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Beauty and the Beast (Dreamer Style)
Lopaka Tanu
Rating: R
Summery: responce to a challenge.
1: Must be Liz and Max.
2: Liz must meet Max and be frightened of him.
3: Liz must hate Max.
4: Max must rescue Liz from something horrible.
5: Liz must see him in new light.
6: Must live Happilyever after.
Author's note: Okay folks this is my first dreamer Fic. I still hate Maria and Tess. There is no forgiving them. I will try to Make this as angstsy as possible for this fluffball story. Oh who am I kidding, I loved the series staring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. Cover me I'm going in. I'll see you on the other side, in the place where no shadows fall.

This is for Bex (Midnight Magi). Thanks for the inspirational responce to my Liz Parker story and being a Totally great writer.
Fifty-Five years ago they came from the Heavens streeking accross the sky. Many were in pods because a great war had killed off the main body of the population. The people of earth embraced the travelers as there own and gave them shelter. Unfortunately as is the case when two species collide they creat friction. The Antarans were soon swept under the rug. America's dirty little secret. Then tragedy struck the world, an unknown virus sterilized a large portion of the population. Humans were on the decline. The Antarians were waiting to come out of their pods and they would have no one to impede their rein. The few people left who could breed did so in great number. The few humans remaining cluster around the former big cities. They seperate themselves from the Antarians. They even go to such extreams as to kill any Antarians who come near their homes. All hybrids are killed because they are reminders of the humans lack of ability to reproduce with each other.
Liz Parker is one of the few humans who can still reproduce. Yet she has been unable to carry a child to full term due to unknown compications.
Max is a tuff street kid who has always depended on himself and him alone. He is about to learn that people are more than what they appear.
Part 1 I'm the man.

Liz walked down the streets of Chicago. Gods she hated this town. So many of those damn aliens came here after they landed up the Canal. She was planning on going back to Roswell after this last night of dinner and celebrating her engagement to Pierce. He was a little jealous some times and a little too posessive, but he loved her and thats all that mattered, or did he? She had not seen much of him this trip.

Liz was so deep in thought that she bumped right in to somebody. When she fell over she admitted she was sorry and tried to see who it was she ran in to. Turns out he was still standing right where she left him. He had run in to her on purpose. He looked down on her with his Sparkling Amber surounded by black eyes and glared at her.

"Why don't you stupid humans ever watch where you are going? I mean we are here too. You think you can walk right over us. You know Michael we just ought to teach her a lesson." Max looks at his best friend who is grinning like an idiot.

"I don't know Max, she looks to fragile to learn one of your lessons." Michael smirked at Liz then busted out laughing at his own joke.

Max soon joined in on this laughter and was ruffly kicked in the nuts by Liz. "This is for being the damn filthy Alien you are. If you ever touch me again I will remove your brain for study, thats assuming you have one." With that Liz walked away leaving a cursing Max and laughing Michael in the past. With them far from her mind she walked on tho meet with Pierce. "At least he is a human. I mean what right do they have to be so damn good looking?
What the hell am I talking about. Did I just say those freaks were good looking. I am loosing my mind."

Liz was snapped out of her rant by a shock. There was Pierce. He was on the arm of some blond tramp. They kissed and that was enough for Liz. She walked up to them and socked Pierce and decked the blond. "You cheap whore. How could you go out with that blond bimbo. You are never coming near me again." Liz turned to run but Pierce grabbed her arm and forced her to look at him.

"If you were able to have kids then may be I would not be forced to look else where."

Hysterical was mildly putting how Liz reacted. "My fault, My fault, Your worthless sperm are my fault. I just came from the doctor to tell you that I was perfectly fine. In fact that I am better than fine. That I was given the go ahead on another kid. But no way am I letting you have me now." Her face was covered in tears and her make up in ruins. She boticed that she was drawing a crowd. "Thats right folks this man right here can not have kids. He is as worthless as the rest of humanity. I am the one who can not him. That and his cock is the size of my thumb." Her tears of sadness were turning in to tears of joy as she watch him squirm. Then she saw her oprotunity. She removed his belt in one jerk and his pants fell. Lucky day, he forgot to wear underwear.

As the crowd pointed and laughed Liz slipped out unnoticed and ran for her life and freedom. Tears pored down her face as she realized that her home was gone forever. She had nothing in this world. Pierce had been her only means of support since the death of her family. Life was totally devoid of all human contact except what Pierce said. She was her own person now for the first time in her life. That thought scared her more than any thing.

She ran in to a part of Chicago she never knew existed. The streets were old and cracked. The tallest building was only six stories high. The side walks were broken and over grown by the trees and the weeds. Te sky was starting to get dark so she headed for one of the abandoned old buildings. They were from befor the aliens had come so mainly they were stone block and would stand for a few centuries. She decided that one of the taller buildings might hold more room so she could avoid other lurkers.

If only her family could see her now they would roll over in their graves. She their pride and joy reduced to sleeping in abandonded buildings. She walked in to the first building and noticed very few people. This would have to do so in she went and found a secluded room. Almost immeadietly she fell asleep to the rain.

'A sound, what was that?' Liz sat up on the bunk she was on. She looked around to realize the sun had gone down. She heard it again and realized it was some one walking towards her room. Liz sat up and gathered her purse to her side. She tried to think of a way to hid ebut realized that the room held no such place. Soon panic over took her and she fled the room.

As she fled a figure chased her. The person was almost twice her size. He grabbed her just as she reached the edge of the building. Liz screamed out in fear and panic clawing at the person. He grabbed her hands and held them behind her as he dragged them out the door way in to the alley. She tried to scream but he hit her over the head. Then he stuck a wad of some kind in her mouth to keep her quiet.

Her muffled screams could be heard down the alley as two figures started to pass by. They started to go another way until they recognized what was happening. That this was no couple in the heat of passion. The shorter of the two grabbed the man and hit him with all his worth. The taller one grabbed Liz and told the second one to hurry and finish him off. The shorter one fired an energy blast and killed the would be rapist. When they turn to run the shorter one put Liz over his shoulder. She saw the face of her assailent and passed out. Pierce's face was all bloodied and broken.

When Liz came to her body ached from the Aquard posistion she was laid in. Her head was tilted up like she was flung down. Her arms her pinned at her sides by her own weight. Her legs were bent in different directions like she was in the middle of doing it. Thats when she noticed between her legs hurt. Then she remembered Pierce. He had treid to rape her and had gotten to fingering her before he was attacked and killed by a couple of aliens.

Aliens, Liz started to panic. What would they do to her? She had been told that girls who hang around them with out protection ended up getting raped. Then again she was also told by the same sorce that guys were all supposed to respect women. She decided to give whoever had saved her a chance. Liz sat up when she heard the voices of her saviors. They sounded offly familiar. She realized who they belong to just as they came around the corner.

"So little piece of meat is awake. It seems who ever that ass hole was, was rich. The gag he used on you was nothing but hundreds. We kept that as a momentto of saving your life. So I guess we are even." Max gave Michael a scorching look. "All right so we did it to stop your screaming. Christ could you have been any louder?"

Max hit Michael up side of his head and told him to get lost while he talked to the human. Liz was stunned to say the least she had always thought that they were slimy things to be revolted. Then she met this guy. What was about him that made her want to climb in his arms and rest for all eternity. He looked at her for a bit then started to speak. "You okay."

Liz shook her head yes. She was still in shock about Pierce but she was feeling better. He helped her sit up but would not let her stand. "What is this place?" Liz looked around the room. The walls were alive, from what she could tell. The colors on them changed patterns if you watched them long enough. Light appeared out of no where yet was every where. It was the perfect illumination, bright enough to see things but dim enough to allow your eyes to keep their normal shape. It made her feel warm inside. If she was not mistaken the walls were speaking to her, or was that singing.

Max smiled as he watched her look around the room. "This is our home. Or should I saw what is left of it. This is our habitat. Most of this place was grown in two weeks after we landed. That," He pointed to a pod on the far wall, "was where I came from. You see most of my people were grown from DNA samples implanted in this habitat. We lived once now we live again."

Liz could only shake her head. This was one of themost fantastic thing she had ever sceen. She started to ask for something to drink when the wall produced a fountain type projection. When it squirted water up Liz quickly passed out. Max laughed and set her back down on the bed. This was going to be the most fun he ever had.


So what ya think my Lizzie Boppers. Did I do good for a first part? Please leave Feed Back. I am a glutton for punishment. If you have questions if I can answer them with out giving away the plots I will. Here is your chance to become a character in my story. Write the name of your handle on a post and send it to me. Either on the thread or via E-mail jlrjroon⊕

As Always Lizzie boppers,
Lopaka Tanu.

