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Author: Gabriel Knight

Category: Max and Liz of course! The whole gang is
included as well.

Ratings: Nc-17

Authors Note: I own none of these characters. I just
borrowed them from UPN

Summary: Max and Liz are experiencing dreams they cannot control.
Neither one knows about the dreams of the other. Is this simply an unconscious
desire to reconcile? Or something more sinister?

Authors Note: Welcome to my fear. Normally I would write page after page of fan-fiction and never post a thing. Quite frankly naked fear was holding me back. However recent events have shown me that nothing is ever as scary as you think. Terror is simply a function of your own mind. Therefore by posting this I hope to conquer. Feed back would be GREATLY appreciated, if you like it, say so and I’ll write more. No flames (I’m hard enough on myself as it is*big*) Oh and this is dedicated to TigerLily: Par Ce Signe Tu Le Vaincras *happy*

CHAPTER 1(Kiss of the Moonlight)

Liz was working absentmindedly
Her mind was not on her work it was on a dream she had last night
It’s vividness was haunting her.

The dream started with her wearing that gown. The red one that was scooped low above her breasts and high above her knees. Her cheeks flushed to have herself wearing an outfit such as this, she was fairly sure she wasn’t wearing anything under it. Her bare feet padded across the carpet moving deeper into the bedroom. Their were purple curtains covering the window and blood red ones adorning the bed. Max was there.

He was naked and facing away from her, his thighs brushing the mattress of the bed that seemed to occupy the greater focus of the room. He turned and smiled at her, Liz had been enjoying the view but her mouth watered unbidden at what she saw before her. The hot night air was beginning to get to her. The humidity felt like it was caressing her exposed skin and she felt self conscious at the sweat trickling down her back.

Damn his eyes they twinkled in the moonlight as he sat himself on the edge of the bed and beckoned to her with his fingers. Her body betrayed her; catapulting itself forward, desperate to touch him. Something deep within her was desperate to touch him , needed to possess and be possessed by him, to feel his strong embrace , to drink deep his loving scent. The other, smaller, part of her mind was screaming for stop, things were moving to fast between the two of them and she disliked being this far out of control.

Then Max was kissing her, it seemed to light her body on fire, hot flashes chased themselves across her skin, she couldn’t breath, she was drowning in him, the rational part of her mind seemed to have shut itself up as she began to wallow in the pleasure of his lips. he gestured her forward, she was lying across his lap like a naughty girl about to be punished. She managed to find herself long enough to blush, both at the compromising position her body had placed her in, and its reaction to it. She hoped that it was sweat she felt leak from between her thighs, yes it was definitely the summer heat, she moaned loudly.

Max had raised the hem of her night gown and had begun fondling and stroking her naked bottom. Liz’s had never been this aroused, her skin was so hot, and she never wanted it to end. She was ashamed at the tearful, whimper that escaped her lips. What did she want? Her body seemed to have a mind of it’s own tonight. She desperately wanted him to stop being gentle, to end the searing torture her body, her body, desperately needed. It begged to be spanked .She needed it shamefully, desperately. Max was still stroking the fires, building the tension to a fever boil, slipping his fingers in from behind. She screamed; singing her pleasure, as her body bucked in his lap, a million stars blinding her vision, a pleasure like non-other her body had ever experienced marinated her senses.

As she slid back to earth Max gave her bottom a few playful swats and caressed her into a sitting position. She blushed hotly. He had known what her body had begged for. Kissing her sweetly he smiled deep into her eyes. His kind hand came up and brushed away a tear.

Her heart was full to bursting. She smiled, it had been so simple, how had she missed it? She had experienced a rebirth. Her spirit was swirling and dancing in the joy of realization. How had had she not known?

She loved him.

She smothered her lover’s face with kisses. Flinging away her damp clothing she ran her hands over his perfect, succulent body. Max was startled by her sudden gesture. He chuckled throatily, gripping her upper arms to hold her still. Then with moist eyes he pecked her on the nose. His smile, and the light in his eyes, was brighter than the moons.


ps. I have no proof reader; apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors*big* GK

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Author: Gabriel Knight

Category: Max and Liz of course! The whole gang is
included as well.

Ratings: Nc-17

Authors Note: I own none of these characters. I just
borrowed them from UPN. Note: I had a lot of Ideas for the name
of this story, so I’m naming each chapter after my ideas. Thanks to
everybody for their swell feedback. As a reward, here is pt2 *happy*

CHAPTER 1: Part 2 (Let’s get Kinky)

Liz was completely mortified with herself. The things they had done last night. The games they played;
the positions. Liz was sweating, she wished it wasn’t So hot today, Liz closed her eyes and concentrated. "Calm down Liz," she admonished herself. "Just serve the fries, serve the fries, serve the f-MAX?!" There was Mister Universe sitting with those other pod creatures. He was staring right at her. His limpet amber eyes bore down on her lithe form.

