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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!*happy*

"If I Fall, You Are There"
New York City, 19.00 pm
As Max and Tess followed Rath and Lonnie's lead through New York, an eerie sense of danger came across them. The tall, solid built skyscrapers blocked the night sky, depriving the city of any natural light.
They walked along the quiet sidewalks, in absolute silence with Tess moving closer to Max with every step. The strange, unfamiliar city scared her slightly, and being near Max made her feel safe. They eventually came to an abrupt stop at the side of a road, so that they could reach Rath and Lonnie's place.
Rath and Lonnie walked straight across, using their powers to assure their safety. They lifted up their hands and slowed the on-coming traffic down, almost to a stop. When they had reached the other side they turned to see Max and Tess still on the other side of the road. By now the slowed cars had started up again, and the cars were once again speeding down the road.
"Come on man, use your powers" Rath shouted across the busy road. Max sighed. He didn't like using his powers for such small things. It brought attention to himself.
"Don't worry Max. We can cross the road in the normal way." Tess said as she looked up at Max.
It was like she was reading his mind. They looked both ways and it seemed as if there was no traffic, so they decided to cross. Tess grabbed Max's hand, and pulled him across. She let it drop, when Max started to walk across on his own accord. When Rath and Lonnie saw that Max and Tess were crossing, they started again towards their home.
Tess and Max had nearly reached the other side of the road, when they heard a loud screeching. They turned to see a red sports car speeding towards them. "Oh my god Max it's not going to stop" Tess screamed as the car sped towards them.
The car was very close to them and obviously wasn't going to stop. The sound of burning rubber increased, and Max decided he was stronger than Tess. He managed to grab Tess around the waist, and lift her up before the car reached them. He wanted to save Tess, so he pushed her to the side of road, and allowed the car to hit him full on.
"No!!!!" Tess screamed as she watched Max's lifeless body fly through the air, before her own body landed on the side walk, hitting her head on the ground in the process. Max's body landed at Rath' s feet on the pavement near to Tess'. Lonnie rushed over to Rath' s side, and stooped down to his body. She felt for a pulse, and placed her fingers lightly on the side of Max's neck.
"Yo, Rath he's gonna be alright. But we need to get him help." Lonnie said when she felt a faint pulse. Rath and Lonnie walked over to the road and stretched their arms out, slowing a green mini-van in front of them as they had already done. But this time they stopped the car. Rath opened the door, and in a similar way as before, took hold of the very startled driver and threw him onto the street.
While Rath walked backed over to Max, Lonnie used her powers to change the number plate. They didn't want the cops to be after them, so she did it just for assurance.
"Come on Rath, we gotta get going" Lonnie said focusing at her boyfriend. Rath rushed over with Max slung over his shoulder. He slid the back door open and laid Max down. The door slammed shut, and went to open the driver's door.
"Wait, what about her?" Lonnie asked, pointing at Tess who was still lying on the side walked where Max had thrown her. The fall had obviously knocked her out, as she lay unconscious on the ground.
"Leave her, she's no use. Someone will probably take her. She can take care of herself. We'll get Ava back, and we'll be great. We don't need her baby." With this, Rath shut the door, started up the ignition and drove away.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think! Thanks for all the great feedback so far, and you know more makes me write quicker!!! *happy*

Roswell, New Mexico, 03.30 am

Liz stirred in her sleep, obviously having a very disturbed dream. She was very restless, and kept on moaning. She managed to hit her elbow on her bedside table, and the pictures of her and Max along with the rest of the table's contents fell to the floor. Liz didn't even wake up, after knocking her elbow very hard on the corner of her wood table. She kept on moving around, moving side-to-side and almost screaming. She was hyperventilating, on her head beads of sweat were forming and her cover was discarded at the side of her bed.
"Maxxx" Liz screamed suddenly, awaking from her deep slumber.
She jumped up in her bed, grabbing her cover from the floor. She used it as a sort of protective blanket, wrapping it around herself. Her breathing calmed, before looking around her darkened room. She adjusted her eyes to the dark, and she saw she had knocked everything off her bedside table. She reached down to pick up her empty glass. The carpet was sodden with her spilled water where the glass had fallen. Liz stood up and went to her bathroom, taking her spilled glass with her. She opened the door leading to her bathroom and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her, and stared at herself in the mirror.
"God I look a mess" Liz whispered to herself. Her hair was all messed up, she had red, puffy eyes and she was as white as a sheet. As she stuck the glass underneath the tap, she realized that she was still shaking from what she had just seen. She steadied her hand, and repeated silently to herself *It was just a dream, it was just a dream* trying to convince herself.
Ever since Max saved her, she didn't really doubt many things anymore. And considering the connection between her and Max, she wondered if it was true. "If it happens again, I'll tell Isabel and make her dream walk Max to see if everything is alright." She reassured herself, took her glass of water back to her bedside table, and settled back down to sleep.

New York City, A Sidewalk, 19.45

"Ohhh" Tess moaned as she awakened from her unconsciousness. Her hand came up to her head, as she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings. She tried to sit up, but as she did her head started to pound. She pulled herself up, using a neighboring street lamp to steady herself and stared into the darkness.
"Max? Max where are you? Rath, Lonnie?" She realized that she was all alone, on the sidewalk in a dark, unfamiliar city of New York. She tried to focus her thoughts to the previous events, but came to a blank. Tess walked around and decided to use her powers to heal her head.
She placed her hand lightly on her head, and looked around. She didn't want to bring any unwanted attention to herself. Noting that no one was around she began. A light glow surrounded her hand, and she managed to heal her head. Tess focused once again, now that her head was better. Her memory came back to her, but all she could remember was that Max had saved her life, and had taken the blow of the car instead. The knock must have erased her memory of what had happened afterwards.
"Rath and Lonnie must have taken him to the hospital, but why didn't they take me as well?" Tess wondered.
She remembered that Rath and Lonnie were taking Max and her to their home. She looked around and saw a small entrance to a long and dark corridor.
"Well it's better than nothing," Tess said to herself out loud as she made her way down the dark, corridor.
"I'm sure that Max is fine. He will be fine. Max can't die. Rath and Lonnie will take care of him." Tess continued down the corridor, until she reached a dimly lit room. There was a sofa, table with four chairs, a mattress in the corner that looked like four people could fit on and lots of cans empty and some not.
*Wow they must use their powers for everything* Tess thought to herself. "I'll just wait here for them" So she settled down into the sofa and closed her eyes.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!Thanks for all the great feedback so far, and more is always appreciated!*happy*