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Breaking his heart is only one of the reasons. She is totally a big Bit**. She is so self centered and was totally oblivious to Liz. Plus she is a flake. That and the fact that she expects people to change to focus only on her. She tried to change Michael. She already had Liz wrapped around her finger and she kissed frog boy. I mean eeewww. He looked and sounded like he had to fart. Oh and on the subject of him TAKE A BATH. My god could they have picked a more discusting actor. Plus the fact she talked way to much. She just continued on, on, on, and on. See people hate that about me too. Only I shut up when I am told. Now I shall retire back to my voodoo alter to practice on my Maria dolls. Burn evil maria Burn.

Thank you for your Responce, All of you thank you,
Lopaka Tanu.
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Part 2 Events of the past interceed on possibilities of the future.

Liz awoke to find that not only her clothes had been removed but she was clad in a silk like robe. She started to freak out when the walls turned from their usual golden tint to a bright red with black splotches. Each of them changed their patterns in to that of familier shapes. The walls were speaking to her. When the patterns took on their new shape they stopped their shifting. Liz instantly recognized the symbols of the Antarian Language. How do I know this? The wall was asking her why she was afraid of it. How can I read the language? Another thing how can it tell I am afraid?

The wall shifted patterns again and responded to her questions. "You are as much a part of us as we you. We have always known. You are one with us now and always."

Liz freaked again. "What do you mean one with you?"

"We are one. One are we. Though many minds, one heart. Thus we are one. You are a part of us. We can always tell you are there. We are watching you. Do not fear us, we mean no harm, only protect our young. We are mother, we are father. You are no longer alone my child. We always with you Honey Bear."

Tears flowed from Liz's eyes. "How do you know to call me that?"

The wall changed shape again. "We are always with you. You never really left. Follow your heart, and it will guide you to your dreams. We are always watching Honey Bear, never forget that." The last part was rushed, as if who ever was sending the message was in a hurry and did not want to be found out. The wall faded back to golden as a portal opened in the wall. In stepped Max.

"Well if it is not sleepin ugly. Then again your kind are always looking terrible after you spend a night in my bed." Max laughed at his own joke oblivious to the death glare Liz gave him. He threw her a set of clothes. "Time to get dressed. No I have not seen you naked, Yet. The habitat removed your damaged clothing and produced you these. It told me these were for you and that I was not to watch you put them on. Then again I have never been one to listen to authority..."

Before Max could finish his sentence a large tentacle had formed from the wall wrapped around Max and carriedhim out of the room like a mother holding her baby. He started to curse the Habitat, then it dropped him. When he stood up the tentacle drew back and like a rolled towel smacked him accross the ass. The message wall read, "language child. I will not tolerate acts of unconsentual sex. Even harmless voyerism. Now move back in to the main chmber or feel the rath of my tentacles."

Max rubbed his bottem as he walked out of the room. Liz could not help but laugh and observe his hand in its soothing minstrations. The tentacle pointed at her. "That goes for you too." Liz sighed and undressed. The outfit consisted of a halter top, under garments, three-quarter length frilly skirt, socks, cover jacket, and weird shoes. The Jacket had no sleeves or back but came up to form a collar and formed an oval that barely covered her butt. The length went all the way to the floor and then some. The shoes look like they were mounted in a level position on what appeared to be horseshoes that had an arc leaving the center to support the middle of the shoe. When she put them on she felt life she was standing on a tight rope, though they did not move one inch down. The shoes lifted her three inches off the ground which compensated for the extra length of the jacket. Every thing fit snugly. Every thing was white.

She wondered if this was heaven. The Habitat answered for her. "No but it is as close a you will come in this life time. May be you can reach it with a certain some one."

"Are we playing match maker Grand ma?" Liz asked the wall.

"May be Honey Bear. You do seem to have bad taste in men."

The answer caused Liz to stiffen. "Are you my grand mother?"

"No sweet one. I am merely answering to what ever makes you feel comfortable to call me." The wall the felt her sadness at the relevation. It began to sing to her again. There were no notes, no words, just the comforting harmony of sounds. Soon it had calmed Liz to a point where she started to yawn. "You do not require more rest. I will stop the pulse. He is awaiting you in the other chamber hurry or you will be late." As Liz left through the portal she missed the final message. "We are always here Honey Bear. I have missed you."

In the Audience chamber.

Liz walked in to find Max still holding his butt. She grinned and watched him. She noted how it moved in time with his walk causing him to be perfect in motion as well as at rest. Max seemed to notice and put a little more gusto in his walk. Liz flushed, 'Oh god I am getting bothered by an alien.'

"So I am being assigned as your protector until you are ready to live on your own. At that time you will be given quarters of your own in the Habitat. Feel privilaged, no human has ever been allowed to live in the Habitat. And according to it you are the only exception to the rule. Any questions before I start your tour?" Max looked at her with a dare you to glare.

"Yes actually one. Why do you have to be an Ass?"

Max smirked at her and blew her a kiss. "You know you want me. This is just part of my charm. It drives people wild. So get over it."

Liz stalked up to him and put her self right up against his body. She trailed her hand down his body. When she reached his crotch she grabbed a handful and squeezed. "Now hear this," she hissed at him as she emphasized each word with a squeeze. His eyes bugged out and he bent over. "I am not your sex toy. You will not touch me, unless specified to do so. I am not for your pleasure. And I will not get over it. You, however, will do so or lose a few precious parts. Do I make my self clear. Now I will be awaiting your decision out side." With that she released him and kissed his lips with a force that took his breath away. Satisfied she was now again in control she sauntered out of the room in to the corridor.

Max's hand went automaticlly to his genitals. They hurt but in a good way. He turned to the message wall in the greeting area. "Why did you not interfeer."

The wall turned bright orange, Amusement. "You were not harmed. You infact were enjoying the expirence. She caused no pain only pleasure. In effect, consider this as the humans say, getting to second base. Be careful how you proceed. She has been through a lot and still feels strongly against your kind. However I am confident that you will change her mind. You seem to get under her skin enough to know what she feels like on the inside."

"I love it when you talk dirty." Max laughed as the Tentacl extended and lashed at him driving him laughing from the room.

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I am here. Is not one part a day enough to satisfy your curiosity? I mean I am only an alien oooppppsss Imena I am only human. Forget the alien part or you will be abducted and probed.
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DreamDancer; Probe this.

Part 3 If time should stand still, I could hold you in my arms forever.

Max lead the way throught the halls of the Habitat. Every where liz looked was one form of a plant or another. The entire place was a mixture of a garden and living building. She guessed it made since. These people seemed to be very oriented around the ideal that life was not sacred but precious. It was a shame something died but it was also accepted. For all things have their time. Liz watched in amazement as Max casually explained the Habitat. To him it was an every day occurence, to her it was Eutopia.

The lights seemed to be filtered in rom the sun. Each beam was as precious as the last. Liz looked around her and sighed. The place was beautiful. She just stared at the walls and would feel blissful. She had dreamed of such places as this. Only they were on other worlds. Ones with red skys and metallic clouds. Her heart soared as she heard birds, actual birds. They wre fast approaching a large opening expelling light as brilliant as the day at noon.

Once through the opening they stopped Liz held her breathe. The place was a forest of evergreens and other old trees. The trees were so big people were walking on them like they were towers. The harder she looked the more buildings she could see. As they approached the closest tree she could see a large stair case leading in to the high branches at least two thousand feet up. On closer inspection it was revealed that the stairs were grown from the trunk itself. The structures, for they could not be called buildings, were formed by braches being woven together.

The higher up Liz got the more familiar the place became. When they reached the highest vantage point Liz looked out over the area. The smell of flowers hit her like an explosion. The combination of the plants the animals the light and the habitat was to much for Liz to handle. She could feel all the life in the place. It was so euphoric, it was like a drug. The soft hum of the life caused her to feel free and let go. Thats when she came back to her body. She was flying over the large chamber. Her body slowly came to a rest like a feather coasting on the breeze.

Max came rushing up to her laughing. "First time on the Extasy rush. I have been doing it for years. Though you never get used to it. Its always like the first time. You just have to ignore the pull and the eternal optimism. Though it is hard when watching a newby like your self expierence it for the first time." He lay down on the grass next to her and looked up at the sky. The large dome cieling was transparent. They could watch the clouds pass forever.

When Liz finally woke from her dazed state of Euphoria, she noticed that some one was on top of her. Max was drapped like a blanket accross her body. His smell was intoxicating. That combined with the pull of the life force made Liz start to moan in pleasure.

