No doubt hoping to catch a moment with Liz before their next class, but she’d put a stop to that. “Max! Wait up!” Max turned reluctantly to face her. Liz was waiting at her locker for him. He could feel her edgy exhilaration at the thought of seeing him momentarily.

“What is it Pam?” Max asked as politely as he could. She no doubt wanted help with homework again, this girl must be dumb as a post considering the inane questions she always had for him. He reined in his patience and shot a quick thought to Liz, ‘Gonna be another minute baby. I’ll get there as fast as I can,” He could feel her frustration.

What is it Max?’

‘Pam. I think she needs help with homework again,’
Max could feel the anger roll off of Liz and didn’t quite understand it.

Pam again? Max don’t you understand what she’s doing?’ Liz shot back.

Doing? Max shook his head in honest confusion.

“Max? Hello?” Pam waved her hand in front of his eyes to get his attention. He always seemed to zone out when she started talking to him.

“Yeah, Pam. Sorry, I’m meeting Liz and don’t want to be late for my next class. Enough trouble already, ya know?” Max shot her an engaging grin and she imagined that it meant more than it did.

“Trouble, yeah,” Pam answered softly, batting her lashes until Max was concerned that she had something in her eye. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

“What? Oh yeah, fine,” Pam told him, moving closer to his side. She put one hand on the hard muscle of his bicep and allowed her breast to bump against his side as she pretended the crowded halls were pushing them together.

“Did you need to ask me something?” Max prompted, wishing she would get to the point quickly so he could join Liz.

“Mmnn. Yeah, I was just wondering,” she paused and inhaled a deep breath close to his shoulder. “What is that cologne you’re wearing? It’s divine,” she purred, now clutching his arm and pushing her chest against it.

Max felt the first prickle of knowledge thud through him. Maybe Pam wanted more than just help with homework.

Liz!’ he shot out desperately, not realizing how close she already was.

“Max,” Liz greeted. “What are you two doing?” She slanted a disapproving look at Pam, who only smiled and hugged Max’s arm tighter. Let Liz wonder about this!, she thought wickedly.

“Um, well, uh Pam here was just asking what cologne I have on. I don’t remember putting any on this morning. Do you know what it is?” Max’s mind was a muddle as he tried to disengage his arm from Pam’s tight grip. He shrugged free at last.

“Oh, let me see if I can…” Liz answered, stepping up to the side opposite Pam. She leaned up on her toes and pulled him down so she could inhale a deep breath at his neck. A smile spread across her face at the scent that greeted her and she gave his neck a teasing lick before settling back into the comfort of his circling arm. She gazed into his eyes and completely forgot Pam’s glaring presence. “That’s me on you baby,” she voiced huskily. Memories of their strawberry scented morning were echoed on his skin and he smelled delicious.

“Oh yeah,” Max answered, equally as softly, lost in her rapt expression. His arm held her more tightly and they walked away together quickly, not even noticing a seething Pam.


Authors Note: Thanks for hanging in during my long break! Thought I’d give you all a little lovin’ before I leave for vacation! Hopefully I can write some more while I’m gone and find a place to get online to post!

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Part 65

“Okay, okay let me get this straight.” Maria was practically bubbling with anticipation and she almost jumped on top of Liz in the quad at lunch to hear the latest. “You licked Max right in front of Pam and then…and then…” she paused and shook her head, “No, you say it, I’m sure it’ll be better coming from you!” Maria almost bounced in her seat waiting for Liz to confirm if the rumors were true.

Maria!” Liz was squirming in her seat beside Max who kept his arm around her supportively, even while he couldn’t repress a chuckle at the memory of his feisty wife. “It wasn’t that bad!” She smacked Max’s arm where it was shaking from his suppressed glee and gave him an exasperated look.

“Oh, come on! You know I’m gonna keep askin’ until you tell me yourself,” Maria pleaded, hands clasped pleadingly for effect in front of her. Michael, Isabel, Kyle and Alex slid into their spots at the table just as Maria finished her plea.

“Yeah, I’d like to hear it from you too,” Alex put in with a grin, always glad to tease his best friend. Liz shifted further into the cover of Max’s arm and refused to speak.

“She said, ‘That’s me on you baby,’” Max finished for her with a proud smile, mimicking the possessive tone she had used perfectly.

“Oh…” Maria clutched her stomach and almost fell out of her chair laughing, “…oh, that is almost too good. That’s even better than I heard in the halls,” she gasped for breath. “I wish…” gasp, long shaky breath, “oh, I wish I could have seen Pam’s face!” She turned back to Liz. “You have to tell me what she looked like!”

Liz turned a delicate shade of pink. “Um, well, we kinda forgot about her after I, uh, licked Max. I seriously didn’t remember she was there and we just…walked away.”

Max nodded his agreement, smiling a privately at Liz.

“Did you expect anything less?” Michael put in drolly, rolling his eyes. Those two were always lost in each other these days. He would never admit it openly, but he was a little jealous of the easy manner they had around each other and the unapologetic joy they took in just being together. One day he hoped to be that way with someone. Well, with Maria. He found himself staring at her. Again.

Maybe someday soon.

“Leave them alone guys,” Isabel defended. Liz looked like she’d had about all the ribbing she could take for one lunch hour. She smiled when Liz shot her a grateful smile.

Isabel turned to Kyle and made sure he had enough on his tray lunch. It had become second nature to watch out for him, even when he still didn’t notice or even realize what she was doing for him. She felt sort of responsible for his depression after Tess left. He was doing much better now, of course, but it was still nice to have someone to look out for.

“So are you and Michael going to the prom?” Liz asked innocently.

Maria shot a triumphant look at Michael before nudging him in the side. Hard. “See?” She scolded, “I told you they were going to the prom!” She turned to Liz. “Michael said that with everything going on that everyone would forget about the prom this year. Can you believe that?” Her look said clearly that she hadn’t bought it for a single moment and she’d been just waiting for this magic moment to show Michael she was right.

“What? You guys are seriously going?” Michael’s desperate look was directed at Max for a little support from a brother.

Max shrugged and had the grace to look a little sheepish when he admitted, “Liz wanted to go, and I always love dancing with her.”

“Uh huh,” Michael turned to Kyle and Alex as his last bastion of support, “You guys goin’?”

“I’m running the music. You know, doin’ the DJ thing,” Alex put in. He slanted a glance toward Isabel. “I might have time for a dance or two,” he mused out loud.

“What about you Kyle?”

Kyle looked vaguely surprised that the prom was here already. He’d always been right on top of the dating situation. The stud with a beauty on his arm for every major school function. Funny how it didn’t seem important any longer. He shook his head. “Nah, man. No date this year so…”

“I’ll go with you Kyle,” Isabel put in. “I don’t have a date yet either, and I could dance with Alex when he gets a break too.” She looked back and forth between the two.

Kyle’s surprise at her offer was almost comical. “I, hmm, well yeah, okay I guess,” he stammered out gracelessly. He’d never considered asking Isabel out to anything before. She was a guy’s wet dream, way out of his league. He was lucky to have her as a friend. Of course, they had spent a lot of time together lately, and she probably just wanted to go to the dance to be close to the group. Safety in numbers and all that. Yeah, that was probably it.

Isabel looked pleased and Michael appeared resigned.

“So Michael,” Maria purred silkily, her arm draped over his shoulders. “You doin’ anything for prom?”

Michael gave in as gracefully as he was able. “I’ve got a date that night,” he smiled smugly.

“A…what?” Maria stammered, shock covering her features.

“Yeah, with a beautiful blonde girl who doesn’t know how to give up,” he supplied, pulling her closer when she tried to draw away. He saw the exact moment when comprehension dawned over her face. She snuggled in closer.

“Anyone I know?”

“Yeah, you know her pretty well. She’s beautiful, imaginative, loves to talk a lot, she’s really smart, but has pretty lousy taste in guys,” Michael supplied.

“Uh huh, she’ll have to work on that,” she poked Michael in the side. “So, pick me up at six, take me to a nice restaurant, and dance the night away, right?”

“Right,” Michael paused, “When’s the prom again?”

Laughter rounded the table. “Two weeks Michael. Second week of June. Right before school’s out. Ring any bells?”

“I’m on it,” he laughed back, just before surprising Maria with a public kiss on the lips. It was always better to keep her on her toes.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Any luck with that?” Isabel leaned low over Alex’s shoulder and peered at the computer screen. He had just scanned a picture of Tess that Kyle had supplied and was modifying it to remove a smiling Kyle and Jim. They’d decided to file a missing persons report and use the photo in the hopes of someone recognizing her face and tipping them off. The trick would be to not tip off their intended target. At the very least they would have a more recent lock on Tess’ location. It was risky, but Max thought it was worth it if they could find any new information about Tess. The more time she had alone to heal herself, then the more risky it became for them all. And Liz continued having disturbing dreams. Isabel shuddered. She’d been asked to attend the most recent dream, and the torture had been…not pleasant. She understood Max’s wish to find Tess now.

“Yeah,” he leaned back in his chair to give her a clearer view. “How’s it look?”

The picture was a full body shot of Tess smiling brightly for the camera. She could hardly tell where the others had been edited out. “Good. That’ll work,” she sat back, not able to look at the picture of their enemy any longer.

Alex understood the feeling. He understood a lot about Isabel lately too. He peered up at her inquiringly and with the tiniest of smiles said, “So, you and Kyle, huh?”

Isabel was surprised by the direct question, but she appreciated his straight-forward manner. She shifted briefly from her place beside him before brushing the hair out of her eyes and taking his hands in hers. “Yeah, I mean…yeah. I guess. I just…you know I don’t mean to hurt you, right?” Her look told him all he needed to know about how much she cared for him, how much she really didn’t want her choice to cause him any pain.

He nodded slowly. “I know you’d never hurt any of your friends on purpose Isabel. It’s not in you.” He squeezed her hands gently within his own larger ones before letting them go and scrubbing his palms against his jeans-clad thighs. “And that’s all we’ve really ever been, isn’t it? Friends I mean. I’d never want to lose that. There was a time that I wanted more than that.” He met her eyes steadily. “You know that. But I think even then you knew that wasn’t how we should be together. All I really ask is that you’re happy,” he smiled at her to show he truly was sincere. “Are you happy Isabel?” His hand brushed across her cheek and his thumb smoothed away a tear.

Isabel smiled and nodded against his palm. “Yeah, I really am. I don’t know how Kyle will react to hearing that I’d like a chance with him, but I’d like to find out.”

“He’d be crazy to turn you down,” Alex turned the chair with his legs and tipped Isabel into his lap in a surprise move that had her laughing with him when Max and Michael walked in.

“What happened to Kyle?” Michael eyes their position and scowled.

“Geez Michael, you’d think we were doing something kinky. We’re just having a little fun together here. You remember fun, don’t you Michael?” Isabel taunted.

“I thought you were with…You know what? Nevermind. I’m gonna stay outta this one,” Michael decided.

“Great idea Michael,” Isabel agreed, before they all turned back to Alex’s newly edited picture.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz stared in awe at the now familiar picture of Max laid out over her completely nude as he caressed her bared tummy and sang a soft song to the baby boy inside her.

Max’s sweet, low voice finished on a soft note and he pressed a gentle kiss to her abdomen just below her belly button. Liz threaded her fingers through his hair.

“What are we going to name him?” She asked softly.

Max looked up at her with eyes filled with love. “Have you thought of any names yet?”

Liz shook her head. Maybe we should ask the group for suggestions. Nothing seems right yet, you know?”

Max just nodded and laid his head back down.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“What about Alexander?” Alex put in at lunch the next day. “That’s a good, strong name.” His grin showed them all he was only teasing.

Maria smacked his arm lightly. “I think he should have an unusual name, but distinguished. Like, Edward, or something.”

“I am not naming my child Edward. It sounds too stuffy for a baby,” Liz put in, squelching the idea before Maria took off with it.

“Okay, how about…Frederick or Charles…that’s the name of a future king you know!” Maria would not be daunted.

“I’d always think of Charlie Brown,” Max supplied with a grin. “I couldn’t do that to my son.” He was starting to think that asking their ever-helpful friends for suggestions was going to be a bad idea.

“I wish you were having a girl. Girl names are easier. So many more to choose from, you know?” Isabel offered.

“A girl wasn’t prophesied, but maybe next time,” Max hugged Liz close. They didn’t know if this was a one-time deal, or if they would have the chance to increase their family later.

“Uhg! Tell me you’re not already thinking about more kids!” Michael scoffed. He was picking with a ragged nail at a groove in the table, uncomfortable with all this talk of babies. It’d probably give Maria ideas. He shuddered at the thought.

Liz laughed, understanding Michael’s discomfort. “Not yet Michael. One is plenty,” she laughed and couldn’t resist adding, “For now.” The group around the table burst into laughter.

“What about William?” Kyle offered. “It means ‘determined protector’, that’s what this kid is born to be, right?”

Liz and Max looked at each other and nodded, small smiles covering their faces. Determined protector. That was a definite possibility.

“Or maybe Zander,” Isabel offered with a small nod to Alex. “It’d be like a play on Zan, but more of an Earth name, you know?” Alex was nodding enthusiastically.

“Zander or William,” Liz murmured, rolling the possibilities around in her mind. Max nodded and smiled. Either would be fine with him.


Yay! The board is up!! These last two chapters have been posted on the old board, but may be new to some of you who didn't save the link. The next chapter is almost completely written, but I'm playing at Disney and haven't got it all the way done yet! I'll post as soon as I can!
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Part 66

“No Mom, I’m sorry, we aren’t coming over for dinner tonight,” Liz gripped the phone until her knuckles turned white and she felt more than saw Max moving swiftly through the house to be by her side. She tried to quell the hurt emotions from spilling over enough to disturb Max. She turned to face the wall and softly continued arguing with her mother. “Mom…you know why…No…no, we’re not coming…Can you honestly tell me that Dad can get through an entire meal without insulting Max and me? What do you mean he doesn’t insult me? Every time he slights Max he’s hurting me too…No.” She felt warm, strong arms slide around her and leaned back absorbing Max’s strength. She tilted her chin to look up into his concerned eyes and gave him a small smile meant to reassure.

Max’s heart broke a little more seeing Liz trying to be strong when he knew she was ripped up inside. His hands gripped her tighter and he waited until she was through.

“Mom, I…we…it’s just too much right now, okay? It’s too stressful for me and the baby and I won’t put us through that again. Maybe you and I can get together for lunch next Saturday? …Great,” she breathed a sigh of relief and this time her smile for Max was real. “Good, I’ll meet you there at noon then… Oh, let me ask. Just a minute okay?” Turning until she faced Max in the circle of his arms she grinned up at him, “Can you come to lunch with me and my mom on Saturday?”

“I’m sorry I can’t this Saturday, I have to work. I could send Michael though,” Max answered with regret. Liz covered the mouthpiece of the phone to speak more privately with Max.

“Michael? What would my mother think about that? You two aren’t interchangeable you know,” she huffed an exasperated breath and closed her eyes for patience. “I’ll be safe Max. It’s my mom we’re talking about here.”

Max hated to cause her any distress, but they couldn’t afford to relax their guard for any reason. He brushed the hair back off her temple and tucked it behind her ear. “You know the rules Liz. I can’t lose you, we still don’t know where Tess is and…” Liz shook her head and mouthed ‘We’ll talk about this later.’

“Mom? No, Max has to work, so it’ll just be you and me…Okay…Great! See you then. Bye,” Liz hung up and looked at Max.

“Max, it’s a public restaurant and…”

“Where are you going?”

“Senior Chow’s. And like I said we’ll be fine! I don’t think Mom’s gonna understand Michael tagging along,” Liz argued.

“What if Michael and Maria had lunch there at the same time?” Max was looking for any loophole.

“Are you serious? Max, come on! You know they have to work and…”

“They have to eat lunch sometime, don’t they?” Max was desperate to make sure she wasn’t unguarded.

“People who work in restaurants don’t take their lunch at noon Max. That’s when they’re the busiest! Why can’t you just trust me to…”

Max took her shoulders into his large hands and squeezed gently until he had her complete attention. “I. Can’t. Lose. You.” Each word spoken was punctuated with a small shake. She could still feel his hands trembling with the strength of his emotion. Her eyes filled with tears and she knew she would give in to anything he wanted. She’d bet he didn’t realize that he’d said he couldn’t lose her, never even thinking that the baby was who was more important to his people.

“Okay Max. It’s okay. I’ll ask Isabel if she wants to come with us, all right?” Liz smiled to show her understanding.

Max leaned his forehead into hers and met her lips with his, immeasurably relieved that she understood. That she wouldn’t fight him on this. His hand slipped down to cover the baby. “How’s Zan feeling today?”

“Good. He’s doing good. I can’t wait to actually feel him kick in there. It’s make it more real, you know?” Liz covered his hand with her own, the penetrating warmth felt good against her flat tummy.

