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Title: Strong, Dangerous, & Undeniable
Author: Destinee
Rating: PG-13
Category: M/L, a little Mi/Ma, and a strong focus on Michael
Disclaimer: The characters in this story don't belong to me, but to M. Metz, J. Katims, and The WB- or I guess now it’s UPN. In any case, I'm just gently leading them where I'd like them to go. No infringement intended.

Summary: This story begins with the scene in MITC when Liz does her astral projection thing. It follows along with everything in the show up to that point, and goes on to explore Liz's powers, and to resolve the obstacles in the path of her being together with Max.

Author's Note: Whew! Finally slogged my way through it. LOL. Thanks, you guys, for being so patient. *happy*
This really wasn't where I had any idea of going with this chapter, and it turned out pretty long. I only hope it didn't turn out boring as well. I'd had intentions of picking it up at Liz's phone conversation with Kyle, but that would've merely added to the length, and I don't know that it would've really added anything to the chapter other than to let Kyle know that Max was there in the room with her, adding to his suspicions of them, and to maybe help Kyle along in admitting his feelings for Tess. But we'll touch on that in the next part I think. This chapter just kinda let's you know where they are emotionally, and answers a few of those questions of why has this not occurred to them, and why haven't they thought of that?

Hopefully, this darn writer's block is broken now and the next part won't take so long.

Here's a link to parts 1-53 if you need to play catch up: viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=349

Hope you guys enjoy! *happy*

from Part 53

It hadn’t been hard for Max and Liz to convince one another in the heat of passion that they didn’t have to call a halt as long as they could get their energy level under control. But before they’d had much of a chance to try and harness it, they’d been interrupted by the ringing of Liz’s phone.

Liz hadn’t said a word since she’d answered it. Between attempting to clear the haze of pleasure from her head, reigning in her raging energy, and slowing her breathing back to a normal pace, it was difficult to focus on what was being said on the other end. But Kyle’s words soon brought a halt to all her efforts to bring herself under control, and sent panic slicing through her.

Max was having the same struggle Liz was in pulling himself together. It probably wasn’t helping that he still had a hand on her back, under the pretext of soothing her while he gently stroked her shoulder-blade. It was mostly there because he couldn’t bring himself to stop touching her, even though it was keeping their connection alive. After she’d stood listening to who ever was on the other end of the phone for a few silent moments, Max was alarmed to feel the heavy wave of dread that pumped into him through their link, and all the color drained from her face as she dropped limply to the edge of the bed.

“What is it?” he asked with quiet urgency, dropping to sit beside her, and automatically putting an arm around her to comfort her. “Liz, who is it? What’s going on?”

Liz turned her head to look at him, her eyes wide and dark with horror.

“It’s Kyle,” she rasped hoarsely in answer. “He says Tess is leaving Roswell.”

Chapter 54

Liz lay curled at Max’s side in her bed, her thoughts churning while a feeling of dread fluttered in her stomach. Her head was resting on Max’s bare shoulder near the crook of his neck, and his arms were wrapped around her tightly, holding her close. She could almost sense the tumult of his thoughts as clearly as her own, and she didn’t think he was aware of exactly how tight his grasp was in his distraction. But she welcomed the firm clasp of his arms. At the moment, things felt tenuous and uncertain, and she was clinging to him tightly, as well.

Neither of them had said anything since Liz had hung up with Kyle beyond a brief recap of their conversation from her and a soft-spoken “Come here” from Max when he’d gotten into bed and pulled her in beside him. Though their interrupted moment of intimacy had left them with a lingering physical awareness of one another, it had been pushed into the background by their worry over Kyle’s news, and their previously-agreed upon sleeping arrangement had silently been discarded, as they’d both gotten under the covers and pressed close in an instinctive bid for reassurance.

A pall of silence hung over the apartment, its heaviness only seeming to add to their unease. Her parents must have gone to bed some time while she and Max had been... otherwise occupied, and the friendly background noise from the t.v. had been shut off, leaving a cloistering silence to press in upon them.