Max started to move in his sleep to cover Liz in a more dominating position. Liz reciprocated by adjusting to his weight. They were soon face to face. He was kissing down her cheek, and nibbling down her neck. She was intoxicating to him. Then he dove for her lips. She opened her mouth to swallow him whole. In a matter of moments they were tasting each other and moving against each other. He was rubbing himself against her while she was massaging his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he started to grunt. She moaned as he kissed down her cheek again then to her neck and in to crevese between shoulder and neck. Once there he started suck on her neck and bite. She inhaled sharply as he bit hard. He groaned as she dug her claws in him. He breathed through his nose taking in her scent and started to ravish her lips again growling like a beast. He started to remove their clothes as she fought to keep their lips together. He had his hands on her pantys sliding them down while she had her hands in his pants when some one cleared their throat rather loudly.

That was enough to break them out of their makting frenzy. Liz shrieked and jumped out from under him, while Max rolled away. He growled in anger and frustration. He was going o severely hurt who ever had broken the moment he would have consumated their bond. 'What their who. I don't think so. What the hell is going on?' He looked up to see a very amused Michael.

"Getting a piece of the Action?" Michael grinned at Max.

Max was about to hurt him when Liz took the honor. She had snuck up behind him and bent forward. Reaching up between his open legs she had grabbed a handful. 'Her and those busy hands. Is there not a man she won't touch?'

"Yeah I was until you damn aliens had to ruin it. So how does it feel to get it as good as you gave?" Liz demanded as she gave him extra squeezes to emphasize her points. When se released him he fell over with a high pitched squeak. "Well Max looks like you aliens are all alike dumb as an ox but hung like one as well."

Max grinned at her seductively. "You know, mine's bigger. Want to see?"

Liz laughed at him. "Sorry Johnny Deeper, but this girl has already had her hands on it. You aint that much bigger." She bent down to kiss michael on the cheek, to see Max's reaction. She ended up getting a full liplock because Michael had caught on to her game. Max snorted like a bull and turned away from them. Liz pushed Michael down, "Thanks but no thanks. I am after a BIGGER fish." With that she chased off after Max.

Michael smiled at a tentacl that appeared out from the ground. "You'r right bout her. She is going to be an easy one. I give her a few days before she is carring his child."

The tentacl changed colors to blue, serious. "She is not to be harmed in any way. I will personally destroy any one who hurts her. Even you. She is that important to the survival of both of our species."

Michael shook his head in acknolodgement. "I hope you are right. This could be the begining or it could be the end."

"Only time will tell Michael. For now Zan is waiting for you in your private chambers. He has asked me to relay a message." The tentacl formed Lips and kissed Michael.

Michael jumped up and took off at full speed. "Tell him I am on my way."


Okay here is the thing. I figure if Liz can't have him then no woman should. I mean I am a dreamer amoung other things but I am a polarist at heart. So sorry about the Liz kissing Michael scene. I just wanted Liz to make Max jealous. It ends up working better than she hoped.

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Part 4 Kisses from heaven are actually slaps from hell.

Liz and Max walked in an uncofortable silence while they continued their tour of the Habitat. Liz would point at some thing and Max would glare at her. She was starting to get highlyu pissed at him for his arogance. When he started to ignore her she turned on him. "What the hell is your problem?"

"You," Max stops and faces her. "You are nothing but trouble. You made me lose control and go with the Damnedable Habitat. That thing has been trying to pare me with a mate for years. You come out of nowhere and boom that drug causes us to almost become bonded." He starts to walk off as she gets a look like some one hit her between the eyes.

When her vision clears she stomps after him. "What the hell do you mean bonded?"

Max glared at her but kept on walking. "When we mate in a euphoric bliss like what we almost did we bond. My people used to fall in love to bond, now we go through the drug. It simulates love and bliss, which then causes a mating fury like the one we almost completed. Then when they come so does a little bundle of joy and a bond. Four weeks later poof instant family. Got that human."

Liz stopped dead in her tracks. "On the first time?"

Max stopped and turned back to her. "Yes my people can only reproduce if they are in love. The drug only works once. After they hace consumated their union the drug is gone and the baby comes. After the woman cn only have children by that one mate. Used to be once was enough to make people to want to have children. Now not even drugs can cause my people to reproduce. That is why we came here to this damned planet. So we could try to reproduce with your people. My people used the drug one to many times. Now it does not effect any one who was not part human or born from a pod. We are like your people almost barren."

Liz got a sparkle in her eyes. "So you need us as much as we need you. How rich. This is just to damned ironic. I doubt that we would have survived had not your people come along." She smiled at him. "The only reason it affected me as much was because of your scent. If not for that I would have never gotten that close to you. Your horney phermones caused me to become the same way. You want me."

"Oh get over yourself. You are not that beautiful." Max looked confused as a look suddenly crossed her face. "What are you thinking human?"

"You think I am Beautiful."

"Leave it to a woman to pick up the part of a conversation that has absolutly no relevance to what we were saying." He caught the look of hurt on her face. "Yeah, I think your beautiful, for a human."

Liz smiled at him then suddenly looked like she wanted to get ill. Max turned to see what caught her attention. Michael and Max's look-a-like were making out under a tree. He laughed so hard he forgot about her busy hands, as she grabbed him. Suddenly she was on him. The bliss had swept through her body like a fire in her veins. She had his pants off before he knew what hit him. Her body screamed to him to be taken. Max fought the urge and pulled Liz off him.

"Whoa there. Fight it Liz, its the habitat not you..." The animal lust in her eyes told him he was only half right. If she did not stop her groping and kissing he would be a goner. He heard the laughter before he saw them. Zan and Michael pelted them with dead twigs and leaves.

"Gets a room you two. I swears if it weren't for yas being my duplicate I would kick yours ass. But to harms such a face is a crime against natures. Don't you agrees Michael?" Zan looked around only to find Michael was gone yet again. "Damn yous get back here. We gots unfinished Business. Nice to meet yous Lizzie, oh thats right I didn't because yous was mauling my boy friend." He laughed as Liz turned bright red. "See yas I gots ta catch me a man." With that Zan took off in the same general direction Michael did.

Liz was totally shocked and embarrassed. "You mean he is gay?"

Max looked at her, "I am as shocked as you are. I knew he was bonded to some one who could not have kids but thats it."

"What you don't have gay people here?"

"Of coarse we do. They just are not as many as there used to be. Sort of like us. We are all hurting to find a mate that can reproduce." Max looked at her quickly, then looked away. "Its just some of us don't get so lucky. Michael will never have a kid. That is unless he suddenly grows a womb. That is never going to happen. Zan does not like women, that I did know."

"Why were you in a pod?" Liz sat next to Max leaning against his body. "Cause from what you say your people can only be born one of two ways, drug or love."

Max leaned in against her head. "There was a war. My planet was severly affected and we fled. They took DNA samples from over two hundred million people as they died on the battlefield. Habitat was sent to earth with these DNA sampled imbedded in her walls like a womb. That is why you only feel love from her. It was what she was designed to do. She came with two hundred volunteers to make sure she survived and bore us to furition. Some of us died on impact with your lake so the volunteers took some samples from the already growing feduses and implanted them again to rebuild the population of Two hundred million. I was one of the implanted feduses. Zan is the original." When he finished Liz was looking directly in his eyes.

Liz reached out her hand to stroke his face. "You are beautiful too." She kissed him lightly on the lips then stood to her feet. "Time to finish the tour." She smiled as Max got up and hugged her to himself. His scent was so strong, god it was like, like, oh no we are not doing that again. But he smells so good and his arms make me feel so weak. Oh god just hold me.


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My dear I do belive that is the intention of the habitat. It was designed to get humans and aliens to mate. That way they could rebuild their populations and thrive. There is also a dark side to the drug. Other than the fact I have already mentioned that it only works once and then you are immune.
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kittens: Sorry chica, they were not given any thing. They absorbed it through the air and every thing they touched. It is basically part of the Habitat. The drug is like tobasco sauce to the aliens. They need it to reproduce.
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DreamDancer: Never threaten me again. Here comes your probes.
part 5 I get weak when your next to me.

Max watched as Liz walked. Her sway was hypnotic. He laughed at his own pun. Why did the world feel like he was in a daze. Oh yeah he was, that little human vixen had turned in to a temptress. Max smiled again. The rush was still causing him to feel light headed. How had he survived not knowing what Sex felt like. He giggled at that thought. Liz turned and she looked just as dreamy.

Liz smiled at Max her head was cloudy as if she was drinking. Her and Max had done it. They were going to have a kid. She could feel the life in her growing. This one was different she knew this baby would survive. Now she knew that more kids were a deffinet in the future. She smiled at the memory.