“Well, they said the baby would be small for the first eight months, but that doesn’t mean you still won’t feel him, or maybe show a little before then,” Max encouraged.

Liz’s eyes lit up. “You think? That’d be so great!” She longed for some normalcy to her experience, and while right now it was very convenient that no one at school knew about the baby, she longed to let her secret out and show how proud she was to be carrying Max’s baby.

“We’ll see,” Max couldn’t resist her happy smile and kissed her soft lips again. They parted readily under his and her tongue reached out to lick at his lips. He groaned softly before deepening the kiss. He broke away gasping and she could feel the hard evidence of his desire pressing into her thigh. “Do you…” Liz nodded and gasped when he quickly grabbed her hand and ran to the bedroom.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Have you thought of any names for the baby yet?” Nancy asked Liz over lunch the next Saturday. She had been mildly surprised to find that Isabel was joining them, but felt that maybe her daughter wasn’t comfortable alone with her after their last phone conversation. She’d have to work on that.

Liz nodded happily. “Yes, we’ve decided to call him William Zander Evans. Doesn’t that sound good?”

Nancy nodded enthusiastically. Of course, she was prepared to like anything they’d chosen at this point, but she was happily surprised to find she liked the name. “Are you going to call him Will, Bill, Billy…what?”

“We’ve started using Zan for now, but I like Will too, so we’ll see,” Liz was happy to be having a civil conversation with her mother without her father’s constant digs at Max and relaxed further into her chair. She hadn’t realized that she’d actually been tense before meeting her mother. She’d half expected her father to show up to continue his diatribe.

“So Isabel,” Nancy turned to the quiet girl at her table. “Are you going to the prom too?” Liz had told her mother earlier that she and Max would be attending the junior prom together.

Isabel nodded and blushed becomingly, “Um, yes actually I am. Kyle and I are going as friends, so…”

Nancy noted the blush and nodded her understanding, “So maybe after the prom you’ll be more than friends,” she prompted slyly with a wink to Liz.

Liz was fascinated at Isabel’s reaction. Her face turned scarlet and she actually stammered out her response, “Oh. Uh, we uh…well, I don’t know if…if…” she gave up, “We’ll see.”

Nancy laughed lightly to show she’d been teasing and decided to let it go.

“So Liz, do you think we can have lunch every week now instead of dinner?” Nancy tried not to sound too desperate.

“That’d be great Mom,” Liz answered sincerely.


Shorter than I would’ve made it, but I’m traveling all day tomorrow and wanted to get out at least what I had done. Haven’t really proofed it yet, sorry if there’s a ton of mistakes! More soon!!

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Hey y'all!
Major life changes goin' on here, but it's all good! Busy, sooo busy! Your feedback is the kick in the butt I needed to get rollin' on this again so...
Next chapter to be written tonight or tomorrow. It's causing no end of suffering. I always just sit down and start writing, once I have the first sentence it all flows together and takes me places I never thought I'd go, but the next sentence on this part is very elusive!
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Note: Well, just writing this now, first, in case the first sentence of the story sucks…you know, apologize in advance, that sort of thing. I’m really just hoping to get inspired suddenly…let’s see how it works!!

Part 67

Max and Liz fell into their apartment breathless and gasping for air. Max’s hands angled her face for a deeper kiss as he reached out one leg and kicked the door closed with a loud bang. Tongues met and mated frantically as her hands worked to undo the buttons of Max’s tux. Frustrated, she finally just yanked them free, curiously satisfied by the faint ripping sounds and the plink! of each button as it hit the hardwood floor and rolled away. She pushed the shirt and jacket down over his arms together as he walked her backwards toward the bedroom.

Too far. They’d never make it.

Max groaned into Liz’s mouth and collapsed over her as she backed into the couch and pulled him down over her. His fingers searched out the zipper down the side of her black beaded gown and Liz gasped as his warm fingers made contact with the smooth skin he bared. A wriggle and a lift of her hips and the gown hit the floor to join the trail of clothes that led to their current location. Max planted kisses down her neck, pausing to suck and lick the most sensitive areas of her skin, before continuing his journey to pay special homage to her dark, stiffened nipples. His tongue left wet tracks over her skin as he suckled her sweetness until her back arched up off the cushions and her hands tangled into his hair.

“Liz! If I’d known you weren’t wearing any underwear we’d have been home a lot sooner,” Max gasped out between licks. His hands roamed down her smooth skin, sensitizing each area he touched until her flesh prickled with need.

“Max…Max, don’t make me wait! Please Max!” Her small hands fumbled at his waist, her progress impeded as her fingers became distracted with the evidence of his arousal. She stroked over him lovingly with one hand through the fabric as her other hand finished the job that would lead to their mutual satisfaction. She tugged them down over his hips and he toed out of his shoes before struggling out of the trousers and tossing them over the back of the couch.

Her legs parted for him eagerly as he guided himself into her, both knowing they could not wait another moment for that ultimate joining. He slammed into her to the hilt and braced himself with his hands on the couch over her shoulders as he waited for her to adjust to the sudden invasion. He breathed her air as she took his in and the thought shook them both again that they were one. This was where they belonged always. Together.

Liz’s hips bucked up into his, an invitation to continue the dance. He started with the long, slow strokes that devastated her patience and caused that constant low hum in the back of her throat that she only ever made at these moments. With him. Only him.

Her hands clutched over his shoulders and slid down the smooth muscles of his arms, alternately squeezing and releasing as the sensations crashed over her. She moved her hands over his broad chest as she wondered at his patience and endurance. She knew what this slow torture was costing him, but he continued regardless. Even as he knew what this did to her. She tried to buck up against his hard body in a bid for more, faster, harder…but he smiled sweetly even as he bent his head down to taste her and denied her request.

She pinched and rubbed her thumbs over his sensitive nipples and was rewarded with several long, hard, satisfying thrusts of his body into hers. She smiled inwardly with satisfaction and set about to win more out-of-control moments from Max. Her hands drifted down his body and over his hips to cover the straining muscles over his butt and their combined groans echoed from the walls as she massaged over his smooth skin, causing his pace to speed up rapidly. The harsh pants of their combined breath puffed over their gleaming skin as they continued the intense dance that had started at the prom only to end hours later here on the couch of their home together.

So in tune with each other, so connected. A night spent in carefree dancing and time spent with friends was a much-needed outlet in their lives. But each touch led to another, and then another, building an intensity of feeling, an aching need to tap deeper, press harder to each others straining body…until nothing would do but they had to be together. Urgently. Now. They’d left fast, with their friends knowing grins trailing behind them, no doubt thinking they were in the middle of another fever. They were, only just for each other this time. This wasn’t passion out of necessity, this was Max and Liz renewing the connection they had always shared. Voluntarily and without thought for anything but each other.

Max reached an arm to the floor and rolled them over abruptly, landing on his back, not feeling the small thud as his body hit the floor cushioning her fall. His hands moved immediately to Liz’s hips as she moved over him, her hips setting a brisk pace designed for maximum stimulation. Her body tensed abruptly over his as her release flooded through her and she lost all ability to move over him for a moment. Max’s hands led her hips to continue the stimulation and the breath hissed out of her lungs as she arched her neck back and keened out her pleasure.

The wet slap of their bodies coming together intensified the moments until Liz resumed her pace over his hard body and her hands drifted over his chest. His nipples stood out as dark, hardened points against his gleaming skin and she leaned down to taste one. She nibbled and sucked and marveled once again at how sensitive he was right there. She knew from past experience that special attention paid to him there was enough to make his body rock-hard and ready for her.

Max raised his right hand up to knead her breast and flick her nipple with his thumb, returning the sweet torture back to her. His left hand trailed around to her stomach and slipped lower, lower until his fingers reached her damp heat and he could massage her burning core and bring her to the brink again. He felt her passion mounting steadily and rolled them over to take control of the movements. Her knees raised high on either side of his body as she pulled him down for a hungry kiss.

Their tongues invaded each other’s mouths frantically. Sucking and licking into each other, moving as frantically as the rest of them.

“Max…” Liz panted for air, “Max…I’m gonna…I’m…Harder! Go harder baby,” she ground out between thrusts.

Max obliged, his own body screaming for release even as he made himself wait for her to crest the peak first. Her hips rose off the floor frantically with each powerful thrust of his body into her until finally she came again with a loud cry of completion and fulfillment. Her body clenched over his with a wet, tight heat that threw him over the edge and he pumped his seed into her with a growl of pleasure that rocked through them both until they were left gasping and shaking on the floor waiting to calm down enough to speak.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“They must have made it home in time if you’re still feeling okay,” Maria sat beside Michael on the sidelines as they watched the others dance to a medley of big eighties music that Alex found amusing.

“Yeah,” Michael answered. He had watched Max and Liz dance and touch throughout the evening and seen the growing desire light each of their eyes. He hadn’t been surprised when they’d left abruptly, eyes only for each other. He was pretty sure it didn’t have a lot to do with the baby.

“So…” Maria trailed off, watching Isabel dance with both Kyle and Alex at the same time. They appeared to all be enjoying themselves royally out there. “Since the danger seems to have passed…” Maria had made Michael sit in the far back corner near the exit in case Max and Liz’s fever hit Michael. “Maybe we could take a turn on the dance floor?” She paused, unconsciously holding her breath for Michael’s response. She didn’t expect him to be enthusiastic about dancing per se, but maybe the chance to hold her close would hold some appeal.

The music segued into ‘Footloose’ and Michael knew he didn’t have a chance. He took in a fortifying breath and put on his best party face. Which happened to be a variation of his impatient scowl, but that’s okay, Maria could take it. She practically bounded out of her seat when Michael rose to his feet and offered his hand and her enthusiasm elicited a real smile from his scowling lips.

Isabel sent him a sympathetic wave as Maria danced around him and he hoped she wasn’t overly disappointed with his limited dance ability. Maybe he should take some lessons so she wouldn’t be embarrassed the next time they…whoa! What next time Michael? You’re getting way ahead of yourself here! He halted those thoughts though as he realized that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, as long as Maria was by his side of course. He glanced around to see what the other guys moves looked like and decided he wasn’t any more pathetic than some of them. Maria moved in closer and he marveled that she wasn’t scared for her toes. He paid extra-special attention to his feet until she moved back again.

A slow song started and Michael breathed an unconscious sigh of relief as his arms wrapped around his girl and they slowly shuffled back and forth, swaying to the music. Her cheek rested against his chest and she closed her eyes in perfect contentment. These moments were precious. Just Michael and Maria together, not saying anything to ruin the moment…


“Hmm?” He continued the swaying motion and moved his hands over her back where her dress fell away to reveal smooth skin.

Maria tilted her face up to his and spoke softly. “Let’s go back to your place,” she breathed quietly.

Michael’s eyes popped open to look at her and his hands stilled over her back. Her calm resolve and obvious intentions warred within him as he thought about how to answer her. He’d been at constant war within himself for so long now, not wanting what was happening to his body where Max and Liz were concerned to color his actions toward Maria. He inhaled the sweet floral scent of her perfume and realized that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her. His head was nodding his agreement almost before his mind registered that this was actually going to happen. Tonight. Now.


Maria captured his hand in hers and led him off the dance floor toward the exit at a brisk pace, as if she was afraid he would wake up any second and change his mind. He wasn’t going to change his mind though. He wanted this too much. Wanted her too much to entertain the thought of backing down now. Now, when he was so close to everything he’d ever dreamed of.

Thoughts of them twined together naked on his bed shot straight to his groin and he shivered in anticipation. Every fantasy he’d ever dreamt flitted through at lightening speed until he was the one pulling Maria through the parking lot toward her car and eagerly opening the passenger side door for her to slide in.

The ride home was a blur and the walk to his door barely remembered.

What followed was never forgotten by either of them. Their trek to the apartment was eager and frenzied. The removal of clothing was slow and sensual. Each undressed the other, marveling at each new patch of skin that was exposed to the other. Michael bent to kiss and lick over her flesh lovingly in a way that caused her skin to prickle with desire and her knees to weaken until she was convinced she could no longer hold herself up. But then she didn’t have to. Michael swept her into his arms and captured her mouth in a slow, deep kiss that continued as he lowered her to his bed.

He removed his boxers slowly as he stood beside the bed, carefully gauging Maria’s reactions. He didn’t want to frighten her or intimidate her with what he knew was her first glimpse of a fully nude male body. Up close and personal. Sooo personal.

Maria’s hands reached out without her permission as she kneeled up on the bed and she trailed them over his body and marveled at the smoothly muscled warmth that she found there. Her hands hesitated for the briefest moment before tentatively brushing over his cock and finding the silken skin jumping and ready for her. A small smile lit her features and she leaned forward to lick over his chest as she continued her slow exploration with her hands.

Michael groaned loudly as he watched her work over his body and put one knee up on the bed as his legs threatened to give up their strength. He put one hand on her shoulder and pushed her back until she was laid out naked underneath him. They stared at each other, each perfectly still, until his mouth moved to cover hers and their hands moved to eagerly explore what territory had formerly been denied themselves.

Michael’s hands eventually ventured down to her heated core and Maria’s hips jumped in surprise when his fingers touched her in all the right place before slipping inside her wet heat. Two fingers within her body angled and moved until Maria’s hips bucked in time with him and her juices flowed over his hand as she arched frantically into him and her walls convulsed over his fingers. Her throat let out a deep, loud moan that could have been his name as her head tossed to the side and her eyes clenched closed and the waves rolled over her.

Her hands reached down for him again and she panted out, “Please Michael! Please now…I want more…”

Michael cupped his large hand over her cheek and made sure she was looking him in the eye as he asked her one last time, “Are you sure, Maria?” He knew he would stop in an instant if Maria had any doubt. He also knew what it would cost him to stop at this particular moment.

Yes Michael,” Maria whispered, utterly sincere. No trace of doubt or indecision. She knew that he would need to hear it from her. She knew he would stop in a heartbeat if he didn’t feel it was right. She knew because she loved him with every beat of her heart, and she knew because he felt the same way. It made her feel safe. And cherished.

Michael fumbled with the drawer at his bedside table and came up with a condom. He opened the package with his teeth and slowly drew out the contents. Maria watched as he rolled it over himself and thought about how she’d like to be the one to do that next time.

Michael positioned himself at her entrance and looked her in the eye as he slowly slid inside of her searing heat. Reaching her barrier, Michael paused for a moment, watching for that final okay. Maria responded by bucking her hips up into him abruptly. She hissed out a pained breath and Michael froze in position as his body registered the fact that he was fully buried inside her delicious heat and that she was in pain. He watched the pain clear from her features slowly and her eyes opened to look straight into his. Her tentative smile encouraged one from him.

“It’s okay now Michael,” she whispered a moment later. Her hand grazed his cheek and her thumb swept away a tiny tear he hadn’t known he’d shed.

He began to move slowly, with great care. Maria closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. There had been pain. Brief momentary sharpness of unfamiliar penetration, but now…now it was all worth it. Now she understood why Max and Liz couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Michael had better get used to her in his bed, because she planned on visiting him. Often.

Throaty moans startled her to open her eyes as she realized how out of control Michael must be to be letting those sounds escape. His expression was flushed with desire and need and she quickened the pace herself as she saw how devastating that was to Michael’s self-control.

Her breath escaped her lungs in a long whoosh of air that she didn’t even miss because the sensations that rolled through her were suddenly compounded by the waves of raw emotion that flooded into her directly from Michael as he let down all his barriers and allowed himself to be one with her. Her breath hitched in the back of her throat and her body arched off the bed into his as her ecstasy overcame her and she gave herself to bliss.

Michael stared down at her raw beauty in utter awe and love as her pleasure washed over her and his body reacted immediately to her clenching, tight walls clamping over him and her sweet love rolling through him. With several last long thrusts into her body he shuddered and released his seed.

He lay to the side of his love and disposed of the used condom before pulling her into his arms and pulling the covers over their now shivering bodies.

“I love you,” he whispered into her hair, planting a soft kiss there.

“I love you too Michael,” she answered softly, before drifting into sleep, safe in Michael’s arms.


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Part 68

“Maria! You’re glowing!” Liz grabbed Maria’s arm as she approached their table at the Crashdown and pulled her in for a closer look.

“Oh my God!” Maria’s face went white as she made a frantic grab for the napkin dispenser, turning it to the side as she tried to assess her reflected image in the wavy silver. Her hands flew over her face as she traced her fingers down one cheek before turning to check out the other side. She knew last night had been absolutely incredible, why should it surprise her that she was actually…

“Not literally!” Liz interrupted her thoughts laughing and swatting Maria’s hands away from her face. Liz scooted out of the booth, leaving Max, Kyle, Isabel, and Alex with expressions ranging from clueless to stunned. She pulled Maria by the arm into the break room. A small smile hovered over her lips as she looked Maria up and down. “I can’t believe you did it and didn’t tell me!”

