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Rating: PG-13, there will be some NC-17 later
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Summary: This is a fic challenge by Faith. Basically Liz is an angel/clutz, that gets in trouble from her most recent mistake. She gets sent from heaven to Earth and has to help change Max's cold heart in order to return to heaven. Read on to find out more...that's all I'll give away.

Chapter 1

Twas three weeks before Christmas...

In Heaven...

Elizabeth Parker, angel/clutz extraordinaire. She was born in Heaven so she never exactly knew what other places existed. Sure, she could see the stars, and hear of wild crazy stories from other planets, but that was it. She was pretty much stuck in heaven. Alex, her best friend and her mentor would tell her about Earth, seeing as how he died there years ago. Most of the time she would sit and listen her mouth open, listening to what humans did with their life.

Today, she was busy, like all angels were, getting ready for Christmas. It was all the angel's favorite time of year, including Liz's. If she was lucky she would be getting her wings this year. But then again...some angels were still mad at her from last year...



Liz had been playing her favorite game, cloud hopping. The point of the game was to race someone else and get to the finishing cloud. Each cloud had a break between them, so it was pretty easy to fall and hurt yourself if you missed the next cloud. She had gotten about halfway when she tripped. Liz felt herself falling towards the gap between the clouds, but lucky for her the person she was racing was in close persuit. She grabbed the angels skirt and held onto it. The skirt dropped her off at the next cloud, but hadn't lasted to long, after that. It ripped...leaving a very pissed off angel. Because the girl had ripped her skirt, it was thought that she couldn't take care of herself, therefore wouldn't be able to take care of the wings, so she was denied the wings she had been hoping for all year.

Liz had never ment to ACTUALLY rip the girls skirt. She appologized countlessly, but the girl just wouldn't listen.

Later that day during the Christmas meal she was getting up from the table to grab some soda. She took it back to the table and sat down next to Alex, who had a reputation of being quite hilarious.

Before the meal he had recieved his special powers for being a good angel boy. He looked at Liz and then to the ham. Before Liz knew it she was looking at a dancing pig on the table. Everyone else was too busy socializing with their neighbors that they hardly noticed. Unfortunately for Liz, she had just taken a sip of her grape soda and seeing the pig made her spit out the soda. Splashing it on everyone's white attire. No one else seemed to be amused by this simple act and Liz was grounded for the rest of the night.


Present Day...

Liz looked at her watch. She had planned on meeting Alex in the White Light Park 10 minutes ago. SHE WAS LATE! Without looking up from her watch she continued to walk, but failed to see the Christmas shop in front of her. She ran right smack into the wall. Liz quickly looked around hopping no one would see that and rubbed her head. Ok, so she was used to running into things all the time. She found Alex in the Park waiting patiently for her.

"There you are!"

"Sorry I'm late Alex...busy day you know..."

"Yep, lets go shopping!"



Max Evans was the most well known business man in Los Angeles. He was known for building his company from scratch. From afar he seemed like a respectable man, but once you got to know him...well...he was just plain rude. Most of his workers called him Mr. Scrooge behind his back because it fit his personality perfectly. No one knew if he had any family because he never talked about anyone close to him. Hell, his computer was probably his best friend.

Today was like any other day...he was working...his employees were working...and well there wasn't a Christmas Tree or a Christmas Light in the building. Infact...he hated Christmas. The truth was, about 5 years ago it was his favorite time of year...


5 years ago...

Max had been getting ready to leave his office when he recieved a call at work. He was used to working late, but now he just wanted to get home and visit his parents. They were all he had...he didn't have any siblings. He picked up the phone expecting it to be his mother calling to scold him for being late for her special turkey dinner.

"Hello?" Max said shutting down his computer.

"Max Evans?" the voice on the other end said.

"Yes? How may I help you? I was just on my way out the door..."

"I think its best you come down to the hospital immediately...something happened."

Max panicked and hung up the phone. What could be so important? he thought. Quickly he raced his beat up car to the hospital. When he arrived there he found out that there had been a horrible house fire. His mom had been cooking the traditional turkey when the stove somehow sparked. The house was engulfed in flames. The firemen had arrived and pulled out his parents, but it was too late...they were dead.

Max fought back the tears and ran straight out of the hospital. He had no where to go, but to his business. He started giving people more work hours to fill up his time and pushed away all of his friends. He wanted to prevent himself from all the hurt that could potentially could occur, so he basically put a brick wall around his heart, making sure no one could get in, not even himself.

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Chapter 2

In Heaven...

Liz walked into the store with Alex. She looked around at all the little angel children dressed in red and green begging their mom's to buy them a certain toy. One little girl stood out from the rest. She was all alone trying to reach up high for a gift. Liz immediately walked over to the girl, thinking there had to be a way to help her. She reached above her head to get a box from the shelf. Liz had to grab one of the bottom boxes seeing that she wasn't tall enough to grab one of the lower boxes. She pulled it out from underneath when the top boxes began to wobble. She hoped and prayed they wouldn't fall on her or the wide-eyed innocent child.

She never was the lucky type. Before Liz knew it, the boxes began to fal. Weird thing was, they never hit her. She turned around and noticed Alex using his powers to reshelf the boxes.

"If you needed the box all you had to do was ask," Alex said.

With that, Alex gently lowered a box to Liz. Once Liz had it in her arms, she gave it to the gracious, shy little girl. The little girl walked off leaving the store to show her father what she got.

"Thank you Alex," Liz said exasperated.

"No problem...So what's next on todays list? Burn a store down?" Alex asked jokingly. When all he got was a stern look from Liz he continued, "Kidding...just kidding."

"Actually I was thinking we could visit the know being seperated from all interaction from would be nice."

"Ok...just make sure it doesn't get out of hand."

"Alex when has anything gotten out of hand?" Before Alex could reply she continued, "this is the dawning of a new era...the not so clutzy Liz era."

"Whatever you say Liz...whatever you say."


On Earth...

"Please Mr. Evans? I need this break to be with my family. None of us at the office have had a Christmas break for five years," a brave employee, Harry asked. He remembered a few years ago when someone had actually been fired for suggesting Christmas break off.

"No," Max said coldly. "Do you want to end up on the streets?" The man shook his head. "Then I suggest you get back to your desk and work."

It was kind of ironic. Max Evans owned the most prominent Christmas sotre in all of LA, yet he hated Christmas. Sure, downstairs in the store everything was holly jolly, but here on the 6th floor of the building it was cold. Max wouldn't even allow a Christmas Tree to be brought in, thus the name Mr. Scrooge.

"Mr. Evans?" a knock came at the door. It was his secretary.

"What do you want?!" he asked as if he had been in the middle of something important.

The young lady walked into his office. "I have your inventory..." she paused standing there unsure of how he would react to her next bit of news.

"Anything else," Max asked angrily, knowing there was more.

"A notice...I'm quitting."

"Good," Max replied coldly. The only reason other people didn't quit was because Max paid high salaries. Higher than anyother company. THe girl had guts though, interested in her well-being more than her pay check. "You can leave tonight."


In Heaven...

"Maybe I should wait out here..." Alex said unsure of entering the animal kingdom.

"Come on Alex," Liz said trying to persuade him.

"I'll uhh....stand guard," Alex replied quickly.

"Fine," Liz said as she snuck into the animal kingdom. Puppies, kittens, and elephants came to her, treating her lovingly. They were glad to have some sort of visitor come to them. Liz giggled in mist of them all as more species gathered around her. They treated her as an equal, unlike some of the other angels who generally got mad at her for being such a big clutz. She spent hours with the animals just talking.

Alex on the other hand who was supposed to be standing guard had somehow fallen asleep. It was a rough job...but someone had to do it.

After Liz had bid the animals a farewell she tried sneaking back out of the animal kingdom. Only, the other animals wanted to sneak out as well. Before Alex and Liz could comprehend what was going on all the animals were set loose.

Some gate keepers of the animal kingdom had been watching from afar. At first they thought it was sweet that someone would so kindly visit the animals. Once the animals were let loose though, they understood why no one could enter the kingdom and they sent Liz to see their master. Sure their master wasn't as high as god, but something needed to be done so that Liz wouldn't cause anymore trouble.

After a half an hour lecture on what Liz did was wrong the master, named Luigi, told Liz that there was punishment in order.

"Punishment?" Liz questioned. She had never been punished for any of her accidents before.

"Yes, you will be sent to must change the heart of a young man, Max Evans. Deeply troubled...that boy is...once you have completed your task you may return to heaven."

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Chapter 3

In Heaven...

Alex...not much to say about him...except he was an expert eavesdropper when it came to dealing with important matters like his friends and their well being. He leaned against the door listening to what Luigi and Liz were talking about. He nearly fell inside the room, when Luigi opened the door.

"May I help you?" Luigi asked sounding a little irritated. He knew exactly what was going on.

"Well...I was thinking...maybe I could help Liz. I mean...she has never even been to Earth. Does she really know what it's like? She has no clue...I on the other hand...well I was born there," Alex stated nervously.

"Will you get to the point?"

"Ok, so I was looking for a task to complete to get my wings...maybe if I help Liz with her small task...OF COURSE I won't be taking over her part...more guide her on her journey..." Alex continued, taking a deep breath, ready to continue.

" can go with long as you don't do the task for her..." Luigi said. He shooed Liz and Alex away from his office so that he could get more holiday decorating done.


"Oh Alex thank you so much!" Liz gushed.

"Well...Earth can be...well...violent...but not so much fist fighting violent...more...seasonal violent..." Alex rambled. "You know what I mean?"

"I think," Liz replied honestly.

"So what's next? Goodbyes?" Alex asked curiously.

"Goodbye Alex, now lets go to Earth...I'm dying to see it!" Liz said excited.

"Maybe you shouldn't use that expression...I mean considering we ARE in heaven here," Alex said jokingly.


On Earth...

" I gotta find myself another secretary...Pay for a damn ad in the newspaper. It seems as if all I do is spend money....DOES THE COMPANY EVER SAVE ANY MONEY?!" Max complained to no one in particular. He shut down his computer and hit the desk frustratingly.

He got up from his seat and walked over to the coat rack on the door, grabbing his black leather jacket off the top. He was the last one in the building, as usual. Somehow, everyone had made a point of clearing out of the office the second their shift was over. "Lazy bums," Max said, talking to himself.

He walked to the elevator allowing it to slowly open. Once inside it seemed to take forever just to reach the first floor, but he made it. Walking out to the parking lot, he pulled out his keys turning the alarm off of his forest green porsche. He stepped inside hoping to take a ride to relieve his nerves before he retired to bed for the night.


In Heaven...

Liz bid her goodbyes to her parents, but it wasn't as painful as some may think. Her parents were usually really busy so she never saw them much. Alex would have been harder to say goodbye to, but since he was going with her there was no need to worry.

In the blink of an eye, Liz and Alex were sent to earth. They landed on a side walk hard. Alex stood up with ease, while Liz on the other hand was having a hard time getting into a standing position.

In heaven, there was little gravity compared to Earth's. So Liz wasn't used to carrying so much weight. Her muscles felt strained as she tryed to stand up. Alex took her hands and helped her into a standing position.

"I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds!"

"Imagine how I felt when I entered heaven...feeling less than one pound," Alex joked. "Ok, so it takes some getting used to...for now I'll help you...but when you have to try to change Max's're on your own."

Liz nodded as she trudged into the middle of the street with Alex. Before either of them knew it, there was bright lights and a horn blasting. A forest green porsche was heading straight for them.

AUTHORS NOTE:: Sorry that this chapter is so short...I needed a lil suspense so I had to cut the chapter short...I'm not sure when the next chapter will be out, but it depends on how much homework I get this week. And as always I would love your feedback, thanks for all the feedback so far *angel*
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Chapter 4

Alex and Liz stood frozen as the car seemed to be moving in slow motion, creeping up to where they were standing. The porsche struck Liz and she was knocked to the ground. An angry Max Evans stepped out of the porsche and walked to the front of the car to inspect the damage. "Look at what you did to my baby!" Max yelled talking about the car.

Liz sat up a little dazed with a pounding headache. "Where's Alex?"

"Great she's delusional...look...Miss you're the only one I hit. Great...just great...I'm gonna end up paying medical damages for a long time. ANything else you want to take from my wallet? Here you want a five? We can call it even..." Max asked holding up a five dollar bill.

Liz looked around completely ignoring Max. That was when she saw Alex, who looked to be in a state of shock, standing in the center of the car. Somehow the porsche had driven right through him. Liz watched as Alex's now transparent form walked out of the car. When he was safely standing beside it his body seemed to reform...seeming less transparent.

"Hello?! Have you heard a damn word I've said?!" Max screamed.

Liz looked at him blankly, letting her gaze fall to the liscense plate. In black, bold letters was written "MAXEVANS." This was the person she was looking for...she had found him. She felt giddy inside as she stood up.

"My name is Liz Parker...and this is my friend Alex," Liz stated pointing a finger at Alex standing by the car.

"Maybe you should go see a doctor..." Max said looking over to where she pointed. There wasn't anything there...unless you counted some snowflakes that had somehow made their way down from the sky.

"Why? I'm fine," Liz said with an upbeat tone in her voice.

" mind getting out of the way so I could go home?"

"Home...right..." Liz said looking up at the sky. She had no idea what she was going to do here. She had no time to think about what her living arrangements would be. Liz wasn't even a citizen, not to mention she couldn't afford her place.

"So you going to move or what?"

"Yeah..." Liz said nodding her head. She looked at Max Evans. "So this is the guy who's heart I have to change? Well, I can't just make him walk away" Liz thought. With that Liz thought of an idea. She looked up at Max and her knees went weak. Before she knew it she was on the ground.

Max looked down at her and said, "Oh come the expenses." Even though Max seemed to care only about money, deep deep deep down in his heart he kind of liked this strange, but beautiful stranger. He remembered being in the car as he saw what looked like her taking her first steps. But as always Max kept his feelings hidden. He felt with his mind and wallet instead of his heart.

Max gently tapped her shoulder. When she wouldn't come back to consciousness he picked her up. His excuse for the generous action was so that she wouldn't sue him. He knew that Liz had mentally noted his liscense plate number and he would be in trouble with the cops if it was a hit and run. Max walked over to passenger side of the porsche and placed Liz inside. After buckeling her up he moved over to his side of the car and started the engine.

Alex, whom had patiently been waiting outside of the porsche, jumped into the backseat. There wasn't much to do except walk through some metal...which miraculously was a piece of cake. To tell the truth he had been worried about Liz the second she fell...but somehow he knew something was up.

Max, who didn't seem to notice Alex in the backseat drove away from the scene. He sped all the way home. When reaching his place Alex stared in wonder. Max really had some money. He had a four car garage connected to a massive mansion with 2 supporting columns by the front door. Despite its beauty it lacked any heart. The mansion looked lonely...and drab...especially compared to all of the other mansions near it, decorated in thousands of Christmas lights and lawn ornaments.

Alex was so mesmorized by all the houses that he barely noticed that he was the only one in the car at the moment. He shrugged it off thinking it would be a good experience to sleep in a porsche. In his past life he hadn't even had the chance to watch a porsche on television for some cheesy commercial.