"Oh God; he knows!" she hissed. Her mind spun faster and faster, and her legs refused to move. She could not bear to see him so soon after, but she was desperate to know if he had shared her experiences. She was repelled by their recent "difficulties" but desirous of their re-cementation. Her cheeks flushed with both desire and embarrassment. Should she hide or fling herself into her arms?

Her decision was made for her as Jeff’s gruff voice snapped her out of her revelry. "Table Six" he grunted. As Liz approached the table a thousand conflicting images mingled in her memory. Max’s chiseled body, their screaming fights, her toes in his mouth, his arm around another woman, falling asleep in front of the fire, falling asleep alone.

"Can I take your order" Liz managed to squeak. They were looking at their menus. Momentarily unnoticed Liz got lost again, last nights memories began to pulse and throb their way in, robbing her of conscious thought. She needed him, more than life, more than oxygen, her body began to burn exponentially. Max looked up from his menu. "Pie?" he asked. That was it, she had to run. "Gotta-Go" she managed to peep before dashing headlong across the crashdown smashing into Maria carrying a tray full of milk shakes. Maria shrieked as he assets were frozen.

"Oh God, Oh God Maria I’m sorry," cried Liz desperately trying to mop up the mess with at stray napkin. But the delay had allowed Max to cross the crashdown; he slipped up beside her. "Are you all right?" he asked with genuine concern. Funny he never seemed to care much about her recently, thought Liz caustically. "Fine You Know What Evans? Why Don’t We Just Get It Over With? And Do It Right Here, Right Now!" she bellowed. Ripping at her Uniform.

The Crashdown was silent. Max’s face held an expression of total bewilderment, total shock. Liz’s conscious mind replayed what she had just said in her inner ear. She ran, out of the restaurant, down the street, toward the open desert. Her body kept running, and running. Her mind swam in embarrassment and fear. Embarrassment at what she had done. Fear at what she [I[might have.

Max was standing dumbfounded in the middle of the crashdown. What was that? Was that Liz?

Max had never seen her so, out of control before. Max knew they were having problems, but Liz always seemed so, on top of everything. He should go after her. Max threw Michael his keys asking him to make sure Isabelle got home all right before heading out on foot. He pushed open the doors to the crashdown and started down the street.

It took him half a block to realize he had no idea where she had gone. Max sat down in defeat on a nearby bench. Why had he thought he could help? What did he think he was doing, wandering the streets in search of Liz? He didn’t have the faintest idea where to find her. Unless

Max found her huddling in a cave on the mesa. She was shaking visibly and her brow had broken out in dewy beads of sweat.

"Max!" she screamed at him.

"Yes Liz, Calm down, Are you Ok?" God that was a stupid thing to say ,thought Max, chastising himself. Where do you come up with this stuff ?

"Max!" Liz was beginning to sound incoherent. " I have to tell you, ‘bout the dreams"

Max was hesitant ,"Its OK Liz, come out of the cave, we’ll have a long talk on our way back to town"

Liz Parker, honor student, president of the audio/visual club, let loose with a primal animal moan
and fastened her super charged lips on Max Evan’s complementary own succulent pair.


TBC (Par Ce Signe Tu Le Vaincras)

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Author: Gabriel Knight

Category: Max and Liz of course! The whole gang is
included as well.

Ratings: Nc-17

Authors Note: I own none of these characters. I just
borrowed them from UPN.

Note: As everybody knows, Liz was being driven mad by erotic dreams she could not control. After exploding at Max in the crashdown, he follows her to a cave. Then when they touch it results in an alien dream "flash". To prevent confusion, I'll put everything in the dream in Italics *happy*


Max had no idea where he was, but he liked it. He seemed to be embraced by a warm darkness. He was blind, but the contented feelings he was receiving more than compensated for his disorientation. Slowly he began to be able to feel his body. It appeared that he was tightly embracing someone. She was soft and warm and seemed to be entirely responsible for his feelings of safety and contentment. It had to be Liz.

Max smiled at his own realization, sure they had been having problems for the past few months, and if anyone had asked he would have denied it.

Secretly,however,Max knew he still loved her. Recently, his dreams had been a sweet reminder of how much their love had meant to him. He wondered if that had been what Liz had been talking about before, in the cave. Had she been having fiery dreams too?

They seemed to be standing upright immersed to their navels in warm water. The soft body intertwined with his showed signs of stirring. Had they been asleep? His eyes flicked open and were momentarily blinded by the daylight streaming all around them. Daylight? Max was unable to turn his head but reflected in the calm water was the silvery reflection of two pale, circular, orbs. Moons?

Max’s chin was resting on the warm woman’s shoulder. A strand of her hair was tantalizingly close to his nose. His head turned and inhaled her sweet scent.

Liz, definitely, Strawberries and Cream.

Max was momentarily overwhelmed by the flood of pleasure that washed through his body. Liz’s head turned, ever so slightly, and their lips met in a fiery kiss.