New York City Hospital,19.45

The green mini-van pulled up in the hospital car park, and the driver door opened.
"I don't know why we came here Lonnie, you can fix him. He don't need no doctors." Rath told Lonnie as he pulled the back door open.
He climbed in beside Max, and signaled Lonnie to come round the back. Max stirred slightly as he awakened from his fall. His eyes popped open, and started frantically looking around. He tried to prop himself up, but fell backwards to his original position because his injuries were quite bad.
"Where am I? Who are you?" Max asked worriedly looking up at Rath and Lonnie. They looked at each other puzzled, but Rath began to smile after a while.
"Yo. Do you know who you are? Where you crash?" Rath asked a confused looking Max.
"I... I... I can't remember. What happened?" Max replied. Lonnie and Rath smiled at one another, both having the exact same time.
"You is Zan. I'm your sister Lonnie, and this is your best friend Rath. You're 17, and live in New York. Your girl friend is Ava. She's not here. You got hit by a car, and have lost your memory. There is something else you should know. You is like an alien. I know it's strange, but you have to trust us. I'm gonna give you your memory back, and heal you." Lonnie said placing her hand on his head.
Max pulled away, scared. "What? That can't be true. I don't want you touching me". Max told Lonnie, cowering to the back of the cold van.
"Please you have to believe us." And without the permission of Max, she gave him Zan's memory.
After Lonnie had healed Max, and given him Zan's memory, Max believed he was Zan. They all climbed back into the van and headed towards their home.
"I can't wait till Ava gets back." Zan told his friends. They looked at him, and then back at each other and smiled. Rath pulled up to the side of the road, and let Zan out the back.
"Let's get some food man." Rath told Zan. He led him away from the dark corridor that Lonnie was now making her way down, and headed off down the street.
Before they became out of sight, Lonnie rushed up to Rath and pulled him aside from Zan. She looked flushed and panicked as she whispered in his ear.
"Rath. Tess is here in our place. What should I tell her?" Rath pulled back from Lonnie, and grabbed her around the waist.
"Tell her... We took Max to the hospital, but he was already dead when we got him there. There was nothing we could do for him. Tell her to go home, and bring back Ava. We need her."
"Right baby" And with that they kissed before Rath left to continue with Zan down to the market.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!Thanks for all the great feedback, and you know feedback makes me write quicker!!! *happy*So here's the next part!

Rath and Lonnie's Home, 20.30

Lonnie tip toed her way to the side of the sofa, and lay down quietly beside Tess. Tess stirred when she felt the movements, and fluttered her eyes opened. For a second Tess didn't know where she was, but she then recalled the previous events. She smiled at Lonnie and pulled her body up into a sitting position.
"Where's Max? Is he okay?" Tess asked a stricken looking Lonnie. Lonnie gave a huge sigh, and broke into fake tears. She covered her face with her hands, hoping to conceal her rather poor attempts of mourning.
Tess brought her hand to Lonnie's worriedly and said "Lonnie what's wrong? Where's Max?" Lonnie brought her face up to be level with Tess'.
"I'm sorry. He was like too damaged. We couldn't save him. He was already dead."
Once again, Lonnie broke into heaving sobs, as Tess sat there stunned.
"But he can't be dead. He can't" The realization hit her and she broke into tears. They poured down her face, and Lonnie enveloped Tess into a hug. They sat there and cried. Tess tears of sorrow, Lonnie's fake. The whole time she had a smug look on her face as she comforted Tess.
Tess finally pulled away, her face stained with tears. She looked Lonnie in the eye, and understood what she had to do.
"Lonnie, I'm sorry but I have to go home. I need my family and friends. They all need to know as well. His parents, Isabel, Michael, Liz... Oh my god Liz. What am I going to tell her? She loved him so much, and Max loved her back. Oh why did he have to die?" Tess exclaimed.
She once again started into tears and Lonnie looked at her seriously. She grabbed Tess' arms, and lightly shook her.
"Tess, I know that this is like hard for you. But I want you to tell Ava to come back. We need her. I need her. She's like my sister ya know? Please bring her back" Lonnie requested of her.
"I'll try Lonnie. But I can only tell her. I can't force her to come back. I should go, if I want to get home soon. Thank you Lonnie. I'll see you around." She scrambled off the heavily padded and frayed sofa and grabbed her backpack off the table. Tess walked away, without turning back.