Meanwhile, Max carried Liz up to one of the many vacant rooms in the house. He laid her on the bed and quickly left the room. It felt weird to have a visitor after all of these years.


Liz sat up in the bed that Max had so carefully placed her in. She had to admit the plan had worked out beautifully for her...which was probably a first in a long time. Liz sat and thought about what she was going to do next. She knew Max had to learn to use his heart again...but how? She had an idea! But first she needed some food. Where did these large cravings come from?

In heaven she never had to worry about food, but she'd heard stories about the taste and texture of many different morsels...chocolate being the most common amoung people from Earth. She got up out of bed and walked towards the door. On the way there he feet got tangled and she tripped, making a loud thud. Ok, so Liz wasn't as used to Earth's gravity as she thought she was.


Max heard a loud thud come from the room that Liz was staying in. His curiousity got the best of him and he opened the door to see Liz sprawled out on the floor with her head down. He shook his head and walked out of the room, down to his own bedroom. That girl seemed extremely peculiar. Once tomorrow came around he wouldn't ever see her again...then he wouldn't have to be a caretaker to someone he didn't even know. He began to wonder why he was housing her in the first place. She was probably using him for his belongings, planning on stealing all of his things.


Liz was completely and utterly embarassed when Max walked into the room. It was bad enough falling but then getting caught by the man that was horrific. "Look on the bright side Liz," she coached herself, "now you can put your plan into action."

Liz picked herself up off the floor and went inspecting the house for the materials she was going to need.

Authors Note:: THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK! I have to say I probably wouldn't have written chapter four tonight, but you guys inspired me!
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Chapter 5

Liz snuck through the house trying to be careful of stepping on any creaking boards. That was until she ran smack into a plump woman carrying a pot. "Hello," the woman said. She looked to be in her late 40's with auburn hair. Meshed in with the auburn seemed to be some not so distinct grey hairs. "May I help you Miss?"

"Ummm yeah..." Liz whispered, "I'm looking for some..." Liz's voice trailed off as she told the older woman who's eyes grew with interest.

"They're in the I'll show you exactly where they are." With that the woman led her up to the attic. "By the way I'm the cook...the only sane person in this can just call me Mrs. Juaves," she continued with a spanish accent. "Oh if you see an older man around her somewhere thats the butler, James...he doesn't like formal names. You know it's so nice to meet a young lady that Master Evans brought home. It's been a long time since he brought someone home...he mainly stays to himself." Mrs. Juaves opened the attic door. "Please don't mind the's been ages since someone has been up here...oh and if you need something I'm making my grandmother's favorite Christmas recipe. But don't tell Master Evans...he thinks they're just plain cookies..." She said placing her fingers to her lips, making Liz giggle. With that Mrs. Juaves left the room, leaving Liz alone.

Liz stepped into the room looking over the objects. In the far corner there was a shelf of books and some old furniture covered in plastic. On top of the furniture were some old clothes scattered. She walked further into the room when she heard a crunching underneath her feet, pausing in her spot, gently lifting her foot to see what she had stepped in. Glass. Not just glass though, something else. A picture. She pulled the picture out from underneath the crunched glass carefully. After wiping away the dust she noticed two elderly people and Max sitting together smiling.

Max looked so kind...unlike now. Now, he seemed to look more his entire life had been sucked out. But this made her smile. She held onto it, placing it in her pocket as she continued on her journey through the attic.

Liz stopped when she saw an old box shoved in the corner of the attic. She smoothly walked over to the box, squealing with delight when she saw the contents.

Liz leaned over, taking the edge of the box in her hands when it slipped. The attic seemed to echo the loud thump the box made when it dropped. didn't just drop on the also fell onto her foot. Liz bit her finger in an attempt not to scream in pain. She could do this...she knew she could...she just couldn't have Max figuring out what her masterful plan was.

"You need any help?" a voice behind her said.

She jumped at the sound of the mans voice. She slowly turned around, expecting to see the face of an all too familiar angry Max Evans. Instead, stood an elderly man at the door in a neatly tailored suit. The man glided over to where she was standing and stuck his hand out prominently.

"James is the name, head butler and only butler," the man said. Liz gratefully shook his hand as he continued to explain himself. "Juanita...or as you may know her...Mrs. Juaves told me about your plan. You need any help?"

She nodded while James picked up the box with ease. "Do you think we could have everything done by tomorrow morning?"

"It's going to be a long night..." James said, but in a cheery tone.


Max woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. He had just had one of his where he had been standing inside the house...watching his parents' reactions to the fire that took their lives. But in the end it always was the same...he was alive and they weren't.

After a couple of minutes of taking deep breaths he could have sworn he heard Christmas Carols being his butler and cook...and a sweet, beautiful...almost angelic voice that he didn't recognize. He had thought it was just his imagination and before long he drifted into a sweet slumber...dreaming of happy events that he could only wish deep in his heart were to come.


Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in Heavenly peace
Sleep in Heavenly peace

Liz, Juanita and James gathered around the Christmas tree that they had just set up. It was glowing with bright lights and ornaments. Liz reached in the box and pulled out an angel. She couldn't help but stare at angel she had ever met had looked this beautiful. She wished that someday...anyday...she could be as happy as this angel was. Sure she was happy around her friends...but what she was really looking for was love.

Liz tried diverting her thoughts away from heaven, fearing that she would only get homesick. Instead she kept her steady soprano voice singing to silent night as Juanita sang alto and James sang bass. Juanita took the next oppurtunity to sing the next refrain in spanish as Liz and James admired her talent.

Noche de paz, noche de amor
Todo duerme en derredor
Las estrellas esplenden su luz
Bella anunciando al ninito Jesus.
Brilla la estrella de paz
Brilla la estrella de paz.

Liz and James gently clapped once Juanita had finished. Immediately it seemed her face turned a few shades red.

At the end of the night, Liz, Juanita and James looked around them. The work had been finished...the inside of the house was decorated with the tree, candles, stockings, and even a few presents under the tree. On the outside of the house were lights wrapped around the columns and windows of each room...with an exception to Max's.

Liz's heart began to flutter imaging what reaction she might get from Max. She was anticipating that once he saw the Christmas spirit put on display around the house that his heart would be contempt. That she would be going back to heaven in less than 24 hours. What she didn't know was that she was the one who was going to be surprised...not Max.
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Hey everyone, I feel so terrible right now. Well I'm sick right now so I won't be able to get the next chapter out til tomorrow at the soonest. I'm so sorry. I'll try to get some of it done tonight, but this cold just keeps getting worse. Thanks for all the feedback and if you have any suggestions with what should happen in the story please feel free to write them at any moment in time.

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Chapter 6

Alex walked out of the porsche and stepped into the newly decorated house. Alex stood frozen in fear, his hands slowly making their way up to his face. He knew that Max was a Christmas hater. He remembered reading it in the file before he came down to Earth with Liz. "Oh no..." Alex muttered. He glanced around the room looking for Liz.

After the previous night of eating Christmas cookies and decorating the house, Liz was spent. She had fallen asleep on the couch knowing that she wouldn't make it to her bedroom.

"Liz...Liz you have to wake up," Alex said as he shook her gently.

Liz stirred in her slumber and sat upright. "Alex? What is it? Are we going home?" She asked excitingly.

"No...Liz...there's something you should know...Max...he well he hates Christmas...I know your intentions were good, but its just going to make him more angry."

"Alex...he needs to start new memories, even if Max hates Christmas...for some odd reason...why can't he start now? Why do you have to be so pessimistic? Where is that optimism I love about you?" LIz looked around the room smiling at all the lights. "He's going to love it...then we'll go home...and you can get your wings you've been hoping for...don't worry Alex, it's going to be great!" Liz said enthusiastically.

"Well speak of the devil," Alex said walking away from Liz and hiding behind a curtain so that he would be unseen to Max.

"What the..." Max's voice trailed off as he looked around the mansion. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

"I...umm...I redecorated," Liz replied timidly.

"TAKE IT DOWN NOW!" He screamed.

Liz stood up. She had to defend the Christmas rights and stand up for her favorite holiday. "Do you have to be so thick headed? Can't you at least say thanks but no thanks? But no! You come in here yelling about how much you hate Christmas! I want nothing to do with this!" Liz screamed. She left a stunned Max standing in the living room as she walked away, going to her bedroom.

No one had ever stood up to Max Evans. That was probably why his mouth had dropped about two inches from its normal spot.

Liz slammed the door as she entered her room. "Who does he think he is? He acts like he's god himself! Ok Liz think have to get back home...then things will be better...just change his on to plan B."

"What's plan B?" Alex asked as he sneakily snuck into her room. He wanted to be a part of this plan since the last one had failed so miserably.

"Well...I have to find his friends...rekindle their relationships."

"Ok...well here's his address book." Alex handed Liz the little book. "I found it in the porsche...oh by the makes a great bed. You have to sleep in it's the best!"

Liz flipped through the pages of the address book. "There are no names in here...Alex it's blank."

Alex examined the book. On the inside there seemed to be a few torn pages. Someone had ripped out the only pages that had writing on them. Alex quickly wove his hand over hte address book. "There. I have the pages recreated." Alex handed Liz the address book.

She looked inside and quickly jotted down the addresses on a slip of paper. Well, we're going to visit, Maria DeLuca first. Maybe she was a past girlfriend. They could get back together and poof we're home."

"It might not be that simple..."

"It's worth a try," Liz said as she hurried out of the room. She left through the back door careful to avoid Max.


"Did she just say what I thought she ME?" Max asked himself, emphasizing on the word 'me.'

"Yes she did, and I think you deserved it. The past few years you've been walking around here moping and then eventually you came with the righteous attitude. We are all sick of it. You act like a spoiled brat and I'm glad Liz said that to your face," Juanita said to Max.

"Are you asking to get fired?"

"That's what I'm talking about! You don't like what someone says and you try to control their actions! It's not right Max...get a hold of your life...what your doing to everyone around you is just not right!" WIth that, Juanita walked away. She had better things to do than argue with a spoiled Max.


Liz knocked on the door of the address written down. A male with spikey hair came to the door. "Yes little lady?" the man said.

"I'm looking for Maria DeLuca. Does she live here?" Liz asked.

"Yeah." The man turned around and yelled down a hallway, "MARIA!" He turned back to Liz, "She'll be here in a second."

About a minute later a blonde, whom Liz assumed to be Maria walked to the door. "Hello. May I help you?"

"Hi, my name is Liz Parker...are you a friend of Max Evans'?"

"Max Evans...doesn't ring a bell...wait a second. you remember a Max Evans?" Maria asked the man that was at the door earlier.

"Yeah...remember about 5 years ago he just broke contact with us. He became one of those hot shot business owners and left his old friends in the ditch."

"Oh...yeah..." Maria said to Michael. She turned her attention back to Liz. "So why are you here?"

"Well I was kind of wondering if both of you could help me...with Max."

Author's note:: WHAT CAN I SAY?! I GOT INSPIRED! Thanks for the concern guys. Not sure when the next part will be out.
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Chapter 7

"How can WE possibly help YOU with MAX?" Michael asked interrupting the conversation between Maria and Liz.

"Well...maybe you two could come to dinner?"

" his new place? I don't think so," Michael said.

"Michael...come on...maybe Max wants to apologize," Maria said hopefully.

"Max? Apologize? Do those two words even fit together in the English language?" Michael asked.

Before Michael could continue his rant on Max, Maria said, "Count us in."

"GREAT! Ok, how does 6 p.m. tonight sound?" Liz asked.

"Good," Maria said. She shut the door immediately before Michael could say that they weren't going to Max's house.

Liz rubbed her palms together smiling. She walked down the street heading over to Max's again, when Alex appeared next to her.

"So, did it work?"

"OF COURSE! Alex this is going to be so great...oh and PLEASE dont make a ham dance on the table again. It might ruin my plans."

"Ey, ey, captain," Alex said salluting Liz.


Max was still standing in the living room, stunned by what both Liz and Juanita had said to him. NO WAY was he a spoiled brat. He just wouldn't believe it. 'Who the hell do they think they are anyway?' Max thought. 'They know nothing about my life.'

Before Max could rationalize the rest of the situation, Liz walked into the house, completely ignoring him. She walked past him, brushing her arm against his as she headed into the kitchen, looking for Juanita.

"Juanita?" her gentle voice called out.

"She left," Max said from behind her.

"Well, can you tell me where she went?" Liz asked.


"Fine..." Liz's voice trailed off as she walked out of the kitchen and into her room. "Alex?" She questioned, wondering where he could possibly be.

"In the flesh," Alex said as he sat up from a laying position on the bed.

"What's next?"

"Well...I guess your going to have to get a job. According to my calculations...Max Evans has taken up an interest in you. Oh, and it just so happens he's in need of a secretary. Or so I heard."


" if you work for him, with your bubbly personality maybe you can break down that stone wall barrier."

"GREAT IDEA!" Liz responded enthusiastically.

"I know...I know," Alex said sounding proud of himself.

Max had been standing out of her door listening in on the conversation. Only he heard just Liz's voice. Who was this Alex? He remembered when he hit her that she was asking where Alex was. Maybe these were side effects to the collision. Or did Liz just have an imaginary friend named Alex? The more he thought about it the more questions that popped up.

Liz opened her bedroom door and nearly jumped out of her pants. She gasped, "you scared me...what are you doing outside of my room anyway?"

"," Max defended. "I need to know who you were talking to." Max's voice started to get angered at the thought of an intruder in the house. Not only that, somehow jealousy had crept into his voice.

"That's none of your business...anyway...I have to go job hunting, before we have dinner with Maria and Michael."

"Maria and Michael? YOU INVITED THEM HERE?"

"Yes...I did, now do you mind?"

"YES I MIND!" Max screamed at the top of his lungs.

Liz on the other hand was calm about the whole situation. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where I can get a job as a secretary would you?" Liz hoped Max wouldn't get suspicious, but she had to do this.

"There's an opening at my business," Max said calmly, then raised his voice, "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT INVITING THEM HERE!"

"I believe she has the right...she does live here doesnt she?" Juanita said from behind Max.

"Fine, then she doesn't live here anymore," Max said, leaving Liz with her mouth open.

"YOU CAN'T JUST KICK HER OUT...I LIVE HERE TOO AND I SAY SHE STAYS!" Juanita said leaving the hall to cook the dinner feast.

Max stood in an awkward silence with Liz before finally saying, "I'll see you at work tomorrow." With that he walked to his room to hide out while dinner was served.

An hour later the doorbell rang. Michael and Maria were there for dinner.
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Chapter 8

Liz walked to the door, opening it. Michael and Maria trotted in looking around the house, admiring its apparent beauty.

"What happened here? This place is so...bright," Michael said squinting. Maria elbowed Michael, signaling him to shut up.

"What Michael means is it used to be so dark and gloomy here. It looks more home-y," Maria said quickly before Liz got the wrong impression.

Liz nodded, leading them into the dining room. "Well, I, umm, I decorated. It's the holidays, this house should be glowing."

