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Title: Unexpected Workout
Author: Shannon
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.
Summary: Liz is an employee to a local gym, coming to work has her working muscles she rarely uses....

AN: This is my first main fic, let alone a NC-17 one. Please feel free to tell me your opinions. I owe this to my twin Jenn (luvroswell26) for believing in me.

Working at a gym has its perks let me
tell you. Seeing all those hot ass men pumping up
their arms and legs, hoping a silly girl such as
myself will take notice. Now of course I notice. Sweat
dripping down bare backs, seeping into the waist bands
of their shorts, can make any girl hot. But I got paid
to see this daily, and even though its one hell of a
ride I still end up cleaning it off the seats at the
end of the day.
One particular morning I arrived
into the gym parking lot and searched for my regular
parking place. I would always park about fifteen
spaces from the front door. Company policies state
that employees park farther down to ensure the
customer gets a better space.
"Screw the customers." I happened to think
this out loud as I shifted my car into park. Im not
normally bitchy, but I think some policies really
suck. I opened the handle to my car door to get out .
A cool morning breeze hit my face as I got out of my
hunter green BMW. I closed the door and set the alarm.
Dont want anyone stealing my baby. As I turned around
to start my journey to the front door, a sporty red
corvette zoomed into the space next to me. Low and
behold, the most hottest man stepped out of this car.
I was in heaven. He was tall and gorgeous. He had
amber eyes with specks of brown dancing in them, short
slightly spiking brown hair, and an ass to die for. I
had to consult myself to breathe.
"Hi." he stated to me.
"Hello." I breathed. He must have
understood I had found him attractive. Moments later I
saw his eyes travel the length of my body up and down.
Momentarily stopping at my breasts, which he seem to
find delicious since he licked his lips seductively.
I sucked in a breath.
"Im Max Evans, and you are?" he reached
out a hand to get a handshake. As our hands connected
I felt like drowning. It was if I was sucked into a
portal. It felt electrifying and sensational, I never
wanted to let go. I did let go after a good minute.
"Liz Parker." I had to act professional.
"Are you heading for the gym?" he asked
"Yes, actually I work here. I mostly get
memberships started and make sure people are situated
and comfortable." He smiled at me. He had a beautiful
smile. Im in love. I have now concluded to myself.
"Thats great, have you worked here long?"
he seemed quite interested in my job. I nodded to him.
"Yes about a year now, its been a real
relaxing job and I enjoy it. " After a few more
pleasanturies we headed into the double doors of the
gym. I went to clock in to start my shift and Max
headed to the dumb bells. I saw him out of the corner
of my eye as he proceeded to remove his shirt.
Revealing a toned six pack he glanced at me gawking at
him, and his eyes darkened. "chill it parker, he sees
that you wanna eat him for dinner" I silently thought
to myself. I turned around to start some membership
filing. Not more than ten seconds past and I felt a
presence behind my back.
"Can I taste you Liz?" Max hissed into my
ear. I shuddered at the thought of his tongue upon my
body. His right hand crept up my side, along my hips
resting to my waist. All of a sudden I felt his body
flush against my backside. His erection poking my
lower back. I closed my eyes from the sensation. The
words that appeared from my mouth surprised me.
"Yes, please do so Max." I whispered loud
enough for only him to hear. Max slowly peeled off my
back and grabbed my hand. We walked hands entwined
towards the locker room. To other gym inhabitants we
appeared as old lovers.
Max led me through the locker room to the
shower stalls. I knew what he wanted to do and it got
me wetter by the minute thinking of his hot tongue
buried in my cave. Max turned on the shower head and a
flow of steaming water pulsed through it filling the
room with steam.
Max reached under my shirt to caress my
bra clad breasts. He panted as he did this.
"So beautiful Liz." he stated. His eyes
had been dark with desire, now they glowed with love.
He wanted to love me I realized. I took his hands from
under my shirt. He seemed pained by my action as if
doing that hurt him. I kissed his lips lightly and
preceded to take off my shirt. The cool wet air hit my
back. A chill shot through my body and I couldnt hold
in the chatter that came from deep in my throat. Max
noticed this and came towards my body and wrapped his
arms around me.
"Let me heat you up baby." he said as his
hands found the clasp to my bra. He unhooked it and
the garment fell abandonly to the floor. His hands
were everywhere. Slowly we looked into each others
eyes and his lips came inches to mine. We didnt barely
touch, we slammed our lips together. It was heated,
passionate and sexy. Max liftted me closer to his
body, his hard member protuding my tummy now. Now we
were hot, clothes were peeled away and we were left
completely both naked. We stepped into the shower,
water peeling down our bodies.
We came apart to breathe and Max kneeled in
front of me. "What are you doing Max?" I asked.
"Tasting you, like I said I would." he
replied. Max slowly kissed my inner thighs. Each time
stopping every few centimeters to nibble at my skin.
There were goosebumps all along my legs. I started to
moan with all the feelings I was feeling. Slowly he
crept to the juncture between my legs. I felt his hot
breath there and a moment later his tongue took a lick
along the entire length,
"Ahhh, Max dont stop!! " I huskily said.
Moans and grunts were all that could come from my
mouth as Max's mouth danced across my sex. He stopped
at my clit and started to nibble, I was thrasing now
and I was so close. I started to scream since my
orgasm was inches from exploding when Max shoved his
tongue far inside me. That did me in and I climaxed.
I screamed in wild abandon. I slowly came down from my
high panting.
"you taste heavenly Liz." Max smiled to
me. I kissed him fast and hard tasting myself on his
tongue. It felt erotic and sexy and then I knew I
needed to feel him inside me.
"Make love to me Max please." I pleaded
with him. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around
his waist. My center pulsing to his manhood. Max
groaned and we adjusted our bodies and I felt his rod
enter my wet center. We groaned at the contact. After
several minutes enjoying the feeling of each other,
Max lifted me up til his dick was almost out to
slamming it back inside me. In and out hard and slow
was our rythum. Soon sweat was pouring out of our
"God Liz you feel so good, im going to
come...GOD YES!" Max yelled.
"yes max!" I felt max stiffen inside
me and a grunt could be heard low in his throat. He
climaxed spilling himself in me. I screamed as my
second orgasm sliced through. Holding me to him still
Max kissed my lips sweetly.
"Im gonna fall in love with you." he
said gazing at me.
And I said the same thing I did that
started it all.
"yes please do."

let me all know what you think! -shannon *happy*

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Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this....Ill be going to start another part for you soon -shannon *happy*
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Ok you guys, I thought id give you another part....
all disclaimer information is on the first part.....
Enjoy!!!!! -shannon *happy*

Part 2:

After our steamy session died down, I
noticed that I had been gone from work for quite
sometime. I gathered up my clothes and slipped into my
panties, pulling them up my body. Max smiled towards
me and I began to get that tingling sensation low in
my stomach.
"Oh no you dont Mr. Evans. Im probably
aleady fired now that weve spent all morning in here."
I scolded pointing my index finger towards his nose.
Max couldnt help but take my finger into his mouth and
suck down it as if it was a lollypop. I hissed as his
tongue circled my finger and I could feel the small
taste buds on along my knuckles. My knees started to
buckle and Max manged to capture me before my descent
to the ground.
"I would love to ravish you all day
LIz, but I do see your point. How about you get back
to work and maybe later tonight I can take you to
dinner." Max presented me with a fabulous idea. The
thought of him and myself as a couple made my head
swoon. This was the kind of guy that I could see
myself marrying, and having little Max's running all
around the house. I couldnt help but smile at my
daydream. I looked towards Max who was still waiting
for my answer.
"Yes, Max that would be lovely. I
should have no problem leaving work at six tonight.
Even though it wont be a completed shift."
Max stared at me with guilty eyes. "Im
so sorry Liz, we should have kept better track of the
time." I gave him a soft kiss on the lips and shook
my head. I knew he blamed himself, but it was true
that I didnt stop him. Hell, I didnt even want him to
stop. Max took me to a place I had never been.
Someplace daring and crazy. I felt so wild and bold
and at that moment I knew id always go there with him.