Roswell, New Mexico, Max Evans's Home, 08.30am

It was early morning as the bus from New York pulled into Roswell. The town was still silent, with the odd passer by staring at the blonde haired girl with the dark glasses.
Tess trudged her way through the street, muffling the sounds of her sobs as she went. She pushed past many strangers, and finally made it to the Evans's home. The curtains were open upstairs and downstairs, implying to Tess that everyone was up. The rising sunshine reached Tess's pale face, and she bathed in the early morning warmth. She waited, and waited for Isabel to step outside.
After 30 minutes of waiting, she decided that she was just going to go and knock on the door. She was going to tell them all together, and speak to Isabel privately afterwards.
Tess knocked on the door and a very startled Diane Evans answered the door. She recognized Tess as one of her daughter's friends, so she invited her in.
"Hello Tess. What are you doing here? I thought you were on that school trip with Max to New York. You know, Max has always wanted to go to New York. I hope he's having a good time. Anyway here am I rambling on, why don't you come in dear?" Diane Evans opened the door full, so that Tess could shuffle in.
Tess removed her glasses with the lack of light revealing her red, sore eyes. Diane sat down in the kitchen and pulled out a chair for Tess.
"I am afraid that Isabel is still in bed. Would you like me to go and get her for you?" Diane looked up concerned at the sight of Tess's state.
"Yes please Mrs. Evans. But could you please not tell her who it is. And if Mr. Evans is here as well I'd like to speak to him too. It's quite urgent." Tess replied.
"Of course. I'll just go and get her." Diane Evans rushed up the stairs, and as Tess sat she could hear the footsteps of Max's mum.
Eventually after a while, Isabel followed by her mother and father appeared at the foot of the staircase.
"Tess! What are you doing here? Is Max back as well?" Isabel asked as she pulled Tess in to her for a hug. Tess silently cried at the mention of Max's name. Hearing and feeling Tess crying, Isabel took a step back, and looked into Tess' eyes.
"What's wrong Tess? Where's Max?" Isabel knew there was something wrong. Tess was usually a strong person, who rarely cried.
"Sit down all of you. I have some important news." Tess replied to Isabel's worried questions. Mr. And Mrs. Evans took a seat at their breakfast table, along with Isabel all of them fearing the worst.
"Well you obviously know that Max and I went to New York. There was an accident. Our friends Rath and Lonnie along with ourselves were crossing a road. Rath and Lonnie made it across the road first, and then Max and I went. There was no traffic on the road as we crossed. As we crossed a red, sports car sped down the road towards us. The driver didn't see us, and didn't slow down. Max saved my life.
He pushed me aside and ... and took the full blow himself. I was knocked out by my fall, so Rath and Lonnie took Max to the hospital. But... But he was already... he had already passed on before they got there."
Before Tess could continue Isabel and Mrs. Evans broke into tears. Mr. Evans sat there stunned as the news that his only son had died. Tess tried to signal to Isabel but it was useless. She was too upset to see her.
"Please I need to finish. Rath and Lonnie did everything they could. His injuries were just too bad. He couldn't be saved. By anyone." Tess looked directly at Isabel at her last comment. Isabel nodded as she realized what Tess was saying. "Your son saved my life. You should be very proud of him. I am" With that Tess heaved herself into a chair, and sobbed along with the rest of Max's family.

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Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!Thanks for all the great feedback so far, and you know more makes me write faster! I'm really glad you like it so far, so here goes the next part.