“I…it just…we…Yeah,” Maria admitted softly, shy for once and not able to meet her friends knowing expression.

Liz wrapped Maria into a comfortable hug, quietly letting her know that she understood completely. After all, Maria wasn’t the only girl here in love with an amazing alien. Maria hugged her back before giggling briefly against her shoulder. Liz knew then that Maria was back on track. She pulled back, leaving her hands on Maria’s shoulders. “So…,” she started in a teasing tone, “how was it?” She quirked one eyebrow and a smile lit her eyes as she waited for Maria’s response.

Maria’s shoulders shook under her hands as the laughter took over. “Oh God Liz! You have no idea!” She laughed even harder at Liz’s disbelieving expression. “Okay! Okay! Maybe you’re the only person on the planet right now who could believe it!”

“That’s better,” Liz muttered under her breath. She was convinced that Maria already knew everything about her amazing sex life. “Now spill,” she demanded in as threatening a tone as she could muster considering the mile-wide smile that wouldn’t leave her mouth.

“Do you remember the time when we were fourteen and we stayed up all night in your room and lit candles and ate ice cream and mooned over those hot pictures of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Tom Cruise while we listened to Billy Joel on the stereo?” Liz nodded her eyes bright with memory. That had been a perfect, carefree, wonderful night in their lives. “Well,” Maria was suddenly shy again, looking at the ground between their feet. “It was like, a hundred times better than that,” she finished softly, glancing up in time to catch Liz’s satisfied expression and soft sigh of happiness for her friend.

“Oh Maria,” Liz whispered softly, hugging her friend again. “I’m so happy for you. Both of you!”

Max rushed through the room suddenly, a man on a mission, and Liz pulled back at the strong wave of his emotions that hit her. “Max…what?” She reached one hand out toward him, but he went right past her as if he didn’t even see her in the room.

“That can’t be good,” Maria’s eyes darted back and forth between the two lovers, concern darkening her expression. Liz took two unconscious steps towards Max before making herself stop. Maria watched her back straighten with resolve and her shoulders lift under a deep breath before Liz turned back around and shook her head ruefully.

“What?” Maria implored. “Just tell me it’s not some weird alien thing. That Max is still really Max and not some pod person Max or…”

“Breathe Maria,” Liz suggested helpfully, patting her friend on the back. “He’s just worried about Michael taking responsibility for his actions. I’m sorry that I said anything in front of everyone. I was just so surprised…” Liz trailed off as voices in the kitchen rose briefly before subsiding into heated murmurs. “Yeah, that’ll go over well,” she whispered to herself, rolling her eyes at Max’s caveman tactics. She refocused on Maria and smiled. “They’ll work it out. Don’t worry okay?”

“Yeah, they haven’t killed each other yet, so I guess their friendship will last another day,” Maria joked, not quite able to tear her eyes away from the swinging door that led to the kitchen.

Liz led her back out into the main room after extracting a promise of details from Maria for later. Liz slid back into the booth just in time to catch Isabel leaning closer to Kyle letting her hand slide over his on the table as she reached for the catsup behind him. She quirked an eyebrow at Isabel in amusement and watched for Kyle’s reaction to Isabel’s flirting. Kyle just leaned back to allow Isabel more room and continued his conversation with Alex, seemingly oblivious to Isabel’s moves. The catsup made a loud thud as Isabel slammed it to the table in frustration before she slid over the vinyl seat and stood to leave.

“Are you going somewhere Isabel?” Kyle asked in surprise.

“Apparently not,” Isabel retorted quickly, referring to her lack of progress in getting him to notice her. She turned on her heel and left in a rush.

“What?” Kyle asked in surprise, completely oblivious to the undertones of the situation.

Maria rolled her eyes and exchanged a private glance with Liz about clueless men before reaching into her silver alien apron pocket and fishing out several dollars of her tip money. She slammed it in the middle of the table and looked at each person still sitting there.

“I’m starting a charitable fund. I think if we all dig deep and pitch in together we can get Kyle enough money to buy a clue!” She scowled at Kyle for being such a man and stomped away.

“What?” Kyle’s plaintive voice followed her dramatic exit. Alex frayed the ends of his napkin and watched the table with serious intent, trying not to laugh out loud, while Liz quietly added another five to the pile.

* * * * *

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Max stormed into the kitchen and grabbed Michael’s arm turning his friend abruptly to face his anger.

“Max, what the hell?” Michael shrugged away from Max’s firm grip and rubbed the skin that he was sure would be bruised tomorrow. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Maria. You remember her, don’t you? The girl you said you love? The person you’re supposed to protect from harm? Am I ringing any bells here Michael?”

Michael didn’t like Max’s sarcastic tone. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and immediately put up his defenses. “Yes, I remember Maria. Now what the hell are you going on about, because I just saw her and she looked pretty damn happy to me!”

Max raked his right hand through his hair and curled his fingers into a fist before making himself relax and stop thinking about hitting Michael. “I’m talking about you taking the next step with Maria. My God Michael! She could be pregnant right now! Did you even think of that? Or were you only thinking with your…”

Michael grabbed the front of Max’s shirt and hauled him up close and personal so that he wouldn’t miss a word that Michael was going to tell him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence Maxwell,” Michael hissed right in his face. “I do love that girl and I would do absolutely anything for her. What we do in private is just that…private. And I won’t have you messing that up with your unthinking words. Not that you deserve to know, but we used protection. And you are the last person that can lecture us about safe sex Daddy.

It was Michael’s turn to get pushed back abruptly as rage suffused Max’s face and he threw Michael off of him. “I am the only one who can lecture you about this right now because I know exactly what can happen,” he spat out, rage in his eyes and worse, disappointment. Michael looked down at their feet as Max continued. “Liz and I used protection too, and it didn’t work. Do you understand that?”

Michael nodded. Max stood back and watched him, each waiting for the other to speak first. “I’m sorry Max,” Michael mumbled. “That was really uncalled for.”

“Yes it was,” Max agreed nodding.

Michael wiped his damp palms over the sides of his jeans and looked up nervously. Max was still fuming. He had to make him understand.

“It was time for us Max. I just knew it. And yes, we acted on it, because we’re in love, because we needed to be together. I don’t pretend to understand the connection that you and Liz share, and frankly it’s scary and I don’t know if I’d really want that kind of…of dependence on anyone, but what Maria and I have is perfect in its own way. We used condoms. We weren’t fated to be together and create some ‘super kid’ to save the world. I don’t have some prophecy hanging over my head like you and Liz. And there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be celibate for the rest of my life in the fear that whoever I touch is gonna have my kid. Please try to understand that for me Max. Can you just do that?” Michael’s eyes never left Max’s during the entire speech and a small ray of hope bloomed as he watched the truth of his statement sink into Max.

Max uncrossed his arms and let them dangle at his sides, his shoulders slumping as he allowed himself to relax. “Yeah. I can understand that,” he admitted. “I wanna check Maria though. Just to make sure,” his amber eyes asked for Michael’s permission.

“Hey man, if Maria says it’s okay then I won’t stop you,” he waved toward the swinging door that led to the exit. Max moved to seek out Maria, but turned back abruptly to grab Michael into a huge brotherly hug. They slapped each other on the back and pulled back. A small smile flitted over Max’s face.

“You know I only yell because I care, right?” Max asked.

“And you know I only yell back because you’re usually right, don’t you?” Michael retorted.

They shared a laugh as Max swung the door open. A soft oomf! of surprise escaped his lips as Maria fell into his arms. She stood hurriedly, bracing herself against Max’s broad shoulders and tried to recover her dignity.

“Michael! Table five has been waiting twenty minutes for their Will Smith Burgers. Got an ETA on that?” She tried to sound authoritative, but it was spoiled by her body encompassing blush.

“Oh crap!” Michael swung back to the grill in time to watch the meat patties turn to charcoal. He waved a towel to dispel the smoke as Max lead Maria back to the break room.

“Did you hear any of that?” Max asked her in a much gentler tone than he ever used with Michael.

Maria looked down and considered lying. She shrugged and decided the truth was more fun anyway.

“Yeah you big strong caveman! Protector of the not-so-innocent. Wise and benevolent ruler of…” she burst out laughing at Max’s expression.

“I just wanted to make sure that you were all right. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

Maria patted his arm and led him over to the worn sofa, plopping down to sit and pulling him to the seat beside her. “We’re all growing up here together Max. You have to understand that you don’t have a say in all our choices. Whatever we do, good or bad, is what we have to live with. I know that deep, deep down you trust us enough to know that we aren’t going to intentionally do anything to make our lives any crazier than they already are. I mean really Max, we have you and Liz for that, right?” She smiled the smile that he could never resist and gave him a quick hug. “We’re fine Max. Now stop worrying!”

Max shrugged sheepishly. “It’s what I do best Maria. I don’t want anything bad to happen to any of us, you know?”

“I know Max. I really do.”

“Would it be okay if I…” Max put his palm over her abdomen in a gesture she had witnessed him use on Liz countless times since they had discovered her pregnancy.

“Would it do any good if I said no?” She rolled her eyes again and sat back with her arms at her sides. “Scan away oh Great and Powerful Healer, oh Mighty…” Max used the hand at her stomach to tickle her unmercifully before she called uncle and promised to be quiet and cooperate.

A gently hand hovered briefly over Maria’s lower stomach and Max’s look of intense concentration transformed into a lovely blush as a flash of Michael and Maria tangled together in passion flashed through his brain. He removed his hand quickly and held it with the other as if it were burned. And he had been burned, what he had witnessed was hot!

“What? Max! What did you see? Tell me I’m not…” Maria grabbed his shoulders and shook him frantically. Max stood up quickly and stepped away as unobtrusively as he could manage.

“You’re fine Maria. No baby. Everything’s normal. I’m sorry I got all worked up about it.”

The door to the main restaurant opened abruptly and Alex poked his head in. Max turned to him, relieved at the interruption. “What’s going on Alex?”

“Kyle and I just wanted to let you know that we’re leaving now. It’s our turn to review the video surveillance tapes we set up outside the pod chamber. Well, Isabel’s turn too, but she might not be up for it tonight.” Alex just shook his head with a ‘don’t ask’ expression.

Maria snorted a knowing breath and muttered, “She’ll show up alright.”

“Huh?” Max responded, perplexed at what he’d obviously missed.

“Men,” Maria huffed, meeting Alex’s amused eyes.

“Glad I’m not one,” Alex joked back, laughing with Maria at their ongoing teasing that he was ‘just one of the girls’ to them. He flipped them a wave and left.


Okay kids, we’re on the way, and I’m getting inspired again!!! Look forward to more soon!


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Part 69

Diane moved through Max’s old room and sighed sadly as she realized that her children were growing up. Looking around you would never have known that a young boy had grown into a man in this room. She ran her hand over the sewing table she had moved in and glanced around at the comfortable couch and chairs they had added. She’d always wanted her own private room to sew and do crafts in; a quiet place for reading or solitude. But having the room now meant that her children were grown and didn’t really need her anymore.

Isabel was graduating this year and applying to the local colleges. Max was married and going to be a faher. Diane moved to stand in front of a large framed photo of a smiling Max and Isabel. Tears rolled down her face as she raised a hand to the picture that still showed traces of the children they had been. She realized that those days of innocent childhood were gone forever.

“Goodbye, my sweet babies,” she softly stated. She stared for a moment longer before shaking her head at her maudlin attitude and laughing at herself. “I should be proud of who they have become!” She lectured herself sternly.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Tess swiftly made her way through the darkened streets of the familiar neighborhood. She had a plan to get into the pod chamber and take off alone for Antar. But first she wanted to make sure that Max and Isabel were dead. She’d been in too much pain to check their still bodies when they’d attacked her at the pod chamber months before, but damned if she would rest until she knew they had each paid the ultimate price for daring to take her on.

She slipped through the gate into the Evans’ backyard and moved swiftly to a familiar window, reveling in the absence of the pain that had haunted her every motion for so many weeks. She was proud of how well she had healed herself. Sure it had taken her many painful weeks and her eyes were still haunted by the agony of remembered pain, but she was strong. And determined and…her thoughts trailed off as she was disturbed to find a light on in the room. If Max wasn’t dead…

She moved stealthily to a place under the window and peered through just in time to see Diane looking around the room with the saddest expression on her face. And the room, the room was all changed. Nothing of Max’s remained in there now. She noted the feminine décor, the sewing table and comfortable chairs. No sign of a bed or Max’s desk or computer. She watched closely as Diane reached out to a picture of a young and smiling Max and Isabel. Tears were rolling down her face and her voice just barely drifted outside to an anxious Tess as she strained to hear. “Goodbye, my sweet babies.”

Tess sat back against the side of the house, suddenly weak with the confirmation of Max and Isabel’s deaths. She hugged her sides and tried to contain her mirth as her body heaved with the deep laughter that begged to escape her small frame. She moved swiftly out of the backyard before Diane heard her and practically ran to her car. She shut the door behind her and sped off into the night.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow she would go to the pod chamber and find her way home.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

One hour later

“Why doesn’t he just get it already?” Isabel sighed in frustration, leaning back against Alex as they viewed the surveillance tapes in Isabel’s living room. She glanced quickly toward the door to the kitchen where Kyle was foraging for drinks.

Alex chuckled quietly and enjoyed the close contact with Isabel. He was relieved to realize that cuddling with Isabel was easier now, more like his friendships with Liz and Maria. The awkwardness he had always felt around her that caused his brain to freeze and his limbs to stumble had evaporated in the realization that they really were just friends, and that was okay. He swatted her hand out of the huge bowl of popcorn they were sharing and grabbed a handful for himself.

“He’s a guy Isabel. Guys don’t do subtle.” She tilted her head back to see if he was seriously giving her advice or just placating her.

“So you don’t think it’s because he doesn’t want to be with me?” A hopeful note crept into her tone before she could censor it. Alex gave her a reassuring smile of disbelief that she could think that any red-blooded American male wouldn’t want her. He thought she looked way too serious all of a sudden. He grinned mischievously as he thought of how he would cajole Liz or Maria out of Deep Thoughts territory.

In a swift move that he had perfected over the years of friendship he had shared with the other girls he wrapped both hands around her waist and used his long fingers to tickle her until she screamed for mercy. They collapsed in a happy pile on the floor gasping for air just as Kyle reentered the room with Max and Liz right behind him.

“Uh, hey guys, I sorta thought we were supposed to actually watch the hidden camera video, not just let it play unnoticed,” Kyle drawled sarcastically, one eyebrow quirked in annoyance at the intimate position he had found them in.

Alex sat up quickly, pulling Isabel to a sitting position beside him. He gave her a quick smile and a surreptitious thumbs up at Kyle’s sharp tone and Isabel dared to hope that Kyle had actually sounded jealous for a minute there.

Kyle moved into the room handing Alex and Isabel their drinks before pointedly sitting between them and rewinding the tape.

Max and Liz stared for a moment longer before bidding everyone goodnight and heading up to their apartment.

“So what’s up with them?” Max mused out loud as he opened their door. “I thought Isabel was going after Kyle, and now it looks like she’s got the hots for Alex!”

Liz shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what’s going through her head right now, but it looks pretty entertaining.”

Max moved aside the soft curtain of her hair and cupped the side of her face in his large palm. He moved closer to her with each breath and softly whispered, “I could think of some pretty entertaining things for us to do tonight if you’re interested.”

Liz’s eyes smiled up into his sweet face as she teased, “Like what? Monopoly? I haven’t played that in soo long!”

Max’s thumb moved slowly over her lips and he hissed in a soft breath when her tongue licked out to touch it. “I had something else in mind actually.”

“Scrabble? Go Fish…oomf” Max attacked her mouth swiftly with his own, she pulled back, out of breath, “Strip poker?”

“You’re getting warmer,” he breathed against her neck. The heated air caused her head to tilt back to give him greater access. Max took full advantage, his soft lips nuzzled in closer and his tongue peeked out to taste her.

“It is getting warmer in here, isn’t it?” Liz agreed as she happily gave up the game.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“These tapes are so boring!,” Kyle moaned, pretending to keel over from boredom even as he threw a handful of popcorn at the screen. The surveillance camera was set up to watch the cave entrance and since the cave was in the desert, not a whole lot happened around there in the course of a day. There was one native rabbit that had hopped through twice now in the weeks of tapes they had watched. They named him Jack.

Isabel pulled him over to lay his head in her lap and ran her hands through his hair briefly before massaging his shoulders and neck.

“God! Isabel that feels so good,” Kyle groaned, his eyes closed at the pleasurable sensations. “Your hands are magic!” He squinted one eye open in suspicion. “You’re not using any of that alien mumbo jumbo on me right now are you?”

Isabel laughed and pushed his head out of her lap. “You should be so lucky Kyle.”