Later Max left the gym and myself to
the rest of my working day. I managed to have been
pretty much unoticeable that morning. Everyone assumed
I had given Max a private training session. Talk about
training session. I would definately sign up for that
job. It would have been, infigorating.
Six arrived and I got all my stuff
together and headed out towards my car. As I was
walking towards it I remembered that I never got Max's
phone number or address. " Damnit!" I cursed out loud.
I sadly shook my head knowing that tonight I would
probably not get to see him. I fumbled through my
purse to locate my keys. Once I had found them I went
to disarm the car. "oh my god" I astonished. There
under my windshield wiper layed a single white rose.
White roses were my favorites, so pure and beautiful.
I picked up the danty flower and attached to it was a
note. I flipped the note to the other side and there
layed a message from Max.
"Dearest Liz,
I know we forgot to exchange numbers this
afternoon, so I got your number from your boss. He
seemed pleasant to give it to me. I will call you at
eight tonight to pick you up. So hurry home to become
my goddess. Max
P.S. Today was the beginning of my life. "

Tears came to my eyes as I opened my car
door. I couldnt believe the things that he said. I was
in complete awe as I started up my car. Changing the
park gear to the reverse, I backed out my car from the
parking space. Going into drive, I began my journey
I came to my front driveway and parked
my car in its normal spot. I got out and went to my
front door to go inside. Upon opening my door, I
stopped and shuddered at what was to come in less than
two hours. I quickly shut the door and ran off to my
room. I closed my door and ran to my closet. I searched through tons of my clothing until my eyes landed on a small slim satin dress. It appeared to be like a slip. At that moment I knew Max would die when he saw me in it. I grabbed it as well as a satin bra and matching panties. I then headed to my bathroom.
"Tonight's the night youll never forget Max Evans." I swore to myself. And that was my promise as I shut the bathroom door and started the shower.

TBC.....The date.......hee hee
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Part 3:

I stepped in the hot shower flooded with visions of my escapade at the gym. I could remember so vividly the way Max's hands ran up and down my heated body. The way is tongue felt stoking the inside of my mouth. But I couldnt forget how he made every cell alive in my body when he thrusted his way inside me. I decided that if I kept on thinking these glorious thoughts I would make my self late. I reached to the corner of my shower to my strawberry scented shampoo. I had found it at this little store far in town. Youd rarely see scented shampoos in regular grocery stores. I squeezed a fair portion into the palm of my hand and proceeded to lather it in my tresses. As I was soaping my hair, I heard a distant sound. I quickly shut off the water and thats when I heard it was my phone ringing.
"OH my gosh! Its Max. Oh no..." I opened my shower door and ran to the phone. Briskly picking it up I spoke with lack of air.
"Hello?" I breathed through the reciever.
"Hey its Max." his heavenly voice travelled the line. I sucked in a breath. He sounds so nice on the phone. "I was hoping youd give me your address so I can pick you up." he continued.
"Oh yeah its 54 Ocean View place, Do you know where that is?" I asked.
"yes I think ill be able to manage." By now my the soap in my hair was streaking down my back creating a puddle in my carpet. I noticed it and let out a silent sigh. I knew our phone conversation was needing to cut short.
"Great! so ill see you in what an hour or so?" I questioned.
"well actually in like two minutes, I live right down the block. I called on my cell that way id be on my way. " I could hear desire in his voice and it was making me wet thinking about him walking in my house with me drenched in soap. I thought for a second of a better idea and I presented it to him.
"You know I was in the shower when you called and now im all covered in shampoo, dripping. Maybe if you just walk in we can workout a bit before we go." I was so hot thinking of this next moment that I closed my eyes. I could hear Max suck in a breath and let it out slowly. Oh yeah, hes liking the plan.
"Did you say dripping?" his question brought a smile to my now quivering lips.
"Yes, dripping everywhere." I subconsciencly brought my free hand down my stomach. They landed along the juncture of my thighs. I started to rub along my folds begging for him to release my wanting need. "Hurry Max." I begged.
"Im here should Icome in?" he asked. I could hear a rolling sound along my door.
"its open." I couldnt wait anymore. The door opened and in came Max. We both dropped our phones at the same time and I started running my hands all over my body spreading the slippery shampoo. Max ripped off his shirt and released his pants. His boxers were gone less than a minute later. He took off his shoes and socks, and was left as naked as I was.
"Liz." he strained.
"Max." I matched his voice perfectly. We closed the space between us and completed our union with a searing kiss. It started out sweet yet morphed into a frenzy. His tongue was langly roaming my mouth touching every crevice and even running along my teeth. I mimicked his movements with my own tongue and we began to back up against the wall. Max left my mouth and ran his tongue past my shin, along my neck resting to my breasts. I heaved my chest up and down and panted. He licked each of my round globes. His tongue sucking on my hardened nipples. The sensitivity was electrifying. His mouth sent shivers all around my body. I was groaning hard. I felt the loss of his mouth on my breasts, yet felt a sharp tingle as he thrusted his tongue in my tavern.
"AHHH Max." I screamed. He started eating my body as he had done that morning. His tongue lapping up my insides like a child gobbles candy. He paid attention to my clit, sucking and nibbling like a bird. I was thrashing in his hands waiting for release. I was closer than ever when Max left my dripping core. He picked up my legs and I wrapped them around high on his waist and he then slammed in hard dick into me. I yelped at the sensation and Max groaned.
The soap from my hair had now seeped onto Max's body making him just a slick. His pushed in and out hard and fast for our need was indescribable. I started
matching his thrusts faster. By now we were scapping the wall with the force. I knew thered be a mark but I didnt give a damn.
I started to shiver and the pull was so great I knew my climax was near. I felt Max start to tighten up inside me which made him grow in size. That did me in and I yelled as I came.
"MAX!! YES!!!!" I climaxed, my juices mixing with our sex and dripping out of my now quivering core. Max too came tensing his rod and spurting what felt like gallons of his hot semen into me.
"LIZ, HUH." was all he could make out followed by a grunt. We sat there for a few good minutes nuzzingly each other. I noticed that we were sopping wet from the shampoo that I forgot to rinse out. Max noticed this as well and smiled at me.
"Well you were on your way to getting ready." he said. I smiled shyly.
"Yes, I guess I wanted you more." We kissed sweetly and Max let me slide down his body. I looked at him and he knew what I wanted. Together we traveled into the shower. I re turned on the shower head and we both got into the heated mist. I rinsed my hair and Max cleansed mine and his own body. After we were done, no we didnt get into anymore playtime. That as for later, after dinner. Max left me in the bathroom to finish getting ready. He grabbed a nearby wash towel and cleaned up the soapy mess. I saw that he was getting dressed and cleaning up so I closed my door. I looked at my self in the mirror and smiled. Then I set out to finish getting ready.