"It certainly is," Michael said, trying not to sound rude, but failing miserably. Maria elbowed Michael again, causing a yelp to escape his lips.

The three sat down clumped together at one end of the dining table. The table was so long it could probably fit twenty people, easily. Before long, Juanita came in the room balancing the dinner: ham, potatoes, and fried vegetables.

"This dinner looks delicious, thank you," Maria said politely.

"It's my pleasure," Juanita replied. She quickly exited the room so that she could prepare her secret holiday cookie recipe.

"So, will Maxwell be joining us?" Michael asked curiously. Liz looked up from her food with a now pale turning face. She started to remember their arguement from earlier, and it was eating her up inside how awful she was to him. "Was it something I said?" Michael asked.

"So, Liz, tell us about yourself," Maria said, changing the subject to lighten the mood.

James stood off to the side eavesdropping, one of the prime duities of a butler. That was, until he heard Max wasn't at the table.


Max was trying desperately to fall asleep. He wanted to shut out the past few days and the reminder of his parents, but Liz awoke a feeling inside of him that he thought he no longer was capable of having. Love. But with Max's past he refused to believe it was love of any kind and pushed it off as just another horny guy, trying to get laid.

He could hear soft, gentle voices speaking at the dining room table. The house somehow seemed to echo noises of all kinds. The voices seemed to get louder as the door opened with James standing in the frame. He was the only one that really knew what had happened in Max's past. Juanita had been hired a month after the incident, when Max's pay checks started to get more generous. By that point, Max had made a point of not talking about it.

"Look, have company out there. I know what happened a long time ago was rough on you, but you have to move on. Your parents would have wanted you to. I know as a personal friend of theirs. was hard on me too, but somehow you must cope, you can't just shut yourself off to the world. Those people out there...they still want to be friends with you. I can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. What have you got to lose?" James said in a calm, yet comforting tone.


"Would you quit being so hard headed? Now, if I'm correct, there's a girl out there who seems to adore you. I've seen you take up an interest in her and vice versa."

"No thanks," Max replied glumly.

"If you don't go out their now...I'll be forced to sing Christmas Carols to you for the rest of the night," James said laughing. "We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy..."

"Ok, ok, I'll go out there," Max said getting out of his bed.


"Alex, where are you?" Liz whispered to herself nervously. What was she going to tell these people? 'Hey my name is Liz Parker, and guess what? I'm from heaven! I was sent to earth on a mission to change the heart belonging to Max Evans because I let all the animals in the animal kingdom out of their gates.' Liz thought sarcastically. Yeah, that would go over REAL smooth.

"Right here Liz...just use my life as an came from Phoenix, Arizona. You moved here when you attended college. Simple as that," Alex said.

"Alex, I just can't lie to them," Liz whispered under her breath.

"What was that Liz?" Maria asked taking a bite of the ham. She looked intently at Liz as she waited for a reply.

", I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I...uh...came here,," Liz said, her voice quivering.

"Wow, so what school did you go to?" Maria asked.

"Say...ummmm....UCLA!" Alex said trying to think on the spot.

"UCLA," Liz stated. She quickly looked down at her food. The last thing she wanted was for Maria or Michael to suspect that she was lying. And Liz just happened to be the world's worst lier.

"So...did I miss anything?" A male's voice said from the head of the table.

"Maxwell, so glad you could grace us with your presence," Michael said a little irritated.

Max tried not to look hurt, but that one felt like it hit him in the gut. "Hey Michael.'s up?" he asked nervously. He felt weird after all these years trying to start a friendship over with one of his high school buds.

"Nothing...just you know...Maria and I, got married. What's up with you?"

"Nothing new. Business as usual," Max responded.

"So, tell me, how did you two love birds meet?" Maria asked. This simple question caused a staredown between the four individuals at the table.

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Chapter 9

"We're not in love," Max replied angrily.

"Could've fooled me," Michael said.

"So how did you end up living here? I wanna hear the whole story!" Maria said excitingly to Liz.

"It's a long story," Liz answered.

"We've got time," Maria said as she pushed her empty plate off to the side. She propped her head in her hands and was ready to listen to the whole ROMANTIC story.

Liz thought Maria was a little nosy, but thought that maybe she should humor Maria. Before she did she stole a quick glance at Max. He looked like a volcano, ready to blow up any second. She swore she could see the red, liquid, lava substance bubbling out of his head, but quickly shook the visual away, that was NOT what she needed to be thinking about at this particular moment. "Well, I was walking around town...doing some Christmas shopping with my friend, when Max hit me with his porsche, and I...ummm...I...I blacked out," Liz said. She could barely get the last part out. In heaven no one lied, but here on Earth it was critical that she did.

"And then I took her home," Max said finishing the story. "Juanita made me keep her here."

Maria gave an evil glare towards Max at his last sentence. "MADE you?"

"Well...I was going to throw her out on the streets...look what she did to my house! And then she insults me in my own home, I think I had the right!" Max said, oblivious to the fact that Liz was sitting at the table.

Liz tried not to look hurt, but it was hard. She thought she had started to crack his hard exterior, even just a tad and then it would snap shut again. Well it was on to plan C. Liz felt a tear forming in her eye. 'That's it, make him feel guilty!' Liz thought. Then another tear formed and finally another, until they started to roll down her cheeks. She got up from the table and ran into her room.

"I can't believe you just said that!" Maria yelled and ran after Liz into her room. If Maria was good at anything it was comforting others and getting gossip.

"Man, what the hell were you thinking? Even I wouldn't say something so stupid," Michael said.

Max shrugged like making a girl cry was no big deal. Michael saw this and dropped his fork that was just about to making into his mouth onto his plate.

"MAN YOU HAVE NO HEART! MAKING A GIRL CRY LIKE THAT? Jeeze, I thought you were better than that. What's your cooks name? Juanita?" Michael asked. Before Max had the chance to respond Michael yelled down the hall, "JUANITA?!"

Juanita walked into the dining room with a batch of cookies, "Yes, Sir? Would you like a cookie?"

"Yeah," Michael said reaching out to take a handful. "Tell Maria I'll be in the car, I can't stand to look at this son of a bitch any longer. Oh, and Maxwell, you can call me when you change your attitude, I'll gladly be your friend, but not when your such a Scrooge." With that Michael walked out of the mansion and sat in the jetta. Sure, the heat and air conditioning was broke, not to mention the radio, but he just couldn't sit in that dining room with someone so disrespectful. Michael pulled his coat around his body as he watched the carolers across the street. That's when he had an idea of his own. He was going to bring out the old Max, the Max he grew up with, his best friend.


"Liz?" Maria asked knocking on the door, "It's me, Maria."

"Come in," Liz said through the tears.

Maria opened the door timidly. She didn't know Liz too well so she didn't want to say or do something she might regret. Storming in the room, just might be one of those things that people get angry at. Maria didn't want to find out if Liz was one of those people. "Are you ok?" Maria asked instantly regretting it. 'OF COURSE SHE'S NOT OK! SHE'S CRYING!'

"Yeah, I'll be fine...has he always been this way?" Liz asked wiping away her tears.

"Well...not exactly. Michael and I knew him from high school. He was actually quite the charmer back then. College was good for him too. His first year out in the real world, starting up his business is when it happened. He was away from home for the holidays. And I know part of this story, your going to have to get the rest from him. Well, I guess he was at work, and his parents died in a fire. On Christmas day of all days. Since then he's been bitter towards everyone. He pushed Michael and I out of his life. We hadn't heard anything about Max Evans outside of the business world until you showed up on our doorstep. My first impression was that he got a girlfriend and I thought that maybe, just maybe, he might have changed. But tonight proved it for me, he hasn't. Personally, I dont think he's gotten over the incident. He keeps it locked in his heart. But that's just my opinion."

Liz nodded, listening to the whole speech Maria gave. It explained everything for her. Why he was so rude, why he hated the Christmas decorations and Christmas for that matter, and last but not least why he had a heart made of steel.

"Now, don't get your hopes down, because I know what kind of girl Max looks for. I've seen it through all the years Michael and I have known him. And even for a short period tonight, his eyes were filled with love as he looked at you. I swear I saw it! So don't worry, cupid is watching you," Maria said winking at Liz.

"Thanks Maria, your the best friend I never had," Liz said hugging her.

"Anytime. Feel free to call Michael and I to hang out with you. Or us girls could have a night out on the town, doing some shopping. It'll be fun!" Maria exclaimed.

"Ok, great!"

"Well, I better get going, if he hasn't already, Michael will flip a lid at what Max just said. See ya," Maria said and walked out of the room. She spotted Max sitting at the table alone and instantly knew that Michael was waiting in the car. They were both stubborn and unwilling to make any sort of compromise. Maria got to the jetta and plopped into the passenger seat. That was, until she noticed that he was gone. She glanced at the speedometer and saw a note.

I have a plan. You should be in on it too. We are going to try and get the old Maxwell back! I'm with the carolers. Come on, singing will be fun, I know it's your favorite past time.


AUTHOR'S NOTE~Thanks for the great feedback again. I know this is a repeating comment, but its just so great, it inspires me to write. If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have gotten this far by now. Hope you liked this part!*wink*
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Chapter 10

Liz lay on the guest bed staring up at the ceiling. She was out of ideas to get Max to change his heart. She tried everything. "Alex? Alex?" Liz asked sitting upright.

"In the flesh," Alex said as he appeared by the dresser.

"What am I supposed to do? I'm never going to go back home. It's useless...I might as well just get used to it here," Liz said.

"Don't get your hopes're not the only one trying to change Max."

"Who?" Liz questioned. Before Alex had a chance to reply someone knocked on her door. "Come in."

The door opened, revealing Max. There was something different about him though. He looked...sorry. "Hey, ummm, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I was being pigheaded tonight...and well, you deserve better. If you want to leave I understand." Max looked down at his feet.

Liz got off the bed and walked over to Max. She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a comforting hug. As if instinctively, Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist, drawing her in closer. It was as if they fit together perfectly. Two pieces of the same mold.

Max looked down at Liz and was frightened. Frightened of loving someone again. He couldn't do this, not again. "I uhhh...have to go," Max said pulling away and retreating to his room.

Liz on the other hand was left with a broad smile plastered across her face. "Alex? I think we have plan D," Liz whispered.

"And plan D would be what?"

"You'll see," Liz replied. Just at that moment the doorbell rang.


Maria ran out of the car meeting up with Michael and the carolers. "Great, you made it."

"What's this all about? And what is this particular plan that's so brilliant to actually get Max to change?"

"No one can resist cute little kids singing Christmas Carols. It's the perfect plan. Now come on, you're singing with us," Michael said dragging her to the next house. Max's house. He rang the doorbell, although it felt a little weird, considering he had just been inside, leaving Max in a fury.

The door opened and Liz appeared. She smiled seeing the little kids.

Oh Holy Night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Til he appeared and sould felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices.
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Liz was near tears. The children were so young and thier voices so pure. What she didn't notice was that Max had heard the music and walked to the door seeing who was there. Liz noticed Maria and Michael and gave them a comforting smile.

Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angels voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine
Oh night, oh night divine.

By now the tears were falling freely from Liz's eyes. "That was so beautiful. You children are really talented." The children grew excited as their lips formed into a smile.

"Thank you lady," a girl about 5 years old said. The way she said it was so cute and adorable that Liz almost broke down for the third time that night.

"Your welcome little miss," Liz said. Juanita got to the door and offered the children cookies, which they graciously accepted. By the time the kids moved to the next house they had 1,000,000 watt smiles plastered across their faces.

Michael and Maria retreated to the Jetta, hoping that song had opened Max up into the Christmas spirit.

Meanwhile, back in the mansion Liz watched as the children and her two new friends walked away. She didn't notice Max was standing behind her so when she turned around to go back to her room she ran right into him. Liz started to lose her balance, but grabbed onto Max's shoulders for support. Max intuitively grabbed her waist so that she wouldn't fall.

Their eyes locked and for what seemed like an eternity they stared into the depths of each other. Max saw Liz in a whole new light. Not as a nuisance, but as something else. Liz saw Max not as Ebenezer Scrooge, but as Max, the Max that she supposed Maria and Michael used to know and love.

Max shook his head regaining composure. "You ok?" Liz nodded. "I gotta go," Max said and went to his bedroom to retire for the night. "What is happening? I can't...I can't let this happen," Max said to himself.


Liz was laying on her bed in the guest room. "I never thought I would actually fall in love with him...what am I going to do now? What happens if his heart changes and I have to leave?"

"We could find a way to convince the Big Guy upstairs," Alex said. "Get some sleep Lizzie, you have a day of work ahead of you tomorrow."

Liz sighed, hoping that sleep would come to her and thoughts of Max Evans would leave her head.

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Chapter 11

Liz stepped into the passenger side of the porsche. Max was going to be driving her to and from work, considering that they both worked at the same building now. It saved gas and Liz the trouble of having to walk to and from work.

The ride to Max's business was a silent one. Liz was racking her brain for something to say, but nothing appropriate formed. Instead, she stared out the window, watching as they passed car after car after car.

Max tried desperately to keep his eyes on the road and not to look or even think about Liz. He was falling for her and falling fast. He felt as if he was out of control, or the 'Scrooge' part of him was out of control. Every couple of blocks he would turn his head and see Liz staring dreamily out of the passenger window.

Before long, the awkward silence was replaced by Max's rich voice, "We're here."

Liz looked up from the window suddenly feeling embarrassed that she had been so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't realize they were at the building. She stared at it. It looked like heaven's normal Christmas shops did. Big and pricey. Liz gasped, THIS is what she imagined earth to be like, except everywhere.

"You coming, or are you just going to stare at the office all day?" Max asked, staring intently at her.

Liz looked at Max and started walking towards the building, answering his question. Liz got a lot of looks from employees around the building, first from the employees in the store. The majority of them were women, with an exception of a couple men. The women stared her down with envy. Liz just assumed they had crushes on Max, which wasn't too hard to believe.

On the business level, there were employees trudging around. Definitely not the Christmas spirit. She looked around the really needed some redecorating.

"Here's your desk," Max said pointing to a small desk with a computer on one end and a telephone in the far corner. It had a few empty drawers, although she couldn't imagine what she would put in them...considering she had nothing with her. "Basically, just answer telephone calls and fill the computer with the schedule...any meetings, etc. If you need any help ask me or someone over there," Max said waving his hand towards the employees that were trudging to and from the coffee machine.

Liz nodded and sat down in the hard wooden chair.

Max walked into the office and sat down at his own desk. He had no clue how he was going to make it through the day, knowing that she was just outside of his office.


Liz stared blankly at the computer screen. She had NO skills what-so-ever. Not to mention she had no clue what to do now. Should she just wait for someone to call the company?

"Alex?" Liz whispered harshly. She desperately needed his help now.

Alex appeared in front of her desk. "What's up Liz? So you joined the work force I see..."

"What am I doing here? You have to help me."

"It's no big deal just type stuff in on the computer and poof its done. Just follow Max's instructions and play it cool."

Liz nodded and pressed a few buttons on the computer. The next thing she knew the screen was flashing with words that said "ERROR: 4827 COMPUTER VIRUS!"

