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Jessica Parker
Author: Michelle
CatagoryL M/T, M/L, M/M, I/A
Summary: Just read the story and find out, after M/L cross forbidden territory they both creathe something that becomes famous!
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Authors Note: The may be some words spelled wrong please ignore them. I NEED FEEDBACK TO CONTINUE! Thanks!

Liz Parker looked at her life, "Where did the time go?" she asked herself. She remembered how it had come to this, how every event that had occured in the past had led to this, had led to her. That Her happened to be her daughter, Jessica Parker. She was now six years old. She looked just like her and a mix of Max put together. Her daughter was a singer, and performed at talent shows winning almost every single one of them every time! They lived together in a small two story house in Roswell New Mexico. Liz suddenly became absorbed in the past and its events....

It all started in high school where Liz met HIM, Max Evans. He was shy, quiet, and almost isolated from many of the other students, but he didn't seem to mind. Other then those few things he was the most gorgous man Liz had ever seen! He was just perfect. Anyhow, Liz actually asked him if he wanted to do something and he said yes. So they started dating. The funny thing was that they had to be together it was one of those relationships not by choice, it was one you just kinda got sucked into, not that she minded. When she was sixteen they had ended up having sex it was an experiment that they had done, even though everyone else had warned them to wait until they were older they didn't listen. Liz remebered that day quite well....

"Hey." Max said coming up to Liz.
"Hey." Liz came up to Max.
"Liz I've been thinking. I mean do you think we're ready?" Max asked.
"Max please." Liz asked.

Max slowly undid Liz's shirt and slid her pants so all she was wearing was a bra and a thong. Liz slowly undressed Max leaving him in boxers. Max began to kiss Liz softly sweetly, she was he whole world. Liz pulled Max's boxers down and took him in her mouth until he begged her to stop. Max had returned her the pleasure and then some. After they showed their love to each other Max had entered Liz.

The day After Max and Liz had made love, Max came to Liz telling her it was over that it had to be because he had to keep his balance. Liz had agreed only to stay up crying all night to herself about how unfair life really was. Two weeks later Liz found out that she was pregnant, and that the outcome of Liz and Max making love had created a new life, that new life was Jessica Parker. Liz decided to not tell Max. She figured if she did Max would have no future and he would blame her for the rest of his life.

Their high school graduation was the last time Liz had seen Max. After that Liz raised Jessica by herself along with lots of help from her two best friends Maria and Alex. They all lived on the same old block in the same old town. Jessica went to Roswell Elementry which was only five blocks away. Liz worked as a reporter and was usually very busy. Maria, Liz's best friend also ended up getting pregnant really close to the same time Liz did, she got knocked up by Michael Guerin. One of Max's friends. How convenient right? Maria also had a daughter by the name of Alicia De Luca. She to had decided not to tell Michael so Alex was the only guy who took care of the two. Alicia also went to Roswell Elementry.


Liz walked out of her daughters bedroom to her own, she was definitley the best thing that happened to Liz's Life.


Liz woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. She hurried and dressed, she already heard Maria down stairs cooking breakfast and talking to little Jessica. She quickly ran down the stairs and got her purse.
"Mommy!" Jessica ran up to her mom and gave her a good morning hug.
"Hey sweetie mommy needs to leave for work because mommy slept late, I'll see you later." She kissed her daughter on the forehead. Waved bye to Maria and walked out the door to her car. Thats when she saw the moving truck pull into the driveway next to hers....