TBC......Yes I know it was suppose to be THE DATE..but it came out to the nookie date part hee hee more later...thanks for alll the feedback *happy* -shannon

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Part 4:

Putting the finishing touches to my ensemble, I crept out of my room to see Max patiently waiting. Max stared at me in total fascination which I assumed he liked what he saw. I decided on my small slip dress which I had layed out on my bed before Max ever came to my house. It was solid black, covered in glitter giving it a shimmery appearance. One would say it almost looked silver. It came just a centimeter above my knee, which could say it was quite a short dress and it had a slight sit alongside my right thigh. I had purchased it last month when I was out shopping for new shoes. I completed my look with strappy black heels. It made my legs look long.
I had decided to skip the real make up look and just dazzled my face with some blush, a little mascara, and some lip gloss.
"So, what do you think?" I casually asked the now striken Max. His eyes sparkled.
"Gorgeous." he told me. I smiled shyly at his remark. I could hardly believe that this was our first date. In my heart I really thought I had known this man since forever and it made my day complete knowing that what we had was blossoming so beautifully. "Shall we go my lady?'" Max asked holding out his strong hand to me.
"Yes we shall." I took hold of his hand and we started out towards his car. Max opened the door for me and I stepped in. He got inside as well and off we went.
The ride to the glorious restaurant "Blue Hawaii" was mostly kept in serene silence. I had heard the restaurant was one of the most beautiful around. Complete with entrees to anyones liking to soft suculent desserts. I smiled in thought. ' I cant believe he is so wonderful.' We arrived shortly later which pulled me out of my thinking. Max opened my door and led me out of the car. Since the restaurant carried a Valet, Max handed the keys to the gentleman and had the car parked. We went into the place and was seated in a nice cozy corner. I smiled wickedly at Max giving him the impression that we could get very naughty in such a secluded place.
"Liz, look what you do to me." he replied to my idea.
The waiter came and left recieving our orders. When the food came, we ate in silence. It was enjoyable that we didnt need much conversation to be in each others company. Just the silence in itself and the occasional rub of Max's leg against my own was making me hotter at the minute. I started slipping into my own world. Max saw this and glanced around. The restaurant was fairly empty, so he felt compelled to oblige my need. He got up from his chair and walked the whole foot to where I sat. I looked up to him and I licked my lips. He reached under my arms and lifted me up. With one hand around my waist, he pushed all the plates to the other side of the table. This left one side bare.
"Yes Max, take me now." I begged.
"What my lady wants." he layed me down on the table. "The lady gets." With that he pushed my dress up my legs. I hadnt worn any panthose so all that I had on was some silk black panties. Max breathed in my scent and closed his eyes. When they opened he looked hot, very much alive and he wanted me badly. I watched as he un buttoned his pants, letting them slide down his legs to meet with his shoes. He pulled his boxers down along with the pants. This left him half naked and I squirmed with the thought of his massive rod buried in to the hilt. He slid my panties down my legs and bunched them in his hand. He reached down to his pants and put my panties in his pocket.
"Oh My" I countered. Max came back up and grabbed my hips, thrusting his member into my sizzling flesh. We groaned loudly at the contact. We then began a furious tempo. In, Out, In, Out. Thoughts were flying through my mind a hundred miles an hour. I was souring and as I was about to come, a distant voice brought me down.
"Liz! Liz! Its time to go!" Max's voice brought me out. 'Damnit! It was just a dream.' I realized. It was hot and I started to feel my panties damp. Very hot. I smiled at Max and he could tell what I had been thinking and he smiled back. We got up from our table and led our ways outside. Max told the valet gentleman which car was ours and handed him the ticket.
"The car will be here in a moment sir." the valet said.
"Thank you." Max replied. The valet started off towards the parking garage. Max leaned over whispering in my ear. "Some daydream huh?" I shot my head towards him and blushed.
"What are you talking about?" I asked rather lamely. He smirked a bit at my slight ignorance at his discovery.
"I can smell desire on you baby. The way you rub your legs together, tells me that whatever I did in that dream was something I should do tonight."
His hands crept down my back brushing across my ass. I shuddered at his advances. He contined. "But theres something I need to tell you when we get home."
I stared at him. "Tell me now."
"I have fallen deeply in love with you Liz. And I hope that we can become something more and fast." He took my hands and kissed my knuckles. Tears started to form in my eyes and I smiled.
"I love you too." I replied. Max held my face in his hands and sweetly kissed my mouth. It was innocent and sweet. A few 'awes' were heard from the other restaurant customers waiting for their cars. Max leaned his forehead to mine.
"I wanna know all about you Liz Parker." I slowly kissed his lips.
"I wanna know you too." Max looked into my eyes and I sighed. We shared a few more sweet kisses when Max's car arrived. The valet handed Max his keys and we got in the car. We headed off towards Max's place.
Getting out of the car, I slipped on my shoe and fell down unknowingly twisting my ankle and scarpping my knee on the pavement. Max rushed to me in a heated hurry. It didnt hurt or anything it just kinda stung. My ankle was tingling. I brushed that off.
"Liz! Are you alright? What happened?" Max was at my side roaming my body with his eyes. He saw the cut on my knee and grimaced. "Youre hurt." I looked at him and calmed him.
"Its just a small cut, I slipped on my shoe, Im okay. You have bandaids right?" I questioned. Max nodded to me. With that he helped me up, as I started to stand my ankle hurt terribly. "OH OW! I think I may have sprained my ankle too." I said with obvious pain. Max picked me up and carried me into his home. He led me over to the couch and layed me down. He inspected my ankle.
"It looks like you did. Im sorry Liz." Max brushed his hand along my cheek. I smiled at him.
"Its ok Max, Ill I need is some wrapping and ice and Im good to go." I started to get up to wobble around. The pain was unbearable and I started to tear up. "Oh god I didnt know itd hurt this much." Max had a distant look on his face that I couldnt make out. He looked in deep thought. All of a sudden he came over to me. He looked deep in my eyes and I was stuck. I felt his hands roam over my damaged ankle and I felt an immediate heat settle over it. As I was lost in Max's eyes I was bombarded with images. Not belonging to me. I saw two people other than Max. They seemed to be siblings. And I saw these glowing pod-like structures. Then I saw Space. Stars and Planets, all flying around me at once. It was beautiful. I was confused. Then it stopped. I was back where I was and I saw Max. He looked at me like he was waiting for something. I looked down at my ankle. It was fine. I couldnt believe it just a minute ago I.. I stopped in my thoughts. I looked at Max. He seemed ready for whatever he knew I was gonna say.
"Who are you?"