Kyle’s call had infused them both with a sense of impending doom that had left them feeling shaken and unbalanced, especially coming as it had on the heels of the euphoric emotional high they’d been experiencing only moments ago. It was distressing, to say the least, that after everything they’d been through- the painful deception, and all the sacrifice and secrecy- the events that had taken place in Future Max’s timeline were threatening to occur again anyway.

Tess was going to leave. The thought kept circling Liz’s brain, making her heart pound at a sickening rate at the thought of what that would mean.

Michael and Isabel would die.

And Max’s enemies would conquer the earth.

They couldn’t let those things happen, Liz thought desperately. Not when Future Max had sacrificed his life to make sure they wouldn’t. They had to stop Tess in whatever way they could.

Kyle had said Tess seemed really freaked over her newly-discovered relationship with Khivaar, and she was acting as if she thought this meant she didn’t belong here anymore. They just had to convince her she was wrong.

But Liz was worried they might not be able to do that. Hadn’t that been what they’d been trying to do ever since they’d found out how important it was that she stay? Granted, that hadn’t been all that long, and they really hadn’t done that much yet, but clearly they’d failed to make Tess feel as if her place were here. And now Liz was afraid they were going to have to resort to more drastic measures.

And that probably meant telling her what would happen if she left.

Liz didn’t think she was ready for that. And more importantly, she didn’t think Tess was ready for it. She was still too hung up on the destiny idea. Her dream the other night had proven that much. And telling Tess that a Max from the future had done all the things he had to make sure he ended up with her rather than with Liz would probably only strengthen her beliefs. If that happened, Liz couldn’t see the other girl staying in Roswell and being content to stand back and allow Max to be with his human girlfriend. If she stayed to prevent their defeat, Liz feared she would insist that Max do his part, and fulfill the role his future self had proclaimed necessary in that endeavor too. And what other choice would Max have if it meant the difference between her staying or going? There was too much at stake. And given a choice between his own happiness and the fate of, not only his family, but the entire world, his decision was a given.

This was the whole reason they’d stayed silent about their reconciliation in the first place, Liz thought, tightening her arm around him distressfully. So it would never come down to a matter of either Tess or herself. Liz had been hoping that, given enough time, they could help Tess to see that she had more to stay in Roswell for than her skewed vision of being with Max. But it seemed as though their time was up.

And who was to say her vision wasn’t just as skewed, Liz thought despondently. After all, this entire week she’d been with Max, she’d been all but ignoring Future Max’s conviction that he shouldn’t have chosen his life with her over his destiny with his Antarian wife. Hadn’t he told her how being with her had led to everyone’s downfall?

“Don’t, Liz,” Max said on a quiet note of pleading. “Please don’t.”

Liz blinked at the disturbed fearfulness of his tone and tilted her head on his shoulder to look up at him.

“Don’t what?” she asked, her eyes shadowed.

His arms contracted around her, and he met her gaze imploringly. “Please don’t pull away from me.”

They still seemed to be faintly connected, an occurrence he’d noticed had been happening a lot lately when things had gotten intense between them. And though he couldn’t feel her emotions as strongly as he did when they connected while kissing, they were still easily decipherable- a faint, but distinct extension of his own. He could feel her misgivings and her desire to do what was right for everyone, and it was a feeling of responsibility he shared. He knew as well as she did how much was riding on their decisions in this. But he could also feel her almost gearing herself up to let him go again, and no matter what, he just couldn’t make himself believe that that was the right choice.

He didn’t think the Max Evans he was now would survive if she left him again. He would become someone else without the strength of her love, he was sure of it. Someone without a reason for being, without heart or hope. Someone like...Zan. The Zan that Nicholas had told him decided the fate of armies with the flip of a coin. Max didn’t see how that could be beneficial to anyone. He’d been defeated once and had let a planet fall into enemy hands. If he didn’t become someone different in this lifetime, wouldn’t the same thing be more likely to happen again?