Jessica Parker Pt. 2

Jessica watched the truckers move furniture out of the van. Lamps, tables, chairs, sofas, and more! All the stuff belonged to the new neighbors. She hadn't met them but as she played with her best friend catch she kept her eye out for them. Alicia asked. " Jess, what are ya staring at?"
"I'm looking for the new neighbors." She answered not taking her eyes off the van.
"Can't we play catch right now?" Alicia asked.
"Well, OK but when them come we stop OK?" Jessica asked.
"Fine." Alicia said as she threw the ball to Jessica. Jessica threw the ball back.
"Strong arm ya got Parker! But lets see if you can catch!" Alicia threw the ball as hard as she could and it hit Jessica's hands and bounced out of them into the street.
"Oh No!" Jessica cried. She quickly ran after her ball which had gone into the new neighbor's yard. She bent down to get it when someone held their hand out with her ball in it. Jessica looked up into the eyes of a man with dark amber eyes and very tall. He looked like a nice person and he smiled at her. Jessica smiled back.
"I believe this is yours?" He asked.
"Yes, it is, I am so sorry but my friend threw the ball I just came to get it." Jessica explained.
"Its OK. I'm fine with kids." The man looked at her "My name is Max Evans, I'm your new neighbor."
Jessica smiled, "I guess that makes me your new neighbor too," she giggled. "Jessica, Jessica Parker."
"Parker?" Max asked.
"Yeah why?"
"Nothing, I just knew someone in high school with that last name."
Alicia walked over to Max and Jessica. "Hi I'm Alicia you other neighbor I live over there." She said pointing to the other side of the street."
When they all said their hellos the moment was ruined by another. "Max the movers just dropped the couch there is no way in hell I am leaving them a tip. And I swear if I find ANY damage to any of the furniture I'm sueing!"
"Tess, honey." Max said tring to ignore her. "Meet our new neighbors."
"Kids honey, are not neighbors. You know how I feel about kids."
"Tess." Max began.
"Its OK," Jessica said. "We were about to leave anyways. It was nice to meet you Max, Tess." With that both girls head back to Jessica's house.
"He was nice." Alicia commented.
"Yeah, but I didn't like his girlfriend shes a witch."
Alicia laughed, "Yeah like the one on Wizard of Oz!"
"I agree, 'I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog Toedoe too'!"
Both girls began to laugh histerically and went back inside to bake cookies.

Liz came home carrying many papers in hand. The stack of papers was so high she couldn't even see over it. Max happened to be outside washing his car and seeing a woman struggling with a stack of papers about a foot taller than she was! He quickly asked if he could help her she agreed and helped her carry them up and into the house.
"Thank you so much." Liz said still not looking at him.
"Hey no problem, I'm your new neighbor." Max said trying to get the woman to turn around.
"Oh its nice to meet you." Liz said finally turning around, "Max!?!"


Part 3.

"Liz?!?" Max was stunned.
"I-It's been awhile." Liz said trying to play it cool.
"Yeah it has.' Max said smiling. "You look the same. You havent changed a bit!" Max said shyly.
"Neither have you Max." Liz whispered."Coffee?" Liz asked.
"Sure." Max answered. She made some coffee for the two of them and they sat at the small table in the kitchen.
"I met your daughter. Shes adorable." Max smiled.
"Oh. Jessie is my only child. I love her dearly."
"So where is your husband?"
"I don't have a husband Max." Liz said slowly.
"Oh. Sorry. That was none of my business."
"It's ok." Liz answered.
"So what about you. Wife? Kids?" Liz asked.
"I have a girlfriend I have been dating for two years but no kids."
"Whats your girlfriends name?"
"Tess. You'll meet her sometime soon."
"Ok." Liz said smiling warmly at Max.
"So how old is Jessie?" Max asked.
"She is eight." Liz answered.
"Liz your only twenty-four." Max stated.
"So?" Liz asked 'Whats he getting at?' she wondered.
"Well, that means that you got pregnant in high school Liz, at sixteen." Max said slowly.
Liz's eyes teared up. "So?" she asked trying to sound as if it didn't matter to her.
"Liz. I dated you when we were sixteen. We made love when we were sixteen. I-Is Jessica mine?" Max asked.
"I um....Max it's late you should be heading home to your girlfriend. I need to tuck Jessie in." Liz pushed in her chair and tried to escape but it was no use. Max grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Firmly but not hard.
"I am not letting you go until you tell me if Jessica's mine." Max's eyes were focused hard on Liz.
Liz swallowed passed the lump in her throat. "Yes." she whispered, "She's yours."
Max felt dizzy, and shocked, he didn't know how to react. 'H-How could you not tell me. How could you keep something like that from me. You kept the fact that I made a child with you all to yourself. How could you not share that with me?"
"Because I didn't want to screw up your life, and have you blame me for it. Last I recall you were the one who needed to find his balance, not me." Liz glared at him.
"Does she know? Does she know I am her father?" Max asked.
"No." Liz answered honest.
"Liz she is my daughter too. I would have been there for the two of you if only you have told me."
"I didn't know how to tell you Max."Liz said and began to cry.
Max enveloped Liz in a tight embrace, at first she tried to fight it. But finally, she gave up and hugged him to her tightly.
"I'm sorry Max. I should have told you." Liz whispered against his ear.
"Shhh. Its okay. Everything is going to be okay." Max whispered back rocking Liz gently back and forth.

Jessica watched them from the stairs. He's her daddy! She has a daddy! She was happy. She smiled and wanted to go to them but knew they needed time alone. Jessica went to her room and crawled in to bed. She looked up to the stars through her window. "Please let Momy, Daddy and me be a family." She whispered to the stars. "Please..." with that Jessica's eye lids grew heavy and sleep enveloped her.