TBC....hee hee hee hee

AN: Jenn LOL you know what I mean.....-shannon*tongue*
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Part 5:
“Who are you?” I had to ask the question twice. Max’s eyes disappeared beneath heavy eyelids. At that exact moment I knew Max was scared. I totally understood the reason and such but this was in one word....weird. He had done something to me that I knew no other human being could ever imagine conducting. He had ‘healed’ my sprained ankle. He rubbed his strong hands on them and when he lifted them, my ankle was good as new. I knew with the sprain that it would have taken at least a month before itd heal. I now came to one conclusion. It didnt scare me but it intrigued me. Max Evans was not human.
Max opened his eyes again and began to speak. I stared at him waiting for his monologue. “I wasnt expecting you to notice that I healed you.” I started to speak but his eyes begged me to let him continue. “But now that you have, I guess I need to explain a few things. See, Im not from around here.” I had to raise my eyebrow at him. ‘ok’. He smiled shyly at me and I melted. At that moment I really didnt care who he was, I loved him anyways. “ Im an alien.” he stated in calm reverie. Now if I had water in my mouth I would have spit it out. I couldnt believe it. Aliens dont exist. Its not real.
“An alien? If thats true why do you look human.” I wanted to know. Max somewhat knew I was gonna ask that because he had it al ready to what he was gonna say next.
“I was sent this way. On my planet, As the King, I am expected to know much about this planet as possible. See our people do take on the human form. We dont appear as little green men. I was sent here about 10 years ago. My research was to study the human life. I havent gone back since. I love it here, so I appointed my sister Isabel to take my throne. Shes been ruling ever since. And I am free.” he smiled over his last words. I stared at him in shock. Of all the people I meet, I find an alien king. A very sexy alien king, I might add.
“Wow, Im speechless really. So you wanna stay here, never go home?” I asked him. He looked into my eyes and I saw devotion in them.
“Yes, I wanna stay with you. Ive been here 10 years and when I first saw you getting out of your car, It only confirmed my staying. I want you to be my queen, Liz.” he took my hands and held them whilst his thumbs ran up along the top sides of my hands. I had a few tears reach my eyes and I blinked them away. I wasnt scared of him, not one bit. I wanted to be his queen.
“Ok Max, ill be your queen. But only.” I pointed to his chest and awarded him with a sexy smile. “ If you be my king.” Max kissed me hard then. His tongue slipped through my soft lips and ran along the insides of my mouth. I met his tongue with my own mimicking his movements. Max climbed the length of my body as I layed down along the couch. He stopped as soon as his body was heated against my own. We were kissing passionately now. Max sat up upon his knees. With urgent need, Max ran his hands under my dress. He moved it up past my thighs, hips, breasts, until he had took it off. I reached the hem of his dress shirt and went up to each button unfastening it.
Once I had all the buttons undone, Max slipped the shirt off his shoulders. I then went to his pants, unbuttoning them as well. Max glided them along with his boxers off his body. He slipped off my panties and my bra. Then once we were both unclothed Max layed back upon my body. Max took his time kissing me. Slow and soft lips danced upon my own. His arousal was straining upon my thigh and to reward it, I spread my legs for him. Max layed in between and slipped his glorious manhood inside me. We made passionate thrusts. I met each one by lifting my hips as high as I could so Max would go deeper. I started moaning with the sensations I was feeling. I felt different somehow. Now my insides felt alive and I felt like every part of me was literally mingling with Max.
“Liz, GOD you feel so good. I can get lost in you.” Max panted.
I tightened my hold and slightly whispered.
“ Im already lost in you.” Max was coming closer to his ecstasy as well as my self. I tensed up letting a wave of pure pleasure shoot through my body. My inner muscles tighten upon Max’s member and he climaxed.
“AHHH Liz!” he yelled.
“MMMMM YES” I replied in the same measure. Max pulled out and layed towards my side. I turned so we were facing each other.
“ Does it bother you that Im an alien?” he asked me. I shook my head.
“I just made love with a king. It doesnt matter that youre alien. Besides youll be very fun to have around in case I break something.” Max started laughing. His hold became tighter.
“I knew you were special. my queen.”
“And you my king.” As sleep started to invade us both, Max whispered ever so lightly.
“I love you.” I cried silently in happiness.
“And I love you. “


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Part 6:

As the sun shone brightly through my living room window, I started up out of my peaceful slumber. I noticed that I couldnt get up. I began to freak out when I noticed a arm wrapped tightly around my body. I followed the path of the arm to meet the sleeping face of Max. I smiled at his beauty. Some alien king. He had that look about him. I could tell by looking at the sternness of his chin. ‘Very authoritve.’ I thought to myself. We pledged our love to each other the night before. I couldnt believe all I had learned in such a short time. All these complexities that was all Max Evans. I now realized that I had so many questions. I pondered more on that when I noticed Max looking at me.
“Good morning beautiful.” he greeted me with a soft kiss. I smiled shyly at him.
“Good morning to you too.” I replied. I had hoped for moments like these. The kind where Id wake up in the arms of my husband, enjoying the morning . ‘Oh my god, I thought husband.’ I realized at that moment I wanted Max to be more than just my boyfriend or lover. I wanted him to be my partner. A husband.
Max stared at my thoughtful face and at that moment I knew he wanted to know what I was thinking. Now I couldnt tell him that I wanted to marry him. Although this new thought was coursing through my veins.
“Whatcha thinking about?” he asked me. I was about to respond to his question when I glanced over at my bedside clock. It read 810. I needed to be at work at 900. I shot up from my couch.
“That im going to be late for work!” I gasped. I ran to my room and proceded to throw on my black pants and a casual dress shirt. I swepted into my bathroom completing my makeup along with brushing my teeth. I ran a comb through my slick brown tresses. As I came out of the room, Max was already clothed, keys in hand.
“Ready? ill drive you.” he opened the front door for me. I smiled gratefully and walked into the pale new sunlight. The air was brisk but felt good. I climbed into Maxs corvette. He closed the door and walked to the other side so he could get in. He then started the car and we were on our way to where it began.
In the car I thought about how comfortable I was. Max had grabbed my hand and we held them together. We rested our hands upon the gear shift. We linked ourselves together. I smiled.
Minutes later we arrived at the gym. We parked in a relatively good place. I was surprised when Max turned off the engine. I looked at him in confusion.
“Max, I have to go to work. Why didnt you just drop me off. You didnt
have to park or anything. He looked into my eyes and kissed my cheek, his lips lingering longer on my heating face.
“Number one, no queen is “dropped off”, number two, I want to workout and watch you, and three I want to take you to the shower stalls and make love to you on ALL your breaks.” his eyes darkened in pleasure.
“As your wish, my majesty. “ I giggled as I reached his hand. I got out of the car and together we walked towards the gym, hand in hand.