He didn’t understand how that brainless future version of himself could have seen the sacrifice of the love he shared with Liz as a good thing at all. To Max, it seemed as if it would spell the very disaster they were trying to prevent.

An expression of sorrow had flitted across Liz’s face at his words, and her eyes became dark with conflict and regret.

“Max...” she said softly, shaking her head, at a loss for further words.

“Liz,” he countered in the same soft tone. “This is gonna be okay,” he said in assurance. And somehow, just saying the words helped him feel more confident of that. “Maybe it’s for the best.”

Liz looked at him in consternation. “How could it be for the best, Max? She’s going to leave,” she stressed, as if he weren’t getting it.

“We don’t know that,” he gently refuted. “Kyle only said she was talking like she might on the way home in the car. But it’s not like she already has her bags packed or anything.”

“Yes, but– just the fact that she’s even talking about it...” she broke off and shook her head hopelessly.

“She had a shock tonight, Liz,” he reminded her. “She isn’t thinking straight right now. We just have to give her a little time to process it, that’s all. I’m sure she’ll see that this is the only place she should be. She has friends here.”

“But what if we don’t have time, Max? What if she just gets up one morning and takes off without a word to anyone?” She hesitated, then said with extreme reluctance, “We’re gonna have to tell her. About Future Max and what he said.”

The thought made her feel sick with nerves over what would happen if they did, but they couldn’t risk Tess going before she knew all the facts.

“She’ll never think it’s okay for us to be together once she knows what could happen,” she said, her voice low and troubled. “You know, that’s what she’s thought all along, and she’ll only take this as proof.” She lowered her eyes, and her voice dropped still another octave. “And maybe she would be right. Maybe we’ve just been fooling ourselves this week, Max. I mean- look at us,” she made a sweeping gesture over their prone forms with her hand. “How much has really changed from the way things happened before?”

Max didn’t like the direction this was headed in at all. He’d been right. She was trying to talk herself into believing it was best to give him up for the sake of his destiny again.

His brows pulled together distressfully, and he told her emphatically, “A lot of things have changed, Liz. I’ve changed. A month ago I was so... consumed with getting you back, nothing else really mattered that much to me. I mean, you saw how I was. If you’d given the word I would’ve blown everything off in a second to be with you. But a lot of things have happened since then. I realized we really do have enemies running around out there. And there are people who are actually counting on me to save them from them. When we went to that summit in New York, it just all hit home for me, you know? These people are real. They’re dying in a war that’s been going on for years. And I can’t just ignore them if there’s something I can do to help. But, Liz,” he tilted her face up to his with a palm cradling her cheek, and looked into her eyes to continue sincerely, “I meant everything I said the other night. I can’t do that without you. I feel like...I’m only half the person I should be when I’m not with you. And- we can find a solution to this thing with Tess. As long as we’re together, I really believe that. So just...please don’t give up, okay? I belong with you. I know that with every fiber in my being. Don’t- don’t you?” he asked, his voice laced with a vulnerability that had suddenly sprung up with the memory of her walking away from him last spring in this same situation.

“Max! Of course I do!” she exclaimed remorsefully, turning her face into the curve of his neck, and hugging him hard around the middle in reassurance. “I mean...I want to believe it because I feel it so strongly, it’s’s because it’s so strong that I’m afraid I’ll let it blind me to everything but what I want. And I want to be with you, Max, you know that. I want it more than anything. I love you,” she assured him with soft fervency.

Cupping the back of her head in his hand, Max tightened his other arm around her to hug her to him, her fierce avowals, and their accompanying emotions, making him feel as if he were on more solid ground.

“I love you too,” he returned huskily, tilting his head down to rest his jaw against her hair.

They were silent for a time, as they let the calm from the quiet moment of closeness seep into them, and each found affirmation and a strengthening sense of purpose within the loving embrace.

Max absently began to stroke her hair, and the soothing movements gradually stilled the butterflies of dread in her stomach and slowed her racing thoughts so she felt better able to think clearly.

