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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.


Part Eleven

Sunday 30th May
Day Eight:

"Hey Alex...C'mere for a sec." Michael whispered loudly to Alex who was sitting on the couch opposite Michael. Michael motioned with his finger for Alex to hurry up. Alex got up and jogged across the room to where Michael was sitting. He sat down next to Michael and turned towards him.

"Yeah?" Alex asked.

“Last night, well - uh, have you SEEN Kyle?" Michael asked softly. He turned his head around to see if anyone was behind him. He didn't want people to hear was he was about to say. Especially Kyle.

"Yeah, he's out back with Max and the girls." Alex said pointing behind him with his thumb.

"No, have you SEEN him? I mean... naked?" Michael asked whispering the last word while leaning in close.

Alex leaned back as Michael leaned in. "No. Why? Have you?" Alex asked confused. Why would he care what Kyle looked like naked?

"Oh man! You don't know what's hit you until you see the THING on him." Michael said shaking his head while rubbing his eyebrow.

"Why? Is he really that big?" Alex asked very intrigued.

"Big, is not the word I would use. Enormous, is the word I would use." Michael said looking at Alex seriously.

"You serious?" Alex asked really intrigued now.

Michael just simply nodded his head. They sat there in silence for a few minutes until their silence was broken by Max who had come in to see if they wanted to play a game of basketball outside. "Hey guys." Max said coming in and sitting on the four-seater couch facing Michael and Alex.

"Oh hey." Alex said quickly glancing at Max. He turned his head quickly and stared at the wall in thought.

Max just watched them both curiously. They seemed to be in great thought staring at the wall. Max turned to look at the wall and then back to the guys. What were they thinking about?

Michael was watching Max out of the corner of his eye. When he saw the look of utter confusion cross his face he decided he should let him in on what they were thinking about.

"Kyle's cock." Michael said flatly.

"What?" Was all Max could get out. They were thinking about Kyle's cock? "Why?"

"It's huge. Michael's seen it... have you?" Alex asked turning to look at Max.

"Nope. So it's huge huh?" Max said sitting back on the couch and staring out at nothing while thinking hard about Kyle's cock. 'I wander if it is big? I wander what we could do with it. Woah! Where did that thought come from? Well, I guess it is understandable, I mean he already looks hot with clothes on and I think about taking his clothes off so why not think more about what's under the clothes? Yeah, that's all I'm doing...thinking about what's underneath. Harmless thoughts.' Max, Michael and Alex were so deep in thought that they didn't even notice that the man of their thoughts had even entered the room.

"What are you guys thinking about?" Kyle asked looing at each of them.

Without even realising what they were saying, in unison they said, "Your cock." As soon as the two words had left their mouths reality hit and they turned to look at Kyle.

Kyle was shocked at first. He didn't realise they would be so blunt. But hey, Kyle looked on the bright side and looked at the guys with a smile on his face. "Oh, you guys. I love you." Kyle said in a girlie voice while making a girlie gesture with his hands. "Come on guys, let's go pick on the girl's or something?" Kyle said in his normal voice and then walked out of the room thinking the guys were going to follow.

Max, Michael and Alex just sat there thinking about what just happened. They looked at eachother, shook their heads and got up and followed Kyle out the back.

Later on during the day around lunchtime, the group of eight decided to have a barbecue. They all sat outside on the grass instead of at the table that was under the roof. After they had eaten they just sat on the grass talking. Maria was sitting up with her legs out. Liz was laying on her back with her head on Maria's thighs. Maria was softly stroking her neck. Isabel and Tess were lying on their stomachs with their sides touching. They were secretly rubbing their legs against eachother and every time one of them did they would share a secret smile. Max and Alex were lying on their backs. Max had his head near Liz's side where she could reach to run her fingers through her hair if she wanted. Alex was lying in between Maria and Isabel. He had his head turned towards Isabel claiming that the sun was in his eyes when he looked towards Maria. Kyle and Michael were sitting up with their backs to eachother leaning against one another. They were sitting in front of the other completing a shape that was supposed to resemble a circle.

"So is anyone going to bring up what we should really be talking about?" Maria asked running her thumb over Liz's neck.

"Yeah I really think we should talk about it. I mean, we also have to choose who we're going to have to spend the next fortnight with." Liz said looking up into Maria's face and smiling shyly.

"Well we can see which girl goes with which." Kyle said jokingly.

"KYLE!" Max said with an annoyed look.

"Sorry." Kyle mumbled.

"Anyway, we need to discuss the situation." Max said trying to get back on track.

"What's there really to discuss?" Michael asked leaning a little more on Kyle.

"Well obviously it's probably going to be Liz and Maria, Iz and Tess, maybe Alex and I and you and Kyle. Also we need to maybe think up a word or something that we can say if a part of the house is occupied by a couple. Say something like Tabasco or something...What do you guys think? Max asked sitting up and looking around at everyone.

Everyone nodded his or her agreement.

"So is Tabasco the word?" Isabel asked. Everyone nodded or shrugged. "Well, then it's settled, Tabasco is the code word for, 'DO NOT GO IN THERE!'" Isabel said.

"Oh hey Max. The next time you get called in for a meeting you think you cold bring up washing clothes? I really need to wash my thongs." Maria said seriously.

"MARIA! Too much information! PLEASE! I AM your brother you know." Kyle said shaking his head. Michael smirked. 'So she wears thongs. Might have to check it out one of these days.' He thought.

"Don't worry, I've been thinking about it too. I think we might have to wash it by hand or something." Max said scratching the side of his head.

"I bet that we don't have to do it." Kyle said.

"I bet that we do!" Maria said challenging her brother.

"Ok. You're on... If I win then you girls have to lose your tops and bras for a day." Kyle said smiling.

"Fine. And if I win, then you guys have to walk around naked all day." Maria said nodding her head.

Kyle sat and thought about it for a second. He was sure that they weren't going to have to was their clothes, or maybe it was that he wished and hoped that they didn't have to wash their own clothes. He looked over at Maria's smug face and new straight away that he was going to take the deal.

Kyle got up and crawled over to Maria and Liz. He stuck out his hand. "Deal."

Maria looked at Kyle's hand then up at his face and knew that he meant it. She reached her hand out and shook it. "Deal."

"Hello! Did either of you forget that we should have a say in this?" Tess said sitting up.

"Yeah! It's not fair! It's our breasts we might have to show off." Isabel said sitting up and sitting awfully close to Tess.

"No! No one gets a say! EVER!" Maria said looking at the faces around her.

"Ok well now that that is settled and we've discussed stuff, well then let's do something. As a group." Liz suggested sitting up now.

"What can we play?" Michael asked.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" Kyle yelled.

"NO!" Everyone yelled back.

"Something else. Aren't there some games in the shed where the toilet is?" Maria asked getting up and brushing off her clothes from all the loose grass.

"Yeah. I'll come and check it out with you." Tess said getting up leaving the others to wait. Isabel and Liz watched as the other two walked away in deep conversation.

Maria and Tess had started to walk away from the group when Tess spoke up first. "So you and Liz are looking pretty close."

"So are you and Isabel." Maria countered back. She didn't sound defensive but thought that she should set Tess straight.

"I know. And I like it. I've never... you know... with another girl before and I'm kinda scared but when I'm with Iz, it's different. You know what I mean?" Tess asked fiddling with her nails.

Maria stopped in her tracks and as soon as Tess realised, she stopped too. "That's really sweet of you to say. Have you told Isabel how you feel?" Maria asked after she recovered from the initial shock.

"Nope. Probably won't. It's all right I don't mind. Hey maybe after Iz and I are together you and I can be together?" Tess asked.

"Yeah ok. I would like that. So tell me, have you kissed yet?" Maria asked smiling. She wanted the full scoop.

"Nope not yet. Maybe tonight or something?" Tess said smiling from ear to ear.

They soon reached the shed and opened the door. They walked past the sink and over to the wall with the games. The looked up and down and soon came to stop together on twister. "Come on." Maria said smiling.

They walked back hiding the game behind their backs. When the others noticed they were coming they were all silent waiting for them to show them what they had brought.

"Well...?” Kyle asked getting impatient.

"Twister." Tess and Maria said at the same time pulling out the box from behind their backs.

"Cool." Liz said. She had done gymnastics when she was younger and was still flexible and new that she was in with a winning chance. She loved to play games like this when it had to do with stretching and almost contortionism.

Twenty minutes later, Liz had to put her right hand on yellow and she knew if she did this, not only was she going to fall over but she was going to be facing Tess's massive breasts. Liz decided that she could do this. She could stay up and not look at Tess. Liz moved her hand and wobbled for a second and then regained her balance. Alex then had his move and was now facing Kyle's crotch. He looked at Michael who winked at him. Alex looked back at Kyle’s crotch and stared hard. 'It's doesn't look so big in his pants. Maybe it does without the pants. Can't wait to find out.' Alex thought to himself. Suddenly, something in Kyle's pants twitched as if it knew that someone was staring there and Alex lost his balance. He toppled over bringing down everyone around him. For another five minutes they were a bundle of arms and legs.

Night soon fell upon them and the eight teens packed up their things and moved inside. They subconsciously gravitated towards the living room where they all sat down and started to relax again like earlier.

"I am so tired. I can't wait to eat dinner and just hit the sack." Liz said softly as she leaned her head on the back of the couch, closing her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm beat! Who ever said that playing twister was so hard?" Maria said trying to rub it in for Alex, who she noticed, turned as red as a tomato.

"Anyway, whose turn is it to do dinner?" Alex asked trying to take the focus off him.

"The girls I think." Michael said smirking. He didn't want to have to have another argument with the guys as to decide on what they were going to have for dinner. He also knew that if the girls would cook something it would probably be decent dinner food and no sandwiches.

"Great! Just what I need. To feed the lot of you! Fabulous!" Isabel groaned. She felt the same way Liz looked. Deadbeat.

"Ok, well how about like a trade off thing. If we cook tonight," Kyle started too hear groans coming from the other three males, "then you have to sleep naked tonight." Kyle finished. No sooner had he finished did he noticed that the guys had stopped moaning and now sitting in front of him were four gaping girls, their mouths hanging open with surprise.

"Jeez, is everything with you about sex and nudity?" Tess asked disgustedly.

"Yeah, pretty much." Kyle answered coyly.

"Cool." Tess said in a cheerful tone. She could live with that. Kyle, nudity and sex. Yep, definately could live with that.

"So, what you're saying is that, if you guys cook tonight, we have to sleep in nothing tonight?" Maria asked already trying to see how she could get her plan to work for the girls.

"Yeah. Simple as that." Kyle answered.

"Ok. Then if you cook, we'll sleep naked, but, if we don't like the food and if you don't wash the dishes and give us, say a half-an-hour foot rub then, YOU four will have to sleep naked too got it?" Maria said smiling. The other three girls started smiling as they realised that they would be pampered tonight.

"Wait. Wait. Wait... So, we cook, you no like our food, we give foot rub AND sleep naked and you sleep naked?" Kyle translated into terms that he could understand.

"Yes, my smart big brother. A gold star for you!" Maria said in a kindergarten teacher's voice while getting up and ruffling Kyle's hair.

The others chuckled.

"Deal." Kyle said holding out his hand.

"Deal." Maria said shaking his hand.

"Cool. So either way you girls are sleeping naked tonight?" Michael asked still trying to grasp the concept of the deal.

"Yeah." Max replied softly.

"Good, good. Just wanted too make sure that I understood that." Michael said getting up off the couch and heading off to the kitchen to start on that gourmet dinner.

Max soon followed and then Kyle and Alex got up and ran after them. Maria started giggling.

"Maria. I DO NOT see what is so funny!" Tess barked out.

"Well, I have a feeling that our brothers have been holding out on us with their cooking talents. In fact, if I am right, which I am, I think that they are ready to make us a fabulous meal, which you my friends, and I will make disgusting." Maria stated simply sitting down smiling.

"How Maria?" Liz asked bored.

"Easy, we have to distract them somehow and while their being distracted, we put something into the food, like heaps of salt or something...easy." Maria decided.

"Ok, so how do we distract them?" Isabel asked resting her head on her hand.

"Well that's where you two and I come in." Maria said motioning to Isabel, Tess and herself.

"What will I be doing?" Liz asked.

"You my friend, will be ruining dinner." Maria stated simply.

"What will us three be doing to distract the guys?" Tess asked.

Maria went on to explain what they were going to do. They just had to wait for the perfect moment to distract the guys. Soon enough they saw Max leaving the kitchen and heading up stairs. This was their chance.

The girls got up and headed for the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the kitchen the guys were busy at work making lasagne. Michael was making the meat sauce while Alex, Kyle and Max were making salad and getting ingredients that Michael needed. Who would have guessed that Michael was a cooking freak?

"Hey guys. I gotta pee." Max said wiping his hands on a cloth and walking out of the kitchen and heading up the stairs.

"I still can't believe that we are going to be sleeping in the same room as naked girls tonight." Alex said shaking his head while washing the lettuce.

"Yeah, I don't know how you pulled that one off." Michael commented while stirring the sauce.

Isabel and Tess walked in first and headed over to the fridge. Kyle was the first to notice but didn't say anything. He just turned around and watched the two girls silently communicating by the fridge door.

Tess and Isabel had walked in knowing the plan backwards. They went to the fridge opened it up and started to whisper softly to eachother. Soon their heads were leaning in together ever so slowly. Kyle noticed and thought that Alex should watch this so he nudged him. Alex looked at Kyle confused then turned to look to where Kyle's sight was fixed. There stood his blonde goddess about to kiss his sister in front of him. He watched Isabel very carefully, every move she made. Her right hand came up and brushed Tess's blonde curls behind her ear. Alex nudged Michael when he saw out of the corner of his eye Maria approaching. She came up behind Tess and reached a hand up and started to move her hair to the side revealing the soft white skin on her neck.

Liz stood in the shadows watching the three transfixed guys watching the three girls getting it on. She was looking for the right time to ruin the food. Suddenly Michael stepped slightly forward and then turned to the side facing his back to Liz while watching Maria intently.

Liz walked slowly and quietly behind Michael and over to the sauce in the pot on the stove. She pulled out a bottle of Tobasco Sauce that she had in her short pocket and uncapped the bottle. She poured in as much as she thought would ruin it just that little bit. As she turned around she saw him.

Max had gone upstairs to go to the toilet. After washing his hands he walked downstairs and was about to say something when he saw Michael, Kyle and Alex just standing staring at the wall as Liz stood behind them pouring something into the sauce. He couldn't see what it was but right now he didn't care. She looked so cute acting all sneaky. He was about to walk up to her when he caught a flash of bright pink from the corner of his eye. He turned his head to the left and took in the scene before him. There was his sister kissing Tess's forehead, cheeks, anywhere she could get while Maria was behind Tess nibbling on her neck. Then it hit him. They had used that as a decoy for Liz so that she could ruin dinner so that everyone was going to be sleeping naked tonight. He smiled at the thought. He turned towards Liz and that's when she caught sight of him.

Tess was so caught up in the feeling of being sandwiched between Isabel and Maria that she didn't even notice Max come in. She could feel Isabel kissing every inch of her face but not her lips. They had promised that their first kiss wasn't going to be in front of everyone else. She could soon feel Maria's lips on the side of her neck sucking slightly while running her hands up and down Tess front. Maria's hands reached Tess's breasts and just as she was going to touch them both Isabel and Maria stepped away. Tess looked dazed. What had just happened? She looked around the kitchen and looked at all the faces. Michael, Alex and Kyle were hanging on for more, Liz and Max were just staring at eachother and Maria had just said something and grabbed her hand and walked out of the kitchen. Isabel soon followed.

"Uh guys? Liz and I'll be back in a few." Max said grabbing Liz's hand and dragging her up the stairs. She was shocked to say the least. She turned around quickly and saw the three girls staring at her with confusion written all over their faces. She held up the half empty bottle of Tobasco Sauce and threw it down to them. Maria reached out, caught it then looked down to notice that there was some missing. She looked up and smiled.

Max dragged Liz up stairs and in through the door opposite the top of the staircase. They walked through the door and Max walked Liz over to his bed. They sat down on it and were silent for a few minutes waiting for the other to break the silence. Liz looked around nervously.

"So..." Liz started softly.

"So... trying to sabotage tonight's dinner?" Max asked bluntly.

"No." Liz answered a little to fast.

"Really. So I guess that means that you don't want a foot rub or to not have to do the dishes and the best of all, seeing us guys naked huh?" Max joked.

"It wasn't my idea." Liz said trying to defend herself.

"So let me guess. Maria's?" Max guessed.

"Yep. But you aren't going to tell the guys are you?" Liz asked looking up at him with her doe eyes pleading with him.

Max looked down into her pleading eyes and knew straight away that he couldn't deny her anything. He nodded and grabbed her hand. "Promise." He whispered.

She looked down at their hands and for a second she couldn't see which were his fingers and which were hers. She blushed.

"So you're going to tell me that you don't want to see this body naked?" Max said leaning back trying to catch Liz's gaze.

"Well, no I wouldn't mind but -" Liz started but was soon cut off.

"I knew it! You want this body and you know it!" Max joked.

'If you only knew.' Liz thought. She looked up at him and smiled shyly.

"Ok, I promise I won't tell the others, but you have to promise me something." Max said looking down at her.

"What?" Liz asked confused.

"Well, if you have anymore nightmares, you have to promise that you will come to me at night. Especially with the next two weeks coming up, Michael won’t really be around much. He'll probably be sleeping in Kyle's bed." Max said smiling softly.

"I promise I'll think about it." Liz said softly.

"Can I ask you something personal?" Max asked with a gentle voice.

"Yeah, anything." Liz said softly. She looked up and brushed her hair away from her face.

"How often do you get nightmares?" Max asked as gently as he could.

"Um... often. My mum and dad don't really know that I get them a lot. Michael knows that I get them occasionally but he doesn't know that I can get them three or four nights in a row." Liz said.

"Oh. Well now that I know, you can come to me whenever you like... got it?" Max said slightly nudging her.

"Got it." Liz said with a smile.

"Come on. Let's go downstairs. They'll be waiting for us." Max said getting up and holding a hand out to Liz. She took it and stood up. The slowly made their way out of the bedroom and started down the stairs.

"How come you want to know so much about my nightmare's?" Liz asked suddenly.

"Um, well because I noticed that you always seem so closed off, so I thought maybe you needed someone else besides Michael to talk to and I'm always here. I promise that whatever you tell me I won’t breathe a word to anyone else." Max said stopping on the stairs to look into Liz's eyes. He leaned in to Liz and softly kissed her forehead. He then ran his hand down her hair and smiled shyly. He didn't know when he got so forward with girls. Especially one that he liked.

They reached the kitchen and saw that the guys were back to cooking and it looked like they hadn’t even realised what had happened. Or almost happened. Max smiled at Liz and let go of her hand. He walked into the kitchen and just went back to the salad.

Liz walked into the living room looking for the girls. As she walked in the three of them were sitting there giggling. When Maria spotted her she jumped up and hugged her.

"Did you get busted?" Maria asked through her giggles.

"Not really. He promised he wouldn't say anything." Liz answered cautiously. Maria started to drag Liz over to the sofa so she could tell them all about what happened upstairs.

An hour later they were all sitting at the dinner table. The salad was served first and the boys did a great job on that. Soon came the time that the girls had been waiting for. Michael brought out the lasagne and placed it in the middle of the table. The girls and Max all filled up their drinks to the fullest. This went unnoticed by the others.

Everyone took a bite of the lasagne. Every face went bright red, tears were forming in every eye and people's noses were starting to run. Everyone reached for his or her drink at the same time.

"Jeez Michael, made it hot enough?" Alex asked.

"This is not what it should taste like." Michael said disappointed.

Liz looked at her brother's face and immediately felt guilty. She knew how much Michael loved to cook and he was good at it. Michael’s lasagne was always the best. Liz put her head down ashamed.

Maria noticed Michael's crestfallen face. She also felt bad. 'I'll make it up to him.' Maria thought to herself. 'And I'll make it good.' She added.

"So I guess that means us guys are washing the dishes, giving foot rubs and sleeping naked huh?" Kyle asked.

All the guys stopped what they were doing and looked at the girls. They silently communicated. "Definitely." The said in unison.

Max just chuckled and kept eating.

After dessert, which was vanilla ice-cream and strawberries, the girls got up and headed into the living room waiting for the guys to finish washing so they could give them a foot rub. About 20 minutes and a foot rub later everyone was upstairs getting undressed for bed.

Liz watched the girls start to undress and then saw the guys starting to as well. Isabel and Tess didn't seem to mind and Maria didn't look like she did either. Liz felt a little left out being the only small-chested female, the shortest and the ugliest. Or so she thought.

On the other side of the room Max was taking off his top and thinking about what Liz would look like naked. He imagined her small perky breasts, her flat stomach, the apex of dark brown curls at the juncture of her legs, her slim thighs. Everything about Liz made Max love her even more.

He looked around him and saw that Alex was up to his boxers and was looking around nervously.

"Someone's nervous." Michael whispered to Max. Max turned and looked at Michael and then watched as Michael walked up to Alex and started saying something to him. Soon Michael's hands were on the edge of Alex's boxers and he was pulling them down. Max looked at Alex and saw his face was flushed. Max moved his gaze down Alex's body until he reached Alex's cock. It was semi-hard and Max felt sorry for the guy. Though Max did notice that he was huge. 'For a skinny guy he's big.' Max thought. His head subconsciously moved to the side.

Michael had seen Max watching Alex. He looked over and saw Alex was really nervous about discarding his last piece of clothing. He walked up to Max, said something then headed for Alex.

"Alex. It's ok. Chill." Michael tried to soothe.

"I'm chilled. Really I am, never been cooler in my life. Oh! Who am I kidding I'm fucking hot!" Alex said through gritted teeth.

"Alex. That made no sens at all." Michael said smirking.

"I don't care. Ok!" Alex practically yelled.

"Alex. It's ok. You don't have to be afraid. Look, I'm sure you look fine. Why don't I try and help you with your boxers ok?" Michael asked soothingly while placing his hands on the edge of Alex's boxers.

Alex hesitated and then nodded. Michael went down at an achingly slow pace. Alex felt like jumping out of his skin and running out of the house. He suddenly felt a hot breath on his dick. He briefly looked down and saw Michael studying him up close. 'Body, don't fail me now.' Alex thought. Suddenly he felt himself grow a little. 'Damn!' Alex thought. Michael breathed heavier on Alex when he saw Alex start to grow.

Alex looked straight ahead and noticed Max watching him as well. Then Max's head fell to the side and Alex was even more embarrassed than he was before.

Three squealing girls soon brought everyone out of their thoughts. The guys rushed down to the end of the room and turned the corner. They saw Isabel, Tess and Maria huddled on one of the beds and Liz was standing with her back to them. There was a big, black spider on her back. She didn't dare move.

Alex was thankful that he had pulled up his boxers when he heard the girls screaming. He moved over to the bed where the three squealing girls were. He held out his hand and Isabel took it. She untangled herself from the other two and stepped into Alex's waiting arms. Kyle ran over and picked up Tess. He couldn't help but take note of the white softness under his fingers that was her skin. Michael soon followed and grabbed Maria and placed her behind him. Max slowly made his way over to Liz.

"Liz. Don't move a muscle." Max said softly.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Liz replied softly.

"I'm going to try and get it off you so be really still ok?" Max instructed.

Liz went to nod but then decided against it. "Got it." Liz said.

Max reached a hand out. "Michael, open that window." Max instructed nodding his head in the direction of the window that was in between Maria and Liz's bed. Michael quickly rushed over and opened it. He stepped back and held Maria close to him because he could. Max stepped a little closer to Liz and his other hand was running soothingly up and down her arm. The hand reaching for the spider picked it up by the abdomen and flung it out the window in the blink of an eye. Liz turned around and flung herself in Max's arms. He held her close whispering calming words in her ear.

The others tried to make sure that the girls were ok. No one had noticed that Maria, Tess and Isabel were only in their bras and panties and that Liz was topless, with no bra but pants on. Isabel noticed that Alex was only in his boxers and had to step back to admire his body. She had to admit that he was kind of skinny but she couldn't wait to feel him rapped around her again.

Maria looked at Michael's chest. It wasn't as well built as Kyle and Max's but she was fine with it. She also took note of the softness of his chest and the slightly bronzed skin. 'Just what I like.' Maria thought. She snuggled up closer to Michael and he subconsciously held her tighter.

When Kyle had grabbed Tess he had flung her over his shoulder and that's where she was still. Tess didn't mind that the blood was rushing to her head because she got to check out Kyle's butt. What she didn't realise was that Kyle was checking out her butt from a close up too.

"Kyle. You wanna put me down now?" Tess asked slapping his silk covered ass.

"Why? You don't like slapping my ass?" Kyle asked slowly letting her down. He made sure though that he was going to hold her flush against his body as she slid down him.

"Because I want to get down and yeah slapping your ass is kinda fun but I have better things to do." Tess said jokingly. As Kyle was letting Tess slide down his body her thigh ran over the front of his boxers. They both gasped and looked into eachother's eyes. They started to lean in when -

"Cut it out you two." Alex barked out. He did not want to see his sister and some jock getting it on in front of him.

Kyle and Tess quickly broke apart and blushed.

Max was holding Liz and was rubbing his hand up and down her bare back. It hadn't even registered that she didn't have a bra on. When the fog started clearing he realised that there was no bra strap. He slightly pulled away and looked down at Liz. She had just realised that their chests were flushed against eachother. She didn't know if Max had noticed and she hoped he hadn't so that he wouldn't look down. When she felt him pull away slightly and felt his gaze on her she looked up. 'Don't look down Max. Please don't look down.' Liz said to herself. Max moved a little farther away and gazed down.

On impulse Liz tried to move her arms to cover herself up. Max noticed and pinned her arms to her sides. His hands slowly slid up her arms until they were underneath her breasts. His thumbs reached out and brushed the underside. They both gasped. It felt like an electric current had just gone through them both. Max pulled Liz back against his chest and Liz just held on. They were soon broken apart by Michael's voice.

"Max. Come on, let's go to bed." Michael said with brotherly authority. Max slightly nodded and waited for everyone to start moving away until he looked down at Liz's face again.

"You're beautiful." Max whispered. His head bent down again and just as Liz thought that they might actually kiss, he moved his lips to her cheek and gave her a light kiss.

Liz was speechless. What could she say? No guy but her father had ever said she was beautiful. Maybe Michael once, but that was her brother. Brothers don't count. They have to say that sort of stuff.

Before Liz knew anything had happened she had a piece of clothing in front of her chest and Max was walking backwards away from her with a shy smile on his face. Liz smiled shyly and then turned to her bed to get undressed under the covers instead.


"Start the tests tomorrow. Give her a little time to adjust to our way." A short skinny man said.

"What time?" Another man said. He was taller than the first. He wore a white lab coat and had red hair.

"0800 hours. She needs to sleep." The short man said.

"MUMMY! DADDY! MICKEY! WHERE ARE YOU?!" A little brown-haired girl started screaming. Both men looked through a glass window into a room that was white. There was a little girl huddled in the corner with a light blue t-shirt on and green shorts. There were tear tracks down her cheeks.

"I don't think she'll be getting much sleep tonight Tim." The tall man said.

"Then we might have to drug her Carl." The short skinny man said.

"She's six Tim. You can't drug a six-year-old. It's against the law." Carl said looking down at his partner.

"It's half alien. It can be killed for all I care." Tim said leaving no room for discussion.

"Fine. But she won't trust you or me. We should get Caroline in here and get her to talk to the girl." Carl said.

"Whatever. Just don't refer to her as a girl. It's an IT." Tim said sternly walking off.

"Whatever." Carl muttered. He fiddled with some switches and sat down in his chair. He watched the little girl looking around the room trying to find a way out.

The little girl looked around the room and suddenly felt a cold shiver run up her spine. She started to cry again. She hated crying. It just showed everyone how weak she was. She had to be strong. She had to prove to Mickey that she was strong. A few minutes later two men came in through a secret door which the little girl hadn't noticed. They wore contamination suits and walked up to her. They picked her up and started to pull at her clothes. She started screaming and screaming and trying to kick her legs. After the two men had rid her of her clothes she had huddled into a ball on the floor. Her small little body started to shake with tremors. Just when the little girl thought it couldn't get any worse another man walked into the room via the secret door. His hand reached down to grab her hair.

Two people shot up in bed panting. One held the blankets to her chest while the other ran a hand through his damp hair. He slowly and quietly got up and walked to the end of the room to check on the girls. He remembered what the little girl in the dream looked like. It was Liz. As he turned the corner he saw her sitting up in bed holding the blankets to her naked body. Max noticed that she had started rocking. He slowly made his way over to her bed and sat down next to her. He hadn't realised that he was naked as well. He climbed under the blankets with Liz and held her close. He ran his hand through her hair and down her back. He gently pulled her towards him. Her breathing started to even out and he soon found that Liz had fallen asleep. He vowed to stay awake and watch her but his eyes soon failed him and his body went into REM.

They could talk about sharing the dream in the morning.


AN: I know that it has been a long time since I have updated but with the new boards and stuff I waited till they got up the new one and now that they have I'll post all the parts and stuff. I wasn't really and truly happy with this part but I guess I'll just leave it. Hope you guys like it. *happy*

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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.


Part Twelve

Monday 31st May
Day Nine:

"Don't they just look adorable!" Maria whispered.

"I know. How cute." Isabel agreed.

"I wonder if they've realised they're naked?" Tess added.

"This is not cute or adorable." Michael said through gritted teeth. He was clenching and unclenching his fists ready to punch Max's lights out as soon as they turned on.

"Come on man. It's cute." Alex said lightly slapping Michael on the shoulder.

"I wonder why Max is in her bed anyway." Kyle asked.

"That's it. I'm going to wake them up." Michael said trying to push past Maria and Tess.

"Not so fast buddy. Let them be. I doubt that they DID anything last night anyway. Especially cause anyone of us could have woken up and I doubt that they'll do anything even if we did leave the room." Maria said holding on to Michael with all her strength.

"I have to agree with Maria. I mean, I know Max. He won't do anything until they are like on their wedding night or something. I swear he acts as if he wears a chastity belt." Isabel said jokingly.