Max and her had just left the central chamber. Zan and Michael had caught them going at it like wild animals. Max had coffesed why he felt so out of sorts and Liz had comforted him. Then his smell got the better of her.

Liz had started to growl at him. Max took this the wrong way. He tried to let go but Liz held on for dear life. He finally took the hint and pinned her against the wall. He started to kiss down her neck leaving a trail of light where he touched. Her heart thumped as he reached her shoulder. His breathe came in short pantss as he gently licked her skin. Her head fell back as he licked up to her chin. She moaned as his breathe tickled her lips, then he silenced her with a kiss. Her heart stopped in that instant.

An energy pulse lanced from Max's lips to her own causing her body to grow flushed. Her breathe stopped as a rushing sound filled her ears. Her body felt like it was collapsing in on itself. When she could not take it any more and she felt like she was going to Scream her heart started and an energy busted from her lips. Her heart soared in the relief. She road the energy wave back in to her body. When her mind came back she knew that the drug was no longer effective. She also knew that it was no longer needed.

Max grabbed her and lifted her over his shoulder and ran to his chambers while she laughed. She was going to finally be with her sole mate and it made her giddy with excitement. This was what she had been missing all her life. He was the perfect man.

They reached his bedroom in record time. He sealed the chamber and was back at her side in an instant. Kissing down her neck softly he whispered in her ear dreams of the future. He told her how he always felt that humans were superior because they were born and not grown from genetic samples.

She kissed up to his ear and whispered that he was the superior one. He wqas the miracle. He was so special that he was going to give her a child. That is why she hated his people. They were able to have children and not her. Now she knew that she could she just had to have a horney alien to do it.

He had laughed and continued to kiss her down to her breast. He removed the cloth from her breast and sucked on them. His toung made her cry out his name as he circled the nipples. He removed her skirt and underwear next.

When she started to whimper he looked taken aback. That is when she ripped his shirt off and removed his pants. The sensation of her taking control made him hard, which made it hard for her to unzip his leather pants. She finally got fed up reached in and pulled him out. Her breathe caught as she smiled at the size of him. She then tore the zipper trying to get his pants off.

He was on top of her in a flash as he kicked the last leg off. His breath tickled her throat as he started to devour her throat. When he reached her ear he whispred softly "Prepare for the ride of your life." The he pulled his hips back and...

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Part sex er um 6 The joys of sex.

thrust in to Liz with all his strenth. He gasped out loud as she clammped dow on his member. He lost his breath as he started to pull out his body was in such equiset pain and pleasure he lost all consious thought. He felt like the world was right for a change.

Liz was being impaled by an Alien. She screamed out in pleasure as he thrust in again. God so this is what it feels like to be probed by aliens. Her heart nearlly jumped out of her chest as she screamed again. He was going to kill her with this slow pace. He raised up to do another of his slow passes and she kicked his legs out from under him causing him to slam in her. His breath caught in his throat as he tried to not come then and there.

Too late for Liz her body was racked with the pleasure he had caused in her. Each breathe was like a new one as she breathed in his scent. Her body stopped the convolsing as he started to get a stronger and faster rythim. He was going to make her pay for that one.

Liz called out his name as she came again only this time Max did too. His seed flowed in to her filling her like she was going to burst. Her heart stopped as she felt the energy burst through out her body. Max's pulse shot through the roof as he shook from the exertion. Then he collpsed on her. When he was able to regain his strength he rolled off of her. Liz was too cold so she rolled on to him. They started to roll around on the bed until they went at it again. When they were finished they passed out from the sheer exertion.

When they awoke twenty four hours later Liz was groggy and shakey the effects of the love making still had not worn off. She decided to get out of bed any ways. The wall watched her and place a message on the wall. Liz smiled at it and said "I know this is what usally after people have sex."

The wall flashed in amusement. "No child your stomach. That only glows when one of my babies is pregnant."

Liz looked down at the little hand and gasped in in happiness. She jumped on Max and kissed his face. She was going to be a mother and nothing was going to happen this time. She some how knew that this baby was going to be alright.

Max smiled at her "Well gooda morning to ya too. I fell bettered."

"Max are you drunk?"

Max shook his head yes. "Yep on you. That was amazing last niiiight. Or was it yesterday? Wall how much time has gone by since we left the forrest room?"

"Thirty hours have passed. You have been asleep for Twenty-four of those hours."

Liz smiled at Max. "Wow Three hours just to have one orgaism I think your god was a woman."

Max laughed at her. "No my dear my people usually have only one orgaism. They usally come together. If they do it causes a child to be created..."

Max looked at Liz then to her Glowing stomach. "We came together last night."

Liz shook her head yes and jumped on him. "Yep and your right you are going to be a daddy."

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Part 7 Invaision of the body snatchers/pod people.

Max watched Liz's face as she started to cry. "Why are you crying? I thought you were happy we are having a baby. Are you happy or not?"

"I am its just that I have lost so many of them. This is my fifth try. the doctor's always said that I would never have children unless I found the right man. A man who was geneticly compatible to me. I thought that might have been Pierce, only he had a 'little' problem." Liz laughed as Max looked at her funnily. Liz put her hands about four inches apart. "I mean little problem." They both started to snort because they laughing so hard.

"Any ways about the baby I am thrilled. I never wanted kids before I met you. Well not until I seen you in my bed." That one got him a slap from Liz. He ducked as she tried again, then started to tickle her in her middle.

Liz was laughing so hard she fell out of the bed and landed on her head with her butt sticking in the air. As she looked up rubbing her sore head she saw the wall. "Bottems up, a, hunny bear?" The wall went blank as a pillow went soreing at it. Next thing Liz knew she was jumping with a screech as a tentacle snapped her butt like a towel.

"No fair your every where."

"Hunny Bear who said life was fair? I am a habitat with a single purpose, while you are a being of infinit possablility. So am I here I am going to be a grand ma. Is it a boy or girl? What are you two going to name him/her? Come on don't just sit there like a bump on a log."

Liz eyed the wall carefully. "You're a little excited aren't you?"

"Little, ha, I am beyond excitement. This is the first new baby since the great hatching thirteen years ago. OH you mean the excitement part. I am a Habitat not an A.I. I do have emotions too. You thought that I was only acting on instinct. No hunny bear they created me to function indepently of their control incase they died." The wall turned dull green, Sadness. "UNfortunately I had to follow what I was taught a little earlier than expected."

"I am sorry. So back to happy thoughts, how long do I have until the baby is born?" Liz watched as the wall seemed to consider her request.

"I have no idea. This is the first time that I have been able to observe a pregnancy of your kind."

Liz smiled, "Me too. I hope it will be a boy. I always preferred a boy first. That way he could protect his little sisters. My brother protected me and I always wanted to have a son like him."

Max'x intrest was peaked. "You have a sibling. Please tell me about him. I always wanted to have a sister, I mean Zan has Isabelle, but she is always his sister, I was just the clone."

"Max don't talk that way. You're just as much an alien as them." Liz looked at his angry expression and busted out laughing. "Seriously I love you all the same you are my night in shiney alien armor."

"Would you cut it with the Alien jokes or I will be forced to probe you."

Liz looked at him mischeviously. "So is that just your anttena or are you happy to see me?"

"You are so dead human." Max chased a screaming Liz around their room until he was the one screaming from pleasure.

That thought brought them back to the present. They were sitting in a chamber waiting a attache to escourt them to be seen to the council of Law. Max and Liz had been summond before them shortly after their christing of the greeting room.

The Attache lead them in front of a council of nine people. An old man the only one on the Council spoke. "Max of Sharotte by Lise and Hreng, Clone of Zan. You are charged with the crime of aiding and abedding a human. How do you plea?"

Max looked stunned. "What are the meaning of these charges? Why the hell were we brought here?"

"You were brought here as you so colorfully put it for the reason that you have defiled the Habitat with the presnce of this human." The old man looked pissed.

Max looked at Liz who looked just as pissed. 'What the hell is wrong with her now? I hope she does nothing stupid.'

Liz had had enough. "What the hell is going on here? Who the hell are these people and Grand pa why are you yelling at Max like that?"

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part 8 What are you and who ya doin? I mean who are you and what are you doin.

Liz stared with a look full of rage at her Grand father. "I asked you a question?"

"Who are you human?"

"Don't give me that who are you Bull shit. You are as much human as I am. What the hell are you doing on the Council of Law? You are not Antarian." Liz started to turn bright red and the room took on a dark haze.

"Who are you human? You will answer the Council."

"I am Liz Parker. You are my grandfather Charlie Parker. Why are you here and not in New York Buried where I left you?"