Roswell, New Mexico, The Crashdown Cafe, 10.30

Isabel and Tess had left her parents at their home. They had told them they needed to tell their friends, so Mr. And Mrs. Evans had stayed at home to go through pictures of Max.
As Isabel and Tess looked through the door of the CrashDown, they placed the four people they had to talk to. Michael was behind, cooking in the kitchens, Maria and Liz were waitressing and Alex was sitting at the counter eating his breakfast.
"I'll take Liz first. It'll probably be better coming from me. You order us some food from Maria. Then we can tell the rest." Tess nodded in agreement to Isabel commands, as she swung open the door.
A blast of heat and noise hit the two as they walked into the cafe. Alex visibly perked up at the sight of Isabel, but she only said hi and went up to Liz who was talking to Michael. Tess sat down in a booth and stared at the two of them. She once again placed her glasses on, concealing her red eyes, and looked at the menu, while trying casually to observe the two.
"Hi Liz!" Isabel said trying to sound cheerful. She came up to Liz, who was ordering somebody's food to Michael. Her eyes like Tess were red and puffy, her hair was a mess and her lame attempts of being cheerful didn't fool Liz.
"Oh my god Isabel what's wrong?" Liz replied as she turned to face her. She saw state that Isabel was in, so she swung her arms around her, as Isabel broke down into tears.
"Ssshhhh. It's going to be okay. Here come round the back with me." Liz said trying to soothe her down. She turned round to Michael, and he nodded. He understood that they were in need for some girl talk. If only that what it was.
She led Isabel to the back room, and placed herself and Isabel's limp body on the sofa. She pushed a stray bit of Isabel's long blonde, hair off her pale face.
"What's wrong Isabel? You can tell me." Liz said softly. Isabel breathed in a large breath, trying to compose herself for the startling news, which was going to break her friends heart. "Liz I need you to get ready for some upsetting news. I..."
"What is it? Is it Max? I know something's wrong with Max. Tell me. Please Isabel I need to know. Did he get hit by a car? Is he all right?" Liz interrupted before Isabel had a chance to continue.
"Oh my god Liz! How did you know that?" Isabel asked startled.
"I had a dream about Max last night. A car in New York hit him. I'm right aren't I? Is it he all right. Please tell me he's all right." At this point both Liz and Isabel had tears streaming down their faces.
"He... He died Liz. He died in the car crash. It was a hit and run. There was nothing that could be done. Rath and Lonnie tried, but he was already dead. I'm so sorry for you to find out this. I thought it would be better coming from me, than Tess."
Isabel replied. Liz frantically looked around the room, looking for someone. Looking for an answer that wasn't there.
"Noooo!! Liz moaned, as she collapsed into Isabel's arms and cried. She cried like she had never cried before. She felt as if her heart had been ripped out, and no one could help her. Liz sobbed, screamed and cried so passionately it blew Isabel away.
They had been round the back for half an hour when Maria, Michael, Alex and Tess appeared around the door. Tess had obviously told them, while Isabel and Liz were crying. Maria had silent tears dripping down her face, while Michael held her, startled. Alex just stood there uncomfortably, obviously upset and Tess stood far to the back, not wanting to be seen by Liz.
Liz hadn't heard them come in, but Isabel had. She gently laid Liz onto the sofa, and ran into Alex's arms. He held her tightly, like he had never before. Maria broke away from Michael's embrace and stood over Liz. Maria had never seen Liz like this. It was such a disturbing sight. She was just curled up in a ball, sobbing into a pillow, like the world was going to end.
*I guess to her the world had ended. Max was everything to her. He was like air to Liz* Maria thought. She sat beside Liz, and gathered her up in her arms. Liz realizing Maria was there gave a long startling cry. She held onto Maria and cried silently into her shoulder.
"This is the calmest she's been" Isabel whispered to everyone. Maria turned around to face Isabel and said.
"Why don't you go home Iz, you need your rest right now. I'll stay with Liz. She needs me. I'll tell Mr. Parker, so if you could close the Crash Down that would be great. That way Michael can go home if he wants, and so can the rest of you. I'll look after Liz. Go" Maria urged them.
They followed Maria's commands and piled out the door. Michael, before he left came over to Maria and lifted up her head. She looked up startled, and locked eyes with him.
He kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered into her ear "I love you Maria. I'm sorry". Maria gasped in surprise as Michael left the room. She followed his path with her eyes, and he swung around to give her an impish smile, but in his eyes he showed silent unhappiness for the mourning of his best friend.
Liz startled calming down after an hour, with the occasional sob. She clung to Maria, as if she let go Maria would leave her forever.
"He... He..." Liz managed to get out, before another sob. Maria could tell she was trying to say something, while composing herself at the same time.
"Come on Lizzie, what is it?" Maria coaxed her friend.
"Max... He never knew... knew what... what happened between Kyle... and me. He thought that I... that I didn't love him... anymore.... and that I slept with... with my ex-boyfriend" Liz tried to get this out through her hysterical tears.
They became heavier and louder, with Liz getting more and more agitated. She jumped up and started throwing things around, pillows, cups, and books. Anything that she could get her hands on. Liz jammed her fists against the walls, the chair and the mirror with frustration and pain. Maria started to get scared, and got up and tried to get Liz in her arms.
"Ssshhh Liz. It'll be alright." Liz stopped at this and turned from her position at the wall.
"How Maria? How will it be okay? Max is dead!! He didn't know that I still loved him with all of my heart. He is dead! I will never see him again. What if it was Michael? How would you feel? Tell me Maria. I have lost my only love. Max is... is gone" The hardest realization that Liz had ever felt hit her. She slumped to the floor, and wept.
Maria was still in shock when Liz fell to the floor. She had never seen her so upset before. She didn't know what to do. *Maybe if Tess talks to her, she can understand what went on* she thought. Maria went over to Liz, and lifted her sobbing body over to the couch.
"Liz..." Maria whispered as she gently caressed Liz's tears away with a light touch. "He knew. He knew. He did know, and don't ever blame yourself. I've never seen such love in my life. He loved you, and you loved him. That's all that matters". She continued. Liz sniffed in appreciation of what Maria had just said.
"Don't ever leave me. Promise me that. I need you so much. Just say it. Please"
"I promise to never leave you Liz. You've got your whole life ahead of you, and I'll be there to see it".
A new understanding of the two friends was now there, and would never leave. They needed each other to get through their lives. Forever.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think