"Yeah. Come on. Let's just go downstairs and make breakfast or something. You can pound Max later." Maria said pushing Michael out the door.

"I still think they look cute." Isabel said leaving the room. Soon Kyle, Alex and Tess followed behind.

Most had tried to get up earlier than everyone else so that they could get changed before anyone could see them, but it turned out that everyone had the same idea so either way someone was going to see something.

They headed downstairs to the kitchen and started working on pancakes. Michael said that he would cook which caused the others to groan.

"No Tobasco sauce this time ok?" Maria said.

"I didn't put Tobasco sauce in the meat sauce yesterday." Michael said stopping everything he was doing and turning to face Maria.

'Oh shit. I think I just blew it.' Maria thought. "You sure? Cause I swear that's what it tasted like." 'That's it, play dumb. It's easy.' Maria thought.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Did everyone think it tasted a bit like Tobasco sauce or was it just Maria?" Michael asked suspiciously.

"I thought that it did." Tess mistakenly said.

"Oh really you did, did you? What about you Isabel? Did you think it tasted a little like Tobasco sauce?" Michael asked folding his arms in front of his chest waiting for her answer.

"No. I thought it tasted a little pepperish." Isabel said nervously.

Michael could see right through their little innocent act. "You know what I think?" Michael started off.

"Not really. But I have a feeling you're going to tell us anyway." Maria muttered.

"I think that you three girls put Tobasco into the meat sauce. Am I right?" Michael asked looking at the three girls standing in front of him. Alex and Kyle had been silent through the whole exchange but Kyle couldn't seem to understand how Maria, Isabel or Tess could put something into their dinner when the only time they had been in the kitchen last night was to practically make his ultimate fantasy come true.

"Michael. How could they have sabotaged last night's dinner when the only time they were in here was to make out?" Kyle asked.

Michael thought about it for a second and remembered that at the time that the girls were making out, Max was in the toilet and Liz, where was Liz last night? "Where was Liz last night when you three were doing your little sucking face thing by the fridge?" Michael asked.

"God what is this, an interrogation?" Isabel asked horrified. She was fed up with all the questions and she didn't want anyone to know what they had done. She walked out of the room in what looked like a huff. Tess soon followed saying that she better go check on Iz.

"Hey man, we're going to go watch cartoons or something." Alex said slapping Michael on the back nervously while dragging Kyle out of the kitchen.

Soon Michael and Maria were left alone facing eachother down. "So tell me. Was the little performance last night to distract us?" Michael asked.

"What does it matter? You had fun didn't you?" Maria countered back.

"So it was a decoy." Michael said letting all the pieces of the puzzle join together.

"Maybe. Maybe you just can't cook." Maria said leaning up against the fridge.

Michael was losing it. He never liked mind games and that was exactly what Maria was playing. A mind game. He walked up to her and placed his hands on either side of her against the fridge slightly pinning her there. Michael took a long look at her face and noticed that she didn't look scared but by her eyes, he could tell that she was a grade A, 100% scaredy-cat.

"Just tell me the truth for once Maria." Michael said quietly.

"I did." Maria stated. She was trying to hide her frightened state and by looks of things, she thought she was hiding it pretty well.

"Sometimes, I don't know how I can put up with your yakking away and then when you don't yak, you withhold information." Michael said frustrated.

"Well maybe you should do a lot less complaining and a lot more listening." Maria said slightly raising her voice.

"Maria, that made like no sense." Michael said shaking his head.

"There you go again. Ignoring me. God you're such an ogre." Maria said putting her palms on Michael's chest ready to push him away.

"An ogre? Oh puh-lease." Michael said trying to think of a good comeback to that but coming up with nothing.

"God you're even lamer when you can't think up a come-back." Maria said starting to push Michael back. As he started to move back and was about to let Maria walk past him he grabbed her arms and pinned her against the fridge and leaned in. His lips touched hers and sparks flew. As their lips met, electric currents were going through their bodies. Michael sucked on Maria's lower lip, which emitted a low groan from the bottom of Maria's throat. Maria opened her mouth slightly and Michael took this as a sign to keep going. He didn't plan on kissing her but when she started to walk away he just knew somehow that he wasn't supposed to let her. When their lips met Michael got his first taste of Maria. She had a bit of a tangy kind of taste. He was automatically addicted. When she parted her lips slightly his tongue pushed through to meet hers. When their tongues met in a fiery kiss they both started to groan with the intensity of it all.

Maria just loved the spicy taste of Michael. She couldn't get enough of it. Her hands moved from his waist up and into his hair pressing his mouth down harder onto hers. She wanted more. Needed more. Her hands came to rest on the buttons of his shirt. She started to unbutton them. Michael groaned into her mouth when Maria's hand reached inside his shirt and she 'accidentally' grazed a fingernail over his nipple. He subconsciously pressed his hips into hers and Maria felt Michael's arousal. She herself was getting very aroused and she could already feel the dampness that was slowly growing in her panties. Maria finished Michael's buttons and started to peel off his shirt when they were rudely interrupted.

"Well isn't it a good morning?" A voice said from the door.

Upstairs Liz was sleeping better than she ever thought she could. She was having a good dream where she was married to Max and they had three children and she was pregnant with the fourth. They were in a park having lunch and her three kids were playing together. She looked up at Max who was smiling and she knew that that was where she was supposed to belong. Liz started to slowly awaken from her dream when realisation hit her.

Max was also sleeping better than he thought he ever could. He was having this dream where he and Liz were married and they had three gorgeous children and Liz was pregnant with his fourth child. He couldn't have been happier. He loved the feeling of holding Liz in his arms that when he started to wake up he didn't realise that he was actually holding Liz in his arms.

They both woke up at the same time. Liz looked into Max's eyes with shock. Max mirrored her expression. They both tried to remember what had happened the night before to get them into the same bed. Naked.

'Naked?' Max and Liz thought simultaneously. The both reached for the edge of the cover and lifted it up to have a look. They quickly pulled it down when they realised that indeed they were naked.

'Oh God. How is she going to react? She'll probably hate me now.' Max started having a mental battle with himself.

'This is just great. What is he going to think of me now? I wish I could just crawl in a whole and stay there.' Liz thought.

Max was the first to speak. "Liz. Um, do you remember how we got into this situation?" He asked.

"Not that I can remember. No." Liz said nervously. She had never been in a bed naked with another guy that was naked.

"Well, I can. And what happened last night, I don't know how we can go back... I mean, what happened last night will change our lives forever." Max started. He sat up making sure that he was covered in the appropriate places.

'God what did we do? Please don't say sex. Please don't say sex. Please don't say sex.' Liz chanted to herself.

"I think we - " Max started but was cut off by Liz.

"Please don't say we had sex." Liz pleaded.

"What? We didn't have sex. What I was going to say was that I think we shared a dream last night. Well maybe not a dream, more like a nightmare." Max said seriously.

"Phew. I thought that we had sex and I was going to forget what my first time was like." Liz said sitting up as well. She made sure that the sheet was covering her accordingly.

"Liz. Did you hear what I said?" Max asked. He was confused. She was obsessing over sex when they had bigger things to deal with. Maybe it was because she didn't imagine her first time with him. Max had a depressed look as he thought this.

Liz noticed this and was confused. What was he so upset about? "Yeah. We didn't sleep together." 'Though I wish we had.' Liz thought. She looked to see Max's reaction.

'Just forget about what she's going on about. The dream. Focus on the dream.' "Um Liz, I said that I think we shared a nightmare last night." Max said looking at her. 'Was it even registering?' Max thought.

"Um, no, I don't think so. No, no we didn't." Liz said fiddling with the sheets and looking everywhere but at Max. 'Shit! Did he know? Did he see everything?' Liz thought.

"Um, ok." Max said watching Liz's every move. She looked so scared. ‘Why? Maybe it was because I saw what she didn't want anyone to see?’ "Um, anyway, I'm going to go and get dressed...maybe you could um, turn around while I go to my stuff and get changed?" Max asked slightly embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, sure. I'll turn around." Liz said. She turned her head to the left so that Max could get up and to his clothes. As Liz turned her head, she looked up and straight into the mirror on the wall. 'Max must have forgotten.' Liz thought with a smile. She watched as Max got up out of bed and turned around a little to look at something on the ground. He straightened up and started to walk off to his side of the room. Liz's head tilted slightly to the right to get a look at Max's dick that seemed to be about semi-hard. Liz smiled to herself.

They both got dressed and met eachother at the top of the stairs. They walked down together and headed for the kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen they were met with the image of Michael and Maria in the middle of a heated make-out session against the cupboards. Maria had unbuttoned Michael's shirt and was pulling it off when Liz thought she would have a little fun.

"Well isn't it a good morning?" A voice said from the door. Michael and Maria both jumped apart at the voice next to them. They were both flushed and blushing when they looked up and saw it was Max and Liz.

"Sorry. Um, what did you say?" Maria tried to cover up. She ran her hands through her hair and down her top straightening it up as she went.

"Nothing. Anyway, it looks like someone is having a good morning." Liz said stepping further into the kitchen with a smile on her face.

"Um, yeah, you could say that." Maria said softly. Michael couldn't look at his sister. He couldn't believe that he had let her innocent eyes see that.

"Did everyone sleep well?" Maria asked trying to change the subject.

Max and Liz shared a small smile and nodded softly. Soon Michael was brought back into the conversation when there was silence after Maria's question.

"You. My friend. Are in deep shit!" Michael said slowly but loudly while pointing a finger at Max.

"Michael..." Liz warned.


"Hey Iz. You alright?" Tess asked walking out of the back door to the backyard where she had seen Isabel walk through.

"Oh yeah. Of course. It was all an act." Isabel said with a wave of her hand. She was sitting on the grass facing the pool looking up at the morning sky. She breathed in the fresh air and closed her eyes.

Tess just watched Isabel from beside her. She sat down quietly next to Iz and just watched. She couldn't help but notice how beautiful Isabel was. Her long blonde hair cascading down her back, her eyes closed her lips partly open. 'I could watch her for hours.' Tess thought.

Isabel slowly opened her eyes and turned her head towards Tess. Tess smiled softly and blushed looking away. She was embarrassed that she had been caught staring at Isabel. Isabel smiled at Tess's embarrassment. She reached a hand up to Tess's neck. She placed her hand against the back of her neck underneath the blonde curls. Tess was startled by the action and turned her head sharply to look at Isabel in wonder.

Isabel offered a smile and Tess smiled back. They sat in silence for a few moments just staring at eachother. Isabel slowly leaned towards Tess. Tess started to lean in at the same time. As their lips came close they both closed their eyes and slightly parted their lips.

Isabel could feel Tess's breath on her skin, she could smell the scent that was Tess and she was slowly becoming addicted to it. Tess was also aware of Isabel's soft breath on her skin and her scent. Their faces inched forward ever so slowly until their lips touched. It was soft, gentle. Neither had experienced anything like it before. When their lips touched, sparks flew and their body temperature raised a few degrees. Isabel wanted to push her tongue through Tess's lips to taste Tess but she didn't want to force Tess into anything that she didn't want. The opportunity soon came when Tess slightly parted her lips and Isabel's tongue made it's way into Tess's mouth. The first touch of their tongues was electrifying. They both moaned at the contact and their tongues mingled together in a frenzy for dominance.

One of Isabel's hands made it to Tess's hip and she was slowly massaging the skin there while her other hand was still resting on the back of Tess's neck. Tess's hands were moving around Isabel’s body. One hand was rested at the bottom of Isabel's top and her fingers were slowly creeping their way up underneath the fabric. Her other hand was braced on the ground so that she could move herself to face Isabel without breaking the kiss. After Tess was in front of Isabel, she placed that hand at the top of Isabel's thigh close to the waistband of her shorts. Slowly Isabel started to lean back and was bringing Tess down with her.

Isabel now lay on her back with Tess on top of her. Not once had they broken the kiss. Tess was straddling Isabel's hips, which made the skirt that Tess was wearing ride up her thighs. Isabel’s hand moved up Tess's thigh and under the skirt. Her hand reached over her thigh and her fingers started to draw slow circles on Tess's inner thigh close to Tess's panties. Tess moaned which excited Isabel.

The hand that was on Isabel's thigh before they moved to lie down was now creeping it's way up Isabel's top. Tess's other hand started to move up Isabel's top much like her other hand. Tess's soft hands stopped right underneath Isabel's bra clad breasts. Isabel could feel the dampness on her panties grow with arousal. She just wanted Tess to touch her breast. Isabel's left hand moved away from Tess's hip to cover Tess's right hand that was rested underneath Isabel's left breast. Isabel moved Tess's hand up to cover her breast and both girls moaned with pleasure. Tess gently squeezed Isabel's breast and Isabel's mouth left Tess's for the first time to gasp. Tess moved her lips down Isabel's neck and rested on the curve to suck gently. She was marking Isabel as hers.

Isabel's hand that was on Tess's inner thigh was wandering dangerously close to Tess's panty line. Isabel decided that it was time to tease Tess for a little and make her squirm. While Isabel tried to keep a level headed mind she willed her fingers too moved right next too the Tess's panty line. Tess didn't seem to respond so Isabel decided to torture her more. Isabel's index finger brushed lightly over Tess's soaked panties and the response that Isabel got was what she was looking for. Tess's hips moved down trying to for her centre onto Isabel's finger while Tess's right hand squeezed Isabel's breast a little harder than before and Tess's mouth removed itself from the side of Isabel's neck where Tess buried her face trying to control her breathing. Isabel smiled to herself and she was about to run her index finger along the line of Tess's panties when the back door opened and they quickly pulled apart and tried to compose themselves. How could they lose so much control right outside in the open. Well there was some thrill in it but still?

Tess sneaked a glance to her left where Isabel lay breathing deeply. She looked flushed. More than flushed. Ravished. Her lips were swollen and her shirt was up close to her breasts and her chest was rising and falling at a fast pace. Tess turned her head to look towards the sky. She was still trying to compose herself when she heard the voice of Maria behind her. She tilted her head back to see Maria and Liz smiling brightly.

"Well, looks like it is a great morning for all huh Maria?" Liz asked smiling even wider.

Both Isabel and Tess looked at eachother and smiled widely. They slowly sat up and turned to look at Maria and Liz.

"Definitely." Tess said smiling and then turning her head back to look at the pool.

"Well, I know it was a great morning for Liz. I mean, waking up next to a naked Max is a good thing, right?" Isabel asked. She had to know that Liz was going to treat him right.

"Oh yes!" Liz said nodding her head and sitting crossed-legged between Isabel and Tess.

Maria soon followed suit. "I don't think that it was just us four that had a good morning. Michael and Maria had a wonderful morning. Right Maria?" Liz said nudging her.

"I wandered why it got so quiet in there." Isabel said.

"No you didn't. You were too busy with Tess's tongue down your throat. Am I right?" Maria asked.

Tess and Isabel both looked at eachother and answered at the same time. "Yeah." All four girls started laughing together.

"Come on. Let's go see what the guys are up to." Tess suggested and they all got up and started to walk back into the house. Tess and Isabel were walking close together and by the time they had reached the house, they realised that their hands were clasped together. Tess looked up to gauge Isabel's reaction. She didn't think Isabel wanted to be so public with their relationship but when she looked into Isabel's eyes she was proven wrong. Isabel bent her head down and brushed her lips over Tess's in the softest of kisses.

The day went by very lazily. Nothing much happened around lunchtime. Everyone just sort of layed around all day thinking about things. When dinner came around it was filled with idle chitchat and nothing more. After dinner everyone decided to just sit around in the lounge room to watch a movie.

"So what movie we watching?" Alex asked sitting down next to Max on the two-seater.

"Dunno. What do you wanna watch?" Max asked looking at Alex.

Alex just shrugged.

"Can we watch an oldie?" Maria asked smiling with enthusiasm.

"What is it Blondie?" Michael asked casting a glance over at Maria.

"I nominate...Charlie's Angels." Maria said excited.

"Cool. I haven't seen that in ages." Liz said getting comfortable on the four-seater. The four girls had taken up the four-seater pretty much laying all over eachother. Liz was on one end with her feet tucked under her while Maria sat with her legs crossed next to Liz. Tess was sitting much like Liz but her feet were up on the couch bent and to the right of her body. She was holding herself up with her left arm. Isabel sat with her arm resting on the armrest and her right leg crossed over her left.

Michael was sitting with his arm on the armrest and his head resting in his hand. His legs were parted in that manly way. Next to him Kyle was sitting up leaning his back up and his legs slightly parted, much in the same way as Michael. He had his hands clasped together in his lap. Across from him was Alex. Alex was sitting in almost the exact same position as Kyle but his head was turned towards the television and resting back on the couch. Next to him Max had his head rested much like Alex and his left arm was flat on the armrest and his legs spread apart slightly.

"Fine. We'll watch Charlie's Angels." Michael agreed. He slowly got up off the couch and popped the DVD in. He grabbed the remote and hit play. The eight of them just sat in silence as they watched the movie. They laughed when it was funny and got excited when there was much action. About halfway through the movie Tess started to feel really tired. The night before she hadn't got much sleep and because today she practically did nothing physical, except for the make-out session with Isabel in the morning, she was tired. She turned her head to look at Isabel ready to ask her something.

Isabel felt Tess's eyes on her and turned to look at Tess in the dark. Tess smiled softly and Isabel raised a hand up to the side of Tess's face. She ran her hand through her blonde curls. Tess leaned her head towards Isabel's ear. Isabel leaned forward a little noticing that Tess wanted to ask her something. "Do you mind if I lay my head on your legs? I'm feeling a little tired." Tess whispered.

"Sure you can. Just ask Maria if you can put your feet on her thighs. I'm sure she won't mind." Isabel whispered back. Tess nodded and turned towards Maria. Maria saw Tess moving to her left through the corner of her eye. She turned her head when she realised that Tess wanted to ask something. Maria leaned in.

"I was wandering if I could put my feet on your legs. I'm a bit tired and I'm going to lay down on Isabel." Tess whispered into Maria's ear. Tess's warm breath on her skin aroused Maria slightly. Maria just nodded. Tess smiled and leaned in to Maria and gave her kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." Tess whispered. Maria returned the smile and turned towards Liz. She leaned in towards Liz.

Liz had seen Tess lean towards Isabel, Iz nod, then Tess turn towards Maria, whisper something than kiss her cheek and Maria turn towards herself. She leant into Maria to hear what she had to say.

"Can I lay my head on your shoulder? I'm starting to feel a little tired and Tess is going to lie down on Iz and I. Is that ok?" Maria asked softly.

"Wait. I need to move positions because my legs are getting numb. If I move so that my back is resting on the arm rest than I can put my head on the back of the couch and if I put my legs over your thighs you can lean on me and you can rest your head on my stomach and Tess can put her legs with mine. Is that ok?" Liz asked whispering her idea to Maria. Maria smiled. "That's why you're the smart one." Maria commented. Liz blushed slightly and looked down with a shy smile on her lips. "So anyway, is that ok?" Liz asked again looking up briefly. Maria nodded her head.

Liz moved around so that her back was against the armrest, her head was on the back of the couch facing the TV and her legs were over Maria's thighs. Maria layed down on her side resting her head on Liz's stomach facing the TV with her back up against the couch. Tess had already layed down and her legs were tangled with Liz's. Tess scooted back a little on the couch so her back was barely touching the back of the couch. She reached down and pulled up Maria's legs off the ground and put them on the couch in front of her. They weren't in her way because they only came up to about her stomach.

Soon Isabel was stroking Tess's hair softly while Tess had one arm under head resting on Isabel's thigh and that hand was tracing small circles just above her knee while her other hand was also drawing little circles on the inside of Maria's ankle. Maria had her left arm resting on Liz's stomach and her hand was teasing its way underneath. Maria tried not to make it too obvious but all she wanted, no needed, to do was touch Liz's soft skin. It had been a while since anything had really happened between them and Maria was hoping that Liz hadn't retreated back into that shell that she had arrived in the house with. Liz's hands weren't idle either. Her right arm was down near where Maria's hand was near the edge of Liz's top. She knew what Maria's was trying to do and she was thankful that Maria was going slowly but she was feeling very frustrated at the same time because she wanted more. Her hand started to lightly touch the knuckles of Maria's hand. They were feather-light caresses but to each of them it meant a lot. Liz's other hand was also stroking Maria's hair in a soothing way. She would alternate with stroking Maria's hair to Maria's neck, behind her ears where she had read once that that was a very sensual spot for a woman.

All through the movie the girls weren't the only ones to make their moves. About half-an-hour into the movie Kyle had scooted a little closer to Michael and about ten minutes later Kyle and Michael's knees were touching. Kyle looked up at Michael and Michael gave him a small smile. Kyle unclasped one of his hands from his lap and placed it on Michael's knee. He waited a few minutes to see if Michael would protest. When he didn't he moved the hand further over Michael’s knee and now Kyle's hand rested on the inside of Michael’s thigh. His hand wasn't very high on Michael's leg but it was a very bold move. Or at least that's what Kyle thought until Michael mad the next move of moving Kyle's hand high up on his thigh right next to his crotch. When Kyle looked up at Michael, he met his gaze and Michael's eyes told Kyle that he wanted to be teased. Kyle liked this side of Michael and hoped that it would return more often.

Kyle decided that if Michael wanted to play it like this than he could keep up. Kyle's fingers 'accidentally' touched Michael's crotch and Kyle heard his sharp intake of breath and felt Michael sink a little lower into the couch. Kyle smiled to himself and pretended that nothing was going on by watching the movie. Kyle waited for a few minutes until he cold tell that Michael had recovered from that slight touch. When Michael looked to be ok, Kyle slid his whole hand over Michael's crotch and slightly squeezed it. It came to life and Kyle was smiling proudly.

When Kyle's hand had grabbed Michael, it was all Michael could do before he attacked Kyle and dragged him upstairs for some 'Tobasco'. But Michael tried to relax instead. He wanted to see how far Kyle would go before breaking. 'Relax. Yeah right! Like I can do that when I have a guys hand on my cock.' Michael thought to himself with a roll of his eyes.

Their ministration went on through the movie and by the end of the movie Kyle had his hand between Michael's boxers and his pants.

Across from them, Max tried not to take notice of all the same sex coupling and focus on the movie. What he didn't know was that Alex was thinking up of ways to try and couple up with Max. He would move his hand closer and closer to Max but it seemed like Max didn't even notice until Alex had placed his hand very close to Max's thigh and as Max's hand was returning to it's spot it touched Alex's and a spark flew. They looked at eachother in shock and then down at their hands that weren't touching anymore. Max lifted his hand and moved it to hover over Alex's. There was only one way to see if it was just their imagination or something. Max rested his hand on top of Alex's and a few more electric currents ran through them. Max looked at Alex and they both shared a small smile and soon their fingers entwined and that's as far as they went for the night. Neither guy was a fast mover like Kyle or Michael so they were fine with just holding hands.


AN: I haven't updated in ages because of the tragedy in the states and my school term is ending and I have had heaps of assessments and assignments and tests and stuff to do in the last week before work experience... Anyway, I'm on holidays as of Friday can't wait! BTW the holidays result in more time to post!

Oh, I want to thanks to all the feedback, I didn't think that there were many people that liked the fic on the other board but I guess I was wrong. Thanks guys!

'Hunky Chunky Spunky Love Monkey' - Courtesy of my friend Rebecca Ace Lodin
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Ok, I know that it has been about a wekk since I updated and I know that is no excuse but, before you get angry at me...hear me out, ok? Anyway, for the last week I have had work experience at this pre-school of kids 0-5 years. Anyway, I had a blast for the first three days until thursday came around and I have somehow developed a throat i9nfection and was bed-ridden for the whole day. The next day I was still sick but I had to go out and walk to the pre-school (down the road from me) and say thanks for everything and to let them know that I wouldn't be able to make it in...but in my spare time I have been adding to the part bit by bit and by the time I had finished writing the morning part of the day I realised that it would be WAY too long for one whole part so I have to split it up so here is Part Thirteen A:

Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.


Part Thirteen A

Tuesday 1st June
Day Ten:

Liz slowly woke up from her peaceful sleep. She smiled to herself when she thought back to her dream. She started to straighten her arms when she realised her fingers were caught in what seemed to be hair. Very soft, very long hair. Liz opened her eyes and looked down. There lay Maria on top of Liz. Liz smiled a little and started to stroke Maria's hair. She tried to remember last night.

Maria was lying on her side facing the TV when she decided that she wanted to move around and change position. She looked up at Liz. She watched Liz's features in the light from the TV. Maria noted that she had long eyelashes and small lips that just looked like they wanted to be ravished. Maria sat up as much as she could and leant in close to Liz to whisper something to her. "Liz. I need to change positions. My right side is going numb." Maria whispered.

"Sure. Here hold on." Liz whispered back. Liz lifted her left leg up and over Maria, which made room for Maria to lay in between Liz's legs. As Maria settled between Liz's legs she looked up into Liz's face and they both smiled softly to eachother.

Maria pressed her ear to Liz's chest and listened to her heartbeat. She smiled to herself. She soon felt Liz's hand running through her hair and it relaxed Maria into a peaceful slumber.

Liz was smiling at the memory when her thoughts were interrupted by Maria who was waking up and noticed that she was in between Liz's legs. She smiled shyly up at Liz and Liz started to run her hand through Maria's blonde hair. The couch started to move a little and both Maria and Liz looked up to see Isabel waking up.

Isabel could feel a mass of weight pushed up against her. She breathed in through her noise and smelt the familiar smell of Tess. She slowly opened her eyes and was greeted by the beauty of Tess's face. She smiled softly then ran her index finger over the bridge of Tess's nose. Isabel thought back to last night when she and Tess had ended up laying together.

"Hey Tess?" Isabel whispered. Tess looked up from Isabel's lap. "Yeah?" She whispered. "Maria and Liz have moved positions, do you mind if I lie down as well?" Isabel asked with a whisper.

"Sure. Hold on. I'll move a bit so that you can lay behind me." Tess whispered sitting up and untangling her legs from Maria and Liz's. She sat up on the edge of the couch and waited for Isabel to lay down and get comfortable. After she was comfy, Tess lay down facing the TV and Isabel hung an arm over Tess's stomach pulling her closer to her front. Tess didn't mind one bit. By the end of the movie they had fallen asleep, and Isabel guessed that some time during the night Tess turned over to face her,

Isabel started to pull herself up and that’s when she noticed the position Michael and Kyle were in. Her smiled formed into a shocked expression as she stared at the two guys on the couch. Maria and Liz looked over to where Isabel was looking and they matched her expression.

There on the two-seater was Kyle and Michael in a very compromising and intimate position. Kyle was sitting with his back resting on the armrest facing the TV. His head lay on the back of the couch while in between his legs, Michael lay with his back against Kyle's chest. The girls figured that they'd get closer over time but when they noticed that Kyle's hand was in Michael's pants, they realised to what extent the two guys had grown close.

Maria was jealous of Kyle because he got to feel how big Michael was. Maria mentally shrugged her shoulders and promised herself that she would feel it to, in everyway possible.

Out of the corner of Liz's eye, she caught movement from behind her. She turned to look at Max and Alex and she smiled. They looked so cute. Max was lying down with his feet up on the armrest opposite him while Alex was in the same position as Max but facing him instead. Liz watched as Max lifted the arm that was resting on Alex's legs and started to rub his face with his hand.

Max opened his eyes and was met with the site of Alex asleep. Max remembered back to last night, which forced Alex and him to share the couch.

"Hey Alex. I think everyone's asleep." Max whispered over to Alex. There was about five minutes of the movie remaining and Max had looked around the room to see if everyone was still paying attention.

"Oh. Well I don’t think that we can really move any of the girls and from the looks of things.... there is no way that I am going to reach down into Michael's pants and fish out Kyle's hand. Are you game?" Alex whispered back glancing at Max and then back to Michael and Kyle on the couch opposite them.

"No way." Max said simply. "We may as well stay down here as well. We can turn off the TV and talk." Max suggested.

"Yeah, that would be great." Alex said unclasping his hand from Max's and getting up off the couch and reaching for the remote on the coffee table. He sat back down and switched off the DVD and then the TV.

"Why don't you lay down with your feet up on this armrest and I'll do the same but facing you?" Max suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Alex said as he got comfortable. For the next twenty minutes they talked about their families and school and their friends back home. They then fell asleep.

"Morning." Liz whispered loudly enough for Max to notice that she was awake.

Max turned around to look for Liz and found her staring at him. "Morning to you too." Max said after a few minutes.

"Sleep well?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. You?" Max asked starting to move off the couch to stretch his legs.

"Yeah I did actually. I also have a hunch that my brother and Kyle slept REALLY well." Liz said with emphasis on 'really'.

"Yeah, Alex and I debated whether or not we would move Kyle's hand before you girls would wake up but then we decided against it. There was no way we were sticking our hand down there to fish out Kyle's hand." Max said chuckling. Liz giggled.

"Yeah, I can understand why." Liz said. Maria watched Max and Liz interact with eachother and she thought it was so cute. They were flirting in a way and they didn't even want to acknowledge it. It was kind of amusing. She started to sit up and move off of Liz so that they could both stretch their legs.

Isabel stopped gaping at Michael and Kyle when she felt Tess stir beside her. She watched as Tess's eyes fluttered open. Tess soon came to the realisation that they had slept cuddled together. She looked into Isabel's eyes and smiled. Isabel smiled back. They were thrown out of their staring match when they heard Max's voice from beside them.

"Ladies." Max greeted them both. Isabel blushed. She had never been caught by her brother looking like this with a girl lying in her arms.

"Max. Morning to you." Tess said with a smile.

"Morning to you to." Max said politely.

"Hi Max." Isabel said in a small shy voice. One that wasn't heard coming from her often.

"Iz." Max greeted with a smirk. He could tell that he was making her uncomfortable, but it would be payback for all those times at home where she would make all these comments to their parents about how the girls at school were drooling over him.

"Max. Stop picking on them." Liz said with a smile. "Besides, they'll be making out later. You can embarrass them then." Liz added with a grin. Max and Liz shared a laugh as Tess and Isabel hid their blushing faces.

Alex soon woke up and looked around the room. He saw Isabel and Tess blushing profusely and Liz and Max standing in front of them laughing. Maria's face was soon right in his line of sight.

"Maria." Alex greeted her in a morning voice.