The council man went pale. "Lizzie? My god it is you."

"Nah its the keebler elves. Who the hell am I supposed to be?" Liz brushed back her hair in rage.

"Watch your toung young lady. I will not tolerate this disrespect. I am still your grandfather."

"Like hell you are. You stopped being that when you faked your own death." Liz turned and grabbed Max's arm. "Come we are leaving evidently this whole place is filled with Liars. I will stand for any of us to be treated badly by the likes of them." With that Liz walked out of the chamber with leaving a very stunned council.

Each councilor turned to Charlie. One of the women spoke. "I think you owe us an explanation Charlie."

"She is the daughter of mine and Claudia's only child. He was concieved before we crashed but because of her injuries she was placed in a pod chamber to heal her. She was infected with Human DNA which caused my son to be mostly human, this also resulted in her sterility. When Claudia died two years ago I gave up and faked my own death. I left my family behind for our mission. Jeff knows nothing about us. Apparently Liz just found out. We must stop them from leaving. If she is pregnant then there may be hope for the rest of our people who were also infected."

"What about the humans we infected? Do you think it had a similar effect on them?"

Charlie shook his head. "That would explain why they have lost the ability to reproduce."

The woman spoke again. "Let us retire to our private chamber and discuss this matter further."

The exit of the habitat; former Rigley Field.

Liz walked along beside Max as they looked up at the stars. Once long ago people could not see the stars in Chicago. Now they were as bright as if she were walking on the dark side of the moon. Liz started to cry as Max held her in his arms. Things went from good to bad in a heart beat. Liz ran from Max's arms with his hand in tow.

Liz dragged a reluctant Max from the Stadium as they fled for their lives from the Antarians who followed them. Liz instictively knew that her child was why they were being chased. She knew that she had to keep it safe so she fled from their grasp. When they were sure it was safe they ran from their hidding spot. That was when a large tentacle came up from the ground.

The tentacle flattened out and turned in to a message board. "Honey Bear what is wrong?"

"What do you want from me?" Liz screamed as the message scrambled.

"I am only here to protect you from those who would seek to harm you. Why did you leave me?"

"They seek to harm me. The council of Nine."

The message board turned black, death. "I will deal with them. No one will harm you or prevent the future of my children."

Max stepped forward. "Please don't kill them."

"Why they seek to harm you your mate and child. I see no reason why they deserve to live."

"Because one is my grandfather." Liz choked out between sobs.

The Tentacle went white, confusion. "How? You are human right?"

"I don't know how he is one of them, only that he is."

The message board went orange and started to hum. "Calm down child, come back with me and I will deal with them as you see fit. Together we will get some answers." The tentacle opened a hole in the ground in the shape of stairs and Liz and Max walked inside.


Guess who the quote is from at the begining of the story and you will make a guest appearance in this story. Please use a name you choose out, your real one is preferable.
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Part 9 Open season on all Antarian Council Members.

"We are not going to tell them the truth Sharel. The human would exterminate us. They can not be trusted with this bit of truth." Charlie Parker sat looking at the other members of the Council of Law. "We have a duty to our people to make sure their survival is accounted for."

"Charlie," Sharel started. "We are all needed to breed with the Humans. If either race is to survive we must stop killing the Hybrids they bare. How many of them have you yourself sent to their deaths. You are as coldblooded a murderer as any of us. Now we understand why you did it. You almost sentenced your grandchild to death because she is mostly human. I will not tolerate your stupidity any more. My hands may not be clean in the matter of the Hybrids but I will be damned if I let you kill any more of them."

Charlie stood and glared at her. "Now you listen, and you listen good. Those are not people they are mutant freaks. My own wife was one of them. When I put her down by order of this council, it was for her own good. You will all do what was decreed by this council long ago. No half breeds allowed."

Sharel stood outraged. "You are a monster Charlie Parker. No wonder the Indians gave you that name. Nacedo, in their language it meant visitor but in our Language it means Devil from hell. I think they were right on the mark with yo..." Before she could finish Charlie hit her with an energy bolt.

"Now you will be silent you bitch. I have had enough of your squimishness." Charlie readied another energy bolt.

He never got the chance to fire it because the Habitat came to life in the chamber. A large tentacl pulled out from the wall and snapped his hand off. A message board appeared next to him. "You are here by executed by Habitat by law One. One does not hurt another One. You are a monster that should have been killed long ago. Now I will see that you are put in your place."

The rest of the council watched in horror as Charlie Parker was ripped apart piece by piece. His screams of pain could be heard through out the Habitat. When it was through the Habitat released a chemical that dissolved the still screaming Charlie Parker. as the last of Charlie was burned away by the acid the Message board turned violet with streaks of black and red, violently threatening.

"Which of you is next? I will no longer take a passive role to your ignorance and prejudices. You and the Humans will mate. You will bare offspring. You will assure the survival of our kind. My grand child will not be harmed by any of you."

Charmene another council member spoke next. "Your grandchild? We are unaware of any offspring you have produced."

"Part of my persona was altered by a former inhabitant before she died. I was taught to watch over her grand child. She and I shared a bond from when we were merged to heal her injuries. Claudia Parker still lives on in in me. You ever tell Liz and I will not hesitate to Kill you all. Charlie Parker was right about one thing. Humans do not have the right to know about the truth. They will be told what I see fit to tell them. You are all dismissed from your positions until your trials are set. Then if found guilty you will all be executed." The wall pulled back the Message board and the room went dead yet again.

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Part 10 What about your friends, will they stand there ground, will they let you down.

Max and Liz followed the flowing lights of the Habitat until they came to an unkown corridor. the habitat activated the illuminant gel in the walls of the formerly drk corridor. At the end they reached a large chamber that seemed familiar to Max. Liz felt a pull from a corner to the right of the chamber.

As Liz walked over the gel in the walls glowed brighter. Max followed at a puzzled close distance. He watched as Liz walked over to a set of controls that illuminated at her touch. Max tried to activate a control but they would not light up. Max was about to tell this to Liz when he heard voices.

"Ow what the hell. Ow, Damn you habitat. What in hell are you doin? Ow I will not guard my language. Ow alright alright. Stop hitting me with that damned tentacl, Ow sorry sorry." Michael came strolling in the room with red mark all over his naked torso followed by Zan in a similar condition.

Max looked at the pair and laughed. "I see you made the Habitat madder then hell." Max said pointing to there marks.

Michael looked at Zan. "Uh yeah thats what happened. Do you know why we are here?" Michael quickly changed the subject.

Max eyed him for a minute. "Yeah the habitat wanted to show us some thing about our child."

Michael and Zan both guaked at him. "Yous gonna have a kid? Congrats man. Yous is the man I guess."

Max smacked hands with Zan and Michael laughing at the way Michael tried to imitate their hand gestures. He turned back to a silent Liz. "Liz what is going on?"

Liz was shaking as she looked at the screen in disbelief. Tears ran down her face as she watched the entire meeting of the council over and over again. When she watched it for the thirteenth time she cut the power to the console. She then turned around to face the guys.

"This is the command center of the old Habitat. This place is the home of the nonorganic controls. The habitat just showed me a meeting of the former council of Law. They were responcible for the deaths of almost two billion humans thanks to a virus they sent out into the world. The end result was that humans could only have children with a few of their kind, just like your people. We would have to mate with each other if either wanted to survive. Those sons of bitches had no problem with what they did, so the habitat killed them all."

"Well thats nice but why show us?" Michael was voicing the opinion they all shared.

A message board appeared on the screen next to Liz. "Because you are the only ones that I can trust with the information at the moment. Liz I am sorry but your grand father had to be put down. He was threatening you and the others, I could not have that. You are the future of our peoples. Your pregnancy must be observed if either of your peoples are to survive."

"What if I don't want to?" Liz questioned the habitat.

"Then I will respect your wishes. But if you endanger that child then you will be placed in an isolab for permanent keeping. I will let no one harm that child not even you."


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Mary that is two different councils. That is why eight of the nine were young. The ones who instigated the virus were killed for releasing it. The ones who killed the hybrids are now being held prisoner by the Habitat until further trials by the antarian people.
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Kittens: Yes and no, Liz's father is essentially a pod person like Max. He may have been born from an alien Mother but he is a pod person. So Liz's baby is second Gen pod person. What is so important is if they M&L can reproduce is it possible fo other the children of pod people to reproduce with other pod people. Plus that and the fact the Habitat has never observed the Hybrid pregnancy before. The pod people are just now reaching the age where they can have babies. The hybrids before all alike. Born of full human and full alien parents, Thus Half breeds and not true hybrids. Liz is the first of the humans to carry a pod person's child. The pod people are partly human. Hope this answers your questions and does not surve to confuse you like it does me.
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Part 11 A picture of me without you.