She was feeling guiltily disloyal to their love for being anything less than sure that they should fight to stay together no matter what, the same as Max was. But at the same time, she was haunted by all the things that future Max had said, and it seemed as if she were betraying him by going ahead and doing exactly what he’d come here to tell her not to do.

Once again, she felt caught between both Maxes. And it was hard to reconcile them as the same person when their beliefs were so contradictory. Which of them were right? And how much more was there to the tale that Future Max hadn’t told her that might sway the present Max’s opinion if he knew?

Sighing deeply, she attempted to dispel the disturbing thoughts and asked quietly, “What are we gonna do about Tess?”

Max moved his cheek meditatively against the side of her head and replied, “ I think you were right. We have to tell her why she can’t go so she won’t take off without warning. And- if she brings up the destiny issue again...” this time it was Max who sighed, “I’ll just have to try and make it clear to her again that that won’t ever happen.”

Knowing how unwavering Max’s belief was in their being together made the idea of confessing to Tess a little less scary, but Liz was still a bit worried about how the other girl would react.

As she'd lain there in contemplation, one of her hands had unconsciously crept upward to trace shapeless patterns on Max’s chest, while she gazed across the room with an unseeing stare. Her touch was slightly distracting to Max, but he firmly tried to keep his mind focused on the subject at hand.

“What did you mean before?” she asked. “When you said maybe this was for the best.”

Max shrugged slightly. “Just that- the longer we try to keep it a secret, the more of a chance Tess has of finding out for herself, you know? It’s probably gonna be bad enough for her to find out she played such a pivotal role in our defeat without learning we’ve been hiding it from her. And not only that, almost everyone in the group knows now except for her.”

Liz nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, you’re right. Maybe- maybe we shouldn’t tell her that part, you think?”

Before Max had a chance to answer, the shrill ring of the telephone near their heads made them both jump. Liz rolled over quickly to catch it before the sound woke her parents, but trepidation weighed her hand down as she reached for the receiver.

Was this Kyle again to tell them this time that Tess was gone?

Receiver in hand, she fell back into place at Max's side and met his worried gaze with her own while she hesitantly answered.


“Liz, hi.”

She’d been so braced to hear Kyle at the other end, it took Liz a second to switch gears at the sound of her best friend’s voice.

“Maria. What’s wrong?” she asked, immediately assuming this couldn’t just be a social call as she glanced at the clock to check the time.

“Nothing’s wrong here. That’s what I called to ask you. Is everything okay?” Maria asked.

With a frown of slight bewilderment, Liz answered, “Um...yeah. I mean– for the most part it is.” It took her a moment, but it finally dawned on her why Maria was calling. From Michael’s. “Oh, uh... I guess Michael must’ve felt that, huh?” She glanced at Max guiltily, but his expression remained carefully blank.

“Yeah,” Maria replied. “We, uh- we figured it was just you and Max, you know- messin’ around, but we just wanted to make sure it wasn’t because you were like, involved in an enemy situation.”

Her cheeks a little pink, Liz said, “No, it- it was definitely the former. Sorry if you were worried.”

“No, it’s okay. Like I said, we pretty much figured, but I thought we should check.”

Her voice became a little less distinct, as though she’d moved her mouth away from the receiver, and Liz could hear her say scoldingly, “Michael, stop hanging over me. They’re fine.”

Michael said something in return that Liz couldn’t make out and Maria came back to her conversation with Liz, saying, “Look, I know this is like absolutely none of our business, and believe me when I say I totally wish we could remain utterly oblivious to what you guys are doing, but since the law of alienisms has kinda decreed that an impossibility right now–-“

“Just tell her what I said or I’ll tell her myself,” Michael said in an annoyed warning Liz had no trouble hearing.

Maria sighed, and told Liz with an audible grimace, “Michael says to cool it or he’s coming over to pull guard duty himself. And he’s been babbling something about a deal you made, and- clutches or something. Whatever that means.”