"Alex." Maria said back with a smile. "I was waiting to see who would get up first. Interesting position you boys were in this morning. You and Max weren't so bad. Just cute. But my brother over there and his love slave, soon to be mine, well, they had a very interesting night don't you think?" Maria said moving aside so that Alex could look over at Michael and Kyle.

Alex tried to hold his laughter in. He couldn't believe they stayed like that through the night. It looked as if they hadn't moved a muscle. He couldn't hold it in any longer and he let it all out. Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess all stopped to look up at Alex who was laughing hysterically. Maria soon joined in with the laughter even though she didn't know why Alex was laughing, she just found that Alex's laugh was contagious.

"What did we miss?" Isabel asked sitting up.

"Dunno. Hey, I think that we should think of a way to wake up the two lovers over there." Max said motioning towards Michael and Kyle.

Alex and Maria had stopped laughing just before Max had suggested that they wake up the sleeping beauties.

"Hey. Maybe if we can get Michael to somehow move his hips, then it could cause friction between Kyle's hand and well, Michael's...Michael's...well you know?" Alex suggested.

"No I don't know Alex." Maria said smiling. He knew she knew very well, it was just the fact that she wanted to hear him say it.

"He dick, Maria. Ok. His dick." Alex said sounding bored.

"That's better." Maria said smiling.

"Ok, back to the task at hand. How do we get Michael to move? And why would Michael getting a hard on do anything." Max asked.

"Well, it would definitely be embarrassing for Michael especially if he started to hump Kyle's hand." Maria answered.

"Hey. This is sounding fun." Tess said smiling.

"Ok. So how do we get Michael to move?" Isabel asked.

"Liz. Is he ticklish?" Alex asked rubbing his index finger and thumb over his chin.

"Yeah. But only his ribcage and feet." Liz said.

"Perfect." We'll tickle his feet and see if he’ll move or not." Alex said moving over to where Michael's feet were. He looked around for something that would help him tickle Michael. He saw a pen lying on the coffee table and started to lightly draw on the soles of Michael's feet. Michael moved his foot a little so Alex kept drawing. Soon Michael's leg started to move. With the movement of his leg, a little friction was made between Kyle's hand and Michael's cock. No one could tell but it started to swell and Michael moaned. That's when everyone realised that Michael was in fact reacting to the stimulus.

Alex kept going until Michael started to move his hips of his own accord. They watched trying to suppress there laughing. Michael started to groan and soon his whole body was rubbing against Kyle's hand. Their plan worked better than they thought because Kyle started responding to Michael’s lower back rubbing against his cock. Soon they were both moaning and moving together. When they still didn't wake up and they had almost reached their climax, the other six decided that they had enough of being perverts and decided to wake them up before it got too out of hand.

"MICHAEL PARKER! KYLE VALENTI! IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS - " Maria started to yell but was soon interrupted.

"I'm up. I'm up!" Michael said lurching forward on the sofa. He didn't get far when he realised he was rock hard and someone's hand was inside his pants. His mind flashed back to the night before.

Kyle was massaging Michael's cock. He pretended that nothing was happening by pretending to watch the movie. Once in a while he would turn to watch Michael as he tried to breathe. Kyle smirked then turned and looked back at the TV screen. Kyle squeezed a little harder this time and Michael gripped onto Kyle's thigh. Kyle grinned while looking at Michael losing his composure.

"!" Michael growled out between ragged breaths.

Kyle felt around for the slit in the front of the boxers. When he found it, he poked one finger in and Michael hissed. "Did you just hiss?" Kyle whispered amused.

"Kyle...if you don't take me serious you are so going to pay later." Michael gritted through his teeth once again.

"In a hurry much?" Kyle teased. Michael went to tell Kyle to shut up and grab him when Kyle did exactly that. He stuck his hand through the slit and pulled out Michael's straining cock and started to rub it. When he would feel Michael start to reach his climax, Kyle would completely stop. He would remove his hand act as if he hadn't just blown up Michael's world.

"Kyle! You are going to lie on this couch and I am going to lie on you and you are going pump my cock until I cum...whether you like it or not!" Michael said threateningly. Of course, he didn't really mean the whole you are going to do this and that whether you like it or not. If Kyle would say no I don't want to then Michael wouldn't push it.

"Fine, fine. Patience, my friend, is a virtue which you definitely do NOT possess." Kyle said moving into the position Michael wanted him in.

"Michael...Michael...MICHAEL!" Maria repeated getting louder everytime.

Michael quickly grabbed Kyle's hand and pulled it out of his pants and ran out of the room hunched over. The rest of the gang just laughed.

Kyle was brought out of his slumber by the laughing racket of everyone else. His eyes peaked open and looked around at his friends all laughing. Suddenly Kyle felt his arousal and jumped off the couch and headed for the stairs. All he heard behind him was the laughter increasing in decibels.

Kyle raced up the stairs and to the bathroom. He swung open the door stepped inside and slammed the door closed behind him. The handle on his side of the door fell off. Kyle looked up and saw Michael standing there in the middle of the bathroom with his pants down at his ankles. Kyle grinned and tilted his head side-ways to get a better look at Michael's assets.

"Hey! What are you doing in here?" Michael asked bending down and pulling up his pants in a hurry.

"About to do what you were about to do." Kyle said straightening up and smirking.

"I was gonna pee. That's all. Nothing else. Now if you can excuse me." Michael said still holding his pants up with one hand while the other pointed to the door.

"Fine, fine. Don't let me have a peak." Kyle said as he reached for the handle on the door that was no longer on the door. He looked down at the ground and saw the damned knob on the floor. He bent down to pick it up.

Michael watched as Kyle bent down. Michael lent back to get a better look at Kyle's butt. 'Not bad. Bet it looks great naked.' Michael thought.

Kyle picked up the knob that was on the ground. He looked up at its place on the door and noticed that he wouldn't be able to fix it right now. He would need to get the tools but there was probably no way that he could get out until then. A smile formed on his lips as he thought about him spending a couple of hours alone with Michael in the bathroom. He slowly stood up and turned to face Michael.

"Looks like WE won't be going anywhere just yet." Kyle said while smiling and holding up the knob. Michael just smirked.

"So what do you have in mind for us to pass the time?" Michael asked.

"What makes you think that I have something in mind?" Kyle asked taking a step closer towards Michael.

"The smile on your face." Michael stated taking a step towards Kyle.

"But I could be smiling because I just remembered this joke a friend of mine once said." Kyle said taking another step.

"Are you?" Michael said taking another step as well.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Kyle said with another step.

"Which is it?" Michael asked as he took one last step that left him right in Kyle's face.

Instead of Kyle answering he grabbed Michael's head between both of his hands and pulled his lips to his own. At the first touch of their lips an electric current ran through them both. Their lips moulded together as their hands roamed eachother's bodies.

Michael felt himself grow hard from the feel of Kyle's lips on his own. His hand rand down Kyle's back and rested on his butt. Michael subconsciously pulled Kyle's groin to his own. This move emitted a groan from both parties.

Kyle's hands moved from Michael's hair to his neck and then down the front of his chest. Michael was still wearing the black t-shirt from the night before, so when Kyle's hands reached the hem of the shirt his hands crept up underneath it to fell Michael's chest. As Kyle's hands roamed Michael's chest, Michael could feel the trail of heat that Kyle's fingers left behind.

Michael wanted more from the kiss so he deepened it. At the first touch of their tongues it felt like the bottoms of their worlds had fallen out. Everything around them was a mixture of emotions. Lust, desire, arousal swam around them. They were lost in a sea of bliss. Michael's hands started to roam around the front of Kyle's jeans. He started to unbutton them when there was a loud frantic knocking on the door.

Kyle and Michael both jumped apart. The door flung open and six head poked in to see what was going on.

"What happened? We were knocking for like ten minutes." Maria asked.

"Um. We mustn’t have heard you." Kyle replied rubbing the back of his head.

"Well someone needs to get their hearing checked because we were knocking loudly." Maria said. She took one more look at her brother and her boyfriend-to-be before she stormed out of the bathroom.


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Ok Guys, I might only be able to update part b today and it could be a few days before I update again. I probably would be able to tonight but I'm busy... On Channel 7 in Sydney Australia tonight is Surprise Chef (gotta love the cooking show), Always Greener (gotta love aussie humour) and on Channel 10 is Disturbing Behaviour (the movie with Katie Holmes and James Marsden) and then I am going out to a movie marathon with my sister to see The Princess DIaries, Get Over It and Heartbreakers. THat starts at 11:20pm tonight (Sunday) and then finishes tomorrow (Monday - Labour Day: Public Holiday) at 5:20am! WOO HOO!

Anyway, not that you guys needed to know all that, it's just that I love to ramble....can you tell?

Gotta go sleep and get ready. I'll try and update later before I leave.

Oh and thanks for all the feedback...I love you guys! *happy*

'Hunky Chunky Spunky Love Monkey' - Courtesy of my friend Rebecca Ace Lodin
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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.


Part Thirteen B

Tuesday 1st June
Day Ten
Around Lunch:

It was around 11:00am when the morning’s fiasco had finally calmed down. The girls were upstairs gossiping and downstairs Michael and Kyle were sitting on opposite ends of the lounge room watching a movie. They had decided that they didn't trust themselves when they were together. Max was sitting outside thinking about things and Alex was inside the kitchen getting a drink of Apple juice before he went to go find Max. Soon over the hidden speakers came the same voice from one of the first days that they had arrived.

"Can Maxwell please report to the secret room immediately." The voice boomed.

"Shit." Max mumbled. He got up off the bench that he was sitting on and walked through the backdoor and into the house. He walked through the lounge room and into the dining room until he reached the back corner and he waited for the door to open. The door was opening when he heard Maria's voice from upstairs.

"DON'T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT THE LAUNDRY!" She screamed. Max shook his head and stepped through the door and it immediately shut behind him. Max sat down at the table and watched the man sitting in front of him. The man was tall with blonde hair. He was dressed in a black suit and carried a silver briefcase. He looked important.

"Morning." Max said trying to be nice and start a conversation.

"Morning. We have some information for you. Here are some letters from home." The man said opening up the silver briefcase and pulling out a pile of letters. The pile was held together by a rubber band. The man slid the letters across the table and Max picked them up.

"Thanks." Max said looking up from the mail.

"More food will arrive in about an hour. Lunch will already be made for you. It will be with the food. You will only have twenty minutes to get all the food out. The others may help." The man said in a monotone voice.

"Can I ask a question?" Max asked tentatively.

The man just sat and waited.

"Laundry. Where do we do the laundry and do WE do the laundry?" Max asked.

"You do not do your laundry. Every Wednesday your laundry will be taken to be done. You will each have a basket and your own laundry goes into it. Your clothes will be ironed and folded before they arrive the next morning." The man said.

Max just nodded.

"Your beds. There are latches on the mattresses where you can attach the beds together to make them bigger. The latches are very strong so they won’t come apart during the night." The man said before picking up his briefcase and getting up and heading for the door for him to leave.

"WAIT!" Max almost yelled. The man stopped and turned to look at Max. "How can I get a hold of you?" Max asked.

"You can't." The man said before disappearing through the door. Max just shook his head then got up and left the room through the opposite door.

When he came out, Alex was waiting for Max. He was leaning up against the dining room table with his arms folded across his chest. He straightened up when Max walked out. "What's that?" Alex asked pointing to the stack of envelopes of different colours and sizes?

"Mail. Cool huh?" Max asked looking down at the pile then looking back up at Alex.

Alex nodded his agreement.

"Hey come on, there's stuff I need to tell everyone." Max said walking into the living room.

"TOBASCO IN THE LOUNGE ROOM!" Michael's voice could be heard. Max shook his head and prepared himself for the scene that he and Alex would be confronted with.


Michael and Kyle were having the hardest time trying to stay as far away from eachother without actually leaving the room. Michael kept clenching and unclenching his fists as they gripped onto the sofa. He was trying to keep his hands to stay there instead of reaching out to grab Kyle and fuck him senseless.

Kyle was watching Michael intently. About five minutes ago they had stopped watching the movie and were watching eachother trying to hang on to their last shred of sanity. Kyle could see Michael's fists clenching. He was also trying to keep his hands to himself but it was proving to be a harder task then he thought. They could feel their blood burning with desire. All they wanted was eachother and it seemed like they were miles and miles apart when it was only a mere 7 metres between them.

"Michael..." Kyle breathed out.

"Kyle..." Michael replied in the same breathy tone as Kyle.

"I'm going to lose it soon. There's some kind of force or something." Kyle said trying to explain the pull that he was feeling to attack Michael.

"Like - a - sort of - pull?" Michael barely got out.

"Yeah." Kyle managed to say.

They were silent for a few more seconds just trying to come to grips with what was happening between them. Their breathing started to pick up pace and beads of sweat started to roll down their backs as they held onto the sofa's for dear life.

"TOBASCO IN THE LOUNGE ROOM!" Michael yelled out hoping everyone in the house could hear him before he lunged across the coffee table and onto Kyle's lap. They attacked eachothers lips, their hands gripping at eachother's clothes.

Suddenly, Michael felt himself being pulled away from Kyle's lips and then he found himself on the ground with a heavy weight on his chest and stomach. He suddenly snapped out of his aroused state and his vision cleared and he noticed Alex sitting on him trying to keep his body down on the ground. Michael's gaze soon moved over to where he last remembered Kyle was. There on the couch was Max holding down Kyle with most of his strength. As if Kyle could feel someone's gaze on him he turned to Michael and their eyes locked.

"What was that?" Michael asked quietly.

"I have no idea. One minute we're fine, granted we were hanging onto the sofa's for dear life, but the next thing I know, Max here is holding me down without even breaking a sweat." Kyle tried to explain.

"What do you mean?" Max asked. He was yet to let go of Kyle. He didn't need them deflowering the sofa after only ten days of living in the house.

"There was some sort of force that was like, pulling us together or something. It was really strong." Michael said.

"REALLY strong." Alex was commenting while nodding his head. The four guys just looked at eachother with slight smiles on their faces. Max was slightly shaking his head as well.

"Are you guys like, having an orgy? I mean, is it even possible to have an orgy with four guys? It could be possible I guess, just really awkward, right? You guys weren't like; trying it out or anything were you, in here? Cause that's just really sick in the head. And I really don't want to watch my brother suck some guys cock. Please, spare me the imagery." Tess rambled on from the doorway.

Moments before, Tess was upstairs with the other three girls. Maria and Liz were sitting together on Maria's bed as Isabel and Tess sat together on Tess's bed. Maria was sitting upright with her legs over the edge of the bed. She was holding herself up with her left hand that was steady on the bed. Her right hand was running through Liz's hair softly. Liz was lying on her left side facing Isabel and Tess with her head on Maria's right thigh where Maria was running her hand through her hair. For some reason Liz loved it when people would run their fingers through her hair, it calmed her.

Across from them was Isabel sitting exactly like Maria, opposite her. Isabel's left hand was holding her up as her right hand drew soft designs on Tess's ankles. Tess was lying much like Liz but instead of having her head in Isabel's lap; it was on her pillow and her feet rested up on Isabel's thighs. Their conversation had gone from Michael and Kyle to embarrassing moments. They weren't telling embarrassing moments about themselves but about their brothers.

"Oh oh. I remember now." Liz said suddenly sitting up right. She remembered the story of Michael when he was little.

"What?" Isabel asked intrigued.

"Ok, Michael was about four at the time and we had already been able to talk for about two and a half years and it was in the morning and my dad had gone off to work. Anyway, mum was in the kitchen when..."

"Mickey? What you doin?" A four-year-old Liz asked her brother when she walked into his room. They had just had a bath and Michael was sitting on his bed naked. He was pulling on his penis gently.

"Twying to see how long it wiw go." Michael said without looking up. He tugged a little harder on it and Liz stepped up close and sat on his bed next to him and watched.

"You suppose to puw it?" Liz asked tilting her head from side to side to get a better look.

"Why's it dere den?" Michael asked glancing at his sister briefly than tugged a little harder.

"Te look pwitty?" Liz suggested. She just watched Michael pull a little harder and then a trickle of blood started to come out from the head.

"Uh-Oh." Michael said stilling his movements and looking at his sister.

"Has it eva dun dat be four?" Liz asked looking down at Michael's lap.

"Nup. Wanna get momma?" Michael asked looking at Liz.

"Ok. Be wite back." Liz said as she slipped off the bed and ran out of the room and down the hall not caring that she didn’t even have any clothes on.

"MOMMA, MOMMA! Mickey bleeding!" Liz said as she ran into her parent's bedroom to find her mum picking up some of the kids clothes off her floor.

"What honey?" Nancy Parker asked her daughter.

"Mickey bleeding." Liz said as she pointed down the hall.

Without answering Liz she jumped up and ran down the hall to Michaels bedroom and saw him sitting there holding his penis as blood slowly trickled out onto his hand. He looked up when he heard someone come in.

"Michael. What happened? Are you ok? Why are you bleeding?" Nancy started to ask her son as she knelt down in front of Michael's small body and started to check the rest of his body in case he was hurt somewhere else as well.

"I puwed it an red stuff come out." Michael said looking up at his mum.

"Does it hurt?" Nancy asked while looking down at his penis. She picked him up without letting him answer her and she took him to the kitchen and picked up the phone and dialled for paramedics. After she got off the phone with them she called Jeff to get him to come home for a little while and take care of Liz while she took Michael to the hospital.

"...Anyway, it was so funny. It turned out that he had popped an artery and they had to operate on him. Not like a big operation but he had to be circumcised and then they had to fix it up. What was really funny was that when I went to see him later on, it turned out that the operation hadn't worked so when I went into his hospital room he just kept telling me, 'it's still running, it's still running'. They operated on him again and he was fine but it was so funny and we haven't let him live it down yet." Liz finished. By the end of her story she was in hysterics and so were the other girls.

"I guess all that pulling helped because he has a NICE package!" Maria said smiling.

"How do you know?" Tess asked with a gasp.

"I've felt it. Twice." Maria said mischievously. All girls looked at eachother and started laughing again.

After a few minutes they started to calm down and Isabel had a story of her own. "I remember when Max's male hormones started to kick in. It was when we were about seven and..."

Isabel was walking down the hall of their house heading for Max's room. She wanted to see what he was up to. She was bored and figured that he might be some fun. What Isabel didn't expect was that Max had decided to have some fun by himself, with himself.

She reached his bedroom door and before she went to turn the knob she heard a banging noise. It wasn't very loud but it sounded like the bed hitting the wall. She tried to think of what Max could be doing that could make the bed move like that. Then it hit her. He was jumping up and down on his bed.

She flung open the door and screamed. There was Max lying on his stomach with a pillow underneath his hips and he was humping it.

His movements suddenly ceased when he heard his sister's scream. He looked up at her and then heard loud footsteps running down the corridors of the house. Max quickly threw the pillow over to the other side of his bed and sat on the edge of it looking like nothing was happening.

Diane Evans had been doing the laundry when she heard Isabels scream. She dropped what she was doing and ran down the halls of her house to find where Isabel was. She spotted her at Max's door and ran faster. 'Something is wrong.' Diane thought. She reached the doorway and looked in. She looked at Max and around the room. Nothing seemed to be wrong.

"Why were you screaming honey?" Diane asked as she looked down at Isabel and ran her hand through her hair.

Isabel had watched her brother throw the pillow and then sit there as if nothing had happened and pleaded with his eyes for her not to say anything. When her mother asked her the question she just looked from Max's face to his mothers and saved Max from embarrassment.

"Oh. Nothing. Sorry mummy. I was just trying to get Max's attention. I promise not to ever do it again." Isabel said.

"Please sweetie. Don't ever do that again. I almost had a heart attack." Diane said squatting down to be eye-level with her.

"I promise." Isabel said then gave her mum a hug and Diane smiled and walked off to get back to her laundry.

As soon as Isabel knew her mum was out of earshot she stepped inside and slammed Max's door. Max just looked at her with these innocent puppy-dog eyes but Isabel didn't fall for them.

"Maxwell Phillip Evans. You tell me what you were doing cause I just saved your bum from getting embarrassed." Isabel demanded with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Just humping the pillow." Max said as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Why?" Isabel asked curious as to why someone would want to do that.

"Some boy at school said that his older brother does it all the time. Then the boy said that he tried it and it was cool." Max said shyly.

Isabel just looked her brother over and shook her head while leaving the room.

"...And that was the last time I ever heard Max do that again. But that doesn't mean he didn't stop at all." Isabel finished. Now all girls were laughing while holding their stomachs. A few minutes later they calmed down.

"Ok guys. I have to get a drink of water. I'll be back in a second." Tess said as she headed for the door.

"TOBASCO IN THE LOUNGE ROOM!" The girls heard Michael yell.

The four girls just groaned. Tess headed down the stairs and went into the lounge room after she heard the familiar sound of Alex grunting.



AN: The two stories did actually happen to someone I know, but I changed them around a little to accomodate this story. The first story about 'Michael' well the person it did happen to, he did pop an artery and I know that there would be more blood then I described but I didn't want to make it into a serious thing but anyway, he's alright and everything. Ok, got that out of the way, oh and just so you know, it wasn't supposed to sound all perverted or anything. *happy*

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Izzylizard: I have to say that I think one mass orgy for this story could be great but it would be so hard to write! Eight people?! PLEASE! I can barely write two of the same sex becuase it gets so confusing to distinguish who is who. hehehe...

I hope to have the next part up in a couple of days!

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Hi guys...I'm back and I have a new part! You guys should like it...You probably have already read it if you were over at the old board while this was board down, but I'll post it here in case people didn't see it.

Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.


Part Thirteen C

Tuesday 1st June
Day Ten:

Tess walked into the lounge room and saw Max holding Kyle down and Alex sitting on top of Michael's chest trying to hold him down too.

"Are you guys like, having an orgy? I mean, is it even possible to have an orgy with four guys? It could be possible I guess, just really awkward, right? You guys weren't like; trying it out or anything were you, in here? Cause that's just really sick in the head. And I really don't want to watch my brother suck some guys cock. Please, spare me the imagery." Tess rambled on from the doorway.

"TESS!" Alex yelled at his sister. He was starting to get embarrassed by her rambling.

Tess visibly shook with surprise at Alex's tone of voice. "Sorry." Tess said softly.

"Doesn't matter. Can you go back upstairs and get the others. There's some stuff that Max needs to tell us." Alex said calmly. Tess just nodded and left the room.

There was silence in the room until Kyle couldn't handle it anymore.


Tess made her way up the stairs and into the bedroom. She walked in and the girls all looked at her and waited patiently. "Oh, um we gotta go downstairs. Max has something to tell us. I guess it has to with that meeting in the 'secret room' thingy." Tess said using her fingers to imitate the quotation marks around 'secret room'.

"Oh right." Liz said getting up and starting to head out of the door.

"I wander if he knows about the laundry yet." Maria said getting up and following Liz out of the room.

"I don't know how I am going to be able to walk back in there and not picture Michael...doing what Michael was doing." Isabel said shaking her head and heading out of the room.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I can't believe that I have to go in there and pretend that we don't know that Max humped his pillow." Tess said with a smile on her face. She didn't look at Max the way that she had noticed Liz did but she was starting to consider him a friend even though they hadn't really had that many conversations.

"And many other things, might I add..." Isabel said letting the sentence go.

The girls started to giggle as they headed down the stairs. They entered the lounge room just as they guys were getting up off the floor.


"Man, Alex your sister has a mouth on her." Kyle said shaking his head with a grin.

"Kyle. Please." Alex said annoyed. When Kyle heard his tone of voice he knew that he should stop, so he kept quiet.

They soon heard the girls coming down the stairs in giggles.

"Maybe we should get up." Max said as he started to pull himself up off of Kyle’s body.

"Yeah." Alex agreed standing up and helping Michael up as well. Max held out his hand for Kyle to get up and Kyle took it just as the girls were walking into the room. The four guys looked towards the girls and waited. The girls soon burst into a fit of laughter and ran out of the room into the hallway.

"What the fuck?" Kyle asked as his eyes looked on in confusion.


The girls were standing in the hallway laughing so hard that they had to hold onto their stomachs and onto the wall to help keep them standing up. Maria turned to Liz still laughing hard.

"Liz. Liz. It's still running. It's still running." Maria said laughing. The girls burst into another fit of laughter.


"It's still running. It's still running." Michael heard Maria say through a fit of laughter.

'SHIT! I'm going to get her!' Michael thought as he ran and jumped over the sofa to get on the other side of the doorway. "ELIZABETH KATE PARKER! YOU ARE SO GOING TO PAY!" Michael yelled as he turned the corner to four giggling idiots.


Liz quickly sobered up until Tess spoke.

"Hey Iz." Tess giggled. "I was just humping the pillow!" She burst out laughing. The three girls followed suit.


"I was just humping the pillow!" Max heard Tess say. The memory flashed into his mind and he knew straight away.


"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!" Isabel yelled as she walked through the doorway. The laughter had stopped and Max and Isabel were having a sibling face-off.

"Why? Embarrassed? Want me to finish? I can you know." Max said as he stared at his sister.

"No. Don't you even dare! It was just girl talk. It didn't mean anything. We promise not bring it up again. Right girls?" Isabel started to plead with her brother. She looked at her three friends and pleaded with her eyes for them to agree.

"Yep. Whatever you say Iz." Liz said trying to hide her smile behind her hand.

Max glanced at Liz and was mesmerised by her smile. He knew he already loved her smile but her laugh was music to his ears and just the thought of her knowing about that story and it making her laugh was something that Max had never experienced. He'd never dated before and never had a girl know anything about his private life, let alone a story that made a girl laugh. Especially THAT story.

"Well. Max might have let Isabel off. But there is NO way that I am letting little Lizzie here, get off without anything. That was nice of you to tell them huh? You do realise I’m not the only person to do embarrassing things when I was little. I do remember that time when you were in the playground at school and you pulled down your pants to show James Coote you were special. He pulled down his pants too and peed on you. Then he called you special. Do you remember that sis?" Michael asked with a smirk on his face. He was standing next Liz and put his arm over her shoulders and looked at all the others. Liz had a scowl on her face and the other six had small smiles on their faces.

"Well I think that's enough reminiscing for today, don't you think?" Max asked trying to change subject so that he could save Liz from more embarrassment and to get back to what he really needed to speak to them about.

"Yes." Liz said sternly then went and sat on the end of the four-seater.

Everyone followed suit silently. There were a few snickers but were soon shot down by Liz. After everyone had settled down Max was sitting down next to Liz and then he started.

"Well, as you know, I was called in this morning and the guy that was there had some news for everyone." Max reached over onto the coffee table to pick up the pile of mail that was forgotten before he and Alex had to pry Michael and Kyle apart.

"Ok. We have mail for everybody. I'm guessing it's from our parents. You can read them later when you're by yourselves. Here, I'll give them to you now." Max said pulling the rubber band off the pile of envelopes. Alex and Tess's pile were on top and he handed two envelopes to Alex and then got up and walked over to Tess who was sitting on the two-seater with Isabel. He went through the pile and grabbed out Isabel's letters and gave them to her. He walked over to Michael who was sitting next to Alex and gave him two letters. He walked over to Maria and Kyle and gave them their two letters each. He sat back down and turned to Liz and gave her, her two envelopes. She gave him a shy smile before she looked down to the white and violet envelopes.

"Anyway, there's more. He said that the beds have some sort of latch things that you can join the beds together and if there is excessive movement on the bed, it won't come apart." Max said. He waited to see if anyone had any questions.

"Does that mean that we can join ALL of the beds together?" Maria asked.

"I don't know. I didn't ask but we can try and see if we can get four of the beds together or something." Max said nodding his head slightly.

"Well I guess that pretty much answers that question if we really do have to sleep with eachother." Michael said flatly.

"I guess." Max agreed. "Also, the laundry thing." Max said.

"Oh yeah. So what's happening with that?" Maria asked eagerly.

'She won't be so eager to know when she finds out.' Max thought. "Well, every Wednesday is laundry day. We each get our own basket and we can only put our own clothes in these baskets. I think that they are labelled or something. Anyway, we have to put them in the 'secret room' and then they get taken and washed and then ironed and folded and we get them back Thursday morning." Max said. As soon as he finished a loud holler was heard from Kyle.

"WOO HOO! I win! I win! You girls have to loose your bras and tops on Thursday! WOO HOO! I win! I win! Sucked in Maria!" Kyle said as he did a little happy dance in front of Maria. Maria got a smile on her face and she got ready to get Kyle back as he slowly turned towards her.

The scene unfolded in slow motion for everyone in the room. Kyle turned around with his hands up in the air doing a little dance. Maria's fist pulled back and then let go like a rocket right into Kyle's front. Expressions were instantaneous. Gasps were heard and a low moan was heard from Kyle. Alex, Kyle and Michael all held their hands in front of their pants as if feeling the pain.

"That had to hurt." Michael said with a look of sympathetic pain on his face.

"Oh God." Kyle got out before he curled up into a ball on the floor.

"Well buddy. That'll teach you not to do happy dances in my presence." Maria said as she leant over and spoke to Kyle. She then stood up and stepped over Kyle's groaning and moaning form and out of the room.

"Maria!" Max called after her. She stopped before she finally left the room and waited.

"There's something else. There's food and stuff that we have to get in about half an hour. We only have twenty minutes to get it out and I don't know how much there is so I'm going to need everybody's help ok?" Max asked.

"Yeah sure." Maria said as she turned around.

"Ok. Now that that's all settled. Lunch will be with the food and things that we get soon." Max said as he started to get up off the couch. He felt a hand on his arm and he looked to his right where Liz was smiling softly at him.

"Can we talk for a minute?" She asked softly. No one heard because everyone else besides Maria had gone to see what he or she could do for Kyle.

"Yeah sure. Come on." Max said getting up off the couch and taking Liz's hand and leading her upstairs. No one had even noticed that they were gone. Max led Liz upstairs and into the boy’s section of the room. He moved over to his bed without letting go of her hand.

"You can sit down if you like." Max said finally letting go of her hand and motioning towards his bed.

"Thanks." Liz said as she sat down at the end of the bed. Max rubbed his suddenly sweaty hands on his jeans before he sat down beside her giving Liz enough personal space.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Max asked gently.

"Um, what Isabel told us. It wasn't so bad. Michael has done worse things and I wouldn't worry about it. Tess and Maria haven't told us anything about Alex or Kyle yet, so their stories are probably worse than yours." Liz said trying to soothe Max.

