Hi; this is my newest fanfic and *gasp* it's Max/Liz. I usually just write UC couples but I got this idea and just couldn't get rid of it.

Although I stayed true to my uc routes. The other couples are Michael/Isabel and Tess/Kyle.

Anyways, I would really like feedback on this.

It's AU. It's about Liz, Kyle and Tess dealing with their lives on the street and what happens to their world when Max, Michael and Isabel enter it.

Also, Tess is human in this fic and not a bitch *happy* (yes I am a tess fan)

Part One


It's my passion.

It's my life.

It's the reason why I'm standing on this broken, wooden stage with it's rusty nails in a run-down bar.

Not that I'm complaining.

Broadway's, that's what we call the place, is the only joint me and my band could get a gig at.

Every band has to start somewhere.

Plus, it pays.

Every time you point your finger
3 more point right back at you
I'm not sayin' that it's something wrong with life
'Cause that's a sad excuse

That's me, singing my heart out into the mic.

I have to say, we look the part of a garage band.

Me, with my long, dark hair and it's million braids.

Tess, the one playing the guitar, with her curly blonde hair highlighted in blue.

Kyle, the drummer, with his bleach job.

And our outfits, slammin' of course.

An age old game of rat and mouse
Chasin' us from house to house
I'm not sayin' that it's something wrong with you
It's wrong with me as well

The crowd's pretty good tonight.

We've been picking up fans since we started playing here.

The 'official' name of the place is "John's Den."

We local's call it Broadway's.

Don't ask me why, it was already being called that when we arrived in town.

I was surprised at first the cops hadn't busted the place.

I doubt one person in the place is over the age of 19.

But than again, the cops look the other direction when it comes back to this part of town.

The lower part of Sunquest, Nevada, were me and my band make our home, is completely inhabited by runaway teens.

The stores, the bars, the low-rent apartments are filled by kids running away from one hell or another.

Heavenly intoxication
Love's been marred by medication
Ain't it funny how life can take a turn
When the end is near

That's when they walked into the bar.

Drenched to the bone, cowering in the back as if they were afraid.

I couldn't take my eyes of the three of them.

The boy with spiky, brown hair had his arms protectively wrapped around a girl with long blond hair.

The other boy, the one with amazing brown eyes, was leaning against the wall, staring at me.

I'm not sayin' that it's something
I'm not gonna play along
I'm not wishin' for a miracle
That miracle's gone wrong

The last note was played and the crowd burst into cheers, but I barely noticed.

I couldn't look away from him.

"Liz," Tess said, pulling roughly on my arm.

I snapped my eyes away from him to Tess.

"What?" I asked.

"You okay? You were just standing there," Tess asked.

"I was looking at...," I said, turning my attention back to the wall were the three had stood.

They were gone.

"Looking at what?" she asked, as music from a cheap cd player filled the bar.

"Three new kids," I said, desperately searching the bar with my eyes, trying to find him.

"So, we get a lot of new kids in here," Kyle said, joining us.

"I know, it's just, the guy...," I started but Tess's laughter stopped me. "What?"

"You like him," Tess said.

"I do not, I don't even know him," I said, as we walked off the stage to the bar.

"That doesn't mean anything," Kyle pointed out.

"Yeah, just because you don't know a guy doesn't mean you don't want to jump him," Tess said, as the bartender pulled out three beers.

"I don't want to do him either," I protested, taking a sip from the bottle.

"Sure, whatever," Tess said, as she settled herself on Kyle's lap.

The two began to kiss, their beer forgotten on the counter. I turned back to the crowd.

Not that Tess and Kyle making out bothers me.

The two have been together for years, I'm used to it.

I'm just hoping he's still here.

I don't now what it is about him, I mean after all, he's just another guy.

One in a million that will pass threw this town at one time or another.

It's just that's their something...different about this one.

Part Two


It's my favorite time.

During the day, the streets are busy and there's loud blaring noise from all directions.