Liz knew exactly what it meant, disgruntled to remember their discussion right before she’d left his apartment regarding one another’s horny little clutches. It had been kind of funny then when they’d jokingly warned each other to behave, but she didn’t like having the act she and Max had been engaged in earlier referred to as mere horniness. It had been beautiful. A passionate moment of magical discovery. And it felt like an intrusion of the worst kind to know that Michael had been involved in it in any way at all. Not to mention the acute discomfort it made her feel. Could this connection be any more awkward and invasive?

She felt Max’s hand come to rest on her hip and caress her there soothingly, and she looked to find him turned on his side facing her, a slight frown marring his features. She figured he knew exactly where her thoughts were, and he probably liked them even less than she did.

Lifting her hand to glide along his forearm in a comforting gesture of her own, she finally replied, “Tell him he doesn’t have to worry about it, Maria. There’s um- something you guys should know. Kyle called a few minutes ago. He said Tess was talking about leaving Roswell when they left Michael’s earlier.”

“Oh no, Liz!” Maria exclaimed. “What are we gonna do?”

It warmed Liz to hear her best friend include herself so readily in resolving this, but before she could form a reply, she could hear Michael demanding in the background, “What is it? What’s goin’ on?”

“Tess is talking about leaving,” Maria directed her answer away from the phone.

“What? Why?” he asked, sounding almost outraged.

Maria made a sound of exasperation. “She just found out her brother is an evil alien, lunkhead. The girl’s probably a little upset.” To Liz, she said, “That is what triggered it, right?”

“Yeah,” Liz confirmed. “And it may be nothing more than talk at this point, but...”

“But it’s way too risky to take that chance,” Maria finished for her.

“Right. So Max and I- we’re gonna tell her everything.”

Max gave her hip a small squeeze in support, and she responded by sliding her hand down his arm to link her fingers with his.

She could hear the concern in Maria’s voice when she asked, “About you and Max too? Are you sure she’s ready to hear that?”

“No,” Liz returned with a weak attempt at a laugh. “But I don’t see what other choice we have here. I’m sure it’ll be fine,” she told her, trying to sound convinced.

Michael grumbled something out of her hearing, and Maria said in reply, “Yeah, you know, you’re right.”

“Right about what?” Liz prompted.

Max could hear the faint chatter of Maria’s voice coming through the line, and he watched Liz’s face as she listened in silence, curious to know what their friend was saying. He was glad it had been Maria instead of Michael who had made this call. Actually, he’d rather neither of them had had any cause to check on them, but he didn’t think he would’ve been able to lie here and say nothing if it had been Michael on the other end, most likely reading Liz the riot act for their behavior. He had an intense objection to the fact that Michael was aware of what had been going on between him and Liz. It made it feel like he and Liz hadn’t been alone here in the room during their precious moment of profound intimacy. He wondered with angry despair if they would ever have another close moment without the possibility of Michael being there between them. Max knew the other boy didn’t know any actual details of their exchanges, but what was to keep him from seeing them the next time he and Liz inevitably connected?

His jaw tightened at the thought.

Unknowingly, his fingers flexed around hers where they lay joined atop Liz’s stomach. Her fingers had been playing with his absently, but now their movements seemed to become almost agitated. She darted a quick glance at him that he couldn’t quite read, and Max became more curious than ever about what Maria was telling her.

At one point during Maria’s ramblings, Liz muttered, “I can’t even believe you’re suggesting this, Maria. Michael yes, but you’re agreeing?” She let the other girl go on for a long moment before finally replying, “Yeah, well, let’s just hope we don’t even have a reason to find that out. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

After she’d hung up, she turned back to meet Max’s eyes for a brief instant, then rolled more fully onto her side to fit herself to his front. Wrapping an arm around his waist, she snuggled in against him, and Max automatically curved his arms around her to pull her in closer, uncomfortably reminding himself to go easy so the connection with Michael would remain silent.

