title:All I'll do for my father
rating: not sure probably r for language.
category:M/L Au

summary: Liz is a spoilt bitch and Max is told to sleep with her by his dad.

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“Daddy,” Liz Parker called as she entered her fathers office.

“Liz I’m in a meeting,” Jeff Parker said standing up.

“I need to talk to you,” Liz whined

“ Sorry about this I’ll be back in a moment,” Jeff said walking out
of the room.

“Lizzy I’m in a very important meeting,” Jeff said

“ But Daddy I’m your youngest daughter I’m more important,”
Liz said

“Of course you are that doesn’t change the fact that I’m working,”
Jeff said

“ But Daddy I need some money,” Liz said

“What about your credit cards?” Jeff asked

“ I left them at home,” Liz whined

“Oh gone on,” Jeff said he was a compete push over when it came
to his daughter. He handed her five hundred dollars.

“Daddy. $500 I’m going shopping for a whole new outfit not
some socks,”

“ Oh just take my whole wallet,” Jeff said

“ Thank you dad I’m going to buy my outfit for tonight what’s the
dress code again?” Liz asked kissing her father on the cheek

“Very smart this is a very important dinner,” Jeff said

“ I know,” Liz said and then left her fathers offices.

“ Sorry about that my daughter had something important to tell
me,” Jeff said

“That’s okay,” Max Evans said

“Will she be there tonight?” Philip Evans asked

“Yes I will have to introduce you,” Jeff said sitting down to
continue his meeting with the father and son company.


“It’s so easy to get money of daddy I have him wrapped around
my little finger,” Liz told her friend Pam Troy as they shopped.

“ You’re so lucky your father is like richest man in Boston and
now he’s doing business with the Evans he’ll make even more
money,” Pam said

“I know so should I have a backless dress?” Liz asked

“ Mmmm yeah that should get the attention of Max Evans,” Pam

“ I’m just glad Max Evans isn’t with anyone,” Liz said smiling

“ He’s so gorgeous I heard that he’s a nice person,” Pam said

“I’m don’t care I’m not looking fore a nice person I’m looking for a
good partner,” Liz said raising her eyebrows to get what she ment

“ Yeah well I’m sure daddy would be pleased to here what you’re
saying about men does he still think you’re a virgin?” Pam asked

“Yes he thinks that I’m waiting until I get married,” Liz said

“ God for someone who is so smart you dad is pretty naive about
you,” Pam said

“Yeah but it sure as hell works for me with me being his naive
little girl he’ll let me have anything I want,” Liz said

“ yeah well my Dad walked in on me and Michael Guerin when I
was fifthteen and he’s never forgiven me, he still gives me money
but he thinks I’m a slut,” Pam said

“ Well you are,” Liz said

“Hey you’ve slept with more guys than me,” Pam said

“ Wow I love this dress,” Liz said holding up a red strapless dress
with a slit all the way up the right side to where someone’s hip
would be.

“ Your dad will die when he sees you in that,” Pam said

“Yeah but I’m not trying to impress Daddy I’m trying to impress
Max Evans and this is the dress that will do so come on you have
your dress right?” Liz asked

“Yeah,” Pam said

“ Good now common I need to buy this and then I’m having my
hair done.”


“ Wow this party is really kicking,” Michael Guerin said
sarcastically to his best friend Max Evans.

“Look this deal with Parker is really big so make nice Michael,”
Max said and smiled at a business acquaintance.

“ So is little miss bitchy Parker coming?” Michael asked he had
gone to school with Liz and knew she was not as sweet as her
father said.

“ Yeah she’s coming, and shut up if her father hears you said that
you wont see the light of day ever again,” Max said

“ Well have you seen her other than in the paper’s?” Michael

“Yeah sort of kinda saw her today in the business meeting with
Jeff,” Max said

“ What do you mean sorta?” Michael asked

“ well she rushed in and rushed out I only saw her hair,” Max said

“ Well there she is with Oh My God Pam Troy !” Michael said

“Oh my god,” Max said he couldn’t believe how beautiful Liz
Parker was, the photographs really didn’t give her justice.

“Yeah she’s really hot but really evil,” Michael said ,”I hope Troy
didn’t bring her father.”

“What wrong with her father?” Max asked not taking his eyes off
the gorgeous brunette.

“ When we were 15 he caught me and Pam in bed,” Michael said

“ Yeah well I don’t think the father’s coming God I can’t get over
how beautiful she is,” Max said

“ Yeah well her dad is going to freak when he sees her in that
dress,” Michael said

“So should I go and introduce myself?” Max asked

“ Yeah go on maybe you’ll be able to have sex with her,” Michael

“ Michael I’m not you I’m not into one night stands and especially
with Liz Parker,” Max said

“ Oh god you don’t want a relationship with her because you
wont get one she’s Liz Parker who’s elegant in front of the papers
and sweet in front of her dad but underneath all the acting she’s a
selfish cow who will hurt anyone to get what she wants.”