Max felt his own temperature rise. It was as if every nerve ending in his body had been switched to the "pleasure" position. Nothing he had experienced in his dreams had prepared him for this. His mind seemed to dissolve as wave after wave of pure satisfaction echoed through his body. Liz pulled her head away. Then giving him a naughty grin she snaked her head forward and licked a steamy trail up his jaw and across his cheek.

Max swallowed hard, his muscles were slowly unkinking themselves from around her succulent form. How long had they been standing like this? He let go of her and flexed his muscles. She was watching his stretching.Her eyes glided purposefully over his form as he guilefully flexed and posed for her. She was standing a few feet away in the navel deep water. Her bathing suit was made of an unearthly blue material, resembling plate mail, or salmon scales. It was a one piece and was a cimmerian blue, in sharp contrast to the light magenta water.

Her eyes followed his every movement, they steamed with a fanatic desire. Max, however couldn’t stop posing, was this a ritual he knew nothing about? His posing and flexing were beginning to become uncomfortable, he had long ago became limber enough for total mobility. Liz’s sweet, pink, erotic tongue slipped out of her mouth and moistened her glistening lips. Instantly her head cocked to one side. "Race ya" she quipped before diving under the water.

Max could feel her slippery form glide past him under the water and he eagerly dove after her. His body seemed to fold itself into a streamlined shape as is soared effortlessly through the water. It was an ocean, Max had seen it before he had dived after her. Bright Magenta and surrounded on all sides by majestic mountain peaks. Liz had headed in the direction of a small beach behind where they had been standing.

Max began to intercept Liz under water. Something inside him knew that this was "their" chase and he musn’t catch her until they reached their predestined time and place. The water was getting shallower, Max could see the golden sand rising up, breaking the surface. Liz shot out of the water like a dolphin, shooting towards the sand. Max caught up with her just as they landed. They struggled, laughing and playing, rolling over and over on the fine sand.

Max had ended up on top. Internally had no idea of this significance but he could feel an hidden undercurrent in the flow between them. It felt like a signal or a direction .It was also a great honor, a high glory as if he had been intrusted with a eminently momentous task.

Tenderly his hand reached up to brush some of the glittering gold sand away from her cheek. Internally he was glowing with happy emotions; pride, love, anticipation, lust, fulfillment, trepidation.

His lips descended down to the hollow behind her ear. Suckling and teasing until her breathing became ragged in his ear. Her lips sought his as their mating dance became more frantic.

Max ripped the offending garment from her body, tiny clinking sounds echoed as thousands of blue silver dollars rolled and collided along the shore. Max turned his attention to his own garment, identical in design to hers, except his was shaped like bicycle shorts. It too joined it’s sisters careening across the beach as their sweat soaked bodies sought closer and closer contact.

Max could feel a deep resonating growl emanating from the back of his throat as he moved closer
and closer to his lover’s trembling body. He rose up between her thighs and took one last look into her eyes. Her eyes were bright and flashing and full of desire, desire only for him. Max slid his body over hers, thrusting his palms into the sand on either side of her head. Their lips sought flaming dominion over each other, and their pleasure blossomed; detonating between them. It was as if their union had been ordained, their instinct naturally pushing them to greater and incomparable highest of ecstasy.

Max positioned his swollen manhood, angling it towards it’s ultimate goal. Desperately fighting his overwhelming instincts he hesitated; gazing,once more, back into her eyes.

She however; had undured enough. With a feral roar she thrust her wet heat towards his. Blinding desire driving her forward, her mind screamed inward, desperate to end its agony, their agony.

Max finally relaxed his defenses and let slip his vestiges of civilization. His mind instantly flooded with primal passion, inborn desire. His hips thrust forward.

Suddenly the sweet sea air was inundation by the sharp acrid burn of ozone. Max’s head jerked up as he felt the nauseating magnetic waves of an anti-grav engine pass overhead. A black ovular craft deposited a contingent of black suited mercenaries on the drier high side of the beach. They marched forward.

Max was blown backward into the water by a near magnetic force wave. His body crashed into the water and his mind flashed back to the prone position where he had left his lady love. His streamlined form exited the water in a unknown aquatic explosion. His belly skidded itself to a halt on the golden beach. He stood upright, his belly a mass of granular silica and blood. Max’s vision alighted on the struggling form of his mate as she was being dragged bodily into the dark and twisted craft.

His chin clenched as his mind surged with masculine hormones. He trained his palm toward the baneful ship and it’s occupants. He screamed a single vanquishing syllable.

Part III (Culmination in Darkness)


NOOOO! Max screamed as his powers unleashed themselves on the clay wall of the cave. The underground chamber shook with rage as it unloaded debris on the startled couple.

Instinctually Max threw himself over the vulnerable Liz. He flexed his alien powers shielding his back from the falling stones and chunks of clay. Minutes passed as the pair was quickly buried in sediment and shale.