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Part 4

Liz fell asleep in Max's arms. Max looked down at her she hadn't changed at all. She was still the same Liz Parker. Only difference was she was the mother of his child, who is eight and he didn't even know about his child until tonight. Liz grabbed Max tighter. He saw a small smile placed on her lips. Those lips. Max groaned, yes the same Liz Parker, the same Liz Parker who has those same effects on him.

Max slowly got up carrying Liz with him he went up the stairs and looked for which room was Liz's. He finally found it and set her on her bed. Max pulled the comforter over her. "Goodnight Liz." He whispered and ever so lightly kissed her on the forehead. Max quietly closed the door and crept down the hall. As he was about to leave for his own house. He saw a door opened a crack. The room was light pink. He looked in and saw it was Jessie's room. Max didn't want to disturb her but he had to look at her. Max walked in quietly and saw her asleep in her bed. One of her arms hung off the bed and one of her legs was sticking out of the covers revealing her teddy bear pajamas. Max smiled and knelt down by the bed. He got comfortable on the floor and picked up her arm that hung off the bed to place it under the covers. He stopped himself and looked at her hand compared to his. 'Shes so tiny' his mind whispered. He tucked her arm under the covers. he then recovered her so her leg was now under the covers as well. "Goodnight Jessie." Max whispered.
Jessica opened her eyes.
"Shh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you."
"It's ok." Jessie said sitting up in bed.
"No you should lay down. I am about to go home to sleep myself."
Jessica frowned, "But this is your home."
"Jessie, my home is next door to yours."
"No daddy its here!"
Max's eyes opened wide. "How did you...?"
"I heard you and mommy. Daddy stay!" She pouted her lips like Liz's did when she was a teenager and she wanted Max to do something.
"I shouldn't..." Max began.
"Where should I sleep?" Max asked, "Do you have a guest room?"
"No! You sleep with Mommy. Mommy's and Daddy's sleep in the same bed. Auntie Ria says its because grown ups need stuffed animals too just like kids; and mommy's and daddy's are each other stuffed animals. Mommy missed her stuffed animal daddy."
Max smiled, she was sweet, cute and innocent. He was getting attached, but he didn't mind.
"Well when stuffed animals haven't seen each other in awhile stuffed animals can't sleep together because they need to get used to each other again." Max tried to explain.
"No! Daddy's sleep with Mommy's." Jessica pouted again and frowned. "Go be Mommy's stuffed animal!" Jessica said. She grabbed his finger and led him to her moms room. She opened the door. "GO!" she whispered loudly. Jessica then quietly shut the door behind him. Max was about to leave but he figured 'what the hell' he was tired and he had a long day. Max removed his shoes and climbed in next to Liz. When he got comfortable he felt Liz turn to him still asleep and he felt her pull him closer. Max gulped, while his old feelings were returning. She wrapped one of her leg around his waste pulling him even closer. 'There is no way I am getting any sleep tonight'. Max thought.

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{Part 5

Liz awoke slowly 'I have never slept so good in all my life'. she said in her head. She felt a body next to her. She smiled thinking it was Jessie, so she pulled the body closer to her. But she felt a hard body. Liz slowly rose from her bed. She grabbed a baseball bat lying perched on the wall. She slowly turned his sleeping form toward her and realeased the baseball bat when she saw it was Max Evans...her high school love. She quickly set the baseball bat down where it use to be. 'He's still sleeping, you could go right back to bed' her mind convinced her. Liz was too tired to put up a fight with her head so she layed her head back on her pillow and let sleep wash over her.

"MOMMY, DADDY GET UP!" Jessie yelled as she bounced up and down on her mommy's *and daddy's* bed. Max groaned and rolled over. Jessie fell on top of Max and he groaned. He slowly opened his eye lids and looked at the darkest sweet eyes he'd ever seen. "DADDY!! Get Up!" Jessie pulled him again.
"Okay, okay I'm up!" Max said Liz was awake and smiling at the interaction between Father and Daughter. For a minute, her life felt so right.
"I made breakfast!" Jessie said smiling proudly.
"You did?!?" Liz asked in a joking shocked voice.
Jessie nodded, proudly.
"Come one Daddy!" Jessie said again and pulled him to his feet. Max yawned and stretched. He looked at Liz and smiled. A small smile was on Liz's face. He was still the same Max Evans.
Jessie ran down the stairs and to the kitchen Max followed on her trail. Liz followed behind Max. Liz gasped when she saw the kitchen. On the table there was three bowls, three spoons and cups, she pulled out three cereal boxes and milk.
"Oh honey..." Liz began and trailed off.
"You did great Jessie." Max said smiling at her.
"I know." Jessie replied. "Lets eat!"
Max went next door to change and go to work. "MAX EVANS!" He heard a voice screech in a high pitched voice.
"Oh um hey Tess." Max began.
"Where the hell have you been? I was so worried about you!!!" Tess said trying to make puppy dog eyes.
"I um...Tess we should have a talk." So max told Tess about the whole thing with finding out that Jessie is his daughter...the whole story...including how he and Liz dated in high school...and everything else for that matter...