Roswell, New Mexico, The Crashdown Cafe, Liz's Room, 14.00

Upstairs in the Parker residence, Liz was sorting stuff in her room. She was silently crying, (she hadn't stopped since Isabel had told her the news) as she went though the contents of her desk and chest of drawers.
*Got to keep busy. I'll just put some stuff in order and I'll be fine* she thought. Maria had earlier suggested to her to keep herself busy, that it would keep her mind off 'things' as she left to be with Michael. Liz smiled for her best friend. She was glad that Michael had given in, and been with Maria. One couple should at least be happy.
Liz awoke from her deep sub-conscience state, as she realized that she had stopped organizing. She gave a slight sigh, and returned once again to her belongings. The 2nd drawer of her chest of drawers contained all of her 'knick-knacks' her mum called them. Old pictures of her at school with Maria and Alex, old yearbooks, teddy bears, prizes and at the end there was a box. Only herself and Maria knew about his box. Liz remembered the nights were they would go through it together. Maria had a similar one for herself and Michael, and they always laughed at themselves when they went through it, realizing how corny it seemed. But to them it meant so, so much more. It was covered with magazine words, and had a lock. Liz placed her hand lightly on the box and brought it out of the pine drawer.
She settled herself on the floor, and curled up with her duvet. On the front Liz had stuck words on them, and she smiled as she read them.
' Max, love, soul mates, kissing, hugs, forever '. Her fingers traced the words, and found the lock. Liz jumped up suddenly, and started frantically looking for something in her bedside table. She calmed down, as she reached in deeply into the drawer. A silver key emerged with Liz's small hand and she made her way over to her previous site on the carpet. The lock clicked in recognition of the key being turned inside of it, and the lid sprung open.
Liz caught her breath at the site of the first thing she set eyes on. It was a picture of Max holding Liz in his arms. They were both smiling contentedly as if that was the positions they were meant to be in forever. Liz moved aside the picture, and she took out the receipt for "Senor Chow".
It was the receipt for Max and Liz's first date together at the restaurant. Liz smiled as she recalled she asked if she could keep it. Max had thought she was so strange. Liz laughed in spite of herself, and dug down deeper to the bottom of the box. Her notepad she had had on the day that she was shot was still there, splattered with her blood. Liz didn't touch it. She never had since she put in there.
There were various other pictures, along with the very last entry of Liz's journal. The piece of frayed paper showed that it had been read many times and instead of reading it she folded, and found a ribbon in the box. It was a ribbon from one of the many bunches of flowers from Max. She wrapped it round the folded diary entry, and replaced it once again.
On top of the photos was a gold box. The last thing that Max had given to her. Admittedly it was being given back but it didn't matter. Liz slid the lid off, revealing the silver penknife that was engraved with ' Max& Liz 4-ever'.
It was all too much for Liz; she had to put it all away. The silent tears that were streaming down her face, were brushed away quickly with her shaking hand. She quickly put the lid back on and placed it underneath the photo of herself and Max. As she closed the box that Liz treasured so much, something got stuck, preventing Liz from being able to close it properly. She lifted up the lid and looked to see what was stopping her.
It was the class photo of Max that had been taken previously that year. He had given her the photo of him to put in her purse, and she had given him hers so that he could put it in his pocket. She reached in and gently picked it up. She stroked her finger across the picture of Max's face. The edges were frayed from being picked up so much, but she didn't care. She focused her thoughts on Max and only Max.
She had watched Isabel dream walk people before, so Liz tried to mimic all of Isabel's actions. She closed her eyes, and held on tightly to the picture. Liz wanted to see Max and herself together for one last time, and she was very determined to do it.
Her surroundings had become unfocused and indescribable. Once she had released her mind of all world connections, and thought of Max whirlwinds of images hit Liz. They were flashes that Liz had never seen before, all of them being in New York. Although she saw Max, he was dressed as Zan and was very confused
*What? I thought Zan was dead* Liz thought. Because Liz had become unfocused the images started to fade away, so she made herself think about Max and no one else.
Liz gasped as the emotions of Max went flooding though her, and she realized these were new feelings. They were different in a way. She was sure they were Max's feelings, but they were being interpretative through someone else. Zan flashed through her mind again once more along with Rath and Lonnie. She saw Tess being flung to the ground by her Max before the car rammed into him. The next thing she saw was Max in a van; all she could feel was fear and confusion.
*He doesn't know who he is! * Liz thought silently, but this time she was able to stay connected. She watched as Lonnie placed her hand on Max's head, gripped him tightly and a glow flowed through her into Max.
She heard Rath ask Zan if he was all right. All of a sudden the previous feelings came into perspective. Max had lost his memory in the car crash, and Rath and Lonnie had replaced his with Zan's memories. Liz watched once again and followed Rath and Max/Zan in New York, using their powers to steal food. She couldn't stand it any longer she had to get out.
The connection was broken once again, and she collapsed to the floor. Liz struggled to breathe and focus on her surroundings. She laid back on her bed and rested her eyes, running over the things she had seen. *What should I do? *Liz wondered in her mind. She came to no conclusion, but all she knew was that she had to do something before it was too late.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!Thanks for all teh great feedback, and you know more makes me write faster! *happy*

Roswell, New Mexico, Michael's Apartment, 16.30pm

Michael was pacing back and forwards in his home in frustration. Maria was curled up in a ball, asleep on his tatty sofa. Her breathing was the only thing you could hear in the apartment, as Michael came over to her side, and kneeled down next to her.
He brushed away a stray lock of her long, curly, blonde hair lightly, trying not to wake her from her peaceful slumber. He kissed her on the forehead, and began to talk to her, knowing he could never say these things to her when Maria was awake.
"Maria I just want you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you over and over again, rejecting you when I wanted you, and trampling on your heart when you offered it to me. I need you so much Maria. You complete me; understand me like no one can. Max and Isabel were always close to me, but only because we shared a common bond. Nobody ever wanted me; worried about me much until you came along. You broke down the stonewall that kept me closed off from the world. You never gave up on me. You don't know how much I love you, and I realized it today. If you ever... ever left or something happened to you, I don't know how I'd live. I just needed to tell you all this because you are everything to me. I love you Maria DeLuca".
Unknown to Michael was that he had woken up Maria when he kissed her. She was going to return it, but then he started talking. She listened while she pretended to be asleep, knowing Michael would never be able to tell her that if she had of been awake. She smiled as he finished his long dramatic speech, and fluttered her eyes open.
As Michael walked away she said "I love you too Michael". He spun around, hearing Maria speak. She smiled back at him sweetly, and pushed herself off the sofa. He looked stunned at the fact that she had heard everything he had said, and blushed slightly. Maria came up to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself up to his ear.
She whispered into "I forgive you Michael. Everything you just said. I feel the exact same way and I'll never leave you because I love you." Maria pulled away from his ear, and focused on his eyes. He leaned over to her and kissed her. So passionately Maria knew he had meant everything he had said. She returned his hungry kisses and her hands found their way to his shirt. She paused thinking about what she was about to do. She decided that she didn't care about the consequences. Today had taught her to make the most of the time you have know, as tomorrow it could all be gone.
She reached for his top button and undid it. She worked her way down to the very last one, and undid it allowing him to be able to throw it off. He lifted he arms away from Maria, and threw his shirt to the ground but replacing his arms immediately from the lack of warmth from Maria's body. She grabbed his hand and took it up to the top of her Crashdown Cafe uniform. She flung off the silver antennae, and took off her apron, allowing Michael to undo her buttons. He reached to the bottom and she stepped out of the green uniform, and let it drop to the floor. She kicked it away, leaving her standing there in her underwear. Michael gasped at how beautiful she was and she blushed. She made her way back over to Michael, and kissed him. He slid off his belt and shoes and picked her up, and carried her over to the sofa. The weight of the two caused the old sofa to creek, and Maria gave a nervous laugh. Michael once again focused his attention back on Maria and they leaned back together on the sofa, as Maria reached for the light and flicked it off, plunging the room into darkness.