Liz was almost too preoccupied to notice the cataclysm enveloping her. Her mind was still too preoccupied with the new memories swirling within her. Who were those men, cloaked in tangled black metal? Why hadn’t her powers worked against them? Powers? What about their swimming? Why had they awoken, dead to the world, intertwined together? Two Moons?

She cogitated deeply over and over, seeking answers to questions she knew she could never solve. It frustrated her unremittingly, to be so out of control, so many new experiences, so little clarification. Slowly her awareness drifted back to the present. Max’s body was pressed intimately close. Part of her recoiled, she just couldn’t stand to be near him right now. He was just too alien, even his eyes were glowing with a strange alien light. She freaked.

"MAX T’JALL EVANS" Liz shouted, pushing against his chest. "GET THE HELL OFF ME NOW!"

Startled, Max drew back. Their cocoon of dirt crumbling and swirling around them. Max was too shocked to speak. Liz was cursing and T’Jall? Where did that come from?

She sat up sputtering, dirt and debris choked her air supply.. She had SO had enough. This was all too much "alien monkey business" to absorb. Liz spat out her mouthful of soil

Now she was buried alive, no light anywhere/ She could sense his presence nearby, leaning against the same wall. This irritated Liz from some unknown reason. Was there no escape from Max Evans? "Damn him! Damn Max Evans!" She cried. Liz began to sob.

A few meters away Max leaned against his section of wall. What was wrong with him? How did he manage to drag Liz, the woman he loved, into his problems EVERY SINGLE TIME? She hated him now, of course. Could you blame her? After all the bullshit he had put them through during the past three years, How could anyone blame her? He needed her, desperately. His heart was screaming for contact, urging him to fly across the cave. To enfold her in his arms, to beg her forgiveness.

But Max knew he couldn’t ask her to forgive him, not again. He had done it so many times.

He could never face the pain of knowing she despised him.. Max knew he could never take that. It would kill him.

He exhaled deeply, bumping his head against the cavern wall in the darkness. He cleared his mind and concentrated on the inky blackness surrounding them. Anything to distract himself from the pounding pain of his heart.

Liz sobbed to herself in the total darkness. Damn Max Evans! Why did she love him so much?
She needed to stop crying, if she didn’t he would hear her. It hurt so much, she was going to suffocate without ever telling him how much he meant to her. Damn Him, she breathed as her tears continued to stain her cheeks.

What was that? Max had heard at sound. It sounded like…………. Crying? Oh God it wasLiz.

Max flung himself toward the source of the quiet sobbing. His arms slipped around her shoulders pulling her close. Liz submitted to the contact, sullenly, but neither did she pull away. "Damn You" she whispered, crying uncontrollably now. Max shushed her and began stoking her hair, whispering words of love into the darkness. Liz broke, burying her face against Max’s chest. "Oh Max, I love you, I love you, I love you ," She intoned over and over. "I know beloved, I know" he whispered. " I love you too".

CHAPTER 2 (What Dreams)

Several Weeks Later:

Max was having an absolutely lovely dream. He was sitting at his desk in history class with Liz on his Lap. The teacher was saying something but Max really wasn’t paying attention. He was more concerned with Liz and her magic fingers playing through his hair. Before Liz could mutter something even more obscene in his ear the teacher hissed for his attention. "Max" she hissed, furiously tapping her chalk on the blackboard. ‘MAX"!

Max cracked his eyes open. That tapping sound now seemed to be coming from his bedroom window. He didn’t even need to guess who it was. He wearily slogged across his room and flipped open the window.
She slid quickly through the open window and wrapped her arms around his neck. Max grinned as Liz peppered his face with kisses. "Third time this week" he smirked. Liz took a step back, "You’re not glad to see me?" she fluttered her lashes fetchingly. He grinned and kissed her deeply. "It’s not that" he replied. "It’s just that…..", Liz kissed him again and he temporarily lost his train of thought. "Just What?" she teased.

Max tried to calm down and remember what he was saying. "It’s Just that if we keep this up, someone is going to catch on to what we are doing".

TBC (Trinus Et Unis)

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Hey there Fabulous Fans.

Just a little bump to let everybody know,yes I am still alive*big* and you can expect more of this fabulous fic very shorty*wink*. Just need to send it out to the PR, and I'll get it out to y'all asap *happy*



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Disclaimer:On page 1 *big*

Author's Note: Sorry this took so long Loyal Readers, Here is more of Chapter 2. Special thanks goes out to Tannie (who sets them up) and Jo (who knocks 'em down) LOL *happy* Now on with the show....

from last week:

CHAPTER 2 (What Dreams)

Several Weeks Later:

Max was having an absolutely lovely dream. He was sitting at his desk in history class with Liz on his Lap. The teacher was saying something but Max really wasn’t paying attention. He was more concerned with Liz, and her magic fingers playing through his hair. Before Liz could mutter something even more obscene in his ear, the teacher hissed for his attention.
"Max," she hissed, furiously tapping her chalk on the blackboard. ‘MAX!"