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OK guys heres part 7....maxiesdreamgirl-thank you fo liking this *happy* and to everyone else as well you guys rock!!!!! ENJOY! -shannon

Part 7:
“Good morning Liz, I trust you slept well.” my coworker Maria said to me with an obvious wink. I smiled at her and slightly shook my head.
“As a matter of fact Maria I havent slept this well in years. Do you see that guy over by the treadmill?” I pointed to the now shirtless Max tending himself to begin a nice jog. Maria’s eyes traveled towards him and a deep breath was sucked in through her mouth. I smiled secretly knowing she wanted ‘my’ boyfriend.
“Him? hes gorgeous!!” she gasped. I smiled to her and told her about how we were a couple. Maria smiled throughout the entire conversation. I realized how happy I was in that moment. I was so happy that I glowed.
Maria then told me she had to go and begin one of her aerobics classes. She would teach one class every day and she seemed to like it. Maria and I had met when I began working at the gym. She was very carefree and had a wonderful spirit. I knew that talking to her about Max and my relationship would be easy.
I waved to Maria as she walked away as I began to file the new membership cards in our computer system. It was fairly simple and didnt take much time. I would grab a card and enter the new member and create a card for them.
I turned around to grab another card when suddenly I was blindfolded. I started to panic until I felt a strong body press against mine. Soft succulent words whipered sensually in my ear.
“Do you trust me?” the voice said. I knew it was Max and it made me erotic to know that he wanted me to think he was mysterious. I ran my hands behind my back down his legs. I felt him shudder at my advances.
“It depends how trustfull you are. Why dont you show me Max?” I purred back to him. A breathe escaped his body and I felt myself being pulled away. We walked what seemed to me to only be maybe 100 feet. I figured wherever we were that
it was closed off space cause it was silent. I felt something roam my body. It didnt feel like his hands nor any object. It felt different. I wanted to peek so I removed the blindfold. Nothing was touching me. It was just Max staring in my eyes, a soft glow animating the two of us. I stared at this glow and questioned him.
“What is this Max?” he smiled at me and took my hands.
“I dont know. I just started to look at you and this glow appeared out of nowhere. Then I felt this pull towards you. Like I needed to be in you.” his hands framed my face and he brought his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. I never did let him finish cause I made the kiss passionate. our lips dancing across each other like gracefull ballet dancers. I opened my mouth as did he so our tongues could duel with one another. We began a mating dance. Our tongues moving in slow and langiud circles. We got inpatient, and the clothes began to shed. I started to unbutton Maxs shirt but he stopped my hand. I looked into his eyes seaching for some disaproval. What stopped me is what he did next. He ran his hand down the length of his body and his clothes were gone. It was unreal. I thought it would be something youd see on television or maybe a cartoon. But it was right in front of me. And the amazing thing about it was that I thought it was awesome.
“Sorry, I thought it might be easier.” he said softly. I believed he thought I considered it freaky because he started to unbutton my shirt with his hands. I gave my best pout.
“Do that to me.” it was more of a command but all the more stimulating. Max awaited no other approval and with one swift swipe of the hand I was in my glorious. I waited not a second longer and our bodies crushed together in heat. Hands grasped one another and we moaned.
“Oh god Max, make love to me.” I panted my arms wrapping around his neck. Max complied to my request and picked me up swinging my legs over his arms, my own arms still around his neck. He brought me over to a bench and sat on it with me still in his arms. I suddenly saw where I was. It was the mens locker room. I laughed at him. “I bet this makes you feel manly huh?”
“More like a king and you my queen.” he kissed me hard. While our kiss became even more passionate I twisted in Maxs arms to face him. My heat pulsating near his rock. I began a rubbing motion up and down his arousal while his hands rounded my ass squeezing me closer to his body. I became wetter by the minute and I wanted him, no needed him. he was my addiction.
“Liz, I need to be inside you.” Max strained. I sat up over his dick and sank down. Taking all of his member into my body. We both groaned at the contact. It felt like...home. I knew this was where I belonged. With Max.
In and out I felt Max. He was everywhere, in my mind my heart my soul and my body. We were both close I knew, yet we didnt make a sound. I felt an uplifting sensation throughout my body. It was foreign to me yet didnt scare me. Max held me tighter as his last set of control slipped away. With one last thrust he spilled his alien essence in my now shaking body. I climaxed a second later squeezing my inner muscles.
Our climaxes were quiet and nothing was heard but our loud breathing. I looked around and saw the glow surrouding us.
“Max..that was amazing and different.” I lamented. Max crept his fingertips up my sides.
“It was. Very different than the other times. I wonder why.” Max said. His hand swept across my stomach and my eyes widened.
“OH what is that?” I asked pointing to my stomach. Max eyes matched my own.
It was glowing. sorry ive been so late.........please forgive me. I will get more soon...promise. let me know what you guys think....-shannon

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Part 8:
I stared at my stomach in shock. What the hell was going on? Here I am with a glowing tummy. Max stared at my stomach with wide eyes. I guess he wasnt sure what to say cause he stayed silent for what seemed like a eternity.
“Um I uh I huh.” incoherent words fumbled from Maxs lips. I couldnt help but smile at his confusion. I grazed my hand over his which still layed upon my stomach.
“Its ok Max, its probably just an alien after love making thing. Nothing to worry about right?” I caressed his hand with my words. Max smiled at me and kissed my forehead ever so gently.
“Yeah youre right. Im sorry its just when I think that something may happen to you I know id rather die than have you suffer any pain. I love you Liz.” I smiled new tears forming in my eyes.
“I love you too.”

A week had past since the glowing thing had occured and I was elevated. I was starting my two week vacation from work and I couldnt wait. Two whole weeks just for Max and myself.
The morning of my last day before my vacation, I was folding some of the towels in the locker room when I had a strange feeling rise low from my stomach. I stood there letting the moment pass. ‘ok that felt strange.’ I kinda shook it off and then continued with the folding. A minute passed and I had the same feeling again this time accompanied by a nauseating sensation. I ran towards the bathroom stall and threw up in the toliet. I started swallowing fast. I stared at the ground. ‘yuck’ I thought to myself. I didnt need to get sick, I have my vacation. Damn it! It must have been something I ate. ‘Lets see I had a turkey sandwich for its not that I had a banana for my not that. I didnt eat anything bad.’ I ended up concluding to myself that it was just a freak of nature thing. Obviously whatever was hanging in my stomach didnt wanna be there. I left the bathroom and continued with my folding.
“So Liz what are you planning for your break?” Maria asked me when I came back from my towel adventure. I laughed whole heartedly at her question.
“Well Max and I are going to be together most of it so Im thinking itll involve many workouts.” Maria chuckled at my reference. We spent the last hours of my shift chit chatting about small things.
I went to the companies computer calender to begin scheduling for our various classes at the gym. We offer aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, breathing and relaxing classes. Our classes are quite popular and we have many regulars. So I go to the schedule and I noticed the date. March 13. ‘Wow. its gone by so fast. wait a minute, my period was due 3 days ago. on the 10th.’ I thought to myself. I got butterflies in my stomach. ‘WOW!’ Then again I couldnt be pregnant, I mean I dont even know if Max can make me pregnant. Hes an alien. I shook the thought out of my head. Itll come tomorrow.
I finshed the schedule and said my goodbyes to Maria. I stepped outside to be greeted by Max.
“Hey” he said reaching for my body. We embraced each other and his lips grazed mine. As our kiss became more passionate, we both realized that we were still in the parking lot.
“Lets get now.” I rushed into the car and we raced the road to my house. Upon entering, Max picked me up in his arms and kicked the door shut. His lips attacked my own. Sucking, nibbling, slurping. They left my lips to attached to my neck. Before I knew it we were both naked.
“Thanks.” I sighed. He smiled. Max backed me up against the wall and left me up against his cock. It sprang to life begging to enter my shuddering pussy.
“” I begged rubbing my wet pussy along the tip of his rock. With one swift push, my pussy stretched like elastic welcoming his dick. I could feel his balls at the base of my lips. Max thrusted deeper and deeper and I groaned.
“AHH MAX” I moaned his name like a delicasy. I needed this man. he was my life and I was his.
“Sweet Liz, god you feel so wet so warm so slick.” Maxs lips traveled my own. Thrust after thrust was met and we both began to reach our limit. We both exploded a second later, Max holding my body close to his.