Roswell, New Mexico, Michael's Apartment, 20.30pm

"Mmmm" Maria moaned as she rolled over onto Michael's warm body. Michael chuckled as Maria fell off the sofa and abruptly woke herself up.
"Ow!" Maria yelled as she found herself on the cold floor. She stood up, and felt extremely cold. Maria looked down and remembered why she was standing cold and naked in the middle of Michael's apartment. She quickly scampered back underneath the blanket, and laid next to Michael, their bodies touching.
"Oh poor ickle Maria. Did she hurt anything? Do I need to make her feel better?" Michael whispered into Maria's ear in a childish voice. She slapped him lightly on his arm, knowing what he was implying.
"You'll have to wait to examine me space boy. I promised Liz that I'd go and see her at half seven. I have to go." Maria replied.
"Don't go. I need you." He said as he grabbed her around the waist as she tried to get up. She landed right back on top of Michael.
"I guess this is the way you planned it huh? Well you're not gonna get me this way" She managed to get herself up this time, without the help of Michael, and hopped around the room looking for her clothes. Michael just laid there watching her with amusement, but when she attempted to put her bra back on it was all too much for him.
He got off the sofa and went over to her. He wrapped his arms around her bare body, as whispered into her ear "Can I dress you then?" Maria smiled at Michael's gesture, and handed him over her bra. He put it on for her and did up the clasp at the back. He then moved on to her panties. She held on to Michael for support as she slipped her legs inside of them. He pulled them up around her waist, and walked over to where his boxers and her uniform laid. He picked his boxers up first and pulled them on.
He turned around, smiled at Maria and said, "It was getting a little chilly". Maria laughed as he made his way back over to her, and allowed her to step back into her uniform before he did it up.
After half and hour Maria and Michael were fully dressed, and in Maria's Jetta. Michael held Maria's free hand, but let it go every time she needed to change gears. They were on the way to the Crashdown Cafe to see how Liz was coping.
"That was the best night of my life Maria." Michael said interrupting Maria, who was singing along to the radio.
"Me too Michael. But we now have to concentrate on Liz. She's taken it worse than anyone else. "Maria said seriously
"I know, but it's true you know. You were amazing" Maria smiled and just simply replied,
"So were you". The car swung around the corner, and she parked outside the Crashdown. It looked as though Mr. Parker had kept the Crashdown closed.
*Liz probably hasn't come out of her room yet* Maria thought. The driver's door of the Jetta opened along with the passenger door. Maria stepped out of the car, and locked the door. Her arms reached up high, as she stretched in exhaustion. She was still tired and needed some sleep. *I hope Liz is all right. She was a state when I left*.
Michael and Maria knocked on the door of the Crashdown. Inside was Mr. And Mrs. Parker, sitting at a booth discussing something. They both looked extremely worried and it was obvious who they were talking about. Nancy Parker looked up when she heard the light rapping at the door of her restaurant.
She smiled when she saw her daughter's best friend, and another one of Liz's friends. Nancy couldn't remember the name of the young man, but she was pleased to see the two of them. She walked over to the door and unlocked it. Maria pushed the door open, and gave Nancy a hug.
"How is she?" Maria asked Liz's mother. Michael and her stepped inside and came over to the booth were Liz's parents had been sitting.
"She hasn't come out of her room since you left. She hasn't talked to either of us either. I'm really worried about her. She and Max were close weren't they?" Nancy replied in a timid voice. Maria felt so sorry for Nancy.
"They were very close. Closer than close. They loved each other so much, even though they broke up. I just hope she'll be all right. Do you think it'll be all right if Michael and I go up and see her?" Michael grabbed Maria's hand, as Geoff and Nancy Parker both agreed that they could go and see their daughter.
KNOCK KNOCK. There was no reply to Maria's knock at the door as Michael came up the stairs. He had gone downstairs and got some Chocolate Chip ice cream at Maria's request.
"Lizzie, please let me in. We're really worried about you" She knocked on the door again, and decided she was going to go in no matter what. She rattled on the doorknob and tried to open the door, but Liz had locked it.
Maria turned to face Michael and said "Michael do you think you could open the door? It's for Liz. Please." Michael was hopeless against Maria so he agreed. He placed his hand over the lock, and a bright red glow escaped from underneath Michael's palm. The door swung open as the lock melted, revealing a very untidy room. Maria walked in casually and called for Liz.
There was no reply, so she looked in her bathroom. "Michael she's not here." Maria came out of the bathroom, and looked worriedly at Michael. She searched the room with her eyes looking for something left by Liz. Her eyes rested on a box on top of the chest of drawers in the corner.
*Oh my god its Liz's memories box. She changed it to Max and Liz's memory box, just like I've got one of Michael and me. *. Maria picked up the box and opened it.
"Michael, this box is the memories of Liz and Max. She always leaves it hidden and locked. Only Liz and I know about it, and she's left it open on the side. I think she's done something really stupid." Michael wrapped Maria up in a warm hug, while looking over her shoulder at the chest of drawers.
"Maria look. There's a note underneath it." Maria turned to look and Michael was right. There was a slip of paper showing underneath the box. Maria picked it up and gasped. It was a note from Liz. She had run away. Maria started crying as she read the note to Michael.
"Dear Mum, Dad, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Michael and whoever else this concerns. I had to leave this place. There are just too many memories of Max here. I need to get away and sort out my life, which I cannot do here. Wherever I go I am reminded of him. Please understand why I had to do this. I cannot tell you where I am going, but I will contact you every so often. Do not try to find me; I need to be alone right now. I will return when I feel ready. I love you all so very much, and I will miss you all. Do not worry I'll be fine. Lots of love Liz. P.S If Iz wishes to contact me, I'll see you in my dreams. I hope you understand."
"Oh Michael, she's run away. My best friend has run away. What if something happens to her?" Maria started to sob uncontrollably and shake. Michael took her in his arms, and kissed her head.
"Sssshhh. Don't worry everything going to be okay. We can Isabel to dream walk her. That's what Liz said in her letter. But we need to tell her parents, they have to know." Although Michael had said this he wondered how Liz was actually going to cope. With the grief of the loss of Max, not having much money and being a young innocent girl she was in serious danger