"Thanks. I think. She told the story about the humping the pillow right?" Max asked.

Liz just nodded. "It's not so bad you know? It could be worse. I thought it was cute though." Liz said trying to reassure Max.

When he heard what she said he looked at her with a shy smile. "Thanks."

"Um, there was something I wanted to ask you. If it's alright I mean. I don't want you to feel that you have to say yes or anything but, I just wanted to try something out." Liz said fiddling with the hem of her t-shirt.

"Yeah, of course I'll do it. What am I doing?" Max asked. He didn't care what she asked. He would do anything she would ask of him.

"Will, will you hold me tonight? Just in case?" Liz asked. She didn't dare look at him. She knew that if she looked in his eyes she would know his honest answer so she didn't want to deal with the rejection while looking into his amber eyes.

"Of course I will. You have to know that whatever you ask me, I will do it. I'd be glad to hold you tonight." Max said. 'And every other night of our lives.' He added silently.

"Thanks. You don't know how much it means to me." Liz said, as she finally looked him in the eye. When she did she saw a mix of emotions. There was happiness, joy, sympathy and something else that she couldn't quite place.

They just smiled at eachother in silence.


"Oh Kyle, man. That was one low blow." Alex said as he held out his hand to help Kyle up.

"You're telling me." Kyle got out through clenched teeth. He wasn't angry with Maria, although he probably should be but he guessed he deserved it and expected it, but he guessed that things never changed.

"I'm glad it was you that was on the receiving end of that knuckle sandwich." Michael said shaking his head.

"Ok, I get it. Let's just drop it. Help me sit down and get me some ice. Please." Kyle said as he started to slowly get up and gently sit on the couch without moving too much. As he leaned back on the couch he sighed with satisfaction.


"Maria how could you do that?" Tess asked in wonderment. Isabel, Maria and Tess were standing in the kitchen, supposedly getting ice or something for Kyle, when really, they were just gossiping.

"It was unreal! I can't believe you did that." Isabel said.

"I've done it before. He'll be alright. He won’t get angry, he should have been expecting it." Maria said smugly.

"Jeez girl. That really had to hurt." Tess said shaking her head.

"Oh I know." Maria said with a smirk on her face.


"We better go downstairs and see how Kyle's doing. I wonder how Maria's going to get herself out of this one." Liz said.

"You go back down. I'm just going to read one of my letters. I'll be down in a sec." Max said as he ran a soothing hand down her back.

"Ok. Don't be too long, don't we have to get the food or something?" Liz asked getting up.

"Yeah, I'll be down there. Don't worry." Max said smiling.

"Kay." Liz said walking out of the room and downstairs.

Max looked at the envelopes in his hand and picked his mum's letter first. He lay down on his bed and opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. Straight away he could smell his mum's favourite perfume. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. The scent was calming and he liked how it made him feel. He always felt like he could be himself when he was around his mum. She always let him be who he wanted to be and never questioned him on his decisions. He opened his eyes and unfolded the piece of paper.

Dear Max,

They asked us to write a letter to you. I said to your father that we should write separate ones. He agreed of course.

How are you doing? Isabel's ok, I hope. She's not giving you any trouble? Mrs Jenkins next door asked how you were. I think she misses the piano lessons you were giving her. She sends her love. So does Aunt Lara. She came to visit for the weekend. She brought your cousin Sarah to visit too. Sarah's so big now. She doesn't look like she's five. She was asking about you. She misses you a lot. We all do. I can't wait for you to come home again. Then you can tell me all about it. Enough about the family.

Are the other kids nice? I met Nancy Parker on the day you left. She is a very nice lady. Her daughter is very beautiful; she's very quiet though. She'd be perfect for you Max. You're both quite, have soulful eyes. I'm sure you would get along just fine. Are you in the same house?

I also met Eloise Whitman. Also a very nice lady. You had already left, but I saw her crying and I couldn't help but relate. So we started talking. Her husband is Charles Whitman. I'm sure you've heard of him, you know, the big computer guy. Apparently Alex, their son, takes after him. A computer whiz! If you have a computer there, maybe you can get him to show you a few tricks or two. That is, if you are in the same house.

Oh, I almost forgot, I met another lady there. Amy Valenti. Funny woman. A real hippy. I thought that the seventies had passed. Obviously not. Her husband, I believe, is with the police force. Funny couple. I guess opposites really do attract.

Anyway, so, you have to write to me and tell me who is there with you, their names, what they look like. Is there a girl in there that you fancy? I can just imagine what you're thinking right now. 'I'm not going to tell my mum about my love life.' But honey, I'm your mother and I worry about you. I won't have you for another two and a half months; I just want to know what's happening there.

I love you,

P.S. I sprayed the letter with my perfume. You know what they say, 'scent is the best memory you have.'

Max finished reading the letter. He folded it back up, held it to his nose and inhaled. He missed his mum even if no one noticed, but he did and the smell of her perfume helped him to remember. He put the letter back in the envelope and placed both of them under his pillow and headed downstairs.

As he walked downstairs he walked into the lounge room to see Kyle sitting on the two-seater holding a tea towel with ice over his crotch. He had his head resting back on the couch and his left arm over the top of his eyes. His right hand holding the ice.

"Feeling good?" Max asked.

"Fine and dandy, thanks." Kyle said in a sarcastic tone.

"Good. I'll see ya 'round." Max said heading out of the lounge and into the kitchen where he could hear the others conversing.

Max walked in and leaned up against the cupboards by the fridge. He listened to the others talk about what they thought they would get for lunch when he didn't even notice Liz come up beside him.

"So did you read a letter from home?" She asked softly.

"Yeah. My mum's." Max answered turning his head toward her.

Liz just nodded and turned back to the others.

"She likes you. She met you and your mum on the day we left. She said that she really likes your mother and that she thought you were very beautiful." Max said quietly.

Liz turned her head abruptly towards Max when she heard his words. 'Was he telling the truth, or was he lying and he really meant what he was saying. No, he's telling the truth. You're not beautiful. You only have straight brown hair and brown eyes. Jeez, beautiful.' Liz thought to herself. "Tell her I said that she shouldn't be handing out compliments like that when she very well knows that they aren't true." Liz said just before she turned to walk away.

Max couldn't believe his ears. She didn't think she was beautiful? What he saw must be entirely different from what she sees. Just as Max was about to tell Liz that she was beautiful, that annoying voice over the speakers spoke again.

"Maxwell. The room is now open for you to get the food." The voice said.

"Damn!" Max muttered under his breath. He would have to speak to Izzie later and ask for her advice.

The seven teens walked over to the open door and piled in to start unloading the food and accessories. There was lunch, which consisted of four different types of pasta in different sauces; there were soft drinks, chocolates, Parmesan cheese and a note to the housemates. In the rest of the package, there was toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, dish washing detergent, milk, cereal, bread, butter, bottled water, coffee, tea, everything that a normal house would need, minus the laundry needs.

"Well looks like we got our laundry baskets." Alex said as he picked up the eight laundry baskets.

"Please don't remind me." Maria mumbled. But everyone heard.

"Ok, we'll try not to." Michael taunted.

"You want a right hook too?" Maria threatened turning her head to face Michael.

"No! No. Course not." Michael said as he hurriedly picked up something and took it out.

"Smart move Parker, smart move." Kyle said from the doorway holding the ice on his crotch still.

"Ok, it looks like that's the lot. Come one. Let's get out of here and have some lunch." Max said picking up the last of it and walking out after everyone else. The door instantly closed after Max.

Lunch came and went. Most of the group went their separate ways to have the little piece of privacy that kept them sane during the long days at the house. While the others were inside, Maria was sitting outside on the grass reading her letter from her dad.


How's it going? Not doing anything illegal I hope. Only joking! Really, how is it going in that house? I bet you feel claustrophobic already, huh? Oh well, just think of it like this. Two and a half more months!

Your mother wouldn't stop crying for the first three days after you and Kyle left. It was like you were going away and weren't ever coming back. She's alright now. She's trying to make herself busy so she doesn't get too caught up in what you two are doing. How is Kyle anyway, don't get up to too much trouble you hear, or read. Got enough hair gel for the both of you? I don't really understand why you need it but Kyle I do. Though sometimes, I really think Kyle should change his hairstyle, I mean the wavy look can only last a certain amount of time right? Maybe you can help him get out of that before he gets back.

Have you found any of the boys there to be of your standards? I know that you have very high standards, you take after your mother in that respect.

Oh well, everything is great down here. The Hopsin's kid ran away; again. He'll turn up though. He always does. Your singing teacher called and wanted to know if you wanted us to send you any music for you to practice while you’re there, so that you don't forget anything for the concert when you get back.

I know that this isn't a very long letter but not enough has really happened here. It's all pretty much the same as when you left. Just a lot more quiet. Don't start any fights with Kyle and please refrain from giving him the right hook. I know you love to, but don't you think that his lower anatomy has had enough beatings from you?

I love you lots,

Maria had a tear in her eye. She missed her dad's stories about the neighbour’s kids; she missed her mum's quirkiness. She missed home. She quickly wiped the tear away before anyone might notice. Unfortunately, she wasn't quick enough.

Michael had been watching Maria read the letter that she was holding. He saw her look up at the pool and then quickly wipe a tear away off her cheek. He didn't say anything or even make a move to open the back door and go over and comfort her. He knew that she needed this time to be alone and later would be the time for comfort.

Alex watched Michael from the kitchen but didn't say a word. He put down the glass he was drinking from and headed for the dining room where he could get some alone time to read one of his letters.

He sat down at the very far end close to the front of the house. He placed the two envelopes in front of himself and debated which letter he would open first. He missed them both but he seemed to miss mum more than his father. They had a special bond. Alex knew that he could tell his mother about anything and she would still love him unconditionally. Not that he thought that his father wouldn't, he just found it easier to talk to his mum. Tess was more connected to their father than Alex was. He picked up his mother's letter and opened the envelope. He pulled out the paper and a photo that was inside. He looked at the photo and smiled.

The photo was taken at the last family gathering that they had. It was at his Aunt Sally's house. His Uncle Trent had been taking photos all day and then he got the four of them to stand so that he could take a picture. Alex had his arm around his mum and on the other side of him Tess stood and their dad had his arm over Tess's shoulders. They were all smiling. It was a good photo of them and they were so relaxed in the photo. It was perfect. Alex placed the photo down on the table and unfolded the paper. He instantly recognised his mothers writing.

My Alex,

Do you remember that joke when you were about seven years old and it was your favourite joke? You would go around the house saying it over and over again as if you would forget it if you didn't?

'If you're American in the lounge room, what are you in the bathroom? Ur-a-peein'.'

Oh Alex how I miss you. The house isn't the same without you or Tess. I keep remembering things like that so that I don't forget. I have to admit that I have been sleeping in your rooms from time to time. I miss you is all.

Your father and I can't wait until you get back. How are the other kids in the house? Do you like them? Are they easy to get along with? Is there a girl you like? What does she look like? What's her name? Does she like you? I know, I know, I'm being nosy. But, if you don't tell me what's happening, I can find it out with my resources.

I met a Nancy Parker, Diane Evans and Amy Valenti the day you kids left. Their kids were also on the bus that you left on. Did you meet them? That Amy Valenti is one wacky character. She's a hippy and her husband is in the police force. Uncommon couple don't you think? Oh well, you should see them together though, they are very cute.

Nancy Parker is a very nice lady. She and her husband own a restaurant. Your father and I decided to try it out. It had very nice food. Their daughter works there. I think her name is Elizabeth, of course she's not working now because she's in one of the houses there. Their son Michael also works there. He cooks and apparently very well.

Diane is a sweet lady. Her and her husband Phillip are great. They own a law firm. I think you know the one. It's very big and successful. Evans & Co. that’s the name of the firm. Their children's names are Isabel and Maxwell. Apparently Isabel likes to taunt her brother a lot. Diane showed us a photo of Maxwell and Isabel. I have to say that Isabel is very pretty. Maxwell is good looking for his age. Girls will be swooning after him when he grows up a bit more.

Don't worry Alex, all the girls will be swooning over you too. And if they don't, then it's too bad for them because they are missing out on one hell of a boy.

Anyway, I better stop writing or else I won’t have anything else to write in the next letter.

Love always my little prince,

P.S. I sent you that photo Uncle Trent had taken at Aunt Sally's. It's the most recent one of all of us that I could find.

Alex smiled to himself as he picked up the photo again and traced his mother's face. 'God I miss her.' Alex thought before folding up the letter and putting it back in the envelope. He sat there for a few moments staring at the photo.

Isabel walked past the dining room and saw Alex sitting there looking at a photo with a silly grin on his face. He hadn't even noticed her yet and that surprised her a little because he usually always notices when she's in the room. Isabel shrugged and headed upstairs to read the letter from her dad.

She slowly ascended the stairs and made her way through the door that led to the boy’s side of the room. When she walked in she spotted her brother reading on of his letters. Probably their mum's letter. Max loved his mum very much. More than Isabel could understand. Weren't teenage guys supposed to be repulsed by their mother’s mushiness? Not Max, he embraced it. She shrugged her shoulders again and headed for Max's bed.

"Mums?" Isabel asked, as she sat down next to him.

"Yep. I've already read it about six times. I miss her." Max said as he rested the letter on his lap.

"I know what you mean. I was just going to open dad's letter." Isabel said about to get up.

Max nodded. "She sprayed it with perfume. Her perfume." Max said handing the letter to Isabel. Isabel closed her eyes and inhaled slowly savouring the smell that was their mother. She wore the same perfume day in and day out and it didn't bother either of the Evans kids. The perfume wasn't just worn by their mother; it WAS their mother.

"It smells just like her." Isabel said as she opened her eyes and handed back the letter to Max.

"I know." Max said with a small smile on his face.

"Anyway, I'm going to read the letter from dad." Isabel said again standing up. Max just nodded again and Isabel walked over to her bed. She sat down and looked over to her left where she noticed Liz was sitting on her bed looking at the two envelopes that ley unopened in front of her.

"Can't decide?" Isabel asked. Liz was startled by Isabel's voice. She hadn't even noticed that anyone was in the room besides her.

"Oh um, something like that." Liz said. She smiled shyly and then turned back to look at the envelopes.

Isabel mentally shrugged and reached onto her bedside table and picked up the letter from her dad. She opened the envelope and slid the letter out. There was a faint scent of his aftershave on the paper. Isabel smiled softly.

She unfolded the envelope and started to read.

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Here's the rest:

My Little Princess,

How I've missed you and it's only been about a week. The people that have you in the house asked us to write to you. Like they even had to ask! How are you doing? Not homesick? Living it up? You don't have any parents or adults around, I hope that nothing illegal is going on down there. I may be a lawyer but I can't get you out of everything. Only joking. I can!

How's Max? I hope you didn't ask him to carry your make-up suitcase. I promised him that if you asked that I would tell you that you have to carry it. Oh well, Max is a big boy.

Some of the family came over a few days after you left. Your mother will probably tell you all about it, or maybe she told Max to tell you. Anyway, they hope you two have fun and that you don't get up to too much mischief.

Well, as much as a father doesn't want to know or hear about his only daughter's love life, have you met anyone you like? Is he nice? Does he treat you right because if he doesn't than I'll have to go down there myself and take care of that boy. Ok, ok, ok, I know I'm being an over-protective father, but you know me.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got a new case this week. A tough one though. A woman was promised a job and when the employers found out that she was pregnant, they gave the job to someone else. Although they hadn't made a contract on paper, there is still a case. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Well, your mother will kill me if she finds out that I've been writing to you about a case I have, so promise you won't tell her?

We met some lovely people after you and Max left. I know you're probably angry finding out that we were socialising while our only children were bused off to a house for three months. But that's not the case. Their children were also on that bus. There were the Whitmans. Very nice couple. Charles, that's the father, has a very big computer company. Apparently his son, Alexander, is very good with computers too.

Jeffrey Parker was a nice man. Owns a restaurant. His wife was obviously upset that us men were becoming great friends at such a sad time. I'm sorry honey, but I don't understand you women. Oh well, I love you and your mother lots so I can put up with it.

Now, the Valenti's? Entirely different case. Amy was balling her eyes, Nancy Parker, Eloise Whitman and mum were trying to calm her down while Jim Valenti kept passing her little bottles with aromatherapy oils. It was quite hilarious at the time. We're all meeting up some night this week to have dinner. I'm sure it'll be a riot.

I better go sweetie. I would love to keep writing but it's very late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I love you very much and I am very proud of you.


Isabel was now lying down on her left side. A tear slowly slid down the side of her cheek and onto her pillow. She smiled softly and looked up to find Liz still sitting on her bed staring at the unopened envelopes. It looked to her like she didn't really want to open either letter. Shouldn't someone be happy and eager to open a letter from home? Isabel slowly sat up and looked over to Max who had changed positions and was now lying on his back with his hand behind his head and their mother's letter lying on his chest as he stared up at the ceiling. Isabel just looked back at Liz with defeat. She didn't know what was wrong with Liz and she figured that if Liz wanted anyone to know about it than she would tell him or her.

Dinner soon rolled around a couple of hours later. The teens ate dinner slowly and quietly. There wasn't a dinner conversation because everyone was caught up in his or her own thoughts. After dinner everyone went through the motions of clearing the table and washing the dishes and drying them in silence. Not even Maria tried to stop the quite. In fact, she embraced it. She felt it was like a time for them where no one else could interfere with it.

After the kitchen and the table was cleaned up Liz, Max, Alex and Isabel went upstairs to get ready for bed. Liz felt very uncomfortable having Max's sister know that Max was going to sleeping in her bed tonight. Although she didn't know that Max had spoken to her just after dinner and Isabel actually knew, she still felt weird about it.

Liz walked over to her bed and sat down on the end. Max had quickly run downstairs and said he'd be up in a minute.

Meanwhile Alex was getting ready for bed at his end of the room. He undressed til his boxers and sat on the side of his bed. He opened up the drawer from his bedside table and took out the photo from his mother. He looked at it and then pulled out blue-tak, that he had brought along to put up some posters and stuff that he hadn't done yet. He stuck the photo above his bed and took one last look at it before he got underneath the covers and turned off his bedside lamp. His eyes drifted closed and he fell into a peaceful slumber.

Across the room Isabel watched Alex from the safety and warmth of her bed. She smiled a secret smile as he took a look at the photo and then went to sleep. 'Yes daddy, I have met someone I like.' Isabel thought to herself before she drifted off to sleep.

Max came up the stairs and walked into the girl’s section of the room. He walked over to Liz who was sitting with her back to him on the end of the bed.

"Liz?" Max whispered.

"Max. Sorry I was just thinking." Liz said as she turned her head to look at Max. She smiled shyly then stood up. They both pulled back the covers of her bed and Max motioned for Liz to lie down first. She layed down on the bed and turned on her left side so that Max could lie down next to her. She was surprised at first when Max snuggled up behind her to hold her. But after the initial shock, she leant into his chest. Just before she closed her eyes and fell asleep, she whispered a thank you.

Although she had whispered it, Max had heard it perfectly clear and although he knew from her breathing that she had fallen asleep, he whispered his thanks.

About half-an-hour later Michael, Maria, Tess and Kyle made their way into the bedroom with Maria and Michael at it again.

"No Michael. We can't just sit around here and watch ‘Braveheart’ all the time." Maria complained.

"Why not? I'm still counting the bodies. I NEED an accurate body count." Michael argued.

"Guys. Sshh." Tess said holding a finger over her lips. Michael and Maria looked over to Tess who was motioning towards Alex and then Isabel. Michael took a look around and then at Max's bed. 'Didn't Max come up earlier?' Michael thought. Then it hit him. Liz was up here too. He made his way quietly around the corner and found Max spooned up behind his baby sister holding her around the waist protectively.

Maria watched as Michael’s fists clenched tighter every second. When she saw him start to move towards Max and Liz, she grabbed a hold on his arm. Michael turned his head abruptly to his right to see who was stopping him from killing Max.

"Michael. She needs him right now. Just let it go. Come on. Let's go to bed." Maria said softly. She noticed how he calmed down almost instantly at the sound of her voice. Maria couldn't help but feel giddy at this knowledge.

Michael nodded, took one last glance at the two sleeping forms and then turned around heading for his own bed.

"He just better be wearing something under there this time." Maria heard Michael mumble as he walked past her.

She smiled a secret smile and headed over to her own bed next to Max and Liz.

Tess walked over to her own bed and turned to look at Maria. They both smiled knowing smiles and then averted their gaze over to the sleeping couple. They got changed and then hopped into bed and fell asleep.

Kyle hadn't said anything since they had walked into the room. He watched as Michael had gotten tense and how his sister calmed him down instantly. He was jealous in a way that Maria could do that and that it wasn't himself that could. He looked over to Michael's bed where Michael lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. As if sensing he was being watched, Michael turned his head to look at Kyle. They smiled softly at eachother before they turned off their bedside lamps and fell asleep.


Liz found herself in a dream place that she had never seen before. She looked to be in a living room of a very big house. She looked around the room and noticed pictures on the mantle piece above the fireplace. She looked closely and saw pictures of herself and Max, but older. She gasped when she saw the picture of her and Max, but she was holding a baby and so was Max. They were all smiling and she liked how they looked.

She heard some noise from beneath her and looked down. There on the floor were four little girls and four little boys. She knelt down on the ground and looked at each child intently. They all looked like eachother and she concluded that they were brothers and sisters. She noted that they weren't all the same ages but very close in age.

One of the boys stood up and walked over to a box full of toys and sat down next to one of the girls.

"Shiri. Here go." The little brown-haired, brown-eyed boy said to the little brown-haired, brown-eyed girl.

Just as Liz was about to reach out and touch the little boys head of hair she heard footsteps. Liz looked up as an older version of Max walked in the room holding two bottles.

"Ok, Nicole and Nicholas. Time for your bottles." Max said as he walked over to the sofa and set the bottles down. He walked over to the eight kids and picked up a little girl and a little boy. He sat down on the couch and shifted the two kids so that one sat on either knee. He picked up the bottles that were next to him and handed the one labelled 'Nicole' to the little girl and the one labelled 'Nicholas' to the little boy. H sat there with a smile on his face as they drank to their hearts content. He watched his other six kids playing on the ground and smiled even wider.

"Max, honey. Isabel and Alex should be here soon. Are you feeding Nick and Nikki?" Liz heard her own voice coming from the hallway. When she saw herself come in through the doorway, she gasped. Her hair was longer and thicker, but it still shined. She had more curves to her body, which she didn't mind at all. Her breasts looked to be much bigger in size and Liz had to smile at herself. She was wearing dark jeans and a t-shirt that said 'World's Best Mum!' on it. She liked the new her. Or older her.

"Yeah I know. They're having their bottles now." Max said as he looked up at her and smiled even wider.

Liz was just about to say something when the doorbell rang. Liz lifted her finger as if to say wait as she turned and went to answer the door.

"Liz! Do you know how hard it is to carry two kids while you're four months pregnant and ready to pop? Alex! Hurry up. We don't have all day you know." Isabel said as she wobbled into the house behind a little girl and a little boy while holding another little girl and a little boy.

"I'm coming. Danielle-Elise lost her shoe in the car." Alex said as he walked in a few seconds later holding a squirming little girl and boy.

"Ok, well you don't have to worry. We aren't fully ready yet. Plus, we don't have to be there for another hour. And we have to wait for Kyle and Tess and then Michael and Maria." Liz said leaving the hallway and heading up the stairs.

"Great we're going to be here forever." Alex mumbled as he set the two little children he was playing with on the floor with the others.

"Max, do you have the name tags?" Isabel asked as she eased herself into an armchair.

"Yeah, they're in the right draw of the table in the foyer. Alex can go and get them." Max said smiling at Alex.

"Fine. You know, I think that it is quite degrading but funny that we have to have all of our kids wear nametags. Don't you think our parents would realise that they have their own names?" Alex said coming back in with a pile of nametags with baby safety pins attached to each.

"Hey can you pass me Nicole's and Nicolas’s?" Max asked as he held out his hand to Alex. Alex handed him the name tags and set about putting them on the other kids.

The dream Liz leant in and started reading the name tags. Jason-William. Shiri-Anne. Colin-Phillip. Katherine-Diane. Brendan-Jeffrey. Majandra-Marie. Nicholas-Makensie. Nicole-Alexandra. Matthew-Luke. Chloe-Ashley. Adam-Michael. Holly-Olivia. Jake-Daniel. Danielle-Elise. 'Jeez. What's with the hyphens?' Dream Liz thought to herself.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door followed by some yelling.

"Michael and Maria." Isabel, Alex and Max said at the same time. Dream Liz tried to hold in her laughter.

Liz walked down the stairs and pulled open the door and walked into the living room without acknowledging the arguing couple.

"You know, arguing in front of the kids, is not a good thing you know." Isabel said.

Michael and Maria both shut up and put down the bundles of joy they were holding. Alex went about putting nametags on the four newcomers. Dream Liz looked down at the four new names. Charles-Brody. David-Alexander. Emilie-Kelly. Natalie-Nancy. 'More hyphen’s.' Thought Dream Liz.

"Well, looks like now all we have to wait for is Kyle and - " Maria started to say as the doorbell rang.

"Looks like the Valenti party arrived." Max said as the door opened and Kyle and a pregnant Tess walked in.

"Hey guys. Sorry we're late. Tess and Kyle decided to throw up before we left." Kyle said lugging a baby bag on his shoulder.

"Oh. Tess are you sure you're feeling up to this?" Liz asked walking up to Tess.

"Oh, not me. Little Tessie." Tess said laughing.

"Oh. Sorry." Liz said.

"Nah. It's ok." Tess said handing little Kyle over to Alex whom had the nametags.

Dream Liz took a look at the name. Kyle-Nathan. Little Tessie was handed to Alex. Tess-Eloise.

"So are we ready to leave for our little trip to the parentals? They're inviting their other friends and stuff right? That's why we have the name tags?" Michael asked. Everyone nodded.

"Woah! De ja vu." Liz said. "I remember having a dream exactly like this back in that house when we were sixteen.

Dream Liz gasped. Was this their future? No. It couldn't be. Could it?

Liz woke with a start and sat up quickly breathing heavily. Max sat up next to her and smoothed down her hair while whispering calming words into her ear.

"Max. I think I saw our future." Liz said looking up at Max with wide eyes.

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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.



"Woah! De ja vu." Liz said. "I remember having a dream exactly like this back in that house when we were sixteen.

Dream Liz gasped. Was this their future? No. It couldn't be. Could it?

Liz woke with a start and sat up quickly breathing heavily. Max sat up next to her and smoothed down her hair while whispering calming words into her ear.

"Max. I think I saw our future." Liz said looking up at Max with wide eyes.


Part Fourteen

Tuesday 2nd June
Day Eleven
Early Morning:

"We have to find out what it means." Max said as he paced back and forth in front of the couch in the living room. Max had insisted that he and Liz discuss the recent events downstairs instead of going back to sleep.

“Max!” Liz whispered harshly. “Just forget about it ok? It was just my subconscious playing up. I did have a glass of warm milk before I went to bed and you know, people say that having warm milk before you go to bed gives you weird dreams.” Liz tried to explain. She didn’t want to talk about it anymore. She just wanted to go back upstairs and lay in bed with Max and pretend that nothing had happened.

“Fine, fine. I’d rather stay down here and discuss this further but you obviously don’t want that. So, come on, I’ll take you back upstairs.” Max said in a defeated tone.

“Aren’t you going to stay with me?” Liz said worriedly while standing up abruptly.

“Nah, it’s almost 5:30 in the morning. I’ll get changed and then I’ll go run a couple of laps in the backyard.” Max said scratching his eyebrow while yawning.

“Well then I’ll go get changed and I’ll keep you company.” Liz offered.

“Nah, it’s ok. You don’t have to do that.” Max said smiling warm-heartedly.

“No really, I like spending time with you and it seems like it’ll be the only time that we’ll have alone together without prying eyes.” Liz said chuckling.

“You like spending time with me?” Max asked softly, the conversation taking a turn for seriousness.

“Well, yeah.” Liz said blushing slightly while looking down and placing her hands on her back in nervousness.

“I like spending time with you too.” Max admitted with a smile.

Liz smiled softly while still looking down.

“Come on.” Max said nodding his head in the direction of the stairs.

Liz turned and headed for the stairs with Max following behind taking a few quick glances at Liz’s waist as her hips moved from side to side.

Upstairs, Max got changed into a pair of loose fitting shorts and a loose t-shirt. He put on a pair of socks and his sneakers and headed for the other end of the room. He tried not to make too much noise as it was fairly early and the other six occupants of the room were still asleep. He thanked the heavens that he had been so quiet that Liz hadn’t heard him shuffling around the room, because as he turned the corner, he was met with a sight that would be forever etched into his brain.

Liz had walked up the stairs and into her section of the room. She heard Max shuffling around getting changed. She thought that she had better hurry and get changed before Max came around the corner. She started to strip her clothes of with great speed. She pulled her tank top over her head and threw it on her bed. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and pulled them down her legs. She hadn’t worn a bra or panties to bed so she folded her tank top and shorts and placed them at the end of the unmade bed. She searched franticly through her draws trying to find the perfect top and skirt. She wished one of the girls were awake to help her choose.

All that time she hadn’t even realised that Max had stopped shuffling around and was at the corner watching her naked form move around trying to find the right clothes to wear.

Max didn’t want to embarrass her so he kept quiet. Another reason was that she was so indescribably beautiful that he just couldn’t convince himself that being a pervert was not a good thing.

She pulled out a bright pink skirt and a white tank top. She slipped on the tank top and slid into the pink skirt. The material of the skirt was light, so when she took a step or the wind blew, the skirt would move and swish around. She picked up her brush and ran it through her hair a few times and applied some cherry lip-gloss. She hadn’t put a bra or panties on and in some twisted way, it made her feel sexy.

Max had noticed the lack of undergarments and tried to catch his bearings before she realised that he had been standing there all that time. He stepped behind the corner and pretended that he was just coming around the corner.

He looked down at his watch and spoke softly. “You ready to keep me company while I get all hot and sweaty?”

Liz tried not to choke on the imagery that her brain had conjured up. “Yep.” She squeaked.