*********************One week Later.*********************
I had came to one conclusion this past week. It is crazy and strange and beautiful all at the same time. I knew myself to be daring, this was no exception. To think I have met and fallen in love with this alien. A king at its best. How strange is that? I mean how many people can say that about their lives. I bet noone. And now as I stare at the object in front of me waiting as it glimmers in my hand. I think to be confused. I look at my left hand and smile. A clock sounds and I brisk my eyes to my right hand. My life has now changed.
Im pregnant by my alien fiance.

TBC.........SOOOOO do you guys like?
Sorry it has taken so long. Enjoy! -shannon
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hey you guys just a quick note.....most of you are curious about maxs thoughts.. he doesnt know what the glowing is..I wanted it that way to surprise him. see in my universe to max glowing is representing more of love than anything else, however max didnt know what was happening and it freaked him yeah ok anyways as for maxs reaction, it shall come soon. I hope to get at least the part up before I leave on vacation. but as always thank you soooo much for feedback it means so much to me. *happy* -shannon
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Part 9:
Its been three days since I found out that I was pregnant and since Max proposed to me. The funny thing is I dont know how I should tell him. Should I just blurt it know ‘Yeah so Max Im having a baby.’ I mean weve known each other close to a month, and most people would view our marriage crazy. They would think it was too soon. But not me, I havent been this happy in my entire life. I remember how he proposed and it was so sweet.

Max had blindfolded me after one of our lovemaking adventures, and strapped me into his corvette.
“Where are we going Max?” I asked him as the engine of the car started with a vrroommm. I could feel his smirking smile as he placed his hand on my leg.
“Its a surprise.” his voice dripped like honey and I could feel his warm breath next to my left cheek. Shivers ran down my back. I smiled to him and I felt the vehicle begin its decent to whereever he was taking me on this so called ‘surprise’. The ride was fairly short and not much conversation took place during it. I think he had wanted to keep it as secretive as possible.
Max turned off the engine, which I assumed he had also parked the car. I reached for the blindfold and Max grabbed my hand.
“Not yet baby.” he said huskily. ‘Whatever you want baby.’ I thought to myself. He opened his door and got out and went to the other side to retrieve me. I was greeted by Maxs warm and soft hand. I started to get impatient with him.
“Damnit Max this sucks, when do I get my surprise.” I rubbed my hands together which earned me a loud laugh from Max.
“only if you say yes.”
I smirked. “To what?”
“Youll see.”
His hands came to my blindfold and in seconds I could see again. We were at a park, in front of a swing set. Max came in front of me.
“ A park Max? This is sweet. What shall we do?” I glanced at the swings and smiled. “Will you push me?” I asked, my eyes shining. Max smiled and nodded. He took my hand and led me to the swing. I started to pump my legs back and forth like I had done as a young child. Max lightly pushed my back ever so often to keep my speed. All of a sudden Max grabbed the swing and I stopped. A hand came infront of me and a there inside the box layed a ring. It was a thick gold band with a princess cut diamond set in the center. It was beautiful. I reached a hand to touch it. Max came around and knelt.
“Only if youll say yes.” he reached his hand to rub away the tears that escaped my eyes. I looked at him.
Max jumped up and crushed me to him in a fierce hug, our lips met in a sweet kiss.
“I love you.” I said to him framing his face with my hands.
“I love you and thank you.” he cried kissing me.
********************End of Flashback*********************

I smiled at my new memory. We hadnt made a date or anything, just the knowing was good enough for us. I decided that I needed to go to his apartment to tell him the news of the baby. I grabbed my favorite green coat and wrapped it around my slender body. ‘oh yeah, slender. Wont be for long.’ I smiled rubbing my hands across my still flat abdomen.
On the way to maxs house I started flipping radio stations. Nothing was perking my interest and I ended up turning the whole thing off.
“Why does the radio have to suck tonight?” I complained. I needed a plan, on what to say to Max.
I heard some tires squeeling and I looked through my rear view mirror.A car was coming towards I tried to steer away but I was hit.
At that moment only one word came out.
And then there was black.

TBC....yes no nookie and I know what youre thinking...dont kill liz!! Now would I do that to you? youre looking at a bonafide dreamer. *happy*

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hey guys...since the board went down I guess it lost part 10 sooooo im going to repost part 10 and the NEW part 11....Enjoy! -shannon

Third Person’s POV

Part 10:
*****************Minutes after the crash******************
Max was sorting through his mail when he heard a loud sound. It carried an almost shrieking ablilty and at that moment Max realized what it was.
“Its a siren.” he said aloud to himself. At that moment Max was met with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and he blindly reached for his cordless phone laying on his couch. He brought it closer and dial seven numbers by heart. Max brought the phone to his ear connecting to his jaw and waited. answer.
“Come on Liz, pick up the phone.” he squeaked almost shaking. Something was wrong and as Liz’s sweet voice sang via the message machine, Max dropped the phone. The phone shattered into pieces, spreading its contents clear across the lenoleum.
“LIZ!” Max ran out of his door, sprinting to his car. He slammed the car door shut and revved up his engine, peeling out of the driveway and down the street.
Max passed a few blocks and came upon an accident scene. It had appeared that there was a four car pile up. Three cars smushed together like play-do. The car at the begining of the line was what looked like to Max to be a BMW. Liz’s car. It wasnt damaged to the point of total destruction, but it looked serious.
“Oh My God Liz, No! Please! Oh God NO!’” Max cried. He stopped his car in mid traffic and ran out of the car.
“Hey get back in your car!” One driver yelled from the car behind.
“Youre hogging the road!!!” another lady yelled from the car alongside.
Max ignored all them and as more people started yelling for him to move, the faster Max moved. Towards Liz.
Paramedics were surrounding the area and Max pushed his way through the crowd.
“LIZ!! Thats my fiance!! Where is she!!!” Max yelled. Max came alongside the paramedics.
“You know this woman sir?”
“YES! OH GOD is she ok?” Max pleaded. The medic gave Max a stern look. Max paled in response.
“Shes in critical condition, were taking her in right away. We wont know the true condition until the Doctor sees her.” The medic gave Max a sympathetic pat to his back and opened the ambulance door. Max was guided into the ambulance and off they swept to save Liz’s life.
The doctors wisked Liz right away into the emergency room upon entry, leaving Max alone in the waiting room. Hours passed by and Max recieved no news. After about a total of five hours, the doctor, known as Dr. Lambert approached him.
“Mr. Evans?” Max looked up tears branding his cheeks.
“Yes Doctor how is she?” The doctor gave Max a smile.
“Shes resting, a broken arm and a cracked rib, is what she recieved. Shes stable. We will monitor her for at least forty-eight hours. We have pain medication for her that will be safe for her and the baby.” The doctor jotted a few notes on his chart in his hands.
“Oh OK good....wait...did you say baby?” Max said staring at the doctor.
“Why yes, Liz is about three weeks along. The baby suffered quite a trauma and most fetuses would never survive through something like this. It has shocked us here that there was a fetus protectively living and it even seems to me that it was protecting Liz as well. You must be so happy to be recieving such a special child.” Max’s eyes felt like falling out. Liz was pregnant! She never told him.
“Yes. yes I am. Thank you Doctor. Can I see her now?” Max asked eagerly. Dr. Lambert smiled.
“You may go to see her, but she is sleeping so try not to wake her up.” The doctor swept away, leaving Max to the room that Liz was in.
Max crept into the room. It was warm and quiet. Flowers sat on the desks. After the accident, Max had notified her family and friends, which they promptly arrived with flowers. No one was allowed to see her cause of the intense conditions, so everyone was going to return the next day. Max was the first to see her.
Even in the devasting appearance, to Max she still looked beautiful. Max was thrilled. He was going to be a father. It was at that moment that he realized why Liz was out driving. She was going to tell him the news. It warmed and pained his heart at the same time.
“Oh sweet Liz, I love you so much.” Max kissed her forehead ever so gently and crept his hand to her stomach. He was curious about the baby. As his hand came in contact with her tummy the glow appeared again.
“So thats what was glowing. We made a baby that night.” Max was astonished. Max stared at the glow and he saw a small hand appear and wave slightly. At first Max jumped back a bit, but he looked at Liz’s sleeping face and smiled. ‘She must know im here.’ he thought.
Max came closer to the glowing hand.
With a small kiss, Max said “And I love you too.”
To someone looking closely, Liz smiled in her sleep.