"ALEX! OH MY GOD!" Liz screamed, resulting in the other employees to stare at her. At first they looked curious wondering who the new secretary was, but then their faces looked at her as if she was looney. First of all she was talking to someone named Alex who wasn't even there. Second she was making quite a lot of noise.

"Shhh Liz...they can't see me. They'll think your crazy...ok, just sit tight. This should do the trick," Alex said using his powers on the computer. "Ok...all better. The computer is fixed!"

"Thanks..." Liz said sighing a breath of relief.

Just at that moment a man came walking into the office with a bouquet of white roses. The flowers looked absolutely beautiful. Liz closed her eyes imagining that someday someone would deliver white roses to her. She sat uncomfortably in the hard chair, her head resting on her hands and her elbows resting on the table with her eyes closed. She imagined the smell of the roses and how they would look in her bedroom. Not the one in Max's house, but in heaven. Her lips curved into a smile.

"Miss?" a gentleman asked, but Liz ignored it, thinking that maybe a man was asking for some other female in the office. "Miss?" the man asked a little louder, this time tapping his fingers on the desk.

Liz opened her eyes looking up at the delivery guy. "Is your name Liz?" the man asked. Liz nodded her head as the man handed her a clipboard. "Flower delivery. Sign here please," he said pointing to the bottom of the page with his pen. Liz grabbed the pen and signed the bottom of the sheet. Without even looking at it, the delivery man took the clipboard and left the office through the elevator.

Liz smiled taking in the gentle scent of the white roses. They looked so exotic, and now they were all hers. The only mystery now was who were they from? She looked around the office. The only people she knew here were James, Juanita, Michael, Maria, and....Max. She quickly snatched the envelope in the bouquet that was addressed to Liz. She opened it and the smile widened.

I know this doesn't make up for what happened this weekend, but I really truely am sorry. Please don't be mad.


Her heart started to beat a thousand times a minute. He was being so kind and gentle. Really, she should be the one saying sorry, especially knowing what had happened to him losing his family. Before Liz had time to think about anything else a group of office gossippers walked up to her.

"So who'd you get the flowers from?"

"Is it your boyfriend? He is so sweet."

The women rambled on but Liz sat at the desk with a dazed look in her eyes. She wasn't supposed to be falling, but she was. She was falling hard and fast.
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Chapter 12

Max sat in his office. Did he do the right thing? He was pretty sure that Liz was mad at him, especially since he caught a glimpse of her face as she looked out the window. It looked to be a mixture of sadness and anger. His hear knew the feeling and he only wanted to comfort her.

Then there was his brain which was telling him not to fall for Liz, that it was too dangerous and he that he would end up just as much hurt as the last Christmas he had celebrating.

Max sat in his leather chair looking out his window. He was especially curious about Liz. Where did she come from? Did she have any family? Only, he was too afraid to ask because if he asked her those questions, she would ask the same or similar ones back. Even though it had been a long time since he lost his only family, he still wasn't ready to open up.


Liz got up from her desk, still ignoring the rude office women. She went to the door to Max's office and tapped on the door. She heard some shuffeling around inside and then a voice spoke to her.

"Come in."

Liz stepped into the office. Max seemed tense. Whatever he was thinking about had to be big. She strode over to a chair facing his desk, standing in front of it. "I wanted to thank you, for the flowers," Liz said a gentle smile breaking out across her face.

"Your welcome," Max said, shrugging his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

"You ok? You look a little tense," Liz said.

It amazed Max how genuinely concerned she was about him. Although he hated to admit it, it made his heart beat faster and wilder. It even turned him on a bit.

Liz walked behind Max's chair, placing her hands on his shoulders. She moved her hands in gentle circles, massaging his shoulders and then down his back. Max sat still as she continued to work her magic on him.

"Liz," Max let out in a breathy tone.

"Yes Max?" Liz looked at Max, stopping the movement of her hands.

"I think it's best that you leave now," Max said.

"Why? I thought you were enjoying your back massage. I guess not," she said sounding dissappointed.

Max sat still. In actuality, he had enjoyed her massage. A LOT. A little too much. Before Max could say anything else Liz left the room, shutting the door behind her.

She was confused. One second Max was giving her presents and the next second he was telling her to leave. 'Great' she thought as she saw the mob of employees around her desk.

"Did Max REALLY give you these?"

"Are you two an item?"

"Max has a girlfriend?"

"Has he changed?"

Liz was bombarded with all sorts of questions but no time to answer them. Instead she sat at the desk and looked at the computer screen with a bored look on her face. She was going to be on Earth for a LONG time. She might as well get used to the nosy co-workers.

Author's Note:: I know this part is just a teensy weensy short, but I was planning on making it an intermission chapter. The next one will be longer! I swear it will be, but I'm not sure when I'll get it out because my parents are just a teensy weensy bit angry at me...but hey I'm a rebeling teen what do you expect? Anyway...expect the next part out soon.
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Chapter 13

The next couple of weeks passed by in a flash. It was only 3 more days until Christmas. Max pretty much shut himself off during those weeks. Instead of his feelings towards Liz diminishing they blossomed. The less he saw her the more he wanted her.

Liz tried to stay away from Max in hopes that she wouldn't get emotionally hurt. She found herself shopping with Maria, but her mind kept drifting back to thoughts of Max. Everytime she looked in a store she found something perfect for Max and had to buy it.

By this point, the tree was filled with presents. Some big, some small. Some addressed to James and Juanita and others addressed to Max and Liz.

In the office people started to accept the fact that Max had a girlfriend and quit interrogating Liz. At first they were shocked, but now they were thankful, because they had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, not to mention the entire office was decorated.


Liz was working late with Max. Apparently he had work to get done. Considering the fact that he was her only ride home, she had no choice but to stay with him at the office.

It was getting much later than Liz had intended on staying so she walked to the office door and opened it. Max was sitting in his chair staring out the window with a dazed look on his face. "Max? Are you alright?"

Max turned in his chair facing Liz, "Yeah...yeah everything's fine. No work tomorrow...employees are happy..." His voice droned out as he sat in a mist of eerie silence.

Liz's heart ached for him. He looked so sad and lonely. She took a few strides over to his desk. "Did you want to talk about it?"

Max stood up and gently placed his hands under her jaw, cupping her face. Ever so gently, he leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. What he didn't expect was that Liz would open her mouth, granting him access to the crevases of her mouth. He complied, reaching his tongue in. The gentle kiss soon turned into a heated and passionate one as their tongues dueled.

Max pulled away slowly. "We should go home."

Liz nodded. She walked to her desk and gathered up her things for the weekend. Max met up with her and they left for the mansion.


When they reached the mansion, dinner could be distinctly smelt from the kitchen. Its aroma creeping to Max and Liz's noses, driving their senses wild. They walked into the dining room and sat down at the long table awaiting dinner.

The meal arrived, followed by a long period of awkward silence. Finally, Liz broke it. "Max, where does this leave us?"

"I think there's something you should know...about me. Please don't say anything...this is hard enough telling someone. Five years ago my parents died. They were in a fire. I was told mom was making some food for dinner and the oven caught on fire. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't make it out on time," Max said as tears welled up in his eyes.

Liz got up out of her seat and crossed the distance between her and Max. She gave him a hug and was willing to let him cry on her shoulder, but instead he pushed her away. He got up out of his seat, and for the millionth time since she'd known him, retreated to his room.

Liz sat in her seat at the table. She remembered when Michael and Maria came over and she cried fake tears. But now, these tears that were falling down her face leaving wet trails, were real.

She quickly wiped them away, instantly losing her appetite. She trudged to her room and shut the door tightly. Walking over to the bed she collapsed amongst the soft pillows and let the tears flow freely.

"Lizzie?" Alex asked.

"ALEX!" Liz said underneath the tears. She got up off the bed and ran into Alex's arms. Alex gently rubbed her back.


Max tossed and turned on his bed. He couldn't stop thinking about what he did to Liz. First the mind blowing kiss and then him being a jerk and pushing her away.

He got up off the bed and went to the dining room. When he didn't see her there he went to her bedroom door. That's when she heard him scream for Alex. 'Who the hell is Alex and what is he doing in my house?' Max thought. Jealousy crept up on him and now he had no choice, but to open the bedroom door.

When he opened it he was stunned speechless. All he saw was Liz hugging the air. But in some weird way it seemed to be supporting her. Max tried to say something but nothing would come out.

Liz looked up and saw Max standing in the doorway. Fear was etched across his face.

"Liz, he can't see one can...nor can he hear me," Alex said confirming what Liz thought was true all along.

"Max," Liz said wiping away the tears that seemed to come everytime she thought about him. "I can explain..." In actuality she couldn't think of anything to say to him. 'Maybe it's time for the truth. Oh yeah, I have a friend named Alex he's a ghost, thats really going to work,' Liz thougth sarcastically.

"How?" he managed to gasp out.

"Max, I have something to tell you...but please don't say anything this is hard enough. I...I'm not from around here. I came to Earth from heaven. Alex, he's my friend. He came down here with me, but unfortunately I'm the only one you can see or hear him. Where we came from is...heaven. I was sent here on punishment, but Alex was sent with me for guidance...I...I've never been to Earth before. I know this is hard to believe, but its the truth."

Max stared at her, a dumbfounded look plastered across his face. "I...I believe you. So your an angel?"

Liz nodded looking down. Max closed the gap between them and planted another kiss on her lips. He pulled away slightly just enough to say, "my angel," then he continued kissing her.
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Chapter 14

Liz could hardly believe her ears. He was accepting her. Even after she had just told him who she truely was. It sent butterflies to the pit of her stomach and this wasn't the first time.

"Max," Liz said pulling away breathlessly.

"Is something wrong?" he asked concerned about her.

"No...I I've never kissed anyone before. I'm...out of air."

Max smiled knowing that he was the one that had caused her to lose all oxygen. Once Liz seemed to gain her breath she pulled Max into an earth shattering kiss, her arms traveling around his neck as his moved around her waist. Their bodies fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, completing each others soul.

It was as if they were meant to be. Soulmates. And now, neither one was denying the other, namely Max denying how he felt for Liz.

Liz felt Max's hands creep up her back. His hands were soft, yet strong, but now they were making their way up underneath her shirt. Normally she would panic if a guy was feeling her up, but this wasn't any guy, this was Max.

Max pulled away from Liz's lips, which instantly felt lonely, and pulled away her top. As if they were forced together like magnets Max pressed his lips against Liz's urgently. He reached his hands around the clasp of LIz's bra, but only found himself fumbling with it. Liz took a hold of his hands placing them on her hips while she reached around her back unclasping the bra in on slick movement.

Max's hands slowly crept up Liz's stomach to her breasts. By now they were hard and ready for an any assault he would take upon them. After peeling the bra off Max took one breast in each hand gently kneading it. He took special care of each one rubbing his thumbs across the tips. This simple action caused Liz to pull away from the kiss and moan in pleasure.

Slowly Max lowered his head to her left breast, sucking on it smoothly. Liz's back arched and her knees grew weak as she felt herself floating on thin air. As if being able to sense this on some level, Max picked LIz up and carried her to the bed laying her down gently as he continued to suck in more of her. He stopped with the left breast and moved to the right, giving it the same treatment he had given the first.

Liz was ready to take him, but since it was her first time she wanted to go slow and savor every second she had with him. Slowly, she peeled away his shirt, rubbing her hands along each sculpted muscle. She slowly moved so that Max was underneath her. Her hair cascaded down as she looked at him with a passionate look in her eyes. She glanced down at Max's pants and noticed that he was very much aroused. Her curiousity at this point had peeked and she moved her hands to Max's belt. Slowly she undid it and tore it away, discarding it on the ground.

She continued her way, this time down to his pants, undoing the button and the zipper. She never realized how much of a pain in the ass they could be until this moment. Getting a little more anxious, she quickly slid his pants all the way off.

Max seemed to be getting anxious too because when she made these advances he quickly knocked off the pants causing them to land on the opposite end of the room. WIth the pants came the socks. Now Max was left in only his boxers.

Liz was careful not to nudge the arousal when she took the boxers off, but had a little trouble. Instantly her eyes were glued on his erect member. She was fascinated, to say the least. The scientist in her took over. Gently she took her hand and ran it up and down the shaft causing it to twitch. Her eyes grew wide as the passion built up.

Max was having a hard time breathing. It felt as if she was teasing him. His eyes rolled back in his head each time she ran her fingers up and down him. Suddenly he felt warmth coming from below.

Liz had covered his erection with her mouth. It had looked so delicious she wanted to try it out. And now it was in her completely. She felt as if she was in heaven. Not quite HER home heaven. Slowly she took him in and out her tongue grazing along his head.

"Liz..." Max moaned in sweet ecstasy.

Liz pulled herself up so that she was face level with Max. Instantly he took his mouth crushing against her own causing Liz to giggle in pleasure as he manuevered himself above her. Quickly he fidgeted at her pants sliding them down as fast as he could. She knew he was ready and she was too. Grabbing at the edge of her panties he thrust them down throwing them into a dark corner of the room.

"Max...Max..." Liz said pulling slightly away from the kiss. "It''s my first time." She looked away as if she was ashamed to even say it.

"Liz," Max said taking her chin in his hand. "It's my first time too." Max was still a virgin, even at this stage in his life. Sure, he had had plenty of oppurtunities, but for some reason he had stayed out of because he was looking for the right girl. Someone he could imagine being with for the rest of his life. "Are you sure?" he asked.

Liz pulled his face down to hers. Her lips were feeling lonely and naked without his own pressed up to them. She snaked her tongue into his mouth sending electrifying jolts of energy going through them.

Max slid between Liz's legs and slowly entered her. Liz body arched slightly into his as he continued to kiss her. He felt wet tears make their way to her cheeks and moved his thumbs up to dry them.

"Are you ok?" Max asked genuinely concerned.

Liz nodded unable to say a word about how she was feeling at this particular moment. She felt emotions of love, passion and desire mixed into one. She started to move up and down on the bed signaling to Max that she was ready.

Max quickened his pace thrusting in and out of her. Liz was soon meeting each of his thrusts with her own as she felt the end coming near.

"Max...Max..." she moaned.

Max's hands caressed her breasts gently as he continued to kiss her passionately. At that particular moment they both saw bright lights and stars. Max slowed down his pace as he slowly pulled out, instantly regretting it.

Liz rolled over facing Max and cuddling next to his body for warmth.

"Liz, I love you," Max said kissing her temple.

"I love you two," Liz replied exasperated.

Author's Note:: hey guys, thanks for the feedback! I like writing Max and Liz fluff as much as it sounds like you guys like reading it. Umm sorry if this part was bad, I've only written NC-17 once would be greatly appreciated. THanks *angel*
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Chapter 15

The two lovers fell asleep cuddled in each others arms with grins spread across their faces.

The next morning Liz heard a light tapping sound on the door, arousing her from her sleep. She stared at the door as if it was her worst enemy, waking her up from a dream that she never wanted to end.

She would have just let the door to disturb her, but she heard a familiar voice on the other end. "Liz." That was when she realized it was Alex. Liz gasped inwardly, wondering HOW much Alex had seen the night before. "Liz? Can I come in? Is it safe for my eyes?"