Max cracked his eyes open. That tapping sound now seemed to be coming from his bedroom window. He didn’t even need to guess who it was. He wearily slogged across his room and flipped open the window.
She slid quickly through the open window and wrapped her arms around his neck. Max grinned as Liz peppered his face with kisses.
"Third time this week," he smirked.
Liz took a step back, "You’re not glad to see me?" she asked, fluttering her lashes fetchingly. He grinned and kissed her deeply.
"It’s not that," he replied. "It’s just that…..", Liz kissed him again and he temporarily lost his train of thought.
"Just What?" she teased.

Max tried to calm down and remember what he was saying. "It’s Just that if we keep this up, someone is going to catch on to what we are doing".


"Oh?" she replied, slowly slipping her fingers from around his neck. She flipped her hair alluringly and sauntered away toward the middle of the room, swinging her hips. It was at this point that Max realized, that although Liz was wearing socks and sneakers, he could see tantalizing pieces of bare flesh underneath the hem of her long, chestnut, raincoat.

Liz turned to face him slowly. She pressed her body softly against the thin material, arching her back and rolling her hips. She posed for a moment, grinning wetly. Then in a sultry, fluid movement she let the heavy garment slip down her body and cascade slowly at her feet. "And just what are we doing, Mr. Evans?" she inquired, her voice low and husky.

Max’s pupils dilated painfully. Nothing could have prepared him for this. They had been seeing each other secretly since they were trapped in the cave together. They had kept it secret to avoid the inevitable "I told you so’s" they would get from their friends. Usually their erotic dreams would drive them into each other’s arms, three or four times a week. This was different, now she was seducing him, offering herself to him more deeply than she had ever done before. Electric pink was Max’s new favorite color, it was deep and so sexy, like the blush creeping down her neck and between the valley of her breasts. Max’s throat was dry and his breathing was harsh and ragged. He was instantly hard, he needed her with a desire that threatened to drive him mad.
"Liz!" he managed to croak her name.

She leapt forward, and flung herself onto him. Max’s hands instinctively shot down to cup her silken bottom, holding her against him as she wrapped her naked legs around his hips, and her arms around his back. Her tongue penetrated into the hot recesses of his mouth and danced moltenly with his. She bucked her hips hard against his stiffening length, toppling him back onto the bed. Free, his hands began to squeeze her sensitive cheeks through the gossamer material, causing Liz to stiffen and moan piteously into his mouth.

She went mad, ripping open his fly and biting a sharp trail down his neck She frantically rubbed her burning legs on the outside of his own, as her lips found the collar of his nightshirt. A moan of frustration erupted from her flaring nostrils, as her hands came up and ripped his shirt open with the sharp sound of shredding fabric. Max’s head shot up to watch her, as she began to gouge and bite her way down his bared chest. Her hips were bucking with even more urgency, massaging his hardness between her legs.

"Liz ! Liz !" Max shouted, pulling her struggling head from his flesh. Liz glared back at him with feral eyes and snarled like an angry beast. She grabbed his hands, trying to force them down to the bed. They struggled, Max finally rising off the bed, and moving the fight onto the floor of his room. He managed to grab her thrashing arms and pin them to her sides. "LIZ!" he screamed. She didn’t seem to hear him. Struggling to hold her still, and completely lost with what to do, he did the first thing that came to his mind. He kissed her. At first their kiss was hard and savage, but soon her struggles ceased and the kiss became warm and soft. Her hands began to move in slow strokes across his back, and her body relaxed into his. As it ended, Max saw her eyes roll back into her head and caught her as she fainted into his arms.

Max lay her down on the soft carpet of his bedroom floor. He snatched a blanket from his bed and folded over her sleeping form. What’s going on? What the hell am I going to do? His mind ran over his list of trusted friends. His sister would help him, she was close and she gave good council. Max placed a loving kiss on his beloved’s forehead and whispered in her ear. "Be well beloved, I shall return soon". He exited his room and made his way down the hall to Isabel’s lodgings.

(Part II)

Max jumped out the window after her. He bounded across the dark grass in search of his mistress. He surveyed the horizon and , finding no trace of his beloved, ran to his convertible. Max slid the spare keys out from under the passenger visor and gunned the engine into high gear. He sped recklessly through the streets of Roswell searching for her.

Soon Max began to calm down. His reasoning began to slowly take hold of his mind. "Last time she ran, I just knew where she was, instinctively" Max thought to himself.

Max pulled his car to the side of the road and closed his eyes. Concentrating deeply, he brought up an image of Liz in his mind. "Where are you?" he asked it. The picture slowly folded itself in his mind. Twisting and warping, it became an arrow pointing southeast.

Max whirled the car around in that direction ignoring the honks and profanities from the other drivers. He could "see" it now. A glowing trail. An essence of what it was. Like a scent

(Across the Desert)

Liz knew exactly where she was. She was kneeling, wearing only her bra and panties. On a bed of sand, lost in the desert. Her hands had placed themselves reverently on a seven foot tall, sandstone pillar.