They stood there in stunned silence. "What the hell is wrong with you Hab?" Michael was getting pissed at the Habitat.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I am finally doing what I was taught to do. Your survival depends upon this child successfully being born. You are all my children, and if I can not take care of you then I will make sure you have every thing you need to survive on your own. I will do every thing in my power to help Liz and Max through this. They need a chance to be happy. You will of coarse help?"

Michael knew that he had been had. "Yes I will help them. Zan will too. After all he is going to be an Uncle."

Zan stared at Michael with his mouth open. "Yous right Mikey. I ams. Nows whats we gonna do to helps this little guys?"

"You will protect Liz for now. The baby willneed your protection after it is born. I hate to admit it but Xenophobia is still rampent in both species. The hate of other species is a fear that is deeply imbeded in thier minds. We will need to be careful until the baby is born. You will stay in me until the baby is born then we will announce his birth to the world. After that people will be less inclined to try and kill him." The message board went yellow/orange, Sorrow. "But there will still be the hard core extreamists. They will all be dealt with according to their actions."

Liz grabbed her belly and started to cry. "I never though that having a child in this world could be so dangerous."

"SHhhh Honey bear." The habitat started to hum to her. "It is always hard in the begining of a great change. People are always reluctant to let go of the old and take on the new. But don't cry over it. You will be safe and so will your son. I will always be here to protect you."

Max put his arms around Liz not know if this was the right thing to do. Liz backed in to his arms and laid her head on his shoulder. Max leaned down and kissed the top of her head and smiled as she started rub his arms. Me held her tighter and smelled her hair.

Liz turned to face him and smiled playfully while smacking his arm. "Not here, we have company."

Liz, Michael and Zan laughed as Max's ears turned bright red. The message on the board made them laugh harder while Max looked away turning a bright red all over. "Thanks habitat, now they are never going to let me live this down."

"What, all I wrote was why not here you will need Michael and Zan for support."


the next chapter will contain the names of all my Lizzie boppers, so hre is your only warning. I will put your names in it unlees you say not to.

Lopaka Tanu.
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Okay Peeps If I get a responce from a certain individual soon then I will have the new part posted tonight, that goes all the way in to the am for some people. FYI your characters are the comic relief. Just kidding Kittens put away your claws. I hope you will enjoy what I have in mind so until then.

as always Lizzie Boppers,
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part 12 Every body says what a shame what is wrong, they don't like the games that we play. Where Do You Go- No Mercy

Their laughter was cut short as several people entered the chamber. Nine people preceeded the group carrying banners of Antarian origin. They were followed by nine smaller groups. Each group was made up of Three. The last group that entered was surrounded by bell carriers. There were ten in total each with three bell carriers. No one could see the faces of the ten for their brightly colored robes and masks.

The last one was the brightest of them all and decked out in black and purple sequenes. Her trien hung back behind her head for eight feet covering her hair and the back of her robes. The veil was solid black which aloud only the wearer to see through.

The message board turned bright red with black words, soothing. "Do not fear them they are the ones I have chosen in this time of unrest. They represent the Nine factions of our people. The last group is the New Council of Law. There are the nine represenatives of the different clans and the chair woman. Each has a specific position to the new order of life. They will protect you against humans and Atarians with their lives. For if they fail I will make their deaths pleasant compaired to the deaths of their families."

Liz looked at the Message board shocked. "You are adiment about the survival of my child aren't you?"

"Completely. You are the future. They will introduce themselves I have other matters to attend to. Fear not honey bear, they will not harm you." With that the Message board disappeared.

The Nine members of the council introduced themselves:

Red. "I am Maxies Dream Girl, leader of the Kyaiat clan."

Orange. "I am Donnie Roswell Girl, leader of the Avastnro clan."

Yellow. "I am Roswell Lover, leader of the Okmaro clan."

Green. "I am Crazy 4 Max, leader of the Belendio clan."

Blue. "I am Katmcken, leader of the Charhazad clan."

White. "I am Kittens, leader of the Estara clan."

Gray. "I am Legal Alien, leader of the Shyhalude clan."

Brown. "I am Fallin' Angel, leader of the Saraphims clan."

Purple and Black. "I am Midnight Magi, leader of the Dreamers clan."

The last one decked out in Silver and Gold stepped forward. "I am Lopaka Tanu, moderator of the council. I am the final word in all of their actions and the figure head of all they represent. Until now I have had no need to be seen amoung them for the reason it was believed they acted in the best intrest of all. These leaders were the original leaders of the nine clans and now are the new council of Law. If they fail I have been instructed to illminate them. They have the highest respect of the people, their opinions are what count the highest. What they do will have great sway over their people so trust in them. That is all I have to say." Lopaka stepped back and bowed from the waiste.

Each of the leaders introduced their nine groups.

Mermaidgirl, Angelbehr, Allforlove, and Mary N OO8 were part of the Kyaiat clan. They were the generals.

Araxie HRH, tabasco sauce, Tomochika, and DrEaMPrYnCeZz were the generals of the clan Avastnro.

Dreamdancer, and Dingoes 8 their babies are the generals Okmaro clan.

Roswelllostcause, angelbaby6977, were generals of the Beledio clan.

Clari, and Jiggers were the generals of the Charhazad clan.

Vicky Anne, mara is a dreamer are the Generals of the Estara clan.

Eerie, Crazy4Jason are the Generals of the Shyhalude clan.

ZansLove, micha, Pegleg, izzylizard, and Pheobe04 were generals of the Saraphims clan.

Hawk, LaFemLurker, Faith Evans, Nana, and aria51 were the generals of the Dreamers clan.

Each bowed as they were introduced. Liz smiled as the last one bowed to her. She bowed to each of them then turned to Max. That explains the large entorages but what about the people in the group that just entered?"

Max looked around nervously then smiled as two people came closer. "Liz this is Isabelle and her husband Alex. She is the Minstral of the council, and he is the leading Xenobiologist. He can help us with the baby."

Liz started to laugh. "Minstral, as in the monthly cycle?"

Isabelle fround, "That is Menstrul. I am a Minstral, the muse of the council. I entertain them."

"I bet you would be a real bitch if you were the council's Menstrul." Liz laughed as Isabelle glared at her.

"Ah mys dear sisters. Wheres yous been? Michael and Is has beens looking fors yous." Zan sounded like he was drunk.

"I hear you have been drinking again."

"Ah no dear sisters. Is just cames back from New Yorks threes days ago. So my accent has yet to returns to the refinesments you have imposeds upon mes. So whats with the grands display?" Zan frowned at the groups.

"They are here to show their support of the new human/Antarian aliance. We have all agreed to see how the birth of your child turns out before we make any final decision about any future with them. If your child so much as has one minor defect we will destroy it and you." A bell carrier was growling at Liz and Max.

The habitat choose that time to return. "You even think of harming this child and you will burn bitch. I will not tolerate any of you threatening this child."

The bell carrier was heard moching the Habitat's threat in the back ground. A large tentacl formed a crystal tip and fired a light beam at the bell carrier. She was engulfed in blinding light as her screams penetrated the habitat. When the light was gone only a pile of ash was in the blond's place.

"Any one else want to agree with Tess?" The crystal scanned the group. "I did not think so. Now leave them or join Tess." The room was quickly as every one left for fear of their health.


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saraphims are the highest of angels. Thanks for the great FB Lizzie boppers. I hope you all had a wonderful ste of holidays for when it is over we all will wish they were back again. Here is to you *Drinks milk because hates the taste of alcohol* Happy new year when ever you celebrate it.
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Rapunzel: let down your goldin hair. There is a lot moe on the way. As for the Michael being gay, no woman but Liz gets him. I am polarist, here me Whore or is that supposed to be roar. I don't remember. Well I've been sick so there is going to be a while's wait for the new part.
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part 13 Kiss of heaven on the lips of an angel

Liz watched as max walked silently ahead of her. His sulking figure told her he was upset about some thing. Liz was tired already of Max keeping things bottled up in side and she had known him for only six days. She was going to kill him if he kept this up.

"Max what is it? I am tired and I want to know what is bothering you?"

"Liz you are. This whole relationship thing. I mean we just met and already we are having baby. I mean you are human for gods sake. I don't think we should be together just yet." Max didn't even turn around to look at her.

"Where is this coming from Max?" Liz was getting angry. If any one should feel uncomfortable it should be her. She was the one forced in to this damned habitat.