Liz took Max's arm which was protectly wrapped around her waist and lifted it up and off of her gently placing it back on the bed as she quickly grabbed a robe and opened the door. "What do you want?" she hissed.

"Liz...we're going back!"

" won't I refuse to," Liz said her eyes welling up with tears.

"We have no choice. I get my wings...and well, you get to live there again."

"Liz..." a voice grumbled from behind them. Max was starting to stir in his sleep.

Liz shot a look to Max and then back to Alex, "Give me some time with Max...I'm going to explain everything to him." With those words a tear streaked down her frowning face, but was instantly swept away with her fingers.

Alex exited the room giving the two time to talk. The night before he was standing there when they kissed, but as soon as Max's hand went under her shirt he decided they deserved some privacy. What he didn't expect was that Liz was actually going to go through it.

Liz moved over to the bed, sitting in an upright position next to Max. She looked down at him tears flowing freely. She had no idea how she was going to tell him the truth. She tried thinking of many ways, but none of them came out right. By the time Liz looked back at Max's sleeping form he wasn't there anymore. Instead, he was sitting propped up next to her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into a hug.

"Liz? What's wrong?" Max asked. "Do you regret last night? I'm so sorry."

"No, no...Max I don't regret last night. It was...the most...amazingly beautiful thing that's ever happened to me," Liz said trying to hold back the tears.

"What is it then?" Max asked concerned as he saw more tears fall. With one touch of his fingers he wiped away her tears.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max's neck, pulling him into a tight hug. His shoulder quickly became damp as she cried into his shoulder. He moved his arms around her so that he was rubbing her back comfortingly.

Pulling away slowly Liz sat up and looked into Max's eyes. "Max...I love you. There's something you need to know though...about me."

"I love you too. Liz what's wrong?" Max asked as his heart pounded wildly in his chest. Every part of his body aching because of the pain Liz was in. He just wanted to make it go away.

"Remember how I told you I was from heaven? That...that I'm an angel?" Liz asked trying to control the tears that were still threatening her cheeks. Max nodded, knowing Liz needed to get out whatever she had to say. "Well...I was sent to earth...because of punishment. I...I let all the animals loose. There was only one way I could get back to heaven. And that was to change the heart of someone here on earth..." Liz said her voice draining out.

"Shhh, it's ok Liz," Max said rubbing circles on Liz's back. He hated seeing her in so much pain and wanted to take it away in an instant.

"Max...I was sent here to change your make you feel again." Liz looked down as she continued on, "It worked...and I have to go back."

Max's hand stopped moving in circles on her back. " have to go?" he choked.

Liz nodded the tears falling, "but Max I don't want to...I love you so much...this is my true home. With you." At Liz's last words she placed a hand on his heart and rested her head on his shoulder again.

They sat together crying in each other's arms, not wanting to be seperated.

"Liz, I've been searching for you. For my entire life. And now I've found you...your my soulmate," Max said simply.

"I'll find a way back here, I promise. Just remember this saying: Everytime a bell rings an angel gets their wings, Everytime a whistle sounds an angel falls from heaven. I'm coming back for you Max," Liz said. She moved her lips to his instantly. She needed to savor this moment. They were pressed up upon his, her tongue sneaking through parted lips.

Their tongues danced together joyously as they slowly made love to each other. Soon Liz realized her lips were no longer pressed up against Max's. She was back in heaven surrounded by nothing but clouds. She slowly lowered her head to her hands and cried silently, alone.


Max's eyes opened and he saw no one sitting next to him. He whispered silently so that only he could hear, "my angel." He layed back into bed, letting Liz's scent that was deeply inprinted on the sheets drift to his nose. Slowly his heart started to close up once again. This being the second time he lost someone he loved.

Authors note: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Thanks for the feedback. The next chapter will be out today, I'm just in the writing mood. I hope you all got what you wanted, I know I did! Oh and Kari, I won't be able to look at you the same way again either! Remember our jobs! LMAO (for the rest of you reading this its an inside joke that we talk about at the lunch table)
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Chapter 16

Alex appeared next to Liz. "Liz...I'm getting my wings today! You have to come..." his voice drained out as he saw Liz with her head in her hands. She looked absolutely miserable. "Lizzie? What's wrong?" Within seconds Alex's arms were wrapped around Liz. He comforted her like a brother would comfort his sister.

"Max," Liz cried out as she hiccuped trying to gain control of her voice and the tears, instead failing miserably.

Alex held her in his arms protectively. He was going to have to talk to the big guy. 'When I get my wings...when I get my wings,' he thought. "Lizzie, once I get my wings I'm going to make it my duty to get you back to earth."

Liz looked up into Alex's sincere eyes believing every single word he said. Gently she gave him a sisterly hug. "Thank you Alex, your the best friend a girl could have."

Alex blushed at her words. "Aww shucks..."

Liz smiled at Alex. He knew just how to make her laugh and at the most appropriate times too. Ok, so a few years back the pig dancing on the table wasn't the MOST appropriate time, but she was starting to feel stuffed up in that room. What she really needed was a laugh and that's what Alex did. He gave her a good laugh, just like what he was doing now.

"Now come on! The ceremony is in a few hours. You have to help me pick something out to wear, I'm not wearing those candy cane striped pants and rainbow polka dot shirt my mom picked out!"

Liz laughed again as he dragged her to a store a few blocks away.


On Earth...

"So he wasn't in his room when you went in there?" Juanita asked James. Usually James went into Max's room in the morning to wake him up and get him ready for breakfast. Then, once Max left the room he would clean it up.

"No he wasn't. Then, I went to Liz's room to see if she was there and I saw him sound asleep in her bed."

"Was Liz in there?"

"No, that's the weird thing about it. His face was red too...kinda like a few years ago. He was crying...I think she left, but why? Everytime I try to explain the situation more questions come up," James said rubbing his chin curiously.

"What happened a few years ago? I presume this is before I started working here," Juanita said taking the turkey out of the refridgerator to unthaw.

James explained everything. Juanita glared at him with a surprised look on her face. "Oh my goodness...I never realized."

"He never told anyone because he didn't want to be treated specially. He just wanted to be another rude business man. I've seen changes in him ever since Liz came, but now I'm genuinely concerned."

"I would be too," Juanita said.


Max woke up to the sound of music. Carolers were out again today. They sounded so happy. They sounded the exact opposite of how he felt. He was lonely and scared. Scared that he would never see Liz again.

He got out of bed. Her bed feeling tired and depressed as he pulled a robe on. He made his way to his room where he got dressed. He felt as if he didn't even care about anything anymore. Not the way he looked, work, or even the presents that were so neatly wrapped underneath the tree.

Walking out of the room he made his way to the living room where he sat on the couch. He stared at the black TV screen, not caring that nothing was showing on it. He was afraid that if he had turned the TV on in some sick demented way it would mock him.


In Heaven...

Liz got Alex a cute outfit. Khakis with aa button down hawaiian shirt. He fit Alex's personality: bright and colorful. Now she was sitting in a crowd of people as she awaited Alex to go up and recieve his wings.

Before going up on stage Alex had said it reminded him of recieving a high school diploma on Earth. Minus the robes and caps. He was the last of the angels to recieve his wings, considering his last name was Whitman and at the very end of the alphabet.


On Earth...

Max was glaring at the TV when he heard bells ringing across the street. He looked at them and thought about one of Liz's last few words to him. "Everytime a bell rings an angel gets their wings." Her heavenly voice was ringing in his head as he envisioned her with a glowing light around her even more heavenly body.


"Look at him," James whispered so that only Juanita could hear.

"I see you don't know where Liz went?" Juanita replied in a similar hushed whisper.

"No clue...but she did leave...otherwise he wouldn't be this sad."

"So let's find her then," Juanita said simply as James nodded his head agreeing with what she said.

"Ok," James said.
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Chapter 17

In Heaven...

Alex and Liz had met up at his parents house. His mother seemed to be very proud of her son, but talked about it to everyone, but Alex. THere were people celebrating him getting his wings that he didn't even know.

"Lizzie, I'm going to go have that talk right now...once mom starts to realize I'm gone stall for me? OK?" Alex asked, but before Liz could respond he was gone.

As Liz waiting she felt herself growing sick. "God I miss him," Liz said looking down at her feet.

"Miss who honey?" A woman with white hair asked. It was Alex's mother.

"No one," Liz said, "I'll be right back." Liz left going to the bathroom to freshen up. She felt worse and worse by the second. She sat on the edge of the tub as she tried to regain her control. A few minutes later she was leaning over the toilet spilling her lunch. If only she could see him and touch him her life would be perfect. Instead it was far from perfect.

Sadly, liz curled up into a ball on the cool bathroom floor.


Alex panted. He had gone up 15 long sets of staircases. He only had a few more to go and then he was there. That was when he had a bright idea to use his wings. He flapped them wildly as he rose to the level he had intended on going to and landed in front of the door. He tapped on the door almost as if he was nervous talking directly to god.

Alex knew that he was the only one who could help Liz. The other angels wouldn't agree to letting Liz back on Earth.

"Come in," a deep voice said with in.

Alex stepped into the room. "Ummm...I don't know where to begin."

"No need...I know why you're here. You want me to give Liz permission to go back to Earth."

"Yeah," Alex responded.

"Why? If she goes back, she'll only be put under the looking glass. I want to give her the benifit of the doubt, but I don't want others hurting her just because she arose from the dead, so to speak. Alex, listen...your intentions are good they really are, but I can't put her in danger by sending her to Earth."

"Listen, God. I have great respect for you and all, but what if you don't send her to Earth? Have you even seen her lately? She's miserable. She's week...and tired...and sad. She fell in love, you can't just rip that away from her. The only reason I came directly to you was because I knew you would understand about love and cherish those who had it...I guess I was wrong."

The deep voice belonging to a body sitting in the chair sighed. He knew Alex was right. "Give me time to think about this."

Alex nodded as he walked to the door. Before he opened it he heard the voice in the chair say, "Ok. Alex, you have great courage, standing up to me like you did. Would you like to become a worker of mine?"

Alex jumped at the oppurtunity nodding his head furiously. Words couldn't describe the mix of emotions he was feeling right now. Joy being the first one.


Somehow Liz fell asleep lying on the floor. She hadn't slept much in the last day...infact she hadn't slept at all since she had gotten to heaven.

The door burst open moments later with a very excited Alex. "LIZZIE! Get up!" Alex shook her, "Lizzie? Are you alright? Oh my goodness...MOM!" Alex screamed down the hall.

Alex's mom rushed to the bathroom where she saw her son hovering over what seemed to be a passed out Liz. "Alex what happened?'

"She was lying here when I came in."

"Well dear has she eaten anything yet?" His mother asked concerned. Alex shook his head, lifting Liz up off the ground and carrying her out to the kitchen where his mother spoon fed Liz. Eventually Liz regained consciousness.

"Oh jeeze, Liz you scared us," Alex said worried. "I have good news for you..." Liz looked at him curiously wondering what could be so great. "You're going back! Consider it an early Christmas present."

Liz threw her arms around Alex as she stood on her own two feet again. "Oh Alex thank you so much!"

"Lizzie I just want you to know that whenever you want to call upon me. I'll be watching you from up here. I'm working for the head honcho now."

"Oh Alex, that's so great!" Liz screamed in excitement. "Best friends forever," Liz said shaking her hand with Alex's.


On Earth...

"So where do we start?" Juanita asked.

"Michael and Maria," James responded simply. He reached for the phonebook on the counter and dialed the number. Maria's cheery voice came through on the other end and James asked her if she knew where Liz had gone.

"I'm sorry James, I don't know. Is something wrong? Did something happen?" Maria sounded frantic and worried.

"No, everything's fine. Don't worry Maria." James didn't want to worry more people with the Max's case.


The night wore on. The clock ticked as it neared the midnight point.

Max got up off the couch intending on calling his employees, canceling the day off from work. At that particular moment he heard a whistle...a dog whistle to be exact. He froze in his tracks as he turned around glancing out the window. one. His hopes had been raised and then dropped almost instantly.

He turned around and walked glancing at the clock. It was too late to call his employees. Since when did he care so much? Sine Liz entered his life. Instead he walked down the halls glancing down the long corridors.

Somehow, Max had ended up in her room again, with her aroma filling every crevas of the room. He walked into the bathroom, smelling her shampoo and body soap as fresh as if she had still been living there. Sadly he walked out of her room and to the front door. He opened it and bent down to pick up the paper.

Anything that would keep his mind off of her for the time being was exactly what he had been wishing and praying for. As he stood back up straight again he saw someone standing behind the screen door.

Max nearly broke down the door when he saw who it was. It was Liz. He didn't know how long she had been standing there, but she wouldn't be standing there alone much longer. He opened the screen and enveloped his arms around her body.

"Liz," he breathed out as if it was the most natural thing.

"Max, I love you, and I'm never leaving again...EVER," Liz laid her head in the crook of his neck as Max held his embrace protectively around her as if letting her go would make her vanish. Liz giggled. "Max you're going to have to let me go sometime."

"Not if I can help it," Max said. With one quick motion he lifted Liz up in his arms.

"Max!" Liz giggled happily. She knew that now they were together everything was going to be ok. "I have something to tell you," Liz said turning serious.

"Your not leaving again are you?" Max asked in a low, depressed voice as he set her down on the couch.

"No...Max..I...I'm pregnant."
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Author's Note:: I'm sorry for the delay of chapter 18, I would have had it out yesterday, but my dad got mad and grounded me off the computer. I'm working on it immediately after I type in this little message so just sit tight while I type it up.

I pretty much had a restless night last night because I was dying from boredom, I even tried writing Chapter 18 on paper, but it just wasn't the same as typing it out on the computer. It should be out with in the next hour but I can't guarentee too much.

Good things come to those who wait

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Chapter 18A

"I'm going to have a family?" Max asked, tears of happiness welling up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Max...if you don't want to be a part of the baby's life I understand," Liz said looking down at her hand placed protectively over her belly.

"I'd never be sorry for something so amazing," Max replied. In one quick movement his hand intertwined with Liz's as he layed a gentle kiss upon her lips.

"I love you," Liz said sitting up on the couch, giving Max a spot to sit down.

"I love you more," Max responded causing a huge smile to spread across Liz's face. He sat down next to Liz. As soon as she had cuddled close to his body he wrapped his arms around her. Within minutes they fell asleep, content in each other's arms.

Across the room James sighed. 'Max and Liz look so happy together. Somehow she returned to him, wherever she was from.' he thought. James had gotten up for his regular midnight snack when he saw Max and Liz cuddle on the couch. Now he was walking back to his room, a club sandwich in his hands. Even at his old age he wished that he could have a love so fresh like Max and Liz's was.


Max woke up the next morning smiling from his amazing dream. When he opened his eyes he realized that it wasn't a dream, but a reality. Sometime during the night their bodies shifted into laying positions. Liz's head was rested on top of Max's chest. Right above his hear.