Part 11:

Continued in third person..

Max had stayed the entire night at Liz’s side making sure that whenever she was to wake up, hed be right there for her. Eventually sleep cascaded over Max and within minutes he was fast asleep.
A nurse came in to refill Liz’s IV when she glanced upon the sleeping Max. She smiled as her eyes scanned the two lovers. Max’s hand grasped tightly to Liz’s arm and he layed restless in the chair next to the hospital bed. His head was thrown to his side and the nurse knew the poor guy would wake up to a pain in his neck. The nurse walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed an extra blanket and pillow. She carefully swept the pillow behind Max’s head and layed the blanket over him. She then left the room.
“Kathy, did you see the gentleman in Miss Parker’s room? Mighty handsome fellow.” the nurse known as Emily stated after returning to the front desk. Kathy, one of the other nurses smiled.
“Why yes he is. I heard he was a disaster when they brought his fiance in earlier.” Kathy said with compassion. Emily nodded her head in response.
“I know the poor thing. I covered him with a blanket and placed a pillow behind his head. He will wake up to a dull neck. Its so sweet to know he wouldnt leave her side.” Emily smiled. The nurses chatted a little more about the subject and then returned to their other tasks.
Back inside the room, Liz came to. Her eyes felt heavy and her body felt sore. She opened her eyes completely relieved that the room was dark. She started searching her memory to what had happened. ‘I was driving to tell Max about the...OH MY GOD MAX!’ Liz began to panic until she realized something was tugging her arm. She peered down and smiled. There clutching her arm like a lifeline was Max. Fast asleep. Liz breathed in a sigh of total relief. Liz understood she was in a hospital bed. ‘that explains the needle in my arm.’ Liz thought about how the IV needle stuck in her arm, felt when she tried to move it. Liz relaxed knowing she was safe and that Max was there next to her.
Once she settled back into the covers she remember one very important thing. ‘OH MY GOD! My baby!’ Liz started frantically trying to figure out what was going on. Her hands slid against her stomach and she began to cry. Salty tears flowed down her cheeks at rapid speed.
“Max! Oh .....My.....Baaaby.” Liz wailed. max jerked up at her voice and saw the love of his life in tears. Max got up and wrapped his arms around her.
“Shhhhh sweetie its ok. The baby is alright. The baby is fine.” Max cradled Liz is his arms and started to slightly rock. Liz’s tears soon slowed down.
“The..the baby is ok?” Liz snifled, tears still sliding down her wet cheeks.
“Yes. The doctor told me we were having a special child. One who was protecting you.” Max smiled and dipped his head to kiss Liz’s remaining tears. Liz softy smiled and looked relieved.
“Max I’m so sorry I didnt tell you. I was on my way and then...this...” Liz said with regret. Max took her face gently into his hands.
“Liz, it’s ok that I found out this way. I love you and we are going to have a baby. One who will look just like you. Beautiful in every way possible.” Max whispered. Liz’s head dipped down, shyly.
“Liz, look at me. When I found out that I almost lost you, I felt like a part of me died. But when I found out that you are carrying a part of me, a part of us inside you, I came back to life. You saved me Liz.” Liz had more tears pooling in her eyes. These were happy tears.
“I Love you.” Liz whispered. Max kissed her lips ever so gently.
“I love you both.” Max whispered back. Liz could only smile.

*********************Two days Later***********************
Dr. Lambert had deemed Liz and the baby alright to be released from the hospital. Liz had been given some pain medications, which Liz was grateful.
Max was exceptionally the gentleman. He slaved hand and foot to Liz and she was getting restless.
“Max I have some broken bones, Im not handicapped!” she giggled when Max had tried to feed her cereal.
“Fine, I wont feed you cereal. But I know what I can feed you with.” Max gave a seductive eye at Liz. The doctor had told them both to lay off intercourse for at least six weeks if not more, so she could heal the bones better. But as Max thought about it, the doctor never said no.....foreplay.
Max rummaged through the refrigerator and found a fresh box of strawberries and further in the refrigerator, low and behold, whip cream. Max grabbed the items and retreated back to the living room where Liz layed comfortably on the couch.
Max studied her closely. She was wearing some tie pants and a tank top. She was gorgeous and he groaned at the sensation her body did to his dick. He was growing by the minute. He would have loved to make love to her, but doctor’s orders prevented that. Max had other plans, one that would satisfy him anyway.
Liz looked up at the devilishy looking Max and smiled.
“Max baby, whats up that sleeve of yours?” Max licked his lips.
“Nothing. Just thinking of my dessert.” There Max produced in front of him the strawberries and the whip cream. Liz’s eyes widened.
“Max we cant! not yet.” Max shook his head.
“Doesnt mean I cant take something off of you.” With that Max ripped her pants from her body, exposing lace pink panties. Liz moaned at his action. Max breathed her scent and knew it had been too long. Max hooked his hands to the sides of her panties and slid them from her body. There he layed for her.
“MMMM Max yesss” Liz moaned ever so softly.
Max squirted the whip cream all over her pussy drenching it to its fullest. Max then opened the strawberries and began to take one out at a time. He placed a strawberry on different edges of Liz’ feminity. Once he had a good seven berries covering her now whip creamed mound he took one more from the box.
“Max theres no more room where are you gonna put that one?” Liz asked.
Max smiled and took the berry and slid it inside Liz’s folds. Liz squirmed with the cold and shuddered with her delight.
“YES!! MAX!” Liz yelped. Max waited before he asked Liz his question.
“So Liz, what should I do now?” Max mischievesly ran his tongue alongside her pussy, not coming close to its home. Liz bucked her hips up thrusting towards Max.
“EAT ME MAX!!!!!!” Liz screamed.
Max rubbed his hand under his chin in thought.
“I dont know Liz, its a masterpiece. I dont know whether I wanna ruin it.” Liz grabbed his hand and jerked him toward her.
“PLEASE!” Liz pleaded. Max leaned forward and licked up her length.
“Like this?”
Max began a full assault. His tongue twisted its way along her pussy licking away at the whip cream and eating many strawberries along the way. He reached the center and he sucked out the strawberry he had place inside moments before. He ate the berry in its full tasting her juices along with it.
“MMMM sweet sweet Liz” He cooned.
Max finshed all the berries and then he headed for his ‘clean up’. He ate Liz out fully. Licking her insides sucking her clit and making her scream. Liz was thrashing under him moaning and gasping.
“OH YES!” she cried. Max felt her pussy tighten in his mouth and as he cleaned up all the cream, she climaxed.
Max gave a few more licks which earned a few giggles from Liz, due to the senstivity. Max carried his body up to Liz. She was still reeling from the intensity.
“Thank you, how was dessert?” Liz smiled.
Max laughed.
“It was a delicasy.” Liz and Max both laughed. Amongst the giggles, the familiar glow resounded itself on Liz’s tummy.
Max and Liz stopped and stared at the glow.
To both their surprises, they saw not one, but two waving hands.
“Oh my God Max Look! Theres two of them.” Liz said excitedly. Max gazed at Liz lovingly.
“Twins! were having twins!!!” Max jumped up running around the room.