"Liz I think you should ask the Habitat for your own quarters. I just don't feel the need to be with you any more." Max walked on as Liz stopped.

"So what I am just a one night stand to you? I am not some one you can fuck and toss aside Max." Liz screamed as tears ran down her cheeks.

Max stopped then, but still did not turned around. "Get this Liz, I only saved you because you might have done what you did. I figured you would be so grateful that you would let me in your pants and it worked. You are just another lay Liz. So get over your self."

Liz's heart and breathing stopped. She couldn't breathe. She tried but her lungs wouldn't funtion. She tried to get her heart started but it refuswed to work. She fell to her knees her body turning blue.

Max took her silence to be resignation to her fate and walked on. He could not explain the relief or the simple hatred he felt towards her. It was almost unnatural. He continued on towards his rooms in silence oblivious as Liz fell over back wards grabbing at her chest ands throat.

Liz tried to scream out for help but no one could hear her. Her mind started to get foggy. Her vision clouded over as a cool icy feeling slid down her body to the warmth in her stomach. Liz felt as the child tried unsuccessfully to fight the cold. But it soon ran out of energy for the fight.

Liz was surrounded by blackness. Then she saw a large spark of light in front of her filling the void. Liz felt cold even though he was almost touching the flame. The fire started to wither and Liz doubled over in pain. The flame went down to a spark and then it was gone. Liz screamed out as she felt her baby stop moving. The coldness of the dark surrounded her. Liz felt numb as she let go and allowed the darkness to consume her as it had the spark of life that had been her child.

Max felt as the connection to Liz and the child severed. He went to his knees as the indefferece disappeared. Tears welled up in his eyes as he felt the cold from only moments before had been there firey connection. Liz was gone and with her the baby. Max curelled up in to a ball and lay on his side.

That was the position Michael and zan found him in five minutes later. "Max, Max what is wrong?"

Max only stared off in to space.

Michael walked over to the nearest console. "Habitat we have a problem with Max. We found him curled up in a ball unresponsive. What shall we do? Where is Liz?"

The Habitat did not respond.

"Whats the hells goins on Michael?" Zan looked up and down the coridor.

"Liz, shes gone. The baby is too. Both gone. I felt indifferent up unil the end. I can't move Michael. My body does not want to move. I can't feel my body. Am I still here? Michael, please am I still here?" A faraway child like voice was all that came from Max.

"Max what did you mean?"

"Their dead. I was feeling hatred. Yeah hatred towards them. It felt unnatural. The baby is dead. It gavce it's life for Liz but Liz died too." Max would not move. "The drug. It hurts the baby. It hurts the baby. Why we no reproduce. Baby no live with drug. Drug is deadly to us. Must st...o..p the drrrruuuggg."

"What is he talking about?" Michael shook Max but his body felt cold to the touch. Michael released Max's lifeless form. "What the hell is going on here? Habitat, where the hell are you?"

A tentacl formed from the wall and lifted Max away from Michael and Zan. Max's body was absorbed in to the habitat. "I had a feeling that was the case. Rest now my child. All will be well soon."

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I told you there was another bad side effect to the drug.

Eerie: Hell no I don't mind the fu**ing bad Language. Max was acting like a jack ass. Stay tuned to find out why. Yes this means I am Back. I will be updating soon, but dumb ass me started two more stories. Now I have eight of them to worry about. Wish me luck I am going back in.

As always Lizzie boppers,

Lopaka Tanu.

Oh here is a puzzle for you. Can any body tell me what the side effect of the drug is? I wrote a whole lot of shit in that moment of drama so can you tell me? I know what it is, but do you? You get a special part in the next part if you do.

Lopaka Tanu
posted on 31-Dec-2001 6:48:28 PM by Lopaka Tanu
You are so like totally close. The baby died to save Liz. With out the love they both died. The side effect of the drug is THERE CAN BE NO LOVE. It removes the ability to form a connective bond with any one. The bond is necissary for the child to live. No bond means no love, means no child. The drug wore off to fast so the child was not concieved with it. So baby dies. In order to save them all they need to CENSURED. If you want to know then you must read and find out.

Congrats to Eerie for being our winner. *Yeah does happy dance.* All rules and regulations will apply. Eerie will now play the role of a CENSURED.
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part 14 So what happened when the world ended? We began again.

Zan and Michael waited paitiently out side the medicle bay of the Habitat. Each in there own thoughts as they walked back and forth glancing at each other to gage the other's reaction. They waited for what seemed hours before any one came out to tell them any thing. Then it had been a nurse to say that only three people were alwod to see them. When they asked who it was a surprise that niether one of them were mentioned.

One of the three people came out to tell Zan and Michael the bad news. Alex had been volunteered by the other two. His sad look and tear tracks made Michael fall to his knees and Zan come rushing to his side.

"Whats is theres condition?" Zan could barely speak over the lump in his throat.

Alex wiped away the tears. "Max will be just fine his system went in to shock at the loss of the connection. The baby didn't make it through the first wave of contractions. Liz's body hymeraged from the miscarage and the lack of the connection caused her heart to stop beating. We have revived her body but we were late. She may suffer from brain damage or she may..." Alex couldn't finish the last part. He had just met her but this was always hard.

"She may what Alex? Spit it out." Michael growled in anger.

"Liz slipped in to a coma. She may never wake up. The complication is not do to brain swelling. It was self inflicted. She wants to die." Alex looked away for the next part. "With the modifications from the surgery she may be able to will herself to death."

"Surgery, you never said any thing about surgery."

"The miscarrage was to much for her system to handle. A doner was needed for blood. One of the Generals is the only one close in blood type to come close. Eerie of the Shyhalude clan was the closest relative Liz has here. She is Liz's second cousin twices removed. She is one of the other two people."

Zan looked at him. "That means that Liz is one of us. So the blood will change more 0f her body to be alien?"

"Yes, her body is stronger now than before. All that we can hope for is that she finds a way to live. All of this now depeneds on her." Alex wiped away the tears. "The strange part is the baby was just fine. I can't understand why this happened?"

"Perhaps I can." All three turned to face a young woman dressed in silver and gold.

"Who are you?" Michael had regained his composure.

"I am the third person the habitat would let in to see them. I am Loarna, I am the designer of the Habitat."

"Why would an engineer be aloud in a medicle facility?"

Loarna smiled at him. "I am more than an engineer, I am a geneticist. I grew the habitat. If there was a problem with Liz's physiology I was the only person to call. I know more than any other person here about human and Antarian DNA."

"So whats happens withes her?" Zan held his breathe.

"The baby was concieved with out the drug." She paused to let the shock set in. "But the drug had already been introduced. Drug as it is called, is a living virus. It was designed to recreat the conditions of love with out having it. Do you realize how impossible it is for one to find true love in a population of over thirty billion? Once the drug is introduced it only worked once, the side effects caused people to feel indifferent to one another after mating. If true love was actually involved, well we never found out what would happen. I guess it causes death. A bond that is formed after two people fall in love is eternal. By that I mean if it is severed both die. Thus the virus killed them. We need to get it out but that is the hard part. The only way to get it out is for the infected to die. It kills the virus, then we must revive the infected. They are clean and immune so the virus can never infect them again. That is what happened with Liz and Max. His indiffernce meant that the virus was through. Their bond was severed and Liz and the baby died. The baby was too young to be brought back from that far. That is why Liz has yet to awaken."

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All who care to read, please refer to rule siz of our charter. It is posted with part one.
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Part 15 The book of Revelations.

Max awoke slowly as the world around him spun. He rolled on to his side and heaved in to a bin some one placed there. When he finished he lay back down to await the end of the tiltawhirl.

"Max, can you here me?" 'Who was that speaking.' "Max, if you can hear me raise your left hand." Max raised his right hand. "Okay so you can hear me, but you are still confused."

"Nah doc, hes always confuseds." Zan's laughter filled his head.

"Max what do you remember?" That same person again.

"I was, oh god that damn drug. It killed them. Why did you revive me?" Max released an anguished cry as he remembered about the way he reacted to Liz and the baby. "Their dead. My baby, my mate. Oh god, please just send me back to the oblivion." His tears and pleas were stopped as he felt a connection shoot to life.

He almost was content until he realized that the connection was weak and there was no second one. He knew that the baby was gone, the baby could not have survive without Liz. He curled up in to a ball and started to shake. What in hell had happened to him, was all he could wonder.

The people left him alone when he stopped even noticing them. Zan and Michael could no longer take seeing him tht way so they left him to be with Liz. A woman dressed in a form fitting outfit that reminded Max of a peach came in and sat with him.

"What is it my Little one?"

"Momma, I lost her." Max cried as she pulled his head in her lap.