“Yeah. That’s what I thought too,” Kyle muttered under his breath. The note of disappointment over her apparent rejection crept through against his will. Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise and Kyle could have kicked himself for letting his dejection slip like that. He’d known all along that Isabel was out of his league, and he’d realized that these last couple months she’d just been trying to keep him distracted so he wouldn’t fall into depression over the whole ‘Tess’ situation. But after today at the Crash…he shook his head. He’d read that all wrong, of course. Ever since Tess betrayed his family like that he’d felt he couldn’t trust his own judgment about people, and today certainly proved it.

Alex paid studious attention to the video and let them have their moment.

“Kyle?” Isabel asked softly. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” She moved to stand and reached out a hand to help Kyle off the floor. He reached up and clasped her hand, surprised by the electric thrill that ran through his body at the contact and even more shocked when she maintained her hold as she lead him into the kitchen.

She turned to face him and admired his handsome features for a moment. Kyle started straight into her eyes and couldn’t help but notice that they were eye to eye when she wasn’t wearing her six-inch heels. She reached out and clasped his other hand in hers as they faced each other.

“Kyle,” she took a deep breath for courage, “I really would like to know how you feel about me. I mean, honestly, what do you think of me?” Her eyes wanted to look anywhere but at him, but some force was gluing their gazes together.

“What do I…What is this all about Isabel?” Kyle raised their linked hands between them and begged her with his eyes to clue him in.

“I think I really like you Kyle,” Isabel blurted out, finally throwing subtlety to the wind. “I think we’d be really good together.” Might as all get it all out now, she thought.

“You like me,” he repeated wonderingly. “Do you mean you like me as a friend, or that you like me, like me?”

Isabel shook her head in exasperation and dropped his hands in favor of cupping his face between her palms and hauling him in for a deep kiss that would leave no mistake as to her intentions.

Kyle stood stunned for a moment as her actions sank through him. He felt dizzy and confused and alive and fabulous all at once. His arms wrapped around her back of their own free will and he took a step closer as he deepened the kiss. His tongue licked her bottom lip and she made a small shocked sound as her lips parted for his invasion. A soft moan floated in the quiet air and Kyle realized with amazement that he had caused that sound in her. That she actually wanted this. Wanted him. The feeling made him strong. And bold. His hands drifted over her back and she arched into his embrace wanting and needing to be closer to this wonderful source of pleasure.

Why hadn’t he seen it sooner?


Muahahaha! Yes…Tess is back! Things are gonna heat up! And don’t you all worry about Alex; I’d never leave that boy alone and unhappy! Have a little faith! Grand romance coming up for that man. Yep it is.

Night, night! See you soon!


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EYA Part 70

Tess parked her SUV discretely behind an outcropping of bush-covered rocks and looked carefully in every direction before beginning the long hike to the pod chamber. A small noise broke the stillness of the night and she crouched quickly to the ground, holding her breath and trying to see everywhere at once. A skittish rabbit broke from its cover and ran across the moonlit ground as if being chased. Tess let out her breath in a long sigh of relief and shook her head at her own paranoia. Michael may be the only one of her kind left, but he wasn’t the sharpest of the bunch. Of course, it was possible he had enlisted Alex, Maria, and Liz to help him take revenge on Tess. She straightened her shoulders and trudged on up the hill trying to convince herself that they had no way of knowing where she was right now anyway and no reason to suspect that she would visit the pod chamber tonight.

Her eyes narrowed in deep thought as she once again ran through her careful plan. First she would make sure the Granolith was still in the same location and ready to transport her home. Next, oh this was the juicy part!, she would take her revenge on Liz by stealing her baby and taking it home to Kivar. She was still mad that the baby would not be hers, but she would raise the brat herself and teach it everything it needed to know. She knew Kivar would not be pleased by the detour in their original plan, but it could not be helped. The son of Max would still be in Kivar’s control and those stupid soothsayers back on their planet would be proven so wrong when Max’s son didn’t return to save the people, but to rule them the way that Kivar would wish.

As she drew closer to the entrance she slowed her steps and approached with great caution. Years with Nacedo had taught her many things about stealth and observation. She slowly scanned the area seeking anything that was different or out of place from her memories of her last visit months before. Small rocks were shifted around, the trail looked well used, as if people came and went often. She narrowed her eyes as she saw faint tracks in the dust that didn’t lead to the door. She circled slowly away from the entrance and around to the back of a pile of rocks that had not been there before. She began picking rocks away from the back of the pile and could not contain a tiny gasp that was pulled from her lips when she saw the back of the tiny camera that was nestled within the pile facing the cave entrance.

Damn it! That’s the same camera they used to spy on me with when I first got to town, she thought furiously. She hadn’t believed they were that clever. She gently tapped the back of the camera until the lens rested in the dirt and chuckled out loud. Not so clever after all! She carefully replace the rocks she had disturbed and knew they would all believe that the camera had slipped in the wind or something. She scanned around again and at last determined that that was the only security measure they had taken.

She stepped boldly to the entrance and placed her hand over the spot on the stone that would allow her entrance. A bright white light leaped from the hand symbol in the stone and shocked her outstretched hand. A tiny scream escaped her and she pulled her hand back in horror. Her hand still throbbed with the pain of the shock and she cradled it close to her chest, eyes wide with the implications that were slowly sinking in. She sat of the ground for a moment, contemplating the possibilities. There was no way, no way!, that Michael had been able to put a charge in the stone that would repel entrance. That was to ‘Charmed’ or ‘Buffy’ for their kind of powers. That really only left one possibility, and this one scared her more than any other.

The Granolith remembered her. What Max had done that day. Those words he had chanted. They had triggered something in the Granolith. Something that told the Granolith that she was the enemy. That she was meant to be destroyed. She shuddered delicately, even though the New Mexico night in the middle of June was very warm. Memories of her almost destruction raced through her small body and she couldn’t stop shaking. No! This was too much to handle. All that time spent in recovering and plotting her revenge couldn’t be for nothing!

She stood back up, swaying slightly as though drunk. She was stronger than this. Maybe it hadn’t been as bad as she thought. Maybe she just needed to concentrate of gaining entrance. She blocked all thought of revenge and evil intent from her mind, as if the portal could sense those thoughts.

I’m a good person, she slowly approached the door, hand outstretched, I just need to get inside. I’m one of you. I’m a good… “NO!!" The light flashed out, brighter than before and burned Tess’ hand before she could snatch it back. The force of the shock that leapt from the stone knocked her back several steps and she sat heavily on the ground involuntarily. Her breath escaped in short gasps and tears of frustration pricked her eyes before she swiped them away with her uninjured left hand. Realization that the Granolith would repel her from now on swept through her. This was the only way home and the only way to return to Antar with Max’s child as an offering to Kivar. She would never be the queen she was meant to be. Never have a welcome home anywhere.

Rage churned through her. She stomped out into the night. She didn’t need Liz’s brat anymore, but Liz wouldn’t have him either. Her mind churned through what she knew of Nacedo’s time with the FBI. An evil grin spread across her face. Let Liz meet the FBI. No other revenge could be as sweet. Her heart jumped in glee at the brilliance of the plan. Simple, untraceable. Perfect! She turned on her heel and ran down the hill.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max let his hands trail down Liz’s sides until they stopped at her waist. He gripped her suddenly and lifted her easily to sit on the kitchen counter stepping forward to stand between her legs. He tilted his head to change the angle of the kiss and let his tongue make love to her mouth. Liz groaned into the deepening kiss and her hands fisted into his short hair as she pulled him closer.

“My eyes! Oh the pain!” Alex covered his eyes with one hand and pretended to reel back in shock at the sight that greeted him as he innocently entered the Evans’ kitchen. He stumbled into the doorway and hung on with his free hand.

Max pulled reluctantly away from Liz’s sweet mouth and rolled his eyes at the antics of their friend.

Isabel stepped over Alex’s sprawled form. “It’s not like you don’t get that every day Alex,” she smiled sweetly at her brother over her shoulder before prying Alex’s hand away from his eyes and winking at him mischievously. Maybe it was time to teach Max that it wasn’t always nice to catch your sibling in romantic clinches all over the house.

Alex’s eyes widened in shock and a slow grin spread over his face as he rose to his full height and took Isabel into his arms. He dropped her into a dramatic dip, faced away from the shocked couple. “You’re way better than them baby,” Alex avowed, his voice several octaves lower than normal. He lowered his mouth and nuzzled into her neck until she was squirming to get up.

“That tickles,” she hissed into his ear. He smiled down into her face. “Do you think they learned their lesson?”

The thick silence in the room seemed to give them their answer. Alex stood, pulling Isabel to stand beside them. He kept a proprietary arm around her waist. “I’m sorry you had to see that guys.” He turned quickly so they wouldn’t see him collapse in a ball of laughter and quickly led Isabel from the room.

Max stared at the empty doorway until he fully registered they were gone. He scratched his head and looked at Liz. She appeared equally as stunned by the turn of events.

“What the hell just happened here?” Max voiced the question that was hanging in the air.

“I have no idea,” Liz still stared at the door. She had thought that she understood that Isabel was after Kyle. But now…

She shook her head and took Max’s hand. “Let’s go back in and watch the movie.” She led Max back into the living room where Isabel sat cozily ensconced between Kyle and Alex on the sofa. Isabel turned from whispering in Kyle’s ear and Liz did not miss the small kiss he placed on her cheek or the way she snuggled closer against his side.

Max sat in the comfortable easy chair and pulled Liz into her usual position in his lap. She snuggled in and started watching the movie, more distracted by the three on the sofa than she wanted to admit.

“I can’t believe you guys did that!” Kyle whispered, his approving eyes moving from Alex to Isabel. Isabel nodded and grabbed Alex’s hand, knowing they were being watched.

“It’s about time someone gave them back a little of what we’ve been walking in on for the last four months!” Isabel played with Alex’s fingers as he scooted closer, draping one long arm behind her neck, and, in a burst of sudden inspiration, onto Kyle’s shoulder.

Kyle almost jumped in surprise, but decided to play along. He put one hand over Alex’s and leaned his cheek down on it for a moment. He leaned forward in front of Isabel and Alex leaned in also to hear what he had to say.

“You know it’s our duty to mess with them, don’t you?” His whisper barely carried to their ears, so he knew that Max and Liz wouldn’t overhear. Isabel and Alex nodded, small grins on their faces. Kyle stood suddenly and reached one hand down for each of them. He pulled them to their feet before stretching his arms to the ceiling.

“Wow! I’m really beat. I think I’ll go lay down for awhile,” Kyle said out loud, scratching his stomach.

“Me too,” Isabel quickly put in. “You can lay down in my room, if you want,” she added for good measure. She almost burst out laughing when Max and Liz almost fell out of their chair in shock.

Alex faked a huge yawn and delivered the final blow. “Your bed's big enough for three, isn’t it Is?”

Isabel nodded. “You already know the answer to that Alex!” She grabbed their hands and dragged them from the room before Max remembered to close his mouth that had dropped open in shock.

“No,” he shook his head and looked at Liz in desperation, “They’re just messing with us, right?” His pleading look begged her to give him the right answer.

Liz nodded as if she were certain it was all a big joke, although maybe…her eyes strayed to Isabel’s bedroom door, shut tight behind the three. “Yeah, I’m sure it was just…”

“Oh yeah, Kyle do that again!” Isabel’s voice carried through clearly into the living room. Max sat up straight in his chair.

“Nah!” He shook his head and sat back, trying to watch the movie again, Liz cuddled beside him.

Several long moments passed and Max was just starting to relax and catch up on the plot that his sister’s antics had disrupted when another outburst pierced the room.

“God, your tongue! Don’t stop, don’t ever stop!” Alex’s voice sounded strained and deeper than normal.

Max began to fidget in his chair. Liz slid to the floor to sit between his legs, the movie abandoned as she watched the closed door to Isabel’s room and tried to figure out what the hell they were doing in there. They both unconsciously leaned closer to the door straining to hear anything else. Moments later they heard it.

“Alex, you stud! Make me feel so good!”

Max stood up abruptly. That had been Kyle’s voice telling Alex he made him feel so good! He took three steps to the door before Liz’s soft hand on his arm stopped him.

“Do you really want to walk in on that?” She gestured to the door, her anxious expression giving away her reluctance to find what was happening on the other side.

“I…we can’t just let them…it’s not…” Max stammered, unable to complete a thought. Just knowing that whatever was going on was too much for his innocent sister.

Isabel’s bedroom

“’You stud?’,” Isabel repeated, rolling on the bed laughing lightly as she pushed on Kyle’s arm.

“What? It’s all I could think of!” His happy smile seemed to split his face and Isabel caught her breath as she thought that she’d have to make him laugh more often. “What about Alex? That tongue thing? That was inspired man!” Kyle gave Alex a high five over Isabel’s prone form.

Alex smiled shyly, acknowledging his brilliance. He pulled Isabel to a sitting position until the three were once again sitting in a circle, cross-legged, knees touching. “You’re ruining the game here Is,” he laughed, picking up his cards again and fanning them out, watching his friends do the same. “Now,” he carefully scanned his cards, “Kyle, do you have any eights?”

“Damn!” Kyle flipped three eights down onto the bed between them. Alex gleefully scooped them up and planned his next request.

“Isabel it’s your turn,” Kyle nudged her softly, pausing to squeeze her knee, enjoying the pleasure of being free to do so.

“No, it's still Alex's tur…ohh!” Her brow furrowed in concentration before a sly smile crept over her features. She threw her head back and moaned, deep and throaty, “Stop teasing me baby! Just do it!” She opened her eyes and smiled at the boys in triumph.

Alex nodded, “Good one! You even got the Nike logo in there!” He turned back to Kyle, “Any sixes?”

“Are you psychic?” Kyle grouched as he threw two sixes on the bed.

The bedroom door burst open banging into the wall to reveal Max, panting for breath and ready to break something. Or someone.

Alex glanced over his shoulder with a small grin and held up his hand of cards towards Max.

“Wanna play with us?”


Strange mood today, huh? I'm still inspired, so see you soon!!


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Hi guys!
I just wanted to clarify (I've gotten a couple of emails from concerned readers), the tapes they review are from the previous night. They can't stay up all night watchng in real time, so they tape the events and scan through them the next day. They won't figure out what happened to the camera until the next installment. Liz's vision clearly showed Tess arriving at the pod chamber at nighttime, so they only monitor at night.

And for anyone who's confused about Alex's new love, no it's not gonna be a hot threesome with Isabel and Kyle *grin*. I guess it would be kinda hot *shakes head* not gonna go there!

Any more questions, just ask away and I'll try to respond!

Gotta write some more!


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Izzylizard: Welcome back! I missed your feedback! I love how you always quote the parts that made me laugh when I re-read them!

Gabriel Knight: I love the pic's! Thanks for the fabulous comments!

Welcome new readers! I've done a few reading marathons myself when I discover a new story and it's such a compliment that this story is engaging enough for some people to stay up way too late and keep reading!

And now, as another feedbacker just requested, here's more, more, More!

EYA Part 71

“’Wanna play with us?’” Max mocked, flinging himself on their bed. He scrubbed one hand over his eyes and sighed. “Go Fish. They were playing Go Fish!

Liz tried to contain her laughter, knowing that Max had burst into Isabel’s bedroom fully expecting to be traumatized for life. This was a serious situation, and Max would not appreciate her mirth at the moment.

“It could have been worse,” she comforted, running her hand up and down the strong muscles of his arm. Max rolled his head sideways and stared at her.

“Well, they could have been doing…something else,” she emphasized the last two words with raised eyebrows and a small smile.

“Uhgg!” Both hands over his eyes now and a shudder ran through his body.

“Oh! Poor baby Maxie boy,” Liz cooed in a baby voice, trying to make him laugh. She scooted down to lay beside him, running her hand over his chest. “Did that mean Isabel play a nasty wasty joke on you?”

“Liz!” Max’s chest heaved slightly as he tried to contain his laughter.

“Come on Max! Go Fish could be fun!” Her smile was blinding as he turned to check out how serious she was.

“Come on! Work with me here Max,” Liz directed. She rolled so that her front was completely plastered against his side. “Now, let’s see,” she pretended to consult her ‘cards’. “Do you have any kings?”

Max shook his head and laughed.

“No cheating here Max!” Liz tickled his stomach until he rolled with laughter. “I see a king right here.” The tickling turned into smooth caresses that changed his laughter into a long, low moan. “Now are you going to give me your king or what?”

“I’m all yours,” Max gave in with a sigh of happiness turning to capture her lips in a long, slow kiss, muffling her moan with his mouth.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Tess hung up the phone with a satisfied smirk. Nacedo’s list of contacts from his FBI days had sure come in handy. She’d almost felt sorry for Liz until she remembered what had been done to her. If Liz Parker hadn’t been around Tess would be living it up in the lap of luxury on Antar right now. She glared around the small room she was staying in. I really should get back to Vegas, she thought vaguely. It’s easier to blend in there, and I’ll have no problem making some extra money at the tables.