now that was one fun chapter to write let me tell you!! Let me know if you guys like it!! -shannon

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Part 12:
By the end of the month, all my injuries had healed exceptionally and I began to feel the first effects of pregnancy. Weight gain. Now normally I wouldnt mind a pound or two but in the last 2 weeks ive gained 5 pounds!Thats like evil to me. I know that I will gain up to 25 pounds or so as I get further along and it doesnt help that im carrying not one but two babies.
Max’s babies.
Max has been the most wonderful man these past few weeks that I love him more each and every day. We decided to get married before the babies were born and we thought that we could just do it in a nice quiet ceremony. We decided to elope.
As I was sitting comfortably on the couch in Maxs place, I thought of where we should get married.
“Max?” I asked quietly. Max looked up at me from the book he was reading and smiled.
“Yes baby?” he purred. I smiled at him, and crawled towards him. He had been sitting across from me on the other side of the couch and I needed to be close to him. As I moved closer to him, he dropped the book on the floor and started leaning in to me. I was on my hands and knees in front of him, my mouth inches from his lips.
“Liz, what is it?”
“What do you think of eloping?”
The surprise on Maxs face was priceless. He must have been waiting for me to do something seductive to him. Max smiled slowly and grabbed me pulling me directly onto his lap.
“I think thats a great idea. But first I wanna be sinful.” he replied huskily. I drank in his facefull features. His eyes were dark with lust, a vision I have adored since I first saw him at my job. His hair was spiked up and gorgeous and I found myself playing with the ends but his thick neck. And his lips. Those soft lobes of flesh that drank off me like fine wine. I was mesmerized. I wasnt able to wander off to think anymore because at that instant Maxs mouth was on mine. He worshiped my mouth and we caressed each others lips. His tongue greeted my own in a mating dance that went on for centuries it seemed.
Clothes began to peel and finally we were naked and in each others warm embrace. I was still sitting on his lap now facing him. Each of my legs wrapped around his sides. Maxs hands glided up and down my sides, his hands grazing my filling in corners. As my pregancy has progressed, my once flat abdomen was now a soft round tummy complete with two precious souls inside.
“I love you Liz.” Max said quietly. I kissed his lips.
“I love you.”
We began to slowly make love to each other. Max lifted me slowly and I sank down on is length.
Home. Thats how I felt. I could feel his flesh sweep in and out of me at beautiful speed. I grazed him with my insides and he groaned at the sensation. His lips and my own sought each other with force, caressing and nibbling. Soon our bodies were glistening with sweat.
“MMMM Max!”
At that moment we both exploded. Seeing stars and lights in all directions. I felt amazed and wonderful. Max softly touched my face after our high.
“I love you so much. I love our babies and everything that is you.” Max said.
Tears peeked through my eyes and I smiled.
“Me too Max.” I layed my head against his chest. After a few moments Max whispered in my ear.
“So I was thinking, what do you think about eloping in Las Vegas?”


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Part 13:
Las Vegas, Nevada. Thats where we were headed. As Max and I stepped off the plane at the airport we clasped hands and smiled. Today was the day I was gonna become Mrs. Max Evans. I was excited to say the least. It was my dream ever since we met that day at the gym. All the memories of that time were still etched in my mind. Wonderful memories indeed.
We found this little chapel not too far from the casinos. I had to laugh at the name. Elvis Chapel. I looked over at Max who had a mischevious look on his face.
“Its perfect.” I told him. Together we went in and about twenty minutes later rememegered as Man and Wife.

You may kiss the bride. Oh we did more than kiss.

Max of course carried me over the threshold. Me and all ten pounds I had gained with these twins.
“Mrs Evans, may I have this dance?” With the wave of his hand the stereo turned on and music filled the room. I still was slighty weirded by his alien heritage and the powers he has. But it was nice to know we didnt really need to manually turn anything on. I smiled and relaxed into his embrace.
“Yes you may, Mr Evans.”
We danced slowly to the soft music of Sheryl Crows “I shall Believe.” It was beautiful and at that moment I couldnt be any happier.
I started to feel Maxs hands glide down my back in slow movements. I shivered with delight as he massaged my back. I arched into him so he could feel my pert breasts rub against him. So he could feel my arousal.
“ I want to make love to you now.” He purred into my ears. I smiled and answered his request by pulling his shirt out of his black pants. I pulled the shirt up and off his muscular body and threw it into a corner. I rubbed my hands up his chest as I felt his hands unzipping my gown. I could feel the cool air brisk my almost bare back as the gown inched its way off my now curving body.
Max reached behind my back and undid the white lace bra and released it from my body. My fuller breasts breaking free.
“mmmm Max.”
He began to kiss my neck softly adding a few bites here and there. I shivered with anticipation of having him inside me. I reached down to his pants and unbuttoned them, and pulling ther zipper down. I wasted no time and in one swift motion set his erection free and his pants and boxers were thrown across the room to meet with his shirt.
I kissed Max with everything I had. I twirled my tongue inside his mouth and I glided my hands down his slides, inside his thighs to gripping his harden shaft.
“I want you so bad.” I groaned.
“You have me.” He groaned back. By then my dress, stockings and panties had left the building. I was left completely naked. Now that I was further in my pregnancy my body was no longer the slender one it used to be. I had curved everywhere. And Max looked in heaven.
“Im in heaven.” he whispered. I smiled. Max pulled me closer to him and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste. Bringing me head on dead center to his pulsing manhood. I wanted him in. Now.
“” I cooed. Max lifted me up slighty to grab ahold of his dick, and pulled me down, sliding slowly inside. We sighed at the contact.
We began with slow thrusts, Max had moved us towards a wall, and I could feel the plaster scratching my back as I rode Max.
I could feel my insides drench him and coat him with my essence. Max began to tighten and he started to pant.
“Maaaxxx...mmm me too.”
I could feel our orgasms coming. It began at the pit of my stomach and traveled to the inside of my thighs and I exploded as did max, me coating his body and him marking me as his.
Us together. Forever.
We came down from our high and Max whipped his hands under my legs and carried me to the bed. He layed me down.
“I love you.” He said while pushing some of my chocolate hair behind my ear.
“I love you.” I started to giggle. Max looked at me strangly and I smiled. I grabbed his hand and layed it across my stomach. I watched at Maxs face changed from confusion to utter happiness.
“They love you too, Daddy.” I said as I wiped a stray hair from his forehead.
“They moved.” He was all smiles.