But at night, it's different.

The streets, they're empty.

Sure, you'll come across a stray person or two on their way home but most people are at a party or in a bar.

And the noise, it's still there but distance.

You have smallest sounds of party's leaking onto the street, you have your footsteps and the sounds of animals making there way into the night.

It's like music.

And add the smell of the rain, which had stopped only an hour or so ago, and the stars shining in the now empty sky.

It's rather poetic.

"So, were are we off to?" Kyle asked, breaking the silence.

"It's three a.m.," Tess pointed out, as I noticed a couple getting hot and heavy in a alleyway.

"Yeah, so?" Kyle asked, as he took another long drink from the bottle.

"Come on, don't tell me you want to go and sleep?" I asked, kicking a empty box out of my way. "I'm to worked up from our last show."

"Well, sleeping wasn't what I had on my mind," Tess said, smiling up at Kyle.

"Oh god," I said, with a laugh.

"You can join," Kyle suggested, causing Tess to hit him.

"Maybe next time" I joked, kicking a puddle.

That's when I saw them.

The three teens from the bar were walking farther up the street.

"It's them," I said, pointing.

"Who?" Kyle asked, pulling his attention away from Tess who had been whispering something obviously suggestive in his ear.

I swear, sometimes I think the only thing on those two minds is sex and music.

In that order.

"The newbies I told you about," I said, letting my hand find the small silver heart-shaped necklace I always wore.

"You mean the guy you want to fuck?" Tess asked.

"Shut up," I said, causing Kyle to laugh. "I'll be right back."

"Fine," Kyle said, as I began to jog towards the three.

I don't know what's gotten into me.

But like I said, it's something about them...about him.

Maybe they remind me of what I used to be.

Maybe Tess is right.

Maybe this whole thing is messed up.

"Hey," I said, from several steps behind them.

I saw the girl tense, and the spiky hair boy wrap his arms around her.

"What?" he asked, sounding slightly pissed off.

But I wasn't looking at him.

"Hi," said the other guy said.

"You're new around here," I said.

"How'd you know?" he asked.

"I've lived here for a good two years. I know everyone's face." I answered.

"Oh," the girl said, with a scared look on her face.

I knew that look, it used to be mine.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to call the police on you. This whole area is nothing but us runaways," I told her. "I'm Liz, by the way."

"That's Michael and Isabel," the boy said, girl and the boy with spiky hair.

"And you are?" I asked, smiling.

"Max." he answered.

"So, what's your story?" I asked, stepping closer to them.

"Does this conversation have a point?" Michael asked.

"You know, this place can be hell if you don't have someone to show you around," I said, locking his eyes with him.

"We can take care of ourselves," he snapped. "Come on."

With that, he and Isabel turned and began to walk away. Max stood there staring at me for a moment.

"Max! Come on," Isabel called, her voice distant

"Coming," he said, starting to back away.

"I guess I'll see you around," I said. He smiled.

And than he ran to his friends and they rounded a corner.

I almost believed Michael when he said they could take care of themselves.

Those three, they weren't new to the runaway thing.

I had this feeling, those three have been running for a long time.

And whatever there story is, it's not a happy one.

"God, Tess!" Kyle's voice moans, breaking threw the night.

"I can hear you guys!" I yell, not looking back.

"Sorry," Kyle yells, and I can make out Tess's muffled laughter.

"I'll meet you at the loft," I shout back, as I start to walk down the street.

The night's a great time to think too.

I write most of my song lyrics at night, under the moon.

But for once my mind isn't on our next song.

It's on those three.

And their story.

Whatever it is, it isn't a happy one.

Isabel alone is enough to tell you that.

She has this look to her, like she used to be powerful, strong, popular.

Not your usual run away.

Michael, now that I can see.

He's the usual run away guy, mean and cold.

But Max I don't get.

He's nice.

He's together.

And his eyes are still alive.

I'll be damned if I don't find out what there story is.