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Part 5

"You mean to tell me you have a daughter..and your daughter happens to be our next door neighbor?!?" Tess said slowly she took a deep breathe then continued, "So let me guess, you were with your high school love last night." Tess said glaring at him.
Max scratched the back of his head, "Well, yes" the words came out slowly. "Jessie is coming over after school. I know you don't like kids Tess but this is my daughter, please show her the same respect you would show an adult. After all, you were a child once too." Max said looking at her carefully.
"Don't worry Max, everything will be fine." Tess said a small smile placed on her lips.
"Now thats the Tess I know." Max leaned down and kissed her. "I got to get to work. Jessie finishes school at three. So she'll be over here at three thirty and I'll be home at four."
"Alright Max. Don't worry everything will be fine."
"Alright. I guess your right." Max said smiling.
"I am Max." Tess said smirking.
"I'll see you after work." Max called down the hall to Tess.
"I love you Max." Tess said The words hit him like bricks in the stomach.
"Uh-huh." Max said and left. He didn't know how much more of this I love you thing he could take, because Max Evans really knew that she wasn't love, what Tess and he had was not anything close to love.
3:35 p.m.

"Daddy! Daddy, I'm here!" Jessie called down the hall, she dropped her backpack on the sofa along with her jacket. "Daddy!" she called again.
Jessie turned her head and screamed. There stood a lady with a green face and little snakes in her hair. Jessie continued to scream, "Ahhh Medusa! Stay away!"
Jessie ran into the bathroom and locked herself in there. She heard a knock at the door. "Leave me alone!" Jessie sobbed. The door opened and Jessie turned to see a blonde girl with tight blonde curls. 'I would have perferred Medusa' Jessie said to herself.
"God! Could you be any more annoying!?!" Tess said looking at her hatefully.
"Y-your my daddy's girlfriend." Jessie stated.
"Well duh! Who the hell else would I be?" Tess asked rolling her eyes at the young girl.
"You shouldn't say such language. It's bad to swear." Jessica said looking at Tess in the eye.
"I'll tell you what little child. When the United States appoints a child as president. I will let you tell me how to live my life. Until then shut your trap. Now why don't you play outside with your bugs and stuff and I'll tell you when Max gets here." Tess said twisting a strand of hair with her finger.
"You mean daddy." Jessie corrected her.
"Whatever!" Tess replied and went up stair to change. 'She really is the wicked witch of the west' Jessie heard her mind tell her, she had to agree.

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Part 6

Max walked in the house to see a small backpack lying on the sofa with a jacket.'Shes here.' Max's mind repeated over, and over.
"Jessie?" Max called down the hall, walking right passed Tess who was ready to throw herself at him. He walked right passed Tess as if she wasn't even there.
"Daddy!" Jessie ran up to Max and she jumped up to him and he grabbed her in a tight embrace.
"Hey was school?" Max asked.
"Okay." Jessie began. Jessie saw Tess fuming behind them. Jessie looked at her scared. Max noticed the change in her behavior and turned to see Tess.
"Oh hey Tess." Max said. Max then looked back at Jessie, "Are you hungry?"
"Yeah. A little." Jessie confessed.
"Lets go make you something to eat then." Max led Jessie to the kitchen.
Tess was fuming. 'That little bitch took away the only decent man in the world. Oh no, he's mine and she was gonna teach that little brat a thing or two about property...
Jessica munched happily on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich her daddy so cleverly made. "Thank you daddy." Jessica replyed when she managed to swallow the sticky substance down her throat.
Tess came into the kitchen. "Hey honey." and with that, Tess walked over to Max as if she owned him and planted her lips on his and kissed him. Tess threw one of her arms over him neck to hold her up and her other hand began to travel....lower...and lower...
Max grabbed her hand. "No."
Tess frowned, "No what?"
"We are not going to do this infront of my daughter. She is only eight Tess, you don't do this infront of a child." He whispered and pushed her hand away.
Tess feeling rejected ran out of the room.
Max looked at Jessica, he felt lost. "Maybe I should go..." Jessica trailed off.
"No Jessie, this has nothing to do with you. Tess and I we're just not getting along too well."
"I hope its not because of me." Jessica said looking at her hands feeling guilty.
"Oh no Jessie. You are not at fault okay? You could never be, not in my book." Max said brushing her hair out of her eyes.
"I love you daddy." Jessica threw her arms around him and Max surprised followed and held her close. He never thought he would have children and here she was...he only knew her for three days and he loved her, he had a daughter, and he couldn't have asked for it any other way...
Tess watched them interact. This was working, but she'd make it work. She'd get her way. She always did. She'd get her way, one way or another...