Slowly, Max's hand made it to Liz's hair as he stroked it gently. They were going to get through this and everything else...together. Liz stirred in her sleep smiling when her eyes opened and looked at Max. He was staring at her with so much love, the kind of love she never saw in her parents, not even Alex. It warmed her heart to see it.

"Merry Christmas," Max said smiling.

"Merry Christmas," Liz replied scooting up to plant a kiss on his lips. Max lowered his hands to Liz's hips as he deepened the kiss, his tongue clashing with hers.

"Mmm...Liz?" Max questioned his swollen lips unlaching from hers.

"Hmm?" liz asked peppering him with kisses all over his face and down his neck.

"I have to pick something up...can we...continue this...when I...get back?" He asked breathlessly.

"What do you have to get?" Liz asked. She watched as he got off the couch, still in his clothes from the day before. He slipped some shoes on as he said, "I'll be right back, I promise." He blew Liz a kiss and was out the door.

Liz sat on the couch dazed from the amazing wake up kiss. Her fingers traveled up to her lips, which were still buzzing from the kiss. She could definitely get used to this. She was brought out of her daze when the doorbell rang. She got off the couch and opened the door.

"Alex!" Liz shrieked. She held her arms out and gave Alex a hug. " rang the doorbell..."

"One of the perks of working for the big man upstairs. He has me working as a modern day cupid. Minus the cheesy diaper and bag of arrows on my back."

"Alex that's so great!"

"Lizzie, you look better already. How's the baby?"

"How'd you-"

"I have my ways. Well, I came here to bring two people together, so I must be doing a disappearing act."

Liz looked confused at first then realized who Alex was talking about...Juanita and James. Liz blinked and Alex was goon. Soon she found herself wandering her room. Her fingers skimming the sheets. Her nose adjusting to their aroma.

She gasped when she felt war, strong arms wrap around her slim form. "Miss me?" Max asked huskily.

Without turning around Liz replied, "yes..."

Max kicked the door shut his arms still wrapped comfortingly around Liz. Slowly they made their way over to the bed discarding shreads of clothing along the way.

Tangled up under the sheets, Max soon found himself on top of Liz. They kissed long, passionate kisses, when finally Max pushed through Liz's walls.

Liz moaned making Max pump harder. He felt her walls contract as they rode the wave of ecstasy, finally spilling their seed together. Max collapsed next to Liz, careful that he wouldn't crush her. They rolled under the sheets finding a comfortable position. Their bodies were pressed together, as if being seperated was too much to bare.

"So, what'd you get?" Liz asked once again.

"A present," Max replied his eyes shining and his lips smiling.

"A present? On Christmas?" Liz asked. "Weren't the stores closed?"

"I pulled a few strings..."

"So...where'd you go?"

"A store, where I bought you a beautiful gift, but you don't get to unwrap it until tonight," Max said smiling.

"Awww come on, just a peak?" Liz asked running her finger tips across Max's chest.

Author's Note AGAIN:: sorry, I couldn't finish the end of the chapter because my parents are kicking me off the computer. Payback is in effect, Plan Silent Treatment is in action. I hate when they pull this crap.
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Chapter 18B

"So...where'd you go?"

"A store, where I bought you a beautiful gift, but you don't get to unwrap it until tonight," Max said smiling.

"Awww come on, just a peak?" Liz asked running her finger tips across Max's chest.

Max captured her hand in his own stopping her seductive movements. He brought her hand up to his mouth kissing each of her knuckles delicately. "Later," he said simply.


For the rest of the day, Max and Liz cuddled up side by side enjoying the warmth of each other. They shared tales of their lives. To Max's surprise Liz had never had chocolates. In heaven they were considered practically sinful. Only a select few could get their hands on them.

Although it seemed nearly impossible, Max didn't eat angel food cake in the past five years. It used to be his favorite desert, but he gave it up once his parents had died.

Later that night Max and Liz forced themselves out of bed so that they could open presents with Juanita and James who seemed quite cozy with themselves. Max and Liz positioned themselves on a chair, Liz sitting in Max's lap with her head rested upon his shoulder.

Max nonchalantly pulled out a wrapped gift a the shape of a tiny box addressed to Liz. "This is for you sweety," he said handing her the tiny box.

Liz's eyes lit up as she saw the box. Slowly she tore away at the wrapping paper. Once she discarded the paper she opened the box and gasped.

Max lifted her gently off his lap and placed her in the chair so that he could get down on one knee. "I thought I should do the rest of this the traditional way. Liz, I know we've only know each other for less that a month, but I'm in love with you. I've never felt so strongly about anyone in my entire life. Will you please do the honor of being my wife? Marry me?"

"Oh MAX!" Liz screamed, jumping into his arms. "Yes, I'll marry you!"

Max pulled away long enough to pull the elegant diamond ring out of the box and place it on her finger. Then he stood up and took Liz in his arms, spinning her around. After a couple of turns he placed her down and spoke again. "I love you Liz Evans." At his last words he brought his lips down to hers.

AUTHORS NOTE:: Since chapter 18A was cut off so abruptly I incorporated the last few sentences into the first few sentences of this part. Sorry if its kinda short my parents keep bugging me more and more to do stuff for them. Oh and, there's once less blonde in the world (I dyed my hair, I'm a brunette!)
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Chapter 19

After spending an evening and the majority of the night sitting around the tree cuddled up, Max and Liz retreated to her room.

"You know, I've yet to see your room," Liz said gazing into Max's soft amber orbs.

"It's dull...lifeless...not as homey as this room," Max replied. He wrapped his arms around Liz sucking on the skin in the crook of her neck.

"Please?" Liz's voice quivered. "I'm sure we could make it more homey and full of life." Her voice changed almost instantly into a seducing tone.

Max slowly pulled away from Liz, "How am I supposed to resist that?"

"Maybe you shouldn't," Liz replied.

"It's this way." Max led her down a long hallway. Finally, he stood before two doors. He pushed the double doors open and Liz gawked at the beauty of the room. She saw a king sized waterbed with an oak frame laying out in front of her. In one corner there was a matching oak dresser and in another corner there was an oak desk. In the other two corners of the room there were doors.

As if sensing what Liz was going to ask, Max pointed to each door and said, "that's the closet and that one is the bathroom. It has a jacuzzi and a pretty big shower."

Liz continued to look around. She had to admit although the beauty was breathtaking, it lacked one thing. Love. That would change and very soon. Turning around, Liz shut the double doors grinning slyly at Max.

"So a waterbed, huh?" Liz asked sitting down on the bed. The waves moved causing her to fall back in a laying position. Soon her rich laughter was was filling the room and not much later Max's laughter was meshing with hers.

Max crossed the distance between Liz and him and fell beside her on the bed. The waves seemed to cause the bed to sway up and down once Max's body collided with the bed.

Before they could waste anytime Max and Liz had each others clothes off their hands exploring each others body. Max's hands found Liz's breasts as he gently kneeded them. This resulted in Liz's body arching up into his hands. Amongst that she let out his name in a pleasure filled moan.

Upon hearing his name, his arousal was peaked. Max refused to give in though, she was going to get the special treatment she deserved. His hands made their way down her stomach, massaging every crevase of skin. Passing her folds he moved down her thighs his hands carressing the insides of them. He could feel the warmth emanating from her as she groaned in pleasure.

Liz was trying to keep from passing out. Max knew just how to please her and well he was doing a damn good job at the moment. She squirmed under his touch. She wanted nothing more than to have him touch her...there.

Making his way up to her folds, Max dipped his fingers inside of her slick walls. Liz let out a gasp of pleasure as Max pumped his fingers in and out of her.

In an attempt to quicken his pace, Liz rode his fingers up and down until finally her climax hit and she spilled her juices.

Max buried his head in her and licked up her juices while Liz continued to moan his name. Once Max was done 'cleaning up' he layed beside Liz. He shut his eyes expecting her to cuddle up in his arms and fall asleep for the night. What he didn't expect was her tiny hands wrapping around his cock.

At first her pace was slow and torturing. Once Max had the oppurtunity to recognize what she was doing he thrust his straining member forward in an effort to quicken her pace. He succeeded to say the least because Liz's pace quickened. It didn't stop there. Liz slid down the satin sheets opening her mouth. She took in as much of him as she could. Her tongue grazing his long shaft and teasing the head. She continued to go slow up and down his shaft until finally Max spilled came inside her mouth.

Liz pulled herself up to Max's level. He had a huge grin on her face, much like she did after his soothing treatment. She leaned over, her lips coliding with his as their mouths tasted of the other's scent. After the sweet kiss Liz cuddled up to Max, her head resting upon his chest as slumber took over their bodies.


Max woke up the next morning with a slight shiver traveling down his back. He turned on his side groaning out Liz's name and slowly opening his eyes. What he expected to see was his angelic creature laying down beside him, but instead she was gone. He got out of bed and could of sworn he heard a slight whimper coming from the hallway.

After slipping in some boxers he opened the door and found Liz with her head buried in her hands and what looked like food and dishes scattered across the floor.


20 Minutes Earlier...

When Liz woke up she felt the need to do something fantastic for Max. After all he had taken her into his home, gave her a job, and most importantly made her his fiance all in a months timing. Slowly, as if not to wake Max up. Liz got off the waterbed careful that the waves wouldn't wake him.

She found a pair of Max's boxers and a tshirt and slipped into them. They smelt just like him. Wonderful. Quickly she made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. She was surprised that Juanita wasn't out there. Usually she was up at this time. Instead she shrugged it off and turned the stove on.

After 10 minutes of working the stove she had eggs and bacon with orange juice made for Max. She was so excited to see the look on his face when she made it in his room and gave him the meal.

After placing the meal on a tray she started to walk down the hallway. Unfortunately she missed the rug which happened to be sticking up just enough that she tripped over it. This resulted in broken dishes and food scattered across the floor. Not to mention there was a small puddle of orange juice.

Liz gasped and realization of what had just happened came over her. She was such a simple task and now she was left with a huge mess. She probably woke the whole house up with the clatter.


Max walked over to Liz and knelt down beside her. "Are you ok?"

Liz could hardly believe his words. He didn't care about the mess...the wasted food or the broken dishes. He cared about her. She dried her tears and hugged Max tightly. Her face brightening at his words.

"I...I'm fine. I just...I wanted to make you breakfast in bed...but I tripped over the rug and well...look at this mess," Liz managed to choke out as Max stroked her back soothingly.

" would you feel if we went out for breakfast and ate together?" Max asked with a smile on his face.

"I'd love that," Liz smiled back. "Let me just...get this mess."

"No. Don't worry about could cut yourself. I'll just go get James. Oh and...nice shirt," Max said his smile widening as he glanced at Liz. He thought she looked incredibly cute in his boxers and tshirt. The truth of the matter was, he couldn't wait for the baby to be born or for his wedding with Liz. His life had finally taken a turn...for the better.

Author's note:: I apologize for getting this out so late. The truth is I was so busy going fan fic crazy that my brain was completely fried. I needed to take a break from writing fan fic for the weekend. And now I'm back. So I hope you enjoyed this part, but I suck at the porn so just dont mind those parts. Practice makes perfect though right? Ok well that's all I have to say, feedback would be appreciated.
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Chapter 20

8 months later...

Liz lay on Max's bed. The pregnancy had been great for the first few months. Of course with it came the immense hormone fluctuancies. And well...tons of sex. Of course, Max's room was more homey. So much so that Max and Liz spent the majority of their time in his bedroom instead of Liz's.

During the most recent months Liz ate practically everything in site. She even had cravings for the oddest things. One of her favorite snacks was pickles dipped in vanilla frosting.

She quit working at the office with Max temporarily concidering she had been experiencing back problems. The doctor suggested she stay home and rest. Most of the time she watched soap oprahs and either watched on in interest or cried throughout the entire episode.

After a long night of conversation, Max and Liz decided upon postponing the wedding until after the baby was born. This way, the baby could be a part of the wedding and witness the event.


Liz was sitting in the jacuzzi. It was late at night and was a normal occurence. Especially recently when the baby would kick. It relieved her muscles and sometimes even calmed her down to the point where she would fall asleep. The jacuzzi was square shaped and big enough to fit about four people.

Shutting her eyes she relaxed in the tub when she sensed someone's presence in the room. Slowly, she opened her eyes and notice Max stripping down as he got ready to join her in the tub.

Before long he was sitting beside her propping her feet onto his lap. His fingers worked magic on her feet as he rubbed them.

"Ooh, mmm, Max, that feel's so good," Liz moaned out.

"Anything for my beautiful bride to be," Max responded.

"If you don't quit, I'm going to end up tackling you in here right now." Liz smiled mischieviously.

"I guess that's just a risk I'll have to take." Max winked at Liz.


Unfortunately for Max, Liz had fallen asleep. He carried her back to the bed after dressing her in a nightgown. Once he layed her down he placed his hand upon her belly.

"Hi baby. Your mommy and daddy are waiting for you. We can't wait to see you. We love you so much. Please come soon," Max said in a low whisper. It was a nightly ritual of his. Liz would fall asleep and he would talk softly to the baby trying not to wake up Liz. There were a few nights when Liz had woken up and of course the hormones took over. She would cry for about 10 minutes until Max could calm her down again.

He felt a gentle kick and laid back on the bed smiling. Max and Liz decided upon waiting until the actual birth to find out the babies gender. Knowing this they decorated the baby's room in a variety of shapes and colors.

Thinking back on the memories Max fell into a quick slumber, his arm wrapped around Liz and their baby.


Max awoke in the middle of the night with Liz shaking him. "Max...Max...get up...I think this is it," Liz said.

Max's eyes got wide as he hoped out of bed putting on his pants and a shirt. "Are you ready?" Max asked a bit nervous. Liz nodded and Max hurried as he grabbed his keys. "Let's go."

Liz walked down the hall, but was halted when her water broke. Liz let out a scream as the baby pushed against her stomach. Max swept Liz off her feet and carried her towards the car. "Max...I...don't...think...we'," she said inbetween puffs of air. She continued taking deep breaths of air as the baby kicked again.

"Liz we'll make it don't worry," Max said placing her into the passenger seat. He ran around to the drivers side and quickly started the car up. He drove to the hospital in what seemed to be record timing. Putting the car in park, he hopped out of the drivers seat and ran around to the passenger side. Lifting Liz up he carried her into the maternity ward.


Liz sat in the hospital bed doing her breathing exercizes as Max held onto her hand. Everytime a contraction would hit she would squeeze Max's hand and scream in pain.

Max couldn't stand to see Liz like this. He wanted more than anything to take away the pain. On the other hand he knew he had to stay strong for her. He heard the doctor enter the room but not once did he let his gaze wander away from Liz.

The doctor checked up on Liz and told her the baby was coming now. He instructed Liz to push. As she did so, she squeezed Max's hand tightly. Normally a man would concentrate on the immense pain, but Max was too busy watching his beautiful bride to be.

Infact, he was so mesmorize he didn't have time to notice the doctor pull the baby out and exclaim, "it's a girl!" A few assistants took the baby and cleaned it up as the doctor spook to Liz. "You didn't want to know anything about your babies until birth...well your having twins so you're going to need to push again," he instructed.