They headed outside after Max had stopped in the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Liz decided to take an apple and a glass of water with her just in case she got thirsty or hungry.

They slid out the back door quietly and both headed for the outside table and benches. Max set down his water bottle next to where Liz had set down her glass and apple. Max gave her a brief smile before he started to jog around the yard. Liz sat down facing the pool with one leg on either side of the bench.

Max watched her out of the corner of his eye. He shuddered with sexual want at the thought of being the bench between her legs at that moment. He thought he better try and spark a conversation with her to try and keep his mind off of all the sexual fantasies that were being conjured up in his head at that very moment.

“So, read any of the letters from your parents yet?” Max asked. That was a good topic starter he thought with a smile.

“No. Not yet. Maybe today. You have though. Whose did you read first?” Liz asked remembering how the previous day Max had said he was going to stay upstairs for a few more minutes to read one of his letters. He hadn’t come down for at least fifteen minutes after she had left his bed.

“My mums. I miss her a lot. We’re pretty close. She does some stupid things sometimes though.” Max said with a chuckle.

“Don’t all mothers?” Liz asked with a smile.

“Well, the latest was spraying the letter with her perfume.” Max said already remembering the scent and feeling it breeze through his nostrils.

“I don’t think that’s stupid. I think that’s sweet.” Liz said tilting her head to the side with a small smile gracing her lips.

“Yeah, it is. But it’s just such a Diane Evans thing to do.” Max commented with a laugh.

“You really love your mum don’t you?” Liz asked with a look of intrigue on her face.

“Yeah. Don’t you?” Max asked confused. Didn’t everyone love his or her mother?

“Yeah, but, my dad and I have much more of a bond. My mum isn’t always good with showing her affection towards me.” Liz said looking away from Max and to the pool.

“Oh.” Was all Max could think of to say.

Max ran in silence as Liz sat in the silence for a few seconds, both contemplating what the other had said.

“Can I ask you a question?” Max asked.

“Ok.” Liz replied.

“It’s kind of personal.” Max warned.

“Ok, hit me with it.” Liz said feeling up to whatever question he was going to ask.

“Do you think you’re beautiful?” Max asked.

Liz was shocked into silence. Of all the things that she thought he would ask about, he asked if she thought she was beautiful.

Noticing her shocked silence, Max felt terrible for asking such a question that he had no right to know the answer to. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. I shouldn’t –

“No.” Liz had cut Max off before he could go on.

Max kept jogging thinking over her answer. He wanted to ask her so many more questions, but he was afraid to.

“I know you want to ask another question. I can see it on your face.” Liz replied glancing back at Max.

“No, it’s ok. I shouldn’t have asked you that question in the first place.” Max tried.

“Max, I know you want to ask another question. I wasn’t angry or upset that you asked that first question. I was just shocked. Please, ask your question.” Liz said pleadingly.

Max had his back to Liz so he knew that from the sound of her voice that she did indeed want him to ask the question. “Why don’t you think you’re beautiful?”

Liz thought over the question and tried to come up with an answer that wouldn’t sound completely stupid. “Well, there are many factors that come into this answer.” She started. “First, there’s my hair. It’s brown. I mean, tell me how many guys want to go out with a girl that has plain brown straight I might add, hair? Then there’s my height. I’m short, I probably wont even grow that much taller and if I were say, a couple of inches taller, than that would be ok. Now, don’t even get me started on my chest size, cause even that is small.” Liz said with a small smile and a light chuckle.

Max listened to Liz as she picked out her ‘flaws’. They weren’t flaws to him. Its what made her so beautiful. Including her breast size. He decided to stop and sit down across from her before he answered. He wanted her to look in his eyes and see the truth behind his next words.

He made his way over to the bench and slid one leg over the other side so that he sat facing her. He attempted to catch his breath as he reached for the bottle of water. He took big gulps of it and just let the cool water run down the back of his throat cooling his body as it went.

After he caught his breath, he set his water bottle down and looked her straight in the eye. Liz awaited his next words. Keeping eye contact with Liz, he slid his hands over her knees and lifted them up slightly as he shuffled closer to her. The back of her knees now rested on his thighs. Liz felt very exposed especially because she didn’t have anything on underneath.

“Liz, you are going to listen hard to what I am about to say. You can’t interrupt me because I won’t let you.” He started. He kept direct eye contact with her. He lifted one of his hands and threaded his fingers through her hair. “Your hair, Liz, is gorgeous. It’s so soft and silky. I love that its straight cause then I can run my fingers through it, just like this. Brown, is not how I would describe your hair. Brown is how I would describe the soil in the garden. The colour of your hair is the colour of rich chocolate. The sun hits off your hair and creates this glow around you. It’s so beautiful sometimes that I can’t help but watch you. So what if you’re short? Maria and Tess are. There are so many people in this world that are short. My mum is short and she married my father, who is madly in love with my mother. Even a short person can find love. I wouldn’t want you to be any taller than you are. You fit perfectly against me and that’s just the way it should be. Liz, your breasts. I’ve seen them twice in the short while we’ve been here and they’re perfect. I’m going to tell you something and I know I shouldn’t but I’m going to anyway. Upstairs, just before, when we were getting changed, I watched you shuffling around naked and I have to tell you, that from where I was standing, you have some nice breasts. I can still remember what they felt like pressed up against my chest from the other night. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to feel that again. And I know that right now, you aren’t wearing a bra or panties on, and I don’t think you have any idea what that does to a person. Believe me. And finally, me. I would want to go out with you. I’d want to be that guy that gets to run his fingers through your long, chocolate-brown silky smooth hair every chance that I got, or be able to hold you against me. I want to be that guy.” Max said truthfully.

Through his speech, his hands had moved from her hair to her shoulders, down her sides and now they were resting on her upper thighs. His thumbs were drawing lazy circles through the material of her skirt.

Liz had sat in silence as Max went on about her hair and her height. She tried to hold back the tears because somewhere deep in her heart, she knew that what he was saying was the truth. She just wasn’t able to admit it to herself just yet. When Max started to tell her about her breasts, she was feeling very embarrassed, but when he said that he knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her clothes, she was mortified. He’d seen her naked. As in, no clothes at all. She had looked down in embarrassment around that part but her head quickly shot up, her eyes meeting his when he’d said that he wanted her. That meant that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. The tears had started to roll freely down her cheeks, showing Max how much his words had meant to her. She leaned forward and hugged him as tight as she could.

“By the way, I’ve seen your package and that is something that I am definitely looking forward to.” Liz whispered in his ear. She heard his breath hitch in his throat and she smiled at the knowledge that she had received the desired effect of her words.

“Michael’s going to kill me.” Max mumbled after the initial shock of her words had worn off.

Liz just laughed in response.

And so the two sat holding eachother closely on the bench.

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Upstairs Tess woke up at the sound of the running tap in the kitchen. She rubbed at her eyes and yawned. She turned her head to her right and watched Isabel sleep. She looked so beautiful. She was faced towards her and so Tess had full view of her face.

Tess remembered the kiss that they had shared the other day on the lawn of the backyard. Isabel was such a tease. Tess was extremely hot and bothered after that little fiasco. Tess smiled as she remembered. She wandered when they were going to go at it again.

Isabel sighed in her sleep and her hand rubbed one of her eyes as she yawned. Tess watched her still. Isabel mumbled some incoherent words before opening her eyes to be met by sparkling blue ones. Isabel smiled softly.

“Morning.” Tess whispered.

“Hi.” Isabel whispered back shyly. She didn’t know why she was so shy. She had gone out with a lot of guys and never once was she shy. Of course, she had never felt a sort of ‘pull’ towards any of them before, and they weren’t short, blonde, with breasts either.

“Sleep well?” Tess asked.

“Pleasantly well.” Isabel said smiling.

“Shut up.” A groggy male voice was heard from the other side of the room. Kyle.

Tess rolled her eyes at Isabel and Isabel giggled. ‘Oh my god! I just giggled. God, I keep giggling and I don’t know why.’ Isabel thought to herself. She was changing. Her body wasn’t, at least she didn’t think it was but her personality was. No one would believe it was her when she got back, she was going to be a major softie by the time she left the house.

“You wanna hop in here?” Tess said shuffling back on the mattress and lifting up the covers invitingly.

“Yeah sure.” Isabel said smiling. ‘Anything to get closer to Tess.’ Isabel thought.

Isabel quietly pulled down her covers and slowly pulled herself up. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and pushed herself up into a standing position. She yawned again and covered her mouth with her hand. She took two small steps and quietly hopped into bed with Tess.

Tess was still lying on her right side facing Isabel, so Isabel turned on her left side to face Tess.

“How come you’re up so early?” Isabel asked quietly.

“I woke up with the sound of the kitchen tap running. Someone must have been getting a drink or something.” Tess said quietly.

“Right. Why didn’t you go back to sleep?” Isabel asked.

“Because I was watching you sleep.” Tess replied smiling.

Isabel just smiled in response.

“Iz? Can I ask you something?” Tess asked softly.

“Yeah, sure. Anything.” Isabel replied. She liked the way Tess had said Iz. It just seemed to sound perfect when she said it.

“Can I touch you?” Tess asked. Her bold self was turning embarrassed and shy by the second after she had asked that. Her head lowered and her cheeks blazed red and her hands moved nervously.

Isabel watched as Tess became shy. ‘God, how adorable does she look right now?’ Isabel thought. She knew that Tess didn’t actually mean touch as just a hand touching the skin of her shoulder, she meant Tess’s hand touching her breast, maybe something even lower. Isabel only had one question after that thought.


Tess looked up into Isabel’s face and saw that Isabel wanted her to touch her. “Everywhere.” Tess replied truthfully.

Isabel’s body had reacted to that one word. Everywhere. That would mean her breasts, her thighs, her vagina, her clit, inside her. Isabel just nodded at Tess.

This was all Tess needed before she began to move. She leant up near Isabel’s ear. “Move into the centre of the bed.” Tess whispered.

Isabel had lost her voice. She nodded again. Tess shuffled more to the side of the bed to let Isabel lay in the middle. As Isabel got comfortable, Tess threw one of her legs over Isabel’s hips and lifted herself up to sit there.

‘Oh God, if she doesn’t touch me soon, I’m going to burst.’ Isabel thought as she looked up into Tess smiling face.

Tess reached for the hem of Isabel’s nightie, which had ridden up her thighs when she had shifted to the middle of the bed. Tess slowly brought the nightie up past her underwear, along her stomach and as she reached just below Isabel’s breasts, she stopped. She looked up at Isabel’s face, asking with her eyes. Isabel looked deep into Tess’s eyes and knew that they both wanted this. She nodded.

Tess slowly lifted the nightie up and over Isabel’s breasts. Isabel leaned up so that Tess could pull the nightie off of her body. Once Tess held the nightie in her hands, she dropped it on the floor next to her bed.

Tess broke the eye contact that she had with Isabel to look down at Isabel’s breasts. Isabel suddenly felt very shy and turned her head away.

Tess saw Isabel turn her head away and figured that she was shy. She leant forward again close to Isabel’s ear. “You’re absolutely gorgeous.” Tess whispered with a smile.

Isabel turned her head towards Tess and smiled. Their lips were millimetres apart from eachother and Tess decided to have a little fun. Her tongue licked her own lips and then licked Isabel’s lips. Isabel closed her eyes and shuddered at the sensation. Tess smiled at the reaction she received. She sat back up and looked down at Isabel’s breasts again.

Her right hand slowly reached out and with her index finger traced a line on the underside of her breast.

“Oh god.” Isabel breathed out.

Tess’s thumb started to lightly trace around Isabel’s left breast. Her thumb drew closer to her nipple and Isabel’s breathing had already escalated.

Right before Tess’s thumb was going to lightly touch Isabel’s nipple, Tess bent her head down to Isabel’s nipple. Her tongue snuck out from behind her lips and touched the tip of Isabel’s nipple.

Isabel moaned softly and her back arched involuntarily. Tess licked the nipple once more before pulling away a little bit and then softly blowing her nipple. Isabel was going crazy; the feelings inside her that Tess was conjuring up within her were intense. She loved what Tess was doing to her but she wanted, no needed more. The ache between her legs was becoming unbearable and it seemed to Isabel that the only person that was going to be able to help relieve that ache was going to be Tess.

“Tess.” Isabel moaned.

“Mmm?” Tess replied. She wasn’t really paying much attention to what Isabel was trying to say because she was more focused on what she was doing to Isabel’s body and Isabel’s responses.

“Oh God.” Isabel moaned as she felt Tess move her mouth over to the other breast and treat it the same way.

Tess chuckled against Isabel’s breast. She soon sobered up and trailed her lips and tongue down the side of Isabel’s breast where she ended in the valley between them. Her mouth was stationary between her breasts. Tess moved her eyes up and looked into Isabel’s. She smiled against Isabel’s soft skin. Maintaining eye contact, Tess started to alternate between kissing and licking a path down Isabel’s chest. When she reached her navel she traced the outline of Isabel’s belly button with her tongue and then dipped it inside.

“I think I’m gonna die.” Isabel said as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Tess’s tongue left Isabel’s naval and started to go further down.

“Well, good morning to you two.” Came a voice next to them.

About three minutes earlier, Maria had woken up from her peaceful slumber by moaning from the bed next to her. Before she had opened her eyes, she thought it was Max and Liz having a major make-out session. She turned her head to the left to open her eyes. She had prepared herself to be met with sight of the two making-out but was surprised when she found the bed vacant. She turned her head to the right and there she saw Tess making her way down to Isabel’s navel.

The first thought that ran through Maria’s mind was that they looked so hot together like that. The second thought that ran through her head was, ‘What if someone else wakes up. I should probably stop them before it goes too far.’ At this stage Tess was about to move below Isabel’s panties. Maria figured it was a great place to stop them.

“Well, good morning to you two.” Maria said in a chirpy voice.

Tess jumped straight off Isabel and fell on the floor with a thump. Isabel looked over the edge of the bed and saw Tess struggle to get up. Isabel turned her head in Maria’s direction.

“Great way to spoil the party Maria.” Isabel said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry but next time you two decide to do…that…at least do it when no one else is in the room. And invite me. It looked like fun.” Maria said with a smile before jumping out of bed.

“Ha Ha.” Isabel and Tess said at the exact same time.

Maria gave them a weird look. “Well before you two leave the room, maybe Isabel should change panties and put something on.” Maria said before she turned and bounded out of the room and headed down the stairs.

Isabel just flopped back on the bed and sighed.

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Outside Max and Liz had changed positions. Liz was now sitting in between Max’s legs, with her back up against his chest. Max’s arms were around Liz’s waist and was holding her in place.

“Well, now I know that you want me as bad as I want you, I’m feeling a little different.” Liz said smiling.

“Different how?” Max asked nuzzling her neck.

“Well, I feel like, it’s hard to describe. Like I’m bolder now. Like say if one of the girls walked out the back door in the next minute, I’d go up to them and just kiss them.” Liz said with a laugh.

“Really?” Max asked with a hint of anticipation in his voice.

Liz noticed it. “Would you mind?” She asked.

“No. Not at all. In fact, I dare you to kiss the next girl that you see walk out of that door.” Max said purely joking. Coincidence or not, Maria came running to the back door, slid it open and then ran outside. Liz turned her head to look at Max and raised her eyebrows in question. Max smiled and nodded.

Maria had seen the two sitting outside and just needed to tell someone what she saw happen upstairs. She ran to the door, slid it open and then headed for the two. Before she got a word out, Liz had stood up and grabbed Maria’s face between her hands and her lips immediately descended on Maria’s.

Max just sat back and watched the love of his young adult life kiss the living daylights out of Maria.

Liz had wanted to do this since they had decided to stay together for the two weeks. Her lips were so full and kissable. Their lips duelled for dominance and soon Liz won out. Maria tried to take a breath but Liz wasn’t going to stop at just their lips touching. As Maria kept her eyes closed while trying to catch her breath, Liz had other things on her mind. Their lips were still touching, both breathing eachother’s breath. Liz’s tongue snuck out and touched Maria’s teeth.

Liz had always thought of this move as extremely erotic. Her tongue moved more inside Maria and touched the roof of her mouth. Maria felt weak in the knees from what Liz was doing. Who ever thought that the girl could be so outgoing? Maria hadn’t thought she could be. But, as they say, it’s always the quiet ones that are excellent in bed.

Max noticed that Maria’s knees were starting to buckle. He jumped up and ran over to the two soon-to-be lovers and held Maria up by the waist. From his vantagepoint he could see what Liz was doing and it was turning him on. His going-to-be girlfriend was one hell of a kisser, if this kiss was anything to go by.

Liz loved this new side of her. She had always wanted to be the bold one. The one that starts everything. The dominator. God, how much she would just love to tie Maria and Max to a bed and have her way with both of them. She would ride Max as she was going down on Maria. It’d be one hell of a ride. Pun intended.

Liz withdrew her tongue out of Maria’s mouth. She didn’t step away; instead she grabbed Maria’s bottom lip by her teeth and sucked on it. Maria moaned louder. She could feel Max holding her up and Liz’s hands had moved down to her ribs. Maria vaguely realised that her own hands were on Liz’s waist.

Once Liz was satisfied with the moan that she received, her mouth closed over Maria’s, her tongue once again entering Maria’s mouth. Liz sought out Maria’s tongue. Once their tongues met, electric sparks flew. Even Max who wasn’t involved with the kiss felt them run through his body.

Their tongues massaging eachother’s tongue. They were slick with saliva and slid against eachother with ease. It started off as a desperate kiss but it was slowly turning into a passionate one. Maria had never been kissed like this before. Well, maybe Michael was at the top of great kissers but never like this with so much emotion. The kiss would change from fierce to teasing to desperate to romantic. It was hard to keep up with it mentally, but physically, it was great. Maria didn’t want to stop.

Liz decided that she had attacked Maria enough for the morning and with one last glide of her tongue, she swiped it over Maria’s teeth and then withdrew from the kiss.

Maria knew that with that last swipe over her teeth, it meant that there was more to come later. She didn’t complain.

After Maria seemed to catch her bearings, she looked at Liz, then at Max and then back at Liz. “Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?” Maria asked.

Max chuckled and Liz smiled.


Upstairs in the bedroom, one lonely male stirred. He heard the back door open and then silence for a couple of minutes and then some voices. His brow knotted in confusion. Who would be up at this ungodly hour? He looked down the side of the room and saw that Max’s bed was still vacant which meant that he was probably still with Liz. He squinted his eyes to look down the end of the room and found that Isabel’s bed was also vacant.

‘Ooh. Isabel’s up.’ Alex thought to himself. He quickly got out of bed, threw on a shirt and some shorts and headed out of the room downstairs to see if she was eating breakfast or something.

He made his way down the stairs and as he was about to head into the kitchen, he saw Maria, Liz and Max heading towards the backdoor. In Maria’s hurry to get outside, she left the door open so Alex popped his head outside.

“Morning.” Alex said with a bright smile.

“Alex.” Max said with a nod of his head.

“Hi Alex.” Maria said with a smile as she stepped through the door.

“Hey Alex.” Liz said smiling as she walked through the door behind Maria.

“Ladies.” Alex replied with a nod of his head. “Uh, you guys haven’t seen Isabel have you?” Alex said trying to sound uninterested.

“Well, I was going to tell Max and Liz when I walked outside earlier, but I seemed to be a bit tongue-tied, and I wasn’t able to get much information out. So I’ll just tell you all right now.” Maria said as she led Alex, Max and Liz into the kitchen to get breakfast ready. “When I woke up this morning, I heard moaning and at first, I thought it was those two love birds over there in a heavy make-out session.” Maria started turning and pointing at Max Liz. She started talking again as she turned back around and started rummaging through the cupboards for food. “Anyway, I open my eyes to see the bed vacant. I turn my head and what pleasant surprise do I get? Yes you guessed it amigos, Isabel and Tess going at it on Tess’s bed. I missed the first part of the show but I caught the second act, and I have to say, it was some hot stuff. I had to give them a wake up call before Tess’s mouth ventured underneath Izzy’s panties.” Maria said opening up the pantry and grabbing a box of cereal with a triumphant smile on her face.

“Woah. TMI.” Max said shaking his head. He didn’t need to know that about his sister.

“I second that.” Alex said equally disturbed by the knowledge of his sister going down on another girl. Though it didn’t seem to disgusting especially because the other girl was Isabel and that was ok.

“Well, I think it’s cute. Tell me all the details of what you saw, like where were Isabel’s hands and where were Tess’s and what was she doing with her tongue. All the details. You know, for pointers.” Liz said getting excited.

“Liz, after what just happened outside this morning, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Besides, I’ll show you another day of what I saw. Plus, they’ll probably do it later.” Maria said popping a piece of cereal in her mouth.

“Doing what?” Isabel asked walking into the kitchen and heading for the fridge.

“Um. Nothing. So anyone else up yet?” Maria asked changing the topic quickly.

“Don’t think so.” Isabel said grabbing the carton of milk. “Hey Alex.” Isabel said with a bright smile.

“Hey.” Alex replied blushing.

“So, what’s for breakfast?” Isabel asked looking around at all the faces.


“Okay ladies. After breakfast, it’s time to lose those tops and bras!” Kyle announced as he set his bowl of cereal down on the table and sat in his chair next to Tess.

“Are you serious?” Maria asked with surprised shock while her spoon stopped in mid-air.

Everyone stopped eating and looked at Maria and then at Kyle. They saw the pre-looks of a sibling fight adorning their faces. At the same time everyone picked up their food and moved into the kitchen with silent retreat. Kyle and Maria didn’t even notice.

“Yeah, of course I’m serious. What? Did you think I was joking when we made that deal? Puh-lease! You know me better than that.” Kyle said with a wide smile before shovelling some milk-soaked cereal into his mouth.

“Kyle Valenti. So help me god, if we have to go topless today, you better beware of the day that is to come where you and the rest of those guys will be going one step further than commando.” Maria threatened and then paused to sound dramatic. “Naked. From the waist DOWN!” Maria threatened while leaning in towards Kyle.

Kyle involuntarily leaned away from Maria.

The others in the kitchen watched while holding their bowls of breakfast and spooning cereal into their mouths.

“Fine Kyle. You win. We’ll lose our tops and - ” Maria was soon cut off by the girls protests coming from the kitchen.

Maria slowly turned in her seat to look at them with a glare. Isabel, Liz and Tess all shut their mouths and looked down. That one look alone, could scare even the toughest criminals around.

“Then it’s settled. We lose our tops and bras today and in a couple of days, you guys can just go around naked.” Maria said looking away from Kyle and continuing to eat her cereal as if nothing had just happened.

“Deal.” Kyle said shovelling some more cereal into his mouth.


“This is so not happening.” Tess said while sitting on the end of her bed.

“Yeah Maria. Couldn’t you have cut a better deal? Like, we give them back massages or something?” Isabel agreed with Tess.

“Come on guys. It’ll be fun.” Liz said smiling. She had an idea up her sleeve that would drive the guys crazy.

“What has gotten into you today? I mean, it was like two or three days ago when you wouldn’t even go out in a bikini and today, you’re willing to go topless? What happened this morning?” Maria asked. She wanted to go topless to show Kyle that she wasn’t scared of him and she could meet his challenges but she also wanted to know what had gotten into Liz to make her so, loose? Was that the right word? Oh, who cares.

“Nothing. I just had an enlightening conversation with someone and now, I am ready to go out there and have some fun toying with those guys.” Liz said clasping her hands together with a wide smile and excitement bubbling inside her.

“Ookay.” Isabel said wearily.

“What’s this plan you have?” Tess asked.

“First you have to promise that you’ll go topless.” Liz said holding out her hand like basketball players do before they get on the court.

“Promise.” Maria said slapping her hand down on top of Liz’s waiting for the other two.

“Fine. But it better be worth it.” Isabel said placing her hand on top.

“Ok.” Tess said putting her hand on top of Isabel’s.

“The plan is pretty simple. We just use our womanly ways to turn them on so bad that they walk funny.” Liz stated simply.


Ten minutes later after all the final details had been discussed the four girls headed outside. They were wearing their bikinis and holding their towels on their arms as they headed for the lounge chairs around the pool.

The guys were playing a game of basketball when they stopped to watch the four girls silently walk over to the pool. They had their bikini tops on, but in a matter of minutes, they were going to loose them. The guys couldn’t wait.

“Maybe we should go swimming.” Alex suggested.

“Why?” Michael asked confused.

“Cause when we’re hard, it’s going to get harder to play and the cool water may be able to help keep our, hormones, in check.” Alex explained.

“Alex is right.” Max agreed.

“Or he just wants a closer look at your sister’s tits.” Kyle said snickering.

Max snapped his head towards Kyle and glared at him. “Who’s to say that you aren’t going to try and get a good look at Tess’s?” Max asked.

“Guys. Just drop it. We all know who wants who and I have to agree with the water thing and I have to agree with Kyle that we will be getting a better look. But isn’t that what this was supposed to be about anyway?” Michael tried to reason.

“Michael’s right.” Alex agreed quietly.

“Ok. Let’s go swimming.” Max said as he stripped off his shirt and headed for the pool gate. Michael, Alex and Kyle looked at eachother and then raced to get their shirts off and their shoes and quickly followed Max to the gate.

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“It’s working.” Liz whispered as she watched Max approach the pool gate. The chairs that were by the pool faced the pool on the far wall. This meant that the girls were facing the pool, then next in line was the gate, then the backdoor. The guys had a perfect view of what was to come.

“Good. So everyone knows what we’re doing?” Maria asked quietly while looking at each girl in turn.

The three girls nodded their heads.

“Good. Let’s start as soon as the others arrive to the pool.” Maria said as she pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose and layed back on the chair to soak up the sun.

In no time, the four guys were inside the pool area and were getting ready to jump in the pool.

“Hey ladies. Time to lose those bikini tops.” Kyle announced with a smile.

In sync, the girls lifted up with their right hands and pulled down their sunglasses. They turned to look at eachother and then at the guys. They pushed their sunnies up into their hair. They reached behind their backs and untied the string around their back and then reached for the string behind their necks.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Michael said quietly. He had only intended for himself to hear but Max, Alex and Kyle all heard. They just mumbled their agreement, their eyes transfixed on the beauties in front of them.

The girls leaned forward and their bikini tops fell off into their hands. They layed back on the chairs and slipped their sunglasses on again.

“Oh God.” Alex managed to say before he started drooling.

“Oh Budda.” Kyle said shaking his head.

“You can say that again.” Max and Michael exclaimed at the same time.

“I’m gonna hop in the water before my body succumbs to my raging hormones.” Alex said as he pushed past Kyle and dived in.

While the guys busied themselves by trying to get in the water, the girls had other things on their minds. The plan had barely begun and they’d already gotten the guys in the water to cool off. It was going to be an eventful day indeed.

“Maria?” Liz said trying to get Maria’s attention without moving.

“Mm?” Maria answered lying still.

“Can you please rub sun cream on my back? I think it’s time for me to turn over.” Liz said sitting up. She turned her back towards Maria and bent down to pick up the bottle of sun cream.

“Yep.” Maria answered swivelling around in her chair to face Liz’s back. She took off her sunglasses so that she could see what she was doing and placed them on the end of her chair.

“Thanks.” Liz said handing the bottle over her shoulder to Maria.

Maria snapped the bottle open and turned it upside down. She gently squeezed the bottle and held her left hand underneath the nozzle. She let the sun cream squeeze out till there was an amount as big as a 50c piece. She recapped the bottle and set it down beside her. Liz had moved her hair over her shoulder. Maria rubbed her hands together and then placed them on Liz’s back. She started to rub the cream in and soon it became like a massage. Maria’s hands were smoothing over all the tension in Liz’s back. Liz soon started to moan from the feeling of it.

Maria smiled and kept up her movements. When she was satisfied with job she had done, she leant forward so her breasts barely brushed against Liz’s back. Liz shivered at the feel of Maria’s breasts. Maria’s mouth came up close to Liz’s ear. “Want me to do your front?” Maria breathed into Liz’s ear. Liz had closed her eyes at the sensations Maria was causing. She barely understood what Maria had said but decided to nod anyway. So she nodded her head slightly.

The next thing she knew, Maria was standing up and pushing her back to sit with her back against the back of the chair. Maria spread Liz’s legs so that one leg was on either side of the lounge chair. Maria sat facing Liz. She picked of the bottle from her lounge chair and squeezed another generous amount into the palm of her hand. She closed the cap with one hand and placed it back on her lounge chair. Maria rubbed her hands together again and placed her hands on Liz’s shoulders. She started to rub the cream in and move her hands down at the same time. Maria’s hands moved down and met together at the top of the valley between Liz’s breasts. Maria moved her hands down the valley and moved down to rub cream onto Liz’s stomach.

Maria started rub her hands back up, but instead of skipping Liz’s breasts and going through the valley between, she came up underneath Liz’s breasts. She cupped them softly in her palms and then started to rub them both at the same time. Her hands would close around the breast as much as it could and then she would slide her hands up to the nipple. After the first time of doing this, Liz’s head moved back and her mouth opened, her eyes still closed.

“Oh god.” Liz breathed out.

Maria just chuckled as she watched Liz loose all her bearings, forgetting that she was outside and there were probably six pairs of eyes watching.

Maria completed the back ‘n’ front body rub with sun cream and stood up. She leant forward towards Liz’s ear. Her nipples brushed against Liz’s shoulder and collar bone.

“All done.” Maria whispered. She licked the outer shell of Liz’s ear and then moved away and sat back onto her own lounge chair.

Maria picked up her sunglasses and put them back on. She layed back in the chair as a smile was gracing her lips.

“Nice little show you two just performed.” Tess mumbled from her seat next to Maria.

“Yes. I thought so too.” Maria said smiling as she turned her head to smile at Tess and Isabel.

Tess just laughed.

An hour had gone by since the little sun cream rub that had every occupant of the pool area feeling hot and bothered, the girls started to get hungry.

“Hey Alex?” Isabel asked in a sugary sweet voice.

“O-oh.” Max mumbled under his breath. He knew that voice. She’d tried that on him and it had worked. Almost everytime.

“Yeah?” Alex replied wearily after hearing Max’s o-oh.

“I’m getting kind of hungry. Maybe you can be a man and cook us a barbecue?” Isabel asked still using the sugary sweet voice that lured many.