Part 7
Max walked out of the room to talk to Tess after the crap she pulled infront of his daughter he had it up to here with her! He walked over to her Tess got the wrong impression and puckered her lips up thinking he had come to apollogize.
"I did not come here to kiss you Tess." Max said.
"Then what did you come here for?" Tess asked.
"To tell you that you should pack up your things. This isn't working good."
"Your dumping me?" Tess screeched.
"Yes." Max said not taking his eyes off her.
"And its all because of that stupid bitch isn't it? It's all because of her! You didn't even know she existed until three days ago. I was with you for two years Max. Two fucking years and you just gave up that little bitch that you've known for three days for something that could have lasted a lifetime." Tess said and began to cry.
"I doubt that." Max said.
"Whatever. I am outta here." Tess grabbed her coat.
Max held Jessica's hand as he walked her over to Liz's. Her car was parked in the driveway. He didn't know what to say to her. He couldn't think fo anything he would say to her. He knocked on the door and braced himself for the unexpected but was surprised when a blonde with hazel eyes came to the door instead. "Auntie Ria!" Jessie jumped at her and hugged her tightly.
"Hey sugar, you should get ready I'm taking you out with Alicia tonight, we are going to the new ice skating rink they FINALLY opened!" Maria said smiling at Jessie's reaction.
"REALLY! Okay I'll get dressed right now!" Jessie was about to run upstairs but instead turned around and hugged Max, "Thank you daddy, for everything." She smiled then ran upstairs.
'Max Evans. I never thought I'd see your face again. Yours or spaceboys." Maria said smirking. "By the way hows that whole secret search for planet above?" Maria asked in a somewhat comical voice.
"Maria we gave up on that years ago. Isabel, Michael and I couldn't go anywhere. We crashed, they think we're dead, we're stuck. So what have you been up to?" Max asked changing the conversation.
"Oh work, family, life." Maria said not wanting to get into description.
"Who's Alicia?" Max asked raising a eye brow.
"My daughter." Maria answered straight faced.
"Where is she?" Max asked.
'Probably upstairs with Jessie" Maria asked.
"How old is Alicia?" Max asked, she had to be younger then Jessie.
"Eight. Why?" Maria asked now wondering where this was going.
"Wait a minute. You and Liz got pregnant at the same time. You were only dating Michael at sixteen Maria...that means...wait does that mean that your daughter is Michael's kid too?" Max asked. This was bizarre!
"Well, if you must know yes. But I don't want you going off telling him. I don't need his pity. Let him be, I am sure he is happy with his life just the way it is. He doesn't need me to screw it up." Maria said looking him in the eye.
"He's the exact opposite when he said goodbye to you his life somewhat crashed his whole world burned to the ground. He has missed you so much." Max trailed off.
"Really?" Maria said softening. "Why hasn't he ever said anything? Why hasn't he ever called?" She asked.
"You know how Michael is..." Max trailed off.
"Stonewall." They both said at the exact same time. They shared a laugh.
"Where is he?" Maria asked.
"He's here, in Roswell. I was actually going to invite Isabel and Michael over next week." Max said.
"Oh um...really? I don't know if I should see him. I mean maybe he hates me? Or maybe he thinks I hate him." Maria babbled.
"All the more reason you SHOULD see him. So hows Alex."
"Uncle Alex, you mean?' Maria asked smiling.
Max smiled, "Yeah, how is he?"
"He's good, still the same ol' Alex. He's taken really great care of the kids." She finished smiling.
"Remind me to thank him." Max said shortly. "Um does Jessie and Alicia have any powers, that are um not-of-this-earth?" Max asked.
"Yes. Just like their fathers." Maria said shaking her head.
Jessie and Alicia ran downstairs. "We're ready lets go!" They said at the same moment. They pulled on Maria's arms trying to get her to move.
"Okay, Okay! We're leaving! It was nice seeing you again Max." Maria said as she got tugged to her car she saw her car pull away. Max turned to the opened door and saw a breathe-taking sight....