“What was that about?” he asked huskily, affected in spite of himself by her soft curves molded against him.

“Oh, Michael felt my energy going crazy, and they just wanted to check and make sure I wasn’t using my powers or anything.”

His lips twisted a bit wryly, making a slight dimple come and go in his cheek. “Yeah, I kinda figured that part out. I meant at the end. What do you hope you don’t have a reason to find out?”

Instead of answering, she made more snuggling movements against him, while tightening her arm around him.

“Mm. You know, I could get used to this,” she murmured into his neck.

It was extraordinarily sweet to feel her stretched full-length against him like this, Max silently agreed, his hands moving on her back caressingly while a glow of pleasure infused him. Extraordinarily sweet and...

Hot. Wasn’t it awfully hot in the room to be under so many covers, he wondered with a sudden burst of fitfulness.

“Uh, Liz? Do you think you could- stop wiggling around like that?” he asked, an edge of fretfulness lacing his voice.

Liz cut her burrowing motions short at his tone, a little surprised until she felt a rather insistent portion of his lower anatomy that gave her the reason for his unrest.

Why on earth did she have so many blankets on this bed, she wondered with a flare of flustered anxiousness. It was ridiculously hot here underneath them.

“Oh, um- sorry,” she apologized with slight hoarseness. “Should I...?” she left the question dangling and made as if to move away from him.

“No,” he said adamantly, his arms contracting to keep her where she was. He knew he might be tempting fate by keeping her so intoxicatingly close, but she felt too good here to let her go. “No,” he said more evenly, firmly pushing down his agitation. “ I want you here.”

Liz nodded and pulled in an unsteady breath, and they both lay there waiting for the tide of heat and arousal inside them to subside. It was still simmering so near to the surface due to what had happened between them earlier, and it didn’t feel as if it would take much at all to ignite it full-force once again.

They had been discussing something important here, Max reminded himself, and forcefully tried to pull his mind back to the subject at hand.

“So, uh- you didn’t say. What was Maria saying at the end of your conversation?”

Liz bit her lip and cast her eyes up towards his face, though she couldn’t really see it, tucked up under his chin the way she was.

When she failed to answer right away, he frowned slightly and attempted to look down at her.

“Liz?” he prompted.

She sighed, knowing what his reaction would be, and admitted, “She and Michael were just wondering why the future you thought it would be such a federal disaster if Tess left, when the power Michael and I have between us seems like it’s just as strong, or stronger than anything Tess can do. If the worst happens and she goes... they wondered what would happen if I, um- if I tried to take her place. You know, in- in your foursquare.”

Max was shaking his head before she’d even finished speaking. “No. I don’t want you involved in any fighting, Liz. It’s too dangerous. And it’s not even your fight.”

Liz almost smiled at the predictability of his answer. “See, I knew you’d say that. And the truth is, I have a really hard time seeing myself as any kind of a fighter too. I don't like to imagine that I could actually hurt someone with these powers, or- or something even worse," she confessed, memories of her wishes to kill Nicholas this afternoon coming back to unsettle her. Then she shook her head helplessly and asked quietly, "But...remember that day in Copper Summit? When you were trying to hold off all those Skins?" Without waiting for an answer, she went on. “I think about that day, Max, and I'm sure that if I’d known then that there was something I could do to help you, I wouldn’t have hesitated a second. I was more scared for you than I was for myself that day, so I can see exactly why you don’t want me in any kind of danger. But... I was in danger anyway, Max” she gently reminded him, and her hand smoothed over his back as if to take away any sting of guilt the reminder might bring. “Remember what Nicholas’ mother said? It didn’t matter whether I was part of the fight or not. I knew too much, and they were gonna kill me anyway.”

Max’s fist closed loosely around her shirt at the remembered fear of that incident. It had been only the second day after he’d caught her in bed with Kyle. He’d been confused and hurt, and furious with her, but he would’ve died to protect her that day. It had torn him up knowing all she could do was stand there helplessly while the Skins attacked them, her fate utterly dependent on his inadequate strength. She was right. She’d been in just as much peril being an innocent bystander as she would’ve been had she been able to fight back.