“Sure. I can be a man and do that.” Alex said smiling brightly. How could he deny her anything, especially if she was speaking to him only. That meant that she liked him.

“Oh and Max? You can help him too.” Liz added while lifting her sunglasses and pushing them up into her hair.

“But - ” Max started but was soon cut off by Liz.

She moved her legs so that she was sitting up and then leant forward, her breasts bouncing from lack of support. “I’ll make it worth your while.” She said in a seductive tone.

“ELIZABETH!” Michael yelled. He did not like the fact that his sister was topless and making suggestive comments about herself being easy.

“Oh pipe down Mickey P. She’s just having a little fun with Maxine.” Maria said with a smile.

“Thanks Maria.” Liz said turning her head to look at Maria and giving her a smile.

Maria smiled back in response.

“So… who’s going to make us lunch then?” Tess asked getting back on the topic of lunch.

“I will.” Kyle said racing for the stairs of the pool to get out.

“Me too.” Alex said following Kyle.

“I’ll be there in a sec.” Max yelled over his shoulder while keeping his eyes on Liz.

He swam over to the edge of the pool in front of Liz and hopped out. He walked over to her and leaned in close.

“How do you suppose that you will make it worth my while?” Max whispered.

Liz’s hand snaked down Max’s wet chest and over the top of his board shorts. Her hand grabbed the slight bulge. Max gasped, his eyes closing at the feel of her small delicate hand squeezing she most precious part of his body. “Ok, well, I think that answers my question.” Max breathed out in a squeak.

Liz smirked and before she let go, she squeezed him slightly. Max moaned in response. He stood up straight and then headed around the pool and into the house faster than you could say, ‘Maxine has a hard on.’


About 45 minutes later, Liz was eating a salad and two sausages, Isabel was eating a steak and a side salad, Tess was eating a hot dog with ketchup and mustard and Maria was eating a sausage covered in ketchup. Well, technically she wasn’t eating it, she was actually making sexual gestures with it towards Michael by sliding the sausage in and out of her mouth slowly and then she would bite off the top and smile sweetly. Every time she would take a bite off the end, Michael would swallow hard.

“Oh shit.” Tess exclaimed as some mustard and ketchup fell onto her right breast.

Isabel turned her head in time to see the ketchup and mustard fall. Ever since Tess had taken off her bikini top this morning, she had wanted to taste her, just like Tess had tasted her this morning. Isabel decided to be bolder and keep going with the plan, and this would be a fabulous ingredient.

“Here. I’ll get it for you.” Isabel stated. She put her plate on the ground next to her and stood up from her seat. She made eye contact with Tess and communicated what she had in store. Tess smiled. She’d wanted Isabel’s mouth on her as much as she wanted to attach her own mouth back on Isabel’s breasts.

Isabel sat on the edge of her lounge chair and leant forward. Her tongue poked out of her mouth and started to lick up the mustard and ketchup. The combination had run down Tess’s breast and gathered at her nipple. Isabel was sure she was going to enjoy this as much as Tess was going to. She then moved her tongue down Tess’s breast and as she reached her nipple she circled it a couple of times and then ran her tongue back up.

Her head came back up and she looked at Tess who was watching her with a smile on her lips. Isabel leant forward and as their lips barely touched, a choking sound from one of the guys could be heard. They broke away faster than you could say ‘Chalk and cheese.’ They looked over at the guys who were sitting on the other side of the pool, their legs dangling in the water as they balanced their plates on their thighs and their drinks by their side.

“Sorry… please… continue.” Alex said between coughs.

Isabel smiled and then sat back on her chair again.

“Talk about a show.” Maria mumbled to Tess.

“I know.” Tess replied with a smile.

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After the excruciatingly painful, yet enjoyable lunch, the girls were allowed to put on their tops again. They went inside as the sun had started to go down and it was getting cold outside. They sat around the lounge room just talking.

On the couch against the far wall sat Michael and Kyle. Kyle was sitting upright while Michael was lying down, his head resting on Kyle’s thigh facing away from the TV. Kyle was rubbing Michael’s chest softly through Michael’s shirt. On the couch opposite them were Isabel and Tess. Tess was sitting crossed-legged side ways so her left side was leaning up against the couch and her back was facing the TV. Isabel was sitting forward but her legs were spread. Her right leg rested on Tess’s right knee that was sticking out over the edge of the couch. Tess was drawing lazy designs on Isabel’s skin of her inner thigh. Isabel was wearing cotton short shorts and a t-shirt, so Tess had easy access to Izzy’s thighs.

On the four-seater, Alex sat on the end that was closest to the entryway. Max’s legs were resting on his thighs. Alex didn’t seem to mind because he was running his fingers over Max’s legs softly and slowly. Max was lying on his back, his head resting on Liz’s thigh. Her hand was running through his hair. This action had a very soothing effect on him. On Liz’s other thigh rested Maria’s head. She had her legs resting up on the armrest. Liz had her hand up Maria’s top just lightly touching the skin that was underneath Maria’s breasts.

Isabel took a long look around at all the positions people were in. She smiled at how comfortable Max looked lying on top of the two people that would eventually become his lovers. “You know, if someone were to walk in this room this very second, they would get the absolute wrong idea about us.” Isabel said resting her head back on the couch.

“Well, I don’t really care what they would think. I mean, we’re 16 and we have hormones and we have things to do, you know, to keep us alive. I don’t care what anybody else thinks of us. I like sitting here rubbing Michael’s chest and watching my sister enjoy herself. It doesn’t happen very often and I like it.” Kyle said truthfully.

“You like watching me enjoy myself?” Maria asked softly turning her head towards Kyle.

“Well, yeah.” Kyle replied embarrassed.

“Thank you.” Maria said admiring her brother with a newfound respect for him.

“Nothing to it sis.” Kyle replied with a smile.

“Does anybody else miss home?” Alex asked out of the blue.

“Yeah.” Came the reply of the other seven.

“I can’t wait to go back home, but at the same time, I think I’m dreading going back.” Admitted Tess.

“I know what you mean.” Michael agreed.

“Yeah, we haven’t been here for long but, its like, I feel safer here than I do at home. That didn’t sound right. What I meant was that I wish we could live here together like this for longer because I feel safe with you guys who I trust, but at the same time, I miss home. Although it didn’t give me as much security as I feel in here, I want to see mum and dad again.” Isabel admitted her fears.

“I wonder how our friends will act when we get back.” Liz thought out loud.

“Yeah, for all they know, we just went on a holiday.” Maria said.

“Yeah…that’s what we told our friends too.” Liz said.

“Where does everyone live?” Alex suddenly asked.

“Dexter.” Max and Isabel replied at the same time.

“Hondo.” Tess replied for herself and Alex.

“Hagerman.” Kyle and Maria replied.

“Roswell, New Mexico.” Liz and Michael said.

“Really? Mum owns a shop there. But she’s renting it out.” Maria said excited.

“What shop?” Liz asked intrigued.

“Kyle knows.” Maria said turning her head to look at her brother.

“Oh um, some flower shop. ‘Frangipani’s Flower Power’ or something like that.” Kyle replied.

“Oh wow. We go there all the time when we need flowers for the restaurant.” Liz replied excitedly.

“Dad’s got a client in Roswell.” Max said remembering how his dad had gone to Roswell on business once and come back with a new client.

“That’s right.” Isabel said remembering the same thing Max was.

“Our mother was born there.” Alex said.

“Wow. So like, we all have connections to Roswell?” Kyle asked.

“Well, I’d think that every alien on earth has some connection to Roswell.” Maria said rolling her eyes.

“Funny Maria.” Kyle said sarcastically.

“I think its great that we live sort of near eachother. It means that we can visit heaps often.” Tess said smiling as she looked at Isabel.

“Yeah, and who knows, you guys might end up moving to Roswell for reasons unknown.” Liz said being cryptic.

“Yep, but right now, what I know is that I’m starving. Let’s have dinner.” Michael said getting up off the couch.

They all slowly got up and followed him in the kitchen. The girls headed for the plates, forks ‘n knives, glasses, placemat’s and napkins. They guys all headed for the cupboards and the fridge pulling out ingredients to make dinner.

“What are we having tonight?” Liz asked.

“I thought I might make chicken stroganoff. Maybe Max, Alex and Kyle can manage to do a salad and you can do desert?” Michael suggested.

“Hey! We’re not completely incapable of cooking.” Kyle tried to defend them.

“Kyle, don’t even try to convince me that you can cook.” Michael said shaking his head.

“Don’t worry Kyle, when you get married, just hope that she can cook.” Maria said slapping his shoulder as she walked past him.

“That’s if I get married.” Kyle corrected.

“What do you mean ‘if’? Don’t you want to get married, you know, have little Kyle Valenti’s running – no wait, scrap what I just said.” Isabel joked.

“Thanks. That was a real ego boost.” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Ohh, poor Kylie’s ego is deflated.” Tess said pinching Kyle’s cheeks like Great Aunt’s do when they come to visit.

Alex started to chuckle and the others started laughing. Kyle just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Dinner went off without a hitch. The food was great and Maria even leant over to place a kiss on Michael’s cheek as a thankyou. Michael had blushed profusely. Max and Liz shared some food as they shared their intense stares. Tess kept picking on Kyle to the point where Kyle started to give her the silent treatment. Isabel and Alex had whispered conversations all through dinner. The only sound heard from the two were giggles and chuckles and a few whispers.

After the main course, Liz stood up and started to collect everyone’s plates. “Hey Maria, can you help me in the kitchen?” Liz asked as she headed into the kitchen with eight dirty plates.

“Yep. Coming.” Maria replied. She pulled out her chair and put her napkin on the table. She walked into the kitchen and started to help Liz get dessert ready. Liz had decided to go with something simple for dessert. She had decided to use the vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the freezer and the strawberries in the fridge along with the chocolate powder used for hot chocolate from the pantry.

Maria got eight clean plates out and eight dessert forks and spoons. Liz pulled the lid off the chocolate and vanilla ice cream. She used the ice cream scoop to scoop out two semi-circular scoops of each flavour onto the centre of each plate. The scoops were placed like a square. One scop of vanilla next to one of chocolate and below that vanilla and to the right of the vanilla, the other chocolate scoop. She then cut the strawberries in half and put four halves on each plate, one at each corner. She then had Maria sprinkle the chocolate powder around the rim of the plate.

Liz had learnt well from the cooks at the Crashdown. Michael especially. They served the dessert and it was a hit. Everyone loved the decoration and the taste was to-die-for. Michael looked up from his plate to his sister. He smiled at her and winked. She smiled back.

After dinner and the table was cleared they all piled into the lounge room to watch a movie. As they all settled into their positions from earlier with a few adjustments so everyone was facing the TV, they turned off the lights and cuddled up.

By the end of the movie, the only two people left awake were Alex and Max, again.

“We better take the girls upstairs and then wake up Michael and Kyle and help them upstairs.” Max suggested.

“Yeah. It looks like there’ll be a lot of people with sore necks tomorrow if we don’t.” Alex whispered.

“K. Come on.” Max said as he gently shifted his legs to the ground and slowly sat up. He stood up and stretched before he bent down to pick up Maria first because she was on top of Liz. Alex got up and moved over to Tess and Isabel. He gently moved his sister around and slowly lifted her up into his arms. He turned around and saw that Max had picked up Maria and so he headed for the stairs knowing that Max was close behind.

They reached the bedroom and walked in. The quietly walked over to the girls beds. Alex slowly set his sister down on the bed. Max gently layed Maria on her bed. It was then that he thought of some thing else.

“Alex. Should we change them?” Max asked.

Alex looked at the two of them and noticed that Maria was wearing a jean skirt and a tight top. He then looked down at his sister and noticed she was wearing jeans. He looked up at Max and nodded his head.

Max looked around at Maria’s things and found a pair of pyjamas. From the mornings little kiss-fest outside where he was holding her up, he felt that she didn’t have a bra on, so he guessed that she hadn’t worn one to bed. He moved over to Maria’s sleeping form and gently sat her up. He supported her back as he reached for the hem of the tight shirt. He slid it off one arm then the other. He then gently pulled it off her head and put it on the bed next to her. While still supporting her back, he unclasped her bra and pulled it off. He looked behind him and picked up the tank top that he found for her to wear. He slipped the top over her head with ease and then he gently pushed her arms through the armholes. After he had done that, he layed her gently back and shuffled down the bed to remove her skirt. He undid the button and the zipper at the front and slowly slid it down her legs. Once off he grabbed the draw string pyjama bottoms that he had found and slid them up her legs with ease. After she was changed, he slowly lifted her legs and slid them under the covers. He tucked her in and brushed the hair away from her face. “Night Maria.” Max whispered. He looked over to Alex and noticed that he was almost finished with Tess. He motioned to Alex that he was going down to get Liz. Alex nodded.

Alex finished with Tess soon after Max had left to get Liz. He tucked his sister in and kissed her on the forehead. “Love you.” He whispered before he headed out the door and downstairs to get Isabel. As he was coming down the stairs, he saw Max walk through the living room doorway with Liz in his arms. Alex nodded his head as he passed by. He walked into the lounge room and gently picked up Isabel in his arms. Alex admired Isabel’s beauty as she slept. He loved her hair. The way it flowed down her back, it’s lightness in colour, he loved how soft it felt. He walked up the stairs and in the bedroom. He walked in as Max was just lying Liz down.

Max slowly set her on the bed. Her fingers were holding onto his t-shirt and she started to mumble his name. Max just smiled. He gently pulled her fingers off of his t-shirt and went looking for her pyjamas. He found them neatly folded on the bench top. He took them over to her bed and started to change her. She took off her t-shirt and then her bra. He slipped on her tank top and then gently layed her down. He undid her shorts and moved them down her legs. He remembered from that morning that when she had undressed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He decided to leave them on her because he wanted to see all of her under different circumstances. He slid on her pyjama shorts and tucked her in. His thumb traced her lips and he moved his face to be inches in front of hers. He gently kissed her lips and bid her goodnight.

He turned his head to see Alex acting very much the same way with Isabel. Alex was a good guy. Max could tell. He was glad that it was Alex that had showed an interest for Isabel. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Michael or Kyle, it was that he knew that the type of guy that Isabel needed was someone that would tend to her every need, someone that would cherish her. And that, is what Alex was. Max could tell. He watched as Alex tucked her in and then bent down and gave her a kiss on her temple. He then ran his hand through her hair and whispered his good night.

Max quietly stood up. Alex followed suit and they walked back downstairs.

“So should we sort of wake them and then help them up the stairs?” Alex asked in a hushed tone.

“Yeah. I figure so.” Max whispered.

Alex nodded his head as they walked into the lounge room again. They walked over to Kyle and Michael. Max gently shook Michael awake from his slumber. Michael groggily mumbled some thing completely incoherent. Max started whispering to him.

“Come on Michael. Come on. We’re going upstairs to bed now.” Max was whispering. Max helped him sit up and then stand up. Max put Michael’s arm over his shoulder as he put one of his arms around Michael’s waist to help hold him up. They slowly walked out of the lounge room and up the stairs. Alex and Kyle following close behind.

They got into the bedroom and headed over to the beds. Max helped Michael lay on the bed. Max then set about undressing Michael. He took off his socks and undid his pants. He pulled them down and set them on the floor next to him. He unbuttoned Michael’s shirt and slipped it off Michael’s shoulders. He then pulled up the covers and tucked Michael in.

Alex did about the same thing for Kyle. After they finished, they got up and got changed and went to bed.

“Night Alex.” Max whispered from under the covers.

“Night Max.” Alex whispered back.


So...tell me what you think...liked it? hated it? worth the wait?
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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.

Author’s Note 2: Later on in the fic, I have magazine stuff, the magazine’s are Australian ones, at least I think so and I just want to give them credit and yeah. The magazine’s are Dolly and Girlfriend. If anyone here is from Australia like me and they have read these magazines, then you’ll know that their target audience is for like 12-14 year-olds and all they can talk about is how to kiss this guy or that guy and the have articles and quizzes on how to tell if you’re bi-sexual and my favourite articles of all are about how to have great sex. Really, should young impressionable minds be reading this crap? I think not, but there ain’t much I can do about it so behr with me. Anyway, some of the stuff is from those magazines, I’ll put a little message before it so you’ll know.

Author’s Note 3: No incest intended in any way. Got that? Good.

Author’s Note 4: Ok, I know I set this in the future, but I don’t have that much imagination as to what technology they have then or who is going to be the next ‘IT’ girl or guy. So just pretend that today’s stars and music and games and stuff is the same as in their time. Thanks.



Part Fifteen

Wednesday 3rd June
Day Twelve

He found himself in an almost empty room. The only piece of furniture that the room had, was a double bed, which stood in the middle of the room. The bed had silk drapes hanging from all sides. He could barely see through it. He suddenly heard feminine giggles and a masculine laugh coming from the bed. He walked closer and pulled back one of the silk drapes.

There on the bed were Maria and Kyle. As soon as he came into view, they stopped their childish games and looked up at him. There were many emotions burning in their eyes that he could see. Love. Desire. Want. Need. Frustration. Arousal.

“Michael, we’ve been waiting for you.” Maria stated as she moved up the bed to make room for him.

“You have?” Michael asked climbing onto the bed where Maria’s legs had just been.

“Yes. But now you’re here, the fun can begin.” Kyle stated as he reached out his hand towards Michael’s shirt and started to unbutton it.

‘Siblings at once. This could be fun.’ Michael thought to himself with a smirk while he let Kyle push the shirt off of his shoulders.

Michael shot up in his bed. Beads of sweat covering his forehead. His breathing ragged. He ran a hand through his spiky hair and tried to remember how he had gotten to bed the night before. A memory flashed through his mind playing like a movie behind his eyelids, laying on Kyle on the couch, watching a movie, Max helping him up the stairs. The final flash was of Max stripping him of his clothes. He turned his head to the right and saw that Max was still fast asleep.

He looked at his watch and saw that it was 8:00 in the morning and everyone was still asleep. ‘Well that’ll teach them to wake up around 5:30.’ Michael thought to himself as he pulled back the covers and got out of bed. He looked down onto his bedside table and noticed the two unread letters from his parents. He picked them up and quietly left the room.

He made his way to the bathroom and went to the toilet. He washed his hands and dried them. ‘Nothing like hygiene’ Michael thought to himself. He walked out of the bathroom and down to the kitchen. He went to the fridge and grabbed the carton of milk. Not bothering with a glass he walked over to the kitchen counter and jumped up on it to sit down comfortably, milk carton by his side. ‘Screw hygiene.’ He thought. He set down one of the letters and opened up the first one. It was from his dad.

Dear Michael,

So, you’ve been gone for a couple of days and the house is as quiet as hell. It’s ok, your mother and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy. If you not what I mean. Only joking.

Well, besides us missing you, we have had some activity in Roswell, if you can believe it. They decided to add a new section to the school, something about computer labs and a bigger science block. Lizzie will be proud about that. Knowing her she probably can’t wait to see the plans. Apparently, the Mayor wants to get new equipment as well. She won’t be able to keep herself away.

Let’s see, there was a little disturbance yesterday in the cafe, nothing I couldn’t handle. Some boys got into a fight. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged. Speaking of the Crashdown, we have invested in some new fryers. Lord knows we need them, they’re arriving soon, when you get back, you’ll get to try them out, if you don’t like them, then we’ll change and get different ones. Whatever suits you son.

We changed the uniform a little. Actually, it isn’t a very drastic change. Lizzie probably won’t like it but, she’ll be ok with it. In fact, she might even think it’s cute. You see, we added a headpiece to the uniform. Remember when all we had was the aqua and silver dress with the alien head-shaped apron? Well, we got these really cute alien antennae. They’re covered in glitter and they are just adorable. You’ll love making fun of Lizzie in them. I took a photo of them and put the photo with the letter. I also sent the photo we took of Liz and you in your uniforms. I sent two copies. You have one and Liz has the other. Then you can see what I mean.

Oh, I almost forgot, we met some other parents that had children on the same bus as you and Lizzie. The Evans, the Whitman's and the Valenti’s. Now let’s see if I can remember all their names. Charles Whitman, I think his wife’s name, I think is Eloise? Hmm, there was a Phillip, I think he was an Evans. Wife, Diane Evans. Yeah, that sounds right. The other couple, well, I’ll never forget them. Jim and Amy Valenti. What a wacky couple. Amy was balling her eyes out after you kids left. I don’t think her husband even really noticed. He was socialising with us men while handing her bottles of different types of oils. Your mother wasn’t very happy with me making some new friends. I think she’ll get over it.

We’ve all decided to go out some time next week. It’ll be good. Their houses are lonely and so is ours. So why not make the best of it right?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love you son,

Michael finished reading the letter and folded it up again. He picked up the envelope and reached inside to find the two photos his father had mentioned in the letter. He pulled out the first one and it was the photo of the headpiece. ‘Oh Lizzie’s going to get a kick out of this new accessory.’ Michael thought to himself. He pulled out the second photo and turned it so it was up right. He looked at the picture and remembered the day that it was taken.

Michael was flipping meat patties faster than lightning on the grill. He glanced behind him to see the new waitress Courtney sticking her head into the freezer door in an effort to cool herself down.

“You think it’s hot out there? Try standing over here for three hours.” Michael said grabbing the rag hanging from his apron and swiping it over his forehead to rid his skin of the beads of sweat.

“I don’t think wiping your face with that, thing, is going to help your appearance any. Especially when the boss wants a photo of his sweet little innocent kids.” Courtney replied with attitude.

“At least Liz isn’t a slut.” Michael muttered under his breath as he turned back to the meat patties.

“Did you say something Mickey P?” Courtney said putting emphasis on his nickname.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little air head about, Court.” Michael replied with a smirk and the same tone and emphasis on her name.

“Funny. At least I have more brains then your little sister, Lizzie.” Courtney said again with emphasis on Liz’s nickname. She had hit a spot in Michael. Whenever anyone said something bad about Liz, he always felt this wave of protectiveness wash over him. He slowly turned around to face the little bitch.

“At least she doesn’t need tutoring on ‘How To Tie Your Shoelaces, At Sixteen.’” Michael retorted looking down at Courtney’s shoes. Courtney’s gaze followed Michael’s down to her shoes and in fact, both her shoelaces were tied together.

Courtney’s mouth dropped open and closed and her eyes shot up to meet Michael’s but he had already turned around back to the grill.

Courtney opened her mouth again to say something mean to Michael when Jeff walked in.

“What are you doing back here Courtney? The customer’s are waiting and Lizzie needs her break.” Jeff said looking at Courtney.

“I’m sorry Mr Parker, I was just getting something. I’ll go right now.” Courtney said putting on a sugary sweet voice as a cover up.

“Good.” Jeff said, his brow knotted together in disappointment.

As Courtney went to take a step she forgot her shoes were tied together and she fell forward and flat on her face. Michael smirked as he pretended to flip the patties. Jeff just shook his head and stepped over Courtney’s body on the floor and up to his son.

“When you get a free minute, I want to take a photo of Lizzie and you together.” Jeff said slapping his hand on Michael’s back.

“Sure dad. When Jose comes in soon, I’ll take a quick break.” Michael said with a smile turning to his dad.

“Great.” Jeff exclaimed as he turned and left to go and get the camera from the office.

Courtney had quickly retreated out of the kitchen after she fixed her shoes so she wouldn’t further embarrass herself more.

A few seconds later Jose came in from the back door and started to get ready. “Michael.” Jose greeted.

“Jose.” Michael greeted in the same tone. “Ok, my break time.” Michael said turning around and handing the spatula to Jose and walking out of the kitchen to the bathroom to freshen up. As he came back out Liz had walked into the break room to sit down and rest her feet up on the couch. Michael walked in.

“Hey sis. Dad wants to take a photo. Get ready cause I think I hear him coming.” Michael said as he stood on the other side of the table looking down at his sister.

“Ok. Hold on.” Liz replied as she started to push herself up.

“Ok. Photo.” Jeff said as he entered the break room. He looked up from the camera to see his two kids getting ready for a photo.

“Hurry dad. I need to sit down.” Liz said standing next to Michael.

“Ok, ok. Ready?” Jeff asked as he held up the camera.

“Yep.” Michael answered for both of them. He wrapped his arm around Liz’s shoulder and pulled her close to him. She looked up at him and smiled then wrapped her arm around his waist and looked towards the camera.

“Say Cheese.” Jeff said with a smile.

“Cheeeeeese.” Michael and Liz said in unison.

Jeff took the photo and pulled the camera down from his face. “Great. Ok, same time next month.” Jeff said before he hurried out of the room.

“He’s been taking photos of us every month since I can remember.” Michael said.

“I know, but I don’t mind.” Liz said before heading over to the couch to sit down again.

“I hate to say it but it’s probably because we couldn’t find a recent photo of you when,” Michael stopped mid-sentence.

“I know.” Liz said looking down.

“Sorry. Michael said sitting down next to her.

“It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” Liz said lying her head on Michael’s thigh. Michael smiled down at her. He took her hair-tie out and started to run his fingers through her hair.

“Courtney fell flat on her face in front of dad before.” Michael said chuckling.

“Damn! I missed it.” Liz said smiling.

“Next time Lizzie, next time.” Michael replied.

Michael smiled at the memory. Courtney only lasted another day and then she was fired. For some reason she kept tripping all the time and breaking things. Instead of making money, they were losing it every time her face met the floor.

He put the letter and photos back in the envelope and picked up his letter from his mum. As soon as he opened the letter he recognised her perfect cursive writing. He always loved her writing. It was so neat and tidy. Liz’s writing was just like that too. Michael took after his dad. Their writing was barely comprehensive when it was in capitals, let alone lower case.

He looked down at the letter and began to read.


How are you? Everything going ok in the house? I hope so. How’s Liz? I’m worried about her. The other night I got a vibe about her. I know, it seems weird that I would get any sort of vibe from her especially when we are hundreds of miles apart. She’s alright though, right?

Well, I know I can count on you if she needs someone. I’m so glad Lizzie has you to take care of her. She needs that, even though she tries to deny it. She’ll listen to you, I know she will.

Enough about that, how’s everything? Is the house nice? Is there a lot of room? Your grandmother let it slip that there was only one room and you all had to sleep in there. Is that true? If it is, then I hope everyone is doing ok and surviving. I know I couldn’t if it were me.

I should probably mention that Shelley Hope has been by the Crashdown a lot lately. She misses your cooking. She can’t wait till you get back. Of course, she doesn’t know that you are actually going to end up with a mate by the time you come back. I guess you’ll have to break the news to her when you arrive. You do realise that she is head over heels in lust with you?

Speaking of girls. Anyone in mind yet? I know it’s early and all but I’m sure there is one girl that has tickled your fancy, so to speak. If you have found someone, be sure to tell your father or me.

Nothing much has been happening here unfortunately. Oh, but Dad and I are going out for dinner with three lovely couples next week. It should be fun. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of them. There are the Evans. Evans as in Evans & Co. Law Firm. Yes that’s right, your father and I know a hotshot lawyer. Then there is the Whitmans. Charles Whitman is that computer guy that has like billions. Better than what Bill Gates ever did. Amazing isn’t it? Who would’ve though that Charles Whitman’s son would be on the same bus as one Michael Parker? Anyway, moving on there is Jim Valenti and Amy Valenti. You probably wouldn’t have heard of them. They’re a great couple though. Can’t wait for all of us to meet up together.

I miss you a lot Michael. I wish you and Lizzie were home. The house is so quiet, sometimes I have to get out of there because it’s too quiet. But when you two come back, there’ll be fights over the TV, cereal, bathroom, and it’ll all be great again.

I can’t wait to hear from. Please hurry with a reply.

Lots of love,

Michael wiped at his eyes quickly before a tear could fall. He knew no one was up but he always figured that crying was a sign of weakness. He had yet to learn that it wasn’t. He re-read over the last paragraph before he closed it and took a swig of milk from the carton.

“You should use a glass Michael.” Liz said from the doorway.

He swallowed quickly and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. She grinned up at him as she walked over to him and stood in between his legs.

“How long had you been standing there?” Michael asked hoping that Liz hadn’t seen him at one of his weak points.

“Long enough to see you trying to hide your tears.” Liz said grabbing the carton and drinking from it.

“Oh.” Michael said as he looked down.

“I wish you’d cry sometimes Michael.” Liz said softly. “It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It shows you have a heart.” She tried to convince him.

Michael raised his eyes to meet hers with an eyebrow raised.

“It’s true.” She said laughing as she rested her forearms on his thighs.

“You should do that more often.” Michael said smiling.

“What? Tell you the truth?” Liz asked with a smile and tilting her head to the side.

“No. Laugh. You’re eyes light up and you look beautiful.” Michael said truthfully.

“You’re wasting your flattery on me when you should be testing it on one hot girl upstairs.” Liz said smiling.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you talking about other girls as being hot.” Michael laughed.

“Well I don’t think I’m going to be able to get the image of you and Max doing the dirty out of my head any time soon.” Liz replied with a smile.

“I haven’t even started on Evans yet. Let me get through Valenti and then we’ll see from there.” Michael joked back.

“Oh Michael.” Liz cried happily as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s shoulders and pulled him into a hug. Michael’s arms instantly wrapped around her body in a tight embrace.

“I love you Michael. Don’t ever change.” Liz said softly.

“I love you too Liz. Don’t you ever change.” Michael replied.

“What do you say that we make everyone the Parker-Family Breakfast?” Liz asked pulling back to look at Michael.

“Sure.” Michael said smiling. For the next hour they set about cooking breakfast for everyone. Well, Michael did most of the cooking while Liz set the table and got things for Michael that he needed.

By the time everyone was awake and trudging down the stairs, the placemats were down, the cutlery out, glasses at the top right hand side of each placing, and in the middle of the table sat plates of bacon, eggs, toast, jams, orange juice, a platter of fruit and salt and pepper.

While everyone sat down and waited for Michael and Liz to join them they all wandered what they had done to deserve a breakfast like this.

Liz sat down next to Max and waited for Michael to join the table. He walked over and placed a napkin holder with napkins in it on the table and then took his seat by Maria.

“So, what did we do to deserve this and how can we keep it up?” Maria asked as she was the first one to start to grab a piece of everything.

Michael just smiled and shook his head as he watched his little spitfire grab as much as she could.