*Part 8
15 minutes earlier...
Liz heard talking downstair she went to the landing and looked over, it was Max! Liz ran into her room to change into something more comfortable. 'Your acting like you want to seduce him Parker.' "I do." Liz said aloud. 'But thats wrong he has a girlfriend, and he's happy' Liz felt guilty. The fact was waking up next to Max Evans was the most wonderful experience other then making love to him or kissing him. She woke up with him wrapped around her. He was clothed but he was goregous.
Jessie ran into her room, "Auntie Ria is taking us ice skating!" Jessica said excited.
"Really?" Liz asked in mock surprise.
"Yeah. Mommy come with us." Jessica pulled Liz's hand.
"No honey, Mommy has stuff to do. You understand right?" Liz said brushing her daughter hair out of her eyes.
"But Mommy, I don't spend time with you anymore. I want to be a family." Jessica said sulking.
"Oh honey we are a family. You, Auntie Ria, Alicia and I, we are a family." Liz said again brushing the hair out of her eyes.
"No! Daddy is family too! I want daddy to count. You can't say daddy isn't. Daddy is the best and daddy cares and he likes you and me, Daddy is family and you never spend time with us as a family." Jessie pouted.
"Oh Jessie. You know Mommy's busy." Liz looked at her daughter and felt guilty. "I'll tell you what. We'll have a picnic. The whole family. How does that sound?" Liz said smiling at her daughter.
"Really?" Jessie asked her eyes lighting up.
"Really, really." Liz said smiling at her.
"JESSIE!" Jessica turned to see Alicia starring at her. "Lets go!" Jessie was now bouncing.
"Okay, bye mommy!!" Jessie hugged Liz and Liz kissed Jessie's cheek.
"Bye sweetie, Bye Alicia. You girls have fun, okay? And be careful!" Liz called after the two bouncing girls heading down the stairs. Liz finished changing and was right behind the two bouncing jellybeans (Maria's nickname for the kids), Liz walked down the stairs and saw Max and Maria talking at her door. Liz waited by the landing of the stairs and waited....Thats when Max looked at her as Maria got pulled away. And by the way Max looked at her he seemed glad they were alone now...