She stripped out of the clothes she was wearing, deciding that she needed a shower. She carefully turned her face away from the mirror as her skin was revealed. The pain was gone now, mostly, and the scars on her face and hands were finally only barely visible, but the rest of her body…she shuddered in distaste. Thick ropy scars covered every inch of her skin from her neck to her ankles. The ugly red and purple tissue was bent and twisted where her skin had basically melted away in Max and Isabel’s attack on her. Her limited healing ability allowed her only a very slow recovery from her affliction. It had taken her literally months to be able to walk around in public in long-sleeved attire and not wince in pain at every slow step she took.

She turned on the shower to a luke-warm temperature and slowly stepped in. The water couldn’t be too hot or too cold or it would be sheer torture on her sensitive skin. The water rushed over her and she flinched at the initial contact once again fuming with rage over what had been done to her. She turned her face up into the water and determined to leave for Vegas in the morning. She would heal some more and come back to Roswell to get her revenge on Michael and Maria. There’s no way those two weren’t guilty up to their necks for what had happened to her! She’d have to think of some special way to pay them back for that.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The next night. Evans’ house

Max and Isabel settled into their chairs in the living room to watch the tape from the previous nights surveillance. Liz was working in the den on ‘lawyer stuff’ as Max liked to call it. It was the sibling’s turn to review the tapes and make sure their world was still safe.

Max shot Isabel a sly look under his lashes. She didn’t appear to be embarrassed or concerned about the joke she had played on them the night before. He prayed it really had been just a joke and that Isabel didn’t really want two boyfriends.

“So,” Max started carefully, shooting a direct look at his sister’s innocent face. He fidgeted nervously in his seat, smoothing his hands over his worn jeans. “You and Kyle?”

Isabel smiled softly back at her brother. “Yeah,” she glanced down at her hands before meeting his gaze again. “That’s okay isn’t it?” It had been meant to sound challenging, like ‘you have no say in this anyway, and I’m only asking to be polite’, but it came out more like ‘tell me I’m doing the right thing’. She scowled briefly at her hands again and waited for Max’s response.

“Just Kyle, right?” Max teased gently, but still really wanting to be sure.

Isabel snorted out a laugh at the expression on Max’s earnest face and reached out to smack his knee. “Yes ‘just Kyle’! You are such a dork little brother. I swear it was really too easy. Plus, you totally deserved it for all your public displays recently!”

“Isabel!” Max blushed a fiery shade of pink and hit ‘play’ on the remote control. The tape rolled on the now familiar scene at the cave entrance and they both turned their attention to the monotonous scene.

“I wonder if Fluffy will show up tonight,” Isabel pondered out loud a half-hour later, thinking how boring their lives were now if all they had to look forward to on a summer evening was hoping a little rabbit would hop through the frame of an un-exhilarating surveillance tape. She advanced the tape a little faster, ready to pause quickly if anything moved within the frames.

“We can always hope…” Max’s eyes widened as the camera angle tilted and the screen went black. Isabel quickly paused and rewound the tape, carefully letting it play again at regular speed.

“Do you think Fluffy jumped over the rocks?” Isabel speculated as they stared at a close-up of a rock on the ground.

Max’s breathing was already accelerating as he rubbed his sweaty palms over the soft fabric of his jeans and stood. “I don’t think we can count on that,” he stated, abruptly leaving the room.

He skidded to a stop in the doorway to the den that was Liz’s office while she was on duty for his parents. His breath hissed out in a sigh of relief as he saw her diligently tying away on the computer. She turned to face him quickly as his anxiety transmitted itself to her and she rose to her feet before she realized she had moved.


“It’s…We were watching…and it went blank…and I think that…” Max couldn’t finish and couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

She closed the distance between them quickly and wrapped her arms around him snugly. “You really think it was her?”

“We can’t take the chance that it wasn’t,” his anxiety was reaching new highs as he considered ways to keep her safe.

“We need to go out there and find out where she is,” Liz grabbed a light sweater off the back of her chair and moved to the door, snagging Max’s hand in hers as she went.

“I just want to get you away from all this,” Max whispered in such a low tone that without their connection Liz would never have heard.

She turned to face him and Max was absurdly proud of how strong and calm she could be in the face of imminent danger. And then he understood, as she allowed him to see, that action was always preferable to her than sitting around in fear waiting for events to unfold. He tightened his hold on her hand and they walked out of the room side-by-side.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Alex knelt in front of the pile of rocks and saw the new tilt of the camera. “Yeah, it’s just tipped over in there.”

“Don’t touch it,” Isabel cautioned nervously from behind him.

“I know better than to disturb it before Liz has a chance to get the vibes off of it,” Alex stood and hugged Isabel in comfort before moving over to make room for Liz.

Liz looked pale and a little drawn as her concentration focused on the task at hand. Max held one of her hands tightly in his as she reached out her free hand to touch the camera. Her hand trembled slightly. She already knew. She’d felt it the minute she’d set foot out of the Jeep and hiked towards the cave entrance. Tess had been here. This was just a confirmation. This would hopefully tell them where she was heading when she left in frustration. And she had been frustrated. Enraged even. Exactly as she had seen in her vision weeks before.

Liz’s body stiffened on contact with the camera and she was lost once again in the vision of Tess, visibly healed and enraged beyond rational thought as the pod chamber rejected her forcibly. She felt again Tess’ evil intent to call the FBI and wreak her revenge on Liz and Max’s child for all that had been done to her.

Michael stepped closer in a bid to protect Liz when he saw how her small body shuddered uncontrollably as the vision consumed her. Isabel took his hand in hers to remind him not to touch Liz at this delicate moment when all her concentration was needed to find out where Tess was staying so they could eliminate the threat before she had a chance to implement her plan. A soft moan escaped Liz’s throat and she swayed into Max’s embrace. Tears were already tracking down Max’s cheeks and Michael couldn’t take it anymore.

Closing the distance that separated him from them, he wrapped them both into a tight hug from behind and was immediately swept into the vision.


“I swear to God I’m telling you the truth! Last year Max Evans was taken into custody by your Agent Pierce. He was an alien…No! No, he’s dead now, but…stop interrupting! I’m trying to tell you that he got a human girl pregnant before he died…Yes! Yes, her name is Liz Parker and she lives in Roswell. She’s a junior at West Roswell High and she’s carrying his alien baby. Yes, I definitely believe her child is a danger to society. Who knows what effect alien spawn would have on unsuspecting human populations! …Yes…Yes definitely I think you need to do something about it…Well, I wouldn’t have access to your phone numbers and passwords if I didn’t have proper clearance, now would I? …Just do something about this as quickly as possible. No! You can’t afford to wait on this one. We don’t know how long alien pregnancies last…She coulda had it already!”

Tess hung up with a satisfied smirk and moved to take a shower. She shuddered in disgust at the sight of her mangled skin and trembled in pain at the first touch of the water to her sensitized skin. They heard her thoughts as she planned to return to Vegas and plot her revenge on Michael and Maria.


Tess slammed out of the ratty hotel room and glanced quickly to the right and left, scanning for spies. She quickly climbed into her car and sped down the road toward Vegas.


Liz whimpered in pain as the restraints were tightened around her wrists and ankles.

“Stop struggling or you’ll draw blood,” Dr. Clark threatened. “I’ll keep tightening them until you’re still.”

Liz froze in place, recognizing that it wasn’t an idle threat. “What do you want from me?” Her voice cracked and came out hoarse, but at this point she was glad any sound emerged at all after all the screaming she had done hours earlier when she was first abducted. She clenched her hands into fists hoping to renew the circulation in her fingers. They slowly went numb despite her efforts.

“We want to study you Liz. We want to find out what you’ve got inside you. We want to study the alien you’re carrying and figure out how a human girl can carry a hybrid baby. We’re going to find out everything you know about the alien you were involved with and what their plot is concerning Earth. And you’re going to stay here until we’re satisfied that you’ve told us the truth.” His words came out cold and unfeeling and Liz knew for a certainty that they would never let her go. His warm hand traveled familiarly up Liz’s exposed thigh and she renewed her struggles. Dr. Clark clamped his hand down hard over her wiggling leg and she knew there would be bruises later. “Do you want the restraints tighter Liz?” She froze again and he straightened up with a satisfied smirk. “I didn’t think so.” He rubbed his hand up over her hip and finally left the room. Liz turned her head to the side and sobbed silently.


“What’s wrong with her?” Dr. Clark demanded, rushing into the room and taking in the scene of doctors huddled around Liz as her body shook and her temperature rose again.

“Her temp has gone up over 102, Dr. Clark. We don’t know why,” one of the men answered nervously.

“Liz. Liz! Look at me,” Dr. Clark demanded. Liz rolled her head to face him, her eyes glassy and unseeing. “What’s wrong with you Liz? Is it the baby?”

“The baby,” Liz repeated, lost in the fever. “The baby needs to be fed.” She barely registered where she was at this point. The fever had raged all night and her body was no longer satisfied with the ice packs and cold drinks these people foisted on her.

“Fed?” Dr. Clark looked to his associates and found them just as confused as he was. “What does the baby need Liz? What does it eat?”

“Max’s sperm. We need Ma…,” her fevered rambling cut off abruptly as she realized what she had said. She shook her head. “We don’t need anything. We’re just fine. Go away.” She closed her eyes and lost herself to the darkness waiting for her.

“Max’s sperm?” Dr. Clark looked at everyone around him in confusion. “I thought Max was dead?”

Liz writhed on the table and her blood pressure dropped alarmingly. “Dr. Clark? We need to do something now. She’s not going to make it through the day if we…”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Liz?! Liz wake up! Oh my God! Liz!” Michael shook Liz’s still form and turned her to lie on her back on the hard ground. Isabel rushed up to Max and gently turned him over as well.

“It was too much for them,” Michael panted out. “It was too much.” He still shook from the visions he had witnessed, as real as if they were there.

Max groaned and reached for Liz before his eyes even opened. His hand found hers beside him and he sighed as the connection built and grew into a living thing surrounding them in a cocoon of peace. Liz tightened her hold on him and allowed him to coax her back to consciousness. Her eyes opened and locked on his.

“We’re too late,” she whispered in despair.


Authors Note:

I know, I know…I’m a big meanie etc. etc. * grin * I promise not to leave you hanging too long for more. See you soon!!

Please remember I’m a dreamer! I won’t even read a story unless I know that no matter what happens in the middle, it’ll end happy. Big enough hint? Yeah, I thought so.

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EYA Part 72

“We’ve gotta leave town,” Max said urgently, he looked around their bedroom in a shock of confusion. His head reeled with the images they had seen. Over and over his mind played out the horror that was in store for his Liz and he would not, could not, accept that reality. They had to change it quickly. Irrevocably. He hauled a large suitcase from the jumble in the back of their closet and unzipped it on the bed. Liz sat in a daze in the chair across from the bed and watched numbly as he began tossing in random items of clothing. His and hers, as tumbled and tangled together as they were at this moment. Michael and Isabel stood in the doorway watching his frantic movements.

“I’m coming with you,” Michael decided suddenly, stepping resolutely deeper into the room, closer to Liz, who looked like she would fall over any second if the chair back wasn’t propping her up.

“Me too,” Isabel chimed in determinedly. After hearing the horrors of the vision they had experienced she was convinced that they needed to stick together.

Max looked up abruptly. “You two want to…” he stopped and nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” His eyes unfocused for a moment and Isabel realized with a start that he was checking in with Liz. She had been completely silent after her initial outburst at the pod chamber entrance. Isabel watched Liz’s face tense and then relax as Max continued to communicate with her.

He crossed the room in four long strides and was suddenly kneeling in front of her. Her arms went up to wrap around his broad shoulders and she lay her head down against him.

Isabel choked on a sob at the emotions she could see racing across their faces. She and Michael turned away and went into the living room to allow the couple some privacy to regain their strength.

“We need to have a plan. We don’t even know where we’re going,” Isabel stated, trying to get back to business.

Michael shook his head. “How much money do we have?”

“Probably not enough.” She paced the room restlessly. She paused, thinking about their next step. “We’ve got to tell Mom and Dad that we’re leaving. Maybe they know a place…” She grabbed Michael’s arm and pulled him out the door with her.

“Mom? Dad?” Isabel called out as she walked through the Evans’ kitchen. “Are you home?” Sometimes they worked late and she didn’t remember if she’d seen their car when they’d pulled in earlier.

“Isabel? We’re in the den,” Phillip called back, concerned by the urgency in his daughter’s tone. He stood in the doorway and watched in growing alarm as Isabel retained her tight clutch on Michael’s arm and crossed the room in resolute strides towards him. The look in her eyes was one he had never seen before. It was a glimpse into the woman, the leader, she had been and would become.

Diane spun in her chair at the computer desk and her eyes widened in alarm as Isabel and Michael stopped in the middle of the room.

“Honey, what is it?”

“We have to leave town and we need a place. A safe place that no one knows about where we can hide out for a while until we can figure out our next step.” Her words tumbled over each other in a breathless tone that panicked Diane more than the words themselves. Isabel stepped back when her mother rose to embrace her.

“Mom, we have to leave. Now. Liz has had another vision and Tess has already told the FBI about Liz and Max’s baby. They’re going to come for her and we can’t be here when they do.” Isabel ignored their horrified gasps, needing to finish, needing to get everything out now, before she could think about what this was going to mean to their lives, their families. She turned to her father. “We need money. We need a place. Do you know of anywhere we could go?”

Phillip’s jaw had dropped at each new revelation but he pulled himself together when Isabel looked him so trustingly. Like she knew he could fix this. He moved decisively to the closet in the den and squatted down to reach into the back. He quickly opened the fire-safe they kept there and pulled out a stack of currency. Turning, he handed the money to Isabel and strode across the room to the desk. Opening the shallow drawer in the middle of the desk he found the slim, leather bound address book that he kept there. He flipped through several pages and picked up the phone.

Isabel and Michael exchanged puzzled glances and waited to hear what Phillip was going to do.

“Hello Bill? Yes. This is Phillip…Yeah, we’re great here…Wonderful!…Yes, well, I was remembering that you said you had a cabin up on Lake Suni and I was wondering if your offer to use it whenever we wanted still stands?…It does?…That’s great! Yeah…we just want to get away for a while, you know take a summer vacation?…Great…Yeah, maybe a month or more…Wonderful! Well we really appreciate this Bill, and anytime you’d like to borrow the boat just let us know. Uh huh, alright. Thanks again Bill. Bye.”

Phillip cradled the receiver and turned to face the stunned faces around him. “There should be about five-thousand dollars there in cash,” he gestured to the money that Isabel held in her trembling hand. “Bill is a business associate of ours that we’ve spent more than one long conference with. We arranged awhile back to be able to use his cabin in exchange for him being able to use our boat, we’ve just never taken the time to give ourselves a vacation, but when you said you needed a place,” Phillip shrugged.

Isabel launched herself into her father’s arms and gave him a fierce hug. She pulled back and kissed him, the tears already streaming down her cheeks. “Thank you Dad. You’re amazing!” She hugged her mom as well and pulled her from the room. “Help me pack?” Diane nodded and hurried out the door after her daughter.

Phillip and Michael stared at each other for a long moment. Phillip crossed the room and hugged Michael. Michael’s arms hung awkwardly at his sides for a moment before seeming to move of their own volition to embrace his pseudo-father. “Take care of them Michael,” Phillip whispered gruffly, knowing he could depend on Michael to do just that.

“I will,” he answered, the only way he could.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max leaned away from Liz and cupped her tear-streaked face in his palms. Liz had broken the connection between them with an almost inaudible sob.

“Liz?” Max queried, even more worried now that he could no longer sense her jumbled thoughts.

“Max…it’s just…I’m so sorry!” Liz cried again, covering her face with her hands. She couldn’t stand the tormented look in Max’s eyes when he stared at her, and his thoughts…she shuddered. His thoughts were a nightmarish mix of the horrors she had envisioned and the actuality of what Max had already endured from the FBI. Those thoughts were a weight on his soul and she wished with everything in her that he wouldn’t have to dwell on that horrific time in his life for another moment.

“Sorry?” Max was confused and frustrated. They had to leave. Get out now, before anything unspeakable occurred. Something they couldn’t prevent if they stayed here and waited for a response. His mind reached out to make the connection again and was rebuffed by her.

Liz shook her head. “It’s too hard Max. Please…it’s just…I’m sorry that you have to relive the FBI and what they…what they did to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a vision sooner so we could be there when Tess showed up and eliminate the threat. I’m so sorry that we have to leave now and run like this. This isn’t what I wanted for you…it’s not…” Max interrupted her with a hard kiss to her trembling lips. The connection slammed back into place and Liz raised her hands to steady herself on his broad shoulders. Unconditional love, acceptance, and support rolled through her in strengthening ways, and she knew, beyond all doubt, that Max would do anything for her. Absolutely anything that was required to keep her and their child safe and well. And he would do it all gladly.