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think!Thanks for all the great feedback, and you know more makes me write quicker, so.... here's the next part hope you like it

New York City, Bus Stop, 03.00am

Liz stepped off the white bus in the early hours of the morning. It was raining lightly and the rain mixed in with her tears. The city was dark and desolate at the stop she had got off. The emotions inside of her told her Max was near, so she had made the driver to pull over. She pulled her rucksack on to her back, zipped up her coat and set off to find somewhere to spend the night.
It was half an hour later, of walking around the city sidewalks that Liz found a young boy sitting against a graffitied wall. He was obviously homeless, as his wet ragged clothes clung to his frail body and he tried to cover himself up from the wind with a moth eaten blanket. In front of him was a small cap, with a few spare coins at the bottom. * He must only be 10* Liz thought to herself.
"Hey there" Liz said to the young boy softly, "Are you okay?" She continued sweetly. The boy looked up at her, showing his face for the first time.
"What you want?" He said roughly.
"I wanted to give you this" Liz scrambled around in her bag for her purse. She pulled out a ten-dollar bill and handed it to him. The boys face lit up at the sight of it. He reached his grubby hand towards it, but Liz pulled it away.
"I will give it to you if you answer me a few questions."
"Whatever lady. What you wanna know?" Liz smiled at the boy and said,
"What's your name?" The boy let out an exasperated sigh and replied,
"I'm called Dean Jones. Me friends call me D.J. And before you ask I'm 11 years old if that was going to be your next question."
"Your right it was! The last thing I want to know is this." She fumbled around once again in her bag, and pulled out her yearbook. The pages flipped over as Liz found the double page she was looking for.
"Do you know where these three people live? Their names are Lonnie, Rath and Ma... and Zan. Have you seen them before? They look different from these pictures though. They look kinda like street kids. The girl had short hair, Rath had red hair that sticks up like this..." Liz used gestures to show what his hair looked like "And Zan... Well he has a few studs, dreadlocks in his hair that stick up and he looks a bit different. They all do." Liz said trying to remember what he looked like from her visions. The boy smiled in recognition of the three.
"Sure they live just round the next block. I'll take ya there for another five bucks." Dean gave her an impish smile, and she just sighed.
"Sure show me the way" He put out his hand expectantly as he stood up.
"I'll give you the money when you take me there, okay?" Liz said, not trusting the boy completely.
"Whatever" The boy replied rudely as he shoved Liz in the right direction.
The lack of sleep from Liz's adventures washed over her, as she squinted in the faint light of the city. Dean was in front, checking every so often that she was still there. They trudged along the empty pavements, until they came to a stop outside a dark corridor. The same corridor that Tess had been down on the night Max was hit. Liz was hit with a surge of flashes, as the path that she took was a previous one of Max's. Dean placed his hand on Liz's shoulder and shook her slightly. Her shaking body relaxed as she awakened from her trance. Dean looked at her and said, "Are you alright miss?" Liz turned round and smiled at the boy, and reached for her purse. "I'm fine, and thank you for bringing me here. I'll give you an extra 5 dollars for your kindness." His bare outstretched was no longer empty, as she placed a 20 dollar note in his hand. He smiled up at her, and turned and ran off to return to his home.