Part 10
Liz was starring at him a smile at the corners of her lips and she was wearing a white (almost transparent) tank top (no bra he could tell), and short jeans that rode above the thighs. Max gulped.
"Hey." Max choked out.
"Hey." Liz said she walked up to him. Max didn't know how to greet her, hug, kiss, handshake. He went with his first instinct. Max leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. Liz blushed in her cheeks a tinted pink. Max pulled back.
"Sorry, if I um wasn't supposed to do that...its um just that..." Max trailed off with Liz placing a finger to his lips.
"Its fine." Liz said smiling. "So what did you do today?"
"Well I went to work it was kind of busy, then Jessie came home and then I did. And I played with her." Max said smiling. "She told me she 'loves' me" Max said smiling.
"Well love is a strong word she must mean it." Liz said. "Would you like something to drink?"
"Coffee would be great." Max answered.
Liz made Max and herself two cups of fresh brewed coffee. Max was watching Liz as she moved around the kitchen, he was totally aroused and it was obvious by the reaction in his pants and his state of mind. Liz bent down to retrieve something out of the lower cabinets. That was all Max could take. Max growled loudly and turned her around and picked her up. He sat her on the kitchen counter. Liz whimpered. She pulled him in between her legs and wrapped them around his hips. Max leaned forward and captured her lips with his own. Max licked her lips demanding access. Liz opened her mouth and Max began to make love to her mouth. His own tounge seeked her own and began a mating dance with hers. Liz whimpered in his arms. Max's hands trailed down to the hem of Liz's shirt. He broke away from her just long enough for him to remove her shirt. He then returned to his mating dance with her tounge. Max's hands ran up her sides and cupped each of her breasts. Liz cried out. "Oh god."
Max began to knead her breasts. Liz began to buck her hips against Max's grinding against him like there was no tomorrow. Max groaned loudly. He then removed his mouth from her own, his lips were only two inches away from Liz's. "Liz..." Max began.
"Max please." Liz pleaded. "I want you Max, I have wanted you again for eight years, don't deny me of this."
Those words had Max captivated.
Max leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth. Liz cried out as she felt a pool of liquid begin to flow between her legs. "Do-n't st-op" Liz cried, As Max continued his actions. Max then switched to the other nipple sucking and giving it all the attention he gave the other. Max then went back up to her neck and sucked her neck leaving a red mark, "Mine." He whispered against her skin.
Liz again began to buck her hips faster, harder. Max moaned loudly and threw his head back. He was on the brink of pleasure. He lifted her into the air. He turned toward the stairs. He made a mad dash with Liz in his arms. He ran up and Liz held on to him. Max looked down the hall at the doors and Liz leaned next to his ear she inserted her hot tounge into Max's ear and Max's knees nearly gave out. Max groaned again. He got to her room and closed the door. Max leaned over the bed with Liz still completely wrapped around him. Liz felt the bed touch her back as he leaned her into it. Liz pulled Max's hard body on top of her and thrust her hips up. Max tried despritely to hold out, but she was making it hard for him and Max wanted nothing more then release but he wanted Liz to have release as well.
Max Grabbed Liz's shorts and removed them with her panties he flung them across the room and looked down at her. She was so damn wet, and he made her in the state. That thought made Max even harder, if that were possible. Liz whimpered. Max crawled down her body and spread her folds. He stuck his tounge out and into Liz. Maaaax!" she cried as she felt his tounge come in contact with her most sensative area. Max entered his tounge into her tight hole a second time and got the same reaction. Max continued his action and he felt her quiver he knew she was near, so Max thrust his tounge into her as far as possible into her, and Liz came Liz came and Max licked up all her juices, juices which he had taken from her sweet body. Max crawled up her body and kissed a gentle trail up her heaving chest. Liz wanted to give Max release but when she reached for him he held her hand away. "I want to come with you Liz, I don't think I'll be able to do this twice." Max said grinding his teeth.
Liz nodded and spread her legs welcoming him. Max entered his tip into her and just the gentlest touch sent chills up and down both of their spines. Max bit his lip, "What about protection."
"Max I'm on the pill, I need it to help my cycle." Liz explained trying to get control of her heated body. Max smiled and slowly filled her. When he sunk into her as for as he could he checked on her to make sure she was alright. When he saw pure pleasure etched all over her face he began to Max continued and worked up the speed and made the thrusts a little harder, but not to hard to cause any pain to Liz. Liz was crying out his name as if it was the only word in her vocabulary. She began to thrust her hips up to meet his and Max grunted with effort. He knew he was close. He wanted her to come with him. "Liz I'm gonna come." Max said he let his hand trail down her body as he He hand reached her clit and he rubbed it furiously. "Maaaaaax!" Liz screamed as she came. Max was quick to follow, "Lizzzz." he yelled and they both saw stars...
TBC...? Whats gonna happen?

*~Part 10~*
Max looked down at Liz's frame as she caught her breath. He laid his head on her right breast and got comfortable. Max began to trace the skin of her stomach. Liz looked at Max. She smiled and leaned toward him and wrapped herself around him. Max held her close. Max leaned toward her mouth and kissed her. The kiss was intimate and soft. He licked her lips and parts them he seeked her tounge and caressed it. When he broke away from her they both needed to catch their breath.
Liz traced the outline of Max's face. "Max..." Liz began but Max placed a finger to her lips for her to stop.
"Liz...I know...that was...indescribible." Max said.
Liz nodded and continued to trace his face. He could tell she was thinking, then sadness melted in her gaze. "But this is wrong." Liz said and pulled away. "You have a girlfriend Max."
Max's gaze tightened he had hoped not to be reminded of Tess. "Liz I need to explain something to you...When I said I needed to find my balance, I was scared. I was scared because I was getting deep. Deeper then I was ever suppose to. I am not human. I am not supposed to be with one. I was never supposed to make love to you, Liz. Because when I did I realized how deep we got and I couldn't escape. I was in love and I was scared. When I left off for college you were all that was on my mind. Every night when I was in New York at college I had thought about sneaking out just one night so I'd be able to see you again. Then I move back and I find out that I created a child with you. It gave me a reason to be near you, I couldn't hide my feelings or my attraction for you. I am so in love with you Liz Parker, I don't know what I'd do without you."
Liz leaned over to Max, "But what about Tess?"
"I already cleared things up with Tess she is supposed to be leaving back to New York tomorrow." Max stated looking at her, "I don't think I could live without you again."
"I don't want to think about the word 'without' when it comes to you."
"Liz, I just want us to be a family."
"This is to soon Max. You have been in a two year relationship and you're about to give that up for me... maybe this was a mistake." Liz said her eyes tearing up. She rose from the bed.
"Liz NO!" Max rose up after her. Liz walked to the window and looked up at the stars.
Max wrapped his arms around her, "No." She said pushing him away. "Max your in love with a girl you have been with for two years don't give that up for me."
"Liz what I feel for you...Tess has nothing close to that."
"Max this is crazy!!! You can't expect things to just work out after this." Liz yelled
"The only thing I think is crazy is that we didn't do this sooner. I am in love with you Liz. Things could work out but you are afraid they would. Why are you so scared?" Max asked.
"Look whos talking about being scared!" Liz glared.
"I thought I explained to you that I was scared." Max shot back.
"You may have explained it to me but it doesn't take away the hurt." Liz whispered Liz's legs became jelly and she slowly fell to the ground. "You left me, a girl who had just lost the most precious thing. You took it from me Max and you just said I need balance well you surprised me and scared me and most of all broke my heart." Liz finished tears streaming down her cheeks.
Max slid down next to her body. "Liz I am so sorry...I was stupid...I was still a kid Liz I didn't know what to do...we were still innocent and...god Liz I am so sorry." Max wrapped his arms around her. She sobbed uncontrollibly in his arms. And he held her and waited for her to calm down. Liz nor Max knew where this would leave them, from this point and time their fate was uncertain...