Max broke the kiss and stood, taking her hand.

“Help me pack, we have to leave soon.” Liz nodded and stood on legs that had strengthened with the affirmation of his love.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“We have to stop at the Crash,” Liz stated into the silence of the Jeep. They had said their teary goodbyes at the Evans household and were sitting in front of Michael’s building so he could run in to pack.

“What? Why?” Isabel asked quickly. Michael climbed out of the Jeep, but waited to see what they would do before walking away.

“I want to tell my parents I’m going on vacation for awhile, so they won’t be worried when I don’t meet Mom for lunch on Saturday.”

Max and Michael exchanged worried frowns.

“You can’t cry and act like you’ll never see them again,” Michael stated bluntly, worried about her state of mind. She seemed stronger now, more stable after her talk with Max earlier, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t break down again.

“I know that Michael,” Liz drew in an impatient breath. “I just can’t up and leave without seeing them one more time, okay? I’ll be fine,” her look pleaded with Max to allow her this.

Max nodded, making up his mind. He turned to Michael. “You go up and pack. We’ll swing by the Crash so Liz can say goodbye and then come back to pick you up.” Michael nodded and turned to go to his apartment.

Max pulled up in front of the Crash and glanced at Liz. She appeared composed, and he could feel her pulling in every ounce of self-control she possessed so she could face her parents and not break down. They hopped out of the Jeep and entered the restaurant together.

Nancy was manning the cash register, which was unusual as she usually didn’t take part in the operations of the restaurant. She looked slightly frazzled when she saw the three approaching her, but offered them a genuine smile nonetheless.

“Liz! I didn’t expect to see you here today! How’s summer vacation treating you so far?”

Liz dredged up a real smile and moved around to hug her mother. “That’s what I came to talk to you about. Isabel, Michael, Max, and me are all heading out to Yosemite to go hiking and camping for a few weeks. I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t be around for our weekly lunches for awhile,” Liz forced the lie and smiled brightly.

Nancy gave her an odd look. Liz wasn’t big on camping, and she knew for a fact Isabel wasn’t really the outdoor type herself, but she couldn’t exactly tell them not to go, so she smiled instead. “This is kind of sudden, isn’t it?”

“Not really. I just forgot to mention in last week, and time is going by so fast now that school’s out.”

Nancy hugged Liz again. “Okay honey. Just be real careful out there. Do you need anything?”

Liz shook her head and looked around. “Where’s Dad? I’d like to say goodbye to him too.”

Nancy’s eyes traveled to the ceiling and rolled. “He went upstairs an hour ago and said he’d be right back. He’s looking for the sales figures from last January for some kind of auditing error,” Nancy laughed. “You know how he gets about the numbers!” Liz smiled with her mother.

“I think I know where those books are,” she offered. “Maybe I can hurry him up for you!” Nancy looked relieved. “That’d be great honey. I’m not sure how much longer I can fake my way around down here.” Liz laughed again, knowing how her mother hated Crashdown duties. She turned to head into the back.

Nancy reached out a hand to stop Max from following. “You should stay down here Max,” she cautioned softly, noticing Liz looking back at him inquiringly. “Liz’s dad is still really upset, and if you go up there with her then she won’t have a very pleasant send-off.” Nancy winced at her own words and the tormented look on Max’s face. “I’m sorry.”

Max dredged up a smile for her. “I’ll just wait at the bottom of the stairs then,” he replied, slipping out of Nancy’s grip and following Liz to the back. He and Isabel settled on the bottom step after explaining what they were doing to Liz.

Liz tried not to cry again in the face of her father’s obvious rejection of her chosen mate. She realized that it was true that if her father saw Max at this time that he would never wish her well on her vacation, and she couldn’t have another traumatic scene with him right now.

“Dad?” She called out as she entered the apartment. The room was a bit messy, with drawers pulled out and papers stacked on the coffee table. She smiled slightly. Her dad never could find anything when he needed it. He probably had depended on her for that more than he knew. She turned down the hallway and peeked into Jeff’s bedroom to make sure he wasn’t there before proceeding down to the office. She shook her head again as she headed down the hall. Her mom wouldn’t be too happy at he mess he had left behind.

She swung the partially open door and little wider and stepped in saying, “Mom’s gonna be upset at the mess you’ve…” she gasped in horror. Her father was bound and gagged to his office chair and his eyes were wild, pleading with her to turn and run away. “Dad!” She rushed into the room to release him without thinking of any consequence to herself.

And then all she saw was black.


More soon. Promise!

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Note: Wow guys! How many variations of 'get your butt back here' are there? LOL. You all are makin' my day, so keep it comin'. I promise another new chapter tomorrow! Yes, angst will ensue in 3, 2, 1...

EYA Part 73

“…hit her so hard! Dr. C is going to have your ass for this!”

Whispered voices rushed past her escalating her confusion. She couldn’t pull her eyes open even when someone pushed her onto her stomach and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

“I didn’t know it was her! How was I supposed to know she’d coming rushing in like that! He said she didn’t live here anymore!” The second voice was raspy and sounded slightly desperate. Hands were rolling her over quickly onto her back.

“You better hope you didn’t hurt her too bad or there’ll be hell to pay!” She was picked up roughly and slung over a broad shoulder. She couldn’t suppress a moan of distress as the running motion caused a sick pain to roll over the back of her head where she had been hit. Wait. Hit?! There was something she needed to do…someone to help her…the black rolled through her again, engulfing the pain into the sweet oblivion of darkness.

The men were already heading down the ladder from her balcony to their waiting van.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max and Isabel watched the stairs as Liz ran up to quickly say goodbye to her father.

“She’ll be alright,” Isabel comforted, noting the worried look on Max’s face.

“You don’t know what he’s like Isabel.” Max looked down at his knees his fingers playing with the frayed edges of a hole there. He met his sister’s eyes. “He really hates me. The thought of his daughter being with me. And he doesn’t hesitate to pound in his disapproval. It tears her up inside and she’s got enough to worry…oomph!” Max gasped out and grabbed the back of his head. Pain flashed through him in sick waves and he rose unsteadily from his position on the stair. His feet were pounding upwards before a conscious thought had entered his brain.

“Max! What’s going on?” Isabel’s voice barely registered as he pushed through the front door of the apartment. He staggered, dizzy, before pushing through the living room and down the hallway. Isabel’s hand touched his back, giving her support as she carefully scanned around them.

“Liz?!” Max shouted as he raced down the hall. He checked through the open door to Liz’s parents room and pushed on toward the office. He ran through the doorway and stopped in shock at the sight of Jeff Parker bound and gagged in his office chair. Max scanned the rest of the room and, not seeing Liz, turned on his heel and sprinted for the only room left. He ran through Liz’s old room and his stomach dropped at the sight of the open window, curtains fluttering in the slight breeze. He leaped over the sill and barely caught a glimpse of a silver van racing away down the night-darkened alley.

His grip on the brick wall tightened in fear until it cut through the skin of his palms. He dropped to his knees and vomited violently onto the ground. Too late! Liz is gone and I was too damn late! The sick feeling still raged through him, but he didn’t have time for it.

He made himself stand back up. He needed to find her. Now. He wiped his mouth on his shirt sleeve as he raced back through Liz’s room and out into the living room area trying to think of what to do next. He grabbed the phone and dialed Michael.


“Michael! Call Valenti. They got her. They took her away in a silver van. They were heading west.” Max panted, trying to stay coherent enough to give Michael the details he would need as he headed out the front door.

“What the…” Michael got a grip, “How long ago?”

“Just now! Right this minute! I just saw the van leave.” Max was already halfway down the stairs with the cordless phone clutched in his hand. “Call Valenti. Start a search. I’m taking the Jeep and going after them.” Max flipped the phone off and tossed it aside as he ran through the Crashdown.

“Max?” Nancy called after him. The boy had looked…desperate. She glanced back the way he had come and made a swift decision to find out what had happened. She locked the till and headed into the back. “Agnes? I’m heading upstairs. I’ll just be a minute,” she called out as she passed the crotchety old waitress.

“Whatever,” Agnes answered, desultorily waving her order pad over her shoulder.

Nancy ran up the stairs, knowing better than to leave Agnes downstairs alone for too long. She was likely to take a break and leave the customers to fend for themselves!

Nancy took note of the mess the living room was in and shook her head. She wished Jeff had just let her search for those sales figures instead of tearing the house apart looking for them. She walked quickly down the hall and into the office. She gasped in shock as she took in the sight before her.

Isabel Evans was behind Jeff’s office chair working on freeing the knots that tied his arms behind it. She had already removed a gag that was now lying on the ground by his bound feet.

“Jeff! What happened!” Nancy knelt and began working on the knots holding his feet together, but Jeff’s next words stopped her cold.

“They took Liz! Call the police! They hit her on the head and knocked her out and carried her out of here!”

“Max already called Michael and told him to call Valenti,” Isabel rushed to put in. The knot came loose with a little alien intervention and Jeff pulled his arms forward to assist getting his feet free.

“They came in and surprised me. Or I surprised them, I guess. They didn’t expect to see me. They roughed me up a little and asked where Liz was. I didn’t tell them. I said she didn’t live here anymore. I thought they’d leave and give us some time to warn her.” He cradled his head in his hands and Nancy took note of the bruises covering her husband’s face. “Why?” Nancy took him into her arms and Isabel quickly left the room. She needed to call Kyle and Alex and help with the search.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

A low moan escaped her lips and she felt a rocking motion all around her.

“She’s coming around,” a man’s voice sounded from the blackness all around her.

Her eyes tried to open, but seemed to be sealed shut. She tried to move her hands to rub them, but found them restricted behind her back. Her situation started to become real to her and she realized that she had been taken. Blindfolded and handcuffed and racing through the night in the back of a vehicle.

“Here, he said to just stick this in her arm,” another voice interjected.

“I’m not gonna do that! You do it,” the first voice sounded panicked.

“Wuss,” a brief shuffling noise, “Get outta the way. We gotta do this before we get on the plane.” The second voice drew closer and Liz cringed back in fear. ‘Max!,’ she called out in panic. The sharp prick of a needle pierced her arm. ‘Max! Help! They’ve drugged m…’. She couldn’t even finish the thought before the darkness found her again.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max almost slammed on the brakes when her sweet voice reached him. ‘Liz! I’m here! Where are they taking you?’. The second part of her panicked thought reached him. They’d drugged her! He tried to reach out to her again, attempting to think of the places they would take her. He shook his head and tried again. The place she had occupied just seconds ago was empty. The feeling crawled into the pit of his soul. He raced west down the highway, wondering if they would drive all the way or stop off and hide somewhere.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Hours later

“She’s gone! Where the hell is she?” Max screamed in anguish. They’d been searching Roswell all night and still no sign of Liz. Max sank down into a crouch and pulled his arms over his head.

Michael put a hand on his shoulder and tears filled his eyes as he witnessed the despair of his friend.

“I can’t feel her,” Max confessed brokenly.

The admission rocked Michael back on his heels. This was even worse than he’d imagined. If Max couldn’t feel her then maybe she was…

“Do you think they…Is she…” Michael stumbled over the words, not knowing how Max would react to even the suggestion that his love was…

“What?” Max lurched to his feet, grabbing handfuls of Michael’s shirt. “Don’t even think it Michael! Got that? She’s…she’s not…she can’t be.”

“Yeah, Max. I got it. It’s okay man,” Michael tried to calm Max down. He placed his hands over Max’s on his shirt.

Max stared at Michael’s hands over his own and suddenly seemed to realize what he was doing. He leaned into Michael and the sobs shook his body as the reality hit him hard. Michael enclosed Max in a supportive hug and just held on as Max soaked his shirt.

“We’ll get her back Max. I promise.” And Michael knew he would do whatever was in his power to make it happen. Not only for Liz, but because he knew if he lost Liz that Max would not, could not, go on without her.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz’s head rolled away from the noxious smell that was under her nose. It seemed to follow her though until she groaned in protest and her eyes fluttered open. She blinked into the bright light that was directly above where she lay and her brain slowly started to offer back the memories of what had taken place that night. She tried to force herself to pay attention to where she was. She noted that she was laying on a hard surface. Metal. She experimentally tried to move her arms and legs, studiously ignoring the pain flaring in the back of her skull where she had been hit. Her brief tugs revealed that her wrists were bound to the sides of the bed and her ankles were secured to the bottom corners. And she was naked. Just like her vision. Panic raced through her and she reached out for Max. Nothing! She couldn’t feel him at all. The place he had occupied in her mind for so many months was sickeningly empty. Terror swamped her when she finally realized that she was on her own here. No one could help her now.

“NO!” She struggled fruitlessly against the bonds that snagged her wrists and ankles. Pain shot through her skin as the metal bit into her tender flesh.

“You’ll only harm yourself,” a cool, patient voice intoned, maddeningly calm in the face of her struggles. His dispassionate gaze roamed over her naked form and he placed a proprietary hand just above her knee.

New panic washed over her at her vulnerable position as she jerked her head towards the voice and froze in fright. She was staked out on the table, completely nude and this man could do anything to her. Anything.

His fingers rubbed over the tender skin of her inner thigh and his mouth quirked up in amusement at the fear in her eyes. He leaned in closer and his hot breath caused a wave of nausea to roll sickeningly through her stomach. What does he want from me? Where is Max!? Her eyes jerked away and took in the white walls of the room, the white floor and ceiling, the shiny surface of one wall that she knew, absolutely knew, contained people behind it. Watching them. Watching her.

“Wha…what d…do you want from me?” She stuttered out, swinging her gaze back and forcing herself to meet this man’s eyes levelly. Mud. His eyes were the color of mud, and he looked so…normal. How was it possible that he could look so average? This man who had stolen her away and ripped her from her life?

“Just some tests. No need to panic,” his voice reflected his satisfaction at her fear and his hand slid up her leg, over her hip and rested against her still flat stomach. He leaned closer, his mouth almost touching her ear. “We know Liz,” he hissed, his hot breath making her gag.

“Ah ah ah,” he cautioned, watching her gag. “No need for that. We’ll keep you healthy. Don’t you worry. We just want to know about this baby you’re carrying. And about the babies father. Pity he’s dead.” The doctor droned on and shook his head, not noticing the new tears tracking down Liz’s face. Or maybe just not caring.

Liz felt like she’d been punched in the gut. Totally blindsided. She couldn’t feel Max and now this Dr. Carter; yes, she recognized him from her vision, had confirmed her worst fear. They’d killed Max! She rolled her head to the side and stopped listening. Her torment would be over sooner than this doctor could imagine. Without Max she and the baby literally could not live. Max! Her silent cry dropped into emptiness and that’s when she started screaming. Head thrown back, body arched off the table, she cried out her torment into the unforgiving whiteness of the room.

The doctor shook his head and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

“Would you like us to give her another injection?” His assistant hovered unnecessarily close.

Dr. Carter shook his head. “No. Let her get it all out now. When no one comes rushing in to save her she’ll realize how pointless it is. Besides, we can only give her small doses of the neural inhibitor until we know what kind of affect it has on the baby. We don’t want to find out later that she’s capable of contacting other aliens.”

He stalked down the hall into his office and watched Liz on the monitor for several moments before cutting the sound and moving to lie on the couch he kept there. Better to sleep now, so he would be sharp for what was to come. He almost chuckled in glee. This was too good! His ragtag unit, all that was left after Agent Pierce had come back and almost destroyed what they had left, would get back in the good graces of the FBI after a case like this. He couldn’t wait to finish this project and present it to his former superiors. That would put the Special Unit back where they belonged!


More tomorrow!

For those of you concerned for Maria's safety if Michael left her alone when they were all planning on hiding out in chapter 72

1) He would have said goodbye.
2) They know that Tess has left Roswell for a long while
3) I knew all along that he wasn't really leaving so I didn't go into it too much! Sorry to stress you out like that! LOL

I hope that clears it up!
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Woohoo! Two in one day! I don't want to leave anyone hanging for too long in the angst here soo... Thanks for the fabulous feedback! I know the board is slow and I hope this posts! See ya soon! Gin

EYA Part 74

Liz slowly came to the realization that panic wasn’t going to help her situation any. Her screams subsided into hiccupping sobs and she pulled against the bonds that restrained her. She knew she was being watched and the shame of her nakedness washed over her again, bathing her pale skin a glowing pink. She struggled harder against her bonds, imagining that she could feel the metal braces loosening. She had to think of the baby. If she could get out of here she could find Michael and…

Her head jerked to the side as Dr. Clark strode purposefully into the room.