“All that may be true, Liz, but there’s a huge difference between learning how to defend yourself and actively fighting in whatever’s gonna happen.”

“I know,” Liz admitted. “But if I learned how to use my powers to defend myself... why couldn’t I use them to help you guys whenever you needed it?” Before he could voice any more protestations, she went on to say, “Look, I’m not saying I want Tess to go, Max. I don’t. I think she could be happy here if she’d just let herself. And I think she and Kyle could have something really great together. I'm not even saying this is something I think I might be strong enough to do. I-I'm not really sure of that at all," she said uncertainly. "It's scary to think of any of us having to actually fight for our lives. All I’m saying is- maybe we should just consider it. If we do everything we know to do, and Tess still ends up leaving...maybe I could help. Maybe– it wouldn’t have to be as bad as Future Max said.”

Max shook his head. “Then why didn’t he tell you that? Why wouldn’t he tell you if your powers were an alternative?”

She leaned back so she could look into his face and said meaningfully, “Maybe he didn’t want me fighting any more than you do.” When she realized she had spoken as if they were two different people, she grimaced and shook her head. “I mean maybe you just never changed your mind about it.”

Max held her gaze and contemplated that a second, wondering if seeing his family die, and feeling responsible for failing a planet would change his mind in this stance. He had to admit that there was a possibility it might.

“Or maybe he never knew,” he said hesitantly, reasoning it out even as he suggested it. “I mean, even if he- I didn’t want you to use your powers in the fighting, wouldn’t you think I would at least tell you that you had them? You know, if it hadn’t been for Ava, we might have gone on indefinitely without knowing you even possessed them.”

“Yeah,” Liz had to agree, “I’d definitely think that would fall under the category of ‘need to know’.” She mulled over the possibility for a moment, but in view of recent events, it seemed a little improbable. “But how could they not know, Max? Look at what’s been happening between us whenever we kiss lately. And they- the other Max and Liz- they... you know, went all the way,” she said with heated cheeks. “I can’t even imagine what this energy thing would do if- if we... went that far.”

Max’s cheeks grew a little hot as well at the turn the conversation had taken. Speculation on the phenomenon of their energy levels if they actually made love fully led the way back into dangerously arousing territory.

They looked at each other in awareness for an electric moment, then both dropped their eyes shyly. Pulling in a deep breath in an effort to keep his head clear, Max cleared his throat and said raspily, “Yeah, but this stuff didn’t happen between us before, remember? It didn’t really start happening until...”

“Until after I actually used my powers the first time,” Liz finished the thought for him, pulling her mind back on track as well. Frowning in bewilderment, she asked, “Do you think it’s possible they never showed up before? My powers, I mean?”

Max pondered for a moment, then sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t guess it really does any good to speculate because we’ll never know whether we’re right or not. I do have to wonder why I wouldn’t have thought the fact that Tess was Khivaar’s sister belonged on the list of ‘need to know’ things too, though.” He paused, then gave her a significant look. “Maybe more things have changed since he came than we even imagined.”

The possibility made Liz feel better. As if Future Max’s sacrifice hadn’t been in vain.

“Yeah,” she agreed, looking into his eyes with a faint smile.

The corner of his lip turned up slightly in response, then he bent to kiss her gently on the forehead.

“We should probably get some sleep,” he told her softly. “I don’t guess we have a very easy day ahead of us.”

Liz made a face. “They hardly ever are lately,” she said dryly, then added in determined encouragement, “But look on the bright side. After tomorrow it’ll all be out in the open. We won’t have to hide anymore.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, hugging her lightly. “That thought will get me through.”

“Me too,” she whispered, returning his squeeze.

They stayed locked in that position and let the positive feeling of loving security it spun around them lull them into sleep, holding tightly to one another as if not letting go would keep that feeling in place until they woke up to face the uncertainties of the next day.


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