She had balked as the memories had begun flashing through her mind:


Max tied naked to the bed. She was standing over him. Tickling his body with the long feather of an Ortolan. She could hear his deep resonant growl, and the sound of wrenching cable. She laughed and slid down to kiss him. Her red, silken clad body running down his length as their mouths mated furiously.

She grinned up at him as her body slowly slid itself further down, leaving a trail of teasing kisses down his neck and around his nipples. Teasing them to hard peaks with her lips, nipping them with her teeth.

Subjected to too much of this torment, her husband snapped the bands that held him. He grasped her tightly and rolled her over and over on their bed. When they stopped, he stared down at her passionately, fire sparking brightly in his eyes. Liz arched her neck up, licking a fiery trail along his ear and snarled beseechingly into it. Her husband then drank deeply from her lips and obliged her most completely.


They were at a launch party aboard a high liner, orbiting their home planet.

She and her husband had finally completed their engine.

It had taken years to complete. A radical new design with unknown power potential. It was equipped with state of the art security, a direct singular energy source, and a pneumonic distress drive. This meant that not only was it theft resistant, but it had an as yet unlimited power supply, and could impress upon others the ability and desire to repair it, in the event it was damaged.

The latter was a relatively new technology that impressed the memories of the original design team - in this case, herself and her husband T’Jall - into the brains of compatible sentient life.

Although necessary, she was mildly irked because it was known that occasionally more than just technical information was copied and uploaded into the machine. This couldn’t be helped, of course, as the technology was relatively new and imprecise. Still it irked her.

She hoped they hadn’t, accidentally, copied her memories of last night. They had made love on the ceiling at zero G. She smiled at the recollection, and her thoughts turned back to the launch party, and her mate. Her eyes scanned the crowd for her husband. She had hoped to get in another "round" before launch time. Liz’s body advanced through the crowd, occasionally having to step over coupling pairs at carpet level. A voice rang out sharply behind her, she turned.
"Dr. Lorelle, Over Here!"


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(Part III)

"So, out there somewhere is a big machine," Max started, half talking to himself, "and it’s programming us with the memories of its creators so that we can fix it." He glanced over at the passenger side of the jeep. Liz was still staring straight ahead, he hoped she wasn’t in shock. "And all these sex memories we’ve been getting, are from them. But it’s all a big accident ‘cause when they copied all their technical memories, they accidentally copied all their sexual and romantic memories as well." Max glanced over at Liz again. She looked absolutely radiant with her soft curvaceous legs protruding from the bottom of his jacket. She had been so verbose when he had found her, going on and on about aliens and spaceships, it scared him that she was suddenly so quiet.

Max continued driving. He absently wondered if the memory and sexual centers of these alien’s brains, what had Liz called them? ‘Demersa,’ were close together, or connected. Maybe they had homogenous brains. He wondered how much these alien memories had changed them already. Memories made up who they were. At least they got to keep their love. He just hoped they didn’t sprout fins, or gills or something. What was that ? Liz had said something

"Did you say something sweetie?" Max asked, trying to keep the desperation out of his tone.

"What? Oh nothing," she said quietly. "Just remembering is all." She glanced up into her boyfriend’s worried face. "Driving me home, covered in dirt," she smiled "just like last time".

His heart warmed to see her smile. He pulled over to the side of the road. Turning off the engine he looked into her eyes. "Share it with me again?" he asked

Her smile grew brighter as she nestled herself against his body. She looked over her shoulder at his chin, then to his warm comforting smile and into his eyes. The love she found there caressed her being, and filled her soul until it brimmed with joy. Max’s hand wrapped around her body and covered her own.
"Lets remember together," he said. She relaxed and let her essence mingle with his.

It was so like the first day they met. Memories and feelings rushing and blending together. Liz finally felt at peace, surrounded by Max, by love. Their cares and woes melting away, eclipsed by their feelings of joy and trust. Then the memories came. The day after they had escaped from the cave-in.

It had only taken them an hour of digging to escape. They emerged from the hole in the earth completely caked in dirt but they were happy, they were in love. They hugged and leant on each other as they walked back towards town. It didn’t matter how long they had been fighting, they knew now what their hearts wanted, what their destiny had been.

Max kissed her muddy lips goodbye as they’d arrived. They never wanted this night to end, but both had school in the morning. Tomorrow was Friday, however. Maria’s party. They would see each other then. They just stood there on her balcony, smiling and kissing for what seemed like days before Max slipped down the ladder and onto the street.

Liz watched him go. He kept running then turning around and gazing back up at her. She giggled and wiggled her fingers at him each time. Finally he was around the corner and out of sight. She sighed and began getting undressed for her shower, and rolled her eyes at the sand storm her clothes were shedding. But she couldn’t stop smiling. She couldn’t.

Max had been in the same boat. He just couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He had been so close to making it to his room undetected when Isabel found him


He jumped, spraying dirt everywhere.

"Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick! I told Mom you were camping with Michael. Where have you been?!"

"Underground," chirped Max. He had tried to sound sarcastic, but he was just so happy he couldn’t contain it.

"Obviously," said Isabel, rolling her eyes. Then she took in the big goofy grin on his face. "What’s the matter with you? Liz tell you she love you or something?"

Max tried to form a denial but his mouth just wouldn’t seem to work. Isabel’s eyes went wide. "Oh my God Max! That’s wonderful," she beamed, wrapping her brother in a very muddy hug. She flinched and pulled back and tried to daintily flick the dirt stains off the front of her nightgown. "What happened? Tell me? Did she just come out and say it? Did you say it first? Did you have to pry it out of her?"

Max sighed. He really didn’t need to get into this right now. "I’ll tell you tomorrow Iz. Right now it’s time for a shower."

"WHAT?! You did it in the SHOWER?!?!" she shouted. Max turned wearily towards his sister and she was giggling hysterically, shaking with mirth.

"Goodnight Iz," he said, heading for the bathroom.

"Goodnight Max," said Isabel sweetly. "Oh, one more thing," she beamed. "I told you so," and burst out laughing. Max shut the door behind him.

Back in the car, in the present, Liz was having a giggling fit of her own. "Isabel knew all this time?" she snorted. "If I had only known, I could have shared, I could have told her stuff." Max jumped in mock alarm.

"What kind of stuff?" he inquired, pretending to be scared.

"Oh teerrrrrible things," Liz purred. "This for example, and this, and this."


Maria’s Party, the Day After the Cave In.

Max finally arrived at the party. His goofy smile had faded around eight o’clock. Also, he had managed to successfully duck his sister before school. It had been so boring without her, when she was mad at him. She had changed all of her classes so that they were no longer together. And he was so busy, the school was large and he had no time to look for her.

But now he was at the party. He practically skipped up the walk to the front door.

Max could hear J’Lo blaring through the front doors and windows. He opened the door and began to make his way through the sea of people. It would be useless to ask anyone if they had seen Liz, the music was so loud. He made an exit at the kitchen and slipped in. Maria was zooming around filling chip bowls and opening soda bottles.

"Max"! she piped, "be a dear and hold this bowl for me?"

A ten gallon bucket was shoved into his hands as Maria began pouring chips from a bag that was bigger than she was.

"Listen Maria, have you seen Liz?" Max inquired, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice. Maria looked up at him.

"Uhh Liz? Ummm," she looked frightened and snatched the bowl from his hands.

"Maxwell!" Michael’s voice shouted from behind him. A heavy arm fell across his shoulders and Michael began steering him out of the kitchen.

"Max!" Michael hissed. "Something really strange is going on, you HAVE to see this".

Before Max could respond, he found himself in the DeLuca’s small bathroom. He turned around just in time to feel the rush of wind as the door was slammed shut and the lock clicked.

"It’s for your own good Maxwell," he heard Micheal’s uncertain voice filter through the heavy door. Max felt a presence behind him. He turned, to find Liz sitting on the tub grinning back at him. So now they were alone, locked in the bathroom by their friends who probably thought they were still fighting. More than likely, they wouldn’t let them out until after the party.

"Perfect," he said.

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Story so Far: Max and Liz live on earth. Max is an alien hybrid from a species known as the "Antariens". Lately, Max and Liz have been having strange dreams which seem to be driving them together, even though they were angry at eachother. Later we learn that somewhere out in the desert there is a damaged alien "engine" that is projecting these dreams into their heads.

Ok are you with me so far?? *big* LOL

This picks up where the last chapter left off. The day of Maria's party with Max and Liz locked in the bathroom. Then it switches to present day, then Max has a sexy dream *wink*. Ready?*tongue*


Part III B

Max banged heavily on the bathroom door. A wry smile crossed his face. He had to at least pretend he wanted out.

"C’mon Guys" he chuckled "Lets us out of here!"

There was a pause and then Michael’s voice filtered through the door.

"No Way Maxwell" he said sharply. "The Girls, OUCH, I mean WE ALL, decided that you two needed a little time alone together" said Michael, snickering at the last part. "OUCH, So you can, y’know talk". He corrected himself.

Max grinned over his shoulder at Liz. Three guesses as to the identity of the anonymous censor. He started to bang again, louder. "Michael?!"

Getting no reply, he turned to look at Liz. She was sitting on the tub with an amused smirk on her face.
In a flash he was by her side, his arms wrapped around her, their cheeks, their bodies rubbing together.

"I missed you" he whispered into her hair.

"Oh God, I missed you too" she nuzzled back.

His hands slid down to her ribs and her held her up against his chest. Her lips found his in a blazing kiss, their tongue’s dancing. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Where were you today? I didn’t see you" he pouted.

"Mr. Bishop held me after class, he saw us in the Crashdown yesterday" Liz cringed "but it was okay though, he just wanted to make sure everything was all right. Then, during lunch, I had to take the minutes for the French club."