“ Look I don’t want a relationship but I was talking to my dad
earlier and he thinks I should try and get close to her see what
she’s like and see if her dad is going to mess us around,” Max said

“ Well go over and work some Evans charm on her,” Michael said

“ Yeah but don’t you think it’s just a little mean?” Max asked

“ Yeah but she’s a bitch she deserves to be the used instead of the
user,” Michael said

“ Yeah but even if she does that type of stuff I don’t,” Max said

“ Fine go over there and try and start a long term relationship that
will last for months and will end up in marriage and three
adorable kids,” Michael said sarcastically.

“ Whatever I better go and introduce myself and put on my
I’m-a-smary-bartsad face,” Max said and walked over to where
Liz, Pam, and Jeff where talking.

“ Hello,” Max said as he approached the three

“Max,” Jeff said

“I guess that this is your lovely daughter,” Max said smiling at Liz
and out-stretching his hand.

“And you would be correct,” Liz said smiling at Max and taking
his hand.

“It’s strange that we have never met,” Max said

“Yes well I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of each other,” Liz
said smiling. Max raised his eyebrows and looked Liz up and

“I’m sure you’re right,” Max said smiling

“Look I need to go and talk to someone I’ll see you lot later,” Jeff
said, he shook Max’s hand and then walked over to a business

“Pam why don’t you get us drinks?” Liz asked her eyes not
leaving Max

“Okay what do you-”

“Pam,” Liz warned

“ Okay bye,” Pam said and walked over to the drinks table.

“Nice friend,” Max said

“Yeah I hear she has a history with your friend,” Liz said and
started walked with Max outside.

“Michael yeah he mentioned something about that,” Max said

“ So Mr. Evans has is always been a dream to be a partner with
your dad?” Liz asked as the entered the cool night.

“ Why do you want to talk about work?” Max asked

“ Well you and your dad are going to do some business with my
dad,” Liz said

“ Trying to suss me out right?” Max asked

“ No just wondering,” Liz said

“ I like your dress,” Max said

“ Thanks my dad doesn’t,” Liz said

“ I don’t think you wore that dress to impress your father,” Max
said leaning closer to her

“ Who do you think I was trying to impress?” Liz asked also
leaning closer to Max.

“ Michael?” Max joked and Liz laughed

“ What could I possibly gain from impressing Michael Guerin?”
Liz asked

“ What could you possibly gain from impressing anyone here
tonight most of them are middle aged men who use call girls,”
Max said and lent away from Liz and looked up at the stars

“ Not everyone is middle aged and uses call girls,” Liz said

“ Like who?” Max asked smiling at Liz

“ I don’t see a call girl on your arm,” She said

“ So you were trying to impress me?” Max asked smirking

“ Oh and what could I possibly gain from impressing you Mr.
Evans?” Liz asked sweetly.

Max lent in close to her and whispered in her ear,” The best night
of your life and I know you are well experienced.”

Max then walked inside and left Liz alone. As soon as Pam saw
Liz was alone she raced out to her.

“ So what did Max Evans say?” Pam asked. Liz looked at her
friend and smirked.

“ Lets just say I don’t think I’ll be sleeping alone tonight.”


“ Oh my God I feel like such a barstad,” Max groaned as he joined
Michael inside.

“ What were you mean to Liz?” Michael asked his friend.

“ No I was just so smarmy and up my self,” Max said

“ Well how did Liz react?” Michael asked waving to someone who
was on the other side of the room.

“ It’s not going to be hard to sleep with her but getting information
out of her will be,” Max said. “It seemed like she was doing the

“ Trying to get information out of you?” Michael asked

“ Yeah but why would she want to she doesn’t care about her
father’s business I would be very surprised if she even knew the
deal we were doing today,” Max said

“ Well to be honest with you I don’t,” Michael said sipping his

“ Oh God,” Max said putting his face in his hands

“ Look what are you getting all steamed up about you are going to
sleep with Liz Parker and I may hate her because she’s a complete
bitch but she is hot as hell so just do it she wants you, you want
her go have sex,” Michael said

“ I just really hate it when Dad makes me do these things,”

“ What makes you sleep with gorgeous girls?” Michael asked

“ Oh god you are hopeless to talk to, by the way you do know
Maria’s coming,” Max said. Maria was his other best friend. He
had met her through Michael even though they hated each other.
Michael and Maria had gone to school together.

“ Oh God why does she have to come?” Michael moaned

“ Michael she’s my best friend I invited her,” Max said

“ If she’s your bets friend what am I?” Michael asked.

“ You’re my other best friend she’s not even here yet Michael calm

“ Not here well she is now.”

As soon as Maria DeLuka entered the room the first person she
saw was Liz Parker. The same Liz Parker who had found pages of
her diary and pinned the up on the notice board.

“ Maria DeLuka?” Liz asked

“ Liz Parker?” Maria said imitating Liz

“ Wow I haven’t seen you in years why couldn’t have been
longer?” Liz asked

“ Glad to see you haven’t changed,” Maria said smiling and then
lost the fake smile,” still just as much of a bitch as you were in

“ Oh you’re so witty,” Liz said sarcastically

“ Oh you’re so annoying,” Maria said imitating Liz again.