“Now, now Liz, no need to struggle like that. You’re not going anywhere so you’re only hurting yourself.” He moved one hand over her upper arm and it stopped dangerously close to her breast. He enjoyed the feel of her soft young skin and it wasn’t at all hard to imagine what that alien, Max Evans, had seen in her. He jolted back to the present as he felt Liz renewing her struggles with increased vigor under his hand. His face tightened in anger that she still thought she had some control in this situation.

Methodically he moved around the table and began cinching each one of the restraints until they were more than snug against her pale skin.

Liz whimpered in pain at the increased pressure on her wrists and ankles, but she couldn’t make herself give up the fight.

“Stop struggling or you’ll draw blood,” Dr. Clark threatened. “I’ll keep tightening them until you’re still.”

Liz froze in place, recognizing that it wasn’t an idle threat. “What do you want from me?” Her voice cracked and came out hoarse, but at this point she was glad any sound emerged at all after all the screaming she had done hours earlier when she was first abducted. She clenched her hands into fists hoping to renew the circulation in her fingers. They slowly went numb despite her efforts.

“We want to study you Liz. We want to find out what you’ve got inside you. We want to study the alien you’re carrying and figure out how a human girl can carry a hybrid baby. We’re going to find out everything you know about the alien you were involved with and what their plot is concerning Earth. And you’re going to stay here until we’re satisfied that you’ve told us the truth.” His words came out cold and unfeeling and Liz knew for a certainty that they would never let her go. His warm hand traveled familiarly up Liz’s exposed thigh and she renewed her struggles. Dr. Clark clamped his hand down hard over her wiggling leg and she knew there would be bruises later. “Do you want the restraints tighter Liz?” She froze again and he straightened up with a satisfied smirk. “I didn’t think so.” He rubbed his hand up over her hip and finally left the room. Liz turned her head to the side and sobbed silently.

Her skin flushed rosy as her temperature slowly began to rise and she stared at the white light above her, praying for a miracle. It wouldn’t be long now and her torment would be over. Strange, the new things she had to look forward to.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Everyone was staring at Max, expecting him to fall apart. He met each of their gazes defiantly, knowing what they were thinking. What they were waiting for him to accept. He paced around the room some more and shook his head before answering their thoughts.

“She’s not dead.” Max leveled a stare at Isabel, Kyle, and Alex all seated on his parent’s couch together. Their expressions tried to be supportive, but he could tell they thought he was deluding himself. He turned to his parents and Maria and Michael.

“I would know,” he told them simply. Maria stood and hugged him to herself, needing the comfort as much as he did. Tears rolled down Maria’s face, but when she looked at Max she saw that he was dry-eyed. He had shed all the tears he had earlier, and now it was time to come up with a new plan. Alex moved back to the computer and continued hacking into military sites to find all the military bases in use or abandoned within New Mexico and all the neighboring states.

Maria stepped back and rubbed her hands over her eyes briefly before addressing the group. “Max would know. Got it?” Slow nods greeted her announcement. “Liz is alive and we have to find her. Anyone got any more ideas?”

Kyle stood up. “We could check on helicopter traffic and rentals. That kind of thing. Maybe they lifted her out of here?” Phillip was nodding his head and already consulting his laptop to find out who rented helicopters and which areas around Roswell were capable of handling and fuelling ‘copters. Valenti had already taken the Parker’s statements and was driving out to the old site of Max’s kidnapping the previous year, hoping for evidence of renewed activity or clues to the new site.

And the slow, methodical search continued. Max’s stomach was knotted with worry and despair. He could not let himself believe that Liz wouldn’t be back at his side shortly and his mind rebelled at the suggestion that she could be dead. The gnawing emptiness in his mind where she had been seemed to mock his confident statement that she was still alive, but until he saw with his own eyes…

He paced restlessly some more, waiting impatiently for another lead that would send him out into the early dawn hours again. The fever came upon him in a slow wave and for a moment he stood stock-still, a wave of relief at what this meant crashing over him until he could barely stand. He laughed involuntarily, a harsh and bitter sound, and Maria looked at him strangely. This was hardly the time for levity. Her mouth dropped open when she saw the ruddy tone of his skin and she realized what it meant. The chuckles turned into harsh sobs as he sank to the floor and Maria and Isabel rushed to his side. She was alive…but without Max, or even Michael, how long could she last? They had twenty-four hours and they all knew it.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Eight hours later

“What’s wrong with her?” Dr. Clark demanded, rushing into the room and taking in the scene of doctors huddled around Liz as her body shook and her temperature rose again.

“Her temp has gone up over 102, Dr. Clark. We don’t know why,” one of the men answered nervously.

“Liz. Liz! Look at me,” Dr. Clark demanded. Liz rolled her head to face him, her eyes glassy and unseeing. “What’s wrong with you Liz? Is it the baby?”

“The baby,” Liz repeated, lost in the fever. “The baby needs to be fed.” She barely registered where she was at this point. The fever had raged for hours and her body was no longer satisfied with the ice packs and cold drinks these people foisted on her.

“Fed?” Dr. Clark looked to his associates and found them just as confused as he was. “What does the baby need Liz? What does it eat?”

“Max’s sperm. We need Ma…,” her fevered rambling cut off abruptly as she realized what she had said. She wasn’t going to tell them anything about Max, even if he was…gone. She choked on a sob and shook her head. “We don’t need anything. We’re just fine. Go away.” She closed her eyes and lost herself to the darkness waiting for her. Infinitely preferable to what was waiting for her here.

“Max’s sperm?” Dr. Clark looked at everyone around him in confusion. “I thought Max was dead?”

Liz writhed on the table and her blood pressure dropped alarmingly. “Dr. Clark? We need to do something now. She’s not going to make it through the day if we…”

“How long? How long has this been going on?” Dr. Clark demanded. He’d turned off the monitor and gone to sleep for eight solid hours on his office couch.

“About eight hours now Doctor,” the technician answered quickly.

Dr. Clark whirled on the man, shoving him back into a wall with a casual push. “And did you not think this was important enough to wake me up about?” His tone was calm, too calm. Quietly menacing and that did not bode well for the unlucky recipient.

The technician began to stutter, “We d..d..didn’t kn..know what it was. We thought it was a reaction to the the neural inh..inhibitors and we were going to wait for them to wear off. B..but it’s only gotten worse, sir.” Dr. Clark let his hand drop and the technician slid sideways and quickly away to stand behind the other two doctors in the room.

“What was it she said she needed?” Dr. Clark demanded, snapping his fingers for a quick answer.

“Sperm,” Dr. Neri answered quickly. “Max’s sperm.”

“Alien sperm,” Dr. Clark mused, his mind clicking a mile a minute. “Maybe that’s how she’s maintained the pregnancy.” He paced back and forth restlessly.

“If Max Evans died when our contact said he did then how was she able to maintain the pregnancy? Unless she doesn’t need to do it that often…” he whirled back to the technician. “Find out what you can about Max Evans’ death. If he’s not really dead then I want him brought here ASAP. I can’t even begin all the tests until Liz is back to normal. I will not let this set back our research! Send the muscle that brought her here back to Roswell immediately.”

“Uh, Dr. Clark?” Dr. Neri interrupted nervously.


“Um, I seem to recall that we had retained some physical material from our previous detention of Maxwell Evans and it did include sperm samples.”

Dr. Clark began to smile remembering the file he had reviewed on Max Evans after they had received the call that he had impregnated a human. “Yes. You’re absolutely right.” The evil grin spread further as he snapped at the other technician to retrieve the samples out of their frozen storage. The techie rushed to obey, glad to be out of imminent danger. “Yes,” he hissed out as recollection made him smile again, “Agent Pierce was very thorough, in his research, wouldn’t you say?”

Dr. Neri nodded nervously. “Yes sir, I believe he took three separate samples during the time of Maxwell’s detention,” he affirmed quickly.

“Very good. Very good,” Dr. Clark chuckled again, rubbing his hands together.


More soon. Very soon!!!

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EYA Part 75

Maria exchanged a worried look with Isabel and Diane. They had spent the entire day trying to get the boys as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Max was practically delirious, mumbling incoherently with only an occasional ‘Liz’ or ‘gone’ making itself understood. His heart was clearly breaking and he’d never felt so helpless, so powerless, in his entire life. His brain was awash with the horrifying images of what they could be doing to her and of what they had already done to him.

Isabel shrugged her shoulders helplessly in an ‘I don’t know what else we can do’ gesture that echoed Maria’s thoughts exactly. It had been ten hours since the fever had started and three hours since their last hope was crushed when Valenti had reported back that there was no activity at the site of Max’s original kidnapping and no hint as to a new location. Isabel, who had taken the call, couldn’t hide the defeated expression on her face fast enough for Max not to catch it, and that’s when he collapsed across his bed and refused to let anyone touch him.

He writhed there in misery, his mind dredging up horrors and racing for any possibility of a place to start the search. He would do anything, give up anything, to make sure she was safe, and the fact that he was denied the option to even try to search was more crushing than he could bear.

“I’ve brought more ice,” Diane huffed as she ran in the door with three large bags of ice cubes.

Maria grabbed two bags out of her hands and dropped them on the kitchen counter, already ripping one open. “Good. Michael’s up to 106 and we can’t get close enough to Max to take his temperature, but he looks like he’s even worse.” Maria scooped handfuls of the ice into large zip lock bags and sealed them closed. Diane’s worried eyes widened as she heard the new temperature and she grabbed two of the prepared bags from Maria.

“Max will just have to deal with his mother then,” she threw over her shoulder as she made her way determinedly into Max’s room. She stopped still in the doorway at the sight that greeted her. Max’s eyes were closed and his chest heaved in labored breaths of air. His skin was flushed rosy and dripping with sweat. He lay on his back, his arms and legs arranged straight down on the bed, trembling uncontrollably. And despite the sweat that glistened all over his body Diane knew those were tear tracks that dripped down from eyes that were closed in denial against the pain of his loss. She shook herself out of her reverie and crossed the room to his bed.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Maria’s eyes followed Diane’s progress into Max’s room and she silently prayed he would allow her to ease his discomfort. She hefted the two new bags of ice and made her way to the couch where Michael was attempting to sit up.

“Take it easy there Michael,” Maria instructed, handing him one of the bags and using her free hand to try to ease him back down. Michael resisted even as he clutched the sofa arm to try to hold himself upright.

“I gotta see how Max is doing,” Michael insisted, using the sofa to try to leverage himself to his feet.

“Oh no you don’t Michael,” Maria insisted, pushing him back down. “He hasn’t let anyone near him in three hours and Diane’s finally had enough. She just went in there a minute ago and I think he’s to out of it to protest right now, so let her do what she can. You need to rest too.” She firmly pushed him back down onto the cushion and he grimaced at the wet feel of the cloth-covered sofa. He put the bag of ice he was clutching behind his neck and upper back and hissed at the shock of welcome cold that stung his over-heated flesh. Maria sighed in relief at his apparent cooperation, knowing it was probably only temporary. She ran her bag of ice up over his calves and thighs hoping it would ease his discomfort to some small degree.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Where the hell is it?” Dr. Clark was in no mood for further delays. Liz had been in a dizzy fever, incoherent and rambling for the last two hours since he had ordered his technician to get the sample ready. The fever had gone on for a total of ten hours now. The technician cowered back in fear at the anger apparent in Dr. Clark’s enraged expression. He’d once seen Dr. Clark cold-bloodedly shoot a man in their old unit who had disagreed with him about his belief that they would one day be officially a part of the FBI again.

“Well?” Dr. Clark made a menacing move toward the tech, causing him to take a stumbling step back into the lab table and almost knock the precious sample over the edge. He turned just in time and with trembling hands caught the glass beaker before it could tip and fall to the floor.

“It’s almost ready sir,” the tech mumbled out, breathing heavy and trying hard not to stutter.

“Almost? What does it take to get one sample ready?” Dr. Carter was advancing on him and the tech couldn’t back up any further. He dragged in a huge breath and braved on.

“We had to defrost it slowly so as not to kill anything in…inside the sample that may be a necessity to…to s…stop the fe…fever sir,” he stuttered out quickly.

Dr. Clark raked a hand through his hair and turned his attention back to the window that clearly revealed a sweat soaked Liz lying limp on the table. She wasn’t even straining against her bonds anymore and he wondered idly if she was even conscious at this point. “When?” He snapped out impatiently, slanting a glare back at the tech who had turned back to the table and was carefully pouring the opaque fluid into a bulky plastic syringe.

He turned triumphantly back to the doctor and held out the syringe. “Now,” he answered, quickly handing it over to Dr. Clark.

“About damn time,” he muttered impatiently as his hand hit the door and he stomped out into the corridor that led to Liz’s room.

“I’m sorry,” a small voice startled the tech into whirling around so quickly he almost fell. He grabbed the side of the table again and sighed in relief when he found the owner of the voice.

“Nothing you could do anyway,” he tried to smile for the young physicist who had come in the side door. “That’s just the way he is.” He heard her sigh as she walked further into the room and stopped by his side.

“I know. I just wish I could…” she sighed again in defeat.

“It’s not your fault,” he said softly, resisting the urge to put a comforting arm over her shoulders as they turned to observe the activity in Liz’s room.

She sighed again and willed herself not to close her eyes against what she saw. It wasn’t her fault Dr. Clark was her father.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Liiiz!” A voice taunted her, sing-songing and detestable. She turned her head away from the sound, making a mewling noise of protest as a large rough hand landed on the inside of her thigh.

“Max is here,” Dr. Clark taunted softly. He laughed softly as he saw her try to open her eyes and fail. Her whole body went from deathly still to restless movement and he chuckled at the power he held. He used one hand to prod her sensitive opening and quickly shoved the plastic syringe deep inside her.

“Ma…? Ahhhh!” Liz screamed out in sudden pain. Why would Max be so rough with her? Her nostrils flared as she sucked in a deep breath. Something was wrong. So, so wrong. She couldn’t sense him, she couldn’t smell him. No way he was here. What kind of game were they playing? She felt a wet spurt inside her and almost instant relief of the heavy fever that had overtaken her. Only one thing could make her fever go away. She struggled to overcome her fatigue and open her eyes. A door slammed loudly and when she looked around in groggy confusion she was alone in the room. Had Max actually been here? She lay her head back and stared at the ceiling. One hundred and thirty seven tiles. One hundred and fifty eight is you added together the half tiles used along the edges. Her eyes remained dry. She’d cried and sweated out all the tears she had inside her. What had they done to her?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

“Liiiz! Nooo!”Max screamed out in anguish sitting up in a lightening fast move on the bed. Diane scooted away from him quickly so she wouldn’t get inadvertently knocked over with Max’s wild movement. Her startled eyes darted to the entry as Michael staggered into the doorway and leaned there pathetically as his eyes met Max’s. They both looked devastated and that scared her more than anything had so far.

Maria and Isabel ran up behind Michael and Maria scooted past him into the room, stopping midway between Max and Michael. Her eyes darted between them in trepidation as she tried to still her heart rate. “What?”

Michael moved further into the room and collapsed onto the bed beside Max, taking the broken man into his arms. Max leaned into Michael, his arms dangling at his sides and his shoulders shook with the force of his sobs. Diane stood quickly and embraced Maria beckoning Isabel to join them, still not sure she knew what was going on, but knowing they would need the support.

Michael raised his head from Max’s shaking shoulder and said simply, “The fever is gone.”

Isabel and Maria whimpered softly and finally let themselves cry.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

She stared through the glass at the small naked form shivering in fear on the table. She straightened her shoulders. She was going to ask.

“Shouldn’t we at least give her a blanket?”

“Your heart is too soft,” Dr. Clark scoffed. His daughter was a brilliant physicist, literally a child prodigy, but he despaired that she would ever be able to detach herself from her subject. That’s why he had taken her under his wing after she graduated top of her class at nineteen last month with a master’s degree in physics. He took in her cinnamon colored hair, neatly tucked into a bun and the pale skin that spoke of hours indoors studying to be the best, her white lab coat covered a slender frame that she had inherited from her mother. She was beautiful, but he’d rather she was successful at his life’s work. She’d shown such promise as a child and he’d pushed her hard all her life to be the best at everything she did, but if she couldn’t get over her propensity for saving the underdog…well, he’d have to find a new place for her.

He tried another tack, not liking to put the hurt look in her dark blue eyes. “We have to run some tests, a blanket would be in the way.”