Max looked at Liz in shock. He wasn't going to have one child, he was going to have two. A huge smile spread over his face as he continued to dreamily watch Liz.

Liz pushed again as hard as she could. She thought the pain was bad the first time, but the fact that she couldn't rest right away and had to give birth again...well the thought just made her think of more pain. She looked over at Max and saw him smile. At that point she knew everything was going to be ok. He really wanted a large family. Halfway through the birth she saw Alex standing across the room. It gave her the will power to push the baby's feet out.

At that point the doctor exclaimed, "it's a boy!"

"Liz you were amazing and beautiful," Max said planting a quick kiss on her lips.

"I hate to interrupt the moment, but here are your children," an assistant said placing the babies in each of Liz's arms.

"Max? How do you feel about Claudia Diane Evans and Alexander Max Evans for names?" Liz asked looking into Max's eyes. Claudia was Max's favorite grandmother whom had died of cancer when he was a young boy. Diane was his mother.

His eyes filled with tears of happiness at the thought. "They're perfect."

Alex stood in the corner of the room. "Liz you didn't have to," he said walking to his namesake.

"Who's that?" Max said looking at Alex. At first Liz was startled that Max could hear, much less see Alex.

"My best friend...from heaven," Liz explained. "Alex, Max....Max this is Alex."
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Chapter 21

Max stood up and gave Alex a manly hug. “Thanks…for taking care of Liz before and during her stay here,” Max said as he patted Alex’s back.

“No problem man,” Alex said as they broke away from the hug. “Congratulations Lizzie, I gotta go back to work. I’ll see ya around.” With that Alex’s form slowly dissipated into what seemed like nothing.

Liz was still holding the twins on the bed with a huge smile spread across her face. Max sat back in his seat beside Liz. “Can I hold them?” he asked. When Liz nodded he picked up Alexander first, then Claudia.

After giving birth, Liz was tired, but when she held her babies in her arms there was something different about the situation. She wanted to stay awake and watch them every second of the day. Once she knew Max had the babies, she felt safe and slowly drifted to sleep.

Max turned his head and looked at Liz who was sleeping soundlessly. He still couldn’t believe that they made these two beautiful babies. Both Alex and Claudia had their father’s ears…which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Luckily, they both had their mother’s eyes.

This was his family, the family that he’d been hoping for his entire life. He gently cradled his two children planning everything that he would experience with the two. With Alexander he would teach him how to play sports, of course. With Claudia he would have to fend off all the guys that would go after her.

Max smiled at the thought as two familiar faces entered the hospital room. “Shh,” Max whispered holding a finger up to his lips. “Liz is asleep.”

Maria and Michael walked up to Max and the two babies. “Twins?” Maria whispered. “Congratulations.”

“They look…slimy,” Michael said.

“They’re cute,” Maria replied. “I can’t wait until we have children.”

“We are NOT having children,” Michael explained.

“What if I told you I was pregnant?”

“Are you?”

“No. But what if I was?”

“Shhh,” Max whispered again. “Take that outside.” Liz stirred in her sleep, but didn’t wake up.

“Sorry,” Maria whispered after smacking Michael upside his head. “Can I hold one of them?”

Max nodded handing her Claudia. “Her name is Claudia and this one is Alexander…Alex for short.” Michael stood watching Maria interact with Claudia and was truly amazed. He looked at Alex and made a quick little wave so that Maria couldn’t see. “Would you like to hold him?” Max asked.

Maria looked at Michael longingly. Her eyes widened when Michael agreed and picked up Alex cradling him and cooing soft words of comfort.


During the stay at the hospital Max called his house and ordered another crib to be put in the baby room. Now, the newborns and their parents were on their way back to the mansion.


“Hmm?” Max responded keeping his eyes locked on the long stretch of road ahead of him.

“We need a safer car for the kids,” Liz stated looking back at their two children in the backseat of the Porsche. They fit snuggly, but even the smallest bump could injure them.

When they finally arrived home, Liz got the kids out of the back and carried them into the house. She would have done anything to have a twin. Sure, Alex was like a twin, but it was more of a friendship than a brother/sister relationship.

Once inside, Liz laid down the children in their own cribs, rocking them gently as they fell into a deep slumber. Liz couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as the babies sucked their thumbs in their sleep. It was the most adorable thing she had seen in her entire life.

What made it even better was when Max put his arm around her. He stood quietly observing the two newborns and his fiancé. This is was his life…and what a life it was.

Chapter 22

Liz nervously stood outside of the Guerin household. Alex and Claudia were now 1 month old and tucked in bed safely at home. Liz on the other hand was clutching her purse as she brought her hand up to the door, gently rapping her knuckles against it.

The door merrily opened revealing a very cheery Maria. Of course, there wasn’t a moment she wasn’t in a cheery mood. Except when Michael had done something stupid.

“HEY LIZ! How are you? This is such a pleasant surprise!” Maria said, bringing Liz into a gentle hug. “Hey, what’s got you down? Oh come on don’t be so shy, mi casa es su casa.” With that Maria led Liz into the living room, shutting the door once Liz sat down on the couch.

“Well, Maria, I wanted to talk to you about something,” Liz said fidgeting.

“Shoot,” Maria said sitting in a chair opposite Liz.

“Well…you know how Max and I are engaged right? We were thinking about having the wedding in a couple of month. On Christmas Day actually, and I was wondering…would you like to be my maid of honor?”

Maria jumped off the chair squealing with delight as she pulled Liz into a hug. Before long she was prancing around the room. “Liz this is so great! Thank you so much!” With that Maria pulled her into another hug.

Liz smiled at her newfound friend. “Umm…well we have some extra time…I sorta need to plan the entire wedding.”

“Well, what are we waiting for let’s go!” Maria screamed as she grabbed a coat and ran out of the house. She jumped into the Jetta and honked the horn as Liz walked to the passenger side.

“Thank you Maria, you don’t know how much this means to me…so what’s first?”

“Dresses! Oh my gosh this is going to be so much fun!”


Liz stood in front of the full-length mirror twirling around. She had been trying on dresses for the past two hours. This dress was like all the rest…either too revealing or too old fashioned. What she had been looking for was a classy wedding dress that covered her entire body with the exception of her shoulders and collar.

Stepping away from the mirror she reached into her bag. Maria was looking for the remainder of wedding dresses in the store they had tried on every dress imaginable within a five-mile radius. Liz pulled out her cell phone and dialed home. The truth was, ever since she arrived at Maria’s house she’d been missing her children…now she could finally contact them and see how they were doing.

“Evans household,” Juanita said on the other line.

“Hey Juanita…is Max there?” Liz said in a whispered voice. She didn’t want Maria to hear her…especially since she was supposed to be trying on the three other wedding dresses hanging in the fitting room. She glanced at them and immediately knew they weren’t her style.

“Hello?” Max said sounding exasperated.

“Hey honey…is something wrong? Are the babies ok?”

“They're fine…where are you? I’ve been worried sick.”

“I’m shopping with Maria…for the wedding. She agreed to be my maid of honor. I’m so sorry, it was last minute…so what happened with the kids?”

“Oh nothing, just playing with their pops,” Max said lightheartedly, a silly grin plastered over his face.

“Is that Alex in the background? I’m coming over right now,” Liz said once she heard the familiar cry.

“Liz, no, don’t worry, everything is under control. Shop for our wedding. Have fun.”

“Ok, I’ll see you tonight,” Liz replied, smacking her lips against the cell phone.

“I love you,” Max said, kissing the phone the same way.

“I love you too.” With that they hung up. Liz opened the dressing room door and saw a teary eyed Maria standing in front of her.

“Liz…that was…wow that was beautiful. I’ve never eavesdropped and…wow…these emotions. Where did they come from?” Maria asked choking out her words. “Liz I’m so sorry, but that dress is so not you.”

“Its alright,” Liz sighed. “It’s just, I want to look perfect. Your wedding day only occurs once.”

“Actually…that’s not always true…Michael and I got married three times.” Liz looked at Maria astonished. “What? Ok, so we got divorced twice. What is it they say? Third times the charm?”

Liz couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from her. It didn’t surprise her that Michael and Maria had been married and divorced and then remarried. Either way, they fit together…just like herself and Max. Which left her with the dress.

“LIZ!” Maria screamed. That was when Liz realized that Maria had left her to go scavenger hunting for the perfect dress. “I think this is it!”

Liz met Maria halfway still wearing the hideous wedding dress she had tried on before. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing, which made her even more eager to try on the next dress. Unlike all the other dresses Liz tried on, this one seemed to have a certain glow about it.


“Maria?” Liz said behind the dressing room door. “I think…no I know this is it!”

“Well come on out chica! The suspense is killing me!”

With that Liz stepped out and Maria gasped. It was THE dress.

Chapter 23

Liz paced anxiously in her old bedroom. Maria had done her hair up and placed tiny rose buds through the French braid. The wedding dress was hung on the door. All Liz could do was stare. She had been waiting for this day her entire life, and now, now she was going to marry the man of her dreams.

Maria entered the bedroom and looked at Liz. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you dressed?”

“Nothing…” Liz said, a smile forming at her lips. “I’m just…nervous…I want this to be perfect.”

“And it will be! As long as the bride gets dressed! Now get dressed chica!”

Liz grabbed the dress off of the door. That pep talk was just what she needed.

“Aww…look who crawled in!” Maria shrieked.

Liz looked down and saw Claudia dressed up in a white dress with short sleeves. Liz bent down and picked Claudia up. “Hey sweetie, whatcha doing? Did you crawl all the way in here? Huh?” Liz asked tickling her daughter. The response she got was pure laughter, making her stomach churn. Things couldn’t get more perfect.


“Have you seen Claudia?” Max asked Michael, his best man. Panicking, Max ran down the hallways of the house calling out Claudia’s name.

“Is that Max?” Maria asked Liz, peaking out of the bedroom to check.

“MARIA! Have…have you seen Claudia?” Max whispered. If Maria hadn’t seen her he wouldn’t want Liz to overhear and get worried.

“Yeah…she’s in here with Liz, slow down lover boy…deep breath. She’ll see you at the alter.” With that Maria shut the door. Max was left with a visual of Liz walking down the isle, her body slightly aglow. His lips turned into a half smile as he pictured them saying their “I do’s.”


“What’s wrong?” Liz asked Maria heading to the door.

“No you don’t!” Maria said pulling Liz away from the door. “Max was just worried about Claudia…now that that’s taking care of get dressed!”


Maria walked down the isle.

Max and Liz had both agreed to have the wedding in the backyard, considering that it was a huge garden and they didn’t have enough notice to get married in a church. It was perfect for them. Only close family and friends were allowed.

What made the wedding unique was that Maria was carrying Claudia instead of a bouquet of flowers. Michael held onto Alex. They were too young to be the ring bearer or flower girl, but both Max and Liz agreed that they be present in the wedding.

Liz walked down the isle. Max stared at her, his eyes full of passion, love, and lust. She was extravagant. Dressed in a strapless wedding gown, that flowed to the ground, but only barely touching it. As Max had imagined Liz was glowing, a white light seemed to escape her body. She walked up to Max stopping and turning towards him.

They said their “I do’s” and Max slipped a diamond ring on Liz’s finger, even more exquisite than the engagement ring. When they were pronounced husband and wife, they instantly clung together as if they were two wild animals that hadn’t had their last meal in days, even weeks. The poor priest didn’t even have time to announce, “You may kiss the bride.”

There were woops and hollers in the background as Max and Liz continued to make out, oblivious to their audience, or their children, who were clapping their hands. When they finally decided to break apart, due to lack of air, they lost each other in the abyss of each other’s eyes, knowing what was going to happen later that day.

Chapter 24

Max quickly swept Liz off her feet as they walked off the alter. The few people there threw rose petals. Ok, so the tradition was rice, but everyone knew how messy rice could get. In fact, Maria had ordered them not to throw rice…especially since her wedding night she spent picking out rice…among other things.

Once they were safely inside the house, Max moved swiftly to the dining room, with Liz still in his arms. The cake was placed on the elongated table and was 3 tiers high. Max set Liz down while the guests crowded into the room. He took the liberty of taking the knife and slicing to pieces, one for Liz and the other for himself.

Taking up the first slice he fed it to Liz smudge some against her lip. Instead of simply taking his fingers to wipe it off he pulled her into a kiss. His tongue removing the frosting as he kissed her sweetly. Liz took the second piece holding it up to Max. When she knew he was absolutely ready she shoved into his mouth. Half of it was spread across his face, leaving Liz smiling. Her cleanup was going to take a lot more work than Max’s did. She moved in, wrapping her arms around his neck as her kisses were scattered across his face, in all the places the cake had splattered. Max caught onto her game, but he couldn’t stand to just sit back and watch her kisses wreck havoc on his skin.

Max’s arms went around her waist pulling her closer. With that he captured her mouth as their tongues did a happy dance. They were together, they were each other’s, now and forever.

Liz pulled away slightly, whispering into Max’s ear, “No fair…I was supposed to clean up the mess.”

Max had to stifle back a groan. Did Liz know what she did to him? His senses were on over drive. That honeymoon would come in handy right about now.

Liz had somehow managed to free herself away from Max and sit in a chair. The bouquet toss was pretty much taken out considering that all the women invited were married. Next came the garter toss, which Liz noticed a very enthusiastic Alex had shown up for.

Max smiled slyly as he made his way to his bride across the room, patiently waiting for him. When Max reached her, he winked at her and got down on his knees. He started at her ankle, moving his hands up her leg.

Liz had to choke back a moan as Max’s hands sent chills up her spine. Her lip was meeting the forces of her teeth as Max’s hands made their way further up her leg. Liz’s eyes instinctively shut as her other senses became more alert.

Max looked at Liz mischievously once his hands made their way up to her mid-thigh. He crept his way further up as he let his fingers linger where they shouldn’t have. That was when he felt the lace of the garter.

Liz’s eyes popped open at the loss of Max’s hands. Her eyes searched the room as Max threw the garter and Alex caught it.

“PICTURES!” Maria yelled, snapping Liz out of her daze.


After having what seemed like an hours worth of pictures, everyone gathered around for a night of dancing.

Max and Liz stood in the middle of the floor as Maria whispered to the DJ a song. Technically, Max and Liz didn’t have a song, not yet at least. With everything that had happened in the past year, it had seemed nearly impossible.

Liz’s arms instinctively wrapped around Max’s neck, as he placed his arms around her tiny waist. It was as if Liz hadn’t been pregnant at all. She had shed the pregnancy pounds quickly, but it wasn’t without a lot of work. Liz rested her head against Max’s chest as they started to dance to the music.

When I first saw you I already knew
There was something inside of you
Something I thought that I would never find
Angel of Mine

“I love this song,” Liz said gazing into Max’s eyes.

I look at you looking at me
Now I know why they say the best things are free
Gonna love you boy you are so fine
Angel of Mine

“And I love you,” Max responded, placing a tender kiss upon her lips.

How you changed my world you'll never know
I'm here for now, you helped me grow

You came into my life
Sent from above
When I lost the hope
You show my love
I'm checkin for you
Boy you’re right on time

Max and Liz continued to dance as the guests watched them in awe. It was rare that you ever saw couples so in love and in tune with each other. This would be one relationship that would endure for an eternity.