“ What the hell are you doing here anyway?” Liz asked

“ I’m here with a friend,” Maria said

“ Maria I can’t believe you haven’t grown out of your imaginay
friend stage,” Liz said

“ Shut up he’s real,” Maria said

“ Well I’m sorry Maria but I don’t see anyone,” Liz said

“ He’s over there,” Maria said and pointed to Max and Michael
who were talking to Philip.

“ Michael Guerin you two hated each other,” Pam said

“ No and we still do I ment Max Evans,” Maria said and Liz burst
out laughing

“ Yeah right like you’re friends with Max,” Liz said scornfully

“ Yeah he’s my best friend and vice versa,” Maria said

“ Whats going on here?” Jeff asked as he approached the three

“ Daddy,” Liz said in her sugary voice,” this is Maria she’s an old
friend from school we were just catching up.”

“ Oh Well that’s great but I better go, just came to ask you
whether you need a lift home tonight?” Jeff asked as Max and
Michael also arrived.

Liz looked at Max and said,” No I don’t think so Daddy I’ve got it

“ Hey Maria,” Max said and hugged his friend Liz was shocked.

“ Hey Max sorry I’m late,” Maria said

“ It weren’t like anyone was missing you,” Michael said.

“ That’s really horrible,” Liz said

“ Excuse me,” Michael and Maria said at the same time.

“ You wouldn’t like it if some-one said that to you so think about
people feelings before you say things,” Liz said

“ You’re kidding right?” Maria asked

“ Why would I be kidding I don’t wont you to feel upset because
Michael probably likes you so is mean to you,” Liz said putting
her hand on Maria’s arm.

“ Excuse me I do not like DeLuka and since when did you become
miss-nice?” Michael asked

“ There is no need to turn on me,” Liz said

“ You are such a liar,” Michael said

“ What have I done”? Liz asked before running outside.

“ God Michael,” Max said and followed Liz outside Pam left
Michael and Maria alone.

“ She is such a liar,” Maria said,” before you and Max where here
she was calling me a bitch and being really evil and then you
arrive and she goes all goody two shoes,”

“ Yeah well she so wants Max,” Michael said

“ Yeah well like Max will fall for that,” Maria said

“ Nah his dad wants him to like suss Liz out so he has to sleep
with her,” Michael said

“ Max is going along with this?” Maria asked surprised

“ Yeah well he says he hates being all smarmy and nasty but he
has to do what’s good for the business so once again Max acts like
a jerk because Daddy tells him to,” Michael said

“ Maybe it will be good, Max will use Liz break her heart and she
may turn out to be a nice person,” Maria said

“ No matter what Max does there is no way on this earth that
Elizabeth Parker could ever be a nice person,” Michael said

“ You do know that this is worrying you and me have actually
found something on common,” Maria said

“ Yeah our shared hatred of Liz Parker the bitch from hell,”
Michael said

“ God Liz makes Satan look like Mother Theresa,” Maria said and
Michael laughed. Maria was surprised when she heard Michael
laugh at one of her jokes, she smiled at him and found that she
could actually have a nice conversation with Michael Guerin.


“ Look Max maybe we should er go somewhere a little quieter?”
Liz asked as she and Max talked outside they hadn’t mentioned
what had happened inside they where talking about what their
favourite ice-cream was and stuff like that.

Max paused then looked at his father through the window,” Yeah
that would be great I should tell my father I’m leaving I’ll meet
you at the door in five?”

“ Sounds great see you,” Liz said and smiled brightly at the
thought of what was going to happen later.

“ Okay dad I’m going,” Max said as he approached his father

“ With?” Philip asked

“ I’m with Liz,” Max said

“ Good do you know whether she er wants to get physical with
you?” Philip whispered

“ God dad I hate talking with you about this stuff but yeah,” Max

“ Good well don’t let me down son we need this deal with Parker
and you making a bond with the daughter can help us in many
ways.” Philip said and Max rolled his eyes he hated it when he
father used the guilt trip on him.

“ Okay Dad I’ll see you in the office tomorrow,” Max said and
walked towards the door, Michael stopped him.

“ Are you leaving?” Michael asked

“ Yeah,”

“ Who with?” Maria asked

“ Liz,” Max said not looking at his two best friends

“ Max stand up to your dad he’s acting like a pimp,” Maria said

“ Look Maria look at Liz she’s gorgeous this isn’t just too do with
the benefits for MY and my dad’s business it’s got a hell of a lot to
do with pleasure,” Max lied.

“ God Max and I thought you were a decent guy,” Maria said

“ I am but I am a guy and I have to go I’ll ring you Maria
sometime next week, and I’ll see at the apartment Michael,” Max
said and walked towards Liz. He put his coat on and then linking
arms with Liz walked out.

They got a cab and then Max told him to go to his apartment.
When they where there he let Liz in.

“ So this is where Michael and I live,” Max told her and switched
the lights on.

“ It’s nice,” Liz said,” Aren’t you going to give me the guided

“ Sure where do you want to start?” Max asked taking his coat off.

“ Well I was thinking the bedroom,” Liz said and wrapped her
arms around Max. They kissed and then Max lead her into his

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