“Nothing. We thought we might as well show you what Sunday mornings are like for us at the Parker residence in Roswell, New Mexico.” Liz replied as she poured herself a glass of Orange juice.

“Can I have a glass too, thanks?” Max asked quietly as he slid his glass next to hers. She smiled at him and then poured the juice into his glass.

“But it ain’t Sunday.” Kyle pointed out as he took a mouth full of bacon and toast.

“So?” Michael asked.

“Yeah Kyle, shut up man. Do you want food to be on the table tomorrow morning?” Alex said shaking his head.

“Who says we’re going to cook again tomorrow morning?” Liz asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Fine. Tomorrow morning Tess and I’ll get up and make us the Whitman-Family Breakfast.” Alex volunteered.

“You’re on your own there bro. I, plan to sleep in.” Tess said as she took a sip of water.

“We’ll see.” Alex mumbled. Isabel just snickered from her place next to Alex where she heard him, but Tess hadn’t.

About 45 minutes, eight full bellies, eight empty plates and a dirty table later, the teens were finished.

“Liz and I cooked breakfast, guess who gets to do the dishes?” Michael said smiling.

“There is no way that I can move.” Maria complained.

“I think I’ll pop if I try to stand up.” Isabel said.

“Well then you’ll just have to try hard and not pop.” Michael said smirking.

“Fine.” Isabel said standing up abruptly and picking up her plate and heading over to the sink. Michael smiled wider as he watched Isabel turn on the tap and start to wash her dishes.

“Ok, has hell frozen over, or did I just see my sister get up and start to wash dishes, cause I swear I saw her do that.” Max exclaimed from his seat next to Liz. Everyone started to laugh with Max.

“Laugh all you like, but I’m only washing my dishes. You can all wash your own.” Isabel replied.

“Still, it was one small step for man, one giant leap for Isabel.” Max joked. “Wait till mum hears about this. She’ll be making you do the dishes every night.” Max said smiling.

Isabel slowly turned her head and glared silently at Max.

“Ok, that’s my cue to leave.” Max said as he got up and headed out of the room and upstairs.


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“I’M BORED!” Maria yelled as she was coming down the stairs.

“You an me both Hun.” Alex said walking past the bottom of the stairs towards the backyard.

“Well there’s got to be something we can do.” Maria whined as she plopped herself down on the couch in the living room.

“Like?” Liz asked from her seat next to Maria.

“I dunno, a game or something.” Maria whined again. She was extremely bored. She’d run out of things to do and she was getting bored. She needed to keep herself occupied or she would make everyone else’s life a living hell.

“Watch a movie or something.” Michael mumbled his suggestion from his place on the couch furthest away from Maria and Liz. He was lying down with his head turned away from the others. He had almost fallen asleep when Maria had decided to let the world know that she was bored.

“I’m sick of watching movie’s.” Maria whined.

“Maria, we’ve watched like three or four out of like, five hundred.” Isabel said from the couch opposite Michael.

“So? Aren’t there like magazines or something that we can read in here?” Maria asked in her whiney voice. She got up off the couch and started to look through all the cupboards in the entertainment unit.

“Bingo.” Maria exclaimed as she opened up a cupboard and there were magazines lining the shelves.

“Wow. They must be really old.” Liz replied getting up off the couch and heading towards Maria.

“Or from different countries.” Maria replied handing a magazine to Liz. Liz had a look at the cover and noticed that the magazine was from Australia. “Girlfriend? Interesting name, I guess.” Liz mumbled as she went over and sat on the couch again. She opened it up and started to flick through the pages and pages of articles about nonsense like ‘Do you have a crush on your Stepbrother’ and ‘How to lose your virginity, the right way’. She neared the end of the magazine and noticed the ‘Q&A life’ section, the ‘Q&A body’ section and the ‘Q&A love’ section. ‘I’ll come back to that later.’ She thought to herself as she turned the page and read the title. ‘How Embarrassment’ she read to herself. ‘That’s not even grammatically correct.’ Liz added. She started to read some of the little tidbits and soon found that she was laughing her head off. Everyone in the room just turned to look at her in confusion. When she finally noticed they were staring at her she decided to let them in on what she was reading.

“They have this article thingy called ‘How Embarrassment’ and it’s people that write in and tell them about their most embarrassing moments. You have to listen to some of these.” Liz said in between chuckles.

“Oh great.” Michael mumbled.

“No seriously, listen. I had just started going out with this really cute and funny guy. He wanted to meet my parents, so I decided to invite him to dinner. Mum said that since he was my guest, I should cook dinner. I left everything to the last minute and dinner was going to be late. Mum had told me to wash the vegies really well but I thought I knew better and just chucked the salad together quickly. He arrived and everything was going well, until I saw him lift a fork full of salad into his mouth. There was a great big slug on his lettuce. His face went red and he quickly ran to the toilet. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do.” Liz finished with a chuckle.

“Eeeew. That’s so gross. Michael, when those guys make the salad, make sure you tell them to wash the veggies thoroughly!” Maria said before she shuddered.

“You have to admit that it would have been hilarious. I mean, if I weren’t that girl and I was say, her little sister or older sister, I would have pissing myself laughing at the table.” Isabel said before she burst out laughing. Liz soon followed and they were laughing so hard that they had tears rolling down their faces and their stomachs hurt.

“Read another one.” Isabel asked through her giggling. They heard Michael groan and roll over. The girls just rolled their eyes at eachother.

“Read another.” Maria said.

“Ok, hold on. I’ll try and find a funny one.” Liz said as she quickly read through a couple. “Ok, I think I found one. When I was seven years old, I lived next door to a pharmacy. I knew that they sold jellybeans and other lollies at the counter. When I got there I saw some new lollies and they were strawberry flavour, so I decided to buy them. When I got to the counter, the man looked at me strangely but he let me have them anyway. I ran into my room and started sucking on them until I realised they were rubber! My mum came in and told me that I was sucking on condoms!” Liz finished in hysterics. Isabel and Maria were laughing right along with her.

“God, what do those Aussie’s get up to?” Michael groaned.

“You’re telling me. Some of these are really funny and they have a legend in the corner. It’s girl’s heads and if it’s all red, it’s ‘Horrendous Humiliation’, three quarters red ‘Flaming Disaster’, half red ‘Bit of a blooper’ and if it’s a quarter red it’s ‘Tame Shame’.” Liz said reading the little icons.

“Flaming Disaster? Where the hell do they come up with those names?” Maria asked laughing.

“Maybe they’re Australian terms?” Isabel asked.

“Oh well, thank god we don’t use them. What else is in the magazine?” Maria asked.

“Oh nothing much. Check the others in the cupboard. There must be something interesting in them.” Liz said looked through the rest of the magazine.

“Yeah hold on.” Maria said before she turned around and started rummaging through the cupboard looking at the different magazines. Before she found something that interested her she was interrupted by Tess walking in the room.

“What are we all doing, cause I’m starving and it’s almost 1:00pm.” Tess said walking into the room and sitting down next to Liz.

“Oh we just found some magazines and we’re reading through them. There is some really funny stuff in here.” Liz said showing Tess the front cover of the magazine she had been reading.

“Isn’t that Katie Holmes?” Tess asked as she looked at the girl on the front cover.

“Yeah.” Liz said taking a closer look at the front cover.

“She’s hot.” Tess said leaning close to Liz.

“I know.” Liz agreed with a nod of her head.

“I gotta get out of here.” Michael said before he rolled off the couch onto the floor and ran out of the room to look for the guys.

“What’s his problem?” Maria asked getting up and sitting on the other side of Liz and looking down to study Katie Holmes’ face.

“He hasn’t gotten used to me talking about other girl’s being hot.” Liz said as she started reading the headlines around Katie’s face.

“Oh right. Turn to the article on her.” Maria said.

“Can I have a look?” Isabel said as she got up off the couch and headed over to have a look.

“Yeah hold on. Liz stand up.” Maria said. Without asking any questions, Liz stood up and waited to be told when to sit down. She hadn’t even noticed that Maria had sat in her place and was now pulling her down to sit in between her legs because she was too busy looking at the page numbers trying to find the right page. When she was seated between Maria’s legs and she had found the right page she leaned her head back on Maria’s shoulder. She turned her head to look up and noticed Maria smiling down at her. Liz smiled back before she turned to the magazine article.

Tess and Isabel were both leaning in and reading the article. Liz was glancing at the pictures but was easily distracted by a hand on her upper thigh. She averted her eyes to where the hand was coming from and she realised that it was Maria’s. She looked up at Maria again and noticed that Maria was silently asking with her eyes if where her hand was ok. In reply Liz smiled. Keeping eye contact with Maria she grabbed Maria’s hand and placed inside her pyjama shorts. Maria swallowed hard in response. Liz just smiled then layed her head back on Maria’s shoulder.

Isabel hadn’t missed the action and in the back of her mind she wished that it were in fact her hand that was inside Liz’s pyjama shorts. She decided that Tess and her should leave the two alone. She looked up at Tess hoping to get the little blonde girls attention.

Tess looked up and met Isabel’s when she felt someone’s gaze on her. They had a silent conversation and decided to leave Maria and Liz alone to explore eachother. Tess and Isabel both got up and started to walk out of the room.

Liz had realised that Isabel and Tess had left them to be alone. Liz was dying to ask Maria something but she didn’t think she could do it while looking up at her face.

“Maria?” Liz said trying to keep her breathing under control. Maria’s thumb was gently rubbing the skin of her inner thigh close to Liz’s underwear line and it was getting hard to concentrate.

“Hmm?” Maria answered as she kept moving her thumb closer to Liz’s panties.

“I – uh – want you to, um, no, I need you to – uh – touch me.” Liz got out between laboured breathing.

“I am touching you.” Maria replied teasing Liz.

“No I mean… down there.” Liz said trying to get Maria to understand where she meant.

“Where Liz? You have to tell me, or at least show me.” Maria whispered into Liz’s ear. She decided to play a little more with Liz’s emotions so she nibbled on Liz’s ear and then licked it. As she pulled away from Liz’s ear she breathed on her ear and it sent a set of shivers down Liz’s spine.

“Maria.” Liz moaned as she arched her back in an effort to get Maria’s hand closer to where she needed it.

“You have to show me Liz. How am I supposed to know where to stick it if you can’t even tell me or show me.” Maria whispered again in a playful tone.

“Oh god.” Liz breathed out as Maria’s thumb traced her pantie line. Liz had soon decided that she had had enough of Maria’s teasing and took matters into her own hands. Liz grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled it out and with her other hand pulled back her panties and slid Maria’s hand into them. Liz’s hand led Maria’s fingers down to where she needed them the most. Her clit. Maria’s intake of breath did not go unnoticed by Liz.

“Maria.” Liz moaned as she placed Maria’s fingers on her most sensitive spot. Liz left Maria to do whatever she wanted to do. Liz’s hand moved to rest on Maria’s thigh. Both of Liz’s hands were soon grabbing Maria’s drawstring pyjama bottoms in her fists as Maria’s fingers ventured lower to Liz’s entry.

“Oh god.” Liz moaned as her head went back and her back arched involuntarily.

“You’re so wet.” Maria whispered as she moved her fingers around Liz’s inner labia. Maria’s index finger circled around Liz’s inner lips and her finger was soon covered in Liz’s juices. Maria had obviously never done anything to another girl before, so she was a little scared but she also figured that Liz had never done anything to another girl before and she was comforted by that thought.

“Liz, I don’t know what to do.” Maria admitted, her finger still circling around Liz’s entry.

“That’s not what it feels like from here.” Liz moaned as she arched her back again in effort to get closer to Maria’s finger.

“I’m serious.” Maria said again.

“Just do, what you would do to yourself. What you would want done to you.” Liz replied as her hips started to move.

“You mean like this?” Maria asked as she slipped her finger up inside Liz.

“Oh Gooood.” Liz moaned as her head went back and her back arched again.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Maria said teasingly as she started to slowly pull out her finger and then slowly push it back in again.

“Maria.” Liz breathed out. She needed more.

“Yeah?” Maria replied not really paying attention. When she sensed Liz was going to talk again she slipped to fingers in and a strangled moan escaped Liz’s throat.

“You like that?” Maria asked as she continued to slowly pump her fingers in and out.

“Hell yes.” Liz replied as her hips started to move with Maria’s every thrust.

Maria’s other hand slid down and joined her first hand. Instead of her fingers playing around with Liz’s labia, her fingers went for Liz’s clit.

“Oh God.” Liz moaned. Maria chuckled.

Maria’s index finger on her right hand was applying a minimal amount of pressure on Liz’s clit. Liz started to moan in response. She moved her finger to hover above Liz’s clit. Liz whimpered her objection. Maria smiled before she slowly applied a little bit of pressure before she started to move her finger over Liz’s clit.

The sensations running through Liz was driving her crazy. She was so frustrated, she just needed to reach the top and she’d be ok. All coherent words had flown out the window. Well, actually every other coherent word but ‘Oh God’.

Maria was teasing Liz to no end. Liz was nowhere near her peak yet but Maria was making sure that Liz was slowly climbing the orgasm ladder to the top. Her mouth hadn’t been doing anything yet to drive Liz crazy so Maria bent her head forward and let her lips attach to the side of Liz’s neck. After Maria was finished with her, there was going to be one hell of a hickey on her smooth skin.

As soon as Liz felt Maria’s lips on her neck, Liz rolled her head to the side to give Maria more room.

Maria started to move her fingers on both hands a little faster. Her fingers were thrusting in and out of Liz and her index finger was moving over Liz’s clit a little faster. Liz started to move her hips a little faster in an effort to get closer to Maria’s hands and trying to coax Maria in to moving faster.

“Maria….” Liz moaned.

“Hmm?” Maria asked not moving her lips away from Liz’s neck.

“I need you faster…” Liz breathed out before a moan escaped.

“Mmm…” Maria replied with her lips attached to Liz’s neck.

A few second later Maria’s fingers were thrusting deeper, harder and faster into Liz and Liz’s hips were meeting each thrust head on. Maria’s finger was moving at a rapid speed , flicking across Liz’s clit in effort to make Liz reach the top and come tumbling down in an earth shattering orgasm.

Liz was in heaven. The things Maria was doing to her. She never thought doing this with a girl could make her feel so much. Everything Liz was feeling was helping to bring her up to the top. Maria’s lips on her neck, Maria’s fingers inside her, Maria’s finger flicking at her clit. All she needed now was Max playing with her nipples and she probably would have gone over the edge already, at least three times.

Liz’s breathing was coming out in pants and her thrusts were becoming faster and her moans louder. Maria felt Liz’s muscles tighten around her fingers briefly and Maria knew Liz was extremely close.

Liz started to see flashes before her eyes of memories. But not her memories. Liz realised that it was Maria’s memories she was seeing.

A baby sitting up waving her tiny little chubby arms up and down smiling.

Five-year-old Maria and Kyle playing hide and seek.

Maria at age 8 pushing over a boy that was calling her names.

Eleven-year-old Maria sitting in the principal’s office getting into trouble for punching one of the boys in the face.

Maria at thirteen, kissing a boy on the cheek.

Maria making friends with the new girl at school.

Maria at fifteen, giving Kyle the right-hook.

Maria on the day they departed on the bus sneaking up on Kyle and then stumbling across Alex.

Maria seeing Michael for the first time.

Maria helping Liz come out of her shell.

Maria watching Liz when no one else was looking.

Liz received one last flash of Maria in her twenties giving birth to twins.

The last flash had amazed Liz. The other flashes were of Maria when she was growing up. But the last one was of Maria when she was older. And giving birth. That definitely had to be the future right?

Maria started to thrust a little faster and her finger started to apply a little more pressure and move faster across her clit. Soon Liz’s muscles started to tighten against Maria’s fingers in spasms and Liz’s body shook with tremors from the orgasm that was soon to end. A loud moan was heard from Liz’s throat and with one last tremble, Liz relaxed against Maria’s front.

Maria removed her lips from Liz’s neck and she looked down at a flushed Liz with her eyes closed and trying to catch her breath. Maria’s fingers were still buried deep inside of Liz and her index finger remained stationary on Liz’s clit.

“Maria?” Liz said still trying to catch her breath, eyes still closed.

“Yeah?” Maria replied resting her chin on Liz’s shoulder.

“Thankyou.” Liz said finally opening her eyes and looking up into Maria’s eyes.

“That’s ok.” Maria smiled back.

“I think I need a shower.” Liz sighed.

“Liz?” Maria said looking into Liz’s eyes.

“Yeah?” Liz replied sitting up a little but finding it a little hard with Maria’s hands still inside her.

Maria didn’t speak one word. Her hands slowly left Liz’s insides and started to travel up Liz’s body as she bent her head and her lips met Liz’s. They both closed their eyes as their lips attached to each other’s. Liz’s tongue brushed against Maria’s lips. Maria parted her lips slightly in invitation for Liz to invade her mouth. Their tongues met and their mouths fused together. Liz started to turn in Maria’s lap. Maria’s hands followed Liz’s movements on her waist.

Liz started to slide of the couch holding onto Maria and pulling her up with her. When they were standing Liz started to lead them out of the room. Maria barely noticed they were walking out of the room.

Maria pulled away from Liz’s lips so that she could talk. “Where are we going?” Maria asked even though all she could focus on was Liz’s lips. She hadn’t even realised that they had reached the bottom of the stairs and Liz was slowly leading them up. “We’re going to have a shower.” Liz said before she fused her lips back to Maria’s. Maria moaned.

They fumbled up the stairs still kissing and blindly walked on the carpet. Liz’s hands started to move up under Maria’s top and Liz pulling Maria’s shirt off and throwing it on the ground interrupted their kiss. Liz then reached for her own top and pulled it off and let it drop to the ground before she grabbed Maria and started to kiss her again. They made it into the bathroom in one piece still pulling each other’s clothes off. Both had neglected to close the door properly. But neither noticed. Liz broke the kiss again and reached into the shower to turn on the taps and get the right temperature before she pulled Maria in with her.


After Tess and Isabel had decided to leave, they stepped out of the lounge room and decided to go in search of the guys and hang with them until it was safe to go inside. They went to the back door and stepped outside into the sun. They were still in their pyjamas but they didn’t care.

The guys were just lying around talking when they heard the back door slide open. Max looked up and saw that it was Tess and Isabel. “Hey.” He said before he turned his head away.

“Hi. We suggest that you guys don’t go inside for a while.” Tess said before she sat down.

“Yeah.” Isabel agreed as she sat down next to Tess.

“Whys that?” Kyle asked as he turned over onto his stomach and looked up at the girls.

“Oh, um, Liz and Maria are kind of, Tabascoing in the lounge room. We don’t know how long they’ll be though.” Isabel answered blushing.

“They’re – right now?” Michael asked as he was suddenly wide-awake and looking at the girls in disbelief.

They suddenly heard a moan coming from inside and Isabel and Tess smiled at eachother.

“I guess that answer’s your question.” Tess said smiling.

“Right. So what do we do till they finish?” Alex asked staring at Isabel.

The girls just shrugged their shoulders.

“Great.” Michael mumbled.

Max had gone extremely quiet when he heard what Maria and Liz were doing inside. When he heard the moan, he couldn’t help but get turned on. It definitely sounded like Maria was doing something great to Liz to make her moan like that.

“I’m so tired.” Tess said lying down and yawning.

“That’ll teach you not to get up at 5:30 in the morning to maul Isabel.” Michael said with a smirk.

A gasp was heard from both girls before they blushed.

“Ah yes, Maria filled us in on that one.” Max said getting in his two cents to embarrass his sister.

“How did Maria put it? Ah that’s right Isabel and Tess going at it on Tess’s bed and something about giving them a wake up call before Tess’s mouth ventured underneath Izzy’s panties.”Alex said laughing.

“Yes well, my sister has a way with words doesn’t she?” Kyle said smiling.

Isabel and Tess were mortified. They were blushing profusely and couldn’t seem to find their voices.

Suddenly an extremely loud moan was heard from inside.

“And apparently a way with her hands too.” Isabel said smiling.

“That was way too much information about my little sister.” Kyle said covering his ears with his hands.

“Oh. Poor Kyle.” Tess said mockingly. “Anyway, I think it’s cute.”

“Same.” Isabel agreed with Tess.

“Any who, what’s for lunch kids?” Alex asked with a big goofy grin on his face.

“Michael’s cooking.” Kyle announced.

“Well no one else here can cook, so I may as well.” Michael said.

“True. Very true.” Alex agreed.

“I wish mum were here to cook.” Tess said sighing.

“Yeah same. I feel like her home-made toasted sandwiches.” Alex said closing his eyes while smiling.

“With grilled cheese.” Tess said moaning with delight.

“And tomato.” Alex added.

“And lettuce.” Tess added.

“And chips on the side.” Alex added.

“And freshly squeezed watermelon juice to swallow it down with.” Tess ended.

“Shut up you two… You’re making me really hungry.” Kyle said.

“Oh shut up.” Tess snapped.

“Sorry.” Kyle said quietly.

Max, Michael and Alex snickered.

“Potato salad.” Isabel said dreamily.

“Caesar Salad.” Max said.

“Oh how I want food.” Isabel whined.

“Are they finished yet?” Max asked. He wanted to get inside and eat.

Suddenly a wave of emotions washed over the six and a feeling of being connected to someone washed over them.

“What the hell was that?” Kyle exclaimed as he sat up.

“I think they’re finished.” Isabel said softly.

“About bloody time. Ok, let’s go and eat.” Michael said getting up off the grass and brushing himself off.

The others followed suit and started to follow Michael back in the house. Just as they reached the door they saw Maria and Liz in a heavy make-out session while trying to make it up the stairs.

“Maybe they aren’t finished.” Tess said.

“Well they aren’t downstairs anymore and that’s all I need right now, a kitchen and TV.” Alex said making his way into the house towards the kitchen.

The others just followed.

“We’ll leave them some food for when they come down.” Michael said as he went to the fridge and started pulling some food out.


posted on 22-Jan-2002 8:10:51 PM by Nikki

“Oh God Lizzzz…” Maria moaned as she tried to find something to hold onto but only finding her knees that were on either side of Liz’s head.

Minutes earlier they had stumbled into the warm shower and were attacking eachother, running their hands over each other’s bodies, familiarising and remembering every curve and crevice. Liz’s mouth had started to kiss its way down Maria’s throat and down the valley between her breasts. Liz had stopped there and devoured each breast. Her tongue shot out from between her lips and flicked across Maria’s nipples. After her thorough job on Maria’s breasts, Liz trailed her mouth down Maria’s stomach and then her course changed. She moved her lips to Maria’s left hip and started to suck on the skin down there. Maria was dying. She just wanted Liz’s mouth on her and she wanted it sooner rather than later.

Liz had left a hickey on Maria’s soft skin before she started to move her mouth to Maria’s thighs. She had slowly pushed Maria’s legs apart and then with her delicate fingers, reached up and spread Maria’s outer lips. Liz’s eyes had met Maria’s with a silent question.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to stand up if you’re going to do to me, what you’re going to do to me.” Maria had said shaking her head, her wet hair flying across her face flicking droplets of water.

“Slide down against the wall until you’re sitting on the ground with your legs spread.” Liz had instructed her to do. If Maria hadn’t have been so turned on, she would have been embarrassed to be in such a position. Liz had looked up at Maria and kissed her lips before her own lips had descended down to Maria’s outer lips and that’s where Liz was now. Sucking on Maria’s clit while the fingers of her right hand were pumping into Maria.

“Lizzzzz…” Maria moaned again.

Liz’s tongue flicked over Maria’s clit and then gently nibbled on it. “Oh god.” Maria breathed out. Liz slipped a third finger inside of Maria and she moaned again in response. Liz pumped her fingers in a couple of times but then she pulled them out and moved her tongue down and inside of Maria. The fingers that she had had inside Maria only seconds ago moved up and started to flick at Maria’s clit.

Maria was holding on by a thread. She was ready to go over the edge any moment. All she needed was for Liz to move her mouth back up to her clit and pump those three fingers inside her again and she’d be at the top.

Maria was suddenly bombarded with flashes. They were memories but they weren’t hers. They were Liz’s.

Liz as a naked baby lying on her back playing with her toes, with an equally naked Michael doing the same next to her.

Liz, when she found Michael pulling on his penis.

Liz at five the day she was kidnapped.

Liz in the dark, cold room shivering and holding her knees up to her chest hoping that Michael would come and save her.

Liz’s reunion with Michael when the FBI had bust up the place where the men were keeping her hostage.

Liz’s first day of high school and being really shy.

Liz’s first kiss.

Liz’s first date.

Michael sticking up for Liz at school when some jock had said she was ugly.

Liz working in the Crashdown in her extremely short uniform.

Liz meeting Isabel and liking her almost immediately.

Liz meeting a rambling Tess and thinking she was funny.

Liz seeing Max for the first time.

Liz and Maria when Liz had ravished her outside the morning before.

Maria didn’t have enough time to dwell on the flashes as she felt Liz move her mouth back up to her clit and felt Liz's fingers enter her again. Liz pumped her fingers hard and fast, in and out, in and out. Her tongue circled Maria’s clit until she started to suck on it. Liz felt Maria’s muscle tighten around her three fingers and knew that Maria was about to orgasm. Not even a second later Maria came tumbling over the edge, her muscles tightening around Liz’s fingers accompanied by a loud moan.

Everyone downstairs had felt another wave of emotions roll over them and the feeling like they were connected to another person left them baffled.

Liz slowly pulled her fingers out after Maria’s body had stopped twitching from the orgasm. Liz ran her tongue up Maria’s length to the tip of her clit and then pulled away. Liz smiled at the site of Maria sitting exhausted against the tiled wall of the shower, trying to catch her breath. Liz sat up and moved closer to Maria. She picked up Maria’s legs and wrapped them around her waist as she moved to get as close as she could to Maria’s limp body. Maria slowly opened her eyes and looked at Liz. ‘God she’s beautiful.’ They both thought at the same time.

Maria reached a hand up and brushed Liz’s wet hair out of her face. Liz smiled in response. She leaned in and brushed her lips over Maria’s. Maria parted her lips and with her hand that was still touching Liz’s hair, she pulled Liz’s head closer to her so she could kiss Liz properly. Their lips met again and Maria’s tongue brushed over Liz’s lips asking for entry. Liz granted it by parting her lips. The two just sat on the floor of the shower; mouth’s fused together, holding eachother.

They only pulled apart when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.


Downstairs they had heard some of the moaning and decided that after it stopped, someone should go up there and inform the couple that lunch was ready and waiting.

After the loud moan and there was silence, Isabel and Tess made their way up the stairs. They spotted the tops on the ground leading to the bathroom. They went to the bathroom and noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Isabel knocked on the door and waited.

“Come in.” They heard Maria’s tired voice.

Isabel slowly stepped in and had a look into the shoer and the site she was met with was the cutest thing she’d ever seen. She turned her head and grabbed Tess’s arm and pulled the little blonde into the bathroom to have a look at the scene in front of them.

“They look so cute.” Tess whispered.

“I know.” Isabel whispered back.

“We just wanted to let you two know that lunch is ready. But you guys can take your time if you like.” Isabel said as they quietly left the bathroom closing the door on their way out.

They made their way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Upstairs, Liz and Maria untangled themselves from eachother and finished off the shower that they were supposed to have been having and dried off. They went and got changed and descended the stairs while holding hands all the way. They walked into the kitchen and were met by four guys staring at them and Isabel and Tess smiling.

“Hey.” Liz said slightly blushing but not releasing her hold on Maria’s hand.

“Hey guys.” Maria said happily.

“Hey.” Came the reply of the others.

The girls headed for their chairs and reluctantly had to let go of eachother’s hands. As Liz sat down next to Max he looked up at her and smiled.

“Well here is your food. Hope you’re hungry.” Michael said as he placed a plate in front of Liz and then Maria.

Liz just couldn’t resist. “I just ate out Maria, but, I’m sure I can fit this in.” She said while smiling. Next to her Max had just taken a bite of his salad and choked. Liz giggled and was patting him on the back in an effort to help him. She looked over at Maria and they shared a secret smile.


Lunch went ok besides the little ‘eating’ occurrence. Maria and Liz were exhausted so they just lied down on one of the couches together talking softly.

Isabel and Tess were sitting on the four-seater couch crossed-legged facing eachother and talking softly so as not to disturb anyone. Max and Alex were sitting at the dining room table just talking. Michael and Kyle were sitting on the ground in front of the TV playing Playstation.

“Maria, did you see things?” Liz asked softly while playing with Maria’s hand.

“When?” Maria replied softly watching Liz’s fingers play with her own.

“Right before you, um, orgasmed? Did you see anything?” Liz asked this time meeting Maria’s eyes.

“Yeah, I did. Did you?” Maria asked.

“Yeah. What did you see?” Liz asked.

“You.” Maria answered truthfully.

Liz smiled up at Maria. “I saw you too.” Liz replied.

“What did you see?” Maria asked.

“Stuff from when you were little up until now.” Liz said before she paused. “I know how you feel about Michael.” Liz admitted.

“You saw that huh?” Maria asked a little embarrassed.

“Yeah, and I bet he feels the same about you.” Liz replied with a smile.

“Well I know how you feel about Max.” Maria replied with a smile. “And if his intense gazes are anything to go by, I think he likes you the same way too.”

“I know how Max feels. And it is the same way too.” Liz replied with a smile.

“Great.” Maria said. She wanted to ask Liz about some of the flashes she had seen.

“I um, I know how you felt when you were kidnapped.” Maria said not meeting Liz’s gaze. As soon as the words had reached Liz’s ears, Liz’s fingers had stopped.

“I’m sorry that you had to see that.” Liz said before she dropped her hands from Maria’s.

“I’m not. I saw you Liz. And I love every part of you.” Maria said truthfully.

Liz’s eyes shot up to meet Maria’s. “You love me?” Liz asked although she already knew the answer.

“You see, what I meant by love was - ” But Maria didn’t get to finish her thought because Liz had attacked Maria’s lips.

“They’re at it again.” Tess said glancing over at Maria and Liz.

Isabel turned her head to have a look over her shoulder. She smiled at the couple and turned back to Tess.

“They’re so cute.” Isabel said.

“I know.” Tess agreed.

Over at the dining room table Max and Alex were having their own conversation.

“So have you read any letters from home?” Max asked Alex.