Max snorted, trying to hold back a giggle. "French Club?" he guffawed, shaking with mirth.

"What’s so funny?" she pouted.

Max leant in closer and delivered another long, hot kiss. Then he pulled back and stuck his tongue out.

Liz drew up her chin cutely in mock indignation and delivered a sound smack to Max’s left forearm. Max slipped and fell onto the floor laughing, covering his face with his hands to stifle the laughter

Liz tried to keep her own face straight, but whether it was the release of tension from last night’s near death experience, or simply the joy of the final realization of their love she couldn’t tell. Soon she was beside her man, rolling with mirth on the Deluca’s bath mat.

Outside the bathroom a small contingent of Max and Liz’s friends gathered at the sounds of hysterical laughter emanating behind the door. Several looks with raised eyebrows were exchanged. Finally one friend turned to another and whispered: "I think we broke them."

Nearly eight minutes later their laughing fit expended, Max and Liz found themselves overlapping on their backs, tears staining their cheeks.

"So, what do you want to do now?" asked Liz wiping the wetness from her eyes with her sleeve.

"Ummmm" Max glanced around, his eyes alighting, the sink, the commode and lastly on the tub.

"Take a bath?" he inquired innocently, his eyebrows wiggling merrily above twinkling eyes.


Liz grinned cutely at Max before beginning to disengage herself from his embrace. She unconsciously turned up her wrist to check the time.

"HOLY SH$% Max it’s nearly SIX AM. My parents are going to be up soon!"

Max hopped back over to the drivers seat. He whipped his seat belt across and revved the engine into high gear.
The convertible’s tires sprayed sediment into the cool morning air as they roared down the strip crisscrossing the desert.

Tires squealed as the couple pulled up to the Crashdown at ten after six. Liz planted a short goodbye kiss on his lips before sprinting around the building toward the fire escape.

Max took one last look, and sighed with joy, before accelerating away.

As quietly as possible he surreptitiously parked in his usual spot between his father’s business car and his mother’s van. He sneaked around the outside of the house and climbed though his bedroom window.

Exhausted again, for what seemed like the hundredth time this week. He collapsed ,dead tired, on his bed. But no rest came for Maxwell Evans that night. As soon, the dreams began to flow…..


She pushed Max naked back onto their bed. Her lips laved their way up his smooth thighs as he backed his way towards the headboard. Their clothes long forgotten, Max looked down the bed at his gorgeous wife framed between the footposts. Her fingers ran up and down the long wooden shafts, she crossed her legs in front to afford a better view of her thighs. Her eyes brimmed with hungry fire as she released the posts and sank forward onto the mattress

Max swallowed dryly, as his ladylove crawled and stalked her way towards him. She inched her way up his body, rubbing her cheeks with his, and inhaling his sweet scent. Her hands found his sprawling feet and she rubbed them slowly, massaging a heat that was quickly spreading through his entire body.

Slowly she moved her thighs outside of his own. Her hands slid behind her for support as she reverently impaled herself on his masculinity.

They gasped together as sparks of pleasure began bursting from their loins, running up their bodies and igniting a fire deep within them.

Liz head was thrown back; her mouth frozen open in a silent scream of perpetual need. She thrust herself forward with her thighs, slowly at first over and over. Pushing with her hands, thrusting with her hips.

Max’s breathing was heavy and thick. He bent forward capturing one of her blushing nipples with his lips
Liz began to keen at his ministrations, whimpering and moaning as his tongue licked and teased her bowed flesh.. He moved reverently from one succulent breast to the other, spurred on by his mistress’s impassioned cries. He licked the sweat from between them and nuzzled at her neck, nipping occasionally with his teeth, where her pale skin blushed, stoking the fires burning within her.

In a lust-crazed haze of madness, Liz humped forward, impaling he innermost regions vertically in his lap. Her wavy thrusting soon became a mad up and down motion. The nerve endings within her blossomed with pleasure as his cock began to pulse and twitch. Her arms wrapped around him, desperate with the need to be, closer, closer.

Max was grunting in wanton need, his hips soon began rise up to meet her down stroke, blind fiery orgasm exploded from within, together.

.Liz’s excited moan froze in her throat as her body went rigid in his arms, paralyzed in physical joy.

Max’s culmination twitched and spasmed sending wave after wave of pleasure, arching like lightning, across the pleasure thresholds of his brain.

As they came down, their arms wrapped around each other. Settling in, under the covers, cuddling close in the moonlight.

Outside an Ortolan cooed a sweet song to the moons as glowing insects danced and played serenely, in the night sky.

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If anyone was wondering:

Extrinsic is a word used to describe something exterior, extraneous, outer, outside,outward, alien, exotic, foreign, imported *wink*

Ortolan is a way to describe a bird

Demersal describes a group of fish.

special thanks goes out to babyitsyou, kim, and roswelluver you guys are the best! *tongue*

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