She nodded her acceptance. “I’ve got to get to work,” she stated as she turned away from him, not wanting him to see the tears in her eyes. She knew she’d messed up again. Not met his expectations. It had taken a lot to work up the courage to ask him about the blanket, but she’d felt it was important. She’d keep her mouth shut next time. She sat down at her computer where everything made sense and she’d never disappoint anybody. She always found the solutions to life’s mysteries and this wouldn’t be any exception. She needed to figure out if there was anything special about Max Evans’ sperm. Her fingers flew over the keyboard as she rapidly typed in the data they’d already extracted from the remaining two samples. Her mind shied away from thinking about how those samples were obtained, and what they meant to the girl behind the glass.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz tried to will her mind away from what they were doing to her body. She was beginning to lose her will to hang on, but then she would remember Zan, safely nestled inside her, completely dependant on her for his survival. If there was any possibility of escape, any hope at all that Max was alive or that Michael would be able to find her and get her out…then she had to remain alive and bear whatever they had planned for her. She winced as she felt blunt fingers probing inside her body and tried not to remember that the only other person who had ever touched her there was Max. Max with his long, strong fingered hands and gentle touch. Not like this impersonal poking and prodding. Cells were scraped from inside her body and she gasped at the pain.

Dr. Clark dropped the sample into a jar and sealed the lid. He hands moved over the instruments on the table. They’d already taken blood, saliva, sweat, skin cells, urine, feces, and cervical cells. He picked up a wand-like object and one of the two techs wheeled over a monitor. Time to take a look at the baby. He lubricated the wand and inserted it into Liz’s vagina, ignoring her gasp of surprise and the protesting jolt of her hips. He casually pinned her hip to the table and felt her go still under his touch instantly. He smiled grimly. He knew his touch repelled her. That was part of the power that made this so exciting. He let his hand linger there and allowed the tech to turn on the monitor.

Liz heard a rhythmic thumping sound and realized with a start that it was Zan’s heartbeat. She closed her eyes and tears slipped silently down her face dampening her hair. The monitor was turned away from her. They didn’t care if she could see the baby or not, but she could hear him. It was so real. Her urge to protect him was visceral. The neural inhibitors prevented a connection between her and the baby and the loss had been deafening. This sound, this steady thump, thump, thump was all it took to renew her faith that she would get out of here no matter what it took.

“This can’t be,” Dr. Clark exclaimed in wonder. “Do you see that?” He turned to Dr. Neri. The other doctor was already shaking his head.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he concurred.

“The development is beyond anything I’ve ever seen for a baby of this size!” He turned to Liz. “How far along are you?” Liz turned her head further to the side and remained resolutely silent, her lips pressed shut in defiance.

Dr. Clark’s face suffused in color to an angry red. How dare this little chit think she still had any power. He brutally prodded her inside with the vaginal ultrasound instrument and she gasped a pained breath, her eyes flying to his. “How far along Liz?” His tone was menacing and promised a lot more discomfort is she didn’t answer right away and his grip on her hip tightened until she knew she would have a bruise.

“Three and a half months,” she gritted out between clenched teeth. Dr. Clark turned back to Dr. Neri, already forgetting how he had extracted the information from Liz.

“I want to do an amniocentesis next,” he declared. He pulled out the instrument and lay it carelessly on a table, not noticing the traces of blood it now contained.

Liz flushed hotly, scared for the safety of her child. She struggled wildly against her restraints until Dr. Carter got impatient and motioned for one of the techs to inject her with the neural inhibitor that would destroy her resistance. The needle pricked into the sensitive skin of her arm and her eyes rolled back. Her body started to tremble and her skin flushed all over. No! Nonononono!! The fever was back.

“What the…!” Dr. Carter turned back from the monitor that was tracking Liz’s vital signs and stared at Dr. Neri. “The fever’s back again.” He abruptly stood and left the room. He grabbed a chart in the observation room and noted the time. It had been only six hours since they had injected her with sperm. “Get another sample ready,” he snapped out at the second tech. The guy nodded and got to work.

“It’ll be ready in two hours,” he stated confidently, already retrieving the next frozen sample.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Max and Michael remained wrapped together on Max’s bed for hours as the shock of their loss, and their people’s loss, washed over them. Isabel had joined them and the three embraced as if they would never let go. An occasional shudder and soft sob would escape and none of their observers could tell who it came from.

Maria, Kyle, Alex, Phillip, and Diane all sat around the room wishing they could do something, anything, to alleviate the pain that was pulsing over the three on the bed. Diane twisted her fingers together and sent countless silent prayers to the heavens that her son would be strong enough to survive the death of his love. Maria eventually fell asleep sprawled across Kyle and Alex and they leaned back against the wall shoulders touching, just needing the contact of friends and the reassurance that they weren’t alone in this.

The sun had gone down a long time ago and the only light in the room was what washed through from the open doorway. It was past midnight, but no one wanted to move. No one knew what to do once they all started to move on. So they all remained. Locked together in shared misery.

Max gasped in a loud breath and abruptly sat up.

“Max? Wha…” Michael reached out to pull Max back to him again. His fingers met flesh heated with fever. His eyes widened in shock. “Oh my God!” His exclamation had everyone clambering to their feet and surrounding the bed.

“Max has a fever!” His smile was tremulous. It was impossible, but true!

Max looked around the room, his eyes sunken and his posture slumped over, but as he felt the familiar fever and desire wash over him a smile of pure joy spread across his face.

“Liz is still alive!”


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Also, they’ve felt really helpless because they’ve searched all of Roswell and know that they need some direction in order to find her. With the fevers hitting and lasting so long they’ve not been thinking clearly. Lack of sleep, emotional distress, exhaustion, extreme youth and inexperience etc. etc.

Some of you are reading my mind! Amazing, incredible feedback on that last part! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Hope this chapter answers some of your questions!

EYA Part 76

2:20am Evans house

The fever was gone abruptly leaving the boys wrung out and exhausted. Neither had slept since the night before Liz’s abduction over twenty-eight hours before. When the heat released its sweaty grip on Michael he collapsed on the sofa in an exhausted heap. He began to shiver uncontrollably, the room feeling unbearably cold after his temperature had returned to normal. Maria rushed to cover him in a blanket and he groggily pulled her down to his side as his eyes fell closed against his will. Maria burrowed in and closed her eyes with a sigh. There was nothing they could do for Liz if they were too exhausted to see straight.

Alex, Kyle, Isabel, and Phillip had all gone downstairs to try to hack into the flight logs of the two small airports in Roswell. The airlines would not release flight information on military or privately owned aircraft and Alex was having difficulty trying to access the information they needed.

Max was attended by his mother and she cradled his head on her lap as he cried again when the fever left. As uncomfortable as it was it was still a reassurance of his connection to Liz. Diane stroked her hands through his tangled hair and softly hummed under her breath until her boy dozed into a fitful sleep.

Two hours later he woke up screaming.

“NO!!” He bolted upright in the bed arms flailing out as if to ward off an attacker. Diane quickly raised both her arms in front of her face in a protective gesture as Max swung around to the side.

“Max! Max it’s me! Max it’s your mother!” Diane cried out at the empty, haunted look that remained in Max’s eyes.

His breathing was released in harsh pants that gradually slowed as he realized anew where he was and what he was missing.

“Liz,” he sighed out, slumping back down onto the bed. His mom gathered him back into her arms. She leaned her head down to rest her cheek on the top of his bowed head.

“What’s going on Mom?” His voice came out plaintive and drained.

Diane knew instinctively that he was asking about the fevers coming and going.

“I don’t know baby. I thought only you and Michael had what it takes to make the fever go away. Maybe the FBI…” Diane stopped speaking when Max abruptly stiffened in her arms. He sat up and scooted away from her until he was sitting on the edge of the bed. His mouth hung open slackly and his mind raced as he realized what was happening.

“They have it. They’ve had it for over a year,” he whispered into the silence. He scrubbed his hands over his tortured face trying to erase the memory. He stood up and pulled a T-shirt on over his naked chest. He was already wearing shorts and he crossed the room quickly to open his dresser and pull out white tube socks. He sat back down on the bed to tug them on.

Diane watched her son move around his room with jerky motions. She held out her hand to get his attention and he was barely able to meet her gaze before glancing away again. He grabbed his sneakers and pulled them on swiftly. “What are you talking about Max?” Her tone was pleading with him to let her in.

“You don’t need to know this stuff Mom,” Max answered quickly, not looking up from the floor. He stood and moved toward the door one hand already touching the knob when her next words stopped him cold.

“I know that the FBI took you last year in May.”

Max’s hand dropped to his side and he turned to stare at his mother in shocked confusion. “You know? How can you know that?” His voice was so low he was surprised she could hear him.

She rose and moved to his side reaching out to touch his arm. She tried to suppress the pang of hurt that flashed through her when he moved away from her touch and hugged his arms around his body protectively. “How long?” He demanded, louder now, his body hunched into itself.

“Max I…”

“HOW LONG?” He demanded in a near shout.

Diane could tell he was about to break and knew she needed to let him know when she had found out his secrets.

Her voice trembled as she confessed. “When you and Liz first got married, before you told us. I was up early one day and you’d been out running. I saw you heal her. I saw her comfort you. I saw what you showed her that day when the FBI captured you and…and did,” she paused realizing what she had actually seen and putting it together for the first time with the fact that Liz’s fevers were being treated by the FBI, “Oh Max! I saw what they did,” she gasped out, her hands covering her mouth and her eyes flowing with tears.

Max recoiled, remembering exactly the graphic detail of what he had thought to only ever share with Liz. He hated that his mother was hurt and crying, and if he didn’t feel so dirty he would try to comfort her right now.

“Oh Max!” Diane came toward him with her arms open in invitation, to offer and receive the comfort they both needed.

Max backed away from her quickly bumping into the side of the dresser and stumbling back into the wall. He shook his head in denial. “No Mom. Don’t…you can’t…I just need to get out of here for awhile.” His eyes darted behind her to the door and he started to edge his way out.

“Max? Max look at me,” his mother’s voice was insistent. Not to be denied. Long years of conditioning had him meeting her eyes before he had a chance to process that he really didn’t want to. He saw the love, acceptance, and hurt that she felt for him. It was too much and he couldn’t hold her gaze any longer. His eyes dropped back to the floor.

Another thought occurred to her abruptly. “Max?” Her voice was low. Her new tone caught his attention. “Max, they’ve stopped the fever twice now,” she paused for a moment so he could realize where she was going with the thought. “How many more…” Her eyes widened as Max brushed by her quickly, clearly needing to leave now.

He grabbed the door open and was halfway through before pausing with his eyes trained on the floor. His mother deserved an answer. “One more. There were three…” he choked. He took a deep breath. “I need to go running.”

He strode quickly across the room, not even seeing Michael and Maria sleeping entwined on his sofa. He closed the front door softly behind him and took the stairs two and three at a time in his rush to release his frustration.

Diane sat slowly onto the bed, needing the support as the tears flowed down her pale face.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Thump, thump, thump

His footsteps beat the pavement in time with the heartbeat that had haunted his dream. Zan’s heartbeat. Max’s heart. The tears streamed openly down his face as he took the familiar turns through his neighborhood. The nightmare of Liz’s torture had invaded his dreams and the whole time all he could hear was Zan’s heartbeat, beating steadily. An assurance of life and well-being. A taunting reminder that he couldn’t be there for either of them.

One more sample.

He knew that was all that was left. And the first one hadn’t lasted nearly long enough. His feet hit the pavement faster and faster, his fists closed tightly and his face set in an intense grimace of helplessness and fear.

Sweat trickled down his face and dripped down. Healthy sweat. Sweat he had created himself on his own power.

Thump, thump, thump

A reassurance and a taunt.

His feet moved swiftly as he maneuvered his early morning route. Complete autopilot as his mind raced for anything, any clue to where Liz was, where she could be hidden.

Flaring heat at his neck made his step falter as the rhythm broke for a moment. His hand grabbed at the necklace that encircled his throat. The stone was searing hot and he gasped in pain. And then he was mad. Furious that yet another alien part of himself should dare to inflict one more ounce of pain on him. He stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk, no more than a block away from his home now and gripped the cord of the necklace in both hands pulling in a desperate attempt to rid himself of this alien thing.

His neck burned from the heat of the stone and the pull of the cord on his skin, but it would not come off. Max sank to his knees, exhausted and frustrated beyond bearing. His hand rested over the stone, allowing it to sear him as he cried out his frustration.

“Where the hell is she?” His voice broke as he voiced the only question on his mind. The one thing he desperately needed answered.


Liz’s limp form bobbed inertly as a large man pulled her over his shoulder in her father’s office. They exited the office quickly and rushed through the house to Liz’s empty bedroom. The window already hung open, prepared for their quick exodus. Both men swung themselves out the window and ran across the balcony to the fire escape. A van waited in the alley and they slung Liz’s unconscious form carelessly into the back, one man climbing in behind her.


“Get her into the ‘copter. We gotta get her out of here right now.”

The other guy was already fitting the earphones over his head and turning controls that had the blades whirling and the engine roaring.

“Arizona, here we come!”

The co-pilot had finished securing Liz in the back, curled up on her side. He moved to his seat and unfolded a map. There was a small circle near the eastern border of Nevada.

End flash

Max’s vision speared in on the circled area on the map. His heart-rate accelerated as he realized he now knew where she was.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Thank you God!” Max was panting from excitement and exhilaration. They were going to find Liz! A huge grin stretched across his face, feeling foreign and strange.

He stumbled to his feet, not heeding the scrapes on his knees where he had hit the pavement hard in his earlier desperation. He moved as swiftly as he could to close the distance to his home. He needed to wake everyone up, let them all know…

Max fell face first to the ground as his mind registered that he’d taken a sharp blow to the head. His initial surprise morphed rapidly into scared frustration that he wouldn’t be able to maintain consciousness. A quick prick on his arm as the needle slid home and Max’s last thought was that he hadn’t told anyone where Liz was. The world went black.

“Got him.”


Note: Eh, at least they’ll be together…::ducks to avoid the rotten eggs and laptops being thrown at her::

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EYA Part 77

Michael heard a muted noise and roused reluctantly from his deep sleep. He raised his head and looked around only lying back next to Maria when nothing looked out of order. He’d almost dozed off again when the muffled sound of someone crying reached his ears. Carefully he separated himself from Maria’s slumbering form and got up off the sofa. Quietly he made his way to Max’s room as the sobbing grew louder. He swung the door open slowly, almost fearing what he would find. They were all on edge and this was just another outpouring of the emotional roller coaster they were all reluctant passengers on.

He didn’t know what he expected to find, but he knew it wasn’t Diane Evans crumpled on the ground sobbing her heart out alone in Max’s room.

“Um, uh…Mrs. Evans?” He stepped carefully closer as Diane froze in place still looking at the ground. Caught crying like a child when she had remained strong for so long. Michael reached out a hand. “Diane? Are you alright?”

Diane’s tear-streaked gaze met Michael’s concerned eyes and she took a deep breath. Her smile was obviously an effort and just as obviously fake. She took Michael’s hand and rose shakily to her feet. Michael helped her to sit on the edge of Max’s rumpled bed and he moved to sit beside her.

“Do you uh, want to talk about it?” He winced at Diane’s surprised expression. He probably wasn’t known for his compassion. “I could get Max for you or…” He cut off his offer abruptly at the newly hurt look on Diane’s face at the mention on Max. The first stirrings of concern washed through him causing him to swallow quickly and move restlessly on the bed. He looked around the room hoping he had just missed seeing Max earlier.

“Where’s Max? Is he in the bathroom?” Please be in the bathroom! he thought anxiously.

Diane was already shaking her head in the negative. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand and scanned the room quickly for tissues. She crossed the room quickly and grabbed several tissues dabbing at her eyes and nose as she turned back to Michael. “No. He was, uh, really upset and so he went out for a run.”

“What?” Michael stood up and was already moving for the door. “Did anyone go with him?” Diane shook her head, confused by Michael’s reaction.

“Michael what…?”

Michael’s hand was on the doorknob already, but he turned to face Diane before exiting. “None of us should be alone right now, but especially Max. The people that took Liz know that Max is an alien. He’s definitely a target. He should have known better.” He stopped his diatribe when he saw how pale Diane was getting. He shook his head. “He’s probably fine. How long ago did he leave?” He was hoping he could still catch him.

“A…about ten minutes ago, I guess,” Diane rasped out. New tears were spilling down her face already.

“Don’t worry,” Michael wanted to reassure her. “I’ll find him.” He left the apartment quickly, trying to imagine the route Max would most likely take on a run.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Alex stood up and stretched his back into an arc. Satisfied with the loud cracking noises that signified the kinks leaving his abused back he turned to look around the room. Kyle was passed out on the couch snoring softly, and Isabel was nowhere to be seen. He pulled the blanket from the back of the couch over Kyle to keep him warm and walked slowly down the hall wanting to check on Isabel. She’s appeared exhausted earlier and had disappeared two times during the day before only to come back looking even more wiped out. He peeked his head into her room hoping to find her slumbering as well.

Isabel was lying on her bed drenched in sweat and making inarticulate noises of frustration. Alex moved swiftly to her side and shook her lightly, already knowing what she was doing. “Isabel! Isabel!!” He shook her harder as she stubbornly kept her eyes closed and her concentration sharp. He took both her shoulders into his hands and pulled her into a sitting position.

She reluctantly opened her eyes and glared