“Yeah. My mum’s.” Alex admitted as he blushed.

“Same.” Max said smiling.

“Mine sent a photo of the family.” Alex said smiling now.

“Mine sprayed the letter with her perfume.” Max laughed.

“That’s nice.” Alex said smiling.

“You wanna go upstairs?” Max asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Alex agreed as he pulled his chair out and stood up. Max followed suit. As they headed out of the room and towards the stairs the annoying voice came over the speakers.

“Maxwell, you are needed.” The voice boomed over the speakers.

“Not again.” Max groaned. He turned to Alex with a sad smile. “Rain check?” He asked.

“Sure thing.” Alex replied as he slapped him on the back. Max walked to the corner of the room and stepped through the doorway and into the secret room.

The door closed behind him and he sat in the chair opposite the man in the suit waiting for him.

“Laundry needs to be delivered.” The man said.

“Ok, anything else?” Max asked.

“Mail needs to be out by Saturday.” The man said.

“Ok. Anything else?” Max asked again.

“Elizabeth is starting to possess her powers. You must advise her not to tell anyone of the things she sees and that she should embrace her powers.” The man said.

“Ok. Anything else?” Max asked.

“Maria will soon be possessing her powers as her and Elizabeth have bonded.” The man said.

“Ok. Anything else?” Max asked yet again.

“Laundry will be picked up in twenty minutes.” The man said. Before Max could ask the same question again, the man opened up his silver briefcase and handed Max a letter in an envelope. The man stood up and left.

Max got up and left the room. When he stepped outside he met Alex and showed him the letter before he started to walk towards where everyone was in the lounge room.

“Guys, listen up. There’s another letter.” Max said as he sat down on one of the couches.

Michael paused the game and Maria sat up and Liz turned over to face Max as Tess turned around a little to look at Max. Alex stayed standing and rested his hands on the back of the four-seater couch facing Max.

“Before I read this, laundry gets collected in twenty minutes and Maria can you stay back for a few seconds. I just need to talk to you for a second. Oh and mail is to be ready to send by Saturday.” Max said before he continued. Maria gave him a nod. Max turned the envelope over and opened it. He pulled out the folded paper and opened it up.

He began to read aloud.

Dear Housemates,

Two of you have already bonded. Your two weeks isn’t up yet so this is good progress. Maxwell and Alexander have to catch up though because time is of the essence.

Maria and Elizabeth, congratulations are in order for your bonding. Dinner will be a feast tonight in your honour. Dinner will be ready to collect at 6:30 sharp.

The beds have not been assembled yet. Please ensure that they are done tonight.

Another congratulations goes out to everyone. You have all admitted in your hearts whom your mate is. Some of you may not have realised it yet, but you will be spending the rest of your lives with your chosen mate. Kyle, that means that indeed you will be getting married.

That is all. Please hurry with the laundry. The door will be open soon. Make sure your clothes are in your basket. You will collect your laundry tomorrow morning.


Dr. Manhayem
Max finished reading.

Everyone just looked at eachother and Liz and Maria were blushing.

“So like, they know what we talk about?” Kyle asked. There was a part of the letter directed at him, he wanted to know how they knew.

“Obviously.” Isabel replied.

Max looked up at Alex and they both smiled. They were about to head upstairs to, get started on their bonding when they were so rudely interrupted.

“Well, we should hurry up and get our laundry in our baskets.” Tess said getting up off the couch and heading for the stairs. Isabel followed and soon everyone but Maria and Max had left.

“You needed to tell me something?” Maria asked nervously. She felt like she was heading into the principal’s office at school or something.

“Yeah. Apparently now that you and Liz have - uh - bonded, you should be soon possessing your powers.” Max said with a nod of his head and a small smile.

“Powers? No one said anything about powers.” Maria said in shock.

“Yeah well, don’t worry about it. I’m sure that it’s nothing to worry about.” Max said placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Come on, let’s go get our laundry.” Max said putting his arm around her shoulders and leading her up the stairs.

They walked into the girl’s section of the room and as Maria headed for her dirty clothes, Max headed for Liz.

“Liz, um, can I talk to you later?” Max asked as he put his hands in his pockets.

“Sure. How about after they pick up the laundry?” She offered.

“Cool.” Max said with a nod and a smile before he headed off the get his dirty clothes.

Shannon this part's for you...*bounce*

About 15 minutes later they were standing outside the door waiting for it to open.

“I wish it’d hurry up.” Maria complained.

“Same. I don’t think I can hold this any longer.” Michael grumbled.

The door suddenly opened and they all piled in placing their baskets inside the room.

They all piled out and went their separate ways. Liz and Max shared a look and both headed for the stairs. Before Liz left the room, she went to find Maria to tell her where she’d be.

“Max needs to talk. I’ll be back down soon ok?” Liz said as Maria nodded and smiled. Liz then kissed Maria and headed off after Max.

They walked into the girl’s section again as Liz started to fold some of her clothes and was putting them away now that she had room to put them somewhere.

Max sat on her bed and just watched her move around her area.

“Well, they told me to tell you that you had started to possess your powers. Apparently, no one is allowed to ask you about them, and you can’t tell anyone about what you see. Something like that. Maybe that’ll make some sense to you. Maybe it has to do with that dream that you had not last night, but the night before.” Max suggested.

Liz stopped and sat down next to Max. “Well, I think it’s starting to make sense. Max, when Maria and I bonded today, I got these flashes from her.” Liz started but was cut off by Max.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be telling me this.” Max hurried to say before she could say anymore.

“No it’s ok, Maria had them too. Anyway, one of the flashes, well it was in the future. I think that my powers or whatever you want to call them, I think I can see into the future or something.” Liz said hoping that is what was happening to her.

“So the other night, when you said that you thought you dreamt about our future, you really did dream about our future?” Max asked amazed.

“I think so. I’ll have to wait and see though.” She said nodding her head.

“So I know that you can’t tell me about what the dream was about, but was it a good future?” Max asked itching to know what the dream was about.

“I’d have to say, it was probably the best dream that I had ever had, and you know what?” Liz asked as she turned her head towards him.

“What?” Max asked looking down at her.

“I think it probably started off with something,” she paused as she moved her head up, “…like…” she paused again as her gazed shifted down to his lips, “…this…” Liz finished as her lips gently touched his.

Max couldn’t believe that she was kissing him. His hand came up and his thumb was running lightly across her cheekbone as he kissed her back.

Max pressed his lips against hers in an effort to get closer. This was his first kiss and he didn’t want to stuff it up so he let Liz take over. He suddenly felt her tongue brushing over his closed lips. He parted his lips slightly and his tongue snuck out and a bolt of energy ran through the both of them as their tongues touched. Their mouths opened wider and Liz’s hands came up and wrapped themselves around Max’s neck pulling him close.

Max’s hands moved to Liz’s waist and he gently picked her up and sat her on his lap facing him. Liz instantly shuffled closer to Max as the kiss grew more heated. Max’s hands were running up and down Liz’s back. One of his hands slipped up under her tanktop onto her smooth skin. Max was driving Liz crazy with his hand running up and down her back. She moved her hips forward in an effort to get closer to Max and upon getting closer, she brushed up against his arousal and she moaned.

The kiss soon broke, as lack of oxygen became a problem. They sat there staring into eachother’s eyes as they tried to catch their breath. “Wow.” Max said breathing hard. Liz moved her hips forward again and Max’s breath hitched in his throat. Liz leant into his ear.

“One day, I’ll have that inside me, and then we’ll see what wow is.” She whispered before she nibbled on his ear and then hopped off his lap and headed for the door. Before she left she turned around to say something else.

“By the way, I still haven’t made it worth your while.” She said before she ran off and down the stairs giggling all the way.

Max just sat staring at the doorway where she had gone through moments before. “Definitely wow.” Max said to himself as he tried to compose himself before heading down the stairs.


At exactly 6:30 sharp the door opened and the gang went in and grabbed all the food and placed it in the middle of the table. They all sat down and ate to their hearts content.

After dinner they all headed upstairs to put the beds together. Liz had gone looking through all the cupboards and the wardrobes and she had finally found what she was looking for. Queen bed sheets.

They stripped the beds of the sheets and looked on the sides of the beds for the hooks that they were supposed to use to keep the beds together. Liz noticed that the beds had them on both sides. That meant that it would be possible to have all the beds attached.

“Looks like it would probably be possible to attach all the beds together.” Liz said as she looked at the hooks on each side of her bed.

“Cool. So like, we could have this one massive bed?” Tess asked getting excited.

“Yeah. Looks like it.” Max said.

“Wow.” Maria said. “Possibilities.” Was all she said.

Liz just laughed.

Maria and Liz were the first to start to push their beds together. When they were about an inch from eachother, they attached by themselves. It was like the latches had radar or something and they just seemed to latch on together. Liz just shrugged her shoulders as she went over to grab the sheets needed for the bed. Maria helped her put the sheets on and soon everyone else had followed suit. There were once eight beds and now there were four queen beds.

Maria and Liz changed for bed, bonding really took it out of you. They hopped into bed and cuddled up and started talking quietly.

Isabel and Tess were the next to do the same. Now they had a lot more room to, explore, eachother.

Michael and Kyle just threw off their clothes and jumped onto their bed. Kyle was lying on his stomach and Michael on his back. They both had their faces turned to eachother and they were talking softly.

Max and Alex took their time getting to bed though. They stripped down into their boxes and got into bed. They sort of just layed there quietly, waiting for the other to strike up conversation.

“You miss home don’t you?” Max asked turning to Alex getting sick of the quiet.

“Heaps.” Alex answered truthfully.

“I do a bit. But then I think about Li – I mean, I think about what great fun it is to be here without parents, and it suddenly seams better than being at home.” Max said trying to cover up what he had almost let slip.

“Max, I know you were going to say Liz.” Alex said smiling.

“Yeah well, so, my mum told me that your dad is Charles Whitman, as in the Charles Whitman.” Max said trying to change the topic.

“I think my mum mentioned something about your dad being, oh what’s it called again, Evans of Evans & Co.” Alex laughed.

“Right. I had that one coming didn’t I?” Max asked smiling.

“Yeah. So did you hear, all of our parents met after we hopped on the bus. That’d be right, our parents socialising instead of being depressed when their only kids are going away.” Alex said shaking his head.

“I know what you mean. But my mum has friends and all but I don’t think she has that many that are in the same situation as she is in now.” Max said.

“My mum doesn’t go out much, she doesn’t have many friends so I think that the little outing that all of our parents are going to be having is going to be good for her.” Alex said feeling happy that his mother was going to make some new friends.

“Yeah I know what you mean.” Max agreed. “I just hope that they don’t bring out all the baby photos and the baby stories.” Max said worriedly.

“Oh great, don’t remind me.” Alex said grimacing.

“Let’s not dwell on it k?” Max asked.

“Good, we won’t.” Alex agreed.

“Do you miss your friends?” Max asked.

“A little. I mean, I don’t really have that many friends, I’m not exactly popular at school. Tess is the one that’s popular at school.” Alex said.

“I know exactly what you mean. Izzy’s the same. She’s the popular one in our school. Actually, she’s probably the most popular girl at school.” Max said.

“Ah, so she goes for the jocks then?” Alex asked, hope slowly dying away.

“No. She has had dates, a lot of them actually, but she doesn’t really have boyfriends. But you know what, as much as I am her brother and the thought of her dating is terrible, I think that I would rather her dating someone like you than the guys she has dated.” Max said turning his head to look at Alex.

“So does that mean I might have a chance with her?” Alex asked hope growing rapidly.

“If we’re supposed to find our long life mates in here then you could probably deduct the guys as to who she would end up with. I’m her brother, so that’s a definite no, Michael seems to be a little taken with Maria and Kyle and Tess seem to suit eachother, a lot. That my friend, only leaves you.” Max said smiling at Alex.

Alex just nodded while a goofy grin was plastered to his face.


Over at the girls side of the room, Liz and Maria were just finishing their conversation.

“So do you know how to?” Liz asked in whispers.

“I’ve never but I’m pretty sure I can explain it to you.” Maria said as she tried to stifle a yawn.

“Tomorrow ok? Will you help me?” Liz asked shyness shining in her eyes.

“Of course. I’m really tired now. I think you took it out of me. Wore me down.” Maria said as she yawned again.

“I think you did the same to me. Love you lots.” Liz said before they kissed goodnight.

Their heads were facing eachother and their legs tangled and Liz’s arm thrown over Maria’s body and Maria’s arm thrown over Liz’s body.

“Night. Love you.” Maria said as they slowly fell asleep.

Isabel and Tess had fallen asleep a few minutes before also holding eachother close. Tess had her back to Isabel and Isabel was spooning Tess from behind. Isabel’s right arm was holding Tess close to her body and her lips rested lightly on the back of Tess’s neck.

Michael and Kyle couldn’t have given a stuff about bonding, they just fell asleep after they discussed who actually won the game on Playstation. They came to a deal. They would play again tomorrow and then whoever won had to do a sexual act for the other. Yeah, bonding went right out the window with that deal.

Max and Alex had talked for about another hour before they decided to call it a night. Through their conversation they had moved closer and closer to eachother. Alex now was lying on his stomach with his right arm thrown over Max’s chest and Max’s right hand rested on Alex’s back.


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Ok now I'm back and can answer your questions....

Watcher Tara:Yes I figured that the girls would probably embrace the bonding easier than the guys, though I don't think the guys are having any trouble.*wink*

I don't think that they are being forced into bonding. It's more to show them what options and opportunities they have in front of them, eg. double beds. *happy* Don't eorry soon you'll understand and it'll all fit into place. Hopefully.

Oh, and I haven't thought that far ahead with M&L getting a little bonding in before its time. But either way, I don't think I should give that away.*wink* Oh! and I'll try to make it long...oh who am I kidding, it'll most likely be long.*big*

jendansuer: You said something in your feedback, can't tell you what though, but it was extremely relevant to something that Watcher Tara asked. Wish I could give it away but I can't. Btw, the Michael/Liz interactioin at the beginning of Part 15 was for you! *tongue*

babyitsyou, onetruelove: I'll try to post as soon as I can. Unfortunately I haven't started the new part yet cause I've been heaps busy.

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AvengingAngelIQ: I think I know how I want it to end. But I can't let you all know what's planed, especially cause it wont be for a while. But, if you have read my Maria/Liz fic 'Bestfriends' (sorry had to plug it) then the last couple of paragraphs could probably tell you the answer to your questions...but remember that that fic has nothing to do with this one.

Anyway, that's enough from me... I'll try to start on part 16 as soon as I can but I'm starting school next week ugh! and I wont have as much time as I started off with! Sorry guys! I'll try my hardest! Promis. *happy*


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Ok ppl, another quick update...I ahve started part 16 but I'm not sure how fast I'll finish it or get it out...I'm not getting writer's block but I am having trouble getting down what I want to happen, although it's been playing in my mind for days, it's hard to get down EXACTLY how I want it to go.

Anyway, I'll keep you absolutely fabulous readers and feedbackers (is that even a word?) up to date. *happy*

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Hopefully, I'll be back with a new part soon.


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Anwyay, I was having LOTS AND LOTS of trouble with writing this part.... and I still am... Here is the first part of it.... yes as you can see, it says part sixteen A... that means there are others for this part... but they haven't been written.... I hope to get them written soon so that I can post them soon.... I thought, you've waited this long so I better reward you for your efforts...Thanks again.

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Title: Bonding Eight
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell
Category: It is AU. There are CC. No UC (as in Max/Maria). Definitely slash of F/F and M/M.
Rating: Most of it will be NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summery: The eight teens are put together for three months to bond.
Author's Note: Ok this idea came to me after reading a very good fic on this board...I can't remember the name of it right now but it was really good...anyway, I went looking for more like it but couldn't seem to find any, so I thought I might be able to make up one of my own. Also don't read if you don't like slash of any sort.

Part Sixteen:
Thursday 4th June
Day Thirteen

Alex woke up bright and early, he had looked up to see Max’s sleeping face above him on the bed. Alex smiled. He kissed Max’s chest and then slowly and quietly got up out of bed and got changed. He walked down to the girls’ section and walked over to where Isabel and Tess were sleeping. They were still in the same position that they were last night when they had fallen asleep. Isabel was spooning Tess from behind, her lips still resting on the back of Tess’s neck.

He came up to Tess’s side and knelt down in front of her. He softly blew on her face to wake her up. It had worked in the past and he was intent to make it work this time as well. He blew again and she started to stir. When she rubbed her eyes and finally opened them, she focused on Alex’s smiling face in front of her.

“Morning Tessie. Come on, let’s go make everyone breakfast.” Alex whispered so that he didn’t wake anyone else up.

“Alex.” Tess moaned as she closed her eyes and turned over to face Isabel.

“Come on, it’s the least we can do.” Alex whispered.

“You go make breakfast, and I’ll make sure no one gets up to help you.” Tess said sleepily as she drifted off into another dream.

“Fine.” Alex whispered as he stood up properly and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Alex spent the next hour preparing breakfast for everyone, which consisted of homemade pancakes with maple syrup. There were freshly cut lemons and sugar on the table. There was apple juice, orange juice, milk and water. There was a big fruit platter much like Liz and Michael’s from the morning before.

If their parents could see them now, they would realise that they were eating healthier than usual.

Just as Alex finished placing all the plates down and the cutlery, the cavalry arrived. One by one they trudged in through the kitchen and took their places at the table. Alex watched Max with a smile. Max rubbed his eye with a closed fist and Alex thought he looked absolutely adorable. He made a note to tell him that later.

Alex took his seat next Isabel and she immediately rest her head on his shoulder. He smiled softly. He looked up when he felt someone’s gaze on him. His eyes met his sister’s as she smiled at the picture of them together like that.

‘If only Kyle’ll look at me like that.’ She thought to herself as she cast a quick glance to her right where Kyle was shovelling food down his throat. She just shook her head before she dived into her own breakfast.

“So, oh so cheery ones, what are we doing today?” Alex asked before he put a forkful of pancakes in his mouth.

Max took charge of what the day’s events were going to be. “Well, we have to get our laundry sometime today. And maybe we should start to write the letters home so that we can send them earlier or something, you know, we send them earlier, we receive replies earlier? Then I guess we have the rest of the day to ourselves.” Max said before taking a sip of his orange juice.

Everyone just nodded either too busy eating to answer or too tired.

After everyone had started to wake up with coffee and fruit, conversations started. Michael and Kyle were talking about the playstation game that they had to have the re-match for. Liz and Max were talking about getting the letters done. Isabel, Alex and Tess were talking about how Alex woke up Tess early that morning. Maria was just sitting there watching everyone. She reached for her glass of Orange juice but noticed that it was almost empty. She asked if someone could pass it to her but no one moved. She asked again. No one moved. She was getting fed up, she couldn’t reach for it because it was down the other end of the table. No one was listening to her, not even Liz or Michael.

“Can someone, please, pass me the orange juice.” Maria asked. Suddenly, the room went silent as the orange juice just tipped over causing it to spill everywhere.

“Oops.” Maria said softly.

“What do you mean oops?” Michael asked as he started to help clean up the mess that was on the table.

“I kinda wanted the orange juice and no one was listening to me and then suddenly it just tipped over.” Maria answered still staring at the orang juice pitcher.

“So you like, wished and wished sort of and it just spilt?” Alex asked turning to look at her.

“Yeah, something like that.” Maria answered leaning back in the chair.

“Maria, maybe it’s you know, what we talked about yesterday.” Max asked leaning forward in his chair.

“You think? I mean that’s what I get? Tipping things over? What a crummy power.” Maria muttered as she folded her arms and sunk down lower in her chair.

“Power? What are you talking about?” Tess asked curious.

“I’m getting a power because Liz and I bonded, and so far, it might just be tipping things over…fun!” Maria said sarcastically.

“Oh, so do we like, all, get powers after we’ve bonded?” Kyle asked looking over at Michael.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s like a gradual thing, you know, when you start to bond with the others and then you finally come to the end where you’re with your mate. Maybe that’s when you finally grasp what your power is.” Max said trying to think out loud while giving them an explanation.

“Oh, wow.” Isabel said sitting back. Everyone was quiet thinking over his or her own thoughts.

Minutes passed until their attention was then focused on the voice from the speakers came through.

“Laundry is ready to be picked up.” The voice said.

“Come on, let’s just go and get our laundry and finish our letters.” Liz said as she pushed her chair out and picked up her plate placing it in the sink on her way through the kitchen. Everyone soon followed.

They picked up their laundry and went upstairs to put it away.

They went rummaging around the whole house looking paper and pens that they could use to write home with. They finally found eight pads of paper, a box of envelopes and a packet of pens in a draw in the kitchen.

They all trudged to their own corners of the house to get the letters finished with. They finished reading all of their letters. Each letter said basically the same things, that the parent’s had all met and that they were going out for dinner the following week. A couple of the others had received gifts from their parents. Photos and what not. Michael remembered that he had to show Liz the new accessory for her uniform. He grabbed the photo from his bedside table and ran through the house looking for her. He eventually found her in one of the lounge chairs by the pool.

“Liz!” Michael said loudly as he jogged over to the pool. “I just remembered something that dad sent to me in his letter. You are just going to love this!” He continued.

Liz looked up from her writing pad and turned her head to watch as her brother neared the gate of the pool.

“What did he send you?” Liz asked genuinely interested.

“Well he3 told me that he had a new accessory for the Crashdown’s uniform. You are just going to love wearing this.” Michael said as he handed the photo over to her through the bars of the gate. Liz cautiously reached over and took the photo from his hands. She looked at the photo and laughed. “I’m going to be wearing this? Don’t you think it is a bit of a chummy sort of photo. I don’t think the customer’s care about our sibling relationship Michael.” Liz said between giggles.

Michael was confused. He had thought that he had given her the photo that had the antennae. Obviously not. “Hold on, can I just have that back for a minute?” Michael asked reaching his hand through the bars.

Liz handed it back and Michael looked down at the photo. Yep, he had given her the wrong photo. “Shit. Oh well, I guess I can just show you the photo later. I’ll just tell you that you have to wear antennae from now on.” He said before rushing off into the house.

“MICHAEL!” Liz screamed out as she watched him run back into the house. ‘Damnit!’ She thought to herself. She looked down at the letter to her mother that she had started. She flipped the paper over and started the letter to her father first.

By lunchtime, everyone had finished with their letters and they had already been given in to the man in the ‘secret room’. While Max had been in the room he had asked about getting a camera and a lot of film so he they could take heaps of photos as memories. The man hadn’t responded. He just up and left the room. “Fine then.” Max had said out loud in the empty room.

Michael and Kyle had scheduled their re-match for 2:00 that afternoon. After they’d had lunch they sat in front of the television set and stared at the blank screen as they counted down the minutes to the race. They were both concentrating very hard. They knew what prize the winner would get and either way, they’d both win and they knew it.

After lunch Max and Alex had decided to go upstairs to ‘talk’. They had wanted some privacy because they wanted to get to know eachother without everybody knowing what was going on. They had tols the others that they wanted to go upstairs and if they could be left alone. Obviously everyone knew that the two were going to be doing more than just talking.

The four girls went out the back just to sit around and talk as they really didn’t have anything better to do and because they couldn’t have been bothered to watch Kyle and Michael watch the tv, their best bet was to soak up the sun.

Upstairs Max and Alex were lying on their sides facing eachother as they were talking about their parents.

“I don’t know why, but Tess is more of a daddy’s girl where as I’m a mummy’s boy. Does that make me a wuss?” Alex asked out loud.

“I wouldn’t know. Isabel and I are exactly the same. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have my mother there for me.” Max admitted.

“Yeah. I remember when I was little she used to always sing me to sleep. Dad would read Tess a magazine on cars and she’d be out like a light. And my mum and I have this day that’s just for her and I. Every Saturday we’ll do something together like go to the movies, or go out to lunch.” Alex said as he rolled to lay on his back.

“I know what you mean. My mum and I do that sort of stuff when she can. But she’s always so busy that we don’t usually get the time. But I still love her.” Max admitted as he layed his hand on Alex’s chest, his fingers fiddling with one of the buttons. Alex’s gaze fell onto where Max’s hand was playing with his shirt. Alex’s body reacted to the gentle touch but there was no way that Alex could hide it. He didn’t want to hide it.

Max had noticed Alex’s reaction but a wicked thought had entered his mind. He was going to toy with Alex’s mind and body until Alex was begging to be touched. Max started talking about his mum again as his fingers undid the button he had been playing with. He had made it seem to Alex as if he wasn’t really conscious of what he was doing to him. Alex wasn’t really listening to Max so only an occasional ‘yeah’ or ‘hmmm’ would escape his lips.

By the only two words that were coming out of Alex’s mouth, Max knew that he was getting to him and he felt this rush of power wash over him and he liked it. Max’s fingers brushed the skin of Alex’s chest. Alex couldn’t hold in the gasp from the feel of Max’s warm fingertips.

Although Max had only started his plan, he decided that he had to stop it. What if this wasn’t what Alex wanted right away? Max knew that he couldn’t put Alex through that. It wasn’t fair. Max stopped the movement of his fingertips and looked up at Alex’s flushed face.

“Alex? You know how we said that we would go slow?” Max asked softly.

Alex gave a nod knowing that he wouldn’t have been able to form a coherent word.

“How slow? Cause, I hate to admit it, but there are things that I wanted to do to you right now, that will no doubt end up in the bonding of you to me.” Max admitted staring into Alex’s eyes.

Alex lifted his head and moved his hand up to brush some hair off of Max’s forehead. “You have no idea how much I want you to do that to me.” Alex admitted as his head fell back onto the pillow.

Max smiled as he moved up and straddled Alex’s body. Max grabbed Alex by the wrists and placed them above Alex’s head. Max bent his head down and let his lips softly brush over Alex’s lips. Their breaths mingled together. Max moved his lips quickly down to Alex’s neck and started to kiss down the side of it. He stopped at the curve where the neck and shoulder join. He attached his lips to the soft skin there and started to mark Alex as his own.

Alex had his eyes closed trying to control his breathing. Max was making him feel things that honestly, he had never felt before and he was eager for the feelings to grow.

Max’s lips started to move further down to the hollow of Alex’s throat were he flicked his tongue as his hands started to undo the buttons to Alex’s shirt. Max’s lips trailed down the path that his hands were making. Once Max reached Alex’s jeans he stopped and looked up.

“Are you sure?” Max asked softly. Alex lifted his head up as much as possible. He looked down into Max’s face and knew his answer. He nodded his head before he lowered it back down onto the pillow waiting for the assault on his lower appendage.

Max’s fingers unbuttoned Alex’s jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper. Alex lifted his hips up to help Max pull down his jeans. Once they were off Max reached for Alex’s boxer shorts. When he took one look at them he started laughing. The mood had been broken. Alex sat up confused. He looked down at Max who was laughing hysterically and pointing, pointing, Alex looked down to his lap and saw his boxers and he couldn’t help but chuckle. He had forgotten that he was wearing the pair of boxer shorts that Tess had given him for Christmas the year before. When he had pulled them out of the box he had started laughing. They were electric blue with the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil on them dressed in a karate uniform and next to each little Taz, the caption read ‘Feel My Muscle’.

Alex shook his head and placed his hand on Max’s shoulder to hold him steady before he fell off the bed in laughter.

“Are you going to take the damn things off already?” Alex asked with a smile. Max immediately sobered up and reached for the bower shorts. He pulled them down Alex’s legs and tossed them behind his head.

Max looked down at Alex and gasped. He never knew anyone could be so big? Was that even the right word to describe Alex? Enormous, maybe.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Nothing.” Max said as his hand reached out and he wrapped his fingers around Alex’s engorged penis. Now it was Alex’s turn to gasp.

“I have to tell you that I’ve never done this to another guy before. Only to myself. So if there’s something that you don’t like, just tell me ok?” Max asked as his hand started to subconsciously move up and down Alex’s cock.

Alex could barely reply, all that escaped his mouth was a gurgle. Max’s hand started to pump a little faster as Alex’s breathing rate increased. Alex moved his hands down to his sides and gripped onto the bed covers as his hips started to move up and down slightly in time with Max’ hand movements.

Max kept up his hand movements as he moved his body to lie On Alex’s side. He rested his head on his free hand to look down onto Alex’s face. Max started to squeeze at the base as he pumped. Alex hissed when he felt the added pressure and couldn’t stop the dribble of pre-cum from the head of his cock to come out.

Max smiled when he felt Alex’s head was moist. He used the pre-cum to act as a lubricant and started to pump a little faster.

As the minutes dragged for what seemed like hours, Alex was near the end. Max started to pump a little faster and Alex started to move his hips in time with Max’s hand with the occasional moan slipping through Alex’s dry lips.

“Oh God.” Alex moaned softly as he felt himself reach the top. All he had to do was let go.

Suddenly like a flash before his eyes, Alex saw all these images floating before his eyes like a movie of Max’s life. He saw:

Max playing with Isabel when they were younger.

Max at school making friends with a chubby little boy who was being bullied.

Max playing basketball when he was ten with his dad in their driveway.

Max helping his sister with her dress for her first dance.

Max at 15 holding hands with a little girl.

Max getting on the basketball team at school.

The last image was of when Max saw Liz for the first time at the bus station.

The images were over almost as fast as they had began.

Max knew he was right where he needed to be and so Max pumped faster and harder and in no time at all Alex came. A rush of emotions swept over the occupants of the house and a connection was built. His hips had thrust up in one final push and then his body lay limp, relaxing. Max removed his soaked hand from Alex’s cock. He layed it on Alex’s stomach waiting for the boy to catch his breath and come back down to earth. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

Downstairs, everyone looked at eachother in confusion.

P.S. I didn't really read over it like I usually do so sorry about the mistakes...

posted on 6-Jul-2002 7:37:06 AM by Nikki
*********AUTHOR'S NOTE**********

Hi guys... *ducks from all the rotten food you're all probably throwing at me*

I know I haven't updated since the 5th of April and it is really mean of me I know... I haven't a new part with me... sorry, but I will be trying to write a new bit soon, I hope... but any of you who have been reading Our Affair will know that I have been extremely busy, busier than I have ever been, and I am sick, yet again... anyway, I am hoping to get a new part out soon... but to warn you, don't hold your breaths ok?

Sorry about this, writer's block really is a pain in the ass!