She stroked Max's cheek. "There there baby. You have not lost her. She is lost in her own mind, but she still hangs on to you."

"I know I can feel her." Max wiped away his tears. "How do I get her back?"

"She will only come back if she has a baby. Doubtless you know this, but this was here fifth try at having a child. None of them were successful. You have to give her what she wants."

"How, she is in a coma?" Max was affraid he knew the truth.

"You must be with her. She will be gone for a while either way. What is a month compared to all eternity? You have four days before she is fertile once again. Then you must mate with her and create the baby. If you do not then the next time she is fertile may be the last. And when she does come out of her coma she will end her existance." The woman stroked Max's hair. "My child you must if you want her back. I would not allow it if it were not necissary."

Max smiled at the woman as he sat up. "Do you think it will bring he back to me?"

"Trust me angle, I know my Honey Bear. She will always come back for you." With that the Habitat kissed him on the forhead and stood up. "Well little one I must go and recharge my human form, I have been watching over you non stop for over two weeks. Give my reguards to Liz." She smiled again and walked out of the room.


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Antarians need love to have children. The drug killed the love between Liz and Max long enough for the baby to die.

If any body asks, yes I meant to write this in to the story. That is why I built up the miscarrages before. Liz does not want to live now that she thinks that the reason her babies die is her fault. She does not know that the drug was to blame.

Bex: As for You, shame on you, that is nothing to joke about. Sex with the comatose is time honored tradition. Other wise how do you explain people like Marylin Manson, Kenny G, The Creators of South Park, and That guy Maria kissed in BTM. Oh wait a minute thats inbreeding. EW either way.

Okay the LOL's aside this all has a purpose you will enjoy. My mind may be twisted and demented, but it all has devine provence when it comes to my stories.

The next part is not for the weak hearted, so when it comes out cover your eyes. Until then do what ya please.

I dunna ave no reson ta bea ere, oter than ta driv ye nuts. Until Nex tome Mea Lizzie Boppers,

Lopaka Tanu
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In a sence yes. But the thing is she has to concieve a child. If not she will commit suicide.
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Yes I know it is short but I told you you will like it. Now thanks to Bex for the inspiration on the chapter title. Diddling the comatose. LOL oh my god what a funny way to put it. Well here ya go.

PART 16 Doing the Hokey Pokey with the Comatose.

Max stared down at the sleeping form of Liz. If he was going to do it, it was now or never. He disrobed and climb in to bed with her. He felt slightly repulsed by her lack of responce. When he tried to get up a hand shot up to his face, and pulled him in for a kiss. This was all the incintave Max needed to move forward. He started to deepin the kiss when he heard her moan in pleasure.

With each kiss he pulled her closer. When they were flush together, he felt her adjust her body to a ready position. He climbed on her and entered as she called out. With each thrust she moaned louder causing him to forget about every thing else. At the moment of climax he felt her clamp down on him. Her eyes popped open as she felt it happen.

"No, not again. Please not again Max. I cann't handle another one Max. Please tell me Max no, please tell me we just didn't..." Liz's cries were silenced by Max kissing her.

Tears of joy filled his eyes as he looked down upon her belly at the glowing hand print. He laughed as he touched and formed a connection. When he removed his hand he smiled at Liz.

Tears filled her eyes as she realized that this was really happening again. All she wanted to do was die. She could not bare the thought of losing another child. When she saw Max form a connection she felt the faint warmth fill her body. The child was not going to let her die. She cried as she watched Max remove his hand and smile at her.

Max hugged Liz close to him and cried more as he realized that he was going to have a son. When he let her go he saw the hand print again. As he went to place his hand there again a second one appeared followed by a third. Shaking he placed his hand over them and waited for the connection.

Liz almost lost it when she saw the handprints. "Three prints, Max please tell me I am not having a mutant baby."

"We're not having a mutant baby. We're not having a baby at all." His tear stained eyes glittered at her. "We are having triplets. Best part about it is they're all boys. Liz wake up honey. Liz, sweet heart."

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Part 17 Band of Gold.

"Do you Liz Parker, Take Max to be your lawfully wedded husband? Liz, hey Liz, wake up honey."

"Yes I do. I take you Max to be my husband."

"Uh Liz, we are already married according to our people. Why would we go through a wedding."

Liz opened her eyes to the hybrid looking down upon her. She smiled sweetly at him and got ready to kiss him until she felt her swollen belly. She looked down at the monstrous mound. Three hand prints glowed waiting to be acknowledged.

She looked again at the shit eating grin of Max's. The next thing he knew was what a bug felt win it hit a windshield. From his place along the wall he started to groan in pain.

"You ever touch me again Alien and you die. Do I make myself clear?" Liz screamed as a spasm shot through her lower body. "You are going to die any ways. Max get your ass back here now, so I can kill you."

Max high tailed it out of the room in search of Alex. When he got back it was the room was haunted by a poltergeist. Liz was shaking the bed like she was posed. Things were flying across the room as the temperature fluctuated.

In a deep voice that sounded like she swallowed a synthesizer Liz spoke. "You are a dead Alien Max. Get your ass over here." Before he could Run Max was being dragged by an invisible force. He screamed and clawed at every thing to no avail. When Liz got a hold of him Alex turned his head. The high pitched girlie screams were evidence enough of what she was doing to him.

When he stopped screaming Alex and four nurse maid walked in carrying sterile equipment. Thirty hours later three highly pissed boys were screaming their hearts out. One very happy momma was crying so much she could not hold her babies. And one very sore daddy was sitting in a bucket of ice.

Liz looked at Max sweetly. "Dear, we will get married. You will wear a tux. You will take my last name. I will name the boys, and you will watch them why I am away at work. Any drifting from this plan will land you right back in that bucket. Okay."

A very high pitched "YES DEAR," was the only reply.


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Beauty and the Beast : The Conclusion.

Liz stood by Max with her hand in his as they walked down the aisle together. Dressed in solid white they were the center of Attention. She smiled as her parents looked on in happiness. As they reached the end of their walk they were facing a figure in a solid black robe.

When the figure turned around a smiled Liz nearly fell over. "What's the matter Honey Bear?"

"Grand Ma?"

"Mo sweet one, I am the physical form of the Habitat. I wanted this to be a surprise for this day. Do you like it?" The habitat spun around and smiled.

Liz ran up to her and hugged her. With tears running down her face. "Thank you for every thing."

The Habitat hugged her back. "You are welcome honey Bear. Now can you let go, this form is having difficulty breathing."

"Oh, Sorry." Liz pulled back laughing happily.

The habitat recomposed itself and then lowered her hands to gesture for the crowd to sit. "We are gathered here to join these to in the eyes of all who wish to bare witness. Liz do you take Max to bond with for Life?"

Liz looked at Max and smiled. "I do."

"Max do you take Liz to bond with for Life?"

Max smiled at Liz. "Yes I do."

"Then with the wrings to symbolize the chains that bind one another for eternity," The habitat waited for them to slip the wrings on.

Max looked to Michael. Michael put up his hands and shrugged. "Where is the ring Michael?"

"I gave it back to you."

"No you didn't Michael."

"Yes, I did Max. You told me you wanted to hold on to it. You said that..."

It dawned on them slowly then they both turned to the second man in their quartet. "ZAN!"

"Okay, okay heres it es. Hay Mikey hows comes yous no bys me nuthin likes that?"

Michael glared at him until he handed the ring over. "Why should I buy it, when you steal it?"

"Guys this is my wedding and if you ruin it I will buiry both your gay alien asses." The threat from Liz was enough to silence them both.

"Very well now with the rings in place I now pronounce you Mates for life. You may kiss the bride."

Max was about to kiss Liz when she took him in her arms, dipped him and then mauled his mouth.

"Hey mommy is biting daddy again."

"Eeeewww she is not."

"You're right, it's worse."

Then all three together. "Their kissing." Making gagging sounds the triplets started to laugh.

When Liz finally let Max go he fell to his butt in a daze. She looked at the little ones and they all pointed to Michael and Zan. "They told us to say it."

"That's its yous little stool pigeons. No more ice creams when yous is over at our house." Zan said as Liz glared at him. "What, we thoughts it would be fun. Better get your man before he gets away."

Liz looked at him confused then turned to Max. He was crawling down the aisle. "Max did you have any thing to do with this?"

"Yes dear."

"Get over hear now." When he walked back over to her she grabbed him and kissed him again. Then she led him by his ear down the aisle out the door yelling at him.

"Ah don't they make the perfect couple?" Michael asked as he stood next to Zan.

"Hes gonna gets it tonight."

"You're tellin me."