Nothing means more to me then what we share
No one in this world can ever compare
Last night the way you moved is still on my mind
Angel of Mine

“Max?” Liz asked looking up at him again.

What you mean to me you'll never know
Deep inside I need to show

“Hmmm?” He responded looking dazed and contempt.

You came into my life
Sent from above
When I lost the hope
You show my love
I'm checkin’ for you
Boy you’re right on time
Angel of Mine

“This is our song,” Liz said smiling. Max’s smile replicated hers within a matter of seconds. A teary eyed Maria was seen escaping to the bathroom.

“That…was…so romantic,” Maria said when Michael asked her if she was ok.


After the excitement of dancing, the guests dispersed with the exception of Michael and Maria.

“Ok, so here’s the babies’ milk. Just heat it for 15 seconds in the microwave. Umm, diapers are right here, and that’s the dispenser…” Liz rambled as she mentally checked off everything in her mind.

“Liz, we got it, don’t worry, the babies will be JUST fine,” Maria stated.

“Oh, if there’s an emergency Max’s cell phone number is on the refrigerator.”

“Go on your honeymoon chica!” Maria said pushing her towards Max.

Max swept Liz off her feet, carrying her out to the black limo. Liz gently smacked Max. “You’re such a tease!”

Max’s eyes sparkled as he looked at her. “What are you talking about?”

“The garter.”

Max smiled remembering their small, but intimate moment. “There’ll be more of that for the honeymoon.” He placed Liz in the limo and sat down next to her, a playful grin spread across his face.

Chapter 25

“Please tell me where we’re going,” Liz pleaded.

“It’s a surprise,” Max replied. She had been begging him for the first five minutes of the car ride as he continually repeated himself with the ‘it’s a surprise’ speech.

“Please?” Liz continued to beg this time moving so that she sat upon Max’s lap. She peppered him with kisses around his face and down to his neck.

Instead of responding to her questions, he responded to her actions, his lips connecting with hers. It was amazing to say the least. After what seemed like seconds of innocent kisses, Max and Liz ended up in a laying position on the black leather seats.

Max’s body was on top of Liz’s as his arms snaked around her back, teasing her with the zipper of the wedding dress.

“HEY, HEY, HEY!” Liz yelled. “You’re the one who’s supposed to be tortured, not me!” Liz playfully smacked him until she was on top. It was a larger task than she thought it would be with the thickness of the wedding dress getting in their way.

Liz’s hands roamed Max’s body, stopping at the zipper of his tuxedo pants. She could feel the strain of his erection against her fingertips, but she was going to make him pay for the garter incident. Slowly, her fingers undid the button and then even slower they unzipped his pants.

Liz could see the torture Max was being put through as his eyes shut tight, hoping for some amount of pleasure during their ride. Liz was trying her best not to lose control herself. Seeing Max in such a state brought her hormones level to his.

Max couldn’t take the torture any longer. He slid his pants along with his boxers down to his ankles, not bothering to kick them off. Liz watched Max with interest as he bit his lower lip. Her index finger traced his long shaft, his eyes twitching with pleasure.

“Liz please…” Max half-begged, half-moaned.

Liz giggled with delight as her hand engulfed his penis and began pumping it. At first she was slow, moving her hand up and down at a speed she knew would be agony for Max. When he began to thrust into her hand, she couldn’t hold back. Before long, her hand was replaced with her mouth as she began to suck on his member, her tongue tracing its way up and down.

Max was on the verge of coming when the limo was brought to a halt. Liz mouth detached from his throbbing erection.

“Max, hurry up…the limo driver is coming around to open the door,” Liz said, trying her best to get his boxers and pants into place. Max helped her as he bit his lower lip. She wanted to torture him and she’d been 100% successful.

The back door opened as the chauffer stood outside of the limo.

Liz started to get out when Max grabbed her hand. “I want to do this the right way,” he said simply, picking her up in his arms and carrying her to a beach house.

“Oh Max! This place is beautiful!” Liz smiled as she watched the waves crash against the shore. Her arms fit snugly around Max’s neck. The sun was low in the sky, but not quite to the point of a sunset.

“It’s ours…and ours alone.” Max reached for the door and swung it open. He carried his wife through the threshold into what would be their permanent beach house.

“How long have you had this place?” Liz’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“Since June…every free moment I had, I’d come here and fix this place up. I knew it had to be perfect for our honeymoon.” Max and Liz’s noses nuzzled against each other with pure love as Max continued to carry Liz further into the miniature house. Once in the bedroom, Liz gasped.

There laid a queen sized bed. Covering it were red satin sheets with a matching comforter and pillows. Spread out across the covers must have been a hundred white rose petals. In every imaginable corner of the room there were candles. Some were on the windowsill, some on the dresser, and even some on various tables. The candles had yet to be lit, but with the sun beaming in through the window there was no need for them at this particular moment.

“Do you like it?” Max asked.

“Like it? I love it. Thank you so much,” Liz said bringing him into one of their mind-blowing kisses.

“So…do you think we can continue…where we left off?”

“I know we can continue…” With those words spoken Max practically ran to the bed. He didn’t want to seem too desperate, but he had been left in an uncontrollable state in the limo. His work was yet to be finished.

Liz was laid across the bed, on top of the rose petals with the sensation of the satin sheets tickling at her skin. Max brought his hand around to the back of Liz’s partially opened wedding dress, bringing the zipper down the rest of the way. She slithered out of it as Max pulled it away.

Liz’s hands moved quickly, undoing Max’s tuxedo jacket, discarding it somewhere on the hardwood floor. She fumbled with his shirt buttons, tearing two buttons off on her way down. Max’s hands covered Liz's as he spoke to her. “I want this to last forever…let’s go slow.”

His calm manner proved even more to Liz how much she loved him. Max’s hands roamed Liz’s body as his eyes drank in as much of her as he could. His hands stopped at Liz’s bra, gently skimming his fingers over the lace material.

Liz arched her back into Max’s hands as she moaned with pleasure. Everything he did, every move he made, caused her body to ache with desire. Max had nearly had enough. His wife was lying there beside him and all he wanted to do was take her right then and there. He wanted to forget what he had said about taking things slow.

He brought his hands around Liz’s back to unhook her bra. Once he successfully removed it, his hands began their voyage to her breasts. His hands barely skimming the nipples as Liz cried out to him, begging and pleading that he plunge into her depths.

Liz could hardly breathe. This was almost as bad, if not worse than the reception. Here she was, alone in a secluded area and she was taking things slow. Personally, she didn’t know if she could make it much longer. She brought her tiny hands up and removed what remained of Max’s shirt, her hands running up and down Max’s sculpted chest.

Max’s lips found their way to Liz’s as if by some magnetic force. Their tongues dueled, trying to take every piece of the others mouths, only to result in crashing tongues.

Max’s lips detached from Liz’s as his kisses continued down her body. He left a hot trail as his tongue swirled around Liz’s breasts. After giving each the attention they deserved he moved further down her body. His kisses went to her belly button and then to her panty line. Max slowly scooted away so that he could remove her shoes and her nylons. Aside from his pants and boxers, the only thing that was between him and her binding was a simple pair of panties.

“Max…” Liz moaned. “Please…”

Max took the sides of her underwear, slowly taking them off.

Liz on the other hand wasn’t as strong as Max seemed to be. She was losing control and she had no time for games. She wanted to be whole. After unzipping Max’s pants she brought them down along with his boxers as he kicked off his shoes, sock, pants and boxers in one swift motion, landing in the heap of clothing on the floor.

“I love you, Max,” Liz said, her eyes sparkling with passion as she gazed into his amber eyes.

“I love you too, Liz Evans,” Max responded, his eyes reflecting the same love and desire.

Max brought his tip to Liz and plunged into her. Every time was like their first time, him filling her every desire. Now they were bound, both by marriage and love. Once Liz’s walls clamped around his member he began to pump faster. Together they met each other’s thrusts, screaming out moans and groans.

“Max…so…close,” Liz screamed. She could feel her climax coming; she was so close to the edge. Max’s hands roamed her body, sending tingles coursing through both of them. Finally, Liz hit her peak with Max at the same moment. Not a second early and not a second late.

Without pulling himself out of Liz, Max rolled so that she was on top. The last thing he wanted to do was crush her. He pulled the satin sheets around them in an attempt to make sure that Liz wouldn’t get cold, although after what had just happened he doubted that was possible.

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Chapter 26

“Liz…Liz, honey, wake up,” Max said nudging his new wife.

Liz had slept with a broad smile plastered across her face. Their previous actions in the bed had been quite exhausting, her system screamed that it needed sleep and so she slept. Now, she was opening her eyes to find herself sprawled out on a beach towel beside her husband.

“You were sleeping so soundly I didn’t want to disturb you, but then again I didn’t want you to miss the beautiful sunset.” Max pointed out to the ocean where the sun had gone down half way, its upper half peering out different shades of red, pink, and orange over both the sky and the ocean.

“It’s amazing,” Liz gawked. She brought herself into a seated position when she noticed that she was wearing a swimsuit. “Where’d you…”

“Juanita and Maria helped me pick it out for you about a week ago,” Max explained.

Liz’s arms instantly found their way around Max’s neck. Her lips attached to his like peanut butter on jelly. Her body immediately snaking its way back onto his.

Max’s lips detached from hers, his lips parting, “we’re going to miss the view.”

“I’m liking the view in front of me,” Liz responded boldly. “But if you want to stop.” Liz stood up, brushing a few stray grains of sand off.

“No…” Max’s breathing was erratic and at this point he couldn’t stop.

“Then you’re just going to have to catch me.” With that Liz ran towards the water. It was a different experience, considering the closest thing she had come to this was a tub. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea…but she WANTED Max to catch her.

By the time Liz reached the water, Max had gotten up from his spot and started running towards her. Liz slowly made her way through the water, walking inch by inch in what seemed to be slow motion. She had no clue how to swim, which made things even more difficult.

Max on the other hand, made it to her in a split second. He hooked his arms around her legs, planting her into her current spot. “Gotcha…now do I get to claim my prize?”

“Depends…what are you willing to do for this prize?”

“ANYTHING!” Max exclaimed, putting heavy emphasis on the word.

“Teach me how to swim,” Liz said. “It looks like so much fun, but I’ve never done it. It can’t be that hard.”

“Ok,” Max said, slightly disappointed that she didn’t want to do anything more. He demonstrated to Liz the front crawl, moving his arms swiftly. Liz watched on as Max’s shoulder blades moved…his bareback was turning her on more and more.

“Like this?” Liz asked trying to repeat Max’s actions. Her kicks were obviously too hard and her arms were flailing off to the side.

Max chuckled as he grabbed Liz at the waist. He took one of his hands and overlapped it with hers as his other suspended her in the water. His arm moved swiftly, the way you were supposed to move while doing the front crawl.

As he brought her arm back, his hand brushed along Liz’s thigh, sending a vibration coursing through his body. His eyes instinctively closed so that he could feel the vibration clearly. When his eyes opened again Liz was on top of him, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. She was attacking his mouth with her tongue, pushing the lips apart.

Max tugged on Liz’s bikini bottom tossing it aside. He quickly reached up to her top, pulling the strings and immediately tossing that in the same direction he tossed the bottoms.

Liz’s feet pushed down Max’s swim trunks, as his tip gently pressed against her center. Liz moaned into Max’s mouth as they dipped underwater. The feeling of the tide whipping past them sent tremors down their bodies.

Liz continued to make love to Max’s mouth as she lowered herself onto him. The tide continued to swish past them, causing tiny orgasms, close enough to the point of release.

Momentarily, Max pulled them up for gasps of air and proceeded to thrust into her as one final wave hit and they were brought over the edge of oblivion. Pulling up for one last gasp of air Max said, “That was…wow.”

“My words exactly,” Liz responded.

“We need to get a pool…”

Liz giggled at the thought. A lot of naughty things would be happening in the pool…then again that wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Let’s go back to the beach house,” Max said carrying Liz in his arms through the sand into the house and to the bedroom.

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Chapter 27

It was the middle of the night when Liz woke up in bed. Her arms were wrapped around Max. They had the best sex earlier that night, but right now she was worried about her kids. Slowly, she unraveled herself from Max and got out of bed.

As she made it to the living room of the beach house, she pulled the phone out of the cradle and called home.



“Yes, Liz is that you?”

“Yeah, how are the kids?”

“They’re asleep safe and sound. Aren’t you supposed to be on your honeymoon? Chica, I swear if you’re leaving mind blowing sex to check on your children…that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Maria!” Liz hissed into the phone.


Max stirred around in bed, eventually ending up laying on his stomach. His arm flapped down at the empty spot beside him, hoping to catch Liz’s body and bring her warmth to him. Unfortunately, all he got was the air and ruffled sheets. His eyes flew open when he didn’t see her.

Quickly, Max reassured himself that she had just gone to the bathroom and that she wouldn’t leave him. Especially not on their honeymoon.

Max glanced at the clock. 4:00. His eyes shifted to the telephone. Calling home to check on the kids wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He picked the phone up off the hook when he heard Liz’s voice on the other end.

“Did I miss anything?”

“Besides burps and messy diapers, no. Now go back to your man, I’m sure he’s awake right now. Oh and chica? Try not to make a habit of calling at 4 in the morning.”

“Bye Maria,” Liz said with a giggle. She placed the phone back in its spot as did Max. Returning to the bedroom she saw Max sitting up against the headboard. “Hey…umm…honey, don’t get mad…I just wanted to check on the kids.”

“I know…I did too.” Max responded a guilty look on his face.

Liz moved to the bed lying down beside Max. He shifted until his arms were wrapped around her petite body. "So that was you on the phone?"

Max nodded guiltily as they shifted closer together, as close as two bodies could get without actually having one inside the other. Max's hand made it to Liz's hair, gently stroking the silky strands through his fingers. He could definitely get used to waking up and seeing his new bride next to him every morning. All-in-all he knew he was the luckiest man on Earth...or heaven for that matter.


The next morning, Max awoke to the sun gleaming through the shades, pouring their rays over the heavenly site beside him. Life was great...and it was only going to get better.

Max sat there contempt. He had no reason to rush things. They were going to be together for an eternity and then some.

When Liz awoke from her deep slumber, she looked up at her pillow for the night, Max. He seemed to be off in another world, but completely contempt. "Max?"

Max snapped out of his trance, looking upon Liz. "You're awake," Max responded peppering her face with kisses. His lips made their way down her neck, glancing up at her periodically.


After a morning of love making, Max made Liz breakfast. They were both anxious to get back to Alex Jr. and Claudia. Max called the limo service to come and pick up Liz and himself.

Now, they were exitting the limo that had just pulled up to their grand house. When they stepped inside they were greated by a warm welcome from both Maria and Michael. The kids were playing in the living room with some new toys, which had obviously been gifts from Maria and Michael.

Max thought back about a year ago, when he had first met Liz. That was when his bad luck and grumpy mood had changed dramatically and now he was a new man with a great family, and friends to match.

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