New York City, Rath and Lonnie's Home, 04.00am

The looming darkness reached Liz, as she made her way down the damp corridor. Her hands placed along the wall, to steady herself as she went. As the corridor became shorter in length, the faint glow of light became brighter and brighter. A sound of Liz's shoes echoed in the circular shaped corridor, but ceased when she made it to the end of it.
Glancing round the room Liz saw a bed which looked like four could sleep on, a table with four chairs around it and the last thing she noticed was a shabby looking sofa, where on it sat Rath and Lonnie, kissing. Liz gasped at the disturbing sight.
*It's not Michael and Isabel remember. They would never do that to Maria and Alex* As Liz stood transfixed; Lonnie felt a presence watching them. She tore herself away from Rath, and turned to meet a somewhat startled looking Liz.
"Liz what is you doing here? Is Ava with you?" Lonnie asked. Liz focused her attention on Lonnie, tearing her thoughts away from the situation.
"I came here for Max. I know what you did to him. You've made him into Zan when he was helpless against you. All of his memories have been taken away, and replaced with a strangers. How could you do that to someone?" She replied angrily.
"What is you talking about. Max is dead. Deal with it." Rath said as he joined in the conversation.
"I saw you. I guess Tess or Max ever told you the connection Max and I have. He healed me and brought me back from near death, and ever since then we have been connected. I receive flashes of Max whenever we are near, or touch or are in danger. I had a dream about Max getting hit by a car, the night before Tess returned and told us about the accident. When I picked up a picture of Max after I had been told he was dead, flashes hit me about what you had done to him. I want Max back, and I'm not leaving without him."
All the anger and pain poured out against these two people. Lonnie sat looking at this girl, the one her sort of brother had fallen in love with.
"Well if you want Max back, you're gonna have to get him to go back with you. " Rath replied ruthlessly.
Liz stood there and stared at this man who looked like the caring, honest person she had become friends with. She felt as if she had been slapped in the face, and her heart ripped out and held in front of her. The rational side of her told her she needed help, and that Max would never return with the memories of Zan inside of him, but the emotional, loving side of her said not to give up on her one true love. She was his only hope, and she had to persevere. Liz knew that Rath and Lonnie had won the battle but they had not won the war. As long as Max was alive, it was never over. They would never win Max. She needed him too much.
Rath and Lonnie shared a smug smile as they saw the inside torment of this young woman in front of them. As Liz stared at him furiously, Rath turned his head to face the shadow of a man entering their home. He gently poked Lonnie letting her know that Zan was back.
"Well Liz, if you want Max back, why don't ya ask him?" Liz spun around at Rath's comment and found herself face to face with Max dressed as Zan. She reached to hug him, but he pulled away startled. Liz knew this would happen, when she showed any emotion around the man who had changed to Zan.
"Who is you and what do ya want?" Zan asked his protectiveness of his friends showing. The coldness in his voice rushed over Liz, and she felt helpless against the three aliens who may of looked familiar, but were really so different she felt as if the were unrecognizable.
"This is Liz Parker, from Roswell. She is friends with our fellow look a likes." Lonnie said as she gazed over to her brother.
"Do you know where Ava is? Has she come back yet?" Lonnie smiled at the devious plan in her mind.
"Oh Liz you don't know do you? Zan and Ava have, what shall I say, a very intimate relationship. They is everything to each other" A small smile played across her and Rath's lips.
"Yeah she's my life. Is she here?" Zan replied unknowingly to Lonnie and Rath's scheme.
Tears started to form in Liz's eyes. She knew that Max didn't know what he was saying, and that it was really Zan talking. But in her heart she knew it was her Max and he didn't know who she was. She broke down in front of all of them, and fell to the floor. Zan looked concerned at this sudden display of emotions in this young woman he had never met before.
*Ya know she does look a bit familiar. I feel like I know her, but I obviously don't* Zan thought to himself. He was reaching down to help Liz up, before he knew what he was doing.
Rath and Lonnie could see the confusion in Zan's face, and they realized he was beginning to remember who she was. Although the memory replacement does work, if the person whose memory has been replaced comes in contact with someone in their previous memory, they begin to remember their previous life. Lonnie didn't want that to happen. They needed him, so she went over to him, grabbed his arm and led him out before he touched Liz and made the connection that she was dreading.
Rath followed his girl friend out the door, and left a sobbing Liz curled up on the cold, concrete floor.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, although I wish I did!
Catagory: M/L and CC
Summary: An alternative ending to Max in the City, fixing a lot of things.
Author's Note: I hope you like it, please leave feedback, as I love to know what you guys think! More feedback is always appreciated!


New York City, Rath and Lonnie's Home, 07.30am

The lack of sleep had obviously gotten to Liz, as after Zan, Rath and Lonnie she had crawled onto the extremely large bed and had cried herself to sleep. She was so exhausted, she had forgotten that she had said Isabel could visit her in her dreams. In Liz's deep sleep, she was having a restless dream. As usual she was replaying the situation between herself and Max, while being a bystander in the corner.
Just as the dream was ending with Liz and Future Max dancing on the rooftop, Isabel entered on the sidelines. She watched and smiled, obviously not realizing that it was the future Max, and not her brother. When Future Max disappeared Isabel came into Liz's view. She was sobbing, which Isabel did not understand. The dream was all fuzzy to her, so she had to get a move on or else she would disappear before she had a chance to talk to her.
"Liz... Liz it's me Isabel" Liz looked up when she spoke to her, and she could see a pale image of her friend. Tears of joy poured down Liz's face, to see someone familiar and she jumped up from the corner and ran to give Isabel a hug. Isabel returned the hug in a motherly sort of way. She didn't realize how important Liz was to her, until she disappeared.
"Liz why did you leave? Where are you? Do you know that Maria is in a state? She hasn't moved from Michael's arms for over an hour. His shirt is soaked with her tears." Liz moved her face upwards to meet Isabel, and just stared at her.
"You would never be with Michael would you? You wouldn't do that to Maria and Alex. Promise me that you'll never want to fulfill your destiny with him." Isabel was astonished.
*What would make her think I want to be with Michael? We've always been like brother and sister, with no intentions of being together. We've shown no signs of anything. * Isabel thought to herself, trying to figure out what was going on. Then it hit her. Rath and Lonnie.
"Liz are you in New York? Have you seen Rath and Lonnie together?" Liz turned away and brushed her tears away.
"Yes" She mumbled. "I'm here to get Max back"
"Max? But Max is dead Liz. He's gone, he's not here." Isabel replied to Liz's somewhat strange answer.
"Yes he is. I had a flash of him. The car knocked his memory out, and Rath and Lonnie gave him Zan's memories back instead. They've made him into Zan. He doesn't recognize me though. I thought that I could make him remember, but he doesn't want anything to do with me. He wants Ava." Liz spitted the name through her teeth in anger. Max didn't want her. He wanted his destiny.
"Liz listen to me. I'm coming to get you and Max. I believe you okay? Usually when Max is in danger or dead I would feel something. I didn't feel anything, apart from his presence far away. You need our help. Rath and Lonnie are dangerous. They killed Zan and they wanted to do the same to Max. We will be here as soon as possible. And remember Max wants you okay? This is Zan talking. If you carry on believing that it's Max, they'll break you down. It may be Max's body, but its Zan who is controlling him." Isabel's image started to waver as she got weaker every minute.
"Isabel wait!! Tell Maria I miss her, and if I don't come back make sure everyone knows that I love them". Liz screamed as Isabel faded away.
And before Isabel completely disappeared she managed to get out, "Liz you're not going to die. We're coming to get you. Max would never forgive me if something happened to you. I'll see you soon"
And with that her image disappeared, leaving Liz alone once more.


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