Part 11

Liz finally finished crying and held Max. "I don't know what to do." she whispered when she calmed down.
"Liz...I am so sorry if you would ever forgive me...I just...I was stupid and a total asshole...if ever in your life you could forgive me--" Liz silenced him by placing a finger to his lips. Two tears streamed down Max's cheek and Liz brushed them away.
"Max I could be mad at you but I am not. For how could I be mad at you now? I might be able to be mad at you but I could never stay made at you forever."
"Liz I just love you I want you to know that. I have loved you ever since I left even more now I am just so sorry for the state I left you in. I am so sorry."
"It's okay Max." Liz said tracing his face.
"I love you Liz." Max whispered. He had never told anyone straight out like that before (except for Jessie), that he loved them.
"And I love you, Max." Liz whispered back.
Max leaned in and captured her lips with his own. The kiss was for forgiveness. But most of all for love.
Liz broke away from Max, "Max, where do we go from here?"
"We go wherever we are together." Max said entwining his fingers with her own. Liz smiled at him.
"I'll believe that when the girlfriend's gone."
Max got up and dressed. Liz was confused by this. "What are you doing?" she asked.
"I am getting rid of the girlfriend." Max smirked and but his shoes on and was about to walk out but turned around and walked over to a still very naked Liz. Max scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed. "I will be back soon my love." Max said and kissed her sweetly on top of her head then slowly had his lips meet hers in a searing kiss. Max then moved away before he knew he wouldn't be able to and walked out of her room. Max ran down the stairs and out the door. He saw his house was dark. He walked across the lawn and up the porch steps and got the keys out his pocket and opened to the door. Max walked in and shut the door behind him. He heard sobbing coming from the bedroom. Max walked to the bedroom and saw Tess sitting in the bed rocking herself crying like a little baby. Max walked into the bedroom. Tess looked up then back down and began to cry harder.
"I'm leaving. I already called the women who sold us this house. I told her to take it back. I am going back to New York. This house will be sold so I guess you have to live with you sister."
"I actually have a place already Tess."
"Well you got what you wanted." Tess said standing up. "Goodbye Max."
Max looked at her, "Goodbye Tess." Max kept his ground. As Tess got off the bed. She picked up her briefcase, looked at him one last time then walked out. Max shut his eyes tight and a smile appeared on his face 'that was easier than I thought' Max smiled as he said that to himself.
He packed up some of his clothes, all of his clothes actually and all his important items. Max then walked out of what used to be his house. The lady who sold them the house would be there tomorrow to take it back so that made it easier. Max walked back to Liz's house with the briefcases in hand. He opened Liz's house and walked inside and shut the door he saw Liz in the kitchen making *new* coffee.
"How'd it go?" Liz asked.
"Better then I expected." Max answered. He set the briefcases down and walked over to her. Max wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. "I am never going to look at coffee the same way again thanks to you." Max said smiling and contiued to kiss her neck.
"You want a cup?" Liz asked.
"Sure." Max said and pulled away from her and sat down. Liz poured two cups and took them to the table. They first drank in silence.
"So now you can stay here with us. I am sure Jessie would love for it to be that way." Liz said smiling.
"I agree." Max said. He leaned to Liz, and Liz's breathe caught in her throat. She leaned toward Max and their lips met in a complete and full lip kiss. They pulled away.
"So are we together?" Liz asked quietly.
Max stood up, "I wouldn't have it any other way Mrs. Parker." Max said he picked her up.
Max leaned his lips against hers and kissed her sweetly.